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Chik Fila Tailgate Party

13 PAX gathered at the Pet Smart for DaVinci.  1st in-person time at DaVinci for YHC so wanted to make it a special one.

Warm-up: 2 burpees OYO, 10 IW IC, 4 burpees, 10 Moroccan Night Clubs, 6 burpees, 10 windmills, 8 burpees, 10 low slow squats, and 10 burpees.

Mosey to Best Buy for a bear crawl/merkin combo. After every set of merkins, Q counts out 5 bear crawls so we stay together.  Start with one merkin, civilian count, go up to ten.

Mosey one lap around the entire lot to recover then line up again for Herschel Walkers (shout out to Lex Luther for this one).  PAX line up and Q calls 10 civilian count sit-ups.  On the 10th one, get to your feet and sprint across the lot.  On the other end, line up again and do the same thing with 10 merkins, sprint back.  Repeat three times.

Mosey over to Blakeney and the double stairwell.  Groups of 2 and three for five stations: supine pull-ups (2x bottom of stairs), burpees (2x top of the stairs), and LBCs middle of the top walkway.  YHC designated Frehleys Comet as our pace car and instructed him 15 supines, 5 burpees, and 25 LBCs.  All other PAX rotate as the group behind you advances.  This format worked in my head.  In practice, C+.

Mosey to “the hill with the rock piles.”  Every PAX selects his own lifting rock.  Triple Lindy’s x 10, run to the playground for 20 derkins.  We got three sets in in the time allowed.

Mosey toward launch and stop at the circle fountain for 20 x derkins, jump ups, dips, in and outs; then 15 x derkins, jump ups, dips, in and outs; then 10 x derkins, jump ups, dips, in and outs.  Mosey back and plank until 7:30.

Announcements and Moleskin: Tclaps for Twister for posting 3x in his first week.  Commish brought him out so T Claps for him as well.  Keep working on FNGs everyone.  And on that note…

Now is the time to EH guys who have been absent for a while.  We have had a good first week back as SOB for in-person workouts but there are plenty of guys still on the sidelines.  They just need a little push and will thank you for it.

Virtual work-outs are continuing as well on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  YHC is looking forward to Garage Band Monday morning.  Keep checking Slack for these and other opportunities.

41 Years Young

YHC turned 41 today so I requested the reins for Garage Band.  12 PAX virtually rallied to the cause from near and far and here is how it went:

Warm-up: 20 SSH, 10 windmills, 10 low slow squats, 20 merkins, all single count OYO.

In honor of the number 41, we did “Jack Webb” style counts for a combo of two exercises:

Burpees/merkins up to 5 and 20.  (15 and 60 total)

Jump Squats/squats up to 5 and 20.  (15 and 60 total), run 30 seconds O/B

Merkins/mountain climbers up to 10 and 40 (55 and 220 total)

Heels to heaven/LBCs up to 5 and 20.  (15 and 60 total)

Broad jumps/lunges up to 5 and 20.  (15 and 60 total), run 30 seconds o/B

Peter Parkers/plank jacks up to 5 and 20.  (15 and 60 total)

Grab your lifting rock for 10 curls, 10 presses, 10 tricep extensions.  Repeat 3 sets with a 30 seconds O/B mosey after each set.

Finish with PAX choice Mary alternating with 50 yard O/B sprints.

Announcements: 1. We will be continuing with the virtual workouts as they continue to be well attended.  Everyone in SOB land is encouraged to post virtually and follow the continuing guidelines for safety.  If you start to hear about workouts resuming are want to start resuming them yourself, please talk to your Site Qs and follow their guidance.  2. If you would like to make a small donation to the Sandbox this week, Pay Pal and the proceeds will immediately go to pay moving expenses for a family that is need.

Great to see Catnip and Bypass join us this morning.  Glad to have you both.

And May the 4th be with you.

Four States At Once

22 Pax including three 2.0s gathered virtually for the Maul this morning.  Fun Fact: 4 different states were represented.  See if you can guess them from the Pax list!

Warm Up: 20 SSH IC, 15 IW, 10 merkins and 20 MCs all OYO.  one minute run O/B.

Round 1: Mix of in place cardio and low/slow merkins.  Merkins done IC (2 counts downs, 2 counts up) in sets of 15,15, and 10.  All the cardio exercises done OYO in sets of 20.  So it went: jump squats, high knees, merkins, speed skaters, bobby hurleys, merkins, mountain climbers, lunges, plank jacks, merkins.  Finally, about 1 min of “up/downs,” everyone’s favorite.  Recover with 1 min O/B.

Round 2: Get a lifting element for one-arm rows.  Four sets of 10 each arm, with 20 SSH in between each set.

Round 3: A “triple nickel.”  Run out 30 seconds, 10 wide arm merkins, back 30 seconds, 10 diamond merkins.  Repeat 5 times.

Round 4: back in front of the computer, place a heavy lifting element 10 yards away from any object.  Alternate two arm rows with shuttle run.  Rows = 20, 15, 10, 5.  Shuttle (up and back) = 5,4,3,2.  If you ran it hard, you should be feeling this one.

Finish with planks, J lows, Mhaktar Njyes, 3 sets of Pax choice Mary and one minute of as many merkins as possible (or AMMAP).

Announcements: Tune in this Saturday for Stone Vinci and we will have the most Qs of any virtual F3 workout ever.  Everyone who posts gets three minutes!  How long will it take?  Who cares.  Will I end up doing 1,400 reps of the same exercise?  Quite possibly.  Its called CSAUP for a reason so embrace and enjoy.

Stormy Monday

With trash in the streets (c’mon people) and lighting in the air, 12 PAX fired up their computers and their engines for the second ever meeting of “Garage Band.”  Here is what we did.

Warm Up: Disclaimer given then 20 SHH, 15 low slow squats, 10 merkins and 10 windmills, all IC.

Next up: grab your chair for a set of “11s”.  First exercise is dips, second exercise is lay down the chair and jump over it and back.  By the end when you do 20 jumps, your heart rate should be up.  Run out one minute, back one minute.

Next, Q assigns partners and calls 100 derkins, 200 step ups, and 300 hip slappers.  One partner runs out one minute, back one minute while the other partner can mix up exercises as needed.  If YHC could do this again, I would call a set number of rounds, as opposed to a number of reps where PAX are trying to do math and communicate via Zoom.  It got clumsy.

Finally, do a four exercise circuit with your lifting rock.  20 mountain climbers, 15 overhead presses, 15 squats, and 20 flutter presses.  Repeat after a 10 count, then repeat again after 30 seconds O/B run.

Moleskin: Great to see 2.0s in garages and good turnout overall for and SOB Monday boot camp.  We can build on this!

Announcements: Note that in addition to Garage Band, The Maul will also take place at 0630 this Wednesday and going forward.  Personally, I love the time slot!

Virtual Rocks

12 PAX gathered in my driveway on this magic talking picture device for the first-ever Virtual StoneVinci.

Here is a recap.

Warm Up: 15 SSH, 15 IW, 10 merkins, 10 low slow squats, all IC.

Virtually circle up with your rock for alternating lifts and cardio exercises.  YHC had this little ball that my kids bought that you can roll each time and whatever exercise comes up gets called.

Three sets each of presses, curls, and tricep extensions and I think the exercises were: mountain climbers, burpees, squats, 2 min run, SSH, lunges, LBCs.  Finish with a 5 minute run out and back.

Back to the screen for PAX choice Mary.  Pretty sure it went flutters, can opener crunches, 5 burpees OYO, box cutters, H2H.  Run 2 minutes out and back.

Next comes a leg circuit: 10 squats with your heaviest rock x 5.  In between each set we did broad jumps, one leg Romanian deadlifts, lunges, speed skaters, and jump squats.

Next out and back is everyone’s favorite – wheel of merkin.  Run to a curb or step and do 5,4,3,2,1 sets of decline, right hand, incline, left hand.  Run back and plank up.  Another round of PAX choice Mary then out and back again running + 3o merkins.  With ~ 5 minutes left, round of planks and 60 seconds of burpees until time is called.

Announcements: Next week’s Virtual Stone Vinci will have a twist.  To support your favorite AO, wear blue for Stonehenge and Red for DV.

Moleskin: Nothing can stop us now.  Virtual workouts are on and working.  Keep looking out for new additions to the schedule and reach out to guys to get everyone involved.  It seems weird until you do it a few times and then it’s normal, much like F3.

Everybody Gone Runnin’

YHC arrived Saturday morning to a full parking lot and two guys waiting to work out! We had five for the workout. Chick Fila is truly the new meca of SOB running sites I guess. But glad to have the men for Da Vinci that we had, here’s what we did:

Mosey to the big Target parking lot with high knees, butt kicks, and karyokes on the way. Circle up for:

10 low slow squats, 10 one legged squats (5 each leg), 5 merkins, 5 seal merkins, 5 burpees, 10 one legged burpees (5 each leg) – all IC. Then run one lap around the Target building and slow pace.

Once back, resume with more reps and more intensity: 15 seal merkins, 8 right leg burpees, 20 LBCs, 8 left leg burpees, 10 right leg squats, 10 left leg squats, 15 seal merkins. (Modify if necessary from one leg to two legs on each. And for the squats, make sure you stare at the discarded cigarette butt for balance!)

Then run the same lap, but run it hard. Probably a quarter mile or so. Mary to wait for the six and recover: 20 bicycle, 10 side plank leg lifts, 10 flutters.

Mosey all the way up the hill to the playground, stopping for two lifting rocks. Complete three rounds of a five station circuit: pull-ups, squat thrusts, curls, jump ups, split squats. (Pullup station is the timer)

Mosey back down (drop off the rocks) and end up by the walls behind Target. Complete a ladder of diamond merkins/wall climbs at 10/5, 8/4, 6/3, 4/2, 2/1. Mosey back to Chik Fila and…. time.

Moleskin: With a small number of PAX, its actually much easier/better to conduct a tough workout, stay together, and still get the 2nd F part. Really enjoyed it and great to have coffeeteria with the runners afterward. Good luck to the Charlotte half marathon participants (especially Chopper and Swine Flu) and good luck to everybody running Philly later in November.

Announcements: Holiday Party – Sign Up!

I Shaved My Arms For This

Sleeveless is not a good look for me. Never has been. When I first heard about the new tradition at Bushwood, I secretly hoped it would fade out. But after posting a couple times and seeing the the enthusiasm of the PAX, I knew for my Q what must be done. And then… the workout.

Warm-up: Mosey to the big parking lot for 15 SSH, 15 IW, 10 merkins, 10 low slow squats, all IC.

The Thang: Mosey back to the bottom of the loop to the side of the school. Together and IC: 10 six count one legged burpees, 20 man maker merkins, 10 one legged Carolina Dry Docks, 10 merkins with a 3 second hold at six inches each rep. Between each set, run the loop together for recovery.

Next, mosey out on the trail to the neighborhood. Repeat 4 lunges x 1 burpee for ~25 yards. Mosey for recovery. Squat + broad jumps another 25 yards. Mosey for recovery. Turn around and go back using the same landmarks we had used coming out. Karyoke one way to the speed bump, 20 mountain climbers, karyoke the other way.

Mosey back to the wall of the school for peoples chair. Then use the hill for a backwards bear crawl and repeat peoples chair.

Finish up on the basketball court. Partner up. P1 does Mary, P2 bear crawls up and back, flap jack. Exercises were flutters, pistol crunches, and sit ups. Circle up for PAX choice Mary and some merkins. Mosey back to launch.

Moleskin: It was horribly humid today! A sleeveless golf shirt actually really hit the spot. PAX did a great job pushing through it.

Announcements: Nada

Breaking New Ground

Today was my VQ for The Floater and truth be told, my first post since the launch date. I love Waxhaw, and don’t live that far away, so its odd. However I’m blessed to have started my F3 journey many years ago, almost 6 to be exact. I have stayed true to many of the SOB and IL sites that I have known all these years and so The Floater was one I hadn’t been able to migrate to.

Sincere thanks to Deadwood for reaching out to me to ask me to Q. It was a great opportunity to meet some of the PAX at this amazing new Waxhaw Region of F3. Congratulations to all the leaders who have helped build this region – you have reached a lot of men with the gift of F3.

So to plan the workout I had to make a recon trip yesterday evening. Took one of my daughters with me (age 6) so of course we had to make a stop at the playground. This playground next to the skate park is a frequent destination for my family, usually coupled with a visit to Maxwell’s, Dreamchaser’s, Waxhaw Creamery, or all three. It was appropriate for me to incorporate this little playground and as luck would have it, Deadwood and the other Waxhaw leadership had recently gotten F3 permission to use it! (This fact needed to be confirmed about 25 minutes into the workout when the police showed up. Deadwood spoke with them and sure enough, use of the playground by F3 is legit!)

Warmup: Mosey to the small parking lot where the cupcake store is. (More on this later in the Moleskin.) 20 SSH, 10 merkins, 20 mountain climbers, all IC. While in the plank, do ~20 seconds of six inches + 10 seconds each of right arm/left arm high. Finish with 10 low, slow squats.

The Thang: Arrive at the playground where I had planted a few kettlebells and a couple of lanterns. Since we had 14 PAX, 15 when Posse came flying around the corner, we did seven stations. The stations were: pull-ups, supine pull-ups, dips, derkins, step-ups, and two KB stations of either swings or squats, and curls. We partnered up and the timer for each station was a called exercise for the partner not on the station. Either I or Deadwood would call cadence to stay together and we did: Bobby Hurleys, MCs, plank-jacks, flutters, LBCs, 8 count body builders, American Hammers, Freddie Mercurys. Twice we did a short run. We did two rounds at each station.

After finishing up the playground circuit, we moseyed to a hill which I understand still needs a name. It is shaped like a bowl, with one side in particular being pretty steep. First two times up the steep side, Q called an exercise and then said “go.” Went hard up the steep side and just recovered back down. For the third run, we ran the whole bowl and finished back at the skate park. Great efforts by the PAX on each run – it was tough!

Finish up with a mosey to Main St for 20 incline merkins, 10 jump ups, 20 decline merkins, 10 jump ups, 10 inclines, 5 jump ups, 10 derkins, 5 jump ups. Mosey back to launch, elbow plank ~60 seconds and… done.


  1. We need to name the hill. 2. YHC made a total rookie move crossing Main St for warm-up, basically jumping in front of traffic and leaving the PAX. My punishment was standing by myself on the other side of the street for what felt like 3 minutes thinking about what I had done. 3. Great group who absolutely pushed each other through both the strength exercises and the running.

Announcements: Two SFN races coming up: Isabella Santos and Prostate Cancer 5k. Please not only keep this week’s hurricane victims in your prayers, but also consider giving and serving through “F3 Disaster Ops.”

Forgotten Watch Syndrome

13 men gathered in the muggy gloom for The Brave this morning. Halfway to the workout, Q realizes he has no watch on and will have to rely on time checks from the PAX. The PAX were ready, and we still didn’t make it back in time. Here’s how it happened.

Warm up: Run at your own pace from the launch to the intersection of Johnston and Ballantine Commons. On the way, do 10 IW, 10 squats, 10 MCs, and 10 plan jacks, all OYO.

Circle up at the Stonehenge like monument. Do a ladder of merkins with a burpee after each set, i.e. one merkin, one burpee, two merkins, one burpee, etc.

Mosey to the bottom of Ben Nevis and partner up with someone of similar speed. 3x run to the top, 20 partner decline merkins each, run to the bottom, 20 partner leg throwdowns.

Long mosey to the pond with the steep bank. P1 runs the lap while P2 runs the bank backwards and does Mary until P1 returns. Wanted to do this 3X but were running short of time so….

Start the long haul back, stopping for planks and Mary to try and keep everyone together. Finish at about 6:20 (I think).

Moleskin: The humidity slowed us down, YHC included. The mileage was a little too ambitious with that being the case. Thanks to all PAX for the great effort and attitude.

Implements of Destruction

9 men chose DaVinci on Saturday, probably due to Mighty Mite’s brilliant meme’ing. Rain was in the forecast but we dodged it. Disclaimer given and off we go.

The thang: Mosey across Rea Rd to the Elevation parking lot. Warm Up: 15 IWs, 10 plank jacks/10 mountain climbers/10 merkins, 15 low slow squats (all IC). Mosey to the end of the lot and find my car strategically positioned.

Inside the trunk were 4 kettlebells (45, 35, 30, 25) and two sandbags (50 lbs and 40 lbs – thanks Fire Hazard). Partner up and circle up for a pair of circuits.

Circuit 1: Each sandbag = over the shoulder throws, 45 KB = 2 hand swings, 35 KB = one arm snatch, 30 KB = high pulls, 25 KB = straight leg (one leg) deadlifts. P1 does the exercise while P2 runs ~50 yards downs and back. Rotate through the 6 stations.

Circuit 2: Each sandbag = bent over rows, 45 KB = upright rows, 35 KB = KB merkins, 30 KB = tricep extensions, 25 KB = one arm curl and press. P1 does the exercise with the weight, P2 does called exercise IC to keep the heart-rates up: burpees, jump squats, peter parkers, burpees, etc.

Merkins and Mary: PAX choice while 3 PAX at a time to 20 step ups with either a sandbag or the 45 KB. These step ups were tough!!

Put the coupons away and take the long way home to get a little running in. Stops along the way for planks, merkins, squats, freddie mercury, heels to heaven and probably some other stuff.

Announcements: Nada

Moleskin: Was fun to see who all would show after the Mighty and Turkey show on Slack Friday. Glad to see Stonehenge with a good turnout as well and glad we had a good SOB Saturday. Thanks all.