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Do More Pull Ups

Eight men gathered under the house that Haggis built for Stonehenge.  For YHC, it was my first time back in quite a while having been a DaVinci man for some time now.  But Stonehenge started it all for SOB and it is awesome to go back.  We had a good go of it:

Warm Up: Mosey to Wells Fargo lot for 20 SSH IC, Arm Circles, 5 burpees OYO, minimal yoga, 20 mountain climbers IC.

Mosey to Lochness for Part 1 of the main event. 5 rounds of pull ups: max, max-1, max-2, max-3, max -4.  In between, get enough “recovery” to be able to complete the reps.  Round 1 = a lap with stops for 15 jump ups and 20 low slow squats, then 15 jump ups and 10 split squats. (It was here we encountered a a couple of party goers enjoying a pinch of the wacky tobacky.  They wouldn’t give us any.)  Round 2 = a lap with stops for 20 flutters and 10 slow dollies, then 20 American Hammers and 10 LBCs (the tokers had left.)  Round 3 = a lap with stops for 10 derkins/10 dips IC, then 10 inclines merkins/10 dips IC.  Round 4 = run a lap and meet up for Mary.

Mosey to Bagpipe Hill for Part 2.  Partner up.  Partner 1 backwards bear crawl up hill toward the BofA sign.  P2 run backwards up the grass hill, then run to catch your partner and flapjack.  Go until you reach the Bank of America sign.  Next round – P1 forwards bear crawl up the hill, P2 10 jump squats, run to catch your partner and flapjack.  Go until we reach the bridge.

Finish it up with a mosey home and three stops for 10 “low slow CDDs” IC and 20 big boi sit ups.  2 minutes of planking back at launch.  We covered just over four miles total.

Announcements: Blood drive Friday October 23.

Good to Be Back

This morning was YHC’s first time back at the Arsenal in quite a while.  We had all regulars, Atlas pre-ran by himself, and Cobbler pooped 10 minutes in.  So for just a brief moment, all was right with the world.

Warm Up: Mosey down to the miniature basketball court for 20 SSH, 10 merkins + 20 MCs, and 10 low slow squats all IC.

Workout Part 1: One lap around the school with stops.  Running was done at a recovery pace to encourage us to elevate heart rate on the exercises.  Which were: 10 eight count burpees IC, 10 donkey kicks IC, 20 jump squats OYO, 20 man maker merkins OYO, up/downs on Q cadence.

Workout Part 2: Head to the playground.  Start with a set of pull-ups with every PAX doing his one set max.  For every set following, the goal is to do one less rep than your first.  In between sets, we partnered up with P1 running a lap and P2 doing a called exercise.  Round 1 = 100 sit ups combined, Round 2 = catch me if you can lunge walks around the track, Round 3 = 150 merkins combined, Round 4 = 3 sets Mary (no running on this one).

Mossey home and plank for a minute.

Moleskin: The pull up routine came from something Voodoo posted back at the start of lockdown.  Its a way to increase your max pull ups by resting as much as you need between sets to achieve max, max-1, max-2, max-3, max-4 over five sets.  It was very effective for me so tried to mimic in a boot camp.

Announcements: Plugs were given for Reservation and DaVinci.  Be on the lookout for Mighty Mite’s blood drive.  YHC may attempt to donate my bad ass plasma to the cause.

Case of The Mondays

With Monday mornings not exactly being anyone’s favorite, YHC thought it best to theme a workout on sucky exercises.  Embrace the suck.

Warm-up: 20 squats, 20 merkins, 20 IWs, all OYO, run 2 minutes out, 2 minutes back.

1st exercise I hate: jump lunges, or Sister Mary Catherines.  For ~6 minutes, alternate sets of these (10X) with sets of various merkins – regular, wide-arm, diamond, stagger right and left.  I think we got five rounds total then run 2 minutes O/B.

2nd exercise I hate: donkey kicks.  For ~6 minutes, alternate sets x10 with coupon exercises. Curls/tricep extensions, then rows and flutter presesses. Repeat each.  Four rounds total, run 2 minutes O/B.

3rd exercise I don’t care for: bear crawls and crab walks.  Each set is 10 paces out, 10 paces back, alternated with PAX choice Mary. 5 rounds total.  2 minutes O/B.

Finish it off with, predictably, burpees.  To try and mix things up, YHC called sets where we do multiple merkins for every burpee.  So for the first set, 3 merkins per burpee, x5.  2nd set was 4 merkins per burpee, x3.  Think we got 4 sets total alternating with PAX choice exercises.

Announcements: DaVinci converging with Stonehenge this Saturday for July 4.  Be on the lookout for info on the 5k/10k happening July 18 to support local causes.

The Hills Are Alive

Ok that title has been used before and probably like a thousand times.  I couldn’t think of anything else.  Please read on.

11 PAX this morning at The Maul.

Warm-up: Mosey lap around the lot with high knees and butt kicks thrown in.  Circle up for: 10 MCs, 10 windmills, 10 merkins, 10 squats, all IC.

Rotate 90 degrees and face the hill.  For 3 rounds, YHC calls cadence for burpees at the bottom and then everyone sprints to the top for 15 merkins OYO.  Round 1 = regular burpees and regular merkins.  Round 2 = one leg burpees (right leg) and diamond merkins, Round 3 = one leg burpees (left leg) and wide arm merkins.

Mosey over to the next hill located behind Jersey Mikes.  Partner up, no touching please.  P1 runs the hill while P2 does the exercise and flap jack.  In total, do 50 CDDs, 100 squats, and 150 LBCs.

Mosey to the front of the shopping center.  Karyoke one way to the first stop sign, 10 merkins, karaoke to the second stop sign, 10 merkins, run to the Target, 10 merkins, plank for the six.

Mosey to the church parking lot and grab a lifting rock.  IC, 10 Romanian deadlifts, 10 squat thrusts, 10 curls.  Run to the second speed bump for 10 seal merkins, and back.  Repeat one time.

The mosey home was long so we broke it up with stops for Mary called by different PAX.  YHC was smokes and Mic Check and Wingman pushed the pace home.  With two minutes left, we did an abbreviated, a capella version of “Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down” and 5 burpees OYO.

Announcements: Be on the lookout for news of a pop-up 5k/10k June 18th to benefit local Foodbank.  Kirby on Q.

Never Commit to Too Many Reps

After The Arsenal on Thursday, we shared a joke that if you tell the PAX how many reps you’re doing ahead of time, you’re married to that number.  That lesson was completely lost on YHC a day later.  Read on…

Seven very familiar faces gathered at 5:45 outside the Gibson.  Limited disclaimer and we’re off.

Warm Up: Mosey ~half mile with stops for 10 low slow squats, 10 mountain climbers, 10 merkins all IC.

Arrive at the “slalom hill” on Ballentine Corporate. Slalom out then do 5 regular/5 diamond/ 5 wide arm/5 stagger right/5 stagger left merkins.  Slalom back and repeat.

Mosey to the top of the bridge over 485.  Grab some rail for Jack Webb style derkins and hip slappers.  This is where YHC made a critical error.  By committing to coming back down the count, I basically called waayyyy too many of these.  But I couldn’t get out.  Many PAX wisely rested and YHC was smoked for the rest of the workout.

Mosey down to the bottom of Bagpipe Hill.  Run up and do 5 sit ups/10 heels to heaven/15 LBCs/20 flutters.  Run down and do 20 plank jacks.  Repeat.

Mosey to Lochness and find the first wall.  10 jump ups, 10 split squats each leg, 10 low squats.  Then jump the wall and run backwards up the hill x2.  Finish with 20 dips IC.  Mosey to the next wall and repeat the whole thing.

Run home through the Ballentine Hotel with 5 merkins at every speedbump.  The rest of the way was basically just running with stops for merkins and Mary.  Finish in the parking lot with more merkins.

Moleskin:  Other than my stupid call on the bridge, a great workout.  Good weather for a change and great group.

Announcements: None

Chik Fila Tailgate Party

13 PAX gathered at the Pet Smart for DaVinci.  1st in-person time at DaVinci for YHC so wanted to make it a special one.

Warm-up: 2 burpees OYO, 10 IW IC, 4 burpees, 10 Moroccan Night Clubs, 6 burpees, 10 windmills, 8 burpees, 10 low slow squats, and 10 burpees.

Mosey to Best Buy for a bear crawl/merkin combo. After every set of merkins, Q counts out 5 bear crawls so we stay together.  Start with one merkin, civilian count, go up to ten.

Mosey one lap around the entire lot to recover then line up again for Herschel Walkers (shout out to Lex Luther for this one).  PAX line up and Q calls 10 civilian count sit-ups.  On the 10th one, get to your feet and sprint across the lot.  On the other end, line up again and do the same thing with 10 merkins, sprint back.  Repeat three times.

Mosey over to Blakeney and the double stairwell.  Groups of 2 and three for five stations: supine pull-ups (2x bottom of stairs), burpees (2x top of the stairs), and LBCs middle of the top walkway.  YHC designated Frehleys Comet as our pace car and instructed him 15 supines, 5 burpees, and 25 LBCs.  All other PAX rotate as the group behind you advances.  This format worked in my head.  In practice, C+.

Mosey to “the hill with the rock piles.”  Every PAX selects his own lifting rock.  Triple Lindy’s x 10, run to the playground for 20 derkins.  We got three sets in in the time allowed.

Mosey toward launch and stop at the circle fountain for 20 x derkins, jump ups, dips, in and outs; then 15 x derkins, jump ups, dips, in and outs; then 10 x derkins, jump ups, dips, in and outs.  Mosey back and plank until 7:30.

Announcements and Moleskin: Tclaps for Twister for posting 3x in his first week.  Commish brought him out so T Claps for him as well.  Keep working on FNGs everyone.  And on that note…

Now is the time to EH guys who have been absent for a while.  We have had a good first week back as SOB for in-person workouts but there are plenty of guys still on the sidelines.  They just need a little push and will thank you for it.

Virtual work-outs are continuing as well on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  YHC is looking forward to Garage Band Monday morning.  Keep checking Slack for these and other opportunities.

41 Years Young

YHC turned 41 today so I requested the reins for Garage Band.  12 PAX virtually rallied to the cause from near and far and here is how it went:

Warm-up: 20 SSH, 10 windmills, 10 low slow squats, 20 merkins, all single count OYO.

In honor of the number 41, we did “Jack Webb” style counts for a combo of two exercises:

Burpees/merkins up to 5 and 20.  (15 and 60 total)

Jump Squats/squats up to 5 and 20.  (15 and 60 total), run 30 seconds O/B

Merkins/mountain climbers up to 10 and 40 (55 and 220 total)

Heels to heaven/LBCs up to 5 and 20.  (15 and 60 total)

Broad jumps/lunges up to 5 and 20.  (15 and 60 total), run 30 seconds o/B

Peter Parkers/plank jacks up to 5 and 20.  (15 and 60 total)

Grab your lifting rock for 10 curls, 10 presses, 10 tricep extensions.  Repeat 3 sets with a 30 seconds O/B mosey after each set.

Finish with PAX choice Mary alternating with 50 yard O/B sprints.

Announcements: 1. We will be continuing with the virtual workouts as they continue to be well attended.  Everyone in SOB land is encouraged to post virtually and follow the continuing guidelines for safety.  If you start to hear about workouts resuming are want to start resuming them yourself, please talk to your Site Qs and follow their guidance.  2. If you would like to make a small donation to the Sandbox this week, Pay Pal and the proceeds will immediately go to pay moving expenses for a family that is need.

Great to see Catnip and Bypass join us this morning.  Glad to have you both.

And May the 4th be with you.

Four States At Once

22 Pax including three 2.0s gathered virtually for the Maul this morning.  Fun Fact: 4 different states were represented.  See if you can guess them from the Pax list!

Warm Up: 20 SSH IC, 15 IW, 10 merkins and 20 MCs all OYO.  one minute run O/B.

Round 1: Mix of in place cardio and low/slow merkins.  Merkins done IC (2 counts downs, 2 counts up) in sets of 15,15, and 10.  All the cardio exercises done OYO in sets of 20.  So it went: jump squats, high knees, merkins, speed skaters, bobby hurleys, merkins, mountain climbers, lunges, plank jacks, merkins.  Finally, about 1 min of “up/downs,” everyone’s favorite.  Recover with 1 min O/B.

Round 2: Get a lifting element for one-arm rows.  Four sets of 10 each arm, with 20 SSH in between each set.

Round 3: A “triple nickel.”  Run out 30 seconds, 10 wide arm merkins, back 30 seconds, 10 diamond merkins.  Repeat 5 times.

Round 4: back in front of the computer, place a heavy lifting element 10 yards away from any object.  Alternate two arm rows with shuttle run.  Rows = 20, 15, 10, 5.  Shuttle (up and back) = 5,4,3,2.  If you ran it hard, you should be feeling this one.

Finish with planks, J lows, Mhaktar Njyes, 3 sets of Pax choice Mary and one minute of as many merkins as possible (or AMMAP).

Announcements: Tune in this Saturday for Stone Vinci and we will have the most Qs of any virtual F3 workout ever.  Everyone who posts gets three minutes!  How long will it take?  Who cares.  Will I end up doing 1,400 reps of the same exercise?  Quite possibly.  Its called CSAUP for a reason so embrace and enjoy.

Stormy Monday

With trash in the streets (c’mon people) and lighting in the air, 12 PAX fired up their computers and their engines for the second ever meeting of “Garage Band.”  Here is what we did.

Warm Up: Disclaimer given then 20 SHH, 15 low slow squats, 10 merkins and 10 windmills, all IC.

Next up: grab your chair for a set of “11s”.  First exercise is dips, second exercise is lay down the chair and jump over it and back.  By the end when you do 20 jumps, your heart rate should be up.  Run out one minute, back one minute.

Next, Q assigns partners and calls 100 derkins, 200 step ups, and 300 hip slappers.  One partner runs out one minute, back one minute while the other partner can mix up exercises as needed.  If YHC could do this again, I would call a set number of rounds, as opposed to a number of reps where PAX are trying to do math and communicate via Zoom.  It got clumsy.

Finally, do a four exercise circuit with your lifting rock.  20 mountain climbers, 15 overhead presses, 15 squats, and 20 flutter presses.  Repeat after a 10 count, then repeat again after 30 seconds O/B run.

Moleskin: Great to see 2.0s in garages and good turnout overall for and SOB Monday boot camp.  We can build on this!

Announcements: Note that in addition to Garage Band, The Maul will also take place at 0630 this Wednesday and going forward.  Personally, I love the time slot!

Virtual Rocks

12 PAX gathered in my driveway on this magic talking picture device for the first-ever Virtual StoneVinci.

Here is a recap.

Warm Up: 15 SSH, 15 IW, 10 merkins, 10 low slow squats, all IC.

Virtually circle up with your rock for alternating lifts and cardio exercises.  YHC had this little ball that my kids bought that you can roll each time and whatever exercise comes up gets called.

Three sets each of presses, curls, and tricep extensions and I think the exercises were: mountain climbers, burpees, squats, 2 min run, SSH, lunges, LBCs.  Finish with a 5 minute run out and back.

Back to the screen for PAX choice Mary.  Pretty sure it went flutters, can opener crunches, 5 burpees OYO, box cutters, H2H.  Run 2 minutes out and back.

Next comes a leg circuit: 10 squats with your heaviest rock x 5.  In between each set we did broad jumps, one leg Romanian deadlifts, lunges, speed skaters, and jump squats.

Next out and back is everyone’s favorite – wheel of merkin.  Run to a curb or step and do 5,4,3,2,1 sets of decline, right hand, incline, left hand.  Run back and plank up.  Another round of PAX choice Mary then out and back again running + 3o merkins.  With ~ 5 minutes left, round of planks and 60 seconds of burpees until time is called.

Announcements: Next week’s Virtual Stone Vinci will have a twist.  To support your favorite AO, wear blue for Stonehenge and Red for DV.

Moleskin: Nothing can stop us now.  Virtual workouts are on and working.  Keep looking out for new additions to the schedule and reach out to guys to get everyone involved.  It seems weird until you do it a few times and then it’s normal, much like F3.