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Implements of Destruction

9 men chose DaVinci on Saturday, probably due to Mighty Mite’s brilliant meme’ing. Rain was in the forecast but we dodged it. Disclaimer given and off we go.

The thang: Mosey across Rea Rd to the Elevation parking lot. Warm Up: 15 IWs, 10 plank jacks/10 mountain climbers/10 merkins, 15 low slow squats (all IC). Mosey to the end of the lot and find my car strategically positioned.

Inside the trunk were 4 kettlebells (45, 35, 30, 25) and two sandbags (50 lbs and 40 lbs – thanks Fire Hazard). Partner up and circle up for a pair of circuits.

Circuit 1: Each sandbag = over the shoulder throws, 45 KB = 2 hand swings, 35 KB = one arm snatch, 30 KB = high pulls, 25 KB = straight leg (one leg) deadlifts. P1 does the exercise while P2 runs ~50 yards downs and back. Rotate through the 6 stations.

Circuit 2: Each sandbag = bent over rows, 45 KB = upright rows, 35 KB = KB merkins, 30 KB = tricep extensions, 25 KB = one arm curl and press. P1 does the exercise with the weight, P2 does called exercise IC to keep the heart-rates up: burpees, jump squats, peter parkers, burpees, etc.

Merkins and Mary: PAX choice while 3 PAX at a time to 20 step ups with either a sandbag or the 45 KB. These step ups were tough!!

Put the coupons away and take the long way home to get a little running in. Stops along the way for planks, merkins, squats, freddie mercury, heels to heaven and probably some other stuff.

Announcements: Nada

Moleskin: Was fun to see who all would show after the Mighty and Turkey show on Slack Friday. Glad to see Stonehenge with a good turnout as well and glad we had a good SOB Saturday. Thanks all.

The Elusive Indian Land BackBlast

6 men gathered in the shadows of Indian Land Elementary this morning, 4 did the pre-run.  We do this every Thursday but not everybody knows this because of a poor history of back blasts… no more!

The Thang:

Quick warm-up at the launch point.  10 low slow squats IC, 20 MCs IC, six inches/plank x 5, 10 windmills IC.

Grab your headlamp and lets mosey across the street to the neighborhood with all the hills!  Staying together, do the called exercise at the bottom, run hard up the hill, easy back down.  5 rounds total: merkins x 20, low slow merkins x 10, flutter/LBCs x 20, diamond merkins x 10 IC, wide arm merkins x 10 IC.

Mosey back to the school and around to the back playground.  AMRAP for ~12 minutes as follows: take 1/2 of your one set max pullups and do pullups/5 squats 3X then run across to the school for 10 donkey kicks.  That’s one round.  Got 3 – 3.5 rounds in per PAX.

Mosey to the front of the school and grab some tall wall. Civilian count – 10 muscle ups, then people’s chair/50 air presses.  Repeato.  Circle up for 10 aquamans, 10 seal merkins, IC.  Go around the circle for Mary and time called.

Announcements: Christmas Party 11/30!  Vagabond this weekend.

Is Anyone Reading This?

Nothing like the Saturday morning Q, Sunday night backblast.  Here goes.

Smell of biscuits and fried chicken in the air, familiar faces, disclaimer given, off we go.

Warm Up: A “Merkin March.”  Stay together for 2 laps around the PetSmart parking lot and stop 6 times for merkins in cadence.  Start with 10, build up to 20, 100 merkins total.

Mosey across Rea Rd and circle up for Mary.  10 Aqua Mans IC (these are good by the way), then flutters x 20, heels to heaven x 20 and LBCs x 20.  10 more Aqua Mans.

AMRAP time.  Pull-ups, 10 air squats, repeat three times then run to the fountains for 10 jump ups.  That’s one round.  For the pull-ups, do half of your one set max each time.  We did this for ~10 minutes and most guys got 3-4 rounds.  The jump ups are nice and high at the Blakeney fountains!

Run at your own pace to the rock pile behind the “new buildings.”  I have no idea how far this is but I’ll say 3/4 mile.

Grab a lifting rock or a cinder block and circle up.  Round 1 = negatives IC.  3 counts down, 1 up.  Shoulder presses, curls, tricep extensions.  All x 15.  Step back from your rock for 5 eight count burpees IC.  Round 2 = 30 seconds of as many reps as you can: presses, curls, triceps.  Run a lap around parking lot.  Round 3 = 15 squat thrusts OYO, 20 backward lunges + 15 curls OYO, 15 tricep ext OYO.

Rocks down and run back.  Ocho Cinco leads us back and made stops for Mary.  Got back to Chik Fila in time for a few merkins and ~45 seconds of burpees.  Donezo.

Moleskin:  Can I be serious for a minute?  DaVinci is the best. Tuck, even if you cant go anymore, thank you for starting this workout.  I hate myself when I miss it and when I’m there, my whole weekend is exponentially better.

Announcements: Escobar is starting a GoFundMe for a family in need.  He met a woman outside of Stonecrest asking for money and he stopped to ask her story.  The woman he met needs some money for rent and doesn’t have a ton of options because she may not have all her paperwork in terms of citizenship (Bulgarian I think).  Couple of takeaways here: 1. Escobar is a tremendous human being.  2. If we all throw a couple of bucks in, we can make a huge impact and take advantage of this amazing infrastructure we have (F3) to change our world.  Just takes a leader and everybody pitching in.  Great Job E.

I’m forgetting the other announcements.  Sorry.

Thank you Bucky for taking Site Q and Fredo for getting me on the schedule to Q.  Great to be out there with everyone.


A strong showing of 20 men posted this morning.  Here’s what we did:

No FNGs but disclaimer given in Wells Fargo lot.

Warmup: 15 merkins, 15 squats, 15 plank jacks all IC.  (Frehley’s was very indignant that we went with old school squats and not the modern, low, slow variety.  Suck it up buttercup.)

Mosey down to Lochness and grab some wall.  Staying together for exercises: 10 derkins IC, 10 jump ups, 10 dips (IC).  Hard lap. Plank to wait for the six and 10 hip slappers IC.  Then 10 burpee jump ups, 10 incline merkins IC, 10 dips IC. Hard lap.  Six inches to wait for the six.

Mosey out of there and out to the parking lot behind Bagpipe Hill.  Get in groups of 3.  P1 and P2 stand ~25 yards apart.  P1 does jump squats, P2 merkins.  P3 bear crawls in between to start the relay.  Each guy goes down and back twice.

Circle for Mary.  Go around the circle for PAX choice.  7 sets total.

Mosey back to Lochness to finish the workout with a 12 minute AMRAP.  Run the loop and do: 15 diamond merkins on one patio, 15 wide arm merkins next patio, 10 pull-ups on exercise trail, repeat.

Announcements: Q101 school this Saturday.  6 a.m. at Panera – one hour workout + hour of discussion.  Timekeeper finishes book this week and moves to a conversational format for the summer. F3 Dads Saturdays at 9 a.m.  Look for the white tent at Brixham Green.  Check out Slack for upcoming announcements on Fix it For Christ and The Sandbox.

The Big House

6 men decided to shake off the weekend with a workout at the Big House.  As always, felt better when it was over!

The Thang: informal disclaimer and mosey down to the parking lot.

Warmup – 15 IW, 15 seal merkins, 15 squats, 15 aquamans, 15 MCs (all IC).

Mosey to the back of the AO and grab some mini-wall.  After each set, run ~50 yards and back.  Sets 1 & 2 = 5 burpee jump ups.  Set 3 = derkins.  Do sets of 10 with a ten count in between until time is called.  6-7 sets done.

Run halfway around the track and stop for a ladder set of seal merkins/aquamans: 10,9,8,7… 1.  Finish out the lap and stop at the picnic tables for split squats.  5 each leg, 5 count, repeat for ~4 minutes.

Grab a rock and line up.  Each exercise = 5, 10, 15, 20 with n increasingly longer sprint after each set.  Exercises were overhead presses, curls, and tricep extensions.  Mary in between each.  Finish out with lunges across the lot, break at each planter for Mary.

Mosey back to launch and do 20 merkins and hold six inches to close out.

Announcements: Journeyman.

Moleskin: Pretty straightforward workout to start the week.  Great group and I really enjoyed leading.  Thanks men.

The Brave

I was originally supposed to Q The Brave like 2 months ago.  After the meanest calf injury of my life and asking Tuck and Thin Mint to push me back multiple times when it didn’t heal, I finally got it together and got it done.  Really appreciate everyone’s patience and it was great to be back.  Of course, after falling badly out of shape, I was scared to death to Q this workout.  So disclaimer nervously given and here we go:

Mosey across the street to parking deck.  Warm up with: 10 windmills, 10 low slow squats, 10 seal merkins, 10 Aquamans, 20 “2nd bases.”  (if these last three are new to you, check out my instructional video YouTube.  yeah right.)

Run the deck twice.  At the top of ramp 1, do 20 seal merkins, ramp 2 20 Aquamans, ramp 3 50 2nd Bases.  These exercises done together are good for core strength and shoulder mobility.

Long mosey all the way to the exercise trail.  Couple of stops for LBCs, peoples’ chair on the bridge, and we slalomed the trees on one of the hills.  Nice job by the PAX of staying together on a pretty long hike.

Pullup challenge:  On the exercise trail, use both sets of bars and run from one to the other in between sets.  Total of 3 laps/6 sets see how many you can get.  If memory serves me, Rachel took it home with 43.  Several PAX in  the high 30s.

Mary until everyone is done.  Then finish the workout with 20 CDDs, run Bagpipe Hill, 15 CDDs, run down, 10 CDDs, run up, 5 CDDs.  Then run back to the launch.  It was a tight squeeze to fet back by 6:15!

Moleskin: Total of 5.2 miles.  Very little complaining.  Pop Tart was a beast.  He told me to write that though.  Peace.

Announcements:  Pool Party next Friday!!!!!!!!  Cost is $40, bring the whole family and get pizza and beer.  Great way to support The Sandbox and have some 2nd F.  Here’s the link to paypal the $:

Zero Point Zero

4 PAX today for the kettlebell madness that is Foxhole. Really?!?!?… 4?!?!?  I announce no running the night before and that’s it!  Alright, fine.  Here it is:

The Thang: take bells up to the school and warm up. 10 windmills, 15 IW, 15 plank jacks 10 merkins all IC.

Mosey to the playground. Superset pull-ups by doing one set of max pull-ups, then same # of reps “jump pull-ups.” 3 sets.  In between each set: 15 one-arm swings each arm.

Mosey back to the school. Super set merkins by doing your one set max of KB merkins (two hands on bell) then trying to get same number of rep regular merkins.  3 sets.   In between each set: 10 high pulls each arm.

Pair up. 2 PAX super set one-arm rows with 10 reps at heavy bell, 10 reps of 10 lbs lighter bell.  Other 2 PAX do heels to heaven and LBCs in Jack Webb cadence.  Flapjack. 3 sets each.  In between each set: 10 snatches each arm.

Finish up with combos of curls/burpee-swings (these are hard), curls 2 hand swings (little better), and tricep extensions/dips (these are easy). Various Mary in between.

Announcements: No time.  YHC had to bolt.

Thanks Wild Turkey for the takeout. Thanks to each man for great effort and 2nd F.

Sandbox Service Project With The Commodore Family

This past Saturday 8 F3 men and 9 of their 2.0s did a project at the Commodore family house in Indian Land. The family was introduced to us through the Sandbox, who helps families in need of practical, social, and emotional support when their children are suffering from long-term serious illnesses.

For more on the Commodores and their daughter Elsie, click here:

Because Elsie’s condition can only be treated at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the Commodores split their time between Philadelphia and here, usually with one parent in each location. They have been keeping this up for 11 months now.  Elsie continues to improve and the family is hopeful and grateful… but also emotionally and often physically exhausted from their experience.  They could use some support and that is where we come in.

The Thang:

Meet at the house at 9 a.m. Mulch was delivered and PAX brought other supplies to: spread the mulch, kill weeds, help re-seed the grass in the front yard, and trim up some of the landscaping.  It was awesome to see everybody dive in and with the manpower we had, we knocked the whole thing out in 2 hours.  This included mulching the next door neighbor’s yard because YHC ridiculously over-ordered on mulch!


Toward the end of our project, we were blessed to meet Adana Commodore, Elsie’s Mom. She talked with us and thanked us a lot.  Then she began to share some pictures of Elsie and a lot of detail on her condition.  We circled up and Moneyball led us in prayer, which was awesome.   I’m not the best person to capture the whole experience with words… let’s just say it was an emotional and powerful experience that we as men were blessed to have that day.

Another way in which I personally was inspired Saturday was as a father. Watching the PAX lead their 2.0s in this effort was special and from the attitudes of the kids and their approach to the whole thing, it’s clear to me that my fellow PAX are some good dads.

The feedback I have received since Saturday morning has been exceptional. Apparently Adana had texted with the Sandbox a lot on Saturday from inside while we were working.  From The Sandbox: “… such gratitude and excitement for their new F3 friends… Grateful beyond words.”  I also got a text from Travis, Elsie’s dad, not only with gratitude but his prayers for us as a group and as men and families.

We have all been blessed tremendously by this family who has let us into their lives. We are also blessed as men to be part of this F3 Nation.  The things we can achieve together with the system we have in place are remarkable.  My sincere thanks to the men who came out!

Belated Ode to DaVinci

My sincere apologies for the delayed BackBlast.  Without further ado…

Disclaimer given to the 8 familiar faces and mosey across the way to warm up:

20 SSH, 10 IW, 20 mountain climbers, 15 low slow squats, 15 merkins (all IC).

Mosey to the long hill behind the shopping center and go halfway up, stopping at a rockpile.  Triple Nickel with squat thrusters at the top (w/ rock), hand release burpees at the bottom.  ~75 yard run up the hill.  Mary until the 6 get in.

Mosey up to the playground and partner up.  3 sets of P1 max pull-ups while P2 does jump ups, flapjack when P1 done.

Mosey back down and stop at each rockpile for: bicep curls (“21” style), 15 overhead presses, 20 merkins.

Regroup in parking lot for a ladder of exercises.  Everything done together with 10 counts as needed:

5 broad jumps, 5 merkins.

5 broad jumps, 5 merkins, 10 lunges, 10 merkins.

5 broad jumps, 5 merkins, 10 lunges, 10 merkins, 15 jump squats, 15 merkins.

15 merkins, 15 jump squats, 10 merkins, 10 lunges, 5 merkins, 5 broad jumps.

10 merkins, 10 lunges, 5 merkins, 5 broad jumps.

5 merkins, 5 broad jumps.

Mosey back and time called.

Announcements: Contact Strawberry if interested in Church on the Street.  This group continues to be very successful serving those in need and  providing F3 men a great opportunity to serve.  M and 2.0 friendly for ages ~8 and up.

Stay Warm Out There

14 PAX bundled up and made it happen at Dromedary this morning.  1 decided to go all in and provide the inspiration: congrats to Recalculating for completing the workout in shorts and short sleeves.  Seriously , respect.

The Thang:

The warmup took the form of a group run with stops for exercises.  We went around both schools before stopping at the middle school picnic tables.  Exercises were: 15 low slow squats, 15 IWs, 25 SSHs, 10 merkins + 10 8 count burpees, bear crawl across basketball court, 10 peter parkers, 20 LBCs.  All IC.

3 sets of 15 dips, 10 squats, and 20 no hands flutters, all IC.

Mosey around the middle school and across the fields to the large retaining hill.  (Rarely used at DD because of its hidden in the dark nature)  Line up across the bottom, perform the called exercise, then sprint the hill.  Set one = 1 time up, set 2 = 2 times up, set 3 = 3 times up.  Exercises for all three sets were 10 Haggis-style merkins (knuckles) and 15 real deal sit-ups.

Mosey back to parking lot and partner up.  Wheelbarrows for ~25 yards each.  Then P1 runs the 25 yards while partner 2 does CDDs until you hit 100 combined.  Mosey around high school and stop for peoples chair + 10 donkey kicks X2.  Then back to launch, few planks, doneski.

Key Info for Holiday Party:

  • This Saturday 12/16 at the Red Barn Waxhaw.  6012 Jeanne Dr., Waxhaw, NC 28173
  • 5 pm – 11 pm.
  • Dress is casual and dress warm!  Fire pits and a bonfire will help but it is an open air barn.
  • Beer and wine will be provided.  Liquor technically not allowed.  If you are worried that what you like to drink won’t be there, bring it.
  • Donations benefit the Union County Community Shelter.  You can donate when you sign up.

Other Announcements:

  • Posse stepping up to lead FNG info checklist.  More details to follow and he is taking ideas and feedback if you have some.
  • Old McDonald hosting an event for 2.0s at his farm on 12/21.  Cost is $30 per kid and times are 9am – 1pm.  2.0s can do crafts and other farm stuff (my term) while parents get their shopping done.  I like it!  For location, look for a pre-blast from OMcD.  Sign up required.
  • Union County convergence at Belk Tonawanda Park in Monroe.  This Saturday.  No Outland or Commitment.