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Little Baby Bricks

8 Pax kicked off their week in style, with another edition of Little Baby Bricks.

Just your standard-issue 3 hole brick, one for each hand. Only it stays in your hand the whole time. And that little brick gets a little heavier with each step.

The Thang

Warm up lap, w bricks, long way around green space at parking lot up to ball fields.

COP in cadance

SSH x 15

Imperial Walker x 15

Squat x 15

Merkin x 15

Burpees x 5

Run a lap (w bricks) around the parking oval, end up at dugout wall.

People’s Chair – Air Presses (w bricks, you get the picture) x 25, Arms extended Bus Driver x 20, Derkins x 10

Lunge Walk w bricks overhead to next island, Curls x 20, Lunge Walk Backwards to start, w bricks overhead, tricep extension x 20.

Run lap around big fields, partner up.

Wheelbarrow out, flapjack back.

Partner carry out, flapjack back.

Crab walk out, bear crawl back.


Run lap around big fields.

Man-Maker merkins (yes, w bricks) x 8.

Mosey back most of the way, w stop for Mary.

Run long way around green space to launch.



The workout seemed to last as long as it took for this BB to get written (Cobains) I’m surprised not of the bricks found their way back into my car via the windshield (mumblechatter) YHC stopped the Man-Makers at 8, but it looked like several of you were already done.

Despite the smoked shoulders, Great job out there by everyone!


Thanks for the pleasure of Qing.


Snowflake out

Who you calling “Old School”?

14 Pax cut their way through the humidity to post at the big church today.

The fun went like this:

After (during?) a half-hearted disclaimer,  the Pax moseyed off to COP; In Cadence:

SSH x 25

Squat x 20

Merkin x 15


Run to opposite end of parking lot,  Diamonds x 15 IC

Run to opposite side, Wide Arms x 15 IC

Run to opposite side, Merkins x 15 IC

Run to opposite side, find Lifting Rock. Curls x 15 IC

Run to opposite side, Carolina Dry Docks x 15 IC

Run to opposite side, count off by Twos. (This took some of you a while…)

Ones stay and do Pull-ups on playground equipment.

Twos run to far light post and back. Flapjack; Rinse and Repeat.


Run across to wall beside Life Center. Count by twos (a little better this time)

Ones – People’s Chair, Twos – Balls to the Wall. Hold for 30-ish seconds.

Flapjack. No rinsing, no repeating.

Mosey to Arched wall/astro turf courtyard.

LBCs x 30 IC.

Line up for Bear Crawl along the wall, Plank on far end.

Some ab work in between, the Rinse and Repeat.

Run across to Sweat Box for 15 Dips, 15 Derkins, 15 Box Jumps. Rinse and Repeat.

Mosey along back drive to rock pile.

Curls x 15 IC, Overhead Press x 15 IC, Curls x 15 IC.

Run back to launch for 5 MoM and we’re done.


Nothing fancy today;  Pusharama to just shy of failure (or was that just me?), Pullarama same, back to Pusharama.

Moving throughout to keep up the heart rate. Solid work by everyone today. Great to see Abba and Dory back out amongst the Pax!



Foremost: Keep The Shore and his family in your prayers, as they await Nathan’s return home.


F3 Golf coming up fast, October 27. Register quick while spots are still available!


November 4th 5k at Covenant Day


Southern Discomfort is October 21


Turkey Dash in Blakeney (2 #SFN chariots pushing kids with disabilities) Thanksgiving morning .



Merkin Made

20 Men posted for a bare-bones beatdown this morning.

It went something like this

Warm-up Mosey waiting for the LIFOs to park and lace up.

SSH x 20 IC

Squat x 20 IC

Merkins x 20 IC


Mosey up to school building for some People’s Chair, w Air Presses and alternating foot up for good measure.

Run to short wall by dumpsters for Wall Walk (crowd pleaser)

Box Jumps at lunch benches, mosey down to track.

Proper warm-up lap followed by; Hot Lap with Merkins after

Hot Lap w another popular exercise…

Run along back of school to Four Square. Pusharama

Merkin x 10, Diamond x 10, Wide Arm x 10, Elbow Plank

Jump the wall, run up to flag pole for Squats x 20

Run back to Four Square for Pusharama Round 2

Run back to High School entrance, find service ramp.

Bear Crawl up ramp, Lunge Walk until 6 is in.

Run back to launch point for Mary.



Just a basic boot camp this morning, nothing fancy and no gear waiting in the wings. Sorry to disappoint those looking forward to HairBurners.

As usual, Dasher and Bratwurst were out front, Goodfella kept circling back for the Six like the Good Fellow he is, Akbar continues to post with solid efforts, and it was great to see some of the UC crowd I don’t often run into like Jingles, Xerox, Recalculating.


Be sure to sign up for Komen race as part of Heather’s Heroes


Old School at the Catholic School

25 Pax posted this morning, many #SleevelesslikeCheech, to honor our Lexington SC Brother and get back to business.
The deck was calling, and we must run…

SSH x 25, Squats x 20, Merkins x 15

Partner Up
Partner Carry Squats across launch lot towards inevitable deck, flapjack halfway.
Wheelbarrow width of field, flapjack halfway.
Inside deck, Partner Derkins x 15 each man.

All exercises IC
Run full length of deck, pause for
Hip Slaps x 10, Squats x 15, WWII SitUps x 20
Run full length; Lunge x 10, Diamond Merkins x 15, LBC x 20
Run full length; Flutters x 10, Wide Arm Merkins x 15, WWII x 20

Run down far stairs, get muddled instructions.
Bear Crawl Slalom: Pax single file on 6, doing LBCs while first man Bear Crawls length of group.
Once first man passes first LBC, second man falls in for Bear Crawl. Continue Indian Run-style until all complete length of Crawl.
Back into SweatBox, aka Deck.
Run half length, 5 Burpees each turn, to the top. People’s Chair until 6 is in.
Run down front stairs to benches and entry.

Partner Up again for
Partner 1 Bear Crawls up ramp, 5 Merkins, runs back. Partner 2 Step Ups until relieved.
Second round LungeWalk up ramp, 5 Merkins, run back. Flapjack.

Run loop around football field back to launch lot for Mary.
Heels to Heaven x 20
American Hammer x 15
Rosalita x 20
Bicycle x 20
LBC x 20
a couple stretches and we’re done.

I appreciate the Pax who went sleeveless, in a small gesture to honor a life lost too early.
Could have been any of us, so remember to make every day count. Make every relationship count.
Empty the tank constantly.
Great effort out there today: Hops as always crushes the Bear Crawl, Snooka always running towards the front, despite gently nudging 56 YO. Too many solid performances to mention.

July beatdown series- Tolkien, Flipper, Thin Mint, Mermaid, Chelms, then August 4th convergence w The Brave.

DaVinci is calling! Sign up to Q, and show up to support.

July 4th American 4 Miler is inaugural SpeedforNeed run.
Convergence at 0600 Freedom Park. Race 0730 will be fellowship pace behind chariot.

As reminder, Safety is first and foremost. Modify as needed, stay alert, watch out for your brothers.

The Big (Brick) House meets Mr. Royal Huddleston Burpee

Ten men remembered that Father’s Day was over, and it was time to get out and grab the DRP by the throat.

The party went something like this-

Grab two Standard Issue red bricks out of the back of YHC’s car. Get acquainted; these bricks will not leave your hands for 45 minutes.
Mosey out to 51 and back in Park drive, all the way to the end.
SSH X 15 (yes, with bricks)
Squat X 15
Mt Climbers x 15
Line up for Karaoke Right, to the concession building.
Karaoke Left back to start.
Man Maker Merkins x 15.
Lunge x 15.
Squat x 15.
Run back to Concession building for StepUps x 15.

Run a loop around the ball fields
Circle up for history lesson on The Burpee. ( Invented by Royal H. Burpee, circa 1939)
“Royal” Burpee x 10 (original version, 4 count no Merkin or Jump)
Brick Burpee x 10 (current version w Merkin and Jump, plus bricks)

Run another lap around ball fields, grab some wall.
People’s Chair with bricks straight out in front. Hold til done.
No recovery, People’s Chair w Shoulder Press x 25.

Mosey to open pavement for Mary
LBC x 25 (bricks on chest)
Flutter x 15 (bricks held out to sides, off the deck)
Mason Twist, with actual masonry x 15
Heels to Heaven x 15

Mosey back to benches for StepUps x 15, run back to start.

Mubblechatter ended pretty quickly this morning. Not expecting Christmas cards from this group after today.
YHC a little surprised no bricks actually re-entered my car thru windshield.
Nonetheless, strong work by an able crowd. This AO has done a great job building the community of male leaders in the Pintville area, T-Claps to Dumpster Fire and Cheddar for the efforts.


Sign Up and join us at American 4 Miler, the first ever #SpeedForNeed event! July 4th, Cotswold area.

Preblast: SPEEDFORNEED 1st Race Metro- American 4miler 7/4/17

Last week to order SOB shirts- Place orders by Friday

New Indian Land workout Walnut Creek Saturday 0530

How to Stay Warm with 6 More Weeks of Winter

11 hearty men braved the gently north of freezing temps to jump start their week on the right note.
The party went something like this:

The Thang
With an FNG in our midst (and even when there isn’t) a Disclaimer was proffered, and we launched at 0530 sharp.
Run down to first baseball parking lot. COP at the far end.
Prisoner Squats x 20
Side Straddle Hops x 20
Mountain Climbers x 20

Run to other end of lot, and find some strategically placed medicine balls.
Partner up. P1 runs full lap around parking lot while P2 does Medicine Ball Merkins. Right hand on the ball, Merkin, roll ball to left hand, Merkin. Continue until P1 returns. Flapjack.
Old School Partner Sit Ups, passing medicine ball back and forth after each rep. 20 reps combined.
Repeat Partner Lap and Merkins, Flapjack.
Repeat Sit Ups x 20.

Mosey down to second parking lot.
P1 runs lap of second lot while P2 does Squats. Flapjack. Repeat.
Mosey and grab some wall.
People’s Chair; Left Leg high, regular, Right Leg high, regular.
Balls to the Wall; (As you are able) Left Hand high, regular, Right Hand high, regular.
Partners: P1 does Box Jumps or Step Ups while P2 does 20 Derkins, flapjack.
Rinse and Repeat.

After brief intro, Q attempts to lead PinBall run back to cars. Every man runs at his own pace, those getting out front choose a spot to turn around and run back to Six. That generally leads to new Pax in front, who then choose next turnaround back to Six, The theory is that all men get to run at their own pace, get a good workout, and nobody gets let behind. #Fellowship
We threw in a few Pain Stations on the way back and circled up for COT.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead my first BigHouse workout!
I have enjoyed being part of the launch, and it is a solid group of men. Patient Zero was a solid partner, and lots of hard work from the everybody. Welcome to FNG Lieutenant Dan (JR), who works with Private Benjamin.
Be sure to join us for the Richard Shelta Memorial 10K/5K/1 Mile Run April 29, 2017 at Belle Johnston Center.

So that’s how you write a Backblast…..

By popular demand, your Centurion Backblast goes something like this:

Shortly before dawn broke on the peaceful transition of power, a record number of Pax posted at Centurion. It was Yuge. Overflow parking extended beyond Tower Place. If you heard differently, it was the lying media.

The Thang:
Run a lap around the football field, ending at the parking deck.
SSH x 25
Squat x 20
IW x 20

Partner Up for Catch Me If You Can.
Partner 1 does 5 Burpees while Partner 2 starts a run to the top of the deck. Partner 1 chases 2, flapjack when you catch him, up to top.
Run down stairs and wait for called exercise. Rinse and Repeat CMIYC.

Round 1: Walter N’Diaye. The evil half-brother of Makhtar N’Diaye, plank with your head about 8-10 inches from a wall. Cadence is: Right palm pressed and kept on wall, Left palm pressed and kept on wall, Right hand down, Left hand down. x 15 or so.
CMIYC back to top, run down stairs.
Round 2:People’s Chair, Left leg high, regular, Right leg high, recover.
Balls to Wall, Left hand high, regular, Right hand high, recover.
Audible on CMIYC: Partner 2 does Backwards run, so Partner 1 has a chance to catch him after Burpees.
Round 3:Balls to Wall, walk hands out to plank and back. x 5
CMIYC again, then out to benches.

Partner 1 does Bearcrawl up the ramp, Lunge Walk back to benches while Partner 2 does 10 Step Ups and 10 Derkins, repeating til P1 returns. Flapjack. Rinse and Repeat.

Mary at bottom of deck. Move to avoid cars. Move again back to launch site.
LBC, Freddy Mercury, Dolly, etc.


Cobains for the tardy Backblast. It was an honor to lead this group. 5 Respects, and 2 under 20 YO. Way to bring it out, men.
Everyone was busting it on the deck chases. Jamboree is an absolute beast, Rachel is always leading the charge, Chelms defies Father Time. We have 2 or 3 more on the cusp of Respect as well (Abacus, Pulp Fiction, Paper Jam, I’m looking at you)
I value the camaraderie more than you know. The Fitness is a nice bonus.

Base-Running, Union County style

Posted on behalf of Pogo:

With the World Series in full swing we took an opportunity to run the bases at F3Commiment:

Batting practice:
1 lap around the cars
Side Straddle Hop x 40
Mountain Climbers x 30
Merkin x 10
Imperial Walker x 30

Mosey to First Base:

Pickup a rock. Partner up. Partner 1 karaoke w rock/ jog curves, around the upper lot. Partner 2 squat and press. Switch. Repeat with exercise of Lumberjacks and deadlifts. Alternate running with the rock and exercising with the rock. Put the rock back.

Mosey to Second Base:

Hills. Partner Up. Partner 1 Up the hill forwards, down the hill forwards, up the hill backward, down the hill backward. Partner 2 Exercise Squats. Repeat with exercise of lunges and side lunges. Alternate running hills and leg exercises.

Mosey to Third Base:

Brick Pile – pickup 2 bricks = 10 pounds. 10 x 10 / 100’s. 10 Exercises with the bricks 10 reps each. 1) Front Raises, 2) Side Raises 3) Shoulder Press 4) Standing Fly 5) triceps extensions 6) upright rows 7) side shrugs / rows 8) bent over rows 9) reverse fly 10) curls. Run to gate with bricks 10 side plank, phelps merkin, side plank. Run to concession stand with bricks 10 more, run to tennis courts 10 more. Back to brick pile for another round of 100’s. Lifted 2000 pounds.

Mosey toward Home got caught in a pickle at the back of the school:

Ab work 40 LBC’s. Alphabet. Russian Hammer.

Mosey all the way to home base:

4 minutes left. Celebrate the home run with Merkin’s to Moby’s Flower (Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down)

Ye Naked Moleskin
Great workout. Enjoyed meeting Crabcake for the first time. I can always count on Popeye to be there. Snowflake also consistent. Camacho was there on time!

Area51 Christmas Party Dec 2nd


“…and I approve this message”.

A lucky group of 13 Pax climbed out of the fartsack to kick of their Friday with a DRP. Here is what went down:

Token warmup to let LIFO Scabby park and catch up.
SSH x 25
Merkins x 10

Partner up in groups of 3 for grinders. Abacus helped the State grads with the math.
One man from each team heads back near launch lot, land waits for relief. One man starts called exercise (Merkins, Squats, LBCs). One man runs between groups. Rotate through 3-4 cycles.

Head to the deck for some leg work.
Run forwards up one ramp, run backwards on next ramp. Alternate up to the top.
Bear crawl to other side of top deck, Mary x 15.
Bear crawl back, Mary x 15.
Run down steps, Rinse and repeat.
Burpees at top?

Ran across top deck to far stairs, run down for “treats”.
Back into groups of 3ish for Hairburners for 3-4 rounds.
Team Squats; take turns w Olympic plate! doing squats! until team reaches 100. Al Gore while you wait.
Mosey to practice field, line up.

On paper, this looked good. All facing one direction, shoulder to shoulder, Pax do 5 Burpees, then drop into Tunnel of Love position. Man on far left breaks off, does 5 more Burpees, and crawls thru the tunnel. Each man in turn, 5 Burpees, thru tunnel, back in position at the other end. 10 Burpees and 2 minutes of Plank can really suck.
Mary on the field.
Run back to plates and team splits time carrying back to YHC’s car. #TomSawyer
2 minutes of Mary and your done.

Great work by all. A lot of Larry Birds on the ramp runs.
It was a departure for mean not to do Pusharama. I trust everyone got their money’s worth. If not, see Mermaid for a full refund.

Joe Davis Run – Price goes up Monday

Christmas Party December 2nd. Firethorne Country Club, to benefit Operation Sweet Tooth.

Hubble Telescope Spots a Disturbance

YHC got a call from NASA.
Apparently the candles in my birthday cake set off an alarm on their telescope….

Meanwhile, in other news, 14 Pax showed up at DMZ to kick their week off right.
May or may not have been what they got –

The Thang
With no FNGs in the mix, we dispensed with the usual disclaimer and got right to it.
Mosey towards school, with an 11 Burpee stop at the first speed bump. As most Pax paused ready for the other shoe to drop at 2nd speed bump, instead, we carried on to the front lot at CMS for the next 11 Burpees.
Mosey around to back of school for an unholy marriage of Balls to The Wall, and Plank Jack. No need to name the offspring, it was unsavory and will not be revisited soon.
Off to the track, but first another round of 11 Burpees. Keeping track?
Hot lap, Squats x 10 IC.
Hot lap, Merkins x 10 IC.
Hot lap, Squats x 10 IC.
Hot lap, Burpees x 11.

Partner up, onto the sideline (Soccer side, since you asked, Agony).
Partner Carry across, Flapjack back.
Pusharama – Hold Plank position for called exercises in Civilian Count.
Merkins x 11
Diamonds x 11
Stagger Left x 11
Stagger Right x 11
Wide Arm x 11

Mosey to far side of field (stall tactic) Lunge Walk back to start.
Head back out to school, for a brief People’s Chair.

Run back to Church at Charlotte. Pax happy to skip speed bumps.
Find partner again in the breezeway.
Partner 1 runs loop, while 2 does LBCs. Flapjack.
Round 2 with Bicycle, Flapjack.
Run back to cars with just enough time for Burpees x 11.

For those of you keeping track at home, we finished with 55 Burpees. Pusharama was 55 reps, to match YHCs trips around the sun.
Good work out there, with plenty of Larry Birds outpacing the Q.
Kotters to Rock- also good to see Love Bug, who LIFOed and will be fined 11 Burpees.
It’s been more than 4 years in the Gloom for YHC, and I am grateful for all the Fellowship you smelly lot have shared.
On to the next 4 years- Aye!