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Two Peas in a WOD

We were very worried about there being too many people at a coupon party but 5 total participated and only 2 Lawson folks. Thought I’d see some others but oh well! Foundation and I got after it. Foundation said had we known it would be the 2 of us we would have slept in a bit later (meaning Foundation would have never showed up).


20 – SSH
15 – Imp Walkers
10 – Merkins
15 – Plank Jacks
5 – Burpees

The Thang

Reverse Ladder

8 bicep curl + 8 front raise, then 7 curl +7 raises, down to 1+1 (don’t put down coupon)


1 minute per station as many reps as you can, 15 second break between each (goal should be to get at least 20-30 reps per set). Should be able to get about 4 rounds of each

Triceps Press
Chest Press
Curls (if you get smoked from ladder can change to Big Bois w/coupon)
Shoulder Press


Stay SAFE!

Ron Jeremy


Mosey to the bottom of Nightingale and circle up
20 SSH
15 Imp Walkers
Calf Stretch hold
5 Diam Merkin
5 Reg Merkin
5 Wide Merkin hold
20 Mount Climb

The Thang

Mosey to the top of the first street. Will be going from top of the street to bottom of cul-de-sac do exercise and rinse and repeat for each street/cul-de-sac:

1st Street – 10 Merkins

2nd street – 10 Bobby Hurleyth

3rd street – 5 Burpees

End at top of the street for Ab Web:

1 Big Boi + 4 Flutter

Up to 10 BB + 40 Flutter

Halfway through, Dasher let me know that my counting was starting to get a bit … passionate sounding.  Then mentioned something about my mustache making me look like some Ron Jeremy fella? Must be a stud.

1st Street – 10 Dry Docks

2nd street – 10 Speed Skater (2 is 1)

3rd street – 5 Burpees

A little time left back to hill at the bottom of Nightingale.

Mosey down – 10 squats

Pick a partner, sprint up hill, try and beat them

Rinse and Repeat twice

Mosey the long way back to COT


Seeing a lot of the same faces which is awesome. People continuing to put in work and everyone following the guidelines to stay safe. Would love to see some new faces but also understand we need to stay as safe as possible.


Lawson group sticking with the 6am at the mill but may do a day at Quellin, school, and/or other side of Lawson

2nd week – Stay home and stay safe!


Nothing like starting Friday with a nice easy Swarm-ish type, hour-long, BC led workout…


Mosey down Oxford to the empty lot and plank in the bugs circle up




Dry dock (I think I got some of these right)

The Thang

Mosey to bottom of Oxford to island:

30 Mike Tysons

Run 3 laps around island

20 Tysons

2 laps



Mosey to Deer Meadow hill

Top of hill – 5 one-legged burpees
Bottom of hill – 5 one-legged burpees other leg
Then 4, 3, 2, 1

Mosey to bottom of Ringtail by island:

30 Carolina Dry Docks
3 laps around island
20 DD
2 laps

Mosey back to top of Ringtail where we lost Sledge. Mosey back down to look and do 30 Bomb Jacks. No sign, let’s keep going. Back to the top for 20, then bottom for 10 and back up.

Mosey back toward the Mill and stop at top of hill by the tennis courts

Bottom of hill – 10 Bomb Jacks
Run backwards up hill then back down – 9 bomb jacks
Repeat until 1


BC dragged us through the gauntlet on this one. Multiple people mentioned he has gone from friend to foe. In between segments the gazelles would have the clydesdales start while they did some mary and then they’d catch them. Apparently I am now considered a gazelle so when offered a head start I obviously took it to which Dasher stopped me and made me come back to wait. I hate love how we all push each other to get better and don’t let anyone catch their breathe give into the easy route.

I did like our new exercise “Have a Nice Day” which consisted of laying on the ground and just listening to the sounds (mostly birds). BC made a great point: take some time to yourself during this time, lay out on a beach or grass (or the mill parking lot was nice) and try to find some peace. There is very little traffic and noise pollution so just take a deep breath six or more feet away and listen and relax.

I think the toughest thing about this quarantine is having to stay away from people. It is hard to be divided in a time when you would turn to others for comfort. We have done a great job keeping communication open and helping where we can but let’s keep up that attitude and continue to help others who need.


Recalc’s company is driving a lot of the mapping and information of the virus with the WHO – let him know if you have questions and he will critique your form ask at work and get back to us.

Be safe!

Lawson at a Distance

6 PAX started at Poop Island to jog over to the Mill

Upon arrival there were way more than 10 PAX so break up into 2 groups (more running vs less running) and we’re off

The Thang

Mosey to BC’s house and do some warmups in the driveway.

Mosey to top of Deer Meadow (BC loves this hill):


Run down – burpee

Run up – do some exercise at top

Mosey to bottom of Oxford to the island

Total of 6 laps around the island in 2 groups. While first group runs second group does exercises:

first 3 laps: 10 merkins – 10 plank jacks

last 3 laps: 10 something – 10 something else

Mosey down the path (watch out for the tree) to the rocks and grab one.

30 curls – 30 overhead press

then 20 each

then 10

Mosey back to COT


These are weird times stay safe

Slurpee Train

Rain held out for a nice day at The Floater


Mosey to the basketball court at the school

  • 20 SSH
  • 15 Imp Squawker
  • Calf Stretch

The Thang

Straight from warmup – get on your six for ab-web

  • 1 Big Boi
  • 4 Am Hammers
  • up to 5-20

Cutoff to finish later. Let’s mosey to Bad Idea and crush it.

Jailbreak up and let’s catch our breath plank? Thanks Carb Load! (must have watched the whole 8.5 hr video of the old guy planking for motivation this past weekend…..has anyone else seen that?)

Perfect timing for the Slurpee burpee train….

Mosey to the corner of the graveyard and do laps stopping at each corner and alternate Dry Dock and BH each corner:

  • Round 1: 20 Dry Dock then 20 Bobby Hurley
  • Round 2: 10 Dry Dock then 10 Bobby Hurley
  • Round 3: 5 and 5

Mosey to the elementary school.

Snake the parking lot there and back twice while doing 5 burpees when you round each island for a total of 40 20 more burpees

Let’s mosey to the bakery parking lot and finish that ab-web!

Start at 6-24 and finish up at 10-40. At around 8-20 you could hear me struggling a bit so Foundation jumped in to finish the count, thanks.

Mosey back to COT and as we got to crossing the street jailbreak if you got it!

1:30 left so Deadwood lead a synchronized swimming plank routine to finish it up, thank you sir.


First time Qing the Floater and I love this site.  Burpee train cut the weinke short a bit but still turned out nicely. I actually love hearing that train come by because I hate burpees, so it forces me to get better at them.

Shout out to O-69 for showing up day in and day out and doing his thing! He is a testament to dedication. It’s not about motivation or drive – its about discipline. Especially when your body is sore and tired, your mind will always want you to take the easy route and rest…so don’t think! Just get up and go – you will always feel better after.

There was no real 6 today because everyone stuck together, even on some longer moseys. Obviously the Roosters were out front but everyone seemed very fast today – must be all the weight lost these past few months.

Some surprises at the weigh-ins! A lot of people getting down so serious weight and I know it must feel nicer when running and working out, I know I feel a huge difference.  I think the most surprised was anyone seeing a bunch of half-naked men hanging out in front of the church…nothing to see here, move along.

Thank you all for letting me lead you today, we have a great group of guys out here in Waxhaw and it makes it a ton of fun!


Happy hour tonight at Queens South 7-9pm  –  dress as your favorite queen

Final Weigh In Announcement coming soon!

Man Touch has successfully completed his name change to Two Hand Touch – while signing a blood contract that he will post regularly forever


The Rooster Waxhaw – Ultra

So Foundation and I figured we would would run jog at a leisurely pace the 11 miles today at the Rooster because it lined up with some half marathon training we were doing.

Less than 24 hours before the race we get an email that it’s actually a half marathon each.

So why not?

Were just going to run as fast as we can the whole time jog at a a conversational pace and continue our training.

The Thang

What Gerber said just more miles


We started off at a fast pace and Foundation just kept blazing through so I tried to hang on – he’s getting fast (7 min miles for 13?) and we finished the full 26 at 3:18. Not too shabby.

We came in 2nd for 2 man teams (there was a 3 man team that came in *2nd*) and first place had one of those crazy ultra marathon runners (he ran an extra 10 miles after the race to train for his 100 mile race coming up).

Either way for both of our first halfs not too shabby.

Moleskin cont’d:

If you haven’t made it out for a CSAUP you need to. They are exactly what they say: Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless and that makes it all the more better. It is awesome to see how other groups in F3 and FIA come out to support something greater than themselves – all while having a blast at the same time.

If you haven’t read Gerber’s BB go do it – he explains how great the people were and how impressed everyone is with the F3 Waxhaw region. We even talked a bit at coffeteria about how other regions have huge populations in the area and still less AOs and turn out. We are very lucky here but its all stems back to how our region lives the values that F3 stands for day in and day out.

Congrats to the Waxhaw Express on the Rooster trophy and look forward to next year’s event!


6 or 7? … Sure

3 PAX for a foggy run through Lawson. Couldn’t decide on mileage so we just ran.  We got a little crazy today and did the standard loop in REVERSE (just ran the other way, didn’t actually run backwards). Foundation is getting pretty fast …. and his motivation? Literally just to watch the Flyby on Strava and see how far he can pull away from us slower guys (someone should reach out to him and see if everything is okay up there).



The Rooster on Saturday! DW bringing the firepit to keep us warm

I shouldn’t have eaten that protein bar…

3 PAX toughed through the mean streets of Lawson

1 almost didn’t make it….

An early protein bar before a run and a way faster pace than usual = potential Rudy pt.2

Deflated thought he saw Bear Grylls emerge from Mother Nature’s outhouse

…and still finish faster than me (why am I so slow?)

Overall a nice humid and foggy 5 Miles.

Let’s Stay Dry…..On your 6!

So if you didn’t know, recently Foundation hired me to work for him.

His first assignment?  Keep the PAX dry…


Lap around the parking lot.

  • 20 SSH
    • Damascus: Calf Stretch!
    • Me: We’re getting there!
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • Jimmy Dugan
  • Walk it out to the Calf Stretch
    • Demascus appreciates the sentiment and says I may not be a bad guy
  • 10 Merkins

Let’s Mosey

The Thang

Run from parking lot to the neighborhood on the same side and stop at the top of the cul-de-sac:

  • 10 Merkins – run to the end
  • 10 Monkey Humpers – run back
  • 20 LSS – to the end
  • 20 Speed Skaters – run back

Let’s Mosey

Continue into the neighborhood to the fork and make a right – head to the middle intersection that cuts the neighborhood loop in half:

  • Run to the top of the hill (middleish of street) – 10 Merkins
  • To end of street – 10 Jump Squats
  • Back to the middle – 10 Merkins
  • Back to the beginning – 10 Jump Squats

Mary while waiting for the 6…after about 2 miles already I must have forgotten it rained last night…

On your 6 for some big boys!

Everyone: Are you serious?

Me on the ground: UP – 1 – UP – 2…

*It was here that Foundation knew his new hire may be a little special*

Let’s Mosey

*Damascus catches up to me to let me know he takes back all the nice things he said before

Continue around the loop of the neighborhood and stop at the next cul-de-sac (this one looks much shorter so it seems like a nice little workout):

  • Run to the short cul-de-sac – 20 LBCs
  • Run down the next cul-de-sac (oh that’s way longer than I thought) – 10 Merkins
  • Intended to rinse and repeat but audibled the 2nd cul-de-sac to the stop sign

Doughboy with the 10 count

Let’s Mosey

Stop at the intersection for 10 Merkins. Continue to the next intersection 20 gas pumps.

Mosey to the flagpole and circle up:

  • Web
    • 1 Big Boy
    • 4 back lunges
    • climb to 5-20 (thank you Zin)

Let’s Mosey

5 Merkins at each light to the end, mosey to COT and lets finish the web:

  • 6 Big Boys
  • 24 American Hammers
  • Asked Deadwood to finish out the web and he said we didn’t have enough audibles….add 2 Merkins after each round
  • 7-28
  • or was it 8-32?
  • Are we on 10 already?



This was a fun one. I wanted to push even myself on this and clearly did staying toward the back of the pack. After trying to keep us from getting wet I figured let’s embrace it and have some fun (also, I ran out of exercises to keep us dry – to which Foundation said, “you couldn’t think of DRY-DOCK? It’s even in the name for you”…looking forward to my new role.

Everyone stayed together on this run-heavy workout and even though everyone kept circling for the 6 (great job guys) they never had to go too far. Everyone pushed, worked hard, and I appreciate you letting me Q today!

Thank you Damascus for taking us out!


Gremlin this weekend

Oh and new Watchtower Site Q….Me!

“He’s a virgin, it’s supposed to be a tight circle”

Warm Up

Mosey around the parking lot and circle by cars (nice tight circle)

  • 20 SSH
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • Calf stretch
  • Jimmy Dugan

The Thang

Mosey to far corner by bus entrance.

4 Corners around the the front of the school full length alternating 5 merkins and 5 BBS at each corner

End where we started and circle back for the 6.

Light poles to the end alternating 10 merkins and 10 Bobby Hurleys

Mosey to the corner of the parking lot for some more corners. Start with Tysons, run to the next corner and do a workout then run back. Hit every workout on the way to the next corner then back:

5 Tysons

10 H2H

15 Dry docks

20 Am. Hammers

25 LBCs

Recover for 6 to stay at the last corner instead of heading back.

A few more minutes? …. Bear Crawl to COT with 5 merkins between each island (15 merkins total? Not sure – I think I blacked out)


Thank you guys for letting me lead today for my Boot Camp VQ. Appreciate everyone giving a great push (we got 3+ miles and roasted shoulders) and we definitely earned those Thanksgiving calories this week!

Thank you for taking us out Mad Dog.


Prayers to Old McDonald, Mad Dog, and their families – they are going through some rough points and I know our brothers here are supporting them. There are others having a tough time so let’s make sure we always look to reach out and help, especially during the holidays we remember all we have to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving – Elon Park football game 7am, Lawson & Millbridge both have 5ks.

Dec. 7 – Effies at Briarcrest. BYOB, chips, snacks, no money needed.

Dec. 14 – Waxhaw cleanup, after commitment there is coffeteria at Crossroads in town, then cleanup after

Dec. 14 – Zin’s Holiday Beer Share – bring beer and have fun

Friday – Volunteer opportunity for Weddington playoff football game. With the relaunch of the Weddington site this is a good way to get back in their good graces. Time: from half hour before to half hour after game.