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ImANIMANLations! (AKA Animal impersonations)

Animal House!  There was something weird in the neighborhood at The Valley South this morning.  It got pretty “hairy.”  No lions and tigers, but lots of bears and other creepy crawlies.  The 5 faithful worked hard to criss-cross the huntingtowne farms elementary school parking lot doing our best impersonations (perhaps imanimalations is a better description).   I think I even heard some animal noises toward the end!

Warm up

  • SSH X 40 IC
  • Squats X 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers X 30 IC
  • Head Rolls – Because I needed it!

Animal Physical Training

  • Bear Crawls across the bus lot
    • Flapjack
  • Crabwalk across the lot
    • Flapjack Backwards
  • Frog Jumps across the lot
    • Flapjack Backwards
  • Crocodile pushups across the lot!
    • Pax needed a 10 count
  • Bear Crawl Back
  • Duck Walk across the lot
  • Bird Dog at that end X 10 IC
    • Flapjack X 10 IC
  • Bear Crawl back
  • Starfish jumps across the lot (Forward Squat jump into a star position)
  • Sea Turtles (on your belly, hands out and feet together, both in the air.  Hands back feet out keeping in the air)  X
  • Bear Crawl Back
  • Inch Worm pushups across the lot
  • Kangaroo jumps back (like frog jump with feet and knees together)
  • Lateral Ape Walk across lot
    • Flapjack
  • Flying Squirrel (it’s a burpee broadjump) across the lot
  • Donkey kick burbees X 10 OYO
  • Flying Squirrel back


  • Plank it out until the 6
    • right arm high, right foot high
    • regular
    • left arm high, left foot high
    • 6 inches (Wojo with the 20 count)
  • LBC’s X 30 IC
  • Rosalita’s X 20 IC
  • 6 inches (20 count)

Mosey to the Flag (all of 20 yards away!)



This was Ghost Q for Godspeed who was up for Q today but had to go and move to Charlottesville VA.  Shout out brother.  You will be greatly missed but I have a feeling your animal PT will continue to come back to haunt us!  Flop sweat on this workout came early!, about the crocodile, which is rather fitting since they are a swamp animal.  Guys worked hard and did something a little different.  Thanks playing.  Enjoyed it.

Announcements: Tudoring opportunities

GOP took us out: prayed for Funny Farms bosses brother who was hit by a car on his road bike, and for his uncle who has leukemia.


Spent a lot of time on the wall working those quads!

Warm up

Ssh x 40
Squat x 30
Squat straddle hops x 20
Squat straddle jumps x 15

The thang

Partner up.  Mosey to the wall behind school.

Quadrafelia- 7 times down and backwards back up the hill while partner does people’s chair on the wall.  Flapjack.  Everyone did each part twice.

Mosey to the wall in front of school

Singing in the shower.  (Head shoulders knees and toes while in chair) × 30

Partner carry to the clock at The top of the valley. flapjack to the top of the farm.
Mile run down Huntingtowne Farms to park Rd. Left to gone away. Left until you get to culd-a-sac entrance to Forest Hill. Cut through to the wall behind church.

Wall ball

  • Ascending testicles
  • People’s chair (60 seconds)
  • Balls to the wall
  • One legged people’s chair (switch every 15 secs for 60 secs)

3/4 mile indian run to the flag

2 minutes of Mary

  • LBCs x 30
  • Flutter x 30
  • Rosalitas x 20




Work day at Huntingtowne Farms Elementary before the 5k on the 14th.

5k to help raise funds for the school.

Beckyou took us out.

4 HIMs worked hard despite the low attendance.   We pushed it hard on the runs.  Becky killed the mile!  Indian Run was an intense pace.  Thanks for pushing me.

Wait for it…wait for it…weight for it!


  • SSH x 40
  • Imperial walkers x 30
  • Mountain climbers x 30
  • Arm circles for 1 minute  (because we were waiting on Godspeed who pulled in late!)

100 Merkin March

Run at 75% of a sprint from Huntingtowne Farms Elementary to Right on Gone Away and then down to the culd-a-sac cut-threw to Forest Hill (Half Mile). Stop at every street lamp post and do 10 Merkins – 10 Street lamps total for 100 Merkins. Plank it out til the 6.  Right high….

Mosey to the Forest Hill parking lot.  Wait for that Joe’s truck I see? Wait for it…I mean weight for it.  Everyone grab a set of dumbbells out of the truck and head to the line in descending weight amounts.  (The dumbbells, not us, except for Funny Farm, he’s a dumbbell).

Weight lifting Suicides

Do as many reps as you can based on the amount of weight you have (heavier weight do 8-10, lighter weight do 15-20). If you start running before the guy with more weights next you, well than you might be called a Mary! When you get back move to the next heavier weight.

  • First set – overhead shoulder press
    • Sprint to first lamp post (20 yards) and back (that’s the suicide)
  • Second set – bent over tricep kickbacks
    • Sprint to second lamp post (40 yards) and back
  • third set – In and out Curls
    • Sprint to the third lamp post (60 yards) and back
  • Fourth set – Deep swimmers press
    • Sprint to the fourth lamp post (100 yards), back
  • 5th set – switch grip tricep kickbacks
    • Sprint to the 5th lamp post (140 yards), back
  • 6th set – Static arm curls (Hold one arm static flexed while doing 7 reps with other arm, flapjack, flapjack, flapjack – burnout)
    • Sprint to the 6th lamp post (180 yards), back
  • 7th set – Overhead Shoulder press
    • Sprint to other side of parking lot (220 yard), at the curb do dibs until failure, sprint back
  • All said you sprinted 1,520 Yards.  Get some!
  • Line hopping jumps
  • Merkin Rows
  • Set, Sprint, Plank, Jump (all in place) – I call it you do it.
  • Put the weights back in the truck

Mosey to the Flag for some Mary

  • Flutter X 40 in cadence
  • LBCS X 30 in cadence



Announcements –

guys camping trip, GOP is a chump…(he was just being a man and taking care of his family.  Way to step up and be a good dad GOP!  You are the real man!)

Great workout guys.  Thanks for humoring me with something a little different.  I’m sufficiently tired, don’t know about you!

The Shredder

Shredder is not just a warrior ninja wearing a lot of sharp metal, it’s also a fierce and proud mary. Oroku Saki would be proud of this 45 minutes of ab shredding work, but the foot clan wouldn’t have stood a chance.  Only the four teenage mutant ninja turtles and their old crusty leader, splinter survived.  


Warm up

  • SSH X 60
  • Burpees X 25

Mosey to the track behind the school (Commence the Shredding)

The Shredder (all straight count)

  • In and outs – 25
  • Bicycle – 25
  • Reverse bicycle – 25
  • Crunchy frogs – 25
  • Wide leg sit-ups – 25
  • phifer scissors – 25
  • Hip rock n raise – 25
  • Heals to heavens – 25
  • V up roll ups – 25
  • Oblique V-ups – 25
  • Leg climbs – 12 (flapjack)
  • Russian Twist – 50

This took about 20 minutes with very little pause between workouts.

Partner Sprints around the track while the other does the workout (Flapjack) with Plank Series (right arm, leg, left arm leg,6 inches) in between each set.

  • Merkins
  • Burpees
  • LBC’s
  • mountain climbers
  • travolta merkins
  • Flutter

Mosey to the flag



Funny Farm Brought us out.  Thanks brother!

When Becky said he would be out with a knee injury and GOP under the weather I thought, “what can I do this week to fill in?”  After Shredding the gnar last week at Snowshoe and working on my legs and quads for the long weekend, I thought it best to “shred” the core.  Lord knows It was getting a little soft after a bachelor’s weekend of junk food.  Thanks guys for encouraging me to stay fit and active.  See you next week.

Working off the Holiday Cheer in the New Year

We may have overdone the Holiday Cheer but now it’s time for the New Year…Resolutions abound more and more so today we worked hard to make our muscles sore.  With Merkins, squat straddle jumps and suicides, pretty soon we’ll have nothing to hide!  So thanks to the crew that came out to the Valley, the cold didn’t stop you, because you ain’t no sally.


Warm Up

SSH x 40

Squats x 30

Slo Mo Travolta Merkins x 8  – (reach high, reach under, and reach high again, merkin – that’s 1) Alternating arms

Squat Straddle Jumps X 15 – squat to touch the ground then a plyo straddle hop.  (Nairu steps out into the gloom)

Slo Mo Mountain Climbers X 15

100 Merkin March – Run at 75% from Huntingtowne Farms to Right on Gone Away and then down to the culd-a-sac cut-through to Forest Hill. Stop at every street lamp do 10 Merkins – 10 Street lamps total for 100 Merkins.
Plank it out till the 6

Mosey to the prayer Garden
Prayer Walk – Walking prayer lunges

Dips X 15

Mosey to the parking lot
Sprint 30m and back (60m) –
Sprint 50m and back (100m) –
Sprint 90m and back (180m) –
Sprint 130m and back (260m) –
Sprint 185m and back (370m) –

Mosey to the Wall
-Peoples Chair – Hold for 1 min.
-Wall worms – 3 vertical wall climbs – start in plank and move feet up the wall as hands get closer to wall until you are in “balls to the wall position”
-Hell’s Chair – chair squat, left leg back lunge, chair squat, right leg back lunge…flapjack,…
One legged peoples Chair – Hold for 1 min – switch legs every 10 seconds
Mosey back to Gone Away
LBC’s x 30
Flutter x 30
Indian Run back to the Farm

Focus today was on working off some of that Holiday cheer!  I dont know about you but I enjoyed a lot of egg noggy over the holidays.  We kept the heart rate up by resting for no more than 30 seconds  between workouts.