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Taco Stand

Taco’s last stand was a proper send off to our friend Takahito headed back to Japan.  He is a real HIM.


  • SSH X 30 IC
  • Squats X 20 IC
  • Arm Circles forward X 30 IC
  • Flapjack x 30 IC
  • Sharon Towers X 15 IC

The thang

  1. 100 Merkin March – 10 merkins each light post down to Forest Hill culdesac
  2. Prayer lunges to the prayer garden
  3. Dips X 20 IC
  4. Squats X 20 IC
  5. Dips X 20 IC
  6. Slow Copperhead Squats X 20 IC
  7. Dips X 20 IC
  8. Jump squats X 20 IC

Mosey to the parking lot and partner up

  • Partner catch me if you can -Partner one 10 merkins and 5 bear crawls then sprint to catch partner 2 – flapjack 6 times for 3 laps around parking lot
  • 4 corners – LBCx X 20, partner hand clap merkins,  flutter X20, partner hand clap Merkins

Indian Run back to the flag


Announcements – Workday at Huntingtowne Farms Elementary Saturdayat 9am

Becky brought us out

Pax 12 made it fun this morning!  One of the largest organic groups at the Valley.  Good stuff guys.  Keep it up! This group of HIMs is changing the city.  Thanks for the letting me lead you this fine morning.

Taco’s last Stand- the valley preblast

Tomorrow in the gloom at the Valley. Your bed might be soft and warm but so is a big pile of horse sh#$! Get out of the fart sack manana and give Taco a proper send off.

Curing What Ails Ya

Mosey to end/bottom of Huntingtowne Farms Lane

Warm up:
SSH x 30
Merkins x 20
Mountain climbers x 10
Imperial walkers x 15
Copperhead squats x 20
Windmill x 20

The Thang:
Run to basketball court

Basketball court routine: (entire routine performed twice):
Burpees x 10
Sprint across court
Banana crunches x 20
Sprint across court
Merkins x 10
Sprint across court
WW II sit-ups x 20
Lunge around perimeter of court back to starting point

Plank at starting point (regular, elbows, right arm up, right leg up, regular, left arm up, left leg up, regular)

Mosey across bridge

Modified Jacob’s ladder:
Burpee x 1 at top of hill, then burpees x 2 at bottom, repeat until burpees x 10 at bottom (up and down hill 5 times)

Rosalitas x 10
LBCs x 20

Bear crawl back across bridge

Mosey to playground

Incline merkins x 10
Decline merkins x 10

Indian run back to parking lot


Mosey to the Track, then Sprint! A lot of Sprinting….

Mosey to the track – Warm up
30x SSH
20x lbc’s
10x Squat Staddle Hops
20x imperial walkers

Track sprints
1x 100%
10 burpees
2x 75%
10 burpees
3x 50%
10 burpees

Mosey to the clock
Partner Clock lunges- x 2
Lunge opposite directions when you meet, 10 partner hand clap merkins

Run the valley-x2
50% to the bottom of the valley
100% to the top of the other side
20 WW2 sit ups
Same thing back the other direction.

Yoga poses
Tree pose
Hold table
Cobra pose
Downward dog

Mosey to the Flag for some Mary

  • Heals to Heaven X 20 IC


Announcements: Camping trip with Becky’s Church coming up; Charlotte Half/full Marathon coming up; Huntingtowne Farms school workday coming up in early November

Funny Farm brought us out. Amen.

Winer Diner the Gloom was Never Finer

Warm up

Squats X 20 IC
Squat straddle Hops X 20 IC
Sun salutations X 2

The thang

  • 100 Merlin March (.5 mile)
  • Plank series

Mosey Down Burnt Mill (1.1 mile)

  • Partner up (10 pull ups while partner holds Balls the wall) X 3

Mosey through woods to new greenway bridge

  • Bear crawl 150 ft across the bridge

Mosey Down the dark dirt ankle breaker path to the other bridge (1.4)

  • Bear crawl 150 ft across bridge

Mosey through park

  • the Farm lurker run and back to the flag (2.0 miles)




Welcome FNG “Winer” – “Winer DineHer 69Her” glad you made it out! See you next week!  Good work fellas.



The Kids go to D.C

Mosey to the track

30 X SSH
30 X imperial walkers
15 X Squats

3 track sprints
50 lbc’s between each lap

Straddle the ramp then lunges across the platforms

Mosey to the clock 5 merkins every qtr hr

Mosey down the hill

Fence jumps-elevens
With burpees

Mosey the greenway

Rosalita’s 30 count

Flutter 20 count

Mosey back to the flag



Perfect weather for a workout. We made it back to the flag ahead of time. Thx for the reminder Becky. Dogged a few charter buses along the way! Until next time.

Sloppy Shoulders

It was a great morning.  60 degrees and wet.  Focus turned out to be a lot of Shoulders.  The pax worked hard and a couple of points I thought to myself, “What did I do!”  We had a surprise visit from First Lieutenant Chaplain Godspeed who led our warmup and then headed out the to Reserve training.  Good to see you and thanks for the cameo.

Warm – up

  • Windmills X 20 IC
  • Imperial Walker X 30 IC
  • Squats X 20 IC
  • Merkins X 10 IC

The Thang

  • Bataan Death March – AKA Burpee catch me if you can Indian runs – Ran down the Farm and down a section of the greenway and back.
  • Fence Jumping 11’s – 10 Fence jumps and a burpee; 9 fence jump and 2 burpees; 8 fence jumps and 3 burpees…all the way to 1 fence jump and 10 burpees.
  • Bear Crawl Snake walk across the field in Huntingtowne Farms Park- pax hold plank with space for the bear to walk between weaving in and out.  ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE FEILD.  It got real.
  • Sprint/Balls to the Wall – Sprint the field and back to the baseball diamond and hold Balls to the wall until you can’t anymore – rinse and repeat.
  • mosey to the Farm Lurker
  • Farm to Table – All you got to the top of the Farm then hold table until this six and add a 20 count.
  • Table dip leg raise X 10 IC – Flapjack
  • Run to the Flag for 3 minutes of Mary
    • LBC’s X 30 IC
    • Flutter X 30 IC
    • 6 inches for 30 seconds.

Endex and COT

Burp…excuse me…Pee

Great Burpee workout today with a group of highly motivated, hardworking champions!


  • SSH X 40 IC
  • Squats X 30 IC
  • SSSquats X 20 IC
  • SSJumps X 10 IC

The Thang

  • Mosey to “The Valley” for Burpee Runs
    • Run The Valley (up and down), do 15 Burpees on the other side, Run Back, do 15 more burpees
    • Flapjack X 4 without stopping
    • Total of 8000 ft/2,666 yards/1 mile Run and 120 Burpees
    • Hold Boat until the six (30 secs on 15 rest; flapjack)
  • Mosey to bottom of “The Farm” (lurker) for Partner Carries
    • Partner Carries to the top of The Farm – 828 ft/276yards
    • Plank it out till six;  right/right/left/left/regular
  • Mosey back to bottom of the lurker
    • All out sprint to “The Clock” – 1231 ft/414 yards
  • Mosey to the Flag



Moleskin – Pax worked hard on a perfect 43 degree winter morning. We had some guest in from Raleigh and other parts.  Thanks for working hard Pet Sounds, Tesh, and Cesspool! Come back and join us anytime.  Props to Becky for Coming in 3rd on the Burpee run despite being on IR for 4 months.  He’s going to be faster than us all in another month (coming off ACL Surgery).


GOP off to Peru with some other F3 guys – Prayer for safe and effective mission trip.  Also for Crow’s Nest whose mother is nearing end of life.

It Warms My Heart

It warmed my heart to see Becky back off IR after ACL surgery.  Way to go my brother!  It also warmed my heart that is was 52 degrees this morning!  A nice break from the cold.
30 X SSH
30 X imperial walkers
20 X windmills
30 X squats
The Thang:
Mosey to the track
Set: x 5
Run 2 laps
Straddle the trailer ramp
Lunge until the stairs. Run back around to the track.
20 LBC’s
Plank it out.
Trail run.
A few yoga poses. Back out to the parking lot.
7 minutes of Mary:
Pulse crunches-1 min
Freddie mercury-1 min
Toe taps-1 min
Jackknife crunch-1 min
Reverse crunch-1 min
Left side oblique-1min
Right side oblique-1 min
The Moleskin:
Awesome weather this morning! Great to have new comer to the Valley, Gravedancer. Welcome back Becky! Even after surgery your still faster than most of us!

Better than BBQ – A Sloppy Q

Pax 7 out for a ab ripping sloppy Q.  If I’m honest, I almost spilled the merlot during the Fence Jumping 11’s.  It was extra special the other morning.  Great having Abba out who was FNG The Valley South.  He worked hard despite a 5 month respite after his 5th child.

Warm up (all IC)

  • SSH X 40
  • Squats X 30
  • Squat straddle hops X 20
  • Squat straddle jumps X 10

The Thang

Mosey to the Farm

  •  Farm to table – All out Sprint to the top of the Lurker and than hold table until the 6
    • Table Dip Leg Raises – IC X 10 right side; Flapjack left side


  • Fence jumping 11s with Burpees
    • 10 Fence jumps + 1 Burpee
    • 9 Fence Jumps + 2 Burpees…
    • 1 Fence jump + 10 Burpees

Marathon Mary (X style – all straight Count)

  • In and outs X 25
  • Bicycle X 25
  • Flapjack in Reverse X 25
  • Crunchy frogs X 25
  • Wide leg situps X 25
  • Phifer scissors X 25
  • Hip rock n raise X 25
  • Pulse ups X 25
  • V up roll ups X 25
  • Oblique v ups Right X 25
  • Flapjack left side X 25
  • Mason twist X 40

Lurker climb up the Farm to the Clock and the horses to the Flag



Everyone worked hard.  I think most guys did the entire Fence Jumping 11’s.  I might have lost a few in the Marathon Mary.  Like Abba said, “That’s why I do F3, because I never would have done that on my own!”  ditto. Thanks guys.