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A Caroling We Will Go

Nothing too crazy! 6 Goats showed up with the threat of monsoon-ish rain, that soon dissipated… so off we went. Q thought about heading to Five Knolls, but made audible to go Cary Ridge/Coburn instead.

After quick dynamic stretching, and Tweetsie and Sensei waking up the neighborhood we, proceeded to Coburn to do rolling 30-30-1 intervals. We went down and back on Bevington, then finished back at SCMS.

We celebrated the Holidays with coffee at Panera… and joined by KW.

Please keep FiA Digits (Dianne Wells) family in your prayers. She was killed on Tuesday running at a FiA workout in Lexington.


11 Goats came out with the shared goal of spotting Jim Cantore while shaking out from the BRR.  Half of those goals were achieved!

Simple workout:

  1. Warm-up lap; stretching
  2. Run at your own pace for 20 mins (on track)
  3. More stretching
  4. Coffee at Panera!


Great to see everyone out this morning, especially with the potential for difficult weather over the weekend!  It was great to see everyone and hear some great stories from the BRR!  I encourage everyone to take some time to let your legs and lungs recover, as well as your enjoyment of running!   Let’s use the next few weeks to renew our bodies, minds and spirits to get back into sustainable training that will get us ready for whatever challenge each of us has next!

You guys are awesome!!   See you next Friday!  SF

Thanks to Fleetwood for the prayer to take us out!

Mountain Goats Keep Goating

Ok… not a very creative title… but it is what it is!  16 Goats gathered on wet streets, but clear skies for a 5-5-4-4-3-3-3 set of intervals.  Here’s how it went down:

  1. Warm-up mosey to Gullah Gulch, then back to Strawberry; dynamic stretching
  2. 5:00 min I-Pace (2:30 out, 2:30 back); 4:00 Recovery; rinse and repeat
  3. 4:00 min I-Pace (2:00 out, 2:00 back);  3:00 Recovery; rinse and repeat
  4. That’s all we had time for with a little longer warm-up than normal, but still completed 5-6+ miles depending on pace!


5-5-4-4-3-3-3 is always a favorite.  Just enough hill on Strawberry to remind you of it as you return.  By design, we should all finish back at the start (out and back) in 5 mins or close to that… and we did.  You guys are studs!

Everyone pushed themselves which is great for BRR training… and any other training you can think of!

Great to have Depth Charge join us.  Depth Charge led the intervals, and looking strong for BRR!

Fleetwood was close behind Depth Charge and looking stronger and stronger each week… also getting BRR ready!

Great to have 88 back out!!  Keep coming out, brother!

Sensei… strong as usual… same for Nomad, The Mouth, Daisy, Retread, Lois, Jello, Gullah, Compliance, Drano and Beaver.

Insomniac was a few minutes late, so despite participating in a majority of the workout, he gets only honorable mention… no participation ribbon for partial attendance!

1.  Sign-up for the Crane Relay… you can either do it yourself, or Slim Fast will do it for you!  Everyone who can do Mountain Goat can do the Crane Relay!


Slam Fest H*LL

10 Goats gathered to find out the answer to the Wheel of Fortune Home Edition final puzzle… Vanna would have been proud to reveal that extremely difficult puzzle… which was revealed in the parking lot…

A trip to Slim Fast Hill!!  (duh)

The Thang:

  1. Mosey to Raintree Country; dynamic stretching
  2. Run from bottom of SFH to top, which is the corner of Four Mile Creek and Raintree
  3. Once everyone arrives, mosey back to start and do it again!
  4. We got 4 rounds in, then headed back to launch.
  5. DONE!  Total of 4-5 miles — Excellent job!


SFH intervals aren’t the longest workouts in terms of mileage, but they definitely suck the wind out of your lungs!  It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality… at least that’s what The Mouth has convinced himself of!

Great to have Madison continuing to come out, and always great to have Voodoo join us.  Madison, Sensei and Voodoo were all leading the intervals.

Beaver, The Mouth and Venus were never far behind, and Jello, Drano and Gullah were giving 1,000%!

Always a good time at SFH, and is very good interval training for BRR.

Notably Absent with excuse:  Retread, Benny, Lois

Notably Absent without excuse:  Nomad, Kilowatt, Insomniac, Slice, Fleetwood, Pele, Stay Puff, Tweetsie… hmmmm….


  1. Crane Relay in October… get signed up!


Mountain Goats Tour Five Knolls

21 Goats arrived at South Charlotte Middle School with permission slips signed by their Mommies so they could go on a field trip off-campus.  Humidity was high but bearable… typical June Friday at the Goat!

Plan was simple… head to Rea Road and a tour of Five Knolls… a Devil’s Turn and Fast Twitch staple.

  1. Mosey to corner of Rea and 51.
  2. Leaders went on to Five Knolls, the 6 caught up and all arrived at Five Knolls
  3. Strange Brew led the Goats in some dynamic stretching
  4. Instructions:  Run to the end of Five Knolls, then return
  5. Rinse and Repeat until time, which is to regroup at Rea and 51 at 0600.
  6. Return to Launch choosing a) return straight down 51 or b) take scenic route through Cary Ridge, Coburn and Strawberry.
  7. DONE!

Excellent job!  Mileage 5-6.3 miles depending on pace and return choice!  That’s a good run!


One thing that drew me to run Five Knolls was that many Goats have never run that street.  Going out it has a great hill that is nothing short of Rashambo!  Coming back, you get a nice .75 mile grinder uphill.  And since the route is new for several, it meant you had to get past the mental to tackle the physical… aka BRR!

It was absolutely AWESOME to have Beaver, Stay Puff and Slice join us!  Beaver is returning from a broken leg/hip… STRONG!!  Stay Puff and Slice have been doing other things… but great to have both of you out!  I know all three will look to be regulars again!

Welcome to Dumpster Fire… he’s joined us a few times over Spring, but great to see you!

Great to have Madison and Gypsy join us!  I know you guys are putting in some serious miles, including Thursday F3 Sparta.  Please join us anytime you can!

The Mouth has made it 2 weeks in a row… BRR must be getting close!

Everyone put in some good miles this morning!  Insomniac gets the “Going The Extra Mile” award… because he did… and he was definitely bait and switched!  He’ll get over it!


  1. Great to see Dumpster Fire!  Thankful for his safe travels to Michigan, and continued prayers for his family.
  2. 4th of July 4-miler on Wednesday in Dilworth; Speed for Need

Thanks to Lois for taking us out in prayer.

Rising Meadow Intervals

20 Goats gathered for a cooler, but still humid June morning for a crowd favorite… :30-:30-1:00 intervals… on Rising Meadows.  Here was the program:

  1. Mosey to Rounding Run; Dynamic stretching
  2. Mosey to Rising Meadow
  3. I-Pace up Rising Meadow for :30, recover to start x2
  4. I-Pace up Rising Meadow for 1:00, recover to start
  5. Complete 5 rounds
  6. Mosey back to launch; stretching led by Nomad
  7. DONE!

Excellent job!  Only 4 miles, but a hard 4 miles!  Lots of deep breathing!!


Welcome back to a few Kotters back:  High Tide, The Mouth, Goonie, Beefeater… great to have you join us!  This is a good workout obviously to get ready for BRR… join us when you can!

Thanks to Strange Brew for carrying the water over to Rising Meadow…

Happy Birthday to Compliance!

Thanks to everyone who commits your Friday to make Mountain Goat AWESOME!  You guys keep getting stronger, and it shows!!

YHC is trying to get better with timely Back Blasts… not doing so great!  Thanks for the patience!

Notable absent: Kilowatt (yes, meant to shame you)


  1. 4th of July Speed for Need 4-miler

Back to the Hills

At F3 Mountain Goat, one thing we like to do is keep the muscles, lungs and hearts confused.  After 2 weeks on the track, it was time for a trip back to the hills… the Hills of Raintree, that is!

Easy enough plan:

  1. Mosey to bottom of Raintree Ln/Raintree CC gravel parking lot
  2. Dynamic stretching
  3. I-pace to the top of Raintree/4-Mile Creek intersection x 3 with mosey back to the start.
  4. 4th time was 2:00 minutes, then return to SCMS parking lot.

DONE!  Everyone got between 4.5-5 miles total!  Excellent job!


A trip to “Slim Fast Hill” is always a good time.  I promise you, adding that workout 1-2 times/month will guarantee us to be ready for BRR!  You cannot get to the top without being completely winded!  And that is GOOD!

Fleetwood led the way, with Sensei, Nomad, Strange Brew, Retread, Insomniac, Drano and Jello giving chase.

T-claps to Gullah, Kilowatt, Damn Gina and Pele for giving 100% every interval!  You guys keep getting stronger!

Lois… tremendous improvement every week!  The training is really paying off!

Final recognition to Spidey (Ayden Pauls)… Way to give it all you had!  We’ll look forward to having both you and your Dad back anytime to join us!

Special thanks this weekend to those who have protected our freedoms!  Jello, Nomad and Strange Brew…. thanks for your service!!


  1. Area 51 Convergence – Saturday 0700 at Calvary.
  2. F3 Convergence – Monday Memorial Day 0700 at Symphony Park, followed by PatriotFest 5k run.
  3. Let Retread or Kilowatt know if you’re interested in BRR… and aren’t already on a team!

Sinco de Minuto!

17 Goats gathered in the darkness of a breezy but pleasant Spring morning to enjoy a crowd favorite at Mountain Goat… 5-5-4-4-3.  The workout went something like this:

  1. Warm-up; dynamic stretching
  2. Run 5:00 at I-pace; 4:00 recovery x2
  3. Run 4:00 at I-pace; 3:00 recovery x2
  4. Run 3:00 at I-pace; 2:00 recovery
  5. Cool Down; Done

Excellent job!!  5-6 miles depending on pace!


Great to have several return Goats from past workouts!  Mad, Hairball, Damn Gina, Blades of Glory… great to have all of you back out!  And of course, we want you to come back!!  Please do!  Damn Gina had to leave early due to a blister… get healed and back out there!

Then there’s Wally… who’s been running with us on Saturday mornings at Java, but made his Freshman appearance at MG.  Always great to run with you!  You know you’re welcome anytime… plus there’s no better place to get BRR-ready!

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!


  1. Let Kilowatt or Retread know if you’re interested in running BRR  I think Mad is mulling the opportunity!!

Back on the Street

Great job this morning guys!  We tackled some shorter intervals with a nice, hilly 800m in the middle just for fun!  Here’s how the workout went:

  1. Warm-up mosey around Rounding Run loop
  2. Dynamic stretching on Strawberry
  3. 200m R-pace x4
  4. 800m R-pace on Woodfox to Gullah Gulch, then back to Strawberry (a few tasty hills)
  5. 200m R-pace x3
  6. Cool Down; Done!

We stayed together this morning, so everyone got close to 5 miles total!  Excellent job!


It’s good to change these paces up and do some more sprinting.  It is good to add these type of intervals occasionally (which is secret code for… we’ll do these again!!!).

T-Claps to Pele… never gave up, never quit!!  Strong!!

I would say it’s been a while since I’ve seen guys bent over with hands on knees gasping for air!!!  Good times… good times!!

RESPECT to Gullah!!  Congrats on a great finish at the Richard Sheltra 5K!!



Timed Mile at the Goat

Huge apologies to the 13 Goats that showed up at SCMS on March 16 more nervous than the first day of High School, ready to put a measure to the hard work they’ve each put in over the past year.  I have started this backblast 3 times, and have failed to finish it 3 times… 4th is the charm!

So I can finish, I’m just getting to the point… Here are the times:

Cheese Curd  – 6:32
Sensei – 6:40
Tweetsie – 7:06 (PB)
Retread – 7:23
Nomad – 7:16
Insomniac – 7:36 (PB)
Costanza – 8:01 (PB 1st running)
Lois – 8:02  (PB)
Jello – 8:14 (PB 1st running)
Kilowatt – 9:22 (PB)
Gullah – 10:06

The Mouth supported us via clock mgmt and entertainment!  He will run the next one!


You guys are awesome!  Everyone did great!

T-claps to everyone who recorded PB’s… Tweetsie improved his mile by :46, and Lois improved by :35!  Kilowatt improved by :17, and Insomniac improved by :12!

Excellent job, boys!

Those who didn’t get PB’s were close to previous times, so nothing to be disappointed about… you ran a timed mile!!

Great job!!  We will plan to run another one in June.