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Sinco de Minuto!

17 Goats gathered in the darkness of a breezy but pleasant Spring morning to enjoy a crowd favorite at Mountain Goat… 5-5-4-4-3.  The workout went something like this:

  1. Warm-up; dynamic stretching
  2. Run 5:00 at I-pace; 4:00 recovery x2
  3. Run 4:00 at I-pace; 3:00 recovery x2
  4. Run 3:00 at I-pace; 2:00 recovery
  5. Cool Down; Done

Excellent job!!  5-6 miles depending on pace!


Great to have several return Goats from past workouts!  Mad, Hairball, Damn Gina, Blades of Glory… great to have all of you back out!  And of course, we want you to come back!!  Please do!  Damn Gina had to leave early due to a blister… get healed and back out there!

Then there’s Wally… who’s been running with us on Saturday mornings at Java, but made his Freshman appearance at MG.  Always great to run with you!  You know you’re welcome anytime… plus there’s no better place to get BRR-ready!

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!


  1. Let Kilowatt or Retread know if you’re interested in running BRR  I think Mad is mulling the opportunity!!

Back on the Street

Great job this morning guys!  We tackled some shorter intervals with a nice, hilly 800m in the middle just for fun!  Here’s how the workout went:

  1. Warm-up mosey around Rounding Run loop
  2. Dynamic stretching on Strawberry
  3. 200m R-pace x4
  4. 800m R-pace on Woodfox to Gullah Gulch, then back to Strawberry (a few tasty hills)
  5. 200m R-pace x3
  6. Cool Down; Done!

We stayed together this morning, so everyone got close to 5 miles total!  Excellent job!


It’s good to change these paces up and do some more sprinting.  It is good to add these type of intervals occasionally (which is secret code for… we’ll do these again!!!).

T-Claps to Pele… never gave up, never quit!!  Strong!!

I would say it’s been a while since I’ve seen guys bent over with hands on knees gasping for air!!!  Good times… good times!!

RESPECT to Gullah!!  Congrats on a great finish at the Richard Sheltra 5K!!



Timed Mile at the Goat

Huge apologies to the 13 Goats that showed up at SCMS on March 16 more nervous than the first day of High School, ready to put a measure to the hard work they’ve each put in over the past year.  I have started this backblast 3 times, and have failed to finish it 3 times… 4th is the charm!

So I can finish, I’m just getting to the point… Here are the times:

Cheese Curd  – 6:32
Sensei – 6:40
Tweetsie – 7:06 (PB)
Retread – 7:23
Nomad – 7:16
Insomniac – 7:36 (PB)
Costanza – 8:01 (PB 1st running)
Lois – 8:02  (PB)
Jello – 8:14 (PB 1st running)
Kilowatt – 9:22 (PB)
Gullah – 10:06

The Mouth supported us via clock mgmt and entertainment!  He will run the next one!


You guys are awesome!  Everyone did great!

T-claps to everyone who recorded PB’s… Tweetsie improved his mile by :46, and Lois improved by :35!  Kilowatt improved by :17, and Insomniac improved by :12!

Excellent job, boys!

Those who didn’t get PB’s were close to previous times, so nothing to be disappointed about… you ran a timed mile!!

Great job!!  We will plan to run another one in June.

No Mile Means Mo’ Miles

17 Goats arrived at South Charlotte Middle School amidst the cooling temps… some ready to run the Timed Mile… some already aware that we postponed the event due to standing water on the track.

Regardless of pre-knowledge, it was soon understood that we would indeed postpone the Timed Mile until 3/16, and that for today, we would be doing the following:

  1. Warm-up to Rounding Run and back
  2. Dynamic stretching on Strawberry
  3. 8 x 200m (200m recovery) uphill
  4. 400m mid-recovery
  5. 4-5 x 200m (200m recovery) downhill… shortened due to time
  6. Return to launch; stretching; DONE!!

Excellent job as always!  4.75-5.5 miles depending on pace!


Great to have some new faces out to Mountain Goat… including FNG Eric Wisotsky (“88”).  88 came as guest of Drano.  He has recently changed his life completely by losing a lot of weight, eating better, and getting back into exercise…. AWESOME!!  You did great out there!  I hope you will find a way to make F3 a part of your new lifestyle change!  Welcome 88!

Also a new/old face to Mtn Goat is Madison…. at least I can’t remember you coming out.  As expected, Madison was leading the pack the entire morning.  Madison is training for P200, as are Tutti and Goonie.  With 3-weeks to go, I hope you enjoyed the mileage along with the intervals.  This is a great way to get those “hard” running miles… they add up before you know it!

Fleetwood was in the lead pack with Goonie and Madison.  Fleetwood is bringing some serious game!  He must have been trying to burn off all that Chicago has to offer!!

Honored to have Fireman Ed join us.  He couldn’t stand not doing dome body exercises, so he added some squats on his own.  Either that, or he thought it was Tuesday and he stumbled to Fast Twitch!  Regardless… always great to have you in the PAX!

An old face, but a non-regular showed up… and I’m not talking about The Mouth…. I AM talking about Horsehead!  I can’t figure out if he was late to another workout and just figured he could be on time to Mtn Goat… so he stopped!  Regardless, it was great having you there.  Strong as usual… plus sporting a fashionable green blinky light that goes well with pumps and a leather man bag.

Sensei, Nomad, Insomniac, Retread, Lois, Gullah, Drano, Kilowatt… I never can say enough about you guys!  You guys make the site work!

The Mouth… glad you found us as we finished warm-up.  Always great to have you!


  1. RunJenRun 5k this weekend.
  2. Fleetwood and others running in Corp Half next week….

Madison took us out in prayer.

Spring is in the Air!

13 Goats gathered for another fun and challenging installment of #F3MountainGoat.  You know Spring is in the air when YHC is in shorts!  Having disclaimed, we headed to the track for the following:

  1. 1-mile warm-up; dynamic stretching
  2. Ladder OYO at I-pace
    1. 200m – 200m recovery
    2. 400m – 400m recovery
    3. 600m – 400m recovery
    4. 800m – 400m recovery
    5. 600m – 400m recovery
    6. 400m – 400m recovery
    7. 200m – 200m recovery
  3. Cool Down
  4. DONE!  5-6 miles depending on pace


We’ll start with HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr. Insomniac… 46 years young… and nowhere near respectable!!  In all seriousness, thanks for celebrating your b-day with us Goats!  We’re honored!!  And great job!  Just consider where you were at 5 years-ago!  Getting better with age!

Great to have Meatloaf and Picasso join us.  Both have been to Goat before… always great to have you guys.  They are training for the upcoming Palmetto with Tutti.  Mountain Goat is a great part of your weekly training regimen!  Come back anytime!

Benny led the way most of the morning, with Sensei and Chico not far behind.  Strong from the 3 of you!

Nomad, Tweetsie and Lois were solid as usual.  T-claps to Drano for making it out!  Always great to have you running with us!

Triple T-Claps to Gullah!  Bro, you keep getting faster and stronger!

You boys are awesome!  Such an honor to spend my Friday mornings with you guys!  Thanks for the efforts!

We are targeting Friday March 2 for a timed mile…. put it on your calendar!  Everyone participates!!


  1. Bro-lympics 2/24
  2. Runjenrun sign-ups with Speed for Need

Birthday Boy took us out in prayer.

In The Garden of Good and Evil… by I Ron Butterfly

10 Pax arrived at Matthews Elementary to enjoy a Slim Fast edition of #F3Peak51.  With a preview of a visit to The Garden of Good and Evil, I’m sure the numbers were down slightly due to the sheer fear such an expectation invokes… ok… not really… but it sounds ominous, at least!

Having disclaimed, off we went for the following:

  1. Warm-up mosey into the FBC parking lot.  Circle up for COP
  2. Merkins x 10
  3. Low Slow Squats x 15
  4. Imperial Walker x 20
  5. SSH x 25
  6. Merkins x 10
  7. Mountain Climbers x 15; Plank
  8. Mosey towards Greenway… stop at Greenway for plank to collect 6; Mosey on to The Garden
  9. At the Garden, pair up on a rock
    1. Partner 1 does step ups; Partner 2 runs to benches and does 10 dips; run back; flapjack
    2. P1 does incline push-ups; P2 runs, 10 dips; run back; flapjack
    3. P1 does step-up with squat; P2 runs, 10 dips; run back; flapjack
    4. P1 does dips; P2 runs, 10 dips; run back; flapjack
  10. Decline Merkins x 10
  11. Mosey to utility storage shed; Groups of 3:
    1. P1 and P2 at opposite ends doing LBC’s; P3 lunge walks from P1 to P2; P2 then lunge walks back to P1, and P3 does LBC; P1 lunges when P2 arrives… we got in 2 rounds of lunge walks.
    2. Mosey back towards base; Plank at Greenway until 6 arrives
    3. Mosey to wall for Peoples Chair x2 for 1:30 each
    4. Mosey to parking lot for merkins x 10 and flutters x 15

DONE!   Excellent job!


Always an honor to lead the men of Peak 51.

Great to have Woody join us!  Welcome back, Kotter!

The Mouth has made 2-weeks in a row, but was refused regular status until 3 weeks in a row.  Pressure is on for next week!

Bullwinkle returned for his first post since Burpback Mountain was introduced 3-4 weeks ago… Many of us are still scarred by that!

T-claps to Nomad, Tweetsie and Sensei for the pre-run.


  1. Bro-lympics – See F3 website
  2. RunJenRun – see Speed For Need if interested in pushing

Lumberjack took us out in prayer.

Goodbye Winter… Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya

In what YHC forecasts will be the last cold day of the season… 13 goats gathered at South Charlotte Middle School for a simple yet effective installation of Mountain Goat:

  1. Warm-up to Gullah Gulch; dynamic stretching on Strawberry
  2. 4:00 I-Pace/3:00 Recovery
  3. 3:00 I-Pace/2:00 Recovery
  4. Rinse and Repeat until time;  We got 3 rounds in… 5-7 miles depending on pace.



“Purell doesn’t run… he glides”, was uttered several times during the workout.  Since we are running in a straight line out and back for each interval, we just need enough “runway” to run 2:00, turn around… or 1:30 minutes and turnaround.  Most mortal men cannot run all the way to the end of Strawberry from our starting point in 2:00… but Purell is no mortal!  Sorry you had to go onto the gravel a couple of times… and I thought you were going to be in the middle of 51 when we reversed directions… Note to self… back-up one more speed hump!

I would like to say Benny and Sensei were always close behind… they were always next behind Purell… but never close!  Still a great effort!!

Great to have Tutti out… always welcome to join us!!

Chico and Ickey Shuffle are starting to become regulars!  Great to have both of you as you train for some upcoming races!

Tweetsie, Nomad, Insomniac, Lois, Retread and Gullah… you guys always give 100%!  Thanks for making Mountain Goat work!

No Announcements…

Lois took us out in prayer.

Ground Control to Major Tom

13 Goats ignored the threat of rain to endure another installment of F3 Mountain Goat with one shared goal in mind… get stronger!  The workout was simple:

  1. Warm-up to Gullah Gulch and back; dynamic stretching on Strawberry
  2. 400m at I+pace, then recover back 400m… rinse and repeat
  3. Cool-down; stretching… DONE!

As always, an excellent job by everyone!  We completed between 4.5-5.5 miles depending on your pace.


I hope everyone knows how much of an encouragement you are to me every week.  You guys come out and give it 100%, even when you might not really want to, or when weather/temps are not ideal.  It’s an honor to spend Friday mornings with you fellas!

Great to have Icicle back out for the first time after some injury recovery!  Excellent job out there… take it slowly… we want you out there for the long haul!

Also great to have Ickey Shuffle join us.  He has been out before, but it’s been a while.  Always great to have you there… I know Ickey is training for the Smoky Mountain Relay… if you’re interested, talk to him… I think they have some spots!

Purell ran effortlessly as usual, and Joker was close behind.  Strong, boys!

T-Claps to Fleetwood and Benny… you guys were not far behind Purell and Joker.

Sensei is quickly getting his legs back after a few weeks of eating pizza and watching chick flicks.   Tweetsie, Nomad and Insomniac were hanging strong with Sensei and YHC… Great job, boys!

Continual T-Claps to Gullah and Lois… you guys always give it 100%… STRONG!!

This week, Joker, aka Jack Reacher, aka Major Tom, was inspired by YHC’s running pants.  I’m sure part of it is respect, part of it is genuine concern, and part of it is wishing he had his own …  Whatever the  motivation… while I’m flattered, I must insist on “eyes up here”… these honey buns are for M. Slim Fast.  Anyone interested in metro-running fashions, especially cold-weather, can see me after Mountain Goat for tips.

No announcements… Lois took us out in prayer.

You guys are awesome!  See you next week.

Joe Davis Ready… Could It Be Colder???

9 Goats for an UNBELIEVABLY cold F3 Mountain Goat… and the first of 2018!  Despite the frozen tundra conditions, it was the best choice made in 2018 by all the PAX in attendance!  Plus, Q promised the workout would be Joe Davis friendly!

We kept the workout simple… and tried to keep moving!

  1.  Warm-up around Rounding Run, then back to Strawberry Lane for some dynamic stretching
  2. 2 rounds of 30-30-1 back towards SCMS; 1 round towards Rosecliff
  3. After 45-minutes, the Q made a call to end our exposure to 10* temperatures.
  4. Finish with some stretching at the concession stand/facilities

DONE!  4.5 miles for a shortened Mountain Goat!  Excellent job!


VERY COLD!  Saying the workout would be Joe Davis friendly mainly means you will know how freaking cold it is going to be on Saturday at the Joe Davis Run!!  You’re welcome!

Great showing for the first Goat of 2018.  I had hoped we could have as many Goats as degrees… which were 10… we had 9… close!!

Best of luck to everyone running in the JDR tomorrow!

Awesome to have Chico join us!  Hopefully you will make this a regular part of your Fridays!

Also great to have Joker join us for the first workout of 2018… perfect attendance for this year!

Enron showing for 2nd week in a row… that is regular status!

Kilowatt was almost as bundled as Q… a lineman is always prepared!!

Tweetsie, Insomniac, Retread… always SOLID!!

Purell… sick fast as always… and Joker never far behind!


Should Old Goats Be Forgot??

7 Goats gathered for the final Mountain Goat workout for 2017.  Should Old Goats be forgot??  NEVER!!  Enough nostalgia!  Here’s what we did:

  1. Warm-up to Woodfox and back to track
  2. Dynamic stretching
  3. 4 x 200m at I-Pace with 200m recovery after each interval
  4. After 4th interval, recovery to Woodfox and Strawberry, then I-Pace down Woodfox and back (approx. 800m)
  5. Do as many as you can until time.  Leaders got in 2.5 rounds.
  6. DONE!  5.5 – 6.5 Miles depending on pace


Excellent job, boys!  This is a great workout… you get some speed on the track, then you get to enjoy the short but noticeable testers at either end of Woodfox… good times… good times!!

Purell had no issues gliding up and down Woodfox!  Same for Enron!  Great to have you join us!

Also great to have Lorenzo join us!  Always welcome!

Drano, Insomniac and Retread… SOLID!

Everyone have a great and safe New Year!!