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Steeler Hangover in the DMZ

With the real live DMZ shovel flag likely tucked snugly in the fartsack next to the DMZ site Q, seven of Area 51 and Metro’s finest assembled around the virtual shovel flag for this week’s installment of the best Monday morning workout straddling the border between Metro and A51.  After no FNGs were identified and the disclaimer was given, we were off.

The Thang

– Mosey up Carmel to Town & Country and assemble at the intersection with La Gorce for brief COP in whisper cadence:

SSH x15

Merkins x10

LBCs x10

Imperial Walker x10

– Mosey down to the bottom of the long T&C hill for 8s on the hill with, in a moment of perhaps unmatched Q creativity, megaburpees at the top and megaburpees at the bottom

It quickly became apparent to YHC at least that this was a terrible idea.  YHC should have known better as the idea for megaburpees at the top and bottom of a hill came from Cannoli, who, let’s be honest, is full of bad ideas.  YHC thought modifying to 8s from Cannoli’s 11s would make it less sucktastic, but the longer hill simply erased any upside from the fewer number of reps

– Most of the Pax completed the full set of 8s, then the Pax assembled at the bottom of the hill where Rachel was patiently waiting for us for a bit of Mary

Dolly x10

Freddie Mercury x10

Rosalita x10

Low, fast flutter x10

Russian twist x10

– Combo bear crawl / carb walk up T&C to Granada

– Backwards run up to La Gorce with audible to standard mosey to avoid getting pancaked by an oncoming car and/or falling into the delightful ditch on one side of the road

– Various planks, then AYG back to the lot

– Just a minute or so left, so why not do 10x Makhtar Ndiaye IC for a finisher


Naked Man Moleskine

– Another great idea on paper that proved to be much, much worse in person.  Thankfully, it wasn’t nearly as dark on Town & Country as has been the case in the past

– With only 7 Pax in attendance and a ~0.2 mile hill (each way), mumble chatter seemed to be fairly limited

– Rachel set the pace throughout.  Thankfully for the rest of us, the 8s weren’t quite long enough for him to lap anyone

– Missed having One Eye out there, but understand that he was probably still deep asleep in the fartsack dreaming about his Stillers’ victory over the Chiefs.  Had he posted, at least Rachel may have had some company

– Lots of regular Pax missing, which YHC can only assume was due to the MLK holiday and not a statement about the quality of YHC’s Qs

Thanks to One Eye for the keys and to the Pax for putting up with YHC’s lack of creativity.

God bless,


Back to Basics – No Frills or Hills in the DMZ

Bushwood planted a real live shovel flag, YHC gave the disclaimer, and 21 pax started their Monday off right.

The Thang

Fast mosey up Carmel to Carmel Presbyterian Church.  Nice and flat


  • SSH x20
  • IW x10
  • Merkins x12 hold for
  • Peter Parker x10 hold for
  • Parker Peter x10
  • Flutter x15

Short mosey to the crosswalk for 4 roundtrips on the horseshoe-shaped driveway (~1/3 mile there and back).  The idea was to balance some cardio with some much-needed attention (for YHC, at least) to the #soccerarm epidemic that seemed to take a grip across F3 Nation in the lead up to the BRR.

  • Round 1: 20 hand-release merkins oyo at the speed bump on the far side, 20 merkins oyo at the crosswalk on the near side, various planks, Rosalita x15 IC
  • Round 2: 20 diamond merkins oyo at the speed bump on the far side, 20 merkins oyo at the crosswalk on the near side, various planks, Dolly x15 IC
  • Round 3: 20 wide arm merkins oyo at the speed bump on the far side, 20 merkins oyo at the crosswalk on the near side, various planks, Freddie Mercury x15 IC
  • Round 4: 20 Carolina dry docks oyo at the speed bump on the far side, 20 merkins oyo at the crosswalk on the near side, various planks, LBCs x15 IC

Crab walk over to the ramp, then bear crawl to the top

Grab some bench for dips x15 IC, then x10, then x5

Fast mosey back to Carmel Road Park, with a stop at Town & Country for 10x merkins IC

Mosey back to the start, or AYG if you’re hard of hearing like Orlando

Circle up for ~4 minutes of Mary

  • High-slow flutter x10 (not a time waster if you do them right, Film Fest)
  • Heels to Heaven x15
  • Russian Twist x10
  • Oblique Crunch (not the Boone LBC per Kirk) R/L x10
  • Burpees x5 oyo



Great mix of Metro and Area 51 Pax as usual out there morning plus an FNG and a visitor from Atlanta, who was able to experience a totally new side of his childhood church during our time at Carmel Presbyterian

With BRR finally in the rearview mirror, most bootcamp workouts seem to be returning to their roots with a bit more balanced theme and a total body beatdown.  Hopefully today gave the pax a reasonable mix of cardio. upper body, and core.  YHC apologizes for the lack of leg exercises, but marathon training this past weekend made the prospect of squats or lunges particularly unsavory

Several Larry Birds during the loops on the horseshoe.  YHC would like to blame the 24 miles YHC ran this weekend, but some guys are fast (the Larry Birds) and others are not (YHC)

Tons of mumblechatter this morning, with Agony and Film Fest both in mid-week form

Welcome to FNG Chalet (Hendersonville native->house described as a mountain retreat->Chalet), whom Gangsta Mouse EH’d as soon as Chalet moved into Governor’s Square.  With Chalet already running to Carmel Road Park for his FNG experience, YHC thinks Bushwood and YHC should probably go ahead and carve out a spot for him on the DMZ and Governator Q schedules, respectively, in the near future


Sign up now if you want to participate in the Fall USMC Mud Run on October 24 or the EO Thirst event at the USNWC on October 4.  Details are here for the former ( and here for the latter (

F3 Atlanta continues to grow, but could use help from Charlotte Pax.  If you know anyone in Atlanta or the surrounding area or will be in Atlanta yourself, post at one of the 4 Atlanta AOs.  Give to others the gift that was so freely given to you.

Thanks to Bushwood for the opportunity to lead.

God bless,