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The angry gopher

22 men battled the man in the mirror and left victorious.


Quick lap around cars to pick up some stragglers
Circle up
SSH x 20 IC
IW x 20 IC
Merkins x 15 IC

Mosey down to track

The Thang:

Partner up for catch me if you can with 5 jumps squats until each partner is tagged 3 times.


P1 runs down to baseball field and does…
20 derkins
20 dips
20 pullups

P2 runs one lap around track

When you meet to flapjack, 20 hand slap merkins
Complete as many rounds as you can.

Wall sits w/ 50 arm raises

LBC x 25 IC
10 burpees OYO
H2H x 15 IC



The Gopher brought all the PAX could handle this morning. It’s always a tough workout and one that embodies the You vs. You mentality. The PAX were up to the challenge and should have brought home some particularly smoked shoulders.

Too many #LarryBirds out there to name today. YHC was constantly behind Joker, so I know he killed it. Sounds off with others who deserve #t-claps.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.


F3 Dads – Saturdays 9:00 this summer
Endurance – new moderate running workout on Fridays

A mixture of things

Spackler, Purple Haze, Chelms (WD), Hammer, Buttermaker, Hairball, Prohibition, Sanka, Hopper, Good Hands, Soul Glow, Turkey Leg, Header, Baracus, Hannibal, Garbanzo

17 Pax enjoyed a medley of routines by YHC

The thing

Mosey to Davie park back lot
20 IH – CAD

Partner work
Round 1
1 partner runs suicides up three lamps while partner two does merkins and two laps around parking lot
Flap Jack
Round 2
1 partner runs suicides up three lamps while partner two does squats and two laps around parking lot
Round 3
1 partner runs suicides up three lamps while partner two does CDD and one lap around parking lot

Run back to AO
One lap around the track
Field Work
Gassers X 4
Burpees and sprint back
11’s – Ladder on the field.

Mary – LBC’s X 30 CAd
Gassers on the parking lot X 4
Wall sits
50 Shoulder presses
30 Second hold arms outstretched



YHC was a little nervous because I am the 6 at Fast Twitch so thankful for the opportunity to lead but wanted to make sure that all skill levels got a good workout. While jogging to Davie, Prohibition called the Q out for a remake of last week’s death valley. Also the Run for Your Life Ladies were walking over there and cheered us on. Pretty sure I saw a few guys suck in their guts and run faster during that time.
Anyways there was a ton of chatter and angry pax while running. They must all be grumpy from the lack of food I guess. First part of the workout was good any we got in some good time. The mutiny almost happened from all people but Spackler who’s COP is the quickest in all the land. I did some Imperial walkers to make him be quiet. 3 rounds of the suicide and I was about to pass out so we ran back to the AO.
The field work was exciting and I must admit Haze gave me the thought. They sucked but I feel much better about them after the fact. Chelms and Spacker were wanting me to call for some wall sits but apparently both their watches are about 5 min fast #sandbagging. We did a few more gassers which were a crowd pleaser. Had to wait for some RFYL people to leave which took forever.
Finish up on the wall


Catch me if you……er……sorry about that.

Purple Haze, Splinter, Garbanzo, Elmer Fudd, Frasier, Spackler, Teddy.

8 pax started out

The Thang.

Mosey around the track.

15 Merkin – CAD
25 Imperial Walkers – CAD

Partner work 1
Jump over and crawl under – 30 total
Partner Derkins – 30 total
Mosey to front parking lot
30 jump ups, 20 dips, 15 derkins and run around parking lot X 2
Wall Sits – Arm raises to 100.
Wall Sits – Arm hold for “spackler” 50
Rock work
30 Cad – Curl
30 Cad – tricep extension
30 cad – Chest press

Splinter q
Grab rocks partner up.

Partner 1 runs 50 meters and back. Partner does called exercise.
1. Squats
2.Bear crawls with holding rock over head (zamperini) new lexicon 3. Full sit ups while partner runs with rock

Mosey to loop. Catch me if you can. 10 merkins rinse and repeat lap 2 5 burgers

Flutter x 20
Dolly x 20
Freddy Mercury x 20
Heels to heaven x 20
Parker Peter x 20

nice morning out there for a little running and partner work. YHC was immediately called out by Haze for only 15 Merkins in CAD. I tried to get more but my arms aren’t as massive as yours #lazy. First part of the workout went well and nothing of significant note……then the Catch me if you can began as any normal workout. Spackler was running as fast as he could because he teamed up with Fraser. There was a bit of a tumble. Fortunately Fraser was okay. However it might be time for some new running shoes #justsayin. Garbanzo’s brother from DC came down and told us that he had just had shoulder surgery so of course we did a boat load of shoulder work.

Glad to lead today.

Check the website for announcements.

Smoked “Q”

Spackler, Freedom, Uncle Leo, Callaway, Joker, Header, Back Office, Floorslapper, The Mouth, Gummy, Susudio, Skywalker, Lazy Boy, Busch, Franks, Madison, Pudding Pop, Uncle Si, Huggy Bear, Marge, Good Hands, Prohibition, Strange Brew,


25 SSH – Cad – Rapid

20 MC – Cad – Not so rapid

20 IW – Cad

20 Merkins OYO

The thizang

Mosey from AO to Davie park – Run to the back parking lot

Partner work – First partner jogs up to the 6th light and back while the other partner does Merkins – 150 flap jack and make sure both partners do 2 laps

Round 2 – One partner runs and other partner squats flap jack.  Make sure both do two laps

Mosey to the playground.

30 dips

20 pull ups

15 derkins

Mosey back to AO via Indian Run. Two groups because of the size

Mary – stuff



Okay.  So YHC was a little tired at the onset of this and wasn’t operating at full capacity.  Don’t worry the pax were angry and held nothing back.  #humbling.  The Mouth kept up appearances with his name by questioning me right at the beginning.  Gummy also got a little uppity on the run and with his injury.  In full disclosure I did tweet the night before on THE TWITTER about the fact that we would be running.

Jogged to David park was a pretty strong clip.  Pax got a little separated but we circled up with a little plankorama.

We ended up covering about 3 miles during the 45 min so that was a good part.  We all needed to lay some miles down so that was good.

The indian run back was a little tiring for YHC.  When I mentioned to Busch that I was going to “get the 6” that opened up a ton of talking from many people  Busch Spackler and several others enjoyed that.


13 pax set out for some good old fashioned fun

Sussuidio, Hairball, Turkey Leg, Good Hands, Geraldo, Escargot, Sanka, Stone Cold, Buttermaker, Pudding pop, Tiger Rag, Header, Semigloss

The thang



20X Mountain Climbers CAD


Partner Hairburners and Cinderblock work.

Round 1

Partner 1 – Hairburner to 2nd basketball goal post

Partner 2 – Curls

Round 2

Partner 1 – Hairburners to 1st goal post

Partner 2 – Press

Round 3

Partner 1 – Hairburners to 1st goal post

Partner 2 – Tri’s

Mosey to baseball fields.

Partner 1 – Jog to the top and back

Partner 2 – Curls

Flap Jack

Partner 1 – 30 suppine pull ups 20 dips 10 Squats

Partner 2 – Jog up to the top.

Flap jack

Partner 1 – 150 Tricep extensions

Partner 2 – Jog up to the top

Flap Jack

Partner 1 150 Merkins

Partner 2 jog up to the top.

Flap jack


Jog back to Launch

People’s chair – AKA semi-gloss

150 Arm Raises



20 Freddy Mercury’s

25 Flutter – CAD

20 J’Lo’s



Well the thought that I had in my head vs. how it actually came out are two separate events.  Normally I don’t have a weinke and everything goes well.  Guess this shows that being unprepared is better.  We started promptly at 5:31, Hairball was already questioning the q’s commitment to the pax.  After a brief COP where the jokes were rampant about the q, we stated the thing.  In my head I really thought that the Hairburner partner work should be okay.  Only thing I didn’t think about is how to get them back.  After realizing it and several confused looks from the pax we were able to fix and get back on track.  The second part down at the baseball fields was going well until some backlash came on the 150 call on the tri extensions.  Several members were not pleased with it and there was several instances of audible being called.  After the cinderblocks were put away we started the peoples, everything was going great until we got to about 65 and there was a ton of complaining.  Once we rounded the 130 mark again more disgruntled pax.  We closed in Mary and in true Hairball form there was a call for JLo.  You do NOT want to be known as the guy that does the J Lo workout.  Strong work out there today by everyone.  Everyone except the usual suspects were quiet.  The cold is starting to wear on everyone.

Ice Man Cometh

The Ice Man Cometh

10 PAX did some running and merkins

Spackler, Susudio, Header (Pre-KB), Bulldog, Hairball, Uncle Si, Freedom (Pre-KB), Pudding Pop, Stage Coach, Semigloss

The thang



20X Mountain Climbers

Jog to Davie Park

Partner work

Round 1

Partner 1 – Run

Partner 2 – 40 Dip

Round 2

Partner 1 run

Partner 2 30 Pull Ups

Round 3

Partner 1 run

Partner 2 20 Derkins

Partner work – Merkins. 1 partner runs while the other does Merkins – Team total of 250 merkins

Triple nickel – Light pole to light pole.  CCDD and LBC’s

Jog back to Launch

20 Russian Twist

20 Freddy Mercury’s

20 Dolly’s



The day started with a viewing of various parts of the AO to see what would be feasible under harsh “wintry conditions”.  The decision was made for us to head to Davie park mainly because every other area was completely iced over.  Got a last minute text from Spackler that thought differently of places to post because the side walk had too much ice.  Nonsense.  We can handle this.  After a brief COP where Bulldog and Spackler made a spectacle of my wardrobe choices we were off.  Not gonna lie that run over to Davie was a little dodgy at times.  The ice was…..well…  The partner work was apparently not enough of a workout for some so I decided to add some merkins to mix for good measure.  It was great seeing Bulldog out there again.  Great catching up.  Once we got back at the launch Hairball mentioned that this is the second fast twitch type workout for Death Valley, he attempted to rename the site Death Twitch.   Great work out there by all.  Everyone had pent up energy from staying in yesterday and eating too many brownies.

Superbowl-spill the merlot

Hopper, Baracus, Flute Flakes, Bout Time, One Eye, Steinbrenner, Bugeater, Semi-Gloss.

8 men got after it

The thang

Mosey from Launch site to Carmel school




15X Merkins on oyo

Partner work

Round 1

Partner 1 – Run

Partner 2 – Hold Bolder above head

Flap jack

Round 2

Partner 1 run to end of the bb courts

Partner 2 200 curls (together)

Round 3

Partner 1 run to the end of the bb courts

Partner 2 150 presses (together)

Partner work complete

Wall Site

50 arm raises

50 countdown – hold arms out entire time

Triple nickel front pkg lot CCDD

Indian run back to launch

Mosey to shelter

20X Dips CAD

20X Dollies CAD





Well – it was wet today boys.  The rain was not too bad at the beginning but after we got to the end of the AO it started pouring.  Too late to turn back now, there was a good amount of mumble chatter out there.  Can only imagine which commercials everyone was quoting.  The Rock hold was something that Splinter thought up but apparently stole it from “The Rock” this weekend.  A little bit of refusenik almost took place by some.

Strong work running through the muck today boys.  Bugeater is getting BRR ready with Hopper.  One Eye and Bout Time leading the pack gassed YHC.  Baracus as usual was out in full force.  Flutie Flakes was discussing Fast Twitch tomorrow not sure I will be there.  Steinbrenner was doing great and it was great seeing you again.

Mud Run Sign up – check website

Prayers for Gummy- heal up soon brother.

Cuban…..err well no

17 pax avoided the rain with an early morning workout before storm 2015 began.

Stage Coach, John Deere, Stone Cold, The Mouth, Mr. Brady, Header, Lobstah roll, Sanka, Smokey, Freedom, Blue Rino, Cheese Curd, Strange Brew, DD’s, Prohibition, Uncle Leo.

The Thizang

Mosey to the Stadium

COP – 25 SSH, 20 Mountain Climbers, 20 Imperial Walkers

Split the group.

1’s – Merkins

2’s – Run to the playground

Flap jack

Rinse and repeat this time with Squats

Mosey to the playground

10 Pull-ups/20 Derkins/30 Dips – X2

Mosey to the track

¾ track sprint, rest and lunge walk ¼.

½ track spring, rest with a little mary

25 Supine pull-ups

Mosey to upper parking lot for some SUICIDES

Round 1 – just running 3 light posts

Round 2 – Burpees (your welcome Brew), Squats, CDD’s

Round 3 – YHC was too smoked to remember

Mosey BACK to the bleachers.  Partner work

200 Merkins between the two pax while one person runs up and down the bleachers.

Jailbreak from bottom parking lot to the cars.

Mary – Flutter – 25 CAD, Freddy Mercury – 20 CAD, Heels to heaven – 25 CAD


So it all began with an auto correct tweet from last night.  That could have brought out more pax but could also lead to an international incident.  Anyways after some explaining and disclaimer (including twitter disclaimer) we were off.

Tons of Mumble chatter out there and a few semi-refusniks but all in all everyone wanted to get some good work in before the “wintry mix” started.

I have Q’d and posted here several times and I really wanted to explore the entire AO which I feel like we accomplished Albeit with a few almost mutiny’s.  While we were running I had to get Lobstah Roll to lead some Mary because he is always at the front.  Strong work!  I had asked the SITE Q Header to help out but I guess that gets back to the refusenik status.

Glad to see some guys that I haven’t seen in a while and a few new people that I haven’t had a chance to meet.  Blue Rino great seeing you again.  Freedom great work out there as always.  DD’s not a lot of chatter from you but great seeing you.  Brew called for the burpees remember that!  Stage coach almost took over the Q for the last minute of the workout……almost.

Header thanks for taking us out!


Mud Run Sign ups – Check the website

BRR – get with Turkey Leg – Sanka has some spots on his team.

Quarry Run in Columbia – Spackler has the details and check the website.

The Murph, Lifting and Running.

Teddy, Purple Haze, Frazier, Bugeater, Semi Gloss, Jamboree

The Thang

Mosey around the track for a warm up


20X – SSH – CAD

15X – Imperial Walker – CAD

The Murph – 1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 Squats 1 mile run

Partner work – Rock lifting

Round 1 – One partner runs while the other partner does curls – 200 collectively

Round 2 – One partner runs while the other partner does chest press – 150 collectively

Circle up and everyone get a rock

Round 1 – 20 cad – YHC  can’t remember Rotate rocks

Round 2 – 15 cad – Bent over rows – Rotate rocks

Round 3 – 15 cad – Skull Crushers –

Round 4 – 20 cad – Russian twist with the rocks – Back to the original rock

Round 5 – Curl – Cad – till failure – 30 ish

Mary – Dolly – 25 – LBC’s 25


Apologies for the delay in sending.  YHC was feeling under the weather on Sunday partly due to football and brown water. #pimpinainteasy.

As I approached the AO at 6:55 and didn’t see anyone with the exception of three cars I figured the cold has pushed some of the pax to sleep OR possibly to Thunderoad.  #tistheseason.  Haze and Frazier had come early to get in their 12 miler before the workout.  I can only assume that their fear was my workout wasn’t going to be strong enough for them.  Jamboree also came early and added a few miles to his day as well.  Strong work.

Earlier this week YHC and Haze were talking about the workout and I decided to do the Murph as I have not done it yet and wanted to see what it was all about.  I now realize why I haven’t done it.  There was a LOT of MUMBLE chatter about the workout and several comments about how a few people should have gone to the rock instead.  Anyways we were off.  I was by far the slowest one out there so the rest of the Pax were already through have of their exercises before I got back.  Teddy and Frazier along with Haze, Bug and Jamboree were running their second mile when I had to call mine early because I didn’t want anyone sitting around.  Also I was beat.

We started the lifting circuit and more semi-refusniks were speaking up.  The lifting became too much for some.  Once we got to the circle of rocks and begin the rotation I felt that we needed to get some arm work in.  I always like to rotate on the rocks to give everyone a chance to use a heavy one.  The curls till failure was a favorite of mine, Jamboree and Bugeater kept it alive.  Great work to everyone.

Announcements –

Joe Davis Run – Sign up. Also go to the pay pal link online and donate to Coffeteria.  Anything helps so please assist

Christmas Party – SIGN UP. You have until the 20th.


Gopher made a break for it!!!!!

When: 09/26/2014

QIC: Semi-Gloss

The pax: Baracus, Stone Cold (Pre-KB), Crab Cake (ruck), Voodoo (Ruck) (Pre-KB) Strange Brew, Mr. Brady, Lobster Roll, The Hoff (Ruck), Gullah, Stage Coach, Blue Rino, Les Miserables.

Mosey to the track.

1 lap.  Butt kickers, Karaoke left and right.

Circle up

SSH X 25 Cad

Mountain Climbers X 25 Cad

Merkins – 15 OYO

Imperial Walker – 25 Cad

Next – Race your partner

Winner 10 merkins  – Loser 10 Burpees

Rinse and repeat

Now for the main event……….Gopher time

One partner runs up Grandma Mountain 10 Derkins, 10 Pull ups, 15 LBC’sSecond partner runs a lap around the track.  Meet up and do 30 Merkins total and then flap jack. Goal is to get as many in as possible.

Mary on the field – Lobster roll helped out

Mary in the parking lot – 20 Cad Freddy Mercury, Flutter (20), etc…..


Showed up early to work on the weinke but figured the gopher would work.  Stone Cold and Voodoo were doing the Pre-KB so I thought I would join.  500 swings later and more people there we set off for what would be a fun filled morning of pain exercises.

At first the pax were very chatty and talkative through the first part………Then came the call for the Gopher.  Stage coach and a few others were curious of how it was going to work with this AO but I figured the timing would be right for the run up the hill and track work together.  The ruck boys were not happy with me at all mainly because of the hill.  We were off.  At first the track guys were leading more so than the guys up the mountain but believe it or not it ended up shaking out about the same.  There were SEVERAL calls for quitting but I had none of it and kept calling for more.  YHC was called out by the Hoff that I wasn’t wearing a ruck so I threw that one and did the last one.  Regretted grabbing it because the mountain was terrible with it.

The run out to the parking lot was the final straw for most.  We circled up and called out Mary, we started with some flutters and Baracus was upset with my lack of bench on exercises for Mary.  I tried to salvage it but it was too late.  I was at exhaustion, hence the delay in posting this.

Sound off if I am missing anything.