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Uncharted territory and too much steak

13 pax decided to come to Death Valley this am. To witness greatness.

15 IW – CAD
15 SSH – CAD
10 Merkins – CAD

Mosey down to Alexis neighborhood
Partner up
One partner runs down wycomb another runs wyman. Meet in the middle.
Round 1
Hand slap merkins – 20
Round 2
100 cdd’s
Round 3
Lbc’s – 100

11’s on the hill off Wyman – Squats at the top and Merkins at the bottom

Mosey back to Launch
wind sprints –

Mosey to Ball park – Partner work again – 3 ish rounds
1. Supine pull ups
2. Derkins
3. Dips

Mosey up to top
15 Merkins – CAD
30 Boone Crunch – CAD


I knew that it was going to be bad this morning as I gorged myself last night on steak and wine and well…… a lot of each and knew that it was going to be a struggle to rally and function for my q this morning. normally on days like this I just fade away and don’t come but I have responsibilities so here we are. To my memory I can’t remember us every going into this neighborhood so I decided to try something different. It was great an seemed to work out well for us, of course I was getting lapped by basically everyone so that made me feel special.
After the partner work I knew we needed to do some more running so the 11’s were called. Butter is very angry and thought that I was going to move them to 7’s. I pushed through not without almost having the merlot spill.
It was great seeing everyone out there. Regulars some new guys who have become regulars. It was great seeing Stumphugger, haven’t seen you in a while brother and great catching up. don’t be a stranger.

Annoucements – F3 Soccer – November 19th – Body bag has the details, connect with him and he will fill you in. We need some guys to sign up to fill a team.

Butter is angry about back blasts.

A little late on the back blast and Butter is getting upset.

4ish pax decided to join for me out the hinterlands for a little yogging and merkins. Since this is a few days late I will probably forget most of it.

Mosey around the field and COP at the BBall courts

15 IW – CAD
15 Merkin – CAD

The thing with which we did.

Jog out of the AO and headed over to ELM to Bonnie Briar Cir.
Partner up. one runs one way the other the other (its a play on words).
15 Hand slap merkins
15 Derkins at the start
Second round
50 total LBC’s
15 Derkins

Mosey over to Hemingford Ct.
11’s Jump squats at the top and Merkins at the bottom

Mosey back to the AO.
Rock work –
Curls – 15 CAD
rotate – Presses 15 CAD
Rotate – Curls 15 CAD
Rotate – Presses 15 CAD

PArtner runs
250 Curls while other partner runs to the curve on the track.
150 Presses while other partner runs to the curve on the track.

Mosey –
Peoples chair
100 Arm Presses


Little late on the this. Buttermaker texted me today to voice his frustration. Apparently he gets all excited about Twitter and now is freaking out about back blasts. Too much to share. Brought out the whole gang for this one. A whopping four guys showed up, Alf was a little upset that I was leading and well, pretty sure I let him down. He is so angry now that he is in Management. I remember when we was laid back……well….more laid back than he is now. You’ve change man….

Bounce is always there to say awkward things and well be awkward. He was pushing me to make Alf and Butter do some weird exercises.

Dear Abby came running up, dude still did 4+ miles on his own. Strong work.

Last comment was butter “dude we did 4, I didn’t think it was going to be that hard”. Thanks man. Great being friends with you.

Southern Discomfort sign ups. I won’t be doing but I’m sure there will be some people out there so ISI and such.


Are we doing miles or what

24 Pax showed up for a VERY muggy morning.

Here is what the weinke told me to do.

20 MERKINS – CAD Rapid
30 LBC’s – CAD Rapid
15 Merkins – CAD Rapid
20 IW – semi-rapid (pun intended)

Mosey over to Rain tree.
Windbluff 11’s…….7’s
Merkins at the bottom Squats at the top

Ole Jack Webb – up to 6 merkins and then back down

Mosey back

AYG Rising Meadows
Swiper mary – Something
Heels to Heaven – 20 CAD

AYG to School

Merkins – 20 CAD
Boone Crunch – invented here. – 20 CAD each leg
Merkins – 20 OYO
10 LBC’s – CAD – Alf slow.


Breakdown of what happened – AKA Moleskin

so I got texts last night some asking for miles some asking for no running. The no running people didn’t show up nor did the running people so I decided to do a little bit of both. A mountain of mumble chatter this am mainly by Swiper and Alf who were commenting on the speed by which I was counting. Look guys we have a lot of things to cover, if you ain’t first you’re last.
During the mosey in Rain tree there was some comments about me trying to keep up with the “fast guys” at the front which would end up biting me in the rear later. Once we got to Windbluff I made the call for 11’s which in my head sounded like a great time but in practice it was not. Audible that after I got some dirty looks from a few guys who were not pleased with me.
Decided to do the Jack Web at the top of Windbluff which would have been great but completely forgot the count.
Lastly when running back I felt that I was holding back the #runners so I let them run fast. Square Root continues to be at the front every time along with the usual suspects.
Strawberry and PopTart (brothers from another Motha) flew past me with amazing speed as did Deep Dish and several others who will go nameless as I was too gassed to even think. Fireman Ed came smoking past me and explained that he likes to save up energy for the end.

Welcome FNG’s Blue Hose (mom brought him out) and Benny Hill (Lex Luthor brought him).

Thanks for Swiper for taking us out.

Our Brother from #F3ISOTOPE – Olive was there sharing the story of the toy drive this fall/winter in remembrance of his daughter. There are also some shirts for sale and they will be putting together a link and order forms. I have nominated Hairball to handle this for Area 51. Link below. Prayers for Olive and his family.

Calling All Pax – Need High Impact Men and Women to Help Make a Difference and Keep a Spirit Alive. Operation Sweet Tooth!

F3 Golf – Sign up and support expansion efforts throughout the US and beyond.

Do you want to run with us?

14 men plus YHC decided to come out on a glorious Wednesday. Here is what happened.

Short disclaimer

Run up Sardis over to Robinsonwood and

COP on Post Oak Rd.
15 IW – CAD
15 Merk – CAD

Partner work.

3X = (1 partner runs up post oak left to Canyon trail and the other runs up right to Whitestone – Meet on Glen Oaks Rd.
15 Hand Slap Merkins. Run back and meet down on Post Oak – 15 Partner Derkins).

Mary down at the bottom till everyone gets back.

Most back up Glen Oaks and back to corner of Sardis and Sardis – Mary – LBC’s 30 CAD

AYG – Back to launch.

Mosey over to park benches – Split in two groups –

1st group – Runs to baseball fields
2nd group – 20 Dips, 20 Derkins, 20 step ups

Mosey BACK to baseball fields to hit 4 miles


The Q’s thoughts – (aka Moleskin)

Twitter was all buzzing about my q this am. There was mainly lectures of how bad it was going to be and a notable “I have to see the disaster” from Bushwood. He always know how to build guys up. #ISI.
When I got there super early because I wasn’t exactly sure I knew what I was going to do. Two running group women stopped by my car and asked if I wanted to run with them. Not going to lie, for a split second I was going to leave my f3 brothers to fend for themselves #stillgotit. I couldn’t do that to Baracus. #accountability.
Hannibal, Steinbrenner and Bushwood all clown car’d it over to support/make fun of me.

The Robinsonwood circuit didn’t seem to bad when I was driving through there but when we started running I knew this was going to be a tough one. Everyone did awesome no mutiny was had. I did hear a call for audible mid-way through but everyone stuck through it.

When we got back to the AO I was informed that we were at 3.88 miles so we pushed it for 4 and achieved it. BRR season is here so I’m sure that this will be happening more and more.

I haven’t been to the charge since I took over at Death Valley but thoroughly enjoyed it and it was great meeting some new guys and seeing old faces I haven’t seen in a while.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead

Announcements –

Metro is doing the Goat, starting at Park Road Shopping center – Check twitter and the website. Sounds painful.

That is all.

Let’s go this way

17 pax came out for a humid filled am.

Below are their stories

15 IW – CAD
15 Merkin – CAD
20 MC’s – CAD

Mosey over to church across the street

Partner up
One runs down Windyrush
One runs down Etheridge
Hand Slap Merkins – 15 when meet
Jump squats when returning to start.
X 2
Run again – 15 Derkins

11’s on Rea Forest
CDD at the bottom and Merkins at the top

Run Summerlin – 10 Merkins at each light post – 5 posts

Mosey back to launch

LBC’s 20 – CAD
Merkin 10 – CAD
Freddy Merc’s – 20 CAD
Dollie’s – 20 CAD


Mole of Skin

There was some discussion at Death Valley yesterday about my q today. I was trying to get 3.5 miles in for the pax. Mainly because I am a little nervous about #BRR. Good Group out there. A lot of the guys were really helping each other out and it was great to see some new and old faces in the crowd.

Buttermaker and Cheese curd had plenty of mumblechatter directed at my watch and other apparel. I like to plan for things and was wearing probably too much gear.

I made Puddin Pop a little nervous about the other route and made him confirm like 40000 times that Rea forest cut through back to rea Thanks for running that out.

Queen of course was up front on the 11’s. I kept asking him what number he was on because I was tired of the 11’s probably at 5.

Felt a little bad for tackling dummy. He was at death valley for Swiper’s q and didn’t want to run too much. Sorry man but great work!

Posh welcome to Hydra. Nice work, even though you are Champagne’s friend we won’t hold that against you.

The Longest Hair Burner

19 pax rolled out to Death Valley this morning unsure of exactly what to expect. When they saw the plates being unloaded from @StoneCold’s car, the uncertainty vanished. I think I even saw one guy running back to his car.

Start off with a lap or two around the SCMS parking lot, mixing in some lunges and reverse lunges.

Stop for a brief COP:
• SSH x 15
• 1 legged burpees x 5
• IW x 15
• 1 legged burpees x 5 (other leg)
Plain and simple. Get into groups of 5, and as a group push a plate around the SCMS track. 4 times. Specifically, it’s CMIYC where one pax pushes the plate and the rest of the group performs called exercise then chases down the pusher. Rotate thru pushing the plate.
• Lap 1: Carolina Dry Dock x 10
• Lap 2: LBCs x 10
• Lap 3: Wide Arm Merkins x 10
• Lap 4: Burpees x 5
Some plank and Mary exercises were mixed in between rounds.
Mosey back to building and find a piece of wall:
• Wall Sits
• Wall Planks (until @Spackler decides to join in)
• Wall Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
• So I must confess that pretty much this entire workout was an audible. I had a different weinke prepared, but as luck would have it, @StoneCold texted me at 0500 this am to say he had plates in his car. Enough said, decision made.
• I think we had time for a 5th lap, but @Radar seemed eager to leave.
• Veteran Q move: pair yourself with the young fast dudes.
• @Semi-Gloss confessed he almost spilled merlot.
• Strong work by everyone!! The hair burner mile is definitely a physical and mental grind.
• I appreciate the opportunity to lead from the DV site Q’s. Also, great to see some old familiar faces.
• Charlotte Eagles looking for volunteer families to host college soccer players this summer. For more info, contact Dollywood (@MessiahSoccer10).

Tour de AO

13 ish pax got after it on a threat of Rain.

Here is what happened.

Run up to parking lot
15 IW – CAD
20 MC – CAD
15 Merkins OYO

3 laps up and down and around on the stairs
1 – Merkins – 15
2 – Burpees – 10
3 – LBC’s

Mosey to Paladin Hill
11’s – Jump squats (or squats in my case) at top and Wide armed merkins at bottom
Russian Twist – 20 – CAD

Mosey to parking deck
Run 4 flights and down stairs – 20 merkins at the bottom X 2

Partner work
1 – Runs
2 – 100 Merkins

Second round
1 – Runs
2 – LBC’s – 200




Was a good morning to be out, weather was nice and the rain hadn’t come so no humidity (maybe a little). Haze scared me by giving me a hug this morning. Wasn’t sure if he was messing with me or if he actually cared #jaded. Started off with a solid mosey up to the Panera parking lot. I had to start off with IW because I was already tired trying to keep in front of the pax.

1st round was good but by the third I wasn’t sure if I could make it through what was planned that day. I was really trying to get about 3 miles in which would had been possible had it not been for PALADIN HILL. HAze mentioned that Chelms was probably running the real hill, we all talked about how bad his burpees would have been and how he would have been called a LAZY AMERICAN. Way to go chelms. Even in Italy. WOW

I hadn’t been to centurion in a while and had completely forgotten how tall that thing is. 11’s were called and I immediately got passed by Lorax, Haze and well…..several others. They had to call Mary while I was working on my final one.

Heading back to the parking deck without a break was probably not the best idea. Gerber was behind me and I could feel him wanting to completely pass me and make me feel bad. Don’t worry, mission accomplished after the first round up the parking deck.

Partner work seemed to go well with the exception of me.

Margo – Thanks for letting me lead and the opportunity.

Make it out to an AO you don’t go to that much. It is good to see people that I don’t get a chance to see that much.

Slow Twitch (Really Slow)

Posted on behalf of Bounce

18 Pax showed up on an gorgeous morning. Here’s what happened.

Began with a mosey to the end of the parking lot at South Charlotte Middle. Circle up with a few warm up exercises. The Virgin QIC was deliberate, methodical and very confident with his cadence for the exercises! Exercises included: Side Straddle Hop x 20, Mountain Climbers x 15 and Merkins x 20.

Mosey down Strawberry lane to the 2nd speed bump and pair up.
Round #1: Partner1 – x 10 Merkins, run to end of Strawberry Lane, x 20 Merkins, back to 2nd speed bump – Partner2 – x 10 Merkins, run to Hwy 51, x 20 Merkins, back to 2nd speed bump
Round #2: Partner1 – x 10 Diamonds, run to end of Strawberry Lane, x 20 Diamonds, back to 2nd speed bump – Partner2 – x 10 Diamonds, run to Hwy 51, x 20 Diamonds, back to 2nd speed bump

Mosey down Hwy 51 to William Davie Park (entrance sign), plank up until the rest of the group arrives.
Mosey down to bottom of entrance hill, start 7’s. Air Squats at base of hill and Merkins at the crest of hill (park entrance). Exercise was followed by a Plank session at the entrance to the park.
Mosey back to school parking lot.
Circle back up: Rosalita x 20, Box Cutters x 15, Dolly x 15.
Back into groups: Partner A: Plank Jacks while partner B sprints to end of the basketball goals. Two rounds.

The Virgin QIC didn’t have his cadence mastered, he was thrown off by the YouTube tutorial that was sent from Semi-Gloss late the night before. It was immediately turned off after the second member of the Sheen acting clan appeared in the clip. Spackler again took to heart “modify when necessary”. He definitely has earned his middle nickname of F ½. I also think the entire group owes an apology to the HOA of Raintree, the grunting and whining was very egregious especially when the direction was given to run to William Davie Park with 15 minutes left in the workout.
Thanks for the patience to all the PAX for my Virgin Q! I enjoyed this one.
Memorial Day Convergence at Symphony Park (SouthPark). There will be an F3 workout and 5k. All family is welcome. It is in honor of military veterans
Alexander Youth Network cookout. Saturday, April 2nd 4-5 pm, more information to follow

Substi site q – q

17 Pax got after it at Death Valley.

Here is what we did

The thing

15 IW – CAD
15 Merkins – CAD
20 Mountain Climbers – CAD

Mosey to Davie Park

Partner up
One partner runs while other partner does called exercise
3 laps.
1 – Pull Ups
2 – Merkins
3 – Dips

Mosey to other area.
Every streetlight – 15 Merkins on the way down
50 LBC’s OYO
Every streetlight back – 10 ish Jump Squats

Mosey up to the top O’ Davie
Indian Run – two groups.

Get back to AO
Mary –
Heels to Heaven – 20 CAD
Freddy Merc – 20 CAD
Dollie’s – 20 CAD
Rosalita – 20 CAD
15 Merkins OYO
15 Diamond Mer – OYO
15 Wide Arm OYO
Alternating crunch – 10 CAD – Each leg


Events AKA – Moleskin

got the call yesterday afternoon/night that Swiper was on the IR so being the phenomenal site q that I am I took the reigns. Had a busy day and night so the weinke would have to be done on the way to the site #Meatandtaters. Good group out this am, Stonecold was already complaining when I told him we were running and then said something about “wrong shoes”. BRR season is here SC. Its going to be more running than normal. We started out with about 10 and then 7 showed up after the bell so the COP took longer than I wanted. In all seriousness, Glad to have everyone there.
Great group out there today and everyone was really pushing for their personal best. There are really some fast guys that are getting faster while YHC keeps slowing down. Guess I need to avoid the Libated Camel more and avoid IPA’s.
Had to call an audible on a few items and there was a pretty good amount of Mumblechatter directed and me and I probably deserved 98% of it.

DOLLYWOOD has agreed to come on board for Site Q duties and we are super pumped to have him. Stage Coach will be cycling off this month as SITE Q. He has been working this site for 3 years and it really wouldn’t be what it is today without his leadership. Its guys like him that made AREA 51 what it is today.


5 year party downtown this weekend. If you are in town please come. It is going to be a great event and an awesome time to see other F3 guys out there.

Muscle Driver is going out of business. Stonecold has bought about half the store so if there is anything left go get it.

“Thanks for your leadership”

21 pax came out to Death Valley a little cold and well a little upset after the workout was called.


Mosey one lap around track

20 IH – CAD
20 MC’s – CAD

Four corners
1. CDD’s
2. Jump Squats
3. LBC’s
4. Burpees
Merkins in the middle

Do 5 of each exercise at the corner and then increase it by 5 up to 20 and then back down to 5

Mary – 20 Freddy Mercury’s – CAD
LBC – 20 – CAD


The mole without skin

Full disclosure, I was a little tired from driving back from GA in addition to the post at Fast Twitch the day before so I wanted to make sure that everyone got a good workout and pushed themselves. After I threw out the Starfish routine Horse Head and Stone cold immediately started complaining #subnantananger. There were probably others but I just let that be.
A few notables were absolutely crushing it. Pretty Sure Dollywood did about 5 laps around the track when YHC was halfway through. Nice work brother.
I am sure that I will get made fun of either on “the twitter” or “the comment section” so sound off.


Joe Davis Run- Clown car leaving the arbo at 6:45. connect with Slim Fast if you have any questions.