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Diesel Backblast

Warm Up

25 SSH IC, 25 toe taps, 25 SSH IC,25 toe taps, 25 MC’s IC, 25 Moroccan Nightclubs IC, 25 MC’s IC, 15 Moroccan Nightclubs.  Stretching

The Thang

50 Curls in Cadence

50 Coupon Swings in Cadence

25 Coupon Squats in Cadence

15 Merkins on Coupon

25 Coupon Squats in Cadence

15 Merkins on Coupon

Rifle Carry Coupon to Pit of Misery.  On your own, 20 Derkins, 20 Step Ups, 20 Dips.  2X.

Rifle Carry Coupon back to COT.

15 Blockees

50 LBC’s in Cadence

15 Blockees

50 LBC’s in Cadence

Rifle Carry Coupon 50 yards, 25 Squats with Coupons, repeat 4X’s

Back to COT

25 Alpo’s, 2X, 15 Military Presses, 2X’s, Bunch of Flutters and Heels to heaven thrown in between.


Good work by all.


Sign up for the blood drive, only 25 guys, last time we had 75.  Sign up or I’ll be reading aloud a list of Pax who have not signed up at every COT moving forward.  Also, by signing up, Turbuckle has to walk a ton of miles and do other csaup activities.

Prayers for Fusebox’s Dad today

Prayers for Mayhem’s friend

See Posse and Turnbuckle for Sunday stalking  walking activities

Thursdays – Christ Closet folding party and distribution – see Group me for details



More than a workout

DiCCS given, staying on campus

Warm Up

Mosey towards Town Hall, U Turn and head West along sidewalk on Weddington Rd to CVS parking lot.  Circle Up. SSH x 20.  Jimmy Dugans, Calf Stretch, Runners Stretch, Upward Dog, Moroccan Nightclubs.

The Thing

Mosey to Far corner of Target Parking Lot.  Today is all about 7’s.  7 reps of an exercise at all 4 corners of the Target parking lot, then change the exercise and increase reps by 7,  up to 28, then bring back down to 7.  No Mary on the 6, circle back. Here’s what we did:

7 Merkins, 14 Dry Docks, 21 Big Boys, 28 Speed Skatters

Mosey to Petsmart parking lot, grab some wall.  same concept, but instead of running to 4 corners, run the length of the parking lot between each set of reps– back and forth 4 times for each exercise.

21 Donkey Kicks, 14 LBC’s, 7 Mike Tysons.  Time, mosey to COT.


Man, I saw the humidity/fog coming through the parking lot lights like it was a rain shower.  We all looked like we went through a shower after the workout.  Everyone got at least 2.7 miles, some over 3 circling back.

Best part of the morning were several Pax sharing their challenges and the tools they are using to overcome them – mainly Therapy, but also Shield Locks, Study Groups – Q school and Bible to name a few.  Great to be able to be in a group where one can be vulnerable and share this type of stuff in the chance it helps your brother standing next to you.

Prayers for Sugar Daddy’s father undergoing surgery today.

Labor Day Extravaganza – Cuthbertson Middle

October 17th – Sign Up to donate blood, ya fool!  See Group Me and/or Turbuckle/Rudy for more info

YHC took us out.

A foggy day in Waxhawtown

DiCCS given

Warm Up

Mosey up to Kensington Rd and back down to traffic circle.  Circle Up.  Moroccan Night Clubs, Jimmy Dugans, Calf Stretch, Upward Dog, Right knee to right elbow, left knee to left elbow, 20 merkins

The Thang

Mosey to start and grab your Coupon.  With Coupon in tow mosey up to school to playground yard.  We did the following:

10 reps of exercise, run length of the yard and back, 20 reps of exercises, run length of yard and back, 30 reps of exercise, run length of yard and back.  Coupon Swings, Military Press, Curls.  Keep on running length of yard until 6 is in.

50 LBC’s on your own.

Back to 10/20/30 rep and run circuit, this time with Coupon Squats.

40 Flutters on your own.

Grab Coupon and Hold Over Your Head.  Mosey 50 yards.  10 Burpees w/ Coupon.  Mosey another 50 yards with Coupon overhead.  10 Burpees w/ Coupon.

50 LBC’s

Mosey to start with Coupon overhead.  leave coupon at start.

Mosey to traffic circle for some web action.  1 Mike Tyson, 4 Jabs.  up to 10 Mike Tysons IC, 40 Jabs.

Mosey to start.  Here is where Popeye stepped in as YHC was on the verge of passing out.  15 Big Boy Sit up w/ Coupon and press overhead.  Once I came about, I audibled and we went for some running.

10 Bobby Hurleys, run to traffic Circle, 10 Bobby Hurley’s, run back to start.  Repeat 3X.  In the middle of this exercise Mad Dog called us back to COT to put Coupons on the curb as traffic was coming into the park.  It was also a nice break from running.

Time Called


Good work by all, everyone pushed hard.  Jwow, Mad Dog and Tanyatine out front leading the pax.  Decent mileage today considering all the coupon work, most got in between 2.8 to 3.2 miles.

Annoucements – Beginning next Saturday 8/29, Homecoming will converge at Commitment (Nesbit) for the 2nd annual running of the Iron Pax Challenge.  Mash will also converge at this site.  Blackhawk will remain open and partake in a regular bootcamp.  This schedule will be in effect through the weekend of 9/26.

Labor Day 1 Year Anniversary Convergence at Cuthbertson Middle School.

Blood Drive Oct 17

Premature’s colleague, Knute passed away, be on the lookout for a go fund me to help support Knute’s family.

YHC took us out.


Need better signage

16 Pax gathered to push themselves in the early morning humidity in an attempt to prepare for one of the most favorite times of the year…Iron Pax.  Here’s what went down…DiCCS given (Disclaimer, Cell Phone, CPR, Safety)

Warm Up

Mosey up to Cuthbertson Road and back past COT to Coupon pile to pick up an extra coupon for Loafer, mosey back to start.  Moroccan night clubs x11, Cherry Pickers x 11, left stretch, right stretch, calf stretch, upward facing dog, Merkins x11.


Mosey with Coupon over to the side of Mt. Chiseled.  Everyone grab a parking spot, that is your socially distanced sweat collection station for the next 35 minutes.

On mangled piece of cardboard I wrote the following plan for the day.

Round 1

1.) 50 Goblet Squats w/ Coupon

2.) 25 Overhead Presses

3.) 50 Coupon Swings (kettle bell swings w/ coupon)

4.) 25 Merkins on Coupon

5.) 50 Curls

6.) 25 Derkins w/ feet on Coupon

Mosey up to Cuthbertson Road, 1 Burpee, Mosey back to your parking spot.  Mary on the 6.

Round 2

1.) 25 Dips on Coupon or curb

2.) 50 Toe Taps on Coupon (2=1)

3.) 25 V Ups

4.) 50 Coupon Chest Presses

5.) 25 Reverse Arm Curls / Regular Curls, your call, with Coupon

6.) 50 Mt. Climbers holding onto Coupon

Mosey up to Cuthbertson Road, 1 Burpee, Mosey back to your parking spot.  Mary on the 6.

Round 3

Repeat Round 1 Again until YHC called Halt.   Mosey to COT w/ Coupon.  LBC’s (about 20) until time.


Not a lot of chatter today, so I think I accomplished my goal.  My heart rate was in the 170’s for a good portion of the workout. Should have asked around for a whiteboard, would have served the group much better in being able to read the list of exercises.  So, next time reach out to Fusebox who has one for such purposes. On Round 3, most got through at least Merkins (4th exercise), some got through Curls and a select few were into the Derkins.  Great push by all.  Great to see Two Hand Touch out.  Glad to see some of the newer guys like Schnitzel, Golden Plates, Surge and Chatter Box to continue to post and get stronger.


See Group Me for opportunity to help make Carbload’s Daughter (Sonia) day special by driving by between 1:30 and 2:00 PM this Saturday to show her some F3Waxhaw support on the celebration of her Bat Mitzvah.

Oct 17 – Blood Drive.  9am to 2pm.  Waxhaw American Legion.  More details to follow

Continued prayers for those impacted by Covid.

Happy Hour this Thursday, Lawson 5 Five Forks Pool Parking lot, 7:30pm.  BYOB, BYO-Chairs, food, etc.

Monday, Sept. 7th – 6:30am Convergence – Cuthbertson Middle School – 1 Year Birthday of F3 Waxhaw.  See Group me for more details.  Coffeteria to follow.

YHC took us out



A lesson in fire ant bite protection

DiCCS given (Disclaimer, Cell Phone, CPR, Safety).  YHC mentioned we’d be crossing Providence during the Safety portion of DiCCS, thinking this would be the most dangerous part of the workout.  Boy was I wrong.  Here’s what went down…

Warm Up

Mosey down to ABC parking lot.  20 SSH, Jimmy Dugans, Calf Stretch, 20 Merkins, some Moroccan nightclubs.

The Thang

Mosey to hill adjacent to apartment parking lot.  7’s.  Squats/Bobby Hurleys.    After a few reps, I gave the Q to Fusebox.  I knew if I continued with any more Bobby Hurley’s (jump squats) I was going to empty my dignity in my pants or in a nearby bush.  Being that I am known to succumb to these bouts of intestinal rage I strategically started the morning by the Quick Trip Gas Station, whose facility was top notch by the way.  Upon my return I find the PAX back in the ABC parking lot doing T Merkins.

YHC takes back the reigns and off we mosey to the traffic light on Providence.  I shouted “We all cross at once”.  And by that I mean when I go.  Well, thank goodness the Pax have a lot more common sense than I and waited until we had the light to cross.  Obviously my bout in the Quick Trip office drained any sense out of me as I began a game of frogger as I crossed Providence Rd.

Anyway, we continue en route to our destination, the hand rails/guard rails at the top of the Bank of America parking lot.  I saw this the day prior during my scouting mission of the AO and thought wow, we could get in a whole bunch of supines.  I called 25 Supines, 25 Merkins, Rinse and Repeat for a total of 75 each.  At this point Fusebox let me know they did 100 merkins in the ABC parking lot during my potty break.  Audible to 15 each, still 3 sets.

Here’s where it goes awry.  Transporter begins screaming like he’s being eaten alive after the first set.  Seems he laid down on a Fire Ant hill (was still dark out) during supines and the whole pile of aunts decided to scatter about Transporter’s body and begin biting him.  He takes off his shirt and is flailing about, slapping his chest and neck.  He continues to slap a few off and pushes through the set.

Next mosey to parking lot in front of bank. Bear crawl length of parking lot.  20 WW2 sit ups (Big Boy sit ups in Waxhaw parlance).  Crawl Bear back to start, another 20 big boys.  Again, Transporter lets out an even greater shrill, he begins stripping off articles of clothing, shirt, socks, shoes, shorts.  At this point it was evident the ants were ALL over his body.  So, several of the Pax rushed over and began patting and slapping the naked body (he did leave on his tighty whities) of this grown man, right on Providence road at the beginning of the morning rush hour.  All awhile Transporter pranced and danced around, screaming in pain (though from a far I’m sure it looked like a man in Ecstasy dancing in delight as 5 other sweaty men slapped and rubbed all parts of his body).  We finish up here (removing ants and the exercises) and mosey across Providence, back into Waverly.

Mosey in front of Whole Foods.  YHC instructs pax to form a line facing Whole Foods.  25 Monkey Humpers.  Oh, did I mention right behind us, about 25 yards was a group of folks doing a paid bootcamp class.  What better way to say Good Morning than 8 men showing you the proper form of Monkey Humpers.  Transporter didn’t feel comfortable with the Monkey Humpers in front of of this group of fellow athletes.   As always, modify as needed (but I did remind him he just stripped down and was patted down by several grown men on a very busy street in south Charlotte).

Mosey to parking deck behind Whole Foods.  Circle up.  30 LBC’s in cadence.  Next, 5 squats, run up to next deck, 5 squats at every turn until we reach the top of the parking deck.  Once on the top deck, grab some wall.  40 donkey kicks, 10 Mike Tysons.  Mosey back to COT, again with 5 squats at the beginning of each parking deck.  Arrive at COT.  Circle up.  40 flutters, 20 merkins, have a nice day.


Everyone pushed hard.  YHC especially at the Quick Trip.

Impromptu Tour of Cuthbertson

DiCCS given.  Breakup into two groups as we had 15 for Impromptu plus 2 walkers.  Group I led had Doughboy, Breadbowl, Chainsaw, Mad Dog, Shopdog, JWow and Myself.   My idea for the day was to provide a tour of the scenic Cuthbertson HS/MS Campuses, it really is a great AO with tons to offer and I wanted to sample just a little bit of everything.  Since we split up, I did the course I originally planned backwards in my group, while the other group followed my original plan.


Mosey to path behind middle school.  3 burpees at every light for 5 lights.

Circle up on field for warm up’s – Moroccan night clubs, jimmy dugans, calf stretch, SSH.

Bear Crawl the length of the football field.

Mosey to High School steps, up the steps and grab wall.

40 Donkey Kicks, 10 Mike Tyson’s.  Repeat.  50 Flutters.

Mosey long way to the benches by the HS cafeteria.  25 dips, 25 derkins.  add more dips while waiting for the 6.

Mosey long way to HS parking lot corner by stadium.  20 Bobby Hurleys.

6 Merkins at every light pole the length of the parking lot.

Mosey to HS entrance.  Grab a bench.  25 incline merkins, 25 step ups.

Mosey to driveway, 5 LS squats at each light from HS to entrance of MS parking lot.

Circle up.  Cpt. Therkin Web.  1 LBC, 4 American Hammers, 1 Merkin, 2 LBC’s, 8 American Hammers, 2 Merkins….all the way up to 10 LBC’s, 40 American Hammers and 10 Merkins.

Mosey 40 feet.

Upward dog, downward dog, have a nice day.


Holy Humidity Bat Man, I was drenched.   I think our group got the short end of the stick starting out with Burpees and a 100 yard bear crawl right out of the gate. Thanks to Mad Dog for stepping in getting others to help count the Therkin web as I was gasping for air and my counts sounded like I was going through puberty for a second time.

JWow and Shop Dog, both Respects were leading the pack!

Good to see Breadbowl out there Mashing due to his broken wrist.

Thanks to Recalc for allowing me to lead today.


Blood Drive July 23rd, need more people to sign up.  See Newschannel for sign up link or Fusebox.

Raffle for $1,500 Furniture Gift Certificate Ongoing.  Bring Cash to AO, see Centerfold for details.  All proceeds goes to our goal of raising $10K for local charities.  Raffle ends in a week, so hurry and get your tickets!

100 Pax Challenge – Looking for 100 Pax to donate $100 or WHATEVER YOU CAN.  Venmo to @f3waxhaw.  See Posse for details.

Qschool/Site School coming up.  See Newschannel for details.

Keep Goodfella and his family in your prayers.

YHC took us out.



Chiseled Bootcamp – Part 1

A total of 14 Pax arrived at Chiseled to better themselves.  11 for a bootcamp workout, 3 for Mash (workout with their own coupon).  Because we were over 10, we broke into 2 groups.  5 in this group, 6 in Glydah’s group.  Here is what this group did

Warm Up

Diccs Covid style announced.

Mosey up to Cuthbertson Rd. and down to the side of Mt. Chiseled.  25 SSH.  Jimmy Dugans.  Moroccan Night Clubs.  25 Merkins.  10 Mt. Climbers.  Upward dog.  Calf Stretch.

The Thang

Mosey to parking lot behind Mt. Chiseled.  Everyone pick your parking spots that will be your private space for the majority of the workout.  Everyone was distanced at least by 20 feet.

Reverse Web – 10 Mike Tyson’s, 40 Air Lifts, 9 MT’s, 36 Air Lifts….1 MT, 4 Air Lifts.

Partner Up.  P1 Runs lap around Mt. Chiseled. P2 does exercises and flip flops upon P1 return.  200 Merkins, 200 Bobby Hurleys. Next, w/ same partner, 100 big boy sit ups, 100  flutters (2 is 1).  This time runner runs backwards the length of Mt. Chiseled, regular Mosey back.

Mosey to Mt. Chiseled.  7’s!  Begin with Burpees, climb Mt. Chiseled, Squats.  Most got to at least round 3, others further.  Mosey back to COT as time was running low.  15 seconds left – squats until time.


Great job by all, way to push.  First time seeing Tooltime, he killed it today.


100 Pax Challenge – We are striving to reach $10K raised by having 100 pax donate $100.  Give what you can, doesn’t have to be $100.  See Group Me for more details and how to give.

Nails is taking up Christ Closet’s furniture/appliance initiative, see Group Me for more details, bottom line if you have used furniture/appliances, he’s going to start harvesting these and storing them in Christ’s Closet new facility once it’s completed.

Friday’s @ Cuthbertson begins Q Source following workout. (Group Study of Leadership book written by David Redding).  Shopdog is leading.  Bring a chair and coffee mug, Shopdog is providing coffee.  30 minutes.  Book and the study group consistently garners great reviews.  See Group Me for more detail.

3-25-2020 Virtual Workout

In honor of my grandfather turning 90 tomorrow, I developed this simple Weinke.

Warm Up: 2 minute Mosey,  Jimmy Dugans, Calf Stretch, 20 Merkins.


Map out a 5K (3.1 miles) in your hood.  At mile marker 1, 2 and the finish line complete the following exercises.  If completing with others (with proper social distancing), circle back for 6 and complete the pain station as a group.  They are:

(3) Burpees

(25) Box Cutters

(30) Derkins

Upon Completion of 5K and Last Pain Station, complete 90 Rocky Balboa’s (AKA curb kick or Riverdance. Start near a curb or other raised element, and with a barely rhythmic motion, alternately tap the toe from each foot on the curb.)

Mary for 2 minutes.


I chose reps of 3,25,30 as my grandfather was born on March 25th, 1930.  I chose exercises whose first letter matches his initials – Berto Benjamin Dominguez.

His a very important HIM in my life, a role model. We were supposed to be going on a family cruise next week to celebrate his 90th, so I’m doing my part virtually to honor the man I call ‘Papa’.

At age 31, he, my grandmother and then 7 year father fled the communist dictatorship of Fidel Castro in Cuba and by the grace of God landed in the USA (first my grandfather had to flee to Canada, weeks later my grandmother and father were able to get on a flight to Miami.  It was very common then for families to split up just to get the hell out of the nightmare that was Cuba then…google “Pedro Pan flights” to learn more…imagine hearing firing squads in your local park, the military knocking at your door and taking the keys to your home and your business..this happened to my family and so many others. )  When they reunited in the US, he didn’t speak the language, didn’t have a college degree nor a marketable skill.  The only assistance they ever received were from friends and the church.  He like many other Cubans at the time relocated  to North Jersey, as the job market was much better than South Florida.   Much colder than South Florida, but your wallet was warmer.

What makes me fill with admiration and love for the man I call Papa isn’t so much this one act that happened 59 years ago, but what he did for 59 years since landing on these shores.  He raised a family, had nieces and nephews live with them until their parents could arrive, he financially helped many family members in times of need, loved neighbors like brothers, built a lovely home, cared for my grandmother during her battle with lymphoma…countless trips to Johns Hopkins, a bone marrow transplant, the ups and downs during her struggle and how he handled her passing with grace yet with much sorrow.   How he took me to visit colleges all over the US once he retired from AT&T after 27 years of service.  He drove me out to South Bend, IN to visit ND and surprised me that afternoon after the campus tour that we were not spending the night in Indiana but were headed to Chicago to see a Cub’s game.  It was early May in Chicago and the weather was 30 degrees at night!  I’ll never forget that night (and the fact he might have bought me a few beers too!).  The countless Philly games he took me to when my grandparents lived in PA, the countless Yankee games.  I could go on but I’ll stop here.

My grandfather is not a saint, far from it and has sinned many times, sometimes big, just like the rest of us.  However he never continues to not grow, not even at 90.  He’s become a much more devout Christian, has read the bible cover to cover at least twice, has read more books than I and I have a masters degree, could do a NY Times crossword puzzle faster than anyone I know and English wasn’t his first language.   He’s recently picked back up the saxophone after a 59 year hiatus.

The times we are going through right now are tough, not doubt.  Many of us will lose jobs, be furloughed, lost bonuses, etc.  However know many others have endured much more, example above.  We live in the greatest country on earth and we will all bounce back and thrive.  Let’s help each other out during this time.


A Fighting Force of Extraordinary Magnitude

11 Pax made the decision to start off the workweek right by posting at 5:15am on a Monday.  DiCCS given, let’s Mosey

The Thang

Mosey back towards Town Hall parking lot, about face and head down the sidewalk on 84 towards the intersection of Waxhaw Indian Trail Rd, hang a left and meet up on the side of target.  Circle Up.

Moroccan Night Clubs, Potato Pickers, Jimmy Dugans, Mountain Climbers, Merkins x15, calf stretch.

Grab some wall.  7 Mike Tysons, 25 Donkey Kicks, Bear Crawl to opposite curb, Bear Crawl back.  6 Mike Tysons, 25 Donkey Kicks, Bear Crawl to opposite curb, Bear Crawl back, 5 Mike Tysons – rinse and repeat.

Mosey to Petsmart Parking lot.  Parter Up, each partner facing each other about 30 yards apart.  Broad Jump Burpees until you and partner meet up, 10 Hand Slap Merkins, Bear Crawl back to partners starting line.  Mosey around the parking lot.  Rinse and Repeat.

Circle Up.  10 Big Boy Sit Ups, 25 LBC’s on your own.  Rinse and Repeat.

Grab wall at Pet Smart.   Finish the Mike Tyson, Donkey Kick, Bear Crawl routine, starting with 4 Mike Tyson’s down to 1.

Mosey to Hickory Tavern.  Partner Up.  P1 does excercise, P2 does hot stinky lap.  100 Step Ups, 100 Derkins, 100 Dips.  Mary/Squats until time.


On the opening Mosey towards the Town Hall parking lot, we spotted a lone runner.  Posse asked if I was heading towards him, I said yeah, sure (I just wanted to get a longer mosey to be truthful, I didn’t think 11 guys running towards a sole guy in a dark parking lot at 5:15am would lead to a positive encounter but hey, ya never know).  Posse tried the EH but to no avail he continued running alone.  At the end of the mosey, we ran into the sad clown again, Posse pin him against the wall.  The dude was reaching for mace or ccw just before Posse let him go.  No law enforcement showed we’ll try again next Monday, you’ll get him next time Posse.

Shout out to Shop Dawg killing it today on the mosey’s.  The last mosey to Hickory Tavern he caught up to Transporter, wow!  Much respect! Way to push.

Everyone worked real hard today, not much chatter once the tyson, donkey kick, bear crawl routine ensued.  Thanks Transporter for picking up my slack today when partnering up.   I was dry heaving, it’s been a while since I’ve done that.

Announcements:  Starting Q Source post Impromptu workout on Friday, beginning in May.  Spread the word, reach out to Shop Dawg with questions.

March is 1 Q per pax month.  We have like 67 workouts, need 67 leaders to Q a workout.  If you are not signed up yet to lead, man up and raise your hand.  No need to worry about Qing, we’ll help you every step of the way.

Title of this backblast is a quote from one of my favorite movies.  Nothing related to the workout.  You have my gratitude.

YHC took us out

It was cold as ice

5 Pax gathered at Weddington Middle School at 6:30am on a Saturday with the temperature at 24 degrees.  Diccs given, mosey along the backside of the school, along 12 mile creek back to front of school.  Warms of Potato Pickers, Calf Stretch, Moroccan Nightclubs.

Goal was to keep warm.  We did that by running a total of 3.2 miles and completing 1,000 reps of various excercises, mostly 100 reps each, of the following:

Mt. Climbers, Bobby Hurley’s, Merkins, Donkey Kicks, Mike Tyson’s, LBC’s, Squats, Flutters, Dry Docks, Step Ups.

YHC took us out.

See Group me for Daddy Daughter Dance info, 2/27 Christ Closet Folding Party 7pm.