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Chiseled 1 Year Anniversary

14 Pax gathered to celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of the CHISELED, the O.G. of gear/weight AO’s in Waxhaw. The 3 site Q’s shared Q responsibilites today, each ensure a particular muscle group was properly beat down. Here’s how it went:

The Thang

Diccs given, explanation of first block of excercises. Quick Mosey around the parking lot, circled for some Jimmy Dugans, Moroccan Night Clubs.

Fusebox Special: Chest and Shoulders

Break into teams of 5.

Timer: Merkin Worm Crawl

Stations: 1.) Atomic Push Up (Merkin on Weighted Ball), 2.) Military Press w/ Cinder Block, Front & Side Dumbell Lifts, 3.) Reverse fly barbell lift, 4.) Horizontal Overhead fly (On your 6 w/ head on edge of curb – w/ 30lb weight overhead on lower pavement – lift weight overhead and onto chest and then back overhead down to pavement.) At least 3-4 rounds completed.

Rudy’s Gun Shop: Arms

Timer: 25 curls

Stations: Reverse Curls, Dips, Overhead Tricep Extensions. At least 2-3 rounds completed.

Banjo’s Dry Heave Hothouse: Legs and Back

Pax Circle Up, Grab a 35lb coupon. Burpee / Squat / Swing / Thruster Web

1 Burpee & jump over coupon, 4 Squats w/ coupon, 2 Burpees – jumping over coupon between each burpee, 8 squats…all the way up to 10 burpees and mixing in coupon swings and thrusters in lieu of squats. Awful

Ye Old Moleskin

Thanks to all who came out to support the 1 year anniversary of Chiseled. While there may not be a lot of running at this AO, it doesn’t mean you can’t get good cardio in and break a sweat, especially if you are pushing yourself the entire time. Most of us were dry heaving at some point during Banjo’s set and drenched in sweat, it was a mini IPC. Gear/weights allow you to isolate some muscles, build some definition that body weight workouts might not get to. The beauty of the AO is that you get to pick the weight that is most comfortable to you (most of the time) and go all out, and most times performing as many reps as you can – only you vs you –no rep targets–no need for fuzzy counting–practice good form and push yourself — Set your own rep targets / weight size and improve weekly. Hope to see more of you out in the gloom at Chiseled.


This morning I woke up to rain tapping at my window. I thought to myself no one will show today, it’s Saturday, raining at 5:30am, fixing it for Christ service event and a big ol’ donkey is on Q. I had visions of no one showing, just me in a parking lot. My mind raced with a backblast laced with me, myself and I in a Don Quixote-esq type struggle of physical feats and outrageous claims. Alas upon pulling into Nesbit I saw a gaggle of men and knew i had to put this dream away for another day.

DiCCS given. Let’s Mosey.

The Thang

Mosey to and around the circle up to Kensington parking lot. 11 Potato pickers, stretch left, right, plank calf stretches. Mosey to playground parking lot. Line up side by side. Bear crawl the length of the lot. Recover. Mosey to Kensington Drive around to the entrance of Millbridge.

To help our marketing efforts, I called for 20 monkey humpers, 6 facing the street. Mosey to clubhouse, return for the six.

At the clubhouse, line up side by side again. At this point Damascus stated if we were doing bear crawls he was going to climb on my shoulders or something awkward like that. I said of course not, no more bear crawls. We shall crawl – bear the length of the clubhouse parking lot.

Recover. YHC then informed the PAX we’d be moseying up the best hill in the recently acclaimed neighborhood, all the way to the end (second round about). 20 merkins at every intersection. Circle back for the 6.

Some wise ass then suggested we mary as we wait for Uber to bring us back to COT. Enough with that, YHC informed the group we’d be moseying back down to the clubhouse (a mere .7 miles away), stopping at every intersection and performing 10 Bobby Hurleys.

Right before the clubhouse a small group gathered at the entrance to the trail. Word got out a certain member of the PAX had the sudden urge to fertilize some bushes. Well, that’s all YHC’s colon had to hear. Change of plans – circle back for the 6, mosey along the trail back to Nesbit.

Arriving back at the Nesbit circle, YHC had an urgent matter to attend to in my office, temporary Q duties given to Rubbermaid. Sprints and burpees ensued. Upon completing my business, I returned and assembled PAX back to Nesbit Circle. Everyone grab space on the curb.

Next up: Robin Givens Web: 1 Mike Tyson, 4 jabs…all the way to 10 Mike Tyson’s, 40 jabs.

Next: Partner up, first pair sprint, all other hold plank until first pair cross finish line, next pair spring, etc. On the other end across the finish line, hold plank until the entire group finished. 25 LBC’s in cadence. Finished.

Ye Olde Moleskin

Seems like mileage today was between 3.5 to 4.0 depending upon how much you circle backed for 6. My inspiration for today was NOT Doughboy’s workout on Friday, in fact I didn’t see the backblast until this morning. I wanted to challenge myself and provide a workout that would be challenging for the fittest of gazelles. Also truth be told it was out of laziness, the only planned weinke was the loop from Kensington up to the top of the hill in Millbridge. Everything else I improvised. The inspiration for the Robin Givens webb was born out of an idea Knish shared with me as we moseyed down the hill. I won’t steal his thunder but he has a great new webb called the Donkey Punch. I was going to steal it and conduct this awful move back at Kensington, but as my urgent business matter called, I had to change plans. But, while in my office, a deviation of the Donkey Punch was born, the Robin Givens. Ta-da!

One thing I want to put out there, which is serious. My intent is to reach just one guy who is going through something similar and let them know they are not alone. It’s also a way to keep me accountable. I’m coming up on my 1 year anniversary with F3 in a couple months. Overall my stamina is up and I’ve lost a very modest 15 pounds, very mediocre results. What’s kept me from losing more and getting closer to the head of the pax? Booze, wine, cocktails. It was nothing for me to throw back a bottle of wine at night during the week. I was trying to suppress/numb some things I was going through, we all go through: My job, relationship with M, kids, just the everyday struggles and stresses we experience as we go through life. Problem was I knew I was growing old, but not necessarily growing up. 3-4 glasses of wine at the end of a day was suppressing this reality, if just for a couple hours. Problem was it was still there the next day. Well, after committing to myself and my wife, enough was a enough. No more drinky poo during the week. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to enjoy the weekends, but mindless, socialess drinking on the couch at night had to stop. It affected my mood, my ability to push myself during workouts, my performance at work and doesn’t help the fact that I’m prone to depression and anxiety. And in the couple weeks since I’ve started, it has made a tremendous difference. I also started seeing a therapist. That too has held me accountable and helping me become a HIM. Why do I say this all? It’s not for outreach or praise – but to say thank you to a group that has steered me down a path to becoming a better man. I say it because maybe someone else in the group is going through something similar. I want to let that person(s) it’s ok, life can be heavy at times and it’s ok to reach out for help. We CANNOT do this alone. Life is not meant to be a solitary exercise. F3 is one of many vehicles we can use to help each other out. I always knew that was part of the idea of F3, but I can tell you that not until I committed myself to becoming a better man did I feel the non athletic portions of F3 applied to me. We are here for you, I am here for you.

Blue Screen took us out, thank you.

Bear spotted at Chiseled

DiCCS given. Key watchout for the day would be for Geese droppings littering the AO. Mosey up to Cuthbertson and back around to side of Mt. Chiseled.

Potatoe Pickers , Calf Stretch, Merkins X 15

The Thang:

1.) Partner Up. P1 – Run around Mt. Chiseled Backwards. P2 – Manmakers with weights. 3 rounds each.

2.) Partner Up. P1 – Crawl bear up Mt. Chiseled. P2 – Grab ball for scissor crunches. 3 rounds each

3.) Partner Up – line up side by side at one end of Mt. Chiseled. All Pax completed 10 merkins. Hold plank until it is your turn to sprint. First pair sprint to other end of Mt. Chiseled. Once partners ahead of you arrive at other end of Mt. Chiseled, your turn to sprint. Once there, 10 merkins, hold plank until all Pax have sprinted. 3 Rounds.

4.) Partner Up – P1 runs around Mt. Chiseled backwards. P2 Curls. 2 Rounds Each

5.) Burpee/Shoulder Press Webb. 1 Burpee, 4 shoulder presses w/ weights….up to 5 Burpees, 20 shoulder presses w/ weights.

6.) Mosey to Pit of Misery. Partner Up. P1 – 10 merkins. P2 Step Ups, flapjack until time.

Ye Olde Moleskin:

The crawl bear was a big hit! I have to admit I made this up the night prior. Once I arrived at Mt. Chiseled to unload gear, I tested the crawl bear. It was awful. I knew the Pax would enjoy!

Lots of humidity, lots of sweat in the COT, everyone worked hard.


Christ’s Closet – 6pm this Friday – see News Channel for Details

2nd F Opportunity this Friday – 7pm downtown Waxhaw, Mary O’Neil’s parking lot. M and 2.0 friendly. Farewell to Moneyball, School’s out party.

Fixin’ it for Christ opportunity coming soon. Please talk to Jingles if you can serve at all.

Feelers are out for an additional AO/workout in the Marvin Ridge area. Targeting Sandy Ridge Elementary, Rea View Elementary, or another at MRHS. With our growth, it seems feasible to plant and grow another. Stay tuned…

Rockwell on Q at The Arsenal at Indian Land Elementary tomorrow. Some guys are planning to support him and our brothers across the boarder!

YHC took us out.

Sliders and Blazing Saddles

15 PAX gathered at Chiseled for a Q led by a Donkey. YHC wanted to make sure I delivered a challenging workout – keep the heart rate up, lift heavy stuff, make worth getting up early worth it. I felt my rep was on the line, the site was on the line, I wanted to prove a ‘gear’ workout can be just as challenging as running 3+ miles. Hopefully my weinke, which was drafted under the influence of an adult beverage did just that.

The Warm Up: DiCCS given. Mosey to entrance of 5 stones, turn around and circle up at Mt. Chiseled. If in the front, mosey around Chiseled until 6 is in. SSH x 15, leg stetch l,r,middle. Merkins x 15, calf stretch, plank jacks x 15.

The Thang:

1.) Partner up. P1 does (attemps) sliders (plank position, like a bearcrawl, but with your feet on a weighted plate (some had a plate for each foot (smaller weights), others choose to use just one mighty 35 lb plate. Move forward in bear crawl type motion but with feet on the weighted plate. Timer is the time it takes to get from one cone to another (90 feet?). P2 does curls. 2 sets each.

2.) Partner up. P1 gets a weight, climb over Mt. Chiseled to other side, mosey with weight around chiseled back to starting point. This is timer. P2 gets grabs a ball and gets on 6, holds ball with 2 hands, over head. Simultaneously lift legs to 90 degrees and bring hands forward with ball to meet legs, place ball between legs, bring both legs and hands down to ground. Bring legs and hands back up, grab ball and lower arms overhead with ball to the ground while at the same time lowering legs back onto ground. 2 sets each.

3.) Grab a weight. OYO, squat, on the way up curl weight, then press over head. 20 reps.

4.) Same weight, lunge walk to end of lot.

5.) w/ weight, lunge walk back.

6.) OYO w/ weight, do the squat and curl/press thing, 20 reps.

7) Partner up. Line up side to side. First pair spring length of Mt. Chiseled. All others Hold Plank. Once first pair gets past finish line, next pair sprint. As you arrive across the finish line, hold plank until 6 is in. Did this 4X.

8.) Partner Up. P1 runs backwards around Mt. Chiseled. That’s timer. P2 does curls. 2 sets of each.

9.) Curl, then overhead press with weight, OYO, 25 reps.

10.) Hot lap around Mt. Chiseled.

11.) Curl/overhead press w/ weight, OYO 25 reps.

12.) Jailbreak back to COT

Ye Old Moleskin:

Sliders out of the gate seemed popular, not a lot of chatter. YHC had to modify, it was a terrible idea

The ab workout with the ball should now go by the name of Blazing Saddles. I heard an orchestra of flatulence coming from every rear. At one point I pretended to conduct the loud blasts in the hope of sequencing and timing the blasts to sound like a DeSouza march.

Hopefully I accomplished my goal, feedback seemed positive. I can’t walk right now. As always it is a privilege to lead this fine group of men.

COT: Damascus took us out. Prayers for the families of Blue Screen and Trojan as they deal with the loss of loved ones. Prayers for Damascus, Nails and Knish starting new jobs.

He brought us a gift

8 Pax braved the 22 degree temps in the frozen badlands of Five Stones to help celebrate YHC birthday beatdown. Little did we know one pax would bring a gift we would all share.

DiCCS given – 1 cell phone, no CPR certified pax, watch for cars coming in for bible study, disclaimer

Warm Up: Mosey to the far end of the parking lot, circle around and head back towards the shed, everyone grab 2 coupons and head back to launch point.

SSH X 13, Potato Pickers X 10, Merkins X 10, Calf Stretches, Abe Vigoda

The Thang: In honor of YHC 41st Birthday, the workout would consist of an exercise of 41 reps, followed by a mosey down to the far end of the parking lot and back after the completion of each exercise. Mary on 6. Here’s what we did:

21 Man Makers w/ coupons, 41 Squat Curls, 41 2+1 bear crawl/ carolina dry docks, 41 partner sit ups w/ 20lb ball, 41 jack lunges w/ weight overhead, 41 air punches w/ coupons, 41 bench presses, 20 Man Makers w/ coupons.

Mosey back to shed to drop off coupons. Mosey back to launch, low slow squats until time.

The Moleskin: My goal was to keep the heart rate up given how nippy it was out, hopefully that was met. According to Fusebox’s watch, we covered 2.1 miles plus the 7 exercises of 41 reps. Some of the pax talked about lighting up the fire pit pre workout it was so cold. At the start of the third exercise, Chainsaw thought it a good idea to fire up his own dutch oven and present us with a hot and steamy air biscuit. Little did we know this gift would quickly freeze, drop to the ground like a hockey puck and linger for eternity. Perfect timing too, this was at the outset of partner sit ups. Don’t know the lucky guy who got to partner with Chainsaw, but I’m sure in the back of his mind was the fear of a second batch coming out while being mere inches from the oven door.

Everyone worked hard. Glad to know that when I called a timeout during the 41 2+1 bear crawls/dry docks, I wasn’t the only one who needed it (someone shouted out a loud ‘thank god’, for a moment I thought it was coming from inside the church). Thanks to Banjo and Chicken Little for leading us on the final 20 Man Makers. I was in a haze of sweat and pain and lost count after 8 or 9. Thank you for the opportunity to lead this fine group of men. I’m humbled by the generous spirit that enables each of us to grow and serve one another. COT – Banjo took us out.