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4 Thoroughbreds and a Donkey

We had a total of 5 runners this morning. Many other times we head out I can keep up for a bit or we break into groups a fast group and a slow group.  From the lets go I just saw the others get further away until they were completely out of sight.  The next time I would see them is when they were headed back.   I am not the fastest runner and it did not help that the other 4 are all some of the fastest runners in Waxhaw.  I think they were pushing each other as well.  It was foggy the trail was sloppy but it was good to get back out again for the first time since the trail got flooded.  Deadwood did warn Dasher that it was slippery then proceeded to demonstrate by falling down.  The swinging bridge is still closed.

#morningwood as its still not in categories


I’m not lost your lost!

Tuck picked a good course.

Somehow only 4 of us found our way and then we spent the next hour playing hide and go seek.


Hills build Character

So we had 7 Men show up this morning to find out we were just going to go up and down one of the biggest hills in Millbridge

some say hills build character others say hill cause crying!

2 did rucking/walking

5 varying pace of Run


Hit the Woods

3 Men headed out to run in the woods.

Hazmat and Rubbermaid headed out first to do 10K

Hollywood started late passed completed the full 7.9 miles and was back moments after the others!

still no morning wood in categories no love!

4 Runners and 3 Brother Ruckers

Total of 7 men 4 for some running and 3 who moved a little slower but still ground it out.

Warmer in the woods.

@ went out for a trail run.  It is warmer in the woods than a parking lot!

Popeye forgot

So I know Popeye did a lot of SSH


He had us get lifting rocks and made us run with them


He forgot the BB so now I need to write it so people get counted 🙂

Wet Wood

3 showed up for some wet morning woods.

The hills have eyes

The Wednesday morning Trail run started with Just me running by my self.  I was surprised right before the turnaround by Hollywood passing me as he normally does.  We did meet up at the end both completing the full 7.9 miles.  As I was running the last ridge I looked down the hill and saw at least 10 sets of eyes looking up at me.  I am going with they were deer as it was hard to tell height as I was above them.  I hope it was not the pack of coyotes I had been hearing the whole run.

Running, Rucking and Walking

10 Men of F3 met to run a Boomerang loop for an hour.