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F3 Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Woke up this morning threw on my shirt (or half a shirt) grab my gear and headed out to commitment this morning. I was not planning to have the numbers of PAX that I did this morning however I’m not complaining, I set up my court and stations then headed over to the parking lot to meet the PAX who were beginning to question the Frisbee in my hands. circled up and explained my DCC’s to them then 6:30 lets mosey.

The Thang:

  • Mosey up to intersection then back down to circle  for warm up
  • Warmup:
    • 15LSS’s
    • 15 Imperial Walkers
    • 15 Mountain Climbers
    • Calf Stretches (10 Sec each side)
  • Mosey to Court ( Playground behind School)
  • Suicides down/back the Court
  • Bear Crawls down 2 spots
  • Crab Walk down the other 2 spots repeat on the way back.
  • Break into 4 teams
  • Each team run to 1 of the 4 corners
    • First Corner: 20 Burpees
    • Second Corner: 40 LBC’s
    • Third Corner: 30 American Hammers
    • Fourth Corner:  50 Monkey Humpers
    • (X2)
    • This was supposed to be incadence however I guess I was not loud enough.
  • Circle up and explain next work out teams 1 and 4 begin Ultimate frisbee
  • Teams 2 and 3 start workout of
    • Mosey down to School Drop Off and back to court and begin Exercise once you finish one exercise run back to school drop off then back for another (Much Confusion)
      • 20 Merkins
      • 20 Burpees
      • 20 Jump Squats
      • 20 Speed Skaters
      • 20 Carolina DryDocks
  • Each Round of Ultimate is 7 Minutes Continue that loop until the round is over. (Eventually this turned into 5 minute games)
  • Once the games finished up mosey to Circle and loop back to parking lot/COT
  • Plank it up for the 6 and …time.


The workout turned out to be very much confusing like much of my Q’s. Turned out better than expected though and I believe most of the PAX enjoyed the different style of workout. I should have Hired a referee in order to settle disputes on the field and call out fouls but I was on a budget.


March 23 Dash for Down Syndrome Speed for Need race see Rubbermaid for details

Thank you to Shop Dog for Taking us out.

Stuck in a Loop

8 Men showed up for an hour long run


Run a simple 1.25 mile loop that had some good hills.



I kept a nice 8:53 pace with Legal zoom for 6.61 miles. I also got a chance to talk with Legal zoom.

Transporter shows up late and still gets more miles than me!!!

Stump Hugger had to tap out early but thanks for letting us know you left.


Speed for Need: Dash for Down in Blakeney March 23rd

Thanks to Transporter for taking us out.


14 Pax Joined Me This morning for a real wet workout today. Makin sure to double wrap my winkie and and have my DiCC’S out of the Queso and ready for y’all this mornin. DiCC’S were given we had a few CPR trained (sadly no Bottle cap with his cherry flavored chap stick), 2 cellphones, disclaimer regarding the weather and driver visibility, and at least 1 headlamp or should I say flood light from dead wood.

The Thang:

  • Mosey to Covered area in front of school for warm up
    • 50 SSH’S
    • 40 LBC’S
    • 30 Mt. Climbers
    • 20 Imperial Walkers
    • 10 Merkins
  • Mosey down the streets that leads to Milbridge Pool
  • In parking lot …
    • Partner Carries
      • With 10 burpees at  curbs and switch partner (if possible)  
  • Line up into 2 lines for Indian run
  • 1 group on each side of the sidewalk Indian run w/ Burpee till end of road
  • Run to school wall and begin to…
    • 50  Wall Sit  Jabs OYO
    • 40  Wall Sit  Air Presses OYO
    • 30  Wall Donkey Kicks OYO Merkins
    • 20  Wall Keg Stands OYO Burpees
    • 10  Mike Tyson’s OYO
      • (Marry for the 6)
  • Mosey to School Playground Parking Lot
  • Line up on 1 end of parking lot and begin
    • 50  Squats
    • 40  Freddie Mercury’s
    • 30  Speed Skaters (15 each side)
    • 20 Carolina Dry Docks
    • 10 Burpees (Burpees till 6 finishers their 10)
  • Mosey to Beginning of street next to soccer field
  • Begin at the first light post
    • 10 Burpees
    • 10 Jump Squats
    • 10 Peter Parker’s
    • 10 High Knee Jumps
    • 10 Lunges (To next light post)
      • 10 Jump Squats
      • 10 Peter Parker’s
      • 10 High Knee Jumps
      • 10 Lunges (To Next Light Post)
        • 10 Peter Parker’s
        • 10 High Knee Jumps
        • 10 Lunges (To Next Light Post)
          • 10 High Knee Jumps
          • 10 Lunges (To Next Light Post)
            • 10 Lunges (Circle for 6)

Suicides down the street using islands

End at the end of street then turn around and head back to COT where we did some plank work.

The Moleskin:

Thank You to all of you guys that posted this mornin you all pushed me and helped me get through it. A few audibles based on the weather. About half the Pax this mornin left the COT left the regular parkin lot and decided to park next to the covered area instead.( It left them with the walk of shame after COT.) Tried my best to always keep the 6 right there with us.


  • Dash for downs, March 21, see Rubbermaid for questions we still need volunteers to push chariots.
  • Daddy Daughter Dance go to to sign up as long as its not full already.
  • Thanks to Shop for taking us out.

Who wants Some more Mike Tyson’s?

10 Pax joined me today in the light drizzle of rain for a good ole’ workout today

Everyone gathers up for DiCC’S disclamer 1 cellphone 1 CPR certified a few with reflective gear and a few headlamps as well as the disclaimer to watch for traffic including buses, student drivers and teachers going to work. If I missed somthing don’t worry about my DiCC’S. 30 Seconds till art this time Centerfold came running in after he could not find DW and his crew. set my music up 3.2.1. Let’s Mosey  we moseyed a lap around middle school parking lot up to student drop off in front of middle school where we gathered for our warmup.

  • 25 SSH’S
  • 20 Merkins
  • Walk it up to toe touches
  • 15 Imperial Walkers

Mosey to bus drop off (stairs)

Partner up and explain workout (at this time who else showed up but our good ole’ friend Jingles)

First parner runs to the bottom of the stairs while the second parner begins the workouts

  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 Mike Tyson’s!!!
  • 300 Squats

When the first partner gets back they flip and repeat till finished.

The PAX were enjoying the Mike Tyson’s so much I was considering adding an extra 100.

When some PAX finished their 300 squats we began to marry till the last PAX finished the flipped that plan and helped the final team finish.

After we finished up we circled/lined for this next exercise 1 pax would pick a workout (most of the time it was their least favorite workout) that all the other PAX would have to do while the leading one ran down the stairs and back to the group and repeat till all the PAX go.

Next Mosey around the entire high school and regroup back at the stairs to collect any coats that had been left. After that line up and indian run from stairs past Transporters shead and back to middle school parking lot  45 seconds till 6:15 decided to plank it up until… time.

Thank You to all the pax who showed up this morning and supporting me. There seemed to be a few audibles but I’d say pretty good considering almost zero planning and no winkie.


  • Welcome to our New FNG Krypto
  • Daddy Daughter Dance See Gator Cub for details
  • Down Syndrome Speed for need Sign ups see Lt. Rubbermaid for details
  • Thank You to Mad Dog for taking us out.

Q School drop out GED version Q

15 Men came out for my Q. When checking who was on Q yesterday I was surprised to find out it was actually me. Figured I may want to plan something. I did not prepare a Winkie but had a plan none the less. Although Posse may disagree. So lets roll.

Quick DCCS check

D: Disclaimer – Stay Safe C: Cell Phone Doughboy C: CPR S: Safty we are in a parking lot watch for cars!

  • Mosey – To the Target parking lot via route behind Pet Smart.
  • Wedding singer rolling in late like Jingles knew where we were heading and linked up at Target.
  • 2nd Disclaimer not a Professional (this would be proven very soon) cant sue me or any business,  modify as needed
    • SSH x10
    • Imperial Walkers x20
    • Potato pickers x20
    • Merkins (not in cadence although the rest were not either it was a mess) x 10
  • More Mosey into the hood through a cul-de-sac, onto the sidewalk did not expect the down tree,  up around target and back to target.


  • Four Corners (not well defined where those corners were but it got worked out on the first round.
    • Corner 1 –  Merkines  x 10
    • Corner 2 – Low slow squats x 20
    • Corner 3 – Burpees x 10
    • Corner 4 –  Jump squats x 20
  • Rinse and repeat 4 times

Mosey again –  This time out in front of chick-fil and then back to Hickory Tavern.  A baseball bat was laying on the sidewalk not sure why looks like it may have been being used for more than baseballs.

  • Partner up
    • Partner 1 is running around hickory Tavern and then relieve partner 2 from combined workouts.
      • 100 dips
      • 100 step ups
      • 100 Derkins although some did Merkins
  • Time is up


  • Although my organization and cadence calling was not great it appears everyone got a good workout.
  • I register a 5K during the workout so we got some miles and 584 calories
  • Blue Screen had a recent Birthday and now that he is 60 he is very excited about 15% off on Kale and spinach at Harris Teeter on Tuesdays! Also at 60 he left me in the dust so extra respect brother.
  • during my warm up Posse and Recalculating were nice enough to point out some things that if I had showed up for recent Q school I would have known were wrong!
  • Although a couple of audibles some towards end to make adjustments for time. It appeared all involved were pretty well smoked and got a decent workout!!


  • Lazy Boy VQ tomorrow at Dromedary
  • Posse Saturday  Joe Davis Run March 9th choice of 1 mile 5k or 10k price goes up Feb 1st.  Posse is Q for Pursuit on Thursday to get some extra miles not looking for speed just get those miles.

Thanks to BlueScreen for Taking us out in Prayer.

Can you say that in a disclaimer?

Been thinking about this backblast the whole day, after all it is my ‘first time’, my “VQ”.  I need a catchy title..  But, as those of you who know me best, I’m the last to use vulgar references such as loosing one’s “V” card, the “popping” of prunus avium and other cheep, dirty and cliche references to an intimate act.  Such references are best left for cheesy frat movies and the dialogue of Michael J. Scott.  I on the other hand will take the high road.  I will only say this:  I lasted a full 60 minutes and never had to say I’m sorry.

The Thang:

Usual disclaimer given however YHC provided some further clarification “I’m from Jersey and if you sue me, I know a few guys, it wouldn’t be in your best interests”.  

Warm Up:

  • Mosey to Nesbit Circle.
  •   25 SSH IC,
  • 15 potato pickers IC,
  • 15 IW, 25 SSH IC. 
  • Bear crawl the circle. 

 What the.., did he just call a bear crawl less than 3 minutes in?  Yes he (YHC) did.

  • Mosey to the side of the school parking lot with the  basketball court. 
  • 10 Merkins, run to the end of parking lot,
  • 10 Bobby Hurleys, rinse and repeat 10X.
  • Mosey to Nesbit Drive. 
  • My version of Aiken Legs. 
  • 20 squats, 20 high knee jumps
  • 20 mountain climbers,
  • 20 lunges
  •  mosey to every 4th tree.  Repeat 5X.
  • Partner Up, similar speed, split group in half. 
  •  Group 1:  100 yd sprint race with partner. 
  • Group 2:  25 SSH IC.  Flap Jack, Rinse and Repeat 2X.  
  • Partner Up. P1, runs from circle to parking lot.
  •   P2 does dips.  Rinse and Repeat until each PAX completes 100 dips.
  • 25 Carolina Dry Docks, run from circle to parking lot.  25 LBC’s.  Rinse and Repeat 4X’s.  Finished with less than 30 seconds left.

Moleskin:  According to Rubbermaid’s wizardly, voodoo injected rectangular cube, we covered 3 miles.  We also did 1,000 reps:  100 SSH’s, 100 Merkins, 100 Bobby Hurleys, 100 squats, 100 high knee jumps, 100 mountain climbers, 100 lunges, 100 dips, 100 dry docks and 100 LBC’s. 

Rubbermaid, Tupperware, Jingles and Centerfold lead the pack.  During the first 100 yd sprint, YHC proved that even donkeys can leave others in the dust.  On the second 100 yd dash, Centerfold left YHC in the dust and being the gentleman that he is, said it was due to running ‘downhill’.  Of course it was, it had nothing to do with YHC’s lack of stamina.

The Q’s Winkie & Ball

Woke up real early this am in preparation for this Q trying to make sure everything worked out fine. Got there and began to gather my gear to bring to the stations, when Fuse rolled up from his long journey from The B&C to help provide gear and set up. We had parked right next to the stations in order to set up with the intent to move them to the regular parking area when we finished however some pax caught us a little early and before I knew everyone had.

The Thang:

11 Pax showed up today to truly become MEN

  • Meet up in center parking lot
  • Foundations thoughts “Rudy said he would be here to weigh in for the competition and hes not even here.”
  • Mosey up to the front of five stones then circle back to to the parking lot behind Mt. Chiseled
  • 25 SSH’S
  • (It was about this point Rudy came Moseying in after finding us )
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Monkey Humpers
  • Mosey to the 9 Stations and explain and demonstrate the workouts
  • Mosey to the opposite side of Mt. Chiseled and explain the Q-Ball
  • Then pair up/ break into 2 groups
  • One group Starts at the stations while the other group rolls the Q-Ball and do as said
  • The Q-Ball group is the timer and when they are done they run back to the stations and continue that rotation until you have completed all 9  stations
  • The Stations were
  1. American Hammers with Slam Ball (20LBS)
  2. Kettlebell Swings (25 or 35 LBS)
  3. Sumo Lift with Concrete Bucket (40LBS)
  4. Squat Press (30 or 35LBS)
  5. Curls (15, 20, 25LBS)
  6. Front/Lateral raises (15LBS)
  7. Single arm Rope Swing with Plank
  8. Truck Tire Flip (200LBS)
  9. Cinderblock Clean and Press
  • The Q-Ball Workouts were
  1. 20 Burpees
  2. 20 Merkins
  3. 30 Mountain Climbers
  4. 30 American Hammers
  5. 30 Sec. Side Plank X2
  6. 1 Min Air Wall Sit With Air Presses
  7. 20 Triceps Dips
  8. 15 Jump Squats
  9. 30 Freddie Mercury’s
  10. 15 High Knee Jumps
  11. 15 Jump Lunges
  12. Rollers Choice

Once the minutes began to tick by I had about 10 minutes left and decided to do one more rotation then just one more then everyone circle up and roll the Q-Ball a couple times and Time

The Moleskin:

Good job to every one today everyone did a great job and Welcome Double Doink “aka Double D”

A few audibles and a little confusion all in all I think it turned out to be pretty good.


Bible Study at five stones start back up next Wednesday at 6:30

The Weight loss competition has begun and good luck to everyone!

Game Time!!

Speed for Need is off and running in WUC Rubbermaid, Tupperware, and Tweetsie . Now we are called to step up and push Colin “The Game” Bender at the  Let Them Soar , launching from Christ Covenant Church
800 Fullwood Lane
Matthews, NC.



The purpose of the Let Them Soar 5K is to raise the funds necessary to operate the Recreational Day, School Day Out, and Summer Programs that The Exceptional Foundation of Charlotte offers to individuals with disabilities in our community. To date, The Exceptional Foundation of Charlotte has served over 50 individuals. Our participants come from the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County and surrounding counties. 100% of the funds raised from the 5K will be used for these stated purposes.

For more information about TEF Charlotte, visit


The MISSION of Speed for Need is to raise awareness and foster inclusion of those with a special need through participation in fitness events supported by the men of F3 Nation.

Track Commanders lead the way in every Speed for Need event. The synergy created between the Track Commanders, drivers, runners, and spectators helps:

  • raise awareness for social causes
  • encourage inclusion
  • connect Track Commanders with F3 Nation and the overall fitness community

The Track Commanders motivate us and others to step up, engage, and be servant leaders. So the question stands…

Who Pushes Who?

OTHER DETAILS: sign up under team name Speed for Need they can use the code TEFSOAR which gives a $10 discount.

  • MEETING POINT:  F3 Nation Speed for Needtent in event festival (look for the racing chairs!) Meet at 7:00 AM
  • DRIVER: Rubbermaid, Tupperware, and Tweetsie
  • TRACK COMMANDER (TC): Colin “The Game” Bender

If you have any questions, please reach out directly to myself via cell 704-572-7999. IT’S TIME TO RACE!


Blind Leading the Blind at the Floater in Waxhaw

22 wise guys showed up to force a blind man to lead them through downtown in the dark.


  • SSH x 20
  • IW x 20
  • Potato pickers x15
  • Merkin abort


The Thing

  • Mosey to the train bridge
    • 1 merkin cross bridge 10 burpee ladder
    • one way bridge run to the railroad crossing to get back
  • Already made Big Ten list 🙂
  • Mosey into traffic and on to Kim jong Hill
  • get a partner 1 partner runs other
    • 100 low slow squats
    • 100 LBC’s
    • 100 American hammer (i did not pick this but nice audible)
  • Run back up hill backwards
  • Back at the lot 2 sets of suicides to the light
    • Big ten tries to escape but is called out
  • Circle up and do various ab workouts dont remember what may have blacked out


Great workout even though i was forced to do my VQ I am glad to have it out of the way.  As expected my glasses did fog up but yet ya’ll followed me into the darkness!!!  Very upset to hear Big Ten is moving to Tampa he will be missed.

Name the FNG

So Eric Phillips did not join the pax when he was at Brier crest but after he moved on up to Lawson he has now come out for F3 in honor of moving on up.  He is now Weezy




7am sunday ACT’s 5 and 6

a make a wish on Sunday Bottle cap is going to put.  Although it is for a girl with terminal cancer it is an amazing event that is being organized. Our Family plans to take part.