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Danger Goats

Eight goats bolted from their typical grazing area and found thrills and chills via the Danger Zone. YHC rolled into the lot at 0508 with the mercury reading 24 and a windchill of 18 to find Nomad keeping warm in his vehicle. Considering the frigid conditions, YHC was wondering how many Pax would post. Lo and behold, more cars arrived, starting with Mountain Goat site-FNG Pro, then Joker, Drano, Lois and Tweetsie, and last, but never least, the incomparable Insomniac.


After the disclaimer and a quick warm up in the SCMS parking lot, we headed north to Highway 51. The herd turned left on 51, continued to Rea Road, looked both ways, crossed 51 and hoofed it up the Danger Zone. We continued on this stretch until 0600, at which time the Pax regrouped at Rea and 51. The goats headed back to SCMS and called it a morning. We added between 5.0 and 6.3 miles to our odometers.


  • Slim Fast asked YHC early in the week to Q this week’s Mountain Goat. I said yes without hesitation, something YHC quite honestly would not have done in my sad clown days. Thanks for tapping me to lead SF. He also gave me the opportunity to have input on the weinke, and that’s how we ended up hitting the Danger Zone. It seemed to be the right time for MG’s quarterly medium-distance run, and instead of heading to the greenway at Rea and Bevington, YHC thought it would be fresh and exciting to take MG somewhere new.
  • Great efforts put forth by all Pax this morning. Thanks to everyone for posting. It didn’t feel that cold once we got moving.
  • Manliest Pax of the Day Award goes to Insomniac for wearing shorts. YHC asked him how he was feeling 10 minutes in, to which he replied “I can’t feel my legs”. #frostbite
  • YHC took great care to wear my Buckeyes gear just for Dumpster Fire, but he was a no show. Drano explained that DF was home with a sick 2.0. #excusedabsence


10 Days Until Christmas

21 hardy Pax ventured into the chilly December gloom for a 1st F celebration.

After a Booyah-approved disclaimer, we moseyed to the church parking lot for COP to get the blood flowing.

COP: 15 SSH, 20 IW, 20 Low Slow Squats

Mosey to the school parking lot for the main event, a celebration of the fact Christmas is just ten days away.


1st day: One lap around parking lot

2nd day: 10 jump squats

3rd day: 10 derkins

4th day: 10 LBC

5th day: 10 merkins

6th day: 10 dollies

7th day: 10 dips

8th day: 10 mountain climbers

9th day: 10 flutter kicks

10th day: 10 burpees

Starting with the 1st day, the Pax worked their way up the Christmas tree by adding a new exercise after each lap around the parking lot. After carefully placing the tree topper on the 10th day, the Larry Birds made their way down the ladder, subtracting an exercise each time. Ye Olde Garmin checked in at precisely 2.0 miles at the conclusion of today’s workout.


  • YHC was originally scheduled to Q Peak 51 next week, but Dora requested a Q-swap on Sunday due to business travel. Little did YHC realize at the time, but switching weeks to December 15 presented the opportunity for a Christmas countdown workout. Being the numbers person that YHC is, 10 days with 10 reps was especially numerically satisfying. (OK, it’s really 9 days with 10 reps plus 1 lap, but then again 9+1=10). The symmetry of it all! And don’t forget the spreadsheets.
  • This workout was a good you vs. you challenge. It also allowed the Pax to keep moving on a 36 degree morning.
  • Hat tip to Smokey, who never takes a day, or even a rep, off. Smokey’s always flying around the AO and crushing any obstacle in his path, setting a great example for all to follow.
  • Manliest Pax of the Day Award goes to The Count, for wearing a short-sleeve shirt and shorts, Kudos and huzzah Count, you da man.
  • Thanks to Booyah and Sensei for giving me the opportunity to lead.


  • YHC has the Q tomorrow at Mountain Goat. 0515 launch at South Charlotte Middle School. Yes, it’s going to be cold, but we’ll overcome that by running. Join me, it will be great.

All’s Quiet at the Matrix

16 of South Charlotte’s finest gathered at one of Area 51’s most historic AOs to start the week off right. After a brief but legally sufficient disclaimer, the crew of grizzled veterans moseyed to the back parking lot for COP consisting of 20 SSH, 20 IW, 20 LSS, and 10 merkins.


  • Mosey to the far end of the soccer fields, find a partner, and pick up a cinder block (1 block per partnership/dynamic duo).
  • Partner 1 performs called exercise with block while Partner 2 runs across the field to the second light pole and back.
  • Flapjack until teams reach 100 combined reps for each block-xercise.
  • The Pax completed the overhead press, triceps extension, curl, flutter kicks with chest press, and merkins on the block.
  • Our testosterone levels were off the charts at this point, and several Pax began displaying Neanderthal-like behavior including: forehead block smash; howling at the moon; running into trees at full speed; partner body slams.
  • After order was restored, we moseyed to the track and prepared for partner core work.
  • Partner 1 performs called ab exercise while partner 2 runs a lap around the track, flapjack.
  • The Pax started with V-ups, moved on to the American Hammer, Freddie Mercury, dolly, and finished with heels to heaven. YHC’s abs were feeling good ‘n’ shredded right about then.
  • Mosey to the playground for a Matrix staple: 10 pull-ups, 20 derkins, 30 dips. Run down to and around the island in the school parking lot after completing each circuit. Repeat. Repeat once more.
  • We ended the 1st F portion of the program with five minutes of the People’s Chair. YHC called air presses, arms in front, and air presses again where the Pax successfully counted in unison.
  • Squid took us out this fine morning.


  • Mumblechatter was quite low from what YHC was able to gather. Analysis: either the Pax had a collective case of the Mondays (don’t you hate it when people say that), or the Weinke kept us moving and O2 deprived. Hopefully it was the latter.
  • The Matrix typically draws a strong contingent of Larry Bird types, and I didn’t want to feel their wrath disappoint. We covered 2.6 miles, picked up blocks a few hundred times, and did some other cool stuff.
  • Pop Tart was flying around the track like a man possessed. YHC thinks he was trying for the CR on this non-existent Strava segment.
  • #Qfail during the first attempt at air press counting during People’s Chair. Pax were all over the board – YHC heard “12,17, 31”. We figured it out the second time and finished strong.


Southern Discomfort: this Saturday, October 22nd, 0700 start at Charlotte Catholic High School

2016 Southern Discomfort – PreBlast


South Charlotte Christmas Party: Friday, December 2nd, 7:00PM – 11:30PM




Another Perfect Game?

19 of Area 51’s finest fitness fanatics ventured into the stifling pre-dawn Gloom for another edition of Peak 51.

The Thang 
After a relatively thorough disclaimer, the PAX moseyed to the parking lot behind MES for a quick COP consisting of 20 SSH and 20 IW.

Sweaty Starfish:

  • Merkins x 16
  • Mountain Climbers x 16
  • Carolina Dry Docks x 16
  • Low Slow Squats x 16
  • 16 LBCs in the middle of the star after each exercise
  • PAX complete 2 trips around the starfish

AMRAP Extravaganza:

Mosey to the playground within the small track for partner work.

  • Round 1: partner 1 AMRAP pull-ups; partner 2 runs a lap; flapjack
  • Round 2: partner 1 AMRAP merkins; partner 2 runs a lap; flapjack
  • Round 3: partner 1 AMRAP LBCs; partner 2 runs a lap; flapjack
  • Larry Bird Bonus: More pull-ups or merkins!


Mosey to the hill behind the baseball field and line up at the bottom for 7s, starting with 1 burpee at the top and 6 jump squats at the bottom, working our way up to 6 burpees up top and 1 jump squat down low. Yes, YHC knows we did this last week during Horsehead’s Q, but YHC liked it so much it was a no-brainer for today’s Weinke. Burpees are one of YHC’s least favorite exercises, but as the saying goes, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Mosey to home plate and line up for an AYG around the bases in honor of our brother Sensei’s trip to Iowa for the Beepball World Series.

Mosey back to launch point for four-ish minutes of PAX-led Mary, which included the flutter, dolly, protractor and Freddie Mercury.

Strong takeout by Booyah to wrap it up.

Naked Man Moleskine

Lacking many notable memories from this morning’s workout, YHC undertook a bit of internet research to help fill this space. After checking to see which historical events took place on July 28 (U.S. recognition of the metric system in 1866, #kilometers), YHC discovered that two of Major League Baseball’s 23 perfect games occurred on this date. On July 28, 1991, Dennis (#ElPresidente) Martinez of the Montreal Expos retired all 27 batters he faced without allowing a baserunner. Kenny Rogers threw a perfect game while pitching for the Texas Rangers on July 28, 1994. Will there be another perfect game to add to the list in 2016? It’s doubtful since the Indians have an off day, and the analytics guys in the front office say no, but it would be amazing nonetheless. #CarnactheMagnificent

Today’s VT recipients for outstanding athletic dominance are Orange Whip and Smokey. Congrats gentlemen, well done. Excellent work by all PAX in attendance this morning, pushing through the muggy conditions and really getting after it.

Thanks to Booyah and Sensei for the opportunity to lead.



  • Area 51 / SOB Pool Party is Saturday, August 20 from 4-7PM at Candlewyck Pool. Pool Party

Painfully Simple

21 Pax escaped the comfort of the fartsack in favor of a Death Valley downpainment.

The Thang

After the obligatory disclaimer was given and no FNGs were spotted amongst the Pax, we moseyed to the daycare center parking lot for a quick COP.
SSH x 20
IW x 15

Next, the Pax moseyed to the playground at Davie Park for 5 rounds of circuit work.
Each circuit consisted of:
Pull-ups x 10
Derkins x 20
Jump-ups or step-ups x 20
Lap around parking lot

We moseyed back to the daycare center lot, at which point YHC called an audible. The Weinke called for a triple nickel on Rising Meadow, but we were running short on time for a trek of that magnitude (and YHC was running short on O2 and leg strength). Instead, we went with 5 merkins at one end of the lot, 5 jump-squats at the other end, repeat 5 times (someone called this the triple penny or the triple cent as the lack of a hill disqualified it from triple nickel status). The Pax moseyed to the far end of the SCMS parking lot and lined up along the light pole for two rounds of suicides. We finished the running portion of the program with sprints from the far light pole to the last basketball goal. Joker showed off his 4.3 40 yard dash speed and rumor has it that he’ll be competing with Ted Ginn, Jr. for the Panthers’ kick return job during training camp.

The Pax concluded the workout with 3 MoM, which included flutters, LBCs, the dolly, Freddie Mercury, and the Chief, a brutal abdominal shredder led by Dollywood.


YHC had two goals in mind when planning this Weinke: keep it simple and make it painful. It was definitely painful for YHC, and I hope the rest of the Pax had similar feelings. YHC immediately regretted setting out for Davie Park this morning as it stirred memories of yesterday’s Fast Twitch beatdown at the hands of Baracus. For me, the battle at an F3 workout is as much mental as it is physical. How far am I willing to push myself? How much discomfort will I endure? Fortunately, YHC was surrounded by a great group of iron-sharpeners that pulled me through today. I didn’t hear a great deal of today’s mumblechatter, so sound off in the comments if you have anything to share. Apologies to Donkey Kong for losing him on the return trip from Davie Park, he passed by after we had started the triple penny. It was great to have Zipadee join us this morning.

Please email Joker ( if you’re able to join him at Alexander Youth Network on Saturday, May 7th from 4-5PM.

Night with the Knights is Saturday, May 14th:

Thanks to Semi-Gloss for taking us out. Thanks to Semi-Gloss and Dollywood for the opportunity to lead at Death Valley.

#DRP at the Peak

11 PAX made the right decision and started the day with a journey around the Peak 51 AO.

The Thang

Mosey to parking lot behind school for COP.


  • SSH x 20 (IC)
  • Merkins x 10 (OYO)
  • IW x 20 (IC)
  • Diamond merkins x 10 (OYO)
  • Mountain climbers x 20 (IC)
  • Wide-arm merkins x 10 (OYO)

Mosey to track/playground area for circuit work.

PAX complete 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 20 LBCs, then run a lap. Rinse and repeat 3 times.

Mosey to the Greenway and continue until reaching Fountain Rock Park. Partner up.

Round 1: partner 1 step-ups until partner 2 returns. Partner 2 runs to benches, performs 20 dips, runs back to partner 1. Flapjack.

Round 2: partner 1 LBCs until partner 2 returns. Partner 2 runs to benches for 20 derkins, runs back to partner 1. Flapjack.

Mosey to the hill behind the softball fields for 7s. Burpees at the top of the hill, squats at the bottom.

Mosey to the wall near the basketball courts for this week’s installment of the People’s Chair.

  • Round 1: PAX grab some wall, hold through a count of 50, recover.
  • Round 2: People’s Chair with 50 air presses, recover.
  • Round 3: People’s Chair with 50 chest presses, recover.

Mosey around the side and front of the school back to launch point for PAX-called Mary. We engaged in a solid variety of core work, including the dolly, flutter, heels-to-heaven, protractor, Russian twist and Rosalita, with cadence en español under Drop Thrill’s guidance.

Smokey took us out with a great prayer.

Naked Moleskin

There was not a great deal of mumblechatter this morning (at least not that I heard), so I’m going to take that as a sign the PAX were sufficiently challenged by the Weinke.  Smokey and Simba were leading the pack throughout the morning. I was confused when I looked across the COP and saw Simba doing IW when I called for SSH, but later deduced it was a modification to protect his recently healed paw. Or he may have been playing #refusenik to mess with the first-time Q. Extra credit awarded to Booyah and Slim Fast for their pre-run.


Thanks to Geraldo and Slim Fast for handing over the keys and giving me the opportunity to lead.