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Slobbering Dogs @ Impromptu

PAX:  13 Strong – BC, Stubhub, Foundation, Dasher, Rockwell, Mad Dog, Spitz, Recalc (R), Finch, FuseBox, Gatorcub (R), MB

Since I was unable to secure enough Yoga Mats, my fountain would have froze, and most importantly I do not know and have never done yoga, the normal old fashioned beat down workout was attempted.  March Madness is upon as 13 PAX welcomed me and the balmy 27 degree temps for my VQ.  Unfortunately our beloved celebrity Longhorn was unable to join as he was actually working March Madness.  Also made the drive lonely.   And according to Thursday’s Groupme, you all love numbers so he we go…

Warm-up – Disclaimer and apologizing upfront for any pain inflicted and poor counting skills.

  • Lap Taken
  • Plank it Up
  • Merkins x 20
  • SSH x 20
  • Potato Pickers x 10
  • Imperial Walkers x 10

The Thang – And off we go:

  • Off to the Light poles – 10 plank jacks + 10 mountain climbers each stop – planking til group completes (thank you Dasher and BC)
  • Hit the Wall at Transporter’s office (when he joins us again) – 32 air press + 16 punches + 8 Mike Tysons × 2 in cadence and my pathetic counting
  • Grab a Rock (limited complaining) some have “compensation issues as there was also a possible walk of shame for rock exchange”   – 20 curls, 20 presses,10 skull chrushers x 4
  • More Rock- 16 LBCs (with rock) and 16 alternating merkins x 4
  • Mosey to the HS parking lot for a little cardio bypassing the track (since some people break stuff) – Wind sprints w/ 10 tuck jumps +  10 Bobby/Danny Hurleys (there you go Finch) on return at each island
  • Jog to High School Portico for 25 dips, 25 step ups and 25 in outs
  • Mosey back to start as time expires to 6:15 AM ON THE DOT>>>>

     Wrap up and Prayer:  Quick Thank You for allowing me to lead after being persistently bugged by PAX whose actual job is Sales and then being Voluntold to lead.  Announcements, and MD took us out in Prayer.


I first wanted to thank everyone who came today and the opportunity to lead.   I was unable to work in a few things but those can be saved for next time.  In honor of March Madness, I was hoping to work in the #123 in honor of the number of wins Rick Pitino had to vacate but maybe next time.

It was good to see Spitz back for another round (sorry I missed the first)

Was a good group of guys who stuck together through a rough and cold morning.

The rocks were challenging, Recalc, Dasher, MD, BC, Gatorcub and others chose the motto go big or go home.   We all were ready to go home after that exercise segment.   Also Mad Dog looked like rolled all over and around the dirty rock, just like a dog would do.


Commitment Saturday at Weddington

Bible Study on Sunday at 7:30 Lawson Mill House – led by BC

Request to assist a family in need in Indian Land with some yard maintenance (unsure the date)

Snowbirds are back!!! – Impromptu Monthly AMRAP

With the temps rising a bit this week it looks like the migration of the Snowbirds has begun – shout out to Foley, Dasher and Legal Zoom for packing up their OldmasBuicks and  leaving the comfy confines of Boca Del Vista to make the trip North for the summer.

Warm-up: Quick Mosey around the parking lot and then headed to preview the course. Stop at rock station -SSH, Stop by BearCrawl station – Merkins, Transporters Office – Cherry Pickers, BB Court – LS Squat, Light post – 5 Burpees.

Our Monthly AMRAP – 30 minute timed – roughly .4 Mile circuit with the various stations.  *Top past performers were “handicapped” with large cinder block vs lifting rock

As a Q – not much to do with this one but gather everyone to the starting spot and hit start for the timer.  Results were impressive:

BottleCap – 5.1 Laps – Dude continues to crush it – even with the added handicap and suspect Donkey form
Toast – 4.3 Young Fella came of the courts to crush the course. I can’t have a young gun besting me – so I’ll need to deduct .2 #russianjudge
RunFlat -3.1 – No Flats here – had on the low profile sport tires today
Old MacDonald – 3.5 Continues to practice on the farm chasing Chickens and herding the goats – good work
Yo Adrian – 2.5 – sets an impressive baseline to improve upon for the string of sequals
GoodFella – 2.5 – Plays the Mickey today offering encouragement “You’re going to eat lightning and you’re going to crap thunder!”
Doughboy – 4.1 – Ran this course like some buttermilk biscuits were coming out of the oven – Don’t get in his way
Foley – 4.0 – Back from Boca Del Vista – logs an impressive number – pissed because he left the white loafers in FLA
Hooch – 4.3 – Was wondering how he would do without his partner in crime – but sends a clear msg to Longhorn “Champions are made in the offseason”
StubHub 4.4 – StubHub turns down a huge contract from CrossWit to stay and Play for the #BallPit – drops the hammer on the course
Foundation 4.4 – Not bothered by the Handicap – puts Photoshop on hold, sends all important work calls to VM and busts up the course
BeltWay – 3.1 – Didn’t seem to be stuck in traffic today – making impressive ground – left turn signal on>>> looking to get in the fast lane
Dasher – 4.4 Boca Del Vista’s finest – drinks secret potion of prunes, livermush and Flax seed oil he scored off the shuffleboard crew – announces his presence

Das Boot – 4.3  Turns down running workout and Cabella’s – forgets headband and still lays down an impressive score.

Legal Zoom – 4.3  No need for practice – quietlylays down a 4.3 on his firt go round.  Can be heard mumbling – wonder if we could get this many PAx to come to Cool Runnings

Fuse Box 4.1 – Part of the Clydesdales making noise on the course today.  Went without the towel to cut down on the extra drag.  Impressive results

Spam 3.3 –  relative newbie posts an impessive number – doesnt lose his cookies #restinpeaceorville

Rose  3.3 – Continues to post, ride in the clown car and learn from the AMRAP Master – BC.  No Whinning here

I’ll update the xls once Hollywood recovers from the flu so you can see past resutls

Pleasure leading this great crew today – everyone was pushing, encouraging and pulling brothers along.


BroOlympics – tomr Wedd Track – 6am/Spagetti Dinner Fundraiser March 3rd


Flash – “Dance” It’s Raining Men

21 fine men left the comfort of a warm bed to join in some exercise and entertainment.  Cantore had been brewing most of sunday and into the morning; so decision was made to pull out an oldy -but-goody covered workout.

Warm-up – Mosey to front of Middle School – SealJacks, PeterParkers, Cherry Pickers, and Merkins

Thang – The Sandwich/Menu Board of Moderate Pain.  Could go ala-carte but decided on some combo platers

Combo Platter#1 – 5-10-15-20  Dips, Derkins, Step ups of each with 2 burpees at end of round – 4 rounds total of 50

Combo Platter#2 – NCAA Wall 64 Peoples Chair Arm Press/32 Donkey Kicks/16 Bobby Hurley’s/8 wall slaps/4 Hand Stand Merkins/12 Bobby Hurleys

Combo Platter#3  5-10-15-20 Squats/lunges/air press/Merkins/LBC/Dolly/Superman/Flutter – flagpole or lap after each round

Combo Platter#4 – 10 Minutes of It’s Raining Men – 1 Long Jump/5 Merkins/10 Split Jumps/20 SSH – rinse and repeat until 10 is up.

Mosey to car – name o’rama – announcements (3rd F tonite Brooklyn Pizza/ Bro Olympics/Deflated healing)

Q took a cliff-notes version of Q school much to the fun loving jabs of the Pax

Some idle chatter early on- but by Combo Platter#4 had some serious impact.  Music choice was wildly successful with the Pax calling for more songs from the Weather Girls. (Note – I Just purchased “I’m Gonna Wash that Man Right out of My Hair” for the next rainy day Q)

MoneyBall and Hollywood gave the best effort on the dance front today. These guys would have fit in like champs in the 80’s – with their roach killer shoes, skinny leather ties and parachute pants. #80srock


40 Minutes of Hell

15 Men resisted the temptation for fried chicken at Waverly to endure “40 Minutes of Hell” on the mean courts of Cuthbertson Middle at Impromptu this morning.  There was ample chatter before the start; faces, legs and hands were even visible.  The higher temps a welcome sign for many – although Deflated keeps his streak intact of most consecutive days wearing a tobaggan (yea – thats a winter hat for all of you Yankees).

Pax – Gatorcub, Doughboy, Posse, Bottlecap, Finch, Xerox, Popeye, Olde Macdonald, Tooth Decay, Deflated, MoneyBall, Foundation, Great Pumpkin, Rockwell and yours truly Recalculating as QIC.


Typical warmup

ssh, mnt climb, IW, merkins, cherry pickers.  Points were deducted by the Russian judge for incorrect IW call out.

Mosey to front of the middle school for 15-20-25.  Designed as some strength training – running would come later.

15 Dips, Decline Merkins, Bobby Hurleys – 20Dips, Decline Merkins, Bobby Hurleys, 2Dips, Decline Merkins, Bobby Hurleys.  All done in perfect cadence

The Thang – Head to basketball court

pair up at each basket.  P1 performs prescribed exercise while P2 does a “basketball” lap = Sprint the long sideline, side shuffle the baselines and backward run.sprint other sideline.

started with 150 Squats

When finished as a group gather on the sideline for 17’s (sideline to sideline sprint for a minute) goal is to go sideline to sideline for 17 touches.  This was last done in HS basketball practice – so wasn’t sure what to expect -Bottlecap and Moneyball got close on the fist sprint

REPEATED this cycle several more times with 150 Carolina Dry Docks, LBC’s, Planks, Freddy M’s and bear crawls..  All total I believe we got in 7 – 17’s

Had the makings of a march madness beat down – lots of winded brothers bent over tugging on their Stockton’s.

Some mumble chatter on the last set that we needed to get back to cars – tells me Pax were done with 17’s

Mosey to the parking lot  by 6:15

Pleasure to lead this great group.  All Pax were impressive in the gloom.

Announcements – New Waverly AO, Thursday WaterTower is on final approval for “Official”.  Kind of funny how Waverly was fast-tracked for approval for Official AO.  I sense some payola going on back at corporate.  Maybe some Peruvian Chicken was exchanged – this has Doc McStuffins written all over it.

Father -Daughter Dance and Meme Moment.  Mark this Moment is the event.  See Gatorcub for details and limo ride to the event.  Damascus – be sure to tip the bar for each glass of Merlot.