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The Holyfield

Something just didn’t feel right that last part of 2018….couldn’t put my finger on it..oh, we were all missing the Impromptu Monthly Amrap. What better time to kick this off than in Dryuary and help everyone get on track with their New Year’s resolutions.

The site Q’s met with distinguished course designer @Bottlecap to get some input on a new location and route. With that we introduce to you – “The Holyfield”

20 Men showed up at Cuthyb Middle. Quick Mosey to the High School back entrance>>> slow lap around the course to get everyone acclimated to the new course and exercises

  • up stairs to wall for 20 – yes 20 Mike Tyson’s
  • down walkway – up hill to tennis courts – 20 Derkins
  • path to back of HS – 20 Step Ups
  • to Benches – 20 Dips
  • to circle – Rock Carry
  • to path towards HS buses – Bearcrawl to light post
  • lightpost – 10 Bobby Hurley’s
  • Burpee counter – rinse – repeat

This is a race against yourself – get faster, stronger over the course of the year. Thank the usual suspects for setting a fast pace, the newcomers for going at it the first time and everyone else for getting your arses out of bed and doing what 99.999% of all the other men across the land didn’t do this morning – woke up for an unkown challenge and busted their butts.

Name LapsLast Obstacle
BoBerry2Rock Carry
Chicken Little3Mike Tysons
Dancing Bear3Mike Tysons
FuseBox2Rock Carry
Legalized2Rock Carry
Posse2Bear Crawl
Recalculating3Rock Carry
Xerox2Rock Carry

Shout out for all the Bday wishes and inspirational photos sprinkled around campus –

Thankful for this great group of men that inspire me and put up with this old curmudgeon…..


Prayers up for Hooch’s son, Ray’s Father inlaw, Lynn Marie Longo

QSchool this Saturday – 6:30 at Cuthby – Posse

Qsource at Coffeteria – Golden Arches – 6:30 after Committment.

Breakfast Special & Teamwork

14 men endured the Carolina ice age for some a breakfast board beatdown and some much needed teamwork. Checked the weather app to see a nice balmy 22 degree morning for Watchtower – with that I knew I needed to keep the PAX moving to fire up the heart rate.


Circle up in front of Hickory Tavern for a quick hot lap and some DCCS


  • 25 SSH
  • 10 LSS
  • 15 Mtn Climbers
  • 10 Merkins
  • 5 Burpees on your Own

Breakfast Specials

Flipped the Sandwich board to make a Breakfast Special’s board which was waiting of the PAX at the Hickory Taver Entrance. On the board were five exercises, each with a 20 rep count. Progressive with lap in between.. Ex (Do excercise 1 lap – then exercise 1 & exercise 2 – lap.. until all five exercise. Total would yeild 300

  • Step Ups
  • Speed Skaters
  • Derkins
  • Mountain Climbers
  • SSH

Pick up a coupon (slam balls) – in groups of 3 – pass ball back and forth until we made it to the Target parking lot. Some confusion on Indian run vs simply pass the ball back and forth down your line. Next time Q will be more clear.


Aside from his outstanding man to man defense – Hurley holds several assist records. The theme here was to work on our teamwork and passing skills while also getting some defensive work in. Partner up in teams of 3 each with a Slam Ball.

P1 and P2 – Pass Slam Ball chest pass down the top section of the lot. At each end P1 20 Ball Slams/P2 20 BH’s… Chest Pass Ball Slam back and flip flop. Timer is P3 who is doing a long lap around Target Parking Lot with 5 Bomb Jacks at each corner. P3 replaces P1….

Saw several groups working hard on this section…

Now – the teamwork – Bear Crawl Passes. In Bear Crawl position pass the slam ball back and forth until you reach the end of the aisle -rinse and repeat until P3 gets back. Extra Credit – Foundation added in the three man weave for those familiar with the layup passing drill..

Pick up the 6 and start to head back. Slam Ball Burpee for every tree (7) – pass ball between teammates.


Announcements – Q School Saturday 26th – See Principal Posse for details

Was a little nervous using the slam balls -especially when I was pulling in to see the PDS Clown Car rolling in with 4. Wasn’t sure if there would be enough slam balls for the crowd.

Extra Credit – Chickelittle on the pre-run- was solo and looked to be moving fast. Most likely will be fielding lots of calls today from the poultry community for the unsafe temps.

Gerber must live on a really really BIG LOT that requires sprinting to the mailbox as he was moving out fast on the Target laps

Is Zin leaving the Clydesdales behind for good? Has been moving out fast – now has a pacer in Gerber…

PDS Crew – OneStar, Boytano, AssCrack and LazyBoy were getting after it. Also must have shopped together at Dick’s for all the long underwear, coats, scarfs and gloves….

Kudo’s to ShowGirl – sporting the shorts… extra points from the Q.. great work – way to get after it

RubberMaid and Foundation discussing some really deep topics- maybe they thought this session was Tea Time? Lots chatter – but I am sure the were getting after it

MadDog and Posse with the Blue Balls today – working good together as a team. Glad to have you back MD – Posse – thanks for helping coral the players who wanted to leave practice

Dana – Dude did the Gremlin on Saturday, Double-Posted Yesterday and still made it out today. Word has it he’s trying to “bank” some posts so that he can “PostYesPost” while he is on an extended business trip.

As always my pleasure to serve this great group of guys. The winter gloom can play tricks on the mind and promote fartsacking. Reach out to those who you haven’t seen in a bit. Keep Derek in mind as what he is doing requires a lot of effort and patience….ShopDog going through tough period as well..let’s reach out to him.

Foggy Gloom Tour

21 enterprising men got out of bed, paddled through the fog and landed at Marvin HS/MS for a tour of the campus. I’ll admit it’s been a few months since I posted at Dromedary so I had to dig deep to remember all the pain stations and routes that are available. This is a tough crowd to please because it pulls in some SOB/WUC speed racers who like a fast pace. Good to see some familiar faces as well as some of the new PAX I haven’t had a chance to catch up with

Pre-Disclaimer Given – There has been a lot of focus on trying to keep all the Pax safe. Hats off to the newly Nantanned WUC Leaders for making this a priority – Amazon has been busy delivering reflective gear and headlamps.


Quick lap aroudn the parking lot top loosen up the joints

30 SSH/10 Imperial Walkers/15 LSS/15 Merkins – demonstration of the BH – 5 on your own – I saw Hollywood’s version of the BH – not sure how much BB he has played….

The Thang

  • Indian Run to Middle School Cafe – Goodfella took a quick pace..had to settle him down a bit
  • Dips, Derkins and Step-up combo – 4 sets as follows 5 reps, 10 reps, 15 reps and 20 reps – Burpee in between sets. This usually gets the heart rate up. I know it’s a good one when I hear a “Seles” out of BottleCap.
  • Indian Run to side cove/wall
  • 64 Chair Press/32 Donkey Kicks/16 Bobby Hurley’s/8 Wall Slaps/4 Hand Stand Dips/2 Burpees – I had strategically placed the basketball that Bobby Hurley used in 8th grade at this station – to remind us of his greatness.
  • Partner Bear Crawl around parking spaces. – Seemed like a good idea.. however… idea was P1 starts BearCrawl – P2 runs short lap and tag in..continue around the spaces. I must have confused myself and my partner who didnt get enough “shut-eye”. Shout out to Legalized – BearCrawl not that easy for the taller guys – he was grinding
  • Mosey to World Circle – Pari up in teams of 3. P1 at far light does squats P2 at light does Burpees – timer is P3 who kicks in with a sprint. Noticed Deflated has his wheels back – Foundation, Rubbermaid, Boytano crushing this section as well
  • head back to cars with 2 BombJacks at each light – Dana was cranking it out in prep for the Gremlin
  • 2 minutes of Mary


Announcements – Prayers UP at 7pm for Longo Family as LynnMarie is battling breast cancer. Take a moment from dinner and pray with your family.

Keep the momentum with “Safety First” approach. Call out to The Grease Monkey – we picked him up at 5:31 and he then hammered the Indian Run. Shout out to RunFlat who I haven’t seen in a bit, same with Bouche, Soft Pretzel. Not sure how Boytano made it there sole…PDS ditch.

New guys I haven’t had a chance to connect with – Endo, LazyBoy and Centerfold – great work – need to connect and get to know you.

As always the Dromedary crew nailed it – Rockwell, Hollywood and Bratwurst, GoodFella

BottleCap took us out. Pleasure is mine> to lead a great group of men in the gloom

Hurley’s Revenge

The day after Thanksgiving is always a challenge to post; too much food, booze, and souffle’s in the last 24hrs. The workout was pushed back to 6:30 to allow for some extra sleep and Transsporter shed pre workout type activities. Then old man winter came to town – with temps in the freezing zone it looks like most folks decided a dutch oven fartsack was just what their wives wanted –

With that 11 strong posted for some post gobble gobble fun and a tribute to the greatest basketball player to hail from the garden state – Bobby Hurley.
Warm up – Quick mosey around the lot
Hurley wore #11 so warm up’s to 11
ssh, imperial walker, merkin, mountain climbers and then dugans. A basic how to of the bobby hurley was demonstrated.

The Thang
Head over to middle school cafe for 11’s of Dips, Derkins and step ups.
Start with 11 for the group of 3, then 10 , then 9 –rinse and repeat all to 1

Head to the bb court.
Sideline to sideline – round 1 – 15 touches in 1 minute
round 2 – 13 touches and then round 3 try for 10 or 11.
That got the heart pmuping

Head to the HS gym entrance for March Madness. Hurley went to 3 Final Fours – so this would round would celebrate the NCAA tourney.
64 chair Air press
32 Donkey Kicks
8 Mike Tysons
4 Knee Slaps
2 Burpees

Head to front of High School
Partner up – 3 Rounds
P1 – 11 Step Ups while P2 does a hot lap>>>>>exchange is 11 hand slap merkins

Mosey to side of HS
Repeat NCAA Tourney in rapid fashiom

Mosey to front of Middle School
5 burps>>>>hot 1/2 lap
4 Burps>>>1/2 lap


thankful for this group that braved the cold and calorie spike. NO amount of exercise could make up for the pumpkin pie overload but this go the blood flowing. shout out to deadwood for stalking us with the drone – looking to get some good marketing material for us —-let us know what social channel that is on so we can promote!!!
Announcements – f3 SOB/WUC xmas party 11/30 – Effies Dec Friday 7th Briarcrest = Big Lots, new book for bible study – how to lead for men, Business Clothes donation for COTS and bring winter gear (hats, gloves, socks, coats) for Charlotte Men’s Shelter – Dancing Bear will be collecting – along with all the toiletries that you can steal on business trips.

5K Mosey – Remote Koman

So I put out on the social media wire that we would be remotely participating in the Koman Race for a Cure series by starting with a 5K mosey….Arrived at site and found a good crew of 10 total (recent FNG DoubleStuff is not in the system yet).
I announced mosey 5K and got a few looks….. We ran a few laps around millbridge circuit and all ended up with close to the 3.1M mark – some ran further – some took a visit to Transporters office. Hats off to Popeye for encouraging his 2.0’s to give it their best effort.

Gather in circle
SSH, Merkin, cherry/potato/dugan/pickers

Knowing that our F3 Brothers would be doing their fair share of pushing the cycles…
Gather on street by 1st parking lot. Partner up with similar partner weight.
-Alternating Partner Push up the hill all the way to Kennsington Drive –
-Alternating Partner Pulls down the hill to entrance to school

Mosey to parking lot at School for Sun Dial
-Gather in cirlce: first person into the center performs a set: 1 broad jump, 5 merkins and 20 SSH
Rotate clockwise so everyone has turn in the center
-Perform second series with: broad jump/5 speed skaters/ 10 Squats
-Perform third and final series with: broad jump/3 merkins/5 mountain climbers

Mosey back to the parking lot

Some surprised looks on the Pax when I said 5K mosey to star the workout….but all rallied and finish the 3.1 trek.
Mostly a mix of Clydesdales, workhorses and a few young gun speed skaters. All in all a solid effort by everyone. We all know someone that has been affected by cancer/especially breast cancer. My mother and sister are both breast cancer survivors – I know we have a few Pax that have lost their mothers to this disease. Pray for those that are struggling with the disease and for those that have passed away. Big round of respect for our F3 Nation that was in Uptown supporting the cause.

The Anti Run

24 brave men disregarded all emergency storm warnings and evacuation orders to post at Impromptu this morning. While there may have seemed to be some confusion around the actual Q in charge – all was smoothed over and the initial mosey went off without a hitch.
Warm Up
Mosey to front of middle school
SSH, Dugans, MTN Clmbr, Merkin, LSQ

Head to back of school by the picnic tables for triple nickle 25/20/15
25 Derkins/step ups/Bobby Hurley’s
20 Derkins/step ups/Bobby Hurley’s
15 Derkins/step ups/Bobby Hurley’s
if finished before six continue to 10
– saw some speed skaters take it down to 10* while we waited on the six (no man left behind)
*a good way that some at the front of the pax can push themselves

Short mosey to the bball courts:
15’s – sideline to sideline for a minute – try to get 15 touches
Bear Crawl to halfway across court – jump to burpee the other half – return
We did 2 rounds

lateral side shuffle around the entire court – stop to do Hurley’s
Back to 15’s
lateral side shuffle,this time stop at each basket and do 10 merkins

Short Mosey to the football field for 100’s/75’s/50’s/25’s
Run football field to goal line 100 SSH suicide back
Run 75 yards – 75 mountain climbers – suicide back
Run 50 Yards – 50 LBC’s
Run 25 Yards – plank up or something

Return to parking lot – finish

With Ignition and Pursuit having good numbers this week my thought was to scale back the mileage a bit. Plan was to hit the aerobic threshold by doing short burst-type moves.
Again it’s a pleasure to lead or Q Jack a workout with such an outstanding group of men, community leaders and servants..
Call out to everyone for pushing through today
Gear Workout soft launch on Wed @ Five stones – bring your old cement or sand filled plastic weights
Supplies for Dancing Bear

Be safe this weekend – monitor news channel for any help with our brothers or in the community. Do post in the playhouse if the power goes out – will need some shenanigans to pass the time.

Cone Drill gone Wrong

20 PAX showed up at Impromptu for a humidity filled session of confusion and work. Confusion right out of the gate as HalfBack thought he was on Q. Maybe there was some confusion on decoding Millennial. We’ve got it ironed out and HalfBack is on Impromptu Q 4 Fridays from last Thursday, but skip a week for the holiday.

Warm-up – Promptly at 5:30:00 (chalk one up for the Q)+1
Mosey to front of the middle school
20 SSH
15 Cherry Pickers
15 Low Slow Squat
15 Merkins
10 Mountain Goats – for some reason this new entrant intot the warm-up was not feeling the love (-1)

The Thang
consists of a 4 exercise “bundle” (Dips, Derkin, Burpee and LBC’s)
Do 10 of the “bundle”, then 15 of the “bundle” and then 20 of the “bundle”
Pax seemed to catch on after some initial mumble chatter – but it faded (+1)

Mosey to back of middle school – stop at tables by Cafe- then jail break to the corner of the school just past the dips benches.
The order would align the partner work. First one in paired with last on in and so on

The AMRAP has been in the closet for the past few months so I thought it was timme to start bringing it back to life. My thought was to bring it back in sections > with today’s attempt hoping to last 20 minutes.

Now to the BearmudaTriangle/Line
Was supposed to be pretty simple – however the football field was off limits so had to change it up on the fly.
This is what ensued:

This is what it should have looked like –
P1 runs to the dip bench area – does 5 Bobby Hurley’s and then 5 Dips – runs back to Triangle
P2 bear crawl to cone 1 – do 1 burpee. bear crawl to cone 2 – 2 Burpees. Bear Crawl to cone 3 – 3 burpess. Each time you finish cone three that counts as a round. The goal was to have a mini competition and count rounds. (Q fail -5)

Cut losses
Mosey to cut out for partner work
100 squats
150 Crab Cakes

5:15 End (Q+1)

Welcome FNG Davis Mcowsky (sp) – another jersey escapee – comes from Rahway (known for route 1/9 and a prison) – F3 name = Dufresne (silent s fellas) from the Tim Robbins charracter in Shawshank redemption Andy Dufresne.

COTS – August 5th – let Lou know – we’ll meet up and clown car to Uptown
Brooklyn Pizza – 3rd F Monday’s 7:30 or check with ShopDog for the correct time
Bible Read – church offic off of cutherbertson Sunday’s 7am – check with Lou

So stoked to get the chance to confuse/lead a great group of men thorugh the morning gloom. All put in a great effort today and were very adaptable…
Welcome back Brexit!!!! Good to see Wild Turkey making Impromptu stops…

Just a reminder that it’s never too early to start thinking about the Efffffee Awards… keep your favorite Q in charge in mind.. vote early and vote often…

Your vote counts

Breaking promises for a Burpee Free Q

My Q rotation generally lines up with a Cantore – aka rain, which generally has me scrambling to come up with an indoor routine (1 routine that I use all the time “sandwich board”) and somewhat unprepared for an outdoor workout. No rain this morning; I quickly surveyed my garage for some potential props for use at the floater. I came upon the “Hurley bag” – AKA basketball mesh bag filled with various things – 6 smelly mesh practice jerseys, 3 cones and a ladder. This would be the fun bag – threw it in the car and headed to The Floater.
The garage scavenger hunt had me running late and I hit The Floater at 5:29; a few minutes before SJT (Standard Jingle Time). Much to my surprise the mad lurker was there ahead of me – along with an FNG. Score one for Jingles.
Mosey around the block and back to church for some warm-up:
4 Count Imperial Walkers
Stare directly at FuseBox – eye to eye contact. He was uncomfortable
Mnt Climb/Plank Jacks and Merkins

The Thang:
Heard some mumble chatter on when a visit to #KeithJongHill would happen. Not wanting to disappoint the troops I headed directly to the hated dictator. There at the crest of the hill the Pax laid eyes to the smorgasbord of goodies I had laid out on the hill – smelly jersey, and cones lined up equidistant apart up the hill.

First Course:
Bear Crawl – Tuck/Merkin/Hurley
From 2nd cone from top – bear crawl to cone then 10 Tuck…next cone Merkin
From 3rd cone –bear crawl to cone then 10 Tuck…next cone Merkin…next cone Hurley
From 4th cone – bear crawl to cone then 10 Tuck…next cone Merkin …Hurley..Merkins

This was a short course – but so far the FNG/Jamie was hanging

Lap around the bottom of the floater hill and end up at the bottom stopping at the ladder I had laid out.
FNG/Jamie… where did he go… he’s still with us….

Second Course
Suicide up the course (9 Cones)
Each stop back at the bottom = Merkin Ladder – side plank to each square with a merkin at each – total of 13.

This was a Gaser for me. I didn’t seem to fool the speed skaters – BottleCap, Hollywood, MoneyBall Easy Button—ShakeNBake was crushing it will soon be joining the speed skaters. The plodders like myself, Doughboy, Jingles, FuseBox and Hooch tolerated the abuse from the dictator – good showing.

Finish and head back to parking lot – for some marry—-oh no I hear a train at 6:13. 2 Minutes of Burpees……

FNG – Jamie = “Happy Ending” Jamie is a Massage Therapist – if he goes “Orville” will it be from the workout or the name?

Circle up – Announcements:
Commitment for Saturday
Sunday Fellowship Discussion
Pool Party June 8th – This is a fundraiser for Sandbox as well. If you can’t attend please think about donating to the cause.

Always an honor to have chance to lead this great group of guys. I call it the melting pot of workouts – from speedskaters who set the pace – to the Clydesdales who provide the power – some young guns, millennials, genx and baby boomers? did I miss any demographic?

Amrap Course #2 Finale

All good things must come to an end… just as bell bottoms, leather ties, wine coolers, 8 tracks and collar up Izods made their mark on modern culture and then faded has the Impromptu AMRAP #2 Course.  With that said I envisioned a record number of PAX  would show up to put a final beat down on the course and then watch it implode.  Imagine my surprise when I turned into Cuthby to see a packed parking lot….holly crap this is going to be huge – could we top 100? do we even have 100 rocks, benches?  My mind was racing – Would the Playhouse be honored by Corporate F3? – maybe a news spot, parade or dedication of an F3 Playhouse Statue at the Meck/Union County border? ……. darn…..

13 PAX made the decision to honor “The Course” one last time the other 87 cars were for the Cuthby DC Trip……

Warm Up – Mosey the course with some stops at the stations (20SSH/10 low slow Merkins/Moroccan Nite Clubs/ Squats/Burpees)

The Thing = “The Course” – Gentlemen start your engines!!!

All gave tremendous effort today. Over the course of 6 months t45 PAX that have attempted “The Course” – many have failed – but those that show up time and time again tame the beast.  Here’s who threw down today.

Dasher 4.3 – prefers the warm weather courses, but comes out of semi-hibernation to post a good number, while pairing with FNG Easy Button.

Rockwell 4 – Comes out and posts a Final Four – maybe because Duke couldn’t get their with a loaded squad?  Great work!!! Wasn’t wearing a Duke Shirt

Mad Dog 3.3 – High character Mad Dog took to mentoring Cyrus on his virgin Q – leadership… great work

Cyrus 3.3 – Could have use the “Do-Rag” today as he was working hard on this first Amrap.  Dude says he never excercised or ran!!!! youngblood.  great work

Posse 4.1 – Just might change his name to “Diesel” takes a bit to warm up – but keeps at it – doesn’t stop.  Impressive results.  Also gets the “Most Dedicated Amrap” award – he shows up early on days when we push back Amrap due to holidays.  tclaps all around

Old MacDonald 4 – My records indicate this was his first attempt at #2.  Blazed out of the gate and set an impressive pace. Looking forward to #3 he says.  Awesome

Fusebox 4 – fresh off a “floater q” – the King of Beers takes the Bud wagon around the course and leaves his mark.  keeps crushing it week in week out

Bottlecap 5.3 – I keep trying to throw hurdles at him to make the course more difficult, but BC just ignores them and demolished the course.  Two awards 1)Perfect Attendance – made it to all 6!! and Total Rounds = 31.1   Well done!!!!!!

Xerox (R) – 3.1  Most guys would not even show up with a busted shoulder – let alone post on a regular basis.  He’s getting in shape!!!!  55 is the new 30!!!!!!

Big 10 – 3.3  First time around the course and seems to be re-emerging from the shadows.  Good to see you out here brother!!!!!! Way to push today.  Glad you are back

Easy Button (FNG) 4.3 – Showed up late in Billy Hoyle fashion and almost laid the hustle down on us.  Set the pace with Dasher.  Not sure if he ran back to Lawson or not?  Welcome!!!!


TGIF Brothers



Wait, What Time is it?

15 men gathered on Friday the 13th for a not so scary workout.

Here’s what went down:


  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walker x 20
  • Potato Picker x 10
  • Mountain Climber x 10
  • Plank Jack x 10 SSH x 20


  • Run down to the end of sidewalk. Stop at each light pole for 5 Merkins
  • Partner up and get a lifting rock (1 rock per group)
    • Curls – Partner 1 Curl / Partner 2 run to the crosswalk do 3 Burpees then flap jack – 150 combined
    • Tricep Press – Partner 1 Tricep Press / Partner 2 run to the crosswalk do 3 Burpees then flap jack – 100 combined
    • Shoulder Press – Partner 1 Shoulder Press / Partner 2 run to the crosswalk – 3 Burpees then flap jack – 75 combined
  • Return rocks and Mosey to the hill
  • Clock Merkins – 12:00 / 3:00 / 6:00 / 9:00 / 12:00 – 5 Merkins in each position
  • Mosey to the benches – Dips then run on sidewalk to the tables for Step Ups — 20 of each, then 15 of each, then 10 of each.
  • Mosey to the hill in front of the school – Clock Merkins – 12:00 / 3:00 / 6:00 / 9:00 / 12:00 – 5 Merkins in each position
  • Mosey back to start.


It was a great morning for a workout with perfect temperatures and a great group of guys working hard.  It was only appropriate that Clock Merkins were incorporated into this morning’s workout.  For whatever reason, halfway through the workout my watch skipped ahead 7 minutes, so I inadvertently called “RECOVER” while doing Dips!  Wishful thinking, I guess!

I always enjoy seeing guys push themselves and encouraging their brothers.  Old MacDonald was begging for some leg work after our rounds with the rocks, but he pushed on!  Akbar mentioned he was getting out frustrations this morning after being up all night with a fussy baby!  Dasher showed off his “bad ass” skills with his table height jumps and I believe it was Dough Boy that suggested we change his name to Table Dancer… uh, I mean Table Top!

It was an awesome effort by all and it’s an honor each time I get to lead this group of great men.

Thanks to Dough Boy for taking us out with a prayer!


  • See Hollywood or Recalculating to sign up to Q Impromptu. They are working to get slots filled through June if possible.
  • Thank you for all the prayers for Hollywood and his family this past week as he traveled to California to assist with some family issues.
  • Go to the Sandbox channel on Slack for info on helping a family in need that lives in Ft Mill with some yard work.
  • Operation Sweet Tooth 8k run in Huntersville is next Saturday. Speed For Need will be there.  If you can’t make it to Huntersville, Commitment will be a virtual run site.
  • F3 Respect shirts are in!