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The Evil Elevator

So with all the buzz about IPC swirling around I thought we should start incorporating some of week3’s exercises and distance into a workout.  I remember during our solo quarantine days, a Pax posted an Elevator workout (@Gerber?) – with rounds building off the previous.  So I plucked this off the fax machine with a few tweaks to emphasize the movements for IPC.

Warm up

Mosey to the front of the school: SSH/various calf/Dogs/Dugans. THEN DEMONSTRATE several moves including Mike Tyson, Shoulder Tap MERKINS, and an IPC Squat  (lots of mumble chatter from a few – deadwood and easybutton……)

The Thang

Head over to Brookmeade Neighborhood.

Double Dimes down Brook Glen circle.  10 Bobby Hurleys at circle/10 speed skaters at top. 2 Times

Main Stage: The Evil Elevator:

Head to intersection Abbeywood & Brookmeade.  This first section of the neighborhood is 1/2 mile. split that in half and two 1/4 mile sections at the diagonal corners.

Run 1/4 mile

10 Mike Tysons

Run 1/4 mile

10 Mike Tysons/20 IPC Squats

Run 1/4 mile

10 Mike Tysons/20 IPC Squats/30 Shoulder Tap Merkins

Run 1/4 Mile

10 Mike Tysons/20 IPC Squats/30 Shoulder Tap Merkins/40 Single Leg Lunges

Run 1/4 mile (running late on time) 10 Tysons/10 IPC Squats/10 Shoulder Tap Merkins/10 Lunges/10 Big Bois

5 minutes to get back to COT

We got in some good mileage (3.25) and over 250 upper body/leg work in.

Lots of good work out there today:

Co- MVPS today go to DoughBoy and Chatterbox – Doughboy made it a point to get through the exercises with form and complete all.  Chatterbox with grit and determination only a month in and finishing one of the longer bootcamp workouts.

Bread Bowl- he got some form pointers from some angry form police – but that doesn’t bother him.  He also put in some mileage so should be sleeping through all his zoom classes today

Ricky Bobby – He got out to a fast start to set the pace.

Red Tape – runs easy and it looked pretty effortless

Schneider was grinding man- his legs were tired be he was pressing through the runs-

Deadwood and Easybutton were setting the pace out front – their listening skills need work

Rockwell is sneaky fast – he was pushing the front of the pax.  IPC cant contain him – if he shows up

Surge – continues to get faster after taking ignition/swarm runs..

Magnolia – seems to be building up his speed and strength as was pushing the pace

Sugar Daddy –  consistent posting everyday and usually the first respect pushing the front guys

High Hat – he’s not going to sneak up on you, you’ll hear him coming- but he’ll also pass you.  you left me in the dust today..

Swimmers – silent assassin – doesn’t say much- plugs away and is pushing the pace

Baio – ditto – silent assassin-  are we going to lose him to the Gazelle crowd……..

Mashers there to towel us off at the end:

Mayhem, Lambeau, Wrigley, Posse


Prayers up for Mack and Jack. Mayhem asked we pray for him as well.


IPC  Saturday at Cuthbertson

Blood Drive October 17th

Thanks for having me at Watchtower.


Slow down and Smell the Roses – 9/11

Good morning gents – a few things running through my mind this morning; 1) I really have to do IPC tomorrow? that’s going to suck!!  2)I have to lead Diesel and I can’t mail it in –  need to offer a challenging workout for others, and 3) 9/11.    The first two were a good reason to hit the reset button on going gang busters each workout; sometimes you need to slow things down; work on form and mobility and just think about each exercise: Be in the moment: – Not racing to the next set of 25’s.

Add in 9/11 – the theme here is “slow down” life, stop and smell the roses, be thankful for what you have:::  down life/ the paces. I don’t have a heroic story about 9/11- but I do have a story about chance and luck on that day:

I was living in New Jersey, working in sales covering NY and NJ.  On the days that I had appointments in NYC, I would meet my sales engineer (Ed Marino) in the concourse of the Towers (after a good 1:30 commute).  Luckily that day we did not have a meeting in NYC, and LUCKY for me I didn’t lose any close family or friends. The next month was a blur; kind of reminds me of the first month of Covid – like the world was turned upside down.

Come October and I get RIFFED – No customers to call on so no sales.  October, November and December – not a lot of prospects out there.  Oh wait, we’re having a baby?  So  a mortgage, wife, 1 child and then another one on the way>>>>perfect timing.

I landed a gig at the end of January>>>>my second son is born in September… How Lucky am I??? Right.  Who rolled the dice for me and said “no meetings on 9/11”?

So today I did not want to disappoint the Pax at a workout, but I did want to Slow things down; appreciate the morning, the brothers at your side and all the wonderful things that you have in your life..

So what did we do?

Start off with some dynamic stretches: Windshield wipers, side shoulder, child pose,….

Tabata – 40 secs of work/20 seconds slow down

step ups/Russian Toe Taps/Cinder block clean/cinder curls/ punch outs/lateral lunge to squat/Catalina wine Mixer/dying cock roach/walk out merkin

ab web

Tabata round 2

Yoga to finish

Everyone should put MASH/Diesel in their rotation.  I know we all want to be front of the line, run faster, lift more… that’s fine – something to strive for.  It’s OK to slow down every once in a while.  You may not get faster; but you’ll meet a new set of Pax, you’ll hear some stories, you’ll reset  and recharge.

Thanks to the Mashers/Diesel for letting me in your circle.








Remedial Math Class # Da Floater

Got the call from the Site-Q for a fill in start tomorrow as Carbload was looking for a bit of recovery after the IPC>>he earned it so I was glad to step in.  Chances that the numbers might be lower due to IPC recovery? maybe.   DCCS given and the confusion began:


Mosey around the block and end up over at Dream Chasers. SSH/Calf/upward/downward/merkins

The Thang (confusion begin…)  The thought was to add in some multi-move exercises aka full body work each exercise.  Mosey to first light pole on N. Providence (the long stretch with many light poles”.  The thought was to introduce 3 sets of exercises and alternate those at every light.  The directions either came out in Polish, sign language or maybe not at all (still in my head).  Here we go:

Exercise 1: Slide lunge/slide lunge/slide lunge/3 mountain climbers – do 10 reps

Exercise 2: squat/squat/walkout to push up/walkback – do 10 reps

Exercise 3: Crab Toe Touches – 25

The first light pole looked like a pile-up on 485 and scratching heads with confusion.  Continue down the road alternating those and modifying the reps.  CLEAR AS MUD

Mosey to KJ Hill for 5’s

5 laps up KJ: 5 jungle boi squats at bottom/stop intersection and broad jump across/5 bobby hurley’s at top

hit the brick wall across from the church for 20 dips/20 donkey kicks – 2 rounds.  Some abs

Mosey to COT – good morning

93% humidity this morning and ALL the Pax gave great effort:

Dancing Bear – he’s out of the cave and enjoying seeing him back.  Great effort today

Dipstick – a once a week guy, but taking on KJ hill with some speed

Carbload – sore, sore, sore – but still came out and beating guys up KJ Hill

Sugar Daddy – Couldn’t tell he did IPC yesterday – dude was smiling – who smiles after IPC?

Schneider – MVP for the day.  He was pushing hard and out in front!!!!

Dasher/Ice9 – Power couple of the day. no dry heaving so I guess I let Ice9 down with a soft workout. Dasher did a recovery run yesterday after IPC and this?

Shake-n-bake – a big fan of the first set of exercises – he kept rolling past me on KJ

Chatterbox – Can’t wait until he Q’s and we hear his voice – it’s coming soon as he’s killing it at these workouts

Mad Dog – no IPC recovery for this guy- and a big fan of the advanced exercise algorythims

Baio- good to have you out here and you were crushing it.

Hollywood -fell right into my trap initially.  I make the exercises so complicated and mixed up that it slows down the fast guys.  But he took his revenge on KJ hill by lapping me.

Always an honor to Q with this great group of men.


f3Waxhaw Anniversary Extravaganza Monday – options for workout>>>but give back time for Rice and Beans Charity. Tarps/men’s clothes/toiletries…

But before that- Come out Saturday to IPC and do something real stupid.




Burnt Ends

Working on my VQ for Ignition was not fun.  How could I get the required 4+ miles in with still being within shouting distance of the Gazelles – leading from the back.  I knew I had to get off campus to cover some initial miles, but then what?  You can’t slow these guys down, you can only hope to contain them.

Start with a mosey to Lawson West and head to bottom of Pinewalk Dr. for various old man stretches, SSH and Merkins.

The Thang –

7’s up/down Pinewalk. Big Boys top and Tysons at bottom – here’s the first ankle weight.  At the two driveways up the hill you must broad jump them. (tactic #1 to slow these guys down) – I didn’t work to well as I still end of the line. Kudos to Bottlecap for EXCELLENT form on the broad jumps – all others looked like peter rabbit

Mosey to top of Great Road – 5 Merkins at each driveway on the left/5 Knee Slaps for driveways on the right.  (tactic #2 – break up the running—fail)

Mosey back to campus and stop at entrance.  Introduced “Burnt Ends” – Idea was to tire out the runners with some longer routines (fail#3- I’m still last)

At entrance 10 Bobby Hurleys/10 Mountain Climbers+15 BH’s, 15 Mnt+20 BH,15 Mtn

Mosey to High School Benches – 10 Step ups,10 Derkins+15 step ups, 15 Derkins,+20 Step ups, 20 Derkins

Mosey to Middle School Lunch Tables – 10 dips,10 knee slaps+15 dips,15 Knee Slaps, 20 dips,20 Knee slaps.  I finished up and much to my surprise Glidah was still with me.. and he was looking to throw a form flag – Called some of the dips he saw as Little Baby Dips – LBD

Back to the High School for the final Burnt End – 10 Tysons, 10 Donkey Kicks+15 Tysons,15 Donkey Kicks+20 Tysons,20 Donkey Kicks.  This was a smoker and had some (Bottlecap) Reminiscing (Little River Band) about the days when The Amrap started off with 20 Tysons…ah those were the days when we’d go dancing in the dark, walking through the park And reminiscing…

Head to the Middle School Bus Portico for a bear crawl – special note – Ice9 HATES Bear Crawls – he let me know in the 8 years with F3 – He’s never called a bear crawl on his Q (stash this away boys).

3.85 on some newbie Garmin watechs… still need to hit 4… Mosey to COT – circle around lot…4

So for all my “stall ball” dribble out the clock, four corners… nothing I did could slow the Gazelles down – frustrating; but fun to lead from the back of the pack.

It was good to see LRC converging with Waxhaw F3 – Nice work Smithers and Foundation

The vertically challenged crew of speedsters – Dasher, Tool Time, Glidah, Hollywood, Sprinkles and Ice9

Glad to see the 6 Foot+ represent – Gerber and Bottlecap.  #tallerTakeLonger

and Special Thanks to Premature – I know he wants to go faster but was pulling me along with encouragement.

Announcements/COT – See Flash – I was day dreaming at this point.




This ain’t no Party, this ain’t no disco

Got the call from Posse to head up Homecoming on the day of the SOB 5K Charity/Virtual run.  We agreed that 5K was the distance; but that it needed a little twist.  Initial twist was to run BACKWARDS the entire 5K.  I approached the lot and it was just Gerber and Wolverine:::just fabulous – running a  5K with the fastest dudes in Waxhaw wasnt going to be fun–I thought I could slow them down–BACKWARDS.  Not to be it was rejected by all (and probably a good decision).  Late arrivals Zin and Southern Tip just rolled in before the gun went off.

1 ish mile loop around Weddington Middle/Elem.  Plan was to stop 4 at each 1/4 mile and perform a 3 exercise bundle.

Bundles included Burpees, diamonds, BH’s, speed skaters, squat jumps, tysons..

added an app Captain Therkin to the mix as well

Glad to see Gerber back – and he’s really slowed down (not)

Wolverine nursing an injury is an oxymoron –

Zin -getting back into post beer road trip shape and eager to improve his Big Boy form!!

Southern Tip – quietly just keeping pace and works his ass off.

So all in all it was a bootcamp 3+ miler.


Announcements – Blood Drive Thursday 9-1/ 100 Pax Challenge getting close to the $10k finish line



Da Floater in Da Rain

Love this site and always excited when I get a chance to lead. Back in the day when we first launched this site we stayed pretty close to the downtown area – then came the gazelles and we started to find new gems a bit further out.  I wanted to pay tribute to the Glory Days.  So I put $2.50 in the pay phone and placed a call across state lines to MoneyBall for some direction.  “Man – you gotta stay close to downtown that’s where it all started – The Hill must happen, get that bridge involved and use the short wall for some work”.  The plan was in motion.

Warm up – Mosey to Sweet Repeats – I heard rumblings ” are we headed to Lawson? Millbridge”.    Nope – I wanted to bring our charity efforts into focus – Ray of Hope is housed  in Sweat Repeats – make the connection so that when we do some of the planned activities (back pack give away and Xmas party help) everyone will know where to head.  We circled up and did the normal warm ups in the parking lot –

SSH, Merkins, LSS, Plank Jacks dugan and demonstrated the Burpee with a Twist (on return jump 180 degrees)

The Thang – today’s theme would be 10, 15, 20 – reps – (paired with 2 exercises)  I tend to use this cadence a bit on my Q’s.  I do it because I am not a big fan of the “do 200 merkins…..3,000 squats.’  No way you can keep form for those amount of reps.

First stop Parking lot next to Sweet Repeats

Round 1 Broad Jump and Merkins – do 10 Broad Jumps & 10 Merkins, followed by 15 broad jumps and 15 merkins, followed by 20 broad jump and 20 merkins.  – lap around the building

Round 2 – Bobby Hurley’s and Speed Skaters (10/15/20)

Mosey to short wall in town

Round 3 Dips and Declines – lap around the block

Round 4 Step Ups and SSH – Hot lap around the block

Mosey to Bridge

Round 5  Jump squat on one side of bridge and then Plank Jacks other side

Mosey to Wall across from church

Round 6 Donkey Kicks and Mountain Climbers (this was a shoulder smoker)

Mosey to KJH The Hill

Round 7 Burpee Twist and Plank Jacks – we made 10 and 15 – and only 1 trip up the hill.

Mosey to COT

All in all we covered about 2.4 miles – timing could have been better to do more hill work next time.

Shout out to Popeye – good to see him during the week – we did some running and he just pushes through even with a bad knee.

The LRC was strong this morning – Deflated had an extra hop in his step and was out in front with Smithers and Foundation.

Rockwell – aka “the  silent assassin” – he doesn’t say much during the workouts – but he’s there at every turn leading the way.

Deadwood – i could sense a Q jack coming but it never came – he was out pushing the pace in front. well done.

Carbload – joining the shirtless gazelles – a site to see – but I only saw the bare-back as he was out in front. No thong gate here.

And Schnieder – we’re not the fastest in the group – we seem to have the same pace -so when I see Tom making moves to the front of the line I get going as well. Way to push me.

Prayers up to CarbLoad’s B-in-law – Cody – hit by car and having some surgeries today (back,,) – Schnieder’s friend – his wife Karen is going through chemo and the Big C.


Keep an eye out for workout site changes for tomorrow. Impromptu may be moving…

Spartan Race – still on?






Oh Right I’m on Q

Big numbers for a Monday 24 in total- must have been the over indulgence of Father’s Day.  It’s always good to have a seasoned Site-Q like Rockwell to make sure you’r ready to go.  Big Shout out to Wedding Singer making a return trip from out West.  He looks to be in shape so must be laying off the edibles and munchies….

DCCS (although I kind of missed the FNG – so note to keep on the look out)

Mosey to front of middle school to start – Standard SSH, Merkin, MTN Climb, Dougan, squat

Off to the line of buses – start at first bus and do 5 merkins – run to furthest bus and do 5 Bobby Hurleys.  run back and forth reducing by one each way with the same sequence – 5 merkins at top and 5 BH’s at bottom.

Mosey to the middle school cafe tables: 15/20/25 – 3 exercises derkins,dips and step ups

Mosey to the parking spaces just past Rudy’s Poop Palace – everyone grab their own parking space. slide merkins at top of space, bear crawl side, slide merkins bottom of space, bear crawl other side – total of 3 laps around your space – this was tough on the shoulders.

Mosey to the circle by the football field.  run down to the bottom circle 15 SSH – run past circle to benches and 15 pistol LBC’s — for 2 laps total.

Mosey on to HS lot and begin trail back to COT.  Alternate at every light: 10 walking lunges and 5 hand release merkins.

on time at COT

Lots of semi-new faces and a strong showing for a monday after father’s day.  Everyone pushed themselves today as the six was never far behind – so good work all around.

besides the long timers – and you know who you are – good work by some of the folks that I may not be all that familiar with: Wax, Tiny Teen, Baklava, Fruit Loops, Matar and Noonan – keep it up and keep showing up.

welcom Eli aka “Cookie”  Eli does some underwater welding work so from Men of Honor – Cuba Gooding Jr’s name was “Cookie” -not half bad Pax – nice name

Announcements –

100 PAX challenge @8K

Keep eyes open for raffle of a super cool custom Lazy Boy  – more to come

Impromptu Friday – monitoring CHS graduation via the airwaves to see if this will have an impact on our morning workout – if you hear anything let me know

Saturday – Spartan Race-


Got the call from Posse for the the  Q at Homecoming and gladly accepted.  Getting back into Q shape – means formulating a Wienke that can challenge all and take up the 60 minutes; without equipment needs some thought.  Good news is with all the virtual Weinke’s that we published the last few months – there is some great material out there to steal from.

Showing was light when I got there – a few mashers and 5 total that would hit the homecoming workout- with 4 finishing – more on that later

3/4 mile mosey to get the blood flowing – Zin confessed to putting a dent is his Craft inventory and was a little crusty – so thought I would ease into it a bit.

The Thang

10 shoulder tap merkins>>>then 10 regular merkins

10 V-ups >>>>then 10 LBC’s

Repeato 3 times


To hill and back – the hill at the entrance

3 Burpees and 5 Big Bois at top

10 Mike Tysons and 15 Speed Skaters at the bottom

Repeato – 4 laps

*this is where we lost legalized to the mashers – no warning – just picked up like the Baltimore Colts in the middle of the night and left – apparently not a fan of the hill

The Pyramid

5 Burpees

10 Merkins

15 HR Merkins

20 Mountain Climbers

45 second plank

20 plank jacks

15 HR Merkins

10 Merkins


– not sure who created this but it is a beast.  complaints were heard and I tried to  switch it up – but basically

Repeato – 3 times

Back to the parking lot for 15’s(that turned out to be like 11’s or 8’s)

You know the drill

Suicide line touches for a minute – but man I think they moved back the lines in the parking lot.  I remember 15’s and 13’s being completed pre Covid days.

We did 2 regular, 1 backwards, 1 side shuffle

Buzz – times up.

Smaller Group today which was pretty cool.  Mumble chatter and the banter is awesome in a small group.

Zin – yes he was crusty/stale from the nite before; but no spilled Merlot; a few Q high jacking attempts and a lot of bitching about the lack of creativity— Good to hear complaints on the Weinke

Southern Tip – not sure how he does it with mostly just 1 F3 workout a week – was strong on the hill and runs -not a fan of the Pryamid but completed it.  Led on the line touches

Blue Screen – Long distances may not be he favorite – but he can move on the short distances – was a killer on the line touches.  Not a fan of the Hill portion and was doing some politicking to change it up –

Legalized – what can I say – excellent at the warmup — but in his defense he’s been pulling a long stretch of 2AM’s trying to hit a code release –

We still covered 3.4 miles and the social distancing was followed.  We all kept to our own sweat piles.

Lots of good work and blessed have Q’d today

100Pax Challenge

Keep Thoms family in your prayers

2 Qsource programs – after Asylum and After Impromptu

Coffateria at the Target lot


Impromptu is Back

Happy to be back with an official re-opening of Impromptu.  With my running mate Akbar at the ready we worked on a plan to keep our groups below the 10 Pax limit.  Plan was  to keep two distinct workout areas; Middle School Campus and the High School Campus.  We constructed  a Wienke that was similar for each site, but also provided some personalization by each Q.


Mosey/SSH/LSS/Merking/6 -plank jacks/Abe Vigoda

The Thang

A Starfish 6 location and back event

Run to the 1st location and do prescribed exercises at 3 rep counts – 15,20, 25.  Choice of: Donkey Kicks, Knee Slaps Merkin, Step UPs, Bobby Hurley’s, bear crawl, Derkins

Run back to start via an Indian Run and do 5 Burpees at Start

Rinse and Repeat at 5 other locations around the middle school campus

Started most series with the knee slap to get the heart rate going

Indian Run was a COVID challenge – the line could get pretty long and or wide

The small group setting seems to work out well and encourages everyone to do the work together


Zin overslept for Swarm – so he was leading the efforts on runs

Chainsaw has been reborn – down a ton of weight after making some healthier eating choices and boy has his speed improved.

Shopdog new and improved = was a sprinter today – showing that he belongs in Swarm.  He was always sneaky fast; but now with reduced weight he’s not sneaky – just fast

Cobbler was searching for Rudy’s Poop Palace at the DCCS and joined us after taking care of business

Gronk – the little guy – good and fast out of the gate.  Maybe he thought we were playing cops and robbers and he was the robber trying not to be caught?

Tonya Tee – call me deaf or my hearing aid wasn’t working – dude got after it.  hope he comes out more often.

Lots to think about these days.. but it’s the F3 Juice that’s been getting me through this valley of  lost personal connection.  Staying connected via Groupme, Slack, Zoom was a great bridge to the in person bonds that we create each time we converge and workout.

It’s just the start of the new normal – but in reality we never left and doing our work in “batches” versus the entire lot.

100 PAX Challenge – goal is to raise $10K in pretty quick time frame so we can have an impact in our local community.   Reach out to me, Ray, Smithers and Dancing Bear (if he ever shows up to a workout)

-Premature in the house with a cash pledge yesterday – I’m washing the money now.

3 workouts tomorrow – commitment, homecoming and blackhawk


Waffle Iron II Lawson

7 Men practiced a social distancing workout this morning.

typical warmup – ssh/potato pickers/merkins/squats


Waffle Iron – 3 rounds of the exercise set in ascending reps for each round (10,15,20)

  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Broad Jumps
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Bobby Hurleys
  • 10 Speed Skaters
  • 10 curb dips
  • 10 Decline Merkins
  • 10 Donkey Kicks
  • 10 SSH
  • 10 Plank Jacks
  • 10 Jump Squats
  • 10 Mtn Climbers

run .6 loop

Repeat with 15 reps and 20 reps

poop called – folks left