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Waffle Iron II Lawson

7 Men practiced a social distancing workout this morning.

typical warmup – ssh/potato pickers/merkins/squats


Waffle Iron – 3 rounds of the exercise set in ascending reps for each round (10,15,20)

  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Broad Jumps
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Bobby Hurleys
  • 10 Speed Skaters
  • 10 curb dips
  • 10 Decline Merkins
  • 10 Donkey Kicks
  • 10 SSH
  • 10 Plank Jacks
  • 10 Jump Squats
  • 10 Mtn Climbers

run .6 loop

Repeat with 15 reps and 20 reps

poop called – folks left


Queen, Queens, and Queen’s South

8 attended 2nd F – Monthly Social at Queen’s South last evening.  I missed the DCCS – so not sure if that ever took place. 80’s Bingo was played.  $2 Pizza Slices – CarbLoad ate the most..some transitioned from Bud Light to Guinness and seemed to enjoy it.

Centerfold gave an injury update: next doctor visit mid march – no weight bearing just yet.  Need F3 Volunteer for sponge baths for places he can’t reach yet.  Was good to see him in good spirits.  He’ll be on the Mash unit in no time.

Proper Burpee form was demonstrated – and archived by BottleCap.  NoSlurpees

We mostly talked about the 78 PAX that did not show….you know who you are


Post Dryuary Celebration

16 Pax for a homecoming IronPax like circuit – 2 guests from Monroe: Bonhoffer and Double E.   Relief was in the air as the calendar flipped to 2/1.  Everyone seemed to have an extra hop in their step, smile on their face.  Only 60 minutes of pain between the Pax and a cold one.


Warmup -Mosey to lightpole loop that leads to the entrance of the school- various exercises at about 8 lightpoles

The Thang:  Parner IornPax Like Circuit

Circuit of 4 exercises that P1 repeats while P2 runs the .67 loop to school and around driveway – Queue up NJ’s Finest Radio Station: Exit11   All Bruce/Bon Jovi all the time

  1. 10 Coupon Burpees
  2. 25 Bobby Hurley’s
  3. 25 Overhead Press
  4. Coupon Bear Crawl

My planning called for about 3 laps per at around a 7-8 minute lap; however the sprinters blew that away which added to their lap count.

Burpees were horrible – but the Bear Crawl Coupon Pull or Push was pretty bad.

17 Minutes left – oh Crap – what now.  Go to the standard line-to-line prints

line to line round – 1 minute timer

  • 13 lines – burpee penalty
  • 12 lines
  • 11 lines
  • 10 lines
  • 9 lines
  • 8 lines
  • 7 Backward run
  • 6 side shuffle

Time –

Usual sprinters of dasher, gerber, now speedbump, Deadwood, Legal Zoom,BottleCap,  chicken man and now the slimmed down version of red wine – Rose – Zin pushed the laps and the line touches.

Bonhoffer and Double E representing well for Monroe – solid performance really killing it

Offline coming out of the gates in 2020 like his hair is on fire (ha),

Schieder with the icing on the cake for the octuple was not mailing it in – he wanted to earn the badge – well done

Banjo rides in style now but that didn’t soften him up – killed the reps and the laps

Same with Frack -not sure what got in his protein drink this year – but he’s on fire – even posting in Raleigh to keep the Octuple alive and Earn it – well done

Wedding Singer looking like he could run all the way to Colorado – it was good to partner with you one last time brother


COT – Announcements  – Christ Closet folding party to resume 2 weeks (Dana should be back – check with him)

Hit the cooler for Bud’s and Busch Lite for those that earned the Dryuary badge

out – nap time

Amazing Race Series

13 Total showed up for Impromptu – temps were just right at 34 – low wind and humidity.

Week two of the Amazing Race Series:  I made a minor tweak, which was to remove the required route – giving Pax the freedom to roam as they wish to the next flag.  Also numbered teams and each team must complete each station in the numerical order.  Split up into 4 teams which seemed fairly balanced.

Warm-up – Quick mosey to the front of the middle school – SSH/calf stretch/merkin/

Assign Teams:

Ricky Bobby/Wedding Singer/Floppy Disk/Recalc

Doughboy/Mad Dog/Trojan



Start/Finish – Front of Middle School – 5 Burpees each return


Start of Path – Bear Crawl 50 yds

Rudy’s Poop Palace – 50 Donkey Kicks

Lower Football Lot – 50 Coupon Overhead Press

Upper Football Lot – 25 yd HairBurner

Front of High School – 50 Bobby Hurleys

Course covers close to 3Miles with some teams covering more due to wrong turns.

We’ll be changing up the course next month, but I think the concept fosters some team building and pushing fellow Pax or getting encouragement from fellow Pax that you might not normally connect with during the open workouts.

On my team I could see floppy disk pushing his limits as he’s on the newer side (a month or so) to our group.  He worked hard – was getting encouragement from Ricky Bobby and Wedding Singer.

I’m sure this was probably true for all the other teams – when we passed in the distance I could hear the encouragement all around.

Frack can thank me for assigning his team#2 which placed him at Rudy’s Place just in time.

And the winner is:::: Mad Dog/Dougboy /Trojan  Congrats!!!! prize is in the mail.

Announcements: Site Q School this weekend — if you can do a workout you can be a site Q!!!!!  Q School next weekend –See Posse – Bottlecap will gladly clown to the school.

COT – Keep Prayers up for Doc – a few brothers in the Mash Unit: Centerfold/CarbLoad/Jingles(?)/Spike(?) and just added to the IR Deflated(?)

Let’s not have the New Year Resolution Fall Off – search out those that came to a few workouts in January and push them.  Same for all in Dryuary and WeightLoss: take these as a time to “right-size” your drinking and eating.  Everything in Moderation..

Remember to have fun at the workouts!!! Get in the BallPit of life

kb – out

Opposites Attract

Staring into three (3) Q’s this week I needed to dig way deep into the 8o’s archives to satisfy the Pax.  So without any cassette tapes, 45’s or the Sony Walkman I had to rely on some new-age Bluetooth speaker… seems way out there – who would have ever thought you could hear music on a speaker that doesn’t have a cord.

23 Pax were waiting for the DCCS (Living on a Pray – Bon Jovi). Disclaimer, cell phone, CPR – Saftey – we’ll be on campus but watch for cars entering the lot.

Warm up – Mosey to Basketball Court – SSH/PlankJax/LSS/Hurleys OYO

I’ve Q’d Watchtower a few times, but not an expert on the lay of the land so I decided to stay focused on the sparking lot and long stretch out front.


Paula Abdul’s in the parking spaces – 2 forward/1back.  start with 10 BH’s/lunge walk two spaces and do 1 Big Boi Sit up/ Crab Walk back 1…9 BH’s….lunge..2 Big Boi sit ups.

Burpee Mile – 2 burpees at each corner of the large rectangle in front of the school.  Each lap = .36

Paul Abdul’s in the parking spaces – this time start with 10 Mike Tysons – duck walk- 1 speed skater – bear crawl back

Bobby Hurley ladder – finish for 5 minutes – curb to curb increasing BH’s by 1.  Most did 10+ touches so over 55 total BH’s

Mosey back to Flag

REVERSE NAME-O-RAMA.  Let’s not get stale – sometimes you need to switch it up.

It was hard to engage with each of you today as we didn’t do partner work – and most times I’m talking with the Donkeys or  Clyesdales as that’s where I fall on the run portion.

But I truly appreciate each and every one of you.  Everyone came to work hard today -some faces I haven’t seen in a bit – Chipotle/Big Tuna/ Tupperware- good to see you in the gloom.

Positive Energy Men – We have DryUary ending this week, Weight loss challenge continues and those doing goal setting are looking at a plan to improve themselves in 2020.

Announcements- Q school and site School coming up in consecutive Saturdays – Professor Posse has the details.

COT – Prayers for Damascus as he cares for the M who had pretty severe leg fracture and is recovering from surgery.  Prayers up for Legalized and his family as they head to Philly(?) for an update on his son and potential treatments.



Go Dawgs

College visit to Univ of Georgia in Athens – looked up F3 ATL and saw that they had started one in Athens – Cool.

Head to Intramural fields – Flag out. 3 Brothers – Stroke Seat (a rower), Wham-O (plays frisbee) and Frenchie.  Can you believe 3 college dudes would get up at 5am during the week.  Stroke Seat did an internship in Greenville and one of his co-workers took him out and he got hooked on F3.  He came back to Athens and decided to start it up;  I believe Frenchi and Wham-o’s dad’s are F3 out of Atlanta.

Disclaimer – well done, warm up (some windmills aka Abe Bagoda’s, SSH, LSW).  Did some partner work 50 Burpees, 100 Bonnie Blairs, 150 Squats – run across field.

Ran around the exterior for various pushup clock and graduated step ups.  Hit the parking deck for some ab and stair work

I introduced them to Jack Webb (standard – merkin and air press) and the Bobby Hurley – CAN YOU BELIEVE a FEW of THESE GUYS DID NOT KNOW WHO HE WAS!!!!!

Anyhow these guys are juniors – 2 are finance majors – so good chance they could end up in Charlotte after graduation.

COT – out

Starfish @ Couples Retreat

28 strong for an invigorating morning with temps finally back down to allow for the stallions to run free today in their winter coats.  Lots of activities this weekend, so I wanted a workout that wouldn’t pile up the miles.  Also had Foundation  to take part of this substi-Q – with the added benefit of the traveling sub woofer for music entertainment.

Extended DCCmS (Disclaimer, Cell Phone, CPR, modify(if you must), and Safety)

Warmup – Mosey to front of the Middle School for SSH/Merkins/LSS/MC all with Excellent Cadence

The Thang –

Head to High School grab a bench for 5/10/15/20 – group of three exercise merkin or derkin/dips/step ups

Head to High School Parking lot for Starfish with 4 corners  10 reps at each (big boi sit up/tyson/speed skaters/bobby hurleys) – each time that you return to the center/Speaker 1 burpee and increase +1 each time.

3 Total Rounds – worked out like this

  1.  Round one -10 Total Burpees
  2. Round two – 26 Total Burpees
  3. Round three- 42 Total Burpee

This took longer than expected – not too much mumble chatter

Hand over to Foundation and speaker mosey to the benches behind the cafe.  3 rounds of:

20 dips on bench by grass – head to cafe benches for 10 jump ups – on return around island: bearcrawl/duck walk and Crab walk.

Mosey back to COT with Speaker

Lots of great work today;

Some regulars putting in a good effort: Fuse/Rudy/Boitano/legalized/Damascus/Banjo/Trojan/Foundation/Xerox/Akbar/Mad Dog/Frack/OneStar/Gliday and fiji looks to becoming a regular/Xerox sporting some new F3Gear/Cobbler/Frack looks like he is regaining 2017/18 form and posting.  Lots of regulars looking to improve some aspect of their 1st F.  It doesn’t have to happen every workout – but look to push yourself on a portion or an entire workout to make progress.

Awesome to see the newest Pax continue to post: Merlot/Slow Pitch/Big Ben/Floppy Disk/Bounce and Wrigley – you guys are crushing it – keep posting and seeing the results – looking to get to know each of you better in 2020.

Kotters – Welcome Back – CatFish/Loafer 2x this week?/

and The Couples Retreat  ABE Yoga Class – Zin/DeadWood/Dasher – form was so good I had to look away during the Downward Dog portion – but apparently that excited one of the PDS boys.

Lots of great work being done at the workouts at the dinner table in the first few weeks of 2020.  Keep it up – look now to add in the Service aspect to serve others.

COTS – Pray request: My M-inLaw and OneStars Grandma in the hospital.

Big Weekend – The Gremlin – ALL PAX need to do this at least ONCE – it will break you physically and emotionally.  Trail Race at Whitewater Center/homecoming and Commitment/

2nd F in 90 minutes Improper Pig



Let me introduce you to my little friend named AMRAP

Jumped in to Q and wasn’t sure what to plan as we’re seeing a lot of new faces this time of year!!! which is fantastic.  What better way to show the newer folks what Impromtu’s monthly AMRAP  was all about. Not wanting to go full 30 minutes I sliced it down to 15 minutes or  2 full laps and upped the counts to 20 – which is a burner for the tysons.

With that in mind some of the AMRAP regulars showed up –  This would be good- as we didn’t have a chance to do a proper course tour.  Would rely on folks taking the lead from those in front. –


DCCS (Disclaimer, Cell, CPR, Safety) – all covered

Warm up – lap to middle school and back (SSH,Doogan,Merkin, LSS)


Head to light pole- path for Paula Abduls – 2 light poles forward (20 mountain climbers) 1 back (10 jump squat)…all the way to Rudy’s Poop Palace

Grab wall, air press while waiting>>>> 15 Donkey kicks on your own.

Head to Amrap course – thought an abbreviated AMRAP would be good as there were a lot of folks that have not enjoyed the course.  Goal was for everyone to complete 2 full laps.

-20 Yes that’s right – Tyson’s

-20 Derkins

-20 Step ups

-20 Dips

-side shuffle around the cirlce

-10 Bobby Hurley’s

-bear crawl to light pole

It was good to get back on the course and see everyone pushing it for the 2 laps. I like the idea of doing this in some form or fashion so that each Pax can measure themselves and look to improve.  Look for variations of this in the future. We won’t call it Amrap as the new feature at Impromtu will be the “Amazing Race Series” (last Friday of the month)

It’s also great to use when you don’t have full weinke –

Some first timers to the course (I think) – Wrigley, Merlot, Flip Flop, Slow Pitch—- great work!!!!

Mosey back to middle school stop for 20 merkins in cadence/ 20 derkins once at ms benches

COT with Swarm


Christ Closet Folding Party – Saturday 8AM Union United Method Church (newtown/cuthby)  2.0 friendly.

Ray of Hope – Great start per Lou and Dana- lots of toothpaste/brushes -will be dropped off today.  This is a local group serving right here in our community – we can have an impact.   Look for things that are not covered under assistance program – non food items, such as Hygiene items, cosmetics & vitamins.  More to come on 2nd collection specific needs.

Lots of options for Saturday workouts: Gladiator (speed walking/light stretching), Commitment and Homecoming.

We are off to a great start in 2020 -Attendance is up across the board, FNG #’s are up!!!!!  Let’s keep the momentum going and try to avoid the Jan 22nd cliff.  Previous thinking was that it takes 21 days for someone to form a habit; newer findings suggest that it’s closer to 66 days.  What this means is that we need to encourage all the new FNG’s on a regular basis until mid March.

We also have a lot of personal challenges- Dryuary, Weight Loss and the goal list (see posse for xls)

Encourage each other  and above all – have fun at the workouts –

PGA Champions Tour stop at Bushwood CC

Had the opportunity to Q at Bushwood and was a little nervous I must say.  Where is the valet and how much do you tip at the bag drop?  Golf attire, collard shirt, socks or no socks – lots to think about.  I took out a cart for a quick run of the course to get my bearings (how much do you tip the Cart Guy?).  17 men showed up on a near perfect day to play 18.  While I didn’t think this would be Junior Tour event -I was surprised that this was a Champions Tour Event – 17 Pax – Average Age of 46

(FYI – need to get Dobber? added into the system)

Disclaimer, Cell, CPR, Safety

Warm up: Typical: SSH, LSS, Merkin and Mountain Climber


Mosey to one of the the lower income neighborhoods in marvin:

  • To first circle for 10/15/20 of two exercises (Knee slaps & Big Boy Sit ups) – back to intersection and repeat with Merkins & Mountain Climbers
  • To speed bump for 10/15/20 second dose – Bobby Hurley’s and American Hammers

Mosey through path to parking lot for some basketball conditioning:

Line touches.  Sideline to Sideline.  Partner up. Go sideline to sideline in 1 minute for x number of line touches.  Combine # you didn’t get to for Burpee penalty.

  • 15’s, 14, 13, 12,11,10 —- a good lung burner.

This is an old pre-season basketball conditioning drill that might have been performed in the 80’s.  Garbage cans would be placed at each end of the court. We could have used the cans today – Hats off to Dobber with the first Merlot spill of 2020.

Asked the park ranger to help speed play and get us in front of  the foursome that was goofing off— headed to wall.

  • 64 airpresses/32 Donkey Kicks/16 Bobby Hurley’s/8 Wall Merkins/4 Jump lunge/2 Burpees
  • 3 minute AMRAP thrasher to finish: complete this cycle for 3 minutes: Broad Jump> 5 Merkins>10 Jump Lunges> 20 SSH


COT/Announcements: Toothbrushes/Paste/Soap – needed for Ray of Hope bring to Dana and others.  Christ Closet Folding for this Saturday 8AM AkBars Church on Newton/Cuthby. 2.0 friendly

Lots of Respect’s and those in the forty something bracket – average Age of 46… Very Impressive.  I don’t know of a place – gym, ymca, or neighborhood club (not to be named) that would give this type of effort in the gloom on a consistent basis.  We are truly blessed to be surrounded by outstanding men, who are supportive and in it together and who also don’t forget to laugh and bust BALLS.  Besides the workouts we have some lifestyle habits some are trying to improve on: Dryuary still going strong and Weight Loss Challenge along with some goal setting to give a path for improvement in 2020.

Keep it up – Playhouse is open for business.  *Disclaimer on the Playhouse*** Must be Unoffendable to join – must be willing to get your feelings hurt once in a while – can’t suffer from BUTTHURT

FYI – need to get Dobber? added into the system

Amazing Race 1st Edition

Impromptu will forever be recognized as the best AMRAP Course workout on all of northeast Cuthbertson road; but could the Site Q’s deliver something fresh, new-age and dope?  Well yes – The Amazing Race concept. With so many different sites popping up in the Waxhaw region it’s a blessing and it’s a curse.  On the good side; plenty of workouts to choose from; and on the negative side (IMHO) – it fragments the larger group a bit and we don’t always see each other in the morning.  So how could we bring everyone together that would help bring back  the bonds with some brothers you’ve not worked out with or seen in a bit – enter the Amazing Race concept.  24 PAX for the inaugural running.

Warm up: SSH/Merkin/PlankJack/BH/Dugan

Quick Mosey Sprint to front of Middle School – it was supposed to be in order of finish count off 1-5.  Not all grasped this (needs improvement for next AR)

We crafted this first one on the fly.  It had some opening night miscues; but we’ll learn from this.

The concept was pretty simple;

  1. Try to get balanced teams
  2. Promote a bit of competition
  3. Get a good workout
  4. Do something different

Using the the Starfish approach: Home base &  5 stations with a task: (no prescribed order)

  1. Wheelbarrow to light pole and back
  2. 50 donkey kicks
  3. 50 Dips & 50 Step Ups
  4. Hair Burner across the lot
  5. Cinder Blocks – 50 Press and 50 Curl

10 hand slap merkins on return to homebase.

– if you made it to a station and another team was there: – you had to wait while doing SSH.

To balance or promote strategy, there was a “release a pax” concept.  It meant that all pax on a team made it to a station; you could send 1 person back to starfish (presumably your slowest) before everyone started the exercise.  But the penalty was that the remaining pax had to do the exercise +  10 Burpees each.  Not sure if any team took advantage?

If you hit all stations it was close to 3 miles.  I saw lots of sweaty PAX at the end, so I’m thinking a lot of folks pushed themselves.  I know that being teamed with a gazelle or two will push you –

So next time give it your all – “Because you’re just not letting you self down if you don’t – you’re letting a fellow Pax down”

So for a period of time we’ll be running An Amazing Race on the last Friday of each month.

Announcements: Commitment & HOMECOMING are on tap tomorrow.  Christ’s Closet on Jan 11th.  New workout on Fridays 5:15 at Cuthbertson; “The Swarm”

Hats off to Schnieder for bringing another 2.0 from his clan.  Brian 14 years old –  We welcomed him as “Fur Coat” – Jet’s fan and we can’t give a kid a crappy name. #Dana




One Star took us out.