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Course Correction

16 present for the monthly AMRAP at Impromptu. Although the current course has been around for a good 5 months not many all Pax were familiar with it. We did a cursory walk thru with some warm-up and then headed to the start line.

The basic course design is roughly .47 loop with 6 stations with varying exercises. Course breakdown

  • station 1 – 15 Mike Tyson’s
  • station 2 – 20 Derkins
  • station 3 – 20 Step ups
  • station 4 – 20 Dips
  • station 5 – rock carry
  • station 6 – bear crawl + 20 Bobby Hurleys

The course has been modified a bit at the whim of the site Q’s: modified down from 20 Tyson’s to 15 – increased Hurley’s from 10 to 20. The 20 Hurley’s seemed to slow the pace down a bit and it looked like “form” did suffer a bit today.

Measuring Tap

  • Doughboy 3+ Derkins
  • Xeroix 3
  • Akbar 3 + Derkins
  • Wild Thing 3+ Derkins
  • Deflated 4
  • Dana 3+ Derkins
  • CarbLoad 3
  • BottleCap 4
  • GatorCub 3+ Derkins
  • Dasher 4
  • Rubbermaid 4
  • Chainsaw 3
  • Damascus 4
  • Foundation 3+ Derkins
  • Hooch 3+ Dips
  • Recalculating 3+ Derkins

I saw everyone pushing hard today – the course was challenging today no doubt. The speed skaters were in the front but some new additions to this pack. Recommendation made by GatorCub to reduce the reps makes sense to allow for good form so that the exercises are done correctly and you get FULL VALUE OUT OF the AMRAP. If you want a running workout go to Pursuit – if you want a Gear workout head to Chiseled: Amrap should be the combo that draws from all the workouts.


Prayers up for my friend (John), Doughboys SIS Inlaw, Damascus FIL – all struggling with health/cancer related.

Akbar – Christ’s Closet needs help loading up on June 7th. Clothes will be handed out at a school in need – Salisbury. See Akbar for details.

MoneyBall Send Off – June 7th

Nali (bottlecap) Father – Son Bball tourney -June 8th.

Playhouse Calendar is starting to take shape: hold the date 3rd Annual Effies -Nov.16th

I walk the Line

22 showed up on a crisp southern morning to finish off the week at the best campus in Union County. I’ve been out of the mix a bit with a lot of work travel so when this showed up on my calendar I cringed a bit – wondering if I could muster up enough to push the group. Knowing that Zin was coming of a 7 day European Beer Bender gave me some hope. I had a goal of not doing a lot of “running” given that Gerber and Wolverine have been increasing the mileage at the Floater on Thursdays.. again I said less running.

Warm up after DCCS

  • mosey front of middle schoo
  • SSH/Merkins/knee slaps/morrocan night club



Grab a bench for the 5-10-15-20 (It’s my standard 1st exercise if you haven’t picked up on it yet). 3 Exercise pack of (dips,derkins and step ups) for 5-10-15-20 reps with a Bobby Hurley in between

7’s on the short hill

Mosey to the High School Gym hill for 7’s. 1 Bobby Hurley at the bottom and 6 Mike Tyson’s at the top

Pinball Sprints

Mosey to the cirlce between football and baseball section. Organize in groups of three. P1 stays at top/P2 heads to cirlce/P3 is the timer. Goal was to have the timer sprint between, while P1 does in/outs and P2 does squats and lunges. Each Pax to be timer/sprinter for 5 times. Some confusion not calling out names – SNB or the guy that pre-runs and leaves early.

Mosey to Rudy’s Refuge — quick 25 air presses and 25 donkey kicks

Get them to puke

The old 15 is a horrible high school basketball drill used at the beginning of the season to weed out the weak or surface those that came in out of shape. Garbage cans usually positioned at each end of the court.

Everyone on sidelines for 1 minute sprints starting with 15 sideline touches. Teams of 3 for the penalty – individually take touches you didnt complete add up as a team and that’s the number of Hurleys

  • 15’s
  • 15’s
  • Slides around the court
  • 14’s
  • Bear Crawl across Court
  • 13’s
  • 12’s (?)

Mosey back to the Flag and do 1 minute of parking space merkins.

Done – COT-Announcements

We ended getting in 2.25 miles today- most of it “sprinting” not running…..I find that if you dont like to run distances – sprinting is the best way to build some endurance and expand the lungs. Well done everyone – not a lot of mumble chatter on the hardwood. I was teamed with GatorCub/Dana on the 15’s . Gator Cub was pulling me and Dana was pulling him and Damascus was pull all. That’s the beauty of our power in numbers and range in abilities; there are people that can push or pull you along. Next time you are out there try and team with someone that is a level or two above you>>>>but then return the privilege and pull someone a level below the next time. Let’s all move the needle together.

Announcements – Open Book on Sundays/Brooklyn Pizza Bible Study on Mondays.

2nd F – Kegger tonite at Old MacDonalds. Bring wooden chairs, old couches or any old furniture you can use to fuel the bonfire.

June 7th – Friday – Jammin by the Tracks downtown Waxhaw. MoneyBall send off!!!!!!!!!

Hide N Seek

With three (3) seperate workouts going down within a few miles of each other I knew that I wanted to get back to the basics of a traditional bootcamp style workout for Flash. Ignition tends to be 3.9999+ miles and Asylum can be a bone crusher. As a recap “A Bootcamp Style Workout” as defined by one WUC Pax has no more that 1/4mile running in between pain stations. On a side note – said Pax – elected to do the running focused workout; not Flash. I’m not calling anyone out -would never use names – Jesse.

Quick DCCS given – as always Posse was cell phone prepared.

Warm up: Mosey to front of Middle School

20 SSH/15 Merkins/3 Burpee OYO/15 Squats/15PlankJacks

Mosey to Alcove #1 for some 5, 10, 15, 20 (5 reps of 3 exercises then 10 reps of 3..) Derkins/steps ups/Bobby Hurleys

Mosey to Alcove#2 for some 5,10,15,20 = Donkey Kicks/Wall Press/WWII Sit ups.

Paula Abdul down the main path with lights

P1 does 2 burpees, while P2 takes off to run2 2 light poles, comes back to first to meet your partner for 5 Hand Slap Merkins. Progress down the path for all 7? – ending up at Trasporters shed – Oh by the way we have a guest – Deadwood doing the Butt Cheeck Clench.

Mosey up to overhang across from bus parking for some Bear Crawl and CrabWalks. BC a section, hot lap -crab walk the next section- hot lap—rinse and repeat until through all the sections. We gladly brought Deadwood into the fold as he made up the bear crawl sections on his own.

Alcove#3 Front of Middle School for more 5, 10,15…..this time (Mike Tyson’s/wall press and squats(?). At this point Ignition was pulling up – they could have joined in the Mike Tyson fun, but they elected for some dips.

We called their dips and then moseyed back to the COT for a total of 28 for Flash+Ignition – outstanding

Was glad to see some familiar faces back out at Flash. Everyone was working extremely hard; we didnt have much seperation- so recovery time was minimal.

Sprinkles was pushing the pace out front. I got to parnter with Glider – so glad he has been coming back out. Good to see Big Tuna and Chipotle again. I need to do some partner work with Dobule sTuffed… as he was pushing hard all morning. The Flashers of Posse, Doughboy, Tupperware, GatorCub, Jingles, old macdonald and Flash leader Rockwell. Maybe someday we’ll hit an Ignition together!!!!

Announcements – Forms of Communication – News Channel is for News…..

Tyson – Sentence Reduced

There was a whiff in the air this morning; wasn’t sure if it was DoughBoys gloves, the diesel bus fumes or the alcohol seeping from Zin’s pores…nope it was the sweat scent of the monthly AMARAP beat-down at Impromptu. Each station has been painstakingly thought out, planned and implemented -however there was a lot of babble that 20 Mike Tysons were just a bit too much. So the competition committee reviewed and approved 15 reps. 19 present for the March edition of the Amrap

The Results

The goal of the AMRAP has always been to measure and encourage progress for each of the PAX. If it is your first time, use it to set a baseline; go for small improvements; maybe one more station than you did last time, then 2 and then a lap. Forward progress is a good thing. And sometimes you just don’t have gas in the tank- that’s OK .. OK for The Floater, FLASH, Chiseled, AssIsland, WatchTower… But its NOT OK for the AMRAP—ha – just kidding..maybe…just a little…yes

Check out the results – post them on your Fridge..use it as motivation.. or for your grocery list or an important phone number… heck I don’t care- just print it out


Christina Latini – 8K Memorial Race – we’ll be doing it Virtual @ Commitment – $15 –

Christ Closet- moving location- could use help this Saturday – see Akbar

Sunday Open Door and Monday Brooklyn Pizza Bible Study

Welcome FNG – Quack- another young buck EH’d by My Pleasure. Comes to us from the Pacific Northwest – Oregon.

FYI – Glider/Glida in attendance as well – couldn’t find him in the system…we’ll work on that -Kotters

Lucky 13’s

Got the call in the bullpen last nite from Moneyball looking for a relief Q. No problem we got you coverd Moneyball #streakcontinues. The Floater is a blank canvas – it’s a large area if you want to run, has the brutal hills if you choose – thoughts were circling around in my head as to what part of Waxhaw we would explore. Wait…. it’s March Madness – lets head to the basketball court. Gave a long DCCS and we were off.

Warm-up – Mosey around the block and end up at DreamChasers

30 SSH/10 wide arm merkins/10 diamond merkins/lunges/low slow squats

Head over the bridge/cross Providence Road – as a Group#safetyfirst At every cross section – 3 Bobby Hurley Broad Jumps – all the way to the School

Partner Work – 3 Rounds 1 Partner on the low benches in front of the school doing Step Ups/or Box Jumps (EasyButton was crushing the Box Jumps) Partner 2 runs to wall for 5 Donkey Kicks and returns

Tip-off – head to Basketball Court 15’s – sideline touches for 1 minute. Done isolo, but if you don’t get 15 add remaining and thats how many burpees you and your partner will do 2- 15’s 2 – 13’s

Four Corners Partner up. Each Corner has an exercise: Merkins/SSH/Mountain Climber/Speed Skaters Partner 1 – does prescribed exercise at the corner while P2 does a basketball slide lap. Complete the 4 Corners

Hurley Time P1 Bear Crawl sideline to sideline while P2 is doing BH’s 2rounds

1 last 13 for good measure

Mosey back to parking lot/COT/Announcements

My goal was to get the heart rate up and cover some mileage -not all at once but 40feet at a time – taken from Nolan Richardson’s “40 minutes of hell”

Strong showing from everyone that posted Speedy Point Guards – Hollywood, Deadwood and EasyButton were off to my left, but they were crushing the 15’s/13’s with no penalties. Fast 2 Guards – Dancing Bear, Chicken Little and Dan have some lungs- Power Fowards – GatorCub, Rockwell were the power fowards crushing it along with MadDog, Shake, ScheduleC

Announcements -Christina Latini 5Miler Virtual Run for Committment – sign up @

Check out the latest F3 South Charlotte Newsletter – Most Tcaps for BottleCap’s FieldTrip Workout at Impromtu

Which way is the beach?

Chiseled was formed with the notion of creating a gear workout and a break from the typical boot camp style workouts we do at F3. Running is fairly limited, but that doesn’t mean that cardio is not a underlying theme. With that seven (7) studs – braved the cold, ignored the copy-cap AMRAP at the other school – and got to work.

Warm-up – Mosey to entrance and back to get the heart rate going a bit.

  • SSH/Merkins/LSS/Mountain Climbers/Moraccan Nite Club/Michael Phelps

The Thang

Gear was lined up and consisted of 30lb dumbell, 25lb, and 20lb Slam Ball – two of each – 1 45lb plate. Exercise would be a declining nunber of reps and an increasing number of Bobby Hurley’s in between. After each set move to the left and pick up a different weight. Odd Man out does Hair Burners for that set.

Curls, Goblet Squats

  • 30 reps/1 Bobby Hurley
  • 25 reps/2 BH’s
  • 20 reps/3 BH’s
  • 15 reps/4 BH’s
  • 10 reps/5 BH’s
  • 5 resp/6 BH’s

Complete the full set of Curls – hot lap/ then Goblet Squats – hot lap

Cardio session – 3 minute timer

  • 1 broad jump
  • 5 merkins
  • 10 speed skaters

Tricep work

  • 30 reps/1 Bobby Hurley
  • 25 reps/2 BH’s
  • 20 reps/3 BH’s
  • 15 reps/4 BH’s
  • 10 reps/5 BH’s
  • 5 resp/6 BH’s

Cardio Session – 3 minute timer

  • 1 broad jump
  • 5 merkins
  • 10 SSH

Chest work

  • 30 reps/1 Bobby Hurley
    25 reps/2 BH’s
    20 reps/3 BH’s
    15 reps/4 BH’s
    10 reps/5 BH’s
    5 resp/6 BH’s

Cardio session – 2 minute timer

  • 1 broad jump
  • 5 merkins
  • 10 SSH

COTS/Announcements –

Speed for Need – Season begis – see Rubbermaid for Down Syndrome Race

Joe Davis and Sweet Toothe coming up – Posse is the info source on these

Always a great honor to lead such a great group of men. Running a gear workout is a work in progress as you never know how many folks may show up and how to distribute the gear. We do have a good selection of gear at the site and our brothers have gear that you can borrow. Hats off to Fusebox for getting to site early, with some gear for me. After many failed attempts I did manage to break into Bottlecaps garage – lifted some plates- grabbed a beer and left.

Fusebox – Great site leader – checked in with me during the week, made sure I had a plan – offered up the gear and was there to help set up. Fuse also must have the “runners bug” as he was doing a pre-run!!!!!

Banjo – Solid performance out of this guy and former/current Crossfitter. He was pushing hard and leading on the cardio sessions – he really did blow out his WOD (workout of the day)

Chainsaw – Dude just impresses me everyday I see him out there. I didnt see him modify any portion of the workout – he’s like a Ford Diesel – takes a bit to warm up and then just chugs along. He’s not one for social media/Group me – but maybe we can all text his flip phone today with 343735 = Diesel

Xero – Kotters to Xerox who has been dealng with the passing of his mother-inlaw. He came back with purpose today and went to work – welcome back Xerox!!! Even with a bum shoulder, he was still getting it done aka Dancing Bear style.

Swimmers – He’s been a regular at Chiseled; my sense is he’s getting ready for the beach and honing his lifeguard body. He’s got the cardio chops – throwing some weights around now; we might have to rename him Hasselhoff.

Nails – adding to the B&C numbers on his second time out – welcome. The burn is always worse the day after the workout -not much slow down here Nails – he was getting after it. There’s promise here – which segment of the Briars will he fall into -speed skater, fartsacker, decathalete or gear beast? – I’m going with decathalete – attends multiple workouts a week- is well rounded and likes a variety of workouts. Welcome

Run for Cover – Excuse-Arama

Was looking forward to the 2nd running of the new Amrap course and all the beauty she would be providing. Cantore was a concern with the rain soaked month not letting up>>>>but the show must go on…for some..for a few…

I arrived at the site early to check conditions to see what state the course was in — not that great. Decided to re-configure it a bit to “accomodate” a few requests or annoyances:

  • Reduced Mike Tyson’s to 15 – tennis arms would be happy
  • cut out the hill – instead hug the wall around the school and end up at the tables/benches for Step-ups; but start with the 20 Derkins
  • Dips remain the same
  • Replace rocks with Basketball slides around the circle (the rocks were actually doing some good storm water control and didn’t want to risk getting our crew “Damascussed” out of Cuthbertson.
  • To path for Bear Crawl and 10 BH’s
  • Burpee lap counter

I then rolled into the middle school parking lot and there were more than a few cars there pretty early. Rockwell even commented “man – must be a few folks out for the pre-run”. Upon further inspection we realized these cars were left over from a middle school class trip…

So the Fabulous Five moseyed over to the HS to begin the Amrap. quick DCCS, CPR, Phone all set. 15SSH –

Ready set star your engines:

The Fabulous Five pushed like hell today – no music, no chatter, just a few rain drops and your own thoughts..

Gerber led the Pax around the course, but the MT’s and Derkins kept him in sight. Rockwell, Chainsaw and Wedding Singer pushing hard. Everyone did 4+ or close to 4 laps.

Excuse-Arama started flowing on GroupMe at 6:48.

But we move on – March 29th is the next Amrap –

COTS – Announcements -none

The Holyfield

Something just didn’t feel right that last part of 2018….couldn’t put my finger on it..oh, we were all missing the Impromptu Monthly Amrap. What better time to kick this off than in Dryuary and help everyone get on track with their New Year’s resolutions.

The site Q’s met with distinguished course designer @Bottlecap to get some input on a new location and route. With that we introduce to you – “The Holyfield”

20 Men showed up at Cuthyb Middle. Quick Mosey to the High School back entrance>>> slow lap around the course to get everyone acclimated to the new course and exercises

  • up stairs to wall for 20 – yes 20 Mike Tyson’s
  • down walkway – up hill to tennis courts – 20 Derkins
  • path to back of HS – 20 Step Ups
  • to Benches – 20 Dips
  • to circle – Rock Carry
  • to path towards HS buses – Bearcrawl to light post
  • lightpost – 10 Bobby Hurley’s
  • Burpee counter – rinse – repeat

This is a race against yourself – get faster, stronger over the course of the year. Thank the usual suspects for setting a fast pace, the newcomers for going at it the first time and everyone else for getting your arses out of bed and doing what 99.999% of all the other men across the land didn’t do this morning – woke up for an unkown challenge and busted their butts.

Name LapsLast Obstacle
BoBerry2Rock Carry
Chicken Little3Mike Tysons
Dancing Bear3Mike Tysons
FuseBox2Rock Carry
Legalized2Rock Carry
Posse2Bear Crawl
Recalculating3Rock Carry
Xerox2Rock Carry

Shout out for all the Bday wishes and inspirational photos sprinkled around campus –

Thankful for this great group of men that inspire me and put up with this old curmudgeon…..


Prayers up for Hooch’s son, Ray’s Father inlaw, Lynn Marie Longo

QSchool this Saturday – 6:30 at Cuthby – Posse

Qsource at Coffeteria – Golden Arches – 6:30 after Committment.

Breakfast Special & Teamwork

14 men endured the Carolina ice age for some a breakfast board beatdown and some much needed teamwork. Checked the weather app to see a nice balmy 22 degree morning for Watchtower – with that I knew I needed to keep the PAX moving to fire up the heart rate.


Circle up in front of Hickory Tavern for a quick hot lap and some DCCS


  • 25 SSH
  • 10 LSS
  • 15 Mtn Climbers
  • 10 Merkins
  • 5 Burpees on your Own

Breakfast Specials

Flipped the Sandwich board to make a Breakfast Special’s board which was waiting of the PAX at the Hickory Taver Entrance. On the board were five exercises, each with a 20 rep count. Progressive with lap in between.. Ex (Do excercise 1 lap – then exercise 1 & exercise 2 – lap.. until all five exercise. Total would yeild 300

  • Step Ups
  • Speed Skaters
  • Derkins
  • Mountain Climbers
  • SSH

Pick up a coupon (slam balls) – in groups of 3 – pass ball back and forth until we made it to the Target parking lot. Some confusion on Indian run vs simply pass the ball back and forth down your line. Next time Q will be more clear.


Aside from his outstanding man to man defense – Hurley holds several assist records. The theme here was to work on our teamwork and passing skills while also getting some defensive work in. Partner up in teams of 3 each with a Slam Ball.

P1 and P2 – Pass Slam Ball chest pass down the top section of the lot. At each end P1 20 Ball Slams/P2 20 BH’s… Chest Pass Ball Slam back and flip flop. Timer is P3 who is doing a long lap around Target Parking Lot with 5 Bomb Jacks at each corner. P3 replaces P1….

Saw several groups working hard on this section…

Now – the teamwork – Bear Crawl Passes. In Bear Crawl position pass the slam ball back and forth until you reach the end of the aisle -rinse and repeat until P3 gets back. Extra Credit – Foundation added in the three man weave for those familiar with the layup passing drill..

Pick up the 6 and start to head back. Slam Ball Burpee for every tree (7) – pass ball between teammates.


Announcements – Q School Saturday 26th – See Principal Posse for details

Was a little nervous using the slam balls -especially when I was pulling in to see the PDS Clown Car rolling in with 4. Wasn’t sure if there would be enough slam balls for the crowd.

Extra Credit – Chickelittle on the pre-run- was solo and looked to be moving fast. Most likely will be fielding lots of calls today from the poultry community for the unsafe temps.

Gerber must live on a really really BIG LOT that requires sprinting to the mailbox as he was moving out fast on the Target laps

Is Zin leaving the Clydesdales behind for good? Has been moving out fast – now has a pacer in Gerber…

PDS Crew – OneStar, Boytano, AssCrack and LazyBoy were getting after it. Also must have shopped together at Dick’s for all the long underwear, coats, scarfs and gloves….

Kudo’s to ShowGirl – sporting the shorts… extra points from the Q.. great work – way to get after it

RubberMaid and Foundation discussing some really deep topics- maybe they thought this session was Tea Time? Lots chatter – but I am sure the were getting after it

MadDog and Posse with the Blue Balls today – working good together as a team. Glad to have you back MD – Posse – thanks for helping coral the players who wanted to leave practice

Dana – Dude did the Gremlin on Saturday, Double-Posted Yesterday and still made it out today. Word has it he’s trying to “bank” some posts so that he can “PostYesPost” while he is on an extended business trip.

As always my pleasure to serve this great group of guys. The winter gloom can play tricks on the mind and promote fartsacking. Reach out to those who you haven’t seen in a bit. Keep Derek in mind as what he is doing requires a lot of effort and patience….ShopDog going through tough period as well..let’s reach out to him.

Foggy Gloom Tour

21 enterprising men got out of bed, paddled through the fog and landed at Marvin HS/MS for a tour of the campus. I’ll admit it’s been a few months since I posted at Dromedary so I had to dig deep to remember all the pain stations and routes that are available. This is a tough crowd to please because it pulls in some SOB/WUC speed racers who like a fast pace. Good to see some familiar faces as well as some of the new PAX I haven’t had a chance to catch up with

Pre-Disclaimer Given – There has been a lot of focus on trying to keep all the Pax safe. Hats off to the newly Nantanned WUC Leaders for making this a priority – Amazon has been busy delivering reflective gear and headlamps.


Quick lap aroudn the parking lot top loosen up the joints

30 SSH/10 Imperial Walkers/15 LSS/15 Merkins – demonstration of the BH – 5 on your own – I saw Hollywood’s version of the BH – not sure how much BB he has played….

The Thang

  • Indian Run to Middle School Cafe – Goodfella took a quick pace..had to settle him down a bit
  • Dips, Derkins and Step-up combo – 4 sets as follows 5 reps, 10 reps, 15 reps and 20 reps – Burpee in between sets. This usually gets the heart rate up. I know it’s a good one when I hear a “Seles” out of BottleCap.
  • Indian Run to side cove/wall
  • 64 Chair Press/32 Donkey Kicks/16 Bobby Hurley’s/8 Wall Slaps/4 Hand Stand Dips/2 Burpees – I had strategically placed the basketball that Bobby Hurley used in 8th grade at this station – to remind us of his greatness.
  • Partner Bear Crawl around parking spaces. – Seemed like a good idea.. however… idea was P1 starts BearCrawl – P2 runs short lap and tag in..continue around the spaces. I must have confused myself and my partner who didnt get enough “shut-eye”. Shout out to Legalized – BearCrawl not that easy for the taller guys – he was grinding
  • Mosey to World Circle – Pari up in teams of 3. P1 at far light does squats P2 at light does Burpees – timer is P3 who kicks in with a sprint. Noticed Deflated has his wheels back – Foundation, Rubbermaid, Boytano crushing this section as well
  • head back to cars with 2 BombJacks at each light – Dana was cranking it out in prep for the Gremlin
  • 2 minutes of Mary


Announcements – Prayers UP at 7pm for Longo Family as LynnMarie is battling breast cancer. Take a moment from dinner and pray with your family.

Keep the momentum with “Safety First” approach. Call out to The Grease Monkey – we picked him up at 5:31 and he then hammered the Indian Run. Shout out to RunFlat who I haven’t seen in a bit, same with Bouche, Soft Pretzel. Not sure how Boytano made it there sole…PDS ditch.

New guys I haven’t had a chance to connect with – Endo, LazyBoy and Centerfold – great work – need to connect and get to know you.

As always the Dromedary crew nailed it – Rockwell, Hollywood and Bratwurst, GoodFella

BottleCap took us out. Pleasure is mine> to lead a great group of men in the gloom