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Elevator up and Elevator Down

Floater offers an unlimited canvas for constructing a Q – lots of ground to cover, various hills, schools… but that wouldn’t be necessary today. The spirits of the long forgotten AMRAP began calling out to me yesterday, a whisper here and a whisper there. So I decided to pull together a routine that would please the AMRAP Gods and keep the PAX from realizing it was an AMRAP.

DICSS – wouldn’t need much light or reflective gear…not many street crossings. cell phone/cpr/distance/safety/modify.

Warm Orama – Mosey to the Lutheran Church Parking lot. SSH/Plank Jacks/T merkins and a few knee slaps.
Mosey back towards launch – single burpee at a few streets to get the blood flowing.

The Thang – Elevator Up and Elevator Down.
The track would be the block around the Waxhaw Methodist Church (our launch point for floater)

Simple math says the block has 4 corner aka 4 floors and the church corner would be the lobby. Go to the first floor and perform 1st exercise – return to lobby. Go to second floor perform 1st exercise +2nd Exercise>>> return to lobby. Go to third floor perform 1st+2nd+3rd>>>return to lobby. Go to 4th floor perform 1st+2nd+3rd+4th…

1st floor – 10 Burpees
2nd Floor – 20 T Merkins
3rd Floor – 30 Knee Slaps
4th Floor – 40 Big Boi

So on the way up a total of 40 Burpees/60 T Merkins/30 Knee Slaps and 40 Big Bois

Time to take the elevator down.
So on the way down 160 Big Bois/90 Knee Slaps/40 T Merkins and 10 Burpees

We ran out of time and most made it back down 3 floors – some on their way down to the lobby.

Mission accomplished on floor 4 as Ice9 put on the heave show for us—-

Those taking the express elevator included Ice9/BlueScreen and Carbload(although he may have missed a floor if it involved counting by 1).Dasher was able to somehow find floor “R” for (Rudy’s Shed) and still knock out the plan.
Mission accomplished on floor 4 as Ice9 put on the heave show for us—-

Hats off to Elmers – 2 months in and been doing great attending every-other-day. I put the pressure on him yesterday to hit Floater and he showed up and put in an incredible effort.

Chatterbox back at it after time off for some recovery; he was back to keeping the pace moving. Little reminder that the T Merkin is with a BIG T and not the lower case—

Smithers – what can I say – he has the stride of a professional race walker but the time of a miler. Apparently he’s not that much into the lifting weights game – which he shared with us.

We spotted O-69 doing some sprint work – you keep lifting us up brother – amazing.

My company in the solid middle of the pack included Sugar Daddy – sporting the knee brace and +1 on the chronometer- 57 years young and killing it. Schnieder the trusty diesel – just keeps going same pace up hills or down hills, straight or curves -doesn’t stop. And Zin pulling emergency site-q duties, because what could be better than 2 site Q’s at floater – not. Q’s were a no show so Zin decided to  stepped up to circle back for the 6 which may have been a lonely conversation or not?

2.7 miles covered all in basically one block.

Welcome Back MY Friend AMRAP – WE MISSED YOU!

Waxhaw Clean up – next Saturday 8AM- bring equipment(rakes, blowers, gloves..)
WTF – Shirt order by the 16th?

Prayers – and wrong way Name-Orama

Last Four In

Rolling into March with some good weather and March Madness in front of us -so would add that to the party mix.

Nice variety of Pax- some recovering from the Rooster and some others that usually hibernate for the winter joined in the fun.

DccS was covered and we were off

Mosey to front of Middle School for some warm up: SSH/LSSS/FlankJack/Merkins (do your stretching at home).

Mosey to a hidden alcove – literally the one right behind COT.  So many Pax amazed that this was a real place – it actually is – a few tables a good cut out of pavement.  Explained that what we would be doing in the alcove:

10 Jump to Merkins – basically long jump to a Merkin (fools gold for a Burpee) – run path and back

15 Jump to Merkins – run to Path and back

20 Jump to Merkins— I wanted to get this in to show Asylym Q’s we don’t need any disclaimers to perform some good old fashioned burpees.

Mosey down path to another alcove at the Middle School:

10 Bobby Hurley’s & Speed Skaters – run to benches and back

Repeat 15 reps and 20 reps.

Tables at Cafe= Dips and Derkins -no running just 10/15/20


Head to Basketball Court – March Madness portion.  Line up on the sideline for:

15;s followed by burpee penalty/14’s followed by burpee penalty/13’s followed by burpee penalty

Mosey to Rudy’s Poop Palace more 1-/15/20.

Donkey Kicks to Big Boi’s – run to second light pole and back

Mosey back to COT via Path – hit each light for 10 American Hammers (2 is 1)


Prayers up for Surge’s niece who is making some progress and Dancing Bears friend dealing with cancer diagnosis. And for Gerber – dislocated Finger during ignition.  Not sure what those dudes are doing in the woods when it’s dark.

Not a lot of distance today but hoping to keep the hear rate in the working zone for most of the workout.

LRC crew seems to be back to F3 in full force (Foundation, Deflated and Smithers)

Hats of to the respects and RR’s today: Surge, Rockwell, RickyBobby, Draper, O-69 and Elmers

Good to see the bears wake up for some porridge of burpees – Carebare and Dancing Bear

The close to Respects – Mad Dog and Premature

Looks like Elmers crossed the 50 year line?  need to add a respect tag and much respect for continuing to show up and give tremendous effort.

Carb Load in good form advertising for next stupid-fun-awesome waxhaw event

Dana getting his outside workouts back in

Inspector Gadget – Six Man – seems to be on his way to more posts than Shampoodle!!

Legal Zoom – “quietly” moving to the front of the group

Ex-Lax shows up does work- boom

O-69 in the right place at the right time to provide medical diagnosis on Gerber “I’m not Doctor – but that looks screwed up to me”

good to see Shake in total agreement on this workout

Rudy –  You can thank me for arranging  the workout to pass your throne.  Glad you had a chance to stop in.

Special Thanks to the SiteQ’s Chicken and Rockwell.  Flag – check.  Circle back for the 6- Check

hope that’s a wrap and I didn’t miss anyone.

We’ve crossed the 1 year mark of this crazy Covid year.  As a Waxhaw group we did not come out of this without pain – parents, sisters, brothers or friends were lost to this crazy disease.  Be blessed that we have this group for the support and also the OUTLET to still be able to blow off some steam.

Blessed to be with you in the gloom.


Watch out for Foreign Objects

I’ve been nursing a knee injury lately so the idea of a split Q made some sense.  Plan would be for Honeycomb to take the first 30 minutes and then I could do the final 30 with limited running.  A nice 28 degree Feb. greeted the PAx and a 78 year old FNG – Eric Yarborough.

6ft DICCS(Social 6, Disclaimer, Cell, CPR, Safety) was given and shortly thereafter the D would be tested/questioned.

Honeycomb took us out through the parking lots by the buses and on the way there – ting, snap.. what the heck was that?  Seems Zin stepped on some foreign object(machine or bus part) and rolled his ankle.

We stopped to do the warmup and Gerber Esq. stepped in to investigate – looked over the evidence, tagged it for chain of custody and then we all discussed who would pay for this act of negligence.  At the end of the day we’re responsible for our own safety and given the Big D upfront Zin would not be hitting the Lawyered up Lotto.  So please all add the FO to the front of the the DCCS – Foreign Objects…

The Thang

Honeycomb had waiting for us a total of 7 cones laid out in a line about 20 yds apart.  An exercise was written on each cone. Partner up and attack from each end. Cone to Cone- back to first cone with burpee.

Exercises included , BH, Merkin,Squat, plank jack,H2H, and some others for a good course.

Mosey to second parking lot – for 4 corners – 7 reps of merkins, squats, snow angels lbc

Q switch and we’re off to school

10 minute 11’s. Every Minute on the Minute.  10 Burpees/1 Bobby Hurley, 9 Burpees/2BH, 8 Burpee/3BH…….1 Burpee/10 BH

Ab Web of Big Boi and American Hammers

Mike Tyson Laps – start with 10 Tyson’s run lap..9 tysons lap…. we got to 6 and then took off for COT stop for some donkey kicks.

COT – Triple Respect FNG  Eric Yarborough- hung with us the entire workout.  Lots of inspiration on the First F to help you push your fitness further.  Blue Screen 2Respect bringing out a 3Respect for a total of 140 years- I’m not sure of their secret but I can bet it’s being active and leading a fairly healthy lifestyle…..

Welcome FNG Eric Yarborough – Trailhead.  He’s an avid hiker, senior games track star and a math tutor!!!!

Good effort all around today

Welcome back Damascus – who just shows up without a hat or gloves in the Rocky sweat suit and gets to work.

Dasher and Gerber adding in some of their own brick work to amp up the routine

Honeycomb – dude is prepared on the Q front and God Love his music selection… Men at Work and some other smooth Jazz to get you through the workout.

Sheldon – a tad late but due to the “foreign object”  delay was able to join in and crushed it. He’s doing some interesting Data Science stuff on his own –

Blue Screen – knew he would bring out a guy in shape… Blue Screen landed his 3rd stint at Microsoft so congrats and maybe you can bring  back Mr. PaperClip guy for us.

Last but not least – Zin – battled through a twisted ankle by digging deep into those leopard skin tights and finishing the entire workout.


Rooster and Beer Mile coming up- check the NewsChannel.

I think I’m in my 5th year with F3 and my recent knee issue has kept me out of the normal workouts for close to a month, my longest IR.  I can tell you that my overall energy has dropped off the past few weeks and especially this past week – from work, interaction with the family, chores,  I’m moving at a slower pace, not engaged like I should be. I’m an introvert at heart but thrive with a TEAM – and F3 is that Team.   For me the 1st F energizes me, pulls me to the 2nd,  3rd F , family, kids, work….life….

I’ve been lucky to have you all check in on me while I was out, hang with the Mash crew when able and been able to take part in the GroupMe shenanigans.

Sometimes we need to open the medicine cabinet and make sure to choose to take the DRP (Daily Red Pill) everyday.

“The second, third and thousandth Red Pill is just as tough to swallow as the first, but that initial Movement gives birth to Acceleration which leads to Momentum and Momentum ultimately leads to joy.”


You know you might be a redneck….

You know you might be a redneck – when you start complaining about the weather forecast a week before the “cold” weather (37 degrees) is forecasted…..

You know you might be a redneck when  you don’t even set your alarm to get up on a cold and rainy day to work out….

You know you might be a redneck when you workout under an awning so you won’t melt or ruin your makeup….

7 Pax set their alarms, took control of the circumstances (fartsacking/weather/or fear of AmRAPS) to find the joy, play like a kid, joke and support each other for the monthly Amrap at Swarm and Impromptu.

Quick DCCS and Mosey over to HS Gym to get ready for the circuit.  We were greeted by Swarmer’s who finished a lap and made a plan to start with us.

Circuit as follows:

HS – 20 Big Boi

Path – 20 Squats

Poop Palace – 20 airpress

BB court – bunny hop – up/back

benches – 20 Derkins

lap counter 2x burpees.

most got 3 to 4 laps in.

Then dasher took us back to the benches for some ab and merkin work.

Finished with an ab-webb led by Ice9 – lots of heaving from all Pax in attendance

The beauty of the smaller settings is that you can get to know a fellow pax a bit better.  For me – I was able to connect further with SugarDaddy;  Did you know that SD played college basketball?? well he did – small school in Missouri.  He’s had 2 stints in Germany – and back to Ohio for his career with America Greeting cards – now we know why SD is always so happy – he probably wrote those congrats!! cards at AG.

Kudos to Chainsaw and Akbar for ignoring the weather and the fartsack button.  Chainsaw RR has the greatest generation mentality – no complaining – show up – do you job—do what you should do – type of guy.  yea we want to shoot for the front of the pack – be faster/stronger… At 61 I want to shoot for just being able to to be in the Pax for the workouts…. speed is good…longevity wins the race

Akbar – if Covid recovery wasn’t tough enough – dude took a spill on some slippery pavement— but still chugged on.  I’m amazed at his resolve to keep working out given his responsibility to such a larger community.  Akbar is the one that changes peoples lives on a daily basis— he’s the true definition of HIM.

Hats off to Dasher for re-setting the course and developing the plan today.  I think Dasher is turning a “cold” weather corner.  2 years ago he closed it down during the winters  – and now he’s leading amraps in freezing-rainy weather.  He’s part of the OG and a founding member of  Waxhaw express-more to come on that.

Ice9 – It’s good to have someone to chase (and make fun of) that is out in front of you on the workouts – it is what each of should be looking for in the workout.  It not only acts to help propel you – but as you move faster you’re pulling someone behind you as well.  (PS – I found Ice9’s cryptonite – bunny hops….)

Gerber – Thanks for bringing the “running” theme to Waxhaw with some others  – As much as a lot of PAX may not like to run (or are any good at it) – it’s another tool that can help to accelerate your fitness level.  Added bonus of having Gerber around is the selfie photo light equipment – besides being a great guy.

So as bad as many thought the rainy-cold amprap might be – I think the 7 of us enjoyed our morning…I know I did.

So I’m thankful for the entire F3Waxhaw which as so much power- but the multiplier lies in the individual.

Tons of new workout options – see previous backblasts

Lots of service opps – see the channel

I’m headed to the new site in Indian Trail – Clean Slate tomorrow. Put some miles on your low riders adn get out that way to help  build out a new geography.

Ice9 took us out..

Flash – get credit

Q’d Flash on 1/4 need to add tag

Where’s Waldo

8 Pax for a bit of running, searching,,searching, running..

over to HS parking lot – out to Champion Forest – make a big loop.  Directions were to stop at the pool.

the gazelles tried to circle back for the others… connected at high school and all finished with 5+

Officially –

Coffee is for Closers

Set the alarm for 4:50 which left me plenty of time to dream up the plan for my first Q of 2021.  Hit the parking lot and it was packed for Ignition standards – must be lots of New Year’s Goal Setters –

Still hit double digits for Flash – 10 Pax showed up on a balmy day

DCCS and Mosey to front of Middle School for various; SSH, Diamond, Wide – Merkings, Damascus stretch and some Prison Squats.

The Thang:

Add 1 of Merkin/Bobby Hurley at each light pole on the long drive in front of the cutty schools – we hit 8 total lights…

That placed us in front of the grass hill – 6 times up the hill sprint and then descending big bois at the bottom.

Hit driver ed parking lot for the Accelerator; first corner 15 Merkings, lap until hit second corner 15merkins, 15 shoulder taps, hit 3rd corner 15 Merkins, 15 Shoulder taps, 15 BH’s, 4th corner – 15 merkins, 15 shoulder taps, 15 BH’s, 15 Knee Slaps.

Mosey to cafe and benches: 3 rounds (dips  and then step ups) stop at triangle.

Back main road – Paula Abdul – 2 lights up fast mosey – back one in revers.

Mosey back to COT and finish some suicides to get in 3M.

Goal was to get in 3Miles today – been lots of burpees and who the heck is on the tyson kick these days?

While we weren’t in gazelle from just yet, this group is a bunch of grinders.  3 yards and a cloud of dust….

Chainsaw  – never hear that Respect2 complain – he just gets after it.  Same for ExLax – His dedication to show up everyday and not skip out on the running – way to go.

Kotters to Trojan – the New Year’s ball/bash has him pumped up to do great things in 2021

JWow and Surge back at it after some injury and time off

Good to see Cobbler and Doughboy broadcasting SquakBox on the run this morning – keep after it

Steady Eddy aka Rockwell was taking charge today as well.

Meat Smoker is getting a handle on the Lexicon – and  seems happy go lucky for now… just wait until he gets his first ticket from the form police…

0-69 – well he stays after it each day!!!! rock star



announcements – more workouts on the way– see the schedule

Blood drive coming up soon

Bobby Knight Melt Down

15 for a brisk morning round at the country club of Bushwood— or Buschwood makes a bit of sense too.

I had a plan to stay on campus because a) I’m not that familiar with the neighborhood, and 2)I forgot my headlamp.  So a quick drive-by pre run to see what shape the course was in – some parking lots out of play so had to meander around.  Any who..

Warmup – 2 lap mosey around the parking lot circle – SSH, Damascus stretch, LSS, Mnt clmber, knee slaps

The Thang – head to the main lot – escort by course ranger Fiji and his new light up hat (BTW it’s washable- big selling point).

The 4 floor escalator

floor 1 (light pole) do 10 T-Merkins – run out and around flag pole and back

floor 2 (light pole) do 10 T-Merkins  and 15 Shoulder Tap Merkins (2 is 1)- run out and around flag pole and back

floor 3 (light pole) do 10 T-Merkins , 15 Shoulder Tap Merkins (2 is 1) and 20 Knee Slaps- run out and around flag pole and back

floor 4 (light pole) do 10 T-Merkins , 15 Shoulder Tap Merkins (2 is 1),20 Knee Slaps and 25 Bobby Hurley’s – run out and around flag pole and back

The elevator is a good one to slow down the Gazelle’s just a tad – if you get a “Good Night” from someone on this you feel like you got your money’s worth.

Suicide Line Touches or Angry Bobby Knights- 1 minute timer to hit prescribed number of line touches – pick a teammate.  For every line touch you don’t get to = 1 burpee penalty.  Add your teammate’s penalty and both do that # of burpee penalties.

Many rounds per covered with many penalties.

14’s/14’s/13’s/13’s/12’s/12’s/11/11 in between we worked on an AbWebb of Big Boi and V-ups

lots of smack talk between the Tar Heel and Seminole Alumni

Mosey back to clubhouse – stop at the wall for some Mike Tyson/Jump Squat work – 6 reps/5 reps/4 reps

Mosey to finish – some various abs to finish off the workout.

Glad to take a road trip for this site  and great bunch of PAX; you’ll get some runners – but this site is F3 Boot Camp – try to get close to 2.75-3miles in with various pain sections.  next time we will explore the field/playground and track.

2 new faces for me – Doogie and Fallout – some young bucks who were working

Smuggler, bottlecap and centerfold were pacing fast on right side of the court

I heard Big Tuna in the mix.  War Eagle sounds fast.  Noonan help set the pace for me and sorry about the penalty burpees you had to do on my account.

Sightings of Fiji, Das Boot, Strawberry, Fuse, premature and deep dish pressing hard


Announcements – See Centerfold for Rice And Beans assistance.  We now move into the field and assist with feeding the homeless.  Several Wed. in December – need 20 slots.

Various turkey trots – see chicken little for fund raiser

Prayers up for several Pax and their families.




You can Count on Me!!! 1-800-QSchool

Game time temps were perfect 44 AND ticket sales were pointing to a sold out Cutty Stadium.  So my pregame weinke had me going with some lifting rocks and doing a FLMASH type workout>> figure there were a good number of runners a tad sore from the make-shift marathon.

32 total for  a monday at Cutty – Nice work everyone.


Lap around middle front and back to COT.  Various SSH, Merkins, Big Boi, Dugan

The Thang – Mosey to the rock pile and pick up a Lifting Rock.  One of the things I like about MASH is that they All do the exercises together (which makes it easier to spot the form cheats).

From Rock Pile path to cut-out on the left:

25 Overhead Press>>>run to cut-out and bear crawl cut out

25 Curls>>>run to cut-out and broad jump the cut out

Mosey to wall area before the cafe

10 T merkins/10Wall Jumps/9 T Merkins/9 Wall Jumps/8 T merkins/8 wall Jumps

Back to rock pile for round 2

Triceps>>>>cut out  and bear crawl

Bent over row>>>cut out and broad jump

Burpee rock o Rama -line up next to your rock – rotate clockwise around each rock doing a jump over burpee

Combo overhead/curl – run to cut out long jump

Various bigboi web w/Vups

Head to COT – BAM on time.


Good work all around on the collective heckling by the crowd!!!  Your voices were heard……and ignored…

We may need to plant some new rocks at the rock pile…selection was rather thin towards the end of the line.  Plus with the temperatures dropping who doesn’t want to grab onto a frozen rock for 45 minutes.

Man this group keeps growing some new faces (to me) such as Menudo, Passport an Hang up – well done.

Congrats to Rockwell for joining the “Respect” Club.

Announcements: CPR this evening, Thanksgiving run fundraiser – see chicken

Passport – go collect some stamps (no need to leave a stamp at each site (Bottlecap leaving a pecker dragger stamp today).

Be safe all..


With or Without you

Halloween Q without Zin?  Yup.  His costume or cardio runeth empty for day 6 so I got the emergency call up.  Lots of options on Saturday so was not sure of the crowd, BUT was pleasantly surprised to see a nice showing – 14 Pax.

DCCS – yes 1 FNG – extra reading of DCCS.  Also got word that the ghost flag was under attack at Commitment – oh well.

Warm up – we would hit every light pole on the two entrance roads with various exercises – 10+ ligths

The thang –

Wall Work at front of School: 1:5 hand release merkins/Wall jump touch – so do 1 HR merkin then 5 Wall Jump Touch.  go to 10 – repeato with several variations.  Add in a ab web.

Mosey to base of entrance/hill for Evil Elevator.  Run a lap and add to the exercise from previous

-10 Mike Tysons run a lap = 1/4 mile

-10 Mike Tysons/20 Squats – run a lap

-10 MT/20 Squats/30 shoulder taps(2 is 1) – lap

-10 MT/20 Squats/30 shoulder taps(2 is 1)/40 lunges- lap

-10 MT/20 Squats/30 shoulder taps(2 is 1)/40 lunges- lap/50 Big Bois

Mosey to tables

various step ups and derkins

parking lot suicide

mosey to COT – but 1 minute of parking space merkin walk

Welcome Eric Christianson FNG = Reno.  He lived in Waco, Texas – first thoughts were Karesh–which led to Janet Reno….

This is a great site, even without the track and HS side of things.  Lots of different levels showing up – form Das Boot the runner to Ditka the masher, and a ton of fairly new faces.  Lots of fun to Q this group.