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Fast Twitch goes Lakeside

12 men were there for the whole workout. 14 including the scheduled Q were there at the end. Unusual day, but in the end we still got miles and hills. Which is what we all wanted anyway.

The Thang

Mosey out of Latin taking a right on Raintree. Cross over Providence, then left down Providence. Stop at Lakeside Drive. COP of 15 SSH and 15 LSS in cadence. Instructions, run to the end of Lakeside Drive for 10 jump squats. Run back to the start for 10 Merkins. Repeat until 6:10. Head back to the launch at Latin. Done. Sounds easy enough. It was not.


As was mentioned earlier, today was a tad unusual. The scheduled Q Frasier was MIA. Not sure what happened. He was there toward the end of the workout though. Luckily, or maybe not so lucky for the pax, YHC had a workout in the chamber ready to go. And it just so happened that Frasier had sent out the message the day before to bring headlamps. They were needed as Lakeside has a couple of very dark spots.  There was another late entry, then exit, then entry. A pax named Toxic. YHC has never met him before. He saw us running and thought we were Hawks Nest. We welcomed him to join, but he was looking for the boot camp so we sent him to Latin. Apparently he couldn’t find them after some time so he came back and finished up with Fast Twitch.

Good work today everyone. Hopefully the impromptu Q still provided that which you were looking.


Friday 5/11 is FNG day at Cerberus. Bring a FNG or someone who hasn’t posted in a while.

Friday 5/11 is the beer mile. It will be at 6:30 at South Charlotte Middle School. Sounds fun to watch.

Saturday 5/26 is the annual Memorial Day convergence at Rock Zero. Led by Purple Haze, Prohibition, and YHC. It will be a great workout that will also incorporate the reading of citations for heroes killed during combat. That last part will help you get your mind right.

What the Heck is a Chiweenie?

10 men gathered this fine spring morning to get stronger. And talk a little about YHC’s choice of music and Chiweenies.

The Thang

Warm up consisted of:

-15 LSS in cadence followed by 10 one hand swings left, 10 one hand swings right, 10 two hand swings

-15 Plank Jacks in cadence followed by 10 one hand swings left, 10 one hand swings right, 10 two hand swings

-15 Peter Parkers in cadence followed by 10 one hand swings left, 10 one hand swings right, 10 two hand swings

-15 Merkins in cadence followed by 10 one hand swings left, 10 one hand swings right, 10 two hand swings

Main set went like this:

Each round would be a ladder starting at 1 and going to 10. The rounds would consist of a double arm/leg exercise followed by a single arm/leg exercise. We got through 4 rounds. Here they are.

-1 Merkin, 1 lawn mower right, 1 lawn mower left. 2 Merkins, 2 lawn mowers right, 2 lawn mowers left. Continue up the ladder to 10.

-1 Burpee bell swing, 1 Freddy Mercury 2 count. 2 Burpee bell swings, 2 Freddy Mercurys. Continue up the ladder to 10.

Carry your bell to the playground.

-1 Pull up, 1 shoulder press right, 1 shoulder press left. 2 Pull ups, 2 shoulder presses right, 2 shoulder presses left. Continue up the ladder to 10.

Carry your bell back to the parking lot.

-1 Flutter press, 1 forward lunge right, 1 forward lunge left. 2 Flutter presses, 2 forward lunges right, 2 forward lunges left. Continue up the ladder to 10.

A little Mary was thrown in as well along with a few swings and Merkins at the end. Done.


Great work today. Hopefully everyone got a little something out of it. Now about the Chiweenies. YHC had never heard of this particular designer dog combo before, but apparently it’s a thing. Google it. Bulldog has one. Seems like Chin Music has one as well. Bulldog’s Chiweenie is named Yoda. Apparently Yoda is set up to have a very good weekend with it being Star Wars day on Friday, and to celebrate its Mexican heritage, Cinco de Mayo on Saturday. Oh to be a dog in a first world country. YHC’s musical choice was not what many were expecting.  Maybe a bit of a surprise there. Let’s just say it’s a little on the heavy side. You’re welcome.

Thanks Header for the take out.


Next Friday 5/11 Cerberus is having a FNG day. Also next Friday 5/11 at 6:30 is the beer mile.



Counting Down = Mind Blown

12 men gathered this morning to get a little better. Here’s what went down.

The Thang

YHC’s usual brief disclaimer given. Then off we went out of Latin. Left on Raintree. Left on Whitethorn. Run to the end of Whitethorn where it meets Four Mile Creek at the blinky red light. Circle up for a very quick COP consisting of 10 LSS in cadence. That was it. We had already ran over a mile so that was deemed to be sufficient. Everyone find a partner. There was an even number today so this worked out well. Partner 1 runs down Whitethorn then left on Raintree. Partner 2 runs down Four Mile Creek then right on Raintree. When you meet your partner, do 20 jump squats. You each turn around and run back the way you came. When you meet again, do 20 more jump squats. Now flap jack directions and repeat. Gather up where this all started and then head back toward the launch.  Stopped about 2/3 of the way back at a light pole. We would finish up Whitethorn by alternating sprints and recovery between light poles. There were still a few minutes left so that meant there was time for a couple of more sprints. Sprint one was up Raintree to Holly Hill Farm. Easy back to Whitethorn. Last sprint was down Raintree to Providence. Head back to launch. Done.


Once again, great work men. Way to get after it. It was fun leading today. About the title, YHC decided to change up the cadence count on some flutters at the end. Just for fun. So instead of inflecting on the final rep, there was a count down. Subsequently minds were blown. Everyone seemed to know what it meant though. So hey, a little something different.

To Get to LC of Course

9 pax came out to get their weekend started the right way. We indeed found out the answer to why did the pax cross the road. Here’s what we did.

The Thang

Mosey around the perimeter of the Calvary parking lot eventually making our way to the rock pile near 51. Grab a lifting rock and circle up for COP. It went like this:

-10 SSH in cadence, 15 rock curls OYO, 5 Burpees OYO

-10 IW in cadence, 15 triceps extensions OYO, 5 Burpees OYO

-10 Merkins in cadence, 15 flutter presses OYO, 5 Burpees OYO

-10 LSS in cadence, 15 Thrusters OYO, 5 Burpees OYO

Return the rocks back to the pile. Mosey across 51 and enter into the Whitegate neighborhood. Stop at the Calley Glenn and Five Knolls intersection. Next set was to run down Five Knolls making 3 stops on the way out (Macdara Glenn, bottom of LC, Whisperwood) and 3 stops on the way back (bottom of LC, Macdara Glenn, Calley Glenn) doing called exercise at each stop. We did 2 rounds. The first was 10 jump squats at each stop. The second round was 5 Burpees. Mosey a little closer to LC stopping at the man hole cover at the top. There are 6 man hole covers on the slope of the LC. We would run down to the bottom and then do called exercise at each cover on the way back up. We did 3 rounds. Round 1 was 10 mountain climbers. Round 2 was 10 plank jacks. Round 3 was 5 monkey humpers. Gather everyone up and head back to the rock pile where we started. Grab a lifting rock. 10 Thrusters, drop the rock, run around the trees in the field and back. Repeat but with 10 Rockies. Return the rocks. Head to the launch. Done.


Great work today men. That was fun. Welcome to FNG Tek who Flipper brought out. He’s an IT guy and hates Virginia Tech (he went to Virginia) so the name seems fitting.


The beer mile is on 5/11 at 6:30. Location is TBD. Talk to Gummy or Hoover for details.


We Found a Gem

9 for today’s spring break edition of Fast Twitch. It went something like this.

The Thang

Quick disclaimer then we were off. Head out of Latin. Take a left on Providence. Go to the bottom of the hill and take  a right on High Ridge entering into Providence Plantation. Continue the warm up running until you get to the intersection with Houston Branch Rd. Stop there to wait on the six and give instructions. The main set was simple enough. Houston Branch has 2 stop signs. The second being at the end of the road. We would run to the second stop sign (the end of the road). Do 10 Merkin and 10 Jump Squats. Run back to the start. Do 10 Merkins and 10 Jump Squats. Run to the first stop sign. Do 10 Merkin and 10 Jump Squats. Run back to the start. Do 10 Merkins and 10 Jump Squats. Gather up the six. Make the trek back to the launch going the way we came. Done

Naked Moleskin  

Good work today guys. That was a fun one. Who knew a little BRR-esque gem was across from our new FT launch location. Complete with curvy road ahead sign. Well…I guess Pro knew. YHC mentioned where we were going before we started and the Oh S*$t look sorta came out.

Thanks goodness for a bright moon and Geraldo’s headlamp. There are a couple of dark spots in that neighborhood. A few of the street lights near the entrance were out so glad Geraldo could light our way.

Thanks Astro for the take out.

Island Hopping

10 men gathered this fine spring morning despite what Cantore said last night. Some rain did eventually come during the workout, but it was refreshing and made Mary more fun.

The Thang

After a brief disclaimer, we were off and running. Right on Little and then right on Carmel. Cross Carmel then 51 and head to the back of the business park behind BofA. Stop at the rock pile near the back exit. Everyone grab a multipurpose rock and circle up for COP. COP went like this:

-SSH x 10 IC, 15 curls with rock OYO, 5 burpees OYO

-Imperial Walkers x 10 IC, 15 tricep extensions with rock OYO, 5 burpees OYO

-Low Slow Squats x 10 IC, 15 thrusters with rock OYO, 5 burpees OYO

-Merkins x 10 IC, 15 flutter presses with rock OYO, 5 burpees OYO

Take the rock over to the nearest traffic island and line up. Main set went like this:

-Run your rock to the next traffic island. Stop for 5 Merkins with right hand on rock and 5 Merkins with left hand on rock. Repeat for the next 4 islands for a total of 5. Leave the rock at the 5th island. Run back to the start.


-To retrieve our rocks left at the other end, we went out of the business park exit. Took a right on Carmel Commons. Went up the hill and then entered back into the business park near where the rocks were left. Grabbed the rocks, 10 thrusters, run the rock back to the start.


The entire sequence above was repeated 2 more times, but with 5 jump over rock burpees for round 2, and 5 rockies for round 3 substituting for the Merkins at the island stops.

Time was getting short so return the rocks and head back to the launch.


Naked Moleskin

Great group of guys this morning. There was some hard work getting done. Over 3 miles of running with lots of rock work and burpees. Hope everyone got something out of it. Enjoyed leading today.


Operation Sweet Tooth 8k coming up on 4/21

Richard Sheltra 5k coming up on 4/28




Big Girl Workout

16 men came out to get a little better this fine morning. More on the title in a sec.

The Thang

Mosey from the launch across the multitude of parking lots passing by the front of the Whole Foods. Proceed to make our way around to the back of the Whole Foods for COP. COP consisted of the following. 10 Merkins IC. 5 Burpees OYO. 10 Low Slow Squats IC. 5 Burpees OYO. 10 Mountain Climbers IC. 5 Burpees OYO.

Short Mosey over to the parking deck stairwell 3. Instruction were given for what would follow. At ground floor level 1, 5 Merkins, run up the stairs to level 2, 10 Merkins, run up the stairs to level 3, 15 Merkins, run up the stairs to level 4 for 20 Merkins.  Stay on level 4 and run to stairwell 2 and repeat the set in reverse going down. So 20 at level 4, 15 at level 3, etc. Run to stairwell 1 and repeat the set going back up. Once the 20 Merkins were done at the top of stairwell 1, run back to the starting point using the deck ramps. A little Mary to let everyone finish. Now repeat the set, but instead of Merkins do Jump Squats. More Mary to wait on the six. Walk over to the wall near the deck entrance for People’s Chair. Drop and do 10 Donkey Kicks. Back on the wall for 45ish more seconds. Mosey out from the deck, take a right on Southgrove, and head down to Ardrey Kell. Stop at the Ardrey Kell/Southgrove intersection. Next set was stopping for called exercise at each light on the left of Ardrey Kell up to the traffic circle. Run around the traffic circle. Then do the exercises again on the way back down Ardrey Kell to the start. The first round was 5 plank jacks at each stop. The second round was 10 Sister Mary Catherine’s at each stop. A few minutes were still left so we headed back to the deck the way we came for one round of the following. 5 Burpees there at the entrance. Run up the stairs to the top level for 5 more Burpees. Run down the stairs at stairwell 1. 5 more Burpees at the bottom. Head back to the launch. Done.


Good work today men. There were a lot of guys YHC had never met before. Including Bananas who said this was only his second post after a year off. Good to have you back out.

Did the good old boy in the white van talk to anyone else? He caught YHC both times coming back to the start of the Ardrey Kell set. The first time he asked what we were doing. “Ya’ll some kinda workout group.” Why yes we are. The second time he told YHC and Pop Tart about a trainer he knew that ran ultras. He then proceeded to tell us that this trainer trains “big girls” “It’s a big girl workout.” Between what he said and the southern twang he said it in, pure awesomeness.

Thanks Pop Tart for the take out.

And So It Begins

A new day at Fast Twitch. A new location, and a new co-site Q. Thankfully, 14 men managed to find the new Fast Twitch location at Charlotte Latin. That’s a good thing. Otherwise they would have missed out on the fun. YHC’s mission this morning was to explore a small portion of the terrain in our new area. Well, new to YHC at least.

The Thang

Mosey out of Charlotte Latin and take a left on Providence. Head down to the stop light at the bottom of the hill. Cross Providence and stop at the entrance to Providence Plantation at High Ridge Road. Instructions were given to run down High Ridge stopping at the 4 streets on the right for 15 Merkins at each. Stop at the stop sign to wait for the six. Take a right on Lancelot. Continue down Lancelot stopping at Camelot. Instructions were given to run up Camelot and take a left on Deer Walk. Once at the dead end, 10 Jump Squats. Run back to the start. 10 Sister Mary Catherine’s each leg. Repeat this 3 times. Gather the six. Head back the way we came. Repeat the Merkin set heading back down High Ridge. Cross back over Providence. Run up the hill on Providence back to the launch. Meet the guys from Hawk’s Nest for the newly combined COT.


Great group of guys this morning. A lot of PAX running hard. It was nice having some new ground to cover. As mentioned above, this was new ground for YHC and probably others. But apparently Camelot was the road Prohibition grew up on. So not so new for him. Providence Plantation offers a lot of opportunities. Looking forward to finding more terribleness in there.

A special thanks to Purple Haze for the work he has done here at Fast Twitch. He did an excellent job and has been instrumental in keeping this thing going. Grateful to have you man.

The Snatch Free Zone

The forecast wasn’t looking good, but 6 men came anyway for YHC’s Meathead VQ. Despite what Cantore said, the rain stopped at 5:30 and we proceeded to get our kettle bell on. And as promised there were no snatches to be found.

The Thang

-The warm up included the following:

15 SSH in cadence. 10 single hand swings each side. 15 two hand swings.

15 Merkins in cadence. 10 single hand swings each side. 15 two hand swings.

15 Low Slow Squats in cadence. 10 single hand swings each side. 15 two hand swings.

10 Halos each direction. 20 two hand swings. 10 Burpees mixed with an American swing.

-Now to the main event:

10 Merkins with right hand on kettle bell. 10 Merkins with left hand on kettle bell. 20 upright rows. Repeat 4 times.

10 Lawn Mowers right hand. 10 Lawn Mowers left hand. 20 Flutter Presses. Repeat 4 times.

10 Tricep Extensions. 10 Curls. 10 Goblet Squats. Repeat 4 times.

Grab the kettle bell with your right hand and walk down to the playground.

10 Pull-Ups. 10 Shoulder Presses. 5 Burpees with American swing. Repeat 4 times.

Grab the kettle bell with your left hand and walk back to the parking lot.

5 Single Arm Thrusters right. 5 Single Arm Thrusters left. 10 two hand Thrusters. 10 Louganis. Repeat 4 Times

10 High Pulls right. 10 High Pulls left. 10 Shoulder Presses right. 10 Shoulder Presses left. 10 American Hammers.

A little bit of Mary was thrown in between a couple of the sets.



Great group of guys todays. Everyone working hard and getting after it. YHC enjoyed the chance to finally lead Meathead. That was…fun. Thanks gentlemen and a special thanks to High Tide for the take out.

P.S. YHC is not as angry as the music may have suggested.


A couple of runs coming up.

Run Jen Run is this weekend,

Get Your Rear in Gear,



Does Anyone Have Extra Gloves?

9 men came to Fast Twitch and got some standard fare. Lots of running with just enough exercises to call it a boot camp. YHC rolled in with a plan, but no gloves on a cool, wet morning. A call went out for extra gloves.

The Thang

Today we would venture to Five Knolls. Head out of the SCMS lot. Left on 51. Right on Rea. Left onto Five Knolls. Keep going down Five Knolls until you get to Whisperwood. Circle up there for a quick COP of SSH x 10 in cadence. Find a partner. One partner runs to the end of Five Knolls at Rea, the other runs to the opposite end of Five Knolls. At the ends do 10 Jump Squats. Run back to the start point to meet your partner for 10 partner Derkins each. Flap Jack directions. Repeat. YHC called for 2 rounds in each direction, but time constraints led to only two in one direction and one in the other direction. Head back to the launch.

Naked Moleskin

Great work today men and apologies for the overtime. YHC miscalculated the total mileage somewhere. We got ~0.6 more miles than expected. YHC will measure twice next time. Thanks to Alf for keeping an extra eye on the clock and advising cancelling the last round. Thanks to Purple Haze for the take out. And since YHC was a DA and forgot my gloves, a big thanks to Pop Tart for his extra gloves. They were nice to have.