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The Big House – You need me on that wall…

Open date on the Q calendar so the apolitical site Q took the reigns.  Disclaimer given. Mosey out to 51 and then up Jack Hughes park entrance, around the ball fields, bear crawl across footbridge (except for Toolbag, no explanation given) and circle up in back parking lot for some old man exercises.


SSH, IW, Merks, Abe Vigodas (YHCs Fav) Cherry Pickers, and Shoulder Circles (Thankfully)


Mosey over to the brick dugout wall (very nice for a muni field btw) for some shoulder/chest/leg work.

Wall plank (10count), wall plank merkin (x5), balls to wall (prob a 5 count) and then took a lap around parking lot

Back to wall for peoples chair for roughly 60 secs, air presses in cadence x20 and then took a lap

Did slight variations of this pattern for 3 round total, threw in some donkey kicks, variations on the air presses, and such

Added 2 rounds of work on the concrete planters with laps in between; step-ups x20, derkins x10, and dips x30

Back to the dugout wall for one last wall plank, wall plank merkins, and BTTW set.  Lots of mumble chatter here…

Mosey over to park entrance/exit road to begin the progression back to launch.  Sprint 2 light poles (roughly 75 yards), walk 1 all the way to 51. Probably a third of a mile or so.

Mosey back to Pineville’s Finest parking lot for about 4 minutes of PAX-call-it Mary to close it out.


Welcome FNG Old Yeller and thanks to Yomo (Chunder) for bringin him out. Another youngin to help the demographics.  Those guys are ready are rarin to go and YHC appreciates that as it keeps him feeling young, at least for a fleeting moment during the workout.

Brolympics – Feb 24

Sporting Clays – Next Saturday

Richard Sheltra 5k/10k – April 28

Big House Celebrates 1 Year

Only 5 Pax showed for the 1 year anniversary celebration at The Big House. I’m going to blame the weather and not the lack of a well-conceived promotional campaign, that should have included several pre-blasts, by the usually competent site Q’s. Anywho…

Yours truly provided a proper disclaimer and we were off. Due to last weeks political developments, Dumpster decreed that he will now have to review and approve all future disclaimers. Congrats.

Occurred during several stops on way to baseball fields near Pineville Elementary. All in cadence:
Imp Walkers x 20
Merks x 10
Abe Vigodas x 10
Dry Docks x 10

The Thang

Once at Pineville El Someone commented that Shrink Wrap would have to leave because of some rule about him and schools…

Gather at short retaining wall in the west parking lot for a called exercise and then do a lap around ball fields, stopping at picnic tables in middle for 30 dips & 20 step ups each time.
20 derks on wall – lap- dips & step ups
25 donkey kicks on wall – lap- dips & step ups
40 incline merks on wall – lap- dips & step ups
20 more derks and then depart

Again, we stopped at various locations on way back to launch for you call it exercises that included 20 burpees (thanks Drago) and
all kinds of Mary and even some J-Los. Also got in about a 50-yard sprint and then some additional Mary before times up.

Hard to believe its been a year at The Big House. I’d like to personally thank Dumpster and F3 for the opportunity to improve.

Christmas Parties
Pineville Police – Shop with a Cop
Joe Davis Run