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Low Impact Aerobics at the Aquatic Center?

The shovel flag was planted in the dark at Catholic as 20 men, including 1 FNG, gathered to take their shot at #F3Centurion.  Here’s what we battled through:

The Thang

Before we left the parking lot…

  • 10 burpees, plank, recover
  • 10 burpees, plank, recover

Run to the right side parking lot for COP:

  • SSHs – 30 (cadence)
  • IWs – 25 (cadence)
  • Merkins – 20 (cadence)
  • Squats – 25 (cadence)
  • LBCs – 30 (cadence)

Run to the aquatic center parking lot for a lot of pain.  Partner up (size does not matter) along the bottom of the parking lot.

  • Partner 1 – Run to the top of the hill (~40 yds, ~30 degree incline), 10 jump squats (touch the sides of your shoes), run back down
  • Partner 2 – Merkins until Partner 1 returns
  • Flapjack and repeato until Q calls time (~8 mins)


  • Partner 1 – Bear crawl to the top, 5 decline merkins, run back down
  • Partner 2 – Flutter kicks until Partner 1 returns
  • Flapjack. Plank until all Pax finish.


  • Partner 1 – Run to the top of the hill, 5 burpees, run back down
  • Partner 2 – Jumping lunges until Partner 1 returns
  • Flapjack and repeato until Q calls time (~8 mins)


  • Partner 1 – Run to the top of the hill, 5 incline merkins, backwards bear crawl back down
  • Partner 2 – LBCs until Partner 1 returns
  • Flapjack. Plank until all Pax finish

Jailbreak sprint to the top of the hill and run over to the hospice center for some people’s chair…regular, right leg up, left leg up, on your toes.

Circle up in the hospice center parking lot for some Mary:

  • Dollies – 40 (cadence)
  • Rosalitas – 30 (cadence)
  • Knee ups – 15 (cadence)
  • Exploding merkins – 10 (on the Q’s count)

Run back to the parking lot for:

  • 10 burpees, plank
  • 10 burpees, plank, COT

NakedMan Moleskin

  • Yesterday, via Twitter, YHC promised that, from the opening bell, the Pax would be hurting and searching for each breath.  It would seem we accomplished that today, as there was very little mumble chatter.  For a solid 45 minutes, each man pushed himself hard…and there was plenty of sweat left on the aquatic center parking lot to prove it.  The Pax attacked the hill with vigor each time and fought the exercises tooth and nail until the very end.
  • In the first round, YHC is not sure what was worse…10 jump squats after running up to the top of the hill or the seemingly endless merkins blast while waiting for your partner to return.  Either way, there is a certain closeness about getting your face a few inches from where another man has dripped his sweat on the parking lot.  #F3Brotherhood.
  • The bear crawl to the top seemed to last forever.  There were a lot of “don’t look, just keep going” exclamations.
  • In the second round, running the hill after a bunch of jumping lunges proved unsavory.  There was definitely a lot of burn.  The burpees at the top did not help.  As usual, Runstopper crushed the burpees with his fluid one motion technique…and he and Udder lapped the field. #ExtraCredit.
  • The backwards bear crawl was, oddly enough, just as long as the bear crawl up the hill.  Strange Brew declared “there’s a reason bears walk forward”. Aye!
  • The visit to the hospice center was certainly warranted after all that…but there wasn’t much in the way of pain management…just the administration of additional pain.  People’s chair finished off the legs.  And the Mary had the Pax groaning as we kept climbing on the Dollies.  The exploding merkins was a crowd pleaser…we’ll feel those in the core tomorrow.
  • After Mary, we finished right back where we started…with another 20 burpees.
  • After months of being EHed, FNG Dwayne B. came out with My Sharona.  He’s a chiropractor, hence the nickname “Skeletor”.  That is strong brother…so now you have to keep coming out!
  • With most of the workout taking place at the aquatic center, The Package missed the perfect opportunity to fulfill his #MrUniverse promise to show up in his speedo.  Thanks goodness he was a no show this morning…witnessing that bear crawl would have been unsavory, at best.


  • July 4th convergence – 0700 at South Charlotte Middle School
  • Last week of F3 Dads this Saturday – 0900 at Colonel Beatty park
  • EH a buddy and find a Saturday workout
  • Check out the website for new workouts launching soon. #F3Area51Grows.


Hit ‘Em High, Hit ‘Em Low

The shovel flag was planted on the grounds of McAlpine and 25 (including 4 FNGs) hearty souls set off for another #F3DayZero painfest. Bananas and Radar took the Q and the East Meck HS buddies were clearly in cahoots with a plan to crush the will and spirit of the Pax.

The Thang:

Bananas Q – Hit ‘Em High

A little baby jog around the parking lot then circle up for COP:

  • SSH, 20 (cadence)
  • IWs, 20 (cadence)
  • Squat, 20 (cadence)
  • Merkins, 20 (cadence)

Mosey down to the field.

  • 25 merkins, sprint ~100 yds to end of field, 25 merkins, sprint back, plank
  • 20 diamond merkins, sprint ~100 yds to end of field, 20 diamond merkins, sprint back, plank
  • 25 CDDs, sprint ~100 yds to end of field, 25 CDDs, sprint back, plank
  • 10 burpees, sprint ~100 yds to end of field, 10 burpees, sprint back, plank

Mosey to playground for pain stations…3 rounds of:

  • 10 pull-ups
  • 20 dips
  • 20 LBCs
  • 20 merkins

Radar Q – Hit ‘Em Low

Mosey back to field for some calf raises…20 (cadence) each set. 1st set – feet out, 2nd set – feet straight, 3rd set – feet in.

Partner up (size matters) and line up abreast on the beginning cone with an eye on the 3 cones set ahead ~20 yds apart.  Perform called exercise at each cone, partner drag to first cone, flapjack partner drag to 2nd cone, partner carry to last cone, flapjack partner carry to first cone on way back, sprint back to the beginning, including 1 backwards sprint back.  Chair plank while waiting for all the Pax to finish. Called exercises:

  • Deep squats (touch the sides of your shoes) – 25 count
  • Deep squat high jumps – 10 count

Chair plank hold for one minute followed by another round of calf raises (see above). Called exercises:

  • Duck jump squats – 25 count
  • Sister Mary Catherine – 25 count

Chair plank hold for one minute.  Mosey back to parking lot for 6 MoM, with a lunge walk up the hill for good measure.

Mary: Flutter kicks, 50 (cadence); Russian twists, 20 (cadence)



  • A lot of all over body pain was felt today as Bananas and Radar went on the attack early and often.  Their plan to break down the Pax this morning was obvious.  Survival was questionable…but the best that could be hoped for.
  • The groans started early when Bananas circled the Pax up in the side parking lot for COP.  While McAlpine has the best grass in all of Area 51, it also has the roughest parking lot and the call for merkins had everyone wishing they had grabbed their gloves.  However, the abrasions were quickly forgotten when the real fun began and O2 deprivation allowed us only to focus on the task at hand.
  • Bugeater worked out front on most of the sprints.  Nice job!  However, the rules committee is reviewing whether he was aided by the same nitrous-oxide he brought out to last week’s Day Zero. #anotherpairofshortsruined
  • The call for 20 diamond merkins and 25 CDDs on back to back sets was unsavory and crushed all chatter in its wake.  The pain stations finished off the upper body in grand fashion.  One of the Pax commented that is seemed as though Bananas was trying to pack an hour workout into his 30 minute Q.  Nice work brother!
  • Radar is building quite the reputation for breaking down the legs and today he came with routine to bolster that notion.  And while he looked more like a ballerina when leading the calf raises, the burn felt by all the Pax kept us from commenting.  No one wants an angry Radar.
  • All the called leg exercises, the chair planks and the partner drags and carries brought big time pain…for those who completed them all.  Apparently, Bananas was under the impression that once you Q the first half of the workout, you can take some plays off in the second half.  But, alas, this ain’t Clemson football.
  • YHC was partnered with Radar during the drags and carries and was chastised constantly for my form, mostly while I was being dragged and carried.  YHC wasn’t aware you could mess that up.  However, the emotional violation was the least of the worries, after some questionable feel ups. #2ndbase #3rdbase.
  • Awesome work today by the 2.0s and FNGs…keep coming out.
  • T-claps to Stagecoach and Champagne for double down at Day Zero and the pre-Rock kettlebell and rope workout.  And to Stagecoach for wearing his ruck.  And to The Hoff for wearing his weigh vest…who knew they made a 5XL weight vest to go across this man’s chest.


  • July 4th convergence at South Charlotte Middle School – 0700
  • RSVP to the Pig Pickin – 7/13 at OP baseball fields


Chewed Up and Spit Out

8 brave men gathered in the parking lot at McAlpine Elementary School and made their way (some more graceful than others) through the slosh and into the gloom of the Proving Grounds.  Big League Chew got the start on the mound and, as promised, he delivered a steady diet of fastballs…after starting the game with a nasty slider, low and away.

The Thang:

Big League Chew Q

Down to the soggy field, which had just been aerated, for the warmup (or so the Pax thought):

  • 100 burpees (or as many as you can do in 7 minutes)

Mosey to the rock pile to grab a boulder then over to playground #1:

  • 5 pull ups
  • 10 hanging knee raises
  • 10 jump squats (touch rock to the ground on the squat, then raise above the head on the jump)
  • 10 man maker merkins on the rock

Run to playground #2 with your rock and repeat.

Back to playground #1 and repeat.

Grab a partner and partner carry to 1st garbage can, flapjack to 2nd garbage can, flapjack to 3rd garbage can. Repeato back. 5 squat chaser for each partner at the end.

Grab your rock, circle up on your back for situps that you had to be there to see.  YHC cannot even describe them…but they hurt.

Purple Haze Q

Deposit your rock back on the pile then mosey to the track with your partner for a little Catch Me If You Can:

  • Round 1 – 10 merkins
  • Round 2 – 10 squats
  • Round 3 – 10 flutter kicks (each leg)

Run to the front of the school and grab some bench:

  • Step ups – 15, each leg
  • Dips – 15
  • Standing calf raises – 15
  • Plank
  • Repeato x2

Circle up in the parking lot for some Mary:

  • Dolly – 30 (cadence), hold it
  • Rosalita – 30 (cadence)
  • Knee ups – 15 (cadence)
  • CCVs – 15 (cadence), each side

Finish up with a little Indian run around the parking lot, jailbreak to the COT.


  • Big League Chew, despite showing up with a neon green watch that he probably got from inside a cereal box, came with a distinct purpose to make the Pax pay.  And pay they did.  The rock work was very unsavory…so much so that the partner carries were a welcome distraction.  Nice Day Zero Q debut BLC!
  • On the way down the hill to the proving grounds, YHC decided to take the fast route…sliding down right on the money maker.
  • T-claps to Tiger Rag for, after running to the Day Zero site from The Rock, knocking out 85 burpees during the opening 7 minutes.  He seems ready to issue a challenge to Runstopper and Bulldog.
  • Also T-claps to Tiger Rag and Big League Chew for the double down, showing up at Day Zero after a little kettlebell and rope of death work pre-The Rock.  And to Mighty Mite who hit up Stonehenge before joining the Day Zero painfest.
  • Welcome to FNG Mark E.  He’s Irish and likes to dance…River Dance it is!
  • Good work by all the Pax today.  Let’s continue to get the word out about Day Zero.


  • Check out the website for a new Monday morning kettlebell workout set to launch soon.  Don’t forget the Try Sports F3 sale, for those of you wanting to purchase kettlebells or other equipment.


Full Body Trauma

18 hearty souls ignored the weather forecast and the call of the fartsack to post at Centurion this morning.

The Thang:

Run to a side parking lot for a little warmup:

  • SSHs – 25 (cadence)
  • IWs – 20 (cadence)
  • Merkins – 20 (cadence)
  • Flutter – 20 (cadence)
  • 4 Point Toe Touch – 1 minute each leg

Run to the Carmel Commons parking lot for COP, Part 1:

  • Jump Squats (touch the side of your shoes) – 20
  • Russian Twists – 20 each side
  • CDDs – 20
  • Hold in a Regular Plank
  • Repeato x2

Run up the steps of Carmel Commons, across the top and back down, then to the picnic tables in front of Catholic for COP, Part 2:

  • Step Ups – 15 each leg
  • Dips – 15
  • Decline Merkins – 15
  • Hold the Decline Merkin Plank
  • Repeato x2

Run to another side parking lot for COP, Part 3:

  • Jumping Lunges – 10 each leg
  • Knee Ups – 10
  • Merkin Jacks – 10
  • Hold in a Regular Plank
  • Repeato x2

Just enough time for some Mary:

  • Groiners – 10
  • LBCs – 20 (cadence)
  • Exploding Merkins – 10 (on Q’s count)
  • Dolly – 20 (cadence)

Mosey for COT.


  • The goal today was full body trauma.  With all the repeatos, what was lacking in creativity was made up for in pain.
  • There was some heckling at the beginning of the 4 point toe touch…YHC heard something about Dancing With the Stars…but about 20 seconds into each minute, the mumble chatter stopped and the groans began.  Feel the burn.
  • There is nothing fun about the Jump Squat, especially when you touch the sides of your shoes…and do 60 of them within about 8 minutes.
  • Closing out the COP circuit with Merkin Jacks seemed like a good idea during Q planning…but it proved very unsavory in actual practice.
  • Groiners and Exploding Merkins, while not traditional Mary, served to be crowd pleasers.
  • T-claps to Philmont…4 posts this week.  Way to push through.  We all hear you!
  • Happy Birthday to Deacon…celebrating with a downPAINment!


  • Shirts with the AWESOME new Area51 logo are now available.  T-claps to Escargot and Mall Cop with the concept and design.
  • Area51 pool party at Candlewyck neighborhood pool tomorrow night – 6pm to 9pm.
  • Contact Chelms for a great opportunity to tutor and mentor students…F3 making a difference.
  • EH a buddy for a Saturday workout.

Day Zero: Let the Hazing Begin

The shovel flag was firmly planted for Week 2 of Day Zero and 23 brave men, including 3 FNGs, lined up single file behind YHC for a quick time march from the parking lot down to the McAlpine Proving Grounds for some Saturday morning fun.

The Thang:

In a single file line at a marked-off area of the soccer field:

  • Forward run to first corner
  • Slide left to the second corner
  • Backward run to third corner
  • Slide right to the beginning
  • Repeato

Peel off to an adjacent field for some COP:

  • IWs, 20 (cadence)
  • SSHs, 20 (cadence)
  • Merkins, 20 (cadence)
  • Squats, 20 (cadence)
  • Mountain climbers, 20 (cadence)

Mosey to the next field, line up abreast and let the Hazing begin:

Round 1

  • 10 forward/backward jumps (touch the ground), sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 20 merkins, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 30 jump squats (touch the ground), sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 40 switch kicks, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 50 LBCs, sprint 40 yds, plank

Round 2

  • 10 groiners, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 20 merkins jacks, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 30 jumping lunges, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 40 suicide drills, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 50 Russian twists, sprint 40 yds, plank

Round 3

  • 10 burpees, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 15 burpees, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 20 burpees, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 25 burpees, sprint 40 yds, plank
  • 30 burpees, sprint 40 yds, plank

Circle up for 6 MoM:

  • Flutter, 20 (cadence) – Hold it
  • Dolly, 20 (cadence) – Hold it
  • Rosalita, 20 (cadence)
  • Knee ups, 15 (cadence)

Line back up abreast and finish strong:

  • Bear crawl 20 yds, lunge walk 20 yds
  • Backward bear crawl 20 yds, backward lunge walk 20 yds
  • Belly start suicide (20 yds, back, 40 yds, back)
  • Belly start backwards run suicide (20 yds, back, 40 yds, back)

A call to the bullpen for some Radar love (more on this in Moleskin):

  • Run from the fields to the front of the school
  • Step up walks on the benches, right leg then turnaround for the left
  • Around to the side of the school for some People’s chair…regular, right leg up, left leg up, regular
  • Circle up in the parking lot for some more Mary…Dolly, 60 (cadence); LBCs, 30 (cadence)


YHC showed up about 15 minutes early to set up for his first Q at Day Zero only to find Mighty Mite (Hate) already there running laps around the track at McAlpine.  Even so, he brought it strong during today’s workout…ahh, must be nice to be in your 20s brother.

There wasn’t a lot of chatter out there today during the 3 rounds of Hazing.  O2 deprivation kicked in early and that left the Pax searching for each breath.  However, halfway through the climb to 100 burpees, the Pax could see the writing on the wall and the Q was chastised for his lack of creativity.  YHC did not take it personally though, as it just served as confirmation that pain was being dealt in a very real way.  A couple of other highlights worth noting:

  • Midway through the Hazing, Donkey Kong shed his shirt.  YHC gives him credit though, as he apologized in advance.
  • During the backwards suicide runs, Strawberry fell down. He was on the end and tried to get up before anyone noticed…but it was too late…and, of course, the Pax couldn’t let it pass by.  Thankfully for him, we already have a Tumbler.
  • Special thanks to a couple of F3Metro guys, Tryon and Bird Hole (who got YHC started in this madness), for venturing into the South Charlotte time zone for Day Zero.
  • Good work by Stagecoach with the double down on Stonehenge and Day Zero.

Great effort by the Pax today.  Everyone pushed it hard, leaving the hour long rookie Q with some extra time.  Thanks to Radar for finishing us off, literally.  Thankfully, he showed mercy and stopped short of his 75 (cadence) dolly record from last week.

Special thanks to IPTAY, who presented YHC with a Purple ribbon he found on the school grounds, left over from this past week’s Field Day activities.  The Q was deeply moved.


  • New workout DMZ launches Monday at Carmel Rd Neighborhood Park.  Hops and Skywalker on Q.
  • More Day Zero fun next Saturday.  Big League Chew and Purple Haze on Q.
  • Area51 pool party on June 8th, 6pm-9pm at the Candlewyck neighborhood pool.