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PREBLAST – 5th Annual Memorial Day Weekend Convergence

Back in 2014, for the 1 year anniversary of Day Zero, @OG_Radar had the idea for a wonderful Memorial Day weekend workout to honor American heroes that had paid the ultimate price for our freedom. This coming Saturday, we’ll do it again, for the 5th time. There’s no surprises to the workout. It will be hard. And we’ll push to the limit, as small recognition and appreciation for our American warriors.

The workout will consist of:

  • COP
  • Team workout element, likely to involve moving coupons around the Calvary grounds
  • 100 burpees, in silence

Throughout the workout, each Q will read a citation describing the bravery and willing sacrifice of an American soldier. This year’s citations include an Army soldier from WWII, a Marine from Vietnam and a Navy Seal from Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This weekend is not about cookouts and pool parties. Come get your mind right. 0700 this Saturday at Rock Zero (Calvary Church).

NOTE: If you have a shovel flag, bring it!

Dropping a Dirty McDeuce

25 strong for #F3Hydra this morning. Here’s what we did.

The Thang

A brief but thorough (because the Nantan was looking on) disclaimer was given to the men and then we launched into the darkness. We took the back way over the office building at Rea/Colony and took care of our COP along the way…MCs x 15IC, IWs x 15IC and LSS x 15IC.

Then we previewed our running loop for the morning. From the office building parking lot, take the road between the office building and Walgreens out to Colony, then a left onto Colony, then turn left into the shopping center entrance between Brooklyn Pizza and 5/3 Bank, turn left at the traffic circle running down the thoroughfare back to the office building parking lot.

The main event was announced and explained. The Dirty McDeuce. 4 sets of 3 exercises (chest, core and legs) at 12 reps with a run around the loop in between each set.

  • Set 1 – Merkins x 12IC, LBCs x 12IC and Squats x 12IC. Run the loop.
  • Set 2 – Wide-arm Merkins x 12IC, Flutters x 12IC and Lunges x 12IC. Run the loop.
  • Set 3 – CDDs x 12IC, Dollies x 12IC and LSS x 12IC. Run the loop.
  • Set 4 – Diamond Merkins x 12IC, Freddie Mercuries x 12IC and RDLs x 12IC. Run the loop.

By request, 10 burpees OYO.

Run back to base the way we came. Ended with a little protractor while the six came in. Done.


The pax came from near and far for this morning’s #F3Hydra. Most drove in. Hops and CheeseCurd ran in (though only Curd ran back). And Gloss was there when YHC arrived, apparently having spent the night in his car in the parking lot. It was a solid crowd with a host of characters (as Marge put it). All the classic mumblechatterers were there, including Gummy and Spackler. YHC spent most of the morning trying to either drown them out or ignore them…but found little success doing either.

The Dirty McDeuce is old school. And it had been a while so YHC decided to introduce it to the #F3Hydra Pax. It is always a good one as it hits the chesticles, the legs and the core, while getting in some miles. We ended up with a little over 3 miles for the morning…a little much for the bootcamp enthusiasts and not enough for the soccer armed runners…but a solid compromise.

We did several plank-o-ramas in between each set, including one ill-advised chair plank. From the full squat position, Puddin’ dropped his own Dirty McDeuce in the parking lot. Only a pro could do what he did in the full chair plank without fear of crapping themselves. Those with an 8am dentist appointment probably still smelled the lingering spirit.

Great group this morning. Thankful for all of you. And for the opportunity to lead.

Moleskine P.S. – Took about 4 men, 3 onlookers, 2 set of cables but only 1 Semi-Gloss to jump Floorslapper’s Highlander after the workout.


  • Unsanctioned beverage mile this Friday
  • Saturday Memorial Day Weekend convergence at #F3RockZero
  • Memorial Day convergence and race – Patriot 5K. #SFN will be there pushing veterans.
  • Unsanctioned SMHS Football fundraiser


21 men gathered in anticipation of the Cinco de Mayo edition of #F3RockZero. We were later joined by 2 others from #F3Area51 (the workout) to make our total 23. Here’s a recap of what we did:

The Thang

Mosey from our launch spot down to the Calvary pitch for COP. Burpees x 5 OYO; IWs x 5 IC; Merkins x 5 IC; MCs x 5 IC; LSS x 5 IC; LBCs x 5 IC.

Walk over to the base of the grassy knoll and line up abreast for a triple nickel. Merkins x 5 at the top; Jump Squats x 5 at the bottom; 5 times through. Plank when done.

Mosey to the front parking lot. Line up abreast at the first island. Do 5 reps of called exercise at first island, third island, fifth island, seventh island then run to end. Turn and run back to first island to complete 5 reps of called exercise. We did this 5 times through.

  • Merkins
  • Jump Squats
  • LBCs
  • CDDs
  • Burpees

Mosey to hot box and find a bench. 5 sets of 5 reps of called exercises.

  • Lil Haze left leg
  • Lil Haze right leg
  • Dips
  • Decline Merkins

Plank when done. Mosey to the rock pile by Rea Road Field. Find a partner and one lifting rock. Partner A does 5 curls, 5 tricep presses, and 5 squat thrusters on repeat while Partner B runs to playground for 5 pullups and then runs back. Flapjack. Then repeat until each partner had gone 5 times.

Mosey back toward base for some time killing moves. Line up abreast along curb.

  • Lunge walk to first parking lot line, sprint to far curb then sprint back
  • Bear crawl……..
  • Backward bear crawl……..

Mosey back to launch point for Mary. LBCs x 5 IC, Flutter Kicks x 5 IC, Dollies x 5 IC, Straight Leg Lift x 5 IC, Toe Tap Crunch x 5 IC, Rosalita x 5 IC. Then Repeat.

5 burpees OYO. Done.


A lot of old school Twitter banter last night. Pro even found his old Shetland Pony pic. It was fun. Remember when Twitter was our thing. Instead now, we get 27 useless Slack notifications about someone looking for a good plumber.

Mumblechatter was high this morning but it always is when Gummy posts. Makes up for his blatant refuseniking. Thankfully Marge didn’t post in his Clemsux shirt or it would been the trifecta along with Gummy and Hammer. JetFuel only mentioned Saban once to them, which was PR.

Solid group of Respects out there this morning with OT, Marlin, Snowflake and Iron Horse. YHC only hopes to be able to move like that when I’m really old like them.

Rather than have a Man Date at #F3Area51, OT and Turkey Leg drove over to join us right after the Triple Nickel. Great to have them out to join us.

Spidey, Brew’s 2.0, put in a solid day’s work this morning. Really crushed exercises and runs in the front parking. And totally savage rolling up in a Canada track jacket on Cinco de Mayo.

Mexican Independence Day is September 16th.


  • May 26th – Memorial Day weekend convergence at #F3RockZero. Great workout where we read citations of a few soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice.
  • May 28th – Patriot 5K and workout in Metro.
  • Church on the Street – Sign up or show up to serve.

Thanks for allowing me to lead. Always an honor.

-Lil Haze

Bro, Do You Even Legs Day?

12 men showed for sharpening on the #F3Anvil this morning. It was leg day. Here’s what we did.

The Thang

A brief but thorough disclaimer was given and then we slowed moseyed to wait for the stragglers. After picking up everyone, we ran up the main Calvary thoroughfare to the parking lot across from the hotbox and circled up for COP… IWs x 10IC, MCs x 10IC and the Low Slow Squat x 10IC. From there, we cut across campus to the rock pile by the roundabout. Grab a lifting rock, not for running but one that would make McGee proud. We circled up for some leg day work.

  •  Squats x 10IC
  • Good Mornings x 10IC
  • TeaBag Squats x 10IC

Mosey to the bottom of entrance at 51 for some stop motion lunge walk. After about 10 or so movements of that, we ran around the roundabout and back to our rocks.

  • Lunges x 10IC
  • Side Lunges x 10IC
  • Dancing With The Stars x 10IC (each leg, no rock)

Mosey back to the entrance at 51 for some stop motion backward lunge walk. Same thing, 10 movements or so before taking off in a backwards run for bit then forward around the roundabout.

After that, we returned our rocks and ran across to the little hill by the soccer fields. There, we did a set of 11s, with Jump Squats at the top and Sister Mary Catherines at the bottom. McGee then led us in some Baryshnikov x 10IC (each leg). He led as YHC is not coordinated enough to lead these.

From there, we moseyed up to the hotbox for 3 sets of 10 Lil’ Hazes (each leg) and 10 One-Legged Squats (each leg). We did some People’s Chair to kill some time before moseying to the Avenue of Trees. To appease the crowd and because my legs hurt, we ran the Avenue of Trees stopping at each tree for 5 Merkins.

A mosey back to our launch point for some Mary: LBCs x 10IC, Flutters x 10IC, Toe-Tap Crunches x 10IC and Straight-Leg Lifts x 10IC. Closed it out with 10 Burpees OYO.


Solid group of men this morning but certainly a slower arriving crowd than normal. For a bit, thought it might just be YHC and The Wall, in which case we could’ve done this workout in The Fairways fitness center, where you can get a lot done on a 3 speed treadmill, a bowflex and pair of wrist weights.

Been a while since YHC’s had a leg workout…the massive pecs and biceps were beginning to dwarf the legs. So to keep from becoming that guy in the leg day memes, deciding we tackle the legs. Not sure about the rest of the Pax but I know I was feeling the burn. A good buddy (the Pax formerly know as Radar) always said that if you break the legs, you break the spirit. And it was quiet under the hotbox toward the end…so I assume this one either hurt the Pax. Or bored them.

Good to see Bugeater back out in the gloom. And riding over with Scratch & Win, who has his VQ tomorrow at #F3Hydra. Lewinsky ran in…and turned down S&W’s offer for a ride back home…solid. The Wall is getting stronger and stronger.

McGee doesn’t check Twitter. But he is a Sign-Up Genius wiz.


Old guy workout launching tomorrow morning at CCHS.

Off the Grid

22 pax showed up on time for Centurion. 1 wandered around until he found us, before we went off the grid.

We ran from the launch area, through the Chipotle parking lot, across 51 to the parking lot adjacent Palatine Hill. There, among the intense spring aroma of the row of Bradford Pears, we circled up for COT. Nerves set in for the Q after Snuka was roasted for not going the correct order for moving the pax into the called exercise. Fortunately, it came back to me. We did IWs x 10 IC, MCs x 10 IC, Merkins x 10 IC and Low Slow Squats x 10 IC. It was interesting that a pickup truck coming into work very early pretty much encircled us before finding the perfect spot out the 112 available spaces to back in to. We were not deterred.

From there, we previewed our route by running around Carmel Park I to the courtyard of tables and benches between Carmel Park I and Carmel Park II then down to the stop sign then down the road stopping at the base of the west side of Palatine Hill. The Bermuda Triangle was announced.

  • Up the steep west side to the top
  • 10 burpees at the top
  • Down Palatine and then up the road around Carmel Park I to the courtyard
  • Find an open bench in the courtyard for 10 Derkins, 10 Dips and 10 I-Merkins
  • Run down to the stop sign for 20 jump squats
  • Then back to the base of the hill

7 is the number of perfection. It’s also the number of days Joshua marched around the city before the walls of Jericho fell. So the goal was 7 times.

At 6:10, we gathered and started our run back. With traffic picking up on 51, we moseyed to the CC crosswalk. We pressed the button but we never got the red light so we could cross. Ultimately, we found our opening and started an AYG back to base in order to arrive by 6:15.

After Name-0-rama, we had what seemed like 27 announcements. The ones I remember are:

  • Check out Speed for Need race calendar. Run Jen Run is coming up.
  • Achilles International is looking for para-guides to run with visually impaired runners.
  • Olive’s 8K in Huntersville

Great take out by Hops, reminding us to invest in others and praises for Bout Time’s son Jennings.


Been a while since YHC had Q’d Centurion, so it was time to bring back the Bermuda Triangle. As Chelms pointed out, it’s really a trapezoid. But there’s no deep, dark place from which you never return that’s named after a trapezoid. Plus, he did name it the Bermuda Triangle when it was introduced to the pax back in 2016. The west side of Palatine Hill is no joke and adding the burpees at the top throws the heartrate to epic levels. The rest of the loop is spent simply recovering before you have to climb it again.

The pax did solid work this morning. A handful achieved perfection, completing the 7 rounds. Most guys got 6 rounds, except Pro and Gloss…pretty sure they skipped burpees and quit after 4.5 rounds. For YHC, it’s demoralizing to hear you’re going to do the same thing over and over for 30+ minutes of a workout. But getting through builds some mental toughness and stamina.

Thanks to Margo and Udder for the opportunity to lead such a quality group of men. And thanks to the men for the brotherhood.



Solid group of men met at SCMS this morning for another Fast Twitch. They were properly disclaimed and off we went into the darkness.

The Thang and Moleskine

Big surprise, we took off into Raintree via Woodfox. Swiper was feeling the chill so he got out front in his typical way…not because he’s fast, but because he likes to Q-jack…YHC reined him in. We took our left onto Rounding Run, innocently passing by Rising Meadow, and worked our way up the hill to Raintree Lane. We cut across there and circled up at Windbluff stop sign for some whisper cadence warmup…IWs x 15 IC and MCs x 20 IC. Next up, an AYG the length of Windbluff out to Providence Road. There, we gathered, exchanged pleasantries and then moseyed down Providence to Shallowood for the Main Event.

The Shallowood half-pipe is the real deal. And we got after it with a solid triple nickel…5 jump squats at the bottom…5 merkins at the top…5 times through. In a triple nickel like that, you see and hear a lot of things…

  • Swiper explaining the meaning of merkin
  • Benny talking about running 100 miles per week
  • Rock Thrill landing planes with his 1000 lumen KC lite headlamp
  • Astro with no words…just putting in work in the puff ball beanie
  • Mr. Brady complained about the cold and the hills…still crushed it
  • Margo planning next year’s light display
  • Runstopper wondering aloud why he didn’t wear his signature tights
  • Pop Tart talking trash to the Pax about his Q next week
  • Alf complaining that he could have saved himself time and miles by parking at the fire station
  • Turkey Leg bashing what Fast Twitch has become
  • Rachel lamenting about the mess Turkey Leg left him

After the Triple Nickel was complete, while discussing best hiring practices, we fast moseyed back down Windbluff to the speed hump at the bottom Windbluff hill. From there, it was an AYG to the stop sign. Apparently this is Strava segment and Pop Tart gave his all to capture the title. He was last seen lying beneath the stop sign, rocking back and forth in the fetal position.

We kept moving, with another fast mosey to the stop sign at Rising Meadow. On Rising Meadow, we completed a three lamp post suicide run. It was not fun. At the third light, there was American sized pickup truck on the street, with an extension cord running from it to the front porch socket. Since when do we do that with pickup trucks? We truly do need to Make America Great Again.

After the suicide, we moseyed back to base. We had a nice COT and Swiper gave a solid take out.

Always a pleasure to lead men. Thanks to all of you for the opportunity to do so. And for the brotherhood and accountability you bring to me.


The Beast Leaves Its Mark

11 men gathered this morning under the lights of the OPES parking lot for another battle with the #F3Hydra. After a disclaimer that would’ve made the Nantan proud, off we went.

The Thang

From the parking lot, we turned right onto Rea and then took a right onto Summerlin. We stopped at the first left, Wessynton Drive, for round 1 of our COT on the move… MCs x 15 IC. Run down Wessynton to Cornwallis Camp Drive…stop for IWs x 15 IC. Turn left on Cornwallis stopping at Stonecroft Park Drive for Merkins x 15 IC. Turn left onto Stonecroft and loop it around to Colony… stop for Squats x 15 IC.

From there we turned left onto Colony and then took an almost immediate left into the parking lot of the office building that shares the complex with A51’s favorite watering hole, The Lodge. We lined up in the lot for #TheBeast…6 exercises, 6 stops, 6 reps.

  • Merkins
  • Jump Squats
  • LBCs
  • Dry Docks
  • Lunges
  • Burpees

After #TheBeast, we moseyed from which we came, stopping along the way for some planking. Then from Cornwallis Camp to the first street light on Wessynton, we did the #TripleNickel… Merkins at the bottom and Jump Squats at the top.

Mosey back to the school for some Mary and Merkins:

  • LBCs x 15 IC
  • Straight Leg Lifts x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Toe Tap Crunches x 15 IC
  • Flutters x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Freddy Mercury x 15 IC
  • Dollies x 15 IC

Recover. 10 Burpees OYO. Done.


This was a simple plan with some old school pain activators. But with a new route to the shopping center, thanks to Google maps. With the burpees at the end, #TheBeast always leaves its mark. So does Puddin’ Pop. Officially diagnosed with “Exercise Induced Flatulence”, the man served some straight up #TrouserChili on the run back.

During #TheBeast, we did some planking, including a chair plank a/k/a the “Semi-Gloss”. When SG was mentioned, YHC violated HIPAA laws and noted that he was on IR…broken foot from riding his daughter’s bicycle is what I heard. Anyway, get well soon brother…the Pax need you.

One Eye, Champagne and Sleepy dominated #TheBeast and the #TripleNickel. Hannibal was right up there too, despite not ever posting at bootcamps anymore. Lewinski was right beside me during #TheBeast putting in solid work. And Scratch&Win has pretty much worked himself back into shape…keep playing brother. The #F3Hydra regulars of Marge, Jet Fuel (who only said “Roll Tide” once this morning… #PR) and Queen just show up and crush whatever’s put before them.

Queen and Marge…thanks for your site leadership and for giving me the keys this AM. Puddin’, solid take out brother.


  • F3Golf tomorrow
  • Lots of races coming up… pick one or many to run and support a good cause
  • Scratch&Win is director of non-profit that provides Christmas gifts to kids. DM him for chance to help.

Fight of the Century

17 men met at Calvary for the #F3RockZero fight of the century. We disclaimed, prayed for our brother The Shore and his family, and then launched into the gloom.

The Thang

We ran along the campus road out to 51, hanging a right towards the very front entrance of Calvary. We stopped at the circle in front of the Church and grabbed us a lifting rock…not a running rock…Haze does not run with rocks. We moseyed to the front parking lot and circled up for a brief COP before the real work began.

  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • MCs x 15 IC
  • Squats x 15 IC

The bell rang for the fight.

  • 25 merkins
  • 25 curls w/rock
  • 25 teabag squat w/ rock
  • 25 flutter kicks (IC) w/ rock presses


  • 100 yard dash out
  • 100 yard dash back


  • 25 wide-arms
  • 25 tricep presses w/ rock
  • 25 squats w/ rock
  • 25 dollies (IC) w/ rock presses


  • 100 yard dash out
  • 100 yard dash back


  • 25 dry docks
  • 25 shoulder presses w/ rock
  • 25 alternating lunges w/ rock
  • 25 LBCs (IC) w/ rock


  • 100 yard dash out
  • 100 yard dash back


  • 25 hand-release merkins
  • 25 curls w/ rock
  • 25 good mornings w/ rock
  • 25 toe tap crunches


  • 100 yard dash out
  • 100 yard dash back

Return the rocks and run back the way we came, to the hot box.

  • 25 dips
  • 25 alternating leg step ups
  • 25 derkins
  • 25 incline merkins

Mosey down to the mini-soccer field to finish the fight.

  • 10 burpees a minute for 10 minutes

Run back to launch for a couple rounds of Mary to close out the hour. COT.


Good group of men today, most of whom worked really hard throughout the fight. Our circle was tight and it was light out, so there was nowhere to hide. BLC caught grief for his lifting rock, which probably didn’t even qualify as a running rock…but he is a Respect (and working his way back). Hoover’s rock was close to size of those boulders beside the hill entrance off Rea. Gummy was still full of mumblechatter, despite his Tigers’ loss last night to the ‘Cuse. No worries Gummy…tough road game in the Dome in front of 13,000 rabid Orange fans. Pro tweeted yesterday that he wasn’t afraid of YHC’s Q…but he did take several plays off during the hour. However, he was out front on the sprints…the Swift algorithm paying off.

Thanks to the RZ site Qs for the opportunity to lead.

We met today with heavy hearts for our brother The Shore and his family. Pray for them in the loss of his son.


Flipper maxed out YHC’s phone storage with many announcements.

  • F3Golf – Sign up.
  • Southern Discomfort – Next Saturday. Bring old running shoes.
  • Check out Q schedule for #F3Ascent


This and That

Under the bright lights of the CCHS campus, 23 men gathered for #F3Centurion. After a disclaimer that hopefully satisfied the Nantan, off we went.

The Thang and Moleskine

Run up the hill on Little Street up the Bonefish Grill parking lot. There was no Bang Bang shrimp, unless you count Runstopper (sorry RS, but I never get to make short jokes. Or bald jokes). We gathered for COP:

IWs x 20 IC, MCs x 20 IC, Squats x 20 IC, Merkins x 10 IC.

Then we moseyed over to the stairs, partnering up along the way. YHC was odd man out.

Partner 1 – Merkins (x5, 4, 3, 2, 1) and Plank Walk between parking lot lines

Partner 2 – Run up the steps, 10 jump squats in the middle up top, down the other steps, 10 jump squats at the bottom.

We did that twice. Then we moseyed down 51 to the front of the school, at the picnic tables. We did 3 rounds of 10s:

10 step ups (each leg), 10 derkins, 10 incline merkins. YHC caught grief here from Hops and Runstopper because they wanted to know how many times to repeat, which YHC failed to announce at the onset. Of course, when it was announced, they missed it due to chatter.

After the 3 picnic table sets, we moseyed to the garage. Oddly enough, had it rained like predicted, we would have stayed away from the garage so we could fully embrace the suck of the downpour. Find your partner.

Partner 1 – Run the length of the garage with 5 burpees at the top of the ramp. Repeat until Partner 2 returns.

Partner 2 – Run the short way up to the top. 10 jump squats. Then down the stairs.

Flapjack. Repeat.

After some Udder-led Air Presses, we moseyed back to base. Arrived with exactly 6 minutes to go…totally planned of course, for 6 minutes of Mary.

LBCs x 15 IC, Straight Leg Lifts x 15 IC, Merkins x 10 IC (Checkpoint correctly noted this wasn’t Mary…but we did them anyway), Flutter Kicks x 15 IC, Dollies x 15 IC, Merkins x 10 IC, Freddy Mercury x 20 IC (5 fast, 5 slow, 5 fast, 5 slow).


YHC hadn’t Q’d in a while. Thankfully the chatter was low, except for Pro. But he’s always talking and YHC has learned to ignore him. Champagne did talk trash to me about his Wolfpack vs my Gamecocks. For both, preseason is the best time of the year. Great to see a lot of old guys and new faces at Centurion. It is by far the best Friday AO in the South.

Announcements – Isabella Santos Race, F3Golf

Where Are They Now?

18 men showed up for a Saturday morning #F3RockZero beatdown. After a Mermaid approved disclaimer, here’s the work we put in:

The Thang

Run from the launch point to the front parking lot at Calvary for COP.

  • IWs x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • Low Slow Jump Squat x 15 IC
  • 10 burpees OYO

Run from the front parking lot to the rocks by the softball field. Grab a rock for lifting. Mosey across to the parking lot and line up abreast. Here was our circuit:

  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Squats with rock x 10 IC
  • Presses with rock x 10 IC
  • Curls with rock x 10 IC
  • Tricep presses with rock x 10 IC
  • Lunges (R1 – walking lunge, R2 – frontwards lunge with rock, R3 – backwards lunge with rock, R4 – stop motion lunge)
  • Sprints (of varying distances each round)
  • Core (R1 – LBCs, R2 – Flutters with rock press, R3 – Dollies with rock press, R4 – LBCs)

We did four rounds. Return the rocks. Mosey to the soccer field. Partner up.

  • Partner A – Run across field to fence, 5 jump squats, run back
  • Partner B – Run up and down the hill with 5 jump squats at top each time
  • Meet up for 10 hand slap merkins. Flapjack.

We did this three times, switching to 5 burpees for the final round.

Mosey to the hot box and find a bench.

  • Little Haze left leg x 10 IC
  • Little Haze right leg x 10 IC
  • Left leg bench squat x 10 IC
  • Right leg bench squat x 10 IC

Run back to the launch point via the long way. 2.85 miles total. End with Freddie Mercury x 20 IC.



Well Spackler slacked, tweeted, e-mailed and texted the old DZ band for a #F3RockZero episode of Where Are They Now? And then didn’t show. But that’s how it usually goes with the old rockers on the VH1 series…at least one band member doesn’t join the reunion tour, citing irreconcilable differences or lost battles with Tito’s. But, to his credit, he did coax Radar out of retirement. And got Bulldog out on a Saturday. And got Gloss to forego his normal Saturday morning Krispy Kreme trip. Good Hands, Pro, IH, WD, DA, Alf, Mermaid and The Swede…it truly was a trip down memory lane. For a moment, it seemed as though the Yellow Rose had never closed. There were plenty of side bar conversations of catching up…but there was much less mumble chatter than was expected. Perhaps we’ve all matured over the years.

Then you add in all the RZ regulars of Flipper (first post since his RZ format change manifesto), Gummy, Dingo, Hoover, Boerewors and Marlin, it made for a solid group that put in some hard work. This was a declared heavy day, hence the rock work. Missed the 3 mile mark, but only slightly. Would’ve made it with one more round down on the field…but it was nasty hot and humid down there and YHC was out of gas after round 3 of that. Opted for the hot box instead…still nasty up there, but with about 10,000 less gnats.

You know, with the numbers at RZ growing, perhaps it is time to launch another workout…you know, a much harder one just down the road.

But seriously, enjoyed the opportunity to lead this morning. And appreciated everyone being there.