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Final Countdown: Timed Mile

13 Goats gathered for a final round of timed mile training, in spite of being without both of their fearless leaders.


Disclaimed, with emphasis that YHC is nowhere near the professional of Slim Fast or Retread.

Mosey south on Strawberry to Rosecliff Dr, turn around at the ½ mile marker manhole and back to the SCMS parking lot for dynamic stretching. Dynamic being the key word, since YHC introduced several different exercises that the PAX were questioning. The hackey sack and skipping exercises were clearly the crowd favorites.

The Thang:

2x200m with 200m recover

2x400m with 400m recover

1x800m with 400m recover

2x400m with 400m recover

2x200m with 200m recover

Collect the 6, jog back up to parking lot for COT.


Today marked the last Mountain Goat before the timed mile, so YHC wanted to get a good mix of speed/leg turnover sandwiched around a longer threshold interval. A couple of keys that YHC wanted the PAX to focus on was really utilizing the recover legs in order to put in the work on the intervals. If you aren’t allowing the legs to get the recovery, your performance on the intervals will be slighted and the workout loses its purpose. Another challenge YHC posed, was to try to run even or ‘negative’ splits on the final 6 intervals (run the 400m and 200m after the 800 at equally fast or faster times than at the beginning of the workout). The purpose of this was to simulate the feeling of the last ½ mile, when the legs are tired, there is lactic acid building, you are gasping for air, and need to gut it out and really mentally and physically push yourself to hit your goal time.

Everyone put in solid work today and I will be looking forward to the results next week. It was really great to see the all of the PAX push themselves through this beatdown.

Tclaps to Goonie with a pre-run as he is on the homestretch of P200 training and to Citgo for the extra 2x200m intervals.

Thanks to Slim Fast and Retread for allowing me the opportunity to lead these fine men today.


For those of you that missed out at Brolympics or want to improve on your time, the timed mile will be Friday, 3/16.






Bear Crawlapalooza

18 men (1 FNG – Slide Rule) weren’t fazed by threats of excessive bear crawls and posted at the hottest AO in all of Waverly.


Disclaimer given, focusing on an apology for the impending groundwork to be done and one last recommendation for gloves.

Lap around construction on the south down Ardry Kell, to Waverly Walk Ave., to Southmore Dr and back to launch, stopping at each road for ascending burpees starting with 1. PAX were less than thrilled with the early burpee call.

COP: 15x SSH IC, 15x IW IC, 15x Low Slow Squat IC, 15x Mountain Climbers IC, 15 Plank Jacks IC, 10x staggered Merkins with corresponding foot high on the left and the right.

The Thang:

Mosey around campus to the shiny new and empty parking deck. Run hard on the up ramp, on the flat ramp walking lunges halfway and bear crawl the other ½. Backwards up the up ramp, partner up with partner carry ½ way and wheelbarrow the other ½. Run hard on the up ramp and flapjack on the partner carry/wheelbarrow.

Grab some wall and 50 shoulder raises IC while waiting on the six. Round of MARY with Box Cutters, Freddie Mercury, CVVs, and Pistol crunches.

Head back down the ramp, this time running on the flats and doing the exercises on the down ramps and MARY at the bottom while waiting on the six. Surprisingly no injuries were sustained.

Mosey to the parking lot immediately next to the parking deck for the Beast. 6 exercises at the 6 light poles, 6 reps, 6 times through. When getting back to the start to begin the next round, bear crawl from light pole 2 to 1. Exercises were:

1 Knee slap jump squats


3 lunges to the left

4 Diamond merkins

5 Lunges to the right

6 Burpees

Had to call it early, most got through 5 rounds of the beast, other than Rachel and Ocho Cinco who got all 6 – BEASTS

Mosey back to launch for COT.


YHC had never posted at the Cerberus before so a little site recon was necessary a few days before. The possibilities are endless with an AO like this, although I couldn’t get away from the parking deck… I have also not posted where that has been incorporated either. This workout was very shoulder intensive and for that the PAX can thank Tolkien and Thin Mint. YHC possibly had the most unimpressive part of Brolmpics recently, on the bear crawl portion of the final event. It basically started with a Pete Rose slide on the wet grass and ended looking like a toddler learning how to crawl with one arm behind its back. Rightfully so, Tolkien and Thin Mint jumped at the opportunity to encourage me call me out mid crawl and haven’t let me live it down to date. I made the comment on twitter that my next Q would be nothing but bear crawls… while this Q wasn’t entirely bear crawls, it sure seemed like it. Hope everyone enjoyed the pain as much as I did. Not surprised Tolkien and Thin Mint didn’t post.

YHC really enjoyed this AO and getting to mix it up with F3 guys from SOB, UC, and A51. If you haven’t made it out to Cerberus yet, make it a priority one Friday AM. Nice weekly convergence of all regions looking for a good beat down. Great to see a FNG (Slide Rule) out there today, welcome and hope to see you again soon!

Thanks to Snowflake for the takeout and thanks to Alf, Argonaut, and Transporter for the opportunity to lead.


F3 Service Opportunities, The Sandbox: A partnership formed between two great organizations to give the men of F3 the opportunity to serve and make an impact in the lives of families in need.






Presidents Day is a Holiday?

9 men (1 FNG – Zekeface) shrugged off the 50% chance of rain forecast and started their week with a little bit of downpainment.


Adequate disclaimer for a FNG, putting all liability on site Q Pop Tart.

Lap around the parking lot, SSH x 15 IC, IW x 15 IC, LSS x 15, Peter Parker Merkins x 10, plank variations.

The Thang:

As soon as YHC headed towards the grass and off the pavement, subtle groans were let out upon which I told the PAX if they were posting today they should have expected to get a little wet. Mutiny was averted and the loyal PAX followed to the rock pile.

Select a dry muddy rock that you wanted to get to know well and mosey back to the dry pavement for some burners:

10 OH press

10 tricep extensions

10 curls

10 squats

10 lunges each leg

Repeat for descending reps of 9, 8, 7, 6.

Rockies introduced – Rockies are burpees with a rock, and instead of jumping with hands overhead at the end do an overhead press. I borrowed from Rachel’s Q a few weeks back who took a page out of a Thin Min Q @ Anvil.

Suicides with 5 rockies at each of the 3 stations. Once finished, resume burners starting with reps 5,4,3,2,1.

Complete another set of rockies back to starting point. Gladly return rocks.

Mosey to playground with 1000 tires and a random boat and partner up. Partner 1 does 10 traveling merkins on the tires, 10 toe taps each foot on the tires, 10 traveling merkins the other direction, and 10 toe taps the other direction. Partner 2 moseys to front playground and does 10 pull ups, 15 donkey kicks, 15 dry docks, and holds people’s chair until partner taps them out. Flapjack and repeat 3x through.

Burpees for last 35 seconds, I think McGee got 43 in before the bell.


It was a great crew again at the Matrix this morning. 8 seasoned veterans and 1 FNG ready to put some work in to start off the week on a good note, despite wet conditions, Presidents Day (it’s still a thing? Pretty sure school was in session), and YHC being the Q. Impressive.

McGee, Orange Whip, and Rachel leading the charge as usual, making every exercise look too easy. Pre-run for you all next time. Great to see Arena back out again and hasn’t lost a step. Huggie Bear putting solid work in time after time. McGee was quick to note that Lex Luthor’s form was picturesque, and we all took a minute to stop and admire his squat and lunge form – great stuff. As we were warming up it looked like a crew member from Deadliest Catch was going for a jog but no, it was O’Tannenbaum making his way to meet up in his bright yellow rain slick. Since it didn’t rain at all I’m pretty sure it just ended up being a wrestling sauna suit, but that didn’t faze OT as he breezed through the workout.

Shane Freeman was the FNG today. Cowboys fan (Ezekiel Elliot), Duke fan (Ratface Coach K), and somehow not a Yankees fan… so Zekeface it is. Much respect for coming out on a coldish, wet, Monday, and even more so for crushing the workout. Hope to see you out again soon!

Thanks to Orange Whip for the takeout and for Pop Tart and Squid for giving me the opportunity to lead these men!


Prayers and thoughts for Benny

Prayers for Bout Time’s family and son Jennings:

BrOlympics this Saturday, 2/24:






Earning the tryptophan crash

Sorry for the late post, better late than never I guess. Thanks to Wingman for setting up my ability to finally post BB’s.

8 PAX smartly decided in order to enjoy more turkey day food and drink; they would need to punish themselves a little beforehand.


Quick but according to one unnamed, PAX ‘best ever’ disclaimer and we were off.

Mosey to teacher’s parking lot for token warm-up:

SSH x 20 IC, IW x 20 IC, LSS x 15 IC, Mountain climbers x 20 IC, Various planks, Burpees x 5.

The Thang:

Mosey to Davie Park, stopping at each light for 11 variations of the Merkin x10 reps:

  1. Regular
  2. Wide Grip
  3. Close Grip
  4. Diamond
  5. Left arm forward
  6. Right arm forward
  7. Hand release
  8. Clap – dually noted that this should have been first
  9. Left leg high
  10. Right leg high
  11. Peter Parker

Descend to the bottom of the hill at the entrance. Mosey to the top, perform 7 burpees, back down for Dolly x30. Repeat with Flutter x30 and American Hammers x30.

Mosey towards the playground and select a lifting rock:

Squat and press x 20 – mosey to entrance gate and to back playground for Pullups x10

Bent over rows x20 – mosey to entrance gate and to back playground for Dips x 25

Lunges 10x per leg – mosey to entrance gate and to back playground for Step up 10x per leg.

Mosey back to the entrance and do one final round of 7 burpees at the top.

Mosey back to camp, 7 jump squats at every other light, with 10 merkin variations in between (much to the PAX chagrin).

Upon arrival at SCMS parking lot, basketball hoop suicides with backwards running to the start line x2.

90 seconds of protractor until 6:15.


Solid crew out this morning, assuming most of the motivation this morning was to offset Thursday’s activities, or lack thereof. On our field trip to Davie Park, we didn’t realize how illuminated the road was… lots of merkins in short order. Header made the hill/burpee combo look easy.  Chin Music led the charge on the push-ups.  Dollywood didn’t even break a sweat, will challenge you more next time! Cheese Curd was able to point out the many flaws in the Q while cruising through everything (yes, the 2nd round of suicides was filler – your fault for finishing everything so fast). Geraldo got out of rucking form and dominated bootcamp. Good to have Enron in A51, was posting more recently in UnionCo and came out and got after it. Hope to see you in more A51 workouts soon! Jet Fuel is captain consistency, always getting it done from start to finish.

YHC is incredibly thankful to be asked to lead by Dollywood and Smokey, and an even more thankful that you all followed.

Thanks to Header for the takeout.


A51 Holiday party –

Joe Davis run –

No Running, No Mary – This is Meathead

8 PAX conceded to the pre-blast warning of logging 0.0 miles and instead wailed on their pecs and soccer arms.


Brief disclaimer, focusing more on a warning of the music about to be enjoyed for the next 45 mins.

SSH x 20 IC, IW x 20 IC, 2 Handed swings x20, 3 x Halo each direction, prying squats, Burpees x 5.

The Thang:

Round 1

20 2H swings, 20 merkins

20 Left handed swings, 15 merkins

20 right handed swings, 10 merkins

20 alternating swings, 5 merkins

20 2H swings

Round 2

10 x Suitcase deadlifts on L, 10 x Suitcase deadlifts on R

10 x Sprinter stance one arm swings on L, 10 x Sprinter stance on arm swings on the R

10 x Snatch

Repeat 3x

Round 3

10 x clean and press on L, 10 x clean and press on R

10 x side lunges on L, 10 x side lunges on R

10 x Upright rows

Repeat 3x with 8x cleans, 6x clean, all other reps 10x

Round 4

Swing, catch, squat and press x 10

10 x Curls

10 x Good mornings

Repeat 3x


25 swings/25 merkins


Solid crew out this morning getting after it, and I am definitely getting more and more sore as I write this. Focus of this workout was to swing/lift a lot of weight with no real breaks, no Mary, and no miles logged. Having the gangster rap absolutely helped everyone get through the workout. I think it’s safe to say my music selection was a first for Meathead (and quite possibly a last). YHC tried to throw a few new moves in today to keep things fresh, with the sprinter’s stance swings and the swing/catch/squat/press move. Those definitely brought the pain. Hopefully everyone got their money’s worth today.

Rachel is always crushing the workouts, running, boot-camps, bells, you name it.

High Tide put in some extra work early with a pre-run and was so kind to let YHC borrow one of his 78 other KBs.

Blazing Saddles was un-phased by the workout. More burpees for you next time to start.

Good to see Prohibition at Meathead, who unquestionably enjoyed the music.

Soul Glow was putting in some hard work this morning from start to finish.

Arena is a Meathead staple and it shows.

Voodoo couldn’t possibly swing a bigger bell, keep it up!

YHC really appreciates Voodoo and Witch Doctor asking me to lead such a stellar crew.

Thanks to Arena for the takeout.


A51 Holiday party –

Joe Davis run –