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Simple doesn’t mean easy

Quick disclaimer followed by a 1 mile warm-up through downtown Matthews THE Thang: High plank held while given following directions: 3 corners of Trade/John to Main/Trade to Irwin(Main)/John were given. Run hard for 2 corners and recover back one for a little Paula Abdul action. Run hard for 2 corners and recover back one… repeato Merkins, Jump squats, Heels to heaven starting with 5 reps and increasing by 5 after every hard burst AND recovery. Moleskin: Simple and sinister was the name of the game today. Temps were nearly half of what they were a week ago, so that was a welcomed change. Whining about the cold is about to commence as well. How quickly we forget the 95 degrees and 200% humidity. I digress. Veteran crew getting after it today. The reps added up quickly and the recovery never quite felt long enough. Pretty sure we all felt those heels to heaven in the shower this morning. Mileage was around 5-6 for the group. Thanks to Arena for the takeout. Thanks to Gypsy and Madison for the opportunity to lead these men today!

That was fun

Quick disclaimer to seasoned vets. Maaaaybe started at 5:16 thanks to the game going to OT last night.

Mosey south on Prodivdence, left on Raintree to former FT launch:

IW x 10 IC

Hillbillies x 10 IC

LSS x 10 IC

THE Thang: Mosey back to Raintree and Providence for quick directions as follows: Suicides on Raintree with the roads on the right. Ascending jump squats at the turn (start on 5 and increase +5 each time), ascending merkins at the start (start on 5 and increase +5 each time). Meet at the Raintree and Providence at 6:10 to head back to launch.


I knew this would hurt when I put the plan together last night. Big, frequent hills on repeat for the better part of an hour and fairly thick air as the kicker. Going to bed around midnight didn’t help either. Apparently this has been done before but it was a first for me. Props to the guys that made it out today and pushed through this, it wasn’t fun. Strong work by ultra-guru Enron, pushing the pace all AM. Great to see HIPAA out at FT and nice push the whole way making it to Windbluff in the closing minutes. Ductwork and Gummy used the buddy system and when I asked Ductwork if Gummy did all the merkins he said yes. I’m assuming that means Ductwork did Gummy’s share too. Utah was mulling over the option of posting to Hawk’s Nest or FT and made the right choice especially given that Haze didn’t leave the water logged lax field for 45 mins. Retread is always putting in the work and validated this as a good BRR training run. Gummy declined my invitation to write my BB but promised he would comment…

Thanks for sticking it out today and pushing through fellas! Legs are definitely toast and probably won’t feel much better tomorrow.

Miles, merkins, burpees repeato

Quick disclaimer as we did have one FNG.

Mosey to the corner of Trade and John for quick

COP: SSH x 10 IC

LSS x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

Mountain Climbers x 10 IC

Diamond Merkins x 10 IC

5 burpees OYO

THE Thang:

Head southeast on John at warm-up pace stopping where sidewalk ended on the right for 25 merkins. Continue mosey to Council Pl which is almost touching 485. 25 merkins. Instructions given to head back to the corner of Trade/John at a hard pace. Once there 10 burpees. Head southwest on Trade to Fullwood at hard pace. 25 merkins. Head north on Fullwood to Covenant Day entrance at a hard pace. 25 merkins. Mosey through CD lot to rock pile which was being chaperoned by the local 5-0. 10 squat thrusters, 10 OH press, 10 front shoulder raise. Hard mosey on Covenant Church lane to John stopping at Trade/John. 10 burpees. Head north on Trade to 51. 25 merkins. AYG back to launch to show up just in time for the COT with peak at 5:17. About 6 miles, give or take.


Second post for me at Sparta and 2nd Q. I need to go there more. Great AO, lots of places to go, and solid crew showing up to put in work. Gypsy and Madison have done a great job spearheading this site. First time meeting the infamous Tiger Rag. I expected him to be 7 feet tall and shoot lightning bolts out of his arse from all the stories… I don’t think anyone was shooting lightning bolts out of their arses but TR was putting in some hard miles just like the rest of the crew. Maaaybe a few more miles than some wanted/expected and the rock call garnered some grumblings but all in good fun. Great to see the big # of PAX out this morning, pretty ideal weather and a great group of men. OW brought out a FNG (college buddy living in the ATL) that was named Infiltrator. Pretty poor showing by all of us at COT trying to come up with a name for a former marine that looked like a modern day Viking. Infiltrator is his second favorite movie and apparently none of the PAX have seen it either. Great having you out and nice push today. Look forward to seeing you next time you are in town.

Thanks to Orange Whip for the takeout and bringing Infiltrator out!

Thanks to Gypsy and Madison for the opportunity to lead these men today!

The Hill Behind the End Zone

12 PAX for the weekly Friday edition of ultimate Frisbee

Diclaimed, quickly and mosey to the corner endzone of the football field. For COP

SSH x 15 IC (no one counted so not sure of the #)

LSS x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Alt thigh slap x15 IC

Alt shoulder tap x15 IC

Diamond merkins x 10 IC

THE Thang:

Partner up, P1 runs clockwise and P2 run counterclockwise on the track. When partners meet do 25 partner derkins EACH (legs on the back of planking partner). Repeat 4x through.

Mosey to The Hill Behind the End Zone for 11s: pull ups at the top, burpees at the bottom Several rounds of mary when finished Mosey back to the turf starting at the end zone: 25 yard bear crawl, 25 yard lunge, 25 yard broad jump, mosey to goal line and plan up Plank-o-rama of sorts and AYG back to opposite end zone. Repeat x2

Mosey back to The Hill Behind the End Zone (wish this had a name) and run backwards to the top. Head back to launch.

Moleskin: Close to a record turnaround time for me on a backblast. I felt a


Close to a record turnaround time for me on a backblast. I felt a considerable amount of pressure from Gummy who trolls reads nearly every BB and chimed in on my last Joust Q which he didn’t attend. I know, I know, he kids because he loves. Although this was 3 months ago, he has the memory of a sloth… or maybe he just reminds me of a sloth with his SSH form. Either way, he didn’t take kindly to my F3 geographic terminology and made that aware again last night on Twitter. Ductwork pleaded for him not to poke the bear and Header and Dollywood audibly followed up YHC’s instructions with “who made him so mad” comments. Blame Gummy for the pain this AM. I threatened to make it an all hill workout in spite, but remembered that if I don’t want to do it I can’t Q it. In all truthfulness, I always try to script a challenging workout that pushes you past your comfort zone. Otherwise, why else do we wake up several hours before the rest of the world? The camaraderie and perseverance we gain by pushing through difficult workouts together is second to none and I appreciate you all for getting after it this morning. When I first called out 25 durkins PER pax, much mumblechatter was heard and clarification needed. But everyone pressed on and little did they know that was the ‘easiest’ part of the workout.


We really should think about naming the hill behind the end zone. Opine below.

Dollywood is a beast

Header left early, mid hill 11s but told me beforehand and that it had nothing to do with my Q

Smokey was unrecognizable not wearing a Tennessee hat

Rookie mistake by Chin Music to not wear gloves – think it was 39 degrees

Baracas said it was the worst 2 miles he has done in a long time (I concur)

Thanks for partnering Funky – great work on the derkins and good luck to your M this weekend at her speaking engagement.

Red card, Sweeney todd, and Scully great work out there and to meet you. SYITG soon

Thanks to Ductwork for the take out and the opportunity to lead these men today!

Meathead memory

SSH x 15 IC

LSS x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

HALO x 5 each way

Prying Squats

10 Merkins IC

THE Thang:

Do all 4 exercises with first number of reps, then descending reps, goal is to not put the bells down until all the way through.

Goblet squats x 20, 15, 10, 8

Swing to snatch x 10, 8, 6, 4 each side

Reverse lunges x 10, 8, 6, 4 each side

2H swing 20, 15, 10, 5

20 merkins in between each complex, repeat 3x through

Partner up for doubles, same instructions with reps and not putting the bell down:

Bent over rows 4, 3, 2, 1

Clean to press 4, 3, 2, 1

Rack Squat 4, 3, 2, 1

20 merkins in between each complex, repeat 3x through


I figured I’d wait until the soreness subsided to write the backblast. Always harder on paper, especially given that I had two more complexes to go. I don’t really recall what I had for lunch today much less 144 hours ago, but here goes:

Voodoo – best squat form ever and crushed it all AM, starting with a 5k meatrun

High Tide – meatrun and kb’s, it’s what high tide does. Faster and stronger every day.

Young Love – great to see back out at meathead, grinding and entertaining all AM

Homer – now a meathead regular and crusied through this… time for a bigger bell!

Bulldog – made doubles look way too easy. Must be a british thing

Cottonmouth – been a beast since coming back into the gloom fresh off of injury PT. keep it up!

Soul Glo – always out there getting after it, well done

Thanks to Voodoo and Witch Doctor for the opportunity to lead at the best 0.0 in all of F3.

Burpees at Swift?!

22 for Swift’s February installment of timed-intervals


Quick disclaimer, mosey to Brixham Hill. On to Bull Ring continuing counterclockwise, right on Rushmore and a left on Harney stopping once we hit 1 miles. Ensue dynamic warm-up, high knees, butt kickers, walking with toes/heels out, A skips etc. Quick curveball with the call for 10 burpees OYO (single greatest dynamic warm-up I know). Bunker, Gumbo and a few others got in position and Madison even did 1 burpee – a new Swift record before I called it off. Most were not amused (Goonie).

The Thang:

Directions for timed intervals as follows:

1 min on/1 min rest

1.5 min on/1.5 min rest

2 min on/2 min rest

3 min on/2 min rest 5 min on/3 min rest

3 min on/2 min rest

2 min on/2 min rest

1.5 min on/1.5 min rest

1 min on/1 min rest

Route was starting at Harney/Rushmore intersection heading south on Rushmore with the caveat that we would turn around at the halfway point of the time of interval. Purpose of this was to keep everyone in a relatively consolidated group which allowed all speeds to push each other from both the front and the back (insert that’s what she said here) in the same interval. The goal was to get back to the start by the end of each timed interval, which keeps everyone honest. Don’t make it back and you either went out to hard and faded or go too far past the start and you sandbagged early. ~ 1 mile cool down back to launch.


Great to get out and lead the men of Swift today, although my brothers at Fast Twitch are calling me a turncoat. Burpee call went over like a fart in church. I’m assuming the concept of turning around at the halfway point to get back to start was a change of pace for people and hope everyone got something out of it. When asked about what pace to run the intervals, my response was “I’m going to run until I taste my cheeseburger from last night.” For the record, that didn’t take long and it wasn’t nearly as tasty, but worth it nonetheless. Everyone out there appeared to be pushing til they tasted their dinner as well. That was a good ass kicking all around, with enough variance in the times of the intervals that incorporated pure speed to longer threshold pace. Appreciate the opportunity to lead today, Bratwurst.

Can’t take Gummy anywhere

15 for Rock Zero’s ‘heavy’ workout

Warm-up: Disclaimer given, start to mosey through parking lot and loop back around to pick up Udder – leave no man behind. Continue mosey to rock pile at the ball field, instructed to select a true lifting rock and circle up for exercise all with rocks:

Thrusters x 10 IC (somewhat awkward for folks), 5 rockees

Curl and press x 10 IC, 4 rockees

Tea bag squats x 10 IC

Merkins left hand on rock x10 IC, 3 rockees

Merkins right hand on rock x10 IC, 2 rockees

LBC x20 IC, 1 rockees

Right leg Romanian dead lift, 2 rockees

Left leg Romanian dead lift, 3 rockees

Bent over rows x 10 IC, 4 rockees

Tricep extenstions, 5 rockees

Pretty significant warm-up. Fitting for a heavy day.

The Thang:

Mosey through campus to 51, heading east and crossing over 51 to the fancy neighborhood known to most of the for having slight inclines. Ensue fearful grumblings. Continue mosey to bottom of 5 Knolls road and instructions for the Beast were given:

6 manhole covers ascending up the hill, 6 reps, 6 rounds through. Pain stations were diamond merkins, jump squats, CDDs, lunges, star jacks, burpees. Mosey back across the street and get another lifting rock at rock pile near north entrance. Front shoulder raise x10 IC American hammer x 10 IC Flutter press x10 IC Partner up and mosey toward hot box/playground. Partner 1 runs to playground for 10 pull ups, partner 2 runs to hot box for 10 dips/derkins. Meet in the middle for 10 HS merkins, two times through. Mosey back to launch, 5 burpees OYO


It’s been a busy week and I don’t remember that much since this was 6 days ago. Everyone showed up and got after it. ‘Heavy’ boxes were checked with the rocks, partner work, and 3 mile minimum (as confirmed by Hoover the PM before). Then Flipper told me it was a 3 mile max, too. Good luck to the next heavy Q nailing 3.00 miles on the head. Hats off to Flipper and Hoover did their typical pre-run, not sure they loved doing that come mid-workout on 5 knolls. Coffeteria was a fun group until Gummy spilled his entire big gulp of coffee on the floor and didn’t even offer to clean it up. Hope we are allowed back.


Sign up for Joe Davis run, run or sleep for the cause

Coupons +AMRAP = suck

5 men discovered how heavy 26 lbs can get in 45 mins.


Grab a paver out of Gypsy’s truck and a quick disclaimer for site FNG Saigon Sam as we moseyed to the parking deck. 20 SSH IC until we see OT making his way to join us sans paver. Couldn’t have that so Gypsy went to retrieve him one while the rest of us did some Mary.

The Thang:

26lb concrete block was the coupon (c)

carry (c) over head up 4 flights of stairs to top of parking deck

30 American hammer with(c)

20 Push ups

10 lunges each leg with (c)

Carry (c) over head back down the stairs

30 mountain climbers

20 Bobby Hurley with (c)

10 pull ups run loop around the deck

5 burpees

Rinse and repeat as much as possible til 6:13 and mosey back to launch.


Moleskin: Gypsy messaged me the day before about who was on Q and threw out that he has 13 lb and 26 lb pavers if we wanted them. I said I would provide the beatdown and smartly went with the heavier option and would regret that about 10 minutes in. Not a single complaint was uttered and the guys got after it, even though I did catch them trying to not go up all the stairs on one round. Brains were lacking oxygen at that point so not sure everyone was cognizant of it. Saigon Sam was staying at the on-site hotel, in for work from Jacksonville, and saw the workout posted on the website. Showed up not knowing what to expect and liked it so much I’m pretty sure signed up to Q next time he is in town. He is still relatively new to F3 but that sure didn’t show. Great to have you brother – maybe see you at Cerberus on Friday, it’s always a good one. Christmas has a bigger vertical with a paver than I do period. Gypsy is getting fast, especially coming off of a major surgery a few months back. OT was early (1 min late) and shrugged off the workout like it was nothing. Pretty amazing how fast you can work up a sweat in 26 degrees, but WAMRAP always delivers ass kicking. If you haven’t tried it, come on out. You will hate it during but be glad you did at 6:15.

Thanks to OT for the takeout.

Announcements: If you want to take an 8 hour road trip to post at an AO, contact Gypsy. He is doing just that to go post somewhere new. Crazy HIM.

Another rainy day = another deck workout

11 ‘Braved’ the rain for the AO’s first workout of the year.


Quick disclaimer, mosey down Community House to the Wells parking deck, dodge a potential security guard by hiding behind the pillar and head down the stairs to level 1. COP for 15 SSH IC, 15 LSS IC, 15 Mountain Climbers IC, hold plank while listening to directions.

The Thang:

Run up ramps to next level… 1 burpee x level #.

Down stairs to bottom… 2 pull-ups x level # came from.

Upstairs to level entered at… 3 merkins x level #.

Down ramps to bottom… 4 jump squats x level # came from.

(i.e. first round was up to level 2 for 2 burpees, 4 pull-ups, 6 merkins, 8 jump squats. Next round was up to level 3 for 3 burpees, 6 pull-ups, 9 merkins, 12 jump squats.) AMRAP til 6:10. Mosey back to launch.


Moleskin: It took a minute for this to make sense to everyone, probably a result of poor explanation on my part. Looks easy on paper but difficulty escalated quickly, with more ramps to cover and reps to pump out. Pull-ups weren’t exactly embraced by the PAX, as the ledges on the bottom floor weren’t the kindest to our baby-butt hands. Mileage was all over the place according to Strava, from 3.5-6.5, but GPS always gets funky when hiding out in the deck for 50 minutes. Solid work by all, appreciate you coming out on another rainy Friday.

Thanks to One Niner for the takeout. Thanks to Mario, One Niner, and Tuck for the opportunity to lead.


Madam T on Q next week at the Brave, rain or shine he promised it will not be in a parking deck.

In case you missed Paper Jam’s 37 messages on Slack, tomorrow (Sat. the 5th) at 1:30 F3 Dads is going down at Elon Park Elementary.

Heavy Day at WAMRAP

7 idiots PAX got sold on the weekly edition of WAMRAP being a good idea to incorporate into their week.


No disclaimer (don’t sue me Alf, remember that was Flipper’s bag), grab a sandbag (4 of Flipper’s cheapo go-ruck bags and 3 of Alf’s DIY bags) and mosey the long way to the parking deck.

The Thang:

With sandbag of choice, run up ramp and flat, 1x squat with the bad, drop the bag and retreat back down the flat for 2 exploding merkins. Continue the rest of the way to the top, increasing rep count by 1 (i.e. 3 squats, 4 exploding merkins, 5 squats, 6 exploding merkins).

Run down the stairs, 10 burpees, run up the strairs and select another bag to get comfortable with. On the way down, continue with theme of Paula Abdul (2 forward, one back), this time exercise are rows with the bag and monkey humpers. Continue count from last number of merkins and add one rep (7 rows, 8 humpers, 9 rows, 10 humpers). All the way to the bottom and that is the full loop. Long, heavy and painful.

Repeat til 6:11 and head back to launch.

I recall the rep count being in the mid to upper 20s at the end. For the record, 15 is about the point where monkey humpers start to hurt. 10 for exploding merkins, 7 for rows given the weight, and squats are never easy with the bags.



Numbers at WAMRAP continue to go up. 2 site FNGs in Astro and his 2.0 Job. Not sure either were super happy with carrying a bag of sand that was half their body weight for 45 minutes and 3 miles but hats off to them for getting ‘er dun. Baptism by fire at WAMRAP.

Flipper let me borrow his sand bags nearly a month ago and I had to part with them today, but not before using them in one more Q (that made it 3x). Those bags are no joke, ranging from 100 – 60 lbs I believe. My car is very excited to not be transporting them anymore. Thanks for sharing the gear Flip and thanks for coming out and pushing through that today. Great to see you becoming a WAMRAP regular in the face of coming off injury.

Alf managed to drop the big bag on his heel today… at least it was sand and not wrought iron, although 80 lbs is 80 lbs. Of course the one time I don’t disclaim. That’s why we can’t have nice things! Way to keep blasting through the deck today. I’m sure that didn’t feel good.

I’m not sure OT even noticed the additional weight he was lugging around because he seemed unphased and smoked it. That’s what happens when you are at WAMRAP on the reg, you get stronger and faster, quicker.

McGee was leading the charge as usual, although the sand bags were catching up to his lower back by the end. Hopefully it feels better today.

Everyone got a little over 2 full laps in and more mileage than expected, especially with the added weight. Definitely a tough and different workout so thanks for pushing through.

Thanks to McGee for the takeout. It was no surprise he was thankful for the ability to exercise our mind, body, and jaws. Yep he said it, although I can’t disagree. It’s about the only way to get through a WAMRAP, rapping alongside a brother sharing in the discomfort.