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Another rainy day = another deck workout

11 ‘Braved’ the rain for the AO’s first workout of the year.


Quick disclaimer, mosey down Community House to the Wells parking deck, dodge a potential security guard by hiding behind the pillar and head down the stairs to level 1. COP for 15 SSH IC, 15 LSS IC, 15 Mountain Climbers IC, hold plank while listening to directions.

The Thang:

Run up ramps to next level… 1 burpee x level #.

Down stairs to bottom… 2 pull-ups x level # came from.

Upstairs to level entered at… 3 merkins x level #.

Down ramps to bottom… 4 jump squats x level # came from.

(i.e. first round was up to level 2 for 2 burpees, 4 pull-ups, 6 merkins, 8 jump squats. Next round was up to level 3 for 3 burpees, 6 pull-ups, 9 merkins, 12 jump squats.) AMRAP til 6:10. Mosey back to launch.


Moleskin: It took a minute for this to make sense to everyone, probably a result of poor explanation on my part. Looks easy on paper but difficulty escalated quickly, with more ramps to cover and reps to pump out. Pull-ups weren’t exactly embraced by the PAX, as the ledges on the bottom floor weren’t the kindest to our baby-butt hands. Mileage was all over the place according to Strava, from 3.5-6.5, but GPS always gets funky when hiding out in the deck for 50 minutes. Solid work by all, appreciate you coming out on another rainy Friday.

Thanks to One Niner for the takeout. Thanks to Mario, One Niner, and Tuck for the opportunity to lead.


Madam T on Q next week at the Brave, rain or shine he promised it will not be in a parking deck.

In case you missed Paper Jam’s 37 messages on Slack, tomorrow (Sat. the 5th) at 1:30 F3 Dads is going down at Elon Park Elementary.

Heavy Day at WAMRAP

7 idiots PAX got sold on the weekly edition of WAMRAP being a good idea to incorporate into their week.


No disclaimer (don’t sue me Alf, remember that was Flipper’s bag), grab a sandbag (4 of Flipper’s cheapo go-ruck bags and 3 of Alf’s DIY bags) and mosey the long way to the parking deck.

The Thang:

With sandbag of choice, run up ramp and flat, 1x squat with the bad, drop the bag and retreat back down the flat for 2 exploding merkins. Continue the rest of the way to the top, increasing rep count by 1 (i.e. 3 squats, 4 exploding merkins, 5 squats, 6 exploding merkins).

Run down the stairs, 10 burpees, run up the strairs and select another bag to get comfortable with. On the way down, continue with theme of Paula Abdul (2 forward, one back), this time exercise are rows with the bag and monkey humpers. Continue count from last number of merkins and add one rep (7 rows, 8 humpers, 9 rows, 10 humpers). All the way to the bottom and that is the full loop. Long, heavy and painful.

Repeat til 6:11 and head back to launch.

I recall the rep count being in the mid to upper 20s at the end. For the record, 15 is about the point where monkey humpers start to hurt. 10 for exploding merkins, 7 for rows given the weight, and squats are never easy with the bags.



Numbers at WAMRAP continue to go up. 2 site FNGs in Astro and his 2.0 Job. Not sure either were super happy with carrying a bag of sand that was half their body weight for 45 minutes and 3 miles but hats off to them for getting ‘er dun. Baptism by fire at WAMRAP.

Flipper let me borrow his sand bags nearly a month ago and I had to part with them today, but not before using them in one more Q (that made it 3x). Those bags are no joke, ranging from 100 – 60 lbs I believe. My car is very excited to not be transporting them anymore. Thanks for sharing the gear Flip and thanks for coming out and pushing through that today. Great to see you becoming a WAMRAP regular in the face of coming off injury.

Alf managed to drop the big bag on his heel today… at least it was sand and not wrought iron, although 80 lbs is 80 lbs. Of course the one time I don’t disclaim. That’s why we can’t have nice things! Way to keep blasting through the deck today. I’m sure that didn’t feel good.

I’m not sure OT even noticed the additional weight he was lugging around because he seemed unphased and smoked it. That’s what happens when you are at WAMRAP on the reg, you get stronger and faster, quicker.

McGee was leading the charge as usual, although the sand bags were catching up to his lower back by the end. Hopefully it feels better today.

Everyone got a little over 2 full laps in and more mileage than expected, especially with the added weight. Definitely a tough and different workout so thanks for pushing through.

Thanks to McGee for the takeout. It was no surprise he was thankful for the ability to exercise our mind, body, and jaws. Yep he said it, although I can’t disagree. It’s about the only way to get through a WAMRAP, rapping alongside a brother sharing in the discomfort.

Carlson Invasion

Impressive number of 17 PAX for 40 degrees and rainy bootcamp.

Disclaimed, stressing that we will not seek shelter nor melt but will seek to find the fine line between discomfort (keep pushing) and pain (stop).


Mosey across Rea and looping into Blakeny shopping center to enjoy the Christmas music already being played at 6:30am. Circle up for IWs x15 IC, LSSs x15 IC, SSH x15 IC, mountain climber x15 IC, alternating shoulder taps x 15IC, diamond merkins x15 IC.

The Thang:

Mosey to the spongy playground. Anytime there is a chance to involve pull-ups, I try to do incorporate them. 10 pull-ups Bear crawl up path 10 box jumps on the wall Repeat 3x through Slow roll gladly led a lengthy plankorama set to continue the upper body burn

Head out of the playground area to the parking lot. 7 street lamps for some ‘webbicides’ – think suicides with an ascending count of reps of called exercise: Exercise was burp ‘n merk, one merkin (Begin a traditional burpee with a single push up at the bottom, then complete. Drop back down for a second burpee with two push ups, then complete), do ascending count of burpees at each light

Mosey back through parking lot stopping near the back towards Blakeney heath Rd for triple nickel on a slight incline: 5 jump squats at the ‘top’ 5 hand release merkins at the bottom 5x through

Continue mosey north on Blakeney Heath Rd turning right on Knightsdale and into neighborhood. Each house we pass on the right with Christmas light on, do 5 monkey humpers. Left on Mitchell Glen, left on Scottish Kilt Dr. More plankorama waiting for the six.

Mosey on path at the back of Scottish Kilt cul-de-sac to one of the most expansive rock piles in South CLT. Pick a lifting rock for:

Jack Webb – 1 merkin on the rock, 4 OH presses… 2×8, 3×12, 4×16, 5×20, 4×16, 3×12, 2×8, 1×4.

10 curls, take rock and head to the dock for 10 lunges each leg 3x through

10 rockies – burpee on the rock with an OH press instead of a jump at the end Head back out of the neighborhood again with monkey humpers at each light display on the right, ascending in increments of 5

Mosey to corner of Blakeney Heath and Ardry Kell for another round of plankorama courtesy of Slow roll. Partner up for wheelbarrow as far as you can go and swap.

Back to launch with 20 seconds to kill – AKA 10 burpees to do.



Never quite sure about the attendance on Saturday, especially when the weather is cold and rainy. These men came to play today and YHC didn’t hear one word about being wet, cold, or the burpees at the end. Guys were sweaty, wet, muddy, and beat down but still smiling (probably had to do with the thoughts of imminent Chic Fil-A). Nearly 1/5 of the PAX were Carlsons today thanks to Mermaid bringing the whole fam out. His better looking identical twin brother Slow roll has been making the journey to south Charlotte AOs on Saturday as of recent looking for a nice ass kicking alongside family and his brothers from another mother. He has really started to get involved in F3 and has been bitten with the bug. The progress he has made in a short time has been incredible, as he is consistently at the head of the pack and leading brutal plankoramas. Keep it up man, and it’s been a pleasure to hang with you at coffeeteria afterwards. I caught up with Fiji for a few mins post workout and he just started F3 the week prior and this was his 4th workout… great to see he is also drinking the kool-aid. See you again soon! Props to all the men that made it out today and crushed the workout when staying in bed seemed like such a better option. I know I speak for us all when 7:30 rolled around and we couldn’t have been happier with the decision to post.

Thanks to War Eagle for the takeout.

Thanks to Bucky, Fredo, and Mighty Mite for the opportunity to lead.

Announcements: Keep Cooter and Huggie Bear in your prayers, recovering from recent surgery.

No Frisbee Friday

8 for a full body blast on the plush campus of Charlotte Christian.


Brief disclaimer and mosey around the CC parking lot for COP: 15 xSSH IC, LSS x15 IC, Hillbillies x15 IC, mountain climber x15 IC, Peter Parker x15 IC, diamond merkins x15 IC, plankorama. Asked PAX if they were warm and response was ‘getting there’, which translated to 5 burpees OYO.

The Thang:

Mosey to football field and line up on the goal line. Suicides with 5 burpees at the goal line and 10 merkins at each 10 yard marker. Flutter to catch our breath.

Next line of work is 11s on the hill behind the end zone. Jump squats at the top with CDDs at the bottom. Dolly, LBC, J-lo’s afterwards.

Partner up with P1 going to the playground doing called exercise while P2 runs to the parking lot and back, flapjack 3x. Exercises were pull-ups, lunges, dips.

Just made it through 3 rounds thanks to the minute of extra credit the PAX put in.


Great crew on a brisk morning. Apparently this was supposed to be an ultimate Frisbee day, sorry fellas, didn’t get the memo. On paper this didn’t sound as bad as it was but there was no complaining, just guys putting in solid work ahead of the weekend. Everybody logged just under 2.5 tough full body beatdown miles.

Thanks to Header for the takeout and to Laronda for the opportunity to lead these fine men on a TGIF morning.





Impact of F3


Disclaimer given and we were off. Mosey out of The Vine parking lot towards Ballantyne Medical Pl. Pull up for some COP: LSS x15 IC, IW x15 IC, 15 xSSH IC, mountain climber x15 IC, Parker Peters x15 IC, merkins x15 IC.

The Thang:

Continue mosey north on Ballantyne Medical Pl turning left on Brixham Hill Ave. stopping in the parking lot across from XPO Logistics. Instructions given to partner up, P1 runs length of parking lot (about 36 spaces) while P2 does 1 burpee per parking spot. Flapjack til all parking spots have been burpee’d. Thought about doing another round back better judgement save a possible mutiny.

Mosey across Brixham Hill to the pond (maybe this is called the Lochness?) where instructions for a deconstructed Murph workout were given:

10 hand slap merkins with your partner

P1 runs clockwise, P2 counterclockwise (Wild Turkey and Shrinkwrap are still arguing about the right direction) til you meet for 10 more HS merkins

Continue down the fitness trail to the pull-up bars for 10 pull ups and 3 squats

Run back around the pond in the direction you were going and do it all over again from the top

5x through for 100 HS merkins, 50 pulls ups, 150 squats

Time remaining was less than YHC had planned so did the Beast (6 reps at 6 stations for 6 rounds) at the 6 lights on the east side of the pond. Pain stations were:

1 CDDs

2 Lunges

3 Diamond merkins

4 Jump squats

5 Knee Ups

6 Burpees

Mosey back to launch with a couple minutes to spare so we all did Tag-along’s 6 burpees at the end of his Beast round and plankorama.


YHC had been on the Stonehenge calendar back in late October but blew out my ankle 2 days before. Cheese curd stepped up and grabbed my Q which allowed me to get another date. On Wednesday, Wild Turkey messaged me asking if I was good to go but warned that the SOB holiday party was the night before and the weather might be dicey so attendance could be low. YHC had only posted at the AO once before so was relatively unfamiliar with the territory and wanted to get a pre-run in at 5:30 to scout. Wild Turkey always seems to be down for the pre-run, but I had an emergency bathroom stop as I was leaving my house this AM cost me enough time to just miss running with him. So we each pre-ran solo, although YHC finished with less than 30 seconds til the start leaving the PAX thinking they were Q-less. The pure joy disappointment on their face as I came slogging up the hill was real, but they all eagerly went out and got after it. Great work men, it was an honor to lead.

Thanks to Cooter for the takeout.

Thanks to Wild Turkey and Nard Dog allowing me to lead.

Impact of F3

F3 has made such a positive impact on my life in so many ways but it’s always amazing to hear about the impact it has on others. After coffeeteria I got to talk to Cooter for a bit about his journey. He started getting into F3 last spring and had his VQ in May with a rowdy Rock Zero crowd of 25+ PAX. Shortly after, he discovered a lump on his knee and got it checked out. Two doctor visits later and they told him not to worry about it but just keep an eye out. He got it looked at again and the 3rd doctor disagreed and wanted to take action. Now 6 months later and he has undergone surgery and radiation to treat what was discovered as cancerous all the while losing 15 pounds from working out in the gloom. He hasn’t stopped posting and has what is hopefully one final surgery next week to remove the remainder, and could only be sidelined as little as 6-8 weeks. Had he never posted at F3 he said he would not have noticed the lump. Had he not further developed the ability to push himself through discomfort at a hard workout or the resiliency it takes to get up before 99% of the world to go work out in inclement conditions, the doctor said the process and pain would have been much worse. The doctor encouraged him to keep pushing himself at these workouts and Cooter credits F3 with helping him immensely in this battle. We all do F3 for different reasons, and those reasons may even ebb and flow, but one thing is for sure… we all do F3 for the impact it makes on our life which in turn creates an impact on someone else’s life. I challenge all the F3 PAX to keep aiming to make an impact, big or small, it will pay dividends. Hats off to Cooter for continuing to push through in difficult times and leverage all 3 F’s to make a discernable impact on he and his family’s life. Thoughts and prayers for you next week.


Keep Huggie Bear in your prayers, he is having surgery next week to remove a brain tumor believed to be benign.

Speed for Need is getting ready for 2019 season, get in touch with Gypsy to get involved.





Iron Peacock

20 showed up for a runner’s ‘heavy’ workout, is that an oxymoron?


Disclaimer given, although the crowd was too rowdy to listen/care. Nothing a few burpees couldn’t fix. Moseyed around the perimeter of the AO, stopping for 5 burpees at each speed of the 4 speed bumps. COP for LSS x15 IC, IW x15 IC, 5 burpees, merkins x15 IC, and plankorama. Continue mosey on inside of parking lot with one more stop for 5 burpees and stumble upon a circle of gear.

The Thang:

12 stations of gear laid out in a circle. Instructions given to perform 20 reps of the exercise then run to one of four stops and complete more work there, then back to the circle moving on the the next piece of gear in a clockwise motion. Continue to cycle through the 12 stations with 4 stops for the remainder of the hour. YHC called it a deformed starfish but it was appropriately renamed the Iron Peacock which couldn’t be more accurate.

Gear stations were:

1 Battle rope

2 45 lb KB 2H swings

3 Sandbag rows

4 35 lb plate OH press

5 Sandbag squats

6 35 lb DB curls

7 Sandbag good mornings

8 35 lb KB alternating 1H swings

9 Sandbag clean and press

10 35 lb plate front raises

11 Sandbag ground to shoulder

12 Sandbag lunges

Stops were:

Crosswalk closest to 51 at NW corner of AO: 20 merkins/20 monkey humpers

Hotbox: 20 dips/20 derkins

Playground: 10 Pull-ups/20 knee ups

Baseball field: 20 CDDs/20 jump squats

2 minutes of mary before regrouping, lugging gear back to launch and 5 more burpees.


It’s always fun to Q on Saturdays, especially at Rock Zero where things kick off at 7am (or 6am if you are Hoover or Geraldo and want to ruck for an hour beforehand – props to you guys). Also, no pressure to hurry up to get home and the kids ready for school/ready for work, a full hour of workout which is great especially for workouts like this, and coffeeteria afterwards to shoot the breeze with everybody. The cast of characters is always a wild card, too, and this was no exception with a full 20 count of men getting after it in ideal weather. What was even more impressive was nearly all 20 made it to Starbucks. Great to see Mermaid got his better looking brother Slow Roll to make the trek down south for another beatdown. No one had more fun than Gummy (just ask him), don’t think I’ve seen someone smile so much during a workout. Who knew that omitting SSHs had such an effect? Hammer was the only PAX with no gloves, don’t think he wears them all winter. Horsehead and Boondog earned their waffles this morning. Iron Horse and BLC are beasts if they were 25, crazy they are over double that. Jet fuel and Hopper made it look easy. Dora at a bootcamp? Yep as long as there is something heavy to lift. Floor slapper was early. Ductwork’s attendance at Fast Twitch is showing as he is getting fast. Boerewors loved the sandbags. Marge was flying around the site out there. Turkey Leg doesn’t have an off switch, still fresh off the vagabond craziness a week ago. McGee is slow and out of shape so it’s a good thing he is doing WAMRAP on the regular. All in all, a solid group of grisly veterans put in some serious work. Although I get pegged as a runner, I enjoy the gear/weight workout as much as anyone and we still got in 3-4 miles.

Thanks to Mcgee for the takeout, it was the least he could do after peddling WAMRAP more than a handful of times throughout the morning. What’s WAMRAP you ask? Wednesday morning at Viva Chicken at Waverly, 5:30 start. A route with exercises will be given and it is the ultimate you v you workout as you do as many reps as possible. You won’t find a better way to get after it and push yourself on a Wednesday.

Thanks to Hoover and Flipper for not only the opportunity to lead, but also the plentiful gear they contributed.


A51 Christmas party Dec 1 – @ Seaboard with Brown Bag catering

Keep Hannibal’s family in your prayers, his father recently passed away

Convergence at Cerberus on 11/23 for a Tuck led beatdown





No track, No rain, No problem

7 PAX took Citgo’s slack challenge of skipping out on Halloween candy at home in favor of a little Tuesday AM jog.


Disclaimed, admitted that my alarm probably wouldn’t have been set if I wasn’t on the hook for the Q.

The Thang:

Head out of Latin, left on Providence for a mile warm-up down to High Ridge. Cross over Providence and hold up for instructions:

suicides – start at Providence/High Ridge

turn 1 – Briarberry Ct

turn 2 – Bittersweet Ln

turn 3 – Cherry Tree Ln

10 jump squats at the turns, 10 merkins at the start

Repeat til 6:05, logging anywhere from 6-7 miles in a tight group all AM.


As I looked at the weather the night before, it was 75% chance of rain and a cozy 38 degrees. Wasn’t expecting many PAX to show and was preparing for a miserable solo run. Well maybe just Haze would show, after missing last week due to a silent protest of the track and getting called out for potentially missing an unprecedented two weeks in a row. However I was pleasantly surprised to wake up with dry conditions and 6 other PAX raring and ready to roll. Really appreciate the men that showed up to put in some work. The morning actually couldn’t have been better running conditions. A very faint drizzle and low 40s the whole time was really nice… I guess it’s all about expectations. Now if only I can figure out how to lower my M’s expectations of me at home I will be on to something. Thanks again to the 6 other idiots that posted this morning and held me accountable, it was a pleasure to lead.


A51 Christmas party Dec 1, SOB Nov 30





2 Lefts don’t make a Right

7 PAX for a little tour de Matthews via BLIMPS.


Quick but sufficient disclaimer, warning the PAX this was my first visit to Sparta.

The Thang:

Right hand turn onto Trade for a quick circle up of the following exercises:

5 x Burpees

10 x Lunges (each leg)

15 x Imperial Walkers

20 x Merkins

25 x Plank Jacks

30 x Squats

Midway through the Merkins, informed the PAX this was how to do BLIMPS, and we would do a full set of these at every right turn we took. Murmurs of making an extreme left turn to make a right were heard but don’t think this was attempted.

Left hand turns would be assigned bomb jacks x 10 (think squat into a star jack).

Here is the route we took:

Right on trade, left at the T, left on John, right on Trade, left on Charles, left on Crestdale, left on Matthews-Mint Hill, left on Trade, left down to the library, around the library roundabout stopping for 10 donkey kicks, left on trade, right to the parking lot by Seaboard, Right on Ames, right on park central, right on Trade, left into the AO parking lot.

4.6 miles, 7 rights and 8 lefts – those reps added up quickly!


First time posting at Sparta, as Thursday’s are reserved for 0.0 and Meathead. I was going to post at least once to get a lay of the land before my Q, but for some reason chose to prerun Meathead a few weeks back and rolled my ankle putting me out of commission. Lesson learned Voodoo/High Tide.

The possibilities at this AO are ridiculous. Being an hour long workout and close to the greenway, downtown Matthews, sportsplex, etc. there are endless opportunities to give a good beat down. The usual suspects at Sparta only complete the 2nd F as it was a standout crew, with encouraging and entertaining mumble chatter for 60 straight mins. I will definitely be back.

Thanks to Slim for the takeout and to Gypsy and Madison for the opportunity to lead this fine group.


Area 51 Xmas party, Dec 1 – see backblast for signup

Get involved with Speed for Need – Gypsy is your man




Record setting day at WAMRAP!

6 braved the sprinkles for a little hump day tour of the Waverly parking deck.


Little yog to parking decks, nothing more nothing less.

The Thang:

20 merkins at the bottom of the ramp

10 pull ups at the next level

20 merkins at the end of the ramp from here on out at each level

Backwards run to north stairs

Jack webb of CDDs x1 and donkey kicks x4, 2×8 (not 10, SMH), 3×12, 4×16, 5×20

Down the stairs, 10 J-lo’s at the bottom

Up the stairs for Jack webb of squat jumps/sister mary catherine’s to 5×20

Down the ramps and end with 10 burpees

That’s one loop, now AMRAP til 6:12 and head back to launch.


Thanks to McGee for the takeout and also for asking making me Q today. He must have really changed his marketing techniques because I believe we set a WAMRAP attendance record. Also was told we set an exercise and mileage record… Strava crowns for everybody in attendance. Had a couple grisly WAMRAP veterans in Alf, McGee, and Pop Tart and two newbies with Horsehead and Turkey Leg. Alf rightfully questioned my math on the Jack Webbs and accused McGee of stealing the workout, Turkey Leg let me boost him up to the beams for pull-ups the same way I do my 3 year old daughter, and Pop Tart was giddy all morning about Brown Bag catering the holiday fiesta. Good number of people hanging around the deck this AM, surprisingly. McGee tried to headlock each and every one of them, including former F3 PAX and current Camp Gladiator coach Electric Slide. They all declined but hey, this is the same guy who has organically grown WAMRAP from 1 PAX for 3 straight weeks to 2, to 3, to 6 in as many weeks! It’s hard to keep saying no to that face. Everyone stayed close together and got about 4 laps in for a little over 3 miles. Come check it out next Wednesday you are looking for a good workout for all fitness levels. It’s you v you at a great AO and even close enough for McGee to take a dump at his house at 5:24 tweet to you and still make it by 5:32.


A51 Holiday party at Seaboard, Dec 1. Rumor has it Brown Bag will be catering.

Ragnar guys missed this

8 PAX wisely chose to skip out on Ragnar in favor of following my lead on a steamy October morning.


Disclaimed the wily vets then 10 burpees OYO, no other warm-up necessary.

The Thang:

Run down Community House towards room 101, passing room 101, and down to the walking paths behind the Brigham building for instructions as follows:

Run to first patio, 20 step ups each leg/20 derkins

Run to next patio for 20 box jumps/20 dips

Run to next patio for 20 mountain climbers/20 thigh slaps

Run to next patio for 7 burp ‘n merks

Continue on the sidewalk heading down towards room 101 for 10 Carolina Donkey Kicks

Head up the ramps to the top and complete 20 diamond merkins/20 squat jumps/20 American hammers

Run down the ramps to the basement where the cinder blocks live and do 20 bent over rows

Hit the stairs and all the way to the top, then do a 180 and back down the stairs

Run back to the start on the walking path and that is 1 lap… now AMRAP until reconvening at 6:08

Take a slightly longer route through WF parking lot and back to launch for 30 seconds of burpees to round it out. Got 4-5ish miles in, lots of merks, burps, and other silly named exercises in.



I have posted enough at The Brave to know this is a no bullsh@t workout and the expectations for a good beat down are high. Was slightly bummed that a lot of the usual suspects at The Brave were out today for Ragnar, so maybe we will have to run this one back. Hollywood thinks so.  I’m not sure that any of the other 7 that were there today are interested in that, especially since Kirby questioned the time spent in what he called the pizza oven. Props to everyone for putting up with that AMRAP, not sure if it can be called that with everyone getting in about 2 laps. Hollywood is always looking fast, didn’t disappoint today. Tuck had a smile on his face the whole time, per usual. Enron didn’t like the early burpee call but even closed out the workout with one. Chunder continues to impress… pretty sure when I was 20 and it was 5:15am I was coming home from the bars with a La Bomba’s burrito in hand. Kerri was a FNG one week ago (didn’t know FNGs showed at this AO) and this was his 4th post, pretty awesome. Paper Jam sure did a lot of running for #notarunner. Nice work! Kirby was apprehensive about me being on Q both before and during, but was strong all the way through. Great to see Paper Jam and Kirby push each other.

Thanks to Paper Jam for the takeout and to Tuck, Thin Mint, Mario, and One-Niner for the opportunity to lead these animals.


Everything is on slack and mypace.

Good luck to the Ragnar teams this weekend!