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Chatter Head Kotters Party

Wow, where to start. Well, let’s start in the corner some people would call, “TMI”. I had a very active dump this morning. Probably wouldn’t fall into the category of “seat belt on toilet” or anything, but a really good full body release. Hmm, what would be the cause of this? Probably the many Dos Equis (plural?) I had watching the Heels dispatch Louisville (fake ACC), and then stayed up for Zion’s eighth dunk in the first six minutes, and hit the sack. Random thought #1, why Dos Equis? I’ve been watching Bloodline on Netflix, and it seems that they are drinking Mexican beer in every scene. They got me hook, line, and sinker…good marketing.

Why am I telling you this? Well, the primary and secondary defecation (in the same sitting) caused me not to leave the casa untilt 5:17, which puts me coming in hot on two wheels at Covenant Day. Day prior I had called out for all chatter heads to come on out for a standard Fun Friday at Kevlar. Upon dismounting the vehicle in time for the disclaimer, some of Area 51’s finest were in attendance. Heck, even Tiger Rag and Young Love dusted off the crusty F3 shoes to post this morning, more on this later. I knew from the start we were all in for a very special one this morning.

Mosey from lot, pick up a late arriving Joker and head down to the courtyard in between a bunch of buildings.




HRM (I love abbreviations)

Pick a guy that you don’t want to talk to for most of the workout.

P1 stays in courtyard to perform exercises (R1 merkins, R2 LBC, R3 CDD)

P2 runs around the church

Plank for the six, then mosey to the benches in front of pre-school? Get back up with that guy.

P1 does exercises on benches (R1 dips, R2 step ups, R3 inclines)

P2 runs up and around the grassy knoll

Gather everyone and mosey to upper lot by the grassy hill, get back up with that guy.

P1 does exercises a base of hill (R1 dollys, R2 rosalitas, R3 jump squats)

P2 runs hot lap up around hill and back down steps

Mosey up to rock pile, grab one lifting rock between you and that guy.

P1 does exercise with rock (R1 curls for TR, R2 overhead press, R3 tea bags for Bulldog)

P2 runs down the entrance hill to the church and back

Mosey twenty yards to the street sign, Gummy 10 count, then AYG back to launch.

3 mins of Mary



Backscratcher (the finest oblique exercise this side of Yorkshire)


Chatter Time

My goodness, the chatter was amazing this morning. If you weren’t there, you wouldn’t understand.

Sucks that we really had two groups of chatter the whole time, but that’s the way the cookie crumbled. Guess we could’ve done a Bulldog Bro Gym workout, but I’m too lazy for the setup that has to happen for that (and remember how long my dump took?).

Anyways, things started during COP when, at the end of an exercise, Horsehead asked me if I had my shorts on backwards. Umm, yes, I had to look, and no, for the record, I had it right.

On our first run (group 1), Alf and Joker were lamenting about their Hokies getting Criminoled yesterday. You always need an active dude on the inbounds play on defense, they deserved what they got IMO. Right before round 2 was called, Cage shot himself out of a cannon, almost like he knew what I was thinking. #strange Right about now Joker was asking if there was a porta-potty around, or anything of the like. I can attest (from my Defcon1 episode here about a month ago) that, in fact, no, no there isn’t. Just stop and hold. He seemed to have worked it out internally (I don’t have that power) as he and Rhapsody were leading most of the way. Most of Group 1 was doing zero of the exercises.

Upon arriving to the second loop site, Spackler decided to defect from Group 1 to Group 2, as he thought he could definitely finish first in every run. #vetmove

Bulldog and Manziel got into a little race back to the rock pile. We all know Bulldog’s capabilities, but Manziel has some wheels! Uphill no less. And, they are both Tottenham Hotspur fans. #cute

Great to see TR and Young Love back in the fold. TR let us know after ball o’ man that “go ahead and get your jabs in now, before too long, you’ll know who your daddy is”. Yes fellas, the OG A51 Nantan is back. Young Love has been spending time gallivanting the US, looking for a wider client base. Who knew attorneys go on sales calls? I didn’t. Go forth and prosper young (love) man.

I’m sure there was a lot of chatter in Group 2, please inform us in the comments. Like Gummy for example, he and I were partners, and I’m sure the he talked a little, probably about nothing, which I always love.

Differences in GPS devices had us anywhere between 2.75 and 3.13 mileage today. BLC commented to me afterwards, “dang Puddin Pop, wasn’t expecting you to run that much, dude!” All good in the hood. Speaking of…Random thought #2…satellite radio selection sucked when I was on two wheels heading to CD, but heard Let Me Ride by Dr. Dre on the way home. Top 10 hip hop song for me of all time, so good on so many levels. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Thanks to Bulldog for taking us out in prayer this morning.

No Announcements

Thanks also to Fault Line and Orange Whip for the ability to lead, great times this AM.

Need a little wind here

Spent the last seven days in Colorado, but Hops asked me to Q this day a month or so ago. Good to be back out in the gloom the day after my return from being a Mile High, and Q’ing actually was a good thing for control purposes. Legs got a good workout on the mountains out there #mercy, but the craft beer and bison definitely did a number on the midriff. Wanted to keep moving to shed the unwanted vacation calories, I think the PAX like it too.

Hops had the HN shovel flag planted promptly, and some late comers rolled in. HIPPA’s disclaimers are the absolute jam, so I plagiarized his “you can sue me, but it won’t do anything” thing and we had a good laugh. Good words direct from an attorney.

Got moving down the road and up to the turf field. Actually we went to the east field (which I had never been on), but quickly found it to be natural grass, rife with moisture. COP:






Mosey to the start of the road to the hotbox, instruct the PAX to their first All You Care to Give run up the hill to hotbox. Partner up.

P1 does called exercise at benches (three rounds: R1 step ups, R2 Dips, R3 derkins/irkins)

P2 runs around end zone net of practice field to the far corner and back

On your six for some Rosalitas and Dollys

Recover and Mosey to home plate area of the baseball stadium.

AYCTG to right field pole, 15 merkins, AYCTG back to home

Same for center field, 15 merkins, too much moisture in field to run back, Omaha straight over to left field pole for 15 merkins, then back to home.

Run to upper parking lot north of turf field, find your friend again.

P1 does called exercise (3 rounds: R1 CDD, R2 wide arms, R3 diamonds)

P2 runs the short track

On your six for LBC x 50

Mosey to turf field again, find your friend again

P1 stays on line of 18 yard box doing exercise (3 rounds: R1 jump squats, R2 sister mary katherine, R3 bonnie blairs)

P2 AYCTG to far 18 yard box and back; the wind here was merciless.

Mosey down to the bridge over troubled gas (Gloss) for wall sits and arm raises x 50 civilian.

Mosey back to launch for 40 seconds of burpees


Story time

Today would’ve been a great day for sailing. Outside the fact of being 5:30am and (feels like) 30 degrees.

Threw this one together, but some was planned out. On our first run on the football field by the hotbox, Gloss asked me if I was already off script. Damn, is it that obvious? Actually, that part of it was planned, but some other parts, not so much.

Also, Hops mentioned that Hawks Nest is coming up on the one year anny on March 13th. This weinke was a mishmash of things that have been done in the past, but I think everyone got something from it.

Typical chatter from usual suspects in Gloss, Hops, HIPPA, Pop Tart. Sprockets was crushing it up front as per the yoozsh, Cottonmouth and La-Z-Boy were two peas in a pod as per the yoozsh, Floor Slapper appeared 40 seconds before launch as per the (kinda) yoozsh, Thunder Road and Escargot were quietly getting work done as per the yoozsh, and great to see Mr. Magoo at another AO. Have worked out with him a couple times at Hydra.

Always look forward to starting my F3 week off at Hawks Nest. Great group of guys and great AO. There was an exception this morning as Gloss sharted on the bridge, claiming it to be clean. That stuff might have flown at Indepants High School, but not at Latin dude. NOT UP IN HERE!!

Hoover apparently smoked his Fast Twitch PAX, as only about half of them showed up for our COT. Good to see him along with Purell, Turkey Leg, and Duct Work. Apparently Haze ripped every muscle in one of his legs, and Gummy probably had to take a dump early. Not sure who else joined them this AM.

Great takeout by La-Z, thanks brother.


Hops informed the PAX that Red Rocks recently had a massive stroke, and he is now having to have major surgery to alleviate some of the pressure on his skull. This one hit me like a ton of bricks man. I went to App with Red Rocks (Brad Sherrill), and those that have attended Anvil and Hydra over the past few years probably have gotten to know RR. Such a great guy, and fit as a fiddle. Please lift Brad, his family, and his doctors up in prayer. Isaiah 53:5 – But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.

Half Pipe 7’s

Saw several “maybes” posted on Twitter last night, weather permitting. Shocked to follow Gloss into the parking lot as rain fell briskly onto the pavement. He quickly let us know that it was in fact not raining at his house when he was leaving, too late to turn around I guess. Alas, I let the PAX know that the trusty Accuweather app told me that rain would only last for 7 minutes. Boy is that thing accurate or what? Quick disclaimer once all 11 of us were assembled and we were off.

Ran down Rea, left on Windyrush and halt at Knightswood Drive for COP.




Instructions given to the faster PAX that we would be running down Knightswood until reaching the other side of Foxworth. Gummy asked how far that might be, I’m thinking a solid .4 there. Once all were assembled, we lunge walked about 30 yards to a mailbox, then ran to the bottom of the pipe. About face.

7’s on hill we just ran down, HR Merkins at top, jump squats at bottom.

Did some LBCs after first round.

Turn the other way on Foxworth, back up the other half of the pipe for 7’s; Wide arm merkins at top, Sister mary katherine’s at bottom.

Assemble at the top, lunge walk or walk (Gummy) to stop sign. Say hello to the 11 deer assembled in the front yard, ask them to join, and mosey to bottom of Foxworth back at Windyrush Rd for a little Mary (sans deer).



Freddy Murchisons

Mosey back up Windyrush towards Rea, stopping at each street light on the right, drop and do 10 military merkins.

Run back to school, stopping at first wall for some air presses.

Mosey back around school, view new playground equipment being put in and head to launch.


Double merkin Burpee x 1 (you’re welcome)



Had some doubts about the weather, but it really was pretty nice out. Was glad to have 10 other guys sharing in the fun this morning. Some guys are as scared of rain as a long tailed cat is in a room full of rocking chairs, I guess.

Sprockets is like the Energizer bunny; he even did an extra round to end the 7’s with the six. Got shamed for it though, I definitely heard a couple “nobody likes a show off, Sprockets”. Well I do, I appreciate the effort, and would have been there with you if I could have. eh hem.

Seemed to me that most of the PAX out there this morning were Larry Birds. Runstopper did not have on tights, Gummy was talkative, Gloss modified, Curd did every rep and tried to run extra to the stop sign, Lep and Lew took the clown car together and pretty much stayed tied at the hip during runs, our site Qs Queen and Marge were steady as rocks, and Bugeater ran into and out of the site…strong.

Great group as usual at Hydra. Definitely needed to keep it on the pavement this morning. Had to audible off of other things planned like Tunnel o’ Love…kidding.

Many thanks to Runstopper for his prayer this morning. Always remember to reach out to PAX you haven’t seen in awhile. It could be what is needed to get them back in the gloom.


Sprockets let us know that he has his first full Q at Hydra next week. Show up so he can show you up.

Hip Flexor

Dolly tapped me a day or so ago to substi-Q DV this winter’s morn, happy to oblige.  Good to see 11 other guys show up this morning in fairly cool temps the week before Christmas.  Disclaimer given and off we went at 5:31.

Mosey down to track for warm up lap, then circle up at first corner for COP:

IW x 20

LSS x 20

MC x 20

Rosalita x 20

HR Merkins x 20


Get into groups of 3 for Grinders

P1 – doing called exercises at middle part of bleachers on track (R1 – 15 merkins/15 squats; R2 – 15 CDD/15 Dolly)

P2 – doing called exercises 200 meters across the track (R1 – LBC; R2 – Flutter)

P3 – running in between as timer 

Leave the track, head up the path to the rocks on the side of steps, each group of 3 grab a lifting rock.

P1 – Rock work right outside Gloss’ office (R1 – Curl/Overhead/Tricep extension; R2 – Thrusters; R3 – Skull crushers)

P2 – doing called exercise down by the bleachers (R1 – step ups; R2 – supines; R3 – dips)

Mosey to bus lot at the bball goals for gassers to finish up



Kotters to HH as I think he’s been dealing with some sort of an infirmity (knee?); the PAX misses your wit pal (as low key of a dig as you can get).

Also good to see some dudes I haven’t seen at DV much lately in the form of G-man and Lay-Z.  Hopper, Stone Cold, Leo, and Slapper are here more often, and always good to see them.  Header, Chin, and of course your site Q’s Dolly and Smokey are regs.

All mad vets out there this morning and the smack was flying early.  Called Rosalitas during COP, met with immediate disdain with “already doing Mary?” and “ground is cold”.  C’mon boys, don’t neglect those hip flexors.  Dolly and I were joking during grinders that there is potential for the Super Rosalita, which includes inverted partners…yikes.  Had the structure of the workout planned out, however the called exercises were completely off the hip; and trust me, this group does not let that go by quietly. 

G told me as we were gathering for COT that the gassers got us to exactly 2 miles today, which made him give the mantra “Make Bootcamps Great Again”.

Thanks Dolly and Smokey for the opportunity to lead such a stellar group of men this morning.

Thanks also to Stone Cold for providing our prayer this Christmas filled morning. 


Continued prayers needed for Huggy Bear; prognosis positive, but just starting the road to recovery at home.

Continued prayers for Destiny who is in hospice care.  

Chasin’ the Deer Tail

Rolled up to SCMS about 5:20 for a little recon prior to launch.  I’m always a favorite of the track behind the front left baseball field closest to the car park.  Uncle Leo had spotted my going toward the fence, and when I did, I apparently startled a deer about 20 feet in front of me, which quite nearly scared the crap out of me too.  Looked to my right about 30 feet and there were two more eyeing me up.  So, decided to about face and come back to the lot, and have at it again.  Walked down the path behind the field and def noticed that most of the trail has a washout line basically right in the middle of it, which would be a total ankle breaker.  This was Omaha #1.

Omaha #2 came basically when Dolly let me know that it was 5:29, and there were five us about to launch.  Whatever I had planned for partners or three man teams was immediately scrapped as well.  However, with five, I was immediately able to hone in on which starting 5 from NBA’s yesteryear that would playing today.

Schmedium – Center – Rik Smits:  Shmeeed has a Euro quality about him, is fundamentally sound, and sneaky fast (a la the Dunkin Dutchman)

Puddin Pop – Power Foward – Xavier McDaniel: Like the X-Man, YHC is a bull in a China shop, that tires easily

Uncle Leo – Small Forward – Detlef Schrempf:  Leo works out like a calm captain in calamitous waters.  The Grand Teuton played the same way for 16 years.

Dollywood – Shooting Guard – Joe Dumars: Dolly is as steady as rock, can turn on the jets when he needs to, and when he speaks up people listen.  Mister Louisiana won back to back championships, being a calming influence to the Bad Boys.

Frosty Paws – Point Guard – Derek Harper: Paws was much like DH in that he wouldn’t kill you with speed, but he the consummate tactician, and has the talk to back it up.


Well, now that we have the starting 5 identified, and properly disclaimed, we were off.

Mosey down to the track for a lap to warm up the lungs, then COP at the starting corner.





all x15 IC

Head to the goal line on the freshly cut Shockers field for another rendition of the Red Barchetta.

Brought this out to the Hydra pax a couple weeks ago, while perusing the #exicon for some new blood.

Run 100 yards for 100 SSHs, mosey back to start

Run 75 yards for 75 MCs, mosey back to start

Run 50 yards for 50 LBCs, mosey back to start

Run 25 yards for 25 Merkins, mosey back to start

Enough of that, mosey down to the bleachers between the ball fields (Deer sighting #2 on big field on left)

Circuit work on bleachers with 30 Dips, 20 Step/jump ups, 15 Supine Pullups; however, in between each set, run back up the path, up the steps and around the #powertriangle back to the bleachers.

Did some Mary to catch the breath a bit

Freddy Murchisons



Mosey onto big front left ball field, hoping our brown fuzzy friends had found a way out of the fence, head to the outfield.

Umm, yep, there they were, actually on the other side of the fence, and hurriedly hopped into the woods across the path.

Start at the break between the infield and outfield, just behind 2nd base, run to right field foul pole for 30 merkins, run back to start spot for 5 burpees; run to center field warning track area for 20 wide-arm merkins, back to start for 5 burps; run to left field foul pole for 20ish diamonds, back to start for 5 burps.

Run back through the fence opening at left field foul pole, at the base of the hill behind Gloss’ office for Triple Nickel.

5 squats at top

5 LBCs at bottom

5 times up and down

Mosey over to Gloss’ office for wall sits + 50 air presses (repeato)

Just enough time for Dolly to lead us into 2 mins of Protractor




Great group out there this morning.  Upon calling the LBCs during the #RedBarchetta, Dolly asked if we were gearing up for some GoRuck event with wallowing in the wet grass.  It’s just a little moisture on your back dude, no Tunnel o’ Love being called or nothing.

Frosty Paws is still on the mend from Pneumonia, but he is posting like a boss.  Keep it up brother.

As stated in starting 5 bios, both Leo and Schmeed were steadily crushing each exercise with apparent ease.

Dolly was the #LarryBird of the group, as per the yooouszh.

Enjoyed it fellas, thanks to Dolly and Smokey for the opp.


Thanks to Frosty Paws for the prayer this morning.

Announcements?  No

Meat Pies and Red Stripes

As per the usual routine before a Q, I needed to get my head right.  Landed on Ratt’s “Slip of the Lip” on Hair Nation, yep, that’ll do.  Got to OP a little early to check out the fields; it’s been dry for the most part, but a caring Q needs to do their fair amount of recon to ensure a healthy returning PAX.  Good enough, head back to the lot to yuck it up with some early risers prior to launch.  Nice of Haze to let me synchronize my crap watch that is 2:42 fast with his nice Timex/Casio?

Give a nice, sarcastic disclaimer with an echo from one of our resident #Hydra attorneys HIPPA to make sure that I let the PAX know that I care about their safety, and we were off.

Slow mosey around the baby track with some karaoke left and right, high knees, then over to the practice field for COP.

IW x 15

LSS x 15

MC x 15

HRM x 15

Mosey to back football field for more fun.  Instructed the PAX that I had spent a little “office time” on the F3 Nation site yesterday afternoon, and looked up the #Exicon for some new workout ideas.  PAX would reap the benefits.  First exercise would be the Blackjack.

Line up abreast along the sideline, run to far sideline for 20 CDDs, run back to near sideline for 1 LBC.  Keep moving back and forth going down on CDDs and up on LBC, all the while the total being 21 (hence Blackjack, get it?).  Shoulders and time were barking about mid-way through, so we called an #omaha when reaching 10 CDDs.

Mosey to near end zone line of football field, for the Red Barchetta.  Found this on the Exicon yesterday and immediately caught my eye as a fan of Rush and the song.  Inquired if they knew what Red Barchetta was, and Haze was the only one to pipe up and say, Rush?  Yes sir, great call my man.  But, still had to mention that the Red Barchetta was a song Neal Peart (drummer, best ever) wrote about his uncle’s Red Barchetta Ferrari.  Workout is to keep the heart rate moving the whole time.  As such:

Start at goal line, run 100 yards to far end for 100 SSH’s.  Variations were IWs (Gummy), Squats (Thunder), etc.  Run back to start, plank for six.

Run 75 yards for 75 Mtn Climbers, run back plank for six.

Run to 50 for 50 LBCs, back to start.

Run to 25 for 25 merkins, back to start.

Supposed to run to 10 for 10 burpees, but any dummy would know that I don’t do burpees.

Hit the top of the hour right about now, so, enough time to run through the trail to Foxworth hill.  Partner up for BurpBack Mountain.  Again, supplanted the “Burp” for some stomachhh.

P1 does Dollys

P2 runs backward up Foxworth, forward back down.

Flapjack x 3

Mosey back to practice fields for 4ish mins of Mary

Freddy Muchisons


Protractors (PAX call angles)




So, upon my recon, I noticed that our Father has blessed us with about as dark of a moon as possible, so the back fields were going to be a little dodgy, but the PAX managed through it no prob.  Go by Faith, not by Sight, right??

Thanks again to Haze for being my #timecheck this AM, partner on the Mountain, and overall knowing what the heck Red Barchetta meant.

Gummy, well, Gummy was Gummy.  Every PAX needs a Gummy.  Builds character.  He made mention that “we’re at a third of the way through” during Blackjack.  Yeah, my shoulders were already on fire too, so the influence to cut it off halfway was certainly heard.

Prior to the workout, I let Slumdog aka whatever know that he was known as Slumdog at Hydra, nothing else.  You are the OG Slumdog as far as I’m concerned.

Thunder Road was back in familiar neon green today.  Didn’t know who he was at #HawksNest was this week, rocking some sort of navy blue or something.

Hopper was following my lead when trying to name our FNG today, more on that later.  Still loving the summer beard brother, muy guapo.

Deep Dish apparently has 10 days left in his 5 week mandatory sabbatical from BofA.  Nice problem to have, congrats again on 20 years brother.  Getting up to work out no less, mercy.  I guess as the old saying goes, “you don’t weigh in, you don’t wrassle”, am I right DD??

Much like DD, Queen just got back from Negril on Tuesday night.  Spent 7 days in Jamaica with his wife, celebrating their 10 year anniversary.  Congrats my friend, on 1) 10 years of marriage, and 2) being able to spend 7 days in an all-inclusive resort.  This is where our awesome title comes from as it only takes me about four days of resort life to catch a nice bout of #gutrot.

HIPPA and Clover were crushing the hills.  I was leaving the lot and saw them back on the baby track. #WTF?  HIP also ran in from Montebello, strong work dude.

Sleepy is back in the fold after his fall down the stairs in his office.  That shoulder probably got a little more than it bargained for this AM, nice work Sleep.  He actually was let down we cut the Blackjack off halfway.  Plenty of time in the rest of the day if you want to knock em out.

On to our FNG, Brian Storm.  Sleepy EH’d him, and let me know last weekend that he was coming out.  Got an early call of his name, and automatically thought of Mason Storm.  For those that aren’t intelligent enough, Mason Storm was Steven Segal’s characters name in the critically acclaimed movie Hard to Kill.  Hopper was on the level, and we immediately thought “Segal” might work.  Haze quickly quashed that saying it was too masculine.  HIPPA was in my ear on the way back up the trail that a Stormy Daniels angle might be good, but unlike the namesake, there’s not much you can do with the name.  Gummy came up with the simple angle of “Sprinkle”.  That’s what it is.  Thanks for coming out Sprinkle, come on back anytime…especially since you are a fellow Selwyn Elementary and AG Jr. High alum.

Haze had us at about 2.4 today…not bad for bootcamp.



BeerRun – 8/18 : see Gummy or slack for more info


Thanks as well Gummy for the prayer this morning.

Men at Work

Dude, Charlotte Latin was already hard enough to navigate, now they throw in a massive face lift to the campus and all hayul breaks loose.  Must be a nice little assessment to the families going there on top of the thousands that comes off very well-financed hips annually.

So, the title of this BB is an ode to the hard working construction workers that wreaked havoc on my weinke this morning.  Oh, and I’m talking about the 1990 cinema #garbage with brothers Sheen and Estevez, not the Colin Hay led biggest band from Australia (pre INXS).

Mad confusion ensued at 5:20 am, as the PAX were parked all over campus due to the construction madness.  I just drove into the main entrance until I saw Snowflake, Shoe, Chelms, and Dasher having a nice chat.  Hightower and Billy G came in right after me, so we thought we were in the right place.  Saw our fearless site Q Hops pull in, and that was the clincher.

However, Marge appeared from the lower lot, and Hops thought we might have a few stragglers up at the original launch spot.

Gave a lame disclaimer, and Hops led us up and over to the original spot.  Alas, we did see McGee and Schmedium in a state of confusion, but then had the look of Doc Brown when we found them #lybians.  Dollywood came running down from soccer field #10, probably warmed up doing some bicycles, Bale style. #stillbitter

Collected the PAX that we could (word was that Runstopper was somewhere, not sure if he was trying to find us or FastTwitch; or perhaps a trunk sale specializing in spandex clam diggers), and moseyed back through campus, down around the gym, next to football field, then up on a wide open lot for COP.

IW x 15

LSS x 15

HR Merkins x 15?

Mtn Climber x 15

Mosey to next stop sign, get in groups of 3 for (semi half pipe) Grinders

P1 does called exercises at stop sign (LBC, Flutter)

P2 does called exercises down hill at side steps up to MAC center (Dolly, Freddy Mercs)

P3 runs in between

Did this close to  3 times through?

Collect the PAX, run up and over bridge to the covered shelter (has this been named yet?) by the practice fields, find a bench

Dips x 30

Jump/step ups x 20

Decline/Incline merkins x 15

repeato x 3

Mosey down to gravel road around Lake Latin to Buttermaker field, all the while paying praise to Timmy Lupus and his unrelenting resolve.  I’m telling you, if your kids are looking for a true role model, Timmy Lupus is the one for you.  Not only does he take the ketchup in the hat thing pretty well, he also makes the best Martini in the San Fernando valley.  Don’t worry about not being able to hit the cut-off man, the writers respected him so much, they gave HIM the last line of the movie.  Don’t believe me?  Watch it again.

Home plate – 3 burpees or 10 merkins

Run out to right field pole – 10 reg merkins

back to Home

Run to center field – 10 wide arms

back to Home

Run to left field – 10 diamonds

back to Home

Continue moseying around Lake Latin up to Lacrosse/Field Hockey/Soccer field for more Grinders

P1 on near end line doing Dive Bomb merkins

P2 on far end line doing Monkey Humpers

P3 runner

Cut that short to make sure we had time to get back to launch, which we did for some LBC and Rosalitas.




Hops tapped me for the Q sometime after PH’s beatdown last Tuesday.  I’ve been to this site enough times to remember where things are, where things aren’t, and where not to get injured.  Or so I thought.  A wise man would’ve done some recon prior to, but I’ve never claimed to be wise, and am one of the world’s worst procrastinators.  Besides, that’s what can make a workout so provocative and intense, is to truly have no idea where you’re going.

Had planned to do some 7’s on the hill right beside the main parking lot, that was quickly scrapped due to construction.  Mid-workout, going around Lake Latin, Chelms thought I ripped off the weinke from PH last week.  Nah mate, we did cover a lot of the same ground, but I definitely did not have two black bags 0 sand being carried by the same four PAX, thank you very much.

Great to see a lot of the guys I normally don’t see during my weekly routines.  Dasher is fast, so is Dolly, which is nothing new.

Had a nice chat with McGee, as he was recounting his time at Camp Whippoorwill on this expansive campus.  Found out he is a fellow Mustang alum…class of ’04?  Also found out he has ups akin to Luke Kuechly.  Dude was doing jump ups on the actual table with ease.  #steeeerong

Heard from Lewinsky about yesterday’s DMZ beatdown; confirmed it with Mermaid who had half-Q with FW.  I am so glad that work calls me away from F3 on Monday mornings sometimes.

We were pulling back into launch, and Shoe informed me that we covered somewhere around 3.3 today.  See, you CAN get in pretty good distance if you’re lost.

Snowflake is steady as a rock, and so glad to see Utah back out amongst his F3 brothers.

Thanks to Hops and Doc for giving me the keys to the excavator and tower crane this morning.

Thanks to Shoe for a solid prayer this morning…continuing to pray for #AllinforJennings  and Utah’s family.



Eh hem, please be advised that Hawks Nest will/should have a new meeting spot next week.  After you make the turn into Charlotte Latin main entrance, veer left into a very well-lit, paved lot.  Can’t miss it. #yeahright

Q school is somewhere and sometime this weekend.  Hops was clearly unclear, please ask him for more information of which he probably won’t have.


Movie Lines and Mumbo Jumbo

Texts were flying amongst the Wessex Square mafia yesterday afternoon.  After some consternation from a few members, Scratch n’ Win and Leprechaun decided to clown car with me to OPES.  Lewinsky decided to run in, masterfully thinking that there would be limited running in today’s installment of Hydra.  #contraremonfrare  #kinda

Pulled up and there were a good number of PAX striding from their chariots, including Gummy.  Gummy drove to Hydra this morning, we were saying that it must be some sort of compliment to the Q.

Anyway, the disclaimer was given (went with the whole “I’m a regular dude” routine), and we were off.

Venture to Harris Teeter, groaning ensues, particularly from Good Hands.

Wait for six in front of HT, performing Gummy 10-counts (IWs).

Little warm up from there…


Squat -> hold


HR Merkins

Mosey over to business building parking lot right next to Colony Place, find a friend.

P1 – called exercise

P2 – run around office building, flapjack

Round 1 – CDDs

Round 2 – Dolly

Round 3 – Wide arm merkins (not really)

1o count from Scratchy, and then instructed PAX to lunge walk to sidewalk about 25 yards away to catch breath. (veteran Q move from the six)

Mosey out to Colony, take immediate right into Stonecroft, follow main road to first stop sign, halt for more Gummy 10-counts.

Mosey out of the back of Stonecroft, back into OP, stopping at Summerlin.  Jet Fuel mentioned that he thought I hated Summerlin.  Umm, I do, we were definitely not going to take a left on Summerlin.

Hold squat while waiting on the six, then mosey back out to Rea, take left and head to church rock pile.

Stay with partners, P1 does called exercise, P2 runs L shape curve to street and back.

Round 1 – curls

Round 2 – overhead press

Hannibal said his watch cut us off at .6 miles, had Gummy give us a mileage check.  We were at 2.4 at this point.

Head back to launch, “Crazy Ivan” to run around the school for more mileage, end up at practice football field directly behind school.  Gassers x 4, rain started, head to school overhang for quick Mary.



Freddy Murchisons

Done – 3 miles, just about on the nostril



Good gang out there today, bunch of regulars with varying paces.  Lewinsky told me after “that wasn’t what I was expecting”.  By him running into the workout, I will take that as a backhanded compliment.  Gummy, again, did drive to the workout, so I’m totally confused.

Really good energy out there today, and good movie/TV lines too.  By my count, we hit: Hunt for Red October, Fletch, Seinfeld, forgetting like two more.

Group was pretty split for most of the workout, good convos all around I’m sure, but I’m definitely not omnipresent.

Good to lead out at Hydra again, great AO with great memories. #tear

Nice to have one of they Hydra OGs in Bug out there again.  Anybody seen 49er or DK in a hot minute?


Thanks Gummy for the takeout.



Bro-lympics, sometime, somewhere (I forgot), check with somebody if you’re interested.

Bump n’ Grinder

Three of us were talking in parking lot, about random things…Curd discussing reasons 223 & 224 as to why he’s missed the last eight months of F3, Header still basking in Eagle glory, YHC letting everyone know that my watch was two minutes and 22 seconds fast, and Smokey indulging us as the good Site Q that he is.

Sweeny Todd came rambling in at 5:30 on the nose, very lame disclaimer given, and we were off.

Down to the track for a warmer up lap, and COP back at start line.  Oh, and our friendly neighborhood PAX of tardiness, Floor Slapper joined the party.


Squat -> hold


HR Merkins

With Floor Slapper showing up, the Grinders were in fact ON.

Fall onto the surprisingly (fairly) dry end of the pitch, explain to PAX that Partner 1 would be at far end, partner 2 at near end (side) of field, partner 3 running in middle as timer; exercises as follows:

Round 1:  P1 – jump squats / P2 CDDs

Round 2: P1 LBC / P2 Wide arms

Round 3: P1 H2H / P2 Military merkins

Gather PAX back on the track, mosey to top of sidewalk by the neighborhood crappers.  Stay in Grinder groups.  P1 grab a lifting rock from pile.  Same concept, P1 at top by crappers, P2 down at bleachers, P3 running in middle; exercises as follows:

Round 1: P1 – curls / P2 – step ups

Round 2: P1 – overhead press / P2 – incline on bench

Round 3: P1 – tricep extension / P2 – supines on rail…scratch that with the puddle of mud from broken water main or something…go back to incline on bleacher

Round 4: P1 – goblet squat / P2 – Dollys

Sweeney and I were down at bottom about to do some dollys and started feeling the monsoon that was supposed to hit…run for it!  Everyone gathered under roof at crappers for wall sits.  Then mixed in some air presses, then did a burpee rotation.  Each PAX does five burpees while everyone else stays on wall.  Rotate around.  By the time we go through this, the rain halted (mostly).

Head out to basketball goals, Gasser time.  Sprint to last goal, repeato x 6.

Back to bathrooms, for Stomachs.

Rosalita, Flutter, Freddy Mercury, Protractor, WW2 sit ups



Again, thanks to Slapper showing up, we had two groups of three for Grinders.  Had contingencies of course, but this was first plan.

YHC still coming of a little Achilles strain, so running would be short stints. #shocker #SCMSmascot

Good fellowshipping out there today with a small group of really good dudes.  Smokey and I were on same rota on the pitch, and I was commending him on his lack of injury.  I stay injured these days #thanks40, and learned that Dollywood is battling a back at the mo.  Get well, get well soon, we want you to get well. #elainebenes

Sweeney is building a house somewhere off of Lawyers Rd, told him to hook up with Horsehead’s posse out there, or else.  I just envision HH and his band of Cowboys out there in Mint Heeeeeeeeyul rocking red scarves and pillaging the local savings and loan.

Header and Curd barely broke a sweat, seemingly.  I would expect nothing less from these machines.

Header, thanks for the take out this morning.  Reminder that God’s grace is seen in so many instances in our lives, and in the most difficult of circumstances.

Continued prayers for you (Header) and all of the Rebsamen family.



Curd looking for two spots to fill on his Smoky Mtn. Relay team, see him for details.


Dulverton Drive

Posted on behalf of Queen


6 fine esteemed gentlemen showed up at Hydra on a mild but humid morning. After a brief disclaimer, we started it up.


SSH X 25

IW X 20

Low Slow Squat X 10

Mountain Climbers X 10


Mosey over to the playground.

P1 runs to the dugout while P2 does Merkins, flapjack until 100 merkins

P1 runds to the dugout while P2 does pull-ups, flapjack until 50 pull-ups


Mosey to the big tree with benches surrounding it.

20 step ups, 15 dips. Flapjack


Mosey to the Windyrush/Rae Rd corner.

Run down Windyrush to Foxworth, 10 Carolina Dry Docks at each street lamp on the left side (5 lamps)


Stop at Foxworth for Mary

Partner back up for plank situps (15 situps per partner)

Rosalita X 16

Freddie Mercury X 14


Jog up Foxworth and take a left on Bedfordshire. Stop at the corner of Bedfordshire and Dulverton Dr. There was a port a-potty on that corner, but I looked back and realized Semi-Gloss wasn’t part of the PAX (I was thinking of you brother).

10 merkins, run down Dulverton, 10 merkins, run up Dulverton, 10 merkins run down Dulverton, 10 merkins run up Dulverton, 10 merkins. Plank up at the end.


Mosey over to the Matt Ham’s house on Dulverton

5 burpees in his driveway. (taking a page out of Chico’s book)


Mosey back down Foxworth and through the woods to the football field.

Run 100 yards

Run 100 yards back, AYG


Mosey back to the start




For those of you that hate the Foxworth hill, I figured Dulverton would be a nice change of pace. A quarter of a mile straight up. The downhill wasn’t bad. Going back up was rough (think Summerlin, maybe worse). Sleepy seemed to handle the Dulverton hill with ease. Nice to see Fireman Ed, been a while, glad you made it out. Floor Slapper (Mr. 5:32) actually showed up a few min early, caught me off guard. A lot of you know Matt Ham from Windyrush or Hope. He can probably squat around 700 pounds, but he’s always been too scared to post. I figured we’d take the workout to him. So I texted him a pic of guys doing burpees in his driveway at 6:00 AM.



Flutie Flakes said that F3 New Hampshire is going strong. If anyone’s ever in the area, he said they have a wonderful Saturday morning workout. Thanks for Jet Fuel for taking us out.