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“Uh oh. The site’s Blue Screened”

Station 1 – Mosey around the school to the teachers parking lot 

  • 20 sides straddle hops  
  • 10 Potato pickers  
  • Runners stretch 
  • Calf stretch 
  • Front leg swingups

Station 2 – flag near football field 

  • Pick rock in middle  
  • 10 overhead rock presses run to flagpole one and do five step-ups or jumps 
  • Back to middle 10 overhead rock presses 
  • Run to the flagpole to and do five Durkins 
  • Four sets total

Station 3 – building entrance 
(Pair up) 

  • partner 1: 100 donkey kicks, 88 Merkins (repeat as needed)  
  • “88” comes from 1988 where Zinfandel bizarrely reference BlueScreen having a 1988 Seoul Korea sweatshirt in pre-workout post.  I did have that shirt, but got rid of it a few years ago (before F3)!! How the heck did he ever come up with that?? BIZARRE!! 
  • Partner 2: run the loop  
  • Five sets total

Station 4- bottom of the hill 
(Done as a team) 

  • 15 speed skaters (2=1), then 15 Standing side  lunges 
  • Run the hill loop

Station 5 

  • Run across to bus parking lot 
  • 20 steps, 15 dips on picnic tables followed by one parking lot lap X 3 sets


  • Circle up. Everybody rolls the magic all-knowing F3 exercise ball one time  
  • Did all the ball said except the “15 Zinfandel titty-twisters!”

    Before prayer, Bluescreen took up Zins’s “older than 1988 shirt challenge” and lifted up the outer shirt to reveal an ancient 1983 Chesapeake Light Race shirt! Zin was curious about how Blue cleans his clothes and preserves them.  BS says he does not wash his clothes – the secret to long life! 

NW: Providence Downs

12 Pax & 2 Pax-sniffers break attendance records in record-breaking cold!

I thought sure the cold would keep most everyone away but the Turnbuckliest or Chickeniest among us. Instead, I was astounded with returning champ Pennywise, and site FNG’s Von Trapp, Midriff, Dyn-O-Mite, & Boitano!

2nd week in NW, & Pennywise gets it – rotate around and talk to guys; figure out what you have in common.

People say not to give Posse your phone number or you will be mercilessly EH’ed. I think today proved that letting Das Boot know where you live is even worse. He pointed out where One Star lived. That’s when several told the story of him setting his pool furniture on fire (accidentally?).
But when we got around the corner to Boitano’s house, Das implied that he got more of a commitment for Boitano to join last night. But he wasn’t with us. Following Das’ lead, as the video clearly shows, he & I did monkey humpers at his front door. #NewKnock
Before we made it to the corner, Boitano was outside in his Off My Lawn jammers. He asked how much longer we had, & he went back inside to get more clothes & his 2.0, Emory, as we finished off the last 20 minutes together.

Turnbuckle stayed in the lead today as he didn’t want his fitness tracker to time out on him & potentially not get (digital) credit for this walk. On consecutive day 41, I think?

The Chicken has been quiet this past week, so I was relieved to see him this morning. I didn’t know how this NW thing was going to go, but I was hoping beginning new friendships like I have with CL would be one of the results. We’re at the point where he can answer someone else’s questions about my background before I can. A caring man who shows that he’s listening to everything you say.

Von Trapp started off a little quiet today, as expected when starting something new. But he quickly figured out what was going on and got to chattin’. Want to see you again soon in the gloom!

Midriff – always happy when we get to meet at the same AO. He brought 2/3 of his 2.0’s: Esther was doing great on her bike, while Avery was Midriff’s human ruck. Esther is lucky she got her bike back from me; if those heart-shaped pedals were the next size up, she was going home with a trunk full of nothin’.

Pennywise & I definitely had a pinch of nostalgia as Midriff’s 2.0’s were talking & running with us. The tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap & the stories quickly took us back to when our kids were that age. We didn’t preach to him, “Remember these times – you’ll miss them!” We don’t have to. Today showed that Midriff was fully present for these two. When you do that, there is no regret for the past. You can hold those memories with as much gratitude as you do for the present moment.

So glad to see Dyn-O-Mite out! A current rarity who promised today to be more present at F3. Boosted by our gratitude for him sharing this video, he shared this one in The Playhouse. Yes, those are onions in your coffee.

Next week at Marvin Creek.

The Few. The Mighty. The Class of 90.

8 Pax (or 16% of my graduating class [or 100% of the honor grads]) came out to see what a full 13-year alum of the finest institution in northern Lancaster County could produce on his home turf. While 2nd grade was the toughest 3 years of my matriculation, I was eager to show what I had learned.

The first test was literacy. I put out the word on all channels last night that a headlamp would be required this morning. Everyone passed except Atlas. Playing the loophole that he HAD one, but it wasn’t charged, left me dim. I had a spare for my fellow Sandlapper-educated student.

More questions from my DiCCS:
Who has a cell phone? Fredo answers “In my car.” Sorry, I was looking for “On my body.” That’s OK, here’s your consolation prize.
Who has both the knowledge & desire to save another man’s life using CPR? Now Fredo comes roaring back with that hand flying high!

No question from the Pax as to why one leg of my gray sweatpants had tons of brown stains. I don’t know how to interpret that. Male Pattern Blindness? Don’t ask questions you don’t really want to know the answer to? Y’all have been around Paper Jam, Rudy, & Transporter too much?

The Warmup
<this section intentionally left blank>

The Thang
Run to the end of the parking lot to get a head of steam to start jumping over the walls up front. I can’t tell if Atlas is happy or not as he reminisces that he would do this with Pebbles back in the day. Further back in my day, we would call this Elementary School “woods”, because it didn’t exist.
This would be the only time Fuse comes in last for the morning. Front of the class for the rest of the time.

Mosey around the corner to the bus lot. Proving that Warriors have an extra appendage somewhere, we see numbers posted 1 – 12. That tells us how many Mike Tysons to do, run to the end & back. Then move to the next number.

Cross the bus lot safely as a group & mosey to the edge of the abyss. Quick callout that we are about to go down a series of steep hills in the dark. We’re heading to the practice field (or as I used to call it, the VIP section of the stadium gravel parking).
There are 8 tires of various sizes lined up along one side of the field. Most have little to no muddy water in them because I have flipped as much of it as will come out; hence the stains on my pants.
Flip it 5 times, then run to the end of the field & back. Repeat until you & tire are on the other side. Pick a lighter, smaller tire & you can flip easier, but you’ll have more runs; a heavier tire is harder, but you run less. Kirby is in his element here. Talks about how he & his coworkers do this for fun. Periscope had unique form on his flip – reach inside the tire & pull. Soft Pretzel excelling on this as well. Roll it back to where you found it when finished.

Mosey to the fully opened gate leading into the stadium; in my day we called it the stadium, too. #Timeless
We ran the bleachers with Gas Pumpers at the top. Take that Weddington! #ABetterWarrior
We passed by the concession stand where I rarely got anything for fear of messing up my uni.
The far left section is where the coolest of the cool sat – the band!

Head on down to the track. Yep, pitch black with no cameras & no fence to hop. Good thing Damascus doesn’t read BB’s anymore.
4 corners with Rosalita, Heels to Heaven, Dolly’s & Flutters.
Lot of memories here: homecoming court riding down in convertibles while the band has to play “Think of Laura” on a loop for 20 minutes; trying to pole vault in the end zone while not clearing a single height so Santini & I end up just wrasslin’ on the mats; running loops on crushed sand (at the time) trying to process my Mom’s terminal cancer diagnosis & death.

Back up the bleachers to get to the (now) HS parking lot. Pick a partner of opposite ability. I’ve had my eye on SP for quite a while now.
Start at one end of the parking lot. P1 runs to the other end & back. P2 does 1 burpee in the parking space, then bear crawls to the next space for another burpee. Repeat until P1 returns. Good times. SP always made sure to get 1 more burpee in before we swapped. #HIM #MABA

Head back along the back road (that didn’t exist) behind the middle school (that was my high school). Under the overhang we paused for a Mountain Climber Medley:
10 MC
10 Dying Cockroach
10 MC
10 Box Cutters
10 MC

Back on the road again. Pause once more for Plank Jacks. Were it not for Fuse calling for Pax to get out of the road because a car was coming, most of us would likely be dead (or injured [or relieved to catch a quick breather]). #No10Counts

Since the car killed our vibe without killing us, I decided to just mosey on to COT.

Still 2 minutes left? Perfect…
“Y’all ever hear of an exercise named ‘The Motivator’?”
Slack-jawed stares (like me watching the Clemson – Ohio State game last week) 🐯
“Learned it doing a virtual workout with either Princeton or Omaha. It seems to be popular in those parts.”
I know I take too long to describe something new, so I just gave the basic descriptions & said to follow along. This is the only exercise I’ve seen that’s not done in cadence or civilian count, but in UNISON. You wouldn’t know it from this bunch, though. Pretty easy to see who graduated valedictorian in his class today.
Das Boot & I have made a vow not to describe The Motivator in print, but to just have it in our weinkie (he got my hint to use the virtual workouts as extra counts for his Passport win [you didn’t think it was odd that he had more posts than we have AO’s?]). I think it went over well because I saw a couple Pax tap out; not out of boredom but because their calves seized up.

When it was over (to the second), Kirbs called me Jane Fonda. Again, don’t know how to take that.


My wish for you is to have an opportunity to share something precious to you with those you love.


  • Waxhaw blood drive:
    SOB will have their blood drive the following month
  • New AO: Clean Slate in Porter Ridge 630-730. This Saturday has Arsenal Site Q & IL’er (even though he lives in Waxhaw) Passport on Q. Yes, he will be driving close to an hour to Q at an AO because he knows the importance of #GiveItAway. It takes a special man to love brothers he doesn’t even know to give what’s been given to him. If you have read this far, #BeLikePeriscope and let Catfish or me know which Saturday you want to have the final say in naming some FNG’s.
  • New AO: Last Call at Marvin Ridge Fridays ⚠600-645. First Q goes to Goodfella.
  • New AO: Cowbell at PetSmart in Wesley Chapel Wednesdays 530-615. First Q was Ice9 🤮
  • SATURDAY 1/9/2021 at 9am: Paper Jam could use help moving stuff out of his Dad’s apartment in Blakeney (10211 MAHONIA ST UNIT 103 CHARLOTTE, NC 28277) to their new home at 4058 HENSHAW Rd in Waxhaw (Millbridge). Also could use help moving things out of the PODS into the Waxhaw home.
    The fun will begin at 9 am at both sites. Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if you can only lend a hand for an hour or so. Last time it took less than 2 hours.
  • Mayhem is putting together a service opportunity for some disaster relief in eastern NC at the end of this month. It’s a great opportunity to help others and it doesn’t cost much. Check out the link for more details:
  • Feed the homeless in uptown Charlotte…they have now added dates through May 5th. Here is the sign-up link.
  • Christ Closet folding party:
    Even though it isn’t mentioned, I *think* this will also be the time that several F3 brothers will be loading up the trailer with CC clothes to head down to Cape Fear for the original 10 year for a giveaway in Wilmington…
  • Habits > Public Goals > Private Resolutions – Be vulnerable & transparent in what you want to accomplish this year. Just like we mock most guys for trying to hit the gym for the first 3 weeks in January & never go again, you fall into the same trap when you make a private resolution. You increase your chances for success by telling others what your goals are for the year. Chances increase further when you put them on this spreadsheet for your brothers to read:–6LTfOhoocT0/edit?usp=sharing
    It covers all the popular topics: Word of the Year, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd F, Concentrica, & Other. Hyperlinks for column headers to explain unfamiliar terms. At the beginning of each month, this sheet gets publicized again to show your progress.
    I didn’t get everything accomplished that I wanted last year, but I got way more than I ever did in years past when I just did it alone. I’ve read “The Power of Habit” & “Atomic Habits”, so I feel even more confident about breaking these goals down into components that have to be done on a daily or weekly basis to hit that accomplishment. I’m already seeing a couple of Pax with similar or exact goals; what are their chances of success if they team up?
  • Big thanks to Brexit who’s eager(?) to help Waxhaw get its website ( up & runnin’ with all the fixins!
  • Kirby gave a great reminder about joining the Slack #networking channel to help yourself or other brothers in finding a (better) job. Many companies decided to wait until now to start laying people off. It’s going to be bad for a while longer. Be proactive in helping.
    Get on LinkedIn.
    Join the F3 LI group.
    Connect with other F3 men on LinkedIn to digitize your network.
    Kirby said some nice things about me, but we shan’t repeat them here. But thanks, brother!

NW: Hunter Oaks

I don’t much care about getting counted, but my fellow Pax do.

Walking around Das Boot & C3PO’s neighborhood of Hunter Oaks for an hour. There are plenty of SOB & Area51 guys in this huge development, and Das made a valiant effort to get them to show. Zero did show, but Prohibition gave a nod to imply he would be there for next week’s walk through Providence Downs. We did run into

What I notice in these walks is every time a Pax reveals something about themselves that would never come up in a workout, someone else will always reply with an element of “Me, too!” Whether it’s a place they used to live or trouble with their kids, it always reassures us that we are not alone in our struggles, regardless of the struggle. If you feel like you’re the only one going through something, you are believing a lie.


Blood drive:

Habits > Public Goals > Private Resolutions – Be vulnerable & transparent in what you want to accomplish this year. Just like we mock most guys for trying to hit the gym for the first 3 weeks in January & never go again, you fall into the same trap when you make a private resolution. You increase your chances for success by telling others what your goals are for the year. Chances increase further when you put them on this spreadsheet for your brothers to read:–6LTfOhoocT0/edit?usp=sharing
It covers all the popular topics: Word of the Year, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd F, Concentrica, & Other. At the beginning of each month, this sheet gets publicized again to show your progress.
I didn’t get everything accomplished that I wanted last year, but I got way more than I ever did in years past when I just did it alone. I’ve read “The Power of Habit” & “Atomic Habits”, so I feel even more confident about breaking these goals down into components that have to be done on a daily or weekly basis to hit that accomplishment.

New AO: Clean Slate in Porter Ridge 630-730. This Saturday has IL’er (even though he lives in Waxhaw) Passport on Q. Yes, he will be driving close to an hour to Q at an AO because he knows the importance of #GiveItAway. Tons of FNG’s to harvest in that area!

New AO: Last Call at Marvin Ridge Fridays 600-645. First Q goes to Goodfella

New AO: Cowbell at PetSmart in Wesley Chapel 530-615. First Q (today) was Ice9 🤮


TL:DR – Earlier this year I had a goal to run a 5k in less than 30 minutes.  I accomplished that this morning, but only with the help of many. Here’s how it happened.

The Warmup

As you can see from the sheet, I (and others) had several goals for the year. I encouraged others to look at that list to see where they could help someone else. That help could be in better defining the goal, shared experiences with a similar goal, or help in achieving the goal.

In those pre-Covid months, Chastain would saunter up to me on long moseys, look at his watch and say, “You’re running at a 10:22 pace. You’re going to have to go faster to hit your goal!” At which point, I would slow down like a d-bag. It’s one thing to have a goal; it’s another to be public about it and invite others to hold you to account for it.

I like to run; I’m just not fast. So going to Pursuit for 5 or 6 miles isn’t painful for me. I thought I’d use that & Strava to work on speed & endurance. Overtrain. I was running, but not seeing consistent improvements. Turns out that’s not how anything ever works. Good days. Bad days. Horrible hills. Mental battles. It’s always something.

Fusebox picked up on this goal, too. Instead of running with me at Pursuit, he decided to virtually race me. My best 3.1 miles at Pursuit against his best 5k running through his neighborhood. I lost consistently. Even when I could see he walked sections & I didn’t walk at all.

Started going to the completely unsanctioned Waxhaw Express. Depending on the drill that week, I could feel some improvements. Sections of the workout where I felt a good combo of breathing, stride, & effort. And those times rarely came at the beginning, which told me I had to run up to a half mile before being loose enough to hit those strides. Great crew there, as well.

I had several 5k’s I planned to run throughout the year to gauge my progress. Of course, they all were canceled.

So when the Waxhaw Launchvergiversary™ offered a 5k option, I took it. I was incredibly humbled when Tuck showed up just to run with me. He asked what time I was looking to make, and he set his watch to that pace. When we started, he immediately said, “You’re going too fast!” Something I’d NEVER expect to hear him (or anyone else) say. Sure enough, within 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile in, I slowed way down, & not by choice. And I kept getting slower. I ended with a time somewhere in the 35-minute mark. Chastain also ran this, finished WAY sooner, came back along the route and found me. He tried to speed me to the finish, but I had already mentally given up. I was just trying to not walk.
But afterward, Tuck took the time to talk to me about pacing, which I clearly had never considered. It was why I could start off fast, crash in the middle, and make a small but insufficient comeback at the end. I had to change the way I was running. He suggested Runkeeper as a good app to help with that. I did use it at Pursuit several times afterward. It made it abundantly clear how much my pace would change throughout the run. This was such a gamechanger for my goal.

Then a few weeks ago, Weasel-Shaker-in-training Fuse comes back around, asking how that 5k goal is coming along. Why haven’t I knocked it out yet? Uh, I kinda gave up on it, maybe?
Chastain gets in the mix, too. They had put in the early work to let me know they refuse to let me give up on my goal. Do you have friends like that? How do you know? Have they proved themselves? Or has it been just talk? 
Chastain has the fanciest watch of the 3 of us. He’ll be the robotic laser. Fusebox will be the cheerleader, skirt and all.
1st mile goes great; 2nd shits the bed; 3rd wallows in it. Time somewhere in the 33rd minute.
Great! Clearly that proved to them that I need time to train on my own. I’ll notify them later when I’m ready to try again. Probably in a couple of months.
Fusebox looks at Chastain, “So we’ll do it again same time next week? Maybe cut that hill off at the high school?” Chastain agrees. Then they look at me.
“We’re doing this every Thursday until I get it, huh?”

Here’s where it gets interesting. Now that I know these guys aren’t giving up on me, it becomes clear that I had given up on myself. Yeah, you probably saw that too, huh? I was happy to have a goal, happy to occasionally work on it. But I was tying my identity in the pursuit of the goal. Who am I if I actually ACCOMPLISHED the goal? Then things would change. And that’s scary. I may have to reevaluate how I see myself. But I’m so used to seeing myself this way; it’s just easier if I stay in this “struggle”.
If all that’s familiar but confusing, check out this recent podcast for a better explanation:

The Thang

This morning, with the help of my friends, & all those mentioned above, I did it. I know there would have been plenty of others who would have happily run with me – in all sincerity – thank you, too. 1st mile was great; 2nd mile was not near as bad as before; 3rd mile was a struggle. I still had mental barriers in mile 2 & 3. I told them how to talk to me, and they did. I told them what does & doesn’t motivate me. And they did it. I hit several WXWXpress strides in different spots.

I wanted to cry, but there was no humidity in the air. I hugged Chastain with a gratitude I can’t put into words. Fuse knows I’m a hugger & has stayed 20’+ from me since we hit the finish line. Even now, I have had to work hard in telling myself that an accomplishment has been met.


  • I had to be vulnerable to allow others to help.
  • There are plenty of guys around who want to help.
  • There are fewer guys who will actually insert themselves to help. Most are waiting for an invitation.
  • Even fewer will refuse to give up before you give up. Most will only go as far as you will.
  • When those guys show up, try not to be a d-bag about it.
  • Be one of those guys to someone else.

Brother’s Keeper

Paying back an overdue promise to Rockwell, I was looking forward to using the weinkie I planned to use at Clyent Dinner a few weeks ago. But weather conditions threw most of that out, so I had to come up with some other items.

As we’re getting stretchy for 5:30, I see Waterboy extending a hand to Cargo, whose hands are firmly in his pockets. A shake of Cargo’s head told Waterboy he ain’t shaking. That hinted to me that some gloves may have been left at home for these high 30’s temps. I had plenty of spares in the car for Cargo. Not bragging. Just pick up an extra pair for a Pax. Be a pro. Be prepared.

My favorite part of the DiCCS now is asking who has the knowledge and the will to save another man’s life today. With CPR signups for 11/9 & 11/16 going well, I sense a palpable desire to have more hands raised here. Those who have been recently certified by Karen seem to have more of a swagger when they raise their hands compared to a typical corporate certification. Eager to see what the new guys think in a couple weeks.

Strong Mash crew here, so we take off the back way to make it easy to see who goes where.

The Warmup

Mosey to frontage road (Mad Dog already approved of mosey measurements).
Alternating lights with 10 Smurf Jacks & 10 Imperial Squawkers until we hit the speed bump.

The Thang

Partner with someone of opposite ability.
Point out 3 loops of various distances in front of the high school. Each person will have to do all 3 loops, but they can pick the order. While P1 runs one of the loops, P2 does one of the 3 exercises: Carolina High & Dry Docks (Dry Dock with feet on the bench) | In & Outs | Fire Hydrants (side step up with a leg lift at the end). Exercises also can be done in any order. I picked Wolverine as my partner, but I expected much faster runs on his loops. I know my Q Juice hadn’t emptied out that quickly.

Mosey around the corner to the 1st alcove. “Balls to the Wall until the 6 comes in!” I yell in transit. The group goes noticeably slower. That’s how you keep a group together.
Heels to Heaven \ Rosalita web, but starting at the top. 10 H2H \ 40 Rosies
Recover after 9 \ 36

Mosey to the 2nd alcove
8 \ 32
7 \ 28

Mosey to the lower parking lot, picking a new partner, also of opposite ability.
Start at one island. P1 does a hand release burpee in a parking spot, then bear crawls to the 2nd parking spot for another HR Burpee. P2 is running to the other island & back to relieve P1. Keep going until both partners make it all the way to the next island.
Waterboy politely asks what a hand release burpee is. Unfortunately, I don’t demonstrate because I believe at the moment he’s being sarcastic. I now realize he’s not, so this is my apology.
Some flutters until everyone finishes.

Long mosey to the steps on the other side of the high school.

7’s of Donkey Kicks at the top & Tysons at the bottom of the sidewalk.
Big crowd, so we had to split in half & start at opposite ends.
Lunge walk up the steps. For most, that meant taking 3 steps at a time.
I struggle being able to do these back to back to each other. So spreading them out was something I learned from Honeycomb a couple weeks ago when he Q’ed Homecoming. And it allowed for much better form. I never heard Recal admonish a single Pax on their range of motion.
Most didn’t quite get the full 7 in before we had to head back to the Middle School.

Hang out in front of middle school doing diamond merkins while waiting on the six. Ice9 introduced me to a new definition of Q-jacking when he picked my feet up while I was merkin’ing. I thought he was pulling me into Ignition for whatever Satanic rituals they do to stay so fast.

Jailbreak to COT.
Cargo & Waterboy both ask what a jailbreak is. Once I tell them, they light up, fly off and I never see them again.

Still a few seconds left, so we hit a 6/24 of the web. Learned that from the Ghost Q, Zin.

C2G’ed it.  Knowing this will likely be a difficult week for all Americans, I asked God that we be consistently reminded that we are to love our neighbor. Regardless of their political affiliation. When tensions escalate this week, we are called to be peacemakers. If you know someone is across the political spectrum from you, reach out this week and tell them you love them. Find something you agree on and focus on that this week. Both like fishing? Both think Star Trek is better than Star Wars? Neither know what ice cream shoes are?
The only thing that should divide us is whether you clap at the top of a burpee.
Digging in deeper on our beliefs only puts us in a hole. Love is the only thing that’s going to pull us through.


  • We have this cool calendar that lists all the non-workout stuff going on. And there is a lot of it. Either bookmark this now, or wait until it shows up on the site.
  • So much has been donated to Christ Closet in the last couple of weeks! But TONS of help are needed to sort & fold clothes, pick up & deliver furniture. Get your family & neighbors (yeah, that one) involved. The demand is just as heavy. But until we process all those items, demand goes unmet. Hop into the GroupMe Service Channel –
  • CPR Dates
    Monday, November 9 –
    Monday, November 16 –
    Sign up in the link above ☝ Surge is the Q of this.
  • Makeshift Marathon –
    Includes all details – route, volunteer, run / walk / ruck / relay options
  • Projet Hotwheels –
    Have all the cash we need; just need labor & tools. More details coming.
  • Catfish is going to plant an AO at Porter Ridge in January!
    He drives over 30 minutes each way to pick up what we’re putting down. He already has a couple of friends who have followed him over here, but that’s not sustainable.
    We need to help him get a proper plant there. We don’t know what’s going to happen; just that it’ll be life-changing for a lot of men.
    It’s going to take ongoing commitment to help him be successful. Here’s the plan so far:
    ☑ Catfish becomes Co-Site Q with Posse at Homecoming so he can get some hands-on training.
    🔲 Catfish gets crash course as Site Q November & December
    Homecoming shuts down in January (unless 2 others step up to Site Q)
    Porter Ridge AO opens in January
    Waxhaw commits X Q’s & Y Pax for January at Porter Ridge
    February Q Schools, including Q Source
    Later, Posse returns to Homecoming, launches The Lycan, or does something else.
    ❓ Any questions, comments, or volunteering – see Catfish or Posse


5 Men Folk didn’t want to have to hear a 6th Pax yammer on about themselves in COT, so they posted to Homecoming to work instead of talk.
You, too, can enjoy the freedom from speech by posting at Homecoming where no one counts as the 6th Man. **

This was a last-minute Q for me. I’m not blaming anyone. And with threats of rain, I had to make 2 plans: one under the 5 acres of covered porticos OR a daring plan to get to the high school. Why daring? Last week’s Wolverine Q had us pass by the freshly installed gate at one end of the bridge connecting the high school with the (off-limit) athletic facilities. It was OPEN! We didn’t have time to change course then, so I returned this morning to find the gate still open! And there were other gates opened, too! #OctoberSurprise
With seconds to go, I ditched the porticos for a promise of Ol’ Commitment.

The MF’in Warm Up

The Men Five run to the top of the MS entrance
Only 2 of us with headlamps, so I lead & Das Boot runs the 6 on the road until we get to the gated entrance on Deal Rd.
Imperial Walkers
Run to the gate
5 trees between the gate & the brick pile – do 2 Open The Gates at each tree each leg

Pick a brick. Different size bricks with different amount of holes. More holes clearly mean more weight has been taken out of the brick, right? Fruit Loop & Das Boot choose the 5 holers & the rest of the Mighty Fit choose 3 holers.
Moroccan Night Club
Bent Over Flys
something else. Das was crying, so we put the bricks back.

The gate to the stadium was open! Ran to the home side.
Down & up each set of steps with gas pumps at the top.
At the other side of the stands, we had to undo any work there by going back through, this time with American Hammers at the top of each step.

Mosey to the concession stand to find the finest wall in all of the U. Where I first learned my Dip, Derkin, Step Up combo. My Fellow Pax, never pass up this opportunity!
Step Ups

Mosey to the bridge with the wide-open gate. It caught me in all the feels – nostalgia, naughty B&E, astonishment, pride. Still have a tightness in the chest thinking about it (could be the angina; not sure).
Bear Crawl across it, like we used to do.
Das, Honeycomb, & FL all go to the same church. Up to this point, they’ve been literally chatting it up the whole time. I’ve been upfront the whole time, but they’re talking like they’re at Neighborhood Watch. Nothing I’m doing seems to make them breathe heavy!
I’m trying to both enjoy & hate these bear crawl moments when lead Mumblechatter Facilitator Honeycomb BC’s up to me & starts asking for the names, ages, genders, & academic affiliations of my 2.0’s. I’m gasping for air, my shoulders are smoked, my hammies are on fire, & you’re curious about my MF’in kids?!?!? I answer, but I don’t remember if I got it right. If he asks about my 38-year-old daughter with twins next week, I probably should correct him.

The MF’in Thang

Grab a heavy running rock.
We started in the middle of the 1st parking row. Do 20 military presses. Then a la Serpentine of Doom, run with the rock to the middle of the next row for 20 more military presses. Continue until we get to the back of the parking lot. The last 2 rows I was saying plenty of words that began with MF. And still, DasFruitComb keep chattin’ it up!

Go back from whence we came, this time, 20 upright rows at each end.
Return your rocks EXACTLY where you found them. WHS tags, catalogs, & fingerprints every rock here in the largest rock pile of Union County (probably the world).

Grab some wall for air presses & pushes.

Mosey back to the bridge where we Crawl Bear it. As if we were never there. Major props to The Boot for being determined to CB the whole bridge!

Tried to take a short cut through the tennis court gates, but they were still locked. Did some fence squats just to emulate some prison time if the AD catches us here in the daylight.

Mosey to the wall for some In & Outs.

Mosey to the 1st tree to Close the Gates on the way back.

Jump Squats at the gate

Mosey to Deal Rd. for Imperial Walkers

Mosey to MS entrance for SSH

Empty the tank back to COT. That was all this Majorly Fast Das needed to release his hounds. Poor thing had been chained up all morning in the back. Now he got to channel his inner chicken run.


There’s this cool calendar being created on the side. You should totally check it out:
It lists ALL the events going on in the 3-5 contiguous regions that are NOT regular workouts. That’s where you can find more info about the following announcements:


Thanks to fellow intra-region Site Q Das Boot for participating today as if he was co-Site Q with me! Seeing what he did in the 1st 5 minutes of the workout told me that I could push the workout as hard as I could knowing he would take care of everything else. Thank you, brother.

Honeycomb’s chatty happiness throughout the workout just got my goat. Before I even took us out, I whipped out my calendar and found the next Saturday he could Q. That’s this Saturday, 10/24. I’m half excited, half scared of what this Mumble & Fit Paxer will do. Clearly more than what I did.

Big ups to Sledge. Making the commitment (not THAT one) to get back on the running train as he continues to heal. So proud of how this man continues to push! I wish I knew more about what makes him tick. But unless he becomes the 6th man somewhere, I’m afraid I’ll never know about this MASH Former Pax.

First time meeting up with Fruit Loop. It became just the two of us at coffeeteria afterward. Normally that would be a source of Massive Fear, I’ve gotten better, but thanks to my Shield Lock, with being willing to go as deep as someone wants to go in 1:1 conversations. It was a great time! Even had a walk by with Showgirl.

After over 5 years, I’m still getting opportunities to grow so I see less MF’ers and More Friends.

**Potential exception: when Nantan posts & there are more than 5 Pax & he talks about it beforehand. Otherwise, you’re good.

Stayin’ Alive

Karen almost died. She shouldn’t have survived. But when she survived, she should have lost so much brain & motor function from being without oxygen for so long. And she certainly shouldn’t have the capacity to turn the thing that almost killed her into her cause to save others.

And yet, there we were last night, learning CPR from Karen. She pleasantly & patiently waited for Wrigley to arrive 20 minutes after 6 before beginning. I thought that was unnecessary to wait for the last guy until she lead with her story of what happened to her that day in her Champion Forest home. You NEED to hear her story in her words. But I will pull some key pieces.

  • Her husband did not know CPR & was unprepared for the unexpected.
  • He ran next door to ask for help, but the woman took too long to answer. He didn’t know that she used to be an RN. She would eventually make it back to their house to help.
  • He ran to another neighbor who was able to come back to the house immediately. He didn’t know that she used to be an RN.
    Together, the women were able to continue CPR until paramedics arrived.

    Yes, both women just happened to be former nurses. And home. I’m sure it was just a coincidence.

Leading with that story set in us a mindset that I haven’t experienced in other CPR classes. I could put names & faces on the dummies. I was no longer learning it just to raise my hand during DiCCS. The infants could have been Mad Dog’s grandkids or Brutus’ kids. The child could be mine or Fusebox’s. The adult could be Grease Monkey or Chatterbox. It could be any one of us.

Performing that knowledge will take a lot of work. You can do compression-only CPR (Chapstickless CPR in BottleCap’s world; a cop-out in Damascus’ world) until help arrives, but it will be a struggle keeping a rhythm of 100 – 120 compressions per minute, going 1/3 of the way down & still allowing the chest to return to normal while keeping arms locked so that you pivot from the hips. You may break bones. You may see boobies. You still have to keep going. We only took turns for about a minute at a time, and there was already some perspiration on the brow. The 2 songs to keep in mind while compressing is “Stayin’ Alive” or “Another One Bites the Dust”. If you just reacted the same way Damascus’ daughter did to those 2 suggestions, then pick any of the songs from the American Heart Association’s Spotify playlist ( or Pandora’s Health Champions Station ( All songs in there have beats between 100 – 120 (I sense a Q coming out of this).

Karen’s story becomes more remarkable & inspiring the more she talks. Not only does she charge the bare minimum per person to get people trained, but she takes that money to buy AED’s to donate to organizations. Those donated AED’s are across Union, Mecklenburg & Cabarrus counties.
“How much is an AED, Karen?”
“About $1200.”
“We’ll get you one.”

Yeah, I committed us to buy her an AED so she could #GiveItAway.
We just raised $10,000. This is easy. It is tangible. It is lasting. We are men of quick impact. Why have her wait to get another AED by nickel & diming her?  Let’s just get it done!

She just sent me a quote from her supplier. It’s $1,216.95. You OK making it an even $1,300?

Venmo @F3Waxhaw
Be sure to label it as “AED”.

If you are looking to have CPR training in your region, I can’t recommend Karen Ledford enough.
$15 per person or

Thanks to Surge for seeing a group of men unprepared to save another man’s life and then doing something about it.

Gimmie 5

24 Pax have to read this BB to see if my written instructions were any better than the verbal ones. Press the T-claps button once for yes; twice for no.

MASHers hung at the start with the promise that we’d be right back. Pick some partners for The Thang

At the far end of the parking lot, referred to now as Island 1, we
Moseyed to I2 for SSH
Mosey to I3 for Mountain Climbers
Mosey to I4 for Crab Cakes
Crab walk to I5 (really short distance) for Moroccan Squatclubs; Tanyatine knows the difference between a Crab Walk & a Walk Crab (Weasel Shaker Apprentice?)
Mosey to I6 for Downward Dog

We’re going to pick partners of opposite ability by the time we sprint back to I1.

The Thang

Great ideas marred by poor instructions
5 Block exercises posted on a whiteboard:

  • Curls
  • Thrusters
  • Blockees
  • Bench Press
  • Bent Over Rows

P1 has his back to I1 as he picks one of the 5 above. Some are harder than others. The exercises can be done in any order, as long as they all get done.
P2 runs around one of the 5 islands where we exercised. Each lap would be a different distance. The laps can be run in any order, as long as they all get run.
The partners can’t tell each other what they are going to do. So you take a chance that you’re doing Blockees while your partner is running the longest loop. Or you have easy curls but your partner just ran the shortest loop. Popeye clearly made some poor choices, but he blamed me as we ran past each other. Some kind of twisted mind game, he said. Yeah, that’s about right.
I had my friend, FNG Dilbert as my partner. I think he ran the longest lap EVERY TIME. It’s OK; he’s coming back tomorrow.

Finish early, flutter blocks.

Broken farmer carry to one side of the parking lot. I don’t know what makes guys want to slow down instead of speed up on this. Several urgent pleas to pick up the pace.

Brick bear walk to midline of parking lot. 20 Ax choppers (1=1). Continue to brick bear walk to the other side of the parking lot & do 20 tricep extensions.
In no way did I expect so many Pax out today! Just ran out of parking spaces to do this like I planned. #WaxhawWorldProblems

Set bricks down & suicides back to the block.

Murder bunnies to the midline. 15 military press. Continue murder bunnies to other sidewalk. Another 15 military presses.

Take just the block and run to the church side of Mt. Chiseled. Additional pleas for speed. Mostly went unheeded.

At the bottom, 20 IPC Windshield Wipers over the block (1=1). Then rifle carry around 1 of the 5 trees at the top of Mt. C. Repeat until you go around all 5 trees.
Another poor set of instructions. I was trying to pattern it after the Serpentine of Doom, where Pax would slide down the road as they go from one tree to the next. Instead, most Pax returned to their original spot & just kept crisscrossing to get to the next tree. We’ll get it right the next time.

Head back to COT. Should be easy, right? Lead feral cat Fuse Box thinks (to himself) that COT should be where the flag is instead of where we began these whole shenanigans. I thought it should end where we started. He is the OG Site Q here, so he outranks me. I was corrected in private. The other boss move he does is to critique my Q. Even doing this for over 5 years, it is absolutely the right thing to do as Site Q to provide that feedback. Unfortunately, #BroHugs are not Fuse’s love language (neither is public thanks), so all I could say was “Shut up! Nobody asked you!” It got him in all the feels.


  • Unlike any other Q I’ve done, this one was gone in a blink. I’m going to blame the Pax on their inability to speed walk a farmer’s carry or run with a block. IPC will not be kind to you this week. I don’t take any responsibility at all.
  • FNG Dilbert – I was so shocked he showed today! We’ve been soccer dads for about 5 years. Our sons are best friends. But I was stunned to get his text at 5 AM this morning saying he was over at Nesbit Park, but no one was there. Dude was looking for a little Morning Wood! Guided him to Chiseled just in time for the start. As of this writing, he’s bringing his son to The Floater tomorrow.
  • Dilbert got dangerously close to being called Man Crush from the way Nails was responding to his story.
  • This would have gone so much more sidewaysier if Fuse hadn’t brought the bricks from the transformer to the parking lot for easy pickin’s.
  • Had a chance to talk with Cookie afterwards. He lives in southern Jersey, but when his UNDERWATER construction job was destroyed in Florida, he’s hanging with Nails for a while. Be sure to make him feel welcome. He won’t be here forever, and he’s just a scoonch too far of a drive from F3 in his area. While he is here, be the F3 ambassadors so that he will seek it out as it inches closer to his home.
  • SPIKE CAME BACK TODAY. Another man I’d love to hug.


  1. Only 2 of the 24 present were CPR certified. Surge is extremely disappointed in you. But, like a true HIM, he’s doing something about it. CPR & AED certification this Monday, September 28 at Weddington Methodist (Providence & 84) 6PM. $15. Contact Surge to get on the list.
    CPR certification is the sign of a prepared man. A man who takes responsibility to protect those around him. He provides for the greater good by enduring personal hardships.
  2. Blood drive 10/17 (SATURDAY) 9am-1pm. We have far less than 100 of our times filled. It’s time to get on the bench & roll up the sleeve.
    When this #Freed2Bleed initiative started, Waxhaw wasn’t the first to give, but we gave more than 2 older, bigger regions COMBINED. Now a target is on our back. I don’t think it was just a fluke, but the numbers are leaning that way. Rudy & Turnbuckle have come out of the gate removing the 2 barriers that held us back from even bigger gains last time – moving from weekday to weekend and starting out with 100 slots (instead of having to fight 10 slots at a time).
    They made it easier for you. Make it easier for them. Except for afterwards when TB is going to walk the number miles as donors. And do exercises equal to donors. Rudy, you’re probably planning something, too, right?
  3. Christ Closet has a ton of clothes that need folding. It’s a Monday & Thursday job. Pairing with Ackbar’s Food Pantry on Thursdays was a genius move. Problem is, there’s a you-sized hole in that plan.
  4. Who do you know in the Cureton neighborhood? That’s where Neighborhood Watch will be this Sunday at 7:30 AM, starting at the clubhouse.
    7901 Sunset Hill Rd
    Waxhaw, NC 28173
    Walk or ruck for an hour.
    Have a Cureton man you’ve been trying to EH? Are they intimidated by the early time? Not in shape? Injured? Need to find out more? Maybe used to be in F3? Start planting the seed NOW that you’ll meet them there Sunday. The men I’ve passed by in the last few weeks have that Sad Clown look in their eye. You’ve seen it, too. You know they need this. It’s a strange kind of love that keeps us from offering a hard truth to a man you know can benefit from F3. The only way you can thank the one who brought you to F3 is to find another man.

What I learned from MASHing

First back-to-back Q’s ever for me. Looks like I got the sites mixed up because my boot camp at The Body Shop didn’t make 1 mile, but Diesel goes almost 1.5 miles.

Having a broken pinkie toe for the last 6 weeks and rolling with the MASH crew allowed me to experience & create exercises for the non-runners. Also, in the early Covid days, Fuse & I were working out with Popeye whose knees were occasionally problematic. Creating tough workouts without running was a good challenge to keep the noggin sharp. Today’s workout was my Ted Talk.


Swimming motion & backstroke to loosen the shoulders. I called for Michael Phelps, & Fuse immediately drops into this, which was a fair but unexpected interpretation of what I was planning.

The Thang

From here on out, we would be using either 2 bricks | 2 blocks | or 1 block.

Zombie Walk / Pull (2 bricks)
Hold brick in each hand as you walk from one end of the parking lot to the other. At each island, do 10 squats with bricks still held with arms out straight. Then flip to Zombie pull, where you lift your arms with bricks as far behind you as possible. Switch between the two at each island. Down & back.

Captain Morgans (1 block)
Stand block up on short edge so it is as tall as it can be. Put one foot on block. Do a squat. If plant foot is beside the block, you feel it most in hip flexor. If plant foot is behind the block, you feel it in the hams/glutes. Did it both ways.

Up, Over, & Out (2 bricks)
Do a military press (up), iron cross (over), & standing bench press (out) in succession.

Farmer Carriers & Fire Hydrant Foot Release Squats (2 blocks)
Farmer carry 2 blocks to an island. Place blocks together so you can do a foot release squat on them. When standing, lift one leg out to the side with a straight knee to work on hip/glutes. Repeat around the parking lot.

Tricep Extensions / Kickbacks / Halos (2 bricks)

Curls (1 block)
Bottom half of curls to 1st island; top half curls to 2nd island; full curls to 3rd island. We were hurting pretty good at the end, so I had to audible for a Bear Crawl Block Drag in the grass to take our minds off our biceps.
Get into Bear Crawl stance with block between your feet. Reach down & pull block up & in front of you. Bear crawl until you get the block between your feet again. Repeat. We went until it looked like most people got bored (Fuse) or gave up (Brutus).
Then back to the curls for the 2nd half of the parking lot.

LBC’s (1 block)

Puppeteer (2 bricks)
Flutters with a brick in each hand matching the motion of the feet. Do it yourself & you’ll get the name.

Butterfly Run (2 bricks)
Everybody gets a parking space to themselves. Pax 1 in the back is doing flys as he walks to the front of the line. Rest of the Pax are holding plank with various brick positions: out to the side, out front, out back, 6 inches (L & R). Lots of good mumblechatter for guys to walk faster. Brutus took glee in seeing me shake & sweat.

Gas Pumpers (2 blocks)
Have both blocks stacked on top of each other. Hold on to the bottom one so you feel anchored doing Gas Pumpers. You can feel a difference between this & the regular ones.

Press the Alphabet (1 block)
My crowning achievement. On your back, do one bench press. While keeping the block up, imagine you are holding a paintbrush between your feet as you “paint” a letter of the alphabet. Press, A, Press, B, Press, C… I hate the letter W. Others hate Q. Still others wrote love notes to me, starting with the letters F & U.


Just like yesterday, I had a 2-page weinkie, and only got through about 1/3 of it. Plenty more for next time.

What I love about Diesel is the insane amount of mumblechatter. I can’t remember what was discussed, but it was taboo subjects. And guys are hilarious. It’s the most 2nd F 1st F AO out there. Part of me wants everyone to try it, but another part of me hopes you never post so I can keep this jewel to myself.

MASH has become a critical piece of our region, and you need to know about it. Right now, MASH is for those experiencing an injury such that a regular Bootcamp would not be a good choice for the Pax. It COULD be used for FNG’s who don’t feel comfortable running; we just haven’t found the guy to test that theory. The longer you work out in F3, the more likely you will spend some time MASHing. It is a matter of when, not if.

Most guys will simply stop posting when they get hurt. This rings true if any of the following is also true:
– Only do workouts (no 2nd or 3rd F participation)
– Hasn’t opened himself up to create friendships with other Pax
– Has too much pride in his physical abilities (he IS his mile time; he IS his Iron Pax accomplishments)
– Doesn’t feel “seen” or “missed” when he normally misses a workout

Centerfold deserves the highest kudos for making MASH a daily thing. There’s a channel where MASHers discuss where to post the next day ( With multiple AO’s every day, they work to rotate around ALL AO’s so Pax can see them still getting after it. They are also showing that when the injury comes for them, they should already know that most injuries are not an excuse to stop posting.

The first thing we as men do when tragedy strikes is to turn inward. If we’re honest, an injury is usually the least tragic thing to occur to us. When we learn to stay with our group when things turn slightly hard, we will see that they will also be there for us when things get really hard. But you’re going to need to put the time in on the slightly hard side so men can sense when things are getting more difficult for you.

Each MASH workout is built around those attending. Mayhem talked about physical therapy for his shoulder that his doctor was pushing him to do, but he wasn’t feeling it. We asked what the PT was, then incorporated those exercises when he showed up.
Legalized is coming with a foot broken in multiple places. He’s on crutches. Still coming to work out. His upper body is going to get swole while the foot heals. Still able to accelerate despite the injury.

Tell a MASHer that you are glad they made it out. Normalize that everyone is out there doing what they can. Help a man discover there is more that he can do.