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FastTwitch Merkin Record

I tweeted out that the group was  going to focus on increasing our muscle hypertrophy, which I don’t think many people knew what that meant, except Purple Haze who admitted to googling the term.  Basically, it is muscle regeneration.  I actually showed up a little early and time struck 5:15 and off we went.  Disclaimer purposely delayed until we had all the Pax together at the COP.


Mosey down Woodfox Drive and take a right to the end of Burning Tree Dr.  We circled up for some COP in front of Fireman Ed’s house.  Disclaimer given. Of course, we head off the main road to mix things up, and we find the one car that is out on the road delivering papers.  We were interrupted a couple times as the car made the loop.  I think it was Alf that made the point the workout was already off track and I might as well give up.  I thought about it, but decided to move ahead. We did get in the following:

20 x SSH

20 x IW

10 x Merkins

Mosey back down Woodfox to the intersection of Rounding Run.  Let the fun begin.  Take a right down Rounding Run and follow to the right to the bottom of N. Course Drive.  Oh, but make sure to stop and perform 10 merkins at each street light on the way.  Based on Margo’s math, we completed 110 merkins during that portion.  And no, that wasn’t the end.  Heading up N. Course Drive for a set of 11s.  Start with a merkin on the bottom and SSH at top.  Push at about 85% on the way up, and jog back down.  I think that makes 55 more merkins.  Leaders finished early and performed some Mary.

Gather the six and continued to mosey around Rounding Run and turn right on Ivystone Ct.  Partner up and run back and forth opposite directions and perform 5 handslap merkins in the middle.  Each Partner run each direction three times.  That was 30 more merkins.

Head back out to Rounding Run to complete the loop.  Instead of merkins, sprint from one street light to the next, then jog, then sprint, etc.  Continue all the way back to the cars.

We had 5 minutes left so line up for some more sprints.  4 total, and then 20 x LBCs.

Moleskin: This was my second Q at  FastTwitch and I made sure not to pass out this time.  Successful.  Since I hate running, I decided to get more interval runs in so I could rest.  I hope all the real runners, aka, everyone else, didn’t mind a slight change of pace.  I think we got 195 merkins total if I have the math right.  A new record for FastTwitch.  Rachel was quiet most of the time but I assume he was complaining to Bout Time about the lack of miles, but they were hard to hear as they lapped me.  Alf had a tough time with the sprints at the end because he felt 45 seconds was not enough time in between sprints to recover, so he asked for at least 60 seconds next time.  I think I have scared off Benny for life with all the merkins and he will probably never come to one of my Qs again.  I reminded him that he will appreciate it during pool season when he is busting out of his tank top.  Faultline had his fair share of merkins at his Q yesterday, so he modified a little to make sure he didn’t get too swole and have to buy new shirts.  Haze was pushing it hard and reminded me that the hill of N. Course broke his soul last time, and he was not happy I had us run the hill at the beginning of the workout, instead of the end.  I think deep down inside he enjoyed it. Margo was kind enough to run with me and partner during the handslap merkins.  He admitted he enjoyed the breaks in the running as well,  as I am sure others did they just won’t admit it.  I hope Turkey Leg, Brady and One Eye forgive me for only getting a little over 5 miles.  That is considered a warm up for them.  I think Brady was the first one to yell out “This is a running workout” as soon as I called merkins at every street light.  Retread is getting back at it and hit the hills hard as expected.  He just told me last week he had run in awhile, but he wasn’t scared of the hills and pushed it hard the whole time. Thanks for letting me lead Rachel and Haze.



March 3 SFN need race.  Sign up if you are around.

Continue to  keep Bout Time and his family in your thoughts in prayers.  His 2.0 will be heading to Memphis soon for 6+ months of treatment for a bone marrow transfer.

Squat Trumps & Pussycat Carols

We had 6 men post for my version of the 12 days of Christmas.  It wasn’t the usual bunch as some had to run a race against a crew of senior citizens (Joker) and others were out of town.  None the less, I brought my cardboard cut out with the 12 days of Christmas scribbled out and here is what went down.

We moseyed around the parking lot to the back lot for some warm up exercises.




Mosey across the soccer field to the rock pile and grab a lifting rock.  We moseyed back to the parking lot in front of playground for the main event.

1: Chest Press x 20

2: Tricep Extensions x 20

3: Overhead Press x 20

4: Squat Trumps aka Squat Jumps x 20

5: Curls x 20

6: Russian Twist x 20

7: Rows x 20

8: Lunges x 20

9: Shoulder Press aka Shoulder Raises x 20

10: Sit ups x 20

11: Squat Press x 20

12: Rock Burpees x 20

Then take the rock back.


I got a lot of grief for my version of the 12 days of Christmas because according to Alf you aren’t suppose to do more exercises than the number of the day, but I figured 1 curl with a rock was weak.  So, we just did 20 of each.  Also, my English ain’t so good as evidenced by my slip of using the word trump instead of jump, and duplicating an exercise by accident.  I had to explain what I meant.  I think Alf and Cold Cuts were the ones that noticed it since they got to the called exercise first.  However, Cold Cuts started to slow down when he used a manly rock, instead of the pebble he started with.  I also wanted to bring some excitement to the workout with some Christmas tunes, including everyone’s favorite, Silent Nights by the Jingle Cats.  I think Cold Cuts and Huggie Bear peed their pants they laughed so hard.  Strong effort by everyone involved.  Fautline hates me for all the rock exercises, Squid still has the best form, and Huggie Bear looked like he just got out of the shower when we finished.  Noone got through all 12 days, but we did all get at least 10 rock burpees at the end.  Thanks for letting me lead and the takeout Squid.


Joe Davis Run Jan 6



The Ghost of Retread

So I woke up this morning to read my message from Retread, ”

I’m not feeling very well and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it this morning. In the event I don’t, here is what I planned to do.”

Bad news is Retread wasn’t there, but good news he gave me a weinke.  I modified slightly.

Mosey to rock pile and grab a lifting rock.  Head to back lot for warm up.




10xMountain climber

   20 shoulder press

  20 flutter press

  20 curls


Run to playground 

  5 burpees

  5 pull ups


Run to track

  20 low slow squats 

  20 full sit ups

  20 flutters

  1 hot lap AYG


Run to stumps that weren’t there

  20 step ups or jump ups

  20 hand release merkins


Repeat the course, adding 5 reps to each exercise each time through.


Moleskin: We made it to the stumps, and after focusing our eyes in the dark, we realized the stumps were gone.  Audible to the tables over by playground.


Thanks for the takeout Squid.

Chesticle Friday

I was blindsided Monday by Orangewhip when he asked me to Q, which I agreed to.  All week long Faultline and Orangewhip were nervous on whether I was serious because they both reached out to me during the week to double check.  I was, so here we go.

Mosey to lower parking lot close to playground.




The Thang:

Partner up with the person next to you, unless you are Horsehead, and Catch Me if You Can out of parking lot, right down Covenant Church Lane, around church to Fullwood, left on Fullwood up to Avington Place.  Apparently the guys have a real hard time with directions, so I had to explain 5 times.  It might have been the marbles in my mouth.

Once at Avington, we ran counterclockwise around the neighborhood and performed 15 merkins at each intersection.  The neighborhood formed a perfect loop, except for the first 3 turns, so very easy to follow. Once we were done, take a right on Fullwood to new townhomes across the street from the church.  Similar concept as before, except 5 hand release merkins at each intersection as you complete loop.  Mosey back over to the parking lot where we warmed up.

Perform 20 dips on benches, run to the top of the parking lot to Covenant Church Lane, 20 monkey humpers and back down.  Repeat 2 more times.

Mosey back to the soccer field by the launch point for a time killer.  4 sprints across the field then back to the parking lot for some Mary.

20 X LBCs

10 x Cross Crunch each leg

10 x Toe Touches

20 x Flutters

10 x Can Opener each leg


I have not posted many times to Kevlar over the summer due to BRR training so it was nice to get back out there.  Funny though that OW asked me to Q, and then it doesn’t show.  Lame.  Tackling Dummy did not enjoy the running part very much and said he will never post at a workout led by someone who just did the BRR.  Trust me, I am not a runner, just being proactive for all the empty calories from the beers I plan to consume this weekend off.  Alf was really hard on himself that he couldn’t quite touch his toes on the toe touches even though he has short legs, but he made up for it by leading the pax on the runs up the hill.  My guess is Turkey Leg could touch his toes but not sure.  I had to resort to hand release merkins on the second loop as my form was called into question immediately by Alf.  It is hard to cheat on HRM, so I hope I passed his test.  Swiss Miss took off like he stole something at the beginning and kept it up the whole time.  Alf, TL, Squid and Fletch were pushing hard on the hill, and impressed by Cottontail and Younglove pushing hard all the way until the end.  Great work by the entire Pax.   Thanks for the take out Squid.


Isabelle Santos run tomorrow

F3 Golf 10/27

November 4: 5k run at Covenant Day


Good Things Come in Six

Squid and I pulled up a couple minutes before launch and greeted some of the fellows.  Squid was my chauffeur for the day.  It has been many months since I have posted at The Maul, so it was great to be out there and see so many new faces.  Disclaimer given and we were off.

Mosey around front of movie theater and circle up.


10 x SSH

10 x IW

10 x Merkins

The Thang:

Head down the Murderhorn to the rock pile at the bottom past the stop sign. Grab a lifting rock and head up to the parking lot.  I had the Pax already count off 1 and 2 so there wasn’t a log jam.  The 1s run down to the stop sign at the bottom of the Murderhorn and perform 20 merkins, while the 2s stayed and did 20 curls.  Once done with your exercise, run to the other station and perform said exercise.  Perform the loop 3 times. Flutters and plank until the Pax was done.

Since everyone knows good things come in six, not threes, we did a second round.  This time, 20 tricep extensions with the rock and 20 monkey humpers at the stop sign.  Mary and plank until the six is done.

Take the rock back to the pile and wait at the stop sign.  Heading back up the murderhorn, run at 80% to each street light, take a 10 count, and continue on up to the top.  By the time we got back to the AO time was up.  We got a total of 3.5 miles in so great work guys.



Thanks Cheddar and Commish for letting me lead, but I don’t remember seeing Commish.  He must have been scared.  Strawberry even threatened me the day before, and the slacker didn’t make it either. It was great to get back out to the AO.  This was one of the first places I started and I missed it.  And props to Farley.  He hadn’t been out since February, and he came back out yesterday and pushed himself hard.  This is why F3 was created.  Marlin was pushing it hard as well so I guess he will be doing the BRR next year with Picasso.  And I think Cold Cuts should sign up to so he can get some more hill work. He was crawling back up the hill to the parking lot.  I am not sure of all the names, but I saw a lot of guys really working hard out there.  It is great to see the men push themselves, and the rest of the Pax help push them along as well.  And apparently Ickey does not think we should run 3 miles, let alone 3.5 at a boot camp.  I guess he still has PTSD from the BRR.  I don’t know if he will ever go back to a boot camp again.  Only 75 lb kettle bells for that guy.  And not sure why, but Escobar was wearing mittens out there.  He must have his seasons confused from where he comes from.  He looked nice and toasty though.


Isabella Santos run 9/30

F3 Golf 10/27

Sign up to Q The Maul

Did You Say Lifting Rock?

The PAX showed up in the dark for my first Q on a Saturday in awhile.  All the BRR training has me worn out.  We started off towards the parking lot on the way to Loch Ness.


Warm Up:

20 x SSH

20 x IW

10 x Merkins

The Thang:

Head over to the rock pile along the fitness trail by Loch Ness.  Grab a lifting rock, that you can also run a little bit with.  Mosey all the way down to the bull ring and drop your rock.

Line up on outside of bull ring and run first semi circle and 15 merkins at each speedbump.  When you get to the end, 40 LBCs.  Run back on the next row and repeat.  And one more time on the 3rd row.  Total of 180 merkins.

Now grab your lifting rock and head in front of the putting green.  Partner 1 runs lap, while Partner 2 performs curls.  Swap turns until team reaches 250 total.  Next round, P1 runs lap, P2 overhead press until combined total of 200.  Final round, 200 chess press with flutter.  Mosey with rock back to the rock pile, then head to the cars.


10 x canopener on each leg


I made the mistake of not disclaiming the size of the rock properly, especially considering BRR.  I made a poor judgement on how far the bull ring was, so my apologies to Haggis and the others running BRR.  I won’t make that mistake next time.  Thanks for letting me lead.




Isabella Santos 5K 9/30/17

F3 Golf 10/27/2017

Great Wolf Lodge 11/17/2017

Glory Days!

Madison has been asking for awhile for me to make it back to my old stomping grounds and the timing finally worked out.  Apparently Madison is now the Site Secretary instead of the Site Q according to the regulars since he doesn’t have to post at his own site.  After getting familiar with my old grounds, disclaimer given, and off we went.  Mosey around the back of the middle school and circle up in the bus parking lot.





Indian run down the road that leads towards the high school and someone show me where to find the rocks.  Grab a lifting rock, and then mosey to the high school parking lot.


The Thang:

Run to the end of the parking row, 15 merkins, then back to your rock for 20 curls.  Then turn around and run to the end of the other parking row, 15 merkins, back to rock for 20 curls.  Repeat all the way down all 8 rows and then run a lap around the entire lot when done.  Rinse and repeat with 15 squats, and 20 over head presses.  Take rocks back to the pile

Mosey over to the front of the middle school with a stop at the hot box.  Grab a table and do 40 dips, 20 derkins for a total of 3 times.  Once everyone is smoked, circle up in parking lot.



10 x canopener each leg

LBCs for 30 seconds


Moleskin: I really enjoy this site. I had a lot more planned, but too spread out to make it happen.  Everyone pushed themselves really hard, especially at the end.  We were all completely smoked and I hope everyone was sore like I was the next day.  That meant it worked.  I look forward to joining the crew again in the future.



Posey on Q at Conviction Wednesday

October Speed for Need 5K

Leading From Behind

So this was my VQ at FastTwitch so I wanted to find some new territory. The Pax kept growing as the clock was ticking closer to 5:15 and we ended up with 23 guys total, including an FNG. We started off with a mosey around the parking lot and made our way to the front parking lot of the school.

The Thang:
15 x SSH
15 x IW
10 x Merkins

Mosey down Woodfox, then take a right on Rounding Run Rd, and take a right on Rounding Run Rd and follow down to intersection with Woods End Lane. Two sets of intervals around Rounding Run Rd. Run 1 lap, then recover around to other side, then run a second lap, with 1 last recovery lap that will take you back to where we started at Round Run and Woods End. Once the 6 arrives, mosey down Woods End Ln until it intersects with Autumn Leaf Ln. Run one more interval around Woods End Ln, Old Spice Ln and Autumn Leaf Ln. Once done, mosey back out and take a left on Rounding Run to the bottom of N. Course Drive. Run to the top of the hill, recovery back down to the start and then 10 merkins. Repeat. Mosey back to the parking lot to complete the workout. We had a few minutes left so we did a little mary with some can-opener and LBCs.

Strong work by the Pax as usual. I can only guess who was up front because I was so far behind the Pax. I bit off a lot more than I could chew, and should have stayed a little closer to the AO. I had the VQ adrenaline going and thought I was Rachel for a minute and I started off a little too fast on the first interval and then hit the wall. I wonder if drinking beer between intervals would have helped? A few of the guys were offended we had to do IWs, SSH and merkins, but I wanted to make sure everyone was loose and didn’t pull anything. I was mostly worried about Gummy and Hopper. Besides, in order to look good for pool season we need to be skinny and muscular, especially if you plan to wear a grape smuggler like Semi-Gloss and Alf. Thanks to Mermaid, Joker, Huggie and any others I forgot for pushing me at the end. I had nothing in the tank. And worse of all, I lost the FNG at the end. I hope he comes back. Thanks for letting me lead Rachel and Haze, and the takeout Haze.

Bring chunky soup next week for the Calvary Food Pantry. 16 oz or less.
Order High Vis shirts by tomorrow. They match my socks.

Help Me Move my Sandbags

I rolled up in the parking lot and found a few guys waiting, and then the rest showed up. Mosey around the school back to the front so we could pick up O’T and Flying J.


The Thang:
Partner up and grab a sandbag. As a team carry the sandbag to the cul de sac around the corner from Cold Cuts house. Use the “hill” for 7s. P1 run up the hill, while P2 starts the exercise at the bottom. Sandbag burpees at the bottom and squats up top. Grab you bag and head to the rock pile on the way back to the school. Grab a lifting rock.

Line up abreast on the blue line. P1 runs to the first light pole, P2 curls. Flapjack. P1 runs to soccer goal, P2 curls. Flapjack. P1 runs to the last light pole, P2 curls. Flapjack.
Second round with overhead press.

Put the rock back and take the sandbags over to the playground. 5 pullup, 40 dips. Repeat 3 times. Head over to the wall for some wall sits, then 100 air presses.

Circle up in parking lot for 40 LBCs, 10 x Cross Crunch, 10 x Can Opener, 20 x Flutter. Done.

Lobsta apparently is a bus driver this week while the M is out of town. He looked relatively rested considering he is Mr. Mom. I got to met Marky Mark, but he had his shirt on and I am not sure if he had CK underwear on our not. Speaking of underwear, smart guys wear red underwear like Ocho and me. Not smart guys wear bright yellow thongs like O’T. O’T was looking sharp today with his shirt tucked in. He had an interview afterwards. Slapshot really has the Imperial Walkers down. He looks like a Vegas Showgirl with his high leg kicks. Flying J continues to post and push himself and it is really starting to show. Joker is still Joker. Abacus and Huggie were pushing hard the whole time and I can tell the really, really like carry sandbags. I think it was their favorite thing ever, right guys? Enough said. Thanks Abacus and Huggie for letting me lead. I hope I didn’t screw it up too bad.

Speed for Need. Find Tolkien’s tweets and support the effort to raise funds to purchase F3 wheelchairs to carry disable kids during races.
Memorial weekend convergence at RockZero
Memorial day convergence Basecamp

Derkin Plank Walk Fail

20 of the men’s finest, except Tuck, came out to get back in beach shape after taking off last week for spring break. I pulled up with 1 minute to spare. I tied my shoes, put my gloves on, and then we were off.

Mosey around parking lot for some warm ups.


The Thang:
Partner up with the opposite size man. Clydesdale partnered with a soccer arms pax.
Mosey over to water fountains. Partner 1 run a lap around both buildings, Partner 2 squats. Run until you complete 300.

Derkin position on the outside curve of the water fountain, and plank walk around to the other end. Or at least as far as you can go.

Mosey back through parking lot over to townhomes on Indigo Row across Elm Lane. Four corners. Run around townhomes and perform 20 merkins at each corner.

Pick up the 6 then head over to the top of the Murderhorn. 20 merkins at each street light on the way down. Plank for the 6. Then CMIYC back up the Murderhorn with your partner. P1 runs, P2 5 hand release merkins. Plank at the top.

Mosey back to the cars for some mary.
10 x Canopener each leg
10 x Cross Crunch each leg
20 x flutter

Moleskin: Q fail on my part with the Derkin plank walk. Next time we will do half, or do an Incline Merkin walk. Frasier does not have soccer arms anymore as he crushed all the merkins thrown his way. HGH? Fire Hazard is part of the form police so make sure you don’t do any exercises around him. Of course he wears a headband so where is the fashion police? And in the dark when you can only see Loogie’s shadow he looks like Colossus from Marvel.

Thanks for letting me lead Commish. Thanks for the takeout Squid

Brolympics this Saturday
Savage Race May 13
Pineville Run April 29th
F3 Dads campout next weekend