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Area 51 Christmas Party Pre-Blast

What: Area 51 Christmas Party
Where: Seaboard Taproom and Winebar  (213 N Trade St, Matthews, NC 28105)
When: 12/1/2018 6:00 to 12:00
How Much: $15 per person ( or
What is included: Dinner and friends

Alright everybody, if you want to get your fill of the Christmas spirit or if attending the SOB Christmas party on November 30 isn’t enough, come on out Saturday night, December 1, for the Area 51 Christmas party.  The party will be held again at the Seaboard Taproom and Winebar in historic downtown Matthews.  However, this time around we will have food from Brown Bag courtesy of Uncle Rico.   So come on out for some great food, great drinks and great times.

Please HC by Sunday, November 18th using the buttons below. Please remember to be safe. If you are going to drink don’t drive. Get an Uber, Lyft, or 16-year-old 2.0 to drive you. Come join us to celebrate another successful Area 51 year.  ( And yes, I copied Fire Hazards Pre-blast)


You can reserve your tickets using button above.. Once you have reserved them, please pay via PayPal using the second button or by sending to the following e-mail address: When you send the money, please use the Friends & Family option and include your F3 Name as well as “Holiday Party” in the note. Thank you! If you don’t have access to PayPal, let PopTart know and we will find another way for you to pay.

Along Came Polly Ultimate Frisbee

The Thang and Moleskin:  14 Pax showed up, but only 13 joined in the fun for the Ultimate Frisbee Battle Royale.  (We really could have used Chin Music for his height and arm but I think he was worried about guarding Stone Cold with no shirt on)  Stone Cold brought his light up frisbee, and we moseyed down and around the track.  3 mediocre sprints from the goal line to the 50 yard line and then we were warmed up for the match on the pitch.  We started off with 7(Skins) on 6(Shirts), then Header and Dollywood left the Shirts because we were getting out butts whooped.  Then we picked up Yeti and Stone Cold, and the average age of our team went up by 5 years I think.  Everytime the other team scores the losing team does 20 merkins.  I think my team did 120 or more.  We let the skins have a couple extra goals since we felt bad for them, but either way the shirts lost.  Even when we had an extra guy the second half.  Sweeny Todd made an unbelievable Odell Beckham type sliding catch which was great to watch.  All of us old guys were jealous because we would have pulled a hami and probably torn an ACL if we tried that.  Kirk must have eaten a stick of butter before the match or he was allergic to the plastic on the frisbee because he refused to catch the long TD passes from the skins multiple times.  There were multiple instances where the shirts would glide right off the skins while trying to defend them and reminded me when the large hairy, shirtless defender in Along Came Polly blocked Ben Stiller and had his sweaty chest rub all over Ben’s face.  We got in between 2.5-3 miles depending on how much each Pax ran.  We had a blast but next time need to wear blinking lights so we can differentiate between the teams.  Kinda hard to tell the difference between Mr. Brady’s white tank top and Ductwork’s ghostly white torso in the dark.

Firehose Fun

This is long overdue so I will probably miss most of the workout, but here goes.  Rolled in for my first post at Area 51 in months.  I grab the two firehoses I got from Gypsy thinking the Pax might enjoy to mix it up.

The Thang:

Mosey over to grab a lifting rock and then head to the back parking lot.  We had 7 stations set up.

Station 1: Run a lap with the 55lb hose

Station 2: Firehose wave

Station 3: Curls with rocks

Station 4: Tricep extensions with rocks

Station 5: Goblin squats with rocks

Station 6: Overhead press with rocks

Station 7: Upright rows with kettlebell

We got two rounds each in.  Place rocks back in the pile and circle up.


And then there was only 2

So, I got suckered into WAMRAP last week, so I wanted to post again today because I surprisingly enjoyed it.  Come to find out the Site Q is DR, and noone else knows about the workout except me.  Poor Squid caught a ride with me, and we showed up 5 minutes early to find an empty parking lot.  McGee said he wanted me to Q, but I was at least hoping for a crowd.  Either way, Squid and I put some work in.

Mosey around and over to the parking deck.  20 x SSH, 20 x IW.

The Thang:

40 merkins, then run up first ramp and back down stairs to the start.

40 Heels to Heaven, then run up two ramps, and back down stairs to start.

40 squats, then run all the way to the top.  Hit the first set of stairs, and run up and down all three sets before starting back over.

We completed two full rounds, and then the first two parts of a third round.

Back at cars, 40 LBCs and 20 x cross crunch.


This is the first time I have been at a workout with only 2.  Goods news is Squid is a beast, so at least I had someone to workout with and keep me honest.

Lounge Walks

I haven’t posted on a Saturday, or at Outland in a long time, but I was more than happy to join the Pax.  Funny how Madison asks me to Q, but then he never shows up.  At least EE was there.  I will admit I had to pull a map up of the AO to refresh my memory of what I wanted to do.

The Thang

Mosey to parking lot between two elementary schools for our warm up.

20 x SSH

20 x IW

Line up abreast and merkin suicides using the bus parking spots.  We went from J all the way down to A.  We skipped K which offended Horshead.  5 merkins at each parking spot for a total of 50.  Mosey over to picnic area/playground.  5 pull ups, 20 dips and run a lap around the track.  5 times.  Wall sits for some recovery with 100 air presses.

Mosey over to parking lot next to SV elem.  Lunge walk to the last handicap man (not HH) but the actual painted symbol on the pavement.  Lunge walk back.  Then we ran a few laps.  First lap do 10 merkins at each light pole.  Second lap 20 squats at each light pole.  Last lap 20 LBCs at each light pole.

Mosey back to the cars for a little abs.  10 x canopener on each leg, 20 x Rosalitas.  Time.



Great group of guys and really enjoyed leading.  Horsehead is always entertaining with his banter, and Mimi came out for his first workout.  He isn’t an FNG per se, but this was his virgin workout post.  Since he didn’t throw up or pass out he said he would be back.  Good to hear.  Thanks for the take out Hairband.


Pool party on June 8 at Lawson to raise money for Sandbox.

Memorial day convergence for WW2 veterans.

I Ran

I showed up.  I started running.  I took a wrong turn so I turned around.  I finished.  7.4 miles.  Boom!

Someone Cut, Dry and Warm up the Grass Next Time

It has been close to a year since I have posted at Bagpipe, so it was nice to visit my old stomping ground.  This site was were it all began for me.  I have been running more and not making it out on Tuesday, so I was happy to step up when Tagalong reached out.  I sent out a note for a pre-run that everyone ignored, and showed up to find Mario, Teddy and Mark Kay running.  I guess this is what I get for not posting in a long time.  After a 15 minute run, the parking lot filled up and off we went.

Mosey through parking lots towards small pond next to Eaton Corp.  Circle up for the warm up.  Disclaimer given.



10x Merkins

Mosey to the actual pond and meet up at the bottom of the hill.  Backwards bear crawls up the hill, then run a lap.  Repeat 3 times.   (note to self: wear gloves next time)  After the Pax completed the circuit, mosey towards the Bullring and meet up towards the front.  This is the point when I was told that Kirby re-injured himself.  There was a comment that it happened before the disclaimer, but I am pretty sure he was running fine before the warm up, so I am protected by the disclaimer.  Lunge walk from one median to the next and back.

Line up at the end of the first parking row and run around the buildings clockwise, performing 10 merkins at each speed bump, and 10 at the end of the row.  Repeat all the way around for three rows.  Total of 140 merkins.  Mary while we wait on the six.

Mosey through parking lot to Brixham Hill Ave.  10 squats at each street light on the way back.  Circle up in the parking lot for some Mary.


20 x Chippy Cross

20 x Back Scratcher

10 x Canopener each leg.


Moleskin: Thanks again Tagalong for getting me out of my comfort zone and asking me to post.  It is fun to mix it up.  I had totally forgotten about the small pond until my pre-run, so I couldn’t help myself but use that hill. Backwards bear crawls sounded great at first until I realized the grass was wet, cold and probably 30 inches high.  Unfortunately we had already committed.  I can’t seem to lead a workout without a lot of merkins so thanks for putting up with it, again.  Strong work by the whole Pax.  Thanks for the guys staying with Kirby who had another run of bad luck and re-injured his leg.  Sorry if I had anything to do with it, and hope you heal fast.



Frehley’s Comet leading the next Swift Q.  Or is he?

“Extreme Ownership” Leadership book discussion at the bagel place every week after the workout


Voice Recording #14

I got the request to fill in on Wednesday from Horsehead who is battling influenza.  Supposedly.  I haven’t posted at Kevlar in awhile so I was pleased to take on the Q.  I decided not to bring the firehose because I didn’t want to wear out their welcome.  Here is what we did.

Mosey around the back of the church back up to the front parking lot and circle up.

20 x SSH

20 x IW

10 x Merkins

Line up and run down and back each parking lot row and 10 merkins at each sidewalk.  Not road, curb, etc, sidewalk.  It was very hard for people to comprehend.

Once everyone completed, partner up, and wheelbarrow up the stairs and across the walkway on one of the new additions.  Each partner takes a turn.

Mosey across church parking lot to the rock pile and grab a lifting rock.  Head back down to the front of the church.  Line up.

Rock work suicides.

Run to each median and back to rock.  20 x curl in between each.  Repeat with 20 x tricep extension and then 20 x shoulder press.  We through in several rounds of lunges across the handicap spaces to kill time, but also to work the legs since today’s workout was mostly upper body.

Take the rock back, and mosey to the cars.  Circle up for 50 x LBC, and 10 x can opener on each leg.

Moleskin:  Backblast was late because the M left Saturday morning to go out of town for 5 days, and I can’t multitask.  I had a few observations. Witch Doctor is a professional lunger.  Bulldog has short arms and can’t extend them all the way up for IWs.  Cage has done a great job getting stronger and pushed himself hard all morning.  Orangewhip and Rhapsody need to be audited next time there are exercises that involve counting.  Cottontail was kicking some butt after not posting much and he certainly made the best of the workout.  Thanks for letting me lead Faultline and Orangewhip.

Where did you get the hoses?

Luckily I look at my schedule and realized I had the Q this week so I didn’t take out the firehouse I loaded up for my Q last week.  I just got the hoses from Gyspy and trying to find creative ways to change up the workouts.  I was running late as usually and parked down by the track to unload my gear, and hauled ass to the front to meet the Pax.  I was the last one to show up for my own Q.

The Thang:

Mosey around front of school for a 400+ yd warm up.

20 x SSH, 20 x IW, 20 x Merkin

Mosey to center of track to begin the station work.  Luckily I had come up with 10 stations and 9 Pax posted so I got lucky the numbers worked out.

Station 1: Curls with 45 lb kettlebell

Station 2: Run a lap (timer)

Station 3: Grandma

Station 4: Toes to Bar on playground

Station 5: Run stadium stairs dragging 55lb hose

Station 6: Knee up on playground

Station 7: Battling Hose Station

Station 8: LBCs

Station 9: Upright rows with 35lbs kettlebell

This was my first Q at Joust in awhile so thanks Yeti for the invite.  I brought the hoses out to mix it up. I think it worked relatively well, except the stations were too far apart and timer took too long.  Everyone got 1 round, and I was hoping for 2.  Each exercise worked as planned, but need to shrink the timeframe.  Enjoyed seeing some of the guys I don’t get to see very often (Yeti, Dollywood, Sanka, Baracus, Puddin Pop)  As a side note I think Sanka was hitting on me during our circle time in the middle of the field as he was noticing my physique.  I reminded him I wear smedium shirts to look bigger.  No joke.

Thanks for the take out Squid.

Yanking My Hose

4 Pax showed up at 5:10 for a 2 mile pre-run (PJ, WT, PT and Purell) to get the body warm.  Purell slowed us down otherwise we would have gotten in 3 miles.  I made a slight detour pulling in the parking lot to drop off my new toy.  Purell already knew about it, so it ruined the surprise for him.  Everyone else was biting their nails there were so excited.

The Thang:

Mosey around the parking lot, say hello “Electric Slide” (ES), and circle up in front of Whole Foods.




Gather at the end of a parking row, and begin.  Run to the end of each parking row and perform 15 merkins.  Continue around until you reach the end, next to ES.  Then we are off for the main event.

Mosey over to the sidewalk in front of the parking deck.  Line up and count of in 3s.  Not surprisingly, i managed to screw up something as simply as counting.  Everyone just shut up and group up in 3 Pax.  Mosey over to the bottom of the first ramp.  I rolled out my little surprise, 2 25 ft, 55lb fire hoses.  Let the fun begin.  Two groups of 3 drag the hose all the way to the top of the parking deck, while the other Pax head over to the parking lot behind the Whole Foods.  Run laps around the store with three called exercises along the way.  20 x merkins, 20 x sqauts, and 20 x LBCs.  Once the Pax brought the hoses back down the deck, flapjack.  After the first round, everyone go again.

Mosey back to the cars.  Circle up for some Mary.


10xCan Opener

25x Flutter


Moleskin:  I posted at Sparta for the first time yesterday and during the workout Gypsy shared with me he had an extra fire hose.  I heard how terrible previous workouts had been with them, so I was more than happy to take it off his hands.  I dragged it out on the driveway last night with my 9 year old, found the middle, and cut away. I tried metal cutters, pruners, tree saw, and ended up doing most of the work with a regular wood saw.  Roll her back up, and throw her in the back of the truck.  Purell ruined the surprise because he already knew what I had.  He got a hose from Gypsy too.  Be cautious posting at a workout led by Witch Doctor, Purell, PopTart and Rachel.  We all now have a 110 lbs of fire hose.  I heard Gypsy had 9 total, so there are more floating around.  As I pulled in the parking lot this morning I drove by a guy outside his van with cones blocking off part of the lot.  At first I thought he was out there to wash cars at 5:30 in the morning with freezing temperatures.  Not the best time to be washing cars, but we all debated dropping our cars off for a wash during the workout.  Come to find out it was “Electric Slide” running a Not Free workout called Camp Gladiator.  We all ran by just to tease him and show his patrons what a Free workout looks like, compared to a Not Free workout.  We all agreed ours is most cost effective.  (Am I suppose to include him on the backblast?  Can he actually get sued since he is a professional?  Can we sue him since he was in the same parking lot and is a professional?  I wonder if he also washed cars?)  He did have a nice play list so we didn’t mind running by his group a few times.  Das Boot suggested we line up and show them our Monkey Humpers, which was a nice thought.  I just wasn’t going to be the first one to do it.

I wasn’t sure how the hoses would work out.  They sucked a lot more than I thought.  The first round wasn’t too bad, but as Busch and Bananas so eloquently stated, “It sucked more the second time”.  I hope everyone felt the workout was successful.  Eveeryone seemed to push themselves hard today, and always a pleasure to lead and see everyone getting stronger.  Thanks for the take out Busch.


Announcements: Fredo on Q at Divinci tomorrow.  Man Cave every Friday after the workous.  Panera at Arbo.  No pre-work required.