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No Grate Workout

With Bunker out, Bratwurst on time, and a route that goes thru another residential neighborhood, a record number of 18 PAX showed up to run at #Blakovery.

THE THANG: This is the route we ran:

Then we stretched.

MOLESKIN: Today was a rough morning for me.  I was at least a minute slower than normal and I never really knocked off the Monday morning rust.

This time it had less to do with a gastrointestinal issue and more to do with the dozen or so Birthday Cake Oreo cookies I polished off on the 5 hour trip back from the beach the day before.

I guess Kid Rock is right, it is all about diet.

The rest of the crew seemed to have no Monday morning blues as they probably covered closer to 7 miles circling back to get me.

Shout out to JRR Tolkien for taking the #hopechallenge and forcing me outside of my comfort zone by providing a fancy watch.  This was not the first time he has challenged me. The last time was when he dragged me around on my first 6 mile run when I thought I could only do 3 or 4.

So grateful to have F3 Brothers who constantly challenge me.

Cobbler and Mario’s Revenge

12 PAX chose to avoid the fartsack, witness Bartwurst arrive early and wonder about the status of Paper Jam at the most recent edition of Blakovery.

With a stern command and no disclaimer, we were off to run the Reverse Flat Branch Route.


Just do this in reverse:


Today I officially became a runner. How did this happen you may ask? A runner is born when that person is about 20 minutes into a run and gastrointestinal pain usually associated with too many tacos hits him hard.  However, instead of checking to see if the Bi-Lo was open, he continues the run with optimism (sometimes called delusion) that he can make it to the woods, his house or back to Blakeney. He ventures into a neighborhood and finds himself in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere in SOB Land is defined as the middle of a neighborhood with only houses in sight. It is at that point he knows he is not making it more than 5 feet. He is clearly in a dilemma. What does he do? He takes the only option presented to him. A sewer grate next to the curb in a dark section of the street. He hopes no one drives or walks by since he is wearing a bright yellow shirt and long white socks. The movement is faster than a Frasier PR and he is back on track, stopping at McDonalds to make sure all is well and showing up in time for the last 90 seconds of stretching.

Thanks Fleetwood for leading the stretching and taking us out.

Never a dull moment at Blakovery.

Dads Camp & Pop Tarts Make a Miserable Monday

8 PAX launched from the fountains at Blakeney Shopping Center while another joined us about half way thru. All started their Monday off with a dose of #Blakovery.

THE THANG: Flat Branch Route. See it here:

Stretching by Paper Jam followed.


After a weekend of keeping up with Paper Clip at F3 Dads camp, eating a box of Smores Pop Tarts (yes they are that good) and a bunch of other crap, I knew that Monday was going to be rough. It was miserable. But I made it.

Three predictions made Sunday night all came true. We would run 5 miles. I would be there early. Bratwurst would be late. This time he had to find us.

Tomorrow the hills of Swift and Fast Twitch beckon the runners.

See you on Tuesday.


Laughing Bird, Strange Car

7 PAX assembled in the great outdoors for the latest edition of F3 Pokey.

No disclaimer, no music and no devotional but we were ready nonetheless for:


Dynamic Warm-up consisting of walking butt kicks, toy soldier, hip rotations, knee ups with a twist and low slow squats. Most kept their shoes on in the parking lot this week.


Various stretches held for 1 minute and 10 seconds (a new Pokey record) concentrating on calves, hamstring and IT band.


2 of the PAX went on a 2 mile pre-ruck. They found their way back by leaving bread crumbs so they were on time.

The downside to that plan was that it drew birds. One bold bird was not impressed with the flexibility of some and promptly laughed at us all.

Apparently we attracted something other than a bird. A car drove into the parking lot, stopped at an angle, across a few spaces with a direct view of all of us. After a few minutes the car left. I guess he was done.

Next week Bounty Hunter takes a ride on Pokey as our Q and the following week  F3 brogi himself Wingman is in charge. Coming soon Fraiser will take the helm.

Thank you fellas for helping up and One-Niner for taking us out.

As always, humbled to lead a great group of men.

F3 HOPE Challenge

Over the past few months at least 2 PAX in our region have been effected by someone close to them committing suicide.  From August 2011 until August 2012, I struggled with suicidal thoughts. For me it was the grace and hope of Jesus Christ that got me through that dark time. So if you or someone you know is struggling in that area too, there is HOPE.

As men of F3 one of our tenants is that we strive to be #HIM (high impact men). So here is my challenge to all PAX:

Take 20-30 seconds to share a struggle that you were able to overcome in a COT. Share your HOPE.

It could be a struggle with your career, kids, marriage, alcohol, pornography, depression, anger, addiction, relationship, etc. And then take it one step further, post it on your regions private GroupME or Slack channel with the hashtag #f3hopechallenge.  Cross the finish line when you make yourself available to talk to another PAX one-on-one who is struggling with the same thing right now.

If you have struggled with it, there are those among us who are struggling too. The hope you declare, just may be the hope that another PAX needs to hear to help him through his dark time.

This challenge will run until the end of September. That is when I turn 50. Without hope I would not have seen this milestone, I would be dead.

Here is a suggested format for COT:

I struggled with (fill in the blank) but I overcame it by (fill in the blank). So if you or someone you know is struggling with that too, there is hope. Reach out to me if you like to talk further.

Here is a suggested format for regions social media:

I struggled with (fill in the blank) but I overcame it by (fill in the blank). So if you or someone you know is struggling with that too, there is hope. PM me if you like to talk more. #F3HOPEchallenge.


Advancing Pokey Forward

11 PAX arrived this morning at Pokey to find a bright building and an advanced lesson in stretching and flexibility from Whiplash.

He provided the theory behind making sure that your body was warm prior to stretching and helpful tips on keeping and maintaining flexibility all while providing the Pokey faithful with a routine of dynamic stretching targeted to loosen up the calves, hamstring, and IT band.


It was a very active morning at Pokey.

Elevation Church is holding its annual staff advance at the Blakeney Campus today so the building was brimming with activity. They are expecting 400 to arrive so there were several people going in, out and around the building getting ready.  I am sure they were wondering what a bunch of old men were doing on some broga mats in front of the building at 5:45am.

Not often at F3 do we get an audience filled with skinny jeans, balloons, a large tent and offer of donuts.

Two ruckers lost their way in the neighborhoods near the AO and arrived shortly after we started.

Many PAX sprinted to their cars to find towels after Whiplash announced needing ropes, towels or partnering up.

It is Fraiser’s birthday today and Bunker just came down from a 2-day sugar high celebrating his birthday.

Wingman is on Q August 22nd.

Sing up for The Crane Relay.

Thanks for taking us out Bounty Hunter.



A Few Ran, Some Rucked, Two Walked But All Stretched

9 PAX met outdoors for the latest edition of F3 Pokey.

There were the Pre-Runners (Fleetwood, Goonie, Bratwurst), the Ruckers (Mad, One-Niner) and the walkers (Paper Jam and Haggis) the rest showed up for the stretching.

Without a disclaimer, we laid out our Broga mats on the sidewalk and headed to the parking lot for dynamic stretching.

We returned to the mats to hold each stretch for 1 minute concentrating on calves, hamstring, quad, groin, adductor.

This time I did not forget the devotional:

The Journey to Obedience

Verse:  Genesis 12:1-9

If you’ve ever seen the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds air demonstration team, you’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible capabilities of the F-16 fighter jet.

The F-16 was developed to act as a support weapons system for the U.S. military’s larger and more expensive fighter aircraft, the F-14 Tomcat and the F-15 Eagle. Blindingly fast and agile, the F-16 Fighting Falcon carries out a wide range of air-to-air and, with its heavy bomb load capacity, air-to-ground missions.

Of course, whether in a show or in combat, an F-16 requires one vital element to be effective: a pilot who is in complete control. Despite its whiz-bang technical capabilities, without a pilot in control an airborne F-16 would either fly uselessly in a straight line or spiral out of control. Either way, a devastating crash is inevitable.

Similarly, if you possess every gift imaginable but don’t allow God to guide you in using those gifts, you could very well become useless. Or worse, you might spiral out of control and crash. As the ultimate “Pilot” of your life God can do amazing and remarkable things.

Imagine what might have happened if Abram (Abraham) had set out on his own way instead of taking the journey God had set before him. Ultimately, Abraham willingly left behind everything and everyone he knew to follow God’s will. Yet as a direct result of his obedience Abraham experienced God’s blessings—and the rewards were greater than he could ever have imagined.

God desires the same for you. When you begin a relationship with him, he calls you to leave behind what’s comfortable and familiar to set out on a journey filled with wonder, blessing and the promise of a new life. On your journey to obedience you’ll leave behind old habits, old attitudes, old sins and old ways of thinking. Yet the blessing that awaits you is greater than you can begin to imagine.

When you allow him to guide you, God offers not only a full and satisfying journey through life but a home for all eternity. Like that F-16 pilot, God is ready and willing to take all of your potential into his skillful hands and use it to fulfill his ultimate mission.

Thanks for taking us out Chopper and always humbled to lead.

Four For More of Pokey

4 PAX came for more of Pokey.

This week we focused on holding each pose for 1 minute.

Dynamic stretching followed by poses that concentrated on calves, hamstring, quads, and IT band.

No music or devotional. Clearly a Q fail.

Thanks Bevo for taking us out.



Monday Morning at The Matrix

17 PAX (including 1 FNG) some with running shoes others with boot camp shoes, most showed up extra early to welcome YHC back to The Matrix. After a disclaimer that would make Mermaid proud, we were off to the back parking lot for:


SSH X15, IW X 15, Merkin 5 OYO, LSS X 15, Merkin 5 OYO.


From the back parking lot, run to the rock pile for 15 curls, 15 shoulder press. Then run to the front playground, climb over the rock wall for 10 reverse chin ups. Upon completing, run to the track and take a lap. At each ¼ point perform 5 burpees. When finished, run to the back playground for 10 derkins and 10 incline merkins. Run to the boats (where the tree stumps were once located) 15 dips, 20 total step ups. Return to starting point at back parking lot for mary waiting on the six.

Rinse and repeat in reverse.

Then four corners of merkins in the back parking lot using the traffic islands as the corners.  Regular, wide arm, hand release and diamond. Each x 15.  

Rinse and repeat in reverse.

Mosey over to the field. Line up facing McKee Rd for field of plank. Lunge walk until YHC calls a plank and perform plank.  Regular plank, 6-inches, elbow plank, right arm high, left arm high, finish with 7 Makhtar N’Diaye.


This was sort of a homecoming for me.  The Matrix was scheduled to be my first workout in F3.  However, it rained that morning so my first post was at Bagpipe the next day, But I became a regular at The Matrix for the next 2 years and developed good friendships with the PAX who were also regulars. Then I got into this running thing and somehow ended up the site Q of Blakovery. Pop Tart pinged me the night before wondering if I was going to show. Good thing he didn’t wait until the last minute.

In planning the weinkie, I knew I wanted to take a tour of the AO. Some things changed: no more cinder blocks or tree stumps, others remained the same: seeing Squid, Joker and Huggie Bear on Monday morning and then a surprise: having to yell “car back” during the COP because a lone vehicle was parked suspiciously in the back parking lot and decided to leave once we arrived.

As usual, Squid, Joker and Laronda were out in front and there was a lot of whining from Pop Tart.

Great work by Dirty Bird, Wham-O and FNG Red Riding Hood.


Speed For Need has expanded to bikes: Here is the link:

Thanks for taking us out Squid and it is always humbling to lead such a great group of men.

If You Can Do Pokey…

10 PAX shook off the Monday morning blues with a 5 mile run and stretch at Blakovery this morning.


Here is the route:


Some observations from this mornings edition of Blakovery:

-Bratwurst was early but still no disclaimer.

-Tuck is on the verge of losing his Italian card. He had a family reunion without Cannolis. If  it is discovered that the event was without gabagool or he is eating at Olive Garden, it is probably over.

-Depth Charge easily covered 6 miles circling back to make sure I was not lost.

-There may have been 2 HCs for the SOBLand/Area 51 Crane Relay on Friday, October 26t. See pre-blast Contrary to earlier reports, YHC was not one of them.

Thank you for taking us out Tuck and see you all next week.