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Bizarro Blakovery in Ballantyne

With our fearless leader DR the torch was passed to Bunker to pick the route and get us started. Two things were guaranteed, (1) Bunker would arrive before 5:14 and (2) we were running the hills in Ballantyne.  Gumbo appeared in the gloom in his Superman shirt, so he was the natural choice to lead the fast guys and Bunker covered the 6 and with the plan in place it was time to get started:


Up the long gradual hill of Adrey Kell Rd, past Lorenzo’s Pizza and make a left into the neighborhood across the street. Find all the hills and valleys and come back out on Community House Rd make a right and back to launch.

Here is the route fancy watch style:


Great to see Jello make his Blakovery debut. He had been hinting at coming out for about a month. He picked a great Monday to start, with probably the toughest route we run. This is the Bizarro route for Blakovery. Almost all the other routes are relatively flat. This was a great Monday morning jolt. Thank you Enron for taking us out and what a great way to start Monday.

Some Hope for Flexibility

5 PAX became much more flexible and hopeful this morning at the latest edition of Gumby. After an adequate disclaimer it was time to open up You Tube, get the music started and then begin:


Courtesy of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association based on Titus 2:13:

One of the best ways to get rid of discouragement is to remember that Christ is coming again. The most thrilling, glorious truth in all the world is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. When we look around and see pessimism on every side, we should remember the Bible is the only Book in the world that predicts the future. The Bible is more modern than tomorrow morning’s newspaper. The Bible accurately foretells the future, and it says that the consummation of all things shall be the coming again of Jesus Christ to this earth. If your life is dismal, depressed, and gloomy today, Christ can turn those dark clouds inside out. The sunlight of His love can still shine into the darkest part of your life.

Longing to see Your face, Christ Jesus, I rejoice in the anticipation of Your coming again!


Dynamic stretching-walk the length of the room and back getting the legs warmed up.

Grab a folding chair as a prop for stretching the calves, hamstrings and another dynamic stretch.

To the mat to work on IT band, hamstrings, groin, aductor, front of thighs.

Finish off with some shoulder stretches.


It was good to be back at Gumby. Some schedule changes and my laziness has kept me from one of my favorite workouts, especially when I post two running workouts on Monday and Tuesday. Shout out to Arena who showed up early for a pre-run and thank you to Swiss Miss and Tweetsie for allowing me to lead.


F3 Dads every Saturday in June 9am at Colonel Francis Beatty Park and the Brixham Greens in Ballantyne Corporate Park where they meet at the white tent.

A Strange Monday for Marathon Training

The morning started out strange. But doesn’t every Monday when we are committing to drag ourselves out of bed after a summer weekend in order to run 5 miles. This is where we ran:


Up Adrey Kell Rd past the high school and make a right into the first neighborhood. Make an immediate left onto Zackery Ave, right on Pomerane Pl. left on Brandon Brook Drive and right on Old Adrey Kell. Into another neighborhood running on Honeynut, Hazelview, Linden Tree and  Society Street. Leave the neighborhood, cross Community House Rd to do a short loop of  Highgrove Street, Fortbridge Lane, Summer Club Rd., Pemswood St and back out to Community House, left on Adrey Kell and back to the AO for stretching by Paper Jam


The morning seemed normal enough, as I rounded the corner there was Bunker’s SUV parked in his spot and I was ready to do my warm up routine. The next thing I knew there was a silver pick up truck pulling up. I figured it had to be Depth Charge. I was wrong. It was Bratwurst arriving a little after 5. If that was not strange enough, Bunker announced that he is running with me this morning. I became immediately concerned that he injured himself or may have been feeling sick this morning. He assured me that all was well, this was a new marathon training program that he is working on which requires a PJ pace on Monday. So I guess I am now training for a marathon. To top it off, Bratwurst started running in the opposite direction (towards the big fountain) to go thru the shopping center instead of in the direction of the new Shake Shack.

Glad Enron brought us back to normal with a nice take out.

Another Monday in the books.

Running, Monday and E101

As the popularity of a 5 mile recovery run grows in SOB Land, 12 PAX eagerly awaited instructions from Bratwurst for the start Blakovery.  At 5:15 the Flat Branch route was declared and we were off and this is where we went:


Thru the parking lot to McDonalds, across Rea Rd. to Tolleson Ave, right on Bullock Greenway Blvd., left on James Blakeney Ave, right on Alexander Martin, right on Alma Blount Rd, right on Darcy Hopkins, (past Paper Jam’s street), left on Dennington Grove, right on to Bryant Farms, left onto Lacken and left onto Providencetown Dr all the way to Williams Pond. Cross Rea Rd, left on Elm, left on Blakeney Heath, left on Parks Farm Ln to Rea Rd and back to the AO for stretching led by Wingman.


It was one of those mornings where everything in me wanted to fartsack. It is Monday, lingering cold and congestion, and #Imnotaruunerstill. I had already committed to picking up a chain saw from Bratwurst this morning, so there was no excuse. I knew it was going to be a slow morning and as I quickly surveyed the crowd, I figured another short cut was in order or I needed to bring a head set and listen to some music as I would be alone.

It was just about that time when the fast guys separate from the slow guys (and when I say slow guys I mean me) when I noticed Picasso to my left. He was sporting a fancy watch that one of the fast guys tricked him into getting, but he could see I was struggling and decided to run at my pace. So for the next 30 plus minutes a discussion about entrepreneurship ensued. For someone getting ready to take the leap, talking with someone who understood the fear that comes with the leap was truly God ordained. The discussion was filled with words of encouragement, wisdom and practical application to running. It it one of many Holy Spirit moments I have experienced at Blakovery just because I decided to show up instead of staying home and because someone else showed up too.

Thanks again Wingman for leading the stretching and Doc McStuffins for taking us out.

Never quit on the way up the hill, because once you get over the top, you won’t quit on the way down.

Enjoy the rest of the week and see you next Monday.


Stretching Around a Fountain Gets Damp Chakras

9 PAX were not dismayed by the delayed Memorial Day start or threat of rain to post for 5 miles and damp chakras at Blakovery.


With the sun up (although we could not see it for the clouds) and light on our side, Bratwurst called the PJ route. Here it is: up Rea Rd towards Stonecrest. Make a left on Williams Pond Rd, left on Elm and continue on Bryant Farms Rd. Go past the Morrison Y, make a left at North Community House, left on Ardrey Kell and back to the AO.


This morning we had some of our core group (Bunker, Gumbo, Fleetwood, Madison), two site FNGs Marlin (R) and Mighty Mite. and a new regular One-Niner.  This morning marked the first (and probably only) Blakovery double down. Mighty Might posted a Voodoo led  Fox Hole then made the short drive to join us for a run. Quite impressive.

There was no rain but it was still damp but another great start to the week.


In June there are alot of F3 Dads events happening. Workouts on Saturday in SOB Land and Area 51 and a Knights Baseball game. Get on Slack to keep up.

Thank you for the take out Marlin and the reminder of the sacrifice of the brave men and women who fought for our country and the ultimate sacrifice by Jesus Christ who willingly died for us so that we could live.

Going Forward in Reverse

It was a little after 5am and there was Bunker’s car faithfully parked in his traditional spot. As I began my dynamic warm up routine, a familiar face with white hair emerged.  Nomad arrived to make his Blakovery debut. With the rest of the PAX in place, and 5:15 on the clock, Bratwurst jumps out and 10 of us were off and running.


Originally billed as the reverse Providence Country Club route, a premature left turn had us going in from the front instead of the back. This is how it started: leave Blakeney Shopping center and cross Rea Rd up Ardrey Kell going pass the Chic-Fil-A. Make a right turn on Tom Short Rd, left into the rich folks neighborhood, left on 3 Lakes Dr., right on Congressional Club Drive and right on Colonial Country Lane.  At that point, it was clear that it was a very slow morning for me as the fast guys, injured guys and one guy who began the morning concerned that he was too slow raced ahead of me. Bratwurst circled back, found me and led me to the short cut back to Tom Short Rd while the others went the long way and we all arrived back at the AO for some much needed stretching.


It was a rough Monday. The body and mind were weak but the men of F3 gave me strength to show up and run.


-F3 Dad’s weekend camping trip to Julian Price Park. Here is the link. Details July 20-22. $20 a night so $40 total. There are 10 foot pads at each site. Reach out to Fraiser by the end of May (next week) to reserve your spot.

-Memorial Day convergence on Saturday May 26 at Calvary Church. Launch at 7am, most sites closing down.

Wrong Way Running

12 PAX were in for 5 sweaty miles at Blakovery.  It was 5:15 according to the fancy watches and 11 of us we ready to launch. After a quick consultation about the route, Bunker stepped up to lead the way. Just as we were off, a silver pick up sighting.  Without hesitation we left, knowing our Q would catch up. We were ready to tackle the hill of Ardrey Kell right from the start.


Run up Ardrey Kell toward the high school with plans on ducking into the neighborhood beyond the school.  We didn’t even make it past Lenox and Lash and appearing in the gloom was Bratwurst, lamenting how we were not following the route he posted at 5 am this morning.  Looking to correct the wrong way running, he dashed to the front to reclaim the Q and dub the route the reverse Landen Meadows.

Left on Community House, right into the Ballanmoor subdivision, through the Charlestonian type hood, winding our way to Landen Meadows and out of the neighborhood at Blakeney Racquet & Swim Club, left on Rea Rd back to the AO for stretching by Paper Jam.


Lessons learned this morning (1) if you want to lead a workout, show up on time and in the right place, (2) when it gets hot and muggy some PAX lose their shirt along the way and strip down to only their shorts when stretching, (3) in spite of the obvious benefits, no one is really up to the challenge of partner stretches, (4) goat yoga is really a thing.

Good to be back on Monday. Needed it this morning more than anyone will know. Thanks Fraiser for hanging back with me and Bratwurst for taking us out.

Depth Charge has the reigns of Swift tomorrow, it should be fun.

Looking For A Jam

9 PAX ran the Reverse Flat Branch route, while 1 PAX took a short cut trying to catch up to them in the latest episode of Blakovery.


Run up Rea Rd in the direction of 485, left on Demaine Drive, then right on Elrose Place, past the traffic circle then make a right on Gander Drive.  Left on Parks Farm Rd, right on Blakeney Health, right on Elm, right on Willams Pond Rd, cross of Rea Rd and make a right onto Provincetown Dr. A long stretch until Lancken Dr., then right on Bryant Farms Rd., left on Dennington Grove Lane, right on Darcy Hopkins until reaching Alma Blount and make a left.  Wind through Blakeney Greens and back to launch for stretching led by Paper Jam.


It was apparent from the beginning that folks were eager to run this morning. Bratwurst arrived 5 minutes early to confuse everyone.   Wingman, El Guapo and Hoot darted quickly ahead. Picasso, who was dressed for summer, had no side effects from the weekend to slow him down, and kept up with all of them.  Even JRR Tolkein left me in the dust.

By the time I reached Elm, it was determined that an adjustment would have to be made. Since this is my hood, I knew there were two short cut options to catch up to the other recovery runners. I made a detour down Rea Rd and darted into the Ravenscrest subdivision with the goal of meeting the rest of the crew at the corner of Bryant Farms and Dennington. It wasn’t too long before I heard foot steps coming up fast behind me. It was Bratwurst.  Eventually I was able to rejoin the group and help them avoid going down a wrong road.

One of the tenants of F3: leaving no man behind…even when he ventures out on another route.

It makes me appreciate the bond that we have created in F3 Nation.

Another great Monday.

The Murderhorn Bores Me

14 PAX came early and often to Rebel Yell to find out if we were getting in miles or working on soccer arms. We all kept waiting for Loogie to arrive, but the clock struck 5:30 and he was nowhere to be found, so after a proper disclaimer we were off and running.

Mosey to somewhere in front of Harris Teeter for:


SSH x 10, 5 merkins OYO, IW x 10, 5 hand release merkins OYO, LSS x 10, 5 hand release merkins OYO, 10 flutter


Mosey down the street to Carolina Rehab parking lot for a merkin triangle using corners of parking lot and the corner of Ballantyne Commons and Rea Rd as the 3 points.  3 rounds.  10 regular merkins 15 diamond merkins, 20 wide arm merkins.  Wall sits after each round waiting on the six.

Mosey across Ballantyne Commons to another parking lot with a building. Using the 4 corners of the building it was time to do some ab work.  LBCs and Heels to Heaven, 2 rounds 15x.

Mosey up the service road to the “parking deck” at Uwharrie Bank and Brown Bag Now  (more on that later), run up the stairs to the top and cross the street back to Stone Crest. Find the tables near Flying Biscuit to work on legs. Split squats. Two rounds 12x on each leg Q count.

Mosey over to Firebirds for step ups and dips. 2 rounds 10x each leg for step ups and 10x in cadence count on dips.

Mosey back to launch for mary. A called exercise by Mighty Mite and Strawberry left enough time for 5 burpees OYO.


The challenge when Qing a well-established site is trying to find something new and fresh. The level of difficulty is increased when work outs are scheduled on consecutive days in that same location.  I don’t remember anyone going down Rea Rd and making a left so I thought I would try that out.

Then I noticed some office space and parking lots across the street and I was confident that no one had traveled there. We did find a rock pile that would have been perfect for Loogie. Only Mighty Mite in our group seemed eager to pick one of those up.

I’m not sure how many miles we covered since I don’t own one of those fancy watches, so cannot say there was alot of running.


On Monday May 5th, Uncle Rico is launching Brown Bag Now across the street from StoneCrest.  It is a fast casual restaurant.  He already has some locations in Tennessee, this is their first location in Charlotte. I tried placing a hyperlink to the website but just in case it does not work, here it is:

Many service opportunities available, Speed For Need, Church on Streets, etc. get on Slack and Twitter for daily updates or to mumblechatter like a bunch of old women.

DaVinci needs a Q for this Saturday not named Strawberry, Mighty Mite or Bucky.

Thank you for allowing me to lead.


No Rain. Just Running.

It was almost 5:15 and I could tell Bunker was nervous. It was just us. Each arriving about 5 am to do some warm up. But soon appeared a black car we did not immediately recognize. It was Alf. He was coming off an injury. At least I had someone to run with now and Bunker seemed relieved because he could go at his “recovery” pace and get his miles by coming back to check on me.

No Bratwurst in site. We discussed the options and settled on the PJ route. It was 5:15, so we took one step off the curb ready to go and the silver bullet was spotted. Into a parking space, bouncing out of the pick up truck, Bratwurst announced a different route. and we were off.


Cross Rea Rd onto Tolleson Ave until Alexander Martin Ave and make a left. Right at the traffic circle to Alma Blount Blvd then right onto Darcy Hopkins Rd. Left on Dennington Cove Ln, right on Bryant Farms, left on Lancken Dr., left on Prvincetown Dr. all the way to Williams Pond Ln.  Cross Rea Rd, left on Elm, left on Blakeney Health and left on Parks Farm Lane. Right on Gander Dr, right onto Elrose Pl, back out to Rea Rd and return to launch. Stretching by Paper Jam followed.


With Alf appearing and Bratwurst having a wheel barrel in his pick up truck, I was a little nervous that there was something else planned for Blakovery today and I just missed the memo.

It was good to actually keep pace with Alf.  I remember watching him crush Monday mornings at The Matrix when I started F3 about 3 years ago.  Showing up in my early days to find out he was Q always made Mondays interesting. He was the first site Q to ask me to lead a workout (although my debut was at Bagpipe).  He pushed me by example many Monday mornings at McKee Rd Elementary.  This morning he pushed me by not letting me settle for a slower pace. It was the first time in a while I came close to 9 minute pace. Thanks Alf.

I love Mondays.