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WOW! What a Weinke

7 PAX needed some flexibility and showed up to the Cub Scout Hut for the latest round of Gumby. Some pre-ran to warm up while others came in hot.  After a delayed disclaimer and our devotional, the music was cued up and we were ready to roll


A quick warm up to get the legs active: butt-kicks, toy solider and gates.

This morning we concentrated on groin, IT band, hamstrings and calves. We stuck to basic deep stretches, holding for about 30 seconds each stretch and repeating several of our favorite, like pigeon and ended with our devotional.


The morning began with a rousing discussion about the benefits of partner stretches. Then somehow the mumblechatter shifted to marveling at the size of my weinke. Although neither was utilized in this morning’s edition of Gumby, I am sure there will come a time when both are needed.

It was great to see Picasso join the regulars of Gumby. He was so inspired by the Q that he post ran the workout. That may be a first for F3.


Bro-Olympics is only 2 days away. Sign up. Weddington High School this Saturday February 24th


God made you! You were fashioned in His own image! You were made in the image and likeness of the Creator. God had a purpose in making you. His primary purpose is that you would have fellowship with Him. If man does not have fellowship with God, he is lost, confused, and bewildered. Since he does not find his place, he has a sense of not fitting. There are thousands of people who admit and confess that they are unhappy. Economic security, recreation, pleasure, and a good community in which to live have not brought about the peace and happiness that they expected. The reason is that man was created in the image of God and cannot find complete rest, happiness, joy, and peace until he comes back to God.


Help me this day, Father, to tell others of the fellowship that can be theirs. Your love will enable me.

Right Turn Clyde

The drizzling rain did not discourage 6 PAX to run the regular Flat Branch route with only one detour.  With his glasses and head lamp on, Bratwurst took off toward McDonalds and the rest of us followed.


Cross Rea Rd to Tolleson Ave and a quick right onto Bullock Greenway Blvd. Left on James Blakeney Ave, right onto Alexander Martin Ave, right onto Alma Blount then a wrong left turn. Cut down Beaver Brook Way to get back on course and make a left onto Darcy Hopkins. Left on Dennington Grove Lane, right on Bryant Farms Rd, left on Lancken then another left on Provincetowne Dr. Take Provincetowne to Williams Pond Rd, make a left, cross Rea Rd until Elm Street and make another left. Goto Blakeney Heath, make a left, then another left onto Parks Farm Lane.  Right turn onto Gander Drive, right turn onto Elrose Place and left on Demaine Drive. Back to Rea Rd, make a right and then to the launch point for stretching by Paper Jam.


This morning Bratwurst abandoned his fancy watch and trusted his instincts to guide us through the winding roads of the Blakeney neighborhoods.  That was working well until we turned right instead of left after the traffic circle on Alexander Martin. But Bratwurst quickly recovered and we found another street to get us back on course.

Thank you for the take out Fleetwood.

Let’s see what we can do to support our fellow brother Benny as he recovers from surgery of the next few months.

Pep In The Step But Slow On Back Blast

Spring was in the air as 11 PAX showed up with short sleeve shirts to run the reverse Flat Branch route. The night before, our faithful leader, Bratwurst, sent the route via some magic technology which nobody could download to their fancy watches. With no directions or disclaimer, we were off.

First we cut through the Blakeney Shopping Center parking lot, past CVS and Circle K to Rea Rd. A quick left onto Demaine Dr, right on Arcola, then right on Elrose Pl. From there, left onto Gander Drive, left onto Parks Farm Lane, right on Blakeney Heath, and right on Elm St.  Down to Williams Pond Lane where we made a right and crossed over Rea Rd to Provincetowne Drive.  Stay on Provincetowne until Lacken Dr where we made a right then onto Bryant Farms Rd and left onto Dennington Grove Lane.  Right onto Darcy Hopkins Drive and a long stretch to Alma Blount Blvd.  Turn onto Alma Blount and at the traffic circle go left onto Alexander Martin Ave.  From there we took a few different routes but ended up with 5 miles and back at the AO for stretching by Paper Jam.


Something was in the air this morning because somehow I ended up in the middle of the group. At different times I was running along side of Gumbo, Madison, Bunker and Wingman. There was a debate raging among the speedsters-some said I was getting faster (something Mermaid opined at another workout last week) while others thought it was the relentless teachings of Bratwurst.  However the true epiphany belonged to Wingman.  He surmised that the key was adding me to the site Q list for Blakovery. He argued that not only did it make me faster but it prompted more PAX to show up. Sounded reasonable to me.

Thanks for the take out Bratwurst and thank you to all the PAX who show up on Monday to hold me accountable. No way I would run that many miles without your support.

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

7 PAX celebrated an Eagles victory by going to the Country Club and covering 5 miles at Blakovery. It was 5:15 on the dot when Bratwurst pulled into his parking spot, ran out if his car with headlamp in place, beckoning us towards our morning route.

THE THANG: Up Adrey Kell Rd towards Cerberus avoiding the large puddles, mud and breaks in the sidewalk. Make a right on Tom Short Rd and then left into the Country Club.  A quick left onto 3 Lakes Dr, right onto Congressional Club Drive, right onto Colonial Country Lane, right onto Lundin Links Ln, right onto Pine Valley Club Dr to Tom Short Rd.  Make a right and then back the way we came.  Finished up with a Paper Jam stretch session to the tranquil sounds of the Blakeney fountains.


The nostalgia started early for me when I saw two of my old friends Madison and Turkey Leg . When I first started  F3 almost 3 years ago, The Matrix was part of my Monday morning routine.  Madison and Turkey Leg were regulars. I became very familiar with Turkey Leg’s back as he was always ahead of me.  The only time I came close to catching him is when he decided to include scaling the rock climbing wall at the main playground of The Matrix.  But this morning I finished ahead of him at Blakovery. Apparently Turkey Leg likes Chic-Fil-A and he is moved, albeit, compelled to stop there during a run.

But my stroll down memory lane did not end there. A fellow Tar Heel alum, Picasso, was kind enough to run with me this morning.  Our chat brought me right back to some memorable days (and nights) in the greatest college town in the country. Most of the time he is with the fast guys, but I think he may have celebrated enough the night before to slow him down to my pace.  Since he likes to paint maps, I thought he would enjoy this one from my Chapel Hill days:


CPR training, here is the info: Date is 2/17. Sign up deadline is 2/10:

F3 Dads events in March (Checkers hockey game) and April (camping) check out F3 Dads channel for details.

Thank you for the takeout Bratwurt.


A Dead Animal and Yellow Shirts

A full house of 9 PAX met on a misty Monday morning for 5+ miles. Almost everyone showed up wearing neon yellow short sleeve shirts. I clearly missed the mumblechatter on Slack coordinating the outfits as I had my traditional black (with rain jacket). With no idea of route or reason, we gleefully followed Bratwurst’s lead and we were off.

Much to my chagrin, we were heading up the dreaded Ardrey Kell hill. At first, I thought we were doing the reverse PJ route, but the lights in the distance kept going straight.  On the way, illuminated by my headlamp (yes, Paper Clip showed me how to use it) in the middle of the sidewalk, was a large dead animal. No one seemed disturbed by the carnage, so it was pass the high school and into the first neighborhood we found.

A quick left onto Zachery Ave, right on Pomerane Place, left on Brandon Brook Drive, right onto Old Ardrey Kell Rd, right onto Honeynut Drive, left onto Hazelview, left onto Linden Tree Ln, right onto Torrelle Drive, left onto Society St and out on Community House Rd. At this point, I headed back to the AO with Madison, while the rest of the crew crossed the street and did a .25 mile loop in the fancy neighborhood.

We all finished strong and with stretching led by Madison.


It was another rough Monday chasing the fast guys.  They were kind enough to circle back to make sure I was still alive and Madison hung back with me.  It would be great for those guys who are slow (like me), just starting to run, or simply want to get better at running to join me on Monday.  I think by the spring we can get to a decent pace and at least the fast guys would not have to circle back as much.

There was a debate about the dead animal. Some say it was a large cat Others opined it was a raccoon. Either way,we may need to develop a new warning call “dead cat/rat/raccoon up” or is it down?

Remember Brolympics on 2/24/18 at Weddington High School. Participate. Volunteer. Attend.

Can’t Hear From Back Here

With the announcement of Bratwurst’s return, 7 PAX put on their shorts, shoes and headlamps to venture out for the Landen- Ardrey 5mi Loop at Blakovery.  Arriving at his usual time (5:15), Bratwurst took off out of his Toyota and there we went.

This is the Landen-Ardrey route: leaving the AO going down Rea towards Elevation Church.  Turn right into Landen subdivision, then right onto Hirsch Drive. left on Hanworth Trace Drive, left on Albury Walk Lane, right onto Castlebay, left onto Tonawanda Drive, right onto Burnside Ln, onto Ardrey  Woods, from there somehow we ended up making a left onto Community House, right onto Ardrey Kell and back to home base for stretching led by Paper Jam.


Usually I have some words of wisdom or lesson learned from my Monday morning post, but you really can’t pick up any of the good mumblechatter for a backblast when you are about a 100 yards behind everyone else.  I need to pick up the pace.

The only thing I discovered was that Picasso is a true artist when it comes to hanging shelves in his house…or was that Meatloaf…also I could swear that we ran by Escobar’s house. I was not sure because it looked like his Range Rover was in the drive way and I wouldn’t think that he would fartsack on a Monday morning.

This was the 2nd opportunity for me to use a headlamp I was given as a Christmas present. Obviously someone in my household confused me for a runner.  So this morning, to my surprise, when I pushed the button for the headlamp, only a red light displayed. Confused and dismayed, I attempted to get the lamp to work but to no avail. Fast forward to this evening, Paper Clip was able to teach me how it works-apparently he had been exploring the closets of the house with it and discovered all the tricks.

Thanks JRR Tolkien for running some with me-good to catch up and Brat and rest of the crew for circling back.


BroOlympics 2/24/28. Participate. Volunteer. Just be there.

Take out by Bratwurst.

It Wasn’t a Curb This Time

2 PAX decided to stay close to home for Blakovery instead of breaking ranks to wander around a parking deck in the Metro region.  With 5 miles and the PJ route on the agenda, off we went. We were at a comfortable pace about half way in when a sidewalk took out Kirby.  After a quick medical assessment (I’m not a professional), it was clear that running the rest of the way was not possible. With the temperature hovering around 20 degrees, it was a quick walk and occasional mosey back to the starting point.  In spite of the set back, we arrived at the AO for a 6:15 finish.


For those who may not know, Kirby received his name about 2 years ago after posting at a Madame Taussauds led Maul where a randomly placed curb became his arch nemesis.  But that did not stop Kirby from finishing the workout.  With Tiger Rag and Haggis in attendance at the name-a-rama, it came down to Curbie or Jack the Tripper. By the time it reached Wingman the current spelling of “Kirby” was born. And the rest is SOB history.

Make sure you check in on Kirby this week, but I think he is posting tomorrow. I guess that means no one else has an excuse…see you all tomorrow at Bagpipe.

A Small Word Can Promote a Big Change

4 PAX came to Blakovery to begin the New Year. I could easily recall the route we ran, but I thought it was better to tell about the lesson I learned.

Sometimes a big change in our lives starts out small.  An EH. (want to start Blakovery a little later Monday?)  A direct message on Slack. (Anyone up for Blakeovery with a later start? Say 0700?)   An encouraging word. (you can make it the entire way).   Then a conversation:

Tuck: PJ, its a New Year, a new you.

PJ: I was comfortable with the old me.

Bunker: You are not suppose to be comfortable.

For me F3 has never been comfortable. Bootcamps, carrying sandbags, burpees, lifting rocks, working out in the rain, snow, bitter cold, developing close friendships with other men, talking about my faith, praying in front of 30 other guys, admitting I need help, showing my scars with the hope it would help another, the list goes on.  (I almost forgot running)

But maybe I came to the point where I was getting comfortable. Maybe I need to be more uncomfortable.

It is interesting how these epiphanies come out frequently at Blakovery.  It made me wonder. Maybe the reason why these guys run has nothing to do with the mileage or the PRs. Maybe it has to do with what they learn about themselves and others when they run.  I am not too sure because #iamnotarunner.

See you at Joe Davis next Saturday, time to get uncomfortable.

27 Degrees of Separation

When the temperatures dip below freezing it usually separates the men from the boys. This morning when QIC checked his phone it was a ripe 27 degrees. With Bratwurst and the other runners recovering from a trip to Kiawah there was only 1 HC the night before. 2 PAX arrived at the fountains a few minutes before launch time and as 5:15 approached it was clear that the lure of a warm bed was greater than running 5 miles in the gloom.

The hopes of a third were dashed when the SUV coming through the parking lot was some random shopper and not Wingman. With no disclaimer and the PJ route in mind, we were off.

Up Rea Rd, left onto Williams Pond Ln and then a left onto Elm Ln. At this time we were at a 9 minute pace. There was no way one of us was keeping up as he has been struggling lately.  So at Bryant Farms “split”, one took the long way to Ardrey Kell, the other took the short way down Parks Farm Ln and both ended up at the AO for broga.

Stretching was focused on hamstring and IT band.


A Blue M&M with your Broga

8 men had their mid-week flexibility training at the Cub Scout Shack this morning in spite of being confused by the balmy 58 degree temperature. After a disclaimer we began with

BEGINNING DEVOTIONAL: Nehemiah 8:10: “The joy of the Lord is my strength.”

Don’t let the enemy steal your joy today. He’ll try. You may not even realize it until it’s too late.

From the moment your feet hit the floor, he’ll do all that he can to distract you, to overwhelm you, to frustrate you, and to stir up worry and strife. Often his ways are subtle, other times they’re clearer. It’s what he does best. Stealing. Killing. Destroying.  Don’t let him win.

We have a choice of who we listen to and what we believe. Recognize who is at the root of it all, and push past his lies; step over his traps.

God gives us the power through His Holy Spirit to live free from the entanglement of sin. He gives us the power to live strong. He gives wisdom and discernment to make the right choices. He gives joy deep inside. He offers the assurance, that no matter what we face, He is with us.

May His grace, peace, and joy cover your day. He is with you.


Warm up and then stretch.  Parts we loosened up: hamstring, IT band, calves, front of quads, inner thigh/groin area and lower back. Used various broga moves and traditional stretches, some with a prop.


Dear God, at the start of each day, help us to recognize you above all else. Enlighten the eyes of our heart that we might see you, and notice how you’re at work through our lives. Give us wisdom to make the best choices, fill us with a desire to seek after you more than anything else in this world. Let your Spirit and power breathe in us, through us, again, fresh and new. Thank you that you are greater than anything we may face in our day. Thank you that your presence goes with us, and that your joy is never dependent on our circumstances, but it is our true and lasting strength, no matter what we’re up against. We ask that your peace lead us, that it would guard our hearts and minds in you. We ask for your grace to cover our lives this day. We love you Lord…we need you. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Last night I posted a suggestion on Slack to warm up for about 15 minutes prior to posting at Gumby in order to  maximize stretching time.  Arena, Tweetise and Madison did a pre-run. Swiss Miss brought his kettle bell. YHC was discouraged by the rain in Ballantyne only to find out it was dry in Matthews and did not take part. We do say it is merely a suggestion.

About half way thru Broga I noticed a blue M&M near my mat.  Much to my surprise, no one was claiming the candy.  In spite of my hunger, I refrained from snacking as I did not have enough to share. As far as I know, the candy remains at the AO, unless Chopper picked it up for the ride home.


Next week at Gumby: a real Broga workout led by Swiss Miss-he was inspired by something on youtube.

A new Area 51/Union County workout on Thursday at 5:15. It is run/bootcamp style (think Fast Twitch) launch from Socrates Academy, 3909 Weddington Rd, Matthews, NC  at 05:15.

Thank you Tweetsie for taking us out.