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Take It To The Limit – Tartarus Beast

YHC tried to inspire Chelms to post using the 1975 Eagles tune, Take It To The Limit.  Great song by an awesome band.  More on that later.  Anyways, he didn’t post.  Something about being old and tired and needing some rest.  15 other guys did post, including my bro from Mt Island Lake, Slow Roll, and Titan.  Spackler and Radar were maybe’s, but, alas, neither posted.  Some good chit chat in the few minutes before we took off.  Disclaimer given and off we went at 0530.


Mosey up Little, right on McMahon into Wells Fargo lot.  Haze kindly reminded YHC that the workout was 45 minutes in length in response to the mosey pace.  Circle up.


Merkin x 15

Mountain Climber x 10

IW x 10

5 Burpees OYO

Jump Squat x 10

Wide Merkin x 10

Heels to Heaven x 15

Flutter x 25

Mosey down 51.  Enter campus and stop at outdoor lunching tables.

Bench Set

10 Jump/Step Up

10 Dips

10 Derkins

3 Repetitions

Plank-o-rama: RAH/RLH/Hold/Swap/Low Plank/Alternating Leg Lifts x 10 IC/Regular/Elbows/RLH/LLH

Mosey down to Tartarus.  For those new PAX, in Greek mythology, Tartarus is the deep abyss that is used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and as a prison for the Titans.  YHC didn’t name it, but it seems fitting for our next set, and we had a #Titan amongst our group.

People’s Chair while set was explained.

Tartarus Beast

Start at bottom of Stairwell 1.  Ascend to level 4.  6 x called exercise.  Run to Stairwell 2 on level 4.  6 x called exercise.  Run to Stairwell 3.  6 x called.  Descend 3 to ground.  6 x called.  Run to Stairwell 2.  6 x called.  Run to stairwell 1.  6 x called.  6 repetitions.

  1. Burpees
  2. Knee Slap Jump Squats
  3. Donkey Kicks
  4. Merkins
  5. CDDs
  6. Diamond Merkin (called by Titan)

We mixed in some Mary between 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 to get the heart rates in check.  Finished up with some Mary: High Flutter x 25 IC/Boxcutter x 15 IC called by Slow Roll.



YHC had not Q’d a workout since June 20.  That’s a long time.  Was off for 6 weeks and did some travels.  Had to buy fishing licenses in MI, OH, NY, NC, SC, GA.  Drove a total of 6100 miles.  Not a bad 6 weeks.  Negative impact on posting F3 workouts so this week has been rough getting back in the groove.  So glad to be back out, leading Centurion, and spending time with my F3 brothers, and, today, with my bio twin bro, Slow Roll, who has taken the red pill.  He is leading workouts at Mountain Island, where he lives, and getting in great shape.  He was pushing hard to chase Titan, who was up front on the Beast.  It was only his 5th post this week, so he had plenty left in the tank.  Pro snuck in a W on one of the reps and was close for most.  GOOD WORK PRO!  Haze and Snuka were up there too.  The rest of the crew was just behind the front-runners, grouped up pretty good.  The bottleneck at Stairwell 1 dictated where the PAX were in the group, to a degree.  Great to meet Dr. Belding, Spanx, and Dangerfield.  Strong work men.  Always good to hang with Champagne, Brushback, Marconi, Shrinkwrap, who all slayed the Tartarus Beast.  One question lingers, did Utah refusenik all the burpees?

Amazing how much better I feel this morning than last, when I did not post.  Broadly stated, F3 makes my life better, and I am thankful for it.  Thanks for coming out today, men.  It is always an honor to lead.  Everyone have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.  Take some time to help someone who needs it.

Never heard Take it to the Limit by the Eagles?  Check it out HERE


CSAUP ALERT: VAGABOND.  Check out this awesome trailer, by Tuck, HERE

BRR next weekend.  You could still probably fill an injury spot.

Area 51 Nantan and Board Seat Changes

The current Area 51 Board has been sitting for a little over 2 years.  Time for some changes.

YHC is peeling off as Nantan.

Alf is your Area 51 Nantan.

No need for YHC to explain this one.  Alf has been leading in Area 51 for five years.  T-claps to him for stepping up after being 1F Q through the last board cycle.

1F Q is in progress of being filled.

2F Q is Pop Tart.  T-claps to Champagne for leadership for the last 2 years.

3F Q is Snowflake.  He stepped into the role in January when Hops peeled off.  Hops served in this role for the first and most of the second board cycle.  T-claps to Hops.

Horsehead served as weaselshaker for the last board cycle.  He has stepped away.  T-claps for his leadership with the board.

Madison has joined the board and will likely fill this role.

Hairball, Purple Haze, and Gummy were at-large positions.  They are stepping away in the “official” capacity.  Purple Haze will continue with Area 51 re-tweet for the time being and Gummy will keep the numbers.  Area 51 Twitter has tweeted 28.6K times.  Gummy has kept numbers for all Area 51 workouts.  Thanks men.

It’s been an honor to serve on the Area 51 Board.  Big thanks to those named above.  Also, big thanks to the site Q’s, who are the nuts and bolts of Area 51, and the PAX, who are our participant leaders for workouts.  This F3 thing doesn’t work unless we all step up and lead.  If you are reading this, and want to do more, talk to the above named board members or site Q’s.  You certainly don’t need permission, but we want to make sure we are doing things within the core principles of F3 and in alignment with Area 51 culture and values.  All of the initiatives we see going on in Area 51 and other regions started as one man’s idea.

See you in the gloom

Taking Requests at Anvil

Utah and YHC pulled into the launch lot and Haze was there.  He was a soft commit last night.  Something about a Q at Hydra to prepare for on Thursday.  Gave the QIC a few ideas on what he wanted to do should he post.  Noted.  10 more PAX rolled in, disclaimer given at 0530 and we launched.


Mosey through the vast parking options at Calvary.  Quick right into a full circle back to the launch lot.  Brilleaux was cruising in at 0532.  We picked him up at his car because that’s what we do.  Had YHC known it was him, may have let him catch us.  He’s fast and capable.  Continue mosey to lot above the baseball diamond.


5 Burpees OYO

IW x 10 IC

6 Burpees OYO

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

7 Burpees OYO

Merkin x 10 IC/Hold plank

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

8 Burpees OYO

Flutter x 25 IC

Mosey to Rock Pile.  9 Burpees OYO (Scabby request).  Grab a lifting rock and bring it to the closest parking lot.

Rapid Fire Rock Set 

All civilian cadence to 10.  Curls/Tri Extensions/Overhead Press.  3 reps.

10 Burpees OYO–Gummy request

Goblet Squat x 10/Thruster x 10.  Hold Rock overhead.  10 count.  Repeat.  Keep holding rock overhead.  Walk it to rock pile.  10 count.  Return rocks.

Mosey over to the Hot Box.

People’s Chair

Arms straight out.  Hold.  Shoulder Press x 50 IC.  Enter the Hot Box.

Bench Set

10 Jump/Step Up/15 Derkin/15 Heels to Heaven.  Repeato

Mosey over to lot one.  Line up.

The Beast–Haze request

Run to island 1.  6 x called exercise.  Run to island 2.  6 x called.  Island 3.  6 x called.  Island 2.  6 x called.  Island 1.  6 x called.  Launch.  6 x called.  Repeat 5 times for 6 total repetitions.

  1. Merkins
  2. Heels to Heaven–Brilleaux request
  3. Jump Squat–Haze request
  4. Monkey Humpers–Bugeater request
  5. Carolina Dry Docks–Utah request
  6. Burpees–Gummy request


6 inches.  Heels to Heaven x 10 IC/Hold/Flutter x 25/Hold/Dolly x 25/Hold/High Flutter x 10/Hold/Rosalita x 10

6 Burpees OYO

Mosey toward the launch lot.  Stop at Avenue of Trees turnaround.  6 Burpees OYO.

Continue mosey to launch lot.

7 Burpees OYO.

Plank series.  High Plank/R arm high/R leg high/Swap/Low Plank/Alternating Leg lift x 10/Low Plank Jack x 10–Haze request



Couple of the A51 board guys had a beer last night.  Alf and Champagne taking Wednesday as a designated sleep-in day.  Haze was on the fence.  Asking YHC what was planned.  Figuring he needed rest for his Hydra Q.  Said something about the Beast and a maybe for Anvil.  Gummy stayed silent.  Veteran move when you are a Voodoo Commit.  Turns out, Haze was 1st to arrive.  Gummy posted also.  Glad to see them both, and, sure, we can do some of the stuff previously discussed.  High on the list were the Beast and Haze’s favorite, Low Plank Jacks.

Took off on the mosey and we see an unidentifiable car rolling in late.  Quick turnaround to pick up Brilleaux.  Like YHC said above, he would have caught us, but we needed to scoop him up.  He jumped out of the car and was ready to go.

Bugeater’s clown Jeep had an empty backseat.  He managed to haul Leprechaun in with him.  Well done.  They both worked hard, as usual.  Bug accessed the reserve tank on Beast rep 5 to finish with Rachel.  Dude is getting after it and back in form.  He may or may not have been too aggressive on the rock choice.

Rachel and Brilleaux were pushing the pace on the Beast reps.  Utah refusenik’d the majority of the burpees.  He does not like them, apparently.  Snuka has some weird form on Dolly and Rosalita.  He gets after it though, and pushed hard on the Beast.

Scabby drove in.  YHC thought he sold his car and was running everywhere in training for his 95th marathon, at Grandfather Mountain (sounds flat and easy),  followed by a few ultras, just for fun, in the coming months.

We did 100 Burpees should you need to log that into the exercise journal.

Hammer was getting after it, even though he was, admittedly, feeling the effects of the 107 minutes of Fast Twitch provided via Alf yesterday.  Deep Dish and Slum Dog putting in the work.  Well done men.  Appreciate all the requests, it makes the Q’s job that much easier.  T-claps for the prayer takeout from Hannibal.

YHC is DR for a good chunk of the month.  Yesterday was 1st post in 10 days.  It hurt.  So did today.  Always an honor and a pleasure to lead men in F3 workouts.  Solid start to get the day started.  Get after it.


The Sandbox is an initiative that helps those in need in the community.  Soft Pretzel is the man to reach out to if you can spare some time to help a family in need.  Might be work around their house they can’t complete due to having a sick child in the hospital, as an example.  A group recently laid down a paver patio.  Best place to get info is on Slack.  I can get you going on that if you want to get involved.

Church on the Street.  A51 sends 5 volunteers a month to help out with COTS.  Strawberry is your contact.  The commitment is a few hours.  You will be helping to feed people who are hungry beneath a bridge near uptown.  Older 2.0’s welcome.  I can connect you with Strawberry if you are not on Slack/Twitter.  Hit me at


Death Valley Field Trip

Solid crew of 15 arrived for the weekly installment of Death Valley.  Pleasantries exchanged for a few minutes prior to the disclaimer.  Funky Cold and Hammy pulled in with just enough time to get out and join the mosey.  Off we went.


Mosey out through the parking lots.  Left on Strawberry, left into the daycare center.  Circle up.


Imperial Walker x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Alternating Hip Slaps x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Mosey back out to Strawberry, left on 51, continue mosey down to Davie Park.  Down the hill to the left toward the playground lot.

High Plank/Low Plank/RLH/LLH

Instructions given while in plank.

A to B Repeats

A=Playground: 10 Pull Ups/15 Knee Slap Jump Squats

B=Gate up the hill: 10 Hand-Release Burpees

3 Repetitions


Feet at 6 inches between exercises.  All IC

LBC x 10/Dolly x 10/Heels to Heaven x 10/High Flutter/Recover to High Plank/Merkin x 10 IC

AYG to 51 from playground.

People’s Chair

Mosey back to launch lot.  PAX given go-ahead to open it up as they see fit.  Several did.

Mary to regroup.

People’s Chair against the school wall.  Alternating Leg Lifts x 20 IC.  RLH/10count/LLH/10 count

Pole-to-Pole Sprints

Line up at light pole closest to Semi’s office.  Complete called exercise.  AYG to far light pole.  Same with return.

  1. 5 Burpees
  2. 15 Heels to Heaven
  3. 15 Merkins
  4. 15 Jump Squats
  5. Short Rest
  6. Short Rest

Plank-o-rama:   High Plank Jack x 10/Merkin x 5 IC/Low Plank Jack x 10 IC/5 Merkin IC

5 Minutes of Mary

Keep feet up at 6 inches between exercises for all 5 minutes

6 inches/LLH/Hold/RLH/Hold/LL out/Hold/RL out/Hold/Protractor/LBC x 10 IC/Flutter x 30 IC/Dolly x 20 IC/Heels to Heaven x 10 IC

Flip over to High Plank.  Merkin x 10 IC



YHC’s 5th Q in June.  3rd in last 4 posts.  DR for much of July so wanted to do my part in June.  Always enjoy leading the PAX and appreciate the invite from Dollywood, who was noticeably absent this morning.  Missed him out there.  The other site Q, Smokey was there.  Got to work out with him yesterday at Hawk’s Nest too.  Good stuff.  Even better was his arrival in the 15-passenger van.  He needs that for the good work he does as a youth pastor.  Told me yesterday he recently took a group out for 50 miles on the AT.  Also, good stuff.  Van immediately invoked BRR chatter.

Notes from the field:

Great to see Chin Music, been too long.  Solid showing

Was hoping Spackler would post, a good workout needs good mumblechatter

Utah told me he almost spilled merlot on the sprints.  He held it back.  Didn’t want to give YHC that satisfaction.  Makes you feel any better, YHC felt like spilling as well.  Tough weather

Purell brought his smoke boots for the sprints.  Tulip, also fast, asked, “Hey, did you run track Purell?”  Why yes, yes he did.

Rachel threw down some speed on the sprints, to no one’s suprise

Smokey, Funky Cold, and Hammy pushed on all parts, including sprints

Puddin Pops passed on the “Choose your own adventure” option to do a timed 1 mile run or the 5MOM.  Said he needed to work on his stomach.  Spackler says he will simply outline a 6-pack on his belly using SPF 50.  Good plan

Puddin also was flatulence-free today.  Said it has been a few workouts that way.  Reprieve is nice for the PAX.  Certainly will return, if YHC had to guess.  Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior

Geraldo, Deep Dish, and Jet Fuel pushed on all of that one.  Well done men

Lastly, Haze complained about the Low Plank Jacks.  Again, that thing about past behavior, future behavior.  Don’t think he likes his beard hitting the ground, or something like that.  Anyway, those were for you, brother.  Will look into some plank variants that you make like more.  Next time.  Solid work today

T-claps to Smokey for the takeout prayer


7/4-American 4-miler.  Convergence workout in South Park will allow for double-down with the run.  1-year anniversary of Speed for Need.  If you are in town, get out and support.




Short Arm Advantage

Drove in past the Gladiators in front of Whole Foods.  Arrived at Viva Chicken along with 7 other PAX.  Disclaimer given and off we go.


Mosey to the end of Ardey Kell and hang a right onto Matthews Farm Lane.  Continue to the roundabout.  Circle up.


All done in whisper cadence

Merkin x 15

Mountain Climber x 10

Peter Parker x 10

IW x 10

Modified Triple Nickel

Start at Matthews Farm turnabout.  5 Heels to Heaven.  AYG to Ardrey Kell turnabout.  5 Hand Release Burpees.  5 Reps

Modified: 10 Merkins at midpoint each way.  100 Merkin total.

10 Romanian Dead Lifts each side.

Mosey up Matthews Farm.  Left on Ardrey Kell.  Over to the parking deck.  Up Stairs to top level.

Burp & Merk

Burpee with 1 merkin.  Burpee with 2 merkin.  3, 4….up to 10.


LBC x 10 IC/Flutter x 50 IC/Hold 6 inches

High Plank/Right Arm Forward-Left Leg High/Swap/Low Plank/Alternating Leg Lift x 20 IC/Merkin x 10 IC

People’s Chair

Right Leg High/10 Count/Left Leg High/10 Count

Down Stairs to ground level

One Level Sprints

Line up at bottom of the ramps.  Each sprint started with plank hold or mary

  1. Low Plank/Right Leg High
  2. High Plank/Right Arm High/Right Leg High
  3. LBC x 17 IC
  4. Heels to Heaven x 10 IC

Plank at top.  Merkin x 10 IC

Down stairs to ground level.  Mosey over to launch lot.


Heels to Heaven x 25 IC

Wide Merkin x 10 IC



YHC was site FNG today.  Been to the Carolina Ale House once, but failed to do any recon on that occasion.  Can say that the Ale House has a large beer selection and is worthy of a visit.  Tried to Google Earth Waverly yesterday.  The image was at least 6 months old, probably more.  Alf was kind enough to send me an interactive map of Waverly that was much better.  Thanks for that.

Speaking of Alf, today marked 5 years of F3 for him.  Well done, my friend.  5 years of leadership in Area 51.  And, out front on the main set today.  Threw in the merkins so you could take advantage of the short arm advantage.  We got a bunch in today.

Pop Tart says you must be a swimmer to do 50 Flutters.  Some groaning with one of the plank series.  Several went to failure.  Important to push yourself to failure sometimes.  Gotta see what you can do.

Doc was right behind Alf on the main set.  Group pushed hard and finished up together.  Strong crew out there today.

Nice to meet No Regerts.  His M is opening a bakery in the same shopping center as his tattoo shop in Matthews.

Good to see Squid and Cold Cuts.  Been a while.  Strong work today.

Hung around for a while after the workout talking with Alf and OT.  Man, OT owns 5 cars.  We got into some car stories.  The Lexus he was driving has 220K miles and damn near exploded not too long ago.  His son was jumping another car and crossed the cables.  He was using the old school cables that are not connected together like the ones you buy today.  Melted a hole in the bumper cover on the Lexus.  Looks like a battle scar.

Appreciate the invite to lead at Cerberus.  Thankful to have the time to get out there as it is a bit further than I usually go.  Solid AO with plenty of options.


7/4 American 4-Miler.  1-year anniversary of Speed for Need.  Register, run, support, push

The Sandbox: Patio project Saturday in Ballantyne.  They need help.  Check the Slack channel or hit up Soft Pretzel

The Anvil Mile

17 men, including YHC, sweated through our greetings in the launch lot for a few minutes.  Even the disclaimer made YHC sweat.  It was given and we took off.


1/3 mile mosey at a brisk pace, at least according to Gummy.  Circle up.


Merkin x 10 IC

MC x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Wide Merkin x 10 IC

Squat x 10 IC

Mosey to Champs Field Pavilion

Anvil Mile

4 stops around campus with finish where we started, at pavilion

Pavilion Bench Set: 10 Step Up/10 Dip/10 Derkin

Run to the top of Entrance 2: 15 Jump Squat

Run to the sign at the top of North Face at Entrance 3 thoroughfare: 5 Hand-Release Burpees

Run to the top of Entrance 4: 15 Carolina Dry Docks

Run back to Pavilion.  1st round done together with the group.

People’s Chair: RLH/LLH/Hold

High Plank

Civilian Cadence Merkin Set (all to 10): Regular/Offset Right/Offset Left/Diamond/Wide

Repeat Anvil Mile: AYG

Mary at finish: Flutter x 20 IC/Heels to Heaven x 10 IC/Hold/High Flutter/Hold/Rosalita

Mosey across campus and descend hill to base of North Face.

Round 1: 5 Burpees at the bottom.  AYG up hill.  5 Burpees.  Plank series

Round 2: 20 Jump Squat at the bottom.  AYG up hill.  20 Merkin.  Plank series at top.

Mosey to launch lot.

Mary: LBC x 10 IC/Freddie Mercury x 20 IC (called by Purple Haze)/High Plank/RAH/RLH/Swap/R A out/LLH/Swap/Low Plank/Low Plank Jack x 10 IC.  A few 10 Counts called by the PAX mixed in.



My brother, Slow Roll, has come to A51 from Mountain Island a few times.  6/8 Centurion and this morning.  YHC on Q for both.  He called both times.  6/8 it was 4:52, 3 minutes before my phone alarm.  Good thing.  YHC failed to set said phone alarm and would have slept right through it.  Never done that before.  Today, call comes in at 5:12.  Must have turned the alarm off at 4:55, rather than the snooze.  Would have slept through today as well.  Thanks, brother.  Glad to have you out with us and keep up the strong work.

Anvil Mile was actually the loop we ran for the Sixfold Challenge a ways back for Fast Twitch.  6 x 1.1 miles with the exercises in 60 minutes.  If memory serves, 4 of the 20 or so did all 6.  We cut off about 1/10 mile to make it pretty close to a mile.

Top 6:





Uncle Phil


Honorable Mentions: Haze’s beard because he must have been 10 degrees hotter than the rest of us with that.

Strong work by all the PAX to push through that workout.  Conditions were absolutely brutal.

Kotters to Cottonmouth.  Been a long time since YHC has seen him.  And a Respect now.  Strong work out there.

Other Respects, Shoe and Snuka, pushing hard out there as usual.  Hammer crushed it until he had to be the first out.  Semi joined us, always good to see him.

Gummy started the mumblechatter out of the gate, commenting on the pace of the mosey.  Glad he did, YHC has a problem with starting fast.  Last Fast Twitch Q it hit YHC hard on the back end.

I think at least 25% of our PAX today are CPA’s.  Not sure where to go with that one.  Helpful should audit services be needed.

Always a pleasure to lead the Anvil PAX.  Well done today men.


Serve: The Sandbox is a service opportunity that is ongoing.  Provides help to local families who need it, from yard work to moving services.  This Saturday there is an opportunity to help.  Check the Sandbox Slack channel or reach out to Soft Pretzel or Transporter for details.



DMZ 5-Year Workout

Only a few in the parking lot upon arrival.  Aquafresh firmly planted the shovel flag.  Great to see Old Glory flying as all of our 37 made their way to the DMZ AO for a celebration of 5 years in operation.  YHC asked the M a month or so ago if it was OK to take her Monday and explained why the request was made.  She typically is great about relinquishing a FIA workout if YHC has to lead.  This one slipped her mind and negotiations ensued.  Wednesday was conceded.  Disclaimer was given, though most didn’t hear it due to significant chatter.  Off we go.


Mermaid Q

Mosey around Church at Charlotte building.  Circle up in lot adjacent to launch lot.


SSH x 10 IC

Imperial Walker x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Low Plank Jack x 10IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Very short mosey in the parking lot.  Launch point designated at the crate myrtle at the top of the lot near Carmel Road entrance.

Target point is the Exit sign at the bottom of the parking lot.

5 Pack

Run down parking lot.  Stop at 1st tree.  5 Hand-Release Burpees.  Run to Target.  15 Heels to Heaven.  Run back to 1st tree.  5 Hand-Release Burpees.  Run to Launch.  15 Merkin.  Repeato OYO x 4 for 5 total reps.  50 Hand-Release Burpees, 75 Merkins, 75 Heels to Heaven.

Mary to regroup.  Dredd led a few exercises then handed Q back to YHC.  Keep feet at 6 inches between exercises.  Flutter x 25 IC, LBC x 15 IC, Rosalita x 15 IC.  25 minutes in and time to hand over the Q.

Fishwrap Q

Mosey down the parking lot and over to Carmel Road Park football field.  Partner up.

AYG 100 yards.  Wheelbarrow back.  All the way back, if you can.  Most could not.


AYG 100 yards.  Bear Crawl back.  Q called exercise at his discretion during the Bear Crawl.

10 Squats

AYG 100 yards.

10 Squats

AYG 100 yards.

Merkin x 10 IC

AYG 100 yards

Continue through the park back to the launch lot.



As noted up top, Mondays are reserved for the M’s FIA workout.  Hadn’t posted DMZ in a long time.  Appreciate the invite to co-Q this workout from Aquafresh current site-Q.  Glad to split with Fishwrap, former Metro Nantan.  Speaking of Fish, he asked me to take the backblast.  Probably  because DMZ is officially an A51 workout.  Gotta say, slightly disappointed I don’t get to read one of his masterpieces.

Bushwood was the lone pre-runner and a former site-Q at DMZ.  Ducked into his house at about 4.5 for hot minute.  Convenient to have that option.

Skywalker, another former site Q, posted.  Always good to see him out with the PAX.

Hops, yet another former site Q, took us out in prayer.  T-claps Hops.  We keep praying for Bout Time’s son, Jennings, in his battle with cancer, and for Utah’s family, in the wake of his father’s passing last week.

One Eye, current DMZ site Q, posted and put in the work, same as usual.

Appreciate the leadership of the aforementioned at DMZ over 5 years, and Fishwrap, site FNG at DMZ, for his leadership today.  It takes some work to keep a site strong for 5 years.  That work does not go unnoticed.  T-claps men.

Some famous F3 PAX with the group today.  Crotch Rocket is blowing up the Nation, planting cities.  He rattled off several in announcements.  The man is working hard to give this away.  There are opportunities to help.  Hit him up.

Checkpoint crushed the workout.  That’s what he does.  There were several others in the lead group.  With that many PAX it was hard to take notes.

One of the front-runners was Dredd.  He pushes hard, at everything.  Glad to see him today.  YHC will share a little of our post-workout conversation.

Somehow, we got to talking about bees.  A few years back, YHC had a honeybee infestation at the casa.  Estimates had 10,000 bees living in my soffit at the apex of my roof, AKA, the highest point.  The bees “bearded” in the late afternoon.  What’s bearding some may ask?  Bees are remarkable insects.  They must keep the place they live in a certain temperature range.  To do that, a large contingent would spill out of the soffit and just hang there, allowing viewers a peak at a massive ball of bees.  YHC called three different exterminators.  Two wouldn’t touch it.  At that time, honeybees were protected.  One merry group of 3 exterminators showed up and took a vacuum and sucked out several hundred.  The ringleader was certain he got the queen, which was necessary for the rest to leave.  Alas, he did not, and did not answer subsequent phone calls.  Through the Twitter machine, YHC got connected with Strummer and Mighty Wind, both of whom showed up to investigate.  Mighty Wind said he could get scaffolding and the two were willing to “help” YHC with removal.  Slaughter kindly donated the use of enough scaffolding to get to the apex of the roof.  I had never met any of these men.  Mighty Wind recruited a non-F3 novice beekeeper friend and the two of them showed up on a Sunday to get to work.  Strummer was busy that day.  They worked for several hours to take apart the soffit and remove the vast majority of the bees.  They got the queen and Mightly Wind tried to recolonize the bees.  They did not make it.  My connection to F3 allowed all of this to happen and got me out of a serious bind.  Just an example of the men we run alongside each morning and what they do for others.

Thankful for F3 and all the men working hard to sustain it and grow it.

Dredd also told YHC that honeybees are not protected any longer as the numbers are back up.  Also, roughly 70% of our food requires pollination on some level.  FYI.

Back to it.  Enjoyed this morning and this group.  Well done men.



Hit up Crotch Rocket if you are interested in helping with the massive LEAP efforts underway right now.



Centurion: 06/08/2018

21 men showed up for this week’s installment of Centurion, including 2 FNGs and my twin brother, Slow Roll, site FNG.  Thorough disclaimer that Purple Haze would have been proud of, was given.  Off we went.

Mosey counterclockwise around the football field to Stairwell 2.  Up to level 4


IW x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Squat x 10 IC

SSH x 10 IC

Down Stairwell 1 and up through Chipotle lot across 51 and continue mosey to Palatine Hill.  Far end of the parking lot.  Chair plank to regroup.

Palatine Repeats

Called exercise.  AYG to top of Palatine.  Called exercise.  AYG back.

  1. 5 H-R Burpees/20 merkins
  2. 5 Knee Slap Burpees/20 Carolina Dry Docks
  3. 5 Double Merkin Burpees/15 Heels to Heaven

Plank series between each round with all the favorites.  Mary when done.  Several exercises.  Feet up for all.

AYG up and over Palatine.  10 Burpees OYO.  Chair plank.

Mosey back toward the shopping center.  Stop at 1st entrance.  Smurf Jack x 10 IC.  Continue to cross walk and back to campus.

Enter Tartarus on level 1.  Line up abreast.

Plank Start Sprints

Low Plank/Right Leg high/Swap-AYG up full level ramp.  Plank at top.

Mosey up a half ramp.

Elbow plank.  AYG up a full level.

Mary at level 4.  Down Stairwell 2.  Over and up Stairwell 1.  AYG to Stairwell 3.

Plank series with 15 Merkin IC to close it.

Down Stairwell 3.

AYG back to launch.

Mary to close: Rosalita x 20 IC.  Flutter x 55 IC (for Shoe’s bday last week).  30 seconds of burpees to run out the clock.



Apologies today men, pressed for time.  Solid work by all.  Rachel and Lorax were going head-to-head for most of the workout.  Uncle Rico has some fast twitch for sure.

Good work Pro.  Runstopper and No Show pushing hard.  Uncle Phil getting work done and running in and back.

Both site-Q’s posted.  What?

Shoe and Chelms with some good chatter and solid work put in.

Finally got my twin bro, Slow Roll, to post A51.  Thankful he could make it and solid effort on his part.

Kotters to Brushback.  Always good to see him amongst the PAX.

Welcome to FNG Yao, brought by Champagne.  Dude is tall.  Great job out there today.  See you soon.

Welcome to FNG Scrum, brought by Drago.  Well done young man.  Way to push through that one.

T-claps to Champagne for the takeout prayer.


Pool party in Waxhaw hosted by Transporter/UCo/SOB.  Check Slack for sign-up.  Tonight at 7:30.  Families welcome.

LLS Dinner.  6/13.  Bout Time’s M, Lauren, is guest speaker.  Cooter 2 is your contact for a link.

1st Tee.  Chelms coordinating a 1st Tee with several days over the summer.  Has coaches, but could use a few more volunteers.  Hit him up if you can help.



Rain…Please, Rain

Haze told Snowflake it felt like YHC was on Q every other week at Anvil.  Actually been just shy of 4 months since last Q 01/17/2018.  McGee asked for a good disclaimer, YHC obliged, or at least tried.  Bugeater clown car pulled in at 0530 as we were beginning our mosey.  Perfectly timed arrival.  Off we went.


0.42 mile mosey to first lot between Ent 1 and Ent 2.  Circle up.


IW x 10 IC

Hillbillies x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Plank Jack x 10 IC

Mosey over to Ent 2 Rock Pile.  Grab lifting rock.  Bring rock to Ent 2 side of lot we did COP.

Rock Set

10 Curls/10 Tri Extensions/10 Overhead Press

Main Event

Complete Rock Set.  AYG to Hotbox with stop halfway for 5 Burpees.  Continue to Hotbox.

Bench Set

10 Step Up/10 Dip/10 Derkin.

AYG back with 5 Burpees at midpoint.

Repeat x 4 for 5 Repetitions.

Rachel and Purell went back for six.  YHC led some Mary IC.

LBC x 15 IC/6 inches/Rosalita x 10/Hold/Flutter x 10/American Hammer x 10

High Plank/RAH/RLH/10 count/Swap/10 Count/Low Plank/RLH/10 count/LLH/10 count.  Recover.

Return rocks.  Complete curls/presses on the way to the rock pile.

SSH x 15 IC to regroup.

Mosey to Avenue of Trees.

10 Trees on the Avenue.  Run to 1st tree.  5 Merkin.  2nd.  10 Jump Squat.  Alternate to the end of the Avenue.  Mosey back.

Chair Plank with 20 Air Press IC to regroup.

Mosey back to launch.



Took YHC a moment to figure out what the beeping noise was at 0458.  Sleep was that good last night.  Doubled down with Hawk’s Nest and an evening Ruck during my daughter’s swim practice.  Both at Latin.  Made for a good night’s sleep.  Shook off the cobwebs and rolled out to Anvil.  So did another 19 men.

Purell, Rachel, and McGee were out front on the long Main Event set.  McGee faded slightly, but still a strong effort.  Brilleaux was moving, along with Runstopper.  Ickey Shuffle did zero (0) Burpees.  Dude is taking his Burpee Free May seriously.  Protip: you can’t believe everything you read on the inner webs.  BFM is a load of garbage.

Haze offered some form critique on the Rosalitas.  YHC called for them at 45 degrees.  Haze swears they must be done at 90.  Q has discretion in these matters.  Modify as necessary.  Champagne was quiet on the form today and pushing hard, like the rest of our crew.  Mickey had on his brown leather boots.  Those things made my feet, ankles, knees, and even toes hurt each time I saw them.  Strong work from Mickey today.  Kotters to Deep Dish.  Glad to see him out at Anvil.  T-claps to Snowflake for run in/run out.  Margo texted last night asking if he should expect to get wet.  With the rain and all, there was a chance, but it held off.  Would have been real nice for some rain at about round 4 of the Main Event.  71 and 94% humidity makes for some sweat and general discomfort when spending time in the pain cave.  But hey, that’s why we get out of bed and do this, right?  Well done by all the men today.  A pleasure to lead the group at Anvil.


05/26/2018: A51 Memorial Day Convergence at Rock Zero.  0700

05/28/2018: F3 Convergence/Patriot Day Run with Speed for Need (5K) pushing 8 US vets.  Symphony Park.  Converge, run 5K, support, or any combination.

Pray for Jennings Palmer for continued healing and return of his appetite.  Bone Marrow has taken hold.

Pray for Utah’s father.  He is in ICU at CMC Main.

Prayer Update for Bout Time’s son Jennings

Men, it is National Day of Prayer day.  Thanks for all of the prayers thus far for Jennings, 3 year old son of our brother, Bout Time.  Please continue to pray for Jennings and the Palmer family.  Specifically, prayers are needed around the following:

Jennings has an ANC of 100 as of this morning (5/1/18). This is a sign of engraftment! While it will be a process and take some time, this is a very good sign. It also comes with increased pain and other things. He needs to have an ANC of 500 for 3 consecutive days to be considered engrafted. Some things to pray for this week:

*that we can continue to keep Jennings as comfortable as possible until the cells come in and start to heal what chemo hurt

*that engraftment would continue and come without complication

*that the GVL (graft versus leukemia) effect would be strong and keep all Leukemia cells away now and forever

*for Jennings’ strength, energy, joy and appetite to return quickly after engraftment

*will you also pray that he will eat well after engraftment and that we won’t have a lot of issues motivating him to do so? Before transplant and NG tube- eating was never his favorite activity. But it’s an essential part of his body recovering and continuing to grow. We need him to be motivated to eat food. He hasn’t had to since he has had the NG tube and we want that out as soon as we can take it out.

You can follow Jennings progress on Facebook at ALL IN for Jennings.  The family is so thankful for all of the support.