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The Boot Loop

Solid crew of 13 posted in what were expected to be nasty conditions.  Not the case, the weather could not have been more comfortable.  Light rain at times with some light wind to cool us down.  58 and rain is about as good as it gets.  Disclaimer provided to the pax and included the fact that the QIC has not done any real running aside from bootcamps in several months.  Circled up where we stood.



SSH x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Sub-8 mosey down Raintree Lane.  Left on Whitethorn.  Continue to corner of Whitethorne and 4 Mile Creek.

Circle back for six.  Merkin x 15 IC

OYO pace from corner to Raintree/Windbluff.  Circle back for six.

Flutter x 30 IC/5 Hand-Release Burpees

OYO to Raintree/51.  Circle back for six.

Flutter x 30 IC.

OYO pace to 51/Providence.  Circle back for the six.

Can’t recall the exercise done here, but we did one.

AYG pace on Providence to Windbluff.  Short segment.

Romanian Deadlift x 10 IC Right/Left

AYG to stop light at bottom of Providence hill.

OYO pace up the hill to Raintree Lane.


Mosey through campus over to parking lot between launch and SwimMAC.

AYG sprints to close it out x 4.  Approx 80 yards.

Mosey back to launch with a few minor detours.  Still learning the campus.



Haze put me on the calendar prior to vacating site-Q duties.  Told YHC it was time to get back out to Fast Twitch.  That was in January or February.  YHC has been dealing with foot issues in 2018 and running has been put on the banned list.  Well, running several miles on paved surfaces, anyways.

How soon we (YHC) forget about the pain the hills of Raintree can inflict.  Initial mosey felt great.  The initial hill not so much.  The six mentioned above was YHC for each segment.  Appreciate the gazelles circling back.  Not sure I ran any faster, but had company.

Usuals up front.  Purell, Thin Mint, Rachel, Lorax.  Speaking of Thin Mint, glad to see him at Fast Twitch.  Mentioned that he was trying to break out of his unintentional routine that he had set in motion.  Uncle Rico, Fastro, Margo, Semi, Gummy, Fault Line all getting after it.  Well done today men.

Aside from the a## kicking YHC endured, it was great to get out to Fast Twitch again.  Been too long.  Appreciate the invite to lead.

The Strava looks like a boot, very similar to what Italy looks like on a map.


Jennings Palmer continues to fight to accept his new bone marrow cells.  Reports indicate he is doing as expected.  Please continue to pray for him and the Palmer family.  If you would like to do more, they are in need of some items on this Amazon Wish List

Beer Mile 05/11/2018.  Gummy is your man for this completely unsanctioned event.

05/11/2018: FNG Day at Cerberus.  Grab an FNG and bring him out.  Coffee to follow.  Thin Mint is your contact should you need more information.

A51 Annual Memorial Day Workout.  05/26/2018.  Details to follow.  Prohibition and Haze are the workout Q’s.  This is always a special workout.  Get it on the calendar.


Glad to pull in and see Tagalong placing the actual shovel flag firmly in the terra firma.  She was waving proudly.  A few pre-runners.  Bunker, Enron, Gumbo, Frasier, perhaps.  Dark and difficult to see across lot as they came in.  Rest of the crew arrived by vehicle.  YHC disclaimed the group and we took off.  YHC mentioned the real shovel flag, right?  That should be a thing.

Mosey past the movie theatre front doors and into the lot in front of Jersey Mike’s in the general vicinity of where Smoke used to be.  Last time YHC Q’d at Stonecrest, COP was completed with the sumptuous smell of BBQ wafting through the air.  A thing of beauty that is no more.


SSH x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

Smurf Jack x 10 IC

Imperial Squat Walker x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Mosey up to Elm.  Hang a right, then a left on Elmstone, aka, Murderhorn.  Continue mosey to Elmstone Park rock pile.  Grab the biggest lifting rock you can handle.

Rock Set

Civilian cadence.  Curl x 10/Overhead Press x 10/Tri Ext x 10/Curl x 10/Overhead Press x 10/Tri Ext x 10/Rockee x 10 OYO

AYG up Murderhorn to 2nd street light on the right.  Mosey back.

Rock Set

Curl x 10/OH Press x 10/Tri Ext x 10/Repeat/10 Rockees OYO

AYG to 1st street light and back to rocks.

Rock Mary 

Rock stays pressed above chest.  Feet stay up.

Flutter x 10 IC/Dolly x 10 IC/LBC x 10 IC/Chest Press x 10 IC/Hold/5 Rockees OYO

Mosey up Murderhorn.  Stop at each street light and complete 10 Merkin OYO.  Stop at Thorncrest.

Plank-o-rama.  RAH/RLH/10 Count/Flapjack/6 inches/RLH/10 Count/Flapjack/10 Count.

Rosebriar Loops

AYG Clockwise around Rosebriar.  Stop at each of 3 islands.

Loop 1- 5 Hand-Release Burpees

Loop 2- 10 Heels to Heaven

Burpees to wait for the six.

Mosey across Elm to Launch Lot.  Circle up.


Freddie Mercury x 10 IC.  Hold 6 inches.

Flutter x 50 IC.  Hold.

Dolly x 30 IC.  Flip over to High Plank.

Merkin x 10 IC.

Alternating Shoulder Taps x 10

Alternating Rib Shots x 10

Alternating Hip Slaps x 10



Right out of the gate in the initial mosey, Haze started providing motivating chatter (aka, Talking Smack) to Frasier.  Haze was out in front of Frasier and seemed to think he could stay there throughout the workout.  Very bold statement, IMO, but, Haze has been crushing the runs lately.  He is in good shape and regularly out front.  The head to head competition played out like this, to the best of my memory:

Mosey to COP: Frasier

1st AYG to 2nd Stop Light from Rocks and back: Haze

2nd AYG to 1st Stop Light from Rocks and back: Haze, by a horsehair with Frasier closing fast.

Merkin Mosey up Murderhorn: Tie

1st Rosebriar loop: Frasier

2nd Rosebriar Loop: Frasier

Mosey back to launch: Haze

Todays’s champ: Haze

YHC appreciates the motivating chatter this morning.  This is why we get up in the morning, and, why we get better.  You get faster by running with faster men.  Encourage the guy next to you.  Better yet, challenge him.  Disclaimer: above results unofficial and subject to audit by any and all pax present.

Wingman showed some fast twitch on the AYG runs and up Murderhorn.  No Show and Bunker as well.  Group stayed together for the most part.  Glad to meet Zekeface.  He had to explain the name.  Now I get it.  Strong work out there today men.  Thanks for the invitation to Q a fine group of hard-working men.


Camping at Cane Creek.  F3 Dads.  Friday and Saturday nights this week.  See camping channel in Slack or hit up Frasier for details.  We have 3 campsites reserved.

Day Zero: Song, Scripture, and Prayer for Jennings Palmer.  04/19/2018 at 7:30 at RTS Charlotte Chapel.  2101 Carmel Road.  All are welcome.  Jennings is receiving a bone marrow transplant to help treat his leukemia.



Half Decade

YHC picked up Cane and Utah.  1st time we got the neighborhood crew back together in about a year.  Clown car over to campus and were the 1st to arrive.  Utah made a smart comment about the Q really drawing out the big numbers.  Alas, cars began pulling in.  Titan pulled in ready to roll, same as 5 years prior when he met YHC for 1st F3 workout on this very campus.  Cane was there.  Thorough disclaimer provided to the pax and off we went.  VSF proudly flying.


Mosey through campus past the main building and north on 51 to Wells Fargo parking lot to circle up.


IW x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Merkin x 5 IC-hold

Wide Merkin x 5 IC-hold

Diamond Merkin x 5-hold

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Mosey south on 51 into campus to Tartarus (deck) and ascend stairwell 1 to level 4.  Plank series.

Burp and Merk

10 Burpees.  Burpee 1 with 1 merkin.  Burpee 2 with 2 merkin.  Up to 10 merkin.  People’s Chair.

Double Redemption Loop

Stairwell 1 Level 4.  10 Knee-Slap Jump Squat.  Descend to ground level.  5 H-R Burpees.  AYG clockwise around football field.  Stop at scoreboard.  5 H-R Burpees.  Continue on to Cougar entrance.  20 Merkin.  Bear Crawl to cross walk.  AYG up ramps to Stairwell 1 Level 4.  Repeat


Legs up for all.  IC.  Flutter x 10/High Flutter x 10/Heels to Heaven x 10/Few more exercises

Descend Stairwell 1 to ground.  Plank

Triple Nickel 

5 Knee-Slap Jump Squats.  Up Stairwell 1 to Level 4 and over to Stairwell 2.  5 Donkey Kicks.  Down Stairwell 2 to ground and over to Stairwell 1.  Repeat x 4 for 5 reps.


Right Arm High-Left Leg High-10 count

Flapjack with 10 count.

6 inches.  Right Leg High-10 Count

Flapjack.  10 count.

6 inches.  Right Leg High.  10 Count

Flapjack.  10 count.

Elbows.  Right Arm High.  10 Count

Flapjack.  10 Count

Merkin x 10 IC.

AYG to launch lot.

Flutter x 50 IC



21 men put in work today.  Well done.  Rachel and Purell were out front with Brilleaux, Haze, and Titan close behind.  We covered 2.5 miles and got plenty of stairs and ramps.  Some mary and core and a little bit of legs.

Kotters to Titan, who EH’d YHC, and is now back in the gloom.  Great to see him today.  Always pushes hard.

Kotters to Cane, who YHC EH’d to go to the 1st post 5 years ago.  A medical issue has kept him away from the gloom so it was great to have him back out today.  Strong work.

Kotters to Red Rocks.  Brushback had a hand in his posting today.  Well done and thanks for the long-arm picture for #allinforjennings.  Speaking of that, Hops brought bracelets in Clemson orange.  On each bracelet, the hastag in the previous sentence is on there twice, as is Exodus 14:14.  The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.  Jennings, F3 Bout Time’s son (3) is fighting Leukemia and is in Memphis, TN with his family to receive a bone marrow transplant.  His sister, Caroline, is the donor.  Pray for Jennings and the Palmer family.

Scabby made his usual entrance a few minutes late.  Timed it perfectly to join us on the initial mosey.  Run in/Run out.  Strong work.

Bushwood was HC via text to Hops and YHC yesterday.  You won’t see his name in the pax list though.  Missed him out there.

5 years of F3.  Thankful for these years and all the men I have met and spent time with, putting in work, races, 2nd F, and 3rd F.  Truly a blessing in my life.

Today was YHC’s 109th Q since first posting 04/12/2013.  1st Q 08/24/2013 at Day Zero with Tiger Rag as co-Q.  It was a learning experience.  2nd Q was 10/01/2013 at Centurion.

Started tracking F3 posts 01/01/2014.  From 2014 through year-end 2017:

544 F3 posts

102 Qs

Enjoyed them all, to some degree, and I say that in a good way.  Tried to EH as many guys as possible over the 5 years.  My M has helped keep me in check when talking about F3 and I think I have found a pretty good balance at this point.  Only took 2 years of EH to get Utah out.  If you ask him, pretty sure he would tell you he wishes he had not waited so long.  Push on those around you.  Guys need F3 and most have no idea they need it.

Special T-claps to Purple Haze, who I consider my F3 mentor when I was getting started with leading.  He must have posted my 1st 10 backblasts and edited (audited) them before doing so.  Got me linked in on Twitter and was always available when I had questions.  Still is for that matter.  Appreciate the help and encouragement.

Honor to lead the men this morning, as always.  Thanks to Margo for the opportunity.


Day Zero: Song, Scripture, Prayer for Jennings and the Palmer family.  04/19/2018 at 7:30.  RTS Chapel, 2101 Carmel Road #allinforjennings.  Please join if you can make it.  The family is thankful for all the prayers.

Turned my recording app off a tad early.  Any other announcements, please add in Comments.


Back in the Game

14 men arrived by 0530 for the designated start time.  Hops pulled in just in time for a few to sign waivers, so disclaimer was given next to his truck while the back office work was done.  2 men, Chelms and Shoe, arrived well into the workout, but found us nonetheless.  Glad they did.  16 total.


Mosey down to lower parking lot toward Raintree Lane.  Circle up.


All in cadence.  SSH x 10/IW x 10/ Mountain Climber x 10/Merkin x 15/Low Slow Squat x 10/CDD x 10/

5 Burpees OYO

Mosey out of campus onto Raintree.  Stop at bottom of hill off Providence at the big tree at bend in sidewalk.

Triple Nickel

Run up to Providence.  5 Hand-Release Burpees.  Back Down.  5 Heels to Heaven.  5 Repetitions.

Mosey across Raintree back onto campus.  Continue mosey through campus into one of the lots above Swim MAC.


Legs up between sets.  All in cadence.  High Flutter x 10/Rosalita x 10/Heels to Heaven x 10/Protractor

Wide Arm Merkin x 10 in cadence

Mosey over to Swim MAC lot.  2 staircases.  Stop at south staircase.

Triple Nickel

Run up stairs.  5 Burpees or 5 Pull ups.  Mosey down north staircase.  5 Double-Merkin Burpees.  5 Repetitions.

Plank-o-rama upon completion

Mosey over to bridge on walkway to football field.

People’s Chair

Right Leg High/LLH-10 count.  Drop down another 3 inches.  Hold.  20 Low Slow Squats OYO.

Mosey up past football field and through campus back to launch lot.


Same as last Mary, legs up, in cadence.  LBC x 10/Freddie Mercury x 10/Flutter x 50



Was DR for Spring Break with the family last week.  Last F3 post was 03/28/2018.  11 days off F3.  Last Q was 02/02/2018.  Longest time between Q’s since my VQ 08/24/2013 and my second Q 10/01/2013.  Good to be back out and even better to lead a workout.

Doc was out front on the long sets.  Busch right behind him.  Chelms was near the front on the 2nd Tripel Nickel, but, not surprisingly, he left early.  Not to mention, he and Shoe missed all of COP and 4 reps of the first Triple Nickel.  Again, glad they made it.  Site FNG’s.  Margo another site FNG.  High Tide and Puddin Pop may have been as well.

Speaking of Puddin Pop, he took a straight up tumble on the mosey back to launch lot.  It was loud and worrisome, but he is a tough man and got up immediately to complete the workout.  He skinned a knee pretty good, but only a superficial injury.  Glad for that.  Thanks for coming out to check out the workout.  Always good to have new guys post.  Schmedium and HIPAA posting HN regularly.  Nice, keep it up.  Shoe, Wild Turkey, and Geraldo pushing hard on all work today.  Aside from the hard work he put in, Hops also got the back office stuff done as well.  Thanks for that.  #waivers

Bananas and Busch, both now regulars, throw down some serious #mumblechatter.  Good to see the fellowship and enjoyment the guys get by being out there and getting work done with the group.

2.5 miles, 50 Burpees, hills, stairs, mary, etc

Thanks for the opportunity to lead at Hawks Nest.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.  Good work out there men.

YHC took us out.


Please keep the Palmer family in your thoughts and prayers.  Bout Time’s son, Jennings, will receive a transplant of bone marrow cells from his sister, Caroline, this month.  Song, Scripture, and Prayer 04/19/2018 at 7:30 at RTS Charlotte Chapel, 2101 Carmel Road.  Join if you can.  #allinforjennings



Knee Slapper

Pre-workout tweet advertised todays Centurion workout as a tough one.  Fun Friday in Area 51/SOB/UCo offers several solid options.  If you are the Q, you gotta step up your game and give the PAX a beating.  Nobody wakes up this early to get out and lolligag about for 45 minutes.  Hard work drives men from the fartsack.  We circled up right where we stood for a quick and thorough disclaimer and warm up.


IW x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Fast mosey through campus out the 51 entrance.  North on 51 to shopping center at 51/Carmel.

Chair Plank to regroup and instruct PAX on set.

Triple Nickel

Start in middle of center.  AYG up stairs on north end to middle of level 2.  5 Hand-Release Burpees.  AYG down stairs and back to launch.  5 Knee-Slap Jump Squats.  5 total repetitions.  Note the three bold 5’s, Marconi, for the Triple Nickel.

Mary at finish to regroup the PAX.  Various exercises.

Mosey out of center and south on 51 back into campus.  Stop at outdoor dining area with picnic tables.

Bench Set

10 Step up/10 Derkin/10 Dips x 2

Tartarus Bench Ladder

Start at outdoor dining area.  AYG to Tartarus and up short ramps to Level 2 Stairwell 1.

5 Hand-Release Knee Slap Burpees

Down stairs and back to outdoor dining area.  Repeat Bench Set.

AYG to Tartarus up to Level 3.  5 Hand-Release Knee Slap Burpees.  Back to dining area.

Repeat Bench Set.  AYG up to Level 4.  Hand-Release Knee Slap Burpees.


Rachel and Lorax each called an exercise.  All IC: Heels to Heaven x 10/Hold/Flutter x 10/Dolly x 10/Hold/High Flutter x 10/6 inches/RLH-10 count/LLH-10 count.

Double Stair Run

Start at Level 4 Stairwell 1.  Down to ground.  Over to Stairwell 2 and up to level 4.  Over to 1 and down.  Up to level 4.

Plank series to regroup.  Civilian cadence merkin set (10 each): Diamond/Wide/Regular/Diamond

Down Stairwell 1.  AYG to launch lot.



That was a great way to start the day.  Strong work by all 18 PAX this morning.  YHC was out last night scouting a nearby building to incorporate into workout, but determined that it was not safe in wet conditions.  Turns out, not much was safe this morning.  Slick out there today.


Purple Haze appeared sometime during the Triple Nickel.  He was late and ran around until he found us.  Glad he did.  Pro tip: You don’t need your card at PF, they will let you in if you provide your name.

Rachel slipped on the stairs and his back found several treads.  He got up and continued to dominate the workout.  That may hurt later.

Lorax was up front for all of it.  The man is in good shape.

Brilleaux slipped on the Bench Set Step Ups.  YHC audibled in Squats shortly thereafter.

Hops is oddly curious about the reason that some men pull straight into a parking spot while others back in.  This was discussed in far more detail than YHC expected when it was brought up.  Hops is working on completing a study to answer this question or prove/disprove his hypothesis, whatever it may be.  I hear he will compensate those who volunteer with cold IPA while completing his scientific mumbo jumbo.  Be on the lookout for answers men.

Weird chatter when YHC arrived.  Toolbag asked if I had a good dinner.  Tagalong said my gloves were nice or something to that effect.  May have had to do with Champagne ordering up the AMRAP on a previous Q.  Not sure, but it was kinda weird.

Respects pushed hard, as always.  Marconi, Chelms, Snuka, Shoe, well done.

Shrinkwrap and Toolbag put in a solid 45

Udder posted.  He took us out in prayer.

No Show kept some gas in the tank to lead the way on the Stair runs at the end.

Thanks for the invite to Q from Margo and Udder.  BTW, Margo was crushing the deck work.

Colder months see men drop off from posting.  Get in touch with those guys who have not been posting.  Invite them out.  Most of YHC’s most memorable workouts involve adverse weather conditions.  It just adds another element to the #suck of a tough workout.  Speaking of tough workouts, remember that each workout you lead is a gift to the PAX.  They don’t want easy, so show up ready to provide a beating.


Pray for Jennings Palmer, Bout Time’s son, during his fight against Leukemia.

NEXT WEEK at Centurion: Show up at 0500 for TRASH PICKUP around the AO.

CPR Training 02/17/2018.  Madison is your Q.

Rain Fake

9 men joined YHC at the Vine lot.  Heisenberg joined us this morning from Cape Fear.  Glad to have him with us this morning.  Tagalong planted the shovel flag and YHC thoroughly disclaimed the group.  Off we went.

Mosey down Conlan.  Right on Brixham Hill.  Right into lot in front of Ballantyne 1.  Circle up.


SSH x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC.  Hold plank.

Merkin x 10 IC.  Low Plank.  RLH/LLH.

Low Plank Jack x 10 IC

Mosey down to the Loch Ness trail.  Stop at exercise trails/bridge junction.

Burpee/Jump Squat Loops

5 Double Merkin Burpee/10 Jump Squat.  AYG counterclockwise to Ballantyne 2 patio.  5 Double Merkin Burpee/10 Jump Squat.  On to B-1 patio.  Repeat Burpee/JS set.

Back to launch spot.  Chair plank to regroup.

Repeat Loop.  5 Double Merkin Burpee Box Jumps at patios subbed in.  Chair plank to regroup.

Mosey down trail and over the bridge into the Lance lot entrance at Bally Corp Dr (South Entrance).  Chair plank to wait on six.

Merkin Hill Run

20 Werkins at Entrance.  AYG to the bridge.  20 Merkins.  Mosey back down to entrance.  Burpees to wait for six.

Mosey down Bally Corp Dr.  Right into Bull Ring.

Half Mile Merkin Run

AYG around the Bull Ring.  Stop at each of 6 Speed Bumps for 10 Merkins per bump.

MARY at completion.  10 WW2 Sit-Ups led by Fire Hazard.  Flutter x 25 IC/Dolly x 25 IC.

Merkin x 10 IC

Mosey up Brixham Hill.  Stop at lot just before Conlan Circle.  Heels to Heaven x 25.

Merkin Set (Civilian Cadence): 10 Regular/10 Offset Left/10 Offset Right/10 Diamond

Mosey up to the back lot at the corner of Conlan Circle.  10 Hand-Release Burpees.  AYG to launch lot.  High Flutter x 30 IC.



YHC got pulled out of the bullpen from 02/06 Q to fill in today at Bagpipe.  Life happens and we step up to fill the need.  Heavy rain last night drove numbers down at Bagpipe.  Or maybe it was YHC.  Either way, fartsackers missed out on a damn near perfect conditions today.  58 degrees and a nice breeze at times.  No rain, although it would have been more than welcomed by YHC if it had continued.  Favorite conditions are 55 and rain.  Would take it every morning.

Warm welcome to Heisenberg from Cape Fear.  Great to meet him and have him along side us today.  YHC asked him a few obligatory questions, like how long had he done F3.  June of 2014.  Not a rookie.  We knew that though from the outset as he was proudly representing his region with his shirt.  Second, asked him if he could share the F3 mission with the group.  He needed just a few moments to dig into the grey matter on it, then produced it for the group.  Thanks for that Heisenberg, and good work today.  Hope to see you at another workout or race soon.

Fire Hazard did some pre-running and still managed to get out front on most of the runs.  Bucky, Tagalong, Morning After showed some speed, as did Teddy, Wild Turkey, and Fredo.  Well done men.  Kotters to Brisket, or maybe not.  YHC hasn’t seen him in a while.  Good work out there.

We covered 2.3 miles, worked the legs and core some, and got 260 merkins completed for the men completing the Merkin/Pull-up Challenge.  10 extra for good measure.  Now you have only 40 pull-ups and done for the day.  Keep up the good work on that.

Enjoyed the morning down in SOB.  Always do.  Had been a while since last Bapipe Q.  Thanks for the invite from Tagalong.  YHC took us out in prayer.


BrOlympics 2.0.  02/24/2018.  It was a blast last year.  You don’t want to miss it this year.

The Brave is CHANGING LAUNCH LOCATIONS this week and moving forward.  Meet at Braswell’s: 11318 N Community House Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277

Mr.  Bean earns respect this coming Saturday.  He celebrates with a Stonehenge Q.  Post to celebrate, heckle, be heckled, eat some cake, get better.

Please continue to pray for Bout Time’s son, Jennings, who is battling leukemia, and the family during this challenging time.

The Ultimate Beastmaster

The weathermen set the stage for a snowfall of epic proportions with the storm beginning precisely at 0530 when the F3 athlete warriors would go to work.  11 strong posted to take on this beast of a morning.  The PAX were informed that YHC had awards for after the workout.  Disclaimer was given as the cold rain fell.  Off we went to attack this vast campus and determine who would walk away with the title of the Ultimate Beastmaster for 01/17/2018 Anvil workout.


Mosey through the parking lots of the AO and circle up.


SSH x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Merkin x 15 IC

Alternating Shoulder Tap x 10 IC

Alternating Rib Tap x 10 IC

Mosey to Rock Pile.  Grab a lifting Rock.

Rock Set

10 x Thruster/10 x Curl/10 x Tri Extension.  Repeat

AYG to Hot Box.  Jump Squat to wait on six.

Bench Set

10 Step Up/15 Derkin/5 Hand-Release Burpees.  Repeat.  Jump Squat to wait on six.

AYG to courtyard of Life Center

People’s Chair

Alternating Leg Lift x 30 IC.  Right Leg High.  10 Count.  Left Leg High.  10 Count.

Civilian Cadence Merkins x 10 each: Regular/Stagger Left/Stagger Right/Crucible

Low Plank Jack x 15 IC

AYG to Basketball Goals.

Burp and Merk

10 Burpees.  Increase merkins from 1 to 10 per Burpee.


6 inches/Flutter x 10 IC/Heels to Heaven x 10 IC/6 inches/High Flutter x 10 IC

Mosey to Avenue of Trees

9 trees on right side.  6 x called exercise at each tree.  Purell asked to call the exercise.  Merkin called.  Complete 6 x Merkin at each tree.

At finish, AYG back to Rocks.  Repeat Rock Set x 2

Jump Squat to wait on six.  Return Rocks.  AYG to Hot Box.

Repeat Bench Set x 2

Mosey to Avenue of Trees

Snuka’s call: 3 Burpees per tree.  Jump Squat to wait on six.

AYG to launch lot.


American Hammer x 25 IC/LBC x 15 IC

Snuka called and counted Freddie Mercury x 20 IC

Flutter x 24 IC



YHC writes this backblast while watching the Netflix original show Ultimate Beastmaster with 2.1 Samuel.  Think Ninja Warrior, but with a beast theme.  Contestants from around the world represent their respective countries and try to conquer the obstacle course that mimics the insides of a mythical beast.  Obstacles are named after the innards of the beast.  Digestive tract is an example.  Contestants proudly wear colors of their county’s flag and announcers from each country are present to add commentary for their potential beastmasters, both men and women contestants.  The US announcers are some guy YHC never heard of and Tiki Barber.  Fun fact, Sylvester Stallone is an executive producer.  Today, Bin Fang of China trounced the competition.  He trains multi-disciplines, including rock climbing, Parkour (look it up), and hog-hunting, using a primitive bow and arrow.  Quite the beastmaster.

We had 11 strong and tough men present to crush the Calvary campus this morning.  YHC was hopeful for snow, right at 0530 when we launched.  Unsure of the conditions, sets at several locations were on the weinke with the potential for several combinations, should audibles be necessary due to the weather conditions and, of course, keeping the safety of the PAX at the forefront.  Icy conditions could have kept us on the rock work.  Heavy rain could have equated to more Hot Box work.  Turns out, conditions were actually very comfortable with a light, cold rain.  Perfect to move about at a quick pace, crush the short sets, and move on.

YHC encouraged good Thruster form while doing Rock work.  Champagne proceeded to inform YHC that his form was not quite right.  Adjustments made.  Still not right.  YHC tried.  Champagne experienced JOY in providing constructive feedback.  #FormPolice

Rachel, Snuka, Brilleaux, Turkey Leg out front when given the chance to open it up on AYG runs and Avenue of Trees.  Purell taking it easy due to calf tweak.  Purple Haze steady and fast when he chose his moments.  Uncle Phil showing some speed out there and helping out with a 10-count or two.  We usually count down from 10 rather than up from 1, but got the job done.  Either way, Uncle Phil is getting stronger and faster.  Thunder Road pushing hard.



His name alone wins him this title.  He pushed hard through the workout.  Keep posting Wolfman.  Well done.


YHC’s mom picked up Age Group awards for Joe Davis Run for Recovery.  Today, Turkey Leg and Purell received their awards for stellar performances.  Purell completed the 5K in 10ish degree temps in 18:02.  Turkey Leg was 20:30.  Both good for Age Group podiums.  Well done men.

T-claps to Brilleaux for the takeout prayer.


We continue to pray for Bout Time’s son, Jennings, and the family.  Jennings is battling Leukemia and undergoing another round of chemo.  He will need a bone marrow transplant.  Please pray for Jennings and the Palmer family.

Men, F3 Credo: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.  The fellowship of F3 is powerful.  We do this together and we leave no man behind.  Keep an eye on the men around you.  Bring a phone if going off-campus.  #safety

Stay safe today men


Helping our Brother, Bout Time

So many men have asked how they can help Bout Time and his family.  2-year-old Jennings was diagnosed with Leukemia and is undergoing treatment at Hemby Children’s Novant.  He has been there since December 5 and has finished Chemo Round 1.  The twins were born healthy 12/20.  M Lauren is healthy too.  The family is separated during the hospital stay.  Bout Time stays at the hospital with Jennings and M Lauren with the twins and big sister at home.  This is a very important week for Jennings as the doctors monitor his levels to determine his prognosis and course of treatment.  The family is asking for continued prayers.  Friends have set up a Sign Up Genius to pray for Jennings 24/7.  You can sign up HERE

So, first, please continue to pray.

Second, Area 51 is collecting donations to be used to buy the family some gift cards to Harris Teeter, Target, and Postmates.  We are doing this to help the Palmer family during this difficult time.  Any amount is helpful and appreciated.


This will show up as Keith Hendrix, Area 51 Biz Q

OR, you can login to PayPal and send to

Taking donations through Friday, 01/12/2018.  Please note “Jennings” when you send a donation.  Lastly, send money to Friends and Family to keep fees low.

Thanks men


Van Pelt Sendoff to the City of Texas Pete and Camels

24 men gathered for VP’s final stop on the farewell tour, including no fewer than 7 Respects, guest of honor among this esteemed sub-group.  YHC disclaimed the group thoroughly and off we went, VSF flying.

Mosey through campus to stop light at crosswalk at 51.  More traffic than usual, and safety first, we hit the button and waited for the light to change.  Cross over and circle up in front of Amelie’s.


D-Diamond Merkin x 10 IC

A-Abe Vigoda’s x 10 IC

S-Side Straddle Hop x 10 IC

H-Heels to Heaven x 10 IC

High Plank.  Hold.  Low Plank.  Hold.  RLH/LLH.  Hold both.

Merkin x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Mosey over to Palatine Hill.  Line up abreast at the bottom.  Chair plank to regroup.  Next set intro while plank.  Winston-Salem (W-S) has several nicknames, one of which is the Camel City, due to the prolific production of Camel cigarettes by the RJ Reynolds company.

The Camel

Start at base of Palatine.  Run up and over the Camel’s Hump to bottom of hill.  20 Merkin.  Back up and over.  20 Jump Squat.  5 Repetitions.

Mary to regroup.  W-S formed by the partnership/merger of the cities of Salem and Winston in 1913.  By 1917 W-S was the biggest city in NC and was also deemed a port of entry in the US for shipping purposes, even though it is 200 miles from the Atlantic.  The designation was due to the massive importing of Turkish tobacco and paper from another country that eludes YHC at the moment.

Mosey back over to CCHS campus and into Tartarus, the parking deck.  W-S is also known to most locals as The Dash, due to the hyphen between the Winston and Salem.  It is only one of a handful of US cities to include a hyphen.  Suppose that makes it special.

The Dash

Very simply, AYG to the top of the deck, Stairwell 1.  Mary and more info on W-S.  The number 5 is prominent in useless W-S facts, but YHC’s favorite workout number.  W-S is the 5th most populous metropolis in NC.  Just as importantly, the movie The 5th Quarter, was filmed in W-S.  At this point, some pax had clearly reached saturation with W-S facts.  Marconi was not among them.  He really enjoyed the information.  We pressed on.  Descend the stairs to tie in the number 5.

Triple Nickel

Run up Stairwell 1 to level 1.  5 Burpees.  Run over to the Stairwell 2.  Descend.  5 Jump Squat.  Run back to Stairwell 1.  Repeat for 5 reps.

Mary to regroup.

People’s Chair

Take a seat in the People’s Chair and learn that W-S is the seat of Forsyth County.

Alternating Leg Lifts x 20 IC

The Dash

AYG to the top, one more time.

Last W-S fact to take us home.  In 2012 W-S was named to the top 10 Best Places to Retire in the US list.  Time to retire to the launch lot.



YHC wanted to do a sort of roast of Van Pelt for his last post.  Didn’t have much to go on though.  Could have made some bald jokes, but he does that himself and wears it well at the same time.  Other than that, not much to bust on him about.  Van Pelt has been a strong leader, friend, and brother to Area 51 since 2015.  He has Q’d workouts, was the BB-Q for the last pool party, has offered endless BBQ tips to YHC and others, and been a fine example of a High Impact Man in our community while on loan from The Dash.  We will miss him.  T-claps Van Pelt.  The Dash is lucky to have you back.  Good luck with the next professional chapter.

Workout notables: Thin Mint skipped the Brave to join us.  Always glad to see him.  He was out front with Rachel.  Checkpoint and Brilleaux not far back.  Drago was on time and had his fast moments.  Snuka crushed the sprints.  Scabby is always fast.  Kotters to Godsmack.  Keep posting.  Got to post with Semi 2 days straight.  Always a good thing.  7 respects all crushed it.  Tater Hole joined us from Granite Falls.  Strong work and a pleasure to meet him.  Good to see Cheddar shredding it up out there.  Kotters to No Show.  Kotters, this week, to Haze, fresh off of completely slaying the Kiawah Half-Marathon.  He doesn’t brag, so let me brag for him.  8:01 cumulative pace for 13.1.  YHC is impressed.  Well done brother.  Paper Jam always looking out for the pax.  Appreciate him.  Congrats to Thunder Road on co-site Q at Basecamp.  Awesome choice.


Yesterday we held a workout to support Bout Time and his son, Jennings, and his family.  Approx 120 men attended.  It was powerful to workout with this many men.  More importantly, to lock shields in prayer with these men after the workout to lift up the Palmer family.  Please keep praying for Jennings and the Palmer family.  YHC took us out today.


Apologies men, short on time, please check the website for announcements.


Centurion Preblast: Fun and Fellowship for Van Pelt Final A51 Post


Margo had to go DR for work and YHC is substi-Q

Friday’s Centurion workout will be Van Pelt’s “last” Area 51 post.  He is moving back home to Winston-Salem full time.  No doubt his M is elated.  Now she has someone to fight with over the remote.

Van Pelt Q’d Anvil this week, where he brutally led the PAX in a merkin-fest that has already made its way into the F3 history book in the chapter on “That Sucked Really Damn Bad.”

One last hurrah with a Centurion post tomorrow.  While you are probably tearing up a bit, just know that Winston-Salem is basically a stone’s throw north.  You will run into, or with, VP again soon, I believe.  Anyways, YHC does not usually take requests, but in the case of our brother Van Pelt, the question was asked.  Any requests?  His response: Fun and Fellowship.

When it comes to workouts, there are varying personal beliefs, definitions, and thoughts of what may constitute fun.  We all know that fellowship is friendly association with others, especially others with like interests.  YHC will put together some fun stuff that will, of course, allow for fellowship.  You see, fellowship is best experienced during arduous group activity, if you ask YHC.  Shared hardship leads to locked shields.

Post and wish Van Pelt well on the last day of the farewell tour.