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Helping our Brother, Bout Time

So many men have asked how they can help Bout Time and his family.  2-year-old Jennings was diagnosed with Leukemia and is undergoing treatment at Hemby Children’s Novant.  He has been there since December 5 and has finished Chemo Round 1.  The twins were born healthy 12/20.  M Lauren is healthy too.  The family is separated during the hospital stay.  Bout Time stays at the hospital with Jennings and M Lauren with the twins and big sister at home.  This is a very important week for Jennings as the doctors monitor his levels to determine his prognosis and course of treatment.  The family is asking for continued prayers.  Friends have set up a Sign Up Genius to pray for Jennings 24/7.  You can sign up HERE

So, first, please continue to pray.

Second, Area 51 is collecting donations to be used to buy the family some gift cards to Harris Teeter, Target, and Postmates.  We are doing this to help the Palmer family during this difficult time.  Any amount is helpful and appreciated.


This will show up as Keith Hendrix, Area 51 Biz Q

OR, you can login to PayPal and send to

Taking donations through Friday, 01/12/2018.  Please note “Jennings” when you send a donation.  Lastly, send money to Friends and Family to keep fees low.

Thanks men


Van Pelt Sendoff to the City of Texas Pete and Camels

24 men gathered for VP’s final stop on the farewell tour, including no fewer than 7 Respects, guest of honor among this esteemed sub-group.  YHC disclaimed the group thoroughly and off we went, VSF flying.

Mosey through campus to stop light at crosswalk at 51.  More traffic than usual, and safety first, we hit the button and waited for the light to change.  Cross over and circle up in front of Amelie’s.


D-Diamond Merkin x 10 IC

A-Abe Vigoda’s x 10 IC

S-Side Straddle Hop x 10 IC

H-Heels to Heaven x 10 IC

High Plank.  Hold.  Low Plank.  Hold.  RLH/LLH.  Hold both.

Merkin x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Mosey over to Palatine Hill.  Line up abreast at the bottom.  Chair plank to regroup.  Next set intro while plank.  Winston-Salem (W-S) has several nicknames, one of which is the Camel City, due to the prolific production of Camel cigarettes by the RJ Reynolds company.

The Camel

Start at base of Palatine.  Run up and over the Camel’s Hump to bottom of hill.  20 Merkin.  Back up and over.  20 Jump Squat.  5 Repetitions.

Mary to regroup.  W-S formed by the partnership/merger of the cities of Salem and Winston in 1913.  By 1917 W-S was the biggest city in NC and was also deemed a port of entry in the US for shipping purposes, even though it is 200 miles from the Atlantic.  The designation was due to the massive importing of Turkish tobacco and paper from another country that eludes YHC at the moment.

Mosey back over to CCHS campus and into Tartarus, the parking deck.  W-S is also known to most locals as The Dash, due to the hyphen between the Winston and Salem.  It is only one of a handful of US cities to include a hyphen.  Suppose that makes it special.

The Dash

Very simply, AYG to the top of the deck, Stairwell 1.  Mary and more info on W-S.  The number 5 is prominent in useless W-S facts, but YHC’s favorite workout number.  W-S is the 5th most populous metropolis in NC.  Just as importantly, the movie The 5th Quarter, was filmed in W-S.  At this point, some pax had clearly reached saturation with W-S facts.  Marconi was not among them.  He really enjoyed the information.  We pressed on.  Descend the stairs to tie in the number 5.

Triple Nickel

Run up Stairwell 1 to level 1.  5 Burpees.  Run over to the Stairwell 2.  Descend.  5 Jump Squat.  Run back to Stairwell 1.  Repeat for 5 reps.

Mary to regroup.

People’s Chair

Take a seat in the People’s Chair and learn that W-S is the seat of Forsyth County.

Alternating Leg Lifts x 20 IC

The Dash

AYG to the top, one more time.

Last W-S fact to take us home.  In 2012 W-S was named to the top 10 Best Places to Retire in the US list.  Time to retire to the launch lot.



YHC wanted to do a sort of roast of Van Pelt for his last post.  Didn’t have much to go on though.  Could have made some bald jokes, but he does that himself and wears it well at the same time.  Other than that, not much to bust on him about.  Van Pelt has been a strong leader, friend, and brother to Area 51 since 2015.  He has Q’d workouts, was the BB-Q for the last pool party, has offered endless BBQ tips to YHC and others, and been a fine example of a High Impact Man in our community while on loan from The Dash.  We will miss him.  T-claps Van Pelt.  The Dash is lucky to have you back.  Good luck with the next professional chapter.

Workout notables: Thin Mint skipped the Brave to join us.  Always glad to see him.  He was out front with Rachel.  Checkpoint and Brilleaux not far back.  Drago was on time and had his fast moments.  Snuka crushed the sprints.  Scabby is always fast.  Kotters to Godsmack.  Keep posting.  Got to post with Semi 2 days straight.  Always a good thing.  7 respects all crushed it.  Tater Hole joined us from Granite Falls.  Strong work and a pleasure to meet him.  Good to see Cheddar shredding it up out there.  Kotters to No Show.  Kotters, this week, to Haze, fresh off of completely slaying the Kiawah Half-Marathon.  He doesn’t brag, so let me brag for him.  8:01 cumulative pace for 13.1.  YHC is impressed.  Well done brother.  Paper Jam always looking out for the pax.  Appreciate him.  Congrats to Thunder Road on co-site Q at Basecamp.  Awesome choice.


Yesterday we held a workout to support Bout Time and his son, Jennings, and his family.  Approx 120 men attended.  It was powerful to workout with this many men.  More importantly, to lock shields in prayer with these men after the workout to lift up the Palmer family.  Please keep praying for Jennings and the Palmer family.  YHC took us out today.


Apologies men, short on time, please check the website for announcements.


Centurion Preblast: Fun and Fellowship for Van Pelt Final A51 Post


Margo had to go DR for work and YHC is substi-Q

Friday’s Centurion workout will be Van Pelt’s “last” Area 51 post.  He is moving back home to Winston-Salem full time.  No doubt his M is elated.  Now she has someone to fight with over the remote.

Van Pelt Q’d Anvil this week, where he brutally led the PAX in a merkin-fest that has already made its way into the F3 history book in the chapter on “That Sucked Really Damn Bad.”

One last hurrah with a Centurion post tomorrow.  While you are probably tearing up a bit, just know that Winston-Salem is basically a stone’s throw north.  You will run into, or with, VP again soon, I believe.  Anyways, YHC does not usually take requests, but in the case of our brother Van Pelt, the question was asked.  Any requests?  His response: Fun and Fellowship.

When it comes to workouts, there are varying personal beliefs, definitions, and thoughts of what may constitute fun.  We all know that fellowship is friendly association with others, especially others with like interests.  YHC will put together some fun stuff that will, of course, allow for fellowship.  You see, fellowship is best experienced during arduous group activity, if you ask YHC.  Shared hardship leads to locked shields.

Post and wish Van Pelt well on the last day of the farewell tour.

A Week Early

13 men showed up.  A 14th was expected but did not post.  Lobsta Roll was listed as Anvil Q on the calendar this week.  YHC listed for next week.  Took this week instead.  Maybe Lobsta will be around next week to lead it.  Plenty of mumblechatter when the new plan was agreed upon.  “I showed up for Lobsta Roll, not Mermaid,” and the like.  Not sure what to make of the chatter.  Short disclaimer included something like, “You all know what to do.”  This elicited more chatter.  Haze was beside himself that the full monty was not provided.  VSF flying, off we went.

Mosey through the parking lots of this vast AO.  Circle up.  Proper disclaimer given.


10 H-R Burpees OYO

IW x 10 IC

MC x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Plank Jack x 10 IC

Low Plank Alternating Leg Lifts x 10 IC

Mosey over to the Avenue of Trees

Tree Stop Repeats

Stop at each of 9 trees on the right side of the Avenue (skip tree 1).  Do called reps of called exercise.  Mosey back and plank.

  1. 10 Merkins
  2. 10 Jump Squats
  3. 5 Hand-Release Burpees

Plank work after rounds 1 and 2.  Mary after round 3.

Mosey over to CHAMPS Field Pavilion.  Grab bench.  Bench Set: 10 Jump Up/15 Dips/20 Derkins

Mosey through campus to Entrance 2 Rock Pile.  Grab lifting rock.

Rock Set: 10 Thrusters/10 Curls/10 Tri Extensions/5 Rockees

Drop Rock.

AYG back to Pavilion.  Repeat Bench Set.  AYG back to Rocks.  Repeat Rock Set.  Drop Rock.

Mosey to Life Center patio.

People’s Chair

Alternating Leg Lifts x 15 IC/Jump Squat x 15 IC

Mosey over to interior parking lot.  Line up abreast.


Bear Crawl to manhold.  AYG to light.

Lunge Walk 6 spots.  AYG to light.

Plank Start AYG to light

Plank Start back.

Mosey over to launch.  4 minutes of Mary to finish.



You can see it in one of 2 ways.  Lobsta was a no show or YHC was a week early.  Either way, the workout was covered.

Champagne was HC yesterday.  He was no show today.  Suffering from a toothache.  Heal up.

Swear I saw Rachel wearing sleeves the other day at the Charlotte Marathon.  Not today.  Its gotta be real cold for him to wear anything more than t-shirt and shorts.  He was out front.  Haze asked him what his temperature range was for his outfit today.  I think they settled on 25 to 95 degrees.  Keep the clothing costs down.

Lorax was crushing it.  Kotters  to Pele.  Great to see him out at Anvil.  Hops did the pickup rounds this morning.  Speaking of Hops, he took off his winter cap in COT and rung it out.  Comments followed.  Is that Mr. Brady?  Nope, Hops overdressed a tad and all the sweat went to his head.  Truthfully never seen that much sweat come out of a hat on a mid-30’s day.  Not even close.  Van Pelt was a little grossed out by it.  Or disturbed.

Good job today Pro, as usual.

McGee won the H-R Burpee repeat.  Go figure.

TL, Thunder Road, Snuka, and Utah getting it done.

Respect to Van Pelt and Snuka.  Can’t give it in the PAX list any longer.

T-claps to Hops for the takeout prayer.


Turkey Drive to benefit needy neighbors.  Charlotte Rescue Mission collecting turkeys to provide hot Thanksgiving meals to all who need them.  $10 feeds a family.  Please consider donating.  DONATE

Joe Davis Run for Recovery.  01/06/2018.  REGISTER.

Area 51 Christmas Party.  12/08/2017 at Seaboard in Matthews.  SIGN UP today.

2017 Charlotte Rescue Mission F3 Turkey $10er Drive


To: Men of AREA 51/SOB/UCo/And anyone else who wants to help

What: Helping to make sure neighbors in need have a hot turkey dinner on Thanksgiving

Who: Turkey Q is F3 Metro’s Carrier.  Community partner is Charlotte Rescue Mission

How: Donate $10 (or more) HERE

From F3 Metro’s Carrier:

This year F3Metro (and any surrounding AOs that would like to chip in) are again helping Charlotte Rescue Mission collect and distribute turkey dinners to families in the Charlotte area.  Last year F3 collected more than 500 turkeys to the cause, and we want to do that or more this year since the Mission actually distributes more than a 1000 dinners each year.   The Mission takes care of the boxes and all the other fixings, so they really appreciate F3 pulling together to provide turkeys to go along with everything else.

In prior years, we promoted bringing a frozen turkey to workouts where they would be collected and taken to the Mission.   Hauling hundreds of frozen turkeys is a CSAUP exercise by itself, so this year we are going straight to your pocketbooks by simply asking that you hit up the PayPal link below for whatever your heart feels good donating.   We will work with the Mission to have the turkeys ordered through the food distributor they deal with to get the turkeys in time to distribute them the Monday before Thanksgiving.

Carrier has committed to doing a burpee for each turkey that is purchased with the funds raised – “Burpees for Turkeys”.  So spread the word in your COTs and this PayPal link in your backblasts leading up to Thanksgiving.   Blackjack refers to this as the Turkey $10er Drive, so if everyone would at least drop a $10 spot into Paypal, we will make a lot of families thankful this year.  Challenge your fellow pax however you think works, and thank you in advance for your generosity.


Link to donate is above.  I challenge all of you who are able to make a donation to this worthy cause.  Spread the word in COTs.

Thanks men




Taking Requests at Centurion

Champagne sent YHC the following message: “If you are taking requests a good old AMRAP would be nice.”  He loves him a good AMRAP.  Not really YHC’s style, but hey, why not.  16 Pax joined the QIC for another Friday Centurion.  Disclaimer given.  Off we go.


Mosey to Chipotle lot.  Circle up.


MC x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Mosey over to Tartarus.  For those not versed in Centurion names, the parking deck.

Infinity AMRAP

10 Jump Squats.  Up Stairwell 1 to level 4.  5 Hand-Release Burpees.  Run to Stairwell 2 and down to ground level.  Run over to Stairwell 3.  10 Jump Squats.  Up to level 4.  5 H-R Burpees.  Run to Stairwell 2 and down to ground.  Back over to Stairwell 1.  Repeat until called.  Lead group of Lorax, Brilleaux, YHC got 5 in 20 minutes.  500 feet of elevation gain, and, not surprisingly, 500 elevation lost.

Mary to regroup.  Flutter x 10 IC/Dolly x 15 IC/Heels to Heaven x 10 IC.  Hold 6 inches.

YHC asked Rock Thrill to provide some details on the Joe Davis Run for Recovery.  He informed the group that the race is 01/06/2018 in Fort Mill.  Benefiting Keystone Substance Abuse Services.  This is year 6 of this race.  Registration prices go up after Halloween.  Last year, over 200 registrants were F3/FIA or affiliated with either. 

Up Stairwell 2 to level 4.  People’s Chair.

Redemption Loop–One Time AYG

Down Stairwell 1 to ground.  5 Burpees.  Clockwise around football field.  Stop at scoreboard.  5 Burpees.  Continue to Cougar entrance.  20 merkins.  Bear Crawl to crosswalk.  AYG to launch spot level 4.

Plank series to regroup.  RAH/RLH/Low Plank Jack x 10 IC.  LAH/LLH

Down Stairwell 1 to level 2.  Plank line.  6 inches/RLH.  AYG sprint to Level 4/Stairwell 1.  5 Burpees OYO.  High Flutter x 20 IC.  5 Burpees OYO.  AYG down Stairwell 1 and back to launch.



I have to say that the Infinity AMRAP was a tough set with all the stairs.  You are welcome Champagne.

Purple Haze is in such fine shape that he repeatedly called out the QIC asking for more difficult workout suggestions.  At one point, he noted that this was his warmup and he would need to figure out another workout for later.  #beast

Lorax ate meats at Chima last night.  He smelled like a mix of pork and beef.  Can’t say it was a bad smell either.  The protein served him well this morning.  He was out front.  Brilleaux was right there with him.  Snuka was crushing it as well #respect.  Tagalong plowed through the Redemption loop with a #3 finish behind the aforementioned Pax.  The crew pushed hard today.  Well done men.

POTUS declared the opioid epidemic a public health emergency yesterday.  142 people die each day in this country from opioid related overdoses.  Rock Thrill’s brother, Joe Davis, died of an accidental overdose after 2 years of sobriety.  The Joe Davis Run for Recovery has raised over $125K for Keystone Substance Abuse Services.  That $125K, from my perspective, equates to hope.  Hope for those who need help with addiction treatment.  When hope is lost, there is not much left.  My brother lost hope, and he died by suicide six years ago.  Please consider running or supporting this race in some capacity.  While it is now a public health emergency, the local efforts will still far outweigh anything the federal government will do.  The federal emergency fund currently sits at $57K.  That doesn’t go very far.  Make a difference right here, where we live.  Community leadership opportunity.  Great to have Rock Thrill back at Centurion.

Gotta run and get ready for F3 Golf.  Thanks men, for showing up today.  Great work.  Be there for someone today.  Ask for help if you need it.


Search and Rescue (SAR) – Pax support available.  If you are struggling with something, reach out to Paper Jam.  He will confidentially listen and provide support.  There are men in our group that have walked down a similar path and are willing to help.

Area 51 Christmas Party 12/08/2017 at Seaboard in Matthews.  Put it on your calendar.  M’s very much welcome.  More info to follow.

Joe Davis Run for Recovery 01/08/2018.  Register HERE


#Gladiator Monday at DMZ

Fairly certain One Eye asked YHC about 4 months ago to Q DMZ today.  Glad I checked the Q calendar because I completely forgot.  Had to wrestle a Monday from the M.  She does FIA.  Rain threatened and then fell.  Disclaimer offered to the group.  Off we went.

Mosey down Camilla and onto Carmel MS campus around the left side of the building.  Past the Camp #Gladiator cones, which numbered somewhere in the hundreds.  Serious beats pushing out of the leader’s ride.  It looked like they had 2 or 3 peeps.  They were using the cones.

COP – all IC

IW x 15

MC x 15

Merkin x 15

Low Slow Squat x 15

10 Burpees OYO


We ran the length of the building on the backside with exercises between each AYG run.  Not sure how many rounds we did, but it was quite a few.  We did a bunch of Mary, plank-o-ramas, Hand-Release Burpees, Squats, CDD’s, People’s Chair, Merkins, Burp-and-Merk, and some others that elude YHC at the moment.

Mosey back up Camilla with 2 stops for exercises at the street lights.  Continue up to Carmel Park entrance.  Crazy Ivan into the Church at Charlotte parking lot.

6 MOM.  Short mosey to pull the two unnamed PAX out from under the tree trying to stay dry.  Continue Mary.



Had planned to use the #Gladiator lot for the bulk of the workout.  Hundreds of cones, loud pop music, and 2-3 workout-ers trumped the plan.  Plan B was hatched in about 100 yards of mosey.  It was redundant.  All pushed hard throughout.

Observations and notes-

Chelms left early once, maybe twice.  Also displayed the best form in all of F3 Area 51 on the People’s Chair.  Respect.  Appreciate the Burpee request and was happy to oblige.

Swiper, One Eye, Rachel, Bout Time out front on AYG hundred yarders.

Speaking of Swiper, someone mentioned that he is doing some preaching soon.  He took us out today in the rain and did a fine job of it.  T-claps

Snowflake crushed it as usual.  Respect

Good to see Pothole again.  Strong work today

Orlando, Hamlet, Chalet, and Rock all pushed hard.  Solid crew at DMZ.  Metro and A51 guys mixing it up and getting work done.

Burpee-free October is not a real thing.  Do Burpees.  Get better.  History of the Burpee found HERE


Area 51 Southern Discomfort.  NEXT SATURDAY 10/21.  Start at Elizabeth Lane ES.  End at Charlotte Catholic HS.  11.2 miles without factoring in the workouts at various AO’s along the way.  Should be 15+ miles of CSAUP

F3 Golf.  10/27/2017.  1:00 at Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation.  Play, sponsor, donate.  All proceeds to F3 LEAP expansion efforts.  Website

Please keep The Shore’s family in your prayers

Tough Morning at A51

News of the death of The Shore’s son, Nathan, had reached the pax this morning.  With heavy hearts we started the workout with a COT prayer for the family.  Disclaimer given and off we went to do some work.

Mosey around the perimeter of the AO.  6/10 mile to a parking lot near the front of the school.

COP–all IC

IW x 20/MC x 16/Merkin x 16/Low Slow Squat x 16

Mosey over to the track

Burpee Corners

Run to opposing corner.  5 Burpees.  Continue to launch.  5 Burpees.  Chair plank upon finish.  6 rounds.

  1. Regular
  2. Superman burpee
  3. 180 Burpee
  4. Double merkin Burpee
  5. Hand Release Burpee
  6. Knee slap Burpee

Mosey over to the playground near launch parking.

3 Rounds: 10 Pull-up/20 Jump Squat/10 Box Jump Burpees

Mary in adjacent parking lot

Flutter x 10.  AYG to cones and back.  Approx 120 yards

Heels to Heaven x 10/hold/Rosalita x 10/AYG to cones.

Plank-o-rama: RAH/RLH/10 Count/SWAP/Low Plank/Low Plank Jack x 15 IC.  AYG back.

More Mary.  High Flutter x 15/Protractor

Line up at curb.

Jump Squat Ladder

Run across parking lot.  1 Jump Squat.  Run back.  2 Jump Squat.  Continue to 20 Jump Squat.

10 Burpees OYO

AYG back to cones.  10 Burpees OYO.  Plank-o-rama.  Alternating shoulder taps x 20 IC.  Floyd Money Mayweather alternating Rib shots x 20 IC.

Mosey around the back side of the school.

Mary in front of the boat and little house back there.

Freddie Mercury x 20 IC/Flutter x 40 IC

Mosey to launch.  60 seconds of Merkin Civilian Cadence with 0800 stop.  40 Merkins.


We did 2 COT’s today.  We needed to start with a prayer to lift up The Shore’s family.  Heavy hearts this morning at Area 51 and around our region and beyond.  Thanks to Abacus for the takeout.

Very much appreciate the invite to Q.  This is a great AO.  The 7 men present pushed hard.  OT was late, but he made it, and it was good to see him.  Joker was out front.  His shoes are about to disintegrate mid-stride.  They don’t make that model anymore and he loves them.  I get it.  Fairly certain he would have been out front barefoot.  Strong work.  Squid and OT owned the Jump Squat ladder.  Great to meet Levi.  Strong work from him for 60 minutes.  And he’s a super nice guy.  Abacus and Huggie Bear pushing strong as usual.

Enjoyed the workout, and, again, thanks for the invitation to Q.

Last Minute

Got the message that Anvil was Q-less around 9:30 last night.  Sent a tweet to McGee offering to cover and grabbed the pad to jot down a quick plan.    PAX pushing on the 0530 start time, pulling in at the last minute.  Rachel was last in.  That would be the only time he was last this morning.  Just in time for disclaimer.  Off we go.

Mosey toward entrance 4.  Crazy Ivan and turnaround to pickup Starsky.  Guess Rachel was not last in.  Continue mosey.


IW x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Deadman Burpee x 5 OYO (H-R burpee with arms and legs out on ground)

Candlestick x 5 OYO (Start in squat-roll back-feet overhead-roll forward into merkin-finish with jump)

180 Burpee x 5 OYO (Burpee with 180 degree jump)

Hand-Release Burpee x 5 OYO

Low Slow Squat x 15 IC

Mosey through campus past launch lot to North Face

North Face Triple Nickel

Bottom of NF.  5 Jump Squat.  AYG up NF.  5 Hand Release Burpees.  Around and back to bottom.  Repeat for 5 total reps

Entrance 3 parkway.  Plank series to regroup.  Elbows/RAH/RLH/Swap/Low Plank Jack x 12 IC

Mosey through campus to interior lot near streetlamp.  Partner up.


6 inches/Flutter x 20 IC/6 inches/Heels to Heaven x 15 IC.  Deadman Burpees x 10 OYO

Partner Stack Grinders

P 1: Run to next light and back

P2: Called exercise

Swap until called number achieved.

1: 120 Merkin

2: 120 Heels to Heaven

Table/Reverse Plank with RLH/LLH.  H-R Burpees x 10 OYO

Mosey to Pavilion.

Bench Set

10 Step Up/10 Dip/10 Derkin/10 Box Jump Burpees

Civilian Merkin 10 Sets: Regular/Crucifix/Diamond

Mosey back to launch lot


High Flutter x 10/Hold/Rosalita x 10/6 inches/Protractor/Dolly

Finish with 45 seconds of Burpees



Always enjoy a last-minute substi-Q.  Maybe it is the pressure of very little time to plan, if any.  Perhaps it is the quick change in mindset from PAX to QIC.  Glad to take the Q this morning.  Thankful for the ability to do it and for the men who posted the workout.  Tired legs and coming off DR and 4 days sans workout.  Had to find a good spot in the pain cave for this one.

Haze has a way with words.  At least with welcoming PAX to workouts.  Flutie appears in the gloom and Haze greets with, “Hey, Flutie, when you gonna stop stalking us.”  A warm welcome to our New Hampshire transplant, who, BTW, invited all up to the Saturday workout.  If you happen to be 900 miles northeast of Charlotte, please post to support and get in some work.  Glad to have you with us Flutie Flakes.

Rachel and Brilleaux took off on the NF Trip Nickel.  Well done men.  Haze, Brushback and Snuka in 2nd wave.  Also well done.  Gotta say, that hurt.  Have stayed away from NF since knee surgery when on Q, at least.  That set took just over 6 minutes for future reference.  Only left us with about 27 minutes.

All pushed on the Partner Stack Grinders, or at least appeared to.  YHC’s partner, Starsky, putting in work.  New”ish” to F3.  Keep posting.

Swamp Thing back for more.  Keep pushing.  It does not get any easier, you just get better at it.  Glad to have you with us.  Keep posting.

Cheese Curd posted the “other” Wednesday workout.  Again.  Glad to have you with us.

While standing in place during the closing 45 minutes of Burpees, Champagne asked YHC, “You learn your burpee form from Runstopper?”  Sure did.  Will work on a bigger jump #accountability.  Standing form was pretty solid, must say.

Whole crew worked hard.  97% humidity.  In late September.  Ready for lower temps this weekend.  T-claps to Flutie for the takeout.


Saturday 09/30: Isabella Santos Run.  1st S. Clt Speed for Need race.  Run or come out to support.  Details 

F3 Golf: 10/27.  Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation.  Proceeds to fund LEAP expansion.  Register



F3 Golf: 4th Annual 10/27/2017

4th Annual F3 Golf Classic



Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation (Website)

1:00 Shotgun Start (11:30 Registration starts)

Lunch/Snacks/Non-Alcoholic Beverages Provided


Prizes and drawings

On-course shenanigans

ALL proceeds go directly to fund LEAP expansion.  This is Area 51 South Charlotte’s way of helping to fund expansion to cities that require travel budgets.  Think too far to drive cities.

Several levels of sponsorship are available as well.  Consider these if you own a small business or work for one that can get behind the F3 Mission and wants to help spread that to other areas of the country, as well as, get exposure for their business through the tournament.  SPONSORSHIP

Get your foursome together and register.  $100/player