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Tough Bagpipe SOBs

VSF planted and 19 tough SOBs (Sons of Ballantyne) were ready for some work.  To the best of YHC’s  recollection it went as follows.

Mosey to closest parking deck and up to the top for some open-air work


Mountain Climber x 20 IC

Merkin x 20 IC

Burpee Tabata (40 seconds of burpees/20 seconds rest/x4)

Mosey down to floor 2

Triple Nickel

Used incline between floors as our hill

Run to top/5 x HR Merkins/Run to bottom/5 x Jump Squat/5 x

Burpees to wait for six


Mosey to Ballantyne Pond

Bench Set

Jump Up x 15/Dips x 15/Derkin x 15

One Mile Run

3 and 1/3 laps around Ballantyne Pond.  At your own pace.

Mosey to lot adjacent to hotel for Mary-Merkin

LBC x 20 IC

Wide Merkin x 15 IC

Heels to Heaven x 20 IC

Diamond Merkin x 10 IC

Flutter x 16 IC

Regular Merkin x 10 IC

Mosey back to Vine lot for COT.


Got off to a fast start today with the mosey up the deck.  Quick COP and right into the burpee tabata.  Always the right call if you ask YHC.  Triple Nickel saw some Larry Birds in Mighty Mite, Brisket, Morning Star.  Strong work out there by the PAX on this set.  Burpees called to wait for six.  This did not go over well.  Several refusniks.  A few PAX came around in the end a did a few.  Mighty Mite mentioned the one-mile run around Ballantyne Pond pre-workout.  Funny, it was already on the list.  Haggis, Brisket, Champagne, Morning Star were up near the front.  No official times released.  Finished up with some mary-merkin.  Frehley’s impressively made his presence known with his legendary flatulence.  Thanks for that.  Welcome to Dear Abby who was site FNG.  Recently moved to S. Clt from Metro area.  Look forward to seeing you at A51 workouts.  Strong group out there today who pushed hard.  A pleasure and a privilege to lead at Bagpipe.  YHC took group out in BOM.


Contact Soft Pretzel or Haggis if interested in Bagpipe Q.  F3 vision is leadership.  Step up and lead a workout.  You will have all the help you need.  Can split a workout with a seasoned Q as well.  Frehley’s mentioned a need for Q’s on Saturday for Stonehenge.

Mighty Mite has Brave Q Friday.  0515 launch at Vine.  Running/obstacles.  Typically cover 4-5 miles in 60 minutes.

Sole redemption.  Bring your lightly used athletic shoes to an AO near you.  Most AO’s have assigned a shoe Q to collect up donations.


Centurian PAX Push Hard for 45

21 men assembled for some exercise on a Friday morning at CCHS.  4 arrived early to swing some bells.  Virtual shovel flag planted as Escargot is on the mend.  Chelms absent due to a traveling M.  Disclaimer given to include questions about allergies and medical conditions, as well as the usual.



SSH x 20 IC

Merkin x 20 IC

Hold plank/6 inches hold/10 merkins

Mosey to north end of football field.

5 Lap Set

Start with 15 Jump Squat

Run halfway around football field and stop after the hill.  30 LBC

Run back to start.  Repeat x 4.

Plank-o-rama to wait for six.  RAH/RLH/flapjack/RAF/LLH/flapjack

Merkin Set

Sets of 10 in civilian cadence.  Regular/Diamond/Wide

Mosey across 51 to parking lot above Jack-In-Box

Plank into Merkin Set

Sets of 10 in civilian cadence.  Regular/Offset Right/Offset Left/ Wide

Mosey to Palatine Hill.  Approached PH from back and ran up and over


Heels to Heaven x 30 IC

Flutter x 25 IC

Protractor with three consecutive 10-counts at 45 degrees

Dolly x 15 IC

Mosey back to Jack-In-Box parking lot

SSH x 25 IC

Mosey across 51 to picnic tables on CCHS campus

Bench Set

15 Jump-Ups/15 derkins/15 dips/Plank

Mosey to Rock Pile and grab exercise rock.

Rock Set

Sets of 20 in civilian cadence.  Curls/Tricep Extension/Overhead Press/CDD/Overhead Press/Tricep Extension/Curls.  Drop Rock.

Mosey down to launch lot.  Line up along lot.


AYG sprint to last light (approx 60 yards) and back x3 with called exercises at each end for reps 1 and 2.  1: Squat x 15/Burpee x 10.  2: LBC x 30/Merkin x 20.  3: AYG down/back

Finish with 20 Merkin OYO.  COT


The fall weather makes for great conditions for the work we do.  Strong group of men this morning to cover 2.66 total miles.  T-claps to Cane for collecting data.  Sacagewea, Checkpoint, Bushwood, Hannibal were pushing the 5 lap set pace with Sacagewea taking ownership.  Strong work by all pax on this set.  Welcome to Grease Monkey who completed his 2nd F3 workout and was site FNG.  Welcome back to Sunrise.  3 weeks on the couch with a broken toe.  Glad to have you back brother.  Been missing the mumblechatter.   Several members of the pax demonstrated blazing speed on the sprints.  Too many Larry Birds to remember.  Brushback was flying as he noted he was trying to keep up with Sacagewea.  YHC took group out in BOM.  A pleasure and privilege, as always, to lead at Centurian.

Congrats to Checkpoint.  Not only does he always push the pace in workouts at 53 years of age, his F3 Metro Mud Run team finished #12 overall.  Respect.


12K obstacle race at Whitewater Center tomorrow (10/11/2014) at 9:00.  Checkpoint can provide further information.

Trips for Kids tomorrow 0900-1200 at Col. Francis Beatty Park.  Farside on Q.  Will not ride if raining.

Please see weekly email and website for further information.






For the VQ YHC wanted to cover the full AO and add a personal slant, which was to slow things down an little and practice good form.  This resulted in hand-release (HR) burpees, double merkin burpees, HR merkins, planks with form focus.  Blame it on the M, she is a core/pilates instructor.  Shovel flag planted, disclaimer given, GO:


10 HR Burpees and follow QIC.

Short mosey with a stop for 15 Diamond merkin (civilian count)

Mosey to turf by chapel and bear crawl over the hill by the wall

Mosey to front of church for COP in the gloom


SSH x 25 IC

Double merkin burpees x 5 OYO

MC x 20 IC

Double merkin burpees x 5 OYO

30 HR Merkin OYO

Plank (60 second hold)

Mosey around church to the bottom of North Face

Triple Nickel

5 Jump Squat.  Run up NF.  5 CDD.  Run to bottom of NF.  Repeat x 5

Plank to wait for six (and allow YHC to catch breath)

Mosey to playground


3 called exercises.  3 times through circuit

Donkey kicks x 15 on swings/Incline merkin x 25/Pullups x 10 at far end of playground

Mosey to Athletic Field and partner up for some fellowship.  Size does matter.

Makhtar N’diaye’s x 10 IC

Partner Work

Partner Carry 60 yards.  Flapjack back to start.

Partner Merkin ladder to 8.

AYG to far fence and back (approx 200 yards)

Partner 1 plank on partner 2’s feet.  Partner 2 does 20 sit-ups.

AYG to far fence and back.  Flapjack situp set.

LBC x 20 IC

Mosey back to launch lot for BOM.


VQ in the books and YHC ready for more.  It was great to see the support from YHC’s F3 brothers before, during, and after the workout.  Almost all of the fellow The Stand crew made it out in a show of the bonds that we are building learning more about what God has planned for us as men and leaders, as well as, the bonds from sharing our personal lives and journeys.  YHC honored and blessed to be a part of F3nation, and to lead this fine group of men this morning.

Good mumblechatter in the foggy gloom.  The 10 HR Burpees off the starter’s gun were well received #sarcasm.  YHC got some props for the audible for a slight recovery after the 30 HR merkins in COP before the plank hold.  Originally planned to go straight to plank.  Pax was confused on counts during the Circuit at the playground.  Going from the soaking wet tall grass to the sand was a real crowd pleaser.  I think pax also enjoyed risking life and limb going over the shaky chain link to get to the pull-up station.  Young Love said he wised up and went through a gate to avoid the fence, but the unknown of whether the fence would hold up was part of the grand plan.

Great work by the pax on the partner work.  Up until then, YHC was not getting Larry Birded #takiniteasyonVQ, but the AYG to fence and back had the beasts breaking away.  Fletch, PH, Rock Thrill, Cane, Mermaid, Jamboree, Champagne, Mr. Brady, Joker.

BOM: Solid takeout by Mr. Brady.  Succinct and impactful.


Voodoo has Q at Meathead tomorrow.  Sort of his VQ.

A51 Mud Run buses are wheels up at 0530 Saturday.  Arrive 15 minutes prior.

Saturday workouts will converge at The Rock.  Stonehenge launch=0600.  Other converging WO’s launch=0700.  Two other workouts still on as regularly scheduled: Area 51 and Outland.





Rock and Day Zero Converge

14 men arrived for a Saturday installment of the Rock.  Long Distance posted at Day Zero and was told that the pax would mosey to the Rock to join with pax there.  He chose to drive over.  Cane and Prohibition moseyed over to make 17.  VSF raised, disclaimer given, and it went something like this.


Mosey through the lots of AO to lot in front of pavilion


SSH x 25 IC

Merkin x 15 IC

MC x 15 IC

Plank walk x 15 IC

Cane and Prohibition joined COP here.  Mosey to pavilion.

Bench Set/Runs

Bench Set followed by a run to designated point and back.  3 rounds.

Bench set: 15 jump up/15 derkin/15 dips

Round 1 to end of athletic field and back.  2: bottom of Entrance 4 and back.  3.  Entrance 1 and back.

Mosey to rock pile and grab exercise rock for sets of 20 in civilian cadence.

Press/CDD/Press/CDD/Curls/Tri Extenstions.  Drop rock.

Mosey back to athletic field and form a single line behind Cane.

Indian Bear Crawl

Pax bear crawled in single line.  Six ran to front of line.  Length of field.

20 Burpees OYO

Indian run to entrance 4.


QIC called out pax to call exercises in cadence.  Mr. Brady, Mr. Bean, Mall Cop, Brushback.  Dolly, Flutter, Rosalita, and unsure of #4.  20 wide merkin OYO.

Mosey around pond near North Face.  Through the woods, over rocks, to the bottom of North Face.  SSH IC to wait for six.

Triple 3’s

Up NF, 3 burpees, back around and down, 3 burpees, 3 reps

Reverse the mosey to get to the bottom of NF through the woods around the pond and up the hill to lot #7.

Merkin set

10 x merkin civilian cadence: regular, diamond, wide, regular, diamond

Mosey back to launch lot for COT.


Cane and YHC asked to Q DZ so we figured we would reach out to Rock to see if we could converge.  Mall Cop was looking for a QIC so YHC took it and our plan was in motion.  Strong group out today.  We covered a lot of ground.  Great to see Mr. Brady today who YHC drove through the hills for the BRR.  The guy can run.  Strong work by all.  The Indian Bear Crawl was not as bad as it sounded when Cane indicated he wanted to do it.  The 20 burpees OYO now that was painful.  Welcome to our FNG, 13 years old, Larvae, brother of Tadpole.  Come back out and get more work done.  Strong prayer by Mall Cop to take us out.  A pleasure and privilege to lead this group of men today with Cane.  Aye!


Mr. Brady mentioned the Ragnar relay in April.  15 or 30 mile options depending on team size.  Contact him if interested.

Mud Run next Saturday.  Several South Clt workouts will converge at the Rock.  Mall Cop says to bring your “A game.”

A few more announcements that I failed to record.  Please read your weekly email carefully and get involved in 2nd and 3rd F opportunities.



100 Acres for the Minions

25 strong men arrived prepared for another installment of Anvil.  VSF planted, disclaimer provided, and off we went into the rainy darkness of this great AO.


Mosey to the far end of the sports field


SSH x 25 IC

Merkin x 20 IC

Mountain Climber x 20 IC

Low Slow Jump Squat x 15 IC

Faster mosey from the south end of the campus to the north end along 51.  Stop at 51 and Rae.  SSH x 20 IC and Merkin set to wait for six to arrive.  Merkins x 10 civilian cadence: Regular/Offset right/Offset left/Wide

With arrival of six mosey past entrance 3 and around lot 7 down to the bottom of North Face.  SSH IC to wait for six.  2 trips up North Face.  Run to top.  Back around to the bottom and up again.  Plank at top.  Plank-o-rama: RAH/RLH/Swap/LLH/10 merkin/RLH/10 merkin.

Mosey to entrance 4.  LBC x 25 IC to wait for six.  2 laps at entrance 4.  Down/up/down/up.  Plank.

Mosey to rock pile and grab exercise rock.  All exercises to 20 in civilian count: curls/tricep extension/overhead press/overhead press (2×20)/CDD/tricep extension/curls.  Return rock to pile.

Mosey to pavilion.  Find a bench.

Bench Set 

20 x tricep dip/20 x derkin.  2 sets.

Short mosey to bottom of hill at athletic field.

Triple Nickel

Run to top of hill.  5 x CDD.  Run to bottom.  5 x Jump Squat.  5 repetitions

Mosey up the hill to lot at entrance 1.  Line up behind QIC for Indian Run through parking lots.  Ran north then south the length of the lots to launch lot.  Stop at north end of launch lot.  10 burpees OYO.  AYG to launch for COT.


Great group out there today with many Anvil regulars and some not-so-regulars.  Awesome to get some work done with a couple of the gentlemen I drove for in the BRR, Turkey Leg and Alf.  Alf was Larry Bird on the Triple Nickel and told YHC he prefers running hills that he can see the top of.  Agreed.  Radar brought some mumblechatter as usual.  Heard him whine about it being wet when merkins were called in COP.  Asked him for mileage afterwards and he failed to turn on his GPS, but helpfully told YHC it was probably around 100 acres, which is the size of the AO. T-claps to Runstopper for always looking after the pax and keeping the group together.  #leader.  Really strong work by all pax out there today.  We covered a lot of ground.  Fun to watch Lobsta Roll and Busch race to the finish for AYG sprint after burpees.  Will work harder to empty those tanks next time.  A pleasure and a privilege to lead a fine group of hard-working men at Anvil today.  T-claps to Busch for a fine prayer to take us out in BOM.

Come back next week for Brushback’s VQ.  I have no doubt it will be quite difficult and well executed.



Aftermath on Wednesday at Trader Joe’s Starbucks at Piper Glen.  Finished a book today and starting a new book next week.  Busch on Q.

Brewruck on Saturday.  BRING CANNED GOODS TO FRIDAY WORKOUTS.  Spearhead pax at all Friday workouts to collect canned goods for Saturday ruck.

See website/weekly email for details and more information.


Cane Pain Train Rolling at Centurian

POSTED ON BEHALF OF CANE (who did not provide title)

20 men posted at Centurian for some rocks, running, and exercising.  VSF planted as Escargot was out today.  Rain held off mostly.  Quick disclaimer and welcome to 1 FNG.


Mosey out of launch lot, down Walsh and up Little Ave.  10 Burpees OYO at each of 4 streetlights.


SSH x 35 IC

IW x20 IC

Low Slow Squats x20 IC

Merkins x15 IC

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey around the football field and up the steep hill through lot to rock pile.  Select a good lifting/exercising rock.

Rock and Run

Partner 1 runs length of lot and back (approx 200 yards)

Partner 2 does called exercise.  Swap.  Plank when both partners have run.

7 rounds: overhead press, squats, curls, LBC, money release merkin, rock swings, burpees

Return rocks to pile.  Mosey around football field and hit the steep hill into the launch lot.  Circle up.


Flutter x 20 IC

AYG to 2nd streetlight and back

Rosalita x 25 IC

AYG to 3rd streetlight and back

LBC x 30

AYG to top of lot for BOM


Strong work by all today.  Welcome to FNG Broyhill (Nathan) who was EH’d by Hannibal.  Hope you enjoyed and make sure to come back out for more.  Good group of men for a Champagne pre-KB Q.  Never a great idea to do KB before the workout-especially when you have the Q.  YHC paid the price this morning.  Currency in the form of lower back pain exacerbated by the sprints.  Will likely be chair or floor-bound for remainder of the day.  Run total of 2.63 per the GPS.  Good prep for the upcoming Mud Run.  Shout out and extra credit for the guys who ran in today.  Margo and perhaps a few others.  Nice work and a pleasure to lead you all this morning.


Isabella Santos Family Fun Run, 5K and 10K tomorrow in Ballantyne.  F3 guys will be leading the kids in warm-up.  Honeybee is Q.

Trips for Kids bike ride is tomorrow as well.  Please see weekly email or homepage for further details.  Unable to paste links here for some reason.

Tuesday temporary Mud Run Training workouts launch at Bagpipe/Swift location in Ballantyne.  Madame Tussaud is Q.

Centurian Birthday Festivities…Interrupted

Blinking lights and several police cruisers were in the launch lot at Centurian today.  Two of our pax were robbed at gunpoint by a male assailant.  Checkpoint and Voodoo were not injured.  YHC intentionally out for pre-KB due to BRR driving duties and most other KB regulars doing BRR.  That left these two men in the dark.  May have been a crime of opportunity or the assailant may have cased the lot as we are there like clockwork every Friday.  Be mindful of your surroundings and always try to travel in a herd.  Shovel flag planted by Escargot.  Mood certainly somber among the  pax, but we moved forward as the police did their work to try and find the assailant. Cane turns 39 and come to find out, Udder is 34 today.  Happy birthday gentlemen.


COP in launch lot

SSH x39 IC

Merkin x39 (Civilian cadence)

10 Burpee OYO

YHC and Cane grab party favors and mosey to lot above to wait for the six providing information to police.  Party favors are 39 pound cinder blocks (2) that will travel with pax during workout.  Team effort for carry.  Pass along when necessary

Line up.  Sprint 80 yards.  Sprint back.

Merkin Ladder

Start with 5 merkin: 1 regular/1wide/1 diamond/1 hand-release/1 regular

Run approx. 80 yards and complete 30 LBC.  Run back to start.

Increase merkin rep by 1 to 2 of each above.  Repeat to 5 reps of each.  30 LBC stays same at other end.  Shamelessly borrowed this from Lobsta Roll’s beatdown and Anvil on Wednesday.

Early finishers did 20 SSH IC then plank to wait for six.  Checkpoint joined the pax right about here.  Voodoo had to stay with car and officers who were finger-printing.

Pick up favors and mosey to Jack in Box parking lot across 51.  Double back to assist with favors.  Drop favors and mosey to Palatine Hill.

Triple Nickel 

Run up hill.  5 hand-release merkin.  Run down.  5 jump squats.  5 repetitions.

Plank to wait for six.  Mosey to pick up favors and pause for MARY: Heels to Heaven x20 IC/Bicycle x20 IC/Dolly x20 IC.

Mosey to picnic tables at CCHS.

Bench Set

15 jump up/15 tricep dip/15 derkin x2

Mosey to rock pile to grab an exercise rock.

Rock Set

Sets of 20 IC: Curls/Press/CDD/Press/Curls

AYG to launch lot for BOM.


YHC shook by this incident.  Pax appeared to be as well as the mumblechatter was essentially nonexistent.  All pax worked hard today.  Welcome to Handy Manny, a friend of YHC and a Charlotte native.  Great to have you and certainly hope to see you in the gloom soon.  YHC took us out in BOM.  Prayers for Voodoo, Checkpoint, and the troubled assailant.  Really hate that these two men had to endure this today.  Prayers for our brothers who are doing the BRR, other participants, and all involved for a safe event.  Happy birthday to Cane and Udder.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THE HERD MENTALITY.  Unfortunately, we all know that bad things happen every day and we need to stand together.  Aye.


See website at or the weekly email.




Triple Nickel Tour at Anvil

Shovel flag planted firmly by Baracus.  16 fine men on site and ready to hit it hard at  Anvil.  Disclaimer given and workout started promptly at 0530, thanks to Baracus who loaned YHC his watch.


25 merkin OYO

Mosey across the parking lots to lot closest to North Face.


25 merkin OYO

Mountain Climber x 20 IC

Jump Squat x 15 IC

25 merkin OYO

Mosey to bottom of North Face.

Triple Nickel Tour

Triple Nickel involves starting at the bottom of a hill, running to the top, doing 5x called exercise, running to the bottom, doing 5x called exercise, 5 repetitions.  The called exercise was the Burpee at our 5 stops: North Face, Entrance 4, Soccer Field Hill, Entrance 4, North Face.  1 rep at each stop with either plank-o-rama or SSH (IC) to wait for 6.  Pax ran back up hill at each stop to mosey to the following stop.  At NF for rep #5 we ran up, did 5 burpees, backward bear crawl down, 5 burpees, bear crawl back up.

Merkin Set 

10 each civilian cadence: wide, offset left, offset right, diamond (40)

Mosey to COP parking lot

Heels to Heaven x 20 IC

Bicycle x 20 IC

Mosey to pavilion (the sweatbox)

Bench Set

15 Jump up/15 dip/15 derkin

30 LBC

10 Jump up/10 dip/ 10 derkin

30 LBC

5 Jump up/5 dip/5 derkin

Mosey to launch lot

25 merkin OYO


YHC did some sad clown pre-KB as none of the usuals joined.  Pre-run for Swanson.  Humid morning today.  Triple Nickel tour was tough.  A good bit of running and burpees always a crowd pleaser.  The bonus return trip up each hill to the next rep spot was appreciated by Purple Haze.  Not a lot of mumblechatter out there today.  A lot of movement and no 10 counts.  Merkin count confirmed by pax at 230, though may have missed a few above.  Strong work by all pax today.  Iron Horse took us out in BOM.  Always a pleasure to lead at Anvil.


Read your weekly email for latest information and announcements.  Check website, of course.

BRR teams need drivers.  Contact Baracus if you can help or for more information.

Contact Champagne if you can help with a tutoring program in South Charlotte.


Another Trip to the Parking Garage

VSF planted and pax rolling in right up to launch.  Wingman and Frehley’s informed YHC of Champagne’s Muthaship-like workout at this AO on previous Saturday and how it sucked.  Sounded a lot like the planned workout inspired by Frasier setting the new record for 16 trips up the day before.  Not often one receives pre-feedback.  24 ran off into the gloom.


Mosey from launch to top of closest parking garage.  Plank to wait for six.  Disclaimer given.


Mountain Climber x 16 (IC) hold plank

Merkin x16 (IC)

Squat x16 (IC)

Mosey down 4 flights to bottom of deck

Deck Runs

Run from bottom to top (4 flights) and perform 32 merkin.  Run back to floor 1.  Plank-o-rama

Run to top (3 flights) and perform 16 jump squats.  Run back to floor 1.  Plank-o-rama

Mary: Heels to Heaven x25 (IC).  Dolly x20 (IC)

Mosey to adjacent square at townhomes.  Plank-o-rama to wait for six.  Partner-up.

Partner Relays

Partner 1 runs around square (1/8 mile approx).  Partner 2 does called exercise.  Swap

Merkin/CDD/LBC for 3 rounds.  Plank to wait for six to finish.

Mosey toward launch.  Stop for a burpee break to wait for six.  Most pax did at least 25 burpees before QIC called squat.

Mosey to launch lot

Mary: Dolly x25 (IC)/Bicycle x25 (IC)/LBC x25 (IC)

15 Burpees OYO

25 Merkin OYO


Strong work out there by all pax today.  Ranged in age from 14 (Vineyard) to 58 (FNG-Odd Job).  Welcome to Yogi from Florence and another pax from Raleigh, whose name YHC fails to remember.  Great to have the new guys.  Strong deck work and running from Dory, Escargot, Brushback, Wingman, Brisket, Soft Pretzel, Abacus and others.  Great to see Fried Okra out yet again, getting stronger.  Same for our War Baby, Vineyard.  Keep on coming out gentlemen and keep on telling your friends why they need F3.  A pleasure to lead again at Bagpipe.  YHC took group out in BOM.  Continue to pray for Bill Chepul, Abacus and Chelms brother, who is fighting brain cancer.  See weekly email and website for  further announcements.