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Registration Ends 09/12/2015 (Saturday) for the Fall Mud Run

As the title indicates, this is the last week to register for the Mud Run in Gaston, SC 10/24/2015. Several pax have expressed interest to YHC directly and a need to get in touch with their team to see if all members were interested.  I get it, men, this kind of stuff gets put on the back burner.  This post is written to remind you of the registration end date of 09/12/2015.

I am driving for Mercury’s Minions in the Blue Ridge Relay (BRR) this weekend.  There will not be time for tweets and more website posts to urge you register.  If you want to run it you have to be registered.  Last call men.

Don’t have a team, we will get you on one if you register.

All details that you need can be found in the preblast.  Link below.

Area 51 Preblast with instructions and registration link found HERE

Radar Avoids Another Backblast

YHC got a call from Radar at 0654.  He indicated that he would, in fact, make it by 0700.  He was actually a few minutes late and wearing flip flops when he pulled in.  No one seemed to mind much. He got shoed up and asked about FNG’s before we hit it.  Radar had 1st 30, YHC had 2nd.



SSH x 50 IC

IW x 25 IC

MC x 25 IC

Squat x 20 IC

Indian Run out of the McAlpine lot into the Touchstone neighborhood.  Partner up.  Determine which partner is faster.  Partners run opposite directions of 1 mile loop.  Meet in the middle somewhere.  5 sets of 10 Hand-Slap Merkin/10 Knee Slaps.

Burpee Suicides

Uphill runs of increasing distance to telephone poles.  1 Burpee at each turnaround.  Chair Plank when finished.  Indian Run back to campus.  Radar passed the Q to YHC at the B-ball court.

Circle up for Mary.  6 inches/Dolly x20 IC/Hold/Flutter x 20 IC/Hold/Heels to Heaven x 20 IC/Hold/Rosalita x 20 IC/Hold/Protractor/Hold/3-10 counts.

Flip over into high plank for Plank Series.  Several plank moves for approximately 4 minutes.  Flatulence dictated the length of this series.  It was time to vacate the area to the Rock Pile.

Grab exercise rock and form groups of 3.

Relay Mile Race

Each partner runs 1 lap of track at AYG speed.  Non-runners rinse and repeat rock set: 15 Curl/15 Press/15 Tri Extensions/5 Rockees.  Team of YHC, Dear Abby, and Margo the winners.  Soccer folks began pulling in.  Finished with 1.2 mile loop.  Down 51 to first light.  Right.  Right on Bevington.  Right on Carswell.  Done.



Excellent to have Purple Haze join us today at Day Zero.  Radar showed me the text exchange between he and Haze.  Let’s put it this way, Haze was slightly hesitant about a DZ post with Radar and YHC on Q.  Radar can be very convincing.  He will call you out.  Got it done and Haze posted. Great to see you back out brother.

Pax all worked hard today for this run-heavy bootcamp.  Must be some kind of running race looming. YHC messaged Radar earlier in the week to pass the buck on the backblast.  No response.  His strategy today was simple.  He told YHC he was not posting a backblast and he didn’t care.  Told me I would have to post because it would bother me too much not to.  Guess he knows me well.  Really enjoyed this workout.  Strong crew and hard work.  Sorry to Margo for not incorporating your request for calf raises.  Next time for sure.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  T-claps to Skywalker for the takeout prayer.


Register for the Mud Run.

Read the weekly email.  Peruse  There is a lot going on.


Anvil Combos

YHC and Cane pulled into a deserted Calvary lot.  9 more strong PAX arrived for iron sharpening at Anvil.  A few PAX pushed hard on the 0530 start.  O’Tannanbaum came in hot at 0535 after a visit with Mr. Brown.  He readily joined the PAX in COP.  12 for Anvil with shovel flag flying thanks to Young Love.


Warm up mosey around a few lots to the Rock Pile.  Grab exercise rock.  Continue mosey to lot above entrance 4.


SSH x 15 IC

Double Nickel Burpee OYO (Burpee with 5 merkin x 5)

Low Slow Squat x 15 IC

Rock Set

15 each civilian cadence: Curl/Press/Tri Extension.  Drop Rock.

North Face Loop.  Run through lot and down to base of NF.  Up NF.  5 Burpee.  Continue back to rocks.  Repeat Rock Set OYO.  Burpees to wait for six.  Grab rock and mosey to Rock Pile for drop off.

Continue mosey to pavilion.

Bench Set

10 Jump Up/15 Derkin/20 Dips

Mosey to base of Champs Field hill.

Triple Nickel/Champs Lap/Bench Set Combo

Triple Nickel with Jump Squat at top and CDD at bottom.  Immediately into lap around perimeter of Champs field to pavilion.  Repeat Bench Set.  Plank-o-rama to wait for six.  Low plank/RAH/RLH/Flapjack

Short mosey across thoroughfare to lot next to Avenue of the Trees for Mary

Flutter x 10 IC/Hold/Dolly x 10 IC/Hold/Rosalita x 10/Hold/Heels to Heaven x 10 IC/Hold/4-10 counts

Avenue of Trees Burp and Merk

Start with first half of Burp and Merk.  Burpee 1 with 1 merkin.  2 with 2 merkin.  Up to 5.  AYG quarter mile loop.  Complete 6-10 of Burp and Merk.

Mosey back over to lot above entrance 4.  Quad combo: Plank with 10 count/Plank Walk x 15 IC/Elbow Plank with 10 count/Merkin x 10 IC

NF Loop

AYG around NF loop back to lot above #4.  Mary lead by LR.  Russian Twist x 25 IC.  LBC x 15 IC.

Mosey to lot adjacent to launch lot.  Line up lower street light.

Plank Start Sprints

4-60-yard Sprints each with plank start.  Immediate plank at finish.  Plank starts included:

1. 6 inches with RLH

2. 6 inches with LLH

3. Elbows with RAH/RLH

4. Elbows with LAH/LLH



Tough week for YHC with school starting, M going back to full-time work, and both kids at early schools.  Back-to-back Q’s not planned and attempts to rearrange schedule were fruitless.  Sinus and lung crud a bonus.  Getting through days like today make you stronger.  Having a group of strong PAX to push you makes it possible.  Thank you men, for the push.

Champagne messaged YHC inquiring about the workout and, essentially, HC’d Anvil as his last workout prior to Super Spartan Asheville.  Assured him it would be a good one, then went to work on the weinke, keeping in mind the Super-OCR training idea.  He decided that sleep was better than another tough workout and decided to take the rest.  Probably the better call with a Super Spartan (in Asheville) and the BRR looming.  We missed you out there.  Good luck this weekend brother.  Sorry for the call out on twitter, but couldn’t resist.

The group at Anvil is always a strong one who push hard.  We covered 2.6 miles today and a good portion of the Calvary campus.  Lower humidity made it seem a little like fall.  Hope it sticks around. Usual suspects were out front and included LR, Dory, Abba, Scabby, Cane.  O’Tannanbaum was moving out there today.  Margo, YL, R Rocks, Zuckerberg all pushed hard for 45.  Thunder Road is getting stronger with each post.  Easy to see that and as always, glad to have you with us at Anvil.  A pleasure to lead this fine group at Anvil.   Great work today men.  Strong takeout from Young Love.


Read your weekly email and visit f3nation,.com for current information.

10/24/2015 Mud Run Challange registration is live and ends 09/12/2015.  Register today HERE.

3 Mile Tour with a Crazy Ivan

30 men arrived at the Vine for the regular installment of pain that is Bagpipe.  Small group for pre-run.  Unknown to all but he, Hops is 43 today.  A fact the veteran would keep to himself until COT.  Wise move as he knows YHC likes to celebrate birthdays.  The planned weinke would have to suffice.  PAX disclaimed.  Off we went.

0.4 mile mosey down Brixham to the Bull Ring.


SSH x 15 IC

10 Burpee OYO

Quad Combo: Plank with 10 count/Plank Walk Left/Right x 15 IC/Elbow Plank with 10 count/Merkin x 10 IC

Bull Ring Lap

25 Merkin OYO/AYG for 1/2 Bull Ring/10 HR Burpee/AYG to end of Bull Ring

Plank-o-rama.  Gather the PAX while in plank.

Mosey across Bally Corporate and up the hill toward the Lance building entrance.  Circle up in Lance lot.

Mary: Flutter x 15 IC (cadence by Escargot)/Hold/Heels to Heaven x 20 IC (cadence by Margo)

T-claps for helping with cadence men, YHC’s voice was shaky this AM due to the crud and a ride on Fury 325 that involved screaming on Sunday.

Hill Sprint 

25 Merkin OYO/AYG through Lance entrance and up hill to the bridge/10 HR Burpee/AYG back down.  Seat Plank followed by Plank-o-rama to wait for six.  RAH/RLH/Flapjack/Low Plank/RLH/Flapjack Legs/10 count/High Plank/Hold/10 count/Merkin x 10 civilian cadence

Mosey through Lance lots with a Crazy Ivan onto the exercise trail.  Enter Loch Ness and go left to parking lot.  Mary to gather the group: LBC x 20 IC/Hold/Protractor/6 inches/Hold/10 count

YHC gave PAX 2 options: mosey to parking deck to finish up or stop in the Vine lot and complete additional Mary.  A few takers on option 2.

Mosey to parking deck closest to the Vine.  Plank-o-rama to wait for six.

AYG to top of deck.  Recovery plank.  10 Burpee OYO.  Mosey down stairs and exit parking garage. Continue mosey down the hill to the launch lot.

Civilian Count Merkins to 10: Regulary/Offset Left/Offset Right


YHC asked Dear Abby about a backup QIC as the numbers swelled the closer we got to 0530.  He indicated that indeed there was not a backup QIC planned, but he would be happy to take half the group.  The call was YHC’s and the group stayed together.  Stops at the Bull Ring, Brixham Hill, and the parking garage made for a full weinke and a good bit of running with AYG sprints mixed in.  We covered 3.08 miles per YHC’s Garmin.  Strong work by the PAX today with high humidity.  Lots of burpees, merkins, and plank today.  Get that core strong and it all gets easier men.  Dory, Pebbles, Hops, Beaker, Cane, Margo, Lorax and others in good strong form today and out front.  Big Tuna and Morning After showing fast twitch to finish up with AYG sprint to launch.  Their call.   All PAX pushed hard and with a group this size it is hard to take note of all physical feats of strength.  Not sure about you men, but I am smoked and just now stopped sweating.

The Crazy Ivan occurred when YHC took a hard left turn to catch the exercise trail off the Lance lots. Typical move is to pick it up off Bally Corporate, but switched it up today.  Hops was quick with naming the near miss the Crazy Ivan and referenced The Hunt for Red October.  As noted above, Hops owned up to his 43rd birthday in COT.  Happy birthday brother.  You are old.  Thank you for all that you do for F3 and your A51 brothers.  Hope your birthday is a good one and you enjoy some time with your M and your boys.


Cane and YHC had to bolt home after name-o-rama to get the kids to school.  Sound off below with anything or read your weekly email.

10/24/2015 Mud Run registration is OPEN.  It closes 09/12/2015.  Register now and review the instructions on the preblast found HERE.


10/24/2015 Mud Run: Registration and Area 51 Details. REGISTRATION CLOSES OCTOBER 3

The Ultimate Challenge Mud Run is on for 10/24/2015 in Gaston, SC, just outside of Columbia.  The Mud Run is often referred to as the “Super Bowl” of F3.  F3 nation will have 500+ PAX post to this event.  Area 51 is looking for strong representation once again.  This is a 10K (6.2 mile) obstacle race with up to 36 obstacles on the course.  The course is called the Leatherneck.  Each obstacle is manned by Marines to encourage you, keep you in check, and assess penalties.  It really is a blast. Check out the link at the bottom of this post for a youtube video that will give you an idea of what to expect.  If you have not done it before this is another chance.  If you can make it through a regular F3 bootcamp workout you can conquer the Leatherneck.  Get dirty men.

AO Q’s please talk to your PAX and encourage participation.  F3 will again have a preferred starting block that will begin at 0830.  Most of the race participants you will encounter will be F3 PAX.

4-man teams race together to complete this race.  Please work hard to find a team of 4 to participate. If you do not have a 4-man team, let me know and I can help you find one.  This an F3 and Area 51 sponsored CSAUP event.  Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless, that is.  Again, it is an awesome event that you should not miss.  After you crush the Leatherneck with your team you will clean up in some of the best showers any race provides and then head to the F3 tent to visit the F3 Beer Boat and hang with 500+ F3 brothers from all over.  Get a team picture in front of more shovel flags than you have ever seen.  Share race stories, catch up with PAX from other regions, and enjoy the day.  Enough promotion, just register and do it.

Transportation will be secured for Area 51 PAX to and from the Mud Run by coach.  The cost is usually around $30.00.  More details for transport will follow after we get a PAX count.

Training: you are training with every post.  Boot camp workouts are great training.  Running workouts will help get your legs ready for 10K.  The Brave is an obstacle-race inspired workout that launches from the Vine in Ballantyne Fridays at 0515.  60 minutes of running and obtacle-type training.

Area 51 Details:

Registration: PAX register as INDIVIDUALS.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.  Cost is $55.00/PAX. No refunds, this is a hard commit.

REGISTER by 10/03/2015 

You will provide the required information and can also give a donation to Operation Enduring Warrior.  $10.00/PAX would be awesome.  Give more, less, or nothing.  It is up to you.  F3 gave this charity a check for $5000.00 at the Spring Mud Run.  F3 would like to bring that number up to at least $7500.00 for this Mud Run.  To learn more about this charity, please click here.  Please note that F3 is a sponsor of this charity and is listed in the “Current Sponsors” tab of the website and consider a donation.  Strongly consider a donation, that is.  Thanks men.


Each team will designate a captain.  The captain will send YHC an email at after the team has registered.  The email will contain the following: Team Name, F3 Name, Hospital Name, Email Address for EACH man on the team.  If your team has an FNG use FNG as the F3 Name.  Read that again please.  Thanks

If you do not have a team send me an email with the above information and we will work on getting you teamed up.

IMPORTANT: Please register sooner rather than later.  REGISTRATION ENDS 10/3/2015. YHC needs an accurate count to secure the appropriate sized coach to get us there.  Go ahead and register today, actually, that would be best.  Thanks

Sundries will be BYO for this Mud Run.  You will bring all beverage and nutrition that you will need.  The F3 Beer Boat will contain hundreds of beers that you are welcome to drink post-race.  If you would like to drink a few more on the way home, please bring them with you.

Helpful Links and Info:

F3nation preblast can be found HERE.

F3 Mud Run Twitter Account: @F3MudRun

F3 Beer Boat Twitter Account: @F3BeerBoat

Area 51 Mud Run Q:

Official USMC Mud Run Leatherneck Video can be found HERE.




Bowels and Movement at The Brave

Site Q Champagne came in hot at 0513.  Rest of the pax ready for some OCR training.  YHC promised 5+ in the preblast and disclaimed the 11 pax quickly before the work began.

Mosey down Ballantyne Corporate to Bull Ring.


SSHx 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

MC x 10 IC

One lap around Bull Ring with halfway stop for 10 Double Merkin Burpees.  Exit Bull Ring and up Brixham to the bridge.  One minute of Jump Squat.  Back down hill.  Left onto exercise trail.  Stop at high bars for 10 Pull-up OYO.  Continue mosey to Loch Ness.  Left onto paved trail.  Mosey around Loch Ness with stop at 2nd building for 10 Jump Up.  Continue around Loch Ness loop.  Exit at parking lot next to hotel.

Mary: Flutter x 10 IC/Heels to Heaven x 10 IC

Continue run up past launch lot to closest parking deck.  We lost Mighty Mite on the way to the deck. Enter deck.  Mary to regroup: Flutter x 10 IC/Rosalita x 10 IC.  Continue run to top of deck.  Down stairs to street level and exit deck.  Mosey back down hill to launch lot and continue.

Repeat loop with modifications due to time.  Bull Ring loop with 10 Burpee.  Mosey up hill to bridge with Jump Squat.  Back down and through exercise trail without stop for pull-ups.  Dropped the Loch Ness loop.  Took left on trail and exited into parking lot.  Plank stop with Merkin x 10 IC and 6 inches/RLH/LLH lead by Dory.  Continue mosey to launch lot.

Wheel of Mary: Toe tap Crunchs called by Fire Hazard and Dying Cockroach called by Wild Turkey.  To 15 IC.

Closing Merkin Set.  All to 10 civilian cadence: regular/wide/offset left/offset right/diamond.  Done.



Ever since Brushback turned YHC onto Google Earth, Q’ing at the Ballantyne AO has become much less daunting.  Self-admittedly spatially-challenged, being able to visualize the workout prior to running it is essential for YHC.  The goal was to complete 2 full reps of this run.  We were supposed to finish up with the parking deck for the second time.  Frankly, YHC made the call to stop at launch lot for Mary-Merkin rather than continue up the hilll to the deck.  Yep, Q was smoked.  We managed to get 5.1 miles, as promised.  Group did a fine job of staying together together today, with the exception of Mighty Mite.  When we hit launch lot at about 3.1 miles he mentioned something about his bowels yelling at him.  Next time YHC looked in the deck, he had fled the group for bowel relief.  He resurfaced during Mary in the launch lot.  Seems YHC’s last few Q’s have been influenced somehow or another by the bowels.  As they say, **it happens.  Really enjoyed leading this group today.  All pushed hard for 60 minutes.  At one point, YHC confused Cable Guy for Heartbreaker.  Again, smoked Q, easily confused.  Strong work today men.  Nice to have Ponzi join us today.  He is new to F3 and crushed it today.  Thanks for coming out and getting better.


Read your weekly email.  Gladiator games hosted by F3 Indianland/The Fort tomorrow at Indianland Elementary School on 521.  Reach out to Pebbles for more info.  10/24/2015 Mud Run Challenge. Sign up coming soon for F3.

Preblast: Mud Run Training at The Brave

Ultimate Mud Run Challenge: 10/24/2015.  The “Super Bowl” of F3.

Gaston, SC, just outside Columbia, SC.

The Leatherneck: 6.2 miles with up to 36 obstacles.  Mud.  Water.  Marines.

F3 registration coming soon.  Waiting to hear from Heist, F3Nation Mud Run Q.  Work on getting your 4-man teams together.  If you do not have a team, YHC will help you find one.

Madame Tussauds has coordinated an awesome BRR training camp this coming weekend with a Friday departure.  He has asked YHC to Q The Brave.

The goal for this workout will be to quickly get the heart rate up to a race level and keep it there.  We will push hard for 60 minutes, just like you will when you race in the Ultimate Mud Run Challenge. Recovery will happen with your feet moving you forward.  You can rest on your drive home.  We will cover 5+ miles.  0515 launch from the Vine in Ballantyne: 13735 Conlan Circle, Charlotte, NC 28277.


Men of Skill and Action at Centurion

In ancient times the Centurion was chosen for his expertness in all exercises and readiness to act when given orders, rather than talk.  Men of skill and action.  14 pax fit that bill today at Charlotte Catholic HS for the weekly Centurion installment.  YHC simply does not learn from previous errors in judgment when the famed buffalo chicken wing is involved.  Char Bar 7 offers these tasty fowl pieces fried in fat and served as hot as possible at the low price of 60 cents each on Thursday nights.  12 of the hottest wings YHC has ever conquered made their way down the pie hole.  Once again, the Q with twisted bowels, we launched to explore this vast AO.


Brisk mosey from launch lot to the top of the parking deck.  Full moon in the sky.


SSH x 15 IC

MC x 20 IC.  Hold plank.

Alternating knee taps x 15 IC.  Hold plank.

Merkin x 15 IC

Mosey down the stairs and around the building to the picnic table area.

Bench Set

Jump Up x 15/Dip x 15/Derkin x 15.  Repeato x 2.  Chair plank to gather the group.

Mosey across 51 through Jack in the Box lot and up the road to Palatine Hill.  Over the back side and down the front.  Stop 20 yards in front of the base of the hill.  Plank-o-rama: Elbows/RLH/RAH/swap/High plank/6 inches/RLH/LLH/High plank/Merkin x 20 civilian cadence.

Triple Nickle

20 yard run to base of hill.  Up hill.  5 Burpee.  Run back to launch.  5 Jump Squat.  5 repititions.


Flutter x 15.  Hold.  Rosalita x 15.  Hold.  Heels to Heaven x 15.  Hold.  Protractor with 4 ten counts at various angles.

Mosey back toward plaza with a stop at Jack in the Box lot.  Smurf Jack x 15 IC to wait for six.

Mosey across 51 through the campus back to the parking deck.

Partner Stack

Partner 1 runs to top of ramp and back approximately 200 meters.  Partner 2 does merkins.  200 merkin cumulative total.  Chair plank to wait for six.

Plank start sprints x 2.  Start in plank.  AYG to middle of ramp (approx 50 meters).  Repeat to top of ramp.


QIC called out pax to call a mary exercise to 15 IC.  Boutique, Rehab, Red Rocks, perhaps another.  Chelms Q jacked to provide a lesson in calling and counting an exercise properly:  Next exercise is the Bicycle.  Starting position.  Move.  In cadence.  Exercise.  He actually did call the bicycle.  Thanks Chelms.

Mosey out of deck and back to the launch lot.  COT


YHC took 4 days off to recover from a bout with summertime sinus and chest crud.  Feeling much better this morning and hopped up on Frank’s Red Hot and special ghost pepper flakes or whatever it was in the secret wing sauce.  Bowels stayed in check.  Humidity was through the roof today and YHC had trouble catching wind at times.  We covered 2.6 miles total.  Great to have Alf and Lambo join as site FNGs.  Welcome men, great work today.  Hope you both enjoyed the AO.  Long commute from Matthews for Alf.  Glad you made the trip and thanks for getting 125 of the 200 merkins during the stack.  Speaking of Alf, he and several others were at the front today, including Bout Time, Scabby, Margo, and Chelms, who continues to false start.  Rather, blatantly false start.  He is known for it and it is expected.  He crushed it today as usual.  Rip Curl was hanging tough throughout.  Boutique, Billy Jean, Red Rocks, Escargot, and, Rehab, and Pulp Fiction powered through.  Solid work as usual men.  YHC was spent after the last sprint in the deck.  Was glad to see we were close to time.  A pleasure to lead this fine group of men of action today at Centurion.


Southern Discomfort tomorrow 08/01.  0600 launch at Charlotte Catholic HS.  6 and 10-mile options from CCHS.  14 mile option launches 0500 from the Vine in Ballantyne.  Hydration provided at pain stops at A51 AOs.

10/24/2015 Ultimate Mud Run Challenge.  Info regarding registration coming soon.  Work on getting 4-man teams together. if you have questions.

Nicaraguan Bridge Rebuild outreach project.  Contact Escargot for more information.  Room for more pax to travel there to help.

Step up and Q Centurion in the coming weeks.  Contact Chelms or Escargot.  YHC would be happy to help you come up with a good workout, run through it with you, split the Q, or whatever would be helpful.  Remember, F3 is participant led.  Aye

Age Matters for Van Pelt VQ

21 PAX left the comfort of the air conditioning at home to embrace the slight humidity at 90% today and Anvil.  1 FNG joined the party and was thoroughly disclaimed, along with the rest of the PAX.  Off we went with the shovel flag waving.

Posted by Mermaid for Van Pelt


10 Burpee OYO

Mosey through a few of the lots of AO.  Theme for the day was “Age Matters.” Glad to have a few more respect-level PAX join today.


IW x 51 IC

Low Slow Squat x 19 IC (2.0 age)

SSH x 28 IC (age given by IH when asked)

Monkey Humpers x 15 IC (other 2.0 age)

Mosey over to the Avenue of Trees.

Mile of Pain

1/4 mile laps x 4 repetitions

First 3 laps with 5 pain stops: Merkin x 10/LBC x 10/Squat x 10/Burpee x 10/Heels to Heaven x 11 (51 total)

Final lap with no pain stops.  Plank or Al Gore between reps.

Mosey to the pavilion (sweat box) and partner up.

Partner Stacks

Partners flapjack between run and called exercise to called total number.  Run to light pole in near parking lot and back.

1: 68 Jump Up 2: 84 Dips 3: AMRAP Derkin (1 cycle)

Finish sweat box work with People’s Chair and 51 Air Press IC

Short mosey across thoroughfare to parking lot.

Parking Lot Sprints

WWII Sit Up x 10/Sprint 50 yards/10 Jump Squat/Sprint Back x 3 reps

Merkins for WWII Sit Up for rep 2.


Freddie Mercury x 20 IC

Rosalita x 20 IC

Russian Twist x 20 IC

James Brown (Get on Up!) x 5

AYG to launch lot.



Humidity made it a bit steamy, especially in the sweat box

Boutique is fast out of the gate

Crabcake planks like no other

Great to have brothers from the Dash, Starfish and Butter, post in Area 51

1 FNG, Colby, F3 Tank.  Big dude.  Welcome

Thanks for showing up for the VQ.  Glad to have a day job.

Thanks to Baywatch for taking us out.

Enjoyed being with the PAX.  Quite an honor.


Brixham Hill Triple Nickel

Pax kept rolling in right up to launch.  YHC tweeted that there would be some running and sweating. 25 pax rolled out.  Mic Check and Lorax found the pax in COP.


Mosey down Bally Corporate toward Brixham for a quick parking lot stop.


SSH x 20 IC

Merkin x 15 IC

MC x 15 IC

Squat x 15 IC

Continue mosey down Bally Corporate.  Right on Brixham.  Stop and 2nd entrance.

Brixham Hill Triple Nickel

Run up  Brixham hill to the bridge.  5 Burpee.  Run back to launch.  5 Jump Squat.  5 Repetitions.  Approx 1.7 miles total run.

Mosey up exercise path to Loch Ness.

Mary: LBC x 30 IC.  Plank-o-rama

Bench Set/Run Combo with Option

Bench Set: 15 Jump Up or Step Up/15 Dip/15 Derkin.  Either take a lap around Loch Ness or repeat bench set.  Runners completed 2 reps.

Mosey around Loch Ness to parking lot in front of Corporate Building 1.  SSH x 10 IC.  Smurf Jack x 10 IC.  Continue mosey to the Vine lot for COT.


YHC DR for a week and got back to town last night.  Feeling that week off a bit.  What better than to run a bunch in 90% humidity.  The Brixham Hill Triple Nickel was thrown out there by Brushback when we co-lead the Brave not too long ago.  Didn’t make his weinke, but YHC filed it in the “High Suck Factor” file upstairs.  That was a long and challenging set.  We covered a lot of ground in a short period of time.  Knight Rider, Margo, Pebbles, Lorax a few of the Larry Birds.  Strong work by all pax.  Option given at Loch Ness if pax preferred a break from the running.  Covered 3.61 miles per YHC Garmin.


8/1/2015 Southern Discomfort.  See preblast at

8/8/2015 Gladiator Games in Fort Mill.  Pebbles has more info

10/24/2015 Ultimate Mud Run Challenge.  Get your teams of 4 together.  YHC is A51 Q.  Have not received word about F3 registration.  Will get info out as received.

Timekeeper.  3rd F Book Study every Tuesday after Bagpipe/Swift at Einstein’s.

Bagpipe needs more Q’s.  Contact Outback, Soft Pretzel, or Dear Abby