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Calvary Church Pantry Food Drive: Next Week (06/08-06/13)

Participating AO’s and food item:

Matrix: canned vegetables (NO CORN/GREEN BEANS)

Death Valley: 4-6 pack pudding snack pack (not refrigerated)

Maul: grape jelly (plastic container NO GLASS)

Rock: grape jelly (see above)

Bagpipe:100% juice (not fruit drinks)

Anvil: canned roast beef (5-13 oz cans)

Centurion: canned ham (5-13 oz cans)

Ascent: granola/cereal bars

A51: canned vegetables (see above)

Meathead: canned meat (roast beef, salmon, or ham/5-13 oz)–not surprised

Day Zero: canned salmon

Rebel Yell: canned vegetables (NO CORN/GREEN BEANS)

Please bring the above food items to your workout next week (6/8-6/13).  YHC will take donations on the spot for Bagpipe, Anvil, and Centurion.  Young Love will collect for Matrix.  Maul will drop at Calvary after workout Wednesday (thanks Frasier).  YHC and/or Young Love will be at Saturday coffeeteria at Starbucks at Piper Glen Saturday to take donations.  If Saturday (6/13) does not work please let me know (

Thank you men of Area 51 and SOBs.

Bagpipe Team 2

Bagpipe numbers have gotten so high that a primary and secondary Q are assigned.  With 35 it was decided to split the group.  This is what group 2 did.  10K Merkin Challenge began yesterday.  As tweeted by Tiger Rag, “The plague touches all, wanted or not.”


Mosey over closest parking deck to Vine launch lot.  Up to top of deck.


SSH x 20 IC

Merkin x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

Mosey back down one floor.

Merkin Ladder

20 merkin.  Sprint to next level.  19 merkin.  Sprint back down.  18 merkin.  Repeat with descending merkins to 10.  Squat plank to wait for six.

Mosey all the way to basement level.

Merkin Deck Run

Run to the top with a stop at each turn for 5 merkin.  Start with 5 at bottom.


Flutter x 25 IC/hold/Flutter x 25 IC/hold

During the 1st hold the pax were asked about the F3 vision.  T-claps to Wild Turkey for answering correctly.  Invigoration of male leadership in the community.  Done through planting, growing, and serving small workout groups.  During 2nd hold, SOBs were asked to bring 100% fruit juice for the Calvary Church Food Pantry Drive to be collected next Tuesday 06/09/2015.

Burp and Merk 

Burpee with 1 merkin.  Burpee with 2 merkin.  Ascend merkin number by 1 to 10.

Mosey back down to the basement.

Merkin/Belly Start Sprints

Start on belly.  5 merkin OYO.  Belly start

Sprint 1: up to first turn

Sprint 2: up entire level (2 decks)

Sprint 3: to top (3 decks)

Mosey back down the deck to entrance and out of deck to Vine launch lot.


334 merkin.  2.33 miles mostly in the deck.  Increasing distance uphill sprints to close it out.  That workout got the job done for YHC.  If you are not doing 10K merkin challenge it may have been a little heavy on the merkin.  Heck, even if you are doing it, that is a lot of merkin in 45.  However, YHC hears Lobsta Roll laid down 550 on the Matrix pax yesterday.  Tried to balance in a fair amount of running and sprints.  All pax worked hard.  Pebbles, Mic Check, Dear Abby showed some fast twitch today.  Mic Check giving lessons on merkin form if anyone is interested.  All the way down and all the way up.  Welcome back to Yinzey who has been on the DL with a busted up knee.  Glad to have you back among the pax.

Great job today men.  A pleasure to lead a strong group of SOBs.  Please think about the F3 vision and how you can invigorate male leadership beyond just showing up and working out.  Can you do more to make our community better?  Please start by bringing 100% juice next week for the Calvary Food Pantry Drive.  Thank you.


10/24/2014 USMC Ultimate Mud Run Challenge.  Start getting your 4-man team together now.  More information to follow.  It is an awesome event.  If you have not participated do it this time around.  You will have a blast.  YHC is your guy for more info.

Calvary Food Pantry Drive (3rd plug in backblast)  100% juice next Tuesday 07/07/2015.

10K Merkin Challenge.  Month of June (334/day gets you there)  Get involved.  You can start late and finish no problem.  You will be doing a lot of merkins anyways so why not.




Calvary Church Pantry Food Drive

At the Christmas party last year we collected food for the Calvary Church food pantry.  There was quite a need at the time.  They were very happy and thankful to receive our donations.  The pantry is again in need of donations to continue the outreach of providing food to those in need in the Charlotte area.  YHC is asking for participation of other A51 AO’s.  The more participation, the more food we can get to those who need it.  Each AO will focus on collecting one of the 7 items listed below.  Site Q’s, please contact me at or sound off below if your AO will participate in this effort AND indicate which food item your AO will collect.

1. Canned roast beef, canned salmon, canned ham (5-13 oz) 2. Canned vegetables (NO CORN/GREEN BEANS) 3. Grape jelly (plastic jar only) 4. Canned fruit 5. 100% fruit juice (not fruit drinks) 6. Cookies, granola bars, breakfast bars 7. 4-6 pack pudding packs (not refrigerated)

Please HC quickly so you can inform your pax of the need next week at your workout, issue challenges, and employ whatever creative methods you can think of to encourage a donation.  Food will be brought to workouts the week of 06/08 to 06/13.  Each site will need one pax to collect and store the items.  YHC will be in contact for pickup or schedule a drop-off day/time.  Pax who are not site-Q’s: consider stepping up and taking the Q for a site you frequent.

Thanks men

Ultimate Challenge Mud Run (Fall 2015)

Ultimate Challenge Mud Run is on for 10/24/2015.  This is a daytime obstacle course run in Gaston, SC.  Further details will follow.

Start working on getting your 4 man team together now.  We had solid A51 participation in April.  We want more A51 guys for the October race.  This event is considered the “Super Bowl” of F3. Nowhere else will you get to experience 1st, 2nd, and 3rd F with your F3 A51 brothers and PAX from other regions.  It is a blast.

Not sure you want to do it?  If you can make it through a typical boot camp workout you can get through the Leatherneck.  Get dirty men.

A Good Workout

Written by Mermaid on behalf of Lobsta Roll

Shovel flag flying.  Pax gather around.  Pleasantries exchanged.  Lobsta Roll opens with, “I am Lobsta Roll.”  Gives a quick disclaimer and closes with, “We will get a good workout today.”  PAX had no doubt about that.  Off we went.

Mosey around a few of the expansive lots.  Circle up.



Plank Jacks x 25

1 Burpee

SSH x 25

2 Burpee

MC x 25

3 Burpee

IW x 25

4 Burpee

Peter Parker x 25

5 Burpee

Squat x 25

6 Burpee

Parker Peter x 25

7 Burpee

LBC x 25

8 Burpee

Mosey to Rock Pile.  Grab rock

Press x 10

9 Burpee

Tricep Extension x 10

10 Burpee

Bicep Curl x 10

11 Burpee

Flutter x 25

12 Burpee

Press x 10

13 Burpee

Tricep Extension x 10

14 Burpee

Bicep Curl x 10

15 Burpee

Mason Twist x 25

14 Burpee

Short mosey to playground

5 toes to bar/5 pull up

13 Burpee

5 toes to bar/5 pull up

12 Burpee

Dolly x 25

11 Burpee

Short mosey to launch lot

Reverse Jack Webb

Started with 40 air presses and 10 burpee.  Decrease air press by 4 and burpee by one rep down to 4 press and 1 burpee




YHC EH’d a few PAX he saw on Tuesday in Ballantyne for Lobsta Roll’s Q.  Champagne was hesitant due to the schedule for the rest of the week.  He may have intel on Iron Horse’s weinke for Hydra on Thursday.  Painful workout today.  Great job by the PAX to push through it.  T-claps to Lobsta Roll for another strong Q.  #ISI

Glad to see Lorax come back out to Anvil.  Tough one for second post at this AO.  You may see the theme at Anvil already.  Tough workouts and a solid crew who pushes each other.  Every week. Come on back next week.  T-claps to Voodoo who has attended 2 other burpee-heavy workouts in the past few days.  Fairly certain he has a strong distaste for the exercise.

Mumblechatter was around the pain.  225 total Burpee. Strong takeout from Young Love today.


Please check your weekly email or


Chelms Bday Beatdown…Respect

16 strong men assembled to help Centurion co-site Q Chelms aka Tater Tot celebrate the milestone of RESPECT.  50 years old, for those outside the “know.”  YHC began by presenting a custom F3 “paver.”  No need to carry it today.  Off we went.


Mosey out of the lot up Little Ave and right at Wells Fargo branch.  Down 51 to crosswalk and cross 51.  Circle up behind Jack in the Box.


SSH x 50 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Spasmo Spartan Burpee x 10 OYO

Mosey up the road to lot next to Palatine Hill

Palatine Hill Restrictor Repeats

Start in plank position.  10 x called exercise.  AYG 75-yard sprint down parking lot to top of Palatine.  10 Jump Squat.  AYG back.  High knees in place or plank to wait for 6.  5 total repetitions.  After rep #1, 3 restrictor plates were retrieved from a stash spot nearby and given to top 3 finishers.  18 inch long telephone pole rounds.  You win or show, you get to carry a restrictor for the next rep. #prize

Called exercises: Merkin/Werkin/CDD/Diamond/Crucible Merkin

10 Jump Squats at top of Palatine for each rep.

Restictor plates returned to stash location and mosey back toward Carmel Commons plaza, through the lot, across 51, through CCHS to the only remaining rock pile near launch lot.  Grab a rock.

10 Rockees.  Immediate run to picnic area for Bench Set: 10 Jump Up/10 Dip/10 Derkin.  Run back to rock.  10 Rockees (burpee with rock).

Rapid Fire Rock Set

Exercises to 15 in civilian cadence, no rest.  Curl/Tri extension/Press/Curl/Curl/Tri extension.  Drop rock and repeat run to picnic area and bench set.  Run back down to launch lot at completion of bench set.  Plank to wait for 6.


Flutter x 50 IC

Hold.  50 count from Chelms.

Dolly x 50 IC

Merkin x 10 IC




Centurion was YHC’s first post just over 2 years ago.  Cut my F3 teeth on Chelms aka Tater Tot Q’s.  Appreciative of the leadership at this AO and within F3.  Pleasure to lead this group of men in a birthday beatdown.

Notes from the field:

Spasmo Spartan Burpee was best YHC could do to properly name a churpee.  Thank you for the demonstration in COP Chelms.

Restrictor plate repeats at Palatine were included to provide a race-type set.  We all know Chelms enjoys them.  It was noted that Chelms likely is the all-time leader for false-starts, hence the merkins to start.  He still started ahead of the call on set #1.  Always ready to go.

Restrictors changed hands several times.  YHC, Dory, Pebbles, Brushback x 2, Brisket, Chelms, Purple Haze, Scabby (x2?), Teddy.  Probably missing a few names here.  Pax were flying.  Group was staying close.  Scabby almost won a round with a restrictor.

Brushback always flies on sprints.  Even after a vacation (taper) with the M in the Keys.

Teddy is always fast.

Margo and Scabby ran in and back.

Dory was Larry Bird on some of the repeats and on both of the bench set combos.

Mary was a little tough.  That was a lot of reps.

Great to see Abacus who has been spending most of his free time with his calculator and tax forms.  Still crushing it out there.

Pebbles, Margo, Cane, Garbonzo, Red Rocks, Beaker, and Heartbreaker brought the A-game and made it look easy.

Great work men.  Thanks for coming out.  Thanks for takeout prayer in BOM from Chelms.


Blades of Glory has been released from the hospital.  Back on his feet.  Thank you to all who lifted him and his family up in prayer.  Please continue to do so.

Memorial Day Murph hosted by Indianland pax.  Monday at 8:00 after the regularly schedule workouts.  Erased the voice memo and forgot location.  Pebbles is contact.


Sacagawea VQ at The Brave

13 PAX arrived ready to get some work done.  YHC was armed, literally, with phone in arm band.  Disclaimer given.  Off we went.


Mosey up the road over to the closest parking deck.  Up to the top.


SSH x 20 IC

MC x 15 IC.  Hold plank

Merkin x 15 IC.  Hold Plank

Plank-o-rama: Elbows/RAH/RLH/LAH/LLH/High plank (regular)/Hold

Mosey down the stairs to the bottom.  Continue mosey back up ramps to the top.

10 Hand-Release Clurpees OYO.  Burpee with HR-clap merkin.

Mosey back down the decks to the street level and continue mosey past launch lot over to Loch Ness.  Down stairs, left, continue to second building.  Grab a spot on the bench.

Derkin x 15 IC

Dips x 15 IC

Flutter x 50 IC in honor of Chelms’ upcoming 50th (Respect) birthday

Continue mosey around the lake to the hotel parking lot.  Squat plank.


Mosey toward the exercise trail, over the bridge, into the large parking lot.  Split into 2 groups.

60 Second Intervals

180 yard sprint around lot.  Plank to 60 seconds.

50 LBC.  Plank to 60 seconds.

10 Jump Squat.  Plank to 60 seconds.

All 3 exercises=1 repetition.  3 minutes/repetition.  4 total repetitions.  All rest done in plank.  Group 1 started with sprint.  2 with LBC.  Jump squats increased by 5 each rep to 25 at repetition 4.

Short mosey to different spot in lot.

30 Second Intervals

120 yard sprint.  Plank to 30 seconds.

20 merkin.  Plank to 30 seconds.

15 Squat.  Plank to 30 seconds.

3 exercises=1 rep.  5 total reps.

Mosey back to launch lot.  AYG from stop sign to the Vine.



Madame Tussauds asked YHC to substi-Q the Brave this week so he could rest up a tad for the Battle Frog.  Good luck brother and good luck to the rest of our F3 guys and all participants for a safe race.

YHC saw this as a great opportunity to slap a headlock on Sacagawea for his VQ.  His first response was that he would “consider” it.  OK, that is not a “No.”  Cane lightly prodded him with, “I hear you are Q’ing the Brave Friday,” on Tuesday.  Still not a HC.  Obviously, he came around and jumped on board.  YHC knew that intervals with very little rest were on the weinke for the 2nd half.  The first 30 minutes was a good warmup.  The second 30 minutes of interval work hurt.  A lot.  Not only did Sacagawea jump on board, he prepared for his VQ.  Preparations included using Google maps to identify distances in the parking lot and application of a projected average pace to dial in  the difficulty and limit the rest.  Well planned and executed.  Great job on the VQ.

Great crew of men out this morning.  Handy Manny was site FNG.  He crushed it.  Some fast guys out there today.  Frasier and Sacagawea were out front on the sprints.  Dory, Wingman, Big Tuna, Wild Turkey pushing hard in group 1.  Hard to keep track of group 2 as O2 deprivation was high and sustained.  Heart rate was elevated and stayed there for the interval work.  Awesome work by all PAX to power through this painfest.  T-claps to Hops for his very clear reminder to make sure to identify Champagne as the War Daddy today.  Followed up by a tweet.  He was pretty excited about that.  Such a pleasure and honor to lead the PAX.

YHC took us out in BOM.  Prayers for BOG and his continued recovery.  This week has been tough. The good news yesterday was awesome.  Thank you to all PAX who prayed for BOG.  Please continue to do so.


New 3rd F meets next Tuesday 4/28 across from the Vine at Einstein Bagels.  Book: True Measure of a Man.  All are welcome.  You do not have to have a copy of the book.

Gummy is coordinating a Habitat for Humanity opportunity.  Contact him for more details.

F3 Golf next week.  May still be able to sign up.

Read your weekly email for more information.


Parking Deck Painfest

20 PAX for Bagpipe.  Men rolling into the lot until the last minute.  15 Swift guys were already in the gloom.  Forecast calling for chance of rain.  YHC figured the PAX would enjoy some parking deck work.


Mosey from Vine over to the closest parking deck.  Up to the top.


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 15 IC

Merkin x 10 IC hold plank

Werkin x 10 IC hold plank

Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather Alternating Rib Shots x 15 IC

Jump Squat x 15 IC

Mosey downstairs to basement level and back up to level 2

Triple Nickel

Run to top of one level on ramp/5 Jump Squat/Run back down/5 CDD/5 repetitions

A few guys did 6 reps to finish with the six: Dear Abby, Cane, Margo, YHC and a few others

Plank-o-rama to wait for six


All to 20 IC-hold at 6 inches after each: Flutter/Dolly/Heels to Heaven/6 inch hold/3-10 counts

Short Rest Sprints

Sprint up one level at a time.  Short Rest.  To top level (3 Sprints)

Plank-o-rama.  10 Clurpees OYO

Mosey back down to street level entrance.  Squat Plank.  3-10 counts

Alternating Bear Crawl/Burpee Broad Jump

Start with Bear Crawl to first pillar.  Switch to Burpee Broad Jump to 2nd pillar.  Repeat to top of level.

Repeat Sprints to top of deck on short rest (4 sprints)

Plank-o-rama.  Mosey back down to the street level entrance.  Continue mosey to launch lot.

Merkin x 10 IC

Flutter x 15 IC

Merkin x 9 IC

Rosalita x 15 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Heels to Heaven x 25 IC



A lot of chatter pre-workout about how awesome the Mud Run was this past Saturday.  The guys who participated had an awesome time and A51 had a strong showing.  55 PAX.  A51 teams did very well.  YHC gave a few plugs for the next Mud Run in October.  Goal is 80 PAX.  Strong crew out there today.  Dear Abby ate a huge bowl of Wheaties and was ready to crush the deck work.  Great group of guys today, as usual for the Bagpipe workout.  Swift PAX joined us to finish up with merkins and Mary in the launch lot.  35 total between the 2 workouts.  Great job men.  Thanks to Stumphugger for taking us out this morning.


Swift Mile Time trial. Open to all.  Fast Twitch will converge for a bit of competition.  Community House MS.  See weekly email, Twitter, or website for more info from Bratwurst.

2nd F.  New group to meet at Einstein Bagel 4/28.  Book is True Measure of a Man.

F3 Golf.  4/30.  Sign up if you can make it.


16 PAX arrived at Anvil ready to crush another installment of our Wednesday painfest.  Shovel flag planted firmly by Young Love.  YHC gave a disclaimer to the PAX.  Off we went into this great AO.


Fast mosey around the around the CDC, Chapel, and Sanctuary to the parking lot above the Main Galleria entrance.


SSH x 15 IC

Low Slow Squat x 15

Merkin x 15 IC.  Hold Plank

MC x 21 IC.  Hold Plank

Plank Walk Right/Left x 15 IC.  Hold Plank

Werkin x 10 IC

Clurpee x 10 OYO (Burpee with hand clap merkin)

Short mosey to the bottom of North Face.

NF Repeats

Sprint up NF.  Continue around the row of trees and back to the base of NF and repeat x 2 for 3 trips up.  Fast mosey to COP lot and plank to wait for six.


Mary: Flutter x 20 IC/Hold/Heels to Heaven x 20 IC/Hold/Dolly x 20 IC

Short Mosey to adjacent parking lot.  Line up along the curb.  50 yards to opposing curb.

Merkin/Sprint Set

10 merkin/Sprint 50 yards/10 merkin.  Repeat to 100 merkin.

People’s Chair Air Plank with arms out.  4 ten counts.

Short mosey to the rock pile.  Grab exercise rock.

Rapid Fire Rock Set

Civilian cadence to 20: Curl/Tri Extension/Press

10 Rockees (Burpee with rock)

Civilian cadence to 10: Curl/Tri Extension/Press

10 Rockees

Mosey over to pavilion.  Grab a bench.

Bench Set/CHAMP Field Perimeter Combo

15 Jump Up/15 Dip/15 Derkin

At completion of bench set run a lap around the perimeter of CHAMP field at fast pace.  Return to pavilion.  Plank-o-rama to wait for six.

Repeat Bench Set.

Short mosey to adjacent parking lot.


Approximately 80 yards.  Belly start.  Short rest.  4 reps.  PAX called on to give the start.

Mosey back to launch lot for COT


Last F3 workout for YHC prior to the Mud Run.  Wanted to make it count.  Hope no one left disappointed.  Welcome to Green Bean.  Site FNG from ATL.  Newish to F3 with 6 or 7 posts under his belt.  Great to have you and nicely done today.  Great to see Swanson come out of winter hibernation.  Keep on coming out.  Champagne emerged from his KB cave looking huge.  T-claps to our PAX who ran in.  Dory and Sacagawea clipped 2.6 from the neighborhood.  Brushback ran in and back.  All three of these PAX were pushing the pace on NF and the sprints.  Sacagawea was Larry Bird on most sets #gazelle.  Bushwood pushed the pace on the CHAMP field lap.  Anvil workhorses crushed it as usual.  Purple Haze, Margo, Boutique, Scabby, Cane, Ickey Shuffle, Young Love, Van Pelt.  Great work today men.  YHC took us out in BOM.

Always enjoy leading the strong Anvil PAX.  This crew pushes hard on everything.  Thank you for coming out and helping to sharpen yourselves and one another.  #ISI


04/12/2015: Fundraiser for a little boy named Xander who is fighting a brain tumor.  This little guy has a big fight.  Olde Mecklenburg Brewery from 1:00-7:00.  Family friendly.  Bounce houses, etc.  Option to ride a bus from Cameron Woods neighborhood clubhouse.  Contact Boutique for more information.

Sign up for F3 Golf.  See weekly email or for more details.  Proceeds to fund F3 Leap efforts.

Beach Arms


18 brave PAX gather at Anvil for a crisp spring morning slide down the Merkin Ladder to get those arms toned for Spring Break.  Shovel flag planted by Young Love.  Due to warnings of fire ant infestation we stayed on the new, pristine pavement for today’s beatdown that went something like this:


Mosey around the parking lot to the far end.


SSH x 25 IC

Burpee x 5 OYO

Mountain Climber x 20 IC

Burpee x 10 OYO

IW x 15 IC

Burpee x 15 OYO

Man-Maker Merkin x 10

Burpee x 10 OYO

Bottom Squats x 10 IC

Burpee x 5 OYO

Mosey to adjacent parking lot and line up.

Merkin Ladder

Sprint 50 yards.  20 merkin.  Sprint back.  19 merkin.  Down to 1 merkin (210 total)  LBC to wait for six.

Recovery: Side Crunch x 16 right/left IC.  Dolly x 20 IC

Mosey to Entrance 4.  Disclaimer about fire ants and cars given.

Jump Squat/Sprint/LBC/Lunge Walk Set

10 Jump Squat/Sprint to top of hill/15 LBC/Lunge Walk down hill/5 Reps

Mosey through parking lots and wind way over to rock pile

Rock ‘n Mary

Rock exercises done in civilian cadence.  Mary done in regular cadence count.

Press x 20/Flutter x 20/Curls x 20/Russian Twist x 20/Tricep Press x 20/Dolly x 20/Squat x 15/LBC x 20

Drop rocks and mosey to launch for COT


Good work by all today–fantastic weather.  Great privilege to lead the PAX at Anvil.  Brought out the Merkin Ladder at Hydra a few months ago and the response was so overwhelming that YHC saw fit for a return engagement.  Same enthusiastic response here!  Thought about doing that in cadence, but that would have been a mistake (70 burpees in COP were probably a mistake also–getting a bit of shoulder quiver while typing).  One perk of advanced age is that the PAX is much less likely to curse you to your face during the workout.  Kind.  Wheezing in COT messed up recording quality for name-o-rama.  Missing 1 PAX.  Please sound off.  Takeout by IH.


A monetary collection is being taken for one of our A51 F3 brothers, Zip A Dee, who has been in the hospital for extended treatment due to injury.  Please see the email that was sent to A51 men with PayPal link.  Give if you are inclined and able.

5/16/2015 Race for the Homeless Adventure Challenge 5K at Calvary Church.  Very family friendly.  Sign up link on weekly email.

HDHH at Lodge tonight.

Still a few days to sign up for USMC Mud Run.  A few 3-man teams could use a 4th man.  Contact Madame Tussauds if interested.