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Avast Ye!

Shiver me timbers! 6 hearties joined the old salt and swashbuckler, Frehley’s Comet, for a trip on the Centurion Pirate Ship. Frehley’s assured 6 sons of biscuit eaters that he would give no quarter during today’s workout. Talk of mutiny was quickly suppressed as Frehley’s prepared the crew to batton down the hatches and move forward.

Mosey was called for and bounty promised upon completion of the mornings events. Onward, to the bilge.


Bunch of exercises that Frehley’s free-wheeled

Start at the bilge and do 10x called exercise. Run up a half level. 10x called exercise. Back down and do exercises again. Did this a few times. Heavy on the Merkins.


Orlop to Poop Deck Set

Start at Orlop. Run to the dungbie. Do some exercises. Run back. Repeat this a few times with different exercises. Stairs were taken to the poop deck each time.


Start at entrance to the deck at bilge level. Run to the dungbie. Wall sits. Do this a few times. Run back to the launch.

No hornswagglers today, the 6 hearties got it done.



Frehley’s called one of his sets the Pirate Ship. Actually, he asked what that amusement park ride that swings back and forth was called. The pax provided the answer, and, a theme for a backblast that was not going to get written. Weather was nasty at 37 with a 10mph NW wind that made it feel like 30. Enough rain to make it uncomfortable. T-claps to the men who posted this morning. Much easier to stay in the nice, warm confines of your fartsack.

If you have any interest in deciphering the Pirate talk included in this backblast, click HERE


Please continue to pray for Jennings Palmer as he battles leukemia. He is in Nashville with Bout Time, getting treatment.

Centurion 2021 BB 1

8 men joined YHC for 60 minutes of work on New Year’s Day 2021 at Centurion. Disclaimer given. Off we went.

Cross 51 and mosey through campus to stairwell 2 and up to level 3. Circle up for COP. We did some exercises to get warmed up. IW, Merkin, Squat, maybe a few more.

Mosey down to level ground level. We ran from the bottom to the top 3 times, stopping at each right turn to do some reps: 10 reps for 2 exercises at each turn. Merkins, jump squats, Heels to Heaven, Diamond Merks, Wide arm Merks, etc. Chair planks to regroup.

Mosey down stairs and over to the circular benches. Did a Triple Tower Set here. Start with 10 Step Up/15 Derkin/15 dips. Run to Stairwell 1. 5 Burpees at bottom and top. Back to benches. Plank-o-rama to regroup. Proceeded through towers 2 and 3 with some different exercises mixed in. Chopper requested the third tower and chose the exercises. Well, Frehley’s strongly suggested Monkey Humpers, which Chopper agreed to.

Enter the deck for 3 full-length sprints up level 1, full ramp. Rep 1, stop in middle for some exercise we did. Mary at the top. Mosey back down. Repeato x 2, without exercise stops, but with Mary at the top.

Mosey back to the launch lot and under the cover of the shopping center. COT


Light, misting rain, slightly heavier for brief periods, accompanied by steady winds around 10mph with gusts up to 15ish. Pretty damn nice weather for a workout. Thankful for the 8 men who posted. Wanted to have an A51 option this morning for those that did not want to post Metro.

Huge Q fail today. Failed to facilitate and/or lead a takeout prayer. Honestly, don’t think I have ever done that before. Sincere apologies, men.

Frehley’s Comet on Q next week. Followed by Preschool 1/15 (site VQ) and Sable 1/22

Best wishes for 2021


Extra helpings were the theme at dinner yesterday. It was a nice Thanksgiving. Different, but nice. Not sure about the rest of the Pax, but YHC needed to put in some good work this morning. Gotta try and equalize the Thanksgiving foodfest. 18 men joined me in the actual gloom this morning. Disclaimer was given and included the obligatory COVID statements about social distance. Voodoo would have approved, I think. Off we went.


We had 4 stops this morning. Chair plank was called for to regroup after each mosey and finished set.

  1. Palatine Hill behind the shopping center we parked at. We did COP there. Several exercises to 10 in cadence. Next we shored up to the base of the hill. Some of us on the steep end and some of us not so much. We did a Triple Nickel with Diamond Merkins/Jump Squats. Flutter x 25 IC, Dolly x 25 IC.
  2. Mosey back over through the launch lot, cross 51 at the crosswalk, North on Carmel to 2nd stop. Shopping Center at 51/Carmel. We did another Triple Nickel using the shopping center stairs. Hand Clap Merkins/Heels to Heaven. Mary to regroup. AYG down thoroughfare to McMahon.
  3. Rock Pile. Lifting Rock. We did all exercises in civilian cadence to 10. Curls, Tri Extensions, Tea Bag Squats, Overhead Press. Did each a few times with no breaks and rocks in hand for the duration.
  4. Mosey down Little Avenue and enter CCHS campus on the back side. Continue to the circular benches and partner up. Partner 1 does 15 Step Up/15 Dip/15 Derkin, repeating, while Partner 2 runs to Stairwell 2 up to Level 4, does 5 Wide Arm Merkins, and back to benches. Swap. Continue to 6 total reps.

Mosey into the bowels of Tartarus. Line up at the entrance. Plank up. Low Plank Jack x 10 OYO. AYG up the full first level. A bit of Mary and then mosey back down the deck and across 51 at the crosswalk. Back to launch. Civilian cadence Merkin set to 10: Regular/Offset Left/Offset Right. Done.



Gotta tell everyone, the 0700 start was nice. Enjoyed the 60 minute boot camp. It allowed for a little more movement around the vast AO.

19 men out this morning. Green Bean was visiting from Atlanta. Chelms came out of semi-retirement. Couldn’t get Shoe to join him this morning. Too bad, we miss that guy. Chopper brought his nephew, Huey, who will be joining the Air Force to serve our great country. He was crushing the workout. Horsehead and Boondocks were site FNGs, surprisingly. A bit more about them later. Cage may have been site-FNG as well. Glad to have him, he was moving well out there. Hops has completed his 1/2 marathon and is now back in the boot camp fold. Sure I’m not the only one glad he is back to posting.

Horsehead was throwing out the zingers before the workout started. He asked Chelms if he cleared the post with the nursing home. Then Snuka showed up to add some fuel to that fire. Snuka told the crew that F3 keeps him young. He is usually out front so there’s that.

Had a chance to talk with Horsehead and Boondocks during coffeeteria. The conversation included custom golf clubs, disc golf, and morphed into fishing. Particularly, we talked about the mudfish. Mudfish refer to any number of elongated fish that are able to survive long periods of drought by burrowing in the mud. Boondocks catches the Bowfin. It looks like a fat snake with a big, strong tail. A lot of fun to catch, and, bonus, you can eat them. Care is needed in preparation due to the many small bones throughout. So, back to the mudfish and the ability to survive long periods of drought by burrowing into the mud. In YHC’s mind, this parallels what we are going through right now. Horsehead provided a reminder to reach out to Pax who have dropped off. A lot like the bowfin burrowing in the mud to survive, there are a lot of people who are “burrowing in the mud,” or socially isolating right now due to COVID. Guys we haven’t seen in a while. We know that social isolation is not a good thing for people. As much as we may like our time to ourselves, humans are social beings. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Love and Belonging comes in right after the basic Physiological and Safety needs in the hierarchy. Current conditions make it more difficult to meet this need. It gets dark early, people work from home and make virtual “connections,” spend more time on the screens and social media. Like Horsehead said in COT, reach out to someone you haven’t seen in a while. Ask them how they are doing. Grab a socially distanced coffee or lunch. If you are feeling isolated and lonely, don’t hesitate to reach out to your F3 brothers. We need to work together.

Lastly, I ask that you include Jennings Palmer in your prayers. He is Bout Time’s son. Jennings battled Acute Myeloid Leukemia and was in remission for 2 years. His sister, Caroline, donated bone marrow and he had a transplant. This week, the Leukemia came back. Please pray for Jennings and the Palmer family.

Thankful for each of you men joining us at Centurion this morning. That hour is like fuel in my tank to get through the rest of the day. Fellowship offered at coffeeteria is always a sweet bonus. Well done today, men.

13s for Friday the 13th


The Thang:

13 started off at Centurion today.  Group was disclaimed and took off as Fargo was driving up so the group stopped for him to join.  Mosey across Hwy 51 toward McMahan Dr. and stopped at the intersection of McMahan Dr and Little Ave.


Low Slow Squat x 13

Side Shuttle Hop x 13

Mountain Climbers x 13

Peter Parkers x 13

Sharon Towers x 13

Triple Set:

Start at the intersection and run towards Hwy 51 stop short of next intersection and do 13 merkins, run back to starting intersection and do 13 plank jacks.  Run towards Carmel Rd and stop at Sunshine House Daycare and do 13 diamond merkins.  Run back to starting intersection and do 13 plank jacks.  Run towards Johnson Rd and stop at enters to Catholic, do 13 wide arm merkins.  Run back to starting intersection and do 13 plank jacks.  Repeat x 3.

Mary and planks while waiting for all Pax to finish.  Mermaid with a 30 count, then mosey to parking deck.

Run parking deck ramps and stop at every landing to do 13 calf raises.  Hold plank on the top deck while waiting for group to finish.

Run down stair way 1 to the ground level, run over to stair way 2 all the way to the top, run over to stairway 3 and back down to ground level.  Wait on Pax to finish while walk sitting on the fence by the stadium.

Mosey back to launch.  Protractor back and forth 45 between and 10 degrees for a few minutes, then 5 burpees on your own to end.


Great effort by everyone this morning.  Thanks to Mermaid for giving me the opportunity to lead this group of men. Chastain joined us from Waxhaw as he completes the passport challenge, visiting as many different AO’s as possible for the next couple of months.  Chastain also shared with us that the guys in Waxhaw have made a solid effort to wear headlights and/or reflective vests.  Centurion should start this practice given the high traffic area and crossing Hwy 51.

Thanks to Lorax for taking us out.

A51 OBD?

8 for Centurion today. Group was disclaimed and we took off. Lorax called the QIC’s disclaimer, “Lazy.” Fair enough.


Mosey across 51, north to shopping center where businesses go to die on the corner of 51/Carmel.


IW x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Flutter x 11 IC

Triple Set

Start at the middle of the shopping center. Run up stairs. 15 Heels to Heaven in the middle. Run down far stairs and back to launch. 20 Merkins. 3 reps

Mary to regroup

Mosey over to the rock pile on McMahon, by the two semi trucks parked on the road. Grab a rock.

Civilian count rock set. All exercises to 10. We did a bunch of curls, presses, tri extensions, goblet squats. Some exercises were done in consecutive sets of 10. All completed without putting rock down.

Mosey down Little, back into campus, over to parking deck, AKA, Tartarus.

Triple Set

Same as above. Start at Stairwell 1. Up to level 4. Over to Stairwell 2. 15 Jump Squat. Down stairs and back to launch. 20 Wide arm merkin.

Mary/Plank-o-rama to regroup.

Mosey to benches in middle of campus. 10 Incline Merkin/10 Dips/10 Decline Merkins x 3.

Mosey through campus, across 51, and back to launch.

5 MOM and plank. Several exercises completed. Zero burpees today.



OBD=Only Backblast of the Day. Maybe. We will see. 1st Centurion backblast in a few weeks. Mighty Might did not write one. Neither did Benny, even after I called him on it the Saturday following his Q. He responded that he would complete it later that day. Alas, he did not.

Point Break mentioned that he may need to use his feet to type after this morning. Yes, it was a heavy arm day. I was hitting failure during the bench sets. As the Q, you are most welcome to selfishly plan the workout to meet your individual fitness needs. I needed some arms and chest today.

Solid mumblechatter during COP. Clover and Lorax were jabbering about something super important. To them anyway.

Limey is on the verge of putting his man parts in his gym bag and spending some time with the fern. Apparently, he doesn’t do the cold weather, outside, for workouts. I say man up. The workouts I remember the most vividly are the ones completed in adverse conditions.

Snuka had a little trouble counting to 3. Leaving that there.

Bout Time ran in and back. #stud

Clover flatulated and blamed Limey. Even asked him if he ate shrimp last night.

Have a safe Halloween. Hopefully the kids can have a good time and stay healthy. 2020, two months left.

T-claps to Bout Time for the takeout prayer


Sable has his Centurion VQ 11/13. Dude has been getting after it and has already Q’d a couple of workouts. Put it on your calendar.

Christmas Zoom Party…


I Love Technology, But Not as Much as You, You See

13 pax joined the QIC for this week’s NOE workout. YHC had to take the long way around to get to the launch lot. Thanks to Voodoo for verification that you cannot get to AMC entrance via Elm from 51. Disclaimer given and off we went.

Mosey past AMC into lot by Jersey Mike’s. Circle up for COT. We did a bunch of exercises to get loosened up then took off down Elm and took a left prior to the construction zone and down the Murderhorn. Stopped at the Clubhouse rock pile and got a lifting rock.

Rock Set: 15 Thrusters/15 Curls/15 Tri Extensions. Run up to the stop sign. 15 Merkins. Run back. Chair plank with rock overhead. 3 total reps with Mary and plank exercises between reps.

Civilian count Rock Set. All to 10. We did curls, tri extensions, goblet squats, overhead presses, each repeatedly, no breaks. Put the rock back.

Indian Run up the Murderhorn. Cross Elm and back to launch lot.

Mary/Plank exercises followed by AYG up the hill. 15 Merkin/15 Jump Squat. 3 total reps. A little more Plank-o-rama. Done.



YHC invited Circuit City to Q Centurion a while back. With the invite, like a good site-Q, he invited YHC to Q NOE. Happy to do so today and appreciate the invite. Got to see several guys that I have not seen in a while. That is always nice. Welcome to FNG Lafawnduh. Love that name. Taken from the cult classic Napoleon Dynamite, one of YHC’s all-time favorites. Turns out, our FNG met his wife online. Check out this link or just google “Kip Dynamite wedding song.” My computer has safe search, so the better youtube vids were blocked:  KIP’s Wedding Song

Funny story, my twin brother met his wife on I included part of Kip’s song in my best man speech. The older folks did not get it, but the younger folks cracked up.

I did not record the pax names on my phone after workout. My bad. Memory gives me the following: Mighty Might, Taco Stand, Circuit City, Frehley’s Comet, Blackbeard, Cable Guy, Lafawnduh (FNG), Long Haul, YHC, Pop Tart, Drano II, Midriff…missing 2. Apologies.

YHC took us out in prayer. Thanks again for the invite Circuit City. Enjoyed getting back over to this AO.

Stick That In Your Country Song

Take me on up to Amelie’s French Bakery in the Queen City. Next to Chuck E Cheese with the boarded windows and poorly made signs offering 5 dollar pizzas. Enter at your own risk and don’t even think about it without a mask. Virtual Stars and Stripes flying. Actual Stars and Stripes in Margo’s broke down truck.

Stick that in your country song, yeah
Take that one to number one, yeah
And get the whole world singing along, yeah
Stick that in your country song, yeah

Disclaimer went nothing like this, but motivational effect was close:

Light the arrow, pull the bow
Shoot that fire right through my soul
Hit my pride, fist up high
I wanna feel the rush, I wanna feel alive
C’mon, I wanna pound the dash
Stomp the gas, drive too fast
Rock me hard, stop my heart
And blow the speakers right out of this car

Off we ran to the Circle of Pain. Down the road and up the old dirt path to the summit of Queen’s highest peak. Did some Imperial Walker’s, Merkins, Squats and ran down the hill. 9 men powered through a Triple Nickel and some mary in the devastating humidity.

Stick that in your country song
Take that one to number one, yeah
And get the whole world singing along
Stick that in your country song

Soul’s half-crushed, 9 made a break for Tartarus. Set of 5 up stairwell 1 over to 2. 4×5 Burpee/5 Merkin/5 Diamonds/5 Jump Squat. AYG down 2 and back to 1. Repeat x 4. Break after 3 reps for some Mary. Finish last 2 reps. Gimme one about the teachers who, were showing up as we worked it through. Masks on tight, ready to change a life or two. Shout out to all the teachers, and parents too.

Stick that in your country song
Take that one to number one, yeah
And get the whole world singing along
Stick that in your country song

9 pressed on through gloom and physical hardship, Chelm’s gout and the Q’s throbbing knee. Busted some work on the rock pile. Finished with plank and mary.

Stick that in your country song
Take that one to number one, yeah
And get the whole world singing along
Stick that in your country song


T-claps to Bout Time for run in/run out and for taking us out in prayer. Solid group out this morning. Gloom was thick and impeded necessary O2 intake, at least for the Q, which was the reason for the break in the deck set. Welcome to Sable, site FNG. Dude was crushing it.

Have a great weekend, men. Hope you can find some time to reflect on the positive in your lives. Last night, driving down the road, windows down, listening to Bob Seger “Against the Wind,” with Samuel in the back with our poles and gear, I had the feeling that life at that moment couldn’t get much better. Thankful for time to fish with and enjoy my son’s company. I hope he remembers times like these later in life. We wade through a lot of shit right now, but it could be so much worse. Do what you can to make it better. Be that positive in someone’s day. Say hello, give a compliment, lend a hand. It can make a huge difference. You never know what path another is walking in life.

All The Sh*t Guys Hate

Lorax slacked out a post last night indicating that he had an FNG who he thought was on the hook to post. YHC got excited and internally rehearsed an invigorating and exhaustive disclaimer for the occasion. Wha wha wha…FNG did not post. Disclaimer scaled down to include the essentials. Thoroughly disappointed, the group took off for a warm up mosey.


Mosey around the seemingly endless pavement of the campus to a spot, in the grass, I repeat, in the (hated, wet) grass. Circle up.


IW x 10

Merkin x 10

MC x 10

Peter Parker x 10

Flutter x 10

Hand-Release Merkin x 10

Mosey to Entrance 2 Rock Pile and grab rock.

Indian Run with rocks to nowhere in particular. Actually ended up near where we started in the courtyard with the synthetic grass for some circuit work.

Start in South corner with rocks. 15 curl/15 overhead press/15 Thrusters. Bear crawl around the synthetic grassy knoll. 25 Donkey Kicks. Lunge Walk to the entrance doors. 25 Heels to Heaven. Back to start and Chair Plank with Rock. Repeato x 2 with 5 Hand-Release Burpees to start and finish. Plank-o-rama to regroup.

Grab rock and carry overhead to the rock pile. 25 Flutter Press IC/10 American Hammer with rock IC. Deposit rocks back into pile.

Civilian Merkin Set. All to 10: Regular/Offset Left/Offset Right/Wide Arm

AYG to Hotbox. 100 Step Up/100 Incline Merkin. 100 was aborted and replaced with 60 of each due to time.

AYG to the ball field rock pile next just off the main thoroughfare. Some more mary.

Mosey back to launch.



Wet backs and bellies during COP. Running with rocks. Lorax mentioned that we were partaking in all the stuff guys hate this morning. Yep.

When YHC started F3, the expectation was that you were going to get dirty. QIC guilty as the rest for getting away from that. Maybe we need a little more of that. Some additional tactile stimulation. Push out of the comfort zone of the pavement. Do some stuff that we “hate.” Feel more alive, more in tune with our surroundings. One with nature. Give the guys a reason to #mumblechatter and #refusenik. Hey, at least we stayed out of the Kitty Litter. Was tempted to make a stop there after Lorax stated that it was open for business. Next time, I promise.

Not much running this morning. Got a lot of reps in though. And a few burpees. Another crowd favorite.

Not a whole lot to note from the field, but a few things come to mind. Was a few degrees cooler this morning. The grass was wet and felt pretty nice, actually. Did not hear any Puddin flatulence, surprisingly. Ductwork rode in with Baracus. Not taking any chances after Monday I guess. Good to see Fredo, been a while. T-claps to Lorax for the takeout prayer.

2020 feels a bit like a shitshow type of year. Before getting the laptop out and typing this backblast, YHC got a cup of coffee and sat out on the back porch. Prayed and took some time to be thankful. Things may seem hard this year, but there is a lot to be thankful for. Very much appreciate the opportunity to lead you men this morning, and share a bit of fellowship after the workout.


-CHAMPAGNE, former 2F Q of A51, has the CENTURION Q on Friday. He has been holed up in his home gym for a while, so come on out and support (heckle) him in his Q return.

-STONE COLD, former 1F Q of A51, has the ROCK ZERO Q on Saturday.




Together They Make It Happen

7 men for Centurion. Scheduled Q Runstopper has some old man issues involving his lower back. Hope he heals up. Had it been last week, YHC would have had the same problem. Back pain sucks. Group was disclaimed and off we went.


Mosey across 51 past the Chipotle climate controlled delivery truck and onto CCHS campus. Down the thoroughfare to Stairwell 2. Up stairs to level 4. Circle up.


IW x 10 IC

MC x 10 IC

Peter Parker Merkin x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Down Stairwell 1 to the circular benches.

Triple Towers

Start at benches with 15’s: Step Up, Dips, Derkins. Run to Stairwell 1. 15 Heels to Heaven. 5 Hand-Release Burpees. Down Stairwell 1. Back to benches. Plank-o-rama. Repeat bench set and run to Stairwell 2. Add 15 Donkey Kicks. Repeat to Stairwell 3. Add 15 Jump Squats. Plank-o-rama between reps.

Mosey into Tartarus (deck). Line up on ground floor. We did some sprints up to the top, covering either a half level or full level after completing called exercises. Mary at the top. Down to ground level. Another Mary set.

AYG up Stairwell 1 and back down 5 times. Mosey back to launch. Civilian cadence merkins to 10: Regular, Offset Right, Offset Left, Wide, Diamond.


On April 7 of the Bicentennial year of this great country, an American treasure was released. The Bad News Bears. The film featured a hard drinking former minor league prospect, Morris Buttermaker (Walter Mattheau) as a reluctant head coach of a little league team. He was voluntold to coach by a city councilman whose son, who was marginally talented, was not allowed to play in the league. In one of the best years in history, 1976 when the film was released, Buttermaker sets the gold standard for coaching. He drinks tall boys while coaching while telling it like it is. No kid gloves. No PC. Maybe this is what Trump was talking about with his campaign slogan. Who knows. Anyways, Buttermaker fails with his team of misfits and decides that he needs an ace, so he enlists feisty and gifted pitcher, Amanda Wurlitzer (Tatum O’Neill), to lead the charge. Spoiler alert: Together They Make It Happen.

Cinematic gold, IMHO. I was a ball player as a kid and loved this movie. I also love my parents, for allowing me to watch this movie that included such great lines. A few examples;

-I got half a mind to find your old man and kick him in the nuts so hard he can never foul the earth with another shit like you.

-Hey Yankees, You can take your apology and your trophy and shove it straight up your ass.

-Blow it out your bung hole.

Ahh, 1976, also the year of my birth. Definitely need to watch this gem with my kids today. Show them how coaches used to motivate their players. How a team comes together to make it happen.

So, that is what we did today, in a sense. The group stayed together mostly, and offered one another some encouragement, and got it done.

Our FNG, Bad News, hails from Chi-town, the Windy City. Circuit City brought him out. He is visiting prior to heading over to Myrtle Beach for his 12-year-old son’s baseball tourney. His team finished 4th in some high level of competition and were slated to play the Cooperstown tournament this year. Bad news, team, consolation prize is the Myrtle Beach tourney, due to COVID. Anyways, that’s how his name came about, but we certainly enjoyed having him and wish the team luck in Myrtle.

Notables: Bout Time ran in and back. Cane and I passed him on the way in. Quick math indicated that he would need to run hard to make it. He did. His wife, Lauren, earned the Woman of the Year award for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Her team earned somewhere in the neighborhood of 450K. That is some good news. Well done!

Great work this morning men. Have a good weekend. Be safe

Curd Squeak

Lorax is DR at the beach. Again. Nobody was signed up to Q, so YHC filled the spot. Not much planned so asked for some suggestions prior to launch. Burpees and grass came in as the winners. Cheese Curd asked for the grass. He also pre-ran 3 miles. Disclaimer given.


We rolled out of the launch lot over to the semi-circle and did some COP. SSH, Merkin, MC, Squats, Burpees x 5 OYO, Flutter. Next we ran over to the Hot Box. Each pax was tasked with 100 Step Up/100 Dip/100 Derkin, however each saw fit to complete. Plank upon completion.

Run over to a parking lot, partner up. We did 3 rounds of partner stacks. P1 runs to end of parking lot and does 1 burpee. P2 does called exercise. Swap to called number. 150 Squats/150 Dry Docks/100 Heels to Heaven. Mary to finish it off and regroup.

After this we stopped in a nice patch of wet grass. 10 Burpees OYO.

Stop at the Avenue of Trees. 5 Werkins at each tree.

We then ran to another parking lot and lined up. AYG sprints to light post and back. 1. 5 Burpees at the end. 2. 30 LBCs in the middle. 3. Forgot.

Back to launch. COT


Gold star of the day and backblast name attributable to Cheese Curd. As YHC mentioned above, he ran 3 miles in. Well done. During the workout, he blasted some Curd Squeaks. Said he worked them up during the pre-run. BTW, he made sure to run past the pax on the way in to “round it off” (make us feel bad). Anyways, the squeaks were more like Harley exhaust bursts. Puddin actually checked to make sure he was OK. His comment was something to the effect of “those sound a little dangerous.” He is an amateur flatulist, or fartist, or something like that, so you know it was a legit question and deeply caring inquiry. Curd was just fine as he continued to power through the workout. All pax seemed to work hard. Horsehead was asking certain questions that completely stymied YHC. No idea what he was talking about. No, never watched that show or whatever it was you were talking about. Good on you for bringing Boondocks out. Kid gets after it and has impeccable merkin form. Never hear a complaint out of him either. Take note, gents. Back to Curd. After the workout he walked over to the Meatheads and then wandered back, wearing a big old weight vest. YHC offered him a ride home and he declined. Said that 40 pounds was no big deal for him and he preferred to run/walk home. Dude is tough. He also sent me a Slack DM to let me know the workout was pretty good and that he did that 1.5 mile post-work with a 40-lb weight vest. Noted, credit given. Well done, Curd. Gold star for you man. Seriously, that is a solid morning’s effort. We got another 2.8 during the workout with a bunch of exercise reps.

For those interested in the backblast title, I found the following on Wikipedia:

That mesh is held together with calcium, which makes it tough. When you bite into a cheese curd, the tough mesh resists you biting through it. That resistance causes the curd to squeak because it’s rubbing across your teeth. … That protein starts to break apart because of an enzyme used in cheese making.

Now you know.

Well done, men. Glad to workout with you guys this morning. Have a great day. T-claps to Ductwork for a strong takeout prayer.