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Let’s Roll

12 at Centurion. Slow Roll, my twin brother who hails from F3 Mountain Island Lake, had the Q this morning. He gave a pretty thorough disclaimer and we started with COP where we stood in the Amelie’s lot.

SSH x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

SSH x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

SSH x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Mosey around the plaza. Crazy Ivan toward 51 and across to CCHS campus.

AYG lap around football field.

Modified Escalator

Start at Visitors corner of the thoroughfare surrounding the football field. Run counterclockwise around the field with a stop in each corner for ascending rep exercises. 5, 10, 15, 20. Burpees, Merkins, Squats, LBCs. Plank-o-rama.

AYG lap around football field to bookend it.

Over to stone benches. 10 step-up/10 Dips/10 Derkin x3


Run out of campus, up Little, Right on Carmel, cross over to launch lot.

2 AYG sprints across the parking lot.

25 Merkins OYO



Slow Roll kept telling the Pax, “Let’s roll,” when time to move around campus. Uncle Phil asked if that’s why he got his name. Nope. He got named at the beach when he finally posted after the 5 year EH from YHC. He finally started posting and even learned he had a neighborhood workout. He swallowed one of those F3 pills and is in the best shape of his adult life. #WasNow

Solid workout. Lots of running. 3.7 miles. Not so sure about the COP with the SSH and Merkin combo. YHC needs some Mountain Climbers or Peter Parkers to stretch out the legs. Slow Roll and Purell were up at the front on the big set. Deputy Dog showing some fast twitch along with Snuka on the sprints. Chelms had some questionable form on the flutter kicks. He blamed his groin problem on that. Fair enough.

Gotta run. Heading to the beach for a few days. Great to have my brother out to Q Centurion and, of course, to see the Centurion pax. Solid work this morning. Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Take some time to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.


Rock Zero will honor the fallen during the 0700-0800 workout at Calvary on Saturday. Silent pre-run option with Hoover.


Out the Gate

F3 real-deal workouts are back. 10 posted and YHC was inclined to give a disclaimer regarding personal safety, modification per one’s own volition, and throwing down some work. Hops was last in and the QIC was forced to cut his calf-rolling short. 0530 and time to go.

Mosey out from Amelie’s and through Jack In the Box parking lot. Out the gate, YHC nearly went down, not due to tripping over anything while running, rather, something not quite working right in the left ankle. Held it together and stayed upright. That was weird. No bother the rest of the time. Stretching may have been helpful here. Continue mosey across 51. Right on 51 to WF lot.


SSH x 10 IC

10 Burpees OYO

IW x 10 IC

5 Burpees OYO

MC x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

5 Burpees OYO

Flutter x 50 IC

5 Burpees OYO

Mosey North on 51 to the Panera/Bonefish/Solar Nails plaza. Triple Nickel with Heels to Heaven and Hand-Release Burpees. Mary/Plank series.

Mosey down Little Ave to McMahon Dr. Rock Pile. Grab a lifting rock.

10 curl/10 tri extensions/10 Thrusters. Repeat x 2

Mosey down Little. Left into CCHS campus to Stairwell 1 of Tartarus. Chair Plank.

AYG to Stairwell 2. Up to level 4. 10 Wide arm Merkin/10 Carolina Dry Docks. AYG to Stairwell 1 and down to ground level. Mary. AYG to Stairwell 3. Up to level 4. 10 Diamond Merkin/10 Dry Docks. AYG to Stairwell 1 and down to ground level. Plank-o-rama: RLH/LLH/Hip Slappers, Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather Rib Shots, Alternating Shoulder Taps x 10/6 inches/RLH/LLH.

AYG up Stairwell 1 and back down. Mosey over to the Chipotle cut-through and across 51 to launch lot. Finish off with some Mary and Plank stuff.



Man, I missed Centurion. Moreso the pax than the AO, though it is, arguably, the best A51 AO. Been using the campus for OTB workouts since the plague hit. Hadn’t seen many of the pax until today. Great to be back out and doing official F3 workouts.

As previously noted, Hops showed up at the bell. He still pulled out the roller for the calf. Also had some brand new shoes on. Always nice to get some new kicks and run a little faster. Just like when you were a kid. Runstopper is staying put for a change. M is serving lunch and dinner. Not a bad gig. Snuka didn’t skip a beat. That old guy is fast as ever. Great to see neighbors Uncle Phil and Deputy Dog. YHC did not recognize DD. Had been a while. Apologies for calling him #RawDawg when asking for a 10-count. He didn’t respond. Point Break and Clover seem to have gotten into even better shape during the plague lockdown. Margo forgot the shovel flag, but, at least he showed. Continued to #refusenik the SSH, but YHC has seen him actually do some in the recent past. Thunder Road pushed hard. Chelms did not post. Missed him.

Again, great to be back out. We need this. Isolation is a dangerous place for human beings. Keep posting. Check on your neighbors, friends, people you think may be in need. Give back however you can. We also need this. A lot of people are in a bad place right now. Unemployment is around 20%. People are holed up in small spaces trying to teach kids and find work. Lastly, keep spreading the word about F3. Now is a prime example of when someone needs a men’s group to workout, fellowship with, and, get some 3F as well. Gyms are closed and flour is about sold out. That’s a lot of cookies going down gullets.

T-claps to Uncle Phil for the takeout prayer. See you guys soon.


Dipping a Toe Into the F3 Waters

PAX: Geraldo, Hoover, Flipper, Horsehead, HH 2.o, Alf, Turkey Leg, Witch Doctor, Hops, McGee…you know if you were there

Dredd, F3 co-founder, through a series of reschedules with Geraldo, was the Rock Zero Q for the re-opening of F3 Area 51. Olympus had a handful of guys swinging bells and getting jacked in the parking lot adjacent to RZ launch. We had 28-ish leave the fern behind in their garages, wipe off the sad clown makeup, and post for a long-awaited, real, in-the-flesh, dip of the toe into the F3 water with Dredd. Or, maybe it was more like standing in front of the F3 firehose. YHC wouldn’t know, as I was voluntold to Q a group due to swelling numbers and COVID-19 compliance. Checkpoint also took a Q spot.


Dredd had the crew count off by 3’s.

3’s with Dredd, 2’s with Checkpoint, 1’s with YHC. The 3 groups rotated through the 3 Q’s for 20-minute excursions.

Dredd Q:

No idea really. YHC did observe Dredd running his groups around campus, circling them up, and strongly suggesting certain exercises. Dredd did drop some historical knowledge onto the group at the end in COT. He noted that all Southerners should know their Civil War history. Hops knew the answer to one of the questions asked, which had to do with raising one’s arm in battle. Robert E Lee raised his right, Tecumseh his left (?), if memory serves, which it may not. Dredd happens to have that cadence count thing down pretty well if you need a tutorial or a demonstration. Glad to have him out to A51. There is no dipping a toe with the F3 co-founder. He fires up that hose I mentioned above, and aims that sucker right in your face. His enthusiasm and excitement are unparalleled. Thankful for his leadership. Amazing to look at where F3 has gone in 10 years.

Checkpoint Q:

No idea really. YHC did observe Checkpoint running his groups around campus, circling them up, and directing them in things designed to better their physical well-being. Appreciate the invitation to lead today and CP’s leadership as well.

Mermaid Q:

Groups 1 and 2 did pretty much the same thing. Mosey through campus to Hotbox. Bench set: 10 Ups/15 Dip/15 Derkin. AYG to light pole. 5 H-R Burpees. AYG back. Repeat for short AMRAP. Mosey to launch. Mary/Plank-o-rama. Swap Q’s.

Group 3: Horsehead asked for something hard. We took off for North Face, which has not been mowed in a while. Triple: Run up hill. 5 H-R Burpees. Around and back down. 10 Jump Squat. Repeat x 2. Mosey to Avenue of Trees. 6 Merkin at each tree on the right. Indian run back to launch lot. Mary/Plank series mixed in here and there.


Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama. 34 total with the Olympus PAX.


YHC had to bounce before we prayed. Did an all-day online family systems workshop with the M. Got some #truthnugs about family dynamics, boundaries, communication, etc. Highly recommend furthering your knowledge on this stuff. None of us have all the answers and we all get busy. Family systems change. Kids grow up. Spouses grow and change and relationships may be tested. Sometimes its hard to keep up unless you make a conscious effort to do so. Professional help, such as a Saturday workshop, can certainly help.

Again, thankful to have Dredd come down to A51 for re-Opening Day. That was a treat. Thanks for your leadership, brother. Appreciate you.

Would have enjoyed #coffeeteria. Sorry to miss.

Had Checkpoint played the tape through, he would have asked Horsehead to be the 3rd Q. You all would be laughing your asses off in response to A51’s premier backblast-writer’s cognitive regurgitation/interpretation/embellishment of the day’s activities, rather than reading this. Next time.

Ironhorse was there. #kotters

Great to see you all out there in the flesh. Stay safe and healthy. Sound off with any observations of note, or, made up stuff that is funny, or whatever else you may want to share.



Happened to be parked at Amelie’s at 0600. 4 men, coincidentally, did as well. I offered to lead them in 45 minutes of hard work, and, coincidentally, they all said yes, please, kind sir.

Pax: Didn’t catch their names.

Men who were not there: Lorax, Brilleaux, Hops, CHEESE CURD, Chelms

We ran to Palantine and did a Triple Nickel. Merkins at top, Burpees at bottom.

Mary when done. Run over to the high school across 51 over to the benches surrounding the school seal.

10 Step Up/10 Dip/10 Derkin x 5

Mosey over to the parking deck. Run up stairwell 1. 15 x called exercises (2). Run to Stairwell 2 and descend to ground. 15 x called exercises (2). Repeat 2 more times with Mary/Plank exercises between rounds.

  1. Jump Squat/Heels to Heaven—Merkin/Calf Raise
  2. Crucible Merkin/Dolly—Calf Raise x 30
  3. Pax call: Plank Jack/Forget—Romanian Dead Lift (Bird Pickers?)/Forget

Mosey back across the street. Man #6 was there. He did 5 Burpees OYO. Finished.

Social distancing was maintained, of course. Good to coincidentally run into some like-minded men and get some work done. Be well all.

Somebody Count, Damn It

Bout Time ran in. Cheese Curd pre-ran about 3. The rest of us slackers drove in and put in a solid 45 of hard work. No handshakes, or fist bumps for that matter. We resorted to elbow bumps and Runstopper getting within the 6 foot danger zone of the Q. Weird times we are living in. Short disclaimer provided. Off we go.


Mosey down the thoroughfare between Tartarus and the off-limits football field to Stairwell 3. Ascend said stairwell to level 4. Circle up.


Merkin x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

This is where I forget what the heck I called and got a little mad at the pax. As I counted cadence to the forgotten exercise, I had no idea what number we were on because no one was counting. I may have lost my cool just a tad. That’s where the title originated. Pax mentioned Angry Q and made reference to Champagne, who was not in attendance. He is working a weight program in his garage. With his fern.

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey over to Stairwell 1 and descend to ground level. Continue mosey to the circular benches with the CCHS emblem in the middle. Get into People’s Chair while the Q explains the set.

Triple Towers

Bench Set: 10 Jump Up/10 Derkin/10 Dips

Run to Stairwell 3. Ascend to level 4. 7 Burpees. Run back to benches. Plank-o-rama.

Run to Stairwell 2. Ascend to level 4. 7 Double Merkin Burpees. Back to benches. Plank-o-rama to include Low Plank Jacks for Haze

Run to Stairwell 1. Ascend to level 4. 7 Triple Merkin Burpees. Back to benches. Plank to regroup.

Mary. Assorted exercises.

Mosey back to Stairwell 3. Partner up.

Partner 1 ascend to level 4. 10 Jump Squat. Back down. Partner 2 does called exercise until P1 gets back. 3 rounds: Flutter, Carolina Dry Dock, Heels to Heaven.

Back up Stairwell 3 to level 4. Mosey over to Stairwell 1.

Mary: High Flutter x 25 IC/Dolly x 25 IC/Freddie Mercury x 25 IC/LBC x 25 IC

I shouldn’t even put IC behind these exercises. Again, the pax decided not to count and I had to use the title. You had one job, men.

Mosey back to launch. Done



Good to have co-site Q Margo back out. He has been dealing with some knee stuff. Never fun. He brought the shovel flag.

Snuka retired his gloves. Finally

Cheese Curd is a sucker for the personal invite, admittedly. Always good to have him amongst the pax. As noted above, he pre-ran.

Bout Time reminds YHC of a machine. Pre-run in, consistent hard work for 45, run home. The beauty of youth. He’s in pretty solid shape, so that helps too

Runstopper wore shorts and no sleeves. You know its warm with that outfit. He was YHC’s partner and we may have perfected the elbow bump.

Thunder Road put in a solid 45, as usual. His daughter’s soccer, like YHC’s son’s, is on the shelf. Damn novel corona.

Chelms has a few ailments that linger, but the dude is tough, and told his body he was posting anyway. Deal with it. Form looked good today. Probably the best in all of Area 51.

Brilleaux rolled in with 9 seconds to spare. Typical, unless he has the Q.

Lorax…oh wait, Lorax was home doing taxes. Missed you out there today

Haze rolled in his new truck. That thing is sharp. Have had the pleasure of accompanying him on some of his training rucks the past few weeks in preparation for the Bataan Death March in New Mexico this Sunday. He put in 36 training rucks with a high mileage of 16. Definitely ready for the event…and it got canceled, like everything else. Sorry brother.

Friday the 13th. Probably the weirdest one I can remember with all the doings surrounding the corona virus.

7 years for Centurion. This is the closest to my house and has felt like my “home” workout since I first posted in 2013. Thanks to the site-Q’s: Chelms, Escargot, Margo, Udder and to all the workout Q’s and pax who have posted. Great AO.

Reminder: count for your Q. Hard to call cadence and the count at the same time. At least for YHC. Got all flustered and maybe a bit angry. All good though.

Stay safe and healthy, men. Help those around you. We are seeing an individualistic response in the face of uncertainty. Most are out for numero uno when it comes to provisions, supplies, toilet paper. Collectivism will be required to get through this and save lives. Like we do at our workouts, look out for those around you. Neighbors, coworkers, etc. If you have a stockpile of water, TP, whatever, share it with those who don’t. This will pass, what will remain are the ramifications of the response.


Spilled merlot…before the workout?

Not feeling real great this morning. Had Lorax pulled up to send a text to see if he could cover, but decided against it. 8 dudes were ready for Anvil. 6 Bell Men with the Meathead crowd. Disclaimer given and off we went.


Mosey over to the activity center courtyard and circle up


IW x 20

SSH x 15

MC x 10

Peter Parker x 10

Low Slow Squat x 10

Merkin x 10

Mosey over to Entrance 2 Rock Pile. Grab a lifting rock.

Rock Set: 10 Curl/10 Tri Extensions/10 Thruster. Run big loop around the islands. Repeat x 2.

Hold rock over head. 10 count from each man other than QIC. Return rock.

Mosey back to activity center courtyard. People’s Chair for a few minutes.

Mosey over to the lot at Entrance 1.


Run to each of 3 islands down the lot. 6 x called exercise. Hit same islands and exercises on the way back. 6 x 6 for 36 reps for 6 rounds. Merkins, Squats, LBC, CDD, LBC, Choice of Merkins or Burpees.

Run over to the Hot Box. 3 rounds: 10 Step up/15 Dips/15 Derkins.

Mosey down the thoroughfare toward the launch lot. Finish up with some Mary: Flutter x 20/hold/Dolly x 15




Got a little sick on the stomach after getting up and ready. Tossed the merlot and headed out. Rolled the dice this morning. Did not feel great out there, but glad I made the right decision.


Spackler gave the course record at his club a scare on Sunday. Next time maybe.

Coronavirus snuck into the conversation. Scary stuff.

Snuka did not get new gloves.

Tagalong’s beard is awesome and does not appear to slow him down any.

Thunder Road and Snuka get the work done every time. Jet Fuel as well. Hadn’t seen him for a while, glad I did today.

Gerber and Lorax were out front with Spackler on most of the repeats. Fast guys. T-claps to Gerber for hitting up Area 51. F3 Waxhaw is booming. 16 workouts now. Good stuff.

Thanks to Snowflake for the takeout prayer. Get after it today men. Thanks to Lorax for the opportunity to lead at Anvil.



The Meathead/Anvil (Manvil?) combo is a good idea. Pax now have the option to do a bootcamp or swing bells. Voodoo invited YHC to join the KB crew. When he learned I had the Anvil Q he told me to lead the group over to the KBs. Great to have options, especially when the plan was relatively loose for bootcamp. Puddin rolled in at the very last moment. Disclaimer given. Off we go.


Mosey around some of the parking lots of Calvary, cutting through the thick gloom this morning. Circle up.


SSH x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Mosey through campus to Avenue of Trees.

Down Avenue of Trees. Stop at each tree on right (10) for 5 reps of called exercise. Mosey back to thoroughfare and plank.

  1. Merkin
  2. Squats
  3. Heels to heaven

AYG up AOT. Mary: Flutter x 20/Hold 6 inches/Dolly x 15/Hold 6 inches

AYG back down AOT. Continue at mosey pace to Hotbox.

10 Step Up/10 Dip. Repeat until called by QIC. 5-6 reps.

Mosey up through campus toward Entrance 2. Stop at grassy knoll. Bear crawl to the other side. Continue mosey to Rock Pile. Grab lifting rock.

Civilian Cadence Rock Exercises to 10. Rock does not touch ground.

Curl/Tri Ext/Curl/Tri Ext/Curl/Tri Ext/Overhead Press/Overhead Press/Curl/Overhead Press/Tri Extenseion/Curl. Return rocks.

Mosey through campus. Lunge walk through grassy knoll plaza. Stop at parking lot light in a middle lot.

Triple Nickel

Run down the parking lot to the far light. 5 Burpees. Run back. 5 Jump Squat. 5 total reps.

Mosey back to launch. 4 MOM.

COT with Meathead


At least 50% of the pax had green on for a picture to post to Twitter with #RyleighStrong at the request of F3Louisville. Ryleigh is sick and Louisville pax are rallying around her.

3rd F3 post of 2020. 2nd Q. Enjoyed that workout today. Solid crew who put in some hard work.

Lorax and Brilleaux traded off being out front, mostly. Snuka had to be chased down a few times. Point Break continues to post and appears to be getting faster and stronger. That’s what we do. Clover was pushing on the sprints and demonstrating solid form, much like Tagalong. Margo’s beard soaked in some of the heavy gloom. Sanka grabbed a giant rock. He may traded with Lorax after a while. Puddin put in the work, as usual. Well done men.

Tagalong hadn’t posted Anvil in a while so he engaged site Q Lorax in a conversation regarding the rock incident a while back. He was curious as to what had occurred in the aftermath. Not much, really. We decided it would be a good idea to invite another group to join ours. And bring several metal bells that would be set in the parking lots, hopefully not to be run over. Continue to be mindful on this campus and all other AO’s. We are privileged to be allowed to workout at these places.

No Announcements

Forgot How Old I am

Several pax pulled in at the bell. A few gave YHC a hard time about a “rusty” disclaimer. Fair enough. 1st Q in 3 months. Glad to be standing in the middle ready to lead these fine men. Off we went.

Mosey through campus, North on 51 to WF parking lot. Circle up.


IW x 15 IC

MC x 15 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

5 Burpees OYO

Mosey South on 51 and back through campus to the parking deck, AKA, Tartarus. Gather at the entrance on Level 1. Al Gore while waiting and instructions given.

Ramp Set

Run up a level via short ramps. 10 Heels to Heaven/15 Merkin/10 Jump Squats. 1st 3 add 5 Heels to Heaven (Restrictor Plate). Continue to top. 3 exercise stops. Mary at top to regroup: 25 Flutter IC.

Descend Stairwell 1 to ground. Plank-o-rama.

Stair Set 

AYG up Stairwell 1 to Level 4. 5 Burpees/20 LBC. Run over to Stairwell 2 and descend to ground level. 5 Burpees/20 LBC. Repeat Stair Set x 2. Increase Burpees by 5 each rep. 60 Burpees total.


Complete one more rep of Ramp Set from above. People’s Chair for a minute or so. Mosey to Stairwell 2 and descend to ground level. Continue mosey to launch lot.

Merkin Mary

High Flutter x 20 IC. Hold 6 inches. Right Leg High. 10 Count. Swap for left with 10 count. Hold legs at Dolly. 10 count. Merkin x 10 IC.



The website was down this morning. Wingman, wizard of all tech, fixed it, of course. Thanks WM, appreciate you.

YHC posted one time in December. My family had a lot going on with my father-in-law’s passing. Felt great to be back out with my F3 brothers at Centurion. 1st Q in 3 months. Had a few on the books, but was sick 3 separate times this fall and had a family scheduling problem with a swim meet. Not the best 4th quarter. Getting back out in the gloom has been great this week.

Kotters to Uncle Phil, a neighbor of YHC. Good to see him back out. Bout Time ran in and back. #stud. Good to meet Graffiti and Danica. Well done today, men. Hope to see you again soon. Point Break hit up the Mud Gear store for a neon reflective F3 shirt. He’s all in. Hops was complaining about the ascending Burpees to no one’s suprise. YHC’s internal voice was also complaining after the call was made. Margo brought the Shovel Flag. Snuka did a 10-count correctly, and smoked the workout. Brilleaux hit the workout in his working man way. Lorax was out front mostly with several on his heels. As always, good work Pro. Clover was not wearing any Notre Dame regalia, perhaps the first time at an F3 post?

This week, getting back into it, has hurt. To be expected and embraced. Very thankful to be back out with you men. Definitely missed it. Was recording Name-o-Rama and got to myself. Got my hospital name correct, F3 name correct, but was off on my age by two years. I am 43, rather than the 41 I belted out. That’s what happens when you smoke yourself and are “rusty.”

Take some time in the new year to reach out to a man, or men, who have fallen out of F3. Invite them back out. Offer to pick them up. If they don’t want to post, invite them for a coffee, lunch, or a beer. Connect.

T-claps to Lorax for a successful post-Christmas Marathon Key fishing trip and, more importantly, for the meaningful takeout prayer.

No announcements today. Have a great weekend, men.

Centurion FAMRAP

PAX: Brilleaux, Lorax, Champagne, Thunder Road, Mr. Magoo, Snuka, Bout Time, Fallout, Tagalong, Lambeau, Mermaid

11 men posted for a Centurion FAMRAP. YHC put out a preblast that is below. Disclaimer given during the initial mosey to make sure of 0530 start. Couple of the crew pulled in at the buzzer. Off we went.

A couple of weeks ago, A51 Nantan, Alf, brought a taste of WAMRAP (Wednesday As Many Reps As Possible) to Centurion. It was brutal. A swift kick in the teeth. Just what the men of Centurion needed. Margo, Centurion co-site Q with YHC, has requested that this be a monthly occurrence at Centurion. At least in November, when he has the Cerberus Q tomorrow, and will not be in attendance. We will do a warm up mosey, COP, and then run a modified Redemption Loop for approximately 35 minutes. It will go like this:

Start at Level 4, Stairwell 1 (closest to the Tartarus entrance)

20 Jump Squat

Descend stairs to ground. 5 Burpees. AYG clockwise around the football field. Stop at Scoreboard (far left corner from Start). 5 Burpees. Continue AYG around field to Visitor Entrance (2nd Entrance on your left).

20 Merkins. Bear Crawl to the crosswalk. AYG up Stairwell 1.

Repeat as many reps as possible. Stay to the right on stairs. Men will be going up and down. 

So the above preblast was the plan. We got through 5 loops before the traffic picked up on campus. There must have been a field trip or something. A bus pulled in, students, staff, even the garbage truck. All cruising through the thoroughfare between Tartarus and the football field, which happened to be part of our loop. Q called for a stop at the end of the 5th loop. Quick Mary to regroup.

Continue with FAMRAP theme.

Start at Stairwell 1 Level 4. 20 Jump Squat. AYG to Stairwell 2. 10 Heels to Heaven. Descend to ground. 5 Burpees. AYG to Stairwell 1 up to Level 4. Repeat until 0614. Mosey back to launch. We got 4 of these in.



Fallout had the prototype Garmin GPS tracker on his wrist. He called it a great triathalon watch. Tagalong referenced Back to the Future. Sure enough, on the ride home, saw a kid on a hoverboard cruising down Carmel. Shit you not, really happened. Couldn’t figure out what the kid was riding until I got close. Marty McFly shit there. Must be a sign that it is time to introduce my 2.0’s to the cinematic genius of that movie. Guarantee my son will want a Delorean after watching. He’s into cars right now. Probably will be putting the hoverboard on the Christmas list if I had to guess. We’ll see. Keep you posted on that.

Magoo had on his signature hi-vis warm-up jacket, complimented with pants. The rest of us had on shorts and t-shirts. Just saying.

Simple plan this morning. You really can’t go wrong with an AMRAP. Get that heart rate up and spend some quality time in the pain cave. Solid crew getting after it. Missed our co-site Q, Margo. He was over at Cerberus on Q. Sure he put a good one together for those men. Time for a garbage pickup at Catholic. The deck was littered.

Thanks to Thunder Road for the takeout.


Vagabond is Saturday. Awesome CSAUP opportunity. Preblast HERE

Veteran’s Day Convergence on Monday 11/11 at South Charlotte Middle School. Thunder Road and Hopper on Q.

Preblast: Centurion FAMRAP

A couple of weeks ago, A51 Nantan, Alf, brought a taste of WAMRAP (Wednesday As Many Reps As Possible) to Centurion. It was brutal. A swift kick in the teeth. Just what the men of Centurion needed. Margo, Centurion co-site Q with YHC, has requested that this be a monthly occurrence at Centurion. At least in November, when he has the Cerberus Q tomorrow, and will not be in attendance. We will do a warm up mosey, COP, and then run a modified Redemption Loop for approximately 35 minutes. It will go like this:

Start at Level 4, Stairwell 1 (closest to the Cerberus entrance)

20 Jump Squat

Descend stairs to ground. 5 Burpees. AYG clockwise around the football field. Stop at Scoreboard (far left corner from Start). 5 Burpees. Continue AYG around field to Visitor Entrance (2nd Entrance on your left).

20 Merkins. Bear Crawl to the crosswalk. AYG up Stairwell 1.

Repeat as many reps as possible. Stay to the right on stairs. Men will be going up and down.