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Centurion Intensity

LBegan to look like it was going to be Haze, YHC, and Utah, who ran in, doing this workout. Flurry of vehicles arrived. PAX ready to go vs. standing in the 25 degrees of the morning. Purell rolled in on two wheels and missed the disclaimer. No problem for him, he Q’s about once a week.


Centurion 3/4 Merkin Mile

Right on Little. Right on McMahon. Right on 51. Right into campus. Right into Tartarus. Right up short decks to Level 4. 10 Merkins at each right turn. 100 Merkins.


IW x 10 IC

MC x 10 IC

Plank Jack x 10 IC-Purple Haze complete these, without complaint.

Descend from Level 4 to ground. Stop in between Stairwell 1 and 2.

5×5: 5 LBC/5 Heels to Heaven/5 Plank Jack/5 Merkins/5 Burpees. Repeat

Quintuple Nickel

Start at ground level. Up Stairwell 1 to mid-point between Stairwell 1 and 2. 5x5. Run over to Stairwell 2. Descend to launch. 5x5. 5 repetitions

10 Jump Squat/10 Carolina Dry Docks. Alternate and repeat to wait for six.

Mosey to the mouth of Tartarus. Level 1 Entrance. AYG up long ramps to Level 4. 20 Donkey Kicks at right turns.

Mary at Level 4. Hold at 6 inches between exercises.

Flutter x 20 IC/Dolly x 20 IC/High Flutter x 20 IC. Right Leg out-10count/Swap-Left with 10 count. Right Leg to 90 degrees-10 count/Swap Left-10 count. Instructions given with legs at 6 inch hold.

Redemption Loop

Start at Level 4. 10 Jump Squats. Descend to ground. 5 Burpees. Clockwise around football field at AYG. 5 Burpees at scoreboard. 20 Merkins at Cougar entrance. Bear Crawl to crosswalk. AYG up short ramps to Level 4. People’s Chair to regroup. 10 Hand-Release Burpees OYO.

Mosey back to launch


Figured on a smaller crew today with mid-20s temp. Not the case as 20 men arrived ready to crush a Friday morning at Centurion. Utah, Scabby, and Ickey ran in. Nice work men. Purell planned to arrive early and pre-run, but was sidetracked by one of his kiddos. He needs more than 45 to get his morning fix. Always fun to try and give chase. Well, fun and defeating at the same time. Have to remember, the way to get faster is to run with faster men. Lorax, Brilleaux, and Snuka chased hard. Yogi, Chelms, Scabby in the mix near the front as well. All pax pushed on this one.

YHC decided a long time ago that weather would not dictate F3 posts. The only exception is extremely hazardous conditions. Only once in almost 6 years has weather prevented a post. Icy conditions prevailed during a period when there was no 4WD vehicle in the garage.

Adverse weather conditions have proved to provide the most memorable F3 posts for YHC. Tough weather brings another level of sensory stimulation to the mix. Don’t let weather be an excuse to getting better. Smack it in the face while you are crushing your workout. Better for it.

Always an honor to lead the PAX through these workouts. Well done today men. Solid work to start the day. T-claps to Haze for doing the Plank Jacks, and, more importantly, for the takeout prayer.


Fishing Hole workout on Thursdays at CCHS. Tough workout with an upper limit of 2 miles. Bunch older guys post it, but all are welcome. 0530-0615

Clothes collection for F3 Chimbote Mission Trip. These people need clothes and shoes. Chelms will post the desired donation items in the Comments below.

Joe Davis Run for Recovery 03/09/2019. All money to benefit Keystone Substance Abuse Services in Rock Hill, SC. The race is in Fort Mill, SC and has historically had very strong F3/FIA support. Please consider supporting. Run, Sleep in for the Cause, Sponsor. Check it out HERE

Reps at daVinci

PAX: Mighty Mite, Fredo, Bucky, Thin Mint, Purell, Scratch and Win, Swine Flu, Escobar, Gilbert, Fletch, Teddy, Chopper, Dora, Slow Roll, Leprechaun, Bugeater, Fiji, Mermaid

Can’t figure out how to add the pax list to these posts all of a sudden.

Anyway, 18 men showed up to crush the 1st daVinci workout of 2019. 15 did not pre-run. 3 did. T-claps to Thin Mint, Fletch, and Purell who took down just under 4 miles. Disclaimer given. Let’s go


Mosey around back side of CFA and down the avenue of the apartments. Left down the main drag and around the turnabout. Back the way we came to WF parking lot. 20 SSH IC to regroup.


All IC: IW x 10/Seal Jack x 10/Merkin x 10/Peter Parker x 10/Squat x 10/Low Plank Jack x 10

Mosey across Rea to Blakeney to the playground.

Half Murph

10 Pull Up/20 Merkin/30 Jump Squat x 5

Mary to regroup and wait on six.

Mosey through Blakeney to the staircases at the Little Gym and Unlightened Yoga, among others.

Triple Nickel

Start at ground. Run up stairs to middle of building. 5 Jump Squat. Run down opposite stairwell and back to launch. 5 H-R Burpees. 5 reps.

Plank-o-rama to wait for six.

Mosey over to the Target lot.

100 Burpee 4 Corner

Run to corner 2. 5 Burpees. Run to corner 3. 5 Burpees. Run to 4. 5 Burpees. Back to 1. 5 Burpees. 20/4 corner round. 5 rounds=100 Burpees. YHC forgot the last 5. Thin Mint made sure to remind. #accountability-T-claps

Mosey back down toward playground. Stop at water fountains. 10 Step Up/10 Dips/10 Derkins

Mosey back to CFA lot.



With the 6-year and promise of beer at Stonehenge, didn’t know what to expect for numbers today. Awesome crew was ready to get after it. Amazing how not one of the PAX grumbled when the 4-corner call was made and each man calculated that he would complete 100 Burpees #daVinciStrong.

Nothing fancy today out there in terms of the workout. This was YHC’s 3rd Blakeney post and 2nd daVinci Q. Great AO with a ton of possibilities.

All pushed hard out there. My bro, Slow Roll, keeps getting stronger and faster since starting F3 in earnest in 2018. Glad he finally drank the Kool-Aid. He was hanging with Purell on the 4-corners. Glad to see Escobar out there. He has taken a short break. Solid work thrown down by all 18 this morning. You can take a look at the pax list and know who was up front. Strong crew.

Lastly, locked my key in my car when I went in for CFA. That was an added inconvenience to a super-busy day. My bro drove me home and my M drove me back. There went my backblast window before soccer. Hence, afternoon backblast after the swim meet.

Thanks for the invite to Q from Bucky, Mighty Mite, and Fredo. Honored to lead the men this morning. Have a great weekend all.


Joe Davis Run for Recovery 03/09/2019. All $ goes to fight addiction in our backyard. REGISTER

Q Source-you should do it. Leadership training. Read about it HERE:

Anvil Merkin Mile

PAX: Runstopper, Snowflake, Scabby, Prohibition, Spackler, La Z Boy, Brushback, Clover, Gummy, Hopper, Ickey Shuffle, Purple Haze, Rock Thrill, Snuka, Scratch and Win, Utah, Mermaid

17 for the 1st Anvil workout of 2019. Veteran crew of fine A51 men ready to lay down some work. Disclaimer given and prompt launch at 0530.


4/10 mile warm up mosey across campus to lot closest to Entrance 1. Circle up.


IW x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Merkin x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

Alternating Shoulder Taps x 10 IC

Flutter x 10 IC

Dolly x 15 IC

Mosey to the hot box. People’s Chair on wall. Right leg high/left leg high. Hold. 20 Burpees OYO.

Merkin Mile

Start at Hotbox. Run to top of Entrance 2. 25 Merkins. Run to bottom of Entrance 3. 25 Merkins. Run to top of Entrance 4. 25 Merkins. Run to Hotbox. 25 Merkins. 1 Mile and 100 Merkins.

More People’s Chair. Alternating Leg Lifts x 15 IC.

Mosey to Avenue of Trees. At each tree on right complete 5 Catalina Wine Mixers. AYG back down the Avenue. Plank up. Plank-o-rama.

Mosey back to Hotbox. Bench Set: 10 Jump Up/10 Dip/10 Derkin. Repeat x 4 for 5 reps. Jump squats for early finishers.

Mosey back to launch lot.



Was DR for the holidays and caught an Ohio cold. Couple that with a bunch of food and holiday cheer and YHC was prepared for a difficult morning. That certainly was the case.

Catalina Wine Mixers suck. No better way to describe them, really. A bit of mumblechatter around this call by the Q. Hit the Exicon for that beauty. Moderation is key with that one.

Spackler was pushing the pace at time this morning. Well done. The mumblechatter about the shirts of Gamecock past was entertaining.

Not a lot to report this morning, probably because the Q was sucking wind and trying to get through it. Rock Thrill joined us this morning. Always great to have him post in A51.

Best wishes for 2019, men. Saw a tweet from Busch (@chrisbehrmann) that seems very relevant to starting a new year, or, anytime really: “People are vowing to do something to make themselves better…but if you only focus on yourself, you will never be the best you or live a truly full life. You must shift you mindset to focus on making others better as well.” This is closely aligned with the F3 Credo: Leave no man behind, but also don’t leave them where you found them.” Push and support those men around you, at workouts, work, church, in your families, etc. Help make people around you better.

T-claps to Scratch and Win for the takeout prayer.


03/09/2019 Joe Davis Run for Recovery. Register HERE. All money raised goes to Keystone Substance Abuse Services in Rock Hill, SC, to fight addiction.

Mailman Delivers VQ at Centurion


Cars kept on rolling into the lot as the start time approached. Big morning for our Q, Mailman. He told YHC he dreamed that he had slept through the workout and totally missed his VQ. Probably not the first time a VQ’er had that dream. Alas, he was present and ready, having practiced cadence count with his wife, who gave him the seal of approval, or at least did not make fun of him. Proper disclaimer given to the PAX and off we went.


Warm up mosey: Left on Little, Left on Walsh, Left into campus thoroughfare on south side of Tartarus (parking deck). Continue to level 1. Circle Up.


  • Side Straddle Hops x 15 IC
  • Windmill x 15 IC
  • Imperial Walker x 15 IC
  • Plank Jacks x 15 IC
  • Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Tartarus Repeats

  • Up the parking deck with alternating exercises at the turn and alternating ways of going up
    • Start with 10X Merkins and Run Backwards to the first turn
    • 10X Monkey Humpers then Bear Crawl to next turn
    • 10X Burpees Run Backwards to the next turn
    • 10X Jump Squats and Lunge Walk to the next turn
    • 10X WWII Situps and Run Backwards to the next turn then run to far stair well (Stairwell 1)
    • Descend Stairwell 1 to ground level
    • Mary to regroup
    • Wall Sit with air presses
  • Lap around the football field
  • Round 2: Swap Crawl Bear for Bear Crawl

Mary to regroup. Another round of People’s Chair (Wall Sit). Exit Tartarus.

Plank-o-rama: Elbows/RLH/LLH/Right Arm Out/Swap Left/High Plank/Low Plank/Alt Leg Raise x 12 IC

Serpentine Tartarus Run

AYG up Stairwell 1 to Level 4. Over to Stairwell 2 and down to ground. Over to Stairwell 3 up to Level 4. AYG over to Stairwell 1 and descend to ground level.

Mosey back to launch lot.

6 Minutes of Mary Heels to Heaven x 15 IC/High Flutter x 15 IC/LBC x 15 IC/Freddie Mercury x 20 IC/One Legged Dolly x 15 IC each leg



Mailman was asked for Moleskin info, but did not respond in time for this post. Your moleskin is provided by Mermaid.

A few weeks back, YHC put Mailman on the spot when Margo was asking for people to Q at Centurion. It went something like this:

Mermaid: “Mailman, you Q yet?”

Mailman: “No, not yet.”

Mermaid: “Dude, you are ready, time to step up.”

Mailman: “What day do you need me?”

Simple as that. Mailman got pushed, ever so slightly, and stepped up to lead. This is part of what we do and, in essence, is the F3 Credo: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.

Mailman is now a workout Q. A participant leader in F3.

He spent some time reading through the 1st workout docs from, practiced his cadence count, put together a plan, and did a dry run of his plan. He was prepared and it clearly showed in all facets. So, well done Mailman, T-Claps for stepping up and leading. YHC looks forward to your next Q.

This is what we do and we need to be diligent in continuing to do it. Look around you and encourage those newer guys to lead, whether it be a workout or a service project.

#Kotters to Rapper’s Delight. Home now from serving the USA. T-claps for your service. See you next week. Make sure you bring Drago and tell him to leave his headphones at home.

#Kotters to Madame, Mighty Might, and Commish. Great to have you guys join us at Centurion today. No mistaking MT’s truck pulling into the launch lot.

Fault starts noted for Chelms and Runstopper. They both worked hard. Solid effort men.

Hops was pumped about his Sages winning the state championship. Rightfully so.

Clover was dressed for some cold weather. Color-coordinated as well. Several others went by previous night’s forecast and appeared overdressed for the low 50s we had this morning. Twice as warm as the past few days.

Brilleaux was in strong form as usual. Pushing on the pace.

Margo brought and then subsequently forgot the shovel flag. YHC grabbed it. Maybe a subtle way of saying, “I have been the keeper of the shovel flag for long enough, your turn?” I’ll hang on to it and cart it to and fro. May be the last one in all of A51. Hops, we have any others?

Well done today men. Thanks for coming out and supporting the Mailman VQ.

YHC took us out.


SOB Christmas party tonight.

A51 Christmas party tomorrow night at Seaboard in Matthews.

Be careful with the driving if you are attending.

Need some Q’s at Centurion. Want to step and lead? Just let myself or Margo know: or




4 Months Out

Pulled in to an empty lot. Haze followed shortly after. The other 10 found us and the rain started coming down. The call was to get moving to Tartarus, the parking deck. Off we went. Crazy Ivan to come back around to pick up Rock Thrill.


Mosey through campus and into Tartarus. Up ramps to mid level 3. Circle up under the last bit of cover.


IW x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Mountain Climbers x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Mosey over to Stairwell 1. Descend to ground level and back to launch lot. Plank to receive set recommendations. Rain had let up some.

Merkin Half Mile

Start in plank. AYG half mile. Right on Little. Right on McMahon. Right on 51. Right into campus. Right into deck. Several rights up deck to mid level 3. 10 Merkin at each right turn and every other right turn in the deck. 80 merkins total.

Mary to wait for six

Mosey over to Stairwell 3 descend to ground.

Triple Triples

Start at ground level Stairwell 3. Ascend to level 4. 11 reps called exercise. Descend back to ground. 9 reps called exercise. 3 reps at each of the 3 stairwells. 9 trips up and 9 down.

Stairwell 3: Donkey Kicks at 4. Carolina Dry Dock at ground.

Stairwell 2: Merkin at 4. Heels to Heaven at ground.

Stairwell 1: LBC at 4. Burpees at ground.

Plank work between each to regroup.

Mosey to Tartarus entrance. AYG up short ramps.

Down to ground level. Flutter x 30 IC. Mosey back to launch lot.



Today my brother Eric would have turned 41. He took his own life almost 7 years ago after a decade long battle with opioids, mostly. He died on March 9, 2012. I dedicated my work today to him. I think of him every day and more on days like today. Miss him terribly and wish things could have been different. He lost hope.

Rock Thrill posted today. He, too, lost his brother. Joe Davis died of an accidental overdose after a long period of sobriety. The Davis Family has put on the Joe Davis Recovery Run for 6 years. The 7th Annual is March 9, 2019. Coincidentally, the date of my brother’s death. This race has raised over $200,000 to benefit the Keystone Substance Abuse Center in Rock Hill, SC. These funds provide HOPE for those who have lost it, or are close to losing it. Support of this race has a direct impact on our community. My challenge to our PAX today was to support this race and to tell at least one other person about it today. We are 4 months out. Please consider supporting. 52 registered already. Join us March 9 or support by sleeping in for the cause or sponsoring (several ways to do this). Big T-claps to Rock Thrill and the Davis family for pouring themselves into the race and the good they facilitate in the community. Personally, this race has given my family a way to help and to remember my brother Eric. Sincere thanks for that. The race was done the first Saturday in January for the first 6 years. It was bitter cold most of those years. Hopeful for better race day weather.


Strong work from the fellas this morning. Always an honor to lead the men of F3. Thankful for the fellowship men.


Speed for Need. Next 2 races are in South Charlotte. Check out the race calendar HERE. Contact Scabby for more info at

Vagabond CSAUP. A51/SOB combo event starting at Hickory Tavern on Providence. 6 mini workout stops on the 13 mile loop. Preblast HERE

Prayers for Chelms and Abacus mother, Margaret. She undergoes surgery for a broken kneecap today.

Return to North Face

13 men arrived at Anvil this Halloween morning. 12 in vehicles and Haze on foot. #Beast. Disclaimer provided by the Q. Still trying to hunt down the shovel flag for Anvil. YHC thinks the Cyborg has it in his garage. Attempts to contact have not been reciprocated with a response. Overdraft pulled in during the initial mosey.


Mosey up and down the vast parking lots of Calvary. Circle up down towards the thoroughfare.


IW x 15 IC

MC x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 20 IC

Mosey up to the church picnic area. Grab a bench to start the preview round.

4-Stop Circuit

  1. Bench Set: 10 Jump Up/10 Incline Merkin/10 Dips/5 Box Jump Burpees
  2. Entrance to North Face: 30 Dolly
  3. Base of North Face: 20 Squat Jacks. Run up North Face.
  4. Top of NF: 10 H-R Burpees. Run back to picnic area.

Repeat x 3 AYG

Mary at top of North Face to regroup. LBC x 15 IC/Flutter x 15 IC

Mosey over to the Avenue of Trees at end nearest church.

Run the Avenue with a stop at each tree on right. 5 Merkins

Run the Avenue with a stop at every other tree. 5 Jump Squat

Plank. AYG down the Avenue. Plank. AYG down the Avenue.

Plank-o-rama. Several moves at high plank/low plank/elbows. Haze called out the Q, stating, “Don’t you do it,” on the low plank. Q did not do it. Low Plank Jacks, that is.

Mosey over to launch lot. A few minutes ahead of schedule.

AYG down the parking lot. Plank to low Plank. Low Plank Jack x 10 IC. AYG back to cars.

Rosalita x 20 IC



Not a ton of chatter this morning heard by the Q. Haze did take a few moments to comment on Ickey’s Dolly form. 90 degree bend at knees is not Haze’s accepted form. Ickey ignored him. Speaking of Ickey, Burpee-free October is now done. Strictly adhered to today, and every other day this month as far as YHC observed. A man of his convictions. It is a real thing for him, apparently.

North Face has been neglected at Anvil for some time. Probably for good reason, but we paid a visit today.

As noted above, Haze ran in. YHC commented on it and he noted that he did so to get an actual workout. #SmackTalk

Scabby, Lorax, Snuka, Brushback pushing on the pace. Lorax rolled his ankle at the Avenue of Trees rather than North Face. Surprising.

Moana and Coco are posting on the regular at Anvil. Both getting after it today. Another Puddin Pop sighting at Anvil.

Overdraft, Champagne, and Utah all getting it done. Utah may have modified on a few of the burpees. Fair enough.

Solid crew out today and every week at Anvil. Appreciate the opportunity to lead and thankful for the ability to do so. Strong work today men.

T-claps for the takeout from Lorax


Speed for Need: Charlotte Marathon 5K Saturday at 7:30. Romare Bearden Park near uptown. Go out and show support.

Area 51 Christmas Party. 12/1/2018. Seaboard in Matthews. Brown Bag catering. Will be a fun evening.

F3 Turkey Drive in effect. Apologies, cannot find the link on Twitter. F3Metro initiative. EDIT: Beaver is F3 Q. To donate, send $20 (or multiples of $20 to Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal:


Cat Call

Cooler temps this morning. Lots of sleeves, but no tights. Gloves were prevalent. About dang time if you ask YHC. 21 men, including YHC, assembled at Centurion. Co-site Q, Margo, planted the shovel flag. Solid mumblechatter prior to launch. YHC gave the 1-minute warning and dead silence ensued. Never seen that before. FNG was welcomed, group was disclaimed (Haze called it weak; noted), and off we went.


Mosey up through campus. Scabby joined us at the buses. Right into the cut through to Chipotle. Cross 51. Circle up in front of Amelie’s.


Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Merkin x 20 IC

Squat x 15 IC

5 Hand-Release Burpees OYO

Peter Parker x 15 IC

Plank Jack x 10 IC

Low Plank Jack x 10 IC

Mosey up Carmel Commons Blvd to Palatine Hill. Al Gore to regroup and provide the next workout suggestion.

Palatine Triple Nickle

Run up Palatine. 5 Knee Slap Jump Squats. Run down Palatine. 5 Hand-Release Burpees. 5 Repetitions.

Mary to wait on six. Flutter x 20 IC. LBC x 15. Heels to Heaven x 10 IC. At 10, AYG to far street lamp.

High Plank. Right arm high/Right leg high/Swap/Elbows/Right Leg High. On YHC command, AYG to base of Palatine.

Mary: High Flutter x 15 IC/Hold 6 inches/Freddie Mercury x 15 IC/Protractor/Hold 6 inches.

Group asked for volunteer to provide the F3 mission to our FNG. Chelms jumped in, flawlessly. T-claps

Mosey back down Carmel Commons. Right at 51. Cross at cross walk. Mosey to benches in front of the building.

Meat and Potatoes Loop

Bench Set: 15 step or Jump Up/15 Dips/15 Derkins

Mosey to Tartarus (Parking Deck), Stairwell 1. 15 Jump Squat. Ascend Stairwell 1 to Level 4. 15 Donkey Kicks. Run to Stairwell 2 on Level 4. 15 Carolina Dry Docks. Descend Stairwell 2 to ground Level. 15 Calf Raises (Marconi request). Run back to Benches.

Repeato x 2 OYO All You Got (AYG)

Mary/Core: Dolly x 20 IC/LBC x 20 IC/High Plank/Merkin x 10 IC.

AYG to launch lot.



A random woman hollered at us in COP. Not sure what she said, but one of the PAX replied that it was indeed a cat call.

Kotters to Chelms,Abacus, and Shoe. Great to have you all back out at Centurion. Chelms has been traveling, Shoe is battling a nagging knee issue, and Abacus has early morning commitments. He is your Q next week. YHC and Margo, co-site Q’s, both DR next Friday.

Kotters to Fire Marshall Bill. He cut out early.

Welcome to FNG, Snuffy. CCHS alumni brought out by another CCHS alum, HIPAA. Glad to have Snuffy join us. Solid work today. Look forward to seeing him back out soon. YHC introduced himself prior to the workout. Snuffy was surprised to meet Mermaid at 5:24am. Next was Utah. Apparently, HIPAA did not give much pre-intel to his buddy. After finding out the name deal, Snuffy proceed to tell the group about his high school nickname. Not the best idea. YHC tried the same thing.

As usual, Haze was talking smack to the Q. Weak disclaimer, an on-edge Q, etc. Champagne told YHC he is predictable. Fair enough. Margo called the Triple Nickel on Palatine. Yep, called a lot by the Q. Remember, it was YHC who brought this little set to life at Anvil back in the day. Some of you may have been there. It did the trick this morning to get the heart rate up early on.

Lorax and Brilleaux leading the way this morning. Brushback getting quickly back into form with regular posting. Up front on the Triple Nickel. Rest of the Pax bunched up not too far back. Strong work from all, minus the refuseniks on the plank Jacks (Haze), low plank Jacks (Haze), HR Burpees (Utah). As disclaimed, modify as necessary. At least YHC did not call SSH. Couldn’t bear to see 14% (we all know who they are) of the PAX refusenik that one. Disclaimer: poking fun here. Fully understand you need to (and should) modify as necessary to avoid injury. Rather have you out here than at home nursing injury.

Thankful for this morning with you men. Strong work out there. Awesome start to the day. Always an honor to lead. Q #123. T-claps to Hops for the takeout. Continue to pray for Jennings Palmer, Bout Time’s son, in his recovery from cancer. Also, Cooter in his cancer treatment and for FNG Snuffy’s father, today, as he has a heart procedure.


Charlotte Marathon 5K.  11/3. Speed for Need is pushing 4 Chariots. Looking for a big F3 group to run with them. Check it out. YHC did it last year for the relay. It was awesome.

Billingsville Elementary outreach. Tuesdays 4:30. Read to the kids. Alexander Graham MS Tutoring will start soon. Will be Tuesdays at 5:00. Hit up Chelms if you can help:

Early Registration for Joe Davis Run for Recovery through 10/31. Lowest price for the 5K/10K race 03/09/2019 in Fort Mill. This race benefits Keystone Substance Abuse Center in Rock Hill, SC. 7th year. Rock Thrill and the Davis Family started this race to honor their brother and son, Joe Davis, who died from an accidental overdose. $ raised goes directly to fighting addiction in our community. Please consider supporting this race and cause. Register HERE







16 men for Rock Zero. A few were in the know on part of the workout as YHC posted the plan to run 3 one mile loops with a mapped pic on Twitter. Disclaimer given. McGee pulled in as we were moseying.


3 minute mosey through the parking lots of Calvary. Circle up


Merkin x 25 IC

IW x 15 IC

10 Burpees OYO

Squat x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

Mosey to the top of Entrance 4 to start the loop. 4 stops.

  1. Top of Ent 4: 20 Carolina Dry Docks.
  2. Run to Hot Box: 10 Step up/10 Dip/10 Derkin
  3. Run to Ent 2 roundabout: 15 Jump Squat
  4. Run to Ent 3 thoroughfare. Stop above NF: 5 Hand-Release Burpees.  Run back to start.

Ran 1st loop together. 2nd OYO. Mary to regroup. Led by Purell. 3rd OYO AYG. Again, Mary led by Purell to finish.

YHC took over upon arrival for 2/3 and did additional Mary/Plank series.

Mosey over to another parking lot. Line up abreast at light pole

Plank Start Short Rest Pole-to-Pole Sprints

  1. Plank Jack x 10 Sprint upon completion
  2. Plank hold with 10 count Sprint at 1
  3. Repeat 2
  4. Repeat 2

Mosey over to Rock Pile. Lifting Rock

Civilian Cadence Rock Set

All exercises to 10: Curls, Tri Extension, Presses. 3 reps, no rest

Merkin x 10 IC

Bring back rock. Mosey to lot adjacent to launch lot.

Burp and Merk

Burpee 1 with 1 merkin. Burpee 2 with 2 merkin. Burpee 3 with 3 merkin. Up to 10

Finish up with Mary/Plank Set: Flutter x 25/Dolly x 20/Low Plank Jack x 15/Plank holds



2 weeks in a row for YHC at Rock Zero. Been taking Saturdays off since my knee surgery a few years ago. Nice to be back in the fold.

Always great to have my bro Slow Roll join from F3 Mountain Island area. Solid work today

Purell left 15 dudes behind on the AYG 2nd and 3rd loops and the sprints. He is fast, in case you hadn’t noticed. Solid work today

McGee is a workhorse. He was LIFO. When getting ready to leave a few minutes early, he walked away and turned back around when the Burp and Merk was called. That’s how it’s done men

Triple Liebold generations: Viking is 72 and put in a strong 60 with Boerewors, his son, and Jimmy Dean, his grandson. Awesome to have 3 generations out today. Well done men.

Hoover had the tunes going. Nice to grind it out with some music to distract from the pain cave

Gummy was limited on mumblechatter today. He did take opportunity to poke at McGee’s merkin form. Knew he couldn’t resist the triple loops. He has done these the other 2 times we ran it at Fast Twitch. BTW, last time we did it as a 6-fold challenge. Run 6 loops in the 60 minute allotment or AMRAP. 4 pax out of 20-ish finished. Rachel was out front and got 6.5. Turkey Leg, Alf, and YHC finished under 60. Hannibal was just over 60. Nowhere to hide in this loop. We ran to the bottom of Ent 3 the other times we ran it. Cut it shorter this time.

Radar did not post

Hops asked if YHC had the Q via text. Thought that is an HC. Guess not

Glad to see Ductwork and Marge, been a while men

Hammer has gotten real fast. He had a mid-workout meeting with Mr. Brown

Deep Dish put in a solid 60

Marlin and BLC were the other RESPECTS and crushed it

Enjoyed an iced coffee at Starbucks with several of our crew and a few from Ascent.

Thanks for the invite to Q Rock Zero. Always an honor to be asked to lead the good men of A51

Strong takeout prayer from Ductwork


11/10/2018: Let Them Soar 5K. Need 6 more runners. Gypsy is your contact. Race is at Kevlar/Skunkworks AO

Need Q’s for Rock Zero in November. Hit up Hoover




Bachelor Party Hangover

Written/posted by Mermaid for Titan Q

24 men for what I will call a celebrity guest Q from Titan, who posts mostly Metro, but lives near the A51 line.  Margo planted the shovel flag and Titan disclaimed the crew.  The Metro guys do abbreviated disclaimers.  Went something like this: “I am your Q and we will do some stupid stuff.  Modify as necessary.”  Perfect.  Off we went


Circle up in launch lot


SSH x 20 IC

10 Burpees OYO

IW x 20 IC

10 Burpees OYO

Squat x 15 IC

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey around Visitor side of football field.  Right on Walsh down to Apt complex cul de sac

10 Burpees OYO.  Q didn’t like the traffic.  Off we went the way we came.  Through campus and up Little to WF lot.

Circle up

Merkin x 10 IC

MC x 10 IC

Wide Merkin x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

Diamond Merkin x 5

10 Burpees OYO

Short mosey onto Little near corner at McMahon


Run up to 2nd street light.  6 Burpees.  Run back down.  1 Knee up.  5/2, 4/3, 3/4, 2/5, 1/6.

Plank series when done.  Yankee Aggressor, Southern Gentlemen, etc.

Mosey over to another parking lot.

Partner Carries/Wheelbarrow (Partner swaps)

Mary at finish.

Mosey down Little.  Left on Walsh.  Left into campus.

People’s Chair

Air presses, Incline Merkin x 10 IC, Derkin x 10 IC

Mosey through campus and back to launch lot.  Circle up.  Mary until time.



-Lorax crushed the 7’s.  Scabby was right there with him.  Titan a few paces back.

-7’s was a long set

-Titan’s VQ at Centurion. He told YHC he had to come over and scope out the AO to prepare. Well done with the Q.  Thanks for leading the group today. Always nice to have a new Q lead and go to some different spots.

-Haze whined about doing burpees.  Said he will be filing a formal complaint with upper mgmt.  There must be a form for that somewhere.  Will reach out to Alf

-Kotters to Red Rocks

-Kotters to Black Beard, who had an actual black beard

-Fairly certain Ickey Shuffle is sticking with Burpee-Free October

-Chelms did not post

-Solid work by this crew of 24

-No recording of name-o-rama.  I missed 3 names, I think. Didn’t think about my having to post the BB until Titan asked after the workout.

-Back to the BB title. I have known our Q, Titan, for much longer than I have been doing F3.  Back in 2013 we were at my twin brother’s bachelor party at Lake Lure.  We stayed in Rumbling Bald resort in the Dirty Dancing house.  The deck overlooked the Dirty Dancing green where Jerry Orbach was pulled of the course to fix the bootleg abortion done on Johnny’s sister. The home’s owners had a bunch of memorabilia down in the basement, including a big poster with their faces superimposed over Johnny and Baby’s. You can’t make this stuff up. Anyhow, got to talking with Titan and the subject of working out came up. He told me about this F3 thing he had been doing and invited me out to try it.  The libations did the talking for me and I quickly responded that yes, of course I would like to try it.  Nevermind that I had never been a runner and it involved running.  The weekend cam and went.  The next week I got a message from Titan to post Centurion. For whatever reason, I could not make it.  Well, he sent me a message the following week.  This pattern suggested I was not getting out of this commitment.  I posted Centurion 04/12/2013.  Titan was there.  Dora was on Q and we completed Byron’s 40th bday workout. That sh*t hurt.  Bad.  My quads were sore for a week from the squats. My lack of running skills was prominently displayed in my performance. I did it though. I knew I was going to get named afterwards. There were a few FNGs there, including my neighbor, Cane. I provided a little generic info on myself. The group waffled on a few names.  Titan pipes in, “Wait a minute, you were a D1 swimmer. How about Mermaid?” I tried to interject and that sealed the deal. I didn’t want to be called Mermaid. I wanted a beastly name like Titan or Thor or Wolverine. Mermaid it was. So, big thanks to Titan for the invite and the subsequent accountability needed to actually get me to post.  F3, essentially, is the hangover I walked away from that bachelor party with.  It has lasted 5 and a half years and has made me a better human being.


Charlotte Marathon in November.  Speed for Need is looking for Track Commanders.  Scabby is your guy

Joe Davis Run: early registration is OPEN.  Register HERE


Never Forget: September 11th

September 11, 2001 America suffered the most deadly terrorist attacks in world history.  2996 dead.  2977 victims, 19 terrorists.  343 firefighters and 72 police officers died that morning.  4 airplanes were hijacked.  2 flown into the World Trade Center buildings, which both fell.  1 flown into the Pentagon.  1 airplane’s passengers overtook the terrorists and the craft went down in PA, killing all aboard.  The victims were mostly American, however, 90 countries lost lives in the attacks.  I remember the day vividly.  The chaos, uncertainty, and strong feelings of helplessness.  I was in Buffalo, NY that day.  We remember those attacks and those who innocently lost their lives trying to flee or help others.  Disclaimer given and the group was asked to complete the first 30 minutes in silence as a tribute and to remember the fallen.  Off we went.


Mosey down South Campus Drive to lot P9.  Circle up.


Merkin x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Low Slow Jump Squat x 10 IC

Mosey over to Lot P8.  Start at the wall of the South Campus Hub.


10 Donkey kicks on Hub wall.  10 Heels to Heaven.  Run to end of Lot P8 at island 3.  5 Double Merkin Burpees.  10 Carolina Dry Docks.  Run around island 3 and continue to Hub wall.  Repeat until YHC calls it.  You against you, or the guy next to you.  AMRAP.  Most guys got 6-8 reps.

Circle up between island 1 and 2 in P8.  Mary: All IC/Keep legs at 6 inches between exercises.  Dolly x 20/Flutter x 20/LBC x 20.

Mosey to the P8 exit.  Backwards bear crawl up the hill to South Campus Drive.  Plank

Plank-o-rama: Right arm high/Right leg high/Swap for left/Low Plank/RLH/LLH/Merkin x 10 IC

Mosey down Campus Drive.  Left on unnamed road next to Lake Latin.  On to Coach’s Pavilion.

Bench Repeat Set 

10 Step up/15 Derkin/20 Dips.  Repeat until YHC calls it.  Most pax got 5 reps.

Mosey back down unnamed road and left on South Campus Dr.  Left on walkway to Patten Stadium.  Stop at bridge.

People’s Chair: Alternate RLH/LLH/Several 10 counts

Mosey back to launch lot.  Mary/Plank Work

High Flutter x 15 IC/Rosalita x 15 IC/High Plank/Right hand out/LLH/Swap.  Heels to Heaven x 15 IC.  Low Plank Jack x 10 IC.  Protractor.



September 11, 2001 was a terribly sad day in America and around the world.  Evil came and invaded all of our lives that day.  Thousands of people trying to go about their days did not make it home.  A terrorist group took credit.  The news outlets covered the attacks extensively.  Then the focus shifted from evil to good as we watched America get back up and go about the business of righting itself, as much as possible.  People helped each other and showed courage and strength of the American people in the face of extreme adversity and evil.  The American spirit has endured.  The terrorist leader ultimately responsible for the attacks was killed several years later by a Seal Team 6 operator.  17 years has passed.  We will never forget.

Must admit, with Spackler and Semi among our group, I was slightly nervous about the request for silence for most of the workout, to honor and remember the victims.  They both did a great job.  The group honored the request.  Always powerful to turn off the volume at an F3 workout, where, typically, the mumblechatter is relentless, such as at Hawk’s Nest.  Thank you, men.  Strong work out there today.

Thank you to Hannibal for the takeout prayer.

Thank you Hops for the invite to Q Hawk’s Nest, especially on this day of remembrance.  Always an honor and great privilege to lead a fine group of men.


The Outpost: Men’s Weekend 09/20-09/23 at Camp Harrison.  Scratch and Win is your Q

Peru Mission Trip Opportunities: 2 upcoming trips.  Check Slack/Twitter for informational sessions to learn more.  Jrr Tolkien can also give you info.  He went last year and spoke very highly of the experience.

Continue to pray for Bout Time’s son, Jennings, and the Palmer family.