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Intellectualness and Gainz

10 men took the invitation to the Mario Party after subscribing to the preblast YHC put out on Thursday for The Brave. Brave Frequency Training was on the docket, and was widely described as “up for interpretation”, or “interpretational”. A short, more detailed explanation of the weinke was given, and assurance that a cheat sheet was waiting in Thin Mint’s truck seemed to ease a few minds.

The Thang:

Launch from The Brave’s new and superior location and head straight to the top of Room 101, and down the stairs to the basement where TM’s truck housed a few coupons for added pain. Complete the following in AMRAP Style:

Sets Reps
Lap 1 Legs Coupon Squats 1 8-12
Jump Squats 1 8-12
Sumo Squats 1 8-12
Feet Together Squats 1 8-12
Shoulders Overhead Press w/ Coupon 2 8-12
Balls to Wall w/ Press (Modify – Carolina Dry Docks) 2 8-12
Stairs – Every other step (aka 2 at a time)
Lap 2 Chest Merkins 1 8-12
Wide Arm 1 8-12
Diamond 1 8-12
Burpees 1 8-12
Back Rows w/ coupon 4 8-12
Stairs – Every step (fast feet)
Lap 3 Shoulders/Back Pull-ups (Ledges in deck – Modify if necessary) 4 8-12
Chest/Tris Dips (Use a curb, a partner, or retaining wall) 4 8-12
Stairs – All You Got
Lap 4 Bis Curls 4 8-12
Tris Tricep Curls 4 8-12
Stairs – w/ Coupon

Q’s Challenge: How many times is that coupon going up the deck with you!?

  • In each lap, you will complete:
    • Each of the exercises (8sets of 8+ reps) (Can be done while running the deck, or the stairs)
    • Run to the top of deck using ramps
    • Climb to top of deck using stairs.
  • Finish all 4 laps? AMRAP until 0610.
  • 0610 Return to launch for COT

Naked Moleskin

All PAX did EVENTUALLY make it back to the launch point. A few overachievers stuck around to finish up the 4th lap, and we lost the old guy.

Madame Tussauds continues his political efforts against the AMRAP, and it continues to fall upon death ears. Although we all agree that you loose the 2ndF aspect through this style, you make up for it in the 1stF. 2ndF is why we go to Panera afterwards. And YHC loves pressing MT’s buttons. #whetstone. MT has volunteered to Q The Brave for the next 3 years, to avoid AMRAP. #HIM

Cobbler was teaching MT how to really get after the AMRAP, and was correcting his form on his merkins all morning long. Eventually, our good man from New England got tired of all the AMRAP complaining, and ventured off to find refuge. Apparently, Cobbler read in-between the lines and took a page out of YHC’s playbook for the mid-workout deep squat. He got lucky though, and attacked a “runner who understood the issue” on their way into the building. A power above was really looking out for Cobbler this morning.

The one #respect in the morning made his presence be known! As most of the PAX returned to launch, the last few grinded out the last coupon stair climb to close out the last lap. Fredo was spotted outside the stairs on the 3rd level, and was instructed not to move. Alzheimer’s kicked in at that moment, and he wondered off. Apparently his M had spilt coffee on his only useful map of the Ballantyne area, and headed out on his own. In the wrong direction. The remaining PAX yelled for the long lost Fredo on the run back to launch, but he’s either so old he can’t hear, or was too busy mumbling to himself about these “Damn kids with their schwoopy hair and technology”. As he appeared across the parking lot, he was yelling “Get off my lawn!” at the sad clowns in the crossfit gym. It was glorious.

Tuck and Fire Hazard are fat. Fire Hazard eats everything, and Tuck won’t eat meat. It’s concerning, and he really needs help. If we all reach out to Paper Jam, SAR can really do it’s thing here. Basically, these two are slow and there are no accounts for what they were actually doing all morning long.

Cheese Curd showed up because his “friend” was interested. There was a bit of doubt the evening prior, as he complained about the move of the AO being a inconvenience, even though it was closer to his house. Strong showing for Curd coming back from injury!

Rachel, Thin Mint, and Doc McStuffins killed it all morning long. Each completed all 4 of the Laps (from an unofficial account), and didn’t complain one bit (in earshot of the Q). I do think that Rachel cheated, because he’s got a history of that kind of thing. His long archived history of lying, cheating, and stealing only backs up this point. Really tho, who is this guy? #beast Thin Mint has had the pleasure of completing this workout where it belongs, in the gym, so had an “intellectual” advantage. Doc grinded through this like it was nothing, and honored YHC by driving past another Friday AO to take on the Mario Party.


In closing, this morning was a blast. The two-a-days and Triathlon training has kept YHC limited in F3 workouts, so it was nice to have the PAX share in some of the misery. If you want to avoid hitting the weights AND doing a cardio session in the same day, just combine them into one workout. Not much complaining from the PAX, as expected, due to the complicatedness of the workout at hand. There was a lot of interpretation needed to be done, and the word “Intellectualness” was thrown out (or stumbled over) by YHC in COT. Long weeks have the brain feeling a bit cloudy come Fridays, so YHC wanted the PAX to work their brain as well as witness the fitness and procure GAINZ.

Mission Accomplished.

Mario, OUT!


Bro Olympics

Other Stuff. Sound off in comments!

Preblast – Mario Party

You may have seen the letters MFT floating around YHC’s Strava account. Well, you’re bouta learn today. MFT stands for Max Frequency Training, but has also be referred to as “Mutha Fuckin’ Tuckin”, or more understandably the “Mario Flatulence Theory”. The concept behind this is to focus on compound lifts that involve more than one muscle group (i.e. bench, squat, OHP, etc.), rather than isolated lifts. Could give you the science behind it, around protein synthesis and whatnot, but fuck it and just trust YHC on this one. Thus, welcome to BFT® (Brave Frequency Training). Duh.


Note 1: Gloves strongly recommended

Note 2: Time under Tension (TUT) is important. Ask a bro if you don’t know what this means. They are typically the ones not wearing sleeves.

Note 3: Rep breakdown: Strength (5-8), Mass (8-10), Endurance (10-12)

The Thang:

  • 0515 Launch towards Room 101 and head straight up the ramps to the 8th floor, using the entrance off Community House (yes, this is the 2nd floor). If you’re late, catch up.
  • Head down the stairs to the Basement, and find @Thin Mint’s truck.
  • This is going to be an AMRAP style workout. You will find a print-out similar to this in the truck for reference throughout the morning. Just start when you get to the basement, and get as many rounds in as possible:
Sets Reps
Lap 1 Legs Coupon Squats 1 8-12
Jump Squats 1 8-12
Sumo Squats 1 8-12
Feet Together Squats 1 8-12
Shoulders OHP – Coupon 2 8-12
Balls to Wall w/ Press (Carolina Dry Docks) 2 8-12
Stairs – Every other step (aka 2 at a time)
Lap 2 Chest Merkins 1 8-12
Wide Arm 1 8-12
Diamond 1 8-12
Burpees 1 8-12
Back Coupon Rows 4 8-12
Stairs – Every step
Lap 3 Shoulders/Back Pull-ups (Ledges in deck) 4 8-12
Chest/Tris Dips (You’re going to have to be creative here) 4 8-12
Stairs – All You Got
Lap 4 Bis Curls 4 8-12
Tris Tricep Extensions (or Curls if you’re Goonie) 4 8-12
Stairs – Coupon


  • As you can tell, there’s 8 sets in in each lap (because there’s 8 levels in the deck, but also because MFT). In each lap, you will complete each of the exercises, run to the top of the deck, and climb the stairs. IDGAF how you get this done. Do all the exercises at the bottom and run up. Do an exercise on each floor. Super set them. Split it 4/4. It’s your call. 8 Sets, 12 Reps/Set, 4 Laps. Get It Done.
  • Coupons will include sandbags, cinder blocks, weight plates, kettlebells, etc. Leave ‘em or take ‘em with you on the way. Do AMRAP (8-12), WITH GOOD FORM. Emphasis on that. Maybe you should re-read the bold & underlined statement prior.
  • Finish all 4 laps? You’re a BADASS. So start over! You know, AMRAP.
  • 0610 Return to launch for COT


If you have questions before tomorrow, reach out. If you have a question during the workout, ask someone beside you.


The Brave A.K.A “Fast Twitch but Better”

After the threat to take the PAX of The Brave on a Friday trip down to the Murderhorn Thursday afternoon for a mile long segment creation, only 6 were Brave enough to show up to see if there was any substance to those threats. They found that there was none, but just enough to keep JRR Tolkien from another one of YHC’s Q’s. Success. Quick unapproved disclaimer, and we were off to the Bullring.

The Thang:

One mile warmup mosey to the West (South?…left.) entrance of the Bullring. Simple instruction that we would do suicides on each of the small entrances around the ring, with an exercise each time you crossed the start point. Alternating exercises were Jump Squats (X5), Ski Abs (X5 each side), and Burpees (X5). PAX completed 13 out and backs (Friday the 13th), reaching the door on the East (North?…right.) entrance. Mary at the start to give the legs a slight rest.

Mosey over to the patio by Loch Ness for some upper body work.

15 slow bicep curls with patio chairs

15 slow dips

Plank walk w/ push-up from left to right, beginning of patio to door of building.

15 Over head press with patio chairs

Plank walk w/ push-up from right to left, from door of building to beginning of patio.

Mosey around the lake to the stairs by the other building, and backwards bearcrawl up the stairs.


At this point time was closing in, and YHC was sure that with the distance we had covered, the 10k point was in reach. So, off we go. We stumbled into Fire Hazard, who thought the suicides were ridiculous and decided to lift weights at the YMCA instead (not kidding, check out his strava). Wall sits on the wall of Stone Mountain Grill, as the instruction to reach the 10k mark was given.


Figured the title of the BB would cause some ruckus, but it was Rachel who came up with it. #fasttwitchsiteq #truthhurtssometimes. Strong work by everyone this morning!

The Brave 5/5/17

5 men were interested in some endurance work, despite whatever was going on up the road.


SSH X 10 (IC)

IW X 10 (IC)

Windmill X 10 (IC)

Cotton Picker X 10 (IC)

Low Slow Squat X 10 (IC)

Merkins X 10 (IC)


The Thang:

After suggesting the idea of a staircase-like “ladder” to Tuck a few weeks back, he happily named it the Mario Ladder in his BB. For lack of a better term, I rolled with it on this fine morning. Idea is do exercise #1, then #1 & #2, followed by #1, #2, & #3, repeato until all 10 rounds are completed. This mornings 10 rounds included:

  1. Lap around Loch Ness
  2. 10 X 180° jump squats
  3. 10 X Heels to Heaven
  4. 10 X Dips
  5. 10 X Merkins
  6. 10 X Carolina Dry Docks
  7. 10 X Freddie Mercury
  8. 10 X Curls with patio chairs
  9. Bear crawl length of patio
  10. 10 X Pull-ups on parallel bars at the fitness trail.

Naked Moleskin:

Everything was hunky dory until the rain started pouring during round #9. I mean there was no rain, and then there was all the rain. MT made the comparison to being water boarded, which was a pretty accurate comparison though not having been water boarded before. Don’t want to know for sure.

Sticking with MT, he was yelling something about Outback’s dirt…or di… you know it really doesn’t matter. He also suggested to double up on the exercises and do 20 during the 10th round, which hurt extra good. However, he was NOT seen completing the bear crawl (nor his modified gorilla crawl) back across the patio.

Just when Wild Turkey started becoming a regular at The Brave again, he announces the return of Fight Club. Probably best for YHC, as WT may jump out of nowhere with a right hook or an attempt at a take down. Farewell WT, see you when it gets cold!

Rachel has his first Brave Q coming up on 5/19, and it’s one you won’t want to miss. Dude likes to stick around and give you company while you think you’re killing it, then he hits the next gear and you just can’t keep up. Sleeper pick at Savage (only because he doesn’t talk the same $#!T that Tolkien does).

Haven’t seen Outback in a while, so good to see him back at The Brave again. Hung in there through the entire workout despite some injury and an unusual amount of road rash. Sometimes the questions are better left unasked. Also see above comment about him and MT’s conversations. #hearnoevil


Mario, out.



Stay tuned for F3 Speed for Need info in the next couple weeks.

Sign up for Church on the Streets (COTS) See Strawberry.

Fat Camp Logistics

6 men gathered out in the gloom at SOB’s weekly edition of the gear workout known as Fat Camp. Warm up started with a short mosey around the parking lot…pick up Escobar rolling in and take a lap around the school for YHC to mentally understand the coming logistics before looking stupid trying to explain The Thang. Circle up for warm up….andddd add Nard Dog. Change to Logistics.

Warm Up:

15 X SSH

15 X Seal Jack

15 X Windmill

15 X Low Slow Squat

10 X Merkin

10 X Carolina Dry Dock

The Thang:

YHC really had grinders on the mind yesterday, so was hoping and praying for a small number divisible by 3. 6 or 9 was ideal, had it, lost it, was close to having it again. Too bad JRR Tolkien is too busy making excuses for never showing up on Wednesdays even when there’s no bible study came down with a stomach bug. Thanks for the gear brother, get well!

YHC starts throwing gear into a pile to plan out the stations (and the flow, as 8 is a bit tricky). Fire Hazard gets mad because there’s only one station with 8 workouts. #facepalm

Idea is to flow from station 1 thru 8, relieved to the next when the “walker” gets to you.

1 – Shrugs using two 45lb plates (hold by the rim, not the grip hole)

2 – Bucket Carry (“Walker”)

3 – OHP (35lb Kettle Bell)

4 – Farmer’s Carry w/ 2 Kettle bells in one hand (“Walker”)

5 – Bent over rows with sandbag

6 – Merkin Ladder (Alternating Diamond and Wide Arm)

7 – Bucket Carry (“Walker”)

8 – Sandbag Squats

Logistics ended up as 1, walk bucket to 3. Man at 3 brings bucket back to 1, and moves over to 4 and carries the KBs down to 5. Man at 5 brings KBs Back down and moves to 6. From 6 walk bucket to 8. Man at 8 brings bucket back, and starts back at 1.

It’s a lot easier to see than to think about, so a little explaining and demonstration required to get thangs movin. However, it went relatively smoothly, and worked well on the back and grip strength especially.


After 3 rounds of the circuit, mosey over to the playground. Split into partners.

  • Partner 1) Burpee Pull-ups (burpee, but instead of jumping, do a pull-up)
  • Partner 2) In & Out Merkins: (Feet on swing, merkin, bring knees to chest, repeato)

Burpee pullups were the timer, each PAX completed rounds of 10,8,6,2 (and some got 2 more)


Mosey back over to the school, and YHC grabbed a plate on the way.

People’s chair, pass the plate to your neighbor, all the way down and back a few (5?) times.

10 5 X Balls to the wall merkin – Feet against the wall in merkin stance (thanks for the term, Argonaut). Merkin, walk feet up to balls to the wall stance (ha). Back down, merkin. Repeat (YHC practiced these at home, but had not done the previous burpee madness before that. Some got more than the adjusted 5 reps)

Peoples chair, 5 OHP with the plate, pass to neighbor.

Back in diamond merkin stance, but this time do a merkin, move your right hand out. Idea was to get to 10 reps (which we did, doing 2 reps at some distances), moving a little wider each rep. YHC moved too quickly #ithappens

Peoples chair, 5 OHP with the plate, pass to neighbor.


Mosey back to launch, with 1.5 minutes left, last call is 15 X J-Lo’s, 10 X Chippy Cross.

YHC with the Takeout.

Fat ole Moley

As this date remained open on the calendar, YHC realized that he needed to take it. In this season of thanks, YHC needed a source to show all the gratitude and thanks in the world to F3, and in particular to the SOBs. I needed to get back to the Q.

This year has been tough for YHC. August (span of 21 days) was a whirl wind of ups and downs, going from the best shape of my life and kicking JRR Tolkien’s A$$ at YHC’s first spartan in Asheville, to getting my motorcycle stolen, to a long vacation celebrating my 25th bday – in Boston at my first 2 Red Sox games at Fenway with many of my cousins, to losing my father to a heart attack a week later.

The overwhelming love and support from the PAX that followed was exactly that. Overwhelming. No one knows what to do or say in these situations, and the truth is there isn’t a right thing. Just say something, let that person know you’re thinking of them, praying for them, invite them over for dinner, for a drink. Just say something. It’s what got me through, and I’m forever grateful.

I only bring this up so that as you look around the table tomorrow, share your love for everyone. You may know it’s there, but make it vocal. Roll over and give your M a kiss when you wake up. Tell her you love her and appreciate her. Wrap your 2.0’s in the biggest bear hug possible. Consumer them in your arms. Tell them you’re proud of them.

The PAX this morning, and EVERY morning, gives it their all day in and day out. Whether it’s the marathon training that’s swept over the SOBs, to the daily grind of the weight-loss challenge, or just the comradery that takes place each morning in the gloom, I’ve always been overly impressed with these men that call themselves F3, and their ability to lead and push others to succeed and become better men.

Thank you all for everything. My heart bleeds with passion and love for this group.





Toy drive for Operation Sweet Tooth. Bring toys to various AOs next week.

Convergence tomorrow at 6:30 at DaVinci (Chick-Fil-A Blakeney)

Joe Davis Run.

Sign up to Q Fat Camp!


Stonehenge BB 7/2/16

17 + Mighty Might showed up for #F3stonehenge. JRR Tolkien did not. This is what had happened:


The Thang:

Mosey over to Ballantyne One parking lot for a little ole COP.

SSH: 35 IC

Merkin: 10 IC

Mountain Climber: 10 IC

Mosey back behind building to South patio. Make stuff as you go:

  • 10 Derkins, lap around Loch Ness, 10 Derkins, continue to West patio, plank wait for 6.
  • 10 Box Jumps, lap around Loch Ness, 10 Box Jumps, continue to North area with benches, plank wait for 6 (PAX were taught the difference between a box jump and a sissy calf jump hop thing)
  • 10 Dips, lap around Loch Ness, 10 Dips, continue back to South patio, plank wait for 6.

OK so that was fun. Those all fit naturally together (in YHC’s mind, at least). YHC give the instruction to PAX to “run it back” with no breaks. Thus, 10 derkins, lap, derkins, quarter lap, box jumps, lap, box jumps, quarter lap, dips, lap, dips, quarter lap. Mary to wait for Circle back and pick up the 6.

Met up at the South patio, where Fireman Ed had the biggest smile on his face, and begged for some Jack Webb. YHC (and most the PAX) was gassed from the laps around the lake, and thought a little break off the legs would be nice. As is always the case with Jack Webb, we were wrong. So wrong. Shout out to Fireman Ed, who was asked to lead the JW. 1 Merkin, 4 Air presses, 2 Merkins, 8 Presses…Up to 8&32, when PAX began to beg for mercy. Ed handed back off to YHC, and we got one more 1&4 in, for good measure.

Time was running down, so a quick mosey ensued over to the Stone Mountain Grill. Lunge walk (with a twist) to the front door, and heels to heaven. Continue up past coffeteria, consider calling it there and consuming 700+ calories, and on to the brick wall by Duckworth’s. PAX instructed to get over the first section of the wall by any means necessary, and move to the next section until failure.

Mosey around the medical building, and back to the lot. Bear Crawl Suicides (Thanks Goonie): Bear crawl to the 2nd line, 2 merkins, sprint back. Bear Crawl to the 4th line, 4 merkins, Sprint back. Repeat up to 10, LBC for 6.

45 Seconds left. Pick your Poison. Jail break back to Launch, via the parking lot, or longer route passing around the traffic circle. To YHC’s surprise, nearly all PAX chose the longer option.

YHC on the take out.

Naked Moley:

Kotters for the delay in the BB. #sorrynotsorry #itstillgotdone #beanandgumbodontwritethemeither

As can not be mentioned enough, Co-site Q of #F3HotTubs JRR Tolkien is so afraid of YHC’s Q’s, that he fled all the way to New Mexico to avoid this one AT HIS OWN SITE. Luckily, Wild Turkey is a BEAST and owned the land. #turkeypower

Kotters for the amount of miles covered (4.2 via Strava). More than a typical Stonehenge dawn, but from the #mumblechatter around the PAX, it was appreciated. YHC had promised to burn the calories you would consume with a bagel + coffee, and by YHC’s count of 743 via Garmin, mission accomplished.

Solid work all around, but mad props to the Men who were leaping 9+ feet to get over the last couple of walls. From YHC’s old man memory, the likes of Pebbles, One Niner,and Haggis were able to latch onto the furthest ledge. A few others were able to graze the fingertips, but unable to hang on. Sound off in the comments if YHC missed you. #pride

Mighty Mite showed up for some good ole fashioned COT, and Coffeteria. Always a fun time when he’s around. #denverboundagainprobs #getwellsoon

Thanks go out to JRR and Wild Turkey for the chance to lead at Stonehenge. YHC’s favorite part of the week is recovering from #F3Thebrave #shamelessplug and watching the twitter marketing fly for Saturday Stonehenge (and Tuck over at #F3davinci). Keep up the great work, men.


Same stuff. Whetstone, F3 Golf

Remember to keep the men and women of the armed forces, and the victims of the recent attacks in your prayers. Strive to make this country a better place, even if it’s just one Ballantyne man at a time.


AMRAP + Sally = Miserable

11 heard that we would be celebrating Tuck’s One Year (and One Day) anniversary, and got all excited about the AMRAP promised via twitter. None were more excited than JRR Tolkien and Tuck, who both put out a strong showing did not show. However, Tuck was still hung over from his own bash the morning prior, and is excused.

The Thang:

Mosey to the lot beside the hotel, and celebrate the occasion with a Tuck inspired warmup. The explanations were not given in COP, however, they will now make sense:

1 Merkin: Tuck called 366 merkin based reps Thursday, in respect to his days back to F3. So, we did 1 for the 1 day that had passed since.

10 Low slow squats: Tuck has also been struggling with some runner’s knee, due to his ill-advised attempt to chase the mile king (and his boss) Bunker. His PT (which he kindly added to his Q at Stonehenge last Saturday, calls for some good form (like Haggis preaches) squats. Thus, we did 10 because #whynot.


The PAX then followed YHC through the course, which was dreamed up in the latest #F3hottubs (#shamelessplug). A “warm up lap” was deemed necessary, just to confirm the pain stations involved. About a one mile loop, consisting of 7 pain stations.

  • Starting at Loch Ness:
  • Patio 1: Bear crawl full length of patio.
  • Patio 2: 10 Box jumps
  • Picnic tables: 15 Dips
  • Run down and make a left at fitness trail
  • Pull-up bars: 10 Leg lifts
  • Run up Bagpipe Hill
  • Top of Bagpipe Hill: 10 Burpees
  • Back down Bagpipe hill, into the front entrance of Snyder building, around to other side of the fitness trail.
  • Dip bars: Traverse across
  • Pull-up bars: Traverse across
  • Back up to first patio at Lochness
  • Repeat until time is called.

Mosey back to launch, circle up, and perform the Sally Challenge! Song is “Flower” by Moby. Available on Spotify, so you can practice. When it says up, you’re in plank. Down, 6 inches. Good luck.

2 minutes left? Cool. 10 Burpees. Wild Turkey agreed!



Naked Moleskin:

JRR begged and begged for a difficult AMRAP to hit The Brave, and once again, my co site-Q at #F3hottubs skipped out on a YHC led beatdown #hescared.

Although YHC happens to be 2ndF Q here in the glorious SOB Land, there was none to be found this morning. Either from the distance the PAX were eventually spread apart to, or the #smoked nature of the course, there was a whole lot of #suck. On the second (was it thrid?) trip up Bagpipe Hill, YHC received multitudes of “I hate you” chants, and a couple of middle fingers (maybe they were mental, but they were definitely present). Even Wingman, who Goonie declares channeled all the energy and hatred from the collective PAX, took it upon himself to lash out, and drop kick YHC directly in the eyeball #sorrynotsorry. Point taken good sir. Run behind the toes to bar. Hope your foot didn’t take the beating too badly.

Now for some shout-outs. Some of the PAX have informed YHC that “If you put stuff in his way, you can slow Brat down”. Umm. No. You’re wrong. That’s just not true. Even the soul who took the “first loser” (if you ain’t first, you’re last) (#itwaspebbles) made the comment of the morning: “I’m not saying he cheated, but I’m not saying he didn’t”. Yeah, He’s that fast. However, take nothing away from the aforementioned Pebbles, who tore it up also. Also, MT was ahead of Bunker, right before he wasn’t #holdonjustalittlelongerbro. The trip up and down bagpipe hill served as a chance to see how the PAX was taking the course. Everyone was #killinit, but absolutely #miserable at the same time. Strong showings from all, and glares at YHC accompanied each PAX up that dreadful climb.

Sally sucked, as always. Not to mention that the entire lot was a puddle #soaked. The music hit my shuffle on spotify (300+ songs, what odds!) as I pulled into the lot, therefore, I determined that the big man upstairs needed it to happen. There was plenty of mumble chatter about whether the burpees at bagpipe hill and the SC counted as Merkins, but YHCdecided they didn’t because he brought the flag #mercia #Q #siteQ.



Whetstone: Reach out to Madame Tussauds, Fire Hazard, Mr. Bean, YHC (Mario), or Lex Luther (A51) for more information. Great opportunity to help a brother in need, or get guidance on various situations in your life. Time commitment is up to you and your Mentor/Mentee. Questionnaire is blasted on Twitter, and pinned to the SOB #general channel.

Black Diamond: Ringer is eventually going to announce that…we all hope.

F3 Dads: Saturday, 0900, at the Bulls by the Bull Ring. Service project the following week.

Sound off in the comments if anything was missed.


Always an honor to lead such a inspirational group of men. Thank you for the opportunity.



Dante’s Inferno meets The Murph

5 PAX mocked the one hour mark as it moseyed on past them this morning at the infamous Black Diamond workout, which hopefully become revitalized. Some felt as it was starting to die out, so YHC made his best attempt to #smoke any PAX brave enough to take it on. The name has absolutely nothing to do with the workout. #enjoyitthough

Warm Up:

Mosey around the main level, then down the ramp to the basement level. Starting at the bottom, run up the ramp, 20 squats. Run across deck to bottom of the next ramp, 20 merkins, up the ramp to the top level, 10 burpees. Now that’s a warm up.

Tha Thang:

PAX circled at the bottom of the ramp to the top deck, and awaited instruction. Plan was to complete the following, in a round form, adding the next move each round. Round 1, #1. Round 2, #1 & #2. Etc.


  1. 10 Jump Squats
  2. Push-Up Ladder (Alternating wide arm and diamond merkins inside each rung of agility ladder)
  3. 10 Reverse Burpees
  4. Traverse across Metal beams
  5. Sprint halfway up deck ramp
  6. Bear crawl back down ramp
  7. 10 Curls
  8. 10 Military Press
  9. Dragon Walk
  10. Burpee Pull-ups (burpee, grab beam on the jump, pull-up)

Got half way through, and YHC remembered the weight plates that were still chillin in the bed of the truck, so the PAX took a short mosey around to the cars to grab those, and continued on through.



PAX, winded from the above, moseyed back to the cars to pick up some sandbags and extra plates, and headed across the parking lot outside the cave where YHC had stashed a couple MORE COUPONS!

5 PAX, 5 stations. Time was on station one, so rotate down as it was completed.

  1. 40 ft sled pull with 40-100 lbs.
  2. 85 lb bucket carry
  3. Sled push (No clue of the weight on this one, but not an easy task)
  4. 85 lb bucket carry (#crowdpleaser)
  5. 45 lb hairburner

After two cycles of the above, YHC decided that was enough, and wanted to throw in one more horrible favorite of his. PAX moseyed back to the cave, and into the stairwell. BACKWARDS BEAR CRAWL UP THOSE STAIRS!! (thanks MT!) Derkins on the top to wait for the 6 (not because anyone was dragging, just one at a time up the stairs).

To finish, Sprint down the ramp, 10 Burpee Cannonball Pull-ups (knees up to chest, back parallel to ground, then pull up), and sprint back to the top.



25 Heels to Heaven

10 Box cutters

10 reverse box cutters

10 Windshield wipers (5 each direction)

Naked Moleskin:

After Mr. Bean took a spill on Tuesday, BD was in need of a Q before it fell back off the map. YHC, being the only PAX to not miss one as of the recent re-launch, thought it the only way to keep the streak live. To celebrate an accomplishment that means nothing at all, YHC wanted to bring something extra to the table. Instead, he brought 15. As in minutes. And a whole lot of weight. Original plan was to have a “9 layers of hell” Dante’s Inferno style workout using the deck, but had second thoughts on pushing sleds and plates across the deck. The Murph was a backup plan that was waived thanks to the IL boys. Thus, you get the BB name. #doesntcount

First of all, Shout outs to JRR Tolkien and Fire Hazard (both hobbling around) for the donation of all the coupons, and Tolkien’s truck to haul them all around! No scratches were applied to the truck. #noworries

The PAX gathered around the cars, and considered splitting up to find Pebbles, who YHC believes is still tapering for the half marathon he ran last week. Due to this, there was actually little poking of the Panda this morning. The PAX was obviously grateful crushed from his coupons. There was a ton of controversy around the order of the “10 for 10” portion of today’s BD. YHC thought long and hard, but not sure there was actually a good order for them #suckednomatterwhat

Thin Mint has caught the SOB bug, and has become a regular in recent weeks. He crushed it all morning, as the rest of the PAX were chasing him for the whole 75 minutes. Look forward to his VQ, as he’ll be at Q school this weekend. Keep up the strong work brother!

Ringer and One Niner, both off strong weight vest finishes (neither of wish needed a dentist visit afterwards) of The Murph yesterday. Had they been tapering with Pebbles, we would have done many more Push-ups, pull-ups, and squats today. #imnotmadthough Luckily, we pushed and carried stuff for quite some time. #morefun

Fire Hazard was a strong 6 today, and only because he’s still #firehobbles. Glad to see you back out brother! Keep working back towards it. We need you to be strong for Asheville (so you dont drink all the beers). Again, thanks for the help with planning and the donation of the coupons.

As always, appreciate the chance to lead, and the commitment of some to come in search for something outside of the box. Look forward to the next!


Ringer takes the next BD.

Whetstone: F3 apprenticeship program. Reach out to Fire Hazard or Mario for more information in becoming a Mentor/Mentee




Fa(s)t Bro(ga)s

4 PAX forwent the “threat” of some #Broga and posted to YHC’s celebration over his promotion to Site Q of the beloved #F3FatCamp. This is how thangs went.

The Thang:

Warm up:

Take a mosey around the school to get the legs warmed up. Circle up in the lot to complete a couple of warmup exercises. Plank. 5 Merkins IC, straight into 5 Diamond merkins IC, straight into 5 Wide arm merkins, IC. 15 Low Slow Squats. Mosey over to the playground.


This portion was recycled, as YHC really just loves the burn. On the pull up bars, PAX were instructed to complete 2X5 pull-ups, followed by 2X5 negative pull-ups (much like a low slow squat, up in one, down for 3 counts). Head over to the swings, where we completed 10X5 in-and-outs with a merkin. Call was one in and out with feet on the swing, followed by 4 merkins (that’s one). Call was an attempt to make it to 10 total.


Head over to the parking lot, pick up Mildew, and get ready for the coupon portion of today’s activities. JRR Tolkien was kind enough to lend YHC the gear for fat camp today, thus is spared from the usual harassment you will find in YHC’s BB but he still didn’t want to come out and work on that waistline of his. #hottubtimemachine #notimeforfatcamp #pokepanda Circuit was as follows:

Break into teams of 2

Partner 1: Carries the infamous 85lb bucket down to the speed bump and back. Overhead carry the kettlebell down to the speed bump, swtich hands on the trip back.

Partner 2: Hairburner the 35lb plate down to the speed bump and back. Pick up the two 25lb plates, fingers under the lip, and farmers to the speed bump and back.

3 rounds were completed by each group, and we headed down the the soccer fields.


Fa(s)t Camp portion for today was short, yet intense.

50% of max speed to opposite side of field.

50% to midfield, 75% to sideline on the way back. 5 Burpees.

50% up to 90% back across the field. 5 Burpees.

75% to full out sprint (100%) back to start.

Grab the “Tug Toners” (thanks again JRR) and partner back up.

Partner one sprints to first goal post, and then with no rest runs backwards, both with partner applying resistance each way. Flap jack.

Side shuffle right down to goal post, side shuffle left back to sideline, both with resistance. Flap jack.

Bear crawl to goal post, sprint back to sideline, both with resistance. Flap jack.

Prone Sprint. Face down facing the field, full sprint to other side on Cable Guy’s call.

Reverse Prone Sprint. On back, head away from field, full sprint on Pebbles’ call.


Circle up for some #Broga.

In somewhat of a “flow”, PAX started in plank. Drop down to elbow plank, where instruction began.

5 “Dolphin push-ups”. Starting in elbow plank, push arse into the air, bringing your head between your elbows. Return to elbow plank. Move back into plank, and push back into downward-dog (X5).

“Cheetah”. Holding plank, move into down dog (arse up in the air, head between shoulders). Lift your right leg straight back (3 legged dog, “3LD”), hold a second, and shift your weight forward, bringing your right knee to your left elbow. Hold, and move back to 3LD. Bring right knee to right elbow, hold, back to 3LD. Repeat both sides, and end in 3LD. Bring right leg through to your hands, twist back foot (now we’re in warrior, basically a lunge position), and drop right elbow to knee (or hand to ground by right foot, if you can make it). Flap jack to hit left side.



10 Heels-to-heaven

10 Bent knee leg raises

10 Table top crunch

10 Leg drops

10 Flutter

10 Box Cutters

10 Reverse Box Cutters

10 Freddie Mercury


Mosey back to the lot for COT.

Naked Moleskin:

After countless weeks of begging from Pebbles, YHC decided to come on as Co Site Q of Fat Camp. This was inevitable, and YHC finally caved. On a serious note, Fat Camp is one of YHC’s favorite workouts. We strive to focus on areas not hit in the other sites (grip, back, all the pull-ups, pull-ups, some pull-ups, oh and pull-ups).

The numbers have dropped off in recent weeks, but the summer’s coming and M’s everywhere are surely planning on sending their loved ones (YOU!, and JRR Tolkien) to Fat Camp for the summer (YHC sent out the brochures last week after naming myself Site Q).

Pebbles was at it this morning, showing the rest of the PAX how to REALLY do pull-ups, especially on the negative sets. He also made sure to keep YHC in line the rest of the morning, asking for additional coupons (leading to the overhead KB carry) and dragging YHC across the field like an Ox out of hell on the bear crawl and the sprints.

Cable Guy was stuck with the now co site Qs for the pull-up section, and had to listen to lectures listing the 486648986 reasons he needs to sign up to Q. In retrospect, we surely would have gotten a “sure man” if we just simply asked. CG continues to impress each morning, with a strong…well everything!?

Mildew showed up just in time for the bucket carries, and looked at YHC thinking “You’re going to carry that all the way over there? Here, let me just carry both for you”. YHC believes this is Mildew’s first post out at Fat Camp (maybe not?), so we let him slide for thinking the kick off was at 5:30. He definitely made the most of the 45 minutes, taking down his first time at hairburners (yea, they suck)! Come back now, ya hear!


As always, it’s a pleasure to lead this fantastic site, and I appreciate the opportunity to come on as Site Q. Look forward to the next time.



F3 Whetstone. A51 and SOB are combining on this F3 mentor program. Blades (mentee) and stones (mentor) are both needed. Contact Lex Luthor, YHC or Fire Hazard for more information, and talk up amongst the PAX.

Sign Up to Q Fat Camp! And get your friends out for a solid gear beatdown!




Fat Camp Backblast 04.27.16

5 men showed up to #F3fatcamp on this lovely Wednesday morning to discover that Pandora had forgotten to fill her box. Also Note: JRR Tolkien was not present.


The Thang:

Start out with a lap around the school, followed by a quick warm up of 10 Merkins IC, and 5 diamond merkins IC. Now, we’re warm! Head over the the pull-up bars. 5 pull ups, rest, repeat. 5 negative pull-ups (1 count up, 3 counts to come down), repeat. Finish up with 5 regular pull-ups. Head to the swings. 5 X 4 in-and-outs with feet in the swing, 1 merkin (thats one). 10 Dips IC, 20 LBC, 10 Dips (up in 2, down for 4). That’s enough for this playground.

Stop by to pick up the sandbag, the lone coupon from “Pandora’s Box”, and head to the other playground. 4 PAX could get under the awkward-monkey-bar-half-octopus-thing and perform 3 sets of 25, no 15 rows (pull chest up to bar, extend back down) while the 5th did rows with the sandbag. Super set with 10 diamond merkins, 10 wide arm, 10 marine. Head over to the section with the benches for some people’s chair with a press, followed by 30 hip slappers, 20 heels to heaven and 15 derkins. That’s enough.

On the way down to the field, stop for lunge walk to the end of the sidewalk, then bear craw to the cross walk, then dragon walk to the gate. Continue to field.

At the field, we did a lot of mary. Leg raises, bent leg raises, flutter, dolly, haggis form plank for 2 minutes. Then the PAX went around the circle and called out a exercise: 6 inch plank with alternating leg raises (5 each leg, raise to regular plank, down. 4 each leg, up. Etc…), Arm tuck merkins (right arm reaches under left, back to plank, merkin. Left arm, repeat), .YHC takes back over with table-top crunch and box cutters (flap jack). There were some others, but they have slipped the mind.

Head back to playground. Complete 2X5 sets of negative pull-ups, followed by a last set of 5 regular pull-ups. Last exercise: pike raises on the swingsets. COT.


Naked Moleskin:

This backblast took FOREVER, as YHC is in the midst of finals, the audit, sale of subsidiary, blah blah blah. Thanks to the PAX for coming out and putting up with YHC throwing together a workout, as YHC was unaware he had the Q until about 2030 Tuesday evening, after a variety of deep-fried foods for chow.

There were multiple requests from the PAX to stay light on the legs, which YHC was absolutely down with. The tweet went out Tuesday night to bring #allthethangs, and one sandbag was the #onlythang that made it out. However, the PAX made the most of it, and pushed hard all morning.

General has been killing it recently (maybe not just recently?). He’s out every morning, pushing everyone to get better (especially YHC).

Haggis was recovering from his 5000000 mile run over the weekend, but still was hammering everyone into the ground. After a few seconds he learned the dragon walk form, and is officially the best at that too. As always, the Haggis plank is brutal.

Frehley’s Comet continues to impress me with his ability to kick ass at everything. There’s always a lot of jabs at age (yea, he’s old enough to be my dad), but there’s no debate in his ability to lead and push the PAX every morning. Respect has two meanings with this #HIM.

Cable guy. Dude is just mad crazy. In the terms of he’s sneaky (no crap talk) and an absolute BEAST. YHC took notice when he failed at the plank, looked over, and CG was absolutely KILLING IT, not a single shake. Fast, strong, BEAST.


Again, apologies for the delay in the BB. It was pleasure to lead, and look forward to the next go-around.