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Centurion Ladder

15 gathered for some Friday festivities. Veteran crew so brief disclaimer was given before departing.  Mosey down Little to Walsh to the apartment complex entrance for a warm-up consisting of Imperial Squat Walkers, Mountain Climbers & Peter Parkers.  One thing to add… there was a surprisingly high level of traffic whizzing by and a heavy mosquito population.


Mosey to office parking lot off Walsh for the beginning of the Merkin Ladder.  Run across lot for 20 merkins and back for 19 merkins.  Keep going back and forth decreasing the count by 1 until completing 16 Merkins.  A little Mary action before heading to the fence of the football field facing the parking deck.  Leg lifts while holding fence then bear crawl to the parking deck wall for Donkey kicks and run back to fence.  3 rounds of 5, 10 & 15 exercises each.  Mosey inside bottom level of parking deck for round 2 of merkin ladder.  15 reps down to 11.  Run upstairs to top level for some Mary. (Heels to Heaven, Flutter, Dolly & American Hammer).  Time for round 3 of the merkin ladder…  10 reps down to 6.  Mosey over to old library (now hospice office) to grab some lifting rocks.  Lots of standing water and tight quarters so there was some improvising.  Partner up for some curls and presses.  Partner 2 performs 5 burpees while partner 1 lifts. Total of 2 rounds before returning to launch lot for final round of merkin ladder.  5 reps down to 1.


Great crew today for a total of 210 merkins for those counting.  A special thanks to Champagne, Lorax, Mermaid & Shrink Wrap for helping with trash pick up.  There was not as much trash as normal but we still filled a few bags.  Special prayers for Cooter as he begins radiation on a cancerous tumor on his knee today.  Pray for the radiation to shrink the mass so the surgical procedure in 6 weeks will be less invasive. The radiation treatments will occur every Monday between Noon & 1pm.  Thank you Cooter for opening up to the PAX.  We will continue to take prayer requests each week after announcements and prior to the close out prayer.


Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure – Saturday, 10/6

If you can squeeze it… We can freeze it!

Not sure everyone was happy to see my arm in a brave, but i sensed a little relief in the PAX as I made the morning announcement that it was broken and decided to make this a leg day (relief vanished quickly)




Freddy Mercury

Heels to Heaven

Partner up for 3 towers

Start at the far left stairway on each floor perform 10 jump squats/ increasing by 10 on each floor, complete 4 stories.

Run to next staircase and descend on each floor reduce the 40 jump squats by 10 on each floor, co,plate 4 stories descent.

Run to the last staircase and repeat increase jump squats by 10 on each floor.

With partner cross legs and perform old school sit ups, touch hands on each rep x25

Wall sit with arm raises x10 in cadence, raise left leg x10 arm raises in cadence (lower leg) flap jack x10 arm raises.

Repeat old school sit ups x25

Repeat wall sit in cadence switching legs

Repeat old school sit ups x25

Back on the wall- hold 2 mins

Wrestling stance hold 1 min switch lead leg hold 1 min.

Mosey to front of catholic jump/step ups 3 sets x25.

Mosey to Panera shopping center partner 1 broad jumps up 3 flights of stairs while partner 2 performs LBCs, flapjack rotate thru 2x each.




Solid work although we didn’t do one burpee or my signature move JACK WEBB. YHC was suffering from some arm over use so I decided to make this a leg day. I really think everyone had an awesome easy workout. NOT.  It was good to see checkpoint out there, he’s my hero. Udder kept looking at my tights- not sure what’s up with that, but I’m comfortable in my ‘tight hood’ I’m officially inviting Scabby to join the run stopper tight club.  Where was Chelms???

Buzzer Beater

A group of 5 gathered on a morning that felt more like February weather. YHC likes to think the small turnout was because others were intimidated but some of the usual crew was actually experimenting something cool.  More to come on that in future weeks. Guess you should have posted to know more.

One mile warm up run down Strawberry to Rosecliff and then Coburn.  Next up was a triple, triple up and down the Coburn Hill. (Same as triple nickel but 3 reps) 5 merkins at both the top and bottom.

Continue to Bevington for the main event.  Run to first speed hump for 5 merkins. Run back for 5 jump squats. Run ahead for 2 speed humps for 5 merkins and back 1 speed hump for 5 jump squats. Continue until rea road (total of 5 speed humps).

Run back to coburn for some Mary.  30 merkins from what YHC can remember. Gets fuzzy after waiting a week to write this. Run to 51 and to Davey park for some more Mary. 20 heels to heaven. Run back to launch for 20 flutter kicks and done!

This BB was a buzzer beater. One once said it’s legal as long as it’s posted before the next weeks workout. 6 miles total and a route not taken for some time. During the bevington run some guy pulled to the side of the road by one of the ponds. He got out and threw something into the water. Super shady and poptart mentioned a bloody knife and maybe a glove.  Kind of nice with the small group. YHC did some Q’ing from the six. Great work by all!

Snuka’s VQ

Posting this on behalf of Snuka.


Gathered in Parking Lot at 5:15 Temperature was unseasonable warm in the 60’s. Was nice to wear short sleeves and no hat. First time Que for me in F3. I was sure of the exercises I wanted to perform that morning. We had the usual large crowd for this site.  18 were counted. Got a few tips from Mermaid (the seasoned veteran of F3). Gave disclaimer and off we went.


Ran down Little Ave and eventually came to shopping center at the corner of Hwy 51 and Carmel Rd. Warmed up with jerkins, side straddle hops and LBC’s. Little did I know that I was not announcing each exercise correctly. Heard a few jeers from the gallery!!  More on that later.


Divided into partners with each one running  up the opposite stair case and when meeting , performing  10 merkins, (1st time), 10 Freddie’s (2nd time) and 10 Burpee’s (3rd time). After 3 revolutions, waited in the plank position  

We preceded down Hw 51 to the picnic benches in from of CC High School. We proceeded with 10  jump ups, 10 dips and 10 durkins.  Did this for 3 revolutions. Arms started getting tired!!

We then made our way to the big parking garage. Starting from beginning, we ran up the short ramp and did 5 merkins at each corner before reaching the top.

After a shorts rest we performed suicides. (brings back high school memories). Sprinted for 1/3 of the length of parking deck (back), 2/3 (back). 100% and back.  After one,  decided we could do 1 more suicide.  

When done, we still had about 10 minutes to spare. Decided we would do more merkins, LBC’s and Freddie’s ect.  At this point, I realized I was not properly announcing each exercise. Got a little help from Chelms and Paper Jam. Correct procedure is “Starting position, move, in cadence, exercise”.

Back to starting point. Had about 30 seconds to some more Burpees. Done, finally.  My first Q complete.!

Thanks to several guys who gave me some pointers for next time Q. Need to watch video on F3 web site. Will definitely be better prepared and informed on my next Q. Will be Anvil on March 21!


Run Jen Run 10k coming in early March.

Jennings Palmer has more treatments and will still have a bone marrow transplant. Family at St. Jude’s. Keep praying for continued progress and God’s strength for the entire family.

Closed with prayer-  Chelms

Late Centurion BB – Christmas Light Extravaganza

10 men (and an 11 year old boy) showed up at a guest location in 26 degree weather.  It was really cold at the time but now seems like a joke compared to this polar vortex crap we have going on right now.


Run from CW clubhouse to YHC’s cul-de-sac (.5 miles).  YHC had the Christmas lights on for one of the last days of the season.  Warm up involved IW, LSW & MC.  The main event was the 12 days of Christmas.  Essentially the same as 11’s but had to do 12 to get in the Christmas theme.  Run to end of street for 11 jump squats and back to cul-de-sac for 1 merkin. Perform 11 times until 11 merkins and 1 jump squat.  Stopped after 6 reps for some Mary.  Collected the six and ran back to clubhouse for 3 climbs up a large berm with 10 merkins at the bottom of each.

Lots of running with about 3.9 miles.  Pretty long for a 45 minute workout.  YHC is in the process of taking the lights down.  It’s rather depressing.


The Good Ole’ Merkin Ladder

YHC is a slacker on this BB.  Kids Soccer tournament this weekend and travel to VA beach for work. 25 men arrived on a beautiful morning to better themselves. YHC messaged the night before that the magic word for the day was “Merkin.”

Mosey to Panera Parking lot for COP

IW x 15 IC

LSS x 15 IC

MC x 20 IC

The Thang

The Merkin Ladder! 20 merkins, run across parking lot for 19 merkins. Run back for 18 merkins.  Work down to 11 merkins.

Mosey to Mcmahon street for some running and rock work.  Partner up and grab 1 lifting rock per team.  Partner 1 runs to end of street (.1 mile each way) while partner 2 alternates lifting exercises (chest press, curl, triceps). Repeat twice per person

Mosey to Aquatic Parking lot for some Mary (have not hit this area in a while)

Flutter x 20 IC

Dolly x 20 IC

Kris Kross crunches – 20 IC right and 20 IC left

Heels to Heaven x 20 IC

Rosalita x 20 IC

Before leaving, time to finish that Merkin Ladder.  Run to top of parking lot for 10 merkins and back down for 9 merkins.  Work down to 0.

Mosey to stadium fence by parking deck for 20 leg lifts OYO so toes touch fence.

AYG to top of parking lot on short ramps. Plank work while waiting on the six

Mosey back to launch spot to finish up.

LBC x 30 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

Plank Elbows for last 60 seconds and Done!


Strong effort by all!  YHC struggled on this one and kept thinking “Don’t do it, don’t Q it” which helped push through. YHC has been a runner for the last 6 months and this boot camp was humbling to realize how weak his arms have become.  Merkin ladder was 210 merkins and total was 230 after the 10 IC at the end.  Drago has is VQ this week and we are also converging with The Brave and Fight Club as many will be at Ragnar.


F3 Golf – Oct 27th – Need foursomes – Proceeds go to F3 expansion –

Serve – November 5th – Ronald McDonald House – Pre Blast coming soon

Prayer – Prayers for Theresa (Tool Bag’s mother in law) with her Dr Appt regarding potential ALS.

Centurion / Brave Convergence

This edition of Centurion converged with friends from The Brave. Launch time was 15 minutes earlier than normal. Shovel flag was planted with a sign attached with instructions for those arriving at the normal 0530 start time. (which no one saw) Disclaimer given at 0515 to 23 PAX before a warm-up mosey up Little Avenue to the Panera Bread Shopping Center.


Merkin x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 20 IC

Shoulder Taps x 20 IC

Imperial Walker x 10 IC

Arm Circles (Large & Small) x 10 IC


Goal for the day was to take a tour of Centurion and all that it has to offer.  Start by partnering up.  Partner 1 runs up the shopping center stairs and to the middle for 5 burpees then down the other set of stairs.  Partner 2 is performing an exercise.

Round 1 – Jump Squats

Round 2 – CDD

Round 3 – Both partners run the stairs in opposite directions (no Burpees this round)

Mosey across 51 to Palatine for the Bermuda Triangle.  The Bermuda triangle consists of 3 points where exercises are performed.  Point 1 – Run up Palatine Hill for 5 burpees at the top.  Run down hill and towards Cabo Mexican restaurant. Hang a right to reach Point 2 for 20 dips on benches between office buildings. Continue to Carmel Commons Rd for 10 jump squats at Point 3 and finish at the bottom of Palatine Hill.  Performed 3 rounds total.

Udder slides in to lead the Pax back to CCHS. Short pause at 51 to regroup for cross walk safety. Mosey around to CCHS front door.

Get in groups of 3 and each team member starts at one of three stations to endure some TBQ.

Station 1: Grab Escargot’s detergent bottle sand filled weights. Lunge walk the ramp to front door. Mosey back to start
Station 2: Hair burners downhill the length of a parking lot island. Turn it around at push it back up.
Station 3: Wall walkers on CCHS wall approximately 25-30 yards.

Hit every station and meet back up at the wall. Assume the position for a round of Ascending Testicles.
For those that do not know, Feet on wall, body parallel to ground and assume a merkin position. 10 merkins. Push up wall to 45 degrees. 10 merkins. Push all the way to Balls to the Wall position. 10 merkins. At this point in time I could not do a push up again and we held a 10 count inverted.

Mosey to Tartatus. Pyramid of burpee fail. Starting at bottom do two burpees. Run ramp and increase burpees by 2 each stop. Go up to 10 burpees. 10 got us to the top for we really just did a ladder.

On the deck roof form up 2 lines and race Cheddar Shredder style from light pole to light pole. Approx 35 yards. Cheddar Shredder is everyone planking in a line shoulder to shoulder and the last man turns to face line and does a handslap merkin with every pax in line. so plank walk/handslap merkin. The next guy turns to face line and follows. Each line went through two times. There was much mumblechatter and overall disdain for YHC.

Mosey back to CCHS front and grab gear to bring back to the start.

LunchTime Moleskinny:

Today’s work was deceptively hard.

Things to know:

  • The Bermuda Triangle is nothing to trifle with. Palentine hill makes it sneaky hard.
  • We got in just shy of 3 miles. Fraiser and Fire Hazard got in 5+. Kudos to the pre runners. Would have run with y’all but I began to setup to late.
  • Mario got in a lot of leg work today as he is limited to no ground work with a busted paw. (stitches in left palm from Asheville Spartan) But he sure can squat deep and proud.
  • Lorax, Rachel and Thin Mint were out in front like always. Fast dudes, trying to keep up will only make you better or throw up.
  • Strong work from all our resident Centurion guys.
  • The Brave guys can move and have the endurance of young wild stallions. Glad to have you out and we look forward to repayment sometime this fall.
  • Snuka, Scabby, Lt Dan and one other joined us late, bringing the total to 27. Apparently they do not engage in any form of social media to note the 5:15 start time update. The sign went unnoticed. Sorry you went through all that trouble Margo.


  • Isabella Santos 5K – 9/30/17. First Speed For Need for South CLT. Sign Up now!! Preblast info
  • AMRAP for Autism – Hour long partner workout. Waxhaw 8/26/17 See Scabby for more info.
  • The Stand 3rd F post-centurion at Carmel Village Panera

Strong take out by Margo. Safe travels to all.

Safety First!

YHC rolled up to Fast Twitch in a loaner Nissan Altima courtesy of Figs Auto Repair.  I highly recommend getting in touch with Cane if you need any vehicle repairs.  This Back Blast is sponsored by Figs Auto Repair.  Moving on…. YHC received a new lighted safety vest over the weekend to be used at the BRR.  What a better time to break it in than the Fast Twitch Q.  17 men arrived and the disclaimer was given. YHC is obviously not a professional but sure looked like one once that vest was turned on.  Off to the intersection of 51 and RainTree after 10 quick merkins IC.

RainTree 5k

Fairly Simple… The distance from 51 to Providence Rd via RainTree is exactly 1.55 miles. Down and back is a full 5k.

Windbluff Hills

PAX moved over to Windbluff and did some merkins and planking while waiting on the six. Instructions given to run 3 sets to the bottom speedbump with 5 squats at the bottom and 5 merkins at the RainTree stop sign.

Collected the PAX and stopped at Woodfox on the way back to the school.  The plan was to run a 2 line Indian Run which failed miserably. (Q Fail) YHC made an audible for AYG back to the school. Haze did not hear this and about killed himself sprinting to the front of a dissolved line.  Sorry Haze! With 3 minutes to spare, time for 2 sets of sprints in the SCMS parking lot.  Finished!


YHC clocked 6.2 miles total. The PAX worked hard today. Lots of comments on the strobe lighted vest from many.  Swiper and Alf were most vocal but that’s not much of a surprise. No, this was not an Amazon Prime steal.  It’s made by Noxgear and the SC PAX put together a discount in honor of Cheech. See link and discount code below if interested.  Glad nobody running near YHC suffered from a seizure due to the blinking strobes. There are exactly 60 days until BRR so time to get in some serious training men!

(Discount code: F3NFIA)



MurderHorn Mania

YHC and VanPelt arrived a little early for a 2 mile pre-run. 21 PAX arrived to do some work in some perfect weather conditions. Disclaimer given and we’re off.

Warm-up run down Elmstone to the Thornbridge club house parking lot for COP
IW X 15 IC
Merkin X 15 IC

Partner up. Partner 1 does 10 pull-ups at playground. Partner 2 does 20 dips at pavilion. After completion meet in middle parking lot for 10 hand slap merkins. Rinse and repeat going the opposite direction. 2 rounds each and then some plank work.

Head back towards the Murderhorn stopping at he rock pile on the way. Everyone grab a lifting rock.
Curls X 20
Overhead Press X 20
Triceps Extensions X 20

Repeat one more round.

Head to bottom of MurderHorn for main event which was a Triple Nickel. Merkins at top and jump squats at bottom. Plank work at top while waiting on six. Head back to launch site to end with sprints and some Mary.

Strong work by everyone. YHC Q’d a murderhorn triple nickel at The Maul a couple of years ago so one was due at RY. YHC learned a couple of things today. 1. MurderHorn sucks!! Especially 5 times in a row. 2. Long Haul is dang fast on the sprints. Need to set up a sprinting competition between Long Haul and Ickey Shuffle. Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Sorry this BB came out a little late.

Anvil Field Trip

YHC rolled up to an annoying flickering light in the Anvil parking lot. Had not posted at Anvil this year but was told by the PAX it has been that way since before Christmas. Someone please bring a BB Gun to take care of that thing. Beautiful weather this morning and 20 men arrived including one FNG. Welcome Pre-School! Thorough disclaimer and we’re off.

Mosey across Rea to the library parking lot for COP.
Merkin x 15 IC
Hold 6 inches plank x 15 seconds
Mountain Climbers x 15 IC
Imperial Walker x 15 IC (You’re welcome Gummy)

Mosey north on Rea and hang a right on 51. The PAX was catching up fast to 3 women runners. In an effort not to freak them out, YHC slowed the pace down knowing we would soon separate by turning right on Cary Ridge. The women also turned right on Cary Ridge. Damnit! Quick decision was made to do some plank work to create some separation. Continue run to Alderman Lane for some triple nickel action. 5 merkins at bottom and 5 jump squats at the top.

Continue to the end of Carey Ridge for some Mary.
Flutter x 15 IC
Heels to Heaven x 15 IC
LBC x 15 IC

The PAX then lined up abreast on Coburn and did 15 broad jumps and then ran to the intersection of Bevington Place. Run down Bevington to Rea road. 15 merkins at each speed hump. Total of 5 speed humps. Once finished run back for the six. Continue north of Rea back to Calvary entering the south entrance. Circle up for some more exercises.
Low Slow Squat x 15 IC
Dolly x 15 IC
American Hammer x 15 IC

Mosey back towards parking lot for 5 minutes of sprints. Insert a few more merkins and planks as well.

YHC is out of town on spring break last week and will likely fall behind on mileage goals. The selfish decision was made to focus on some heavier running which meant leaving campus this morning. Total distance covered was approx. 3.5 miles and 150 merkins for those counting. Great work by all this morning. 5 men from the Sturnbridge neighborhood attended today, including a FNG Pre-School brought by Mermaid. There is officially too many for carpooling so they had to bring 2 vehicles.

Convergence with Anvil and Death Valley at Calvary next Wednesday, 4/12. Some experienced guys will talk about their F3 experience. Perfect opportunity to bring some newer guys and FNG’s.

Baracus and Stone Cold are heading to Pittsburgh to launch a site on 4/29. Let them know if you have any connections up there.