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Lottery Tickets Sold Here – No Refunds

QIC: Scratch & Win

PAX: Queen, Double Decker (FNG), Egypt, Slumdog, Bob Villa, Marge, Frosty Paws, Leprechaun, Sleepy, One Eye, Lewinsky, Thunder Road, Semi-Gloss, Puddin Pop, Scratch & Win

Lottery Tickets Sold Here – No Refunds

15 pax, including 1 FNG, gathered in the gloom for what turned out to be a challenging, yet creative beat down. I’d like to think tweeting a screenshot of YHC appearing in the lottery commercial for which he is aptly named was the reason for the big turnout. Not sure, but the buzz on twitter was enough to get Semi-Gloss out of bed. It was rumored that by attending YHC’s VQ, one might receive a lottery ticket of varying games and amounts: Power Ball, Lucky 7’s, Jumbo Bucks, 10x The Money Scratch Offs…but alas, all that was received was the satisfaction of knowing you pushed yourself to be better. And some movie references (including our new FNG’s name) – more on that later. Disclaimer given – you cannot sue anyone, including Obama. And we’re off.

The Thang:

Faster than normal mosey (YHC was amped for VQ and may have gone out a bit fast) one lap around Olde Providence. YHC extremely surprised he’s in the front and realizes his mosey has turned into a 90% jog.


20 Imperial Walkers
20 SSH
20 Mountain Climbers

Quick mosey to new benches at front of school near playground and partner up.

Partner 1: Exercises at bench.
Partner 2: Run to back playground for Pull ups. Run to opposite side parking lot for Merkins. Run in front of school back to benches. Flapjack. Rinse and repeat.

Rd 1: Step Ups; 7 (the number of our Lord) good form pull ups; 15 diamond merkins
Rd 2: Low Slow Squat; 7 (the number of our Lord) good form pull ups; 15 regular merkins
Rd 3: Dips; 7 (the number of our Lord) good form pull ups; 15 wide-arm merkins

Backtrack mosey in front of school to pick up the Six. Missed 2 pax that were halfway through the back half of the circuit. #RookieMistake by YHC.

Mosey back to school for some wall sits. Very tempting to leisurely rest on the ledge that’s at perfect sitting height. Everyone declines.

Wall Sit for approx. 2 mins (10 count by 12 pax down the line). Recover. FNG slowly walks away from pax to gather his thoughts – more on that later.

Back on the wall for Wall Sit with 20 air presses IC.

Mosey back to launch point for Domino merkins. YHC could have provided better instruction here, but we eventually got it.

5 slow count Domino merkins and finish with 30 second plank.

Mary (disguised as her twin sister “Sally”). YHC throws back to late 90’s movie “Gone in 60 Seconds”. Pax listen to “Flower” by Moby (aka “Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down”).

Protractor, alternating b/w 6 inches and 45 degree angle. 3 min and 25 seconds without feet touching the ground (not all made it the whole way w/o modification including YHC).

YHC realizes 1.5 min left. So, 25 merkins on your own to finish. 10 burpees for anyone who wants to push themselves (Sleepy takes the bait).

COT – thanks for the takeout Frosty Paws.

Ye Olde Moleskin:

YHC was thankful for a good turnout and honored to lead the pax, despite getting little shut eye from a mixture of excitement and fear of over sleeping. The movie references started before launch with a Shawshank reference from Puddin’ Pop, “Get busy living or get busy dying.” Little did Pop know YHC was also pulling out a fav movie from high school w/ Gone in 60 Seconds. The final big screen connection was with our FNG – welcome to DOUBLE DECKER!! For those with kids you’ll recognize the invention of Emmet (aka The Special) from Lego Movie. Ask DD what the connection is at his next post. HUGE T-claps to DD for rallying to finish with the group after he gathered his thoughts (read “refunded last night’s dinner”). YHC wasn’t certain if he should feel bad for him or proud that someone lost their lunch during my VQ. In the end, YHC settled on empathy b/c he’s been there TOO many times. T-Claps to Egypt and Slumdog – who, best I could tell, put the EH on Double Decker. Thanks to Leprechaun for the clown car and Lewinsky for the encouragement. Finally, thanks to Marge and Queen for “volun-telling” me to Q.


A smattering of mumble chatter and general updates. Most of which can be found on the website. All of which are many months away.

FNG – Welcome to Double Decker.

Old School Swim Meet

The Thang:


Rosa Lita
Jog to far football field avoiding mud puddles along the way.

Partner up

Partner 1 planks, partner 2 crawls under and jumps over legs of parter 2.  flapjack  2x

Wheel barrow 50 yards flapjack and return 2x

OYO burpee broad jump 25 yards 2x

Mosey to benches

Step ups keep one leg planted on bench 10x switch legs 10x,  dips 20x, Dirkens 20x repeat for 3 sets.

Surf to the entrance near the bus lot. Squeeze into well lit doorway for wall sits/arm raises in cadence to 100- 5 minute time sucker.

Mosey back to the field next to the

Playground for Jack Webb 1 Morley to 3 arm raises… continue until we reached 10 mirkens and 3O arm raises . yeah that sucked.

Make our way back to the front of the building find another doorway and repeat wall sits, aternsting crossing legs for 5 mins.



Mole Skin

Yeah it was wet. Today was a good old school boot camp. I think Egypt clocked our mileage at 1.1 miles. Not bad for an old guy that likes to yell at people.

Taming the Beast

Posted on behalf of Hannibal:

The PAX:

Marge, Snowflake (R), Gummy (Run In/Out), Runstopper, Hopper, Scratch & Win, Puddin’ Pop, Frosty Paws, Queen, Chico, Sleepy, Jet Fuel, Hops, Hannibal

The Thang:

Brief disclaimer where I confessed that I cared about the men, and we were off. Light jog from parking lot to corner of Summerlin & Wessynton.

Warm up exercises

  • SSH
  • IW
  • Low slow squat

Enough of that, as the pax were starting to get a little loud, and YHC was a bit concerned about waking the neighbors up. #2ndAmendment

We then (mostly) flawlessly executed The Extended Beast – (6 exercises, 6 counts, 6 times), working our way down Wessynton, Cornwallis Camp, Stonecroft, Colony, and Abbottswood stopping every two driveways (or every other driveway for those requiring translation Gummy) for the exercises. Reconvene after each “set,” with leaders planking until the six arrives.

Back at school, active recovery with peoples chair x2, with arm exercises.

Mosey to benches on the east side of campus, get in groups of 3, with a couple 4s – that’s fine. Partner 1 stays at benches for dips. Partners 2 & 3 run across front of school to new benches on the west side of campus. Partner 2 stays at these benches for dips. Partner 3 returns to original (east) benches to start the relay and relieve Partner 1. Repeato 2-3 times, switching from dips to step ups midway.

Finally, mosey back to launch for 2 minutes of mary (LBCs and Dollies).


The Moleskin:

When I was asked to substi-Q by Queen on Tuesday, my first thought was sure, but I’ll be leading from the six. Hence, the plan to get some running in (no rocks for Hannibal) while keeping us together and burning off more of the holiday fat. And as most Qs know, it’s also tough to be original at a (great) venue that has hosted hundreds of workout. I felt that there was the right balance of complaining and friendly banter that I’ll deem the workout a success.

It was great to see the turnout this morning, and YHC appreciated those who came out in support of a Hannibal Q (new it must be easy), including Hops (#GoDeacs), who I received a text from yesterday that I gathered was checking to see if I was even still alive. Runstopper was fresh off a plane from Alaska, where he travelled for a 2-hour meeting. What??? Gummy, Marge, Hopper, Chico (#GoDeacs), and Sleepy were pushing the pace on the Extended Beast. Frosty Paws and Scratch & Win were pushing hard, as well. Snowflake is probably still trying to figure out how his team went from first to last on the first leg of the relay. #CheatersNeverWin I didn’t see much of Queen, though he was dressed for the recent 20-degree days and not the balmy 50 we had this morning. Jet Fuel was there, having recovered from lack of sleep Monday night and basking in another Bama Natty. #TiredofThat Puddin’ Pop is always driving hard, and fortunately spared us from needing to pull out our auxiliary gas masks. #ThankYou


2 prayer requests

  1. For the youth of America who are struggling. Cole Swan lost a friend yesterday who he’d hiked the AT with who OD’d. Pray for our kids – it’s a tough, scary, and hard world.
  2. For ‘Bout Time and his family. Jennings was diagnosed yesterday to be in the “high risk” category of his leukemia, which will require a bone marrow transplant. Pray for all of them, for the family with newborn twins, and for our God to heal him through his mercy.

It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas

Actually, no it’s not.  We tried to get into the Christmas spirit this morning a little bit but truth is we’re still trying to pay off Thanksgiving.  Ate and drank way too much last week.  Add to that a couple illnesses and this is the first time I’ve posted in almost a month.  Woof.

6 veteran pax showed up at OPE this morning to shake off the Thanksgiving rust and put a down payment on Christmas binging to come.

Pax were properly disclaimed (not really) and then we headed for the parking lot on the far side of the school.  Instructions were given to drop and do 5 burpees each time we saw a Christmas inflatable or Christmas lights.

  • 20 SSH IC
  • 15 Gummy Ten Counts IC
  • 10 LSS IC

Mosey to the church and find a partner and a lifting rock.  Partner 1 does called lifting exercise while Partner 2 runs to Goodwill bin and back.  But wait, the Goodwill bin is gone just in time for Christmas.  Bah Humbug.

  • Bicep Curls
  • Overhead Presses
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Squats

Enough of that.  YHC gave instructions for our trip to the Foxworth Halfpipe so as not to wake up the neighbors.  At the halfpipe, grab your same partner and do 5 hand slap merkins in the middle of the halfpipe, then part ways.  One partner goes to top of one side and does 10 Heels to Heaven.  Other partner goes to other side to do 20 LBCs.  We did two rounds of this.  That hill on the closest to our normal Foxworth hill is terrible.

Mosey back to OPE through the woods.  It was dark.  Almost lost a couple pax… probably due to my poor eyesight in the dark.  Should’ve let them follow Jet Fuels highlighter yellow gloves.

Stop at the concession stand for 20 steps ups (10 each leg), 20 derkins and 20 dips.

Time is almost up so head back to the launch.

  • 20 Dolly
  • 20 Freddy Mercury
  • 10 Rosalita


Great job by all pax today.  I warned that we would do some running to shed some Thanksgiving calories.  I think we accomplished that.  Jet Fuel was out front most of the day on the running part.  Everyone else was close behind.  Good to have MAD out there with us and to have Puddin Pop back to his pre-injury form.  Jet Fuel, Sleepy and Queen all crushed it like they do every week at Hydra.  Great job.  We ended up with 25 burpees I think.  Not too bad.  Obviously folks are slow to get their decorations up this early.  Just like me… it’s taken me and my wife 4 days to put 4 strands of Christmas lights on our tree.


Hydra – 9/14 (Sorry so late)

15 men gathered at the OP Campus to follow a guy who had not posted at or led a boot camp in a LONG, LONG time…..thanks to BRR training which never panned out to make me faster, younger or better looking!  Dangit!  I could not have been happier to make my first boot camp post by Hydra.  I have a soft spot for the AO and the dudes who attend!  But, I digress……

The Pax:

Marge, Queen, Gummy, Floor Slapper, Hoover, Good Hands, Semi Gloss, Cheese Curd, Jet Fuel, Plug, High Tide, Iron Horse, Tag Along, Boerewors, Hopper (Q)


Jog to opposite side of OPE.  Circle up for:


  • 20 SSH
  • 20 IW
  • 20 MC


The Thang:


Jog to church across the street.  Partner up.  Partner #1 runs “the block” around the church will partner #2 does stated exercise with rock of his choice:


  • Curls
  • Squats
  • Tricep Extensions


Plank as we wait for the six on the above.


Jog back to OPE, but head to the back baseball fields for a 4 legged starfish:


  • Center point is the snack shack with 10 merkins (came back to after every leg)
  • First leg is the playground with 10 pull-ups
  • Second leg is the batting cages with 10 jump squats
  • Third leg is the baseball fields at the back of the campus
  • Fourth leg is the front baseball field with 10 dollys


Wall chair for some resting recovery.


Mosey to the practice football field by the playground for 10 gassers with 10-counts in between.  




It was fun to be back and I look forward to getting Hydra back in my normal rotation.  Funny how time doesn’t change anything….Gummy still won’t do SSH, Semi-gloss’ t shirt is still too tight and Queen is still faster than a thoroughbred horse.  Glad to know you can still count on certain things!  Thanks for letting me host Marge and Queen!


Announcements: F3 Golf on 10/27; Sign ups still available.


Thanks for taking us out Iron Horse!

Thick as a bowl of Oatmeal

Alcaeus of Mytilene originally gave the Hydra 9 heads so it was fitting that 9 PAX showed up this morning for a guest beat down.  Hope they enjoyed breathing the air which was as thick as a bowl of oatmeal.

The Thang:

Stay in the parking lot for warm up, we’ll be running soon so no need to run around the lot




Run to the corner of Summerlin/Abbotswood, regroup


Run to the corner of Abbotswood/Windyrush, regroup

Plank for the 6

Run to the intersection of Windyrush/Foxworth for 7’s

6 ‘Merks at the top

1 Squat at the bottom

Plank it up when you’re finished then do 10 lunges in cadence, each leg.

Run back to the corner of Abbotswood/Windyrush, regroup

Partner for backwards catch-me-if-you-can

Partner 1 runs backwards

Partner 2 does 4 ‘Merks then catches partner 1 running forwards

Regroup at Abbotswood/Summerlin for MonkeyHumpersX20

Indian Run back to the corner of Summerlin/Rea, keep the PAX together

Regroup at the playground for Stripper Poles (drop it like it’s hot) while your partner takes a lap around the school. Flapjack.

5 really good form pull ups

Head back the parking lot for 5 obligatory burpees since it is an F3 workout after all.

Take out by YHC


Solid group as always with the perfect combination of 1st and 2nd F throughout the 45 minutes.  Hope Frosty Paws is OK, he took a tumble on Summerlin during the Indian Run.  No blood, no foul.  Queen, Marge, & One Eye were killing it on the hill…home field advantage.  Good partnering up with Bob Vila & Scratch n’ Win, also good to meet ya’ll. ‘Curd didn’t like the thick air which maybe slowed him down to what, a 7 minute mile? I’m not sure I saw Sleepy for most of the workout, was he that far ahead?  Anyone get the total distance?


Remember our PAX in your thoughts & prayers who need it, especially those working through family issues.

Posted on behalf of Strange Brew:


The Thang:

Mosey round the school

SSH x 25 ic

IW x 15 ic

Hip stretch x 2

LSS x 10 oyo

20 Merkins oyo

Partner up

Mosey to monkey bars for

Partner AMRAP +2 pull ups

70 s wall sit

45 s handstand/btw


Mosey to baseball stands for

10 step ups each leg

15 dips

10 elevated CDD’s


Mosey to mini football field


Accelerating Run


Partner leg drop

Prairie Fire Mary

Sid-The-Kid x 10 each way

Dolly x 20

Heels to Heaven x 25

30S Max Burpees



The intention was to be BRR friendly, as in NOT running since it can be a little overdone at this time of year.  Therefore strength work was on tap for the Hydra pax today.  Hit the shoulders and legs pretty good as well as spent some time on core, a little more than normal to make up for some of YHC’s lost core work lately.  There were some pretty strong pax out there but since it was fairly dark and YHC was sleep deprived those efforts will have to be called out in the comments