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Anniversary Weinke

Hydra – 12/12/2019

Pax list: Marge (QIC), Geraldo, Sprockets, Gummy, Sleepy, Chico, Beaver, Beaver (Guest from Raleigh), Queen, Spackler, Bounce, Snowflake, Thunder Road, Hopper, Floor Slapper, IHOP, Foghorn

17 pax decided to start the day out right by posting in 28 degree weather.  WTH were they thinking? It was an all veteran crew with one pax visiting from Raleigh.  Quick (weak) disclaimer then we were on our way.

Mosey to Parking Lot on far side of school.

  • 15 SSH
  • 15 IW
  • 15 LSS
  • 15 Mountain Climbers

Partner up and catch me if you can Harris Teeter.

  • Partner 1 runs while
  • Partner 2 does 10 merkins then catches Partner 1

Gather around the large Christmas tree next to Harris Teeter.

  • Partner 1 does 10 step ups each leg, 10 dips and 10 incline or decline merkins while partner 2 runs to Dunkin Donuts for 10 Heels to Heaven, 10 Boone Crunches (each leg).
  • Each partner runs 3 times.

Run to entrance of Chadwyck Farms.

  • Indian Run to base of Evelyn’s Rock
  • Triple Nickel
    • Jump Squats at top
    • LBCs at bottom

Indian Run back to launch (or was it lunch)? For 2 minutes of Mary

  • Dolly
  • Rosalita
  • Backscratcher



Great group out there today as always.  This was my second of two Q’s over the past 5 days. I’ve been thoroughly congratulated and chastised at the same time for leading the group through 5 miles at RockZero on Saturday.  I teased that we’d try to hit that mark in today’s 45-minute Hydra. No way. Geraldo would’ve expelled me from Area 51. I think we got in at least 3 miles though.  

Some observations: Not sure anyone actually caught their partner on the CMIYC.  Spackler made fun of me for running too slow on the CMIYC. I didn’t have a partner to catch so I was just running slow and steady (if you can’t Q it, don’t do it I guess).  Lots of chatter about ticking off the Dunkin’ Donuts employees for doing Mary in front of their store. No customers were seen this morning so maybe we were all good. Gummy (I think) complained that my weinke (at least the Evelyn’s Rock / Hill part) was too long.  That’s the first time I’ve been accused of that. Chico almost bailed the triple nickel to just head home to the fancy neighborhood at the top of that hill. Sprockets and Sleepy spent the whole Evelyn’s Rock triple nickel discussing personal care for their beards. Weird.  Hopper and Floorslapper promised to buy me a beer when Clemson beats Ohio State for the National Championship early next year. I’m sure Gummy will join us. Maybe Lewinsky, Revlon, Deep Dish too if they ever come back to Hydra.

This was my 5-year F3 Anniversary.  Hairball brought me out to Hydra for the first time on December 11, 2014.  Hard to believe it’s been 5 years. I’m thankful for the friendships I’ve made through F3.  I think fitness may be a bit better than 5 years ago as well.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Geraldo on Q next week for Chadwyck / Wessex Christmas tour.

Light Day at RockZero

Pax List: Boerewors, Hoover, Geraldo, Dig Dug, Baywatch, Sprockets, IHop, Slingshot, One Eye, O’Tannenbaum, Levi, Bounce, Spackler, Duct Work, McGee, Lorax, Alf, Boondock, Steve Tanneyhill, Dingo

22 pax gathered for Championship Saturday at RockZero with the hopes of burning a few calories before a full day of boozing and football.  Impressive group. I tweeted out last night that I was headed to a Christmas party with an open bar and that I may not even make it this morning.  Maybe that’s why we had such a big crowd. Pretty sure all regretted coming.

No disclaimer.  This was an all veteran crew.

Mosey to big parking lot in the middle of all the other parking lots.

  • 20 SSH 
  • 20 IW
  • 20 LSS
  • 20 Mountain Climbers

Mosey to Davie Park with a stop at the Pineville-Matthews / Rea intersection for  20 Monkey Humpers. Once at Davie Park, partner up and grab one lifting rock. Each team did 50 curls, 50 overhead presses and 50 tricep extensions.  One partner lifts while the other runs around the parking lot island. Once set one was complete, rinse and repeat for a second set.

Mosey to Cary Ridge.  Stop for some Mary at the entrance to gather the 6. Mosey to intersection of Coburn and Cabell View Court.  Instructions were given for the Coburn half pipe (Thanks to Goonie for this one). Run until Coburn meets Browne’s Pond.  Do 10 Jump Squats then Run back to Coburn / Cabell View for 10 Heels to Heaven. Maybe we’ll do that a few times based on time.  Actually nope… once was enough.

Line up for one long 22-pax indian (Native American / Elizabeth Warren) run.  Bad idea. Break up into two 11-pax lines. Follow Bevington down to the intersection of Bevington and Rea.  Then the lines break up and slow mosey up Rea back to the launch.  

At this point we were 4.7 miles in so we jogged around the launch (including the North Face) until we hit the 5.0 mark. 

2 minutes of Mary.  Sweat Angels (thanks Sprockets) and Protractor (thanks Spackler).


Great group out there today.  22 pax at RZ was great. Not sure I’ve been to many with that many pax.  Lots of chatter over the course of the workout though I didn’t catch a ton of it so sound off below.  Definitely heard lots of complaints about the lack of exercises and excessive running. For the record, I’d planned some exercises at the Hot Box but time ran out.  

Glad to burn a few calories this morning.  Heading to the ACC Championship game shortly to see Clemson’s 5th straight ACC Championship.  

It’s also the 78th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor today.  2,335 service men / women were killed along with 68 civilians. It’s a great day to remember sacrifices made by so many on our behalf.   My grandmother is a Pearl Harbor survivor. She was a 7 year old girl living in Honolulu and hid in a drain under a driveway for the entire attack.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  I’ve been to Rock Zero plenty over the years but I believe this was my first Q.

Go Tigers!

Zion got hurt. What was your excuse?

QIC: Queen

Pax: Sprockets, Semi-Gloss, Bugeater, Escargot

5 absolute total studs made it out to Hydra this morning. Despite swamp like conditions, we did get lucky and avoided any rain. I know some people are under the weather, some people are recovering from injury, and some people stayed up to watch the basketball game. The Q for this workout didn’t show, either. Run Stopper what happened???

That being said, since I’ve posted out a few times at this site, I became the substiQ. Here is how it went:


SSH 25, IW 25, Low Slow Squat 15, Slow Merkins 10

Jog over to the Tree with the benches surrounding it. 20 dips, 15 durkins, 10 step ups each leg.

Mosey over to the playground. Pullups and air squats in order: 10 pullups, 9 air squats, 8 pullups, etc down to 1 air squat.

Jog down Summerlin to the bottom of the hill.

We did the infamous Abbotswood half pike. 10 air squats at the top of one hill, then 10 wide arm merkins at the top of the other hill. 4 sets.

Hold plank until the 6 is done.

Run up Summerlin, 8 diamond merkins on each speed bump.

Mosey back to the school and the mini track. On the kids benches, 20 dips, 15 incline merkins, then run a lap. Repeat. 25 more dips then back to the launch area.

Mary: 15 LBC, Rosalita, Freddie Mercury’s, and Russian Twists. Protractor. Done.


We all absolutely crushed the workout. Heat rates were elevated, we were absolutely sprinting up the hills (you weren’t there, you can’t say that we weren’t). Seriously, I do think that Sprockets held plank for a good 3 min at the end of the half pike. Sprokets led the way of course. Semi-Gloss put in a very respectable showing. Bugeater gets extra credit for the jog in. It was good to see Escorgot make it out. We hope to see you more regularly.

No announcements. Thanks to Semi-Gloss for the take out.

Gimme Shelter

YHC looked and looked and looked for a Q to fill in for this week’s Hydra.  No dice.  Terrible forecast and a concert on Wednesday night (got home at 11:30 pm) meant that the last thing I wanted to do on Thursday is wake up at 5 am to go run in a 38-degree rainstorm.  I was 95% sure that when I showed up it would be just me and Queen.  I was just going to tell him to go home and go to bed.  I was wrong.

7 knuckleheads showed up to join me on this glorious morning.  I am thankful.  I totally would’ve packed it up and gone home.

Quick warmup under the canopy by the entrance of school

  • 20 SSH
  • 15 IW
  • 15 LSS
  • 15 Merkins

Mosey to Rea Road and take a left.  Immediately hit a puddle that had to be several inches deep.  Well at least I’m soaked now.  No need to worry about staying dry anymore.

Left on Windyrush then Right on Foxworth.  Head to the center of the halfpipe.  Partner up.  10 partner hand slap merkins then one partner heads up to the top of one side while the other partner goes to the other side for 10 Carolina Wet Docks (yes, Spackler, it’s Docks not Dogs… I checked the website  3 rounds of this nonsense in the pouring down rain.

Desperately in need of some shelter, we high-tailed it to the church.  Grab and lifting rock and find your partner.  One partner lifts under the awning/shelter/whatever while the other partner runs to the missing Goodwill bin and back.  I thought all 8 of us may be able to lift under the shelter but decided it wasn’t worth scaring off the churchgoers that are always there at 5:30 am. 8 soaking wet dudes with rocks right outside the door??? Not good.   Curls, overhead press and tricep extension.

Run to the parking lot right across from church where there is also a decent shelter.  Grab some wall.  50 civilian arm raises while wall sitting.  Did this 3 times.

Since we were nice and dry there, we did Mary there.  6 pax called/led Mary until time was called.


Thanks to the pax for bearing with me on this one.  With the uncertainty with the Q, weather and that late night concert the night before, I pretty much made this one up on the fly.  I think it turned out ok though.  Of course Spackler, Gummy and Semi-Gloss didn’t show up.  Spackler confirmed that OTF was nice, warm, cozy and just a tad bit moist.

Again, thanks for coming out.  I totally would’ve bailed.

Hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving next week.  I’m very Thankful for F3 and the guys of Hydra.  I’m coming up on my 4 year anniversary which is hard to believe because I feel like I was reluctant to come join for so long (my FIA wife and Hairball finally convinced me to give it a try).  Can’t imagine not being a part of the group now.  Thanks guys!


Swan’s Run Loop (definitely not a quarter mile)

Off to Swan’s Run Road and Back

The Pax: Daisy, Marge, Sleepy, Queen, Run Stopper, Tacking Dummy, Deep Dish, Harley, One Eye, Leprechaun, Puddin Pop, Cheese Curd

12 Men gathered as Daisy, former Hydra regular and now card carrying member of Copperhead, had the Q.

Here’s how it went:

With no disclaimer given, we immediately took off on a ½ mile plus run down Rae Road then up Swans Run Rd (I was asking myself if we were back at SOFAWIB).

Then the Warm Up exercises:

20 SSH

10 Low Slow Merkins

Next, we partnered up. Partner One did the ¼ mile plus run (Editor’s Note: it was definitely 0.4 mile loop, not a 1/4 mile loop) around Circle’s End Circle. Partner Two did walking lunges. Once Partner One caught Partner two, flapjack. Repeat twice.

Then we did a Jack Web type exercise from one pushup to six. Brief rest. Back down five to one.

Monkey humpers in cadence X30

Indian Run back to the Church

Pick up lifting rock from the creek

Squat rotation 10 count (no one understood when Daisy explained, I’ll try my best below)

25 LBC

Squat rotation 5 count

On your own, run back to OP parking lot


That was the first sub 70 degree morning we’ve had at Hydra since like March. I showed 49 degrees at the start. Good to see Daisy out to Q. We put in a little over 3 miles total. Cheese Curd was right, at least give us a little heads up before we start running off to Lord knows where. Actually we have been back in that area, about a year or so ago when Sleeping Cow had us running for the full 45 min.

Yeah, so the squat thing with the rocks. We got in a circle. Everybody went down in a squat, holding their rock while  one person counted to 10. We went back up to starting position and repeated for each member of the pax as they counted to 10. There should be an easy name for that, but if there is, I don’t know it.

Monkey humpers in cadence are brutal. I think Daisy might have been the only person that actually completed them all.

The Jack Web wasn’t a true Jack Web. Since Run Stopper was there, and it’s rumored that he was the person that originated the Jack Web, I think Daisy modified it to avoid Copyright infringement.

Thanks for Puddin Pop for the take out.

The Return of Hedo Rick (one week late)

Date:  9/6/18
QIC:  Sleepy
PAX:  Queen, Marge, Hippa, Deep Dish, Gummy, Semi-Gloss, Sprockets, Frosty Paws, Jet Fuel, Slum Dog, Harley, Flo Jo, Revlon, Puddin’ Pop, Tacklin Dummy
“The Return of Hedo Rick”
Warm and humid September morning at Hydra.   Fifteen PAX showed up for a beat down.
After the disclaimer, we immediately headed out on an easy pace warm up run through the hoods on our way to the parking lot behind the office building on Colony (roughly .65 miles). Side note,  I like this parking lot because it’s well lit (I don’t see as well as i used to) and the side walks are even.
In and effort for some PAX to catch their breath, i deviated from my game plan (and subsequently bungled the count):
SSH x 19
IW x 20
The Thang:
Doracides (minus the suicides):
Partner up.  While partner 1 runs around the office building (.15 miles) partner 2 starts the team reps in order:
400 lbc’s
300 merkins
200 squats
100 burpees
Once partner 1 reached partner 2, partner 1 continued reps and partner 2 ran the loop…and so it went on and on and on…..I expected a lot more belly-aching…..
I made a few audibles in an effort to finish all reps but ended up pulling the plug because of time. Not all burpee (the rippin’ and the tearin’) reps were compete.   We took the short way back home (.55 miles).  Once back we had a few minutes of Mary:
Freddie Mercury x 20
Dolly x 20
Mountain Climbers x 20
Heels to heaven x 15
This was a brutal, non-stop workout.  All PAX worked hard and didn’t quit.  Tough guys show up to HYDRA on the regs.  It’s a privilege to spend time with you guys.
-Gummy, Beer run??????
-You can get in a BRR team pretty easy.
Say a quick prayer for all who are participating in BRR.  Speaking of prayer, how can you not be ready for the day after a take out by Frosty Paws.  FP, you never disappoint.  Indeed we all have a lot to be thankful for.
Hope to see you all next Thursday (which was today).  Thanks,

10 Gentlemen and 8 Clowns

QIC: Queen

Pax: Clover, Gummy, HIPPA, Hopper, Tacking Dummy, Harley, Spackler, Puddin Pop, Schmedium, Polo (FNG), Hannibal, Jet Fuel, Marge, Queen, Fry Daddy, Floor Slapper, Semi Gloss, One-Eye

The Pax was 18 strong (actually about 10 strong esteemed gentlemen and about 8 clowns). The weather was great as it never rains at Hydra. Here’s how the work out went:

SSH: 25

IW: 20

Slow Squat: 10

Slow Merkin: 10

Mosey to the short field. Karaokee to one end and back then walking lung half way, run the other half and repeat back.

Mosey to the football field. Start at the goal line and go 60 yards and do 15 hand release merkins. Run back to the goal line and do 14 hand release merkins. Run back 60 yards and do 13. You get the rest, all the way down to 1. Then 25 Freddie Mercury’s.

Over to the playground. Partner up. Partner One runs around the school, partner two does pull-ups and air squats. Combine to do 200 air squats and 50 pull ups. Those that finished their second run and their partner had completed that number did 20 more of each. Then 20 LBC’s.

Mosey to the tree with the eight benches around it. 20 step ups each leg, 15 dips, 10 incline pushups.

Mosey back to the launch area. Russian twist X25, then Protractor.


It was a lively group. The merkin ladder early on was a beast. That was meant to quiet some of the chatter (mission accomplished). There was a actually some very respectable effort. One-eye crushed the merkin ladder. Semi Gloss and Spackler appeared to complete it with proper form. Spackler has extra energy saved from never doing burpees.

I question how many partner teams truly made it to 50 pull ups. After having us do 120 hand release merkins, I’ll allow for a little slacking, there.

Welcome Polo, a new FNG. We were all disappointed at the end when we couldn’t come up with a better name. That used to be one of the strengths of this group. We’ve gone soft in that area. Seriously, welcome Polo, you did well for first or second time out.

I had the distance down at 2.5.

Announcements: BeerRun this Saturday. See Gummy or check slack for details.

Three’s A Crowd

3 pax enjoyed a soggy trip around Charlotte Latin on a rainy morning.  Site Q’s were nowhere to be found.

Started off with just two pax (YHC and HIPAA) but McGee soon joined (after he came in late and parked his car on the opposite side of campus).  He somehow found us.

Run to track and do about 3/4 of a lap breaking off onto the 50-yard line.

4 corners (I know… a track doesn’t have corners).  Do 20 of each exercise at a corner of the track with 10 wide-arm merkins at the 50-yard line between exercise.  Exercises were Jump Squats, LBCs, Lunges (10 each leg) and CDDs.  2 two rounds of this.

Next we headed to the rock pile.  If we’d had more than 3 pax, we would’ve picked up a rock and done a partner CMIYC up to the shed above SwimMAC (to try to stay somewhat dry).  Instead, we all grabbed a rock and moseyed up there.

At the shed, do 20 dips and 20 derkins.  Grab rock and do 20 bicep curls then take a lap around the circle out front.  Then overhead press and lap.  Then tricep extension and lap.  Repeat this circuit twice.

Grab rock and head back to rock pile.  Grab a piece of the wall right next to rock pile for wall sits and 50 civilian count arm raises.

We have a few minutes left so McGee suggest a lap around the track.  Sounds good.

Head back to the launch with a stop under a nice dry pavilion for some Mary.  15 Dolly, 15 Rosalita, 15 Flutter and some protractor.  Then, with a few minutes to kill, some Jack Webb (up to 5 then back to down 1).  Q Fail on the counting here.

Head back to launch to join the FT pax.  Done.


I arrived at Charlotte Latin around 5:15 am on this extra gloomy morning wondering how many pax would eventually join me.  Fast Twitch seemed to have 15 or so pax so surely some Hawks Nest folks would arrive soon.  5:27 am and I’m still the only one there.  This may be a solo workout.  In comes HIPAA to make sure that I’m not creepily running through CL campus alone.  Glad to have the company.  Then we picked up McGee on the way to the track.  Glad he joined as well (after 10 minutes of staring at the sky in his driveway wondering if rain would stop, he finally came to CL albeit a few minutes late).

Great 2nd F today.   Thanks for coming out guys.  Weather reports have not been looking good the last couple days so I knew attendance would be down.  Glad that we got a slight break in the rain (just a little mist) but like McGee said, once you start working out, you don’t notice the rain anymore.


Hydra – 4/19

My first time Q at Hydra today and I was welcomed by 13 brave men on a beautiful spring morning.  Quiet crew overall…heard some chatter from of the heathen bama fans in the group and some reminders that exercises are “optional”, but no complaints about the weather.  Goal was to make us all sore.  Worked for me.

The Thang:

  •         Standard warm up with 20 reps of SSH, Imperial Walker (wheelhouse), Mountain Climber and Low Slow Squat.
  •         Warm up lap through the hood
  •         75% sprint across football field with 20 merkins on one end and 20 jump squats on the other

o   Repeat X 5

  •         Max set of merkins…Bulldog did 7
  •         Moved to playground and partner up

o   50 Pull Ups combined with partner

o   LBC while you wait your turn

  •         Run across the street to the church parking lot…pick up a lifting rock and partner up

o   2 rounds of shoulder press while partner runs parking lot loop

o   2 rounds of curls while partner runs loop

o   Straight arm shoulder raises X50 with partner

  •         Back across street to school to the track

o   1 lap with 20 merkin / 20 jump squats at the “corners”

·         To the parking lot and circle up for Mary

o   20 X Flutter

o   20 X Dolly

o   20 X Freddie Mercury

o   20 X Slow LBC


Until next time…


“The Rippin’ and the Tearin”  Hedo Rick

When: 3/29/18

QIC: Sleepy

Pax:  Bob Villa, Hippa, Marge, Queen, Puddin Pop, One Eye, Lewinsky, Slum Dog, Semi Gloss, Scratch and win, Hopper, Gum Nut, Floor Slapper, Spare Parts (FNG)

First warm Thursday this spring.  After the disclaimer we were off

The Thang:

Moseyed down into OP headed to the parking lot behind the eye doc’s office near HT.  During the run we stopped 4 times and did the following exercises starting with burpees and then adding an exercise with the prescribed number or reps at each additional stop. last set (LBC) was preformed in the parking lot:

5 burpees
20 (each leg) reverse lunge
30 merkins
40 squats
50 LBC

much bellyaching was heard this morning.
at a stop, one of the pax inquired as to how many reps for that exercise and it made me recall how many times Hedo Rick had been to Hedonsism 2… 40 times!!!.. aggressive…

In the parking lot we did some Mary:
-imperial walker
-heels to heaven
-freddie mercury

At this point, anticipating the belly aching, i instructed the pax to head back to school the same way we came stopping periodically and again doing the aforementioned exercises.

Once back, we retrieved the coupons from the back of Big Red.  We alternated with the following exercises (using the coupons) and running a quick lap around the track after each set:
-pushup position row
-side raise
-front raise
-t push up
-sit up
-shoulder press

We finished with 10 burpees.

May 3-5 Mens Retreat at Camp Harrision, see Scratch and Win for details

It was nice to finally have some mild weather this morning.  As usual, I enjoyed the fellowship this morning.  Hope you all have a nice Easter Weekend.  Thanks for taking us out Scratch and Win.