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Misery loves company

The forecast called for a 90% chance of rain at 5AM, so YHC wasn’t expecting much of a turnout at Centurion, but 8 studs proved me wrong — I guess misery loves company.  One even got a little extra credit by running in from his estate.  Although they were prepared for nothing short of a soggy workout, that didn’t stop the grumblings about wet feet, soggy shoes, etc.  05:30 hit.  Disclaimer provided and we did our best to find a dry spot on the Charlotte Catholic campus.  The mosey to the parking deck was a little longer than YHC planned due to a missed turn, but we eventually got there — had to practically cross a river on 51, but the deck was nice & dry.  Wish I could say the same for us.

We entered the deck, ran to the far set of stairs, up one level and back to the deck entrance for COP & the Main Event.


  1. SSH X 20 IC
  2. IW X 10 IC
  3. Hillbillies X 10 IC
  4. Low Slow Squat X 10 IC

The Main Event:


  1. 20 jump squats at the entrance to parking L1.  Run to far stairs.  Up the stairs to L2.  20 Merkins & down the ramp to the Start
  2. 20 jump squats at the entrance on L1, run the stairs up to L3.  20 LBC & down the ramp to L2.  20 Merkins & down the ramp to the Start
  3. 20 jump squats at the entrance on L1, run the stairs up to L4.  20 Carolina Dry Docks & down the ramp to L3.  20 LBC & down to L2.  20 Merkins & down the ramp to Start
  4. 20 jump squats

#2 – Line up along the center wall.  Toy Soldier walk to outside wall & repeato

#3 – Lt. Dan up the ramp from L1 to L2 (try not to make eye contact with the CMPD officer)

#4 – Line up on every other parking space & assume the plank position.  Plank walk R to the next line – 3 Merkins – plank walk back – 20 plank jacks.  Repeato 5X

#5 – People’s Chair on the wall + 25 air presses

#6 – 25 calf raises each direction (toes straight, pointed in, pointed out)

#7 – People’s Chair on the wall + 50 air presses

Return to launch (in the rain & ankle deep puddles) for 6 MOM

  1. Cumberland Co. Viaduct X 10 IC each side
  2. LBC X 20 IC
  3. Flutter X 20 IC
  4. Tabletop plank for 60 seconds



Great effort out there today by everyone.  Site FNG, TriDelt, made an appearance and YHC saw several new faces (Can’t remember all of the names, so no tags – Q fail).  That’s the greatest benefit of Q’ing at an AO where you aren’t a regular — it shakes things up for everyone.  It didn’t take long to forget about the nasty weather.  Miserable conditions help build bonds that workouts in sunny and 70 degree days can’t.  It was a great honor to lead.  I hope to have the opportunity to do it again sometime.


Thanks to Mermaid for the Take Out.



March Sadness

There are few regions that are setting the example of how to Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right & Leave Right better than the men of F3 Waxhaw.  That’s why I was honored to be asked to Q Homecoming (more on that later).  YHC did a little recon work at the campus, was given some advice from Posse on how to handle the Corona-COT and set out to put together a weinke that would make the Pax hate me for putting them through it, but would also make them want me to come back again for a future Q.  I’ll leave that up to the 5 who weren’t either self-quarantined, at Commitment or at Gladiator to decide.  Here’s how it went down.


The Roving COP

Mosey from cars to top of carpool circle – SSH X 20

Mosey to top of hill – IW X 20

Mosey back to bottom of hill – Low Slow Squats X 20

Mosey back to carpool dropoff lane – Arm Circles X 10 each direction

The Thang

Partner up for CMIYC – no touching!  P1 runs the carpool circle.  P2 performs called exercise until P1 catches them

  • Rd 1 – 10 Merkins & lunge walk
  • Rd 2 – 10 Merkins & lunge walk right side
  • Rd 3 – 10 Merkins & lunge walk left side
  • Rd 4 – 10 Merkins & reverse lunge walk back to start

Mosey to band tower.  P1 runs stairs X 3.  P2 performs called exercise until P1 completes 3 climb

  • Rd 1 – LBC
  • Rd 2 – Flutter
  • Rd 3 – Elbow plank


Mosey to Monkey Bars.  All exercises OYO X 3 rounds

  • 10 Bonnie Blairs
  • 5 Pull Ups


Mosey to elementary school playground

  • Burpee broad jumps across basketball court X 3

Grab a lifting rock from rock pile at the fence

  • O/H press X 20
  • Tricep Extension X 20
  • Curls X 20

Mosey to swings

  • Plank with feet in swings.  Knees to chest X 10
  • Derkins with feet in swings X 10


Mosey to basketball court for March Madness Sadness

Shoot free throws – every make removes 10 reps from the called exercise (except burpees.  1 make removes 1 burpee)

10 Merkins X Pax = 50 Merkins at stake.  Had to perform 40.  SMH

10 WWII sit-ups X Pax = 50 WWII sit-ups.  Had to perform 40.  SMH

10 Burpees.  Had to perform 9.  SMH


Mosey back to Middle School carpool lane but stop at rock pile by “mobile classrooms” for 20 more O/H press.

  • Mosey to cars for Mary
  • Freddie Mercury X 20
  • Dolly X 20
  • Flutter X 15
  • American Hammer X 10



I mentioned earlier that I was honored to be asked to Q a workout in Waxhaw, but Posse let it slip that they were running out of people for the 70 Day Q Challenge and were scraping the bottom of the barrel….

It was good to see Blue Screen back in the Gloom.  #Kotters  Dude can almost shoot a decent free throw

I had the opportunity to meet Southern Tip this morning for the first time.  He’s killing it like a veteran.  He was out front for  every mosey but didn’t set any records from the free throw line

Frack came in hot at 5:30 but made up for being “late” with his effort this morning.  Don’t be surprised if you see him practicing his free throws.  Just sayin’

Posse did a solo pre-run to get warmed up and killed it during the workout.  Dude always puts forth a solid effort but I don’t think his 2.0 has to worry about his dad beating him in P-I-G or any other basketball game any time soon.

YHC is sorely disappointed that all of the Spring sporting events have been Covid-cancelled (#MarchSadness), so YHC decided to build in a little fun this AM and everyone discovered how humbling and hard it is to shoot a free throw with 1) a flat basketball and 2) with wobbly arms fresh off of dozens of reps of pull ups, merkins, O/H presses, curls & tricep extensions.  It’s a good thing the Pax at homecoming are so good at boot camping because b-ball is definitely not their strong suit.  I think we made 4/20.

During Name-O-Rama, YHC was called out for starting with a fist bump. #Cobains  It’s hard to break old habits because even though I was called out, Posse still gave me the knuckles.  #Cobains.  The rest of the COT was done with proper social distancing and we finished up kneeling during our closing prayer.  Thanks to Blue Screen for the take out.

I was worried about living up to the standard the Waxhaw region has set for its workouts and tried to create a fun & challenging beatdown.  I was happy to hear that I built in some coupons & areas that had not yet been discovered.  Weddington Middle is a great AO.  I hope everyone got their money’s worth because it was truly an honor to be asked to lead this morning.  Already looking forward to the next time.



  • Converged Coffeeteria with Gladiator & Commitment immediately after Homecoming
  • Looking for fresh faces to Q Sparta (in Matthews) on Thursday mornings at 05:15
  • Southern Tip has his VQ at Homecoming next week
  • Blue Screen will pick up one of the remaining 5 open Q slots at Clyent Dinner  🙂

We Ran, We Saw, We Conquered


Madison (Q), Gypsy, Christmas, Arena, Retread, Funky Cold, Full House, Box Truck, Turkey Leg, Cage

The Thang

Disclaimer given

Leave AO & turn left onto Trade St.  Follow Trade across new bridge & regroup on the other side.

YHC explained that the workout consisted of timed hill repeats until 6:05, and then we’d head back.

Run up the hill towards Squirrel Lake Park for 2 min and recover back down to the bridge.  Repeat until 6:05.

The Mole Skinny

8/10 Pax were thinking “Safety First” and wore reflective gear and/or headlamps. 

I’m sure somewhere on some obscure marathon training plan, it was either Hill Repeats or Timed Intervals Day. The guys who showed this AM are some of the toughest MF’ers out there.  There’s nothing we can throw at them that will knock them off their game.  We’ve tried The Board of Suck, tires, hill repeats, track intervals and even timed hill repeats.   

We should feel honored to be the first people in all of Matthews to travel across the “new” bridge on Pleasant Plains.  Just minutes after our workout ended, the barrels were moved and the “new” bridge was open to traffic.

I don’t know how many of the PAX listed above are training for Fall marathons (full or half), but they should be.  They are solid, strong & fast runners, and it was an honor to lead.

No tires were injured in the making of this workout


Let Them Soar 5K is Oct 12.  Speed for Need event.  Come support the race and make a Track Commander’s day.

Contact Gypsy to Q Sparta

Thanks to Slim Fast for taking us out.

Put the end of your hose in the bush(es)

Warm temps brought out the best WUC had to offer on Monday morning.  The clock struck 05:15 and 8 PAX were off under the watchful eye of a friendly Union County sheriff’s deputy.  He witnessed the following:

05:15 Disclaimer & mosey from launch site towards Target stopping at the far corner for 20 SSH IC. 
The roving COP yogged to the next far corner for 20 Low Slow Squats IC. 
The caravan of Pax completed the last COP exercise at the midpoint of the parking lot with 10 Merkins IC.

The Warm UP
Line up on the curb facing the far end.  Before us are 6 parking islands and we quickly put them to work as our 1st pain station.
At each island, perform 6 reps of called exercise.  Complete 6 times. 6 Islands, 6 reps, 6 times a/k/a The Beast
Exercises consist of 1) Merkins 2) Jump Squats 3) LBC 4) Carolina Dry Dock 5) Sister Mary Catherine 6) American Hammer
Warm Up over

The Main Event
YHC overheard a comment that I wasn’t going to be invited back when the Beast was called. I guess if it’s a one & done type of Q, may as well give it all I got.
Mosey to corner 3 of the Target parking lot, hang a left and head back towards the launch point.  Along the way, we find our 2nd pain station.  YHC has strategically placed 9 different stations in the parking lot.  The idea is for each Pax member to pick a station (2-8) and performed the called exercise until the Pax at station 1 finishes a down & back lap, then everyone moves one station to the right.  The wild card is that station 1 (timer station) has a 40ft long, 50lb fire hose that ‘s ready to be put into action.  
Station 1 = pull the hose past the island (approx. 40 yards) and back 
Station 2 = Merkins
Station 3 = Jump Squat
Station 4 = LBC
Station 5 = Wide Arm Merkins
Station 6 = SSh
Station 7 = American Hammer
Station 8 = Carolina Tri Docks
Repeat the circuit 2X

6 Minutes of Mary
LBC / Flutter / Freddie Mercury / Pretzel Crunch (each side) X 20 IC


I was honored when Damascus asked me via text on an early January morning to Q Asylum on Feb 4.  I quickly obliged and once he knew he had me, he followed up his original text with one that simply said, “In full disclosure, that’s the Monday after the Super Bowl”.  The guys at Asylum are like the New England Patriots — you can throw anything at them and they keep giving it their best and perform at the top of their game.  Every. Single. Time.
There isn’t a harder working group of Pax in the F3 Nation.  Proof of that claim was the fire hose pull.  The immediate grumble chatter about the hose led me to believe it was making it’s first appearance at Asylum.  To ease everyone into their first experience with the coupon, YHC instructed to pull the hose to the first island and to run back.  2nd man up was to run down & pull it back.  Damascus set the stage early and modified — he pulled the hose down AND back.  No one was going to let him work harder than they were, so each man followed suit.  YHC even noticed that on the 2nd round, guys were ramming the leading edge of their hose thru the bush #thatswhatshesaid — an extra 15 yards away.
Lesser AOs leave the hose at the pain station and make the Q tidy up after COT, but not these fine gentlemen.  The Pax was so enamored with the coupon, they pulled it back to the launch site.
 During Pain Station #2 chatter turned to the big game from the night before, Tom Brady, Julian Edleman, PED’s and then somehow focused on Damascus, his home in Maine, and his nipples.  I’ll leave the rest to you imagination.

TClaps to all 9 who forced themselves out of the fartsack on the morning of a day that has more people calling in sick than any other da of the year.

Thanks to Damascus for asking me to lead such a fine group.  It was an honor

Q Source following
Joe Davis – March 9

How Far Is Too Far to Pull the Hose?

PAX:  Bernanke, Woody, Hair Band, Bullwinkle, Gypsy & Christmas

That’s what she said. That quote was hear within minutes of the PAX leaving the dim warm dome light in their vehicles. I think it was because they witnessed YHC pulling the hose out of Gypsy’s truck. Various moans & groans could be heard. A witty comment or 2 was made and “That’s what she said” quickly followed. YHC signed up to Q Thrive a several weeks back and was excited to get back to one of the best bootcamp AOs in A51. YHC had no idea snow & ice would fall a few days before #Cantore, but Tuesday AM was cold & dry. Sadly, several PAX decided to fartsack and missed the fun that followed. That’s what she said.  That quote was hear within minutes of the PAX leaving the dim warm dome light in their vehicles.  I think it was because they witnessed YHC pulling the hose out of Gypsy’s truck.  Various moans & groans could be heard.  A witty comment or 2 was made and “That’s what she said” quickly followed.  YHC signed up to Q Thrive a several weeks back and was excited to get back to one of the best bootcamp AOs in A51.  YHC had no idea snow & ice would fall a few days before #Cantore, but Tuesday AM was cold & dry.  Sadly, several PAX decided to fartsack and missed the fun that followed. 

It went down like this.

Leave the parking lot and mosey down the side street to the far end.  Circle up for SSH in cadence.  Perform SSH until 6 joins the COP.  (We did 50 IC)

Mosey down the street behind Carolina Courts to the other end.  Perform Low Slow Squats until the 6 catches up. (We did 25 LSS)

Mosey down the street to the left of CC and stop at the 3rd corner for Mountain Climbers until 6 catches up. (We did 25 MC in cadence and then switched to Merkins)

Complete the 4 corners of COP by running back to the cars.  Mix in a shuffle to the right & a shuffle to the left.  Halt at the picnic shelter & find a partner

  • Round 1:  P1 holds a plank position while P2 performs bench dips with feet on P1.  20 reps in cadence.  Flap jack
  • Round 2:  P1 holds a plank position while P2 performs Derkins with feet on P1.  10 reps in cadence.  Flap jack

Mosey to side street #1 for station work (there just happened to be a 40ft firehose laying around).

  • Station 1 (timer) = firehose pull – 50yds down & 50 yds back
  • Station 2 = Merkins
  • Station 3 = Prisoner Squats
  • Station 4 = LBC
  • Station 5 = Carolina Tri Docks
  • Station 6 = Reverse Lunges

Station 7 = American Hammer

Perform exercise at your station until hose gets back.  Shift 1 spot to the left.  Repeato until everyone has had a turn on the hose.  #thatswhatshesaid

10 minutes left.  Plenty of time for Dan Taylor & Jack Webb.  Dan Taylor is Jack’s 2nd cousin on his mother’s side.  It’s 1 full squat followed by 4 lunges.  Jack Webb is 1 merkin followed by 4 air presses

  • Dan Taylor – 1:4 –> 5:2
  • Jack Webb – 1:4 –> 5:20

Finish up with Mary – LBC x 20, Flutter x 20 in cadence


It’s been a while since the fire hose has been to Thrive.  I’m sure the PAX would all like it to be a while before it makes its return.  That 50+/- yards each way was a killer.  Lots of chatter the night before about posting in the cold, moist temps.  That’s all it was — chatter, because none of the talkers bothered to show.  YHC heard at least 5-6 “That’s What She Said” references.  They come all to easy when the hose is out (that’s what she said).


Conviction needs Q’s

A Call to Action! – Let Them SOAR! 5K Pre-blast

The opportunity to participate in a Speed For Need race is not something to take lightly. If you’ve ever been to a race that SFN is a part of, you see the joy that our riders & their families have from our efforts and willingness to finish second. Being part of a SFN event is touches the lives of so many people. If you’ve been to one, you have seen it firsthand. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity, your next chance is November 10.

The mission of The Exceptional Foundation of Charlotte is to provide a facility and programs for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to meet regularly and experience a broad range of social and recreational activities designed to promote healthy living, support social relationships, explore the arts, improve functional skills and foster community involvement.  TEFC is celebrating its 2nd anniversary by hosting the 2nd annual Let Them SOAR! 5K on November 10, and you get to be a part.

Speed for Need was honored to provide racing chariots for Track Commanders Kyle and Connor last year, and we’re excited to participate in the race again this year. We’ve added additional Track Commanders this year and will be including a Ruck team to participate in the 5K. Again, we get to be a small part of a life changing experience for the TCs and their families.

You do not want to miss this opportunity to live 3rd, and to be the vessel that provides a lasting impact to people and their friends & families with disabilities. The Let Them SOAR! 5K launches from Christ Covenant Church, the AO for Skunkworks & Kevlar, and the race course takes you through the heart of Downtown Matthews. Details on the race as well as a link to register are below…you can participate by yourself, join a team, or even be a “Spirit Runner” (you get a t-shirt and don’t have to run!).

Camp Fun Shine becomes Camp Mud Run

YHC expected the regular group of regular attendees at Sparta this AM because it was not raining, and the screen shot of Spartan turned part-time weather man, Gypsy, showed 34% chance of rain — that’s 66% of no rain.  We all thought we were in the clear, literally.  Mother Nature decided otherwise & when the clock struck 05:15 this AM, YHC, Gypsy & Christmas tried to dodge rain drops as we headed out on our tour of Historic Downtown Matthews.

The Thang

There was a solid group of runners present this AM, so we threw out the Weinke and just ran.  In the rain.  Over downed trees, through mud, and in the rain some more.  Two of us got 5.25 miles and 1 got 6.2.  One got muddy, and all got soaked.

The Moist Moleskin

It was dry until 5:15.  Then it started to rain, and it rained hard for about 50 minutes of our 60 minute workout.  Although it was raining, most of the run went without incident. YHC intentionally avoided the 4 Mile Greenway because it was likely full of puddles.  We ended up there anyway, and found a tree down on the path.  There were no issues going up, over & around the mighty oak.  It eventually stopped raining and headlamps were practically useless.  On the trail, it was so foggy (moist) and damp that they provided little less than an amber glow in the gloom.  The certainly failed to illuminate large piles of mud that were washed across the path.  YHC found one the hard way, took a trip, and simulated a Pete Rose-esque type of slide though the mud.  Thankfully, the mud was 2-3 inches thick, so road rash was minimal.  (I was so covered that I had to hose off in the yard when I got home.)  We got back to the AO to meet up with Peak 51, and it started to rain again.  Hard.  It sucked.


sign up to Q Sparta.  It’s fun

Christmas has his Birthday Q at Kevlar tomorrow – hope he doesn’t wear his birthday suit.


Great group of men, friends & athletes.  As always, it’s an honor to lead.



Don’t Overthink It

The Matrix Q schedule is planned 12 months in advance, and if you’ve ever posted there, you are on the list.  I was reminded at 9:30 PM (thanks Gypsy) that I was on the list for today.  The news would normally have sent YHC into a panic, but a few cold brews at a neighbor’s cook out kept me from totally freaking out.  It was too late to get too creative, so I decided to go with a meat & potatoes boot camp that consisted of lifting heavy things & running, & then lifting some more.  I thought I had a good plan…  Then the PAX showed up.  The dudes that post at The Matrix are beasts.  When I looked around the circle of HIMs waiting for me to give the disclaimer, I instantly had second thoughts about (what I perceived as) the lack of planning.  I was just hoping to make a few of them break a sweat.

The Main Event

Disclaimer.  Mosey from the cars, down & around the lower lot, back to the cars and out into the wet grass a/k/a the soccer field for COP.

SSH x 25 IC / IW x 20 IC / Hillbillies x 20 IC / Low Slow Squats x 20 IC / Partner up

Mosey to rock pile & grab a lifting rock.  Mosey across wet grass a/k/a soccer field back to lower lot.  The mosey call with a lifting rock was obviously a crowd pleaser because several broke their silence and expressed their (lack of) appreciation.  Halt at the parking island for partner work.

P1 performs called exercise while P2 runs a lap.  Relieve partner 1.  Repeat

  • exercise 1 = lift rock above your head and walk a lap (some sort of demented CMIFC)
  • exercise 2 = overhead press
  • exercise 3 = goblet squat
  • exercise 4 = curls
  • exercise 5 = flutter press
  • exercise 6 = tricep extenstions
  • exercise 7 = walking lap holding the rock above your head

Drop the rocks & line up (with your partner) on the middle parking line facing the curb.  P1 performs called exercise to curb & back while P2 planks.  Flap jack

  • exercise 1 – lunge walk with overhead reach / regular plank
  • exercise 2 – side lunge / R arm high – switch to L arm when partner starts his return
  • exercise 3 – lunge walk with torso rotation / regular plank – switch to 6″ when partner reaches the curb
  • exercise 4 – bear crawl / reverse plank (think table top)

Return rocks to pile & mosey back to cars for 8 MOM

LBC x 20 IC / Dolly x 20 IC / Rosalita x 20 IC / American Hammer x 20 IC / WW II sit ups x 10 OYO



The PAX began showing up early and kept rolling in even after we started our mosey.  The guys are definite beasts, and many are training for the BRR or some other crazy event, so I was honored to lead them this AM.  Lots of chatter in the morning soup known as July humidity.  The constant sound of whatever nonsense comes from the likes of Alf, McGee, Prohibition, Lex Luther, Gypsy, etc. is considered some weird form of motivation.  Keep up the smack talk — it builds camaraderie.  The form on many went from bad to worse as the workout wore on.  Guys need to pay more attention to the likes of Rachel and Squid.  #strengthenyourcore  The laps around the parking lot generated some friendly competition in the form of sprints.  Christmas, Tulip, Drive By, Laronda & Tebow showed that they have a 2nd gear on the back stretch #sandbagging.  Some, like O’Tannenbaum, Ocho Cinco, Grape Juice, Smedium, Cage,  didn’t fall victim to the hype and kept digging & giving 100% the entire way.  Despite the heat & humidity, no one mailed it in today.  The guys came expecting to work, and by the looks of the PAX wringing out their shirts at the end, they got what they came for.

It is always an honor to lead, to be recognized by, and to be considered a friend by the gang at The Matrix.




American 4 Miler is Wed.  Bring shovel flags

Check social media for various convergences


TCLAPS to Squid for the solid take out

Visiting Hours

Downtown Matthews provides numerous scenic routes for the weekly running/bootcamp workout known as Sparta. Ironman training is on hold for a couple of weeks and YHC was on Q for the first time in what seemed like forever, so it was decided that we would visit parts of town that have yet to be explored in the early morning hours of our training runs. I was joined by the usual cast of characters, Arena, Arsenal, Horse Head, Gypsy and Thurston.

It went down a little something like this.

Give Disclaimer.

Leave Matthews Elementary and hang a right on Trade Street.  Run for your life (literally) as you cross the intersection at John & Trade, cross the railroad tracks and hang a quick left into the public parking lot beside Seaboard. Circle up for COP.

IW x 20 IC / LSD x 15 IC / Merkins x 10 IC / Mosey

Exit the public parking lot via the back entrance.  Hang a right.  Run 1 block & hang another right (don’t know the street names).  Cross Trade and mosey down Matthews-Mint Hill Rd to the Harris Teeter sign warehouse. Somewhere along the way there was a lot of grumbling about too much running at a running work out, so to silence thhe discenters, we gathered at the  entrance of the Harris Teeter sign warehouse. When the six regrouped, we headed to the bottom of the hill and YHC called our first exercise.  I called it a triple nickel — 5 burpees at the bottom of the hill, run to the top, 5 burpees & return.  Repeat 5 times.  (5/5/5)  There was immediate discussion & debate on what a triple nickel actually is, but everyone worked hard despite the mumble chatter.  Pick up the 6 and head back towards downtown with a detour onto the Novant Matthews campus.

My scouting trip at 7PM on the day before led me to believe that the access road was a good place to exercise — low traffic and plenty of options.  This was half true — there are plenty of options for pain stations.  However, between the nurse shift change and the people arriving for their outpatient colonoscopies, the service road has to be the busiest street in town at 05:45.  Not needing any day surgeries, we took our chances anyway….

Starting at the 1st light pole, perform called exercise.  Sprint to next light pole, perform called exercise.  Repeat until the end.  If the light was on your left, exercise = 10 Merkins.  If light is on the right, 10 Squats.  In total, we did approximately 100 Merkins & 100 Squats.  To return to our starting point, the called exercises were sprint intervals — sprint to light, recover to next.  Repeat until we were back at Matthews-Mint Hill Rd.

Time to mosey back to the AO, but first a quick stop back at the public parking lot for 2 sets of 20 dips on the rock wall OYO.  When done, head back to Matthews Elementary for various  stretching exercise & regroup with the guys from Peak51 for COT.


We covered 4.25 – 4.5 miles along the way, did 50 burpees, 100 merkins, 100 squats & 40 dips.  The initial grumbles about routes & distance were quickly replaced by heavy breathing and sweat — a perfect Sparta workout (but I may be biased).  Horse Head used his time at Sparta to advertise a Monday morning running workout — Horsey McHorseface.  I guess he was just trying to keep his mind off of the burpees.  Gypsy is a beast.  He’ll be on a BRR team before long.  In fact, Arsenal, Arena & Thurston should be on everyone’s short list for team members.   Tell them I volunteered them, just expect Arsenal to wear long pants.  I’m starting a clothing drive to provide him with some workout shorts.  Arena showed up in the M-mobile due to a fender bender caused by a distracted driver, #donttextanddrive, but despite driving the mini van, he punched his man card by killing the workout.  Thurston doesn’t say much.  Or, maybe he does, but he’s so far out in front that I can’t hear what he says.  I’m going to tie his shoes together on my next Q so I have a chance of keeping up with him.

We have a solid group of regulars and as the BRR approaches, our numbers are expected to grow.   We hope to see you at Sparta next week.  Expect a solid beat down because Gypsy is on Q.


American 4-miler is 7/4.  It’s a SFN race.  Come support, push, race, or volunteer


Thanks for making Sparta part of your weekly F3 workouts.  It’s an honor to lead but more of an honor to call each of you friends.


Email reminders & that Sally song

P200 training has me running more that posting at boot camps, but I took this as an opportunity to reunite with some of the best & strongest PAX in A51.  The forecast called for sub freezing temps, but that’s okay – we’d warm up quickly.  At 5:30, the 11 of us gathered in the parking lot for the disclaimer and took off for a warm up lap around the track, took a left out of the parking lot and down to the rock pile.  Circle up for COP

SSH x 25 IC, LSS, X 20 IC, IW X 20 IC, Mtn Climbers X 20 IC

Partner up & find a lifting rock in the pile – 1 rock per team – for Rocks-anne

P1 runs down “Graveyard Rd” to the parking lot on the left and returns.  P2 performs called exercise.  Flapjack when P1 returns & continue the routine until the cumulative number of reps is completed.

Exercise 1 = O/H press X 200 – the PAX finished this too quickly & paid the price

Exercise 2 = Curls X 300

Exercise 3 = Bent Over Rows X 200

Mosey to courtyard between Worship Center & Lower School to meet Mary.  P1 runs up the emergency exit stairs & back while P2 exercises.  Flapjack when P1 returns.  Rinse & repeat until total number of reps is complete.

Exercise 1 = LBC X 200

Exercise 2 = Fluter X 200

Mosey back to cars & circle up for more Mary, a/k/a Sally.  Plank it up and follow the instructions in Moby’s “Flower” — Bring Sally up, Bring Sally down……  (you know the tune).  We cut this a little short because I’ve always been told “if you can’t do it, don’t Q it.”  We “Sally’d” for most of the tune then moved to our six for Freddie Mercury X 20 IC.


No Announcements



Having the opportunity to Q Kevlar on Friday was a welcome relief to logging miles for P200 training.  Mother Nature spoiled us a few weeks ago with warm temps but she reminded us that it’s technically still Winter this week.  The weather may have kept a few guys in the fartsack, but for the 11 that posted Friday, I’m betting they’re still feeling the workout today (Sat).  I know I am…. Kevlar is a great AO with lots of options and the weinke I wrote out on Thursday took advantage of many of the opportunities it presented to us.  I intended to stop by the hill for a brief stay, but we’ll have to save that for next time.  The PAX crushed the first Rocks-anne set, the exercises at the rock pile, and caused me to audible to a higher number for the curls.  Jumping from 200 to 300 reps led to several groans and some indistinguishable mumblechatter, but when you guys wear those tanks this Summer, you & your biceps will thank me.  I think the emergency exit stairs behind the Worship Center may be the only set of stairs at an A51 AO & we put them to good use.  Performing any exercise to “that Sally song” just plain sucks — especially when you do planks & merkins.  Most of the PAX seemed to shift to some variations of yoga poses after the 1st chorus – think downward dog or child’s  pose.  As we wrapped up the workout, YHC mentioned the reminder email that Orange Whip sent the day before.  This apparently reopened old wounds, and the PAX tasted the blood in the water.  Proper contact info is apparently a  sensitive subject at Thrive — just ask Cotton Tail — but no one seemed to matter.  I think he & OW are still debating the issue as I type this BB.


Thrive is a great AO and the guys there are second to none.  It’s always an honor to lead.  I’m already looking forward to the next one – as long as Orange Whip emails me to remind me.