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Redemption Q

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After a little goof up last Monday, that left many Clydesdale Pax to suffer at the hand of Dasher, I had to get back out and redeem myself for failing to show for my Q.  That is now behind us, so lets move on.

The Thang:

  1. DICCS handled
  2. Mosey to Rudy’s poop palace for a little warm-up.  Light stretching and the usual suspect exercises.
  3. Mosey to the traffic circle behind the High School
  4. Out and Back’s – So look, when you’re a Clydesdale Q’ing a Gazelle oriented workout, you have to get creative.  Last week as I was pondering the Q I would ultimately miss, I came up with this idea.  Everyone launches from and returns to the traffic circle.  You run 4 minutes out and then turn around and run back.  This allows the Gazelles to stretch their legs and naturally pick up the six on the return trip.  We did this 4x with a few minutes of Mary and Planking between each leg.
  5. Mosey back to Rudy’s poop palace.
  6. Lieutenant Dan up the back drive to COT.  Each light stop and do 1 squat and 4 backward lunges.  Increasing per the usual at each light.  We ended on the 9th light, with 9 squats and 36 backward lunges.
  7. COT
  8. Announcements – Thursday night load a truck at Christ’s Closet, bound for distribution in Wilmington.  Sign up for the 1/30 blood drive.  CSAUP coming up on 2/6.
  9. Prayer
  10. Family Photo

Peace.  Redemption attained.


We were running with Lieutenant Dan

How to be Superhuman: Rop Pope running – interview

The Thang:

  1. DICCS handled
  2. Quick running warm-up around the MRHS parking lot.  Stops at each cross-section for an exercise.
  3. First up was a running version of Lieutenant Dan.
    • Pax lined up on line at one end of the parking lot. Start at the bottom of the hill/parking lot with one lunge, run to the top of the parking lot for 4 backward lunges.  We went up the line and back down.  I am told we hit 347 backward lunges and 1/4 that of squats.
    • Grab rocks and a partner.  Back online at the parking lot.  100x each of curls, triceps extensions, standing front lateral press, and lying bench press.  One pax runs while the other works.
  4. COT
  5. Announcements
  6. Prayer

It was cold. We ran, squatted, lunged, moved heavy stuff and sweat.  We also had the Mashers with us.

Ahh…The Warm Glow of Christmas In Waxhaw

Aah….the promise of a workout by Christmas lights.  What promised to be a cold, bitter morning, turned out to be a nice festive jaunt through downtown Waxhaw.

The Thang

  1. DICCS out
  2. Quick jaunt down Keith Jong Hill and a warm up in the new apartments parking lot.  It was apparent that Ice9 never had an inside voice.  Even his whisper was jarring.  Better than the dry heaving I guess, but loud nonetheless. Quick jog to the backside of the long road to Waxhaw.
  3. Paula Abdul.  5 Merkins forward, 10 squats back.  The Burpee Train made an appearance right at the start.  The majority of the Pax complied with the rules.  Zin was on his own plan.  He drug a few other weak and impressionable Pax along with him, as they continued the Paula Abdul.  Later in the day there was debate about Floater rules.  You will need to get caught up in the Playhouse to understand the court room drama that unfolded.
  4. BLIMPS – Mosey’d to DreamChasers and started BLIMPS (Burpees, Lunges, Incline Merkins, Merkins, Plank Jacks and Squats).  Pair up gazelle and Clydesdale.  50 burpees and 100 of everything else.  Runner is the timer.  Lap around Christmas Island.  Long story short…time ran short….dropped the count to 75 and then 50.
  5. Mosey back to COT


It was a pleasant workout in the glow of downtown Christmas lights.  I saw some of the Pax working out a little closer than they should have been (you know..COVID)…it was just the warmth of the season I guess.  Good group.  It was great to have Deadwood and Dancing Bear cotters.  Announcement were light.  Really don’t remember any of them. I’m about to reference the blacked out picture that Carb Load took and see if I can identify the 16 suspects.  If I miss you, blame Carb Load.

That’s all.  Peace.

Return of the Blockee

Certainly the hit of IPC was the Blockee and I felt like the region had been deprived of her presence for too long.  The goal this morning was to get in plenty of running, in an AO that isn’t necessarily known for it, while keeping true to Chiseled’s name.

The Thang:

  1.  DICCS
  2. Warmup mosey and exercises
  3. Start at one end of the parking lot with your coupon.  Perform reps of a given exercise, rifle carry your block to the next island, place your block down and run to the far end of the parking lot.  Run back to your block, perform the same reps of the same exercise, rifle carry your block to the next island, place it down and run to the far end of the parking lot.  Wash, rinse, repeat all the way down the parking lot and back.
    1. Round trip 1 – 15 curls at each island
    2. Out trip 2 – 3 blockees each island
    3. Return trip 2 – 10 coupon squats
  4. COT


We wound up getting in just under 3 miles and the workout was a smoker.  Good effort by all.  The only awkward thing was when Mayhem whipped out his wood and asked another guy to hold it.  0-69 was the 6th Man and shared a compelling story about the impact of F3 in his life.  One year ago he was 70 pounds heavier and couldn’t tie his own shoes.  He literally credits F3 with saving his life.  This should be a catalyst for you to find guys around you to EH into coming. Go find them, you don’t have to look far.

Prayer requests – J-Woww’s neighbors the Watsons need prayer for the husbands heart attack and wife’s COVID diagnosis.  Catfish’s Step-Father’s Mom is in her final days on this earth and we prayed for a peaceful passing.  I am missing one more….its escaping me.

Have a great day gents!


Kensington 300….or….2100 but who’s counting…..

The temperature in the Queen City is starting to drop and so are the Pax.  47 degrees….what are you going to do when its 4 degrees?  Time to cowboy up gents.  Anyway, 13 Pax joined Commitment for Mash, Rucking and the Kensington 300.  Okay, that’s fake news.  It’s really the Kensington 2100, but who’s counting.

The Thang:

  1. DICCS
  2. Warmup
  3. Mosey to school
  4. Parking lot…find a spot and partner up
  5. 1 coupon per team – 2 pax per team
  • 300 overhead press – 1 pax works and 1 runs a lap
  • 300 coupon curls – run
  • 300 coupon tricep extensions  – run
  • 300 coupon clean & press – run
  • 300 chest press – run
  • 300 coupon squats – run
  • 300 bonus chest presses – yay 😀
  1. COT
So we ran and lifted heavy stuff….over….and over…..and over.  It pretty much sucked and took the whole time. Pray for the Bodo’s with the loss of their son Patrick.  Converge at Christs Closet for a folding party and furniture shuffle.  Sign up for the blood drive.  Prayer and we’re out.

A little off campus hijinks to wrap up the week….

Well there is some discrepancy between the count posted with the picture in social media…which said 26….the recording of NameOrama that Turnbuckle sent me only had 21.  Mashers?  Swarm?  We can’t even begin to speculate.  Anyway, lets get to it. This will be quick.

The Thang:

Short mosey to the front of the high school for warm up.

We’re off…run to the entrance of Champion Forest. The plan was simple today. Get over 3 miles.  From the start/COT to the end of CF’s main drive dead end is 1.6 miles.  So out and back gets us over 3.  Very simple to follow.  First 1/4 of the run…stop at every light and do 10 merkins. At the 4-way stop, circle back for the six.  Next 1/4 leg, stop at every light and do 10 squats. At the end of the road circle back for the six.  Next 1/4 leg stop at every other light and do 5 lunges….circle back for the six.  Last leg to the start…no stopping just run.

For the six police they got just about 4 miles in 45 minutes.  Most others averaged around 3.4 miles.  There was a LOT of policing the six.  However, that isn’t a burden.  It’s what we do.

Announcements were given…Bonefrog Blood Drive…..prayers for Knut’s family as he went to be the with the Lord, prayers for o-69 and his surgery.  I feel like I’m missing one. Anyway, that’s all.


The Serpentine of Doom Abdul

12 Pax joined YHC for a little homage to Delta this morning.

The Thang:

Quick Mosey around the outer perimeter of the Target block.

Warm up –

  • Side Straddle
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Merkins
  • Calf Stretch
  • Upward Dog
  • Downward Dog

The main event today was a little Delta specialty, not often used, the Serpentine of Doom.  My goal though was to try to get 3 miles in without leaving the parking lot.  So I added a little Paula Abdul to the mix.  Grab a partner.  Start in one far corner of the parking lot.  One partner does the exercise while the other runs to the next island and back, to collect their partner.  Both partners then advance to the next island, where the partner who ran first, does the requisite exercise.  Three islands or exercise points for each lane, multiplied by 9 or 10 lanes.  At one end the Pax perform 10 Side straddles and then Bear Crawl the length of the island, then its 10 more Side Straddles.  The middle island in the lane was Merkins and the other end was Burpees separated by the Bear Crawl.

I mean look no matter how simple the directions or plan, or the number of degrees and advance degrees, you just can’t make it simple enough. Today was no exception.  There was confusion everywhere.

At the end we started back and did the parking lot in reverse with a few different exercises to change things up.  This time we left Paula behind and it was OYO.  I think Goodfella may have been the only one to make it all the way through.


First of all it was great to see Radar back out. We had a couple of Mashers, which is always great.  Radar’s Mom was just diagnosed with cancer and needs your prayers.  Sugar Daddy’s parents were just diagnosed with Covid.  I know there was one more but its eluding me.  Prayers for all of those as well as the forgotten and unspoken.  Blood 🩸 drive in October was mentioned, the need to grab the trash on Cutty (which Dancing Bear did solo) and then stick around for QSource.

Posse led QSource and did a great job talking about vision in leadership.  There was great discussion all around.  Make sure you get out to QSource and develop your skills, so you raise your own self-imposed lid on your personal leadership.

Cradle to grave….I prayed us out.


Drop you #@ck’s and grab your rocks or blocks……..

19 Pax met for a little bit of work at the Body Shop today. I had thought of this workout the first time that we scoped out this new AO.  My inspiration was a little simulation of running ammo to forward positions in need.  I have to admit that half the time I was running today, I was thinking back to having Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant Green running behind me yelling, “Don’t hurry or anything Recruit Thoms. We have all (expletive) day.  Your fellow Marines are only dying while you take your sweet ass time running them ammo.”  Of course in that one short narrative there would have been at least 20 F-bomb’s, but I sanitized things here.  Anyway, let’s get on with it.

DICCS – Always have to give the DICCS (Disclaimer, CPR Check, Cell Phone Check and Safety Reminder)  Done.

The Thang:

A quick mosey around the parking lot and circle up for a quick warmup.

Pair up one gazelle and one Clydesdale.  Grab a “shmedium” size rock if you don’t have a coupon.  Not a lifting rock, but not a running rock.

Here’s the workout.  You and your partner will perform 4 total exercises, 2 sets of each, 25 reps per.  You will perform set 1 of exercise 1 and then run the 1/3 mile to the entrance of the school, with your rock or block.  At the entrance you will perform the 1st set of the 2nd exercise and then run the 1/3 mile back, where you will perform the 2nd set of the 1st exercise.  Repeato until you have completed 2 sets of all four exercises.  You will never leave your partner nor your rock/block (ammo).


  1. Curls
  2. Bench Press
  3. Triceps Press
  4. Overhead Press

I did call a mercy audible on the last set of the forth exercise, we were just too short on time unfortunately.  Also props to Posse and his partner who were out front the whole time.  Also, Cotters to Legalized, good to see you back out brother (even if on crutches).


  • Site Q School and Q School in July.  Be on the lookout for deets.
  • Give to 100 Pax Challenge or buy tickets for the Lazy Boy give away.  See Centerfold for tickets. 1 for $10 or 3 for $25.
  • Convergence on Saturday at Blackhawk for 1776.  Don’t ask for details, just go.
  • Prayers for Goodfella and Renee and the baby
  • Prayers for Malik

Cradle to grave…I prayed us out.

Outside their Southern Comfort Zone

8 Pax met up for a bit of boot camp with some distance today.  I am confident the majority of them weren’t prepared for distance, but all did great.

DICCS – Always have to give the DICCS (Disclaimer, CPR Check, Cell Phone Check and Safety Reminder)  Done.

The Thang:

Circle about around Henry Nesbit.  Some quick warm up and off we go.

The plan was to run a mile out straight through, to the workout site.  Reading the crowd I called an audible to Paula Abdul our way to the work site, alternating squats with merkins.  The mile turned into two, with the Paula Abdul’s.

Arrived at the Millbridge construction zone, for a tour of the next building phase.  Run around the new phase, stopping at every intersection for 2 burpees.

Start the mile mosey back, no Paula Abdul, but stop at every 3rd light pole for lunges.  Stopped about 1/2 mile in for 1 minute plank and others to catch their breath.  Stopped again for a 1.5 minute elbow plank for the same purpose again.  Finished up the run back to Nesbit down the back trail.

Covered 4 miles. We had a fair amount of Clydesdales that really never complained and just pushed through.  Great job gents…especially you Sledge-O-Matic.


  • Site Q School and Q School in July.  Be on the lookout for deets.
  • Dad’s camp this morning at 9am.
  • We did an informal turnover of Commitment back to YHC from Rubbermaid in absentia.

Cradle to grave…I prayed us out.

Short and sweet for this backblast.  This is an example for those of you not blessed with the ability to write literary prose that you can simply bust out the basics and get a backblast written in 10 minutes.

Unofficial official Lawson Sub 10 Pax Gathering

The Thang:

The Cock-A-Doodle-Doo (Lawson Style)

1/4 Mile Stretch – Up and Back

  • 10 Jump squats
  • 5 Burpees

Did this up and back 5x.  Covered 2.5 miles.

20x Walking lunges, 3 burpees…declining WL’s by 5 each time.

Mosey back to start – Jack Webb (1 Merkin & 4 Air Presses)


Finished with COT