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5 Years, But It Felt Like the First Time

The last Anvil workout was March 4, 2020, Point Break’s VQ 40th birthday celebration.  The next week, March 11th we all converged at Death Valley for that sendoff.  But after that things went pretty dark pretty quick.  With my 40th on April 11th, I distinctly remember PB telling me I was just a month away and up next for the 40th B-day Q.  Man, how much changed during that month as COVID-19 became more widespread and AOs were shut down..  SYITG went to SYITZ, and while the zoom workouts were good, nothing close to the real thing.  It was good to take this first step of being back at Anvil for a socially distanced workout. My first F3 workout was a one-off that was done at my church sometime back in 2013 time frame before an upcoming men’s retreat.  But I didn’t start coming out to F3 until 5/6/15, my first day at Anvil.  I read some of those backblasts from that time period and remember the one from 5/13/15 (exactly 5 years ago today) quite well.  Maybe we should reenact that one.  Let’s see, Lobsta Roll led it, burpee ladder going up from 1 to 15 and then back down to 11, with 25 of another exercise in between.  Then a burpee/air press Jack Webb for a daily total of 225 burpees.  The audible was called, we would not be doing that again. Weather was pretty perfect, mid 50s, 5 other guys made the count 6 and were disclaimed, although it probably should have been an hour long in our current environment, but we were off. COP Mosey around the parking lot beside 51 and then headed over to the turf for COP. IW x 15 IC LSS x 15 IC Mountain Climber x 15 IC Alternating Shoulder Taps x 15 IC Merkin x 10 IC The Thang: Mosey to the traffic circle at the end of the Avenue of Trees for good ole 5 fingered Starfish.  We would run out, perform exercises, and back to the middle with 20 merkins. 1 – Back to the turf for 3 rounds of 10 plankjacks, bear crawl the turf and 10 Carolina Dry Docks.  Back to middle for 20 merkins. 2 – Mosey to the fields for 3 rounds (which ended up being 4) of 10 American Hammer, run the hill and 10 LBCs.  Back to middle for 20 merkins. 3 – Mosey to the hot box for 3 rounds of 10 step ups, 10 dips and 10 derkins.  Back to middle for 20 merkins. 4 – Mosey to the rock pile for 3 rounds of 10 curls, 10 overhead press and 10 tricep extensions.  Back to middle for 20 merkins. 5 – Finished the starfish on North Face.  3 rounds of 10 jumpsquats, run the hill, 5 burpees at the top.  Back to middle for 20 merkins. Mary Flutter x 15 IC Rosalita x 15 IC Freddy Mercury x 15 IC Moleskin: Chatter was pretty good today, and the 1/3 refusenik held his ground well.  Although Puddin’ did tell me he did the bear crawls for me just because it was my 5 year anniversary, thanks?  Some great commentary on the Last Dance, football, golf, etc.  But really just great to be back together. 5 years of F3 go by pretty fast.  When I started F3, I was already in multiple men’s groups through church and being from Charlotte had a pretty good network.  But dropping our Y membership so I could play golf at Raintree I just needed someplace to workout.  Therefore, I feel like for the first few years didn’t really give F3 it’s due.  If I’m being honest I just needed the workouts and felt like I was pretty good everywhere else.  But after a while the people are what draw you in.  My wife, as I’m sure some of yours have as well, has been doing those enneagram personality studies and I’ve since learned sustaining that model for me just wasn’t going to be possible.  Whatever I do, I need to be in it, just not someone who shows up for 45 minutes a few mornings a week.  But man has that been a struggle with weekend activities with the kids, both sides of our family in town and other groups as well.  But I’m trying, and will continue to do better.  It’s an awesome group of guys and I love the camaraderie and accountability.  Keep doing what you are doing and we’ll bring a whole bunch of sad clowns up with us.  SYITG.

The 40 Year Old Virtual Virgin Q Birthday Preblast

I guess it’s time to pad the F3 resume and add virtual Q to my “skills”.  I’ll check back afterwards to see if anyone has offered any endorsements.  Unfortunately I’ve only participated in one of these, but Bucky did a fine job so we’ll see how this goes.  Find a home base somewhere where you can have access to:

  1. Rock, dumbell, etc for curls, tricep extensions, overhead press and skullcrushers
  2. Wall, chair, bench for dips, step-ups
  3. 1-2 minute run route for a few out and backs.
  4. To keep with Rock Zero fashion, I’ll be having a non-virtual bourbon virtually for anyone who would like to join.



Imperial Walker x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Parker Peter x 10 IC


The Thang – some 40s

In each round, you will perform each exercise x 10, 4 times through, or a total of 40 of each exercise.  After each round, run out 1 minute and back.

Round 1


Alternating Shoulder Taps

Rock Curls


  • Run, Calf Raises waiting on six


Round 2

Wide Arm Merkin

Plank Jack

Rock Tricep Extension


  • Run, Dips waiting on six


Round 3

Carolina Dry Docks

Makhtar Ndiaye

Rock Press


  • Run, Al Gore waiting on six


Round 4

Diamond Merkin

10 Second hold low plank

Rock Skullcrusher

Romanian Deadlift

  • Run, Monkey Humpers waiting on six


Mary (same format)


Freddy Mercury


American Hammer


I’ll put the Zoom link in slack in the Virtual 1st F channel.



A Pyramid Scheme

When I told Margo and Mermaid I would Q Centurion a month or so ago I was thinking work would still be in that busy but not hectic stage yet.  We are approaching hectic, so I knew this weinke may not be by most studied and researched one.  I also knew that both Site Qs were on IR with Mermaid sick and Margo with a bum knee.  Mermaid did Q Anvil Wednesday after a puke and rally before the workout so not much I can say there.  I also knew Brilleaux and Point Break are at Disney, not together but I’m ok if we start that rumor.  I was hoping one of them would have been on the Jungle Cruise boat that took on water yesterday that made the news but to no avail.

But the show must go on.  So yesterday while checking how the markets were doing after a rough week on Wall Street an ad or some pop-up was showing me the best of the Office.  Not sure what I googled to deserve this but I’m glad I did and it had my attention.  My favorite scene has always been when Michael was selling calling cards explaining the pyramid scheme.  Oscar even gives Michael a this sounds like one of those get rich schemes to which Michael replies yes!  This scene made the cut and I had my bait.  Had been a while since Centurion had headed to the Bermuda Triangle and figured it would be an easy weinke to make up on the go.

Temps dropped again, below 30 at launch.  4 others joined and off we went.


Windmill x 10 IC

IW x 15 IC

Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 15 IC

The Thang:

From the top of Palantine Hill the Pyramid Scheme would begin.  We would run the Bermuda Triangle with the following:

Round 1 – 10 diamond merkins at the top of Palantine, 10 derkins at the benches, and 10 monkey humpers at the road.

Round 2 – Same sets of 10s, but add in 15 wide arm merkins at the top of Palantine, 15 dry docks at the benches, and 15 squats at the road.

Round 3 – Same sets of 10s and 15s, but add in 20 merkins at the top of Palantine, 20 dips at the benches, and 20 walking lunges at the road.

Round 4 – Drop the 20s, same sets of 10s and 15s

Round 5 – Drop the 15s, same as Round 1

Mosey back across Carmel Commons stopping in front of Tropical Cafe for some Mary.

LBC x 15

Flutter x 15

Dolly x 15

Mosey across 51 to the rock pile on McMahon, grab a lifting rock.  Same 5 round scheme as above, no running.

Round 1 – 10 tricep extensions

Round 2 – Same 10, 15 push press

Round 3 – Same 10s and 15s, 20 curls

Round 4 – Drop the 20s, same sets of 10s and 15s

Round 5 – Drop the 15s, same as Round 1

Mosey back to launch for the last round of Mary.

Heels to Heaven x 15

Boxcutter x 15

Over/Under x 15

American Hammer x 15

Hold plank for the last minute.

No announcements and YHC with the take-out prayer


Easy group today, all well versed vets, and even friendly with the mumblechatter.  I think the worst I got was Escargot saying he misunderstood my “last round on the way up” before Round 3 at Palantine with Rounds 4 and 5 still to come on the way down.  He is doing some strong work in Nicaragua by the way.  Funding is coming in for a 40 x 80 pre-fab building that will be shipped to Nicaragua next year for storage for supplies, etc.  Sounds like some serving opportunities coming down the road for the Pax to get involved.  I asked Ickey when Meathead 101 Kettlebell day was to which he replied they are on week 8 of a 12 week set.  I took that to mean, no.  Snuka seemed interested in some Champagne private tutoring.  Bout Time and Snuka set the pace today but the group stayed together.  Bout Time with 4 young kids still finding time to run in and stay in shape.  Snuka is still hogging the fountain of life of it’s treating him well, fast dude.   Hope everyone else heals up and travels safe, thanks for the Q spot Mermaid and Margo.

The Wind After the Storm

With the storms that rolled through the area on Thursday and no school on Friday, I figured it might be a light day at Cerberus.  I’m not sure what is normal, but I was pleasantly surprised with 13 HIMs.  But while the storms rolled through, the wind stayed.  Opening my car door was now a challenge.  As we waited on the rest of the PAX, some collected Yama outdoor sofa cushions that were blowing across the parking lot and Mighty Mite grabbed a sign.  5:29 came, disclaimer given, 5:30 and we’re gone.

Cut through the buildings running up the ramps to the top of the deck, level 4.


IW x 10 IC

Windmill x 10 IC  You have to count pretty slow in order to do 2 on the 4 count, next time

Merkin x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Parker Peter x 10 IC

The Thang:

Paula Abdul down the deck, running 2 segments forward, 1 back.  10 merkins at the end of forward run, 10 jumpsquats at the end of back, ran backwards on the back inclines.  Total 50 merkins and 50 jumpsquats.  Circle back for the six.

Left the deck and mosey to the first traffic circle, partner up for first stop of Dora 1-2-3.  Pax combined for 100 merkins while partner 2 lunge walked outer half of traffic circle.  Alf knocked out 75 merkins in the first round, so lunge walk may have been a little long.  I told Fallout to leave 5 for Alf for next round, but to no avail.

Mosey to second traffic circle.  Partners combine for 200 squats while partner 2 bear crawls outer half of traffic circle.  This one took 2 rounds for everyone.

Mosey down the hill past the retaining pond.  Partners combine for 150 LBCs and 150 dry docks while working at the same time.  Some (Job) thought the 150 of each were for each pax, so some confusion there, but all got done.  But apparently Job still owes 15 dry docks.

Back up the hill into Waverly stopping at first building.

Wall sits with air press x 50

Mosey over to the turf in front of the Ale House.  Different partners.  Partner 1 step ups while Partner 2 ran around the traffic circle with the globe, flap jack.  Round 2 dips, Round 3 derkins.


Flutter x 20

Rosalita x 20

American Hammer x 20


Q School tomorrow at Cuthbertson High School, for site Qs or those that have Q’d 3 times or less.  Posse is also looking for some moving help.

Q Source at Panera Waverly right afterwards, if you are reading this you missed it.

YHC with the take-out prayer


Great group today, always enjoy getting out of my comfort zone exploring new AOs and meeting new PAX.  Shop Dog and Astro with the respects.  Don’t think I’ve worked out with Posse, Shop Dog, and Big Ben so great meeting you guys, strong work.  Fallout, congrats on waking up?  Mighty Mite, Toolbag, Swimmers, Hot Yoga, been a while but great seeing you guys.  Alf and Astro, looking forward to reading the back of your T-shirts at a Fast Twitch soon.  Job, congrats on inheriting good genes.  Point Break has committed to his VQ on 3/4 at Anvil, his 40th birthday.  Some really strong work for a few months in, come join.

I’ve heard Cerberus is a great A51, SOB and Union mix, did not disappoint.  PAX stayed together for the most part, with Job and Alf out front on the Paula Abduls.  But the wind is how this one will be remembered.  Thankfully all of the new trees at Waverly are 10 feet tall, but really tough to run into that wind.  With a few out and backs in the weinke, running to the globe circle was easy but once you hit that crosswind through the buildings it stopped you in your tracks.

We avoided the turf on the patio because Alf said it’s a dog waste area although this has never been confirmed.  I’m hoping people are better than that.  But other than that, great AO.  Hoping by the time I Q here again google maps will have more updated so we can venture out more.  So many possibilities.  Thanks Alf and Swimmers.

And Then It Started Raining

While Bagpipe was one of my first posts circa 2015, I haven’t been back a whole lot since.  Tuesdays are usually a day off and Hawks Nest/Fast Twitch is basically in my backyard.  So appreciate Cooter asking me to Q to step out of the comfort zone.  But I have to admit, when it’s raining and you have to mix things up, sometimes that comfort zone is nice.  YHC confirmed with Cooter the day before, but didn’t check the weather until late.  I even woke up and got out of bed and checked the weather about 4 am and no rain.  Things were going to be good.

YHC rolled up to the AO early and was greeted by site Q Kirby hacking up a lung.  Cooter was also hacking, but he did so at home.  The rest of the PAX rolled up, disclaimer given, and off we went.

Mosey to the parking lot accross Brixham Hill for COP.  I think everytime I have recently posted at Bagpipe COP was here, so I didn’t want to break any rules.  


IW x 15

Low Slow Squat x 15

Peter Parker x 15

Parker Peter x 15

The Thang

The plan was to do 4 exercises to 10, 4 times through, and then do a 3/4 loop around the lake to hit all 4 sides and then a rock set. We started on the first 4 x 4 and the rains came, and then the grumblings came. Thankfully it was a mid-60s December morning as Margo mentioned, but no one wants to workout in the rain, Q included.

Scrap that and ran to the deck. In an effort to keep things somewhat on the rails, we kept with a similar plan and adapted it to the deck. Once dry, we finished up the first set of Lunges, Merkins, Plankjacks and Flutter. Did each exercise to 10, 4 times through, then ran up to the top level.

From there, we would do rounds 2 and 3, run down the steps 2 levels to the basement, then up the ramps to level 2. Round 2 was or may have been something like Squats, Dips, Derkins and Freddy Mercury. Round 3 was or may have been something like Split Squats, Incline merkins, Monkey Humpers, American Hammer. Plank work and Air presses at the end of the round while waiting on the six.

Mosey back to launch with a few minutes to spare. We kept the backs dry this long, no reason to soup up the perforated seats in the car and have to smell that later. So Merkins x 10, Plankjack x 10, and held plank for the last minute.


Prayers for Fallout’s son Kai and continued healing

Prayers for Brexit and injury from car wreck

Prayers for Mermaid’s family after the loss of his father in law.

Prayers for Dr. Cheddar and the move to Chicago, Happy Hour @ Gibson’s Wednesday at 5:30.

YHC with the take-out prayer


Enjoyed the banter today and meeting a few new PAX. I met Frehley’s for the first time for the 10th time, kidding. Fire Hazard broke the record for the “is this your first Q” question just a few minutes in. Jazz Hands was petitioning for a new name while using said jazz hands, request was denied. The Rosalita’s led to an in depth taint conversation. Kirby issued a Silver Alert when Frehley’s went missing at COT. Mic Check and Wingman provided pretty good directions around Ballantyne when the rains came. One Niner, Wingman, Fire Hazard and Bucky led the group, but strong work by all. Not much waiting around, group stayed close together. Need to make it back out soon, enjoyed the group and thanks Cooter and Kirby for the opportunity. Merry Christmas.

Keeping Me In Check

After taking my kids to sing Christmas carols at a retirement center with my son’s cub scout pack last night and the M away at a bunco Christmas party (or something like that), YHC was just settling in for some good TV down time. Sure there was the Q the next morning, but this is Anvil, I know every rock in that pile. But then Fallout sent a message over slack to our church group that I had the Q, and Point Break accepted ready for his 2nd post. At Centurion on Friday he mentioned he did 2 years of acting school before transferring to state, so Point Break was born. I am also willing to bet that he is the first person to transfer into the computer science program at state from acting school. Regardless, it forced YHC to write the weinke and check the weather.

YHC rolled in a few minutes early. Although the ride over was in the rain, stopped and stayed that way.  Disclaimer given and off we went.


Mosey around the side parking lot from launch to pick up Brilleaux then headed over to the turf.

IW x 15

Peter Parker x 15

Parker Peter x 15

Plankjack x 10, low plankjack x 5

The Thang:

Mosey to the hotbox. We had 4 groups of exercises that we would do 4 times through at 4 different stations. Hot box was up first with 4 rounds of Step ups x 10, Split Squat x 10, Dips x 10 and Derkins x 10. After completing the 4th round a short run down the concrete ramp to the fields and back up. Wall sits while waiting on the six.

Mosey to the large front rock pile and grab a lifting rock. 4 rounds of tricep extensions x 10, push press x 10, curls x 10, teabag squats x 10. Short run around all of the islands after the 4th round.

Mosey to the overhang by the front entrance off Rea. Some plank work before getting started. 4 rounds of calf raises x 10, squats x 10, incline merkins x 10, and burpees x 5. After the 4th round run down the sidewalk to Rea and back. Wall sits with air press x 50.

Mosey back to turf. Found the dry ground under the overhang for mary. 4 rounds of LBC x 10, Freddy Mercury x 10, Heels to Heaven x 10 and American Hammer x 10.


Fallout gave an update on his son Kai. They have been in the hospital in Greenville, SC for the past 2 days. Continued prayers for him.

Prayers for Mermaid’s family after the loss of his father in law.

YHC with the take-out prayer


Mixed group out there today, some seasoned vets and Point Break with his 2nd post. The last time I did this style workout, it was in case of rain and we stayed in the hot box with rocks the whole time. With Point Break’s first action at the AO and no rain, we tried to make our way around and see what all it has to offer. The group stayed together with Mr. Magoo and Brilleaux leading the way. The mary set hurt a lot more than I thought it would. I feel like I have been ripped off of my 6 minutes of Mary with the Qs lately, apparently my body needs more core work. Enjoyed the chatter and brotherhood as always.

Fire up the Glutes

YHC rolled into the AO a few minutes early followed by Chelms and Magoo. We gave Chelms some coats YHC and Way had donated at Anvil on Wednesday and a few others rolled in from other Pax. It was one of those perfect October mornings, not too hot, not too cold.

As 5:30 rolled around, there were no site Q’s to be found, but a disclaimer was given that may or may not have contained the word unsueable, but off we went.

Mosey to the shopping center at Carmel and 51 for COP. Site Q Margo caught up with us.


  • IW x 15 IC
  • Merkin x 15 IC
  • Mountain Climber x 15 IC
  • Alt Shoulder Taps x 15 IC

The Thang

We ran the stairs of the shopping center with 40’s of squats and lunges at the bottom of the stairs. First run was 40 squats and 0 lunges, then 30 squats and 10 lunges, then 20 and 20, 10 and 30, and ended with 0 squats at the top and a walking 40 lunges.   Some plank work done while waiting on the six.

Mosey across 51 and then across Carmel to the business park. Grab a rock from the nice assortment at the back of the parking lot. At each median along the outside of the building, we did increasing reps of stagger right then left merkins. 1 each side at first median, 2 each side at second and so on. The original goal was 10 but the 8th median was a nice stopping point.

Went back to the rock pile with increasing curls and tricep extensions at each median. Put the rocks back and headed back to the AO.

Stopped at the patio in front of the school for sets of step ups, dips and derkins then back to launch for Mary.


  • Heels to Heaven x 20 IC
  • Flutter x 20 IC
  • Freddy Mercury x 20 IC

YHC took us out in prayer


Easy group today, no waiting around at all with everyone together. The cool weather had everyone in a good mood and getting after it. I knew that I had done the 40’s set before so I looked back at old BBs before writing this one because it seemed extra bad this time. So last time we started at 30 and 10 with increments of 5 so it added another round, but still 100 was the count for each then and now. Doing that first puts the body in slow-mo from then on.

It’s now Tuesday and I can’t remember everything else that happened and may have made up some of the above, but it’s pretty close and will due for now. Thanks Margo and Mermaid.

Hooked on Counting

For some reason YHC still tries to get to the site early on Q days. Not sure why since nothing has changed, but I did and still can’t beat Mr. Magoo. Not sure if he is living in his car or does intense stretching while in the driver’s seat, but I’m coming for you. Mermaid rolled up soon after and we started talking about how YHC stepped on a fishing hook while in the ocean 2 weeks ago. As I felt something attached to my toe but having no idea what it was, I reached down and grabbed and pulled whatever it was (the line) and, well, set the hook as any good fisherman would have done. As I sat in the Urgent Care 1 hour after arriving to the beach barefoot and in a puddle of ocean water and sand, I took some pretty gnarly pictures. YHC had hoped to start this BB with said picture, but apparently wingman and udder do not trust me enough to upload media. Picture coming to a COT near you.

The remaining veterans rolled up (Haze running in, see previous BBs for jokes), Brilleaux was on time, and a brief disclaimer was given, sufficient if you will, but haters gonna hate.


Mosey to the Anvil Coliseum by the finest turf in A51 for COP.

  • IW x 15 IC
  • Mountain Climber x 14 IC
  • Squats x 15?

The Thang

The Gummy named Anvil “patio” of concrete there at the entrance of the new building would be home base. We would run out across the parking lots, perform various exercises and back to the patio.

Round 1 – Triple Dime at the Fields, 10 Monkey Humpers at the bottom of the hill, 10 jump squats at the top. Ran back to patio and 10 merkins.

Round 2 – 30 step ups (15 each leg), 20 dips, 10 decline merkins at the hot box, 2 times through. Ran back to patio and 10 merkins and 20 LBCs.

Round 3 – Was supposed to be some core knee ups with feet in the swings, hanging leg lifts and pull ups but the playground was closed. So outside the fence we did 30 Freddie Mercury, 20 plankjacks. Ran back to patio and 10 merkins, 20 LBCs and 30 walking lunges.

Round 4 – 30 curls, 20 push press and 10 tricep extensions at the rock pile, 3 times through. Ran back to patio and 10 merkins, 20 LBCs, 30 walking lunges, and 40 squats.

Round 5 – 30 split squats (15 each leg), 20 dips, and 10 incline merkins at picnic tables, 3 times through. Ran back to launch for Mary.


  • LBC x 20 IC
  • Over Under x 20 IC
  • Heels to Heaven x 20 IC
  • Flutter x 20 IC
  • Held plank for a minute

YHC took us out in prayer

Anvil needs some Qs, sign ups here.


I enjoy the workouts where the group stays together the whole time, allows for some good continued chatter. Except the chatter today focused on YHC’s counting. So I hard counted a 14 one time and a Triple Nickel is a 5 count, and maybe we even switched from LBCs to Freddie Mercurys in the middle of a count, just keeping the PAX on their toes. Although I think I did get an “atta boy” from Haze as I started with Imperial Walkers, so I got that going for me. Also some good Mermaid fishing conversations and I think Haze and Puddin were talking lowcountry towns at one point. At 39 years old, YHC took what I think is my first War Baby notation with King War Daddy Snuka still going strong.

The plan was to have a focus area at each station. Legs on the hill, shoulders/arms in the hot box, core in the playground and bicepts/arms with the rocks. The picnic tables were a bonus. But with the playground closed, other modifications, and squats and lunges added to the patio exercises, it ended up being more leg focused than I had intended. I feel that part today.

If I was allowed to post pictures and if I tracked my runs on Strava, I’m pretty sure the picture drawn would have resembled a hand, #funfacts. Maybe we’ll do that one again.

Weather was extremely humid and muggy. Someone said cooler days at ahead, but hard to believe at this point. That means today was a no-go on the Mr. Magoo yellow jacket.

I’d Rather Be At Hardee’s

YHC rolled up first to Anvil this morning with Magoo soon following. It felt pretty cool as I got out of my car, but somehow that drastically changed midway through the workout. Pretty much the Anvil usual this morning. Whatever mileage the rest of us had, you can add .276 to it for Haze’s RT run in. YHC doesn’t usually wear a watch, but I do have one I charge up for every Q. But with the house renovation and living arrangements we have been in, it was nowhere to be seen last night. Mermaid agreed to keep time, but YHC found it in a desk drawer and all was good with the world. Except at 5:27AM, as I’m just about to deliver the most amazing disclaimer the world has known, it starts vibrating saying my 94 year old grandfather is calling. He lives on his own, with my mom and her 2 sisters and families checking in and helping out, except they are all in Italy this week, so the baton was passed to my brother and I. So I got a little worried, ran to my car, grabbed the phone, and found out all was well, just an accidental dial as he was on his way to Hardee’s, just like every single other morning. #lifegoals (sub Hardee’s). After Mermaid giving the 2 minute warning while on the phone, I cut it short and we started promptly on time, disclaimer and all.


Mosey past the rocks where it looks like some drainage work is about to begin, then circled back to a main parking lot.

  • IW x 20 IC
  • Mountain Climber x 20 IC
  • Stagger Left Merkin x 10 IC
  • Peter Parker x 20 IC
  • Stagger Right Merkin x 10 IC

The Thang

Mosey across the street to the library, partner up. Partner 1 lunge walks the straightaway, while Partner 2 runs the loop and catches up. Flapjack. As Partner 1 ran the loop and caught up, we were close to the end so all Pax just lunge walked to the end, mosey back to beginning.

Round 2 same but squat walk

On the other side coming back towards the entrance was a set of small light posts. We ran a merkin suicide up to 10 on those, each time running to light post 1, 1 merkin, back to start, run to light post 2, 2 merkins, back to start, and so on up to 10. Some plank work waiting on the six.

Mosey back to the picnic tables for Thang 2. Pax chose the decreasing option, so we started with 20 incline diamond merkins, 20 dips and 20 decline diamond merkins and then ran the North Face loop. We then came back to the tables and repeated for reps of 15 and 10. Wall sits waiting on the six.

After a 10 second count, back to the wall for air presses x 50. Mosey back to launch with a quick sprint to the end of the lot and a quick sprint back.


  • Freddy Mercury x 20 IC
  • LBC x 20 IC
  • Right leg crossed over x 10 IC, Left leg x 10
  • Heels to Heaven x 20
  • Flutter x 20 IC

YHC took us out in prayer


Pax pretty much stayed together today, everyone pushing hard. Ickey took off on the tricep table circuit and proceeded to say he would rather be at Hardee’s. That circuit hurt, diamonds hurt. HIPAA said on Twitter he was too winded to talk, please note challenge flag thrown. I appreciate Mermaid’s backup timekeeper status, and the later affirmation that we started and ended on time. The Brilleaux/Hammer combo was tough to beat on the partner work, Snuka out front for the merkin suicides and Haze finished first in the solo run in. Clover continued is streak of ugly dook shirts, this one might have topped the others. I thought for sure the brisk cool air that we started in would have been enough to warrant Magoo’s yellow windbreaker, but all were left disappointed.

Enjoyed the group and chatter this morning and appreciate the fellowship and accountability.

Tartarus Wins Again

YHC rolled up to find most of the usuals already in place. A pretty mild morning, ready to get to work.

A disclaimer was given, and off we went.


Mosey to the top of the deck. Knowing we were about to Paula Abdul down it, we were supposed to take the stairs. But Scabby distracted me and we missed them. So we got a little more mileage in.

IW x 15

Plankjack x 15

Peter Parker x 15

Mountain Climber x 15

Parker Peter x 15

The Thang:

Paula Abdul – From the top of the deck, the idea being to run two segments forward, 1 backwards. At the end of the forward run, 10 jumpsquats. At the end of the backwards run, 10 walking lunges each leg. A brief wall sit and we were off.

Mosey to the parking lot beside the aquatic center and find a parking space. YHC gave perfect instructions to plankwalk down the lines, at every other parking space line 5 merkins, at the other one lunge walk to the end and back. This quickly turned into a cluster so we moved on. There was a round 2 to this, but you’ll never know what it was.

Mosey to the rock pile across the street and grab a lifting and moving rock.  Mosey back to the bottom of staircase 3 of Tartarus deck.

Starting at the bottom with your rock, do 10 overhead press, 10 tricep extensions and 10 curls, drop the rock and take the stairs to the top.  At the top, 10 donkey kicks, 10 air press on the wall and 10 burpees.  Run over and back down the middle staircase to your rock.  Take the rock to level 2 and perform rock exercises there.  Each time running to the top, exercise, and back to your rock (exercise) and taking it up 1 level to the top.

After dropping off the rocks, YHC asked Hops (the king of the bootcamp) what we should do with our last 6 minutes. Was there any chance he wasn’t going to say 6 minutes of Mary? So we did, mosey back to launch.


Flutter x 20

Rosalita x 20

Freddy Mercury x 20

American Hammer x 20

Hold Plank for last minute


Joe Davis run 3/9/19

Prayers for 2nd Mission Trip Team to Peru

There were others, but I forgot. Brushback? Post below.

YHC with the take-out prayer


Always a great group at Centurion, one of my favorite AOs. Pretty good mumblechatter, just not where I expected it. I fully expected the talk to start early after calling 4 plank exercises in a row on the cheese grater floor of the top deck. Maybe I’ve just got better at tuning it out. But call a few exercises in a parking lot space and everyone is confused. Glad it worked out that way as we had time for the full deck work. Mermaid, Brilleaux and Snuka out front, but pretty much everyone stayed together. Hardly any waiting around. Scratch apparently borrowed his son’s gym shorts. My plank faced away from him. Those backwards runs that hit an incline hurt extra bad, will feel those. And the storage space next door messing up the view from the top of Tartarus, oh well, til next time.