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Feels Like The First Time

I feel honored that 12 Pax braved the low 20 degree temperatures at Dromedary (MRHS) this morning to help celebrate my “Virgin Q.” There was a lot of heavy breathing (mostly myself) and only one slight mishap (sorry Fiji… remember, you can’t sue me, F3 or the school district). Thanks to Krusty Asscrack and One Star for the “Virgin Q” T-shirt and toasty warm Dumbledore bath robe activewear (long story).

DiCCS – 2 cell phones, one CPR certified pax, warned of possible black ice (Fiji obviously wasn’t listening… I kid). Full disclaimer.

Warm Up:

Mosey to the outer edge of large parking lot for a quick 3/4 lap warm-up ending in the lower lot, circle around and begin.

15 Side Shuttle Hops in cadence (didn’t realize how hard it is to breathe and speak in cadence… experience several “voice cracks” and received some ribbing from the crowd). 15 Imperial Walkers in cadence, 15 Merkins on my down, 15 Mountain Climbers in cadence then stay in plank for leg over calf stretches.

The Thang:

William Wallace 

Mosey to center of large parking lot and pair up with an opposite skill level partner. Even number of teams in each corner of parking lot. Pax in corner does Bobby Hurley’s while other partner runs to center of lot and does 1st exercise then runs back to corner and switches partner who then runs to center of lot and does 1st exercise Do each successive exercise the same way. 

  1. 10 Burpees – each partner 
  2. 10 Dry Docks – each partner
  3. 10 Plank Jacks – each partner
  4. 10 LBC’s – each partner

Merkin Shredder

Mosey to raised parking lot area. Two lines of Pax in plank side by side two rotations of hand slap merkins first rotation with right hand and next rotation with left (this sounds dirty).

Burpee Kicks 1-2-3

Mosey to covered area near track. Partner 1 does 5 Burpees on the concrete area and 20 donkey kicks on trash wall while partner 2 starts the 1-2-3 exercises. Rotate upon finishing each Burpee Kick combo. 

  1. 100 Derkins as a team
  2. 100 Step Ups as a team
  3. 100 Dips as a team

Burpee Indian Run

Short mosey to track area. Two burpee Indian run laps around track followed by a Goodfella 10-count (thank goodness he obliged).

Bear Crawl Snake

Short mosey back to main parking lot. Two lines of Pax line up head to toe in plank position with room between. Pax in back weaves through Pax until he reaches the front of line.  “Caboose Pax” follows suit and so on.

Circle Of Mary (also known as the “Goodfella Bailout”)

Goodfella takes the reigns for a whooped La-Z-Boy and returns the Pax to COT. Pax circles up and each calls out a core exercise.  Time called. Goodfella took us out.


To tell the truth my main goal this morning was to simply get through leading the workout without making a total fool of myself (many hours of sleep were lost fretting). The “real life” training I received from Posse and Moneyball at last Saturdays Q School was invaluable (I swear I was on time for Q school, I simply used the wrong entrance). In addition, Goodfella, One Star and Deadwood (we ran more than a mile… yay me!) were more than gracious providing me with unlimited pre-Q private message advice at all hours of the day and night leading up to my big event… thanks guys! Thanks to the other Pax as well for showing up, working hard and offering words of encouragement… much appreciated!

It was absolutely freezing out and I realize for the experienced guys it was probably excruciating having to meander through the workout with me stammering/huffing and puffing but I’m truly grateful that nobody really complained. Thanks again for the opportunity to lead. Until next time!


Posse reminded the Pax to sign up for the Joe Davis run in March with prices going up at the end of this month.

The Official La-Z-Boy Virgin Backblast

8 of Union County’s finest made it out to the famous “Q School” this AM at Cuthbertson Middle School. Moneyball and Posse lead the way and put us through the paces. Each of us is now ready to lead the Pax with our own unique workout.


Circle up in front of the middle school to discuss DCCS with Posse taking the lead.


  • Each Pax took turns doing 10 SSH IC
  • Each Pax took turns doing 5 Merkins focusing on counting pace
  • Each Pax took turns doing 5 Mtn Climbers in cadence
  • Each Pax chose their own exercise to practice counting and pace

On The Job Training

Things started to get interesting as Moneyball started our mosey towards the main entrance stairs and we paired up to do two rotations of stair climb/sprints to the front door and back while the other partner completed LBC’s. He made sure to remind us to tell the gazelles ahead of time to do “Mary” until the 6 was in. When everyone finished up we had a brief discussion on using the “lay of the land” to assist in the planning. We then moseyed over to the side of the school where we paired up again to do 300 dips in total while the each partner ran to the side door of the school and back and then switched on/off. Once the 6 was in Moneyball discussed how to use “compounding” exercises to make the Pax whine while not over doing it. We learned about using correct form to ensure “max burn.” The next phase was a mosey to the back part of the school (large parking lot) to discuss “four corner/starfish” exercises. Four of the Pax chose an exercise to complete in each corner. Posse reminded everyone to be sure to clearly spell out to the gazelles that they should do “Mary” upon finishing up early. We received a full demonstration of both Jack Webbs and Lt. Dan’s. It was then a quick mosey back to the parking lot with a “jailbreak” finish. This concluded the “on the job” training portion of “Q School” it was then on to Chik-Fil-A to go over the “How To Q” paperwork in addition to a quick Q&A. By the end of the morning my head was spinning and it was time to head home to start thinking about what my first Q will entail.


Announcements – Dancing Bear reminded everyone of his neighborhood casino night fundraiser tonight while Fuse reiterated his upcoming fund raising efforts as well.

Posse took us out with a famous quote by FDR.