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This was one of those morning when, as Q, there are a few ideas kicking around, but nothing absolutely decided.  In short, I was torn.  Sundancer was there (first bootcamp of 2017 #truthnugget), but he was without tunes….so by process of elimination, the plan was set.

As all know, the clock stops for no  man, so at 0530, 11 men rolled out of the lot at Carmel.


Mosey down to Carmel Middle for brief warm-a-rama:  SSH x20 and Mtn Climbers x20.  Silent cadence start threw Swiper.  Orlando has no idea how to climb a mountain #WTF3?

Mosey through Camp Gladiator set up, slowing to enjoy the irony and sweet tunes.  Over to the rock pile to select a “rock you’d be proud of” – not running too far with it.  Swiper chose a rock to make SemiGloss proud (IR #iceupson #damnskateboard #kidsneverpickuptheirtoys).

Mosey back through Camp Gladiator, pausing with overhead press x15 and squats x10 to enjoy some more of the free music.  Given the music selections, this was mostly group punishment for Sundancer forgetting tunes.

Threw in some different rock holds while running – overhead, straight out…Q was inspired by the music.

Mosey with rock down to the cul de sac on at the bottom of Brandermill Pl for the main event.

5 trips to the top of Brandermill – 5 burpees at the top and 5 rock burpees at the bottom.

Swiper Kirk lead brief Mary (LBCs x50) until all were finished.  Move rocks up the hill slightly to the street light.

5 trips to the top of Brandermill (running backwards) – 5 lunges (each side) at the top, 5 rock squats at the bottom.

Mosey with rocks back to the rock pile behind Carmel Middle, looking like a bunch of criminals as we passed Camp Gladiator.

After replacing rocks, more Mary – flutters x25 and partner assisted WW2 situps x20 (cough Sundancer, yes).

Mosey back through Camp Gladiator to the benches at the front of the school – dips x15, incline merkins x10, dips x10.

Mosey back to launch lot, finishing up with Boone LBCs x10 each side.  FinCOT.

Ye Olde Moleskine

Little known fact that the guy running Camp Gladiator was actually in NSYNC.  No – that’s not true, but there was an inordinate amount of bad ’90s pop everytime we passed by.  That combined with Swiper’s infatuation with Natalie Imbruglia to heavily influence this backblast.

Good to finally see Sundancer again #RIPSoFaWIB.  Original plan (with tunes) was to run a little short-short-long partner circuit around the church with music in the middle…but no…so rocks it was.  YHC hates running while carrying anything and takes an unapologetic No-post-Refusenik every freakin’ time that Chelms even mentions pavers…but it’s good to work on those weaknesses.  What doesn’t kill you yada yada yada #noImentionedthebisque.  Lot of dadgum leg work today – probably going to be feeling that tomorrow.

Orlando looked like he was skipping up some damn mountain instead of climbing it.  Terribly distracting and can never be unseen (and yes, YHC did look like an exploded box of highlighters this morning, which could have been distracting).

Think One Eye and Bout Time were out front along with Swiper on the forward running hill work.  Backward running portion saw some changes at the top.  With the fancy “import pax” item that eliminated Gummy’s non-paid internship, have to go here to give Respect to Snowflake and Chelms (along with his aka Tatertot) and a hearty Kotters to Sundancer.

Enjoyed it, gents!

  • Kirk


Charlotte, NC – MetroCharlotte, NC – South DMZ

When: 07/10/17
QIC: Kirk
The PAX: Backdraft, Agony, Aquafresh, Lovebug, Benefactor, Orlando, Bout Time, Pothole, Dropbox, Rachel, Kirk


Late night email / tweet went out that the scheduled Q had a childhood illness pop up while siteQ was DR. YHC has been teetering on IR for seemingly forever and somehow caught a summer cold last week, but with no other plans, willingly accepted the push to be the backup.

First step – setting two alarms – was easy. Actually waking up proved a good deal harder. The FS becomes more enveloping with time, harder to roll out and get back into the routine. Thankful for the second alarm. (Reminder that the EH’ing process needs to continue on the guys that maybe got onto IR and / or are infrequently making it back out, and yeah, I’m naming a few names – Bugeater, Sundancer, Talkbox, Iron Mike, Santa Maria, Kirk – next time you see that guy, be that other guy with the friendly push to get them back out. The speed with which Dredd coins new acronyms occasionally obfuscates his “truth nuggets”, but that Accelerating Man idea wasn’t wrong. Push those guys to get moving forward again.)

First to arrive at AO. Couple of cars roll in, more runners than cars until 0529. Disclaimer given. Final count was 11, without the scheduled Q, so we roll out.


The entire workout was planned around a partner wheelbarrow up Howland, a short, fairly steep hill in Pellyn Wood.

Mosey left out of Carmel Park, past Bushwood’s, and right into crossing traffic (yikes – close call) onto Thornridge. Stop for Mtn Climbers at Drakestone. Continue mosey with a left onto Broad Hollow. Stop at Kimblewyck for IWs. Mosey up Kimblewyck, right onto Hartmill and to the end of the cul de sac. 50 slower-than-normal LBCs. Backwards run up to Kimblewyck. 50 flutters.

Mosey out to Sharonview. Hang a left and then a right onto Hardison. Stop at the stop sign for SSHs. Continue toward the Hardison half pipe, stopping at Howland for Boone LBCs. Down Howland, AYG to the top, 5 burpees and back down. Backwards run up, 5 burpees and back down.

(Now at this point, the “Q juices” were pretty much zapped. “Running on fumes” may be generous and sadly, there was a lot of time left.)

Stop the Larry Birds who were starting to plank, and head down to Walden Pond for dips and derkins on the guard rail. 10 / 6. 6 / 10. Skipped out on the 8/8. Mosey backbup to Howland for the main event.

Needed a minute to rest the arms, so 20 squats, backwards run up, 5 burpees, and back down. Partner up. Partner wheelbarrow to the top, switching as needed. At every switch, both partners do 3 merkins as penalty. Truly believe this was everyone’s favorite part of the morning.

More LBCs at the top to regroup. Then begin the mile mosey back home. Finish with an extended plank until the clock hit 0615. COT.


Good morning out in the gloom. Little sticky from the humidity but otherwise pretty nice. Writing this from the back deck, where it feels awesome, which may impact that assessment.

We covered exactly 3 miles with a healthy dose of core work and just enough arm work to keep some balance. Q was leading from the middle most of the day. Think everyone was ahead of the Q at various points of the morning. Benny, Lovebug, Agony, Rachel, and Bout Time mostly. File away for future reference that Rachel isn’t a huge fan of the backwards runs uphill.

Chalet – prayers that all is ok with your daughter

Thats all! Appreciate the opportunity, enjoyed it gents!

– Kirk

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Anapestic Meter

There once was a young Bushwood
who dreams of a girl from his boyhood
what a beautiful lass
with a memorable
remembered well into adulthood


It was a warm and humid morning that greeted all of us, particularly the unfortunate soul that happened to visit the Carmel Park port-a-jon after SemiGloss made his pre-workout visit.

After a legally thorough and air tight disclaimer was given to a group of 16 regulars (no FNGs), we departed at 0530.

The Thang

Slow mosey out the side lot, through the Church @ CLT Breezeway, hang a right on Colony down to the guard rails (+/- 3/4 mile).  Dips IC x 25.

YHC being the only one with a headlamp (planning) lit the way for all but Agony, who blazed his own trail through the poison ivy.  Rachel took a spill on the steps, of all places, at the bottom #disclaimer.  Mosey across the oddly placed football field (complete with uprights) to the play ground at Mountainbrook Swim and Racquet Club and partner up.

P1 – 7 pull-ups, 14 merkins, 21 squats, 28 LBCs (no burpees)
P2 – run a lap (+/- 0.2 miles)

At +/- 6:04, slow mosey back up the trail to Colony.  Dips IC x 15 at the guard rail.  AYG back to Church @ CLT breezeway.  5 minutes of Mary (flutters #26, Boone LBCs a few times) to close it out at 6:15.  Slow mosey back to the Carmel parking lot for COT.


  • Metro hosting The GOAT on June 3 – details unannounced at this time.
  • Armor reunion tour this summer – 0600 at PUMC
  • Join me volunteering at COTS this Sunday!  Seriously awesome opportunity to serve our homeless community.  A51 started volunteering, but it’s something that Metro should be all over as well.

Ye Olde Moleskine

The timing wasn’t quite right on this.  Pace of exercises slowed more than running pace, and as the AMRAP progressed, most partners made it back from the lap sometime in the middle of the LBCs (if done in order).  Lots of folks picking and choosing when to do pull-ups or omitting them entirely.  Collectively, we don’t do enough pull-ups – lots of Nibs-esque sounds from the group at the playground.  Also lots of questions on time, when to head back, that’s not enough time to get back, remember it’s uphill back, etc.  Nothing too egregious, though several regulars, noted fine purveyors of mumblechatter, were MIA.  Bushwood also didn’t walk across the street to post, but it was noted he never attends DMZ now that his site Q responsibilities are over #marathontraining.

Relatively quiet and hardworking group once we got to the park, where we really could have used some tunes, SunDancer #batguanorap.  Most groups appeared to get in 7 laps, if not more, which would work out to 49 pull-ups, 98 merkins, 147 squats, and 196 LBCs during the Main Event.  That’s roughly half a Murph plus a fair amount of core work and 3.3 miles (per YHC’s watch).

Agony took an early lead, which I don’t believe SemiGloss gave up #oddcouple.  Chelms with the veteran move to grab Leroy and bolt early for home base.  Agony and / or Rachel seemed to make it back to C@C first, though that Colony uphill is deceptively long #falsefront #TWSS.  Agony led Mary (seemingly more LBCs?) while YHC ensured all made it back safely.

Apologies for the minute of OT moseying back to Carmel for COT, and for somehow calling Aquafresh “Gas-X” for most of the workout.  Thanks to One Eye for the invite to Q, and hopefully all got their money’s worth.

  • Kirk

SOFA Hydra

It’s freakin’ cold.  Many of you knew that last night, apparently, as a crowd of only seven slowly detached themselves from their car’s heated seats for this week’s edition of Hydra.

Most were disappointed to learn that SemiGloss would not be leading today, but he put a call into the bullpen, which YHC reluctantly answered.

Clock struck 0530, and the greatest disclaimer in the history of disclaimers was given.  It may have included, “you all know I’m an idiot with no clue what I’m doing, so if you follow me, try not to get hurt”.  Check.

Following that Lombardi worthy speech, we launched into the gloom.


Slow mosey behind the school to the basketball court for warm up – 10 SSH and 10 Imperial Walkers.

Slow mosey out of the school and down not Summerlin to Foxworth for modified version of the Foxworth Forty.

P1 – Up the hill with descending burpees each trip (9)
P2 – 40 merkins (trip 1), then  40 LBCs (2), 40 squats (3)

Flapjack.  Continue with descending burpees for P1 with P2 rotating through exercises.

Made it through two sets of each before calling it (to applause that apparently woke the neighbors). Slow mosey back up the long hill to the school Bball court.

COP for close to a true Six minutes of Mary – flutters, Boone left, Boone right, LBCs, etc.

Mosey through playground (head fake) to back of the school.

P1 – people’s chair on school
P2 – run to playground for 10 pull-ups

Flapjack.  Think we did this 5 times mixing in a round of plank for active recovery one set.

Mosey back to launch with 5 minutes left – more Mary, including Rosalita en Espanol por favor.

Warm car Moleskine

Been quite some time since I had to lead and actually call cadence.  We suffered through it.  Warm up was for Gummy, who turned out not to be War Daddy (Jet Fuel), and he didn’t even do the SSHs.

Rest of this was two basic WIB workouts with Mary interspersed to break it up.  Quite a bit easier that way.  Foxworth Forty doesn’t disappoint, which Gummy correctly pointed out is really only 20 IC. We used to getting through 13-14 trips up that hill plus a full mile in and out, so today was a scaled back “amuse-bouche” of that main course.  R.I.P. Baby WIB.

Queen was killing the hill sprints.  Don’t think it was quite Strava CR, but he’d have knocked a few guys down the list.  Not sure who was out front in the Gummy / Marge / Arena group.

A lot of interesting commentary today.  Check out @HeardatF3

And swing by The Lodge tomorrow whenever you can to join your F3 brothers for fellowship while watching the NCAA Tournament.

  •  Kirk

Stolen car keys beat stolen car

Click bait title? Check.

True? It would pass the Snopes test.

What was intended, in jest, to be a first person narrated BB provided from the point of view of fictional Pip (Great Expectations) succumbed to Fake News, though it is true that Agony temporarily “stole” my “well hidden” car key #AirQuotes #NoItWasNotOnTheTire.

So what happened?  It was frickin’ cold, ice hole.  We all ran 6 miles and then 3 of us stuck around for a Decaf version of coffeeteria.  Decaf because Retread got takeout (declining the fellowship component), YHC was the only one to eat a donut, SemiGloss bought them to take home, and Agony is going through some kind of caffeine (substance, not the workout) detox, and enjoyed smelling his Decaf way too much.  Probably easier for YHC to give up beer than coffee….but, right..back to the story.

As is the nature of this thing, it is almost impossible to keep up with everyone, so YHC can either make up hijinx that occurred to others (not the first time), or discuss at length some minutiae of a relatively uneventful run.  Decision is to wax poetic about how Frasier kindly hung back to keep YHC on pace, refusing to let him die (metaphorically speaking) on that final hill like planned, all while not breaking a sweat as he practiced his conversational French (oui, c’est arrivé), which was surprisingly clear of Southern twang for an App guy.  Suppose one easy day was warranted after a sub-18 5k this weekend while also gearing up for P200 Ultra, but who among us hasn’t done those back to back?  Not all roses, though, as he somehow managed to confuse Prohibition for SemiGloss – don’t take that the wrong way as it was from at least 100 yards away in a blinding wind storm, surely strong enough that Whore’sHead’s eyebrows couldn’t break it.  Run finished with Frasier encouraging some guy (thought to be SG, turns out to be some Rando) to “Come on, sprint the last 1/4 mile” to the “finish”, and then let YHC “win” #MoreAirQuotes.  Yep – just a typical Donut Run.

Thanks to SemiGloss for the takeout, complete with a “boom – knowledge dropped” closing.  Yep, that also happened.


Smokey Mtn Relay team (April 21) may be looking for one more – contact Cheese Curd

BRR Ultra team with pimped out “van” (cough illegal camper cough) may need a Sixth – see Agony.

Sundancer is almost “old”.

That’s all, folks.

  • Kirk

Last rites – Bulls on Parade

Cold morning.  Several cars in the lot upon arrival, so what would have been a great joke wasn’t going to happen.  YHC intentionally didn’t pre-blast the planned workout because it’s generally pretty awful.  Anyway, a group of 8 heard the plan and took off into the Gloom:


Partner up and run the HT Mile.

Run past the school to the fire hydrant.  Partner wheelbarrow the length of the sidewalk to the bus lot.

Mosey to the back playground.  10 pull-ups, 20 merkins, 30 Russian Twists (each side)

Mosey to the bull ring (baby track).  Burpee broad jump the turns and sprint the straightaways.

Lather, rinse, and repeat until 6:06 – then run the HT mile again.

Fin.  COT.


I believe everyone got in at least two, and most got in three, complete laps of the circuit.  Fewer exercise reps than normal, but the burpee broad jumps make up for it.  YHC had 3.78 miles, so not a bad day.

Talkbox came up with this workout, probably 18 months ago back when we were still unofficial #WIBHD and had a little street cred.  It was truly awful.  I think it’s +/- 1/4 mile of cumulative burpee broad jumps.  Anyway, he ran it that first time, and now, he’s missed the only two other times we did his workout.  TWO – and we’ve run several of these at least 5+ times in only 18 months – which is at least partially a function of it being the only workout that has made me curse.  Anyway, T-claps on coming up with what I considered the most awful of all the idiotic stuff we attempted, which I’ll note also included a workout that incorporated dizzy bat #beginningoftheend #jumpedtheshark #tooyoungtorememberthatHighTide.

Indulge this trip down memory lane searching for other options aka reading material (also leaving this to make searching for decent older workouts much quicker):

  1. The Kirk several times
  2. The Splinter – aka crapload of partner carry
  3. The Double Shaft – aka Sir Lunge A lot
  4. The Puddy – aka Happy High Fivers
  5. My Buddy and Me
  6. Cannon Call – aka Cannonball Run aka The Three Mile Murph aka Fresh Murph of Bel Aire
  7. The Intimidator – set the comment record, including the underused “decided to go full retard, lion shirt?”
  8. The Manmaker – the last Brushback sighting???
  9. The Blue Falcon – look it up
  10. Parking Lot Shuffle – Bushwood’s ill-fated attempt with 50 exercises
  11. The Urologist – #itgotweird
  12. The Smokey – possible SOFA WIB mileage record
  13. That time Egypt called cadence
  14. Modified Murphs

Sundancer messaged around 10:45 that he was “sick as a dog”.  Relaying this started a discussion on colloquialisms providing legitimacy to excuses.  Then, we all noted the missing tunes #bongos #batguanorap #SturgillSimpsonhasgrownonme.

Brushback – 1) is still alive, 2) was actually there, 3) tripped a girl walking her dog on the opening mile, and 4) never apologized for it.  She went flat on her face / stomach.  I almost got hit by a car looking back to make sure she was alright.  And Yes, that all happened in the first 7ish minutes of the workout.  Brushback was quick to note that he felt uncomfortable being judged, as he’s now accustomed to Planet Fitness’ “Judgment Free Zone”.  Despite the cocoon, we’ve noted your absence and judged you in absentia.  Surely it was Voodoo slowing you down, but maybe try the treadmill some days #lunkalarm #nailedthepullupsandwheelbarrow.  Seriously, good to have you back out for the finale!

Swiper once again pulled me around, and topped it off with a humble brag, one up.  YHC was still feeling the 8-mile run from Sunday, noting that as an excuse for being slow today, when he broke out the, “yeah, I know what you mean.  I ran 12 with Fishwrap on Sunday at 7before7 and Caffeine” #ouch.  The mind was willing today, but the body couldn’t keep up.  It almost went off the rails when Swiper nearly popped his elbow out on the partner wheelbarrow, causing YHC to nearly careen into his grundle #itgotweird.  Fortunately YHC was wearing pants, so there was no touching #nttawwt.

One Eye and Cold Cuts probably lead most of the workout.  Just an impressive Furyk-esque consistency from those two.  Appreciate both of you continuing to come out after all this time.

Gas-X with possibly the funniest (to me) line of the morning, when he said “it’s only my second time coming to this workout”.  That’s two more than most, so thank you.

Hopefully for those that posted consistency, you got faster and stronger as a result.  Hopefully there was some accountability – someone there to call you out and pick you up and drag you along when you weren’t at your best.  And hopefully, despite the at times possibly brutal / probably funny commentary, there was an unspoken knowledge that the guys there had your back.  That’s the part that was hardest to build, so the hope is that as this door closes, new ones open that are able to build upon that.  And ultimately, hopefully, several of you were driven deeper in your faith from the time spent around each other.

With the Bataan Death March (great book on the subject) of SoFa WIB, it’s been hilarious (to me) that several people have already reached out to say that they’re waiting for the come back tour.  YHC is still a believer in the workout format, but for likely a multitude of reasons, this workout never took off.  So, YHC is stepping aside, and the door is wide open for someone else to pick up the torch and carry it in another direction.

It was truly an honor and a privilege to have had the opportunity to lead this site – to fail, several hundred times over, learn, and grow as a result.  Thank you!

  • Kirk

Last Call

Get your head right.  Tomorrow is it.  That is all.

Going, going…

That escalated quickly.  Really.  Anyway, here’s what 8 ish accomplished this morning:

Run +/- 0.88 miles to Foxworth (long way – all rights)

Partner 1 runs to the top of the Foxworth hill (stop sign) for burpees:  start at 12 and count down

Partner 2 performs 40 reps of one exercise:  merkins (1st), squats (2nd), knee ups (3rd)

Flapjack, continue and repeat.  Each partner should have 12 trips up Foxworth and 12 exercise stations, which works out to 78 burpees, 160 merkins, 160 squats, 160 knee ups, and +/- 1 mile of uphill sprints.

Grouped up for one final AYG sprint to the top, which left YHC a little lightheaded / dizzy, so we took the short way back up Windyrush, right on Rea to OPE for COT.


Somewhat aggressive pace to open (5:52 pace per the watch upon arriving at Foxworth – and yes, it’s mostly all downhill), and wow – heart rate felt like it never came down (Forget Strava).  Transitions in between running / exercises started to lengthen for everyone, but the Foxworth Forty is an unrelenting bastard.  The timing is just about perfect for equally yoked partners, so there is never a meaningful break.  YHC is still coughing up non-existent phlegm, trying to catch his breath.  Totally ready for The Smokey Mtn Relay.

Swiper and One Eye partnered up to crush all comers, and it seemed like Voodoo and Semi were behind them.  YHC held the unflappable Cold Cuts down today. MAD and Thunder Road with strong pushes at times up the hill.  Sundancer ran in, was late, turned it into SIB, and ran home.  Wait…what the…what?  ?yay running?

Anyway, the old CR on the Foxworth Strava segment was like 21 seconds, or that’s how YHC remembers it.  Multiple guys pushing it toward that goal, including Runprancer aka SIB with an impressive 24 second mark and new PR.  Anyway, YHC checks Strava this AM, and some guy that ran a bunch of 11 minute miles that day somehow posted a 12 second CR.  Not saying, just saying…or to quote Good Will Hunting, “Ya (Yankee translator, ‘you’re’) suspect!”.  Ugh.

Anyway, figure this is the best time to do this.  There are a few folks that need to be thanked for their contributions to SOFA WIB.  YHC moved south of Fairview in November of 2013 and wanted to bring WIB to A51.  The picture was a non-stop, competitive workout where everyone showed up to push and be pushed.  Skywalker was encouraging, and with Champagne, helped to start the process of site / day selection.  It wouldn’t have gotten started without each of you.  Thank you both!

The Tuesday schedule at that time, IIRC, consisted only of a running workout, a kettlebell workout, and a bootcamp in Ballantyne.  So, Tuesday it was.  A few other sites were considered (Brixx on Fairview, Landsdowne, Carmel Park, Beverly Woods Elementary), but OPE was considered to be close enough to 51 to be accessible for most pax.  It was already an existing site, yada yada yada. Day and site – done.

YHC didn’t want to start this alone, and ideally, wanted a partner to balance out at least of few of YHC’s many known weaknesses.  Driving home from the GOAT (Metro CSAUP) and noticed Talkbox, Iron Mike, and Sundancer pulling into the neighborhood one over from YHC.  Started reaching out to Sundancer at WIB one Tuesday, sent him a DM, and soon we were ready to roll.  First workout was I believe just Bushwood, Sundancer and YHC (maybe Agony or Swiper also – can’t recall).  Anyway, Sundancer was the yin to my yang (near polar opposites in many regards), and this probably wouldn’t have started or gone on this long without him.  He writes a decent BB and has my sincere appreciation.  Thank you!

We kicked around several different names, but Tiger Rag actually named it.  SOuth of FAirview WIB.

Being a site Q takes some time, but the time is manageable.  Sustaining the enthusiasm and effort level is harder.  Sundancer tired, and he reached out and passed the baton to Swiper, who has since been the co-site Q.  He’s probably also got the attendance record.  To keep it short, Thank you!

Then, despite smaller numbers, there has actually been a decent core of 7-10 that, as schedules and life allow, are regulars.  You know who you are, and you guys definitely made this worth it – Thank you!

Finally, it was good to have a few folks back to help with closing it down, fittingly SemiGloss, who knows a thing or two about beating the rush before last call.  Speaking of, next week, we open up the top shelf stuff to pass around in an “empty the bar”-type celebration.  Think fireworks, a beer mile, champagne, and a sushi boat served off the bodies of artistic little people #catfish #notashrimp.  That, or a just a meat and potatoes beat down.

See you next week.

  • Kirk

Going out of business sale

Second to last opportunity, blah blah blah…you know the deal.  Post or don’t.

There were several contenders for the top 3, a few of which are tougher to do in non-DST months as the trail behind OPE is rather dark.  YHC took out a young sapling once.  And, it somehow has the ability to absorb a ton of water #loamy.  With the weather and time of year, that unfortunately eliminates a few strong contenders, including The Splinter, The Blue Falcon, and My Buddy and Me.  Checking in at #2 on the countdown is the first “official” SOFA WIB workout, The Foxworth Forty with a few slight modifications:

  • Partner up (size, speed, Myers Briggs type – all valid partner selection methods) and run from Olde E to Foxworth, the long way (right on Rea, right on the darkest street in Charlotte aka Abbotswood, right on Windyrush). +/- 1 mile
  • Partner 1 runs the Foxworth Hill – with burpees at the top (start at 12 and count down).
  • While Partner 1 runs up and back, Partner 2 does 40 reps of each exercise: merkins (during 1st trip), squats (next), knee ups (next), then repeat in same order.

Twelve rounds gets you 74 burpees, 160 merkins, 160 squats, and 160 Knee ups (4 sets of each).

Get through all 12 rounds before 6:06, and congratulations, you get to start over.  Run back to OPE the way you came at 6:06.

Everyone should cover 3+ miles with a bunch of hill sprints.  Yes, Foxworth is a Strava segment, so push it and shoot for the CR.  Total exercise rep counts looks relatively mundane, but the super sets of 40 reps will suck out loud, especially toward the end.  YHC modified this slightly from a count up to a count down from 12 burpees, which should better align the timing of Partners 1 and 2 throughout the workout.  Otherwise, this is revisiting the first official workout of SOFA WIB.

Good luck and SYITG

  • Kirk