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Crabby running

Well most of us didn’t like that Yhc stated that he wanted to run a 5k this am to train for the Isabella Santos race. Well we did it anyway.  It all started with us going off the reservation and gaining some  distance right from start. We moseyed for a half mile then did 10 merikins to warm up and then we kept going. Somewhere in the middle we partnered up. Evidently if you are in a circle your partner will be on your left. We did 150 LBCs in ladder starting with 10 then 20  etc. while our partners did 20 dips. We ran some more and stopped to do flutters and mountain climbers.  Crab cake proceeded to give positive reinforcement to yhc and let him know what a wonderful job he was doing counting and calling out exercises.

Well we ran a lot more and thanks to Dumpster fire we ran another .5 to get just to 3.2 miles the morning.  The mumble chatter was real but all PAX made it and are hopefully a little stronger for it.

Thanks again for opportunity to lead some of the finest F3 men.


Fishing Hole Injury Avoidence!

Well it was an experiment that may need to be refined. As we got ready with a minuet to spare our brother Cooter 2 informed the PAX that he has a cancer that is on his knee. YHC had in his mind a 0.0 workout that stressed core strength and upper and middle back muscles. This was in part to knowing Cooters low running condition and seeing many of his brothers go through injuries to shoulders and lower backs. As a workout it was met with open arms but YHC could see that it needed timing and improvement on the direction given.


More important that all that. We were all able to rally around Cooter 2 and his impending treatment with a ton of love and support. His spirits are high and he knows that all 3 Fs are very important to his recovery and healing.

Moon gazin….No not at paperjams either.

So YHC comes back from his wonderful vacation that he did not work out at all to a post by the mild mannered paperjam. He had to go and make YHC feel supreemly less of a man becasue I did not run a bridge and did not have a cool photo of the sun and the moon. BTW if you have not read the slack post check out #mumblechater. Spoiler alert there is no drainage grates vandalyzed in the post. YHC also found out that his lack of physical care in the past week was going to haunt him when chedder stated that I had Q in the gloom the next day. So the next morning YHC could not sleep and got to the AO at 445 and made a list of pain stations on the ground with his 7 year old daughtes play chalk. It was commented on that the handwrighting was sub par and made no sense especially to the Q who wrote it. At 5 the loan pre runner was just YHC and on the lap back Chedder pulls up at 515 and we proceed to go across the street and get lost and just made it back to launch. This is the second time that Chedder and YHC have gotten lost on a run. As we started up the PAX were suprised that there were going to be stations and lots of running. We also had our dear friend Sandy with us which I was informed by No Show our LGBTQIA versed member that I was not allowed to assign a gender to Sandy so it is just a bag full of sand or what ever it chooses to identify with. As we ran indian run with Sandy always at the lead we took a turn to the darkest part of the AO and YHC thought about his life and the fact he was in his 2nd third of his journey. YHC paused the pax to thank them and to tell him his hope challange with his injuries and with his ongoing career change. YHC aslo told them he loved them and was proud to lead them in the Gloom some uncomfortable glances later we were running again with Sandy. YHC read a article about Dabo Swinney (yes Tiger Fan) about how he belived that the word “love” is the most underused word in our language. When we start using Love in our words are actions are not far behind. Dumpsterfire in the COT had a powerfull statement in the closing prayer. To paraphrase he said even though his brother passed, brotherhood is not dead it lives strong with in the MEN of F3 and our Love has supported him in this diffcult time. So if you have a moment to say “I love you.” to a special person in your life please take the time. Start making the word “LOVE” the most used word in our lexicon and see if our actions and maybe theirs will change for the better.

Bear Crawl Alley

Well better late than never….. 7 Braved 31 degrees of tropical style weather. As usual yhc had a plan for a workout and then changed it the moment I stepped outside of the house. We had to stay warm and cuddling was not an option for most of us. We moseyed on down passed the paid for work out which I almost sold as my own but no one bought the Idea that I came with that many cones and obnoxious music. We did some warm ups but as we were just really cooling down I made the call to jump right into the Grind. 1000 Merkins 2000 LBCS and 3000 Dips as a team. Keeping the guys warm the old fashioned way “they earned it”. As we learned having a CPA in the group did not help us keep track of the totals in the least. We ground out the exercises and when the guys looked lost we hit a lap around the lot. Even Cheddar pitched in and did some merkins. Thankfully Private Benjamin could keep the rest of us on count as Tool Bag was prone to rounding errors.

After we hit our goals as a team and were warmed up enough No Show led us on a longer run. Thankfully he has better eyesight because I would have gotten us lost in the dark.  I can not take credit for the idea of bear crawling across the bridge back to the start but I will take credit for the first naming in the bighouse history. Bear Crawl Alley was born. To all who cross the bridge you will do so in the finest bear crawl you can so sayeth the Dumpsterfire.  We did some mary and as 2 miles hit the watches and we rolled into COT

In closing I want to thank those brave souls for getting out of the fart sack and enjoying the first sub freezing gloom of the season. It is always a pleasure to go to the Bighouse and I will return. A special thanks to Rock thrill for making the long drive and reaching out to spread the good word of the Joe Davis race.

In other news vote for somebody in Pineville named Maxim or pedro I can’t remember


YHC was on injured reserve but could not give up a chance to post with The Bighouse Crew!

The Thang


A short 4/10ths jog to lower p lot

25 SSH

10 Imperial Walkers

10 windmills

Once we sorted out two teams and your YHC got his mind off his leg long enough to give cadence correctly the real Thang began.

While one group was out for a loop of around .5 miles the other group stayed with YHC and burned some abs. Each time the group came back they continued the reps. Thanks to Udder who said why don’t we do some Indian Runs while away for upping the workout even more. The two groups ran 4 Laps and back to the COT for a total of 2 miles.

Here is what they did in between laps…with no rest period

15 pistol crunches each leg

10 cadence count mericans

10 box cutters

and 10 more the other direction

25 low slow squats

10 j los

20 chippy crosses cadence count

25 lunges OYO Got to talk to the guys a little here

40 superman impressions and hand lifts

30 dollys

10 to 20 merican hammers


Thanks to Dumpsterfire showing great leadership months in advance to invite me to lead the Pax. It gave me a challenge to get ready for. When YHC pulled a calf a week before thoughts of giving up came. Then YHC got out of Fart Sack with a plan that was going to hurt but he would not have to run…Do the reps 2 times one with each group. It was a terrible idea that is why I wanted to get it done. On the run down and the warm up I lost my cool because my leg started tensing up I lost focus and did not even count the Imperial walkers in warm up. I had to get my head out of an anatomically incorrect position. I did not want to let any PAX down so with all the men looking on with nothing but encouragement we hit our stride. It went well and 2 FNGs posted as well as Sideways for his second post. YHC is thankful for all of the Q leaders and New and Old PAX for helping out and making it a successful post.