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April Fools! Q-Swap @ DaVinci


15 S.O.B.’s (alternative acronym, not Sons of Ballantyne) showed up at DaVinci to take part in the Saturday SOB Workout Civil War between Site-Q’s Tuck (DaVinci) and JRR Tolkien (Stonehenge). Expecting their sometimes bearded leader Tuck to roll up at 6:25am to lead the jihad (ironically from the Chik-Fil-A holy site), the PAX got an unexpected surprise when YHC peeled into the parking lot blasting his radio to ‘Gangnam Style’, wound his truck window down, singing “HEYYY… SEXY LADIES! <pointing to all the pax>”…. April Fools b!tche$.

Several months ago Tuck, Wild Turkey, and YHC thought it would be a fun idea to play a April fools joke on the PAX of each site by swapping Q responsibilities on 4/1/17… April Fools Day. So Tuck would Q Stonehenge, but market as if he was going to Q his home site DaVinci instead.  Tuck was so excited about the idea that he signed himself up on the Stonehenge Sign-Up Genius and advertised April Fools Site-Q swap in the notes #IDIOT. Thankfully none of the PAX noticed the faux pas. In backroom negotiations, Tuck implored YHC to leave Wild Turkey out of the Q-swap to centralize the mudslinging marketing to 2 men… and for greater fear of being given a weinke involving 60 minutes of leg-wrestling and Chinooks, which YHC grudgingly obliged #sorryWT.

A plan was laid for Tuck and YHC to intentionally jab each other all week on Slack and Twitter to drum up interest / hatred / allegiance among the SOBs for the Saturday showdown.  But earlier in the week, no one took the bait! It wasn’t until Friday rolled around until the PAX was fully immersed in trash talking, recruiting, and the like. Lines were drawn between one-time “friends”, and other lines COMPLETELY CROSSED as Tuck began using YHC fat pictures from my Facebook page. #neckFat #likeapackofHotDogs #IrememberthatArgonaut . The plan worked, mission accomplished, and there was nothing left to do but carry out the April Fools Q Swap the next morning. Here is what we did….

The Thang

Tuck and I agreed to plan the other person’s workout, which we both agreed to be TOUGH, and not silly…. or else YHC was going to make the Stonehenge PAX do an hour of frontal partner carries or monkey humpers.  Here is what Tuck came up with, which YHC did his best to execute the plan for the Davinci PAX.

Part 1: Run to the Stonecrest Playground, find the shovel flag, and find the weinke attached to a brick paver. Read the following message to the PAX verbatim:

“Good morning everyone. My name is JRR Tolkien and I’ll be your da Vinci Q this morning. Tuck wishes he could be here, but every once in a while he likes to make sure the Stonehenge faithful get a decent workout. Now, everyone can clearly see that I’m fat. But what you may not know is that I’m also incredibly slow. Both of these attributes will come in handy over the next hour when there’s not a lot of light and you need to find me. Also, please take a moment to decide amongst yourselves who will carry me back to launch after I inevitably get injured. You may need to team up, because of the previously mentioned fatness.”

COP right where you are on the grass. Exercises are up to you (SSH, Imperial walker, merkins). I haven’t left you any gear but I’m sure you can figure it out. By the way, you need to carry the paver that the weinke was wrapped in for the remainder of the workout. You cannot put it down.

Part 2: After COP, mosey to the tunnel to the left of Banana Republic that leads to the stairs. In the tunnel you will find your next set of instructions under one of the benches.  You need to carry the paver that this 2nd weinke was wrapped in for the remainder of the workout (along with the 1st paver). You cannot put them down.

11’s on the Stairs: 1 burpee at the bottom of the stairs. Run up the stairs and perform 10 diamond merkins somewhere on the 2nd level. Run across the breezeway and down the 2nd set of stairs. Then 2 burpees at the bottom and 9 diamonds at the top. And so on, until 10 burpees at bottom and 1 diamond at top. Mary while waiting for the 6.

Part 3: Mosey to the retaining wall behind Old Navy/Marshall’s etc. (where we did muscle-ups last week). Somewhere on top of the retaining wall you will find the next part of your weinke.  You need to carry the paver that this 3rd weinke was wrapped in for the remainder of the workout (along with the 1st 2 pavers). You cannot put them down.

Suicides: Continue running behind the stores until you make a turn to the right. There you will see 7 giant lamp posts in front of you (Target will be to your right). Perform suicides using the light posts. 15 jump squats every time you get back to the starting point. Mary while waiting for the 6.

Part 4: Mosey past Target towards Rea Rd. As soon as you pass Target you will see a cart corral in the parking lot on your right. Go there and find your next (and last) weinke.  Guess what? You need to carry the paver that this 4th weinke was wrapped in for the remainder of the workout (along with the 1st 3 pavers). You cannot put them down.

Supine Pull-ups: Using this cart corral, perform 20 supine pull-ups. Ok, you can put down the pavers for a minute. Choose a landmark (far sign next to the Blue minivan/CRV) for the PAX to run around and return for 15 supine pull-ups. Run around same landmark, then 10 supine pull-ups.

Part 5: Mosey across Rea Rd, behind Best Buy and Pet Smart. When you get behind the buildings there is a little courtyard back there where the loading dock is. Have PAX line up in people’s chair against the wall that is furthest from the pond. Hold people’s chair, while 1st PAX in line runs to the metal railing (that should be right in front of you) and bear crawls back. Then next PAX in line does the same thing. Continue until all PAX have gone.

Part 6: JRR’s Impromptu Extra Credit … Follow Tolkien around parking lot in the extra few minutes remaining and attempt to make some silly Strava running art, by spelling “T U C K” in the parking lot (check Strava). Also to make sure PAX got over 4 miles (4.2mi total covered). Run back to Chik-Fil-A, few more merkins, and plank until time is up. Finito!


Naked Moleskine

Sorry for the long backblast, but Tuck’s weinke was much longer than Tolkien’s (it was already obvious Tuck… no need to rub it in! #Italian>Asian #TMI #funnynotfunny)

It was a fun day (for me at least), and Tuck delivered on a tough weinke as we covered 4.2 miles during the hour. Thankfully the pavers Tuck wrapped in white paper, which emulated either C4 bricks, or opium bricks, were not confiscated by Blakeney Security or the CMPD bomb squad, and that no PAX were arrested picking them up.  After the smoke cleared, and the battlefield was visible… the anti-climactic SOB Civil War ended up in a 15 PAX @ DaVinci – 15 PAX Stonehenge TIE, and no burpees were owed by either Site-Q for a PAX imbalance.  YHC wishes it was a 30-30 tie but hey, there are a lot of SOB’s with faces perfect for radio not TV, so maybe they’ll appear when the weather is even more perfect.  For those of you who showed at Stonehenge, you have all earned yourselves free passes to F3HotTubs and are eligible for the singlet which Mario was sporting.  For those of you who showed at DaVinci, you are all on my hit list you unloyal basterds!  In all seriousness, YHC is glad to see DaVinci being so well attended post the 1-YR Site Anniversary. Tuck and 777 (get healed old fart).  Maybe it’s those bad@$$ Mona Lisa socks, which YHC is a proud owner of after Q-ing.  But probably it’s because of Tuck’s unwavering commitment to growing the AO base, and it’s paying off. Awesome work man, very proud of you, and despite putting my fat pictures on Slack, you’re still my home-boi!.  And just remember, let the record show that Bunker posted @ Stonehenge Saturday for YHC … mic drop. Tuck start looking for another job.

Couple of musings…. when YHC pulled up in the lot, Commish saw me and headed straight back to his car. For a minute YHC thought he was heading home showing allegiance for Tuck. He was just unstrapping his 2.0 GM out of his booster seat in the car.  Kid is much bigger and faster than when he first got named at Stonehenge few years ago…. yes, YHC still remembers.  It’s great to see newer PAX like Escobar stepping up to Q like last week (which YHC attended!), and fartsacking Stonehenge this week which would have given YHC the win, and instead posting at DaVinci and giving me the tie (@$#%#$%#!!!!!!).  Madame Tousseau started after YHC on the bear crawls, and finished before YHC… heck he even beat Frasier bear crawling when Frasier was in a full on sprint! #NOTabearcrawl.  Mighty Mite beasted the 11s, and showed off his newfound unfatness as he is looking slim these days.  Loogie was nice enough to clarify that the blue van in the distance PAX had to run to was actually a CRV. Great useless recognition of a vehicle no one cares about man #technicalities .

Thank you all for showing to either site. YHC encourages all PAX to post Saturdays to get to know each other, get a little sweat in, and enjoy some 2nd F after. It was a pleasure to lead.


SYITG ~JRR Tolkien

F3 Dads: Shorties Drop The Gloves at Checkers Hockey

The chanting of “FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT… FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!” echoed throughout Section 111 of Bojangles Coliseum.  Almost in perfect chorus, throngs of fans screamed at the top of their lungs with such vitriol for the opposing Cleveland Monsters player to get their teeth knocked out and sent to the hospital. Most would have expected the raucous to be coming from a belligerent Poptart, Udder, and Strawberry holding their 15th Bud Light beer cup stack.  But on this day it was their young 2.0s screaming with such screeching treble in their voices for blood and injury from gladiators down in the coliseum ice rink.  Video evidence later showed Strawberry dancing a hippie jig to the ‘Fight’ chant, which was being led by his ringleader 2.0 Chase #proudpapa, while Gumbo face palmed next to him and scurried to buy ear mufflers from the concession stands for his toddler 2.0s.  The Checkers won 6-1, and 66 PAX, M’s and 2.0s left the arena filled with stadium junk food to go along with some great memories. This is the story of F3 Dads trip to the Charlotte Checkers Hockey Game.

The evening started off with Poptart casing the already shady Bojangles parking lot on Monroe Road sitting in his mini-van wearing his camo non-F3 shirt 2 hours before the game. He could have just gone inside and sat with Gumbo and his 2.0s, but he didn’t. Gumbo’s 2.0s already had their Checkers hats on and were ready to cheer #seasonedvets. Up roll Tolkien and Mr Brady with their band of five 2.0s (one borrowed from neighbor) ready for some greeeezy chicken and invite Poptart in from his minivan.  Mr Brady followed instructions, and is wearing his black F3 shirt #GOOD which was tucked so deep into his hiked up jeans #BAD, that his beltline was covering the F3 chest logo.  He would have made Steve Urkel look like his pants were sagging to the ground like MC Hammer had he been there!  Escobar & 2.0 also showed up to Bojangles late, having to pick up a bag of white powder before the game, he was seen cutting the corner of the bag with a switchblade and tasting it first… hey, maybe he was bringing his own powdered sugar for the funnel cake he was going to take down at the game!  A rogue Udder, and possibly his brother in-law Grafittti were going to Viva Chicken to eat healthy for the impossible clean-eating challenge, but after fat-shaming on Slack whoever was going to Bojangles, opted for another fried chicken joint, Chik-Fila-A , just to be anti-social.  Thinking about it, Udder likely just wanted to hug the giant moo-cow dancing around the drive through at CFA and tug on it’s udders… his pregame routine.  Big Papi tried to reroute the Pax to the Home and Garden Expo across the street, where he had spend several hours learning about trimming bushes #Bonsaiyousickos, making up some story about it taking 1.5hrs to get into the Checkers parking lot.  It took about 3 minutes to get there dude.

The first Checkers score was early in the game on a slapshot from near the blue line on a set play. GOAL!!!! Not sure anyone cared… but it was a great shot right in front of us, and it got the energy flowing and brought out the cowbells, two of them which Tolkien’s 2.0s Gypsy Danger and Dragon Queen had brought.  A few minutes later, Big Papi had stolen one of them, and like a big kid, was ringing the $%!* out of it on a second Checkers score while his kids were begging for them back #denied.  Escobar would have seen the second goal, but he and Tolkien were taking a selfie which didn’t even turn out good.  Grafitti would have seen the third goal, but he and Tolkien were distracted talking smack about Udder who spent nearly an entire period drawing a F3 Nation Sign out of a posterboard, and using every available black permanent marker to do it.  It was a suhweet poster! So was Mr. Brady’s sign, which also sported a F3 Nation emblem, right next to the large words he wrote “PUCK ‘EM”.  YHC’s son told me that he had spelled the word wrong… gulp.  Think he was referring to “EM” being spelled “THEM” (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). Supposedly the F3 Nation symbol and web address was flashed up on the jumbotron at one point, but everyone was too loopy to snap a picture of it and Tolkien missed seeing that too (buying concessions for 2.0s… smh).

Great to have Big Tuna come out, but at one point in the second quarter, the dude and his minnows looked like a fish out of water. He was seen with his school of 2.0s trolling the open rinkside seats as close to the ice as possible and wouldn’t be denied premier access, flopping from seat to seat next to all the fat cats in the lower bowl. If YHC remembers correctly, Geraldo, MT, Fallout, Wingman, Kirby, and Mermaid brought the M’s to the game, and we were happy to have them to chaperone… but it’s no coincidence that these men were also the best behaved of the night (more later).  Witch Doctor didn’t say much about it, but he was mentally shaking his head sideways at all the nachos, cookies, and stadium food that everyone was taking down when his life’s purpose is to get everyone to eat clean and healthy!  His 2.0s were seen happily eating a gluten-free cabbage and quinoa cookie, with some beet frosting that they snuck into the game. Speaking of bad food, welcome Honey Bee to the game! HB only shows up for running workouts, and wherever he can gorge himself of hotdogs.  Dude had not one … not two … but THREE Bratwursts…. err, I mean hot dogs and should be renamed “Joey Chestnut” when he starts the next F3 AO at Coney Island called ‘Nathans’.  HB left the earliest, immediately after the 2nd period, but not before eating the rest of Alf‘s 2.0s hot dog which had rolled under his seat.  Speaking of Alf, he was dressed very dapper in his Ferragamo vest, which was actually a Van Hussein vest sold at JCPennys that he got at Goodwill. Whatever… he wasn’t wearing his F3 shirt. Neither was Poptart who was wearing some dirty looking camouflage rag from Cabela’s clearance rack. Neither was Wingman or Strawberry who wore Star Wars shirts as if the hockey game was some comicon event, and it wasn’t.  Mermaid, Fallout, Tolkien, Geraldo, Witch Doctor, Kirby, Big Papi, Mr Brady (sort of) all followed instructions and wore the b@d@$$ black to rep F3 Nation.

Probably, the best part of the night happened when the game was nearly over with 6 minutes left to go. The Checkers game announcer who happens to be part of FIA aka “Puck” welcomed F3 Nation to the game over the intercom, and sent up two talented Check-Mates Cheerleaders to come dance with the kids in our section to the song ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain while the kids were captured by the “Move-IT Cam” and put up on the jumbotron.  All the kids couldn’t wait… and found their last bit of energy waving their signs and throwing down their best dance moves, even if it was past their bedtimes. While some unnamed PAX (rhymes with “Butter” and think NFL Quarterback Tom B____y ) made sure to capture every dance move by the Check-Mates… I mean 2.0s on their phones, the aforementioned Geraldo, MT, Fallout, Wingman, Kirby, and Mermaid didn’t see a thing as they were trying desperately to get on the kisscam with their M’s.  Well done men. #nopeeking

In all seriousness, thanks again everyone for coming out to the Checkers Game. My kids and I had a blast and can’t wait for the next F3 Dads event. Stay tuned for that (camping?).  We all have plenty of ideas for great events coming up, and if you have an idea share it! Make sure to joing the #F3Dads Slack channel to stay in the loop as well.  Blessed to be surrounded with F3 men who are invested in their families lives that we can do LIFE together with.

Until Next Time, ~ JRR Tolkien

OCR Training Circus Makes a Pit-Stop at Rock-Zero


Today marks the official start of Obstacle Course Racing Season with the Spartan Race Arizona Sprint underway (good luck Mario!… this just in…. he placed #12 in Competitive Heat and #2 in 25-29 age group. BOOM!!!!), and what better way to prepare for the upcoming OCR season here (Spartan Atlanta – March / Spartan Carolinas – April / Savage & SC Mud Run – May) than with some specific OCR Training.  Three Spartan circuit regulars (Flipper, Kid Rock, JRR Tolkien) showed up for a 3.2 mile “mosey” pre-workout run. They were joined by 12 more men looking to transform their soft touch hands, into calloused fists of rage, and polish their obstacle course attacking abilities, to make 15 in total.


Quick mosey across the parking lot over to the Calvary playground area.  Plank while waiting for the 6, circle up, quick instructions and disclaimer given to PAX by YHC while in plank position throwing in a few “up” / “down” merkins on my cadence. Partner up by size/ability and start at any one of 8 stations.  The WOD today ended up being a solid 50min HIIT workout (8 total stations: 2:30min work + :38min sprint & recovery… Repeat circuit 2X for 16 stations total).  Plan was to partner up and stick with your partner through all the stations to completion of all 8 stations, two times.  YHC changed it up today, and the 38 seconds between stations sometimes reserved for rest were used for AYG sprints from the gear to the second basketball hoop and back… resulted in turning a near 0.0 workout into 2.9 miles of running. Not too shabby for a gear workout.


  1. ~240lb Rogue Dog Sled Push: The same sled used in the Crossfit games. Pushing the HIGH vertical bars is a little easier than pushing the LOW horizontal bars.  Flapjack.  Sled pushing is great for fixing running form. (legs/hips/total body really)
  2. ~85lb Heavy Bucket Carries: One of the many obstacles in Spartan Race. Walk around parking lot without putting the bucket down to rest, or else you owed 3 burpees each time. (legs/core/grip)
  3. Standing Heavy Rope Row Pulls:  P1 provides resistance while P2 reels in thick rope to the end, flapjack.  (total body/grip)
  4. Reverse Burpees: With 25lb or 35lb kettlebells lay on your back, extend kb above head, extend it beyond knees, squat, stand…. unwind movement (core/legs/triceps)
  5. Fingertip Farmers Carries: With 35lb or 45lb plate or 45lb kb walk with weight around cone and back with each weight. Throw in some shoulder shrugs, and remove fingers from the weights to increase grip strength (shoulders/grip)
  6. Hanging Toes-2-Bar w/ Pullup: at the kids playground, don’t stop hanging! Working on grip strength further, alternate full-length pulp and a toes to pulp bar touch (abs/grip/back) 
  7. “Spear” Throw: practice throwing the wooden dowel spear through the target hula hoop to avoid doing three burpees (mind).
  8. Supine Thick Rope Pullups: Shorter thick rope body supine pull-ups and negatives with rope chained to the top of a fence (back/biceps/grip)

All of the stations today should have sapped the grip strength out of you and forearms should be on fire… Spartan Race obstacles that the exercises were intended to prepare you for were: rope climb, plate drag, bucket carry, 8″ wall, z-wall grip, monkey bars, the metal rig, spear throw, and the running


Great morning for a workout. Sun was up, and weather was warm enough in the 50s to wear my prize racerback F3 tank top. Heck YHC got to sleep in a few extra minutes instead of posting at the EPIC SOB 6am Stonehenge workout, where YHC is Site-Q (#shamelessmarketingplug).  Bonus for the day was that YHC didn’t even chip a tooth this time posting at RockZero (2 chipped teeth in 2 separate occasions at Day Zero… hey it claimed to be a High Intensity workout).  Anyway, if you liked the workout, thank YHC for bringing something new…. if you hated it, blame Flipper for inviting me, and Hoover for specifically asking for some Savage Race/Spartan Race training.  Couple of musings from this morning: Hansel & 15 Gretel….err, YHC means Nemo (16yrs) and Umizumi (15yrs) were pushing hard to get their hairless 8-packs polished for Spring Break so that the girlies can take notice of them at the pool…. while they play Minecraft on their iPads.  Both did a great job with the heavier weights today especially the 85lb bucket carries which easily were more than half their body weight. YHC tried to light a fire in them youngster, by betting they would place Top 5 in the upcoming Savage Race which they plan to enter…. kids race that is.  Kid Rock rolled up early this AM, and pulled his monster truck up next to my F-150… dude, YHC is Asian you can’t do that, there’s already enough insecurities! Kid Rock & Flipper both were in the zone with the workout gear this morning, except the spear throw which needed a LOT of work! #30burpees Marlin got War-Daddy for the day as the oldest and only Respect here today, but age did not appear to be a factor at all for him and the “older-crew”… in fact Joker & Witch Doctor, a pair of 45yr old stallions, were going toe-to-toe with Nemo & Umizumi on all 16 of the sprints. It was very very impressive to see them go as hard as they did this morning, and they definitely came to play.  Ickey Shuffle didn’t seem to get the Slack memo that High Tide was posting with a bum calf hampered by injured calf, as he tried to drag him across the parking median in the standing rope pull aka Tug-O-War.  Disregarding the Q’s instructions for the exercise, the two looked more like ‘Lady & The Tramp’ reeling in a shared spaghetti noodle towards each other, maybe ending in a kiss. You decide who is more the lady, and who the tramp. Hoover is big dude, and was slapping the basketball backboard at the turnaround point for sprints, which impressed YHC…. but then YHC noticed he didn’t need to jump to do that. Carry on. YHC could see Boerwors & Dingo crushing the low sled push across the way.  YHC has some good convo this morning paired with McGee who seemed to be in good spirits which was great to see.  He found a way to get his 100 burpees a day in as per his 100-4-100 Challenge, which YHC has been participating in showing solidarity for a fellow F3 brother.  Also great to work out with someone YHC had never worked out with in Private Benjamin who pulled like an ox in the standing rope pull, and pushed like a tractor in the Rogue Dog Sled push. Great meeting you brother.  Lots of other musings, apologies for the omission but getting ready for the F3 Dads Checkers Hockey Game tonight with a few things in-between. Sound off in comments below with them…

Thank you Flipper for the invitation to Q RockZero, and for the takeout today. It was a pleasure to lead as always, and YHC enjoyed working out with some guys YHC doesn’t normally get to.  Looking forward to posting with you all again soon.  Have a great weekend all!


SYITG ~ JRR Tolkien

Blame it on Lex Luthor… Spartan Race UB CSAUP

YHC is a man of action, and a man of his word.  Lex is a man of few words, and a bad@$$.  The following conversation can be found on Twitter today 2/18/17… This is a preblast for self accountability, because YHC promised to do it… and Lex you can’t back out either!

Lex Luthor (12:49 PM):  “Can you just run an event for me? Great work boys.” <speaking in regards to Udder’s PR earlier today at Charlotte 10 miler>

JRR Tolkien (1:25PM): “Lex U r more of a Spartan Race guy. Something gritty. Let’s do it!” <referring to Lex’s blue collar nature, like wearing corduroy pants when posting>

Lex Luthor (4:03PM): “let’s take it to the next level boys Death Race and I am there” <Lex not valuing his life apparently>

JRR Tolkien (4:24 PM): “I’ll meet you in the middle… World’s Toughest Mudder or Spartan Ultra Beast. I’ll event Q it” <YHC writing more checks his body can’t cash>

Lex Luthor (5:34PM): “Let’s get this on the calendar. I’m in.” <YHC walks over to computer to write up pre blast… what you are reading now>

#$#$%^!!!! Once again my big mouth gets me into trouble. Just like the 320 burpees for Joe Davis Challenge #PAID. So we’re doing one of these as soon as we can agree on a event… YHC will organize and Q, as promised.

*DM me @JRRTolkienF3 or in comments below if you are interested in one of these, and we’ll put a distribution list together.  YHC already knows there are a lot of maniacs in F3, so looking forward to a nice group of brothers to join.* 

Prospective Dates: 

  • 4/29/17 New Jersey Spartan Race Ultra-Beast (Longshanks HC)
  • 4/29/17 America’s Toughest Mudder – Atlanta (8hrs)
  • 8/5/17 Hawaii Spartan Race Ultra-Beast ….
  • 9/16/17 Vermont Spartan Race Ultra-Beast
  • 9/30/17 Lake Tahoe Spartan Race Ultra-Beast / World Championships
  • 2018….

SYITG ~ JRR Tolkien


Savage Race CSAUP Training @ Foxhole (Sign up now!)


The Savage Race & Spartan Race is coming! SIGN UP BEFORE 2/16! (shameless marketing for the event Q’s… you’re welcome)

18 men gathered in the gloom at Elon Park Elementary, and a perfect venue for some obstacle course training. YHC loaded almost 1000lbs of gear in the truck (heavy buckets, kettlebells, plates, weight sled, ropes, and “spears”) for my Foxhole VQ intending to work on a LOT grip and core strength, two assets that are much needed to conquer OCR obstacles, and also provide a change of pace with the BIG-SWINGING-DIC… tators Argo and Voodoo out of pocket. Thank goodness the PO-PO didn’t show up to kick us off the astro-turf field, or at least impound my truck at 4:30am in the morning while gear was unloaded…. it’s been a rough week for gear at F3 workouts #ThanksGeneral&Frasier

So much for the weather forecast, the wind was blowing hard, and YHC scored a solid 9/10 on my ‘nipping’ score after wearing only a SOB Balrog racer-back.  Hey, the Spartan tattoo needed some air on a OCR workout day! Five men (Fahvra, Thin Mint, Mario, Bratwurst, JRR Tolkien) rolled up at 5am for 30min of early pre-WORK which included a sandbag run & squats, and some extra time on the gear.  The rest showed up a few minutes before 5:30 ready to rock.


Quick disclaimer given, with several options to modify (easier and harder).  Because Foxhole is 45min workout, the WOD today ended up being a solid 40.5min TABATA workout (9 total stations x 2 rounds = 18 stations total.  Time at each station was 2:05 with :10 second transition time. Plan was to partner up and stick with your partner through all the stations to completion of all 18 stations.


  1. Shorter thick rope body supine pull-ups and negatives with rope chained to the top of a fence – back/biceps/grip
  2. Reverse Burpees w/ 25lb or 35lb kettlebells – core/legs/triceps
  3. Tug-O-War or Standing Resistance Rope Row Pulls – total body/grip
  4. ~85lb heavy bucket carries – legs/core/grip
  5. Partner Resistance band pulls (FORWARD down & BACKWARDS back) – legs/core
  6. 35lb & 45lb plate/kb fingertip farmers carry w/ shrugs – shoulders/grip
  7. Agility Shuttle Run between cones – legs/ankles/cardio
  8. ‘Spear’ throw through target (miss = 3 burpee penalty) – mind
  9. ~225lb Rogue Dog Sled Push (HIGH Bar push down sidewalk, LOW Bar push back sidewalk) – legs/hips/total body really


Fun morning today at the ‘Hole… for YHC at least. OCR season is just around the corner, so what better way to get ready for the mud run season than to work on refining some OCR skills… add in a trip to Kinetic Heights, and the grip strength will improve quickly… maybe not as fast as the blisters will form.  A few musings from this morning:

  • Kirby was so excited to see YHC in the lot, that instead of a bro-hug, YHC got a full on hug… BEAR hug. Polar bear and Panda Bear. We bears stick together. YHC now knows why the buckets are cracking, after seeing Kirby apply the same squeeze he gave me to the Home Depot Bucket during carries.
  • Noone got to play with their own bells today. Well, other than Loogie, The Worm, and Frehley’s who insisted they not touch mine, and played with their own in the parking lot for 45minutes.  Seeing knee-unfriendly activities on the astroturf field, the crew broke off for a traditional kettlebell workout which they smashed like they do every week.  Old-man strength redefined.  T-Claps to Loogie for getting brother Worm out in the gloom after a long hiatis.  Hoping to see you out more often!
  • Thin Mint & Fahvra tried to one-up each other all morning, and it was a fierce battle worth selling tickets for… but in the end, both men would lose to the gear, which wore them both (and everyone else) out.  Somehow both got an extra turn or two on the weight sled station which was almost impossible to move this morning.
  • YHC’s first time posting with the legendary Rachel this morning, who snuck away from the friendly confines of DMZ to get in some OCR work in preparation for Savage Race where he and Team Strongbridge (Rachel, Mermaid, Dori, Sacajawea) intend to ‘chick’ all the dudes. Seriously whats up with all the women’s names?
  • Bratwurst held his own for the soccer-armed runner he is, and would be a formidable OCR racer if he were to sign up for a race.  He and Gumbo, a Tough Mudder Vet himself, were solid through all the stations today.
  • Wild Turkey’s got some strong legs, maybe from all that leg wrastling, or just wrestling. But he was one of he few men YHC saw push the weight sled from the lowest bar. He also talked himself into NOT putting the bucket down nomatter how hard it was hurtin’.  His partner Soft Pretzel was steady all morning, and even had a “interesting” spear throwing style, since it looked like a spinning helicopter blade, not a dart.  Speaking of helicopters…. I didn’t see it, but I bet Chopper broke the spear target. You owe me another piece of plywood with a hole in it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!
  • YHC still remembers Alf’s attempt to climb the rope before the finish line at the Spartan Race last year #30burpees. But after today’s workout, Alf is sure to conquer that rope climb this year, especially now that he has a copy of YHC’s Valentines playlist played this morning to pump him up pre-race (Maroon 5 – Daylight & OneRepublic – Counting Stars).
  • After calling out his fellow Respects to join him in the upcoming Savage Race, 777 & Commish showed everyone that age is nothing but a number, outpointing the youngest PAX Mighty Mite & Mario who struggled all morning to push or hold on to anything. It was observed  later that 777 and Commish grabbed some orange wedges, animal crackers, and wet-naps for MM&M for their owee muscles.


Climbing a mountain is tough, whether you’ve been to the summit or not. When you look up at the mountain from the base, you know it’s a long journey to the top, and that it will take time and effort to get there. You also know that once you’re there, the greatest view of the horizon can be seen, far better than the same view after catching a gondola up, and the feeling of accomplishment is infinitely greater. For some, it inspires men to climb even higher, while for others, it’s a constant struggle to reach a lower peak, and reaching the summit may not happen, but it’s worth the journey, because quite possibly greater glory might be achieved in just the attempt.  But it takes a first step… and that can be the toughest part.  We at F3 are about helping each other take that first step to higher ground, to climbing the mountain of physical fitness, mental fitness, and family fitness . We do it by bringing out both friend and stranger FNG to workouts, and sticking with them in the gloom. We do it by encouraging our injured PAX that the best is yet to come, even though the past was pretty good. We do it by pushing each other workout after workout to get even better, even at the expense of dropping a few positions in the final results, so long as we both finish higher. We do it through F3 Dads and investing in each others youth. It’s worth it to climb the mountain.

So here’s a challenge… pick someone to help climb the mountain. Wingman proposed pick someone who hasn’t been in the gloom for a while and stick with them and encourage them to keep coming out. Ask Bucky how to EH someone, since he just brought 4? new PAX to DaVinci the other week. Check in with Mr. Brady who’s got a fractured hip, and MAF it with him while he tries to get back to running form. Heck, YHC could even use some encouragement after losing basically all aerobic fitness from a calf injury post-marathon. Plenty of opportunities to be there for each other in so many ways. Pick ONE.

* So I’ll pick one, while I’m climbing my own mountain all over again.  YHC would like to help a few PAX set a PR in a race soon.  And why not this weekend? If you would like to run the Ballantyne 10miler or 4miler, YHC will do my best to help you PR your race (7:30min/mi pace or slower). Let’s climb that mountain together…. particularly that last hill to end the race. Who’s in? If not this weekend, pick another one, message me.*


  • There are ~58 F3 Dads, M’s & 2.0s going to the Charlotte Checkers Hockey Game on Saturday 2/25/17 @ 6pm. @JRRTolkienF3 is organizing group tickets, which should be ~$16/ticket.  Contact JRR know ASAP to get details
  • Join our brothers in Union County to help rebuild a house this weekend for a family in need, contact Transporter to donate $, time, or materials.
  • A51/SOB/IL/The Fort/Union County regions have agreed to make The Savage Race OCR a CSAUP in Concord on 5/13/2017… use discount code ‘VALENTINE’ by midnight 2/16 to get 50% off a second entry (find a partner and sign up!) or use ‘GCF317’ to get 15% signing up under team ‘F3 Nation’… Its the weekend BEFORE the traditional SC Mud Run, run Savage or run BOTH like YHC! Savage Race Website: F3 Preblast:
  • As always, you are welcome and invited to come post or Q the legendary Saturday SOB workout, Stonehenge (YHC is co-site Q w/ Wild Turkey) followed by coffeeteeria @ Einstein Bagel:
  • See the newsletter for other items YHC forgot… like future details on rebuilding stone wall w/ Haggis on Q.

As always it was a pleasure to lead, and thanks Argo & Voodoo & Loogie for the invitation.

SYITG ~ JRR Tolkien

Bagpipe Burpees for McGee (100)


So YHC pulls up into The Vine American Kitchen Parking lot at ~5:20am, and had to park in a totally distant spot, just to get a space! That’s how packed the lot was this morning. What was going on? Did The Uptown Cabaret just open a Ballantyne location behind The Vine? Possibly… Frehley’s car WAS in the lot with a bunch of rubber bands used to wrap dollar-bill wads flapped on his dashboard (he wasn’t there for a prerun).  Nope, sadly quite the opposite was true… 20+ men had showed up early for a sausage party prerun to follow the big kielbasa Bratwurst before SWIFT.  Cars kept on pouring into the lot, and by 5:30am a total of 49 lovers (run away = SWIFT) and FIGHTERS (stay & bang = Bagpipe) were ready to throw down.

YHC has been on IR for a few weeks (thks Hairball & Turkey Leg #400mRepeats #BADidea), but agreed to Q Bagpipe last minute because Mr. Bean was originally on Q, and YHC felt terrible that Bagpipe PAX would have had a pathetic workout and an even worse backblast #NONEwritten. Not to mention YHC owed my boy Cheddar for volunteering for Team Panda @ Ragnar #HIM.  Was great to see so many F3 Brothers out there for either workout… including an FNG Catheter.


Nothing fancy today… hey if you wanted running, you should have posted at SWIFT, but Bagpipers still covered nearly 2 miles of turf.  YHC was intent on completing at least 100 burpees in solidarity with McGee (100 burpees for 100 days challenge) whose mother just passed away after losing the battle to ovarian cancer.  YHC hears she was a true public servant and quality individual, RIP.  It was great to see the men of Fast Twitch honor McGee’s mom with 100 burpees as well yesterday, and again at the Maul with another 100. None of it coordinated, just brother thinking about another brother.

We did a bunch of single leg squats, reverse burpees, proper squats, bulgarian deadlifts, wide arm merkins, narrow arm merkins, hip slappers, planks, ab crunch thingamabobs,  walking lunges, most in slow civilian cadence count. We even ran up Bagpipe Hill backwards…. twice.  Somehow the workout managed to knock out Chippy with a injury.  YHC owed him revenge for smashing my kids soccer team which YHC coached on the way to a win-less season in a church league, but taking you out Chippy wasn’t intentional payback … promise… heal up.


Great work out there today fellas. YHC definitely feeling some of the single leg squat after-effects today. Not much messing around by me during the workout, since YHC needed to make sure I could complete it to begin with. It was great to post with some new guys that aren’t in YHC’s normal workout rotation.  YHC enjoyed Q’ing Bagpipe for the first time, and appreciate the hard effort put in today.

YHC would write my normal extended backblast, but the bond market consumes all my time in January… kind of like tax season does to Madame Tousseau, when he can’t assign his work to Flint and Gump.  Or like Haggis, when he actually needs to sell/build a patio when Bean and Hard Hat are lolly-gagging flashing each other in their company kilts. Or like Bunker, when he has to fan himself with leaf fronds, get his own lunch, and do his own financial analysis when Tuck is at home making more babies, or trying.  You get the idea….


Alright, I’ll shoot straight…. Where are you Bagpipe/SWIFT guys on Saturdays? There were a great group of 49 guys out there today, and I would love to see you guys come out and get to know each other and more fellas at a coffeeteeria on Saturday. There are two great options in SOB-land: Stonehenge meets at The Vine American Kitchen @ 6-7am (JRR Tolkien / Wild Turkey) and DaVinci meets at Blakeney Chik-fil-A @ 6:30-7:30am (Tuck & 777).  YHC has made some very close friends from spending just a few minutes after the workout eating a cream cheese coffee cake across from a dude who’s eating a everything bagel with Nutella and banana.  You’ll be home likely before the family wakes up. At the very least, you may realize during coffeeteeria the guy that you’ve been encouraging in the workout has the same favorite CareBear as you, also doesn’t have a man-card, has a matching leopard print hairband to your leopard jock strap, or is an absolute prick, and you should leave him the $%^& alone #kidding… maybe.  You get the point… #postonSaturdays


SYITG ~ JRR Tolkien

Take on the Joe Davis 5k/10k Tolkien Challenge!

So, YHC (and many others) had been trying to drum up participation for the 2017 Joe Davis 5k/10k in support of F3 Nation’s Rock Thrill, to commemorate the life of RT’s brother Joe, and to help bring awareness to the disease called ‘addiction’ and support a cause to end it.  As of right now ~203 F3 affiliated participants and ~43 FIA affiliated participants will be there, and hopefully that number grows by Saturday.  If you have not signed up to participate in the Joe Davis 5k/10k I encourage you to do it to support a great cause. It’s not too late:

YHC will keep this simple since there is an event preblast already. There are (3) challenges for you … all will result in a ‘punishment’ of 10 burpees from me, and a little bit of dough for charity.  Both indisputably positive things from your standpoint. They are as follows:

  1. CHALLENGE #1: If your participation in the Joe Davis 5k/10k is your first RACE, 5k or 10k, (A51/SOB Regions), CONGRATS! – YHC will do 10 burpees for your accomplishment
  2. CHALLENGE #2: If you set a personal record for time in the Joe Davis 5k or 10k RACE (A51/SOB Regions), CONGRATS! – YHC will do 10 additional burpees for your accomplishment
  3. CHALLENGE #3: Originally, YHC was signed up to race in the 10k, but due to the rescheduled date, YHC will not be able to race. Therefore, rather than scrap Challenge #3, YHC will modify the challenge by doing 10 burpees AND making a cash donation to the Joe Davis Memorial (or beneficiary Keystone Substance Abuse Services) for each F3 Nation PAX (any F3 Nation Region) who can best YHC’s following times:
    1. 10k 40:58 (YHC last official 10k time at Charlotte Racefest and current PR)
    2. 5k 19:54 (YHC time from JD 2016 race, considerably SLOWER than 18:23 more recent PR)

*Mary Lou and Bolt will be honoring Challenges #1 and #2 for The Fort and Subway will be doing a derivation of Challenge #3 for the 10k, all for a good cause.*

For Challenges #1 and #2, please post in the comments below whether you have successfully completed it or not (and your time) so YHC knows to honor the penalty(s). For Challenge #3, YHC will see the results posted online under F3 Nation Team. YHC won’t guarantee the burpees will be on Facebook Live (unless someone else wants to video it), but guarantees all burpees will be completed immediately after a Saturday post the week following.  YHC will tally the total up, and deliver on the burpee penalties and donation in honor of Joe Davis.  Honor system rules of course… and as men of F3, honor is at the top of the importance list.

Have a great race all, thanks for supporting the Joe Davis Run for Recovery, and good luck (on #1 and #2).

~ JRR Tolkien

Fat Camp Explodes with ‘Major Piggy Power’

The old & injured Mr Brady & I took the 2.0’s to see the animated kids movie, ‘Sing’ the other day. It was GREAT! (referring to the popcorn and the slurpee… not so much the movie).  Kids loved it.  But one of the stars in the show reminded me of what went down at Fat Camp this morning… wait until the 28 second mark of the following clip:
Aiming to work off their holiday pounds, 8 men showed at possibly the most distasteful & offensively named AO in all of F3… FAT CAMP.  How is any truly overweight person really going to post here? That’s just rude.  YHC wants Mr. Bean and Dolphin to know that your obesity is always welcome at Fat Camp and we all know you are just big boned.  Your voice will be heard and YHC will not be silent!
Anyway, The man upstairs must have a sense of humor, because in one of my marketing tweets, YHC mentioned being “8”lbs heavier since Kiawah Marathon about two weeks ago #notwaterweight #reversetaper #TRUTH… and sure enough “8” PAX showed up.  After a early morning set up on the astroturf field, all 8 men were about to make Fat Camp Explode with Major Piggy Power!
Format of the day was HIIT, just like the last time YHC Q’d Fat Camp several months ago… which was the only time YHC has been to Fat Camp, not to mention rumor has it JRR Tolkien only posts when he Q’s (FALSE!!!). No running really… All gear, HEAVY gear.  16 Stations in total, which was two rounds of 7 + players choice for the last 2. Intervals of 3min 15sec a station with 10 second rest/transition in between.

The Brave BB: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger DECK!

Well, If YHC had one movie quote to describe The Brave workout Friday, it would be:

“We’re gonna need a BIGGER BOAT DECK!” – Movie JAWS …. (that’s what she said).


Thursday night, YHC didn’t get much sleep… WEIRD dream after WEIRD dream kept on popping into my head, with one of the stranger being a memory of YHC’s ancestors from China, who coincidentally had the same names as the pilots in the Asiana Flight 214 Crash last year… check this out: . Call YHC superstitious but this dream meant something… but what? Then a great beautiful cuddly and intelligent Panda appeared to Tolkien in the next dream to translate…. The Great Panda (we’ll call him “Po” #KungFuPanda) said, “Little Panda, if only 2 PAX show up to your Brave Q after all marketing efforts, the numbers will be ‘Wi Tu Lo’.  If Fireman Ed can’t get enough oxygen in the stairwell, he will fall down the stairs and you will hear many ‘Bang Ding Ow’.  If you don’t mark the course off with orange cones there may be ‘Sum Ting Wong‘, and if more than 30 PAX show you will be screaming ‘Ho Lee Fuk‘ in disbelief…

The next morning… 33, yes THIRTY-THREE men of F3 Nation from 7, yes SEVEN, different areas (SOB / A51 / Indian Land / Union County / The Fort / Metro / MECA) traveled down to Ballantyne for The Brave Muthaship Simulation Parking Deck AMRAP workout and and shirtless JRR Tolkien could be heard for miles screaming his great Uncle’s name at the top of his might “HO LEE FUK!!!“… just as the Great Panda had forewarned.  (Yes, YHC is an idiot… but please read on)

Honestly, YHC had no clue how many men would post to this kind of workout… a parking deck AMRAP with nothing but elevation, right before the holidays. But, YHC DID know, that whomever did post would serve themselves a self-inflicted beatdown and walk away a better man for it.  So whether it was to pay your respects to the Muthaship workout (R.I.P.) that died 6 months ago, because you came for the “Tolkien Pity Party” as Voodoo labeled it, were a Brave regular, or took the pre-blast ( ) to heart and wanted to prove to yourself your Mental Toughness level was high, it was great to have you this morning, and YHC truly appreciates your attendance and the support today.

One last thought… then on to the shenanigans. The Brave workout is designed to be THE toughest SOB workout, heck many claim it’s one of the Top 5 toughest workouts in all of F3 Nation, and you’ll hear no disagreement from YHC here. But what really makes a workout tough is not the AO, Q, region, etc. It’s your individual ability to push yourself to the limit when it’s that time… which requires, the theme for the week, MENTAL TOUGNESS.  Truth is, we all HAVE to be mentally tough to do F3. It starts with waking up a ~4:15am in the morning to deliberately work out in the rain & cold when 99% of everyone else on the East Coast is sleeping.  To be completely out of shape, and not give a $h!t that others may be obviously thinner, faster, or stronger, but to know that YOU will be like that person if you keep up the hard work.  To step up and lead other men first at a workout, then a site-Q, organize a coat drive, a road race to end addiction, collect hundreds of turkeys to hand out to the community, or raise money and collect toys for charity. Or in COT to humble yourself before GOD in front of other men, and pray that he will use us to do his good will. So the question of “How mentally tough are you?” was already answered in my mind be fore the workout even started… we men of F3 Nation are ALREADY MENTALLY TOUGH!


This time, we’ll run this SOLO

1) 5:15am START: 25  chest-to-ground burpees in Vine parking lot

2) Sprint to lowest level of Ballantyne Village Parking Deck : 40 Hip Slappers  (20 each side)

3) Run all levels up to top of deck alternating BACKWARDS RUN FIRST on first ramp, then FORWARDS RUN on next.

4) Down the staircase on the LEFT (farthest from Movies), and CLIMB DOWN & UP STAIRS 3X (210 steps = 12 flights) – use the OUTSIDE lane going UP, and INSIDE lane going down

5) At top of the deck: perform 5 BURPEES + CRAB WALK the straightaway + 5 BURPEES (head towards the stairwell closest to the movies)

6) Down the staircase on the LEFT (closest to Movies), and CLIMB DOWN & UP STAIRS 3X (210 steps = 12 flights) – use the OUTSIDE lane going UP, and INSIDE lane going down

7) Back down staircase to the bottom, run to the TOP of the grassy hill you initially ran down and start step #2 again. That’s 1 Lap… how many can you complete? #REPEATO #AMRAP #YOUvsYOU

8) 6:12am – stop wherever you are and head back to The Vine parking lot for COT, and Virtual Trophy Award presentation.


That’s a wrap! Everyone got in 4-5 laps of this behemoth which would amount to 100+ levels of stair climbing and backwards running. Then add in two of the most un-cheatable hardest exercises in crab-walks and elevated hip-slappers. VT# goes to Thin Mint with a close 2nd Fishwrap… although both are too modest to tell us who really won, and no-one else was in sight either. Most everyone got to cross each other on the course today, and while it was a lactic acid leg party, there was time for good fellowship and no-one was left behind.  A few musings:

  • Voodoo has too many vacation days around the holidays.  He has been silently taking smack talking level to a new high on Slack, not in person.  He didn’t have much to say during the workout though… come to think of it, Voodoo reminds me a lot of Smoky in the Holiday classic “Friday”… Listen to Voodoo here:
  • Who the heck named Escobar? Is it because he’s Colombian? That’s just inappropriate. It’d be like if we named the next Korean guy Kim-Jong-Un…WE SHOULD DEFINITELY NAME THE NEXT KOREAN GUY KIM-JONG-UN!!!
  • Was nice to meet Buckeye this morning. Dude has had two ACL reconstructions in the past year, but still did a thousand plus steps. Some were likely done with his arms though… dayumn, you seen those guns!!!
  • Site-Q’s Mario, Fire Hazard, and Thin Mint (#VT) were feeling downright giddy about 33 PAX at The Brave, which has to be some sort of a record. But then reality set in, and they decided they’d rather have 10 PAX or less if it meant YHC was never allowed to Q The Brave again.
  • Nard Dog and Soft Pretzel looked like they were Making America Great Again, since from across the top deck they looked like spitting images of the Trump/Pence tandem.  Nard Dog is a bond trader, and YHC has seen Soft Pretzel’s neighborhood, so both duos do have something in common…. $$$$$$$$
  • Wild Turkey looked especially determined out there today.  Determined to find a way to get the PAX at Stonehenge to do Leg Wrestling as one of the exercises #PAXmutiny #NOchance
  • Goonie wanted bear crawls substituted for crab walks so YHC would not be able to complete 2 laps.  Don’t hate brother, YHC will pick you for partner carries next time #moveoverMario Mad props to Goonie for having done a hotter version of this workout before & STILL showing up today.
  • Frasier ate something at coffeeteeria! We all witnessed it. Whether he regurgitated it when no one was looking is the question. Either way, if YHC could have an engine like that man, you can rename me the Bulimic-Breakfast-Barfer too.
  • Udder was pretty focused this morning… YHC thinks he was playing Pokémon Go! and was tracking down a Picachu in the stairwell, but YHC was mistaken it was just Fireman Ed’s plumbers crack showing (get it? peek-at-you? Never mind…
  • Longshanks and Geronimo represented The Fort well, crushing the Fort competition, coming in 1st and 2nd place for The Fort participants… Heck YHC got 1st in the Asian category (thank goodness Napster wasn’t here) #podium.  Thanks for making the trip fellas!
  • Astrovan’s first post was in SOB-land at YHC’s 1st Q at Stonehenge. Was great to have him come down all the way from MECA, but i guess if you want a F3 workout with the average age under 47 you need to driveway from The Tradition AO.
  • Ever hear the phrase “safety in numbers”? Well that’s the Union County guys… you never see just one of them at a time. Good thing Doc McStuffins, Transporter, or Frack didn’t need to drop a deuce this morning… all of them would have needed to Indian run to the CVS. Great having you work horses at The Brave.
  • Flipper‘s very first post was a callout of young padawan Mario on Slack last night over who would finish first on the AMRAP #respect. And Flipper backed up his talk if AMRAP stands for As Much Rest As Possible…. but it doesn’t. Looking forward to your Brave Q Flip.
  • Mighty Mite was seen rounding the ramps singing Guns & Roses “Sweet Child of Mine”, and another mystery song that he was going to bust out in karaoke nexy HDHH. If you want to talk to Mighty Mite, don’t talk… sing. It’s his love language apparently. #KaraokeChampion
  • My boi Fishwrap made the trek from Uptown to SOB-land to take back the strap from Fahvra from the McHorsey 10k, and take home the #VT from the day’s workout.  After being only 1 of 2 to complete 5+ laps, it was nearly mission accomplished except for the Girl Scout cookie he choked on… #ThinMint 
  • Squid made Poptart show up. He told me on Twitter. YHC would do what Squid tell me as well. What Squid probably didn’t tell Poptart was to cheat so badly that he would be on his 8th lap, when the leaders were on their 5th. SMH
  • Pebbles only posted to borrow YHC’s bubble machine, he ran the opposite direction in the parking deck, and left before COT… we may never see Pebbles again…. man YHC is gonna miss Pebbles that cheap bubble machine.
  • When YHC saw ALF actually show up in The Vine parking lot after saying he definitely would NOT be there (hates crab walks) YHC was shocked. But ALF doesn’t always mean what he says…. just like Champagne who HC’d and didn’t show.
  • One Niner‘s shoulder injury seems to be getting better since he powered through the crab-walks. Had we done bear-crawls we would not have been able to see how healthy his arm really was #questionableBearCrawlForm
  • The always vocal and aggressive Fault Line and Beaker were heard discussing after The Brave how pathetic it was that YHC would post at Fast Twitch to promote such a ridiculous workout. It was so out of character, YHC is convinced they were paid off by Tiger Rag to say that #feelingsNOThurt . Nevertheless great posting with you guys.
  • Kirby did not die….In fact, he actually showed great mental toughness to fight through the workout especially being sick. Thanks for coming brother, keep after it, and congrats on the 1st Q at FC Wednesday.
  • Turkey Leg descends from hills faster than anyone YHC has seen in F3.  Which is why there were NO descents today other than that short tiny unsafe grassy hill.
  • Hairball is the man… he will not be trolled. YHC is still in amazement over the beatdown he served YHC at Kiawah by about 1 minute, and will graduate from his terrible F3 nickname, a cat, to the one his M gave him and his margin of victory.. “The 1-Minute Man”.
  • FNG Sunshine traveled all the way from San Fransisco the night before to attend a F3 Nation workout with YHC. Sunshine is a bad@$$ triathlete who has done some crazy races like the ‘Escape From Alcatraz’ Triathlon and several marathons.  He “ran” his first Spartan Race with YHC and waited for YHC at near every obstacle. Held his own out there today, and even was quoted to say “had a few more rounds in me” after the workout. It must have been the Lulu Lemon Hot Yoga pants he wore in the 40 degree weather which gives you stamina. Welcome Sunshine!


Bunker said his vagina foot was swollen from three days of posting and also needed to shave it … his HEAD you sickos! YHC understands because one of those was a 45min boot camp, so his non-muscles were probably in total shock.  Since Bunker wasn’t there, naturally Tuck didn’t show #solidarity. There would have been excessive screeching, scratching, and slapping going on in the Mr. Bean vs Strawberry matchup, but neither could agree to the location of the showdown, Bean wanting it in his fartsack and Strawberry wanting it at a FIA AO.  After HC, Haggis decided he’d play Uncle Scrooge and said BAH HUMBUG! to The Brave despite living less than 800 meters from the parking deck. He was later seen doing derkins on the second floor of the Sara’s YMCA in his native kilt showing his ‘Stone Man Rocks’.  Goonie scared the $h!t out of the chatty Gump on Slack telling him The Brave was the toughest workouts he’s ever experienced, which caused Gump to skip town and impromptu vacation with the self-proclaimed “slow and chunky”, SOB Nantan, who works at a major accounting firm starting with P and ending in WC, who raises chickens & HATES AMRAPs, who is terrified of snakes, and who for privacy reasons will remain confidential and unnamed.  Anyone been to a famous wax museum lately? Dolphin was asked to post, and YHC thought he just might… but in the last minute committed to his go-to holiday workout, 12 Days of Christmas Eating. Another old fart, Frehley’s Comet, is normally a regular at The Brave, but thankfully he was not present today… after all… can you imagine what the stairwells would have smelled like had he been there #gaschamber #deadbodieseverywhere.


  • T-Claps to Fire Hazard for recommending PAX donate to The Wounded Warrior Project. If you would like to make a donation, please do so here:
  • Sign up for Joe Davis 5k/10k to end bad addiction. This race is in memory of Rock Thrill‘s brother, and over 150+ F3 Nation PAX will be in attendance. Run your first race, PR, or beat me in 10k and YHC will do 10 burpees for each of these #goodluck. Deadline for T-shirt extended so sign up now!
  • Convergences the next two Mondays… check the newsletter and/or schedule for more details, or pester Poptart about it.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your families. God Bless F3 Nation!  It’s been a great year getting to know ALL of you better and looking forward to a greater 2017.  If you would like YHC to Q a workout at your site, even if not SOB, hit me up! That will be a goal for 2017 to connect with more PAX across different regions.

Sound off with any omissions/corrections although the accuracy of this backlist should be spot on.

SYITG ~J.R.R. Tolkien

The BRAVE Preblast… How Mentally Tough Are YOU?

F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship & Faith.  We train our BODIES for Fitness daily by doing merkins, monkey humpers, and mary during workouts. We train our HEARTS in Fellowship by investing in each other and challenging each other to be better fathers, husbands, and friends. And we train our SPIRIT in discussions about Faith and serving a greater being/purpose than ourselves.  Each of these three facets of F3 share something in common… they all require a high level of MENTAL TOUGHNESS to achieve success in them.  The correlation is simple, the STRONGER your mental game is, the better chance you have to achieve these goals (all goals, really). The WEAKER it is, well, leave it to lady luck to take you to where you want to be. So before we put a lid on 2016, YHC has one question for you…


But save your answer… Don’t tell me, YHC doesn’t want to hear it. In fact don’t show me either, YHC doesn’t need to see it. But do YOURSELF a solid and answer the question for yourself… How MENTALLY TOUGH are you? When’s the last time you pushed yourself to the absolute limit in a F3 workout without needing a Q to motivate you? Do you have the mental fortitude to meet the ambitious goals you have set out to achieve in 2017 or do you expect them to just happen all by themselves?

The phrase “mind over matter” means the ability to use willpower to overcome physical problems. After all, it’s proven the brain controls the muscles. YHC isn’t the only one to believe it. Read this:

  • “The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something. You can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” – Marcus Aurelius
  • “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha
  • “Your mind will quit a thousand times before you body will. Feel the fear and do it anyway.” – Cristina Ortiz


SO WHERE IS YHC GOING WITH ALL OF THIS?  It’s simple… Friday @The Brave this week isn’t about who’s the fastest, fittest, or strongest, it’s about the opportunity to measure where YOUR mental toughness is, providing an arena for the challenge (Ballantyne Village Parking Deck), in the best workout format for a test, the AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible). With the AMRAP it’s YOU vs YOU, and you’re not limited by anyone else’s desire and abilities, but your own.  Too easy? … Push yourself harder. How bad do you want it?…Only you will know.

This Friday @ The Brave happens to be the 6-month anniversary of the decommissioning of the TOUGHEST workout in all of F3 Nation, Metro’s “THE MUTHASHIP”, an AMRAP 12 story parking deck workout crafted to develop/test mental toughness.  Some of you probably have heard YHC rant about that 12 story concrete behemoth of a parking deck that lured men of all regions Uptown every Monday. YHC won’t rant anymore about it… you can read the link to the BackBlast from the last time we did a workout like this here:

We’ll simulate The Muthaship workout as best as possible in the 4-story Ballantyne Village Parking Deck this Friday.  YHC did this workout in the Summer on the 1yr anniversary of YHC in F3 Nation, and 6 months later we’re doing it again. Pebbles called it the toughest workout he’s done in F3, Frasier liked it so much he requested we run it back in cooler weather, and everyone else hated it so good. YHC aims to please so it’s baaack.

The Thang…

This time, we’ll run this SOLO… (unless you really miss the 3X partner carries up the hotboxes staircase)

1) 5:15am START: 25 Spartan-style chest-to-ground burpees in Vine parking lot

2) Sprint to lowest level of Ballantyne Village Parking Deck (enter down the steep grassy hill on the left leading to the base of the parking deck, not through main car entrance): 40 Hip Slappers on garage wall (20 each side)

3) Run all levels up to top of deck alternating BACKWARDS RUN FIRST on first ramp, then FORWARDS RUN on next.

4) Down the staircase on the LEFT (farthest from Movies), and CLIMB DOWN & UP STAIRS 3X (210 steps = 12 flights) – use the OUTSIDE lane going UP, and INSIDE lane going down… just like driving around 485

5) At top of the deck: perform 5 BURPEES + CRAB WALK the straightaway + 5 BURPEES (head towards the stairwell closest to the movies)

6) Down the staircase on the LEFT (closest to Movies), and CLIMB DOWN & UP STAIRS 3X (210 steps = 12 flights) – use the OUTSIDE lane going UP, and INSIDE lane going down… just like driving around 485

7) Back down staircase to the bottom, run to the TOP of the grassy hill you initially ran down and start step #2 again. That’s 1 Lap… how many can you complete? #REPEATO #AMRAP #YOUvsYOU

8) 6:12am – stop wherever you are and head back to The Vine parking lot for COT, and Virtual Trophy Award presentation.

*This time YHC will provide ORANGE CONES to help since these steps are soooooo complicated*

YHC hopes to see you all out there Friday. Hope you and your families have a very Merry Christmas.

SYITG ~ J.R.R. Tolkien