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Rock Training Day

Disclaimer was given. Explanation was given that this would start like a running workout with a quick jog, dynamic stretching, and then leg strengthening exercises.


5 min run down to the “Horse shoe”, back to the Pre School center and finally back to launch point.

Lined up for some dynamic stretching:

  • 20 steps on toes, in then out, jog it out to the other end
  • 20 steps on heel, in then out, jog it out to the other end
  • 20 “Bounding” exercises where you touch under a knee, jog it out to the other end
  • 20 B Skips, jog it out to the other end
  • 20 High Knees, jog it out to the other end
  • 20 Butt Kickers, jog it out to the other end

Rock Time:

We headed to a rock pile, instructions were given that we would be carrying the rock with us.

Round 1…

With Rock Overhead, walk to the bottom of the triangle

15 LBCs with the rock on our chest

Sumo Walk down to other edge of the triangle

15 Calf Raises with Rock on Bottom half of Steps

15 Calf Raises with Rock on top half of Steps

Put rock down (but not away) and take a lap around the track.

After the lap, we introduced some Lunge Walks while heading back up to our rocks.

Round 2…

Lunge Walk with Rock to bottom of triangle

15 Heels to Heaven with Rock

Backward Lunge Walk with Rock to other edge of triangle

Plank Sequence:

  • Regular Plank for 30 secs count
  • Right Hand up
  • Right Leg Up
  • Regular Plank for 30 secs Count
  • Left Hand up
  • Left Leg up
  • Recover!

15 Calf Raises with Rock on Bottom half of Steps

15 Calf Raises with Rock on top half of Steps

15 glute bridges

Partner Up…

Partner 1 runs to the bleachers for: 10 Steps each leg and 15 dips

Partner 2 15 Curls, 15 over head presses, 15 Behind the head

Back to the triangle and Rocks…

Lunge Walk up to the corner

15 LBCs with Rock on Chest

Walk with Rock over head up to the Rock Pile

Quick recovery jog through the parking lot as I wanted to get to 2 miles.


Great work by all. I had a few different ideas for this workout. Initially, was thinking the 12 days of Christmas. Then I thought about doing a “Nutcracker and the 4 Realms” workout to advertise for my STARring role in the Nutcracker this weekend with the Charlotte Youth Ballet. Okay, not the star, but thankful to be on stage with my daughtered doing something that she loves. Finally, went with a Running workout to start and some leg strengthening.

 I’ve been honored to be serving as the Co-Site Q with Thunder Road for the past year. I’m planning for about a month more and see proper transition for new leadership.


Holiday Party 2020 – Usually the weekend before Thanksgiving!

Who did the Wicked Witch Marry?

PAX: Thumper, Sardine, Smokey, Houdini, Sensei, Slim Fast, FoxTrot, Jello

Disclaimer was given. Lois (sick and absent) is not responsible.

Run to back in long parking lot behind church.


SSH x 15

IW x 15

Hillbilly x 15 – I think Dorothy’s Uncle was a Hillbilly

Mountain Climber x 15

I think a Tornado hit so we ran to the back of the school

Windmills X 15 – get the tie in with the Tornado?

Take a lap around the track and get low for the Lollipop gang:

Sumo Walk

Bear Crawl

Crab Walk

We needed to follow the yellow brick road. At each Lightpole, LSS x 10 and LBCs x 10.

I was about to give instructions for meeting the Main Event, but Sensei reminded me that we had to do battle with the Monkeys. I was happy to comply Monkey Humpers x 15.

3 Witches – this was a bit like a Starfish. Get into groups of 4 (there were 8 of us), then head to each of the Witches (Cones). Under each cone there were exercises. Do 30 of each exercise, then head back to the middle for 5 burpees for the Wizard.

Glinda – Good Witch of the South

Jump Squats

American Hammer

Speed Skaters

The Wicked Witch of the West


Supine Pull-ups

Rocky Balboa

The Wicked Witch of the East



Step Ups

As we headed to a grassy area by the trailers, the big question was asked, “Who did the Wicked Witch marry?” The answer… Jack Webb!

Some discussion if it was 5 air presses or 4, but it was 4. So we did Jack Webb up to 20 and then back down.

Long run back to Kansas, behind the school, behind the church, take a Left on Main Street and turn into Church Parking lot.


Heels to Heaven

American Hammer


All done! 


Great work by all. I always enjoy this AO. Glad that I was given the chance to Q! As always, an honor to lead. And Shamless Plug… Charlotte Youth Ballet is doing the ballet “Wizard of Oz” on March 14th and 15th. I won’t be staring in this one. But, I will be staring in Nutcracker on December 6-8


Let them Soar Oct 12th. SFN looking for Track Commanders

Race for the Cure

Triangles of Terror

PAX: Gage, Christmas, Gypsy, Retread, Tweetsie, Arena, Jello (QIC)

Quick Disclaimer at Start Point and instructions given to

Head to the Scout Hut

Mcdowell St.      .1            L

S Trade St            .5            R

STOP at Far Exit of Matthews United Methodist (scout hut). Fast guys run parking lot while waiting on Six.

Get first Set of Called Exercises (Set 1)

  • 10 Speed Skaters
  • 10 Jump Squats
  • 10 Heels to Heavens

Partner up (Gage and Arena, Christmas and Gypsy, Jello and Retread and Tweetsie ) and run together.

Instructions given to Head to the Far corner of Covenant Church. I discovered there is a sidewalk heading up Fullwood lane. Several guys cut through the Covenant Church Parking lot – Safety First!

Corner of Covenant Church Lane by Porta-John

Do 1st Set of exercises OYO.

Fast guys run in parking lot while waiting on the Six.

Get 2nd Set of Exercises (set 2) – Bat Wings! This is harder then one might think if you keep your arms straight and don’t drop them.

  • 10 small arm circles small
  • 10 small arm circles reverse
  • 10 claps in front
  • 10 claps overhead

Directions given for Small Triangle 1


(Right) Route 51  .3          R

John Street .5     R

Christ Covernant Church Lane     .4           

P2 – Reverse

(*) Meet in the Middle for 10 handslap merkins

When you meet back at Porta John, do 1st, 2ndset of exercises

Instructions given for 2nd Triangle, which was essentially run the perimeter of Christ Covenant Church


Covenant Church Lane .3 R

Treverton Drive (last road of Covenant see sign for Covenant day school)                .2            R

Fullwood Lane   .2            R

Route 51              .2            R

P2  – Reverse

(*) Meet in the Middle for 10 handslap merkins

Meet back at Porta-John, do Set 1 and Set 2 of exercises

As a group, easy Run to SunTrust at 345 West John St using Christ Covenant Church Road .5

Instructions given for 3rd set of exercises which include:

  • 10 Plank Jacks
  • 10 Squats
  • 10 LBC

Directions for 3rd (and Final) Triangle of Terror

West John Street              .2            R

North Trade Street          .3            R

Main Street                        .4            R

Irwin Lane                           .1            R

P2 – Reverse

(*) Meet in the Middle for 10 handslap merkins

While exercises were started, we ran out of time and headed back at 6:12.

Great Workout by all! The concept of this work out came from my boss at work, who recently visited Bermuda and has run some marathons.

Glad that I got to meet Arena who is on the 9 Man BRR team. Solid runner who will bring it. Gypsy was out in front for most of this. Many props for willing to drive for the BRR, instead of crushing it. I remember Christmas from the Crane Relay, who brings it. Really great effort by Gage out there. Thankful to be able to keep up (almost) with Tweetsie and “Mr. Consistency” Retread.

Thanks for letting me lead! I really liked this format and hope to catch Sparta more.

Sparta – Preblast for 08-15

The Bermuda Triangle of Terror!

Head to the Scout Hut

Mcdowell St.      .1            L

S Trade St            .5            R

STOP at Far Exit of Matthews United Methodist (scout hut). Fast guys run parking lot while waiting on Six.

Get first Set of Called Exercises (Set 1)

Partner up and run together.

Approx. Total Mileage .6

Head to the Far corner of Covenant Church

Fullwood Lane   1.0 mile                 R

                NOTE: Feel free to cut into Covenant Church parking lot if busy traffic on Fullwood Lane

Route 51              .2            R

Corner of Covenant Church Lane by Porta-John

Do 1st Set of exercises OYO.

Fast guys run in parking lot while waiting on the Six.

Get 2nd Set of Exercises (set 2)

Approx. Total Mileage 1.8

Small Triangle 1


Covenant Church Lane .3 R

Treverton Drive (last road of Covenant see sign for Covenant day school)                .2            R

Fullwood Lane   .2            R

Route 51              .2            R

P2  – Reverse

(*) Meet in the Middle for 10 handslap merkins

Meet back at Porta-John, do Set 1 and Set 2 of exercises

Fast guys run in Parking Lot waiting on Slow guys.

Get 3rd set of Exercises (set 3)

Approx. total Miles 2.7

Small Triangle 2


(Right) Route 51  .3          R

John Street .5     R

Christ Covernant Church Lane     .4           

P2 – Reverse

(*) Meet in the Middle for 10 handslap merkins

When you meet back at Porta John, do 1st, 2nd and 3rd set of called exercises.

Fast guys run in Parking Lot waiting on slow guys.

Run to SunTrust at 345 West John St using Christ Covenant Church Road .5

Approx Total Miles 4.2

Small Triangle 3

West John Street              .2            R

North Trade Street          .3            R

Main Street                        .4            R

Irwin Lane                           .1            R

P2 – Reverse

(*) Meet in the Middle for 10 handslap merkins

Approx Total Miles 5.2

Time check: If there are greater than 5 minutes let then do 1st, 2nd, and 3rd set of called exercises again.

At 6:10, all run back to Launch point which will be approx.. .5

Approx Total Miles 5.7

May Day, May Day

Good crowd this morning in the parking lot. Disclaimer given and off we go to the Charlotte Aquatics parking lot. I decided to have the warm-up here as it was related to Swimming. It was Mermaid who kept talking about his F3 workouts while our daughters swam that prompted me to come out in August 2016. He was also the one that cautioned me to start at Base Camp and not Centurion!  Honored to be asked to Q now.


IW x 15

Hillbilly x 15 – the guys seemed surprised by this one. But, I’ve been at work outs where Mermaid has called this, so I thought they would know it. Oh well.

LSS x 15

Mountain Climber x 15

Superman X 15

Mosey down to the Credit Union for 7s on McMahon Drive.

7s – Jump Squats at the top and CDD at the bottom.

Mary led by Larenzo in the Credit Union parking lot, while waiting on the six.

Off we go to wave “Hi” to the Status of Mary and go to the circle of Benches. Directions were given, but realize now that it was still confusing

Main Event – Partner up for May Day Celebration (12 days of Christmas, but 5 exercises partnered) on Benches. P1 exercise. P2 run to far end of parking deck and back

100 Toe Taps/Air Presses

50 Step Up Left Leg

50 Step Up Right Leg

50 Derkins

100 Dips

After this fiasco, we headed to the parking deck and headed half way up to avoid cars.

Bear Crawl to the top

5 1 legged burpees on each side

Then run up another half way

Again 5 1 legged burpees on each side

Run back to launch site for some Mary…




Heels to Heaven

American Hammer




Beer Mile Coming up

Beer Run

Crane Relay is July 26th – 27th. Sign-up on Slack.


Per Wikipedia…The earliest known May celebrations appeared with the Floralia, festival of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, held from 27 April – 3 May during the Roman Republic era, and the Maiouma or Maiuma, a festival celebrating Dionysus and Aphrodite held every three years during the month of May.

I was looking for something that had 5 exercises in 12 days of Christmas repeat forma and a partner. The thought was good… The effort by the guys was great! But, it went sideways! Maybe, if I would have had less reps of each exercise or not have them run as far. Or maybe, if I would have just had partner stacks. So 5 exercises and move on when the team hits X reps.

Anyways, thanks for putting up with me and hope I get to Q here again, despite this! Centurian is a tough workout that is always moving.

As far as the workout, Lorenzo was out in front. Brushback and Chelms were quite the powerful pair. And other great work by Mermaid and Snuka always amazes me!

The FNG Sandi is Clay Sankey. He’s a Chiropractor in the area with a wife and young child. He heard about F3 from several clients. He had run an 70 Mile Ultra, hence the reward was a Girls name. He’ll thank me! Hope you come back.

Thank you for letting me lead!

The Mail Delivered

posted on behalf of Mailman

QIC: Mailman

Pax: ThunderRoad, Lazy Boy, Cottonmouth, Clover, Smash, Bugeater, Jello, Boss Hog, Damn Gina, Mr. Magoo, Swift, Tagalong, Scratch and Win, Hannibal, FNG Rosco

Extra Credit: YHC and Jello for 1.84 miles at a nice 9.23 pace

In some comfortable 40 degree weather 16 men started the week off right.

Quick disclaimer that YHC was not a professional and it was only the second time Qing which some misunderstood as second time posting…

Off we went for a quick lap around the track and a little warm-up: Side Straddle Hops, Windmill, Merkins, Plank Jack and Peter Parkers.

The Thang: No Mercy Mile: Start at the middle of the track jog to turn 1, bear crawl to turn 2, jog to midpoint and 20 squats, jog to turn 3, lunge walk and jog to mid point 20 merkins and repeat. I was reminded that this was a moderate work-out by Scratch and Win and was convinced to do count the warm-up lap as lap 1.

Did some plank and other Mary while waited for the 6 to come in and then a 10 count by Jello.

Mosey up to the rock pile and grab a rock that you will be lifting and carrying. Partner-up and line-up in the parking lot. Partner 1 run to second hoop while partner 2 completes called exercises – Overhead Press, Tri Curls, Rows, Curls, LBC Return Rock and Grab some wall. 30 count Airpress.

Circle up for some Mary with a little help from PAX and continued reminders that this is a moderate workout…Flutter, Protractor, SnowAngel, Dolly and Rosalita

Moleskin: Had a few more show up with the moderate weather Monday morning. Great to see Boss Hog recent FNG bring out another FNG Rosco, welcome! All in all about 1.5 miles which YHC calls a moderate workout despite all the protests.

Grateful for all the help and support for YHCs second Q. Sign up for the Joe Davis Run and YHC took us out.

Not Disney, just a Tripled Triple Nickle

PAX: Mr Magoo (respect), Damn Gina, Bug Eater, Mailman, Clover, Jello

No pre-run today it was a cold morning in the low 20s. I wasn’t expecting a big turn-out between the holiday and the weather. But, 6:30 rolled around and there were 6 faithful standing and ready to go. Disclaimer given and off we headed towards the entrance. Circle up …

Warm up:


15-IC IW

15-IC Windmills

Main Thang… I gave everyone the heads up that we were going to head down Strawberry lane. We took a right on Rosecliff and headed down the hill. Instructions and explanation was given about the Triple Nickel.

Triple Nickle – 1: Merkins / Low Slow Squats

While waiting on the 6, I encouraged the Pax to keep moving when finished and not plank. Truthfully, wasn’t much of a gap.

We head back to SCMS, but take a Stop at the “Horshoe”. I think it was BugEater that renamed it a SPUR. And another one…

Triple Nickle – 2: CDD / Jump Squats A demonstration was needed for Mr. Magoo (he was back!) of a Carolina Dry Dock and glad to comply. After we finished, I said we were headed to the benches

Triple Nickel – 3: Bench 5 steps ups (each leg) / 5 Single Leg Calf Raises off curb (each leg) . Initially called Calf raises, but the guys were smart enough to modify.

Initially, I had hoped to get in a few more triple nickels, but we were running out of time. Time to improvise.

We headed on the hill by the track for 5 Planks, 5 Jump Squats, and 5 burpees.

Head up the hill and grab a rock. 50 Overhead presses, take a break as needed. Put the rock back.

Finally, grab some wall. The famed Toe Taps, from daughter’s ballet stretch class. 50 of these. I must say that when I did these in a previous Q, they went over better. Might try these on a bench next time.


Joe Davis Run on March 9th.

Christina Latini Memorial 8K on March 30th.

Chelms, Tolkein, and GOP (Rudy) were collecting clothes and shoes for the Peru mission trip.

Basecamp is looking for Qs. See Thunder Road for sign-ups. Mailman on Q next week.

Moleskin: My Co-Site Q, Thunder Road, asked me to take his Q. The M scheduled a last minute trip to Disney World. I had thought about trying to come up with a Disney theme, but I just didn’t have the magic. I went to something, which I had been thinking about… the Triple Nickel. Originally, I was hoping to get in 5 triple nickels. I had consulted with Mermaid about combinations and had some good ideas. But, we ran out of time.

Realistically, we might have been able to squeeze in 1 more. Another day. It was good to see Mr. Magoo back who seems to be getting used to this F3 and posted elsewhere. I think he will fit right in. Props to Clover who was often out in front. Very solid work from Bug Eater and Mailman.

But, the one that I want to recognize is Damn Gina. I saw him at Mountain Goat a few times last summer. He seemed to disappear a little in the fall. Now he is back and on his way to be better than ever! He recently had his first Q at Gumby and I’ll be hitting him up to Q at basecamp.

If you are reading this, know that I’ve been there. Yeah, you are struggling a bit and might be in the back with the 6. Keep with it! You are already better than you were 6 months ago and give another 6 months and you will be rocking it. I don’t know who said this initially but they were spot on, “It won’t get easier, but you’ll get better”.

Go out there and get better and help others to get better!

Thirteenth Day After Christmas

Pre-Run: Thankful that HIPAA joined me for an easy 1.8 mile pre-run. Right on Woodfox, Right on Rounding Run, Left on Raintree, left on 51, Left on Strawberry Lane, and back to start. He shared that he went to High School with Drano at Charlotte Catholic and played baseball.

5:30 am rolled around and attendance looked good. I was told to get going; I think my new fancy watch is 2 minutes slow. #usererror. After a disclaimer, off we go. Do a lap in the parking lot, then a lap where we started with high knees and transitioned into butt kickers. Circle up for the…

Warm up:


13-IC Imperial Walkers

13-IC Windmill

13-IC Mountain Climbers – Slow

And we mosey down to the benches by the baseball fields for the…

Main Thang: This was stealing the 12 days of Christmas workout, but making it 13 days and count down. I wanted to use what we had in the AO, hence by the benches and rails.

13th Day-SSH

12th Day- Carolina Dry Docks

11th Day- Supine Pull-ups

10th Day- Flutter Kicks

9th Day- Dolly

8th Day- Heels to Heaven

7th Day-LBCs

6th Day- Dips

5th Day- Merkins

4th Day- Step Ups (each leg)

3rd Day- Jump Squats – a little noise from Goonie around here saying how I was a Runner (working on it) and why aren’t we running? Good question that was about to be answered.

2nd Day – 2 laps up the steps down the side and back. Most thought this was going to be burpees. Nope, finally some running. Somewhere on the 1st lap, I think we finally hit 1 mile.

1st Day-Burpee

On the way out, I had hoped to do an Indian Run up to 13, but it just didn’t work out. Okay, so we can still line up like we are in pre-school.


Joe Davis Run on March 9th.

Basecamp is looking for Qs. See Thunder Road for sign-ups.

After two and a half years, Goonie is stepping down as co-site Q and I’m stepping up. More on that below.

I didn’t get the name of who did the takeout, but it was appreciated.


I believe that one year ago, I also had BaseCamp Q. We did some other variation of the 13 days after Christmas. I remember it being super cold and Adobe, Costanza, and a few others posting.

This year, I tried to keep things straight forward and put together a nice circuit. I can say that we enjoyed Benny’s 12 Days of Christmas at Peak 51 in December, so that was my inspiration. That said, last night I had the idea of visiting 13 sites and doing reps at each site, but I stuck with my original plan. Maybe, next year!

It was nice to see a good turn out today. I would love to say that it was to attend my Q, but the reality is that the weather was in the mid-40s in January. Further, the rest of the week is looking cold. Bundle up!

Everyone pushed hard and no real stragglers. I saw Damn Gina at Mountain Goat a few times last year and good to see him back. Adobe kicked off the year right by showing up. Drano (a former site Q), was back after a year away from BaseCamp. I reminded him that his M didn’t want to be married to someone out-of-shape. I ran with Beefeater last week at Donut Run and he was there. Good to meet some folks in person instead of just Slack/Twitter like Hopper, Leprechaun, etc. And always good to see some of the Peak 51 regulars like Smash and Mall Cop out there.

As far as the Co-Site Q change… In mid-November, I started to think about some of my goals for 2019:

• Take about 3 minutes off my 10k time for the Joe Davis run in March.

• Run BRR and hit my estimated time. I’m okay, with being 3 minutes slow on a leg as long as I make it up on another leg.

• Run a Half Marathon – either Rocktober Fest in October or Charlotte Half in November

• Run 750 miles on the year.

• Be disciplined in my training, but flexible enough not to get hurt.

• Help Others

The last one was important to me, but I didn’t exactly know what to do. About a week after that, I got a direct message from Goonie that after two and a half years he was looking to step down and that I might be a good fit. The wheels started spinning. Sure, I knew I had some upcoming Physical Therapy for some Hip Pain that I’ve experience and a nagging Hamstring. Thankfully, Goonie recommended someone and I went in. Turns out it is nothing serious, just some rehab is needed.

I saw Goonie at a donut run in December and he asked again. I was really thinking about it at this point, but did want to make sure that I could hit McHorsey some in the Summer Months. Thunder Road was good with this.

The final approval was the M. She did have initial questions about why I would do it considering that lately I’ve been hitting Blakeovery, so I tried to explain that I wanted to be there to help out the six. The other big puzzle piece was that there were Co-Site Qs. Hence, we can still go on vacation!

Approval Granted! So I said yes! And we decided that the transition would happen at my Q in January.

In August 2016, Mermaid had recommending starting at Basecamp; not Centurian around the corner. Goonie was the one to greet me at Basecamp. We had previously known each other from playing basketball at the Y and me hacking him as he threw up 3 point shots. I also want to give a big shout-out to Booyah who was co-site Q at the time. I can’t thank him enough for the number of times he hung back with me.

BaseCamp was where I started F3. I’m truly honored to be a co-site Q with Thunder Road. While I don’t know all the ways that I can help. I know that I want to help. You may not know the answer, but I hope that you ask the question.

Bushwood wrapped up; Benny bounces back

On Monday (12/17), I get a DM from Benny asking if I was doing the Donut Run on Wednesday. He was hoping for someone to help him pace around 9:30 / Mile. My initial workout plan for the week had been to do a LSD on Sunday (thanks Fleetwood and Paper Jam), Swift on Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, Peak 51 on Thursday, and hit Centurian on Friday. After some thought, looking at the weather forecast (rain on Friday), and Vodoo deciding that I was headcount, I was in for Donuts!

I got there early around 5:05 and waited in my car. Benny pulled in, followed by Goonie. It was good to see him, thought he might be running with us. Around 5:10, got out of my warm car and said hello to the guys and we saw Turkey Leg. High Tide approached and was waiting for Vodoo. But, no Bushwood….

I saw Bushwood the morning before at his virgin Swift post. He was with the fast guys and I think they wrapped him up and put a bow on him. He must have ripped the wrapping off, when I saw him later on Tuesday night at Ballet pickup for the 2.0s. I remember questioning if Laetner was a real person; indeed, he is not the ghost of Christmas past, but someone from Metro and a friend from Church. All good.

Anyways, time to run. I started fast (around 9 min/ mile pace) and was ahead of Goonie and Benny. So they scolded me and I dialed it down. Along the way, Goonie and I had a not so top secret meeting (probably more to come on that). Benny commented about how I’ve gotten faster. More like, I was so slow that there wasn’t a lower speed!

We continue running, stopping at 51 to cross the road. Usually, about here is when everyone catches me. But, where were they???? Finally, around Raintree, someone passed (Swiper) and then Turkey Leg. When crossing 51 at Rea, we see Vodoo and High Tide on their way.

I commented about how we had a mile and a quarter left. And that’s when Benny Bounced! Yeah, he was complaining earlier (like a good Millennial), but, at the end he took the lead and finished strong! Another great donut run.

Glad to be back and glad I could help Benny out.


This was the first donut run that I didn’t plant water beforehand. It was something that I wanted to try and worked out fine.

Talked with Turkey Leg after. He ran the 6.3 and said it took a while for his legs to warm-up. Checking Strava it was still his crazy fast pace.

When the 3 of us were running, we passed a woman running alone in the other direction. Sure, there are all times when we go out for a quick jog by ourselves. But, on this day, I was really thankful that I get to run with you guys! Merry Christmas!


Benny on Q at Peak 51 on Thursday.

Meathead (Kettle bells) is also happening on Thursday morning.

Joe Davis Run is in MARCH this year on the 9th – sign-ups open at

Craft Beer half Marathon/5 miler –Voodoo is doing this and pointing out that it is halfway point to BRR.

The Four Realms of Peak 51

Upon arrival, I took a trip to the back of Matthews Elementary to scout the area. Just looking for any changes, which there weren’t. I come back to the front of the school and was greeted by Slim Fast (Drosselmeyer), who said, “Setting up Barre’s back there?”. Slim Fast (who oldest daughter had danced) knew the ballet that was coming!

A thorough disclaimer was given (it would do Mermaid proud). I also explained to everyone that since my daughter did Ballet and “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” was opening this weekend, that there would be ballet references. Drosselmeyer piped up again, “I’ll be sure to go see it” (Sarcasm).

Before we enter the realms, we needed to warm up. Run to the back of the school…


SSH x 15

IW x 15

Windmill x15

Time to enter the first realm….

Land of Snowflakes – just as the snow falls, so we must.

Plank sequence – hold plank for 20 secs, rest 10 secs. Repeat 4x. Side Plank (right arm down) for 20 secs, rest for 10 secs. Side Plank (left arm down) for 20 secs, rest for 10 secs.  Elbow Plank for 20 secs, rest 10 secs, repeat.

Plank Jacks x 15

Freddy Mercury x 15

Rosalitas x 15

Flutter Kicks x 15

And we head off to the second realm…

Land of Flowers – just as flowers go, so should are muscles. Grab some wall against the side of the school. Get in the people chair

Air Presses x50

Toe Taps x 50. You can try this at home. Do a wall sit, and then tap your toes for 50 counts. Around 30 you really start to feel it.

Air Presses x 50

Toe Taps x 50

Then we hit the wall.

Derkins x 15

Step Ups x 10 each leg.

And we are off to our Third Realm (the track)…

Land of Sweets – In the land of sweets, there would be no treats!

Lunge Walk – 8 counts drop and do 1 civil count Merkin, T Push Up, another civilian count merkin, and T Push UP. Then 16 lunge walks, and 2 Merkin/T Push Up. Finally 32 lunge walks, and 3 merkin/T PushUP.

Run back to start

Duck Walk and Jump Squat – 8 duck walks and 1 Jump Squat, 16 duck walks and 2 jump squats, 32, duck walks and 3 jump squats, 64 duck walks and 4 jump squats.

Run Back to start

Bear Crawls and Burpees – 8 bear crawls and 1 burpee, 16 bear crawls and 2 burpees, 32 bear crawls and 3 burpees.

Run back to start.

Time for our final realm. I explained that “Mother Ginger” had planted 7 keys around the track, with an exercise on each key. We had 2 laps to find all 7 keys or burpees.

Mother Ginger

The following exercises were on the 7 keys:

  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Peter Parker
  • Dead Bugs
  • LSS
  • LBC
  • Monkey Humpers

I think they found 4 keys on the first lap. The 2nd lap they found 2 more. But, we couldn’t find the elusive key 7 (Mountain Climbers).  So yes, they paid with burpees at the end.

Back to the front to meet Sparta.


Nice take out by Slim Fast


During the Warm Up, the guys were teasing me about the inflection in my voice. I sounded like I was going through Puberty.

Toe Taps- This exercise I stole from my daughter’s stretch/conditioning class. They get to sit on the edge of a bench, but they do 100 – 3 times! Good for your calf muscles.

Land of Sweets – this whole run for 8 counts then do an exercise was another one that I stole from my Daughter’s Ballet Camp this summer.

Facing Mother Ginger – I must say that Swiss Miss had an excellent idea during this that I will use next year (because my fall is consumed with taking the 2.0 to Nutcracker rehearsal). I should have had everyone partner up. Person 1 does some exercise (say SSH) and person 2 (with Headlamp) Runs around the Track looking for keys. This would have actually fit nicely with theme. There are some ginger children in Green dresses (my daughter) and some are in Red Dresses (Bushwood’s daughter). Shout-out to Team CK!

I always like coming out to Peak 51. Sensei and Lois (Clara) do a great job keeping it organized. I like the guys and we get a good sweat going! Unfortunately, Thursday is often my rest day and take the 2.0 to school. That all said, whenever there isn’t school, I’ll be out.

The guys were a good sport with the work-out today and appreciated (tolerated) the creativity.

Always thankful to lead this group!




Charlotte Marathon this weekend

Let them Soar 5k – next weekend. They have enough track commanders, but someone usually gets sick/has a last minute conflict – so come on out!

And let me know if you want to come see Nutcracker in early December! Shameless Plug.