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Partner Work Without the Partner

3 PAX rang in the new year in style at Arsenal this morning, one of whom (myself) still mildly hungover from NYE festivities.  Grabbed the ruck sack and away we mosey-d to the football field.



SSH x 15

Hillbillys x 15

Low Slow Squat x 15


The Thang

YHC planned a partner workout for the ages, one to tell your grandchildren about, however with just a trio of PAX, YHC was forced to call a Peyton Manning-esque audible.  The outcome you ask?  Each PAX was forced to complete a smoke show of a workout originally designed for two!

Each PAX grabbed a tire and lined it up in the end zone.  Commenced to complete a Ladder (1-1, 2-2, 3-3, etc.) up to 10 and back down again of tire flips and merkins.  After this, we used the hill behind the goalpost to complete a round of 7s (merkins and squats).  With one bag between the 3 of us, we were to take turns lugging it up and down the hill during our 7s (although Atlas shouldered most of the load).  After 7s were complete, we took a lap to the opposite end zone and back.  We then completed another round of Ladders, this time consisting of tire flips mixed with squats.  By this point, it was time to return the tires and mosey back to launch.


YHC concocted a workout more appropriate for an hour bootcamp.  Ran out of time before we could complete the 3rd round of Ladders (although probably a good thing considering burpees were on-tap for that one).  I was all excited to test out the new ruck sack I bought, but Atlas and Madame T ended up having to carry it more that I did, thanks for helping pick up my slack fellas.  Having just started this past summer, I’m excited to begin my first full calendar year of F3.  I’m looking forward to getting faster, stronger, better.  Thank you to everyone for motivating me to get after it.  Truly grateful.  Happy 2020, see you in the gloom!

Cold As Bell

5 PAX showed up on a cold as hell late November morning at Tweet & Meat.  DIICS delivered and away we went.


  • SSH X 20 IC
  • Hillbillys X 20 IC
  • 5 Explosive Merkins OYO
  • Mosey to bottom of Murderhorn.  10 burpees OYO, run back to launch

The Thang


10-KB Merkins

15-KB Rows

20-KB goblet squats

-1st round we did together, repeat 2x more OYO

7’s on the Hill (Merkins at the bottom, Squats up top.  Oh yeah, and you have to take your bell/bag with you!)

Finished off by “Climbing the Ladder”, KB Thrusters and Big Boy Situps 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, etc. until 10.  Saved by the bell, didn’t have to go back down the Ladder.



  • Holiday Party was a success.  Mighty Mite is a karaoke legend.  Thank you to Voodoo for not giving us a hard time resulting from yesterday’s Panthers collapse at the hands of your Saints!

Tabata Tuesday (I mean Wednesday)

13 PAX showed up on a wet and soggy morning at the Maul. 14 if you include the parking lot street sweeper guy. Maybe we can convince him to join one of these mornings. I didn’t sleep a wink last night, like a kid on Christmas Eve, in anticipation of my VQ. DIICS delivered just like I’d rehearsed it, and away we went.


Mosey to lot in front of movie theater for a quick circle-up.

  • Merkins X 7 IC
  • Peter Parkers X 15 IC
  • Hillbillys X 15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers X 20 IC

The Thang

Mosey to hill adjacent to theater next to dumpsters. 11’s with Merkins at the bottom of the hill and Squats at the top. Mary if you finish early. Afterwards, crossed Elm for a nice downhill recovery Mosey to the bottom of the Murderhorn. Assembled PAX for Indian Run/Catch Me if You Can instruction.

Indian Run up Murderhorn and back to base.

  • Last guy in line to do 3 burpees then sprint to tag the next “last” guy before running to front of group. Repeat.
  • Intended for 3 total trips up and down Murderhorn, but after much mumblechatter only did 1. Last trip up Murderhorn back to launch consisted of 5 burpees at every light post.

Circled up @ base for one 6 minute round of Tabata burpees. 20 seconds of all-out work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat for 6 total minutes.

With time running low, we finished up with you-call-it Mary


Takeaways from my first Q:

  • keep it simple, the less instruction needed the better.
  • don’t forget to record name-o-rama. Big thank you to Mighty Mite and Brexit for helping me remember everyone.
  • Looking forward to more soon!

Back to School

12 PAX showed up for the edjamaction of new Q’s. Free biscuits after. Thank you to Posse and Goodfella

The Warm-up:

-took a mosey around the parking lot, followed by some cadence tutorials (examples of good & bad)

The Thang:

-partner work followed by laps with incline merkins

-Triple Nickel (burpees, merkins, Rosalita)


Learned a lot, thanks to the expertise of instructors Posse and Goodfella