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Better Late Than Never

I don’t Q much and therefore tend to forget to post backblasts.  So here goes, a week late.

5 men posted for an Ironsides-led WAMRAP last Wednesday.

I only have one goal at WAMRAP – not to get lapped.  Fail.

The thing..

Mosey from launch to the shorter, cleaner, rougher-on-the-soft-hands parking deck.  (Good thing Bypass couldn’t make it)

Stairs to the top for 4 corners of pain:

Corner 1 – 5 burpees, 10 LBCs; Corner 2- 10 merkins, 10 Peter Parker; Corner 3 – 10 jump squats, 10 IW; Corner 4 – 10 donkey kicks, 10 boots-to-heaven.

Run down the ramp to level 2, back up the stairs to level 3, and repeat, adding 1 burpee and 2 of everything else each round with max reps of 10 burpees and 20 everything else.

Alf and McGee made 7 rounds, the rest of us 6, plus a lightning round of 5 reps of each exercise.

Rep Count: Alf/McGee 55 burpees, 115 everything else; Spare Parts/Mile High/YHC:  45 and 95.

Prohibition didn’t show up.


Hair of the Dog

Q in mid-March, they said.  It will be nice and warm by then they said.  So at 26 degrees and after a choppy disclaimer, during which YHC forgot to check for FNGs, 11 men set off on YHC’s first #Hydra post since July and first Q since who knows when.


Run around to the OP bus lot, avoiding potholes as best we can.

  • 11 SSH
  • 16 IW

Cadence was choppy at best.

The Rest of the Story:

Dodge potholes back to Rea, down Summerlin to Abbotswood for 7s.  At this point Hopper informs me there is an FNG among us.  He is welcomed to the group, and then immediately sent up a hill.  7s on Abbotswood: Squats at the bottom, merkins at the top. Plank for the 6, 4 merkins oyo.

Mosey back the other way on Abbotswood to Windyrush and up to the Foxworth hill for another set of 7s: LBCs at the bottom, burpees at the top.  An angry dog in a yard along Foxworth expressed his displeasure at our presence, so a barking dog audible was called and we headed back up Windyrush to Rea. #Omaha

2 merkins oyo. #dontoverdoit

Back to the school, to the concession stand via the launch spot due to not wanting to have to dodge potholes again #thanksCMS. We tried not to scare the FiA ladies as we made our way around.  Once at the concession stand we split into two groups:

  • Group 1: 10 Derkins
  • Group 2: Mosey to the playground; 10 Pullups
  • Flapjack until 6:11. Group 1 got a few extra stepups on a picnic table that happened to be by the playground

Mosey back to launch for Mary:

  • 10 leg raises IC
  • 15 flutters IC
  • 16 LBCs IC

That’s a wrap.

Great work by everyone. 3.5 miles were covered, lots of merkins and a few burpees were done.  I think we stayed as warm as we could for sub-30.

Welcome to FNG HIPPA, even if he did go to that school on 51 #cookcup.  Keep posting.

Thanks to Queen and Marge for the opportunity to lead.  Thanks to Hopper for getting a derailed Q back on track a couple of times.


New Tuesday AO at that school on Providence #bucs.  Fast Twitch launches at 5:15, Hawk’s Nest at 5:30, meet up for COT at 6:15.

BRR is in 6 months.  Training started in October at #FastTwitch and #DevilsTurn.



Better Late than Never

Cobains for the delayed backblast, I left for the beach shortly after FT and chasing the 2.0 around the beach left little time for writing.

As for the details:

18 men showed up on a hot and humid August morning. A brief disclaimer was provided at 5:15 and off we went.

The route: Out-and-back from AO to Ballantyne Commons Pkwy via Four Mile Creek Rd.

Stops for 20 merkins and 20 LBCs at Rounding Run/Raintree, Raintree/4MC, end of 4MC, Raintree/4MC, and Raintree/RR.  100 of each in all.

Nothing too humorous was overheard (by YHC running alone in the 6) except Alf providing tips on helping kids get over their fear of thunder and lightning: Remind them the monster under their beds will get them long before the thunder.  Good tip!

Nice work out there by everyone.



F3 Golf at Olde Sycamore 10/27 to benefit F3 expansion

Relay for the 1/2 formerly known as Thunder Road 11/11.  Contact Alf if you’re interested.