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Drop Thrill drops the bomb on Outland

As some of you know I’ve been waging a war on fat and the fat man has been disappearing slowly but surely. As I approached the 40 lb. weight loss mark, I told a few guys at Outland I wanted to Q after I reached 40.

With my first GORUCK Light a few weeks ago, last week’s 1 year anniversary of Outland’s launch, my virgin Q had to be pushed off a bit. Still, 40 was a nice round number and I borrowed and modified a workout of Dora’s from 2013 that involved lots of 40’s.

Run to shovel flag

40 IW
30 Squats
20 SSH
10 Parker Peters (in honor of the hilarity from Zip’s Q last week)

10 LBC
20 Carolina Dry Dock
30 LBC (what again?)
40 Squats (where did this Q come from?)

Run to buses

Time to climb and descend the ladder. This will all add up to 40 of each exercise.

Ladder: 2,4,6,8,8,6,4,2 (One round of each exercise then move up/down the ladder)

Step Ups
Squat/Hold/Jump or Star Jumps

Next up

40 Second People’s Chair
Run the school buses (about 1/3 way down the row of buses)
40 Second People’s Chair with air presses
Run the school buses (about ½ way down the row)

At this point I handed the reigns over to Horse Head. Thanks Horse for the 44 LBC’s or whatever they were at the end in my honor (44 lbs. down as of today). I was smoked at that point, no idea what we did by the end.

Just a quick thanks too all the men of F3 and the founders. Been an amazing 5 months in F3, can’t wait to see myself after a full year. DT Out!

Horsehead Q (for posterity, not that anyone cares)

Long, dysfunctional, Double Applesauce run to the practice field. More of a group mosey/weave thing with an eclectic vibe to it.

Various Ark Loader events – forwards and backwards Bear Crawls and Crab Walks back and forth across the field with mixed in squats and mountain climbers and little recovery. Lots of Lounge Walking going on towards the end, so we stopped that. Also threw in some various runs and sprints for variety. #crowdpleaser

Next event was P1 AMRAP alternating sets of merkins and LBCs while P2 takes a long lap around the baseball field – outside the fence. Flapjack.

Round 2 was P1 alternating sets of burpees and mountain climbers while P2 does the lap. Flapjack.

Running out of time – some LBCs, Planks, and 44 Bicycles to close it out.

Posted by Horsehead on behalf of Drop Thrill

Flame On!

7 PAX met this AM at the Sun Valley Middle School for a complete sensory overload.

What had happened wuz:

Zip on Q

  • Warmup at shovel flag – merkins, mountain climbers, SSH, IW, etc . . .
  • Group Mosey to Elementary School playground across campus for circuit work
  • 4 circuits – repeat until time is called
    • bench dips,
    • donkey kicks in the swing with mud hole
    • step ups on slippery table
    • attempts at pull ups
  • Long Indian run back to practice football field

Horsehead on Q

  • Pick up snow saucers and cones hidden in the ditchbank
  • Pick up a rock from the nearby pile
  • Hairburners across field with saucers while partner does rock exercise
    • Two 2-man teams go to short cone and U turn back
    • One 3-man team runs grinders to long cone – keeps distance the same as 2-man team
    • After two passes each, regroup and run suicides to short cone, long cone, and the tower (100yds away) as a recovery
    • Change exercise and repeat this hairburner circuit until we all were about to black out – I do not remember all of the exercises or how many passes we made
  • Plank Circle with clock merkins around the clock
  • Reverse direction and repeat
  • Mosey to base of big hill beneath shovel flag and backwards bear crawl to flag
  • 6MOM with some other exercises I can’t remember because I was about to pass out


I arrived a bit early to scope out the field/hairburner situation and have a little two mile warmup run.  Zip accompanied me on a small part of the run in his Lexus for a warmup drive.

When I returned to the main lot, I was surprised to see Joker getting out of his electric car.  I think that he either ran over or found an old but highly potent tube of extra strength Ben Gay in the parking lot after which he proceeded to strip down completely naked and spread over his entire body.  Ben Gay, like hot sauce and wine in a box, apparently gets more potent with age.  The smell and eye burn was tremendous.  I immediately revised my workout to eliminate the chest to chest partner carries.  #youarewelcome.  Flame On!

PAX were working hard on the circuits, the runs, and the hairburner event.  The rock exercises between hairburner runs turned into a bit of a comedy as most returned from the saucer to see their partner sprawled out on the ground looking like roadkill.  The “recovery sprints” were fun too.  I smoked myself during the last set and don’t remember some of the rest.  Fortunately, Ben Gay is also a poor mans substitute for smelling salts.  Zip has continued threats to burn or destroy the saucers, but I have managed to sneak them back home for another day.

Missed Drop Thrill, Double E, and Hairband out there today.  Drop Thrill is running his first 10K today, Hairband is taking his Jersey spray tan to the beach, and Double E is sleeping in a cabin with 30 of his closest family members.

Possible July 4th convergence – details to come.

– Horsehead





The Scalded Monkey

13 Energized PAX arrived at the Outland Zoo with the crisp smell of morning pain in the air. The 2.0’s were energized and ready to partake F3 style! Enough chatter gents, it’s 7:02… let’s move:


Double E on Q


Long jog to PSF.

25 x SSH IC
25 x IW IC
10 x Burpees OYO
25 x Low Slow Squat to Bomb Jack IC
15 x Knees Slaps (High Knee in place Jog) IC
10 x Burpees OYO

Begin Mosey to Elementary School Playground Indian Run
Half Way there Plank-O-Rama
Continue run – 50 Yard Lunge Walk to PainStation Playground

DJ. AM RAP (Is that the outfit pic CT?) now flippin the script on the reps of the wiggity jiggity biggity F-
thrigity!! YEAH BOY!!!

Partner UP Fellas:

4 Rounds of 90 Seconds each partner AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) – IS 90 SECONDS TOO LONG HH??

Exercise 1: P1 – Diamond Merkins P2 – LSS
Exercise 2: P1 – Bomb Jacks P2 – Pull-Ups
Exercise 3: P1 – 2 feet Wall Jump Overs P2 – Incline CDD
Exercise 4: P1 – LBC P2 – Burpees

Handoff Q to HH, The Monkey Master!


Get everyone nice and smoked with 30 mins of exercises and then do an all out down and back timed mile.

1 MILE – GOAL 6 MINUES – GO… . . .

The FNG Donut Hole came out of the gate strong and held the lead for most of the race, but Double E pulled out a photo finish victory after a little hecking on the backstretch by Horsehead, who came in a slightly distant third.

Catch your breath gents and….. Let’s run more. How about some suicides!

At parking lot, use 7 trees about 15 yards apart – sprint to tree alternating exercises at each tree sprint back

Exercises – 5 x Merkins, 5 x Jump Squats, 5 x LBC
Plank until all PAX complete.
No man left behind run back to PSF for Mary
40 x Dollies IC
50 x LBC’s
Take a Deep Breath, workout complete!


First, WHAT THE ??? YHC arrives to the zoo @ F3 Outland to be greeted by CT wearing WHAT (see pic)?? I can only remember hearing him say, “I WAS WAITING FOR ZIP”. I will let him explain should he choose to do so in the comments below! And Great work by all this morning in the gloom! It was good to see all of the 2.0’s… ummm… being 2.0’s! It adds that fun quality that is sometimes suppressed by the older PAX. This is painful fun for all! T-claps to Donut Hole (FNG), who will be a great addition to F3 and to DT for EH’ing DH to the Outland! AHHH….. 90 seconds proved to be the game winner on draining the PAX and everyone sucking some serious O2 at the Playground Painstation! Not sure there were any PR’s after the mile run, but the times were very respectable, none the less, by all PAX. I feel sure this will not be the only time we see the Scalded Monkey and many variations of it!! HB was not present to object.



– New Moderate F3 workout for Beginners & intermediates coming somewhere Thurs Mornings – Details needed here

– Outland F2 new meeting location, McDonalds($1 coffee)

– F3 Golf Tournament – May 29… check website

– Continued Prayers for Coy – – 5 year old boy that just had surgery to remove a cancerous Brain Tumor in Pittsburgh. Nonforgettable experience working alongside F3 men and strangers to build a 6’ privacy fence – approx. 500ft. – for this family in a single day. Continue to pray for a speedy recovery until Little Coy and his family can finally come home.

Always a pleasure reshaping life with the men of F3!


Horsehead on behalf of Double E

Not so Fast!

7 Fiddlers went down to pay the Devil his due this AM.  Here’s what happened:


  • 2+ mile run from Bevington Place to SCMS Track – highly debatable fellowship pace
  • AMRAP laps around SCMS track – leave in time for return by 6:10 – as fast as you can stand it
  • 2+ mile run home

Totals ranged from 5.6 to 8 miles, depending on the amount of laps around the track.  No restrictor plates.


So I made the mistake of messaging Honeybee to ask about the plans for DT today, and was immediately recruited to lead the workout.  Seems like he was paying it forward from being snookered on Sunday at the Rum Runner.  With visions of trying to lead a running workout where I am typically firmly planted in the SIX in my head, I set out to try and manage what I could.

I’m fairly new to these running workouts, and was forced into participation by a non-participatory shoulder.  F3 has become such a fixture in my morning routine, that when I found myself unable to do burpees, I needed another venue – hence dragging my breathless self out to places such as #Fast Twitch, #Swift, and #Devils Turn over the past few weeks.  Man has this been painful!


  1. Blatantly and unashamedly copy exactly what we did last week.
  2. Don’t get smoked.
  3. Don’t get Larry Birded by everyone.

O Tannenbaum started off the run by asking  about the 4 mile option.  I have fallen for this bait and switch garbage on the website before myself – and it’s funny (not) when you realize that there really isn’t one.  Sorry bud, but your princess is in another castle.  I told him that he could take a nap at the track and I’d wake him up for the run back.

We set out at what I recommended as a fellowship pace.  O Tannenbaum and I realized towards the end of mile 1 that our idea of fellowship was in a different gear than Haggis and Bratwurst.  Sucks to your assmar Piggy – they were gone, like in the Ray Stevens song.

At the track, the PAX completed between 5 and 11 laps, depending on speed and insanity.  OT searched for Christmas trees in the woods and waited on me to flag him down for the run back.

I gave the signal that I was returning after another lap in time to get back by 6:10 and then left immediately (yes, I lied) with OT to make sure didn’t get passed so quickly like I did last week by Turkey Leg.  MT caught up with us as we left the lot so that the Three Musketeers could plod our way back home while the stinky meat duo of Bratwurst and Haggis smoked up the track.  Soft Pretzel and Long Haul also stuck around for some extra laps.  We beat them all back, actually sandbagged a little too hard and had a few mins to kill before they rolled in.  Eat my cheatin’ dust.

I’ll be back.  Running with faster people is the only way to get faster, and I have a lot of people to choose from.

– HH

Unclean Animals

3 Men showed up for a somewhat non-conventional 6:15 pre workout KB session w/ music.   I brought out an assortment of various KBs that I have collected over the past 6 months, and Double E brought a few as well (including a 50 with double sized handle).  


Standard workout commenced at 7AM  – Horsehead on Q

COP Warmup

  • SSH, IW, Mountain Climbers . . . standard fare
  • 10 burpees OYO

Mosey to practice field for Ark Loader – 50 yards across field with sprint back

  • Bear Crawl
  • Crab Walk
  • Frog Hop (2.0 suggestion)
  • Backwards Bear Crawl
  • Backwards Crab Walk (which is really forward #mindblown)
  • Backwards Run
  • Regular, Boring Run
  • Wounded Bear Left Leg / Right Leg switch
  • Karaoke Right
  • Karaoke Left
  • Bearaoke – sideways Bear Crawl – switch sides midway
  • Plank circle – 3 merkins – then bear crawl around one position and repeat  until full circle is completed
  • Plank circle – 5 LBCs – then crab walk around one position and repeat until full circle is completed

Indian Run to Behind School – Double E has Q

Animal Circus of pain including 12 stations:

Station 1 (jungleburners) was the pace setter – switch when completed

  • Hairburners with Snow Saucer (jungleburners)
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Merkins till you drop
  • KB swings
  • Jump Rope – speed jump
  • Squats with full bundle of shingles on your back (found in garage)
  • Mike Tyson’s punch out w/ small dumbbells
  • Long sprint around all Buses -cheese stringer
  • KB Overhead presses
  • Flutter press with large rock
  • Pipe Jumps
  • Burpee Delight

Finished with mosey back to hill for jailbreak and Mary.


I’ll start this off by saying that I was absolutely smoked after yesterday at Kevlar.  After realizing that the Muscle Driver factory store is only a few miles from my office and being subsequently convinced to purchase a Kettlebell that is almost 1/3 my body weight (great sale going on now, I might add), I spent a lot of time on Friday testing it out.  Also did a bunch of pullups – which always make me hurt.

The warmup hurt me.  Even the SSH part hurt.  I barely made it through 10 Burpees OYO and then we hit the Ark Loader.  That was stupid hard and definitely not in my wheelhouse.  Double E and Countertop (almost) led the way, but my 2.0 Boondock smoked and taunted us as any good 8 year old boy should.  He began to suggest some very strange animal modes of transportation for us to try, but we only gave him the frog jumps (which were terrible).  After about 20 mins of Ark Loader, I was about to fall apart.

During the circle bear/crab event – it became apparent that most of us smelled very awful.  Reverse planking in a close circle with BO floating around is bad news, so we moved out of that thing as fast as possible.  Lots of unclean animals in this ark.

Double E put a lot of thought into the Pain Circus and had some interesting exercises to choose from.  When I say choose, I mean that since there were more exercises than PAX some patterns began to develop.  When I say patterns, I mean that the Burpee Delight station was basically non-existent and I don’t think many people did the flutter press with the gigantic rock either.  Admittedly, I had no servings of Burpee Delight (learned a lesson from Edmund) and remain unrepentant.

The jungle burners were absolutely awful.  The grass was tall and wet and the sled kept getting stuck.  Lot of knee crawling and pushing with awful facial expressions and sounds.  Making that the pace setter was cruel, but kept everyone honest.  Great effort by the PAX to keep this rolling for a few rounds.

Mud Run next week!  Thanks to the big guy Schnitzel for filling in the emergency slot our our team.


– Horsehead

Capt Crunch vs. the Soggies

9 Determined PAX (Including 3 FNG’s) wanted to buy into a little F3 action @Outland this morning but first had to dig deep for a nice size helping of DownPainment! In order to help get the word out about the benefits of the New MudGear Brand of clothing, we figured we would help show the PAX how inadequate their Hanes Beefy T’s were through the mud, slush, water and ice that Outland had to offer!


HH on Q

  • Run through the school buses and warmup with standard fare exercises.
  • Mosey to playground/track and perform partner exercises w/ alternating laps around track  X 4 rounds.
  • Return to parking lot for Merkin wave and Merkin clock circle plank shuffle (crowd pleaser)

DoubleE Now on Q

  • Begin ¾ mile Indian run to Football Stadium but on the way, hey look a great patch of icy grass,
  • Time for a round of Navy Seal Sit-UPS x 10
  • Quickly up and Continue run to stadium and stop by Restroom building
  • Plank-O-Rama while all PAX catch up
  • Looks like a Great Wall for some PC, speed squats and COB Wall walks with shifting planks
  • PC hold 30 sec w/ 20 air presses followed by 20 speed squats
  • Rinse & Repeat w/ 15, 10, 5 of each
  • 4 PAX in line for BTW wall walks from one end of wall to the other while remaining PAX shift on ground in plank position.  (another crowd favorite)
  • Rinse & Repeat

By now, the FNG’s are wondering what they have gotten themselves into with all heads smoking and  sucking some serious O2. Little did they know, the worst (and yet most awesome) pain was yet to come!

  • Mosey to the SVHS football field for the  100 Yards of Kamikaze Suicides
  • Start at Endzone Goal Line w/ 10 LBC’s
  • Run to 10 Yard Line – 1 Burpee/ 1 Slow Low Deep Squat / 1 BombJack
  • Run backwards to Goal Line, repeat LBCs
  • Increase count by one at each 10 yd marker to the 50, then decrease back to the opposite end zone.
  • The ground was soaked and by the  end, all of the PAX were Soaked and Mud covered head to toe!


Glad to see HB feeling better after a 2 week ummm Sinus infection (aka snooze fest). Tclaps  to HB for Headlocking his brother (Situation) from New Jersey to share in his love for early Saturday morning Pain!

TClaps to 2nd timer Glass Joe for Headlocking his brother (Barney) and friend (Nekot) as well.  Barney is a Monroe police officer and Nekot works for (who else) Lance.

It leaves a disturbing image to see a grown man – aka Late Show – “wiping” himself down with a huge pile of napkins from the restroom while enjoying a nice cup of Joe at Starbucks with the group. Yes everyone had soggy bottoms from the workout, but is  there not a more suitable place for that (like nowhere)??

We need more HCs for PreKB workout @6:15am. We have extra KB’s and sweet tunes to get everyone warmed up.

Horsehead for Double E