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“We will learn to use our voices with authority!”

Still waiting on the Hawk’s Nest shovel flag….clowncar’d it with Lewinsky & Leprechaun, arrived on time which was nice.  21 pax, including one FNG – “Hightower”, mustered for a Tuesday downpainment at one of Area 51’s best AO’s; even if the Q/Site Q still isn’t familiar with all it has to offer. More on that later.  A fairly weak disclaimer (#cobains Mermaid) was given, and the pax launched into the gloom.

the Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

We jogged through the Latin Labyrinth of porticoes, covered sidewalks, ill-placed walls, etc. and made our way in front of the gym for COT

Low Slow Squat x 15 IC (might have been 20 IC, but already can’t remember)

IW x 15 IC

Slow Flutter x 15 IC

H-R Merkin x 15 IC (pretty sure Gummy was already complaining at this point)

Rockhopper x 15 IC

There was some mumblechatter about no SSH’s.  That was not an inadvertent omission men.  They’re terrible for you.

Jog down to one of the front lots near Providence entrance.

Lunge walk 30 yards, Burpee Broad Jump 40 yards

Jog over to the new field hockey (I think?) turf field.  Split into 5 groups.

One group runs perimeter of field with 5 Carolina Dry Docks at each corner while the other 4 groups do a smorgasbord of plankorama, Al Gore’s w/overhead press, Mary, etc.  Much mumblechatter about this is going to be a lot of plank work.  What they were really saying is: “Where is my 3+ mile bootcamp with way too many bad form merkins?!!!  We got through that with Bulldog leading the final group while YHC ran the CDD circuit.  By the way, be sure to wash all the carcinogenic astroturf pellets off fully.

At this point, we ran over to what I thought would be the high terraced wall & steps outside the auditorium.  Despite my 2nd Q at Hawk’s Nest and the fact that I’m a site Q as well….I couldn’t find that particular building.  Drat.  So we found some walls and did Walthar N’Djaye’s x 13 IC.  We then did some People’s Chair, except for Bulldog, Thunder Road and a few others who either were refuseniking fully or too lazy to find an adequate wall?

Dollywood & Hollywood.  Just wanted to say both those nicknames in succession.  Try it.  It’s fun.  And they were both part of the pax this morning…both in really good shape, too.

Another observation: the # of Clemson alums among the pax seems to be increasing or perhaps Hawk’s Nest is becoming somewhat of a fan club meeting every Tuesday morning.  Not only do they seem to post  as a group, they all seem to wear orange….a lot.  Today’s Clempson orange-wearing pax were: Busch, Lewinsky, Revlon (full Tiger paw).  Marge & Gummy were more understated in their allegiance.  That’s a lot of Clemson “nowledge” in the gloom, some might say too much…

Ok, what else did we do?  Did I mention the Q got lost?  So we moseyed to the “middle school”/”recess” field for some work. Incidentally, I think this is the field where our hosts thought we would do all of our workouts, in their entirety.  Negative.

We did some down & back AYG runs with H-R merkins, CDDs, Jump Squats & LBC’s at the far end.  We then did 10’ish minutes of Mary, finishing with 13 6-count burpees in the parking lot.

We did a lot of plank work throughout the morning’s downpainment.  Good form plank work is some of the best exercise you can do.  You can thank me later.

Some other sundry obervations before I list a couple announcements and prayers lifted this morning:

  • Dollywood was sporting the Albert Pujols Angels jersey…solid though he was clearly embittered with Pujols’ less-than-memorable stint in Anaheim.
  • Gummy’s mumblechatter never gets old…and I seemingly respond to every question he throws out whether they be his acid-laced sarcasm or sincere questions borne out of fatigue or frustration with the wandering site Q
  • Hightower was named by 9:30pm last night when Mermaid gave me some intel.  Former college football player now entering the police academy.  For those of you who don’t know the Hightower character from the original “Police Academy” – you owe it to yourself to google it….especially the young pax like Hightower himself.  He’d never heard of Hightower or Police Academy.  #shameful
  • Utah is Hightower’s uncle…but not a former college footballer nor policeman, but he probably does know “Police Academy”
  • Puddin’ Pop did not reactivate the necessity for the disclaimer & waiver…it was pretty much light by 5:50ish, thus, none of the aforementioned ill-placed walls got the better of him
  • HIPAA can rival Gummy for wittiest pax member.  Listen carefully to his mumblechatter next time you post with him…it’s worth your while.

Love Q’ing the pax.  I’ll do better next time….but you loved the burpee broad jumps and Walthar N’Djaiye’s…plenty more where that came from.

Announcements & prayer concerns:

Sat., May 26th – 7am Area51 & SOB (DaVinci, for sure) Memorial Day convergence at RockZero (Calvary Church) — Q’ed by Purple Haze and Rachel (Marine veteran).  Be there – the best convergence workout of the year.

Mon., May 28th – Patriots Day Festival in SouthPark.  Charlotte F3 convergence workout (NoCoTope, Fort Mill/Rock Hill, Metro, A51, SOB, UC, Gastonia, etc, etc) followed by 5K with 8 SpeedForNeed chariots carrying veterans.

Continue to pray for: Utah’s father to heal & Jennings (Bout Time’s 3 year old son) battle with cancer

Thanks to Haze for taking us out in prayer and giving thanks for the friendship that exists among the pax.  I’m thankful for you men.  This fellowship is a gift that I didn’t even know I needed until it found me.

“Friendship arises out of mere Companionship when two or more of the companions discover that they have in common some insight or interest or even taste which the others do not share and which, till that moment, each believed to be his own unique treasure (or burden). The typical expression of opening Friendship would be something like, ‘What? You too? I thought I was the only one.’… It is when two such persons discover one another, when, whether with immense difficulties and semi-articulate fumblings or with what would seem to us amazing and elliptical speed, they share their vision it is then that Friendship is born. And instantly they stand together in an immense solitude.”   – C.S. Lewis in “The Four Love”


Less than 2 miles? What is this?!

Wherefore art thou Shovel Flag?  Under the somewhat approving eyes of our N’antan – YHC delivered an average disclaimer and 16 men launched into the humpday gloom at Anvil.  Runstopper fully secured the morning’s LIFO title and joined us as we circled around for him.

The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

The pax ran over to the front of the gym building for COP and did the following:

Slow squat x 20 IC

Imperial Walker x 20 IC; Had to remind some of the pax to match my cadence count; if I were naming names I would list Snuka as one of the offenders….

Slow flutter x 20 IC

Carolina Dry Dock x 20 IC

Mosey to the adjacent lot nearest Rt. 51.  Partner Up.

YHC, as is the fate of all Q’s, was without a partner with the odd #, so partnered up with the diminutive duo of fellowship runners – Turkey Leg & Purple Haze.  Both can run quite well; however, while YHC did called exercises they moseyed about 40-50 yards behind the rest of the pax.  Some partners!

P1 runs 72 yards down & back while P2 did called exercise.  Flapjack.  Called exercises were:

H-R Merkins (Had to explain H-R Merkins to Leprechaun; he was doing something akin to exploding merkins.  He was very coachable.)


Jump Squats

Plank hold

Jog over to the pavilion for some people’s chair variations including overhead press and 2 BTW’s and 10 burpees OYO mixed in.

YHC, underscoring the importance of the disclaimer, lost footing on one of the chairs and shredded my left forearm on the pumice stone.  #doasisaynotasido

We then headed around the building to the picnic tables in the hotbox for the following:

Double squat step-up’s x 20; Military Press Incline Merkin x20; Repeato but with 15 reps of each, then 10

Run over to the rockpile for the following:

Overhead press x 13 IC

Teabag squat x 13 IC

Thruster x 13 IC

Run back to launch lot.

6 MoM, including the following…I think:

Freddy Mercury x 13 IC

Shoulder Tap Plank x 13 IC

LBC (with a form tutorial, Champagne would have been so proud) x 13 IC

American Hammer x 13 IC

6-count burpee x 10 IC

Flutter x 13 IC


COT with takeout prayer from Hammer.  A brief prayer but directly from Psalm 19:14- “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.”

Sundry Observations:

YHC had his feelings hurt when the neighborhood clown car of Lewinsky, Leprechaun and Bugeater failed to extend the invite.

Curd, Smoky Mountain Mauler that he is, was a late HC to Anvil in his first foray out since the weekend’s relay deep in the heart of the Smokies.  Fellow team-member Ickey also back in the gloom for the first time.  Thunder Road also getting back into the gloom this morning after returning yesterday from a visit to his Old Kentucky Home.  T-claps to the lot of you.

Alf was unusually quiet.  Expect more heckling and mumble chatter from you my friend.  Please do better next time.  Grateful, however, that you, Purell, Lorax and Brilleaux didn’t Larry Bird the Q to death.

Site Q McGee actually sent me a reminder Tuesday that I was on Q…..just kidding.  You guys know better.  It was an auto-reminder from Sign-Up Genius.  Speaking of Sign-Up Genius, who’s going to re-EH Go Daddy?!

It really is a good thing for me to Q.  I enjoy it, and sometimes get it right.  And every time I post, I am reminded how much I need you fellas.  So thank you.




Can’t read the Weinke without my readers

While waiting for Cheddar and other late-comers including Private Benjamin who had just woken up…after getting out of his car — YHC did not leave adequate time for suitable disclaimer, but Tool Bag did plant the shovel flag, and off went 15 hump-day warriors for another assault at The Maul.

Below is what the pax did with some other commentary interspersed.

The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

Before we launched, War Eagle asked if he needed gloves since YHC did not have any.  I said ‘no’, but after seeing most of the pax with gloves, he went back to his vehicle.  His indecision may have been due to the fact this was the first Wednesday post for War Eagle since joining the F3 pax?  M. was out of town on spring break with the kids, thus, FiA did not take precedence.  Good to have you brother.  Seems to me an HDHH of some kind is in your near future.

The pax jogged over to the lot in front of Firebird’s for COT.  On the way, I explained to Chunder how Merlot is the F3 synonym for his Scottish nickname meaning vomit.  Young and willing to learn – thanks for listening.

Slow squat holds x 10 IC

IW x 15 IC

Rockhopper x 15 IC

Carolina Dry Dock x 15 IC

Flutter x 15 IC

I think that was it, but not sure.

Partner up.

P1 does jump on wall with 2 squats while P2 runs a lap around the lot. Flapjack. Repeato.

P1 does H-R merkins while P2 runs a lap.  Flapjack. Repeato.

YHC changed the lap distance 3 times during this segment.  Why?  Because I was already ad libbing the Weinke.  That’s why.  I also had no partner.  The Q is the last kid picked.  Always.

Enron, Frasier and Squid were flying around the circuit runs.  Hadn’t seen Enron since meeting him at my only Donut Run post several months ago.

Pax then jogged over to the far back corner of Target.  Cheddar and Frasier were making sure the six was well secured.  Team players.

More partner work.

P1 runs up the hill for 5 jump squats while P2 does LBC’s.  Flapjack.  Repeato but with 10 jump squats.

P1 runs up the hill for 10 jump squats while P2 does Dolly.  Flapjack.

At this point, The Commish complimented me on the Q thus far, but I think he was really giving me grief.  He has coached football before, and it was obvious I was audibling everything.  Nothing but “Omaha’s”!

Mosey to back of Target for some wall work.

People’s Chair with overhead press x 25 IC.


More People’s Chair.

More BTW’s.  Mic Check said he had to get closer to the wall for his BTW’s….who was I to argue…or anyone else for that matter.  Yikes.

We then did some lunge walks for about 45-50 yards; and Fredo explained to YHC why it was not a good idea to cry during a downpainment.  Quite certain I’ll be crying during some workouts if the good Lord still enables me to do this after age 50!  Fredo, on the other hand, still crushes these workouts.

Various plankorama throughout the workout including the always-effective Dancing Chilcutt’s.

We did one 50’ish yard sprint, and No Show, Mic Check, Chunder and several others took off like they just shoplifted electronics from Target.

We made our way back to the front of the multiplex for some burpees.  5 at each of 4 lampposts on the way back to the launch lot.  You guys didn’t think this would be a burpee-free beatdown, did you?!

Chunder was mumble chattering something fierce at this point.

We got back in time for 6 MoM including (maybe?) the following x 15 or 10 IC:

American Hammer, Freddy Mercury, Rosalita, and we moved over to the grass (You’re welcome!) for Mahkthar N’Djaiye’s.


COT w/announcements including Richard Sheltra 5K/10K in Pineville on 4/28 and Savage Race on 5/19 somewhere in the nether regions of Cabarrus County.

Also Cheddar and Zeke Face told us the derivations of their nicknames.  I think a rename is in order for Zeke Face as it’s too kind for a Cowboy/Duke fan.

Thanks to Squid for taking us out in prayer.

…..Shrink Wrap was there, too….and while I didn’t see him refusenik anything, I’m confident he did…especially the burpees.

That’s it fellas.  Thanks to Tool Bag and No Show for giving me a slot to Q at The Maul.  Solid pax this morning.  Good work men.  And it is a privilege to Q.




We have liftoff.

YHC arrived early…early enough to see the FT pax mustering for their first launch from Latin….and before Mr. Brady who came in on two wheels, exclaiming he would “catch up”, which I’m sure he did. No Shovel Flag for either FT or Hawk’s Nest, though my co-site Q Doc said he would create one for our new AO.

Ultimately, 19 pax posted for the inaugural Hawk’s Nest downpainment.  A solid crew with a mix of veterans as well as an FNG – Joe S. – now known as Schmedium.  T-claps to him for posting and to Header who EH’d him.  Who’s bringing an FNG next week?!  Busch re-EH’d Bananas & Good Hands who had started to go into early F3 retirement until as Bananas said, “I keep trying to leave F3 but new AO’s keep getting closer to my doorstep!”  Great to have you guys back out!

The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

After the waivers were signed, we headed out to one of the larger lots in front of the campus for COP.  Shortly into it, Bottle Rocket joined us as he came in the main entrance.  Glad you found us brother.  T-claps to him as he’s been posting 3-4 times per week in just his first 3 weeks of F3.

Slow squat x 20 IC

H-R merkin x 20 IC

Flutter x 20 IC

CDD x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Run to back corner of campus to pavilion near baseball field for 3 sets of jump up’s x 15 & incline merkins x 15.

Run back by Swim MAC building (will never get used to the smell of chlorine, I always hated swim lessons as a kid) and over to the track.

Before we got to the track, we dug out some rocks for a little lifting work.

Overhead press x 15 IC

Curl x 15 IC

Switch rocks with a neighbor (this was a mistake for YHC #soccerarms)

Teabag squat x 15 IC

Run on up to the track

5 burpees at 4 different stops around the track.  Plankorama.

10 jump squats at the 4 stops around track.  Plankorama including Dancing Chilcutt x 10 IC

At this point, Gummy started the “we should probably head back” promptings.  Never gets old.

We headed back towards the launch lot but stopped for a little “Around the Clock” Plank Walk (Incline plank walk left for 1/2 the time around base of a statue donated by a Latin benefactor, and then right for 1/2 the time — this while one pax at at time would bear crawl around the circle in opposite direction until all pax had gone).  Unorthodox, but I liked it; it will happen again.

Run back to launch lot for 6 MoM.

Freddy Mercury x 13 IC

Rosalita x 13 IC

American Hammer x 13 IC

Makthar N’Djaiye x 13 IC on the asphalt, of course! (we did this because CR and one other planked up with their southends right in YHC’s face – so thank them the next time you see them for the shredded elbows…and abs if you do it right!).

6-count burpee x 10 IC — pretty sure 2/3 of you jokers didn’t do these at all.  Shades of the refusenik epidemic that has beset some other AO’s.  YHC will bring the refusenik vaccine along with the waivers next week.  And I know my co site-Q Doc McStuffins will bring a beatdown that can’t be refusenik’d short of climbing back in your South Charlotte chariots and heading home!

Great launch to a great new Area51 AO.  We really did need a bootcamp workout on Tuesday’s in A51 – I think this one is going to be great! Was also really cool to do the joint COT with our brothers from the Fast Twitch pax.  Like a convergence without the hassle of keeping too many pax together for the actual workout!  Grateful that Rachel & Purell were willing to move the launch point for FT over to Latin.

Some sundry observations from the inaugural Hawk’s Nest:

  • Gummy’s brand of sarcastic humor and Q-hazing travels well.
  • So does Busch’s non-stop mumblechatter and conversation.  Love it!
  • Found out Billy Goat is a fellow Wake alum and Cub fan = knew I liked that guy when I met him!
  • Iron Horse is 57, and makes almost all of us look like we’re 77.
  • Lorax ventured south of Route 51…hope you’re glad you did!
  • Bananas doing American Hammers looks like a dog scratching his itchy bum across the floor

Grateful for this community we have called F3.  Keep giving away what we’ve found fellas.  EH and/or re-EH someone.  Start today.

“I think it is interesting that God designed people to need other people. We see those cigarette advertisements with the rugged cowboy riding around alone on a horse, and we think that is strength, when really, it is like setting your soul down on a couch and not exercising it. The soul needs to interact with other people to be healthy.”  ~ Donald Miller from “Blue Like Jazz”




Hawk’s Nest – new Area 51 boot camp – launches Tuesday, March 13th

What: Hawk’s Nest – Launch

When: 0530 Tuesday March 13, 2018

Where: Charlotte Latin School (enter gate off Raintree Lane)

Who: Area 51 Pax as well as pax from SOB, UC, Metro, et al

Why: Area 51 needs a Tuesday boot camp (there isn’t one currently)

Why Not:


Who EH’d you for your FNG post to F3?  Have you thanked him/them lately?  While F3 has been more impactful for some than others, if you’re still posting – it means something to you.

A new AO can infuse some new energy into things.  Our hope is that the launch of Hawk’s Nest at Charlotte Latin will do just that.


** Hawk’s Nest inaugural launch will be 0530 on Tuesday, March 13th.

Also, starting 3/13 — the Fast Twitch pax will now launch from Charlotte Latin at 0515.  The Hawk’s Nest and Fast Twitch pax will both finish at 0615, and we’ll do a joint COT every Tuesday.

A “thank-you” to the SOB pax for the idea for this approach which has worked very well with Bagpipe & Swift.

Co Site-Q’s Doc Mcstuffins & Hops are excited to bring a much-needed Tuesday boot camp workout to the Area 51 pax (as well as SOB, UC, Metro and anyone else obviously).

For the inaugural launch – the workout Q privilege will be split between Hops & Mermaid — our esteemed Area 51 N’antan.


Also, thanks to CR (F3Nation Corporate Expansion Czar and Area 51 resident) for securing the access to Charlotte Latin as an AO.

Please enter campus from the gate off of Raintree Lane.  We will park in the 2nd lot on the left.


So….back to remembering your first post and the pax who EH’d you.  There are so many other men who need this.  They are your neighbors, friends and co-workers.  You know them.  EH them and/or Re-EH a pax who’s drifted away.  Let’s give away what we’ve found.  Aye?!



When are we going to do some running around here?

28 pax, including a late-arriving RT who overslept for a 0515 workout in The Fort and scrambled northward to join us, took on what Centurion had in store this morning.  No SF (Margo is DR), a marginal disclaimer (think I saw Mermaid shaking his head), and off we went.  Below is somewhat akin to what we did with some rambling commentary.

The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

Apparently Spring is upon us.   28 pax, not including Chelms (who jabbed and baited me about a weak Q effort), did some plank work while waiting on RT to make his way over…he was, in fact, hustling.   First time I’ve ever started a workout with plank work, but might do that again.  After that we took a rare right turn out of the launch lot, and an even rarer right turn down the lane behind the visitors stands at the gridiron Home of the CC Cougars.  We then ran to the top of Cerberus (no wait, that’s the name of the new workout in UCoSOBA51 — I mean Tartarus.  We ran up the rarely used north short ramps.  As we were running up, Lorax (always out front but too kind to Larry Bird the Q) expressed his displeasure with my pattern interrupt.   Old School Bootcamp doesn’t mean Stale!  #makebootcampsgreatagain

COP at the top of Tartarus:

Slow Squat, H-R Merkin, Freddy Mercury & Groiner (yes – GROINER) x 15? IC

Run back down the stairs at Tartarus’ south end (does that mean his backside?) and over to the benches and ramp at front entrance of CCHS.  Partner up for 3 rounds of Box Jump Burpees while the other partner bear crawls the ramp and lunge walks the sidewalk.  Flapjack with partner.  Snuka, RT, Runstopper & Haze appreciated the shortish benches we used for the burpees.  You’re welcome.

We then ran to the picnic tables outside the cafeteria for 3 rounds of the following:

One-legged squat R x 10, One-legged squat L x 10, Incline Merkin x 10

Chelms must have come by earlier to turn on the patio lights, as they were on for perhaps the first time ever for Centurion.  Semi-Gloss and Puddin’ finished early or didn’t do the called exercises (likely the latter); and they refuseniked the call to plank up when finished…..I love you guys.

We then ran down and around to Little Avenue and over to the Natatorium lot, at the bottom of which were some plates for some hairburners.  On the way over, Drago asked my nickname.  Appreciate that the War Baby 20-year old forgot a name…makes me feel better about forgetting other pax names.  That being said, I did get 24 of the 28 pax names without having to go to the recording….85% ain’t bad.

Anyhoo, the hairburner portion of the workout was a bit of a cluster.  #cobains  28 pax and only 6 plates was not ideal.  But each pax burned some hair a couple times and did some burpees…..though there was a lot of standing around, pretty sure it was SG, Puddin’ again…among others.

We then made our way back to the launch lot for 7.36 minutes of Mary…..might have been more – Mermaid was very helpful in giving me the 30 second warning….I actually brought my watch to Q today #miracle

We did Makthar N’Djayie’s (of course!), American Hammers, Slow Flutters, LBCs, Dolly’s, Dancing Chilcutts all to 13 IC except the Chilcutts – I was hurting.  Oh, and we also did IW’s at the end, and I’m not afraid to admit they were considerably more laborious after all the hip flexor Mary we did.  Anyone else?….  Liars.

We renamed the pax formerly known as M____ Wood to Bottle Rocket because we needed to rename him.  T-claps to Bottle Rocket for posting 3 times in his first week at The Big House, The Maul & Centurion!

Did I mention Chelms was a no show?  So was Udder, and he wasn’t even scheduled to Q.  Crabcake was an FNG to Centurion – many happy returns brother….though noticed you did not bring your Porsche?  Was that due to the fact that Voodoo & Checkpoint were once held up at gunpoint at Centurion while stepping out of their nice automobiles?

Puddin’ was back at Centurion for the first time in a couple years; sorry you didn’t more well-acquainted with Tartarus.  You will if you come back.

Speaking of Tartarus….who picked up the quarter this morning?  Give it to Frehley’s for the Fishin’ Hole fund for the old & decrepit.

As for those VFD’s who park their vehicles “a$$ in” – I think Marconi may start doing so.  Our respectful brother got hit backing out of The Stand (3rd F) today at Panera….sorry brother.

I have no idea how far we went….not very far…less than 2 miles.  Did I mention Centurion is a bootcamp workout?

And thanks also to Puddin’ for a great takeout for the pax.

Love Q’ing the pax at Centurion.  I purposely hop (see what I did there?) around AO’s all the time, but Centurion is my go-to workout.  Thanks to Margo & Udder for Q’ing me up.

And I leave you Bootcampers with this thought:  Is there someone you know who needs F3?  If a name or two doesn’t immediately come to mind – then give it some thought and perhaps some prayer.  Let’s give away what we’ve found, aye?!  Thankful for you fellas.


I got your script right here!

15 pax posted for a heavyish light day at RockZero on Saturday morning.  No SF?  Disappointing.  Where are the long lost SF’s from Day Zero and The Rock?  I think Haze uses the the Day Zero one as a comforter.

Anyhoo….onto The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

Some rambling commentary along with some of what we did at RockZero 2 days ago.  In addition to wearing out my welcome as Q by not following the “Light” script, I’m also woefully late with this backblast.  #cobains

Think we were supposed to cover 3 miles.  We didn’t.  In fact, McGee asked if we could run a bit more at the very end because someone’s Strava/MapMyRun/Garmin showed just shy of 2 miles…so we ran some more…though several did not.

Anyway, that was at the end of the downpainment.  We started with COP over near 51 with some slow squats, H-R merkins, rockhoppers (yep – you read that right – rockhoppers), flutters and perhaps something else, all IC of course.

Mosey over to the rocks by the never-used entrance off 51 for some partner work.  P1 runs while P2 did the called exercise (flapjack, of course): overhead press, squat, thruster.  McGee chased the 2.0 youngsters Sledge and Nemo around #notsoyounganymore Put the toy rocks back and jog to the pavilion.

Peoples’ Chair with some overhead press and some other variations.  3 sets of Walthar N’Djaiye’s x 15 IC. One BTW with much mumblechatter and questionable form.

Jog over to the picnic tables near the kitty litter for 3 sets of 15 jump up’s or step up’s and 15 incline merkins OYO.  Despite YHC’s tutorial on correct form for step up’s or jump up’s – many of the pax continued to make the exercises wholly ineffectual.  #youcanleadahorse

Mosey down to kitty litter for some lunges, backwards lunges, bear crawls, broad jumps, and maybe one other?

Jog to the baseball field near the cemetery for some partner work with the rock: Old school sit-ups toe-to-toe with the rock alternating possession & one other partner rock ab exercise.

Jog back to the launch lot.

Sprint 50’ish yards down, 15 H-R merkins. Sprint back.  Did this two more times with CDD’s and H-R widearms as well.

6 MoM with something akin to: slow flutters, LBC’s, protractor.

Run a lap for those who don’t want to be fully Strava-shamed for going < 2 miles in an hour.

Other sundry observations:

Hoover did most of the workout with a ruck, adding yet another reason why I’m never leaving the Noruck team.  Hope he didn’t hurt his back though a ruck on Hoover is akin to many pax carrying a string-bag with a bag of pork rinds in it.

Flipper did a prerun with Hoover as well, and muttered something about never doing Brolympics again, lest he be gifted with a rename.

Nemo left early but not before dusting McGee on some of the running.  Witch Doctor was donning some smoke boots on some of the runs for sure.  Mighty Mite posted at RockZero – glad to have you with us brother, even if due to the fact that all SOB workouts were closed for Brolympaloosa.  Boerewors…is there any other more consistent pax at RockZero?

Hammer struggled with some math during protractor work…Saturday brain or Clemsonowledge???  Ductwork posted for a rare Saturday workout for him at RockZero.  Glad to have you out as well brother.

Crabcake took up 3 spots parking so to avoid the door dings….of course there are about 5,000 parking spots at RockZero.

And great to have Abba back in Area51 on a visit from Atlanta.  F3 Bangkok coming soon.

Shoe with a back-to-back Centurion, RockZero post — Tclaps!

And our other Respect – Marlin – put down another workmanlike downpainment.

There were probably announcements about races, runs, etc. – RunJenRun, SpeedForNeed, Olive’s Run, etc.  Check twitter, slack, facebook, newspapers, and group texts and emails from which you can never unsubscribe for more info.

Grateful for the takeout from Ductwork.

By the way, we did not do any burpees.  Was that off script as well Flipper?  Regardless, you’re welcome guys.

Quoth the Raven “Nevermore”.

9 Saturday morning fartsack forsakers mustered in the red glow of the Chick-Fil-A neon for another edition of Da Vinci.  We got to an even 10 when One Star joined us during COP over at the Salvador Dali Blakeney playground.

Kid Rock rejoined the F3 pax for the first time in 6’ish months, and brought FNG Rue Morgue.  T-claps on both accounts.  More on Rue Morgue, and the naming thereof, later.

The pax were fairly well disclaimed, and we launched.

The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

We jogged over to the playground at Blakeney, and YHC about ran the pax right into oncoming traffic after Chopper crossed on his own.  Bucky mercifully stopped short of running YHC over in the middle or Rea Road. Thought Chopper was Q-jacking right out of the gate.

COP went something like this:

IW x 15 IC

H-R Merkin x 15 IC

Slow Squat x 15 IC

High Flutter x 15 IC

Mosey to fountains and partner up for the following:

P1 runs down around the far fountain near BR while P2 does CDD’s. Flapjack.

P1 runs. P2 LBC’s. Flapjack.

P1 runs P2 Step-ups on wall. Flapjack.

P1 runs. P2 Derkins. Flapjack.

Jog over to another part of Blakeney for some Triple Nickel action.

5 jump squats, run up the stairs across the building, down the stairs, 5 burpees at bottom of those stairs.

Jog down Ardrey Kell, then take an unexpected U-turn to get to the rock piles.

Can’t remember exactly what we did, but I think the following:

13 Overhead press w/rock

10 Merkins

13 Tricep extension w/rock

13 Slow squats w/rock

13 Overhead press w/rock

Time to head back towards launch lot.

Stopped at a couple points for some Mary: Dolly & Makthar N’Djaiye

Also made a stop and did some Dancing Chilcutts x10 IC; Kid Rock was worried he might of torn the hernia mesh patch or something like that…or was he worried he might of untied his vas deferens #norefunds

Stopped again in front of Salsaritas for some American Hammers and Slow Flutters

Then we did Jack Webb’s up to 5 Merkins & 20 Overhead press and back down.

Back over to the fluorescent grandeur of Truett Cathey’s devising for some Freddy Mercury & Protractor.


COT with a tandem takeout from Scratch & Win and Damascus.

A few observations about this morning:

Our young FNG – Rue Morgue got after it quite well.  The former Queens lacrosse goalkeeper was EH’d by his boss Kid Rock.  He and fellow Queens goalkeeper (of the fütbol variety) Scratch & Win were having a bit of a Royals lovefest throughout the downpainment.  Rue Morgue (as in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”) also promises to post again at the Brolympics in 2 weeks at Weddington HS.  Sign up to compete and/or volunteer.  I heard Goonie & Pop Tart signed up to be kettlebell catchers.

Bucky and his former Bruno the Brown loving gridiron teammate One Star were both getting around DaVinci with authority as well. #glorydays

The Respect-worthy Chopper (WD), who played a version of Frogger in the first 3 minutes of the workout, did yeoman’s work, too, as did Damascus.

Leprechaun, one of the 4 Wessex Square residents that clowncar’d it with YHC, Lewinsky and Scratch & Win put in a full morning’s work despite recently recovering from the flu.

Lewinsky’s strong, and the 29-year old is getting stronger.  Also, T-claps as he and M. Lewinsky (the M. does not stand for Monica) found out today that they are having a little girl.  God is good.  Always.

Not sure if Rue Morgue or Lewinsky was WB, I suspect Rue Morgue.

Other announcements:

Brolympics Feb. 24th – Weddington HS

Father-Daughter dance at Ballantyne CC at some point this Spring – Damascus has details

Other stuff happening as well like Go Jen Go? or Run Jen Run? in early March.

Check one of the 47 channels on Slack or dust off your Twitter for more info

Mucho obligato to Fredo & Bucky for tapping me to Q.  Sorry for the detour on the way to the rock pile.  Hope everybody got their money’s worth.




John Adams and his friends come to Bagpipe

16 pax mustered for another Tuesday morning assault at Bagpipe.  Tagalong gave YHC not only the opportunity to Q but also let YHC plant the shovel flag.  A real shovel flag.  Somebody came in really late…methinks it was Cheddar, and off we went.

Ye Olde Moleskine & The Thang:

Actually, we didn’t launch until after the pax failed the first U.S. Presidential trivia question of the morning.  Question:  What 20th century President’s birthday is February 6th?  Can’t remember who answered nor what the answer was, but it was wrong.  Answer:  Ronald Reagan (of Tampico, IL #heartland).  So we did 7 H-R burpees OYO.

YHC threw out Presidential trivia questions throughout the downpainment.  Correct answer from any of the pax meant a reward of 3 H-R burpees.  Wrong answer “reward” was 7 H-R burpees.

We jogged to one of the lots in the bullring for COP.

13 slow jump squats IC

13 H-R merkins IC

13 Flutters IC

Next Trivia Question:  Who was the 16th President?  Somebody guessed incorrectly.  Answer: Abraham Lincoln (also from smalltown Illinois  #heartland).  7 H-R burpees OYO

Jog to the traffic circle with the orb, and the Raven affixed atop.  Plank on the curb and plank walk left while one of the pax AYG runs the opposite direction back to their spot in the circle.  Proceed thusly until all 16 pax ran; we reversed direction at some point meaning when YHC needed to switch.  We also did 10 merkins OYO at one point.

Next Trivia Question:

What famous American poet was born and died the same years as Abraham Lincoln?  YHC gave a slam dunk clue by pointing to the bird atop the statuary in the aforementioned traffic circle.  Not sure who – but some body nailed it.  3 H-R burpees OYO.

Mosey over to the sidewalk that encircles the small pond, and partner up for the following:

P1 AYG run around pond, P2 Freddy Mercury.  Flapjack.

P1 AYG run, P2 Widearm Merkins. Flapjack.

P1 AYG run, P2 Squats.  Flapjack.

Elbow plank and 13 Dancing Chilcutt’s IC

Mosey to the nearby hill below the lot for a little hill work.

But first another Trivia Question:  Prior to Ronald Reagan, who was the longest living U.S. President?  (not including living Presidents, as I think George H. W. Bush has now outlived his former running mate, but somebody should fact-check me on that).  Somebody guessed wrong.  Correct answer: John Adams (2nd President and first to occupy the White House…from Braintree, MA #nottheheartland).

Anyway, we ran up the hill AYG after 7 more H-R burpees & did 5 jump squats at the top.  Mosey back down.

Backwards bear crawl back up the hill & then 5 more jump squats.

Jog over to the fitness trail to the rock pile.

Next trivia question:  Was not entirely sure I was right on this one, but I fact-checked it and I was right.  Who was the only President to serve 2 non-consecutive terms?  Probably the toughest of the morning, and the pax did not come up with it.  Answer: Grover Cleveland (Grover Cleveland, the only President to ever serve nonconsecutive terms, was the 22nd and 24th President of the United States (1885-89) (1893-97).  7 more H-R burpees

We did 4 sets of 13 squat thrusts with rock overhead.

The other trivia question during the rock sets was:  Who are the 2 father-son President combinations.  This was the easiest of the morn, and several pax nailed it.  Answer: Adams (John and John Quincy) & Bush (George HW & George W).  3 H-R burpees

We then jogged to closest lot between fitness trail and the launch lot for some Mary.   Can’t remember exactly what we did, but I think the following:

Dolly x 13 IC

Slow flutter x 13 IC

Makthar N’Djaiye x 13 IC

Jog back to launch lot.

One last trivia question:  How many children did the Father of our Nation (George Washington) sire?

Someone nailed this one quickly.  Answer: Zero. 3 more H-R Burpees.


COT with the Swift Pax.  Name-o-rama and announcements with a takeout prayer from PJ asking for strength and courage.

Great work by the pax.  Good to have the 19 year-old Chunder back out, and he even partnered with the old man Q.  I like backwards bear crawls, but need to find shorter hills so we can repeat but YHC admittedly smoked himself…was planning on 3 sets of that.  You’re welcome fellas.

Always enjoy the camaraderie of the the Bagpipe pax.  Thanks for tapping me Tagalong, even if it is due to Ringer bailing on you.  #planb

Don’t forget to EH someone, and then keep EH’ing until they come.

CPR class on Saturday, Feb. 17th – see Madison for details, or Twitter and/or several Slack channels.

2nd or 3rd Brolympics coming soon at Weddington HS – see Wild Turkey for details or someone(s) else?

See you at DaVinci Saturday for more trivia — this time it will be sports trivia.



Time to Make the Donuts

Rumor has it that someone planted a shovel flag or VSF in the Episcopal church parking lot across Independence Park?  Either way, after 7 or 8 pax moseyed over to the launch lot from the aforementioned Episcopal church – 21 total Monday morning donut-makers set out for a DMZ-goes-to- Metro downpainment at the friendly confines of Ranger/Indy.

Here’s The Thang (or something like it) & Ye Olde Moleskine:

Jog to the baseball field next to ETES for a brief COP.  At this point, Bushwood said something to the effect that no one from Ranger had ever stepped foot on the baseball field.  #blazingatrail. He actually might have said no one at Ranger had ever stepped on a blade of grass?

We did 6-count burpees, Squats and a few IW’s IC to which Dock sounded the obligatory “wheelhouse” comment

Then off to the CPCC parking deck (forgot the nickname?) for some catch-me-if-you-can partner work — 10 H-R merkins while partner backward runs; 5 times each.

Apparently we stopped one level short of the roof according to Mutiny.  #cobains.

We did Dancing Chilcutts IC, everyone except Kirk, that is.  He apparently does nothing on his elbows…..

We then ran down the stairs, did a brief squat hold with some overhead press IC.

Next we ran over to Indy Park, through some more grass #ohthehumanity for some wall work

One-legged squats x 13 IC L & R

2 sets of 13 derkins OYO and 2 sets of 13 incline merkins OYO

Jog over to the kitty litter for some more partner work: P1 bear crawl down & lunge walk back while P2 does jump squats. Flapjack. 3x each

P1 crab walk down & backwards lunge walk back while P2 does Freddie Mercury. Flapjack. 3x each.

Jog over to ETES for some people’s chair with a few variations.  During the jog, Rock said something to the effect that this old school bootcamp stuff is really throwing guys for a loop…. #missionaccomplished

We then ran back to the launch lot for 6 MoM with flutters, Makthar N’Djaiye’s, protractor and something else I can’t remember.


Final thoughts:

We did the DMZ field trip to Metro (Ranger/Indy) so that our brother Bout Time could join us.  His son Jennings is at Hemby (Presby) Childrens Hospital for his 2nd round of chemotherapy to knockout this a$$hole named leukemia.  DMZ Site Q Aquafresh gave YHC his blessing to audible and launch from Independence Park so DMZ-regular Bout Time could join us.

The donut reference is due to the fact that Jennings woke up this morning when his dad was heading out, and Bout Time told him he was going out to get him a donut and would be back in a little while.  And Bout Time did, of course, run to get his sweet boy a donut after the workout.

For those reading this who are also inclined to pray, or perhaps even if you aren’t normally inclined to pray – I’ll leave you with this and challenge you to do exactly as the writer of Hebrews states on behalf of Bout Time, M. Bout Time and their entire family, most especially their little boy Jennings:

So then, since we have a great High Priest who has entered heaven, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to what we believe. This High Priest of ours understands our weaknesses, for he faced all of the same testings we do, yet he did not sin. So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.”