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Blind Wiggling at BaseCamp

Jello planted the SF before his pre-run with HIPAA, and after 14 more had mustered we launched for a Monday morning downpainment (Floor Slapper & Mailman, I think, were late to the party and joined us after the warmup lap on the track). Below is somewhat close to what we did, in no particular order, with some flavor mixed in:

After the warmup lap, the pax each grabbed a rock from the piles near the stairs. Mosey to the launch lot for COP with H-R Merkins, Slow Squats, IW’s & Flutters.

Partner up and P1 does called exercise with rock while P2 runs around the far lamppost and back. Flapjack. 4 or 5 circuits.

Put rocks back.

People’s Chair…BOG explained why they are so named, something about China and People and Republic. Thanks to our WD.

Also did some BsTW.

Jog to front (or side) of school for some step up and squat work.

Back to lot for some lunge walks and bear crawls. Clover out front on this one…the Fighting Blue Irish Devil is a natural at the bear work.

6 MoM consisting of some plank work, dancing Chilcutts, 6-count burpees, slow flutters, American Hammer, LBC’s, etc., etc.


COT with Nameorama. YHC had already decided on his next 2 FNG names regardless of who EH’d them or any of their story. Doug is no Mr. Magoo and Andy is Captain Feathersword. You’re welcome.

Good work by the pax. Thanks to Jello & Thunder for tapping me to Q. Good camaraderie in the Basecamp gloom. Until next time…keep your ear to the grindstone.

Beware the kitty litter.

Ye Olde Moleskine & The Thang:

14 pax mustered for a cold but, thankfully, dry assault at the 3-headed hound known as Cerberus.

Good group this morning; some old and new faces to YHC. Hadn’t seen Uncle Leo since the Obama administration. Also hadn’t seen Boitano since we didn’t go to high school together.

Anyhoo, after a decent disclaimer that was drowned out by the loquacious Bananas and Bugeater – the pax launched and headed straight to the parking deck. Do we have a name for that, Transporter?

We made our way to the 3rd floor for COP:

H-R Merkin, Low Squat, IW x 20 IC

Slow Flutter x 15 IC

We did something else, but I’ve already forgotten.

Down to the lower level for some 7’s up the ramp – Jump squats & Burpees.

The short-armed Goodfella & Alf were out front along with long-armed Transporter. It is with a bit of dented, yet misplaced, pride, that YHC must report that Goodfella lapped me.

After that pain station, we left the friendly confines of the deck and headed over to the courtyard with the 30 x 15 foot green turf in the middle. Krusty & one other pax were going on about how comfortable it was on their hands, sixes, etc. when Goodfella informed them that every manner of over-pampered pet in south Charlotte relieves themselves on that turf. #kittylitter

We partnered up for 4 runs around one of the retail complexes that comprises the Waverly monstrosity. While P1 ran, P2 did the following, flapjacking each time: Double squat jump-ups (lest anyone waste the benefit of jump-up’s), Little Baby Haze’s (I think that’s what they’re called), CDD’s, Flutter Kicks/Protractor.

Must point out that Taco Stand was running very well on these – my man has made some serious progress in this F3 thing. T-claps, brother. Bugeater also dusted YHC a few times – good work. And Shop Dawg was getting after it, too…YHC was struggling but it’s good to have pax to chase — that’s how you get better.

Enough of that, now back to the parking deck for some extended Mary on the 4th level.

Called a number of things IC including but not limited to: Mahktar N’Djaiye, American Hammer, Knee Up, Flutter, Squat with extended hold. Pretty sure Lazyboy had the best form…. Scratch was sharing his edgy, off-color poetry as usual….he also powerfully took us out in COT. If I can even post at F3 when I have Snowflake’s seasoning, I will consider that a gift from God…because it is. T-claps to our WD for crushing it; and more importantly, for Q’ing Q-source afterward at Panera. 9 pax posted for that.

Thanks to Transporter and other site management for tapping YHC to Q. Solid AO, albeit with a great likelihood of being plunked by a vehicle outside the parking deck. It is a privilege and a joy to Q the pax. And great reminder at the end by Transporter to leave no man behind in a 2nd F and 3rd F sense. Men need to be reminded that the Father of Lies would like for them to struggle, to isolate themselves, and to think that no one cares. All are lies. Speak truth to your brothers.


Sign up for Joe Davis Race for Recovery – Saturday March 9, 2019

Men – the opposite of joy is not sadness, it’s hopelessness. There is Hope.

7 years of bootcamps, backblasts & brotherhood.

In a cold, driving rain storm – Margo planted the shovel flag….long may it wave at Centurion.  YHC got out of the car at 5:29:15…and was told the time by Mermaid shortly thereafter.  Unbeknownst to the co-site Q and N’antan emeritus, YHC had secured a new Garmin (via a gift from friends), so no need for the assist…much obliged anyway.

Without even a cursory disclaimer #cobains – the pax ran straight over to Tartarus where we would spend the totality of the beatdown.  This would be a bootcamp in every sense of the word.  Hillary, one of our guests from F3Metro, told me it was 1.2 miles.  Part of the mission accomplished.

We planked up when we got into the warm, dry confines of Tartarus.  YHC then started COP with Dancing Chilcutts IC.  Purple Haze correctly pointed out that was probably the strangest start to a COP in Area51 history.  Another part of the mission accomplished.

Don’t really remember all we did, but YHC planned to call many of my favorite exercises from the past 7 years (12/12/2011 was my FNG post on a Wednesday at Bandit in F3Metro…way back when the only Area 51 workout in existence was the creatively named Saturday workout “Area 51”).

This list included, but is by no means limited to the following:

BsTW, Makthar N’Djaiye, Walther N’Djaiye, Hand-Release Merkin, Hand-Release Burpee, Backwards run, Squat Jump, Cumberland County Viaduct, Freddy Mercury, Flutter, Slow Flutter, One-legged Dolly, Little Baby Crunch, Plankorama of various sorts to include Christian Laettner, Bearcrawl – forward and backward, Lungewalk – forward and back

Saw My Sharona at lunch earlier this week, and he said he should post at Centurion again soon.  Told him I was on Q this week, and he made good on his word and brought a guest – Torpedo.  Thankfully Torpedo was not an FNG.  I asked shortly after we started, so that I made up for the weak disclaimer as well as softened Mermaid’s disapproval.  Welcome back My Sharona.  Come back soon and bring Torpedo again as well as other pax.

Chelms, the intrepid Twitterverse traveler, was there.  He’s been there, meaning Centurion, more than any of you other $#!#$!%!@’s!  Look it up!

Checkpoint posted for the 2nd week in a row at Centurion.  New habit forming?  Not sure Hillary will be back…think I ruined it for him – not nearly enough running.  You do know a bootcamp workout is not 4.5 miles at a dead sprint with a few bad form merkins and burpees interspersed, right?

Brilleaux, everyone’s favorite French Iowan, was there.  No hands-on-hips squats anymore, but did opt for the hands-on-hips lunge walk.  Love it!

Lorax was there, too, and spent most of his time ruminating on past Tarheel basketball teams, NCAA tourney losses, and explained how he is constantly haunted by the ghost of André Miller.

Thunder Road and Scratch & Win were there….Scratch bragging that he got there early – at 5:26…might have to go to the videotape on that one brother.   Love you.  Mean it.  Called both Thunder and Scratch out on the barely discernible squat they were performing.  Scratch adjusted…Thunder did not.  Love it!

Marconi, old man strong and unorthodox, chose to go face-to-face with his closest fellow squatter.  Weird.  Next Q of his — look out for the chest-to-chest partner carries.

Snuka was working so hard (as usual) that he didn’t even notice the 17 leaves on his bald dome.  Probably acquired during the BsTW.  I wiped his crown clean during Nameorama.  You’re welcome.

Clover is the fastest backwards runner I’ve seen in Area51.  He assured us he did not play defensive back at Notre Dame…nor at St. Francis of Whosyourdaddy, nor at Charlotte Catholic.  HIPAA asked about his football past and future.  Perhaps now that you’re getting in shape – you can activate that unused eligibility in the shadow of Touchdown Jesus.  #Rudy #Gipper

Utah, as is his custom, just looked at the Q throughout the downpainment as if he’s an idiot.  He’s right, of course.

In addition to being an idiot, YHC is also an unabashed fan of this thing we call F3.  Are you?  If so, EH someone and invite them to join a fellowship that is changing men’s lives like no other organization I’ve ever been a part of…to include a handful of churches in 4 different states, civic organizations, corporations & small businesses.

Thankful to Margo & Mermaid for the privilege of Q’ing at one of my favorite AO’s.  In my 7 years of F3, I haven’t counted #’s of workouts, AO’s, Q’s, miles, etc. like some of you freaks.  But I do try to take note of your names, your stories, your victories and your struggles.  That’s what brothers do.

So before I start crying on my keyboard and inviting even more ridicule than I’ve already earned – I’ll sign off with this:

  • There is a lie that’s been told to men since the beginning of time.  It goes something like this: “You’re on you own.  No one cares.  No one wants to know you.  No one loves you.”
  • Here is the truth.  It goes exactly like this:  “You are never alone.  You have a loving Father who cares, as well as many brothers.  You are fully known and completely loved.”
  • “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.” (John 3:16-17)

Skip Day at Anvil. Skipping the 1st F is bad, skipping the 2nd F is worse.

A few years ago, I suggested to my oldest brother that he start doing something physically active to take care of himself.  I said, “You could just skip rope to start.”  He replied, “Skip rope?  I need to start by skipping dinner.”  For those of us older pax, we recognize you can’t outwork a bad diet; but a bad diet and fartsacking is a deadly combination.

Since Centurion apparently has the only shovel flag in central/western Area 51 (perhaps all of Area 51, but I never go east of Providence Road) – we launched without Old Glory fluttering in the humpday gloom.  We launched late. #cobains  YHC lost his Garmin weeks ago.  Will be replacing it before my next Q.  Though no need for a Garmin, neither the expense nor the functionality as I never tracked my distance anyway. #makebootcampsgreatagain

Incidentally, neither site Q (Lorax & Brushback) had a watch either.  Had to call them out…again..after calling them out on the Twitterverse earlier.  Mermaid to the rescue. He told YHC we launched late and told us when we were finished.  Incidentally, he would have made the same announcements even if I had a watch on.  Another announcement: Brushback is co-site Q of Anvil.  That was an announcement to me….probably yesterday’s news tomorrow for most of you.


On to The Thang with the Moleskinny interspersed:

COP with Squats (Low – assumed and slow – better for you…I think), IW’s, H-R Merkins (as if you should do them any other way #makeformgreatagain), Flutters, something else maybe?

Shout out to Prohibition for a few things: his flatulence was IC during the IW’s which was helpful since only Snowflake was actually counting IC.  Much obliged.  Also, for those of you not in the liquor business nor a constitutional scholar – Prohibition announced during some rock work that today marks the 85th anniversary of the death of prohibition.  True story.  December 5, 1933.  Incidentally, in between trying to force everyone on the wagon (1919) and then allowing all to legally jump off if they so choose (1933) — our great nation actually let women start voting (1920).  That one only took us 132 years.

Enough of the history lessons.

After COP – we ran to the hot box for called exercises on the picnic tables while one pax would jump rope (100 reps).  Rope skipper = our timer.  All the pax took a turn at the 100 skips.  While I didn’t watch too carefully, judging from the time and assuming integrity in the count – Hammer & Scabby won awards during their elementary school  “Jump Rope for Heart” fundraiser.  Nice work.  And Scabby was late, not that anyone assumed he was on time.

Speaking of late – Scratch and Leprechaun were late as well.  This is why YHC refused the clown car invitation last night.  No hard feelings fellas.  Hammer refuses the neighborhood clown car because he doesn’t like us, and neither does his truck.  That’s why he parks it at least 50 feet from any other vehicle or person.

We then moved on to the kitty litter and swings for some more exercises timed by the designated skipper.  Got many compliments on the physical integrity of my rope.  Should I be concerned that Puddin’ complimented it more than once?

Hopper is a steady, almost-worthy-of-respect pax.  The “behoodied” one gets it done…but the hoodie may be steadier than you my friend.

Ickey was there, and I’m not 100% sure, but I think I heard him mumbling about a retirement MMA fight or somesuch between Urban Meyer and Nick Saban when Saban retires….assuming he does so before he dies.

After the kitty litter, we moved on to the rock work.  Snuka, who still out-runs 90% of the pax who are 50% of his age, shamed YHC into grabbing a larger lifting rock.  Thank you very little.

We then ran over to the gym building for some People’s Chair and some incline and decline Mary.

Then over to a parking lot where we did some merkins and dry dock work with some side plank and sprints mixed in to the recipe.

Finished with some Mary, timed again by a jump-roper.

This is when the funniest comment of the morning took place.  As the last rope skipper of the day, Utah exclaimed, “If I’d have known I’d be doing so much rope-jumping, I would have worn my sports bra!” #moobs #fia

That was fun fellas.  Thanks for putting up with YHC and another unorthodox Q that took us less than 1.3 miles (as per Hopper, I think?).  You’re welcome.


On a more serious note…..I typically end this way…not that anyone reads this far down as I always write far too much:

Reach out to your fellow pax who you haven’t seen/heard from in a while.  We have pax going through vicious storms in their lives, such as Huggie Bear (brain tumor – Dec. 11 surgery), Hannibal’s M (cancer surgery yesterday on the heels of his father’s death a couple weeks ago), Cooter (also having cancer surgery on Dec. 11).  And these are pax that have not fallen away from this fellowship.  Please reach out.  If someone pops into your mind, I daresay it may be the prompting of Holy Spirit (I know that’s weird for some of you) to reach out to that person.  What are you afraid of?  Life, friendship/fellowship can get messy, but that’s why we need each other.

I’m thankful for this unique fellowship, men.  I can’t count how many times one of you reaching out to me has been more timely than you can imagine.

Iron does, indeed, sharpen iron. (Proverbs 27:17), but I often go to another Proverb when thinking of this fellowship we call F3.

Proverbs 17:17

A friend loves at all times,
    and a brother is born for a time of adversity.

I love you guys.  Yep, I typed it.  And I mean it.  Deal with it.

Don’t Skip Dinner, Skip Rope.

6 pax mustered at the still shovelflagless AO.  YHC was LIFO #qfail

Nevertheless, we launched for another version of Hawk’s Nest into much less rain than anticipated, so that’s a positive.

Below is a bit of what we did but more-so just some random commentary.

Moleskine & a bit of the Thang

So we ran from pavilion to pavilion and did some work at each, starting with COP.  3 pavilions, but there’s likely more on the Hawk’s Nest expanse.  We’ll count later.

COP consisted of the usual with the exception of the back-scratcher…not sure that’s what it’s called and almost certain we didn’t do it correctly.  #qfail

No weinke to speak of, and that was obvious from the get-go.  The pax were gracious…YHC deserved some serious mumble chatter.

So we then ran to another pavilion, and 5 of us did called exercise while #6 jumped roped and acted as the “timer” (50 reps, 75 jumps or 100 jumps).  Then we’d rotate, different called exercise, different jump roper.  Sprockets apparently was the Oklahoma state jump rope champ and the pride of Tulsa County.

Anyway, we ran to another pavilion and did some people’s chair, overhead press and BsTW.

No more pavilion hopping – we were out & about the rest of the morning.  Next stop before the bridge.  grab a rock. do called exercise while jump-roper serves as the timer.

Jog to other side of football field, lunge walk up long ramp to building, plankorama and then some more work on the walls with jump-rope timer again.

That was that.  Back to launch lot for COT with the Fast Twitchers.  7 of them…damn…they had more.  I mean glad they had 7 pax for Purell’s Q.

Sundry observations:

Spackler did not post.  He predicted as much on Twitter the night before.  Gloss also declined ahead of time publicly.

Certain we did not set a record for lowest mileage at a bootcamp for Area51 as I know some Q’s have circled up at the get-go from the launch lot and stayed there for the full 45 minutes.  But no idea how far we went for 2 reasons: 1) I never track distance when I Q nor when I don’t Q and 2) YHC lost his Garmin.  Thanks to HIPAA for ably filling Mermaid’s shoes in keeping the Q apprised of the time.  Difference being, HIPAA did it upon request while Mermaid’s is unsolicited.

Great to see Beaver out and doesn’t appear to be showing any ill effects from the broken hip…though YHC was a little concerned watching your dismount from the BsTW.

Thumper is on Q next week, and confident he’ll have a much more well-designed Weinke.

Thin Mint was scheduled Q but pulled up lame, re-aggravating a couple injuries during the 15+ mile Vagabond on Saturday.  Can’t imagine how 15+ miles and tons of bootcamp work would do that?  Get well, brother.  Rest.  Thin Mint back on the Hawk’s Nest schedule for 1Q of 2019.

Snowflake was WD…of course but the man is a machine.  If I’m still even able to jog or do some merkins when I’m 56 (or is it 57?) – I’ll be thankful.

Speaking of thanks….are you grateful?  For what?  To Whom?  If you give thanks, there has to be an object and subject of your thanks.

Elie Wiesel, prolific author and Holocaust survivor of both Auschwitz and Buchenwald said this about gratitude: “When a person doesn’t have gratitude, something is missing in his or her humanity.”

I’m thankful for you knuckleheads.  This life would be exceedingly more difficult without you.

Don’t wait until next Thursday to make a list of what you’re thankful for and then give thanks to whomever is the object of your thanks.  Aye?!


Utah writes the Weinke

The site Q still has failed to furnish a SF for Hawk’s Nest.  Somebody should talk to him about that. Nevertheless, the pax were quickly disclaimed (or something like that) and 18 launched for another flight at the oversized AO on Tuesday morning.

The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

Alf was LIFO & made his way over to the mustered pax that included a veteran crew with a mix of newbies, including a couple pax (Taco Stand & Beer Pong) for their first flight from the Hawk’s Nest.  Welcome brothers, though Beer Pong is moving to Nashville in a few weeks….perhaps due to the crop dusting that happened on the brick bridge during People’s Chair & Wallthar N’Djayie.  Come on man!

Deep Dish was wearing something peculiar on his head..methinks it might have been his M’s modified running earmuffs.  Just thankful you posted on a sub 40 degree morning.  If you post again in these temps, you must wear the Coach Mitchka sweater.  #dabears

The backblast title is true…sort of.  After the first bear climb and jog across the gym building on what would be the 1st of 3 sets — Utah says to YHC – is this the 1st of a set?  Yes.  He then proceeded to ask if it would include burpees of some kind & number on the track?  Yes.  What makes that weird is that this was the only portion of the workout that YHC had on the pre-launch Weinke.  Utah name change to “Nostradamus”?

Mailman with back-to-back posts this week.  T-claps young man.  Pretty sure he was WB.

As for WD – that would be Snowflake.  He introduced Walthar N’Djaiye to YHC a few years ago, and how could I not share it with the rest of you?  You’re welcome.

Bulldog and Puddin’ should start a Premier League podcast targeted at college football lovin’ pax who don’t appreciate the finer aspects of the sport.  They could broadcast/tape it from The Lodge, which is now the new Tottenham Spurs fan club locale for Charlotte.  Just make sure the manager there doesn’t hear any of it.  He would stomp on the recording device and wipe his rear end with Bulldog’s Spurs kit.

Hopper wearing a hoodie today.  I think Deep Dish was jealous.  And it was a “Salty Dog” hoodie at that – Puddin’ read the fine print as he walked up the ramp while Hopper was bear crawling.  Hope you have good eyesight Puddin’, otherwise you were a bit close…

Spackler was relatively cordial this morning though his “boring” chant during the high slow flutters caused YHC to laugh a bit.

HIPAA might have been the only pax wearing short sleeves and no hat of any kind, but again Puddin’ may have been in that camp as well.

Marge was overdressed as was Beer Pong.  Hammer was not though he typically would be in full sweatsuit at this point in the year.

Sprockets and O’ Tannenbaum were putting in real work as usual.

Mermaid was sharing fishing stories with Hopper during the burpee broad jumps.

And all was right with the world….at least our Area51 corner of it.

YHC loves Q’ing the pax, and thankful to God for the fellowship.  Be in prayer for Butler HS and all involved in that yesterday.  Hug your wife/significant other and your kids, and remind them the world was not always like this and will not always be.

At the end of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Return of the King, Sam asks a powerful question: “Is everything sad going to come untrue?”   The answer to that my brothers is: Yes.



Sat., Nov. 10th – Vagabond (Southern Discomfort + Balrog) ~ 13 miles.  First stop is at Hawk’s Nest

Sat., Dec. 1st – Area 51 Christmas party at Seaboard, catered by Uncle Rico’s Brown Bag

That there is an RV.

The pax mustered at RockZero among the scores of other folks showing up for a conference of some sort at Calvary.  No SF, but then again, there’s so few of those including the AO at which YHC is one of the site Q’s….#noexcuses

Anyway, the pax launched for another Saturday morning assault on this fantastic AO after a feeble disclaimer from YHC.

Ye Olde Moleskine & Thang

An eclectic combination of pax this morning to be sure…which made it fun..and interesting.

First random thing of the morning was seeing two, late-model RV’s parked in the voluminous parking lot — odd & a bit creepy.

So we circled up for COT near the tenements on wheels…should have used whisper cadence so not to wake the denizens.  Again – creepy.

H-R merkin x 15 IC

MC x 15 IC

Slow squat x 15 IC

Flutter x 25 IC

Jog over to the rocks near the ballfield.  Partner up & grab a rock for the the following:

P1 runs 70’ish yards down and back while P2 does overhead press.  Flapjack.

Squats and thrusters as well.

At some point, the overly-rucked Hoover disappeared into the church to take care of some paperwork.  Not sure when he re-joined us, frankly….might have been at coffeteria.


Mosey to the picnic tables near the pavilion.

20 double-squat step ups. 20 derkins

20 little baby Haze’s L & R, 20 derkins

Jog over to the other rock quarry near the circle drive and 51.

Everyone grab a rock.

Split into 2 groups.  group 1 runs down around median at 51 while 2nd group does Louganis with rock.  Flapjack.

Other exercises: American Hammer, Squats, Thrusters, Rockies

Mosey over to the gym building for 3 sets of Walthar N’Djaiye’s x 15 IC; People’s Chair with 25 overhead press, aka air press according to Gummy; also did some other People’s chair variations.

Run around the church and down to the bottom of North Face.  There was much mumble chatter about this, particularly from Nemo as we headed down there.  When YHC called 10 H-R burpees, there was much gnashing of teeth.  We then ran up NF with Strange Brew channeling his inner Braveheart and leading the charge.

We then found a lot that had less traffic barreling in for 6 MoM.

Rosalita, Cumberland County Viaduct, Boone Crunches, and something else x 13 IC

Jog back to launch lot.

13 burpees OYO.


COT w/Strange Brew taking us out.

Announcement: Area 51 Christmas Party on Dec. 1st with Uncle Rico catering.

Some other random observations from the morning:

  • Flipper wants to “Make Backblasts Great Again”…not sure I started that initiative with this
  • Hoover pre-rucked, had lots of food with him at coffeteria as well as a 40 oz. Old English 800
  • Fletch sort of resembles Conor MacGregor with his beard, minus the neck tattoos
  • Can we agree Big League Chew (R) is one of the top 5 nicknames in all of F3?  The nickname coupled with his deep voice and accent are just unparalleled.
  • Floor Slapper made it to the workout prior to launch #miracle
  • Boerewors exclaimed to SafeLite – “surprised to see you here!”  To which SafeLite responded: “me too!”  Kotters to SafeLite
  • T-claps to Nemo for posting after a soccer match last night and he had one today at 1PM as well
  • Due to his thick accent, I couldn’t determine Viking’s age, but suffice it to say he’s a Respect and then some…also he’s Boerewors’ father.  3 generations represented as Jimmy Dean, Boerewors’ 2.0, posted for his 3rd time

That’s all.  Sound off with any other flavorful additions.

Always a pleasure to Q.  Appreciate Flipper giving me the privilege.  I need this thing called F3.  Grateful for all you knuckleheads.


Harley says you know you were there at Hawk’s Nest

Strong showing from South Charlotte’s finest at the luxurious campus otherwise known as Hawk’s Nest. There were 25+ guys there, got a bit foggy once all of the fast twitchers showed up (I thought that was just a pre-BRR thing?). Here’s what we did.

Warm Up – run to turf fields, various warm ups to random counts

Starfish – merkins, squat jumps, Peter Parker, something else (maybe LBC), 5x burpees in middle each time

High school workout – run around turf field with backwards run, karaoke, sprint, karaoke

Track Circuit – head to track, complete one lap of track and head up hill, repeat x4 with the following exercises at top of hill: dips, derkins, step ups, all three

Rock Pile – split in two groups, one group run, one group lift rocks

Finish up – various Mary

Strong work today, the hill after the track lap was a killer. Always an honor to lead.


*** Posting this on behalf of Harley, so I’ll add some commentary…of course.

Got as many of the pax as I could remember.  Harley exclaimed as he started name-o-rama sans a recording device, “If you’re here, you know you were here”…or something like that.  I got 19 listed…no idea what the number was.

A Hawk’s Nest Kotters to Swiper, who went to the original lot we used 4+ months ago.  Glad you found us.

Loved the random counts Harley.  Need more of that.

Hopper’s Peter Parkers look a lot like MC’s.

Alf looks a lot like Sprockets, at least from behind in the gloom.

Good takeout by Harley with great reminder that our physical health and the fellowship afforded in the gloom are gifts from God.  Much for which to be thankful.

Champagne and a co-Q are up next at Hawk’s Nest.



May I help you ma’am? Please.

The pax arrived in a timely fashion this morning and mustered for another humpday edition of Anvil.  No SF, but YHC did remember to wear his watch…though Mermaid still gave me a 3-minute warning as we were in the middle of 6 MoM.  Much obliged.

Anyway, we launched at exactly 0530 and ran around the church to the entrance to the gym building for COP.  Somewhat strangely, some lady was trying to get in the building and was knocking on some windows as well.  Ever the gentleman, Mermaid took a break from COP and walked over to offer his assistance.  Someone ultimately let her in the building, and YHC felt it better to continue COP elsewhere, but we would return towards the end of the downpainment.

COP consisted of some slow squats, H-R merkins, Knee Up’s, IW’s, 6-count burpees and the like…to 15 IC, I think.  Runstopper doesn’t like the 6-count burpee.  Far too slow for him…great equalizer for YHC, and a form policeman of sorts…as are the H-R merkins.

The pax then jogged to the pitch for some 7’s (not Jacob’s Ladder as Purple Haze rightly corrected when YHC mentioned they were synonymous).  Jump squats at the bottom of the hill (with 3 foot tall grass, by the way) and CDD’s at the top.

Mosey over to the pavilion for some People’s Chair with two sets of Overhead Press x25 IC & x15 IC.  The pax also flawless performed 3 BTW’s.  No injuries to report.

We then jogged over to the kitty litter for 3 sets of 15 Donkey Kicks & 15 Squats OYO.  Only 12 swings for the donkey kick’s.  Snowflake availed himself of the short-kid tire swing suspended from 3 chains….more of a goat kick than donkey kick for him…or something like that.  No injury to report there either.

We then moseyed to the rock pile along the road near one of the ball fields.  Partner up with one rock per pair.  A lifting rock.

The pax struggled with the partner up call.  YHC called P1 to do overhead press with the rock while P2 runs down/back to the far light pole.  Only 5 pax ran the first time.  One unwritten rule of F3 is that with an odd number of pax, the Q is the odd man out.  But apparently, Pro & Ickey didn’t want to partner.  It worked out well though as Ickey was apparently modifying or refuseniking, and did no running whatsoever.  Did two sets of overhead press, tricep extension & thrusters.

Redeposit rocks and run back to the gym entrance for 3 sets of 5 downhill H-R merkins on the turf hill semicircle with backwards bear crawl up the hill.  Rather unsavory.  At this point, one of the pax said he thought 2 cats were watching us from a 2nd floor window in the building.  WTH?  Perhaps it was the two ladies who watched a bit of COP?  Odd…on all levels.

We than ran back towards the launch lot where YHC called the pax to plank around the traffic circle with the flower bed in the middle.  At this point, Hopper? or Tagalong? said there were fire ants everywhere, so we didn’t do what YHC had in mind.  Next time. #cobains

Back to the launch lot for 6 MoM:

Flutter x 13 IC

Makthar N’Djaiye x 10 IC

Cumberland County Viaduct x13R IC & x13L IC

American Hammer x 13 IC

At this point, Haze said we’d gone 1.85 miles…sufficient for a bootcamp; but YHC wanted to hit 2 miles…not sure why?  Anyway, we ran down/back the full launch lot with Ickey & Purell out front..and Nemo as I recall.  Reports varied from 1.92 to 2.02 as per Purell.  So we opted for Purell’s tally even though he probably ran more than the rest of us somehow.  Probably got in an extra 100m dash or some such while waiting on the six….which is to say the rest of us.

That’s it for the workout.

Announcements and a great takeout prayer from Haze.



Beer Run (in Southend) – Sat., Aug. 18th – see Slack, Twitter and/or Gummy or Tuck for more info.  It will be fun.  Not to be confused with the beer mile!

Prayers continue for Bout Time and family.  Jennings is home but mold in the home, so they had to move in with family until that’s taken care of.  God is faithful.  Always.  Oops is not in his vocabulary.

Pro asked for prayers for a young little girl named Charlotte who’s facing a scary health condition.  Please read about she and her family at the below link.  Again – God is faithful.  Always.  Oops is not in his vocabulary.


Heavy Going

Posting this on behalf of Bulldog who’s not bothered to get properly credentialed with the F3 South Charlotte IT czars.  I’m sure he meant to do it late last week but was still smarting from Croatia’s handling of Three Lions on Wednesday.
Pax list not included….but there were 18’ish apparently…I was not there.
Warm up – SSH, IW, etc
Partner up and grab KB
Mosey to track and drop off KB at lot.
Track – jog 3/4 and sprint 1/4
jog 1/2 and sprint 1/2
jog 1/4 and sprint 3/4
sprint entire lap
Jog back to parking lot.
1) Partner 1 overhead KB presses while partner runs to first median. Flap Jack. Repeat 2nd median and 3rd median.
2) Same as above with tea bag squats
3) Same as above with bicep curls
4) Same as above with upright rows
5) Same as above with KB Merkins
Mosey back to parking lot.
Jack Webb up to 7 merkins and 28 LBC’s
5 pax made the questionable decision to show up for some pre KB action lead by Bananas (including 2 Twitchers Fletch and Purell).
Little did they know that KB’s would be among their debut at Hawk’s Nest today for a combo of cardio and lifting some iron.
After warming up we hit the track for a quick 4 laps knocking out a mile in the first 10 mins or so. A few groans were heard when YHC called for the final 400m full sprint with Doc McStuffins leading the charge.
This got the sweat pouring as we headed to the KB’s which ended up liked greased watermelons with all the drippage. The partner suicide combos were brutal but the lads dug in and hopefully you ended up with a lighter bell than Beaver’s 45 pounder! Major respect to Beaver by the way for bouncing back from a broken hip and getting back at it.
After gathering the sweaty bells we headed back to the start with 4 minutes to spare. Just in time for some good old Jack Webb much to Fireman Ed’s delight!
Thanks for allowing me to lead! Have a great week.
Bulldog 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
p.s.  Scratch & Win on Q next week.