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What a Maroon!

The Naked Moleskinny Thang:

What in the name of Jay Berwanger is going on here?!

YHC, after noting that the SF was firmly planted in the Stonecrest soil #allisrightwiththeworld and introducing or re-introducing myself to the Rebel Yell pax, a woefully insufficient disclaimer was issued, and off we went. Not to worry, there were, at least, 2 attorneys (Patent Pending & Teleporter) present – so they had my back.

The pre-runners – Billy Goat, Taco Stand and War Eagle (I think?) had worked up a good lather. I asked if they pre-ran. Had to be that or they each had just taken care of a heavy load of paperwork pre-workout. Speaking of Taco Stand – my man has gone from no F3 to 5 workouts per week and a planned 50K this fall. Why not, brother?!! T-claps.

We ran over to the Firebird’s parking lot for COP, but not before the first trivia question was asked. Question: What is the capital of Alabama? Ralph’s answer: Tuscaloosa. At that point, War Eagle yelled: “Your damn, right!”. But alas, he was wrong. 5 burpees. The actual answer: Montgomery

COP – not exactly sure what we did but think it included slow squats, H-R merkins, IW’s and Flutters.

Next trivia question was asked of Loogie. It was a really obscure reference to “Field of Dreams”, which YHC had taken his family to see on Sunday (Father’s Day) as it was back in theaters for a couple days. In fact, it was at Stonecrest. Loogie missed badly. Asked which two St. Louis based ball clubs were represented on the field when the ghosts started playing actual games. He answered with the Cardinals (correctly) and then some team from another state… Wrong. 5 burpees fellas. St. Louis Browns was the other team. My great uncle, Walter “Boom Boom” Beck, pitched for the Browns (his 1st major league club). True story. Don’t believe me? You’ll have to look it up.

We then partnered up for some circuit work. P1 runs while P2 does called exercise. Jump squats, one-legged squats and Freddie Mercury. By the way, according to Billy Goat and Teleporter, he is either from Buda, Hungary or Pest, Hungary…or is it/was it Budapest.

The Goat’s trivia question about the long-departed Queen lead singer got me thinking European geography for our next question. Capital of Bulgaria? BG answered incorrectly, but someone else answered correctly…can’t remember who that was? Nevertheless, the first answer is the only one admissible, thus, 5 more burpees. Actual answer: Sofia

0-fer on the trivia at this point. Come on guys!

Jog over to the fountain area for some wall work consisting of double-squat jump-ups and merkins (a box jump burpee, if you will…somewhat disguised), incline merkins as well.

Asked an NC State trivia question at this point, which Loogie didn’t even know. YHC imagines Fredo and/or Mighty would’ve punched Loogie in the yap at this point. Question: what 2 years did Mr. Wuf & Co. win the NCAA basketball tournament? Can’t remember who answered, but he was off by quite a bit…twice. Answer: 1974 & 1983. 5 burpees while Jimmy V rolled over in his grave.

Jog over to the expansive Target parking lot. At this point the pax got a little nervous as the Devil’s Turn pax were mustering and YHC hinted we might converge… way. Boot camp workout. Boot camp workout. 1.87 miles. You’re welcome.

In the lot we did some lunge walks, broad jump burpees and karaoke. Not the singing variety of karaoke, thank goodness. Though methinks Swine Flu could sing like Frankie Valli – he kind of looks like him and also sounds like he’s from New Jersey. Francesco Stephen Castelluccio of Newark, New Jersey

By the way, Frankie and his Four Seasons are still alive and touring and will be at Ovens Auditorium in the CLT on July 12th. Don’t believe me?

Ok – now we head over to the movie theatre for some more wall work consisting of Walthar N’Djaiye’s and overhead press while in “the chair of the people”. But before that…one more trivia question. Question: capital city of West Virginia? And then like a knucklehead, I answered the question in advertenty….thus I did the 5 burpees…though a think a few pax joined me. #cobains

While in the chair, YHC asked another movie question. What famous actor was the corpse in “The Big Chill”? Answer: Kevin Costner. Don’t remember the guess, but it was wrong. 5 more burpees, gentlemen. In full truth, I wasn’t entirely sure this was accurate. But upon further review: He played a character who died by suicide and filmed various flashback scenes for the film. When it hit theaters, however, Costner was noticeably missing from The Big Chill, featured only as a corpse with just seconds of screen time.

Mosey back to the launch lot for 6 MoM, and a couple more trivia questions. Don’t really remember what exercises we did but the 2 trivia questions were as follows: 2 part question (penalty of 10 burpees): Who wrote the Star-Spangled Banner? And at what fort did he see the flag flying when he was inspired to pen the words? Answers: Francis Scott Key at Fort McHenry. Somebody(ies) nailed both, so no burpees. I knew the good pax of Rebel Yell were red-blooded Americans! T-claps.

Last question was how many albums did Boston record? Somebody guessed 1, and someone else said “too many”. Answer: 3 albums.

5 more burpees.


Announcements: pool party/cookout after Crane Relay on 7/26 where 2.0’s and M’s are welcome but may regret posting. For details, move in to Park Crossing or bug Thin Mint? Tagalong? Mighty Mite? I don’t know.

Enjoyed it men. Thanks to War Eagle for giving YHC the reins to the Rebel Yell steed. Hope we didn’t gallop off the cliff.

…..OH YEAH: One more trivia question was asked:

The first Heisman Trophy winner, who graced the gridiron at the University of Chicago (nickname: Maroons)? Answer: Jay Berwanger (1935)

Another interesting fact about the University of Chicago. True story below:

The Atomic Age began at 3:25 p.m. on Dec. 2, 1942—quietly, in secrecy, on a squash court under the west stands of old Stagg Field at the University of Chicago.

Today, Henry Moore’s “Nuclear Energy” sculpture and the Mansueto Library occupy the area at the corner of Ellis Avenue and 57th Street where Enrico Fermi and his colleagues engineered the first controlled, self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction 70 years ago. Their experiment was a key step in the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb during World War II.

Flag Day. Shovel Flag Day?

Ye Olde Moleskinnythang:

No Shovel Flag….on Flag Day. Oh the humanity! Actually, Margo, the distinguished well-bearded co-Q at Centurion and protector of the shovel flag is off glamping somewhere in the not so rugged woods.

The pax mustered, and YHC had primarily partner work on the Weinke, so the odd number was problematic. Kept thinking Scabby or Brilleaux might show…alas.

Lots of inquisitiveness before the downpainment. Thunder Road asked if we were going off campus. Lorax noted YHC did not have gloves on. I did say we would stay on campus and the mileage would be low (1.80 miles, by the way) as YHC uncharacteristically posted at Ghost Runner last night. Anyhoo, the pax were poorly disclaimed and we launched…..but not before Prohibition asked if YHC’s arm circles were the first exercise of COP…so YHC called arm circles….we would finish with a strange, seldom-called arm exercise…more on that later.

We partnered up after COP. 13 hand-slap merkins, partners run opposite directions around the gridiron. 13 decline partner merkins. Flapjack. Do this 3 times.

Over to Tartarus for some partner Mary. Up to the top of the monstrous cheese-grater. 13 Old-school setups while P2 planks with hands on P1’s feet. Flapjack. Partners run separate stairwells down. Prairie Fire Mary at bottom. Flapjack.

Bout Time was wary of something falling from Lorax’ shorts during the Prairie Fire. If you were there, you know the story involving TR that gave good cause for Bout Time’s concern.

Met the 21 year-old Ranger for the first time. He put in some hard work, and told us in no uncertain terms that he was not a father. Good to know, but Lord-willing you will have that joy one day, young man.

Now over to the benches near the main entrance to CCHS….two or three of which are sorely in need of some Boy Scout’s attention. #rememberthedisclaimer

Double-squat jump up’s x 13. One-legged squat x 13R & 13L. One more set of Double-squat jump up’s x 13.

Mosey to launch lot for 8.24 minutes of Mary including slow flutter, Rosalita, perfect form LBC’s, Shoulder Tap plank work….and for the grand finale – Moroccan Night Clubs x 45….Mermaid complained we didn’t go to 50…but 50’s arbitrary anyway and 45 is YHC’s 2nd favorite number. 13 is my favorite, of course.

That’s it and that’s all.

Only announcement is that Mermaid is drinking beer and running a trail race at the Whitewater center tomorrow morning at 9:30’ish. More power to you brother. Happy Father’s Day….”honey, do you mind driving?!”

Someother stuff happened along the way, but I can’t really remember other than our lone “Respect” was putting in solid work. Methinking the Morrocan’s were inducing some pain, my friend.

Oh yeah…one more thing – Prohibition lacked the requisite rhythm to perform the Moroccan Night Club…keep practicing.

Thanks to Lorax for taking us out.

“Direct your children onto the right path,
    and when they are older, they will not leave it.” Proverbs 22:6

Fathers should be their children’s primary teachers/instructors in wisdom and life lessons. Don’t abdicate that to anyone else including mom, church, school, government, etc.

Respect your Q, and for the kids’ sake – keep your shirt on.

A shovel flag was planted, but not the Hydra one…do you know why? Because Gummy & Sprockets have not commandeered one yet. YHC brought the Hawks Nest SF…it travels. Pretty sure DK melted down the original Hydra SF to make some medieval looking lance or sword.

So the veteran pax was disclaimed, quite poorly…though I did ask if anyone had any questions. Spackler raised his hand, but I dared not acknowledge.

We launched at 05:30:13 into the Area51 gloom, immediately departing from OPES and heading across Rea to the Methodist church. One of the pax rightly pointed out the Q-drenaline…it dissipated quickly. Circle up for COP in the lot. Site Q Gummy and some other veterans had rudely closed a few of the pax out of the circle, so YHC corrected that…come on!

We did some exercises which included H-R merkins, slow squats, IW’s, and then 25 flutters that illicited some mumble chatter. Also threw in 5 H-R burpees…refuseniking already in full force. The form on IW’s reminded of the GIF YHC posted yesterday of SSH’s….always surprising how different and atrocious is the form of some pax on the simplest of exercises. Keeps it entertaining if nothing else.

We then ran to Evelyn’s Rock’s Hill (is that a thing? it is now). Partner up for some 7’s. Handslap merkins at top and partner derkins at the bottom. Semi-Gloss was YHC’s partner, and mercifully still had his shirt on at this point. Much more to come on that later.

Not sure who was out front, who was behind and who was skipping reps, but I seem to remember Sleepy’s tandem being out front. Methinks he should post more than once a week…ask the M. for permission. You, too, Queen – you should try a gloomy morning other than Thursday.

Good to have Hopper back in the gloom, fully off IR…though burpees may never be in his repertoire again? Amber apparently does burpees all the time. More on burpees later.

The pax then headed back on Summerlin towards OPES and then again to the church lot for some rock work. We didn’t get much rock work in – a couple sets of thrusters and some Mary. YHC got rattled by some incoming traffic, and called off the rock work. There was some weeping and gnashing of teeth, but Harley was glad to redeposit his rock in the ditch.

Before bailing on the rock work; however, my aforementioned partner Gloss decided to take off his shirt #ohthehumanity and further desecrated both the church property and the Q by throwing the shirt at YHC as I tried to Q the unruly pax. Would have spilled merlot had that garment landed on me rather than next to me. #closecall

We headed back to OPES for some People’s Chair to include some overhead press. Vaguely recall Puddin’ or someone chasing Marge off the wall with some sort of bodily excretion…colloidal in structure no doubt.

We then moseyed to the grass field for an extended session of Mary (11.23 minutes). Pax circled up, and each took a turn in center doing 5 burpees while the rest of the pax did the called Mary, Plankorama, etc. Even the refuseniks did the 5 burpees…though they returned to their place in the circle and sat as though they were sitting at the pool sunning themselves. You know who you are. The form was quite varied, but not nearly as bad as I anticipated. You guys really can do burpees….so armed with that info, after about a 40 yard lunge walk – we did 5 more H-R burpees.


There were some announcements:

1 – F3MASH launches Monday morning at same time and AO as Basecamp (South Charlotte MS on Strawberry Ln) at 0530. This is for pax not yet fully off IR that want to get some work in, but more importantly to get some 2nd F which is more vital than the 1st F. We all know that. It’s our pride that impedes our admitting such.

2 – Beer Mile on Friday, June 7th – see Gummy or Pop Tart? or someone else for details.

3 – Paint Ball with 2.0’s the next day on Saturday, June 8th. Definitely see Pop Tart if interested in that.

A great takeout prayer by Puddin’. Thanks brother.

…and now for some other sundry observations:

  • T-claps to One Eye, Sprockets and Amber for running in, and to Amber for the burpee tutorial
  • T-claps(ish) to Sleepy for bicycling in
  • Can’t let this backblast end without mentioning that not only did Gloss go shirtless at about 0556; but he left his shirt behind in the parking lot. Puddin’ noticed the green gases coming off of the maroon monstrosity, and picked it up asking what should we do with it? If only OPES still had a trash incinerator.

Always love Q’ing. Great turnout this morning. Love the 2nd F at Hydra. Hope the 1st F was good enough. I did have us at 2.41 miles (finally figured out how to use my Garmin)…which is way more than we should have done at a bootcamp. You’re welcome…I think.

Spackler’s Schweddy Birthday

After giving thanks that I wasn’t running with the Fast Twitcher’s, I pulled into the Hawks Nest AO and the pax were already mustering. Told One Eye he missed the aforementioned runners, to which he replied that it was entirely by design.

We need rain for several reasons, not the least of which is the SF is becoming difficult to plant (and it’s only 1 of 5 still in captivity in Area51). YHC planted it nonetheless, and after a disclaimer that mentioned something about all the veterans reading the website, we were off like a Semi-Gloss t-shirt when the temps are above 63 degrees.

Run up to the lacrosse fields for COP consisting of slow squats, H-R merkins, flutters and IW’s. The birthday boy (39 today – scared to death of 40, aren’t you?) was giving YHC grief about my cadence and form instruction during cadence. As if on queue – Puddin’ expectorated some Puddin’ Gloss during COP but spared getting any on the pax.

Then we headed over to the gym for a circuit of double squat jump-up’s, H-R Merkins and one-legged squats. The first part was an attempt at some deconstructed box jump burpee’s…not sure that’s what took place. Spackler seemed to stay down after the hand-release part of the H-R merkins. Mr. Magoo and Thunder were seemingly hugging the statue on which we were jumping…..easy fellas – the kids are still in school and it’s not as dark at 5:45am right now.

Hope that set was painful, it was for me. Anyhoo, then we ran down and around the track over to the bridge for some rock work – overhead press, thrusters with some Walthar N’Djaiye included. His brother would be along shortly.

With the sun up early now, we ran the path from the soccer field past the softball field and back around to the lacrosse field.

Circle up for some Mary consisting of LBC’s (with some form reminders), Freddy Mercury, Dolly, Makhtar N’Djaiye (someone thanked YHC for calling them on the turf rather than the asphalt – you’re welcome). And much to the surprise of the pax, and YHC – 15 SSH’s were called. WTH? Yep, a weak moment and hopefully not repeated again. Hannibal was asking for them during COP.

We did a few 80 yard gassers, and finished with 5 burpees in the launch lot. Even Runstopper joined YHC on the burpees. Frankly, he might have been the only other one who did burpees. #refuseniksunite

Sprockets and One Eye mercifully didn’t Larry Bird the Q today; but Sprockets did remind YHC of the scheduled Q this Thursday at Hydra. No SSH’s. Little known fact: Tulsa (from where Sprockets sprung) is the jump rope capital of the world.

Some other sundry observations:

  • Hammer will take a shortcut if one presents itself as he did on the final run back to launch lot – going through a different gate to shave off about 67 yards of running. #craftyveteran
  • Sardine has got some get up and showed it during the gassers
  • Marge is steady and runs up front….when he feels like it
  • Billy Goat, hard to miss in his pink Speed for Need was putting in the hard work this morning
  • Deep Dish is loving the warm weather and actually doing some of the called exercises…..though when he grabbed the boulder Sprockets chose for the rock work (YHC made the pax rotate), I think I might have detected an audible whimper and he may have left it sitting on the bridge wall?
  • Lewinsky, still celebrating Memorial Day, deftly chose an American flag bandana for his morning headwear. #merica
  • One other thing, I may have missed someone in the pax list?

Always enjoy Q’ing. It is a privilege. Hope it was sufficiently painful for those wanting a downpainment. Happy Birthday, Spackler. Sprockets on Q next week. Beware the Bonnie Blair’s!

Go encourage someone. I know I need it often, and I’m thankful for you jokers.

I got your frisbee right here.

11 pax mustered in the mid-May gloom of Joust. Actually, it was 10 as Funky Cold didn’t show ’til later. Header, who apparently never does burpees and never has, and Chin Music did their customary pre-run. Header’s 2.1 is going for his driver’s license test today – Ductwork should have prayed for that. #cobains

Marge climbed out of his vehicle and told YHC this was his first Friday post in his 4’ish years of F3…welcome to Frisbee Free Friday. The AO was not completely unfamiliar to YHC though had not posted at Joust in 3-4 years. Great AO…won’t neglect it that long again.

Anyhoo, after a weak disclaimer, we mounted up for some jousting in the comfortable environs amid the forests of Sardis.

We ran to the track for a warm-up lap, then circled up at midfield for COP: IW’s, Slow Squats, Knee Up’s, Dancing Chilcutt’s

Line up on goal line and then run to 10, 20, 30, 40…. for H-R Merkins at each line for 100 yards (1, 2, 3, 4….). Repeato but with Jump Squats and then again with lunges. My memory of what we did is already fading, but I do remember Gummy asking if we were going to stay on the field the whole time. The Hop was starting to Drop.

The calculated, calm refusenik’ing of Header & Chin Music was impressive in many ways. No jump squats for Header as he claimed he wanted to do merkins to work on his pec’s. #chesticles

Mr. Brady was out front on the field a good bit, not sure if due to refuseniking, mediocre form/incomplete form, or sheer speed? He did not run in so had extra gas in the tank.

We then made our way to the stadium stairs and ran up and down all the rows a couple times with H-R merkins at top, Incline Merkins at bottom and more Jump Squats.

Marge said he would need help getting up from his desk later. #itsworking

We then moseyed over to the newest (I think) building on campus for some people’s chair with overhead press. We then remained in the chair while each of the pax did 5 burpees in front of the rest of us. The form was not as heinous as I anticipated. The newly unhibernated Slumdog showed some good form as he was first in line. Set the bar pretty high, but Header had no problem with the bar. He brazenly just did 10 average form merkins while the pax looked on. Picture someone in the high jump who runs up to the bar, stops, knocks the bar off with his hand and then just lays down on the Porta Pit.

Schmedium’s burpees are slower than YHC’s. Welcome to The Slow Motion Burpee Club my friend.

The pax then moseyed back to the launch lot and YHC retrieved a tractor tire from Ductwork’s truck.

In the adjacent parking lot, we paired up and each pair took turns flipping the tire about 50-60 yards while the rest of the pax did called exercises….well – Header, Schmedium and perhaps Funky Cold did their own called exercises…one of which included just sitting on their 6 and mumble chattering. At least Gummy admitted to our group, “This is not my best effort, Hops”. #HopDropAndRollOver

We finished with 10 6-count burpees IC…well, most of us did. You jokers where there, and know what you did or didn’t do.

The newly Respectful Smokey was getting after it as per the norm but seemed wistful and kept muttering something that sounded like, “Where are the damn frisbees?”

Funky Cold arrived 4 or 5 minutes late, and commented something about forgetting how far the run-in was from his home.

That’s it. Thanks to Ductwork for tapping me to Q and thanks also to him for taking us out with a strong prayer.

Gummy reminded everyone of the Beer Mile on June 7th…I think it’s the 7th. Ping him for more info on location, qualifications, entry fees, ABV specifications, etc.

1.44 miles, a visit to Sharon Towers & a M.A.S.H. unit of 1

Not sure who was first in the parking lot, perhaps it was Mr. Magoo? Magoo is due for his VQ very soon. YHC was 2nd to arrive (could be a record for me, especially when Q’ing). But I was ready after putting the finishing touches on my Weinke while taking care of some early morning paperwork. The pax began to arrive in their 4-wheeled chariots – saw some unfamiliar faces at Anvil. Baracus posted, and if memory serves – he was one of the original site Q’s at Anvil. Fact check me on that. Was Young Love the other original site Q? Don’t think he’s been back since. Cottonmouth posted as well, and offered to laminate my Weinke next time. WTH? After giving a paltry disclaimer that, as Lorax pointed out, did not include anything about legal action against F3, the AO or YHC; we launched another humpday assault on what I still think is the finest AO in all of Area51.

Paper Jam, who has wisely started something called F3MASH (nee F3GeneralHospital – Purple Haze aptly renamed it) for those coming off injuries, surgeries, etc., was there. He did not have to triage any other pax as he was the only one admitted to the MASH this morning. Good to have you and love the concept.

So we did, in fact, do some exercises this morning. I’ll list them in paragraphical form with some Moleskine interspersed. COP consisted of slow squats, windmills…which from now on will forever be known as Sharon Towers (thanks to Ickey and the pax of F3Diamondhead for that nomenclature), slow flutters, H-R burpees.

We then moseyed over to the hill at the end of the pitch for some 11’s comprised of jump squats and H-R merkins. Haze wrongly accused me of stealing Gummy’s Weinke from last week at Anvil. Lie. Not only do I not pirate another’s Weinke, I never really have one of my own. YHC was last to finish these. Full, perfect form takes time, fellas. Some were faster, some cheated and some flat out refuseniked most of it. #5’s Lorax led some plankorama while the pax waited on YHC and a couple others.

Mosey over to the well-lit concession stand…but we didn’t use it. I was afraid Puddin’ would leave Puddin’ Gloss all over the place and Anvil and RockZero would be gone forever. We just did some People’s Chair with overhead press on the outside wall facing the castle, I mean church. Now run over to the rock pile near the ballfields and grab a lifting rock. We did 3 sets of exercises with the rocks with some AYG runs, lunge walks, backwards runs, Mary, etc. in between. Rock sets were squats, overhead press & thrusters primarily with some tricep ext. and bicep curls…useless as they are. We also worked in 10 more H-R burpees. You’re welcome Puddin’. Pretty sure LaZBoy did 4 of the 30 or so H-R burpees YHC called. Our WD Snuka was well out front on all the sprints. No surprise there from the ageless wonder…though he does look 57, he doesn’t move like he’s 57. WB Mailman, at the tender young age of 28, was doing yeoman’s work as well.

After the rock work, we karaoked and ran our way back to the launch lot for 6 MoM, consisting of high flutter, Dancing Chilcutts, Plank shoulder taps, Dolly’s and 5 more H-R burpees for the finale.

Hard work put in by all…or by most anyway. We really only went 1.44 miles…justifiable cause for excommunication from some AO’s, but considering the Q – no one was surprised by the low mileage. Disappointed perhaps, but not surprised. Anvil is a bootcamp workout, after all. Hopefully all the squat work will make your legs feel like you went further.

Thanks to Puddin’ for a great prayer to take us out. Please remember to keep praying for Red Rocks and his family as he recovers from his stroke. And please be alert to men around you at work, neighborhood, 2.0 athletic contests that need F3. We all need it. Don’t be selfish and keep it to yourself. Give away what you’ve found, men. Somebody did it for you.

Grateful for this fellowship, men. Grateful.

Q*bert returns to Hawks Nest as did Swiper

11 pax mustered for another Tuesday downpainment at Hawks Nest. The shovel flag had been planted, and after a subpar disclaimer, we launched.

Ye Olde Moleskine & Thang:

Started with an immediate pattern interrupt by heading toward the side of campus where we never go anymore….partly due to construction, partly due to habit, and partly due to the pax love of the turf fields. We circled up in a non-descript parking lot that was plenty big for the 11 of us but not big enough to allow for adequate dissipation of noxious fumes emanating from some pax who will not be singled out. Actually, I would totally single them out but not sure who perpetrated the acts.


15 Slow Squats (don’t ever do squats quickly)

15 H-R Merkins (don’t ever do non-H-R merkins)

15 Slow Flutters

No IW’s and darn sure no SSH’s.

Partner up and run the crazy hilly lot near one of the older buildings. P1 runs while P2 does called exercise: Jump Squat, Wide Arm Merkin, LBC. Flapjacking, of course.

We then moseyed over to the Horne Fine Arts Building (confirmed with Ductwork after the workout that he has absolutely nothing to do with the building…but wishes he did).

3 sets of 13 incline merkins and 13 double-squat step-ups. Ickey worked in some jump up’s as well. T-claps. Gloss was complaining about the height of the wall…Sprockets was not.

We then made our way over to Q*bert for some more step-ups and more double-squats. Then we did it again but with a backwards step-up…Gloss was holding on to the hand rail.

Mosey over to the rocks near the bridge. Grab a lifting rock. On the bridge we did 3 sets of 13 thrusters, some People’s Chair with overhead press (should have incorporated the rock on that, will do better next time). Also introduced Swiper to the Walthar N’Djaiye – unsavory especially if, for instance, you have shoulder tendinitis.

We then ran to the aforementioned plush turf lacrosse?/field hockey? field for some lunge walks, broad jump burpees, backward lunge walks, H-R merkins and one AYG 70’ish yard run – Ickey & Sprockets way out front…no surprise there.

Run back to the launch lot for 4 MoM which included 13 reps of: Makhtar N’Djaiye, High Flutter, Knee Up (Q failed after 11.5 reps here…I’ll do better next time, just coming off IR….#lameexcuse).

Finished with 13 burpees. You’re welcome, Mermaid.

Good work in the gloom this morning, fellas. The Fletch-Q’d FT pax were very late so no joint COT. I’d already up-planted the SF before they arrived. #cobains

Next week – Purple Haze will cross over the line and visit the friendly confines of the Nest as our Q. Don’t miss it. Tell your friends.

Lots of mumblechatter with the likes of Puddin’, Swiper, Gloss – sound off if anything worth mentioning…which of course there is. Funniest lines of the morning were in COP – something about proclivity from One Eye. And can’t remember for the life of me, but Puddin’ had me almost falling out of cadence on some comment.

Most importantly, please pray for Red Rocks. He is in a fight for his life, men. Approach the throne of grace with great boldness on his behalf. God wants to hear from you, and He’s always listening.

Always a pleasure to Q…Gloss said he was proud of me.

Blind Wiggling at BaseCamp

Jello planted the SF before his pre-run with HIPAA, and after 14 more had mustered we launched for a Monday morning downpainment (Floor Slapper & Mailman, I think, were late to the party and joined us after the warmup lap on the track). Below is somewhat close to what we did, in no particular order, with some flavor mixed in:

After the warmup lap, the pax each grabbed a rock from the piles near the stairs. Mosey to the launch lot for COP with H-R Merkins, Slow Squats, IW’s & Flutters.

Partner up and P1 does called exercise with rock while P2 runs around the far lamppost and back. Flapjack. 4 or 5 circuits.

Put rocks back.

People’s Chair…BOG explained why they are so named, something about China and People and Republic. Thanks to our WD.

Also did some BsTW.

Jog to front (or side) of school for some step up and squat work.

Back to lot for some lunge walks and bear crawls. Clover out front on this one…the Fighting Blue Irish Devil is a natural at the bear work.

6 MoM consisting of some plank work, dancing Chilcutts, 6-count burpees, slow flutters, American Hammer, LBC’s, etc., etc.


COT with Nameorama. YHC had already decided on his next 2 FNG names regardless of who EH’d them or any of their story. Doug is no Mr. Magoo and Andy is Captain Feathersword. You’re welcome.

Good work by the pax. Thanks to Jello & Thunder for tapping me to Q. Good camaraderie in the Basecamp gloom. Until next time…keep your ear to the grindstone.

Beware the kitty litter.

Ye Olde Moleskine & The Thang:

14 pax mustered for a cold but, thankfully, dry assault at the 3-headed hound known as Cerberus.

Good group this morning; some old and new faces to YHC. Hadn’t seen Uncle Leo since the Obama administration. Also hadn’t seen Boitano since we didn’t go to high school together.

Anyhoo, after a decent disclaimer that was drowned out by the loquacious Bananas and Bugeater – the pax launched and headed straight to the parking deck. Do we have a name for that, Transporter?

We made our way to the 3rd floor for COP:

H-R Merkin, Low Squat, IW x 20 IC

Slow Flutter x 15 IC

We did something else, but I’ve already forgotten.

Down to the lower level for some 7’s up the ramp – Jump squats & Burpees.

The short-armed Goodfella & Alf were out front along with long-armed Transporter. It is with a bit of dented, yet misplaced, pride, that YHC must report that Goodfella lapped me.

After that pain station, we left the friendly confines of the deck and headed over to the courtyard with the 30 x 15 foot green turf in the middle. Krusty & one other pax were going on about how comfortable it was on their hands, sixes, etc. when Goodfella informed them that every manner of over-pampered pet in south Charlotte relieves themselves on that turf. #kittylitter

We partnered up for 4 runs around one of the retail complexes that comprises the Waverly monstrosity. While P1 ran, P2 did the following, flapjacking each time: Double squat jump-ups (lest anyone waste the benefit of jump-up’s), Little Baby Haze’s (I think that’s what they’re called), CDD’s, Flutter Kicks/Protractor.

Must point out that Taco Stand was running very well on these – my man has made some serious progress in this F3 thing. T-claps, brother. Bugeater also dusted YHC a few times – good work. And Shop Dawg was getting after it, too…YHC was struggling but it’s good to have pax to chase — that’s how you get better.

Enough of that, now back to the parking deck for some extended Mary on the 4th level.

Called a number of things IC including but not limited to: Mahktar N’Djaiye, American Hammer, Knee Up, Flutter, Squat with extended hold. Pretty sure Lazyboy had the best form…. Scratch was sharing his edgy, off-color poetry as usual….he also powerfully took us out in COT. If I can even post at F3 when I have Snowflake’s seasoning, I will consider that a gift from God…because it is. T-claps to our WD for crushing it; and more importantly, for Q’ing Q-source afterward at Panera. 9 pax posted for that.

Thanks to Transporter and other site management for tapping YHC to Q. Solid AO, albeit with a great likelihood of being plunked by a vehicle outside the parking deck. It is a privilege and a joy to Q the pax. And great reminder at the end by Transporter to leave no man behind in a 2nd F and 3rd F sense. Men need to be reminded that the Father of Lies would like for them to struggle, to isolate themselves, and to think that no one cares. All are lies. Speak truth to your brothers.


Sign up for Joe Davis Race for Recovery – Saturday March 9, 2019

Men – the opposite of joy is not sadness, it’s hopelessness. There is Hope.

7 years of bootcamps, backblasts & brotherhood.

In a cold, driving rain storm – Margo planted the shovel flag….long may it wave at Centurion.  YHC got out of the car at 5:29:15…and was told the time by Mermaid shortly thereafter.  Unbeknownst to the co-site Q and N’antan emeritus, YHC had secured a new Garmin (via a gift from friends), so no need for the assist…much obliged anyway.

Without even a cursory disclaimer #cobains – the pax ran straight over to Tartarus where we would spend the totality of the beatdown.  This would be a bootcamp in every sense of the word.  Hillary, one of our guests from F3Metro, told me it was 1.2 miles.  Part of the mission accomplished.

We planked up when we got into the warm, dry confines of Tartarus.  YHC then started COP with Dancing Chilcutts IC.  Purple Haze correctly pointed out that was probably the strangest start to a COP in Area51 history.  Another part of the mission accomplished.

Don’t really remember all we did, but YHC planned to call many of my favorite exercises from the past 7 years (12/12/2011 was my FNG post on a Wednesday at Bandit in F3Metro…way back when the only Area 51 workout in existence was the creatively named Saturday workout “Area 51”).

This list included, but is by no means limited to the following:

BsTW, Makthar N’Djaiye, Walther N’Djaiye, Hand-Release Merkin, Hand-Release Burpee, Backwards run, Squat Jump, Cumberland County Viaduct, Freddy Mercury, Flutter, Slow Flutter, One-legged Dolly, Little Baby Crunch, Plankorama of various sorts to include Christian Laettner, Bearcrawl – forward and backward, Lungewalk – forward and back

Saw My Sharona at lunch earlier this week, and he said he should post at Centurion again soon.  Told him I was on Q this week, and he made good on his word and brought a guest – Torpedo.  Thankfully Torpedo was not an FNG.  I asked shortly after we started, so that I made up for the weak disclaimer as well as softened Mermaid’s disapproval.  Welcome back My Sharona.  Come back soon and bring Torpedo again as well as other pax.

Chelms, the intrepid Twitterverse traveler, was there.  He’s been there, meaning Centurion, more than any of you other $#!#$!%!@’s!  Look it up!

Checkpoint posted for the 2nd week in a row at Centurion.  New habit forming?  Not sure Hillary will be back…think I ruined it for him – not nearly enough running.  You do know a bootcamp workout is not 4.5 miles at a dead sprint with a few bad form merkins and burpees interspersed, right?

Brilleaux, everyone’s favorite French Iowan, was there.  No hands-on-hips squats anymore, but did opt for the hands-on-hips lunge walk.  Love it!

Lorax was there, too, and spent most of his time ruminating on past Tarheel basketball teams, NCAA tourney losses, and explained how he is constantly haunted by the ghost of André Miller.

Thunder Road and Scratch & Win were there….Scratch bragging that he got there early – at 5:26…might have to go to the videotape on that one brother.   Love you.  Mean it.  Called both Thunder and Scratch out on the barely discernible squat they were performing.  Scratch adjusted…Thunder did not.  Love it!

Marconi, old man strong and unorthodox, chose to go face-to-face with his closest fellow squatter.  Weird.  Next Q of his — look out for the chest-to-chest partner carries.

Snuka was working so hard (as usual) that he didn’t even notice the 17 leaves on his bald dome.  Probably acquired during the BsTW.  I wiped his crown clean during Nameorama.  You’re welcome.

Clover is the fastest backwards runner I’ve seen in Area51.  He assured us he did not play defensive back at Notre Dame…nor at St. Francis of Whosyourdaddy, nor at Charlotte Catholic.  HIPAA asked about his football past and future.  Perhaps now that you’re getting in shape – you can activate that unused eligibility in the shadow of Touchdown Jesus.  #Rudy #Gipper

Utah, as is his custom, just looked at the Q throughout the downpainment as if he’s an idiot.  He’s right, of course.

In addition to being an idiot, YHC is also an unabashed fan of this thing we call F3.  Are you?  If so, EH someone and invite them to join a fellowship that is changing men’s lives like no other organization I’ve ever been a part of…to include a handful of churches in 4 different states, civic organizations, corporations & small businesses.

Thankful to Margo & Mermaid for the privilege of Q’ing at one of my favorite AO’s.  In my 7 years of F3, I haven’t counted #’s of workouts, AO’s, Q’s, miles, etc. like some of you freaks.  But I do try to take note of your names, your stories, your victories and your struggles.  That’s what brothers do.

So before I start crying on my keyboard and inviting even more ridicule than I’ve already earned – I’ll sign off with this:

  • There is a lie that’s been told to men since the beginning of time.  It goes something like this: “You’re on you own.  No one cares.  No one wants to know you.  No one loves you.”
  • Here is the truth.  It goes exactly like this:  “You are never alone.  You have a loving Father who cares, as well as many brothers.  You are fully known and completely loved.”
  • “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.” (John 3:16-17)