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Fear is a liar

I didn’t want the pax of Waxhaw to have all the fun in posting backblasts, so here’s a backblast of a workout that looked and felt a lot like F3, but it wasn’t.  However, it might have had the following components:

  • free of charge
  • open to all men (not true – I didn’t invite Gloss, Jet Fuel, Purple Haze and many others)
  • it was held outdoors, with rain, no shine, and it was kind of warm…nevertheless, Hammer still wore a thick cotton hoody and he disappeared with about 8 minutes to go.  And all is right with the world.
  • it was, indeed, led by a man who participated in the workout with absolutely no training or certification
  • it also ended with a Circle of Trust…actually it was more of a Trapezoid of Trust

Anyhoo, 11 pax gathered under the dark, hazy gloom of the streets of Wessex in order to “stay connected & reach out to those around us”.

We toured the cul-de-sacs of Wessex Square in northern Area 51.  Too bad Curd’s house wasn’t decorated for St. Patrick’s Day.  And Leprechaun was still bemoaning that Covid-19 stole his St. Patty’s Day Q out from under him.

Reasonably sure Puddin’s hands never touched the ground, nor did his six.  Keep pushing, brother!  The other members of Trifusenik were not doing the called exercises in someone’s garage or driveway or somewhere in Metro.

Mermaid parked in front of YHC’s house, and while the downpainment did not end in that particular cul-de-sac, he thought it did.  After fetching his water, he eventually caught up with the pax for some burpees prior to the Trapezoid of Trust and some announcements.  Hammer had already left, unbeknownst to YHC.  Last I noticed him, he was walking on the sidewalk towards the launch point with his hoodie off but hanging off his bald noggin.

Speaking of bald noggins – Curd did a sadclown pre-run of 3’ish miles.  T-claps.

Clover, also bummed about no St. Patty’s Day workouts, drove a long way for this opportunity to stay connected.  He, too, parked on YHC’s street but was driving someone else’s vehicle.  Don’t ask.

Cottonmouth was LIFO, arriving from F3Waxhaw or F3SOB land in his monster truck.   He jumped right into line with the pax and said something about shooting the Coronavirus in the face on his way in.  Much obliged.

Apparently, Lockdown was FNG earlier in the week, before the F3 moratorium on workouts, I’m sure.  He kept up well and is sure to be an Area51 stalwart.  I think he’s Marge’s neighbor?  But I might have made that up?  Marge was there, too and was out front with Curd all morning.  I did not, however, hear him exclaim his customary Clemson greetings and niceties with Hammer.

The sole proprietor of the #Brewery was also in attendance, and got after it ably.  Puddin’ kept asking him how to pronounce Coronavirus in Canadian.  Weird.

As for what we did, I can’t really remember other than we did some AYG runs, some merkin variations, some Mary & various planks, and some squats and such.  No SSH’s or Plankjack’s, of course.

We did go about 3.3 miles.  Apologies for running afoul of Boot camp guidelines.  Don’t know what the heck got into me.

We should stay connected and reach out to those around us again soon.

Here’s a cool song entitled “Fear is a Liar”.  You should listen to it:


What’s the Arabic translation for “spilling merlot”?

The pax mustered minus 3 pax who will not remain nameless due to their HC earlier in the week: Bulldog, Busch & Good Hands.

Nonetheless, after an anemic disclaimer despite the presence of an FNG #cobains, 12 pax launched in to the Friday morning Kevlar gloom.  Wormwood (LIFO) came in squealing on 2 wheels and caught up with us.  His parking job was atrocious.

Fist bumps still abounded, some gloved, some not.  I think the fist bump is coronavirus compliant?

Anyhoo, here’s sort of what we did and how it was flavored.  In other words, here’s the Moleskinny Thang:

Run over to the far side of the church for COP.  Our FNG “Chunk” joined us at this point.  Quite impressive really that he a.) found us and b.) even drove around looking.  Did No Regerts tell you we start promptly at 0530?  Chunk did ably for an FNG despite spilling merlot on a couple occasions.

Nanners posted for the 3rd or 4th? time this week.  He’s sort of getting the hang of this F3 thing.  He also came up with our FNG’s name.  Not as golden as when he came up with “Country Livin'” many moons ago at Kevlar, but still a good effort.  Much obliged, Bananas.

We did some long runs, rock work, triple nickel on the parking lot hill, burpee broad jumps, etc, etc

Gusto & Crypto were pushing hard.  Good to meet you, fellas.

Madison was getting after it as well, perhaps partially recovering from last night’s HH activities at Mac’s.

Whip is in better shape than all of us even after Coronavirus-like lung and immune system issues for the last year.  T-claps, brother — glad you’re getting back to full speed, which is 2X the speed of the rest of us.

Spackler was ruing the fact that he did not stay in the fartsack…said as much 3 minutes into COP. The “Titos-infused one” is a master of FEBA (look that one up in the F3Nation Lexicon).

So can’t really remember all of what we did as I was constructing the Weinke as we went….of course!  If you can’t do that – you haven’t Q’d enough.

When we got over to the high school building for some People’s Chair and BTW’s, I corrected and said it should be BsTW.  That’s when Manziel, who was right next to me, said – It is actually BallTW for me as he is a testicular cancer survivor.  T-claps, brother.  And also T-claps for pouring yourself into the tutoring at Billingsville Elementary every week (Tuesday’s at 4:30pm, men – see Manziel for more info).

Horsehead was adding his unique brand of commentary throughout.  One sample from this morning: “South Carolina is going to shoot the coronavirus in the face!”

Hope I didn’t disappoint, Faultline – he’s a runner, and we barely went over 2 miles.  #cobains  The pax got more/less what they paid for.  Tis always the case.

Now on a somewhat serious note.  I’ve been a bit too dismissive of all this coronavirus fear, anxiety, overreaction (in some areas).  But since I’ve been accused of being one of the F3 chaplains, I will offer a few quick thoughts:

  •  Care and concern for physical well-being is both wise and called for.  Just be careful your concern is not just for yourself and those closest to you.
  • For those who do/might/want to look at this from a Biblical standpoint:  Do you know what the most oft-repeated phrase is in the Bible?   Answer: “do not fear/don’t be afraid” (and #2 is not even close).  Why do you think that is?  I suggest it is because the God of the universe knew we would all be very prone to fear, anxiety and worry about lots of things.  And He knows we are inclined to place our trust in something or someone other than Him.
  • Here’s a link to a letter from C.S. Lewis (70+ years ago) suggesting how folks should approach/live in that era of threat/fear of the “atomic bomb”.  Interestingly, he even likens it to fear of a “microbe”.

I am thankful for you men.  God gives us others, including the fellowship of F3, to remind each other of the truth.  Fear is a liar, and it is not from God.

Be cautious.  Be well.  Be prayerful that those who are far from God will be brought near during this crisis.  And be prayerful that those that claim to be near God will be reminded of his truths.


Happy Birthday, Hawks Nest.

I think O’Tannenbaum might have been nearly 5 minutes early to the workout.  Amazing.  He said he got up in plenty of time, was bored and didn’t know what to do with all the extra time.  Other pax do pre-runs or something. But not OT, nor YHC.

Anyhoo, 14 other pax joined us, were quickly disclaimed with a mention of the 2nd birthday for Hawks Nest (actual date: 03/13/2018 – only reason I know that is Alf put it on the shovel flag).

Gloss was there a little early, doing his unseemly pre-workout stretching routine on the curb.  Not sure why he bothers as he doesn’t do any of the exercises.  Didn’t even realize he’d peeled off from the pax until we returned to the launch lot. #cobains

It was quieter without the banter coming from the other 2 members of Trifusenik.  Wish Doc McStuffins (original co-site Q) could’ve joined us.  Can’t wait to have him return to the gloom soon.

On to the Thang & Moleskinny:

We only went about 1.75 miles.  For those pax wanting more mileage, Fast Twitch launches at 0515 from the same lot.

We did a few burpees, some backwards bear crawls, some Walthar N’Djaiye’s, and other stuff.  Not YHC’s finest effort but tried to keep moving & working, no 10-counts (those should be outlawed, as should SSH’s and plankjack’s).

Here’s some skinny — Deep Dish was at the first DV at SCMS…pallets and all.   Deathvergence, Swan Song, Funeral, Final downpainment, etc is tomorrow for DV.  Come one.  Come all.  It will be……interesting.

Hawks Nest may be the newest A51 workout?  Except for the resuscitated Olympus.  When did WAMRAP start?  Regardless, it remains the finest A51 Tuesday bootcamp workout.

Hammer, Marge and Lewinsky greet each other with a “Go Tigers” exchange all the time.  #GAR

Good to have Ickey join us at the Nest.

IHOP’s ready to Q, he’ll be on the Q schedule momentarily.

Tried to canvas much of campus this morning except the track and football field.  Should have called something on the Q’Bert steps…next time.

Speaking of next time – Leprechaun is on Q next week on St. Patrick’s Day.  True Story.  You’re welcome.  Bring all your offensive Irish jokes.  Lep’s not Irish, by the way.


“I ain’t no gizzard”

This was a morning when the pax stayed in their cars until the very last minute, except Spackler who came flying in late…he likes the attention.  The pax was disclaimed and off we went for another edition of RockZero.  I think O’ Tannenbaum showed up at about 8:10am.

I’m not going to list everything we did, rather, I’ll list a few things we didn’t do:

SSH’s, Tunnel o’ Love, Plank Jacks, Chest-to-Chest Partner Carries

We did a lot of exercises to 20, some to 13 (of course), and others to 15 or 10

Did some backwards bear crawls up the turf hill in front of the rec building, some rock work, some work at the hot box including some double squat jump up’s, some burpees.

Spackler was overdressed, and kept whining about dropping off all his extra clothing at his SUV.  Um….no.

Hoover did a pre-run by himself.

Circuit City overslept and missed his normal DaVinci post.  He won’t admit it lest he anger the SOB’s, but he likes RockZero better, and it’s much closer to his home and allows him to sleep for an extra 1/2 hour on the weekend.

Cottonmouth talked with Bounce for about 40 minutes about taking Creatine or some such…I think they worked some deal in the parking lot afterwards as Cottonmouth is a supplier.  Runstopper wore manpris.

Jet Fuel was quiet today…and said he would likely not vote for Tommy Tuberville for governor of Alabama.  rolldamntide.

Stone Cold wore extra warm gloves…so he says.

Ductwork wore elbow length ski gloves….YHC noticed after the workout….weird.

Levi just puts in the hard work and wants no fanfare.

Boerewors was getting after it as well, but was not a fan of the rock work and runs.

Last week, Geraldo was talking about the launch of F3 Long Island…it was warmer there this morning than Rock Zero.

It’s getting to be dinner time, so I’m going to sign off, but must say thanks to Hoover and Geraldo for tapping me to Q.  Was struggling towards the end, but hope you fellas got your money’s worth.  We hit 2.8’ish miles, which is well beyond what I would normally do.  You’re welcome.

There’s a Beer Mile in April at a south Charlotte middle school near you.  Gummy is the Grand Marshall.

And Levi told the pax to give blood or platelets or some sort of bodily fluids at a center near you.

In the immortal words of Coach Norman Dale of the Hickory Hoosiers – “I love you guys.”

“Don’t Embarrass Us.”

Last night, Gummy texted YHC with a thank you, a caution and a threat.  Having been duly encouraged, how could YHC not Q the first Hydra edition of the new decade?!

Both site Q’s DR.  No SF, sadly.  Nevertheless, 17 pax mustered including an on-time yet still LIFO Floorslapper.  Also, in the pre-game walkthrough, YHC noticed Daisy had made a return appearance – good to have him back amongst the Area51 faithful.

Below is a brief description of The Thang and some Moleskinny:

We ran a lap around OPES – Geraldo tells me it’s a 1/3 of a mile.  OK.  He didn’t actually inform me of that until the 2nd lap during the partner rock work.  Hammer did not leave the hoodies behind in 2019; but he did actually leave it on the entire workout.  Despite living about 1/2 mile from the AO, he still left prior to the Mary at the end.  Nature calling, no doubt…or just doesn’t like people and the niceties that sometimes accompany COT and thereafter.

Natured called Gloss a few times, and he was muttering something in COP about the wings.  Big man fall hard.  Thankful he kept it bottled during the partner segment of the workout.

Clover continues to use the stall tactic of asking for a demonstration of called exercises (Gummy would be proud), and it worked once.  YHC is a slow learner.

Marge couldn’t help but bring up the Clemson-Ohio State game with Hopper.   Hopper, gracious as ever, was willing to discuss.  Thanks to Hopper for extending YHC some grace during COT as I forgot him during Namearama.  #cobains

IHOP and Slingshot are posting machines, and they both ran in…I think…even without Sprockets.  Another should-be proud moment for our absent site Q’s.  Methinks they both of these OP denizens need to Q soon.

Snowflake also ran in.  The Respect just keeps putting in the hard work…unlike Spackler who is nearly 20 years his junior.  Spackler did post, but after exclaiming he was “done” with about 10 minutes to go in the workout (as if he had been getting after it prior) — YHC replied, “I think that was the case before you posted.”

Though I didn’t hear a peep from Thunder or Queen during the downpainment, they both were getting after it as per their norm.

Didn’t notice if Jet Fuel was neatly tucked in this morning, but I did note he must have been working hard as he left a clear imprint from his t-shirt on the smooth OPES asphalt.

Mr. Magoo, another one of our triumvirate of Respect’s this morning, continues to post and defy his age with the work he puts in.  T-claps.

We ran some laps, did some rock work, including Rockhopper’s with an actual rock.  First time YHC has ever called that one.  We’ll do that again.

An awful lot of complaining after the hot lap around the school.  YHC audibled but shouldn’t have.  Won’t make that mistake again.

….now back to Gummy’s text to YHC at 8:44pm last night.  His final word of ‘encouragement’ was “Don’t embarrass us”.  Thanks for the pep talk, coach!

Hope I didn’t embarrass or disappoint.  Welcome to 2020, men.  I pray all of us will have a better understanding of who God is; but, moreover, a deeper trust in Him.  Thankful for you guys.




When you have multiple Q’s, you have no Q’s…or something like that

After fartsacking on Thursday, YHC needed to post.  After checking the website to find no Q listed; YHC inquired of Mermaid as to who was Q’ing.  He informed that he was DR and that Margo was finding a Q…not so much.  Here’s what Margo put out on the Twitterverse: “#F3Centurion will have a PAX led Q tomorrow. Come with ideas for your favorite things.”  Don’t think so.  YHC & Udder stepped up at that point…and actually Udder Q’d about 2/3 of the downpainment.

Giving site Q Margo some grief, but all in good fun…methinks he is the longest-tenured site Q in all of Area51, perhaps in the history of Area51….though Haze may have had a similar tenure at Fast Twitch.

BTW, Margo forgot the shovel flag, too; but in fairness it was buried below about 272 pounds of Christmas light boxes and other Griswoldian paraphernalia.

Anyhoo, below is some Thang and Moleskinny:

After a wandering, mediocre disclaimer from Udder that would have left Mermaid shaking his head, off the 10 pax went to Carmel Commons (or whatever the shopping center is called) for COP & a rough 11’s call from Udder: Jumping Lunges & Burpees – with running the stairwells and length of the retail complex in between.  It hurt.  Haze was yelling back to Udder that it should have been 7’s rather than 11’s.

The early finishing pax did some Mary while waiting on the six.  Lorax, Haze, Brilleaux & Snuka were out front and almost lapped YHC….narrowly avoided that.  Any knucklehead that says, “It’s you vs. you” – is wrong.  We all know that.  Stop with the silly sayings.  Another saying that’s weak: “I am third”.  Stop counting what place you are in line.  Just serve.  True humility is giving little to no consideration to yourself.  C.S. Lewis put it this way:

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.”

Ok, off the soapbox now.  YHC took the Q reins at this point — and we headed back towards CCHS, stopping at the rock quarry and doing some sets of thrusters and other stuff x13, of course.  These were OYO.  OYO.

Clover cleverly asked for a demonstration to stall…but even the relative rookie Point Break knew what he was doing.  It did take Lorax and someone else about 3 minutes to find a rock…and he exchanged at least once.  Boxing Day was yesterday, brother.  Grab a dang rock, and let’s get to work!

Snuka was throwing his rock around like it was a Christmas ornament.  After last week’s forced tutorial from Champagne at Anvil, the fast-running Respect is a lifting machine.

The not-so-loquacious Thunder Road & Brilleaux (the x is more silent than him, or is it?) were getting after it as they always do.

After the rock work, we ran over to the front of CCHS for some double-squat jump up’s & dips; then back to the launch lot for some Mary including Makthar N’Djayie’s…of course.  13 of them, to be exact.

That’s it for the workout, or at least what YHC can recall.

Some other sundry, yet noteworthy, observations:

Margo’s beard is still legit.  Clover still loves ND and Duke though, thankfully, made no mention of either this morning.  Purple Haze posted at a bootcamp workout.  We did not visit Tartarus.  Chelms was not there.

That’s it and that’s all, sports fans.  Tierra del Fuego.  Muchos obligatos.  Feliz Navidad.  Joyeux Noel (that’s for everyone’s favorite French Iowan, aka Brilleaux).

Passez un bon weekend!

Twas the gloom before Christmas….

Great stuff this morning men.  Cobains here as I could only remember 24 of the 26 pax that posted.  Not bad for not recording, and a convergence to boot.  Speaking of convergence – a great mix of Area51 and SOB pax – roughly 50/50.  Area51 hopes to return the favor at Bagpipe on NYE.

After YHC planted the SF, and Hopper reminded everyone they couldn’t sue anyone or anything, off we went.

The remainder of this backblast will be very little Thang and more Moleskinny.

Hopper had us pair up after COP and we ran some stairs, did a myriad of merkins.  One thing to note during the stair work – Wingman was defying gravity and wisdom by jumping down 4 or 5 stairs at a time.  Don’t tell his M.  YHC partnered with Jazz Hands – great nickname.

Must insert here that despite Kirby’s HC on Slack yesterday – he was a fartsacker.  Hope he shows on NYE.  Cooter2 was there and pushing hard.  Other random comments – didn’t see Frehley’s workout hanky?  By the way, he’s got some Clemson tix to sell you if you feel like a trip to Arizona to watch Ohio State and the Tiggers.  Can they both lose?  If not, then better that Ohio State loses – no offense Hopper…actually, hope I did offend.

We did some circuit work, and YHC partnered with Spackler.  The guy runs hard & well…just doesn’t do much of anything else.  He may be better served at Fast Twitch.

Some other sundry observations:

Mighty Mite was wearing St. Nick’s lid…bet that smells tasty at this point.  Geraldo was wearing a Santa Clause coat/t-shirt.  You guys should’ve gotten a picture together and sent it as a Xmas present to all your fellow rucktards.

Jet Fuel was there – and that was noteworthy as he doesn’t post Tuesday’s very often…neither does Lorax and he was chatty and not hearing YHC’s instructions.

Snowflake and Snuka….I mean seriously.  Do any of you think you’ll still be posting at F3 when you’re 58.  We should open a book on that.  Market Timer can run it.

Tagalong’s beard will still be posting in 20+ years when he’s 58….the beard will be 37.

Puddin’ Pop cleared some folks out….I think…during COP.  Par. For. The. Course.

We did some other stuff for YHC’s portion of the Q including some box jump, double-squat burpees, Wallthar N’Djaiye’s, Burpees, People’s Chair variations, blah, blah, blah.

Cheddar – thankful for you brother.  God’s continued grace to you and your M. and 2.0 in Chicago.  We’ll miss you.  Come back and see us.

Gotta run and grab a beer with Spackler at the Lodge, so I’ll end there….actually one more thing:

I can’t end a Christmas Eve backblast without saying the following:  I am grateful for all of my F3 brothers.  I pray for you guys often.  My most consistent prayer is that all of you and your loved ones, if you haven’t already –> find hope, not just at this time of year, but always.  Hope in that which is true, trustworthy and lasting forever.  Most of you know I’ve found that hope in this holiday’s namesake.  It’s not a religion or a bunch of do’s/don’ts.  It’s a faith, moreover a trust, in this dude named Jesus.  Do you know Him?  I’d love to grab coffee, lunch or a beer with anyone who wants to talk about this hope.

Merry Christmas, men.  Emmanuel.

Is someone buried here?

6 pax mustered on a milder than expected Friday. Floorslapper was LIFO, of course. Not long into the downpainment, Spackler took of his Titleist golf mittens, and somebody else removed some clothing…but thankfully not too much.

YHC had not been to this AO in a long time, and apparently I parked too close to the road as Pop Tart asked “Why did you park all the way over here?” For the record, it was about 37 feet from his vehicle.

Neither site Q in attendance (Orange Whip excused), but Faultline did confirm my Q status yesterday.

Below is some of what we did, but more importantly, what was said. With Puddin’, Pop Tart and Spackler – there was much banter. I think Pop Tart is angling to be part of Trifusenik. He plays the part well, for sure. Quadfusenik just doesn’t sound as good. But since Gloss never posts on Friday (except in some trainer dude’s garage #notF3 and #yikes), I think Pop Tart could be officially part of Trifusenik on Friday’s.

Before we launched, Puddin’ and YHC discussed past workouts with very small numbers; and he remembered a time at DV where Smokey determined ahead of time they would only workout for 30 minutes and then head to Panera. Strong. Not really. Double-helping of DBP, please.

Smallest workout I’ve been a part had 3 pax. Pretty sure that was at the now extinct SOFAWIB…the name itself might have been its death knell. Don’t bring a recycled Metro name down here!

Anyway, the only thing on the Weinke that wasn’t completely or partially ad-libbed was the triple nickel with Mike Tyson’s and burpees on the hill. Pop Tart complained about the burpees from the get go, but did at least some of them. Spackler and Puddin’, of course, did none of them. Spackler, to his credit, did some modified deconstructed burpees. Puddin’ did nothing, whatsoever.

Rhapsody, as anyone knows who’s worked out with him and saw the above pax list, was far and away the most fit pax. He was limited, however, as he sliced off about 1/3 of his left thumb while cutting linoleum at home. He posted, nonetheless. That’s what I call choking down a 5 lb. red pill. T-claps, brother. He was also kind enough to run with YHC during the laps around the church. Another cool story about Rhapsody from about 12 years ago: He and M. Rhapsody watched our boys when Hops and M. Hops were away for a romantic weekend. While there – he replaced our dishwasher with one he said was considered damaged (indiscernible dent in lower corner) at one of the new homes he was building. Thanks again, and hope the thumb grows back.

Speaking of the laps around the church, we broke into 2 groups and alternated running a lap around the church while the other group did called exercises. During the first lap, Floorslapper said, “You guys aren’t going to dust me, are you? He then said, “’s not too far around this building.” Truth is – he put in some strong work on the laps.

Ok, no sense giving any more details of the workout itself, except that the backblast title is derived from the fact that when we got to the rock pile which is actually an ebenezer of sorts for the church – somebody asked: “Is someone buried here? Maybe we shouldn’t use these rocks.” Pretty sure the answer is “no”, but not entirely sure.

Some other sundry observations from this morning’s edition of Kevlar:

  • Disappointed no sighting of McRib, Horsehead or Bulldog…among others. Bulldog is excused as he has Foot & Mouth or Shingles or Mad Cow or something. Pray for our favorite Englishman to heal quickly.
  • Pray for Pop Tart, too, who’s probably just coming out of anesthesia from his ankle surgery as I type this. He promised to be back in 4 weeks.
  • There was not consensus, but Puddin’ was sure “Mask” was Cameron Diaz’ first film. And someone suggested she was married to Justin Timberlake or lived with him or some such. Important conversations going on at Kevlar.
  • I had not been to Kevlar (or Skunk for that matter) in many months. Nothing nearly as strange as the time some dude brought his girlfriend or wife, and she sat in the car the whole time. Pretty sure I remember M. Orange Whip dropping him off one morning, and I was worried she might sit in the car during the workout as well. Didn’t happen, thankfully, lest he would never have risen to the lofty status of site Q.
  • We definitely did not go on the tiny gravel/cinder, dimly-lit, ankle-wrecking track. You’re welcome.
  • 12 days of Christmas workout still a thing at Kevlar? Or was that Skunk?

Keep EH’ing your neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc. And don’t forget the pax who have ‘disappeared’. They need F3 as much as they did when they used to post.

Good to be back in the eastern Area51 gloom….I think the air is thicker there…or was that just Puddin’s exhaust?

23 + 13 + burpees = 44 to 10?

Lots going on this morning at the DaVinci AO. Apparently it was a Stonehenge/DaVinci convergence…which is where Big Tuna thought he was at 0600. Wrong. Welcome to Q School, Tuna. Hope you learned something. Under the able tutelage of Thin Mint & Bucky, no doubt you are now a Masters level Q. #wisdom

Anyway, YHC was the substi-Q for the morning’s entertainment, so after waiting for all but one pax to muster, a weak disclaimer was uttered; and after getting some legal assurance from Patent Pending that I was liable for absolutely nothing, the pax launched into the DaVinci gloom.

So below is a mishmash of Thang & Moleskinny, in no particular order nor with any guarantee of accuracy as to the downpainment’s events.

The pax ran over to the parking lot near 321 Main or 123 Main or 450 Elm or some such for COP. Navigating the 8 lanes of traffic at Rea/Ardrey Kell is always dicey, but more on that later.

COP was relatively quiet. All pax were wearing long sleeves and all but Taco Stand were gloved. Taco Stand, as it turns out, warmed his paws & tortured the pax with unholy emanations, particularly during the rock set. Thank you very little.

Speaking of waste exiting the body, we lost One Star during the stair set and Walthar D’Njaie’s. He had some early Saturday paperwork to tend to, but he politely asked to be dismissed from class and was granted the hall pass. Thankfully, he caught up with the pax prior to the set at the fountains.

YHC gave a bit of form tutorial on the jump up’s at the fountains. Mic Check nodded approvingly.

As for the rock sets up some road near the Montessori School, YHC called 13 reps of several exercises with 5 burpees in between and rotating left one rock between each set. Not sure who grabbed the 72 lb. rock, but YHC is feeling the 5 thrusters I did with that monstrosity. Again, thank you very little. Speaking of selecting a rock, it took Chopper about 12 minutes to select a rock. What the heck? Chopper’s also a terrible crossing guard…pert near getting the pax killed crossing Rea Road. Wingman was not pleased. Pretty sure he took down the license plate of the knucklehead who turned left in front of the pax while we had the go ahead to walk/run/mallwalk. Speaking of mallwalking – Patent Pending & Loogie mentioned launching a workout called #F3Mallwalk…reach out to either for more details.

Cheddar was LIFO in the full sense…grabbed a quick biscuit after the workout and rushed out to honor the Sabbath by attending Mass. T-claps brother.

Cul de Sac was carrying on about Frehley’s or something during the Montessori rock work…pretty sure he was also the pax that uttered “that’s what she said” about 13 times….or was that Patent Pending?

By the way, I’m missing one in the pax list. Somebody take a look and let me know. It is 24 or 25 or 23 hours after the downpainment as I type this. Day Lights Saving Time is dead until next summer..or spring. Speaking of 23…

Yesterday was Hops & M. Hops’ 23rd anniversary, so YHC called 23 of most exercises….except for a lot of them. Called 13 reps of those…cuz it’s my favorite number.

Also, I didn’t have the heart or boldness to tell Loogie and Wingman that the 23 was also in honor of the Deacs’ #23 ranking in the AP poll…which will surely improve after the 44-10 dismantling of the Wolfpack yesterday afternoon. Could’ve been worse, but Clawson mercifully pulled the starters for the entire 4th quarter. That felt good. Mighty Mite was there, and he can supply details of the goings-on at BB&T Field in Winston-Salem on that glorious fall Saturday. #GoDeacs

We had 3 or 4 “Respects” among the pax…thought Loogie was a Respect, too? No? #cobains Snowflake was WD, and continues to defy the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. T-claps brother.

Teleporter also defies his age, and gets after it every post. T-claps as well to you, sir.

We did lots of other stuff including Makhthar D’Njaiye’s. If you don’t know what they are, ask your Q next time – and he can demonstrate and then call them. You’ll thank me later. As for his jackwagon brother, Walthar — the aforementioned Snowflake introduced me to that bastard. Again, ask a Q near you for an introduction at your next post.

Ok….I’ll stop prattling on. Had a blast Q’ing the pax of DaVinci…thanks to Mermaid and his 2.1 whose soccer match forced Mermaid to go to the bullpen for a Hops’ save…..or blown save?

Great 2nd half among the men of SOB, as always. #cobains if the 1st F was subpar….you get what you pay for.

Go Deacs! Go Panthers! Go Jesus!

Until next time, YHC remains affectionately your burpee-calling (I think we did about 100) Q –


Michael Jordan’s got nothing to do with it!

11 (not 23) pax mustered prior to launch…and Pothole & Pepe rolled in after 5:30am. Area51’s resident gentleman aka Ductwork waited on our LIFO’s and ultimately 13 made it to COP down at Carmel MS.

Below is more or less what happened in this combined Moleskinny Thang for the October 28 edition of DMZ:

We ran from the launch lot down to Carmel MS and circled up.

COP consisted of IW’s, H-R merkins, staccato squats & American Hammers x 23 IC

We than ran back to the launch lot and over to New City Church where we would spend the remainder of the downpainment.

Here’s what we did…I think:

Find some wall. Walthar N’Djaiye x 23 IC. People’s Chair with overhead press x 23 IC. YHC did Titan no favors to his ailing elbow with the Walthar’s. #cobains

23 more Walthar N’Djaiye’s and then some more People’s Chair.

Mosey to the church courtyard and partner up. P1 Runs 0.2’ish miles around 2/3 of the church buildings while P2 did Flutters. Flapjack. Repeat with CDD’s and then with Step Ups/Jump Ups on the wall.

Make our way over to the deceptively painful & sloped parking lot for the following.

Burpee broad jump 50 yards. Mosey back down.

Lungewalk, Backwards lungewalk, Crab walk, Backwards crab walk, 2 AYG runs.

Run back to the launch lot for some Mary.

Freddy Mercury x 23 IC

10 Burpees oyo


So the 23 counts were for 2 reasons…the lesser of which is Wake Forest’s #23 ranking. Any ranking for the gridiron Deacs is a rarity, thus, worthy of celebrating. The more important reason is that this week, YHC and M. Hops will celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. While marriage is hard and sometimes really hard, I’m thankful to God for the gift of my wife. I often don’t treat M. Hops like the gift she is, but she chooses to love me, and I her. Love is a choice after all. Love can be defined as: the other’s best interest at your expense. Think about that in any relationship, and I think you’ll find it’s true.

And No Lorax – the 23 counts had nothing to do with Jordan. Not everything revolves around the baby blue Tarheels and their pretty argyle designer uniforms.

Here’s some other sundry observations from this morning’s proceedings:

Aquafresh is pushing himself to get back into top shape after a herniated disc. Good work.

Our WD Talkbox was getting after it this morning, as was Pothole once he found us at Carmel MS.

YHC forewarned Chalet that he wouldn’t get much mileage (2.2’ish I think today) at this bootcamp workout….he understood…I think.

Met a few pax for the first time this morning (might have something to do with the fact I rarely post at DMZ anymore — going to address that going forward): Gizzard – who’s name derivation is random and makes no sense but it’s awesome. Overdraft – who anyone could tell you, even in the morning gloom, is the spitting image of his brother Lorax. Pepe, who I’m guessing was similarly disappointed like Chalet in the lack of mileage logged. #cobains. Did I mention DMZ is a bootcamp workout? Let’s make them great again! Also met Sloppy Seconds for the first time…I think. There’s apparently a Sloppy, who I’ve met…I think. Mailman was pushing hard as well.

Good work men. Thanks to Aquafresh for asking this old site Q to dust off the Monday morning shoes. Always a privilege to Q the pax of F3.