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Don’t Skip Dinner, Skip Rope.

6 pax mustered at the still shovelflagless AO.  YHC was LIFO #qfail

Nevertheless, we launched for another version of Hawk’s Nest into much less rain than anticipated, so that’s a positive.

Below is a bit of what we did but more-so just some random commentary.

Moleskine & a bit of the Thang

So we ran from pavilion to pavilion and did some work at each, starting with COP.  3 pavilions, but there’s likely more on the Hawk’s Nest expanse.  We’ll count later.

COP consisted of the usual with the exception of the back-scratcher…not sure that’s what it’s called and almost certain we didn’t do it correctly.  #qfail

No weinke to speak of, and that was obvious from the get-go.  The pax were gracious…YHC deserved some serious mumble chatter.

So we then ran to another pavilion, and 5 of us did called exercise while #6 jumped roped and acted as the “timer” (50 reps, 75 jumps or 100 jumps).  Then we’d rotate, different called exercise, different jump roper.  Sprockets apparently was the Oklahoma state jump rope champ and the pride of Tulsa County.

Anyway, we ran to another pavilion and did some people’s chair, overhead press and BsTW.

No more pavilion hopping – we were out & about the rest of the morning.  Next stop before the bridge.  grab a rock. do called exercise while jump-roper serves as the timer.

Jog to other side of football field, lunge walk up long ramp to building, plankorama and then some more work on the walls with jump-rope timer again.

That was that.  Back to launch lot for COT with the Fast Twitchers.  7 of them…damn…they had more.  I mean glad they had 7 pax for Purell’s Q.

Sundry observations:

Spackler did not post.  He predicted as much on Twitter the night before.  Gloss also declined ahead of time publicly.

Certain we did not set a record for lowest mileage at a bootcamp for Area51 as I know some Q’s have circled up at the get-go from the launch lot and stayed there for the full 45 minutes.  But no idea how far we went for 2 reasons: 1) I never track distance when I Q nor when I don’t Q and 2) YHC lost his Garmin.  Thanks to HIPAA for ably filling Mermaid’s shoes in keeping the Q apprised of the time.  Difference being, HIPAA did it upon request while Mermaid’s is unsolicited.

Great to see Beaver out and doesn’t appear to be showing any ill effects from the broken hip…though YHC was a little concerned watching your dismount from the BsTW.

Thumper is on Q next week, and confident he’ll have a much more well-designed Weinke.

Thin Mint was scheduled Q but pulled up lame, re-aggravating a couple injuries during the 15+ mile Vagabond on Saturday.  Can’t imagine how 15+ miles and tons of bootcamp work would do that?  Get well, brother.  Rest.  Thin Mint back on the Hawk’s Nest schedule for 1Q of 2019.

Snowflake was WD…of course but the man is a machine.  If I’m still even able to jog or do some merkins when I’m 56 (or is it 57?) – I’ll be thankful.

Speaking of thanks….are you grateful?  For what?  To Whom?  If you give thanks, there has to be an object and subject of your thanks.

Elie Wiesel, prolific author and Holocaust survivor of both Auschwitz and Buchenwald said this about gratitude: “When a person doesn’t have gratitude, something is missing in his or her humanity.”

I’m thankful for you knuckleheads.  This life would be exceedingly more difficult without you.

Don’t wait until next Thursday to make a list of what you’re thankful for and then give thanks to whomever is the object of your thanks.  Aye?!


Utah writes the Weinke

The site Q still has failed to furnish a SF for Hawk’s Nest.  Somebody should talk to him about that. Nevertheless, the pax were quickly disclaimed (or something like that) and 18 launched for another flight at the oversized AO on Tuesday morning.

The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

Alf was LIFO & made his way over to the mustered pax that included a veteran crew with a mix of newbies, including a couple pax (Taco Stand & Beer Pong) for their first flight from the Hawk’s Nest.  Welcome brothers, though Beer Pong is moving to Nashville in a few weeks….perhaps due to the crop dusting that happened on the brick bridge during People’s Chair & Wallthar N’Djayie.  Come on man!

Deep Dish was wearing something peculiar on his head..methinks it might have been his M’s modified running earmuffs.  Just thankful you posted on a sub 40 degree morning.  If you post again in these temps, you must wear the Coach Mitchka sweater.  #dabears

The backblast title is true…sort of.  After the first bear climb and jog across the gym building on what would be the 1st of 3 sets — Utah says to YHC – is this the 1st of a set?  Yes.  He then proceeded to ask if it would include burpees of some kind & number on the track?  Yes.  What makes that weird is that this was the only portion of the workout that YHC had on the pre-launch Weinke.  Utah name change to “Nostradamus”?

Mailman with back-to-back posts this week.  T-claps young man.  Pretty sure he was WB.

As for WD – that would be Snowflake.  He introduced Walthar N’Djaiye to YHC a few years ago, and how could I not share it with the rest of you?  You’re welcome.

Bulldog and Puddin’ should start a Premier League podcast targeted at college football lovin’ pax who don’t appreciate the finer aspects of the sport.  They could broadcast/tape it from The Lodge, which is now the new Tottenham Spurs fan club locale for Charlotte.  Just make sure the manager there doesn’t hear any of it.  He would stomp on the recording device and wipe his rear end with Bulldog’s Spurs kit.

Hopper wearing a hoodie today.  I think Deep Dish was jealous.  And it was a “Salty Dog” hoodie at that – Puddin’ read the fine print as he walked up the ramp while Hopper was bear crawling.  Hope you have good eyesight Puddin’, otherwise you were a bit close…

Spackler was relatively cordial this morning though his “boring” chant during the high slow flutters caused YHC to laugh a bit.

HIPAA might have been the only pax wearing short sleeves and no hat of any kind, but again Puddin’ may have been in that camp as well.

Marge was overdressed as was Beer Pong.  Hammer was not though he typically would be in full sweatsuit at this point in the year.

Sprockets and O’ Tannenbaum were putting in real work as usual.

Mermaid was sharing fishing stories with Hopper during the burpee broad jumps.

And all was right with the world….at least our Area51 corner of it.

YHC loves Q’ing the pax, and thankful to God for the fellowship.  Be in prayer for Butler HS and all involved in that yesterday.  Hug your wife/significant other and your kids, and remind them the world was not always like this and will not always be.

At the end of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Return of the King, Sam asks a powerful question: “Is everything sad going to come untrue?”   The answer to that my brothers is: Yes.



Sat., Nov. 10th – Vagabond (Southern Discomfort + Balrog) ~ 13 miles.  First stop is at Hawk’s Nest

Sat., Dec. 1st – Area 51 Christmas party at Seaboard, catered by Uncle Rico’s Brown Bag

That there is an RV.

The pax mustered at RockZero among the scores of other folks showing up for a conference of some sort at Calvary.  No SF, but then again, there’s so few of those including the AO at which YHC is one of the site Q’s….#noexcuses

Anyway, the pax launched for another Saturday morning assault on this fantastic AO after a feeble disclaimer from YHC.

Ye Olde Moleskine & Thang

An eclectic combination of pax this morning to be sure…which made it fun..and interesting.

First random thing of the morning was seeing two, late-model RV’s parked in the voluminous parking lot — odd & a bit creepy.

So we circled up for COT near the tenements on wheels…should have used whisper cadence so not to wake the denizens.  Again – creepy.

H-R merkin x 15 IC

MC x 15 IC

Slow squat x 15 IC

Flutter x 25 IC

Jog over to the rocks near the ballfield.  Partner up & grab a rock for the the following:

P1 runs 70’ish yards down and back while P2 does overhead press.  Flapjack.

Squats and thrusters as well.

At some point, the overly-rucked Hoover disappeared into the church to take care of some paperwork.  Not sure when he re-joined us, frankly….might have been at coffeteria.


Mosey to the picnic tables near the pavilion.

20 double-squat step ups. 20 derkins

20 little baby Haze’s L & R, 20 derkins

Jog over to the other rock quarry near the circle drive and 51.

Everyone grab a rock.

Split into 2 groups.  group 1 runs down around median at 51 while 2nd group does Louganis with rock.  Flapjack.

Other exercises: American Hammer, Squats, Thrusters, Rockies

Mosey over to the gym building for 3 sets of Walthar N’Djaiye’s x 15 IC; People’s Chair with 25 overhead press, aka air press according to Gummy; also did some other People’s chair variations.

Run around the church and down to the bottom of North Face.  There was much mumble chatter about this, particularly from Nemo as we headed down there.  When YHC called 10 H-R burpees, there was much gnashing of teeth.  We then ran up NF with Strange Brew channeling his inner Braveheart and leading the charge.

We then found a lot that had less traffic barreling in for 6 MoM.

Rosalita, Cumberland County Viaduct, Boone Crunches, and something else x 13 IC

Jog back to launch lot.

13 burpees OYO.


COT w/Strange Brew taking us out.

Announcement: Area 51 Christmas Party on Dec. 1st with Uncle Rico catering.

Some other random observations from the morning:

  • Flipper wants to “Make Backblasts Great Again”…not sure I started that initiative with this
  • Hoover pre-rucked, had lots of food with him at coffeteria as well as a 40 oz. Old English 800
  • Fletch sort of resembles Conor MacGregor with his beard, minus the neck tattoos
  • Can we agree Big League Chew (R) is one of the top 5 nicknames in all of F3?  The nickname coupled with his deep voice and accent are just unparalleled.
  • Floor Slapper made it to the workout prior to launch #miracle
  • Boerewors exclaimed to SafeLite – “surprised to see you here!”  To which SafeLite responded: “me too!”  Kotters to SafeLite
  • T-claps to Nemo for posting after a soccer match last night and he had one today at 1PM as well
  • Due to his thick accent, I couldn’t determine Viking’s age, but suffice it to say he’s a Respect and then some…also he’s Boerewors’ father.  3 generations represented as Jimmy Dean, Boerewors’ 2.0, posted for his 3rd time

That’s all.  Sound off with any other flavorful additions.

Always a pleasure to Q.  Appreciate Flipper giving me the privilege.  I need this thing called F3.  Grateful for all you knuckleheads.


Harley says you know you were there at Hawk’s Nest

Strong showing from South Charlotte’s finest at the luxurious campus otherwise known as Hawk’s Nest. There were 25+ guys there, got a bit foggy once all of the fast twitchers showed up (I thought that was just a pre-BRR thing?). Here’s what we did.

Warm Up – run to turf fields, various warm ups to random counts

Starfish – merkins, squat jumps, Peter Parker, something else (maybe LBC), 5x burpees in middle each time

High school workout – run around turf field with backwards run, karaoke, sprint, karaoke

Track Circuit – head to track, complete one lap of track and head up hill, repeat x4 with the following exercises at top of hill: dips, derkins, step ups, all three

Rock Pile – split in two groups, one group run, one group lift rocks

Finish up – various Mary

Strong work today, the hill after the track lap was a killer. Always an honor to lead.


*** Posting this on behalf of Harley, so I’ll add some commentary…of course.

Got as many of the pax as I could remember.  Harley exclaimed as he started name-o-rama sans a recording device, “If you’re here, you know you were here”…or something like that.  I got 19 listed…no idea what the number was.

A Hawk’s Nest Kotters to Swiper, who went to the original lot we used 4+ months ago.  Glad you found us.

Loved the random counts Harley.  Need more of that.

Hopper’s Peter Parkers look a lot like MC’s.

Alf looks a lot like Sprockets, at least from behind in the gloom.

Good takeout by Harley with great reminder that our physical health and the fellowship afforded in the gloom are gifts from God.  Much for which to be thankful.

Champagne and a co-Q are up next at Hawk’s Nest.



May I help you ma’am? Please.

The pax arrived in a timely fashion this morning and mustered for another humpday edition of Anvil.  No SF, but YHC did remember to wear his watch…though Mermaid still gave me a 3-minute warning as we were in the middle of 6 MoM.  Much obliged.

Anyway, we launched at exactly 0530 and ran around the church to the entrance to the gym building for COP.  Somewhat strangely, some lady was trying to get in the building and was knocking on some windows as well.  Ever the gentleman, Mermaid took a break from COP and walked over to offer his assistance.  Someone ultimately let her in the building, and YHC felt it better to continue COP elsewhere, but we would return towards the end of the downpainment.

COP consisted of some slow squats, H-R merkins, Knee Up’s, IW’s, 6-count burpees and the like…to 15 IC, I think.  Runstopper doesn’t like the 6-count burpee.  Far too slow for him…great equalizer for YHC, and a form policeman of sorts…as are the H-R merkins.

The pax then jogged to the pitch for some 7’s (not Jacob’s Ladder as Purple Haze rightly corrected when YHC mentioned they were synonymous).  Jump squats at the bottom of the hill (with 3 foot tall grass, by the way) and CDD’s at the top.

Mosey over to the pavilion for some People’s Chair with two sets of Overhead Press x25 IC & x15 IC.  The pax also flawless performed 3 BTW’s.  No injuries to report.

We then jogged over to the kitty litter for 3 sets of 15 Donkey Kicks & 15 Squats OYO.  Only 12 swings for the donkey kick’s.  Snowflake availed himself of the short-kid tire swing suspended from 3 chains….more of a goat kick than donkey kick for him…or something like that.  No injury to report there either.

We then moseyed to the rock pile along the road near one of the ball fields.  Partner up with one rock per pair.  A lifting rock.

The pax struggled with the partner up call.  YHC called P1 to do overhead press with the rock while P2 runs down/back to the far light pole.  Only 5 pax ran the first time.  One unwritten rule of F3 is that with an odd number of pax, the Q is the odd man out.  But apparently, Pro & Ickey didn’t want to partner.  It worked out well though as Ickey was apparently modifying or refuseniking, and did no running whatsoever.  Did two sets of overhead press, tricep extension & thrusters.

Redeposit rocks and run back to the gym entrance for 3 sets of 5 downhill H-R merkins on the turf hill semicircle with backwards bear crawl up the hill.  Rather unsavory.  At this point, one of the pax said he thought 2 cats were watching us from a 2nd floor window in the building.  WTH?  Perhaps it was the two ladies who watched a bit of COP?  Odd…on all levels.

We than ran back towards the launch lot where YHC called the pax to plank around the traffic circle with the flower bed in the middle.  At this point, Hopper? or Tagalong? said there were fire ants everywhere, so we didn’t do what YHC had in mind.  Next time. #cobains

Back to the launch lot for 6 MoM:

Flutter x 13 IC

Makthar N’Djaiye x 10 IC

Cumberland County Viaduct x13R IC & x13L IC

American Hammer x 13 IC

At this point, Haze said we’d gone 1.85 miles…sufficient for a bootcamp; but YHC wanted to hit 2 miles…not sure why?  Anyway, we ran down/back the full launch lot with Ickey & Purell out front..and Nemo as I recall.  Reports varied from 1.92 to 2.02 as per Purell.  So we opted for Purell’s tally even though he probably ran more than the rest of us somehow.  Probably got in an extra 100m dash or some such while waiting on the six….which is to say the rest of us.

That’s it for the workout.

Announcements and a great takeout prayer from Haze.



Beer Run (in Southend) – Sat., Aug. 18th – see Slack, Twitter and/or Gummy or Tuck for more info.  It will be fun.  Not to be confused with the beer mile!

Prayers continue for Bout Time and family.  Jennings is home but mold in the home, so they had to move in with family until that’s taken care of.  God is faithful.  Always.  Oops is not in his vocabulary.

Pro asked for prayers for a young little girl named Charlotte who’s facing a scary health condition.  Please read about she and her family at the below link.  Again – God is faithful.  Always.  Oops is not in his vocabulary.


Heavy Going

Posting this on behalf of Bulldog who’s not bothered to get properly credentialed with the F3 South Charlotte IT czars.  I’m sure he meant to do it late last week but was still smarting from Croatia’s handling of Three Lions on Wednesday.
Pax list not included….but there were 18’ish apparently…I was not there.
Warm up – SSH, IW, etc
Partner up and grab KB
Mosey to track and drop off KB at lot.
Track – jog 3/4 and sprint 1/4
jog 1/2 and sprint 1/2
jog 1/4 and sprint 3/4
sprint entire lap
Jog back to parking lot.
1) Partner 1 overhead KB presses while partner runs to first median. Flap Jack. Repeat 2nd median and 3rd median.
2) Same as above with tea bag squats
3) Same as above with bicep curls
4) Same as above with upright rows
5) Same as above with KB Merkins
Mosey back to parking lot.
Jack Webb up to 7 merkins and 28 LBC’s
5 pax made the questionable decision to show up for some pre KB action lead by Bananas (including 2 Twitchers Fletch and Purell).
Little did they know that KB’s would be among their debut at Hawk’s Nest today for a combo of cardio and lifting some iron.
After warming up we hit the track for a quick 4 laps knocking out a mile in the first 10 mins or so. A few groans were heard when YHC called for the final 400m full sprint with Doc McStuffins leading the charge.
This got the sweat pouring as we headed to the KB’s which ended up liked greased watermelons with all the drippage. The partner suicide combos were brutal but the lads dug in and hopefully you ended up with a lighter bell than Beaver’s 45 pounder! Major respect to Beaver by the way for bouncing back from a broken hip and getting back at it.
After gathering the sweaty bells we headed back to the start with 4 minutes to spare. Just in time for some good old Jack Webb much to Fireman Ed’s delight!
Thanks for allowing me to lead! Have a great week.
Bulldog 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
p.s.  Scratch & Win on Q next week.

Who’s in charge here?!

20 pax assembled, including 4.2 pax who did a pre-KB workout and Hollywood who partially fartsacked and missed the Fast Twitch launch.  Glad you men joined us at another edition of Hawk’s Nest.  No SF yet, but YHC is working on it, which is to say I’m trying to commandeer someone to make one for this AO that is fast becoming an Area 51 favorite (bias intended).

The Pre-KB will hopefully be a regular thing; and even the Fast Twitch co-site Q’s Rachel & Purell joined us for 15 minutes.

So the first interesting thing to happen this morning was that our scheduled workout Q was nowhere to be found.

So YHC circled the pax at 5:31.  #cobains Mermaid for the late launch and the anemic disclaimer.  We did some IW’s as YHC’s back was tight from the KB’s…Busch promised they would loosen the back!  We then did some H-R merkins.

Below is the rest of The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

We jogged over to the lot where we launched Hawk’s Nest/Fast Twitch for one day when the construction got all up in our normal business…thinking our absentee Q might have parked there as that one day was the only day he’s posted at Hawk’s Nest.  Alas, he’s fully AWOL and/or fartsacking.  So we partnered up and P1 ran a sneaky painful hilly loop around the lot while P2 did CDD’s.  Flapjack.  Repeato with squats and with flutters.

Mosey over towards the gym but doing a 60 yard? stretch of alterating bear crawls and lunge walks down one of the outdoor corridors.  Reasonably sure Puddin’ did neither the bear crawls nor the lunges. #DBP. Semi-Gloss was up to the same task.

We made our way over to the front of the gym and did 15 double squat step-up’s and 15 Incline Merkins.  Only HIPAA joined me at the high wall….hope Hopper, among others, skinned your knees doing step up’s on the low walled hawk statue.  Just kidding…sort of.

T-claps to our WD Beaver for posting and getting back in the gloom after breaking his hip nearly a year ago #oldmantough

We then made our way to the bridge for some people’s chair and overhead presses…mainly so YHC could think up some other parts of the on-the-fly Weinke.  Shockingly, Spackler shared with YHC how to make people’s chair easier when on one-leg…#professionalmodifier  Congrats on starting the new job today brother – let’s tee it up Friday, shall we?!

We then jogged past the chlorine sauna (aka Swim MAC) and made our way up to the lacrosse field….but one of the Latin staff was setting up something on the field so we continued on to Buttermaker’s for some more work.  Somebody pointed out a boat tucked just on the shore of Lake Latin as we jogged to the far end of the AO…we’ll make use of that some day…or not.

At Buttermaker’s we did some baseball position number theme work (even though it’s a softball field and they probably use 4 or 5 outfielders and facemarks for the infielders – WTH?).  9 H-R merkins in RF, 8 in CF, 7 in LF, 6 at SS, 5 at 3B, 4 at 2B, 3 at 1B, another 3 (for C and P combined as we didn’t want to mess up the groomed MLB quality infield dirt).  Billy Goat and likely several others had no grass nor dew on their shirts, so they obviously modified to some kind of Chelms-like Carolina Dry Merkin.

Schmedium was thankful we didn’t do 100+ burpees like they did at Matrix yesterday.  I wasn’t planning any, but Doc took over the Q at the 0600 mark, and would add some burpees on the track during what he called Ring-of-Fire.

Didn’t hear much from Thunder Road but the man posts 8 or 9 days a week, so he’s got enough on his plate without adding to it.  Speaking of not hearing much – I didn’t hear a lot from Busch either.  Perhaps he smoked himself a bit when Q’ing the pre-KB…probably not.  YHC is old and doesn’t hear well.

Gummy was also a bit quieter than normal though did make the call of “we should probably head back” at about 6:04.

Can’t remember exactly what Doc called except some modified Jack Webb (using 4 MC’s rather than overhead press with the Merkins)….and I pert near fell out during those.

Deep Dish is becoming a regular member of the pax after recovering from a winter shoulder injury incurred while lifting indoors with fake ferns and towel service.  Glad you’re back out in the gloom.  Stay outside.

Bulldog left at 6:08 before the Ring O’ Fire – which was also pretty awful.  To his credit, he did the pre-KB, so he got in 53 minutes of downpainment.  And he had to get home to start preparing for Three Lions’ WC semi-final match….which is tomorrow at 2pm.

Bananas acquitted himself nicely after not posting at F3 in a couple months…the pre-KB’s were especially unkind to you my friend.

We did some Mary here-and-there and some dips on the bridge at Lake Latin… and perhaps another couple things; but that’s enough.

COT with Busch taking us out in prayer.

One more thing – the Fast Twitch pax was about 10 minutes late for COT…something about getting lost in Busch & Schmedium’s neighborhood….though PopTart (aka Tackleberry) somehow made back in time?

Enjoyed it fellas.  Sorry for the impromptu Q, but hope you got your money’s worth this morning.  Keep EH’ing men.  You know lots of guys who need this.  And be especially alert to those guys who don’t know they need it.

See you knuckleheads again soon in the gloom.



What’s that smell?

Goonie planted the SF well before YHC arrived..veteran site Q.  12 pax were disclaimed, and we launched..circling back in the parking lot for late-arriving Bugeater.  Not to be outdone, Floor Slapper wrested the LIFO claim from Bug’s hands a few minutes into COP.  Goonie retrieved him (another veteran site Q move) and met us at Davie Park.

Ye Olde Moleskine & some of the Thang:


H-R Merkin x 10 IC

Slow Squat x 15 IC

Flutter x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

Head down 51 to Davie Park.

Line up on the field for some high knees & lunge walks – 80’ish yards.

Mosey over to the parking lot & partner up.  Size, speed, age, IQ were of no consequence in choosing a partner.

P1 Carolina Dry Docks while P2 runs to park gate and back.  Flapjack.

P1 Freddie Mercury’s. P2 to gate and back. Flapjack,

P1 Jump Squats.  P2 to gate and back.  Flapjack.

My partner Stay Puft was getting after it – a very “respectful” effort today…as was that of our WD Boomer who re-EH’d his long lost son-in-law Far Side.  Far Side still looks to be one of the fittest pax in all of Area 51. Some guys just have it.  Kotters to you and Boomer….and why don’t you make this F3 thing a habit again?!

Jet Fuel was up front much of the morning, and rightly asked YHC why I no-showed after convincing him to post at Hawk’s Nest last Tuesday.  Wasn’t feeling well.  Speaking of not feeling well – Bugeater torched the Davie Park woods with shrapnel during the partner work.  Get up 10 minutes earlier, drink black coffee.  #cobains for not being on campus, thus, Gloss’ office was not in play for you.

Costanza is a constant at Base Camp, and always puts in a yeoman’s effort as evidenced during the work on the playground which consisted of incline merkins, step up’s & double squat step up’s.  Don’t remember how many we did, but it felt like a lot.

Thunder Road, not often heard but always seen all over Area 51 putting in 4-5 downpainments per week.  T-claps brother!

Moseyed back to the field for some karaoke and then back to the COP lot at the Kindercare or Somesuch? Daycare.  Did some plank work there including the obligatory Southern Gentleman & Yankee Aggressor. What was not obligatory, nor welcomed, was Goonie’s 37 second 10-count while we were at 6 inch hold.  Thank you very little. #notveteransiteQ

Pele, YHC’s backdoor neighbor, put in a strong morning’s work as well.  Sorry for not Q’ing up the clown car for you and Bug….but glad Bug drove separately….mercy!

Thumper was leading the pack in the partner work, and he’s definitely ready to post 4+ days a week.  See you at Hawk’s Nest tomorrow.

Sardine and Slumdog were right there with the rest of the pax all morning, too.  Great work men.

We finished with 6 MoM in front of SCMS including the following in cadence to 13….of course:

Makthar N’Djayie, American Hammer, Full Slow Flutter, Rosalita

…not quite finished so over to Gloss’ Office for some People’s Chair w/overhead press and a BTW for good measure. Always good to remind the pax of the disclaimer when calling BTW’s…so YHC did so.  Mermaid would have been proud.

We finished with 6 Count Burpees x 5 IC

Some of the pax asked what’s a 6-Count Burpee?  Well…it’s a burpee with correct form.  Do them IC, and you virtually exterminate all the flying squirrels.  You’re welcome.



Always thankful to be asked to Q the pax at any AO.  Much obliged Goonie.  Sorry I forgot the CCV’s.  When are you going to Q for the pax at Hawk’s Nest?

Good crew this morning.  Great to meet some new guys and see some old friends.  Keep EH’ing your friends, neighbors, etc.  Men need this, especially those that don’t know they need it.  Aye?!

Gummy on Q next week at Base Camp – you should post if only for the unparalleled mumblechatter when Gummy’s among the pax.

Iron sharpens iron,
So one man sharpens another.  Proverbs 27:17




‘Cause I’m mighty proud of that ragged old flag

“I walked through a county courthouse square
On a park bench an old man was sitting there
I said, your old courthouse is kinda run down
He said, naw, it’ll do for our little town
I said, your old flagpole has leaned a little bit
And that’s a ragged old flag you got hanging on it
He said, have a seat, and I sat down
Is this the first time you’ve been to our little town?
I said, I think it is
He said, I don’t like to brag
But we’re kinda proud of that ragged old flag
You see, we got a little hole in that flag there when
Washington took it across the Delaware
And it got powder-burned the night Francis Scott Key
Sat watching it writing say can you see
And it got a bad rip in New Orleans
With Packingham and Jackson tuggin’ at its seams
And it almost fell at the Alamo
Beside the texas flag, but she waved on though
She got cut with a sword at Chancellorsville
And she got cut again at Shiloh Hill
There was Robert E. Lee, Beauregard, and Bragg
And the south wind blew hard on that ragged old flag
On Flanders field in World War one
She got a big hole from a Bertha gun
She turned blood red in World War Two
She hung limp and low a time or two
She was in Korea and Vietnam
She went where she was sent by Uncle Sam
She waved from our ships upon the Briny foam
And now they’ve about quit waving her back here at home
In her own good land here she’s been abused
She’s been burned, dishonored, denied, and refused
And the government for which she stands
Is scandalized throughout the land
And she’s getting threadbare and wearing thin
But she’s in good shape for the shape she’s in
‘Cause she’s been through the fire before
And I believe she can take a whole lot more
So we raise her up every morning
We take her down every night
We don’t let her touch the ground and we fold her up right
On second thought, I do like to brag
‘Cause I’m mighty proud of that ragged old flag
— Johnny Cash’s “Ragged Old Flag”
The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:
The above lists several reasons why I love to see the shovel flag flying at any & every AO.  13 pax peacefully assembled, as per the 1st amendment, and set out for another Hydra downpainment.  Puddin’ broke the peace during COP, and threatened further violent protests (from his bowels) as the morning progressed.
Jog a lap around OPE.
COP on the field (Yes – we actually got off the pavement, in the grass, and did bootcamp exercises):
IW x 20 IC
Slow squat x 20 IC
CDD x 20 IC
Slow flutter x 20 IC
6-count burpee x 10 IC
Jog over to the Methodist church across from OPE (the exercises performed inside that building also protected by the aforementioned 1st amendment), but we did not go inside…that’s against one of the 5 pillars of F3 (there is no amendment to our Constitution that specifically addresses F3, but I think Dredd may be drafting something?).
Anyway, we did some partner work that went as follows:
P1 overhead press with rock, P2 runs 87 yards down the parking lot and does 14 H-R merkins, runs back.  Flapjack.
P1 squats, P2 runs w/jump squats x 14 at other end. Flapjack.
P1 thrusters (is that a verb or a noun?), P2 widearms x 14. Flapjack.
P1 tricep extensions, P2 flutter x 14. Flapjack.
Lorax was out front on this one.  He was also an FNG to Hydra.  Many happy returns to our bean-counting tree lover.
Redeposit rocks in the dry drainage/stormwater gully that never has a drop of water in it and jog back to OPE.
Wall work with some variations of people’s chair w/overhead press x 20 IC.  Pax complained when we passed 14 in the count.  #cobains
Jog back to the field for some more partner work.
Dumbocrats x 14. Flapjack.
Prairie Fire Mary – 10x10x10. Flapjack.
Granny sit-ups x 14 w/P2 in plank.  Flapjack.
Over/Under’s x 14. Flapjack.  Only Purple Haze/Queen completed this one.  T-claps to them.
Quite a bit of mumblechatter angling for 7 each of certain exercises rather than 14….YHC was impervious to the pax’s schemes…except when Haze suggested Cumberland County Viaducts.  YES!
So we had exactly 6 minutes left for some Mary, and we proceeded thusly:
Dolly x 14 IC
American Hammer x 14 IC
Cumberland County Viaduct x 14R & 14L IC
We might have done one or two others, but I’ve already forgotten.  Hey, I remembered all the pax names without electronic assistance…I think..someone audit the list please.
Jog back to launch lot.
A couple other sundry observations from the Flag Day downpainment:
I love the Shovel Flag….have I mentioned that?  YHC often busts site Q chops, including Marge & Queen today on more than one occasion, about the lack of a shovel flag.  We joked this morning at one point about ABBA planting the shovel flag in Thailand when he moves there this summer, but I don’t even know if he would be allowed to do so in that nation?  Regardless, we are afforded that right here; and that’s why I think the shovel flag is so important.  Happy Flag Day brothers.  Not as important as Memorial Day, Veterans Day and July 4th; but it’s important.
Funniest moment may have been during COP when YHC was starting into the 6-count burpees, and Deep Dish started way before I started cadence.  Lorax then said: “I think he just fell down”.  Good humor, as was Dish’s refusal to stand back up with the rest of us. #modification. Hey I was impressed that Deep Dish was actually going to do the burpees.  Puddin’ complained and said “I thought this was the warmup”.  Also, Puddin’ rode his bicycle so not to soil the seats in his car.
At least we were in the grass for COP, partner work & Mary as opposed to the razor-edged cheese grater parking lot.  You’re welcome men.
Everybody was working hard.  War Fry Daddy no exception.  Great to see you posting again…or is it YHC who’s been AWOL?  Anyway.
Hightower is a machine.  Pretty sure that guy’s posted more in his first month than I have this calendar year.  T-claps brother.  Whatever police force you join will be fortunate to have you.  Speaking of police forces, you really must post at The Big House on Monday morning which launches from the Pineville police headquarters.
The youngsters and Clemson devotees – Lew & Revlon – were getting after it out there as well.  As the pax mustered, I did feel it necessary to tell Revlon he doesn’t have to wear Clemson gear to every workout.
Utah and Chopsaw were also putting in the effort.  Speaking of Chopsaw, YHC gave him some grief for having his truck piled with trash #FredSanford. Ironically, some waste truck driver came up to us after the workout and asked directions; he was filling in for someone.  Meanwhile, I could see Chopsaw looking at the truck covetously.
I really need to get on to other things today.
One last detail: Reports varied, but the pax logged somewhere between 1.5 and 1.7 miles.  My goal was no more than 1.5. Did I mention Hydra is a bootcamp workout?  It ain’t BRR training.
Now go listen to The Man in Black’s “Ragged Old Flag”

Noodling is a Dangerous Craft

Noodling is fishing for catfish using one’s bare hands, and is practiced primarily in the southern United States. The noodler places their hand inside a discovered catfish hole. Many other names are used in different regions for the same activity.

The term noodling, although today used primarily towards the capture of flathead catfish, can and has been applied to all hand fishing methods, regardless of the method or species of fish sought. Where the name noodling originated is not actually known, but the name is not at all illustrative of the dangerous craft.[1] Noodling as a term has also been applied to various unconventional methods of fishing, such as any which do not use bait, rod and reel, speargun, etc., but this usage is much less common.

Due to concerns over the safety of noodlers and sustainability of fish populations, the technique is illegal in some states where it was once traditionally practiced. As of 2002, it was legal in some form in twelve states, sometimes with restrictions on the species or sizes of fish, and on the specific methods that may be employed: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana,[2] Maryland,[3] Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.[4] It has since been legalized in Texas.[5]


So the above is from Wikipedia…unsubstantiated or unverified of course.  Good news is noodling is still legal in North Carolina.  A couple of things that took place this morning, however, should be illegal..but we’ll get to that in a minute.

9 not so grumpy men mustered for the first ever June edition of The Fishing Hole.  6 Respects, 1 that is perilously close, and 2 young’uns.  Quick disclaimer for the veteran pax, and off we went.

The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

Note: All exercises called were to 13 IC or OYO, except for the Moroccan Night Club

Jog over to Tartarus, enter at middle stairway

Escalating COP:

Up one ramp – H-R merkins, Slow Squat, Slow Flutter (Chopper tried to give this one an unsavory name…nothin’ doing)

Up next ramp – CDD’s, Standing Lunges (Q fail on the cadence count, but righted the ship eventually on the restart), Freddy Mercury’s

Up next ramp – 6-count burpees

Down the stairs to the ground level, and over to the wall for the following:

Peoples chair w/overhead press and Frankenstein’s

Walthar N’Djayie’s – 2 sets (Frehley nearly had to activate his dental plan on these)

Donkey Kicks – 2 sets

Jog to the benches near the main entrance to the school for the following:

Double squat step up’s – 2 sets

Shoulder Tappers – 1 set

Dancing Chilcutts – 1 set

Mosey over to the walled shrine to the Sisters of Mercy for the following:

(Note: Shoe asked the pax to look for the Hubbard family brick that helped pave the shrine…alas, we did not find it)

Incline Wall Walkers Left with 3 wide arm merkins in between each of the 4 walls.  Repeato but 2nd time to the right.

Seal Jacks

Jog back to launch lot for 10 1/2 MoM


Morrocan Night Club x 45 IC (ask someone who was there; these came courtesy of our NoCoTope brothers, namely Swing State).  Why 45?  YHC’s age and my 2nd favorite number, after 13 obviously.

High Flutters

American Hammers

Protractor – each pax called a degree, and we held for a 13 count…of course.

Chopper and Frehley’s exploits during the Mary session were reminiscent of the campfire scene in blazing saddles….sweet mercy!  We actually moved the circle about 10-12 feet, but unfortunately Frehley moved as well.

COT w/takeout prayer by Snowflake (Snowflake was going for the Teacher’s Pet award today calling out 13 degrees in the protractor…appreciate it brother).  Strong work by all the pax.  YHC keeps hoping for his first ever War Baby status in 6+ years of F3….but the last two times at The Fishing Hole, 43 year-old Cadillac steals that title from me!  Chopper was WD, by the way.

Not really any announcements but more importantly – continue to pray for Jennings Palmer (Bout Time’s 3 year-old son fighting cancer) and for Kevin O’Donnell (Utah’s father/Hightower’s grandfather) who is in hospice care.

One other thing: Don’t think I’ve ever put this in writing but 2 reasons why I often choose 13 for the count when I’m on Q.  #1: My mom’s birthday was the 13th of April. Long story but God used her life & death at age 54 to rescue me.  I’d love to share more about this if anyone’s interested.  And #2: Most of you know I am a follower of Christ.  In my Twitter “bio” – I describe it as a “follower of the Way”.  “The Way” was how the early followers (meaning right after Jesus’ death/resurrection/ascension) were referred to.  The 13 significance here is that I feel that anyone after “The Twelve” (meaning the original 12 disciples) is “next” if you will.  Next in the sense of continuing to share the good news.  Sharing the hope.