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These go to 11!

On the night of Valentine’s Day, the banter began about the Area 51 Cold War era of The Rock vs. Day Zero (the combined entity which is now Rock Zer0).  Good vs. Bad.  Capitalism vs. Communism.  Hope vs. Suppression.  Horsehead launched the grenade saying The Rock should just reclaim its name, now that Good, Capitalism and Hope have won out (fine, those are my words, not his).  Sad, misdirected commentary followed from both Prohibition and Purple Haze as if the were journalists from The Daily Worker.  Horsehead later commented that we were clearly crushing Valentine’s Day by re-opening old wounds and taking time to comment on Slack instead of being with our M’s.  He had a point!

But Saturday was a new day!  A fifteen year old (Skipper) was ready for his co and VQ and my daughter was turning 11 (hence the rep count on most everything we did).  This was a day to move forward, not backward.  Hence, that is just what we did as sixteen sleepy studs showed up for a Rock Zero soiree.


After a half-butt disclaimer, we jogged toward the basketball court areas of Calvary for:

  • IWs
  • MCs
  • Low Slow Squat
  • Plank Jacks

Hopper Q:

The pax was told to run fellowship-style to the corner of Elm and 51.  They did and we did 11 Monkey Humpers at the intersection, much to the disgust of the oncoming traffic.  We jogged into Rea Woods and found two hills and partnered up.  One partner runs up hill 1 and does 11 of something, while partner 2 runs up the other hills and does 11 of the same thing.  Meet back and do 11 of something together.  Flapjack the hill:

  • 11 merkins: 11 handslap merkins
  • 11 heels to heaven: 11 prarie fire mary (or some phrase like that)
  • 11 LBCs: 11 WWII sit-ups with partner planking at feet

Skipper Q:

We ran back to the Calvary campus (thanks to Spackler we found a shortcut in the fence line), and went to the hotbox:

  • 11 dips
  • 11 step-ups
  • 11 decline or incline merkins
  • Run to the last garbage can on the sidewalk next to the pavilion

The above was completed for there rounds.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Skipper called for tunnel of love.  Spackler played supervisor.

Hopper Q:

Wall work and some sprints to one of the light posts and back.

Skipper Q:

North Face challenge.  Three rotations up the hill and LBC’s in between each one.

Hopper and Skipper Q:

8 or so 50 yard dashes with Mary in between each one  for working recovery.

Skipper finished us up back at the cars with a round of called angles on the protractor.

That’s a wrap!


Observations by Skipper during his VQ:

  • Geraldo is fast!
  • Cottonmouth has a nice truck, even though it’s a Ram!
  • Runstopper can crawl like a beast during tunnel of love!
  • Boondock should star in Men In Black 7 (awesome shades)!

There you have it!

Thanks Geraldo and Hoover for giving my 2.0 and I a chance to co-Q!  That was awesome!  Thanks to the pax for giving him encouragement while he was leading….he enjoyed being with y’all!  Alf rightfully asked at one point when we were going to get some real leadership and have Skipper Q…..couldn’t agree more, man!

Happy 11th birthday to Rowan Smith!  I love you.

Levi, thank you for a great take-out prayer!


Doc McStuffins is recovering well after heart surgery a couple of weeks ago.  He is up and walking and making progress.

Keep Bugeater and his family in your prayers.  His family had a fire at their home, but it was contained and everyone is OK.  Remember to clean your dryer vents!

Hops on Q next week!

Demonstration, please?!

The Monday morning after a Super Bowl….we haven’t had one of those where no one was expected to attend F3 in four years!  As a result, twelve brave studs showed up on what is expected to be a global warming fantasy week of warm temps and sweaty men!  After a Charlotte School of Law inspired disclaimer, we headed out for a workout!

Warm Up:

  • IWs
  • MCs
  • LSSs
  • Hillbillies (I think this was the first exercise Clover asked for a demonstration)

Jog down Woodfox stopping at each street light for 10 CDDs.  Final destination at Burning Tree Drive and a little planking to finalize our warm up.  Partner up. Partner #1 runs the Burning Tree  distance to the cul-de-sac and back while Partner #2 does stated exercise.  Flapjack upon return.  Our 4 rounds included:

  • LBC’s
  • Flutters
  • Freddy Mercurys
  • Heels to Heaven

Sashay back to SCMS, stopping at each street light for 5 plank jacks.  Grab some curb space near the school for a ski drill (3X) inspired by Tagalong at a Centurion workout I attended (other way of saying I stole it):

  • 10 sideways jump ups (to the right)
  • 10 incline merkins
  • 10 sideway jump ups (to the left)
  • Lunge walk to the cars, reverse lunge walk back to the curb
  • Stationary squat while waiting for the six

Clover asked for a demonstration for all of the above……typical!

Mosey to the western side of the parking lot.  Partner #1 runs the parking lot loop while Partner #2 runs the loop toward the track, down the ramp, back up the stairs.  Meet your partner for 10 handslap merkins, then flapjack (2 circuits)

Little working recovery via wall work (leg raises, arms raises)

Partner up again with one rock per pair.  Partner #1 runs the distance of the parking lot to the fourth and final basketball pole, then back while Partner #2 does stated exercise with rock.  Flapjack.  Four rounds including:

  • Curls
  • OH Presses
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Squats

Clover informed me during this stint that my instructions were inferior and that any improvision was due to my inabilities as Q…..noted, and not necessarily argued.

Return the rocks and finish up with 25 LBCs.

That’s a wrap!


Phenomenal work this morning men!  No one lagged behind and the whole group stuck together….makes Qing a dream.  Great to see Baracus out there!  Kotters brother and glad to see you back at it….looked like you are laughing at that surgery!  Mr.  Magoo played Jedi Site Q as this was his first official workout as a Base Camp boss….guess that makes Thunder Road the Yoda of Base Camp!….that sounds less flattering than I mean it.  Hammer lasted the entire workout without having to use the boys room/outhouse.  Must have worshipped the porcelain at home prior to posting.  Clover’s constant requests for demonstrations has become a staple timekiller for the veteran….brilliant!  I may have missed a few observations beyond those noted so please sound off below!

Thunder Road and Mr Magoo, thanks for the privilege to Q at BC!  Great AO!  Great men!


  • Mr Magoo just attended a F3 ski trip with several Metro pax.  He highly recommends this trip to Utah as the skiing was superb!
  • Doc McStuffins is recovering well from heart surgery last week. Posts on Facebook showed a strong, resilient brother making very positive strides!


Thank You F3 Brothers: A Hopper Memoir

Gentlemen:  I accomplished a milestone today.  I wanted to share what led up to it and my appreciation to all of my F3 brethren…..for so many things.  The milestone is I posted at boot camps all six days this week.  In my 6.5 years as a F3 member, I’ve never done that before.  I tell you this not to beat my chest, but rather to reflect on why it was important to me.

This week a year ago I underwent rotator cuff surgery.  Doctors had to repair a torn tendon in my right shoulder and a torn tendon in my bicep.  The recovery plan was no running for three months, no lifting weights for six months and an expected full recovery in one year.  PT began immediately and was fairly excruciating and humbling.

What got me through those dark days of taking walks and riding a stationary bike on my own as I rehabbed were a) my lovely, unconditional wife who took care of me and b) you all!  My F3 brothers reaching out to me, asking me how I was doing, telling me they missed me, offering encouragement!  The names are too many to list, but you know who you are and I cannot thank you enough.  I still get brothers asking me how I am doing and if am I fully recovered.  The impact it has on me just makes me stronger.

Instead of the recovery times referenced by my doctors post surgery, I was running in two months  instead of three, I was lifting in four months instead of six and I felt fully covered within eight months instead of twelve.  The PT and the workouts helped, but what really advanced my recovery was y’all!  My F3 brothers!  The checking-in, the encouragement, the friendship… was and continues to be incredibly impactful.

I turned 50 exactly five months after the surgery and perhaps unwisely played two hand touch football at Hydra that day when Lewinsky Q’d a fantastic workout!  I felt like I was a twelve year old because I was with my friends laughing and talking trash.  It was a phenomenal way to ring in a birthday I had been dreading and again, I owe it all to you.

So, I posted six times this week because a) I wanted to prove I could do so one year after surgery, but b) because I wanted to have this moment… thank you for your friendship, for the examples you set for me and for the reason I wake up at 5:00 most weekdays… all make me better and I am eternally grateful.

So, remember these things, please:

  • You never know what is going on with the man standing to your left or right at a workout.  A simple “How are you doing, bro?” could change that man’s day more than you can imagine.
  • Just because you don’t see a fellow pax for a while, does not mean he has forgotten about F3 or you personally…, don’t forget about him.  Reach out to him, see how he is doing, and let him know you’re there.  Again, it will have much more impact that you could realize.
  • F3 goes way beyond the field where we work out.  We are not just a part of each other’s lives for 45 minutes!  We have a brotherhood, it is every minute of every day and it is something very special.

Thanks to Benny, Puddin’ Pop, Mailman, Slingshot, Tagalong and Sprockets…..the Q’s for all of the workouts I attended this week.  You didn’t know what you were doing for me this week, but you were champs just the same!

Again, too many pax to thank in this post, but a particularly huge shout out to Gummy, Hops, Lazy Boy, Cottonmouth and Blades of Glory who were the consistent, unwavering men who reached out to me during those darkest days of post surgery recovery last year…..lifelong friendships have been formed with each of you…..lifelong!

OK, thanks for hearing me out.  Hops was the only one who knew I had this mission this week and I didn’t tell him until after my 4th post.  The rest of you didn’t know it, but each of you added to it immensely….stuff like that is what makes F3 great, right?

All my best and thank you men…..for everything!



When I pulled into the lot this morning at 5:26, there were three cars, including mine (Gloss and Motorboat were sitting in Gloss’ car like two members of the vice squad on a stake-out). It was looking like a low turn-out. Miraculously, cars started streaming in like the set of Field of Dreams (kind of) until 18 hearty soles were present for an expectedly cold morning at Hydra.

I greeted.

I disclaimed.

I started running and men followed me.

Warm up:

There was a lot of barrier tape at OPES this morning so after two failed attempts at entering gates, we finally found our way to the far baseball field. We did IW’s, LSS, MCs and Hillbillies.

The Thang:

I lined the men up at the outfield fence. I instructed to jump the fence 10 times, but after each jump, do 1 merkin, then 2 merkins and so on up to 10. This may be a stretch, but I think 20% of the attendees may have listened to me. Can’t blame them….the grip at the top of the fence was slick and one could cut a chin or something worse…let’s move on.

Jog to the back football practice field. Six or so sets of grinders with LBC, CDDs, HR Merkins and Freddy Mercury worked in.

Run through the path in the woods to Foxworth. Partner up. Partner 1 runs the hill and performs 5 Monkey Humpers while Partner 2 does lunges towards the dead end. 5 sets each (some cheated, but I won’t name names).

Native American run back to OPES.

Mary back in the parking lot followed by ten 50 yard gassers.

LBC’s back at the launch.


I’d love to write a bunch of crafty things about the workout and the great men who attended, but Word Press is being ornry right no and I cant handle it anymore. You’d think our monthly F3 dues would pay for better technology…..everyone else Alf via direct deposit, right?

No Hydra next week. Convergence at Rea Farms at 7:00.

Gummy and Sprockets, thanks as always for the opportunity to lead.

Semi-Gloss, thanks as always as embarking on a great prayer!

Oh, and Hops, thanks for the great stand-up comedy on Monkey Humper impersonations.

Honoring Our Selfless Veterans

The site Q’s of The Matrix, Base Camp and M*A*S*H decided to converge this morning to honor the service of our military men and women. We also decided we should start a little later at 7:00 and make it a one hour workout. 8 pax showed up. The first thing they saw as they pulled in were several shovel flags eloquently planted by Kid Rock…..thank you brother for the reminder of why we are here today!

After a quick disclaimer (honestly more of a disclaimer about Vet’s Day than anything else), we headed out. Hopper had the first 30 minutes and Thunder Road the last. Here is how it went:

Hopper Q:

Warm Up:

Jog to the front parking lot. Exercises included 11 counts of IW, LSS and MC’s (11 counts were aplenty today to signify Armistice Day!).

The Thang:

Jog to the corner of Strawberry and Rosecliff, but along the way, 11 merkins at each speed bump. Once we got to Rosecliff we plannked a little, then triple nickel on the hill. Jump squats at the bottom, CDDs at the top. Kid Rock and Geraldo were killing it! Plank some after, then head back toward SCMS.

We stopped on the way at Fairway Downs and partnered up. Partner 1 runs up the hill to the cul-de-sac while Partner 2 does stated exercise. Flapjack upon Partner 1’s return. Exercises included: Freddy Mercury, Heels to Heaven, Flutter. Mosey on back to SCMS for round 2.

Thunder Road Q:

Run to the track at South Charlotte for 4 corners. We did three laps with 10 reps at each corner of: Merkins, Heels to Heaven, Low Slow Squats. Again, Kid Rock and Geraldo were setting the bar high with stellar performances. Kid Rock, in Veteran Day style, honored the “no man left behind” mantra and made sure the six was supported.

Run to the main parking lot/launch site. Partner up for Push/Pull. Two rounds for the length of the parking lot, alternating positions half way.

Jog to the rock pile at the steps near the restrooms. Partner up again. Partner 1 runs the loop and down to the baseball bleachers for 10 dips while Partner 2 does curls, O/H presses and tricep extensions with a rock. Flapjack and run three rounds.

Back to the launch site for some final mary with 11 counts.

That’s a wrap!


It was a fairly quiet pax today, but I chalk that up to the spirit of the day. There is no greater sacrifice and show of selflessness than duty to our country. Our men and women forfeit so very much for our freedom and I am sure that significance was in each of our heads this morning.

Thanks to all who showed up and thanks again to our brave troops, both past and present!


Holiday party may have been cancelled due to lack of sign ups. More info to come.

Kid Rock announced that today a running carriage will be donated to a veteran at the Hickory Tavern at the Metro building in Midtown as part of a charity he and other Waxhaw F3ers work with (apologize I did not record the name of the organization KR). Very noble!

Thanks Thunder Road for the great prayer!

“That’s too fast!”

OMG, it was cold! 29 degrees, meaning it was the coldest morning of Fall 2019 to date. Nonetheless, 7 absolute, undeniable studs showed up for this week’s episode of Rock Zero. Important stat……4 dudes wore shorts. 3 dudes wore tights. I’ll be honest, I only wore shorts because I couldn’t find my tights and didn’t want to wake up my M by searching too much….we’ve all been there.

I offered an iron clad disclaimer….we would have a mix of on campus and off campus adventures today. Iron Horse told me this better be a boot camp as his right knee is nursing an injury. I respect IH because he is my elder, but mainly because I am pretty sure he could crush me… I quickly thought about how I could balance this workout. Keep reading.


We immediately jogged off the Calvary campus to The Carrington Swim Club parking lot. The jog helped produce some body heat, then we warmed up with:


The Thang:

Jog to the Windswept subdivision across from Davies Park. We did some Parker Peter and Peter Parker to help us gather our wits (Gummy did them in reverse by mistake….he went to Clemson, after all!). Partner up. Partners run to opposite cul-de-sacs and do 10 merkins OYO. Come back to launch point and do 10 derkins off of your partners’ planked back. Run to the opposite cul-de-sac, do another 10 OYO merkins, and flapjack on the decline merkins upon your return.

Jog across 51 to Davies Park. Wall work for a little while. Partner back up. Partner #1 does stated exercise while Partner #2 runs the parking lot lap. Flapjack upon return. Exercises included:

Dips, step-ups, incline merkins

Wall work again. Let’s mosey back to Calvary. Stopped on the way at Carrington for some Mary (LBC and American Hammer).

Once we got back to Calvary, we ran the North Face three times with 10 CDDs for working recovery at the top (I missed North Face).

Mosey to open area of Calvary parking lot. 4 sets of Mary (freddy mercury, heels to heaven, flutter, rosalita). Then, 10 gassers with various merkins and 10 counts in between.

Mosey back to launch for some quick LBC’s. That’s a wrap.


Good times! Gummy and Geraldo led the Windswept merkin/running activity. Iron Horse said his sprinting was not impacted by his knee injury and he proved it during the gassers. He and Skipper led all of them (Gummy challenged Skipper to one of the gassers and after 10 yards yelled “OK, that’s too fast”……see title). Boerewors and Levi cranked out the Davies circuit activities like the exemplary veterans they are…..speaking of Veterans……thank at least one this weekend! There is no more significant and selfless act than defending your own country!

Geraldo and Hoover….thanks for letting me lead today! I love that AO!

Gummy, thank you for the prayer, man!

Hopper, out!


Sign up for the A51 F3 Holiday Party!

Convergence this Monday for Base Camp, MASH and Matrix. 7:00 at SCMS.

“Pine Nut, Peanut, Hazelnet, Cashew Nut, Macadamian Nut….”

Happy National Nut Day! I honestly do not give a flying fig about National Nut Day, but it did allow me to use a funny GIF Monday evening…’s the little things that make me happy.

Ten hearty veterans showed up this morning even though the weather prognosticators said the chances of rain were going to be 90% at 5:00 AM. Not sure how those dudes keep their jobs as we had a solid 43 minutes before the rain started. I disclaimed the boys and off we went:

The Thang:

Mosey to one of the front parking lots for warm-up:

IW’s, MC’s, HR Merkins

Mosey to paved hill toward the Horne (clearly donated by Ductwork) Building for triple nickel. Jump squats at the top, CDD’s at the bottom. Marge, Semi Gloss and Spackler dominated this session.

Journey to the center of the academic quad to metal picnic tables:

10 step-ups (each leg), 15 monkey humpers, 20 calf raises (repeat)

10 incline merkins, 15 regular merkins, 20 decline merkins

Follow the clueless leader via jog to the top of the back of the stadium. Another triple nickel on back paved, hilly sidewalk….heels to heaven at the bottom, freddy mercury at the top (again, dominated by Marge, Semi Gloss, Spackler)

Native American Run around the track.

Merkin circle in the center of the football field. Working recovery with Mary in between.

Mosey back to the front lot where we started. Suicide runs to lot islands. 10 merkins during each rotation.

Mosey back to launch for some quick Mary.

That’s a wrap!


I have to say, Trifusenik was Tripicipate today. Spack, Gloss and Pud’ gave it all they had with minimal lip service…..I feel honored. Pop Tart probably contributed the most carbon dioxide during the workout, but he’s funny, so all good!

I just want to say thanks to Hops and Hopper for letting me lead this morning…..feels weird paying gratitude to myself!


Holiday party is on Nov. 22. Sign up early for needed headcount.

Continue to bring coats as they initiative ends Oct. 31.

Ductwork, thanks for the prayer, bro!

Wax On, Wax Off!

17 veteran pax and a FNG (Daniel Cooper aka Reseda) settled into the OPE parking lot for this week’s edition of Hydra. Kudos also to a couple of pax who recently joined F3 and decided to return and keep it up….cheers! As I advertised in my tweet last night, I am old, so Steepe had to help me locate “RUN” on my Garmin activities before we could get started. Thanks brother!

I offered a kickin’ disclaimer and asked the men to stay put as we would warm up where we stood:

Loosenin’ Up:

  • 15 IW
  • 15 LSS
  • 15 Plank Jacks
  • 15 MC

We moseyed to the intersection of Summerlin and Wessynton. I instructed the men to do 10 Heels to Heaven at each street light. I think there were 8. Stop at the intersection of Abbotswood.

We planked a little at Abbotwsood, then partnered up and ran the half pipe between the high hill of Abbotswood and the intersection of Windy Rush. Partner 1 runs one hill while partner 2 runs the hill in the opposite direction. Do 10 merkins at the top, then run back to the bottom of the hill to do hand slap merkins with your partner. Repeat. Repeat. Lots of cars interrupted us. Extremely rude!

The crew jogged back up Abbotswood and crossed Colony Rd. When we hit Lee Rea Rd, we did some mary to rest a little. In all my years of going to Hydra, I don’t remember ever hitting this street, so I thought I was pioneering. Hydra historian Gummy told me another Q had once taken this same route so I was playing second with the idea……seriously!….fact check? Jog to the bend on Lee Rea Rd which has a small hill at the end of the street Triple Nickel Time. 5 CDD’s at the bottom, 5 jump squats at the top….run it 5 times…..backwards. Lots of grumblin’ on this one.

Jog to the end cul de sac on Summerhill Ridge. 6 inch plank then pick yourself up and run AYG to the next cul de sac. Plank a little there, then run AYG to the entrance of the subdivision.

We moseyed to the Teeter at Colony/Rea and gathered ’round the traffic circle fountain. 15 step-ups, 15 dips, 15 derkins.

Fellowship jog back to the OPE campus and finished up with American Hammer and Rosalita.

That’s a wrap!


We covered 2.85 according to my Garmin apparatus. Point was to try to keep the pax together as much as possible. Thanks to Queen, Gummy and Gloss watching out for the six. We dubbed FNG Daniel as Reseda because Daniel Laruso from Karate Kid (played by Ralph Macchio) was from the Reseda district of Los Angeles. Fun fact…..this summer by family and I were in L.A. and took one of those cheesey Hollywood Star Home Tours. Daniel’s apartment complex from the movie is not in Reseda, but rather Beverly Hills! Ironic, yes?

Things I noted today:

  • That white dry fit shirt Gummy wears looks like a cotton T instead. Anyone ever feel it? Not it!
  • Spackler said I “suck” today…..I think at least three times. It hurt a little.
  • I dig how Motorboat no longer says his name at COT, but acts it out. Brilliant!
  • FNG Reseda lives in the same neighborhood as Gloss. I bet poor Reseda has seen some things he can’t unsee while living there!
  • Sleepy has gotten fast!
  • Floorslapper didn’t disappoint and was the last to arrive during my disclaimer……think he has he ever heard a disclaimer from beginning to end?
  • Anything I missed?…..tag on below….


Think of our BRR brethren this weekend as they take on their 209 mile route! Be safe!

Thanks Hops for the take-out prayer!

Gummy and Sprockets, thanks for the opportunity to lead bros!

Runhopper on Q!

***Don’t mistake the title above. I am not suggesting I am a runner, but rather it is an extremely cute play on words of combining mine and Runstopper’s name…..I now feel kind of lame having felt the need to explain it*****

Runstopper was scheduled to Q this morning, but he was laid up in bed with some sort of kryptonite poisoning. Hence, I took the reigns. I get a little confused at the COT of Hawks Nest/Fast Twitch because I can’t remember who was at which workout. I think we had 16. I am certain I led more pax than Gummy did at FT, which should come as no surprise. If I didn’t name you above or included you at HN when you were actually at FT, please forgive. I am old and at some point, you will be, too!

Sardine asked me before we got started if this workout would be like M*A*S*H and we would be walking only at a brisk pace and have fanny packs around our mid-section. We mock what we don’t understand, Sardine!

I disclaimed all present and off we went to the mid-level parking lot.


  • IW
  • LSS
  • Plank Jacks
  • MCs

The Stuff:

Mosey to the paved hill that leads from the parking lots to the academic quad. Triple Nickel Time! Jump squats at the top, CDD’s at the bottom.

10 foot mosey to the upper lot. Pick a partner. Partner 1 runs that deceivingly long loop around the lot while Partner 2 does stated exercise, which included:

  • Flutter
  • Freddy Mercury (I called them Freddy Krugers, but whatevs)
  • Heels to Heaven

I considered a fourth round, but I threw our destiny into the hands of former ’80’s MTV VJ Puddin’ Pop. He answers correctly, we skip round 4. He answers incorrectly, we go to round 4. Question: Name the three children in the sitcom “Different Strokes”. He answered correctly! Don’t want to give it away, but the names rhyme with Farnold, Billis and Stimberly. Well played Pud!

Jog to the football field. Circle up for Deep Dish’s favorite exercise, the Merkin Circle. Circle up tight, shoulder to shoulder, then plank up. When I call 5 strides to the left, shuffle in plank position to the left, then conduct 5 merkins of stated variety, then shuffle back to the right 5 paces and so on. We did garden variety merkins, diamonds, and wide arm merkins. We did two rounds with LBC’s in between. We probably did about 40 merkins in total…..kind of a burner when you add the plank shuffle to it!

Mosey to the bridge downhill from the track. Wall work with arm raises (50) and arms stretched straight out. Working recovery of incline merkins in between wall sets.

Mosey to the lacrosse field. Estimates of how much it cost to build the turf field ranged from $50K to $1 million large. I will call the CFO of Latin to find out for sure, but that’s a nice damn field! Four corners twice over with exercises including jump squats, wide arm merkins, rosalita, LBCs, American Hammers and other stuff (frankly I started running out of exercises in my head so it’s foggy….again, I am old!). Then a little plank work before we left the million dollar field.

Mosey toward the starting parking lot, but before we journey up the hill, stop for 10 merkins. Stay in position and on my command, jump up and run AYG to the cars. Once there, Hammer led the boys in more Mary while I fetched my telephonic device.

Ended with some Dolly!

That’s a wrap!


Pop Tart mentioned on several occasions that it didn’t seem like I knew what was next and I was making it up as I went along. Gotta get up PRETTY EARLY to fool that guy!! I’m sure it was obvious from time to time. Not as much mubble-chatter today as usual. Did I mention Spackler and Semi Gloss were not there today? The FT crowd kept running by as we exercised….it was kind of annoying, like they were spying on us. Gummy had them running some 1.5 mile half-pipe thing across campus. Looked hard. #IhaventpostedatFTinthreeyears.

Thanks boys for dealing with me this morning! The air felt awesome with a little Indian Fall (probably not the best term, but you get it). We covered just shy of 2.5 today and my shirt was as wet as Mr. Brady’s after 10 miles so I think we got after it. Hope Runstopper is feeling better!

Thanks for a great take-out prayer Snowflake!


Labor Day Convergence at Cubthertransvylvaniexpeallidocioussome High School in Waxhaw from 7:00-8:00. This is the launch of the Waxhaw Region so please attend. No A51 workouts that day.

This wasn’t announced, but Hops tweeted yesterday that his dog was neutered yesterday…….on National Dog Day!! That’s like telling your kid there is no Santa on December 25th. By the way, sorry if I just ruined the Santa thing for you Pop Tart!

Hopper, out!

There is no “BALL” in team!

I pulled into Latin this morning about 5:20. Even though it was advertised Fast Twitch would converge with Swift this morning, there were 10ish cars already in the lot, meaning the thoroughbreds were surprisingly out there somewhere. I walked down to the track to see if they were running intervals or some such nonsense. They weren’t, however, the sprinklers on the football field were running. This presented a problem as I had a lot planned for that field today a la a mock NFL Mini Camp. As I wept and pouted walking back to the launch area, I tweaked my plan and greeted the 17 hearty studs who came ready to run the grid iron. I gave a quick disclaimer, thanked Hops for bringing a second football and off we ran to the track:

Warm Up:

15 SSH (amazing how many men have joined the refusnik party on that exercise)

15 IW’s

15 MC’s

The Stuff:

Mosey to the middle of the track for instructions on a Leatherhead Indian Run. We formed two lines. The first guy hands the ball to the second guy while running, the second guy passes it on behind him and so on. Last guy in line can’t run to the front until he gets the football. Also, if you fumble, your whole team does 10 merkins. Just to provide a demonstration, Geraldo decided to immediately pull an Earnest Byner and fumbled at the start. 10 merkins for that team. In hindsight, I think I may have made too much of an example of ole Geraldo. Mea culpa, brother! One lap later we stopped for BALL

So, here is my explanation of BALL! See if this makes sense! Two teams. Two guys from each team run up and down the steps of either side of the Hawk’s stadium. Whilst they run, their teammates perform one of four exercises….Burpees, American Hammers, LBCs or Lt. Dans. The timer for each exercise is the runner. The acronym is BALL to make it easier to remember. I don’t know if my instructions were too quick, if 5:40 A.M. is an awful time to be told to do anything, or if the average GPA of the two teams was equivalent to Blutarsky’s from Animal House, but somehow this $#^! got twisted. We finally figured it out on round two, so all was not lost.

One more Leatherhead Indian Run before heading to the Lacrosse Field:

We lined up at the goal line on the MAC side of the field. One man throws (although Spackler kicked…..kind of) the ball down the field. We drop for 10 of stated exercise on the goal line, run to the position where the ball landed and do 15 of the same, then run back to the baseline for 20. Puddin’ Pop threw a mediocre Trent Dilfer level pass right to the goal in front of us (don’t be sad about the Dilfer comment PP…..he has a ring after all!). We did Heals to Heaven to honor Puddin’s throw. Next was Revlon, who threw a Peyton Manning bomb which also ended up being the longest chuck. We did HR Merkins to praise Revlon’s certain HOF effort! Next came Spackler, who opted for the kick and engaged a Phil Dawson (Arizona) limp biscuit which landed about 25 yards ahead of us. It was kind of resting recovery! Flutters were the exercise de jour. Lastly, Leprechaun threw a respectable Boomer Esiason (lefty) worthy toss. We celebrated that one with CDD’s.

We did tunnel of love, with the “crawler” having to hold the football while moving through the tunnel. Lots of resistance on that one. I think half the dudes stood around for 10 seconds waiting to see if I was serious. I get it….artificial turf does burn. Semi Gloss stated “Hopper, you’ve been in F3 too long”!

We ended with 10 gassers with ten counts in between.

Mosey back to the launch site where Hops led the pax in some last minute Mary!

That’s a wrap.


We covered 2.02 miles a la my Garmin. I wasn’t sure how many miles we would pick up given so many exercises, so I was glad to crest two. Not sure everyone else enjoyed this workout, but I enjoyed drafting it. Thanks for humoring me boys! I think some of us were suffering from O2 deprivation by the end as several guys were having difficulty remembering the Proper Name-F3 Name-Age mantra during Name-o-rama. Truly great crowd this morning boys and thanks for being there. Go Clemson, Gamecocks, Tar Heels, Deacons, Buckeyes, Illini, Bama, Wolfpack and any other collegiate football favorites represented this morning!


Prayers and thoughts go out to Strange Brew who is recovering at Novant Matthews from a viral condition.

Purple Haze…..thank you for the closing prayer!