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Brotein Shakes all Around

Two pax showed up to form a dynamic duo on a dark Saturday morning.  After a brief review by local security we were free to let the big guns out.

the thang:
3 sets of each 9 reps, 7 reps, and 5 reps increasing weight as desired
bent over rows

Between each set we threw in 30 kettlebell swings to keep heart rates up and start discussions about pairing college football with naps, and how we avoid free pizza Mondays at planet fitness.

3 sets of 10
bicep curls and tricep extension supersets – opposing planes of movement to stimulate the guns.

played a little catch with a 15 lb medicine ball to kill the rest of our time and ended with a visit from the Rock to make sure we were actually working and not sleeping in our cars.


If you want to build a body like Arnold, better hit the gym 6 days a week.  If you want to work on those soccer-arms and show off your gains in the mirror join us for strength training Saturday morning at Calvary Church’s ‘Muscle Beach’.  Expect some of the usual boot-camp style exercises but with plenty of heavy weights to sculpt that Adonis-like physique.

This is a continuation of a temporary launch from the summer and is working to become permanent.  Co-site Q’s needed, contact Hoover for more information:

This is all about Form over Substance:  Weight training is all about maintaining proper form not just completing a massive amount of reps or an extreme amount of weight.  Even light weights can help build strength but only with the proper form.  If you’re new to strength training.  Be prepared to focus on your form, not max out your deadlift.

This is a great alternative to the many miles we have put on our sneakers and a chance to find muscles you didn’t know you had.  Start hitting the garage sales, neighbors, consignment centers, etc. Get a bar and weights and join us.