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That time when 8 became 9

It was billed as a V-Q.  But don’t believe the hype.  The only V in this Q on a chilly Saturday morning was variety.  8 Pax started and 9 Pax completed a convergence of rock-style running with some High-T throwbacks.

At 7:00 am on Saturday under the strobe light that is our meeting point the shovel flag was planted, and disclaimer given.

The Thang:

Mosey to the turfy-knoll for a warmup

SSH x 20, IW x 20, Mt Climbers x 20, Low slow squat x 10 each exercise had an active recovery of 10 merkins.  Flipper’s selective hearing kicked in and he did 10 burpees in honor of McGee.

Mosey to the middle of the parking lot and Pax lined up abreast on each line of the parking lot for a static ladder / isometric indian run.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Q calls a position and pax hold is for a 10 count then first Pax on the line hops up and sprints to the end of the line.  Rinse and repeat with each Pax until everyone gets a turn.  Do this 6 times.  Positions include: regular plank, squat and hold, plank right arm high, squat and hold, plank left arm high, squat and hold, then back to regular plank.

Mosey over to the nicest car in the parking lot and grab some party favors.  35 pound weights all around.  Partner up and it’s time for catch me if you can and pass the plate (or kettlebell) across four locations.

First: WWII situps with pax feet touching and pass the plate between each partner.

Second:  People’s chair at the hot box with pass the plate up and down the row.  A few breaks for some air presses in between.

Third: circle-up at the church entrance and pass the plates around 4 or 5 times each direction.

Fourth: meet at the slab for some carolina dry docks, merkins and squats

Catch me if you can to the baseball field.  Maintain partners.  Partner one runs around the field while partner two does exercises with weights.  Exercises included: overhead press, tricep extension, curl, and squat.

Mosey back to the Q’s smoking ride to put away our part favors and then mosey back to the shovel flag for some mary.


The moleskin:

8 Pax started and were joined by Dear Abby as we ran around the church.  Apparently CSAUP was hard to find.  He should have followed the sounds of people yelling at grown men to get off their property but we were happy to have him.

Very little mumble-chatter but a lot of variety so no one stayed bored for long.  Our mileage read something like a credit score at the end of the run 2.2, 2.4, and 2.6 miles were the readouts from Boerewors, Flipper, and High Tide. By unanimous vote we went with 2.6.  Not a typical rock workout for mileage, but Christmas was last month so you get what you get.  Someone was afraid they wouldn’t break a sweat.  YHC cured them of that fear early on.


Savage race (it’s savage) on May 13th.  F3 is setting up 4 man teams.  There is a pre-blast and Flipper in the F3 coordinator.  Also something about a discount code if you act now.  “Very ninja warrior style”

Thanks to Flipper for taking us out.

High T Winter Break

High T goes on winter break this week. Thanks to all the PAX that made it out in the fall.

Why go on winter break?  As the weather gets colder the risk for injury increases in a weight based workout.  Gloves on a barbell add an extra layer of risk (pun totally intended) because your grip is compromised.

We’ll be back sometime in March to start sculpting those beach bodies.

Hight T Pre-blast: How to avoid your orthopedic surgeon …

I know you were all scared last week when I mentioned a leg day.  So I thought, let’s do this again it’s never as scary the second time out right?

Squat and Deadlift Form 101: How to avoid your orthopedic surgeon

Lesson 1: How to squat and actually use your legs (not your knees)

Lesson 2: How to deadlift and not need a chiropractor afterward

Calvary, 7:00 by Muscle Beach.  If you have kettlebells bring ’em.

High T: Lessons Learned

Sorry this one is late.  4 Pax made it out on a chilly Saturday to Calvary’s Muscle Beach for some lessons learned.

The Thang:

Partnered up:

1st set: Landmine Squats and Military Press

2nd set: loaded merkins on kettlebells and deadlifts




steel mace dynamic curls

kettlebell tricep extensions

interject a farmers carry around the volleyball court between each exercise.

Final Round Abs:

Plate lean

Imperial Walker with a plate/bell

Lessons learned:

  1. Don’t let meatheads run a business.
  2. If you haven’t seen “The Princess Bride” you may be considered a monster in some circles. But it’s an easy way to get a date. – Have fun stormin’ the castle.


No High T on 10/22 as we will be taking part in Southern Discomfort

Hoover took the group out with a quick word of prayer.

High T Pre-Blast: New Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel

Heads-up!!  Since working out in the dark wasn’t as fun as we thought, we are moving to the prime-time slot of 7 AM EST.  Get some rest this week.  You’re going to need it.

On the line-up we’ll be introducing loaded knerkins, bringing back the farmers carry, and a chance to get your bus driving on.

Hoover on the Q.

Who needs a curfew?

After a brief schedule change 4 pax defied Newton’s law of gravity.

Defiance included

Farmers carries with lunges (not as fun as it sounds), deadlift, military press, landmines, rows, crush curls, and bus driving.  Take it slow, keep your rates low.

Threw in some kettle bell swings have just to keep it interesting.

Our brothers from the Rock did a quick run-by to make sure we were maintaining proper form.

Thanks to Witch Doctor for taking us out.

Pre-Blast: Defying Gravity – START TIME UPDATED TO 6:30


Join us Saturday at Calvary at 6 AM (yeah it’s early deal with it!) for an opportunity to lift heavy objects and put them down.  Get on the list, email Hoover:

A couple of things to remember:

  1. This will only work as BYOB – Bring Your Own Barbell (and plates).  If you plan on coming you and a partner need to bring a barbell and plates.  Kettlebells, dumbbells, and resistance bands will also work for some exercises but a barbell is the best.  To organize equipment a weekly email will go out to all interested parties asking who is coming and with what equipment.
  2. If interested, you’ll need to get on the email list so the Q can coordinate gear.  If 10 guys show up with one barbell and plates between them, the workout won’t be very effective.  Email Hoover at: to get on the list.
  3. All strength training will be performed in pairs.  One will work, the other will rest and spot their partner.  We’ll try for partners by weight and strength but experienced lifters may need to partner up with newer guys.
  4. Form over Substance:  Weight training is all about maintaining proper form not just completing a massive amount of reps or an extreme amount of weight.  Even light weights can help build strength but only with the proper form.  If you’re new to strength training.  Be prepared to focus on your form, not max out your deadlift.

Brotein Shakes all Around

Two pax showed up to form a dynamic duo on a dark Saturday morning.  After a brief review by local security we were free to let the big guns out.

the thang:
3 sets of each 9 reps, 7 reps, and 5 reps increasing weight as desired
bent over rows

Between each set we threw in 30 kettlebell swings to keep heart rates up and start discussions about pairing college football with naps, and how we avoid free pizza Mondays at planet fitness.

3 sets of 10
bicep curls and tricep extension supersets – opposing planes of movement to stimulate the guns.

played a little catch with a 15 lb medicine ball to kill the rest of our time and ended with a visit from the Rock to make sure we were actually working and not sleeping in our cars.


If you want to build a body like Arnold, better hit the gym 6 days a week.  If you want to work on those soccer-arms and show off your gains in the mirror join us for strength training Saturday morning at Calvary Church’s ‘Muscle Beach’.  Expect some of the usual boot-camp style exercises but with plenty of heavy weights to sculpt that Adonis-like physique.

This is a continuation of a temporary launch from the summer and is working to become permanent.  Co-site Q’s needed, contact Hoover for more information:

This is all about Form over Substance:  Weight training is all about maintaining proper form not just completing a massive amount of reps or an extreme amount of weight.  Even light weights can help build strength but only with the proper form.  If you’re new to strength training.  Be prepared to focus on your form, not max out your deadlift.

This is a great alternative to the many miles we have put on our sneakers and a chance to find muscles you didn’t know you had.  Start hitting the garage sales, neighbors, consignment centers, etc. Get a bar and weights and join us.