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Storming the Beaches of ELE

8 pax on a humid Thursday for this week’s episode of Meathead.  3 pax were crazy enough to show up for a Meatrunner.  At least one pax (YHC) regretted it when the workout started.  A quick disclaimer was given and little history reminder of the importance of this day 75 years ago.  YHC then informed the pax that this workout was put together with that day in mind.  If there were any objections, they were lost in a cacophony of YHC’s loud choices in music.

The Thang:

75th Anniversary of D-Day set

25 Swings

5 merkins

5 goblet squats

5 OH Press

5 Good Mornings

5 bell thrusters

Repeat 3 times for 75 swings and 75 combined reps of the other exercises.

Operation Overlord set

Suitcase or overhead carry KB to designated spot in the parking lot (approximately 66 meters)

11 4-count flutter press

Suitcase carry back to starting point (approximately 66 meters)

11 4-count Leuganis

Suitcase or overhead carry KB to designated spot in the parking lot (approximately 66 meters)

11 4-count flying squirrels (without the merkin, but with the jump at the end)

Suitcase carry back to starting point (approximately 66 meters)

11 two handed curls / 11 two handed tricep extensions (repeat for 22 of each)

75 years ago, 6-6-44, Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy.  The idea for this set was to remember 6-6-44 or 66(meters) and 44 reps.  With the distance covered as a reminder of the allied troops who traveled up the beaches under rucks weighing as much as 80 pounds.

The pax ran through both sets two times.  The only difference was replacing the flying squirrels (should have worn gloves) with cleans (11 on both sides) and snatches (11 on both sides)


11 4 count flutter press

11 4 count leuganis

11 Dolly (in cadence is 22) + 11 Rosalita (in cadence is 22)

Another round of 11 cleans per side and 11 snatches per side to finish it out


Beach-storming Moleskin:

Got asked by Voodoo to fill in yesterday afternoon and for once I’m in town so a chance to Q felt good.  I was also the first pax that wasn’t on IR from the Voodoo go-to list.  Hoping the others heal up soon.

Speaking of IR, Plasma was back from IR today.  Good to see him again.  We also had some (new to me) pax in the mix this morning.  Nice to meet Swift and Victoria, hope to see you gentlemen again.  Spackler decided a Meatrunner was in order with Voodoo and YHC.  Not sure he’s going to repeat that mistake anytime soon.  YHC was outrun by both but none of us were any more ready for the workout that followed.  Schmedium and Sould Glo were silent assassins today, putting in the work with little room for mumbelchatter.  Voodoo was the observant site-Q as usual helping Victoria and Swift with their clean and snatch forms.

Today’s workout was inspired by the GoRuck June challenge.  Pledge some miles, do some workouts, support a good cause.  YHC’s workout required no pledge other than to show up and put the work in,but no patch or cool t-shirt either.  It was simple but effective with no overhead.  I wanted the pax to stay together on the exercises.  I drew a parallel to the boats on D-Day dropping troops onto the beaches.  Each man was responsible for getting himself off that boat, and the CO was responsible for making sure they all moved together.  Thankfully, it mostly worked.

As always, it’s an honor and a privilege to lead.  Thanks to Voodoo for asking.

If you get a chance today or tonight, take a moment to remember what the world endured 75 years ago.  Forces of tyranny shook the world to it’s core and the one thing that brought us back from the brink were the sacrifices of good men and women.  Be it their time,

YHC had the take-out.


Beer mile – tomorrow.  Not an F3 sanctioned event, but the participants are all in F3.  Only slackers know where to find the details.

Rock Zero Memorial Day Convergence

On a humid Saturday, as a start to Memorial Day weekend, 37 (some argued 38) pax converged on Calvary Church’s parking lot to start their weekend off right. With shovel flags planted and the pax chatting, a brief disclaimer was given with a few words on the importance of the weekend and how the workout would run today. Then we were off.

Tha Thang: Nemo, Geraldo, and YHC split the Q with Nemo on COP. After a quick warm-up with our favorite openers, he brought it with a session of up-downs (call them burpee warm-ups) in the parking lot. After one was completed for each pax in attendance, Nemo then quickly departed for his senior trip. Geraldo took the reins and gave us a Go Ruck inspired WOD with lots of laps in the parking lot. A quick trip to the hot box for a water break followed and about 150 air presses while in the people’s chair. YHC was tagged in and we moseyed to the rock pile by the entrance. Partner up, grab a rock (you can be proud of), and P1 runs while P2 does called exercise then flap-jack. Simple but effective. At the appointed 0750, pax returned their rocks and moved to the grassy field in front of the church for 10 minutes of burpees in silence.

Moleskine: First, #cobains for not posting this sooner. A busy weekend for YHC coupled with a work trip on Tuesday morning.

The US Memorial Day was not an official federal holiday until 1971, but it has been honored in some way since 1868. This is the celebration of the lives that were sacrificed to preserve the American way of life and to bring freedom to the oppressed. Somewhere between 2012 and 2018 the first F3 Area 51 Memorial Day weekend convergence was held, historians believe. at the workout formerly known as the Rock.

As the country kicks off the summer season, a moment of pause is called for to remember the lives that were sacrificed so we could enjoy our freedoms today. With the appropriate degree of ceremony, 3 citations of fallen US soldiers were read by the site-Qs during the workout. At the end of the workout, each pax worked in silence for 10:00 minutes. The goal was to complete 100 burpees.

In another life, the service men we honored were someone’s neighbor. Sometimes it strikes me that, if we were alive 75 years ago, some of us would have been drafted or even volunteered to go overseas. How different would our workouts look then? F3, as we know it today, would be vastly different. These men were sons, fathers, cousins, or friends to someone. They all had different jobs, backgrounds, varying degrees of education, families, bills, by all accounts the men we honored were as different as the pax standing next to you in the gloom. Ordinary Americans at home. But because of their courageous actions and by giving their lives, these men became extraordinary, true #HIM.

Thanks to the pax for coming out and letting the Rock Zero site-Qs lead. As always, it’s an honor. Thanks to Flipper for taking us out.


Beer Mile – 06/07 (not an F3 sanctioned event)

Other stuff, check slack.

The Hotel Beatdown

12 pax (including 4 Meatrunners and 1 Meat Rucker) made it to this week’s edition of Meathead for their beatdown.  YHC was home for a chance and had to beg the Q from Gerlado.  Geraldo graciously swapped, whether the pax liked it or not, and the date was set.  What follows is a loosely organized retelling of the event.

The Thang:

25 swings, 10 windmills, 25 swings, 20 IW, 25 swings, 10 halos each way, 25 swings

 Chest Press (3 sets of 5 each side) 20 swings to finish

Lawn Mower (3 sets of 5 each side) 20 swings to finish

Shoulder Press (3 sets of 5 each side) 20 swings to finish

Up-Right Row (3 sets of 10) 20 swings to finish

Squat (3 sets of 10) 20 swings to finish

Deadlift (3 sets of 10) 20 swings to finish

Curl (3 sets of 10) 20 swings to finish

Tricep extension (3 sets of 10) 20 swings to finish

Flutter Press, Leuganis, The Lean


This is based on YHC’s hotel workouts when on the road for work.  Same exercises, similar order, similar reps.  The minor detail not mentioned is the all these exercises were done in cadence with a slow “positive” action and a quick “negative” action.  Think the Low Slow Squat, 3 count down and a single count back to start.  Slow “positive” quick “negative”.

This one hurts.  It’s a long burn and for each exercise with minimal down time between sets.  This keeps the blood flowing and muscles working.  It also lets you squeeze in a full weight circuit in 45 minutes. For those keeping track today’s workout got you 260 swings.

Surprisingly, the mumble chatter was light today.  YHC will just assume the pax were saving their energy for the workout.

Our Meatrunners today: Fletch, Purell, Chin Music, and Bratwurst were regretting the decision to get those extra miles in somewhere around the second set of squats.

Bratwurst brought a friend, Snooki (spelling?) along.  YHC is hoping Snooki wasn’t scared off.

MAD, our solo Meat Rucker, needed an extra challenge and kept the ruck on for the workout.  Good showing out there!

Voodoo came in hot, but probably has serious jet-leg from his trip to visit the Blarney Stone.

Tulip was the silent killer.  Gotta keep an eye on the quiet ones, they’ll kick @$$ at the workout and ask for more.

Plasma is making a regular showing at Meathead.  Great to see you again, and can’t wait to see the vQ. Thanks for letting YHC lean on you during the post workout stretch.

Cooter was coming off IR.  YHC couldn’t tell from his form today.  Glad to see you again, brother! Stay healthy!

Bulldog was surprisingly low-key this morning.  Normally quick with the mumble-chatter.  YHC will assume he was in awe of the awesomeness of the Q.


Paper Jam started a new workout for those coming off IR called General Hospital.  Spread the word for pax that are nursing an injury and stay safe out there.  No other major announcements for today. 

Thanks to Cooter for the take-out.

The Slaughter of Raintree, A Comedy of Errors

It started with an idea. A non-runner Qing a running workout. Plans were made, mumblechatter ensued, the Q confirmed “a” start point. Then it all came crashing down.

The Q made plans, started a weinke, and planned where to be and when. This is a runners workout known for going off-campus. How was the non-runner Q going to keep these hooligans in line? Apparently, NOT the track according to the consensus.

Questions came up, “Where would the workout take place?” Vague answers were given. A refusenik was tossed out weeks prior to the workout on the vague hint that the track would be used. The Q was unwavering in his commitment, the workout would happen. It was planned, the pax can just suck it up and deal with it. Then the day before the workout came and something was posted to the Twittersphere. The Q hadn’t even begun to advertise his workout for the next day and the cyber bullies were lined up at the door posting gifs and hashtags. Slightly concerned, the Q made adjustments to the weinke the night before. OK, if the pax demanded this workout not be in the track, then so be it, we would stay off the f*cking track. (Don’t say the Q didn’t warn you)

So with the updated weinke in tow, the Q set out to Charlotte Latin at 0450 to make the 0515 start time. Pulled into the parking lot with more than a few minutes to spare and waited, then waited some more, then said “could it be that no one showed up today”? A DM was sent to Purell looking for the pax. No answer. The Q said, “well I can always drive home and climb back into the fartsack.” Somewhere around 0523, 7 pax moseyed into the parking lot. The Q steps out of his car, “If I knew you guys were going to run this one in I would have joined you.” And that’s when the wheels fell off this thing.

The thang: From the “proper” Charlotte Latin Parking Lot (not to be confused with the “actual” well-hidden parking lot) run to the intersection at Whitehorn:  10 merkins.  50% of your mile pace to Deerpark Lane:  10 merkins.  Take Deerpark Ln to Doe Ct (this was uncharted territory). At Doe Court is the 1st Round of Rabbits vs Clydesdales.

  • Rabbits run first, Clydesdales chase after a 2 count.  AYG to the end of the cul-de-sac.
  • Clydesdales run second, Rabbits chase after a 2 count.

Back at Doe Ct, run to the intersection at Nettlewood. Repeat rabbits vs. clydesdales down to the end of Deerpark lane and back. Mosey down Nettlewood and end up on Whitehorn. Go left and stop at White Dove Ct. Repeat rabbits vs. clydedales. Get back on Whitehorn and stop at Stonemark for, you guessed it, rabbits vs. clydesdales. Keep moving back to Deerpark and go left back up Deerpark. This is the loop. It would only be repeated one time.

On the final loop the pax went to the end of Whitehorn and had one final round of rabbits vs clydesdales, but by then 3 pax had quit (some due to injury and 1 because he legitimately had to leave early). So it was kind of a sad trombone ending. The pax, maybe feeling bad for the Q, maybe wanting to show him that the track really wasn’t worth it, indulged the Q for 5 minutes of 100 yard AYG, backwards runs, and 2 shuffles (left side and right side). Then they all joined the Hawks Nest crew just in time for burpees, losing another pax in the process.

The Moleskine:

8 started, 4 finished. It was a slaughter. The original weinke was to do a lap or two of warm-up on the track so YHC could gauge speed amongst the pax and then split up the rabbits and the clydesdales. Then the pax would have run 100 yard sprints chasing each other around the track, with a recovery yog around the curves. This was tried at SIBling Rivalry a few weeks ago and it was a solid plan and well executed.

Not so much with this crowd.

YHC’s biggest concern was developing a workout where he could keep the pax together. Injury never crossed YHC’s mind especially doing something like, you know, running at a running workout. At least if the pax got injured on the track, they wouldn’t have to walk all the way back to their cars from Raintree. That’s assuming the injured made it back to their cars. We offered to accompany them and they begged us not to.

The first man to peel off had a legitimate excuse as he needed to leave by 0600. The second man to peel off was “injured” with a pulled calf during a sprint. He walked back to his car as the remaining pax passed him, twice. Mumblechatter ensued. The third made it to the tail end of Whitehorn, before the last sprint, and also claimed an “injury” something about a pulled calf. Things were starting to look suspicious but the remaining pax kept going. The fourth pax peeled off just before joining Hawk’s Nest for COT. Maybe he didn’t want credit for the workout, maybe he had other places to be. Maybe he realized it was too late for the injury excuse. Whatever the case, we were down to 4 and YHC bragged to the assembled Hawk’s Nest pax that he had officially slaughtered 4 pax somewhere in Raintree. Guess they should have listened and stayed on the track.

Thanks to Purell for the chance to lead. Next time YHC will make it to the right parking lot for 0515 launch. Hope the pax enjoyed the workout, even if it there was a high propensity for injury. And for the injured, hope it was nothing serious and to see you all in the gloom again.

The names of the pax have been withheld to protect the (sort-of) innocent. They can sing the praises of this awesome workout in the comments below.

Hoover’s 2018 Backblast

A journey of 1,000 miles begins with 1 step.

I started the year like anyone else, with a vague notion of doing better than the year before. But better at what? I wanted to lose inches off my waist, stop always being the 6, get into the rucking thing. I’m not really sure I remember what I wanted, but I think it was forward momentum. Just not standing still.

And so, 2018 began. I remember training for the Joe Davis 10K run and treating it like it was a big deal. I had run 10 kilometers before, but something about this race was different. Maybe it was a huge F3 presence, or a chance to prove to the F3 pax/myself that I could run that distance at a respectable pace. A sense of accomplishment.

I did it, and then that race was over.

I had a great showing (IMHO), but there I was in the middle of January. The rest of the year ahead of me and it was time to decide on the next goal.
The next goal was a half-marathon, then it was SMR, Pathfinder ruck training, BRR, Go Ruck Events. After each of these, I found myself craving another goal just beyond the horizon. Working for that next CSAUP. After the half-marathon, I was sitting in a diner, ordering healthy food, and thinking about the next thing on my list. My family was happy, and proud, and kept congratulating me, but they were looking at that moment as the accomplished goal. I had already moved on to the next goal.

Maybe it’s because the destination isn’t the goal. The goal is the journey. The destination is just a chance for you to stop, look back and say, “Wow, that was an amazing accomplishment (or not).” Then keep moving forward.So, for 2019 I have more goals. This time the big one is to complete 100 miles a month, rucking or running, participating in a scheduled event or just at a workout. Pathfinder training for class 018 is almost done (a month ahead of schedule) and I’ll start class 019 in February. I’ve already scheduled 2 Go Ruck events and will be signing up again for the Joe Davis 10K.

I have so many people to thank for this, and I wouldn’t be able to remember them all in one sitting. So, here’s a thanks to everyone. Anyone who’s congratulated me, encouraged me, provided an uplifting comment, and even if you’ve thrown some shade my way, thanks. Although this is my journey, it’s not one I make alone.

2018 Achievements

Total Mileage: 1,008.6 miles of rucking or running or (sometimes) both

– First timed 10K (Joe Davis Run for Recovery)

– First ½ marathon (BB&T Corp Cup) – completed with a 30# ruck in under 2:30:00

– Ran #4 spot in the Smoky Mountain Relay, 9-man team, F3 Up ’n Over

– Ran #1 spot in the Blue Ridge Relay, 9-man team, F3 Up ‘n Over

– Crane Relay, Team Clean-Up

– Enrolled in 4 Pathfinder ruck training classes (2 Forward and 2 Endure classes)

– My neighbors (and my family) think I was crazy for walking around the neighborhood at all hours of the day (and night) with a backpack on and doing various exercises in the cul-de-sacs

– Go Ruck Light: Operation Red Wings

– Go Ruck Light: Carolina Ruck Club Battle (1st place team)

– Go Ruck Tough: Thanksgiving

– Go Ruck Light: Santa Ruck 2018

– Completed the Travis Manion 5K under ruck in 3rd place

– Completed the Let Them Soar 5K under ruck w/a track commander

– Q’d 15 F3 workouts across 2 regions

– Countless pre-runs, post-runs, pre-rucks, and post-rucks

If you’re looking for me in 2019, I’ll be that guy in the gloom always looking towards the horizon.

The (un)lucky 13

A lucky (or unlucky) 13 posted in the gloom at Covenant Day School for this week’s episode of SkunkWorks.  A quick observation by Tweetsie that YHC wasn’t waiting in the parking lot with a kettlebell lead some to speculate on the many dangers that may await.  YHC proved to be a brief master of suspense when I led everyone across the parking lot to let the madness ensue.  A quick disclaimer for the veteran pax and then we were off.


The Thang:


SSH x 50, Two-handed swing x 30

IW x 20, Two-handed swing x 30

Plank up – mt climbers x 20, Peter Parkers x 10, and Parker Peters x 10, Two-handed swing x 30


Circuit 1:

Goblet Squat, Merkin, Sumo Deadlift, Two-handed Swing

x 20, x 15, x 10, x 5


Circuit 2: (single sided)

Snatch, Reverse lunge, Lawnmower (reverse grip), cleans

x 10 each side, x7 each side, x 5 each side, x 3 each side


Circuit 3:

Curls, Upright row, Overhead Extension, double OH press

X 20, x15, x 10, x 5



40 Two-handed swings, 10 OH presses and 10 Tricep Extensions

30 Two-handed swings, 10 squats and 10 good mornings

20 Two-handed swings, 10 curls and 10 up-right rows

10 Two-handed swings



If you’ve ever been to a Meathead or Diamondhead (Metro) workout that I’ve Q’d, you’ll recognize the format.  Lots of reps designed to burn out the muscles.  The only good news is that the rep counts are descending.  If the pax did all of their reps then they would have finished 240 swings, 60 curls, 60 up-right rows, 60 squats, 60 deadlifts, 60 OH presses, and 60 tricep extensions.  Plus 50 merkins, 50 snatches, 50 lawnmowers, 50 lunges … well you get the point.


As for the pax it was a solid effort.  Mumble chatter died off after the first 10 minutes of the workout and YHC had tunes going the whole time. This was a 0.0 workout which is a change-up from the Skunkworks that I remember but some pax felt it necessary to squeeze in a pre-run this morning, so they got to count some mileage at least.

Smokey left at exactly 0615.  He didn’t even stick around for COT.  Maybe he was hoping not to get credit for the beatdown or he had somewhere more important to be …

Stone Cold said he won’t be washing his hair today after that workout.  YHC is betting that’s a regular excuse.

Solid effort this morning by the pax.  Thanks to Tulip and Funky Cold for the chance to lead.



  • Christmas Party on Saturday 12/01
  • Stone Cold is Q’ing a build for a handicap ramp for Love Inc.  0800 meet at Matthews United Methodist Parking Lot.  Will need to caravan over.  Tools and engineering will be provided, just need labor.
  • Friday 11/23 Joust and Kevlar convergence at 0600 at Covenant Day School
  • Metro Turkey Drive.

Thanks to Chin Music for the take-out.

When is the warmup over?

8 men made it to South Charlotte Middle School for this week’s edition of Base Camp.  YHC was on Q and promised a low(ish) mileage beatdown.  YHC kept it simple but effective.  So after a brief disclaimer and setting up some tunes, here’s how it went.


Tha Thang:

Run around the parking lot, Circle up x25: SSH, IW, Merkins,

Hold plank for a 10 count, then High knees (in place) x 25, butt kickers (in place) x 25

Mt. Climbers, Peter Parkers and one more loop around the parking lot

5 SLOW burpees (pause at each place in the movement and make the movements slow)


Partner up find someone you know well:

P1 runs the loop, P2 does the exercise

— or —

P1 holds plank, P2 does exercise x 20


Reverse Lunges

High knees

Carolina Dry Docks


Shoulder Taps



SLOW Flutter Kicks

Butt Kickers

SLOW Burpees

Mt. Climbers

Freddie Mercury

Reverse Lunges

High knees

Carolina Dry Docks


Shoulder Taps


Outsourced Mary and a plank for the last 20 seconds


Naked Moleskine:

YHC wanted to hit the football field for this workout but with all the rain we had last week, it was probably a muddy mess.  So YHC opted for the parking lot.  7 of us started in the lot and Floor-Slapper dropped in during our warmup.  Both he and Sardine proceeded to ask when the warmup would be over and the workout would begin.  This was while they were catching their breath from the “warmup”.

YHC offered a little choice for the pax, since I was told this was a moderate workout.  The optional plank was thrown in for anyone on injury who didn’t need to run as much.  There might have been a pax who took the option but most preferred to run.

Welcome to FNG Bunny Ranch (Goonie was stuck on it).  Hope to see him in the gloom again soon.



Christmas Party – Next Friday

Joe Davis Run – March

Metro – Turkey Drive:  $20 or donate a turkey to CMR


Thanks to Insomniac for the take-out.

Epic Workout, Not Epic Backblast

Pretty sure YHC should be doing work or studying for the PMP, but enough of that.  Meathead needs a backblast and YHC has fallen out of practice.  If you read the pre-blast, then you know this will not be witty or epic but the workout was (epic).

9 men met at Elizabeth Lane Elementary for their downpainment in the weekly workout that is Meathead.  As per the usual, we circled up, music was queued, disclaimer, shovel flag, and we were off.

The Things:

SSH x 20, Two-handed swing x 20
IW x 20, Two-handed swing x 20
Plank up – mt climbers x 20, hold plank for 20 seconds, Two-handed swing x 20

Circuit 1: all 4 exercises represent one set, and reps are descending per set.  As reps go low, weight goes high
Goblet Squat, Merkin, Sumo Deadlift, Two-handed Swing
x 20, x 15, x 10, x 5

Circuit 2: (single sided)
Clean and press from ground, Reverse lunge, Lawnmower (reverse grip), one armed swing
x 10 each side, x 7 each side, x 5 each side, x 3 each side

waiter/rack/suitcase carry across the parking lot. Start with right arm, come back with left.

Circuit 3:
Curls, Upright row, Overhead Extension, double OH press (thanks Mighty Mite)
X 20, x 15, x 10, x 5

Circuit 4:
one arm swings, Snatch, OH presses, diamonds merkins
x 10 each side, x 7 each side, x 5 each side, x 3 each side (or X 20, x 15, x 10, x 5)

The ‘warmed up by the end of the first set’ Moleskin:

Workouts always look easier on paper.  This is no exception.  The idea was not to focus on one area in a circuit and slowly add in extra weight.  The killer here is the number of reps.  We got 100 2 handed swings in today, 50 standard and 35 diamond merkins (circuit 4 got cut short due to time constraints), 100 single side OH presses and 50 two-handed OH presses, 50 squats, 50 sumo dead lifts, etc.  I struggled at the end of the last sets of OH presses with a 53lb bell, so I know I was smoked.

Pax were in good spirits, mumble-chatter was light-hearted even if the music wasn’t.  YHC did get some comments about his song selections from “that sounds like a teenager, whose voice just dropped, yelling at his parents because he can’t go to the party” to “i’m feeling angry now”.  Overall, great effort out there.  Thanks Voodoo and High Tide for the opportunity to lead and for High Tide with the takeout.



Crane Relay – Tomorrow

Vagabond – November 10th, Hickory Tavern, 13 miles, 6 AOs, t-shirts are available.  Check the pre-blast.

Christmas Party – Dec 1st, 6:00 PM, Seaboard in Matthews, food by Brown Bag

Santa Ruck (2.0 friendly) – Dec 1st, not at 6:00 PM

Metro has a turkey drive going.  They want any donations this year to be turkeys delivered by pax to the families that they are donating too.  See Deer Tick in Metro for more details.

SOB is hosting a Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving day.  Trash talk is aimed at Area 51, for a highly contested win in a previous year.  Smething about hurt feelings (i.e. SOB wasn’t invited back, boo hoo).  So Area 51, as per an SOB guy, “if you want to come to the varsity game, come out to that one.”  All this from a SOB pax who is boycotting SOB so he can come to Area 51 to trash them ahead of the Turkey Bowl.  Riiiiiiiight …hopefully SOB won’t shut it down like they did Foxhole.   Too soon?

Winter gear orders are coming.  Help High Tide keep his role as gear Q and order something.

Joe Davis Run is in March.  Get the lowest price by registering on or before October 31st.


And now, your mornings playlist

Filter – Hey Man, Nice Shot

Helmet – Milquetoast

Snapcase – 20th Nervous Breakdown

Madball – For my Enemies

Deftones – Headup

The Hope Conspiracy – Youth and It’s Burden

Paint it Black – The Beekeeper

Sick of it All – Disco Sucks, F*** Everything

System of a Down – Sugar

Faith No More & Boo Ya Tribe – Another Body Murdered

Rage Against the Machine – Sleep Now in the Fire

Social Distortion – Don’t Drag Me Down

Red City Radio – 50th and Western

Not an epic pre-blast …

This hasn’t happened in a while.  A pre-blast by YHC and a pre-blast for Meathead.

If you were hoping for dry, witty humor or some level of epic writing, then find something written by Ickey Shuffle or Horsehead.  YHC is simply here to let you know that tomorrow will be tough.  You will have trouble screwing in light bulbs after this workout, your legs may fail you when you try to get up from your desk later in the day, and your ears will never forgive the onslaught of aggressive sounds of the 1990’s – 2000’s.

Playlist will include:  filter, helmet, sick of it all, clutch, deftones, madball, rage against the machine, paint it black, red city radio, social distortion, system of a down, the hope conspiracy, snapcase.  it won’t be a white zombie workout, as disappointing as that sounds.

Bring light bells and heavy bells, expect high reps and low reps.  And grab a protein shake, you’ll need it after we’re done.


This is why You Tube has a terrible impact on society …

The title of this back blast is an actual quote from today’s workout.  And it’s all YHC’s fault, since YouTube posted videos with the “13 Exercises That are Better Than Burpees for Fat Loss”.  And YHC doesn’t do burpees, so there you go.

Anyhow, 7 men gathered in the parking lot of Charlotte Christian Academy for the Friday beat-down.  And here’s how it went.


The Thang:

Run to the center of the field

High knees in place (x20 IC)

Fast, Deep, Squats x15

Merkins x 10

CDD x 10

Mosey to the score board goal post and partner up.  P1 runs down the length of the field and back to

P2.  P2 does called exercise until P1 comes back to them.  Goal is for both partners to collectively make it 100 yards with the called exercise.

Walking Lunges

Bear Crawl

Crab Walk

Mosey to Grandma’s mountain

11’s 7’s, bear crawl up the mountain, reverse bear crawl back down:

Plank jacks & Parker Peter (4 Count)

Mosey to the 50 yard line, ½ the group goes to the other side of the field and partners run on the sidelines and meet at the goal post for called exercise.

Hand-slap merkins x 10

Low five/high five squats x 10

WWII situps, foot to foot, slap hands at the top x 10

Mosey to the playground behind the bleachers

7’s at the playground

Reverse grip pull-ups and tricep dips

Impromptu Mary (thanks Chin Music)

Protractor (somehow in cadence)

Dolly x 10

Mosey back to the cars (the long way back)

Hold squat in the parking lot for 1 minute


Da Moleskin:

There’s something to say about our staggered arrival.  YHC arrived about 6 minutes early to find just Boerwors in the parking lot and Chin Music’s truck but no Chin Music.  At about 5:28:30 Yeti and Smokey arrive and YHC thinks, “Good there’s four of us, it’s a workout now.”  At precisely 5:30, YHC delivers the disclaimer and two runners come hot into the parking lot hot, Funky Cold with FNG in-tow.  Said FNG claims to be Funky Cold’s neighbor.  Disclaimer re-delivered, now we’re six and this workout is on.  Then on our way to the field, Chin Music pops out from behind a building looking like he already ran a few laps without us.  Thankfully, he saved us the need to break in open the gate, and fell in with the group.

So the workout was designed as an alternative to burpees.  Burpees suck.  Let’s all agree on that.  So YHC looked online and YouTube provided workout gold.  “13 Exercises That are Better Than Burpees for Fat Loss” and “70 Bodyweight Cardio Exercises” were the inspiration for this madness.  Somewhere around the bear crawls up and down Grandma’s Mountain Boerwors promptly exclaimed, “This is why You Tube has a terrible impact on society.”  And he might be right.

Overall, the pax delivered.  Plenty of painful mumble-chatter (and a little second F) told me I had accomplished my goal of a challenging workout and YHC’s shoulders are in pain right now as a reminder.

Welcome to FNG Hammy.  Somehow he ran back home with Funky Cold.  T-claps to a pre and post run.

Thanks to Smokey for the takeout.



Convergence on 06/22 with Kevlar at Joust.  Be there.

Come to the Charge on Wednesday.  It’s like Joust but right up the road.

AG Middle School needs a new field and F3 is raising cash for it.  Donate if you can.

Rock Zero is looking for Qs this summer.  Let us know if you’re interested.