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This is why You Tube has a terrible impact on society …

The title of this back blast is an actual quote from today’s workout.  And it’s all YHC’s fault, since YouTube posted videos with the “13 Exercises That are Better Than Burpees for Fat Loss”.  And YHC doesn’t do burpees, so there you go.

Anyhow, 7 men gathered in the parking lot of Charlotte Christian Academy for the Friday beat-down.  And here’s how it went.


The Thang:

Run to the center of the field

High knees in place (x20 IC)

Fast, Deep, Squats x15

Merkins x 10

CDD x 10

Mosey to the score board goal post and partner up.  P1 runs down the length of the field and back to

P2.  P2 does called exercise until P1 comes back to them.  Goal is for both partners to collectively make it 100 yards with the called exercise.

Walking Lunges

Bear Crawl

Crab Walk

Mosey to Grandma’s mountain

11’s 7’s, bear crawl up the mountain, reverse bear crawl back down:

Plank jacks & Parker Peter (4 Count)

Mosey to the 50 yard line, ½ the group goes to the other side of the field and partners run on the sidelines and meet at the goal post for called exercise.

Hand-slap merkins x 10

Low five/high five squats x 10

WWII situps, foot to foot, slap hands at the top x 10

Mosey to the playground behind the bleachers

7’s at the playground

Reverse grip pull-ups and tricep dips

Impromptu Mary (thanks Chin Music)

Protractor (somehow in cadence)

Dolly x 10

Mosey back to the cars (the long way back)

Hold squat in the parking lot for 1 minute


Da Moleskin:

There’s something to say about our staggered arrival.  YHC arrived about 6 minutes early to find just Boerwors in the parking lot and Chin Music’s truck but no Chin Music.  At about 5:28:30 Yeti and Smokey arrive and YHC thinks, “Good there’s four of us, it’s a workout now.”  At precisely 5:30, YHC delivers the disclaimer and two runners come hot into the parking lot hot, Funky Cold with FNG in-tow.  Said FNG claims to be Funky Cold’s neighbor.  Disclaimer re-delivered, now we’re six and this workout is on.  Then on our way to the field, Chin Music pops out from behind a building looking like he already ran a few laps without us.  Thankfully, he saved us the need to break in open the gate, and fell in with the group.

So the workout was designed as an alternative to burpees.  Burpees suck.  Let’s all agree on that.  So YHC looked online and YouTube provided workout gold.  “13 Exercises That are Better Than Burpees for Fat Loss” and “70 Bodyweight Cardio Exercises” were the inspiration for this madness.  Somewhere around the bear crawls up and down Grandma’s Mountain Boerwors promptly exclaimed, “This is why You Tube has a terrible impact on society.”  And he might be right.

Overall, the pax delivered.  Plenty of painful mumble-chatter (and a little second F) told me I had accomplished my goal of a challenging workout and YHC’s shoulders are in pain right now as a reminder.

Welcome to FNG Hammy.  Somehow he ran back home with Funky Cold.  T-claps to a pre and post run.

Thanks to Smokey for the takeout.



Convergence on 06/22 with Kevlar at Joust.  Be there.

Come to the Charge on Wednesday.  It’s like Joust but right up the road.

AG Middle School needs a new field and F3 is raising cash for it.  Donate if you can.

Rock Zero is looking for Qs this summer.  Let us know if you’re interested.

Second Chances …

This was a week of second chances for YHC:

  • It was YHC’s second (last-minute) kettlebell Q in a week
  • a makeup Q for YHC’s miss on Tuesday of Skunkworks  (For all you loyal Skunkworks fans, don’t worry I’ll be back, date TBD.)
  • YHC’s second FNG naming of the week
  • and a chance for YHC to perfect an already tough non-running weinke that premiered on Monday

Second chances are a valuable thing.  Not having one is a limiting factor in life.  Not giving a second chance to someone is effectively closing a door to a future that person may never experience.  And I would wager most of us in F3 are only where we are today because of at least one second chance in life.  There is a saying, “Having a second chance makes you want to work even harder”.  So I took the second chance with a last minute Q request and worked harder.

But you’re here to read a backblast about a sweet Meathead Q so here we go…

7 pax plus one FNG showed up for this week’s episode of Meathead.  YHC pulled out some old favorites from the days of High-T and added a few new tricks to keep the pax on their toes.

The Thang:

Two-handed swing x 20, Merkins – x10
Two-handed swing x 20, Mt climbers x 20
Two-handed swing x 20, Clean and press with bell x10
Two-handed swing x 20

Supersets and High Intensity Sets:

12 reps or AMRAP up to 12: Goblet Squat, Good Morning
Snatch with an Overhead Press (x5 each side) & Clean and press with bell x5 – (repeat the whole routine 3 times)
12 reps or AMRAP up to 12: Chest press, Lawnmower (12 each side or double it up for more fun!)
Snatch, Overhead Press (x5 each side) & Clean and press with bell x5 – (repeat the whole routine 3 times)

Overhead Farmers Carry across the parking lot (right hand, return with left hand)

Flutter kick w/bell press x20
Leuganis (bell behind head starting position) x10
Freddie Mercury (no bell) slow x20
American Hammer x15

Burnout Sets:
20 & 5
15 & 10
10 & 15
5 & 20

Exercises included: chest press & lawnmower, squat & good morning

The second moleskine:

Great showing by the pax today.  Monday’s DH crew set the bar pretty high and today’s crew stepped it up to their level.  Blazing Saddles quietly crushed the routine and was one of the early finishers on our supersets.  Purell and Bulldog decided to partner up at one point and pulled doubles on the chest press keeping the pax encouragement train running.  Between Voodoo and High Tide we had enough bells that a security guard from Carolina Fitness slowly crept around the parking lot to see if any of those bells still had the security tags on them.  Wild Turkey impressed YHC by picking up on a somewhat obscure punk band (Refused) that was on the playlist which led to some name dropping of punk bands and record labels from the 90’s and 00’s.  YHC brought the ruck because the ruck gets lonely at home.

Voodoo also EH’d a FNG from Connecticut (F3CT coming soon?) who actually Ubered it in.  That must have been a hell of a fare coming from Connecticut.  A big welcome to Uber (seriously that’s his name), enjoy the pain and welcome to the fold.


05/15 – 6 year anniversary of Skunkworks.  Get there and celebrate with a kettlebell cake.

Memorial Day:  Patriot 5K.  Speed for Need will be in attendance.

Gear Orders:  get ’em in.  All the fun colors are back.  Black and neon green/yellow.

05/11 – FNG/Kotters day at Cerberus.  Bring an FNG or just come out and support your fellow pax.

YHC had the take-out.

For your obscure listening pleasure, here’s the playlist:

Tool – Forty Six and Two
Alice in Chains – Them Bones
Sick of it All – Disco Sucks, F*** Everything
Bigwig – A War Inside
Clutch – Unto the Breach
Paint it Black – The Beekeeper
Deftones – Swerve City
Filter – Welcome to the Fold
Monster Magnet – Powertrip
Bad Religion – 21st Century Digital Boy
Paint it Black – Atheists in Foxholes
Refused – The Shape of Punk to Come


Disclaimer (for any mildly offended snow-flakes): This back-blast was written before the workout began.  It was written when someone dropped a #neveragain bracelet in the parking lot of Providence Day School.  Because let’s face it, you can’t leave something so sensitive in a parking lot where a bunch of pax meet in the gloom and not expect it to be referenced multiple times in the workout.

To be clear:  YHC supports the right to free speech, whether that means walking out of a classroom or staying in your seat.  Just remember kids, actions have consequences.  That’s a lesson many so-called adults should be reminded of.

That’s all I will say on the matter.

Four (then five) men looked for a dry spot on a wet cold day at The Charge.  Luckily, we found a new parking garage but decided the smart decision was not to start the workout there.  After discovering a #neveragain bracelet abandoned by the cars and declaring that the backblast will practically write itself, the disclaimer was given and we were off.

The Thang:

Mosey up towards the school (not towards the field) for some COP

SSH x 25, IW x 20, Merkins x 15 all IC

Mosey back to the cars to grab “the ladies” and a wayward Monk.  The ladies consisted of a 35# kettlebell and 2 35# weight plates.  Monk was unlucky enough to show up late and run around in the rain looking for us.

CMIYC from the car to dry parking garage with P1 running with weight and P2 doing 10 merkins then chasing P1.

“In the garage, I feel safe …” from the rain maybe but not the pain.  #neveragain will they let Hoover lead. (Bonus points if you know the song I just referenced.)

Once in the garage everyone put down the ladies and broke the first rule of handling the ladies.  Nobody puts the ladies on the ground.  Everyone does 10 merkins.  #neveragin did they put the ladies down.  Then it was time to work.

P1 takes a lap around the parking garage while P2 does a called exercise until P1 relieves them then flapjack.


Alternating Lunges (weight overhead)

Overhead Press


Tricep Extensions

Upright rows



Afterwards we all sat in a circle facing outwards and passed the weights.  First clockwise and then counter-clockwise.  This caused some grumbles.

Next the pax lined up for a Jacob’s ladder plank-o-rama.  Using the parking spaces pax planked up on the lines between each space, then the first pax ran to the first open space and signaled for the next pax to run to the next open space.  This continued until we made a circuit around the parking garage.

Onto the Mary:  LBC’s x 20, Heels to Heaven x 20, Freddie Mercury x 20, Protractor (outsourced to the pax for the angles.  We went wide a few times, it was terrible for the pax and the spectators.)

Head back to the cars for the COT

Moleskine:  I took the Q yesterday after receiving a text from Boererwors that he needed a substi-Q.  Apparently there was an injury.  YHC stepped up to the plate to deliver a downpainment.

It must have rained last night, like a lot.  I slept right through it, had no clue it would be in the 30’s and raining until the alarm went off at 4:45.  There was a moment of #neveragain regret for not checking the weather but then it was go-time.  YHC was asked to lead and you don’t back down from that.

As pax were assembling in the parking lot, Carrier found a bracelet memorializing the recent hashtag that all the kids are wearing these days #neveragain was found on the ground.  After a brief moment of pax introspection the decision was made … #neveragain will we assemble in the rain when the temperature starts with a 3 to have an outdoor workout … instead we’ll hit the parking garage.

And hit it the pax did.  I pulled a workout down from the library of past Q’s that should have left everyone crying in pain.  Instead the pax seemed to take it all in stride.  Maybe it was because the pax knew the option was to go outside and lay on the cold wet football field, maybe the ladies were too light, maybe the pax were just that good, and maybe it was the confidence from standing outside in the cold wet gloom and realizing you’re surrounded by pax that also embraced the suck today and didn’t fart-sack it.  So it can’t be that bad, right?  Whatever the reason, #neveragain will I underestimate the pax at The Charge.

Solid effort by everyone and we stayed (mostly) dry.



The Charge needs Q’s, contact Boererwors if interested

Preblast: The Irish Mutha Ruck

The Irish – Friday, March 16, 2018 (St Patrick’s Day Eve)

Mutha – ship … the Muthaship.

Ruck – I refer to it as “the art of putting on 30 pounds to lose 30 pounds”.

This is a night-time ruck to the Muthaship on Friday, March 16, 2018 (St Patrick’s Day Eve).  The ruck will encompass a 15 mile round trip starting at Providence Day School to the Muthaship and back.  The route will take us up Providence Rd to Thompson Park/The Captain Jack Statue where we’ll take 4th street up to Caldwell.  We’ll return on the same route.  As these are busy streets we will be utilizing sidewalks and pax should wear reflective gear.  Lights are also encouraged.

Creative coupons are welcome, but keep in mind we’ll be walking into Uptown Charlotte on a Friday night.  Keep it discrete.

We will climb to the top of the Muthaship.  Coupon creativity is key here, certain coupons can be emptied/consumed at this point to lighten the load going home.

Launch time scheduled for: 20:00, expect 5 – 6 hours total.  Tell the M’s it will be a late night out with the boys.  Your stumbling home is a result of rucking too much and not drinking too much.

What you need:

  • A ruck
  • Some weight
  • Water to stay hydrated
  • OPTIONAL: Creative coupon.  Coupons should be protable and can be shared with other ruckers.  If contents are consumed/dumped at the top of the Muthaship, no one will know.

HC by following the link here and signing up.  All regions and all levels of ruck experience are welcome.

If you’re doing Pathfinder training this counts as the overnight ruck challenge.  Total distance is 15 miles round-trip.

3 sets of 12 or 12 sets of 3?

Eleven decided their arms were only good for one thing today and that was slinging some iron.  YHC did his best to deliver a painful beatdown and Q’d the workout under a 30# Ruck.

The Thang:

SSH x 20, Two-handed swing x 20

Merkin x 20, Two-handed swing x 20

Mt. climbers x 20, Two-handed swing x 20

Circuits: 3 sets 12 or AMRAP up to 12

Goblet Squat, Good Morning

Snatch, Overhead Press (two handed)

Deadlift to upright row to overhead press, Calf Raises


Diamond Merkins, Lawnmower

Single arm high-pull, one arm swing

Burnout Sets: Reps go 20 &5, 15 &10, 10 & 15, 5 & 20

two-handed swings / curls

up-right rows / tricep extensions

10 squats

10 good mornings

Moleskinny:  Good showing today, saw some faces that I haven’t seen in a while.  Including (but not limited to): Fletch, Tackling Dummy, and Prohibition.  Maybe I need to make the rounds a little more often.  Mumblechatter was looking strong this morning when YHC didn’t have the volume pumped up enough for the pax.  Comments were made about the size of the speaker vs the volume output and yet somehow they ended there and didn’t veer off into the gutter.  Maybe we are a classy group after all … on second thought no we’re not.  YHC didn’t want to wake the neighbors with such awesome tunes.  Once the workout was underway mumblechatter died out quickly.  Must have been those three sets of 12 (or was it 12 sets of 3?)  Pax were crushing it today,

Since when did Meathead become more popular with the runners than Devil’s Turn?  #RunningIsBoring

Thanks to Voodoo, Witch Doctor, High Tide, my job, and my alarm clock this week for letting me Q.  Always a pleasure to be home and to lead my favorite workout.


Announcements:  Bro-lympics Saturday 02/24, Run-Jen-Run in 10 days get registered, Rock Zero need’s Q’s

YHC had the takeout today

You want reps? You got reps …

11 pax gathered in the dark (10 meatheads and 1 runner) for a whole bunch of reps and a playlist that promised to stay in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.  Pretty sure there were a few post 80’s songs in the playlist, but at least there were plenty of reps to go around.

Hoover-sized shovel flag planted, disclaimer given, and out of nowhere Rachel pops into the circle minus a kettle-bell.  Pax stood in stunned silence until YHC said, “You know we’re not running right?  You’ll be in that same spot at the end of the workout.”  Rachel confirmed, he was lent two kettlebells and we got underway.

The Thang:

SSH x 20, Two-handed swing x 20
IW x 20, Two-handed swing x 20
Plank up – mt climbers x 20, hold plank for 20 seconds, Two-handed swing x 20

Circuit 1:
Squat, Merkin, Good Morning, Two-handed Swing
x 20, x 15, x 10, x 5

Circuit 2: (single sided)
Clean and press from ground, Reverse lunge, Lawnmower (reverse grip), alternating swing
x 10 each side, x7 each side, x 5 each side, x 3 each side

waiter/rack/suitcase carry across the parking lot. Start with right arm, come back with left.

Circuit 3:
Curls, Upright row, Overhead Tricep Extension
X 20, x15, x 10, x 5

Circuit 4:
alternating swings, Snatch, OH presses, diamonds merkins,
x 10 each side, that’s all the time we had for that circuit

Mary: LBC’s with bell IC x20, standing oblique lean with bell x10 each side.

The Moleskinny:

It was billed as a bunch of reps, and the pax got their money’s worth.  YHC was swinging a 53 lb bell and was usually the last to finish each set, so it’s safe to say the pax were killing it the whole time.  The playlist was a big hit by track 2, with pax commenting to turn up the AC/DC and Tom Petty.

The idea with this workout was simple, exhaust the muscles in the first set of the circuit, then dial back the reps each time so at the end 5 reps felt like the hardest 5 you’ve ever done.  Not sure if it turned out that way, but the mumble-chatter was low and everyone was sweating at the end.  The most important part (to YHC) was stopping after each circuit to wait for all pax to finish so we always start together and no one ranges out too far ahead of the group.

Great work today and thanks to Tulip for taking us out.


Let them Soar 5K – This Saturday

Christmas Party – December 8th at the Seaboard in Matthews

Winter Gear Order – See the F3 website before next Friday, makes a great Christmas gift

Finally for your listening pleasure, today’s playlist:

Jimi Hendrix – Spanish Castle Magic
AC/DC – Shoot to Thrill
Tom Petty – Runnin’ Down a Dream
The Who – The Seeker
The Doors – Roadhouse Blues
CCR – Fortunate Son
The Black Keys – Grown So Ugly
The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter
Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song
AC/DC – Let There Be Rock
Stiff Little Fingers – Guitar and Drum
Supersuckers – Paid


Skunked Circuits

25 of Area 51’s finest showed up for a skunked circuit session that involved swinging iron, good tunes, and a little running.  YHC got in early to plant the shovel flag and at 5:30 a disclaimer was given.  Then it began.

The Thang:

Move to the soccer fields with bells kick on the tunes and here’s how it went.


SSH x 20, Two-handed swing x 20 run a lap

IW x 20, Two-handed swing x 20 run a lap

Plank up – mt climbers x 20, hold plank for 20 seconds, Two-handed swing x 20


Circuit 1:

Squat, Merkin, Good Morning, Two-handed Swing all x 10 w/run to other side of the field and back

Circuit 2:

Clean and press from ground, Reverse lunge, Lawnmower (reverse grip), alternating swing all x 10 w/run to other side of the field and back


Cross the field:  waiter/rack/suitcase carry. Start with right arm, come back with left.


Circuit 3:

Curls, Upright row, Overhead Extension all x 10 w/run to other side of the field and back

Circuit 4:

alternating swings, Snatch, OH presses, diamonds merkins, all x 10 w/run to other side of the field and back

Circuit completed twice, then a little mary with bells,

20 UR rows 5 deadlifts

15 UR rows 10 deadlifts

10 UR rows 15 deadlifts

5 UR rows 20 deadlifts

20 more swings and a final lap

Moleskin: Strong effort by the pax on Tuesday.  Mumble chatter was at its normal volume but the workout was solid.  I haven’t been a regular to Skunkworks because of work travel so it was nice to see a bunch of familiar faces.


F3 golf, Isabella Santos, 1 yr anniversary of gumby,

YHC had the take out

The Classic Rock(s) at Rock Zero without actual rocks

7 brave souls showed up as the first rays of light graced Calvary church parking lot.  Disclaimer was given, and promptly ignored.  Then we were off.

The Thang:

Run from launch point to grassy knoll (fast pace), Plank up, left leg up, right leg up, right arm , left arm, 10 merkins
Squat x 10, jumps squats x 10, squats x 10, 10 merkins, Plank up, mt climbers x 15, 10 merkins

Run the loop Grassy knoll to the roundabout and back.  (make sure everyone knows the loop)
Retrieve weights from car, we opted for no rocks.  Our playlist was rock enough.
Catch me if you can around the loop, P1 ten merkins, P2 carries weight overhead, P1 catch up. Complete one circuit and plank for the six.

Cue the music, here.

Stations: P1 does exercise, P2 runs to the end of the parking lot (towards the soccer fields) and back, flapjack. When both partners have completed the exercise, rotate.
Station 1:  Weighted merkin (plate on back) (45 lb plate)
Station 2:  Reverse Lunges (45 lb plate) 5 per side
Station 3:  Lawnmower (35 lb plate) 10 per side
Station 4:  High Pull (35 lb plate)
Station 5:  Military press (85 pounds)
Station 6:  Goblet squat (35 lb bell)
Station 7:  Good morning (53 lb bell)

Run the loop with a plate

Switch partners, P1 grab a plate for Plank-o-rama, P1 does exercise and P2 planks until done, flapjack
3 super-sets of 5 Curls and 5 Overhead tricep extensions flapjack with partner three times.

Weights went back in the car, we grabbed the rope, the shovel flag and ran (with shovel flag) to the playground.
3 super-sets again of 5 pull-ups, 5 carolina dry docks

Tug-o-war:  40 foot battle rope, two teams of three. (or a team of two if you’re with Hoover) a few rounds of this and everyone earned some bragging rights.

One final lap around the church block to get our mileage in.  #RockZeroCommandments #FlippersManifesto

Moleskin:  There was an unofficial pre-run (for those that totally disrespect the Q).  Pre-run was 2.3 miles and runners consisted of the YHC and site-Q Flipper.  Pax noticed both YHC and site-Q were spitting and blowing snot-rockets post pre-run.  Questions were asked and no explanation given.

Today’s awkward conversations included:

“Everyone partner up, we’re an odd number so we’ll make one group a 3-way.”

Discussions in the church parking lot about compound joints, apparently App State alumni are well versed in compound joints.

It’s hard to pick up chicks with a kid seat in your car.

Feel free to leave comments of other awkward conversational moments, as YHC’s short term memory is gone thanks to those compound joints the App State boys brought to the workout.

And welcome to Coal Ash, he wasn’t an FNG but he was new to the Rock.  Glad to have you brother, please come back and join us again.


Southern Discomfort is 10/21

Isabella Santos run is 09/30, RockZero will be closed that day (to Flipper).  Whether anyone else shows up is the big question.

F3 Golf

Keep Austin F3’d

Thanks Flipper for the takeout

*****Finally, for your listening pleasure, the classic playlist*****

You can find it here with Amazon music.  If not, read below.

Jimi Hendrix – Spanish Castle Magic
AC/DC – Shoot to Thrill
Tom Petty – Running Down a Dream
The Who – The Seeker
The Doors – Roadhouse Blues
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son
The Black Keys – Grown So Ugly
The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter
Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song
AC/DC – Let There be Rock
Stiff Little Fingers – Guitar and Drum
Supersuckers – Paid
Ram Jam – Black Betty

Hoover takes a light day …

7 pax, 4 miles, and 100% humidity.  What’s the worst that could happen?  Apparently a no mercy Q by YHC.  Here’s how it we(n)t down.

The shovel flag was planted and something was mumbled that might or might not have been a disclaimer.

The Thang:

Run to the fake grass for a quick warmup IC:  SSH x 25, IW x 15, mt climbers x 25, squats x 15.  Pax then commenced an indian run for 4 miles.  Here’s the route: left out onto 51 and indian run to the first traffic light.  plank it up, right arm high, left arm high, regular, LBC’s, and merkins.  Indian run left down elm to the next light then lunge walk, carolina dry docks x20, and heels to heaven x20.  Indian run down Bevington and past starbucks.  Continue into Devil’s Turn territory and stop at a cul-de-sac for some partnered 7’s around the cul-de-sac with hand-slap merkins and squats.  Afterward everyone does LBC’s, Freddie Mercury, and a quick Have a Nice Day (it’s an import from F3 Raleigh).  Then indian run back to the church, this time the uphill route.  Almost lost Boerewors and Gummy at one point, till YHC called a stop.  Rachel was itching to take off so YHC sent him to scout ahead to the library, while the rest of the pax took a mosey into the parking lot.  At the parking lot line up abreast and do lunges to every other parking spot then merkins (10, 8, 6, 4, 2) followed by more LBC’s.  Our final leg took us around the front of the church and back to the launch point via the entrance we came in on.  AYG arm circles until the end.

The slightly humid moleskin:

This was a last minute Q because…well who knows just that Flipper cried cancellation and YHC was the first to respond.  But never fear, YHC can cover a light day.  The only thing light about the day, of course, was our shirts after wringing the sweat out in the parking lot.

As usual Gummy opted for modify as necessary on the SSH.  It was also pointed out that my warmup was textbook F3.  Not sure if that’s a compliment or a veiled criticism from out resident chatty-cathy.  YHC wasn’t sure about what to do on the partner work for this week and decided to opt for a team event on the workout.  With just 7 of us, the indian run seemed like a great idea.  And it worked out well.  The pax stayed together for through the first 3/4 of the run.  to YHC that’s the most important part, keep the group together to support each other.  At just about every tree someone pulled the branches to cool us down, it was more like a rain forest in pea soup with the humidity.

Great effort by Hammer.  He was pounding pavement at every turn and wasn’t phased by the heat or the distance.  Pretty sure Rachel didn’t break a sweat until about 7:45 but he was a good sport for running with the slow guys.

As we were running back in Gummy asked if YHC ever thought YHC would lead a 4 mile workout.  The answer a year ago was a solid no, but today YHC is a different man.  Four miles?  I got this, and at a steady 9:30 pace.  Thanks to my brothers for their support as always.


Give 2 Give, new web site address, BRR, Christmas party, Rock Zero needs Q’s if you’re interested.

Gummy had the take-out.

Searching for a dry spot …

.. and none were found.  14 men dared the sky to open up for a third day in a row and swung some bells this morning.  All were veterans so the disclaimer was light.  Here it goes:

The Thang:

Run to the rock and back, 20 SSH, Run to the rock and back, 20 IW, 20 swings OYO.  Once everyone was winded we discussed the finer points of working on the field.  But since the field resembled a large swimming pool filled with grass and mud YHC called an audible and moved us over to the rock.  The men circled up and the madness began.

First and second set:  20 two handed swings, 20 High Pulls, 10 Snatches – 5 per side

Between sets, Line up to lunge walk to the ramp by the school entrance, plank up for the 6 and mosey back. Rinse and repeat for the second set.

Third and fourth set: 20 two handed swings, 10 Clean & Press – 5 per side, 20 Goblet Squats

Between sets: Duck walk to the ramp by the school entrance, plank up for the 6 and mosey back. Rinse and repeat for the fourth set.

Fifth and sixth set: One handed swings – 10 each side, 10 Bicep Curls, 10 Tricep Extensions, Lawn Mowers – 10 reps each side, 20 Good Mornings

Move bell to lockout position on left side walk to the ramp again.  This time 10 merkins IC.

Move bell to lockout position on right side walk to the parking lot entrance,  10 merkins IC.

Move to the cars for some Mary:

Leuganis x 10 IC, Flutter press IC, Russian twist IC, Bell lean IC, and finally some pax choice for a little improv.

The moleskine:

Great effort today by all the pax.  The early runners just made it back to the parking lot for 5:30,  Apparently, Fletch had to go find them all and get them back.  Fireman Ed has been doing double workouts, who knew 3:00 AM was good time to hit the gym?  Apparently it’s just him and some guy in a trench coat.  No one asked any questions.

Great to see Caddie making the regular rounds.  He was an FNG at Joust only a few weeks ago but has picked up kettlebells with little trouble.  Keep at it brother!

Finally, thank to Harley for the chance to lead.  Workouts are challenging enough, but leading them is a new level of challenge for YHC.  I say BRING IT ON!!


Bulldog Q’s Meathead on Thursday, Fletch Q’s Death Valley tomorrow, Come to Kevlar on Friday and get your High-T on this Saturday at Calvary (shameless advertising all around)

YHC had the take-out