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Extra Credit Monday, or How the 70’s helped me become a better (bell) swinger

7 men gathered in the gloom of the not-so-smooth InVue parking lot for this week’s edition of Swole. We had two runners show up, so YHC assumes they were lost or woke up on a Monday expecting it to be Tuesday (those swifty, fast-twitchers).  With the playlist prepped, courtesy of Unplugged’s Sunday request, and a weak disclaimer, the timer was set and off we went … to a distance exactly 0.0 miles away.

The Thang, the moleskine, and some other stuff:

02:30 on and 00:30 off.  Rinse and repeat until 250 swings, then do some static holds and planks.  That was the plan, the execution not so smooth.  these were the exercises.  two sets.

25 swings
5 Upright Rows
5 lawnmowers (per side)
5 goblet squats
25 swings
5 shoulder press (per side)
5 merkins
5 romanian deadlifts

The exercises held up but YHC left too much time between sets and realized, after set 1, to change up the timing.  No worries.  Basically, I dropped the 30 second rest off some of the sets and incorporated static holds in some of the other rest periods, and then actually allowed a rest twice (you’re welcome).  Thanks to YHC’s trusty accountant, Uncle Leo, we actually did 300 swings not 250.

So all pax in attendance get a 50 swing credit to use at any workout of their choice this week.

CREDIT SMALL PRINT:  Some restrictions apply.  All swings credited with bell weight of equal or lesser weight to the bell weight used on 10/05 at Swole.  Credit is non-refundable, non-transferrable, has a cash value of 0.00, and is not legal in any of 48 contiguous states.  Residents of Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, and Guam are not eligible for a credit.  Not to be combined with credit offers from other AOs, other regions, or yo mama.  Pax must present this backblast to the Q of their workout choice to redeem the 50 swing credit.  The Q reserves all rights to acknowledge the credit or tell the pax to go pound sand.  If pax feel this credit was issued in error, they must respond to this backblast in writing with a darn good reason.  After which YHC will tell the pax to go pound sand.

The fun part about the workout was the playlist (isn’t it always).  70’s funk, thanks to a request by Unplugged.  Admittedly, YHC was a little challenged to develop this playlist.  Most of the music in YHCs catalog that could fit the 70s funk genre was not what one would classify as “good music to swing heavy iron to” but somehow it worked.  Grasshopper was a fan and that gets a Chuck Norris sized thumbs up in YHC’s book.


Curtis Mayfield: Pusherman
Average White Band: Pick Up the Pieces
Spinners: Rubberband Man
Ohio Players: Love Rollercoaster
Charles Wright: Soul Train
James Brown: The Payback
Curtis Mayfield: Superfly
Edwin Starr: War
Isaac Hayes: Theme from “Shaft”
Stevie Wonder: Higher Ground
Kool and the Gang: Hollywood Swinging


There’s a whole bunch of stuff going on in SOB-land this month.  There’s a Q-school/bloodrive/convergence/happy hour lasting the entire month of October.  In YHC’s opinion that sounds like a blast and you should all sign-up (YHC did).  As per the usual, Mighty Mite has all the details but you should check out Slack for more updates.

YHC had the take-out.

Matrix Monday or Man, it’s cold

Pax:  Homer, Hoover (Q), Smokey (or is it Smoky)

3 men showed up for Monday’s edition of the Matrix.  YHC has volunteered to Q for Christmas, something about a long run keeping him from his assigned duties.  HR files and performance reviews now updated, the pax could proceed.

YHC pulled in around 0525 to get the lay of the land.  It was a new AO to YHC (a VQ at the Matrix) and there was no one in the main parking lot.  Eventually, YHC meandered over to the side parking lot and discovered 2 pax waiting in warm cozy vehicles.  After convincing Smokey and Homer that YHC wasn’t a sasquatch or a something from a nightmare that stalks elementary school parking lots in the gloom, a weak disclaimer was delivered to these grizzled veterans and we were off.

The Thang:

Mosey across the parking lot towards the field.  Simple warmup of Imperial Walkers, Low Slow Squats, and merkins.  Once we were sufficiently warmed up, we hit the track.  With a small group we all stuck together, no need to let the rabbits get out front of the clydedale.


On the track, 4 corners:

  • Standard merkin, wide-arm merkin, diamond merkin, staggered merkin
  • squats, left reverse lunge, right reverse lunge, squats
  • heels to heaven, flutter kicks, and some other mary

Mosey over to the main parking lot for some suicides with 5 jump squats at each tree/light pole

Mosey to the playground for Jack Webb with pull-ups and monkey humpers.  Go to 5 and 20 then stop.

People’s Chair with 33 (IC) overhead arm raises, rest then back for another set of 33 arm raises in people’s chair.

Mosey back to the playground to finish our Jack Webb, this time from 5 down to 1

Hit the picnic tables for dips, step-ups, and incline merkins with some laps around the parking lot in between

Head back to the cars for some mary and end at 6:15



  • YHC wanted to take a tour of A51’s AOs, now that BRR season is over, and the opportunity to Q at the Matrix was a good place to start.  Thanks to PopTart for the opportunity to lead and hope you heal up soon, brother.  YHC will be visiting some other site over the next few weeks.  If you see a large humanoid that resembles sasquatch or a wookie pop out from behind a tree, it’s probably just YHC.
  • It was cold.  Well, colder than it has been over the last few months.  50 felt like 30 to guys who’ve been used to 70+ in the AM.  The break in the weather was very welcome.
  • Surprised to see Smokey, since YHC usually only sees him at Joust.  Thanks for getting out there and thanks for the take-out.  Good luck with planting and growing the new church.
  • This was the first time YHC got to workout with Homer.  Glad to meet him and look forward to sharing the gloom again soon.


Blood drive on October 23rd, see Slack for details and sign-up.  Or Mighty Mite will continue to spam all of the Slack channels.  Seriously, it’s for a good cause and I hear there will be free beer in the parking lot after. Just like college!!

Ironpax Challenge is in it’s last week.  Send it out with a bang!  or just complain about the smoker of a workout.  Either way, just get out there and represent Area 51.

Hoover didn’t say “Hoover says” or Hoover smells like an onion

6 men gathered in the 0515 gloom of an empty parking lot at SCMS.  No RFYL, no school kids, just those that meet in the gloom to get better.  YHC arrived with two minutes to spare, grabbed the ruck, noted the grizzled veterans in attendance, delivered a short but effective disclaimer, and lead the men into the full moon gloom … to the SCMS track.

This is YHC’s 4th Q (if you count Q’ing IPC) in two weeks.  The judges are still reviewing the tapes, but this might be a PR.  Also the 4th backblast (#MBGA).  Not a PR but YHC is running out of content.  Here’s what went down.

Tha Thang:

Ruck down to the track.

Ruck 400 m (fast)
Rucks off
Imperial Walkers
Low Slow Squats
Sharon Towers
Arm Circles (small and big, forward and reverse)

Round 1:

Ruck Swings 50
Lunges (1=1) 40
Mt Climbers (2=1) 30
OH Press 20
Merkins 10
OH Press 20
Mt Climbers (2=1) 30
Lunges (1=1) 40
Ruck Swings 50

Ruck 400 m (fast)

Ruck 100 m (fast) Ruck waiter’s carry (right side)
Ruck 100 m (fast) Ruck waiter’s carry (left side)

Round 2:

Flutter (Ruck OH) 25 (IC)
Leg Raises (Ruck OH) 25
American Hammer 25 (2=1)
Ruck OH Hold 60(ish) seconds

Ruck 400 m (fast)

Ruck 100 m (fast) Ruck waiter’s carry (right side)
Ruck 100 m (fast) Ruck waiter’s carry (left side)

Round 3:

Ruck Off
Plank and pull ruck through 10 L2R and 10 R2L
Ruck Up-Right Row 25
Ruck from the ground clean 25
Ruck Bicep Curls 25
Ruck OH Tricep Extensions 25

Ruck 400 m (fast)

Ruck 100 m (fast) Ruck waiter’s carry (right side)
Ruck 100 m (fast) Ruck waiter’s carry (left side)

Round 4:

Ruck Swings 25
Lunges (1=1) 20
Mt Climbers (2=1) 15
OH Press 10
Merkins 5

Ruck 400 m (fast)

Head back to the car.


Yeah, Hoover smelled like an onion by the second round.  It’s the shirt, not the layers, or my nightly regiment of raw onions.  These sport-tek, moisture wicking shirts have a limit of 20 gallons of sweat before they go.  #sorry #notsorry

The first half of the title comes from round 2 or 3 of the workout.  Putting a ruck on and off was part of the fun and YHC had to call it out for the pax to keep them on their toes (just like a GoRuck cadre).  At one point, someone got frustrated (likely because they anticipated a rucks on/off) to which YHC replied, “Hoover didn’t say ‘Hoover says'”.  Lame, but YHC was hired for the Adonis-like physique, not the sense of humor.

Great to see a wide range of ages and pax today even with just 6 of us.  Not sure what pax were carrying in terms of weight but the work was getting done.  Lex Luthor and YHC were talking on the last 400 and he complimented the WOD, to which YHC admitted that there were multiple rounds of each round planed but time, as always, runs out quickly.  In hindsight, we wouldn’t have made it through three rounds of round 2.

Proehl was, as usual, out front.  Except for the first lap, YHC was able to keep up with him and made sure everyone knew it.  And of course no one cared.  YHC did get a chance to catch up with the only social-media-less under-21 year old pax and YHC wishes him the best of luck for the fall semester at UNC Charlotte.  Remote learning is hard enough on young kids.  YHC can’t imagine trying to do it at a college level, while not having the opportunity to meet all the ladies on campus.  #glorydays

If you’ve ever been at a workout with Snowflake you know he’s a silent beast.  #RespectStrength  No slouching today and YHC is sure the Anvil pax missed him but YHC was happy to see this HIM join us.  Now to get him to run in and out of SCMS weekly would be a true feat.

Lex Luthor brought a ruck in a bag this week.  That was odd.  YHC thinks he was preparing for an audible and we’d switch to sandbags.  Our kryptonite wielding evil genius was smart enough to call a move to the grass for the planks with ruck pulls.  Otherwise, we would all have been sending our rucks back to SCARS for repairs from dragging them on the track.

Tiger Rag was the surprise guest this AM.  Even more surprising was TR wearing a sweatshirt during the workout.  He did confess to an injury that he was hoping doesn’t keep him sidelined for too long.  Let’s all hope that a change in the running routine is just what the doctor ordered.  Heal up, brother.  Just because Horse Head christened you McRib, doesn’t mean we want you to disappear after a limited time.  That one is reserved for Shamrock Shake and anything pumpkin spice flavored.

T-Claps to Cheese Curd for reviving Tweet and Meat.  It’s hard to compete with the Mon / Wed / Sat gear options, but there is a difference between kettlebells and sandbags.  Both will get you stronger, but it’s a different kind of workout.  Fair warning: he will relentlessly promote it.  As he should.  And if corners you, he’ll ask you to Q a week.  Free tip of the day:  take him up on the offer.

Thanks to Lex Luthor for the takeout.



  • Blood drive in SOB land on 10/23.  See slack for details or reach out to Mighty Mite.
  • If you’re running BRR, you’ve got less than 2 weeks to train.
  • Ironpax Challenge is still in week 1 and there are opportunities for all Area 51, SOB, Waxhaw, and Indian Land pax to join us.

Ironpax Challenge Week 1 – Game on!

4 men showed up (in person) to SCMS at 0530 for our first (official) week of the Ironpax Challenge.  Some pax joined via Zoom as well (thanks Wild Turkey).

This is the first official week of the Ironpax Challenge, last week was a warm-up.  This week the scores, or times, REALLY count.  Here’s how it went down.

Pax: Geraldo, Cheese Curd, Wild Turkey (plus some zoomers)


Tha Thang:

Set your timer for one minute and repeat.  At the top of each minute do 3 burpees.  If that isn’t motivation to finish fast, you must love burpees.  After your three burpees begin the exercises.  At each minute, stop what your doing, do your 3 burpees, then pick back up with wherever you left off.  It’s harder than it sounds, especially in the gloom, when you’re trying to track more than 100 reps.  Here’s the exercise breakdown, completed in the order below:

50 double hand release merkins

100 leg raises

150 jungle boy squats

200 big boi situps

250 forward lunges (1 = 1)


Humid Moleskinny:

The phone said it was 74, the car said it was 77, it felt like YHC was breathing split pea soup while nursing a bad case of emphysema.  So yeah, it was humid.  It had also rained the day before and the pax all agreed that a patch of grass was needed.  So we were going to get wet and as OBT once said, “you only get wet once” #TWSS  or #TWOBTS.  At one point the air was visible under the lights in the parking lot.

But enough about the humid weather.  This was a legit challenge to get through.  The burpees were tough but the pax all agreed that 200 big boi situps were likely the worst.  The trick for YHC was set a goal for each minute to complete a certain number of reps of said exercise (for example, 25 leg raises per minute with three burpees).  That would make completing this manageable instead of one long slog.  It also helped YHC to keep count between the burpees.

The RFYL crew was back out in force today.  Hi-viz tanktops and all.  YHC had developed a loud AC/DC only playlist for the workout and there were some (envious? nervous? curious?) glances our way between Wild Turkey chanting “Oi” to the opening of TNT or our regular chorus of “BURPEES!” at every minute.  Rumor has it C-Span was on the Zoom, but I’ll let Wild Turkey sound off with the online pax.

Cheese Curd decided he wanted more after completing this week’s challenge, and ran a quick lap on the track.

Geraldo and Wild Turkey chose wisely, and accepted that this was a smoke session.  No need to go running.

YHC’s time – 41:15 (that’s 123 burpees) and the last one in the gate.

Sound off in the comments below with anything YHC missed.

Thank you Wild Turkey for the take-out



Blood drive in SOB land 10/23 – Details on slack

Levi has the Q at Rock Zero on Saturday

YHC has the Q at Tweet and Meat on Wednesday

Meathead, a quality backblast

13 men circled up in the parking lot of Calvary at 0530 for this week’s edition of Meathead.  By YHC’s count there were three workouts gong this AM.  Meathead, Anvil, and whatever the geese were doing.  All three were gathered at 0530, and appropriately distanced so as not to spread the ‘rona.  Two workouts gave whatever passed for a disclaimer, and one group went running off into the abyss of a dark parking lot.

The Meatheads, of course, didn’t move.  We had iron to swing.

Pretty sure the geese didn’t move either, those lazy bums.

Pax (because WordPress is broken): Taco Stand, Wild Turkey, Mighty Mite, Soul-Glo, War Eagle, Beetlejuice, Frehley’s Comet, Focker, Unplugged, Madison, Uncle Leo, Voodoo

Tha Thang:

Warmup of Imperial Walkers, Mt Climbers, small arm circles, Sharon Towers/Toe touches.  Onto the main event.

Set 1: 25 swings, 5 Up-right rows (not high pulls), 5 Rows (per side), 5 hammer curls

1 minute rest

Set 2: 25 swings, 5 shoulder press (per side), 5 merkins, 5 tricep extensions

1 minute rest

Do the main event (both sets) 5 times with 2:30 per set to get your 250 swings in.

1 minute waiters carry, 1 minute rest, 1 minute waiters carry other side, run the clock out with a plank


YHC knew from the Ironpax Challenge workout yesterday that he was going to be sore for today.  But that’s no excuse to fail on delivering a solid beatdown, especially after being EH’d (*cough, cough* voluntold) by the Nantaan to Q.  And Meathead is tied for second in my list of favorite workouts with Swole (shameless plug for Monday’s right there).  So yeah, YHC had to bring whatever A game could be mustered.

The workout was designed to incorporate a strategy I focus on with resistance training.  Push/pull or agonist/antagonist.  It’s a program Arnold (kind of) self-developed and obviously has potential for results.  See the link below for good reading and more information.

The second focus of the workout was to keep the reps low.  Most (if not all) of the pax are swinging at least 45 pounds. Trying to cram in 10 or 20 reps per exercise would have been too much in too little time and all would have been burned out by the end.  Unplugged and YHC were discussing this after the workout, with heavier weights the rep count felt right.

Overall, solid effort out there this AM.  Most pax were finishing up each set before the clock ran out, but no one complained about the extra rest.  The geese must realize this is our territory, since the asphalt was actually was just black and not s****y black.

A few comments on the pax today:

  • Someone check Unplugged’s house for working light bulbs.  His Chuck Taylor’s didn’t match, and YHC doesn’t mean the old “one black sock one navy blue sock” mismatch.  YHC observed today’s colors were teal and maroon.
  • Frehley’s Comet is full of hot air, and luckily no one was standing behind him or they would have gotten pinkeye.
  • Focker lined up opposite of YHC this AM.  He must have felt lucky, or he’s good at catching airborne kettlebells.
  • Madison’s car was also in target range. Madison wasn’t pressing his luck and quickly (or wisely) moved said car back by about 8 feet.  Still in range of a potentially airborne kettlebell.
  • There were no airborne kettlebells today.

With pax staying distant and not moving, it is hard to hear the mumble-chatter.  Sound off in the comments below with anything YHC missed.


  • Blood drive in SOB on 10/23.  Details on Slack, location is Grace YMCA.  Don’t give blood between now and then in order to be eligible.  Also don’t get a tattoo or visit any country where malaria is a potential problem.  That may or may not include the FL everglades, the Louisiana bayou, or Alabam-issippi.
  • Swole needs Qs or Mighty Mite will volutold-u.  Get on the schedule or you have to do burpees and turkish getups.
  • Ironpax Challenge is still in the warmup week.  Area 51 and SOB are getting the numbers together but we always welcome more pax.  Tuesdays at SCMS and virtual through the Garage-Band workout, and Wednesdays at WAMRAP for the official workout days.  Unofficial workouts will also pop-up with a potential for Saturdays on the books with 2.0s.

Thanks to Unplugged for the take-out.

Ironpax Challenge: Week 0

5 men posted for week 0 of the Ironpax Challenge 2020.  This was the warmup week.  A practice run before the real thing.


Tha Thang:

Complete four rounds for time, in this order

50 squats

40 big-boi situps

30 merkins

20 Bonnie Blairs aka: sister mary catherines aka: jumping lunges (2 = 1) 

10 burpees 

run a 400


Here’s the total rep count for those of you still at a 2nd grade math level.

  • 200 squats (hello leg day)
  • 160 big boi situps (no more stomache for me this week)
  • 120 merkins (not a cure for soccer arms but a start)
  • 80 Bonnie Blairs (this old man he said no, he modified to keep his knees healthy. you’re welcome knees)
  • 40 burpees (achievable on it’s own in sets of 10, with all this other stuff, it’s the equalizer)
  • Run a mile (because no one cares what you can do fresh)



Solid work this AM by the pax in attendance.

The IPC is a definite CSAUP.  There are no two ways about it.  It’s a smoker on paper and watching the F3 Greenwood video on Monday at lunch, it dawned on YHC just how Completely Stupid this will be.  Of course, that’s just my .02 and you’re reading my backblast.  That said, YHC has stepped up to the challenge and looks forward to the change of pace from the usual running and resistance routines sprinkled in with a weekly bootcamp.

When YHC picked SCMS as the AO for the workout the assumption was, it would be quiet with no school in session.  WRONG.  This place was a party at 0530.  YHC had two thoughts when pulling into the parking lot, either FIA showed up to show off, fresh off the FIA-Olympics, OR we had pax coming out of the woodwork for the Ironpax Challenge.  Either way, YHC didn’t bring enough beer.

None of these things were true, as it was RFYL that was out in force on the roads and the track (and YHC didn’t bring any beer).  Not to be intimidated by neon hi-viz shirts, the pax gathered and headed to the track.  Posting up in the corner by the track entrance (and out of the way of the runners) YHC pulled up a custom Led Zeppelin playlist and started the clock.  The pax put in the work and the RFYLers were in awe of our awesome abilities (or that sweet playlist).

  • O Tannenbaum was as surprised as I was in the parking lot of SCMS.  Solid effort today and he was relieved to learn that the workout didn’t repeat each week.  Safe travels for work.
  • Orange Whip led the charge, lapped us, and got 5 rounds in (as opposed to the 4 the rest of us did).  Surprised?  No.  Jealous?  Heck, yeah.
  • Airwolf appeared out of nowhere this AM, maybe he was sleeping at the track of SCMS?  It was my first workout sharing the gloom with him  Always a pleasure to meet a fellow pax, and hope to see him next week.
  • Gerlado stayed out front (of YHC, at least) for all 4 rounds and had the pro-tips today.  Including only do the big boi situps on the grass because the track will give you road rash.  He offered to show us the scars to prove it but we all politely declined.

Thanks to Orange Whip for the takeout.



  • WAMRAP will also host Ironpax Challenge on Wednesdays unless they decide not to and don’t tell us.  See slack for location details
  • Can’t make a workout but still want to do the Ironpax Challenge?  It’s 100% OYO but always better with your fellow pax around
  • Don’t forget to submit your Ironpax Challenge time this week
  • Are you intrigued by all the mentions of the Ironpax Challenge but are afraid you’re too late?  You can still sign up for the Ironpax Challenge details and the link are below
  • YHC has the Q at Meathead tomorrow
  • Jet Fuel has the Q at Rock Zero on Saturday

Ironpax Challenge signup and score submission:

Helpful tips:

  • Signup if you haven’t already, our region is Area 51
  • Signup, do the work, and submit your time
  • Due to the volume of pax participating across the Nation, the list is broken up into 4 groups of 1,000 alphabetically by region.  Area 51 is in the first group 0 – 1000.  Look for your F3 name followed by Area 51.  For example: Hoover from Area 51

If I missed anything else, sound off in the comments below.


Skunkworks 03/24/2020, a backblast

5 skunks gathered in a parking lot in south Charlotte at 0530.  Social distance was maintained, no disclaimer given.  YHC gave a few words of instruction, read through the prescribed weinke, started the playlist, and the pax put the work in.  Others joined in virtually from across South Charlotte, their efforts will be documented here.

The Thang:

25 two handed swings

10 2 handed Over-Head presses

10 goblet or sumo squats

Flutter presses: 10 chest presses with the bell while doing 20 total flutters. Each chest press = 1 right and 1 left flutter

Bear crawl (10 yards out and 10 yards back)

Suitcase carry with bell (20 yards out and 20 yards back) switch hands halfway and move As Fast As Possible without running

10 two handed forearm curls. grip the top of the bell handle and curl up. You feel it in the forearms

20 lawnmowers (10 each side, for an extra challenge rotate your wrist so it’s facing out)

20 lunges (bell optional depending on balance, etc. 10 each leg = 20 total)

50 one handed swings (alternate between each swing or 25 left and 25 right)

30 seconds of rest

Rinse and repeat up to 45 minutes.


Gathered skunks: 6 rounds

Alf:  (almost) 7 rounds


The playlist:


The Moleskine:

That was hard.  Can’t short change that this was a solid challenge and with the restrictions just put in place by Mecklenburg County, this might be the go to WOD for the foreseeable future.  But at least my forearms will be jacked.

Wash your hands, kids.  And read this inspiring quote from Teddy Roosevelt.  The critic will not be remembered, not even as a footnote, but the leader will always be remembered.

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” – Theodore Roosevelt, Citizenship in a Republic

“It’s never enough to be strong, be brave and smart.  Smart enough to be afraid, but brave enough to lead with your heart.” – Dan Yemin

Skunkworks: 03/24/020


YHC had the keys to Skunkworks tomorrow … and you know the drill by now.

Here is the planned workout for tomorrow.  This workout is designed to support OYO work at home or in small groups (with the proper precautions in place).  YHC will be at the Arbo ABC parking lot at 0530 running through this workout.  If anyone would like to stand 6 feet away and try it, I would welcome the company.  The planned playlist link is posted as well.  Enjoy.

Warm-up is OYO, but dedicate about 5 – 7 minutes to get the blood flowing.  Recommended:  Side Straddle Hops, quick run around the block/parking lot, 10 – 20 merkins, basic legs and shoulder rotation stretching (arm circles, alternating toe touches).  Do not over exert yourself just get the blood flowing and heart rate slightly elevated.  As always modify reps, be cognizant of your form, and stop if you feel something isn’t right.

The Thang:

25 two handed swings

10 2 handed Over-Head presses

10 goblet or sumo squats

Flutter presses:  10 chest presses with the bell while doing 20 total flutters. Each chest press = 1 right and 1 left flutter

10 yard bear crawl (5 yards out and 5 yards back)

20 yard suitcase carry with bell (10 yards out and 10 yards back) switch hands halfway and move As Fast As Possible without running

10 two handed forearm curls.  grip the top of the bell handle and curl up.  You’ll feel it in the forearms

20 lawnmowers (10 each side, for an extra challenge rotate your wrist so it’s facing out)

20 lunges (bell optional depending on balance, etc. 10 each leg = 20 total)

50 one handed swings (alternate between each swing or 25 left and 25 right)

30 seconds of rest  Rinse and repeat up to 45 minutes.


Report back with the number of rounds you completed and I’ll add it to the backblast.

Here’s your playlist:

Happy birthday, Chuck!

“Rules are made for people not willing to make up their own” – Chuck Yeager.

28 brave souls (including YHC) made the decision to weather the 65+ degree morning that was void of rain.  I mean really, this was a perfect spring morning.  We celebrated Chuck Yeager’s 97th birthday by not mentioning his birthday or performing any celebration.  Instead 28 men got down to work with the mumble-chatter.


The Thang:

Mosey behind the school and across the street to the church parking lot.  (apparently, I was too quick out of the gate as someone called from the back that the pax were being left behind.  Since when did this become a moderate workout?)

IW x 25

Mt Climbers x 20

Peter Parker x 20

Parker Peter x20

Sharon Towers x 20ish

Grab a lifting rock, set it to the side (lots of confusion here).  Remember where you put it.

Run left out of the church parking lot and go to the intersection of Edenbridge and Windyrush.  20 merkins and 20 squats OYO.  Run back to the church parking lot.  Grab your rock for 20 curls, 20 presses, 20 tricep extensions with the rock.  Rinse and repeat until the Q calls it quits.

Run back to the school parking lot.  Circle up for Mary, then call time and run back to the launch point.



Surprised that we had 28.  When YHC first pulled in there was a small group milling around and talking among themselves, at about 90 seconds to the start 2 groups of pre-runners came in like a flash mob of teenagers in a department store.  Mumble-chatter ensued.

The plan for this workout was simple.  First, no burpees.  I don’t need to give the trifusenik any reason to lead by example.  Second, expect the worst and third K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple & Stupid.  So, I designed the weinke like a WAMRAP workout.  Do a simple circuit as many times as time allows.  The goal was to keep the pax in the same area but let them work at their own pace (fast guys out front, etc.).  There is no controlling a group this size or this chaotic.  It’s like being in charge of a room full of kindergartners, just keep the chaos contained and run the clock out.  Pretty sure everyone got at least three rounds in before time was called.  YHC’s total mileage was 2.86 for those keeping score.

Didn’t get to hear too much of the mumble chatter but Gummy started belly-aching after the third round that he’d had enough of the workout and my exquisite leadership skills.  To which I promptly replied that he recruited me for the Q, and if he wanted to remove me it would basically be a presidential impeachment.  It doesn’t actually mean anything, unless your physically removed from your post.  Since no one was willing (or able) to physically move me, I was acquitted by the pax in a “show” trial with no witnesses or evidence presented.  You can catch the highlights on the nightly news.

All joking aside, thanks to Gummy and Sprockets for the chance to lead.  It wasn’t the unruly mob they market to the masses.  And for for my second Hydra appearance and first Hydra Q, I think we did alright.

But it is nice to hold the unofficial Hydra record for the most pax at a workout (according to Sprockets).



Beer mile April 24th.  See the Slack channel for trash talk.

Runstopper has the Hydra Q next week.

YHC had the take-out.

It’s not a Sprockets workout, how bad can it be …

A lucky 13 were in attendance today, 12 of whom expected Sprockets to Q this week’s episode of Rock Zero.  Unfortunately, Sprokcets was ill and had to cancel.  So being the responsible site-Q (and the one in town this particular weekend) YHC stepped in to fill the void.

Thang, Moleskine:

At 20:15 on Friday, YHC got a text from Sprockets that he had a fever that wouldn’t quit and was not confident in delivering a beat down to the pax.  Since Geraldo was DR, your favorite site-Q, YHC, stepped up.

2 pre-runners, Flipper and YHC, at 0631, grabbed about 2.5 miles.  Pax started to trickle in about 4 minutes to start time, O Tannenbaum arrived at 0702 and we could officially start.  Disclaimer was given (hopefully Mermaid approved), commented on by McGee, and we were off.

YHC had a loose idea of what to do, the execution wasn’t ironed out but these things tend to work themselves out, right?  Run to the back entrance of Rea (with the hill), hook a right and run along the back parking lot to the first speed bump.  1 merkin, 1 jump squat, 1 merkin.  Second speed bump, 2 of each in that order.  Third speed bump, 3 of each, fourth speed bump, 4 of each.  Run to the adjacent parking lot for a COP.  20 IW (IC), 30 second plank, 10 merkins, 20 low slow squats.  Run to the grassy knoll.  Partner up, P1 lunge walks along the columns to the light post, P2 bear crawls the outer edge of the grassy knoll.  Meet at the other end and switch.  Do this twice.

** Full disclosure:  YHC was not able to complete the full Bear Crawl, Spackler was witness and followed my example with his first official refusenik of the workout.**

Mosey to the Rock Pile, grab a medium to high rep rock and walk it to the parking lot.  Line up abreast for 15 shoulder presses, 15 curls, 15 squats, and 15 good mornings.  Run about 1/3 of the parking lot to the first entrance and come back.  Do this 4 times, reversing the exercise order for the last two sets.  Return rocks and mosey to the hot box.  People’s chair start to a Jack Webb, 4:1, air presses and burpees.  At 5 stop (that was terrible).  Go in the hot box and do 20 dips, 10 step-ups on each leg, then run to the last trash can and back.  Do this 3 times.  Run back through the parking lot to the street with the trees.  At each tree 5 CCDs, 10 Sister Mary Catherine’s, mosey to the next parking lot for some Mary.  After this YHC’s weinke was spent and we still had about 12 minutes on the clock.  Time to improvise.

McGee had the unfortunate sense to call for more burpees during the Mary.  So YHC obliged.  Moseyed the pax down to some road cones that were currently not in use.  Grabbed 4.  Mr Magoo (YHC’s silent partner, seriously, I don’t think he got a word in but kept putting the work in non-stop #t-claps) placed one about 25 yards out and the other 3 were placed 5 parking spaces apart leading back to the pax.  Burpee suicides.  Run to the first parking cone and do 3 burpees, run back.  Second parking cone etc. 3 burpees each time.  Round two was reverse order with (last cone first) 3 merkins and 3 squats.  Return the parking cones and mosey to the cars.  2 gassers up and down the parking lot got us to 0800.

Mumble chatter was strong this AM.  Maybe YHC wasn’t at 100% and the on-the-fly weinke was light, or maybe there was alot of modifying and refusniking but the range of topics covered was interesting and plentiful.  Clemson’s loss (Marge wasn’t too depressed, unlike how those whiny Alabama snowflakes get when they lose and Nick Saban throws a hissy fit), Insurance sales (it all started when Alf called out my current / his former employer and someone had a story about … you know what it’s not that interesting but Spackler and McGee wouldn’t shut up about it), and then the royal family (Fun fact: 12 out of 13 pax prefer talking about the royal family over playing Flipper’s shirts and skins freeze tag).

Other notable items:

  • Ductwork pulled up in the smallest Chevy vehicle in the 2019 line-up.  He now has a vehicle that matches his height and doesn’t need a step stool.  New year, new car I guess.
  • Floorslapper was early (by 90 seconds).
  • Mailman was safety first today, rocking the reflective and bright colors.  He’s still glad he didn’t need to use that highly reflective color scheme when we didn’t go to 5 Knolls like the pax asked.
  • Welcome Red Stripe, our FNG EH’d by Witch Doctor.  He’s a bartender, we need to find this place.  It’s a personal policy of YHC to always investigate any bar where I know the bar tender.
  • Witch Doctor is heading to Chimbote this weekend.  Prayers for him and the others for safe travels.  He may also need suitcases to bring donations.  Please reach out to him on Twitter or Slack if you have any you can donate.
  • Pax all appreciated YHC’s impression of Sprockets, but I learned that I can’t run on my knees very well.  Alf was highly offended.  #nocobains

No announcements, YHC had the take-out.

Total mileage was close to 3.  Great work today, men.  Whatever else I missed, sound off in the comments below.