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“A Nut For A Jar Of Tuna”

3 Pax made a reservation at Clyent Dinner tonight and enjoyed a 75 degree Palindrome feast! Today, 9/19/19 was the last palindrome day of 2019. For all you intellectually gifted pax out there, you already know what a palindrome is. For the rest of us, a palindrome is a phrase or series of numbers that are the same forward and backward. So it was only appropriate that we did a palindrome themed workout tonight.

Warm up

SSH, Imperial walkers, mountain climbers, and merkins, all in cadence. Then a nice calf stretch for us old guys.

The thang

We all grabbed a half-sized coupon and ran with it toward the shed. We stopped at each light and alternated between 10 merkins at the first light (one hand on the coupon), and then 10 speed skaters at the next one. Running with cinder blocks is a lot of fun.

At the shed we did a Cuthbertson 150 routine. Two pax ran up a ways and back while the other did squats with the coupon, then switched until we got to 150 squats total. Then we did the same with overhead presses, curls, reverse crunches, and then best for last, donkey kicks! I felt like crap after that and had a hard time running from there up to the new wooden benches.

At the benches we did 3 sets of 20 dips and then 20 step ups onto the benches. I had to add in this routine to take up some more time before we headed back.

We ran back down to get our coupons and then reversed the run back to the parking lot. The word palindrome comes from the Greek phrase “running backwards”, so we ran with our coupons backwards all the way to the parking lot, stopping at each light and alternating between the 10 block merkins and 10 speed skaters. Running backwards sucks!

Back at the parking lot we finished up just like we started with SSH, Imperial walkers, Mountain climbers, Merkins, and a nice calf stretch.

I was glad I went with the halfling coupons, the big ones would have killed us and we need to be healthy for Saturdays IPC!

T-claps to Frack who has a broken finger but still did all the exercises, no complaints. T-claps to Legalzoom who is just a machine and hard to keep up with. T-claps to all you F3 Waxhaw pax for pushing me to keep going and to keep trying. You guys are great examples and I’m really impressed as I see all the good things that are happening in the community. I’m proud to be a part of it.

Easter in August!

7 Pax showed up for a very hot, late Easter basket themed workout. After our warm up routine we split into two teams. We had baskets spread out in two lines, one line for each team, 3 baskets in each line. Each basket had 4 exercises in it. One pax had to run and get an exercise from a basket and bring it back (up and down the hills), then the team would do that exercise while another pax from the team ran to get another one. 12 exercises per team.

Next we stayed in our teams and one pax from each team had to jump rope while the rest of the team ran a lap around the parking lot. Went through the team twice so each pax got to jump rope twice. Had to move the jumping and the running route into the shade of the school, it was too darn hot!

Next we did a triple nickle routine. Three baskets spread out (in the shade). We ran along and stopped at each basket and did 5 reps of an exercise on the way down, and then 5 reps at each basket on the way back, total of 30 reps per exercise. We did merkins, American hammers, smurph jacks, burpees, and low slow squats. That was fun…puke break.

Our last routine was The Zoo. We did bear crawls for about 35 feet, 20 LBC’s, bear crawl back, 20 Bobby Hurleys. Then crabwalk across, 20 LBC’s, crabwalk back, 20 Bobby Hurley’s. Then frog jump across, 20 LBC’s, frog jum back, 20 Bobby Hurley’s, then inchworm across, 20 LBC’s, inchworm back, 20 Bobby Hurley’s.

We did do a group photo which I had a hard time getting to the timer due to the fact that I couldn’t really see straight after all that dumb stuff we just did. Then we named the FNG, who is Blue Screen’s 20 year old son. We named him Nair because he wears Short Shorts (think of the commercial). He did great and hopefully he’ll be back on a morning when it’s about 15 degrees cooler!

Better Than Saturday Morning Cartoons

We had a great Q school led by Posse & Goodfella yesterday at Cutherbertson Middle School. We started talking about how to do a disclaimer and talk safety at the beginning of each workout following the DiCCS format. 1. I am not a professional. 2. Modify as needed. 3. Don’t sue me, F3, or the location. 4. You’re here at your own risk. 5. Safety: make sure someone has a cell phone on their person. Make sure someone knows CPR. Assume cars and buses don’t see you, etc.

Next we learned how to call out an exercise, start it, do the counting, and finish. I forgot how to count to 10 in my head and didn’t raise my voice on my 10th Mountain Climber even though that was going to be my last one. So I had to start over and do it again. This time I did Merkins and got it right. We went around the circle and everyone chose their own exercise and led the group the same way. I wasn’t the only one who had to repeat their turn. I think we all found out it’s a lot harder to count and think when you’re in front of a group of Pax.

Next Goodfella took off running like a bolt and we were trying to catch him. It was an example of how NOT to lead the group to a different location because we want to try to keep everyone together as much as possible. Lot’s of talk about circling back for the Six and never leaving anyone behind.

Then we learned about how to use the surroundings of the site to create exercise routines. We used light poles to stop and do Merkins while running around the parking lot. We discussed visiting the site before you Q to see what’s there, how far away areas are from each other, and planning your workout. A visit is much better than just looking online on Google maps.

We talked about partner exercises and how to use them. Some exercises require partners to be of equal fitness levels (like pushing each other, something like a horn lock drill). Some exercises require a faster and a slower person to be partnered up to keep the group together more and finishing at the same time.

We discussed other exercise structures like triple nickle, the Beast, and Jackpot. Triple nickle is where you pick three exercises and do 5 reps of each, 5 sets. The Beast would be 6 reps of each, 6 sets. Jackpot would be 7 reps of each, 7 sets. has an Exicon, a list of tons of exercise ideas you can use, and formats/structures to do them in. It’s ok to make some notes for your workout as you plan it out to help you stay on track. It’s also good to plan more than you’ll have time for, much better than running out of things to do before time is up.

Finally we talked about how to end with the workout. Q gets in the middle of the COT, everyone counts off in the number-rama and the Q gets the names down on his phone since no one could remember all those names. Do announcements if there are any. Name the FNG’s. And then someone takes us out with either a thought, story, or a prayer.

I thought it was a great Q school training. Well done Posse and Goodfella!