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This is Going to be Hard to Believe…

but I made up the Q on the spot. No, not impressive at all and easily done.  And yes, it appears that I always do this but this time I actually had a weinke ready to go, in my pocket (for proof). However, with the grand opening of Body Shop, and with 1 minute to spare and smaller group of 4 of us standing there, decided to change things up. 20 seconds after 6am and Shake N’ Bake comes flying in on 2 wheels ready to go. Sorry Shake, we’re running.
All appropriate disclaimers given, veteran crew was ready to roll.

Run 1.1 miles at a nice enough pace down providence to Alma Village.
Imperial Walkers x10 IC, Merkins x25
**At this point Mater comes running up, says he was 2 min late and saw us running down Providence and came running after.

Found a good sized hill in the townhome section on Christine lane.
At top: 15 jump tucks, at bottom 15 mike Tysons –complete round trip 3 times

Get out of the village and head back down Providence, stop at Napa Auto Parts parking lot.
20 Jump Squats, then 20 Merkins; 15 Jump Squats, then 15 Merkins, 10 Jump Squats, then 10 Merkins
Keep moving towards the start, stop at Mavis Discount Tire
20 Jump Tucks, then 20 Carolina Dry Docks, 15 Jump Tucks, then 15 Carolina Dry Docks, 10 Jump Tucks, then 10 Carolina Dry Docks
Keep moving, safely cross the street (much easier with 6) to the bottom of Keith Jong Un Hill.
Sprints from the bottom up to Price street. We did a total of 4 with a jog down to recover.
Closed it up with Derkins & Dips outside the parking lot:
25 derkins, 25 dips, 20 Derkins –Time!

Sort of underestimated how long it would take to get to the village and back. Wasn’t really planning to run that much but sometimes it happens. Deadwooded it and decided to “we’ll just run and see where it takes us” at 5:59am. Figures. Yet the guys that showed up are all runners anyway, even if some don’t want to admit it. And who wants all that complicated Q stuff. Deflated nailed it when he said he came for the merkins and running, and that’s what he got. Also, the amount of possible hills at the Floater never does get old and it’s always fun to find a nice new little one.
Thankful that enough showed up that at least I only have the smallest attended Floater workout, not bottom two (I hope). As usual, Keith Jong was the big winner today. Close second came to Smithers, who got a top ten segment time on the aforementioned hill. And I only heard one NO from Shake, which I think is good. And Deflated doing jump tucks on a torn ACL, that’s tuff.
And the commitment and determination from Mater, who ran a mile to catch up to us just so he could run even more. And Carb Load claimed to have a bum calf, then sprinted the entire workout. Okay.

100 Men Challenge still ongoing
Spartan Waxhaw 6/27-Cuthbertson

Watch Your Steps

8 men braved the foggy conditions and tried to answer the question of whether it was possible to sweat in 39 degree weather. diccs presented.


*Mosey .8 mi to the roundabout by the track-stop at various locations for 15 9 merkins (car back), 15 wide arm merkins, 15 diamond merkins, 15 stagger merkins on curb.


*Course was mapped out-run the exact opposite direction back to the start. At every prior stop, complete 8 burpees, plus 8 at end-Total 40 -Lunge walk while waiting for the 6

*Mosey down to the poop palace. On the wall, donkey kicks x15, Mike Tysons x15, mountain climbers on BTTW position x15 (each leg)

Run up to back of middle school, dodging all exhaust fumes. Dips x15 IC, Derkins x15, elbow plank Dancing Chilcutt on bench x15 (each leg)

Complete this set two additional times.

*Set of Mary-Heels to Heaven x20, Big Boys x10, Pistol x10 each leg

*Mosey to staircase, bear crawl backwards up both sets of stairs run up stairs, bear crawl to wall and complete Maktar Ndiaye’s x10, wall hand plant merkins (if you couldn’t tell, the Exicon was not consulted) x10.

Complete this set two additional times.

*Mosey to front of middle school. Burpees x10, merkins x10, bobbly hurleys x10, run half a lap, then 8 of each, half a lap, 6, etc down to 2.

Ran one final lap as hard as possible to hit 4 miles.


By my count we got in 70 burpees, and I must say that they were the best looking burpees Cuthbertson has ever seen. The best! Not one Slurpee or Aussie burpee in sight. And the greatest part-no Recalcu form police to be found.

Bottlecap kept letting me know that the Q was similar to Frack’s last night, except with some more running. Obviously great minds think alike. I did try to throw out an exercise Waxhaw hadn’t seen in a while, but apparently calling out a backwards bear crawl up the double set of stairs crosses the line for some all of the present PAX. The chatter ratcheted up quite a bit and I literally got the Shake and Bake no from a few.

As usual, tried to keep the pace and heartrate up. And low backs will be sore tomorrow.

PS: when we passed the Impromptu PAX, they mocked us and tried to fight us. Jealous much? Wow!

Gerber-seemed to be on cruise control all morning. Likely perturbed that I didn’t let him run free too much and when we did, called out burpees to slow him down. Great burpees though (see above)

Bottlecap-Proudly led the “I’m afraid I’m going to crush my skull going up these stairs” charge.

Foundation-still upset about #namechangegate #didntevenbuildafreakinhouse

Deflated-fartsacked and not present. #protectyaneck

Easy Button-didn’t modify once, even when he said he was going to modify, was really only kidding and completed every rep of every exercise.

Smithers-Always know where to find him, right next to Foundation. The ultimate Tag Team.

Hooch-Only complaint-asked for more BTTW mountain climbers next time. And to run some more. Missing Longhorn out there this morning

Rubbermaid- Just happy that we didn’t venture into the muddy stuff #morningwoodproblems


Dash for Down Syndrome 5k-3.21.20-pushing at least 6 chairs. Need runners to assist. Message Zinfandel if you need more info

Rockwell shared a personal story about a brave young man that passed too early. Prayers needed for Gary and Gavin. Remember to cherish the times with your children.


Recovery Time = 3 Days

18 showed up and got what they were expecting. Or not. Okay I’m not sure. There were smiles though, al least in the beginning.

Diccs and we’re off

Warm –up:

Mosey to Jackson Ave and set up shop in Center Grove Freewill Baptist Church

All IC: Perter Parkers x10, Merkins x15, Plank Jacks x20, Elbow plank 25 seconds, Mountain Climbers x20, Wide Arm Merkins x15, Parker Peters x10. Stay in plank for directions.


–From parking lot, down Jackson to first light pole and back, 20 Carolina Dry Docks, second light pole and back, 20 Dry Docks, last light pole and back 20 Dry Docks

Bottlecap led us in Flutter x20 IC

Then on elbows (smooth parking lot, not one complaint), elbow peter parkers x10 IC, Elbow plank jacks x10 IC

–Mosey to intersection of High St. and Price St.-Run to first light pole and back, 25 Merkins, second light pole and back, 25 Merkins, end of Street at Main St. and back, 25 Merkins

Bottlecap led with Dolly x20 IC

Mosey back to side of Waxhaw United Methodist Church on Church St- Plank work, + Maktar Ndiaye x 10 IC (smooth street again) –Plank during instructions

–Run to Village Laundromat, 10 burpees, back to start 10 burpees-Then run down Church St, to Bivens St, 20 Merkins, back to start 20 Merkins, then all the way down Keith Jong Un Death Hill, 30 Bomb Jacks, back up to start 30 Bomb Jacks

Ab Mix–Rosalita x20 IC, Big Boy x15, Heels to Heaven x 15 IC, Big Boy x15

–Partner up for last 7 minutes-At Bivens St., one partner run to bottom of Keith Jong Un Death Hill, 10 Dry Docks, other partner to side of Waxhaw United Methodist Church, 10 Dry Docks, when meet 5 Hand Clap Merkins, flip flop. Did this until time was up + some quick Mary for the last 30 seconds.


That seemed like a tough one out there. Tough for me at least. Not sure if it was the humidity or just overall push by the PAX and our competitive nature. YHC is pretty sure that the new asphalt on Mr. Un’s Death Hill added at least 5% to the grade, as going up seemed especially hard today. Shout out to the PAX who were all kicking butt going up that thing multiple times. Guys were working hard today, really getting after it. I reiterate, NOT ONE COMPLAINT ALL MORNING!

Should have known we (yes I’m speaking for the PAX) were going to be in trouble today when #1-the Warm Up was kicking our butts and #2-I looked down at my stupid watch only 20 minutes in and see HR levels I don’t usually reach.

The plan for today was just some good ol’ fashioned running mixed in with various exercises the same two exercises. Kept it pretty simple, only hit one of the three named Waxhaw hills and stayed close to home to avoid most the hazards that The Floater possesses. We didn’t get an annoying dog bark, deer sighting, scary sound from the bushes, had limited cars, no train, really was quiet out there today.    (This next part may not be true) I may have even stopped to walk for a second couple of seconds? going up Death Hill. What makes F3 great is that I gathered my breath (allegedly) and started moving again (remember I may not have actually stopped), something I know I wouldn’t have done were I alone. The F3 push. Plus Glidah was pulling away and Bottlecap + Easy Button were making me look bad. The rest of the PAX were pushing it and even if having to stop or slow down, YHC noticed that they getting right back to running or Merkins or whatever else we were doing (actually that’s pretty much it).

And since YHC’s stupid watch used its advanced algorithms and scientific formulas to tell me that my recovery time needs to be 3 days after this workout, I guess I’m not allowed to post again until Monday. Until then…


–Clyent Dinner-Frack promises to wreck your upper body; tonight 5:30;  Followed by a folding party at Christ Closet 7-7:30pm

–Local options for tomorrow-all good choices

Impromptu-Chicken Little




12 really swell guys for a fun-filled run through the rain.

Diccs and we’re off

Warm –up:

Run around to HS parking lot, grab lifting rock, 10 presses IC-Then carry the rock to the overhang above the stairs and leave them.

Mosey to end of street.


5 burpees-run to stairs, up stairs, 20 jump squats-back to start

5 burpees-run to roundabout, 20 stagger merkins on curb-back to start

5 burpees-run to poop shed-20 donkey kicks-back to start

5 burpees

Grab 6/plank work while waiting

5 burpees-run to front of HS, 30 derkins, on way back stop at stairs 20 jump squats, back to start

5 burpees-run to farther roundabout, 30 squats, on way back 20 stagger merkins, back to start

5 burpees-run to back of middle school-30 dips, on way back 20 donkey kicks, back to start

5 burpees

To the rocks: Maktar Ndiaye 10 IC

Curls x20 IC, Presses x20 IC, rock squats x20 IC-run to back of HS

Merkins x10 IC, jump squats x10 IC, burpees x10-back to rocks

Curls x15 IC, Presses x15 IC, rock squats x15 IC-to back of HS

Merkins x15 IC, burpees x15-back to rocks

Bring lifting rocks back to pile 20 presses on way, Merkins x10 IC

Around path to start:

10 merkins at every light pole (6?)



Was intent on getting the mileage requirement completed while the rain was light, knowing there was a chance it would come down hard later.  Had my Ignition Q plan somewhat, slightly, barely thought out and ready to rock. Come to find out after 2/3rds into the workout that running 3+ miles that it was just a suggestion, not a necessity. Hmmm. Made it well over 4 miles anyways, the last 8 minutes in the worst part of the rain. Dasher, Sprinkles, Legal Zoom and Gerber were out front all morning, some killer bees for sure.  I’m not, maybe? sure the rest of the crew appreciated the running or the burpees, especially since I accidently lied before we started and told Deflated and Foundation that I would not be doing burpees on the wet ground. Oops. Made sure to avoid these two the rest of the workout, hoping they’d forget.  I think they did forget because it is mid-morning and I would have been photoshopped on something ridiculous by now.

Also, why the heck was everyone wearing rain jackets? I know you guys probably had some Group Me channel set up specifically for buying them. Legal Zoom and I felt a little left out…

Some expected mumblechatter and questions during the initial instructions from the regulars (basically everyone). Explained that I was not getting Demascus’d today and that the PAX would have to just figure it out. It would help if I was louder and didn’t mumble myself, but that’s just how it goes when I Q. Suck it up.

Good push by the PAX today. Today, there was legitimately no quit out there, despite the soggy conditions. Oh and despite what I just wrote, I do appreciate the chatter and back and forth because that’s what makes these workouts what they are and keeps many of us coming back for more. Or of course if you are obligated to show because badges, octuples and niners are your thing.

Zinfandel, Deadwood, Rudy, Banjo, Hooch-since you all weren’t mentioned, myself and the Swarm CEO and board of directors thank you all for your help participating in YHC’s first-ever Swarm Q workout session. Without your contributions, the workout officially known as the Swarm would never have been able to pull off such a great event. You all were there, working hard, picking up the 6, and participating in the required Thang mentioned above. We hope you enjoy the weekend and took away some valuable training points from this morning’s Q.  Once again, my sincere thanks. We could not have pulled this off without you.


See Flash for details.


O Shoulders, Where Art Thou?

8 Hackers rolled into Bushwood all bundled up and ready to go. Most were probably expecting some more running but I was a bit afraid of venturing off campus into the dangerous streets of Marvin and getting Gerbered.

Waxhaw disclaimer provided

Warm Up:

Run around campus for a bit until the fingers were no longer numb (failed, still frozen)

Circle up in main parking lot: All IC—Mountain Climbers x5, Plank Jacks x10, Merkins x15, Peter Parkers x20, elbow plank 25 seconds, Mountain Climbers x20, Parker Peters x15, Merkins x10, Plank Jacks x5


Mosey back to loop-Plank work – Elbow plank Peter Parkers x15 IC

As a group-

Mike Tysons x15 IC, 5 burpees, run lap

Mike Tysons x10 IC, 5 burpees, run lap

Mike Tysons x15 IC, 5 burpees, run lap

Maktar Ndiaye x 15 IC

Mosey to main parking lot-

10 merkins, run to first line, 15 squats, frog jump/bunny hop to next line, 15 jump squats, to end line, 10 merkins-Repeat 6 times

Plank work + Elbow plank Plank Jacks x10 IC

Suicides— 2 sets, no exercises, all you got to each line and back to start in parking lot

Mary—Heels to Heaven x20 IC, Dolly x20 IC, Flutter x20 IC, American Hammer x20 IC

Back to gym entrance walkway-

7’s-Merkins and Burpees, in between bear crawl one end to other, including turn

Run around loop to hit 2 miles-time’s up


Wasn’t really planning to do a lot of shoulder work today but yes, sometimes the weinke just goes in that direction. PAX weren’t complaining about the cold weather and really not much chatter from the Bushwood regulars (One Star, Boitano and Lazy Boy run a tight ship at the club, must be the high member dues leading to even higher standards). As usual Goodfella took the burpees as a way to show us all how slow we are at them. Long Haul smoking everyone in the suicides like he was waiting for that all morning. Big Ben and Delta working hard all morning, no quit, great attitudes, strong stuff, etc. etc. And we didn’t freeze to death.




Who Is Ya’ll?

So I am not even sure why I need to write this backblast up. Waxhaw’s super secret internal messaging platform has already had several memes and jokes about the events that took place this morning, and I’m sure everyone from SOB already knows that old school Waxhaw can be a little rough around the edges. We’ll get to that. However, 7 studs were exited to start off their week by basically copying Gerber’s workout from last week, this time with the added danger of cars and discussions with a local on Waxhaw’s recent mayoral results and what that means for an ever changing and growing city with increasing complaints on development and traffic.

Warm up: Run long way down path back up past the stairs and out to Cuthbertson and the school entrance. About a mile. 11 Mountain climbers IC, 11 Merkins IC. Start to leave, have a brief conversation with a local.

Thang: -Mosey to Lawson Dr. near clubhouse. Run from stop sign on Abbotts Creek Dr. to Oxford Mill Rd. 0.34 mi. At ends, 15 merkins and 15 Jump Squats; in middle at path, complete 5 burpees each time path was passed up to 50 total burpees. When done, run backwards up Lawson Dr.; more jump squats while we wait

-Playground work. Clubhouse parking lot, 10 merkins, down to playground 10 pull ups. Complete each 5x for a total of 50 of each.

-Run back to Cuthbertson Rd. –20 LBC’s at Abbotts Creek Dr. and Riverbank Rd. 40 LBC’s at Cuthbertson Rd.

-Mosey back through new Lawon and Five Forks RD. 20 Merkins at Pinewalk. Continue to second Lawson pool. Plank. -Down Surveyor General Dr. 10 jump squats every other light pole. Shortcut to the middle school to join up with the Flash crew for the last minute. 5mi plus

Moleskine: We got a little thrown off by the incident at 5:23am local time. The 7 of us were confronted and threatened by a lovely young gentleman in red flannel pajamas. Really wanted to talk to, have a conversation with, FIGHT all of us. He threw out some lovely and very Lawson-like language like the phrase in the title (technically he’s a Lawson guy) and we initially attempted to engage him back wonder what the heck was happening and if this was real before we realized he was serious and seemed wild enough to have a weapon (he did walk 50 yards with no shoes on across the busy street to confront, ask to join F3, FIGHT all 7 of us, ON SCHOOL GROUNDS). We were counting too loud (not confirmed though I can get loud like Deflated) and somehow woke him up with 11 MC’s and 11 merkins (both IC). But apparently the hundreds of busses and cars that zoom by his house every morning are like white noise to this guy.

I’m not really sure any of us ever answered his main questions, which is why we woke him up and who we were. While still standing in the middle of the street, we all just took off. Didn’t really turn around to see what happened next as I went full Kipchoge pace to the next stop. Figured Rubbermaid and Easy Button have been in a few scraps in their days and would take the guy if needed. And that was the end of it. Went home the long way to avoid grumpy, likely really really tired, pajama guy. I missed a lot I’m sure. Nobody that’s reading this anymore cares.

So yeah we did something similar last week but the workout still sucks. Threw in some pull ups because our last pull up challenge was an massive success epic fail. Good solid core group for Ignition. Just glad none of us were wearing our F3 shirts.

Announcements: May be partnering with Ray of Hope charity in Waxhaw. Stay tuned. Official announcement hopefully soon. Presents and money from our Christmas party delivered last week. 24th-Converge at Watchtower 31st-converge at Bushwood

The Waxhaw Backblast Police are Relentless

27 mostly clothed men decided to join me for some basic bootcamping around UC’s best workout at a school next to the guy’s house that sprays semi-automatic rounds off in his backyard for the entire county to hear. Merica

Warm up: Run long way to basketball court. Note Recalculating’s awe of the concrete quality and flashbacks to when he used to ball out in the streets of Jersey.


—Pyramid: 5 burpees, 10 Merkins, 15 HR Merkins, 20 mountain climbers, 25 45 seconds elbow planks, 20 Plank Jacks, 15 HR Merkins, 10 Merkins, 5 burpees

—Run back to parking lot-suicides around the lot, stopping at each driveway (4), 15, 20, 25, then 30 jump squats at each driveway, 5 burpees at beginning

–Bunch of Mary to pass the time, 20 IC of LBC’s, Heel to Heaven, Dolly, American Hammer

—Ran back over to the basketball courts for some more plank fun-6 inches, various merkins, Maktar Ndiyaye, planking

—Partner work-P1 runs to pull up bars and completes 5 pull ups-P@ doing 200 400 shoulder taps with feet on fall. Run back to start, Time!

Moleskine: So I’d like to consider myself somewhat of an 80’s and 90’s rap enthusiast. In somewhat of a shocking twist, although born in Hollywood (West Hollywood, nttiawwt), I grew up in a close suburb where all we listed to was rap. It also helped that my parents worked in the record business and would steal take provide me with CD’s when asked for. It’s an impressive collection that can probably net me $5 from the local used CD store.

But I don’t listen to rap anymore, because most of it is garbage. There is even a rapper named Lil’ Mosey. Trash. Listened to this dude for about 30 seconds before I had to stop. I was embarrassed for him. I mean, my no-longer-famous cousin and I were making rap tracks about the Lakers and macking with the ladies at age 12 that would blow this guy away. With no autotune. Yet one of his songs had 131M views.

So with that being said, I got what you’ve been waiting for.  Hollywood’s top nine West Coast rap groups/rappers of pre-1996 all time (same thing), in order (BTW this cannot be argued, especially if you are from the East Coast. Had to leave some good ones out):

1. LMFAO **homer pick, Christmas is coming up

2. The Pharcyde

3. The Alkaholiks

4. Cypress Hill

5. Jurassic 5

6. Tupac/Dr. Dre/Dogg Pound/Snoop/DJ Quik/Nate Dogg/Warren G

7. Digital Underground

8. Souls of Mischief

9. Ice Cube

So there also was a workout. It was fantastic. Saw a bunch of newer PAX that probably have no idea who was Q’ing since I haven’t been to a bootcamp workout in a while. That’s cool. Lots of good attitudes and strong work from these men. The older PAX: grumpy, loud and opinionated. Can’t a Q’s voice crack without the peanut gallery chiming in? Rough crowd out there, don’t change though. Kept the mileage pretty standard, which surprised people I guess. Shirtless guys and Gazelles were a little upset with this. They got over it though. Go read Posse’s backblast if you haven’t already because you’ll remember that one, not this.   Thanks.


SFN 5 k this weekend in Matthews; need track commanders; see Rubbermaid for details.

Many races/1st and 2nd F opportunities coming up; Spartan Race in April; CSAUP in West Charlotte and Vagabond over Veterans Day

Pull up Challenge going strong; can jump right in

Sign up for Waxhaw Christmas party asap

Born to Roll

17 strong and brave men joined me to run up and down a couple of Waxhaw’s most famous hills. I got roped suckered asked nicely into Q’ing yesterday and was prepared as usual. I even impressed the PAX by writing some stuff on paper I had strategically placed around the streets of F3 Waxhaw. Most planning I had done in a while.

WARM UP: Mosey to the front of South Providence School while dodging a few cars, standard Floater stuff. MC x 15 IC, Plank Jacks x 15 IC, Peter Parkers x 15 IC, more?

THANG: From side of school–20 Merkins, run to Waxhaw Library, 1 burpee, run back 20 jump squats, up to King Street 1 burpee and back 20 LBC, up and back on Bad Idea, 1 burpee and back

Shoulder presses on wall x 50 IC while recovering

Mosey back Stop at library for Merkins on hill, x 15 while facing in each direction

Towards downtown-At random large rocks placed on lawn down side of street- Broad jump uphill from beginning to end-every other rock 2 burpeees –at least 14 total        Mary-Freddie Mercury, x 15 IC, dolly x 15 IC

To Cupcake Queen parking lot-10 Jump squats at each intersection on the way there In parking lot-20 CDD, run to front of Provisions, 1 burpee, back To corner of Caldwell and Church st, 1 burpee, back Down and up recently discovered steep hill behind the skate park… BURPEE TRAIN!!!

Very long train today. THE LONGEST. 3-5 6 min and 20 seconds!!! of consecutive burpees while we waited for that thing to pass. Yes someone timed the train and you guessed it, it was Fuse Box. 

Finished the set up the hill, 1 burpee, back

Mary while we wait-Heel to heaven x 15 IC

In lot, 10 wide arm merkins, 12 CDD, 14 stagger merkins, 16 CDD

Back to cars-burpees for the final 30 seconds

MOLESKIN: Obviously I had more planned and wanted to get in a bit more running and try and get to Keith Jung Un Death Hill (getting messages all night asking me to run more today, weird), but with the humidity out there, it worked out anyway. The unpredictability of the train is unique to this AO, and the chatter really gets going when that whistle can be heard a mile away, knowing what’s to come. Watching the train go by as you are doing the burpees definitely makes it feel much longer.

I should have known something was up when Deadwood went sprinting 100 mph past Dasher up Bad Idea Hill. Paid for it later in the workout I think but apparently, it was all about bragging rights getting the record time on a Strava segment. Kid Rock definitely has plans to change that soon.

Posse solidified what we knew all along-He will be a great school crossing guard upon retirement. Guy risked his life to save us while we dangerously crossed Hwy 75. Thanks and glad we didn’t leave any out there.

There were other things that happened too but I forgot and will likely just slip into a future backblast when I remember. If I didn’t mention your name it was probably because I wasn’t paying attention, or more likely because you didn’t do anything to wow me.

With that being said, you are all appreciated and I’m thankful for the comradery and support from you guys that are out here most mornings. Obviously I wouldn’t still be here 3.5 years later if it was just about merkins and burpees. As usual, all of the guys worked their butts off. Good push.  I swear one of these days I’ll be able to correctly complete the disclaimer. But we did look good though.


Isabella Santos Race 9/28- Need runners and Speed for Need pushers—See Waxhaw Group Me or Slack for details. Great F3 event.

Doughboy is desperately seeking some folks to join him tubing the Catawba on Sunday. Bonus-Bread Bowl may be there for extra shenanigans

Tons of races/events coming up-Vagabond, Spartan, Ragnar, Speed for Need-don’t be afraid to jump in and sign up. You’ll be glad you did.

Recalculating-solid takeout

Sugar Hills

7 strong and brave men joined me to run up and down a couple of Waxhaw’s hills. I don’t get up to this site much but wanted to try and use some different terrain, while at the same time not venturing too far into the darkness to avoid being chased or mauled by some stray dog. Also, spirits were high knowing that the “burpee train” passed at 5:20, sparing the PAX from that suckfest.

WARM UP: Mosey around Waxhaw United Methodist Church to Center Grove Freewill Baptist Church. 15 x Mountain Climbers IC, 15 x Plank Jacks IC, 10 x Low Slow Squats IC, 10 x Merkins IC, 10 x Peter Parkers IC, 10 x Merkins IC

THANG: Run from Center Grove Freewill Baptist Church to Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, long hilly way-each rt .4 mi –10 jump squats one end, 10 HR Merkins other; at middle point each way, 2 burpees—3 round trips total No hand flutters x 20 IC, American Hammers x 10 IC waiting for 6

Mosey to parking lot on Church and Main St. intersection, plank work-civilian count-5 Carolina dry Docks, 10 Merkins, 15 Dry Docks, 10 Merkins, 5 Dry Docks

At Caldwell St. –from there run around bend of Church St.(turns into Givens St.) up to Broad St. intersection-10 HR Merkins at one end, 10 jump squats at other-Completed 2 round trips Heels to Heaven x 20 IC, Dolly x 20 IC waiting for 6

Mosey down Broome St. (turns into College St.) to Brevard. Up Brevard St. to Main St.-5 burpees at each intersection

Mosey back to the start-4 minutes left-audible to the picnic benches dips x 20 IC, Derkins x 10 IC, Dips x 10 IC, Derkins x 10 IC Done.

MOLESKIN: Great group of dudes as always. Fast crew out there as well. A few I don’t see that often, mostly because many of you foolios don’t come to Ignition or Pursuit. F3 Haw WestUC WWW3 whatever we are doesn’t have many hills so it’s always fun to use them when we can. Last time YHC Q’d Floater it was during the remnants of a hurricane and we didn’t get to move much. #recordlowattendance

Always good to get out of the comfort zone and try something different. Just kidding, it’s the same crap I always do, run, jump, merkin, etc, repeat-just with the added danger factor of #87. That’s why I had to prerun to scout for whether those pitbulls were roaming around and whether it was safe in the dark mean streets of the Haw. Regrettably, we only saw a deer and some annoying rat terrier that was attempting to wake up the entire neighborhood with its barking. I usually try and say something about each PAX but there was not a lot of chatter going on when we’re struggling for breath most of the time. Good thing there were only 7.   Some of this is actually true.  

Twinkle Toes-Told me how much he loved the Q and can’t wait for the next time I’m up. At least that’s what I heard. Grinded it out today.

Easy Button-Getting faster and faster over the summer. Is it the tank tops? We’ll find out in a few months if sleeves are his kryptonite.

Carb Load-Hasn’t missed a workout in 2 months. I think. How would I know? I don’t. But he’s always there. And kicking ass.

Shake & Bake-I know how much he loves to run so my goal was to make him happy. Pushed hard as always, though he probably wished we did more merkins to show off his perfect form.

High Hat– Probably felt like stopping a few times but never quit. He’s going to give the #respecters a run for their money when eligible soon during their annual Respect Games competition.

Deadwood –Despite the calf issues, continued to work hard up at the front. And, since everyone was on their best behavior, didn’t have to scold anyone (this doesn’t apply to Groupme)

Zinfandel– Way to represent for the Crest. He must have forgot that there was a boycott of my Q’s from the Briarcrest guys. #ilivedthere10years #hoaduesalwayspaidontime #thankstroy

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Tonight-Gerber leads Clyent Dinner 5:30-He promises Old E & Mickeys 40s or Boones Farm Strawberry Hill and Zima as the low carb options *unconfirmed on the alcohol selections

Q School this Saturday-see signup links in GroupMe, Slack

Possibly New Lawson’s Second Largest Hill*

Had to go up against the 17 yo VQ so figured I needed to come out strong and show that the extra 15 minutes and extra 3 miles matters. 8 guys agreed. We rolled out an excited bunch. Looking fly and of course being extra diccs safe due to some street running. A disclaimer was provided, happiness ensued.

Thang: Mosey to the clubhouse of Lawson 2.0. At your own pace. Which was quick.

–Circle up- SSH x nope , IW x not today, Mountain climbers x 10IC, Plank jacks x 10IC, chilcutt x 10IC, Merkins x 10IC. Run to the end of a faraway cul-de-sac.

–From that spot, run up the previewed hill**, out and back. At every light pole, complete 15 10 hand release merkins. At bottom, 10 burpees. We did this for 6 light poles and a long time. When finished, ran to a smaller hill and planked for a quick rest. –Next-some sprints up a smaller hill. Backwards/forwards running to stop sign. 10 jump squats before running up the hill. Did this 4 times.

–Run back towards the school. At each light pole, stop for 5 merkins. 6 poles in total. –At school, ran to front of high school. Derkins x 10 IC, bench Chilcutt x15 IC, dips x 20 IC.

–Head back towards start. At path, stop at each pole, 10 Dry docks, 12 merkins, 14 dry docks, 16 merkins. Then sprint back to home base to join the Flash crew. Done

Moleskin: Some thoughts about this morning. After Wolverine and Bottlecap took off their shirts, I was afraid that the rest of the PAX were about to follow. Luckily enough, the rest remained covered up as we all just needed something to soak up all the sweat. Disgusting humidity out there. Didn’t really help. Sneaky steep hill there in Lawson, but Rubbermaid has done the advance scouting and analytical breakdown of his community and noted that there was a 0.2% decrease in grade difference to some other hill or two. Maybe next time. Burpees to hand release merkins is rather unfair to the shoulders. Guys were out there running with noodle arms trying to shake out the pain. And what graduation makes their band members get to school in tuxedos at 6am to practice? Just mean.

Wolverine killed it out there today. At the front all morning. Probably needs to start going to Chiseled to get some more muscle definition though. Bottlecap was doing his best keeping up and almost destroyed himself in the process. Gave him a new low back exercise late in the workout to work on as well. #yourwelcome

Gerber is still coming back from his calf issues but is always right there at the front with his super long strides (compared to mine at least). Think he was upset that we ended 1 minute early as he still wanted to run though. Deflated was also sneaky fast today. Up at the front as well and getting faster and faster by the week. Didn’t even let the three layers he had on slow him down.

Legal Zoom and Centerfold, both of Clyent Dinner fame, made rare morning appearances to Ignition. Not sure running in this weather is much easier than running in 95 degree heat (just kidding, it is). Good work.

Foundation told me at Open Door (yes you should come) yesterday that he wouldn’t miss Ignition for anything. Seemed to waffle a bit after I told him I was on Q though. Is that a good or bad thing? Not sure but he was there. It may be because he’s been blacklisted from Flash after his site Q duties ended. At least I heard that from a friend of a friend. #secret

Rubbermaid crazily admitted to cheating modifying as needed but even still, felt that the 5ish miles was not enough and was ready to knock out another 8. Nobody else has ever not finished all of the assigned reps during a workout. Not once. Just shocked to learn that this occurred at Ignition.

Thanks to all who showed up today. Appreciate you all. Good first F fellowship and encouragement from the PAX as usual.

Announcements: Bottlecap’s annual 3v3 Basketball tournament, June 15. Middle school and up. See details in other social media site.

Tupperware on Q at Chiseled 6/12.

Watchtower-New site location, New Town tomorrow 6/11