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Not Really an AMWRAP

**Posted on behalf of Stub Hub

Eight PAX showed up early on a Monday morning to run off all the beer and wings ate over an NFL playoff weekend. Since 93% of WUC PAX are somehow Patriots fans the mood was rather delightful.

• Disclaimer – Really good and extra elaborate disclaimer given before we launched our workout.


Start from the parking lot and head down to Transporters Shed for 10 donky kicks. Mosey to the upper circle by the baseball field for 10 air squats. Mosey down to the baseball fields for 10 derkins. Mosey back up to the top circle for 10 air squats. Head all the way around towards the high school parking lot for 5 burpees at the stop sign. Mosey to front of High School for 15 dips. Mosey to front of middle school for 10 box jumps. Mosey to beginning for 5 burpees. Wash, Rinse, Repeat till 6:15am.

Four total laps seemed to be what most PAX got, except BC and Hollywood who were able to go pick up the rest of us after breezing through course. Somehow this managed to time out okay as we got back with 30 seconds to spare so we were able to get in some quality ab work.


All PAX that showed up to ignition Monday morning worked extremely hard. It seems that each lap got progressively harder. We covered a pretty good amount of ground 6.2mi according to the crapple watch.


• Shampoo Crew still doing big things collecting toiletries to bring to local shelters. See Dancing Bear for additional Details

• Father Daughter Dance – March 1st. See Gatorcub for details.

• Keep Mad Dog in your prayers as he had a heart procedure. (Since I am not very prompt on this backblast, I can share Mad Dog said it was a good over all report and said we should be seeing him in the gloom soon!)

Stinky Busses

3 PAX for a lovely stroll around the site grounds. Being up against a VQ was always going to be tough for numbers, so I appreciate the two that came out to push themselves.  Nowhere to hide when the numbers are small.  Not much to say either when you’re struggling for breath most of the time.

Thang: Fast run long way to the back of the school, about a mile. Squats and Merkins x15IC

To the steps-Suicide from there around the bus loop, stopping at 5 different locations. 10 Derkins on the wall and jump squats on the other side.

**Apparently Union County hates the Ozone Layer (no google research completed), as there was no reason, in 47 degree weather, that the busses need to be idling for over an hour from 5am-6:15. We almost passed out running past the fumes from these 20 busses for over 25 minutes.   Not really but they smelled.

To the half wall near the High school-1 burpee to 2 get ups. Up to 5 and 10 total.

Back of HS, from one entrance to another.  shoulder taps off wall and Mike Tysons. Start with 2, run to next entrance 4, up by 2’s to 20.

Mosey home, at path, every light alternate merkins and Dry Docks, Begin with 10 merkins, 12 dry docks, 14 merkins, etc. Up to 22 Meet up with the guys from Flash for COT

Moleskin:  Everyone got in 5.35 miles, which means me since nobody else had a watch.  Might have convinced Bottle Cap to sign up for an OCR and Easy Button to Q during the fun as well.    Until next time.      Announcements: see Flash backblast for details. New FNG  Inspector Gadget

Bags of Fun

Despite WUC’s other two AO’s running as scheduled, 9 men made the smart decision to venture to Wesley Chapel’s finest shopping center to start off their week right. There may or may not have been a proper disclaimer provided judging by the strange looks I got.

THANG: run around Chick Fil A and Dunkin’, narrowly get run over by the one car in the lot, to the back of the Target lot. Warm up consisted of, all IC, MC x15, Peter Parker x15, Plank Jack x15, plank, elbow plank, merkins x15

To other side of lot-Every third tree, 5 jump squats to the end (total 45). Back to beginning, same thing, yet 3 burpees instead of jump squats (27). Plank work, Mahktar NDiayes x15 IC

Mosey to Brooklyn Pizza-each pick up a sandbag and back to Target parking lot. With sandbag, run to 1st line, 10 shoulder presses, leave bag, run back to start, then grab bag and run to 2nd line, 10 shoulder presses, run back to start, etc-did this for 7 lines (70 presses). Then Jump squats x20 IC

Next- at each line, 5 squats with sandbags (35 total), back to start. Then Sandbag squats x 15 IC

Next -with sandbag, at each line, 8 bent over rows, leave bag, back one line, then grab and go to next line, repeat entire way (56 total). Then Merkins x 15 IC

Next-sandbag burpees, 2 at each line (14), bring bags back to start. Then 2 laps of mosey/sprint until time.


MOLESKIN:Great group of guys as always. Many I haven’t ever met or seen in a while. Sandbags were tough, especially since the one I had weighed what seemed like half my body weight. Always good to get out of the comfort zone and try something different(for me at least). Because the Wesley Chapel Target is the least crowded in all the area, it makes sense that they have the biggest parking lot. Somehow just running back and forth in the lot we got in almost 3 miles.

Goodfella, as usual, smoked everyone when it came to burpees. Got the onslaught of short jokes from the PAX during that time as well.

Short Circuit-heard it was his third time out and despite my disclaimer issues, had the innate ability to modify as necessary

Smokey- super fast, up at the front all day, despite back issues. Nice work.

Chastain-showed up at some point during the workout. Not sure when but jumped right in to work hard.

Ackbar-Almost didn’t make it due to lack of sleep from the Star Wars marathon on TV all weekend. Glad you did.

Deadwood was completely silent the entire workout.         Just kidding, he talked nonstop.

Banjo didn’t want me to be the only one so he came to make sure that Briarcrest was represented.  Following through on our Briarcrestian reputation, he gave it his all with no complaining to be heard.

Demascus-Found out that he does not know how to read a weather report. Thought it was 59 degrees when he arrived. No gloves, shorts, shirt. Very Recalculating of him.

Thanks again for the opportunity to lead


Bible study-Wesley Chapel Brooklyn Pizza, Monday at 7:30pm

Legacy Sports-looking for leaders to help

Ignite This!

8 pax flat out refused to hit the snooze button and came to brave the dangerously misty conditions this morning to get in some miles and merkins.


Run long way to front of high school, then IW x10 IC, Merkins x10 IC, 6 Count Burpees x10 IC


Run to high school parking lot, various lengths of sprints with merkins, dry docks, jump squats and burpees in between;

Then to middle school in front of the steps; merkins, diamond, stagger L, R, wide arm all x5 IC; then partner circle around the bus lots; 10 Hand slap merkins when meet; completed 2x

Straight shot from there to the front of the middle school; bench work; 15 step ups, derkins and dips; all x2; 10 6 count burpees

Run to end of drive up to Cuthbertson Rd.; 10 merkins IC, 20 jump squats IC, 10 dry docks IC, then run back to front of middle school

Loop around; complete Merkins, jump squats, lbc’s, start at 9 each, at every half lap reduce by 1 until finished

Ended day with some sprints with recovery jog around the parking lot; Total a little over 5 miles


Nice work by all, good to have site FNGs Burpees McGoodfella and Landshark, both were out towards the front all morning. Look forward to seeing them back out again soon.

Botttlecap killed it on the loop at the end. Does that mean he sandbagged the beginning of the workout?

Moneyball was carrying a jacket around for some reason.  And just happy that calf raises aren’t allowed at this ao.

Halfback and Stub Hub both working their way back from 3 weeks of vacation. That was together, right?

Easy Button loves him some Ignition, overheard saying to his M that he can’t wait to Q it and show us what a real Q can do.

Just a really fast crew out there today, peeling back for the 6 was actually encouraged but not necessary due to the fact that we were all bunched together pretty well. Thanks again for the continued support of the newish workout and look forward to some of the Flash guys coming over and joining us soon for a change of pace.


Church on the Street; see Bottlecap for sign up

Open Door bible study; Sundays, Five Stones at 7am; no pre-work required; just come and listen

Christmas party 11/30-Providence Downs South

Three Forgot to Fartsack

Rainy weather moved us to the covered picnic area, where 3 PAX joined YHC on a fun filled mostly non-running gear workout.

Warm Up:

Took advantage of the minimal rain to mosey a couple of blocks and back; SSH x20 IC, MC x10 IC, Plank Jacks x10 IC, Merkins x10 IC, 10 burpees oyo

The Thang:

Under the picnic shelter next to the benches where the gear was waiting. Dumbbells from 25-55 lbs, 45 lb plates.

Cranked up the tunes. Turned on the lights. Explained the stations.

Tabata station work 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off

Stations were:

  1. kettlebell swings
  2. Goblet squats
  3. Plate carry
  4. Shoulder press
  5. Biceps curls
  6. Sandbag burpees
  7. Lateral raise
  8. Bent over rows
  9. Slam ball

Every so often, we would mix in regular burpees, derkins or merkins as another station.

After 15 sets, the rain held off a bit and allowed us to run to Providence Rd. and back. Back to the covering, 1 minute plank.

Then repeat stations for 15 more sets until time was up. Finished it off with 10 burpees


This was actually the first workout YHC has Q’d with this little running. Not sure how I feel about it.  Decided to bring gear expecting weather-limited movement with more PAX but all appeared to have been scared off by the 4:45 downpour that likely made everyone (but the 3 studs listed above) hit the snooze button.   But for the most part, the rain held off until after we were done and we remained mostly dry despite the conditions around us.   Due to preference, some stations were skipped more often than others.  Some modifications were made.  But no quit and no train interruption made for a good workout.

Thanks to the 3 that braved the 5 mph winds and really light rain to join me this morning.   Hard work and great attitudes as usual.


Forest Hill Church-service 10/21 Cane Creek Amphitheatre

Fire That Baby Up

11 PAX to continue with the third installment of Ignition.   Judging by the really early arrivals, most were fired up and couldn’t wait to engage in some hard work.

the WARM UP:

Run long away around to the entrance of the HS.  IW x 10 IC, Merkins x10IC

the THANG:

Continue across street into Champion Forest neighborhood, Waynewood Dr.    2 forward, 1 back with the light poles until we reach the stop sign.   At light pole going forward, 10 burpees, going back, 10 merkins.  Collect the 6

Total 50 or 60 of each (lost track)

Right on Dobson Dr. -run until hit Waynewood, 10 Mountain climbers at each light pole.  Total -way too many. Collect the 6

Left on Waynewood, 10 diamond merkins at each light pole, switch to LBC’s 90% through.

At stop sign, 2 forward, 1 back with light poles until we reach the stoplight. Forward-10 jump squats, back, 10 CDDs

Back to HS-merkins x15 IC to collect 6

Down towards track-hey look, more light poles

Suicides-3 light poles and back to start, 10 lbc’s at start.     Finally, we ran back to the start, 5 jump squats at every other pole.  Meet up with Flash at COT


Dancing Bear and Deadwood-site FNGs pushed it today. Strong first showing.

The rest of the veteran crew went nonstop and all really seemed to be moving much quicker than the last couple of weeks.   The gap is noticeably shorter between front to back.  Mumblechatter was limited today, all that energy being used up to yell out for cars, or breathe.

And best of all, pre-workout concern of a Foundation Ole Miss Nipplepolooza part 2 was apparently avoided today.

All should have gotten in at least 5 miles today.   Thanks again for the support of the new site.


Clothes closet-10/4/18, see Ice 9’s recent backblast

service opportunity-10/19 -8:30-12 Cuthbertson Middle-Career Day, message Bottlecap for details


Touring the Ridge

21 PAX joined YHC and decided to brave the perfect morning weather for a little tour of the school grounds.


Disclaimer provided. Run around parking lot and down to other end.    All IC: Mountain Climbers x15, Peter Parkers x15, Plank Jacks x15, Merkins x15

Then run to other end of parking lot and back, 5 squats every third tree on way out (30), 5 jump squats every third tree back in (30)


To side of HS: All IC- 5 merkins, 5 wide arm, 5 diamonds, 5 stagger right, 5 stagger left

Then pair up- P1 run to end and across street and back, P2 shoulder taps with feet on wall-100-200 per team depending on whether expert instructions were actually followed.

Back side of school -military count-5 each of merkins, wide arm, diamond, stagger right and left

Then P1 run around circle globe, P2 Jump squats -150 as a team

Continue to maintenance building-P1 run around building, P2 donkey kicks-150 as a team

Run around path to cafeteria-Squats x20 IC

Then P1 run down and around very small section of track, P2 burpees-50 as a team

Run back to start, stopping at end of parking lot, 5 merkins every third tree-Total 30

Various mary/planks were completed during the fun-All 1000 IC (Abs of Steel)


It has to have been close to a couple of years since YHC last Q’d Dromedary so it was great to get back out and run around.   Been skipping Wednesdays recently because ?

Good to see many faces I hadn’t seen in a while.   We even had a Flipper and Ice 9 sighting.

As usual, plan was to keep the heart rate up while doing some good ol’ fashioned partner work.  Still got in about 2.5, which I know all appreciated.


Christ Closet Ministry-Service Opportunity, 10/4, please see Ice 9’s Backblast for full details

F3 Dads Camping-10/19-10/20, see slack channel for details

And We’re Off

The newest Monday morning workout in Western UC, also known as Ignition, made its debut at Cuthbertson Middle School. Born out of a desire from some of the PAX to get a bit more running in (and the ridiculously large numbers the ever-so-popular Flash has been pulling in lately), 9 made the decision to join YHC at 5:15 to break in and explore some new areas.


Mosey approx. .8 miles out of the middle school and into the Lawson subdivision model home parking lot. Watch out for cars.

Short warmup consisting of merkins and low slow squats. We then proceeded to run up and down, back and forth through the many cul-de-sacs and streets the subdivision had to offer. We sprinted and moseyed when needed.  We did burpees, jump squats, diamond merkins, all other types of merkins, mary when not picking up the 6.

Then we ran back to meet up with Flash for COT. In the end, we totaled anywhere from 5.0-5.4 miles and enough exercises to satisfy the “non-runners”


The plan for Ignition is simple. Keep the heart rate up while engaging in some good ol’ fashioned running mixed in with various exercises. YHC and site Q Halfback want to thank all those who came out to test themselves and help us introduce this workout to the PAX of Western UC .  The AO came together pretty quickly so it was encouraging to have 9 at launch.  I believe those that attended would say that they pushed themselves pretty hard today.  Most even said that they would return.

A little something about the PAX because the backblast is too short:

Bottlecap-dude just had hernia surgery a couple of weeks ago and out running around.  Or did he?  I believe only Moneyball asked to see proof of the incision site.  Gross

speaking of Moneyball-Definitely faster than he used to be, however I think he forgot the workout is 60 minutes, not 45. Where did he go?

Stub Hub-Officially a runner now per his leading of Pursuit.   But does he sandbag the first part of his workouts to socialize?

MadDog-Vowed never to come back.  Or did he?

Dasher-Running with merkins are a Dasher special.   Already signing up to Q. Will he find 10 foot walls for us to jump over?

Rubbermaid-so dialed in, when he arrived he left his 2.0 in the car with the windows rolled up. Says Ignition also fixed his fogged up eyeglass problem.

Cha Ching-The mumblechatter king. I’m sure he said this was his favorite workout he has ever been to? Pretty sure at least.

Halfback-Finally realized in the last month that 40 year olds shouldn’t be faster than him and has corrected that problem.

Thanks again.


Ignition rolls out again next week, Halfback on Q weather permitting


Impromptu AMRAP: The Return

We welcomed back the return of Impromptu’s Monthly AMRAP challenge after a long summer hiatus.  A new but similar designed course awaited the PAX, and judging by the 24 PAX that showed up, they were eager to test themselves and take their shot at the best of what Cuthbertson MS has to offer.  After a quick lap around the course to explain the exercises, off we went.

The Thang:

AMRAP challenge. Consists of a .5 mile lap with 7 exercise stations along the route. 30 minutes to complete as many laps as possible. Stations included in the chart.  20 of each exercise (burpees were based on the # of laps completed). Results are included to track monthly progress.  Example: 4.2 means  4 laps, plus completion of Bear Crawl








Stub Hub



Bear Crawl

Easy Button







Donkey Kicks




Rock Run




Jump Squats







Dancing Bear








Southern Belle


















Wedding Singer





Everyone was working really hard. Good job as always.   Unfortunately, the way too long Bear Crawl section will need to stay so we are all stuck with that part of the course. Until next month…


Open Door—-Sundays at Five Stones Church office  7-8am, Acts Ch. 10-11 this week

Dancing Bear and his 2.0 are starting a non-profit charity to assist the homeless/those in need–Please bring any unused travel soaps/shampoos/toiletries for drop off and he will be distributing to local shelters.

Commitment- **New location** Saturdays 6:30-7:30am–Now Meeting at Nesbit Park near Kensington Elementary, NOT Weddington HS.

Watchtower- **New Location** Tuesdays 5:30-6:15am–Now Meeting at Target/Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel, NOT Weddington HS.

Ignition-Beginning Monday 9/10 5:15-6:15am, Cuthbertson Middle

Am I Allowed to Break the Rules?…..Nope

A rather large crowd joined me today at The Floater. 25 PAX in total. Hadn’t been out since my last Q months ago and the crowd has definitely increased in numbers since that time.

Pull up with 2 minutes to spare, crew seems ready, weigh ins completed and away we went.

Warm Up:

Mosey the long way over to a church parking lot.

Plank-then all IC: MC x 10, Merkins x 9, Peter Parker x 10, Plank Jacks x 10, Merkins x 11

The Thang:

Run back close to where we came; 8 CDD at every street (32); dips 25 IC while we wait for the 6

Then IC: dips x8, Step Ups x10, Derkins x12, Step ups x10

Run to Brevard St. at S. Providence School; couple more 8x CDD; while we wait plank series, 6 inches, etc; 6 inch plank jacks IC x 10

Down Brevard to first intersection, 8 HR Merkins, 8 Jump Squats, back to start; Then up Brevard to next intersection, repeat series; Then down Brevard to Waxhaw maintenance dept; HR Merkins x 16, Jump squats x16; up to Hwy 75; repeat;  Mary, squats, etc waiting for the 6

Mosey to Waxhaw Womens Club (WWC) parking lot-Dolly x 10 IC , American Hammer x 10 IC–

Train alert-10 Burpees in 1 minute increments until train passed; Completed at least 50 in total, lost count as I was going deaf

Mosey back to start-Freddy Mercury IC x20; Merkins IC x 10; LBC  IC x 20; Merkins IC x 10


We began to hear the train whistle midway through the workout. Everyone, including YHC, was hoping that it would just go away. At the WWC, that distinct sound had become much louder. Apparently there is a rule here where if the train comes by, you complete burpees until it passes (since the AO is literally 50 feet from the tracks).  I looked around and noticed many sad faces so for the PAX sake and being the nice guy that I am, I stared at one of the site Q’s Moneyball and asked if I was allowed to break the rules and not do the burpees. Rather the awesome little fun exercise I had planned which did not include them.  He emphatically said No.  So we did burpees while the longest train ever to come through Waxhaw passed.   Fantastic.  See I am a rule follower, although I saw a lot of refuseniks out there during this portion of the workout.  Blame the site Q’s.

Thanks for the invite,  Good to see some new faces around.  Keep coming out, you’ll get faster and stronger.   Familiar faces out front leading the PAX, you know who you are.

And…rumor has it that one of the PAX was wearing a thong. A very thorough, meme filled, and time consuming investigation is currently underway (for clarification of course).


Big 10 on Q tomorrow-wear college colors

Rubbermaid turned 50 today (hid it until COT). Recalculating announced that he was 49 and not one PAX noticed.

Flash Monday-Late start 6:30