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After the storm

24 intrepid PAX peeked out their heads into the hurricane-ravaged gloom and made a serious downpainment on rebuilding a better world from the rubble….. Brief non-legalese disclaimer given and we were off down the freshly paved roads towards the professional grade turf field for……


COP on turf field




Good Mornings

Half lap around field – carioca, run, carioca, backpedal


Run to bridge – Grab rock —> Peoples chair with shoulder press. IC.


Curls with rock IC.

Repeat 3 times total


Run stadium stairs.

10x hand release merkins, 10x CDD and plank for six.

Indian Run around track.

Repeat 2 times total.


Run to utility shed/bottom of hill. Partner up.

Partner 1 sprints to top of hill and jogs back to start.

Partner 2 LBCs


Repeat 3 times total.


Run to statue at entrance to gym.

Step ups x 10 (each leg)

Dips x 10

Decline Merkins x 10

Repeat 3 times total.


Yog back to launch. Bear Crawl width of the parking lot. Jog back. Lunge walk width of the parking lot. Jog back.

Repeat 3 times total.





Had a great mix of regulars and new (at least for me) faces. From the word go we had some great 2nd F. I think the Pax must have had a lot of pent up mumblechatter from being cooped up with Ms and 2.0s all weekend.

I was super impressed by the Pax this morning. They took everything I threw at them (and then some). Great effort on every station and I didn’t see any refuseniks at all. Even saw some pretty good form.

Thanks to Run Stopper for calling out my cracking, prepubescent voice while counting on the bridge.

I think Semi-gloss pre-ran the workout. My goodness.

We were even graced with the presence of the Nantan.

Nice work out there.


The question had already been asked….

…and it could not be un-asked….

“Anyone Donut Running tomorrow?”

1 superhuman BRR-running PAX and 2 mere mortal, non-BRR PAX converged upon the Donut Run AO for a very special pre-BRR Q-less yog around the block.

Route was South – Regular. Here it is:

6.15 miles.

The End


So I figured I would see who was up for a quick run this morning. It’s BRR week, so all the “real” runners are tapering. Should be casual, right? No. Not at all. First response was from Depth Charge. Cool, I thought. I don’t know him, but should be ok, because, again it’s BRR week. Then Goonie chimes in… Uh.. what pace are you looking at? Basically saying between the lines hey, I know you HIPAA, and I’m pretty sure I’m faster than you and Depth Charge is faster than me, soo……. He is like really fast. Should have taken the hint. Alas!

Bushwood chimes in from DR with “directions”:

“Rea, R on 51, R on Providence, R on Candlewyck, R on Rea.”

Yeah, that doesn’t exist. Nevertheless, we persevered!

Show up this morning and Depth Charge is ready to rock n roll. He actually is putting himself through BRR this weekend and despite that is still out there in the Gloom ready to make us all look slow. Second PAX shows up – Rachel. Crap. I know he’s fast. At this point I am banking on Goonie, who, to his credit, was not a HC. No dice.

Spent the first few miles trying to keep up with these two machines. I don’t think either of them broke a sweat. At least I feel like I added some value because I knew the route. Thanks for staying back with me, guys. Really appreciate it. Was a great workout for me and according to Strava I set all kinds of significant life-changing PRs as a result!

As an aside, I’m not even sure I’m authorized to post this. I certainly didn’t have the permission of the absent Site Q or the consent of the governed, but here it is.

Around the Horn and Dodging Scooters

18 chatty PAX took all Hydra had to offer this morning. Brief disclaimer was given and we were off for CoP on the glorious, potholed schoolyard pavement.

Ssh x 20

Thang I:
Baseball/Around the Horn – Alternating hand release merkins and burpees around the diamond – Positions 9 to 1 (number of reps tracking the position number).

Thang II:
Four Corners/Starfish
Meet at middle bleachers.
Four stations:
Pullups x 10
LBCs x 20
Step-ups x20 (10 per leg)
Jump Squats x10
(Dips x 10 each time you pass the middle)

Plank to gather the 6.
Repeat the whole thing (with feeling this time).

Thang III:
Mosey to church parking lot. Grab a rock. Partner up.
First partner curls while other partner runs to end of parking lot and back (10x merkins at end).
Second Round: Shoulder press

Mosey back to launch for Mary
Good mornings
Freddy mercury


Approx. 1.9 BRR-friendly miles logged. Map:


A characteristically strong Hydra group out there today. Lots of First F and even more Second F. A lot of F’s were given. Great weather.

I played outfield my whole life. Literally since I was the 5 year old husky kid out in the dandelion field. I should know that Left Field is “7” and Right Field is “9”. Somehow messed that up. Thanks to the Pax for filling in the gaps.

Noticed a lot of generalized angst around SSH and burpees. Who knew? Don’t say I didn’t warn you…..

Spackler sounded more winded than usual. Also had a hasty exit from the parking lot. Could not tell whether it was jubilant or regretful.

Kotters to Flo Jo for his second post. Keep posting brother. Thanks to everyone for making him feel welcome. Tclaps to Scratch and Win for seeking him out and welcoming him back into the fold.

Semi-Kotters to Lewinsky who wasn’t gone all that long, but paternity leave/road trip is over brother! Welcome to fatherhood!

Clover has been a consistent, steady DR Metro-commuter/adopted Area 51 Pax this summer. Appreciate you making the trip.

First time I’ve seen Sprockets out at Hydra – new to the area. Looked like he rode his bike in. Welcome aboard!

Queen and Marge out in front all day as usual. Bugeater not far behind.

Scratch and Win – thanks for the nice take out and the fellowship as always.

Thanks to Marge and Queen for the opportunity to lead this fine group. Hydra was my first post and will always be a special group to me.

Announcements: Convergence on Monday at Base Camp. Check the papers for details. Mark your calendars for Vagabond on November 6. Details to come.

Only thing missing was a big top…..

19 PAX endured a very choppy VQ in elegant surroundings this morning. Verbal disclaimer was given and we were off for CoP on the luxury, professional-grade turf field. If there’s a nicer site in all of the F3 Kingdom, I don’t know where it is. Apparently came out a little hot on the warmup mosey to CoP and immediately heard the mumblechatter growing from the Six.


Ssh x 20 (in homage to Hops)

IW [This is where the counting started to break down……]


Good Mornings

Merkins [somehow messed up the counting here again……]

Thang (Part 1):

Stay at the turf field Mosey to the baseball field and partner up.

– First partner run to the shelter/Tiki Hut/Pain Cave and do Mike Tyson x 15

– Other partner run along the outfield warning track and do: Lunge Walk – Carioca – Carioca (reversed) – Backpedal

– Partners meet up and do Power Merkins x 10 (each)


Second round same as the first except with Decline Merkins x 15 at the Hut and Hand Slap Merkins x 10 at the meetup.

Third round same except Balls to the Wall at the Hut.

Thang (Part 2):

Mosey to the track to run stadium stairs run past the landscaper trimming the hedges to the utility shed at the bottom of the muddy hill. Same partners. First partner sprint to top of hill and mosey back. Second partner Balls to the Walls until they return. Flapjack. Repeat.

Mosey to the Q*Bert Stairs.

Thang (Part 3):

Big stairs:

Dip (x20) – Hop – Press (x20 – while in squat position) x 2 sets

Dips x 20 (?)


Magellan yog back to start for Mary.


Logged a total of 2.2 – 2.5 miles (depending on your watch). Mine said 2.8 but others have fancier watches….



Great group out today – terrific effort all the way around and displayed a ton of patience with me as I generally managed to turn my VQ into a circus. Even showed up early to scout out the AO, but still managed to get lost. Had the Weinke in my pocket the whole workout, but needed to Omaha a great deal, so it was kind of useless (and doesn’t help with counting anyway…).

Kudos to all the guys who go out and make it look so easy day after day – it isn’t. It’s really hard!  Mermaid told me he just had his 116th Q. Amazing.

Gummy strong with the mumblechatter as always. Expected and comforting to have that constant.

103 days ago Maybe brought me out to my first F3 workout at Hydra and I am forever in his debt. Thank you, brother. Appreciate you making the trip DR from Metro for a special guest appearance to commemorate the occasion.

Thanks to Puddin Pop for making this a welcoming place from the first minute as a part of F3.

Transporter out in front all day with the usual suspects – guy has become a machine. Was amazed to hear about his journey.

Champagne terrific form as usual and didn’t miss a rep as far as I could tell.

Great to see Hightower coming out consistently for the past 5 or 6 weeks. Hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back.

Scratch and Win thank you for your persistence and your thoughtfulness. You know what I mean. Truly appreciated.

I think the “big stairs” have been officially dubbed the “Q*Bert Stairs”. For all of you bearded millennials, here is the reference:*bert

Still searching for an appropriate name for the shelter behind the baseball field.

Thanks to Hops and Doc McStuffins for giving me the opportunity to lead this fine group. Hopefully the first of many (which will improve with time!).

Realizing I am missing some moments here but was just trying to keep my head on straight!


“Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few.” Matthew 7:6, 12-14


Announcements: Keep Astro and his family in your prayers – his father recently passed.