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Kettlebell Endurance

The three South Charlotte kettlebell sites of Swole, Meathead, and Olympus are again partnering on a coordinated program – this time focusing on our conditioning.  The goal is to build endurance, burn fat, and give you glorious 6-pack abs*.


Our past two programs have focused on building strength – first through Total Tension and then through an SFG Level I Prep course.  Knowing that it is a good idea to vary your training (for example, in running, LSD, tempo, speed work, etc.) and considering many pax are more focused on running and building their aerobic capacity at this time of year, we wanted a kettlebell program that would be complementary to those goals.  I researched a lot of material by experts I trust – Pavel Tsatsouline (especially Strong Endurance and his book The Quick & The Dead (dumb name but good book)), Phil Maffetone, Al Ciampa, Dan John, among others – and I kept coming back to an A+A/AGT training style.


What is an A+A/AGT training style?  It is one that trains the Alactic and Aerobic energy systems, which avoids use of the Glycolytic system (Anti-Glycolytic Training).  Glycolytic training is the type that produces “the burn”, with lots of lactic acid, and “feels like a good workout”. There is certainly a place for this type of training, such as in a peaking session or program.  Here, however, we’re focusing more on endurance through building the mitochondria. Kettlebell base building.


To accomplish this, we’re following The Quick & The Dead protocol, supplemented by a single strength session (to maintain our gains from our strength work).  The Q&D is a well-researched plan within the Strong Endurance program, is simple to implement, and easy to do as a group or in quarantine. If you’re interested in a deeper dive into the science behind the program or more information about why this works, I do encourage you to grab a copy of the book. Otherwise, you can just follow-along with the plan outlined here.  The variability will enable us to follow this almost indefinitely (I’ve mapped out 12-16 weeks; we’ll adjust the end date as we go along), and it pairs well with a 3 times per week running program, if desired.



(Includes a link to The Quick & The Dead book)


Who:  all KB pax, runners, & others who want strength and endurance 

What:  an A+A/AGT strength endurance program, based largely on The Quick & The Dead book

Where:  OYO or with fellow pax at Swole, Meathead, & Olympus

When:  WODs will be posted 3 times per week, in conjunction with the above AO’s schedules, or access a link to the entire workout here

How:  explosive, perfect movements with sufficient rest

Bell selection:  use a bell that you can swing/snatch for 20-30 seconds with perfect, explosive form.


  • Swings & Merkins: “within each series, you will be doing a set of 5 reps every 30 seconds or 10 reps on the minute.  The rest between series is the time left until the start of the next minute, plus one minute – around 1:20 with 5/4 and about 1:45 with 10/2.”
  • Snatches: same as Swings & Merkins, except two minutes rest between sets.
  • Merkins – you may want a set of elastic bands for increased resistance, at least once you’re into the program.  Here are the ones I have used. (I tried others unsuccessfully)


*   Disclaimer:  whether or not those abs are hidden under a protective layer of “cushioning” is OYO.

Stretching by Number

11 lumps of clay posted at Gumby with hopes of becoming more pliable like the AO namesake. This being 7 days before Christmas, a 12 Days of Christmas was considered, but some things just don’t translate well to broga. Consideration was also given to just recycling the past weinke (or three), but sometimes, Santa just wants a brand new bag. So, YHC pulled out the ole “Athlete’s Pocket Guide to Yoga”, which incidentally was not in my pocket, and we proceeded to limber up by number, err, by picture.

Disclaimer: YHC is sooo not a professional and can hardly do half the stuff we’ll attempt today. Follow at your own risk. #buyerbeware

The Thang

COP (aka warmup)

Savasannah (aka just lie there like a corpse)

Devotional – Luke 1:36-38, CSB (aka The Holman)

Page 12 – Spinal warm-up, prone

  • Cat & cow
  • Child’s pose
  • Lateral child’s pose
  • Thread the needle

Pages 21-23 – Sun Salutations with Lunges

  • Salutation
  • Forward fold
  • Half fold
  • Forward fold
  • High lunge
  • High plank – low plank – high plank (#merkin)
  • Up dog
  • Down dog
  • High lunge
  • High plank – low plank – high plank x2 (#merkins)
  • Down dog
  • Forward fold
  • Salutation

Pages 41-42 – Lunge Series

  • Low lunge with groin stretch
  • Crescent lunge
  • Lunge with prayer twist
  • Runner’s lunge (#notarunners welcome too), toes down
  • Runner’s lunge, toes up
  • Repeato all, other side

Pages 47-48 – IT band flow

  • Cow-face fold
  • Half Lord of the Fishes
  • Lunge with groin stretch
  • Standing spread-legged forward fold, with twists
  • Lunge with groin stretch
  • Cow-face fold
  • Half Lord of the Fishes

Page 53 – lower leg stretches

  • Kneeling Achilles stretch
  • Front ankle stretch
  • Toe stretch
  • Repeato on the other side

Page 45 – Pigeon

Savasannah (#corpse)

Devotional – encore – Luke 2:1-20



  • Gumby is on vacation until January 8th
  • Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve convergences – watch for details

Pliable Moleskinne:

Big group today, more so than YHC expected anyway, and some new-to-YHC faces as well.  YHC’s yoga/broga practice has fallen off of late (so much so that I asked Swiss Miss to temporarily remove me from the go-forward Q roster), so it was good to see the both the quantity and quality of posting pax.  YHC forgot his yoga mat, so the fresh faces were introduced to YHC’s ginormous, plush Turkish Getup mat, last used at Gumby by Fireman Ed.  It got the job done, despite some slippage during downward dogs.

Musically accompaniment today was by Trans-Siberian Orchestra for all but the last two songs, which were by the United States Air Force Singing Sergeants choir.  #MerryChristmas

Thanks for following along today.  Great seeing familiar faces, including several #respects, and meeting new ones.

Merry Christmas, all!


Is this thing on?

Backblasts are an important part of F3 and leading any workout, so there’s that.  But I’m also writing this because when I logged onto, the four most Recent Backblasts on the homepage were all from Waxhaw or SOB.  #representArea51

Despite the chilly temps, which were warmer than the forecast of 28, four other hearty souls joined YHC to make a handful at today’s Meathead.

The Thang


  • 10 swings
  • 10 merkings
  • 15 swings
  • 15 low slow squats (which weren’t slow enough for Hoover to get his extended frame folded up, so we slowed down further  #lowslowersquats)
  • 25 swings
  • bunch of arm circles – forward, backward, big, small – everyone looked happy
  • 10 swings
  • 6 halos – 3, left, 3 right – that’s 6, so do 4 more = 10
  • 15 swings
  • 3 prying squats – first #refusnik of the day (thanks, Drop Thrill  #kotters)
  • 25 swings  (that makes 100, for you counting at home)

Partner Fibonacci

  • Round 1
    • A – double front squats – 3, 5, 8, 5, 3
    • B – explosive merkins – 6, 10, 16, 10, 6  (#doublefibonacci)
  • Round 2
    • A – double presses – 3, 5, 8, 5, 3
    • B – bodyweight squats – 6, 10, 16, 10, 6
  • Round 3
    • A – double swings – 6, 10, 16, 10, 6
    • B – explosive merkins – 6, 10, 16, 10, 6

Cook Drill – using a bell you can’t press, somehow get the bell overhead, then left-hand waiter carry, rack carry, & farmer carry.  Sit it down, get it back overhead right-handed, and return to the start.

Snatch Test (#crowdpleaser) – 100 reps in 5 minutes with a 24 kg.  That’s the standard.  Adjust as needed.  Go.

(how does this wordpress block thing work again?? I can’t see what I’m typing… Next time, I’ll cut and paste from WordPerfect)



Chilly Moleskinne

Thanks to Voodoo for tapping me to fill-in for Chin Music.  Otherwise, I might have #fartsacked this morning.  (or gone to the #fern)

I wheeled into the parking lot to see Voodoo, back from an abbreviated 2 mile fun run, chatting with Drop Thrill, visiting from the Southern Carolina.  We were shortly joined by Soul Glo, of the product name.  As we were wondering whether Hoover was traveling or not, he wheels in to make it an even 5.  (?)

We began a few minutes late, as we were all #chattykathying, so we tried to make up for it in volume.  We did go over just a minute or two, to make up for the late start, but no one minded as we were snatching.

Mumblechatter was in full effect, with Drop Thrill leading the charge, but we all participated and solved many world issues, such as Brexit, the British elections (Bulldog, did you vote?), what kind of music is Trans-Siberian Orchestra classified (and which songs are good, which are not, and is this the first time for Christmas music at Meathead?)  (Oh, and maybe 12 Days of Christmas next week??), and other topics of high importance.

I can’t see what I’m typing, so we’ll call it done.  Plus, I discovered the left arrow is some kind of evil undo button, randomly changing things, so be ware of that.  #protip

Each did what was right in his own eyes

11 pax, too wiley to run in the BRR, set out to honor those who did. Haha…nah, just kidding…they celebrated their well rested bodies by beating them down with individualized versions of The Murph.


The Murph

  • 1 mile run around the parking lot
  • 100 pull-ups (modify, as desired, with supine rows)
  • 200 push-ups (no modifications noted)
  • 300 squats (varying depth observed)
  • about halfway through, 5 minutes of Mary was called (pax choice)
  • 1 mile run around the parking lot (choose your own route)

Whole Lotta Mary – about 5 minutes of pax choice to run out the clock


Announcements – see Geraldo to sign up to Q (or you’ll be volun-told)


No BRR-level running nor kettlebells were promised. The Murph was delivered. I think that’s fair. Though it wasn’t easy, we are now swole (and likely sore for a day or two).

Pro came in on two wheels, just as we were began our opening run, but his leg wheels soon caught up to us.

Once at the kitty litter, er, playground, pax were given the open to break up the reps into sets as it suited them (e.g. 10 sets of 10, 20, 30 or 20 sets of 5, 10, 15 or whatever – even straight sets, if that’s what suits you). Some may have skipped freshman (high school) match, with sets of 5, 20, 20. (What?? #farmersausage) Not sure how that added up, but eh, I’m cool with that.

That’s about it.

Thanks for following me around today. Woulda sucked to do this solo. Or to run BRR.



Wachovia is only a distant memory because of their poor decision to purchase a CA bank whose primary product was an even more ill-advised product called Pick-a-Payment (or Pick-a-Pay) mortgage. This “fabulous” product offered the customer three choices of payment to make each month, with the predictable outcome that many chose the lowest payment, which would not fully amortize (pay off) their mortgage principal & interest. Today, the Meathead pax were offered a similar choice of three options to Pick-a-Painment; all guaranteed to amortize.

Move to the lighted portion of the parking lot (note to self: speak to mgmt about paying the light bill or fixing the lights, whichever the case)

Disclaimer – elegant in its simplicity

The Thang


  • 10 dead-stop swing in cadence (IC)
  • 10 Imperial Walkers IC
  • 10 two-hand swings IC
  • 10 hand-release merkins IC
  • 10 two-hand swings IC
  • 3 prying squats
  • 10 two-hand swings IC
  • 10 hillbillies IC – always a #crowdpleaser
  • 15 two-hand swings IC

Mosey to playground (aka #kittylitter)


  • Snatch-to-Reverse Lunge-to-eccentric press (slow lower to rack)
    • 5/side for heavy
    • 7/side for medium
    • 10/side for light
    • commentary: most opted for heavy
  • Superset:
    • 5 pullups
    • 5 clean & press (per side)
    • 5 goblet squats
    • repeato 5x (heavy; continue until YHC is complicate if lighter bells used (or if you’re Purell and just fast at everything))

Back on terra firma cheese grater pavement

Superset 2:

  • 10 lawnmower rows per side
  • 10 hand-release merkins (no worms)
  • 10 lungewalks per side
  • Repeato 5x

Finisher – heavy snatches

  • 5 snatches at the top & bottom of each minute (24kg)
  • 7 if moderate (20kg)
  • 10 if light (16kg)
  • continue until time runs out (3-4 minutes)


Thanks, BA, for swapping weeks with me. A skype Q from PHX just wouldn’t have been the same.

Today was designed to allow the pax to pick their own poison, ie. painment, whether going heavier with lower reps (recommended) or lighter with higher reps or something in between. It’s a good idea to mix it up, not doing all of one or the other, and by YHC’s assessment, we do a lot of the lower weight/higher rep variety so that explains today’s rationale.

It’s Monday now (apologies), so I’ve forgotten most of the mumblechatter (double-apologies), not that I caught a lot anyway. But the 2nd F was/is appreciated, nonetheless.


RockZero LSD (#crowdpleaser)

21 pax assembled to see what the substi-Q had in store. Kettlebells? Nope, not today. A deconstructed Murph? Good guess, but no. How about a little running? Haha…this is High Tide, right?

Disclaimer & assignment of vets to shepherd our two FNGs

The Thang

Mosey out of the parking lot and head up Rea Rd toward 51, cross at the light, heckle Voodoo in the man-i-van headed to a 5k with his 2.1, and continue on to Brookdale senior center for SSH.

Continue down Rea toward Colony, with intermittent stops to corral the pax and get in some exercises (WW2 sit-ups, LBCs, HR merkins, etc).

Keep keeping on, exercising and mumblechattering along the way, all the way to the Ascent AO at Olde Providence Elementary. Note that there is no Ascent posting today, and head around back to the playground.

Work set:

  • 5 pull-ups
  • 10 HR (hand-release) merkins
  • 15 ATG (ass-to-grass) squats
  • Rinse & repeato until Q calls time. There was a fair amount of standing around & refusniking, so we ran out of time after the participating pax got in about 2 rounds. (In retrospect, we needed to head on back from a time perspective)

Head back to Calvary, again with intermittent stops to gather the pax and continue exercises, albeit with longer intervals and fewer stops than on the outbound trip. Arrive on campus right on time.

5.11 mile per YHC’s Garmin.


  • Memorial Day convergence next weekend (silent prerun; 100 burpees to end; 3 Qs).
  • Signup for Crane Relay
  • Signup for Beer Mile


While running home from the workout, my mind was full of things to include in the backblast. As I write this 9 hours later, nothing comes to mind…

Many thanks to those helping us stay together. With 21 pax, the potential to spread out on the runs was pretty high. Sprockets and Flipper were consistently out front and faithful to circle back for the six. Hoover maintained a close watch of the six, while Nemo kept tabs on the #hatehates in attendance. T-claps, guys.

Nice work by all the pax, bearing with YHC’s ambitious plan for a little running today. With an AO required minimum of 3 miles, we may have PR’ed today with 5.11 (ranging from ~4.8-5.3 or so, depending on your circle backs or not). YHC had originally planned for a LSD today, before the call to Q, so once it was cleared up over whether today was to be “heavy” or “light”, a merger of the LSD and Q was hatched. Between YHC’s run in/out and other pax’s preruns, a lot of miles were covered today.

Welcome to FNGs Bedpan (Roman, a doctor) and Recess (Stephen, a 17 year old homeschooler who loves to “play outside”). As we like to say, keep coming out – it doesn’t get easier, but you’ll get stronger. Aye!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead today. Always an honor. Aye.


As YHC returned from a time-shortened prerun, he found several cars awaiting in the parking lot. Turned out, only one of them was for this workout. (Thanks, Plasma.) But, as the clock struck 0700, Cooter wheeled in, followed several minutes later by Goon to round out our foursome. Here’s how we passed the time over the next 60 minutes:

The Thang



  • 20 two-hand swings (called in cadence as 10)
    • 20 Imperial Walkers (in cadence)
  • 20 two-hand swings (IC)
    • 3 prying squats
  • 20 two-hand swings (IC)
    • 20 side-straddle hops (IC)
  • 20 two-hand swings (IC)
    • 5 halos, each direction
  • 20 two-hand swings (IC)

Leave your bells and mosey to the new playground

Playground EMOM (every minute on the minute):

  • 3 pullups
  • 10 hand-release merkins (extend arms in a T upon releasing the ground)
  • Continue for 10 minutes

Mosey back to the bells

KB EMOM (round 1):

  • 5 two-hand swings
  • 5 goblet squats
  • continue for 10 minutes

KB EMOM (round 2):

  • 5 presses (alternate sides each minute)
  • 5 lawnmower rows (again, alternate sides each minute)
  • continue for 10 minutes

Leg Destroyer (in lieu of Turkish Getups):

  • 20 teabag squats (aka deadlifts)
  • 20 walking lunges (with good depth)(#TWSS)
  • 3 rounds (to save time for Mary, and because the destruction came early)


  • Flutter press, with bell (duh) – 20 IC
  • Pullover + Louganis (aka The Bulldog) – 10 OYO
  • Windshield Wiper – 10 each side OYO
  • Russian Twist – IC (but I don’t recall how many)




Iron Moleskinne:

Small but spry group this morning, which meant lots of 2nd F and mumblechatter. We eased into the morning with a “relaxing” warmup during a COP interspersed with chitchat. 100 swings in, we went to check out the playground, wondering how to use all the new equipment, during our rest breaks. Luckily, we found the sign “how to play”, so as long as the kids have learned to read, they can play on their new playground. Otherwise, it’s back to the books.

Hope you all are enjoying your next day “comfortable” soreness as I am.



The LSD of Kettlebells

YHC has been running a little bit lately; well, a lot actually, by my standards. So, when the substi-Q call came, the question was “how can we use bells to mimic a steady-ish heart rate, similar to a long run, instead of the HIIT style that bells typically bring?” Behold, the answer…

The Thang

All veterans, so minimal disclosure – modify as needed, don’t hurt yourself, you’re your responsibility.

COP – no time for that; we have work to do! The first set of swings will get you into the swing of things just fine.

The Meatgrinder (SM) – choose a lighter bell and perform 100 of each exercise, in order.

  • 100 one-hand swings
  • 100 one-hand presses
  • 100 goblet squats
  • 100 snatches
  • 100 lawnmower rows
  • 100 teabag squats
  • 100 merkins (no bell)
  • 100 cleans
  • 100 swings (pax choice of alternating, one-hand, or two-hand)

Done. Easy. (Not easy? Typing this BB in WordPress’ new template. Argh!)


Announcements (shamelessly copied from Voodoo’s Skunkworks’ BB):

  • Joe Davis Run – March 9th. A race that’s always been well-supported by F3 and FiA. 5k and 1 mile fun run options available. In honor of our brother, Rock Thrill’s brother Joe. Sign up here.
  • Christina Latini Memorial 8k and 2 mile walk – March 30th. In memory of our brother, Olive’s daughter. Sign up here.
  • Get Your Rear In Gear 5k – March 30th. Voodoo is friends with Joe Miller, who has been diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Feel free to join team Miller Time if you’d like to support. Sign up here.
  • Craft Beer Half Marathon and 5 miler – March 30th. A few pax (Voodoo, Cheese Curd, High Tide) plan to run this race (not win it, just run it). Feel free to sign up if you like running and/or craft beer or just want something to train for during the cold winter months. Sign up here.

Naked Cold Shivering Moleskinne:

Well, it would have been cold, had we been naked, but properly layered, it wasn’t too bad out there. Polar Vortex? Pfftt…

Funky Cold called it correctly about 15 reps into the first set, “not gonna be much mumble chatter today (with all the counting), as I can’t do two things at once”. Aye, that is the downside to this weinke (or it could be an upside, in some circumstances). Despite the challenge, we persisted and even managed to mumble from time to time.

Fly-by from the 4 Spartan pax (Gypsy, Stone Cold, Orange Whip, and Full House). A brief set for them, with our heavier spare bells, knocking out 10 reps of each exercise down the list, and then off for more glorious running. Thanks for stopping by! (sorry, but we can’t return the courtesy, as that would violate our #0.0 policy)

Now that the die has been cast, we may run this one again from time to time. It felt pretty good for YHC, keeping the HR up at a reasonable level, without the usual spikes. Might try a 1/2 bell size heavier next time, or might not. (May also offer light, heavy, and moderate options next time, to allow pax to work on what best fits their needs: endurance/cardio, strength, or combination.)

Thanks for the fellowship this morning. Voodoo, rest up.


2019 Gainz

5 heard the call, ignored #cantore, and posted on the covered sidewalk in search of 2019 #gainz (and a head start on those who made the lesser choices). The weinke called for volume and plenty of it.

The Thang


  • Alternating Swings – 10 IC (20 one-hand swings)
  • Imperial Walker – 10 IC
  • Alternating Swings – 10 IC
  • Merkins – 10 IC
  • Alternating Swings – 10 IC
  • Prying Squats – 3
  • Alternating Swings – 10 IC
  • Low Slow Squats with Bells(!) – 10 IC
  • Alternating Swings – 10 IC

Playground Set

  • 5 pullups rows per side
  • 5 presses per side
  • 15 teabags squats
  • Repeato 5 sets total

Snatch set

  • 7 snatches at the top and bottom of each minute
  • Continue for 10 minutes (#smoker)

Heavy Cook Drill

  • Selecting a bell one to two sizes larger than you’ve used thus far (with help from YHC), begin walking with an overhead waiter carry. Continue walking until your form is about to degrade, then drop the bell into a rack position (in front of your chest, not on your shoulder) and continue walking. Again before your form degrades, drop the bell into a suitcase carry and continue walking until you need to set it down.
  • Rinse and repeato on the opposite side

Finisher – Swings & Mary

  • 10 swings
  • 10 pullovers + Louganis (#theBulldog)
  • 15 swings
  • 15 Russian twists (each side)
  • 25 swings
  • 25 situps (old-school, WWII, whatever you call them)
  • 50 swings
  • 50 flutter presses with bell




Trembling Moleskinne:

Always a pleasure to Q at Meathead and to lead off 2019 was no exception.

With the rain, an audible was called to move to the covered sidewalk, instead of our usual cheese grater-esque parking lot. This audible necessitated another, as the playground was now too far away, which would have broken the #0.0 provision and/or required an excessively long, wet carry. So, lawnmower rows were subbed in.

Snatches brought an element of cardio and strength endurance to the party, going for 10 minutes, roughly 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off. It also brought torn callouses. #ouch

The tone was set early, literally, with an old-school rap/hip-hop playlist, instead of the usual hard rock fare. Why? Eh, sometimes you just gotta mix things up. (although late in the workout, when Geraldo remarked on the non-Meathead-like playlist, and just before the unknown-to-Geraldo gnarly finishing set, YHC did oblige with a little “Enter Sandman”, which may or may not have been for the benefit of our two Hoos in attendance (they either missed the significance or were too deep in the pain cave to notice – YHC believes the latter))

In the end, all were left with burning, trembling forearms (which are now sore, 24 hours later) from all the grip work needed during the snatches and finishing swings. #yourewelcome

Here’s to your 2019 gainz. Aye.

Early Voters

F3 being an organization of the people and by the people, the Ascent pax voted on today’s downPAINment.  While the choices were not labeled as “R” or “D”, it was still a choice of the lesser of two evils.  Option 1 – offered a more complex weinke, requiring two bells of differing weights.  Option 2 – a simple weinke, needing only a single, moderately heavy bell.  Confounding the exit polls, after all the hanging chads were counted, Option 2 was the winner (and we all paid the price).

The Thang


  • Mosey around the parking lot
  • Mosey with bells to playground
  • 20 two-hand swings
  • Prying squats
  • 20 alternating one-hand swings
  • Side lunges
  • 20 two-hand swings
  • Merkins
  • 20 alternating one-hand swings
  • Imperial Walker
  • 20 two-hand swings

(100 swings)

Set 1:

  • 5 sets of 20 two-hand swings
  • 5 sets of 20 merkins

(200 swings)

Set 2:

  • 5 sets of 20 one-hand swings
  • 5 sets of 7 pull-ups (modify count or with supine row, as needed)

(300 swings)

Set 3:

  • 5 sets of 20 alternating 0ne-hand swings
  • 5 sets of 5 one-arm presses (each hand)

(400 swings)

Set 4:

  • 5 sets of 20 two-hand swings
  • 5 sets of 20 lawnmower rows (10/side)

(500 swings)

boom (lowercase because we were too exhausted to say it any louder)

Mosey with bells back to parking lot.




Take out by Polo.



  1. Area 51 Christmas Party – 12/1, Seaboard, Matthews


Naked Moleskinne:

After YHC finished a solo 4 mile pre-run (Jello, where were you??), he was still solo at 6:55, when an unknown pax parked nearby.  Welcome, Pizza Pizza, visiting from Greenville, SC, sporting Clemson shorts (Masters) and purporting to be Crimson Tide alum (Bachelor).  #conflicted  At 6:59, another unknown car parked with two pax, Hot Toddy, Mississippi College grad and Carpex pax, was visiting his dad, Polo.  Rounding out our handful of pax was Cooter, strolling in around 7:02.  With Cooter’s two bells added to YHC’s pile of 8, we had double the bells as pax, which made for multiple choices.  YHC encouraged moderately heavy weights (although Polo somehow slipped a 20# selection past YHC).

Strong work was put in by all.  This was not an easy workout.  It was simple, but a kick in the teeth.  Starting a few minutes late, overtime was required to complete the main portion of the workout, and the pax were all in.  YHC offered an audible, but everyone wanted to get in the final set.  #welldone  The planned Mary session was skipped, due to longer rest breaks than planned, but they were well earned (and needed).  Mary can be picked up at most any bootcamp any day of the week, but KBs only come to Ascent once per month and, for some pax, this was their first experience with bells, at least at an F3 workout.

Expect to be a little sore tomorrow, but know that it’s because you put in some strong work today.  Aye!

Always a pleasure to lead.  Thank you for the opportunity to lead and workout with you today.

High Tide