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5 pax showed no friggatriskaidekaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th) but perhaps that is the reason why we were only 5.  Where were the others?  Maybe it was fear of the kettlebells and getting so swole that your shirt sleeves burst, like Hairband’s.  Maybe they were delayed by an untimely FBI raid of their home, in a further expansion of Robert Mueller’s ever expanding Russia probe.  Maybe.  Regardless, 5 came to work, so we did.


The Thang


  • 20 two-hand swings
  • Merkins – 10 IC
  • 20 one-hand swings – L
  • IW – (“wait, aren’t we gonna do the other side [or do I have to go through life with one swole side and one less swole]?” “Yes”) – 10 IC
  • 20 one-hand swings – R (or, the other less-swole side)
  • LSS -13 IC
  • 20 one-hand swings – alternating
  • Prying squats – 3
  • 20 one-hand swings – alternating

After a tidy 100 swings to warm us up, things got real.

5-minute Snatch Test

  • Goal:  100 snatches with 24kg/53lb
  • Modify as needed – bell size & volume

Reverse plank (lie on your back) for 1 minute recovery.  “I thought we were gonna do something, but no, we really were just resting?”  “Yes”  (pro tip: a heavier bell or more snatches will further develop your need for rest)

2 by 2 ?

  • Starting rep based on bell size; increase reps by same number each round
  • 3 reps if bell in 30’s; 2 reps if bell in 40’s; 1 rep if bell in 50’s
  • 3 rounds of:
    • One-hand swing – L then R
    • Clean & Press – L then R
    • Snatch – L then R
    • Thruster (squat + press) – L then R
    • Lawnmower – L then R

Cook Drill

Active recovery with:  Waiter carry with non-dominant hand, then racked carry, then suitcase carry until end of parking lot.  Switch hands and return.

Kettlebell Flow Merry-go-round:

Begin with Left hand

  • One-hand swing
  • Snatch
  • Clean
  • Press
  • Squat
  • Swing switch to Right hand & Repeato

3 reps if bell in 30’s; 2 reps if bell in 40’s; 1 rep if bell in 50’s

  • After round 1, rotate to your left and repeato with appropriate rep scheme based on the bell size you found.
    • (note:  Glass Joe used a 40# on his first round)
  • Continue rotating & repeato for 2 more rounds.

Time – darn it


Announcements – none

Take out by Hairband

Swole Mole Skinne:

Well done, guys.  We put in some work this morning and were able to do so in a more informal way that is allowed when the pax is small.  (note: not a joke about Hairband’s stature; we’re discussing pax numbers; Glass Joe will make the jokes)

The Snatch Test is legit, whether the 5 minute version we did or the 10 minute SSST (Secret Service Snatch Test), which we did not do.

The Cook Drill is a good way to work in active recovery and get in some loaded carries, which Dan John highly advocates.  A heavy bell is required to provide the necessary stimulus, otherwise the distances get crazy long.  A few may have needed one size larger today.  Next time.

The two KB flows gave us a good overall mix of KB exercises, without too much of any one thing, and the reps were based on bell size to ensure everyone got enough volume.  As stated at the outset, the goal was to give you options and guidelines and then leave the selection up to you.

Hairband – thanks for the invitation to Q.

Glass Joe – good to see you again; it’s been quite a while.

Lamont & Crypto – nice to meet you both.

Crypto – since you’re newer to KBs (and for reference for other pax), here is a link to a good article on the swing.  At the bottom of the article are links to a similar discussion of the other exercises – snatch, clean, etc.







6 pax posted for KB beatdown (2 even added a pre-run #masochist), but a scheduled Q was not among them.  No matter; we know how these cannonballs with handles work.  YHC volunteered to lead, and with no audible objections (groans don’t count), we were off.

The Thang

COP (aka warmup):

  • 10 one-hand swings L + 10 R
  • 15 Imperial Walkers – IC
  • 10 one-hand swings L + 10 R
  • 15 Merkins – IC
  • 10 one-hand swings L + 10 R
  • 10 Low Slow Squats – IC  (Q fail – shoulda been 15 but wasn’t thinking and inflected early)
  • 10 one-hand swings L + 10 R
  • 3 Prying Squats (#crowdpleaser)
  • 10 one-hand swings L + 10 R


Drill:  20 two-hand swings using golf towel as “handles”  (ensures firing of hips and discourages lifting of arms – plus it works your grip #bonus)


KB Flow of major KB exercises (lacking only the TGU #tearswereshed):

  • Flow = swing, snatch, clean, press, front squat
  • With Flipper-esque complexity & confusion, YHC explained we’d be using a running clock to keep us moving.
    • If your bell is heavy, to you, do one set (full flow listed above) on Left, then Right, then rest the balance of the minute.  Repeato at the top of each minute.
    • If your bell is moderate (ie – after one set per side it seems like you’re resting too long (~35 seconds)), then do two sets per side, then rest the balance of the minute.  Repeato at the top of each minute.
    • If your bell is light, do three sets per side, etc.
    • (for YHC, one set L/R took about 24 seconds, two sets took 45 seconds, & three sets about 65 seconds)
  • We went through about 5-6 rounds, then we did 6 sets with the pax rotating to their left each round using their neighbor’s bell, adjusting volume as needed depending on whether the bell was heavier or lighter to provide some waving of the load. (#KB201)

Playground Triple Nickel:

  • 5 pullups
  • 5 presses L/R
  • 5 sets


  • 10 snatches at the top of each minute (alternating sides each minute or 5/5 each minute)
  • 5-6 rounds of this

Cook Drill:

Starting with weaker side – waiter carry until just before form degrades, then racked carry until just before form degrades, and then suitcase carry until grip is shot.  Flapjack sides and return the way you came – waiter, racked, suitcase.



Announcements – signup for Dad’s Camp

Naked Moleskinne:

Heading DR for Spring Break, so this will be brief.  (#cobains)

Good work by all this morning.  Apologies for the excessive discussion of bell sizes – just wanted to ensure you were using an appropriate size to get something out of the exercise – once you understand the desired effect, your bell size selection is your choice.  #nojudgement

Orange Whip introduced us to the term “meat hands”, then promptly providing Exhibit A by ripping a callous off during the snatches.  Like a true meathead, he used a glove to contain the bloody tear and continued on with his work.

The dynamic duo of Purell and Rachel continued to show us they are more than speedy runners, with solid work & form.  Rachel was even rewarded with an extra set during the Triple Nickel for finishing early.

Alf & Fault Line launched their way-too-early BRR training season with a 3 mile pre-run, coming in sweating all over the place.  Thankfully, no bells were loosed from their sweaty meat hands.

High Tide made sure to use plenty of #hashtags (#Voodoowillbeproud) and encouraged everyone to take a turn on the heavier bells (such as Orange Whip on the 28 kg).

Thanks for playing along…aye.

EMOM & Slade covers


6 pax assembled, curious what the “?” EMOM is, but ready to work. And that (EMOM & work) we did. Something like this:




EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute

You’ll perform the called exercise every minute on the minute for the called reps and rest the balance of the minute, before beginning again.



Does life give you a warm up?

Then neither shall I.


The Thang


EMOM 1 – 10 minutes

  • 10 one-hand swings L +
  • 10 one-hand swings R


EMOM 2 – 10 minutes

  • 5 pull-ups +
  • 5 presses L +
  • 5 presses R


EMOM 3 – 10 minutes

  • Partner with like-sized bells
  • P1: 10 double cleans + 5 double front squats
  • P2: 15 chest-to-ground Merkins
    • Flapjack
    • Repeato, declining front squats from 5-4-3-2-1


EMOM 4 – 10 minutes

  • 10 snatches, either alternating sides each minute or 5+5 each minute


Haha…so totally done.




Meathead Q’s – Strange Brew next week; Wild Turkey the following (pending a calendar check)


Naked Moleskinne:


So, Voodoo invited YHC to Q today on Tuesday. Thankfully, just last week, with no upcoming Q’s on the calendar but with a little creativity in mind, YHC had sketched out a weinke for his next Meathead opportunity with liberal use of EMOM training. Little did he know it would come so soon. After a brief discussion about Viking Warrior training (or was it French Pacifist training?) and it’s use of long EMOM training, it was settled. This was the right weinke for today. EMOM is great because it provides the volume needed for stimulation, the rest periods needed to maintain a high work capacity, and with a timer and minimal counts, it enables mumblechatter because you’re not counting reps all the bloody time. Anyhoo, the why behind today’s madness.


Wild Turkey joined us from SOB-land and started the day off with a 1.5 mile pre-run – no jumping rope today. He partnered with YHC for the doubles, and put in the work today. Well done!


Blazing Saddles quietly pounded out the reps today, despite our shared sore forearms from all the suitcase-running with KBs at Skunkworks this week. Thanks, Lois!


The twins, Purell & Rachel, were hard at it. Dressed nearly identically, at least Purell had a beanie on to help with identification. With no running involved, #0.0, the rest of the pax were able to keep them in sight today.


Site Q Voodoo arrived in a timely manner and gained even more time upon learning he didn’t have to drag out the 28kg and other large bells. (although the lower-weighted assortment did help when it came to partnering with like-sized bells)


YHC surprised everyone by pulling out only one bell today, helped by the intimate knowledge of the weinke. Swings were easiest, doubles+merkins the toughest, was YHC’s assessment. We’ll see what it feels like tomorrow, but as of now (4:30 pm), it feels like a weinke worth repeating someday (which I think I’ve actually done once in 5 yrs).

Today’s musical accompaniment was a selection of 80’s rock and other Slade covers (Quiet Riot’s “Cum on feel the noise”).


Thanks for playing along today and the opportunity to lead. Always an honor.


That may leave a mark

Final count, 15 pax chose to make RockZero their source of long weekend downPAINment.  Coming in hot, YHC made it in time to announce “30 seconds” before launch, while Runstopper wheeled in even later.  We did a few obligatory SSHs while he adjusted his tights (with over-shorts – much obliged) and then joined us.

Disclaimer – not a pro; it’s your choice whether to follow my suggestions or not; don’t hurt yourself – #lawyerspeak

The Thang


Just the 10 SSH IC, noted above.

Follow me – long mosey, out entrance 4 (?), left on Rea, left on 51, left into the far entrance back into RockZero, stopping at the playground.

“You know, we could have just cut right through the parking lot.”  “Hey, High Tide, you don’t have to get all 3 miles in at once.”  #colorcommentary

Playground Superset 1:

  • Partner up – stay with your partner, while you each complete:
  • Pullups – 10, 9, 8, …1
  • Squats – 30, 30, 30, … 30
  • As you finish, help other pax finish theirs.

“pullups suck”  “should this be something Alabama related, like with the number 17”  #morecolorcommentary

Mosey to parking lot

Alabama Slammer:

  • Line up abreast (as YHC was told that Gummy would say it – #allhail), and jog back and forth while doing declining numbers of Merkins – 20, 19, 18, … 5
  • As you finish, help other pax finish theirs.

“you know, this is kinda like a deconstructed Murph, with the pullups and merkins and squats”  #wileypax

“this is ruck friendly?!”  (just not ruck easy)

Mosey back to playground

Playground Set 2:

“let me guess, we start with 9 pullups this time?”  #theyaregood

  • Pullups – 9, 8, 7, … 1
  • Merkins – 3x pullup number – ie. 27, 24, 21, …3
  • As you finish, help other pax finish theirs.

At this point, some pax were nearing failure, while others were just plain refuseniking.  Mermaid stepped in to calm the savage beasts before things got ugly, leading the mutinous pax outside the fence, onto the sidewalk, and assuaged them with assorted Mary.  #thatswhyhesNantan

Finishing up, exit the playground enclosure, and resume your own navigation, scratch that, jog back to the cars the long way around that we began with.

Discussion ensued of:  “that was a deconstructed Murph” “how many reps of each?” “100 pullups, 200 merkins, 300 squats + 1 mile on either end”  “we did waaay more than 200 merkins”  #overdeliver  #ciphering

Once back to the cars, “Mary, to kill the time?”  Nah.

  • Line up abreast, along this line, face that way, no, that line, no, that way.  No, like this.  “ohhh”  #timekiller
  • Karaoke left to pavement color change
  • Karaoke right back to start
  • For Icky – sprint to pavement color change
  • Backpedal back to start   “like a DB, come on!”   #proudmoment


About 3.25 miles, but your mileage may vary




  1. Pray for Bout Time – his family as his son, Jennings, battles leukemia
  2. Pray for Runstopper’s son, Ninja Turtle, as he deals with the loss of a friend to overdose and the family of that friend
  3. Look out for information on Sandbox – an opportunity to help community families with terminally ill children
  4. The Rooster – world’s fastest marathon, next Saturday, Rock Hill SC – there is a ruck division – see Hoover or Geraldo if you’d like to participate

Sore Moleskinne:

Yeah, that’s definitely gonna leave a mark.  Several of us have already discussed that.  It was more brutal than recalled from last time; perhaps YHC was in better shape?  Definitely weighed less, even without the 20# ruck that Hoover had – but he’s a small guy and needs the challenge.

Anyway, yes, it was to be a deconstructed Murph, which as prescribed is:  1 mile run, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, 1 mile run – all with a 20# body armor (or weigh vest or ruck).  Therefore, YHC announced it would be ruck & weight vest friendly and offered his own weight vest, should anyone want it.  (no takers)  Hoover did wear his ruck.  Yes, YHC was truthful in saying it is “ruck friendly” (since it is Rx’ed that way), albeit not “ruck easy”.

YHC knew we’d exceed the 2 miles for Murph – there is a 3 mile Rock Zero requirement, after all – but among the afternoon conference calls, the merkin count planning went awry.  We hit the desired 200 merkins on the Alabama Slammer.  Calculated that one right.  No recollection of why the additional merkins were planned during the 2nd playground set.  Maybe it was that one annoying email?  Regardless, we overdelivered on merkins.

Final tally?

  • 3.25 miles – √     (yes, this check mark looks like a square root, but it really isn’t.  ok, yes it is, but get over it.)
  • 100 pullups – √
  • 335 merkins – √√
  • 300 squats – √
  • Mary?  Bonus

On a separate note, some were surprised and asked why today’s workout wasn’t Alabama themed.  Sure, YHC could have worked in Alabama trivia as part of the exercises, like an Alabama Slammer, or as counts, “why didn’t you use 17?”  While Icky, Jet Fuel, and YHC would have certainly enjoyed it, it’s not as easy to work in:

  • 2017 wins over worthy playoff opponents in Clemson (24-6) & Georgia (26-23)
  • 17 national championships  overall
  • 1st national championship in 1925, capping an undefeated season with a 20-19 win over Washington in the Rose Bowl

as it was for Tua Tagovailoa to toss the winning touchdown pass.  Or, who could forget:

  • National championships in 8 decades
  • National championships by 5 coaches – Wallace Wade (1925, 1926, 1930); Frank Thomas (1934, 1941); Bear Bryant (1961, 1964, 1965, 1973, 1978, 1979); Gene Stallings (1992); Nick Saban (2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017)
  • Back to back championships in 1925-26, 1964-65, 1978-79, 2011-12

but what do they have to do with F3, beyond providing fodder for conversation and building relationships?  So, YHC won’t go there.

Instead, in all seriousness, being an Alabama fan has been easier the past 9 years than it was from 1992-2009, that I like to call “the Wilderness”.  And despite the number of past championships, I appreciate each one, knowing how close it comes to be or not to be, and so, I’ll enjoy them while they last and until Coach Saban hangs up his straw hat.  Meanwhile, there are some great budding rivalries with Clemson and Georgia, and that’s what makes football fun.  (and, it gives Dabo some good experience for when “Momma calls” down the road)

Oh, Mermaid, on another note and back to our discussion of Leg 35 of BRR – the run you shared with me two years ago was a PR for me.  I ran it again last year, better conditioned I believe, but I failed to match the time we set.  I attribute that to the Iron-sharpening encouragement you gave me along the way.  Thanks, brother.  (but, I don’t want to run that Leg again – 1000 foot climb in 2 miles.  Twice was enough.)

Thanks, guys, for the opportunity to lead.  And, for tolerating my AL nonsense.

It’s always an honor.


Finally recovered enough to write the backblast: 3-5-7

5 pax posted in the cold temps, wondering what was in store.  3-5-7, that’s what, offering a little something for everyone.  New heavier bell for Christmas? We gotcha covered.  Feel like going lighter today?  No problem.  Same ole, same ole bell?  Come on in; we’re good here.


The Thang


  • 10 one-hand swings
  • IW
  • 20 one-hand swings
  • Low slow squats
  • 30 one-hand swings
  • Prying squats
  • 20 one-hand swings
  • Merkins – IC (by Voodoo, since he requested them)
  • 20 one-hand swings


Circuit One:

(3 reps if your bell is 50+ pounds; 5 reps if your bell is 40-49 pounds; 7 reps if your bell is <40 pounds)

Superset 1:

  • Push press, L + R
  • Goblet squat
  • repeat 3x total

Superset 2:

  • Snatches, L + R
  • Goblet squat
  • repeat 3x total

Superset 3:

  • KB merkins, L + R
  • Goblet squats
  • repeat 3x total

Waiter carry to playground

Circuit Two:

Superset 1:

  • Pullups
  • One-hand swings, L + R
  • repeat 3x total

Superset 2:

  • Push-press, L + R
  • One-hand swings, L + R
  • repeat 3x total

Superset 3:

  • Teabag squats (aka deadlifts)
  • One-hand swings, L + R
  • repeat 3x total

Repeat entire Circuit Two

Waiter carry back to parking lot

Repeat Circuit One

Miscellaneous Mary to recover, er, work our abs




Naked Moleskinne:

Well, taking nearly a week to recover enough to write the backblast, memory of the mumblechatter is lacking at this point.  #cobains

Pulling into the parking lot, I thought it might just be Voodoo and I (as he was pulling in directly behind me), but with moments to spare, three more pulled in to join in on the fun.

The idea was to offer a basic, meat ‘n’ taters style workout, with lots of swings, squats, and some pullups, while also offering an appropriate rep count based on bell size (low reps, high weight; high reps, low weight; moderate, moderate).

Another full set of both Circuits One & Two were planned, but as per usual, it is easier (faster) while planning than in practice.

PSA – for a good reference on Snatch form (and links to the other foundational movements at the bottom of the article), please see this link

Thanks for joining in on the fun.


Stealth Merkins

On this All Saint’s Day, 9 pax shook off the sugar coma from last evening and gathered to stretch out the stretchy parts and lengthen the shortened parts, those parts shortened by our considerable efforts six other days per week.  Notable, 5 pax pre-warmed all those various parts with a pre-run.

Turning the convention of the past year of Gumby workouts 90 degrees counter-clockwise, with some pax (& Q) confusion and disorientation, mats were laid and the pax put through the following paces:

The Thang:


Devotional – the Divine Treasure Map, by David Bernthal

Gentle warm-up:

  • Hip bridge – double, then single leg
  • Cat, Cow, Check your six
  • Makhtar N’Diayes
    • Audible to add:  J Lo – ’cause, why not?
  • Sun Salutations:
    • Forward fold
    • Halfway lift
    • Forward fold
    • High plank
    • Low plank
    • Up dog
    • Down dog
    • Hop to top of mat
    • Halfway lift
    • Forward fold
    • Rise up, arms overhead, to Mountain, prayer hands to heart
    • Repeato 3x

Balance work:

  • Chair
  • Tree, left leg bent
  • Chair
  • Tree, right leg bent
  • Chair, twist left then right


  • Dancer, left leg held
  • Eagle, left leg over right
    • during the less than fluid move from Dancer to Eagle, YHC remembered to offer the Disclaimer of non-professionalism
  • Pyramid
  • Triangle
  • Half moon
  • Warrior 3 to Airplane
  • Mountain
  • Repeato on the Right

Vigorous warm-up:

  • Mountain
  • Forward fold – ½ lift – forward fold
  • High plank – low plank – high plank (#stealthmerkin)
  • Down dog
  • Rise to Warrior 2 – Left leg forward
  • High plank – low plank – high plank
  • Down dog
  • Rise to Warrior 2 – Right leg forward
  • High plank – low plank – high plank
  • Down dog
  • Jump to top of mat
  • ½ lift – forward fold
  • Rise to salutation
  • Repeato 3-4x total

Lunge series:

  • (Left leg forward)
  • Low lunge
  • Balancing low lunge
  • Crescent low lunge
  • Optional: quad stretch
  • Prayer twist from lunge
  • Groin stretch from lunge
  • Runner’s lunge, toes down, then toes up
  • Kneeling toe/plantar stretch
  • Repeato on Right


  • Pigeon, forward fold, then back bend – left leg forward
  • Pigeon, forward fold, then back bend – right leg forward


Corpse pose (savasana)

Devotional encore – excerpt from Susan Wright




  1. Let them Soar 5k – this Saturday, 11/4, at Christ Covenant Church – Speed for Need will run two chariots there as well
  2. Area 51 Christmas Party – Friday, December 8 – Seaboard in Matthews
  3. Join Swiss Miss at a joint F3/FiA yoga workout tomorrow, 11/2, at corner of Providence & Sharon Amity in the underground garage.  Meets bi-weekly.

Fluid moleskinne:

It was great to get back among the Gumby pax today, as YHC has been using Wednesdays for recovery (sleep) recently.  Perfect weather too (not that it matters so much indoors).

YHC picked up the “vigorous warmup” section from a power yoga class attended a few weeks back.  (Pro tip:  think twice about doing a heavy strength workout before a power yoga session #shaky.)  Madison correctly called out that the high-low-high planks were just a stealth merkin.  #cantgetanythingpastthatguy


Additional background links on Martin Luther and the Reformation:


Thanks, as always, for the opportunity to lead today.  It’s an honor.


Dozens of Doubles

10 pax joined YHC this morning for his substi-Q.  It could’ve been an even dozen (12), had Bulldog joined us but for his fear of Turkish Get-Ups and Pull-ups in the kitty litter. However, no TGUs or pull-ups were to be found.  Here’s what was found instead:

Lame, rambling disclaimer – something about not being a professional, go heavy or light, and/or do what you want to do.  Not really sure; I wasn’t really listening.


The Thang

(my mind was already here, which is why I wasn’t listening, above)


  • Start-stop swings
  • Imperial Walkers
  • 2-hand swings – 10 IC (20 total)
  • Merkins
  • Left hand swings – 10 IC
  • Low slow squats
  • Right hand swings – 10 IC
  • Prying squats
  • Left hand swings – 10 IC
  • Windmills (no, we skipped those to get right to…)
  • Right hand swings – 10 IC


Sufficiently warm and loose, partner up with like-sized bells.

Dozens of Doubles:

Similar to 11’s but one better, each pair of exercises will add to 12 as we count by two’s up/down, beginning at 10 + 2, then 8 + 4, etc.

  • Round 1:  10 double front squats + 2 double swings
  • Round 2:  10 double presses + 2 merkins
  • Round 3:  10 double clean + 2 double bent-over rows

(Note:  this looks surprisingly short in the BB, but it took us 20-25 minutes to get through this.  Whether or not it was easy, well, that depends on your choices, as in life…#philosophicalmoment)


Cook Drill:

Grab a heavier bell (!) and begin with an overhead waiter carry (on your less strong side), walking until your form begins to degrade, then drop to a racked carry, continuing to walk until your form again degrades, then drop to a suitcase carry, continuing until you need to stop.  Switch arms (stronger side) and retrace your steps back to the start.


Then, ditch your partner for some singles work. (Dear Voodoo…)

Two by twos:

Begin with two reps of each exercise, and add two reps each round, up to ten and back down to two, or until time runs out:

  • 2-hand swing
  • 1-hand swing – L
  • 1-hand swing – R
  • Snatch – L
  • Snatch – R
  • Thruster – L  (racked squat + overhead press)
  • Thruster – R
  • Lawnmower – L
  • Lawnmower – R
  • Diamond merkins on your KB


Assorted “stretching” (aka resting) OYO throughout today’s workout


Time – Done



Take-out by Young Love


  1. Let Them Soar 5K on Nov 4th, benefitting The Exceptional Foundation, and Speed for Need event.  Our own Tackling Dummy is heavily tied to this organization.  Click for preblast info.
  2. Q signups re-sent by Voodoo, after the initial email was hacked by the Russians or North Koreans.  Reach out to him if you didn’t receive it.

Naked Moleskine:

Great group of pax today – lots of mumblechatter early, sweat flyin’, grunting noises, sweat-angels on the cheese grater pavement.

One of the great things about using kettlebells is that you can make the workout as easy or as hard as you need it.  YHC needed an easy day (hard day was solo Tuesday), so with a pair of 35’s during the Dozens of Double (TM) (and a 44 for warmups and a 53 for the Cook Drill), it was. Depending on your bell selection, your mileage may have varied.

For the Cook Drill, each of us needs to use a larger bell, YHC included (62 or 70).  Next time, I’ll bring larger bells, with the goal of us each ending our initial side walk no farther than the sidewalk, if not much shorter than that.  Our mileage today really stretched our #0.0 designation, despite the fact no running was involved.

#kotters to Chanel, who reappeared today, seeming to have not lost a step/swing, and who may be renamed Charlie Daniels (#longhairedcountryboy).  Nice truck, too.

I’m sure Bulldog has a better reason for missing today than what was listed above, but we’ll have to wait to see the note from his M to know for sure.

Anywho, thanks for coming out this morning and the opportunity to lead.


Smells like kitty litter

7 pax posted for the promised Simple & Sinister beatdown, to include the beloved Turkish Getups.  Despite not everyone seeing the promise, the offer was extended to all, in the kitty litter.

The Thang



Not as much a circle of pain as a march of pain, courtesy of the Cook Drill.  Walking to the playground – via the parking lot to sidewalk and along the track – begin with a Waiter Carry as long as you can maintain good form, then drop to a Racked Carry, again for as long as you can maintain good form, then drop to a Suitcase Carry.  When you can no longer maintain good form on that arm/side (or when Q calls it at the halfway mark), switch sides and continue.

Warm enough, we continue the program…

Simple & Sinister:

  • 100 one-hand swings in 5 minutes or less
  • 1 minute rest
  • 10 Turkish Getups in 10 minutes or less – #perpetualcrowdpleaser
  • Simple goal:  32 kg / 70 lb bell
  • Sinister goal:  48 kg / 106 lb bell
    • Note:  no attempts were made at either goal today (as too much other work was planned for our time).  Additionally, some opted for alternatives to the TGUs, such as snatches.

2, 3, 5 Superset 1:

  • Clean & Press + Front Squat
  • Each side before progressing to next round (2 L, 2 R, 3 L, …)
  • Rinse & repeato

Good Mornings & Deadlifts (the ultimate combo):

  • 10 Teabag Squats (deadlifts) – now the pax get excited
  • 10 Good Mornings
  • 10 Teabag Squats
  • 5 Single-Leg Deadlifts (SLDL) per side – same motion as teabags, working leg should bend somewhat as hips go back, non-working leg straight behind and flexed
  • 5 Single-Leg Romanian Deadlifts (SLRDL) per side – same motion as good mornings, with working leg held straight, tipping like a drinking bird

2, 3, 5 Superset 2:

  • Pullups + SLDL + Snatches
  • Each side before progressing (2 L, 2 R, 3 L, …)
  • No time to Rinse & repeato

Mosey back to cars



  1. Additional BRR driver needed for Mercury’s Minions (team for which Witch Dr is driving) – commitment then decommitment by Bulldog – any others? anyone? Bueller?
  2. F3 Golf – Oct 27

Naked Moleskinne:

Light, misty rain this morning kept us from overheating.  Lots of work done today, whether as prescribed or modified as desired.  Well done!

TGUs aren’t the favorite of many (besides YHC), so they aren’t offered very often, despite the fact that they are generally regarded as one of the best exercises you can do.  Because of that, YHC does feel obligated to put them on the menu occasionally (not to do so would be dereliction of duty, akin to no merkins at a bootcamp!), but never without warning via Twitter & (now) Slack.  T-claps to those trying them, if your ACL allowed (sorry, Bulldog).  IMHO, it is a worthy pursuit to build up to the Simple goal.

All in all, good mumblechatter and 2nd F, throughout the hard work and damp conditions, mostly in the kitty litter (mulch).

Thanks, as always, for the honor to lead today.


Late but not forgotten

It’s been nearly four (4) weeks since the beatdown, and YHC could offer up any number of reasons (excuses) why a backblast hasn’t been posted before now.  But, really, it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that the work the eight (8) pax put in deserves to be written up.  So, here it is, with my apologies for the delay.

The Thang



  • Partner-up, like size kettlebell
  • P1:  runs with both bells around the front of the school, via the sidewalk, ending at the playground behind the school
  • P2: 7 merkins, then run catch P1
  • Flapjack when caught, continuing to the playground


  • 20 one-hand swings (10 left, 10 right)
  • SSH
  • 20 one-hand swings (10 left, 10 right)
  • IW
  • 20 one-hand swings (10 left, 10 right)
  • Prying squat
  • 20 one-hand swings (10 left, 10 right)
  • Body-weight windmills
  • 20 one-hand swings (10 left, 10 right)

Partner Hobgoblins (double bells):

  • P1: 8 double cleans + 5 front squats + 15 bent-over rows
  • P2:  rest
    • Flapjack
  • P1: 5 double cleans + 3 front squats + 30 second rack hold
  • P2: rest
    • Flapjack
  • P1: 3 double cleans + 2 front squats + farmer carry
  • P2: rest
    • Flapjack

Cook drill:

  • Left hand – waiter carry, then rack carry, then suitcase carry
  • Flapjack to Right hand when reach the fence and return to start
    • (everyone reached the fence before switching to suitcase, so we did a second round with suitcase only)

Partner Hobgoblins (double bells) (part 2):

  • P1: 8 double clean & press + 5 pullups
  • P2:  rest
    • Flapjack
  • P1: 5 double clean & press + 3 pullups
  • P2: rest
    • Flapjack
  • P1: 3 double cleans & press + 2 pullups
  • P2: rest
    • Flapjack
  • P1: 2 double cleans & press + 1 pullup
  • P2: rest
    • Flapjack

Mary w/ a side of Yoga:

  • American hammer
  • Box cutters
  • Slow Freddie Mercury
  • Superman swims
  • Downdog w/ planks
  • Forward folds




Naked Moleskinne:

Wow, in 4+ years of writing backblasts, YHC has never been this tardy.  It reached a point that I even said, “eh, why bother now?”  But, the truth hit me that, these guys deserve it.  If they’re gonna show up, work hard, and follow me around for an hour, they deserve to be committed a backblast to commemorate their time & effort.  So, with T-apologizes, I humbly submit this delinquent recap.

A great group of guys – veterans, an FNG, and new-ish guys – providing great 2nd F to go along with our collective sweat.

Thanks, as always, for the opportunity to lead.


BRR Training

9 pax posted, little did they know, to give dry-runs of several post-BRR run cool-down mobility sequences.  Aaaand, they got a little mobility work in for themselves while playing Name That Tune with movie scores.  Best of all, they didn’t even have to run or pre-run.  Not a bad start to the day…

The Thang


Savasana  – aka Corpse Pose

Devotional – What does it mean to “fear God”?


  • Bridge – double then single legs
  • Plank – high and low alternating
  • (Fine, we’ll do J. Lo, Fireman Ed, just for you…)
  • J. Lo
  • Imperial Walker – #crowdsurpriser
  • Prying Squat – #ditto #crowdsurpriser
  • Sun Salutations – 1 IC, 2 OYO
    • forward fold, halfway lift, forward fold, high plank, low plank, up dog, down dog, hop into forward fold, rise up arms overhead

Lunge Series:

  • Low lunge
  • Balancing low lunge
  • Crescent lunge
    • Optional quad stretch – no takers
  • Prayer twist from lunge
  • Groin stretch from lunge
  • Runner’s lunge, toes down
  • Runner’s lunge, toes up
  • Flapjack onto other side

Lower-leg stretches

  • Kneeling Achilles stretch
  • Front ankle stretch
  • Toe stretch

Pigeon Series:

  • Ball squat
  • Pigeon forward fold
  • Pigeon back bend
    • Optional quad stretch – a few takers
  • Head-to-knee fold
  • Revolved head-to-knee
  • Flapjack onto other side

Gentle stretches:

  • Push the wall (not The Wall, the wall)
  • Clock-face stretch, 3 o’clock
  • Clock-face stretch, 1 o’clock
  • Clock-face stretch, 9 o’clock
  • Clock-face stretch, 11 o’clock
  • Wide squat (aka prying squat)
  • Tight squat (aka ball squat)
  • Kneeling (aka toe stretch)
  • Rishi twist – both sides
  • Seated forward fold

Reclining Twists:

  • Figure 4 – both sides
  • Reclining Half Lord of the Fishes – both sides – #crowdpleaser #winnerbestname
  • Cross-legged reclining twist – both sides

Savasana – Corpse pose



  1. BRR drivers are always welcome – High Tide’s team could use another
  2. F3 Golf – benefitting the F3 Leap Foundation (to support expansion efforts) – is Oct 27th.  Sign up.  And/or consider a hole or other sponsorship.

Naked Moleskinne:

It’d been too long since YHC had posted at Gumby (4, 5, 6 weeks?), so it felt great to get back in the ol’ Scout Hut.  All this running junk has created a real need for some limbering of the limbs, not to mention the 2nd F opportunity.

YHC had been putting together some short stretching routines for post-runs on the BRR, so the opportunity was taken to try them out on the pax, despite the fact they weren’t coming off a run this morning (no pre-runners).  So, we had a slightly more active warm-up this morning, before jumping into the stretches.  Overall, these routines should work, although the Gentle Stretch sequence may be modified or replaced.

Today’s tunes were courtesy of a Hans Zimmer-seeded station on Slacker.  Mostly movie tunes (Inception, Black Knight, Star Wars, Skyfall, etc) but a few non-theatrical scores slipped in, which were quickly dismissed.

Thanks, as always, for the opportunity to lead and for playing along.