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No, it isn’t Pirates. (and, no, those aren’t condoms.)

8 pax gathered for the weekly limb limbering that is Gumby.   With some popping, cracking, grunting, and gr-mumbling, we got right after it.

The Thang

  • Disclaimer – not a pro
  • Turn on the antler chandelier – #promove
  • Savasana
    • Devotional – key verse “Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their efforts.  For if either falls, his companion can lift him up; but pity the one who falls without another to lift him up.”  Ecclesiastes 4:9-10    (sounds like F3…)


  • Down Dog – High Plank – Low Plank – High Plank (#stealthmerkins) – several rounds
  • Elbow Plank – High Plank – Elbow Plank (#stealthmakhtarndiayes)
  • Cat – Cow – Check Your Six
  • Couple of Sun Salutations (1st one omitting the Up Dog (#rusty))
  • Prying Squat (always #crowdpleaser whether with or without KB)
  • Couple of Warrior Sun Salutations (adding a Warrior 1’s & merkins)

Main Event:

  • Chair & Tree sequence:
    • Chair
    • Mountain
    • Tree – left leg up
    • Twisting Chair – left (right elbow, Tweetsie)
    • Tree – right leg up
    • Twisting Chair – right (left elbow, Tweetsie)
    • Mountain
  • Standing Balance flow:
    • Dancer – hold right ankle
    • Eagle – right leg over left, right arm under left
    • Pyramid
    • Triangle
    • Half Moon
    • Warrior 3
    • Repeato on other side
  • Lunge series:
    • Low lunge – right leg back
    • Balancing low lunge
    • Crescent lunge
    • Prayer twist from lunge
    • Groin stretch from lunge
    • Runner’s lunge – toes down, then toes up
    • Toe & plantar stretch
    • Repeato on other side
  • Pigeon series:
    • Ball squat (scratch this from future iterations)
    • Pigeon – forward fold
    • Pigeon – back bend
    • Repeato on other side
  • Cool down:
    • Figure 4 – both sides
    • Reclining twist – both sides
  • Corpse pose – devotional recap
    • “Anxiety in a person’s heart weighs it down, but a good word cheers it up.”  Proverbs 12:25
    • “Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their efforts.  For if either falls, his companion can lift him up; but pity the one who falls without another to lift him up.”  Ecclesiastes 4:9-10





Limber Moleskinne:

It was good to be back at Gumby, after an extended summer absence.  Wednesday became a rest day (sleep in) with all of the summertime BRR training.

Today marked two years of stretching and generally caring for our mobility to offset all the hard work we put in at bootcamps & running.  Parting gifts were provided to the pax, in the form of a few Nuun electrolyte samples, which, unfortunately, look like a condom package in the low light and when you don’t know what you’re being handed.  #cobains

After multiple guesses of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Tweetsie got the win by guessing “Gladiator?” as the movie providing today’s soundtrack.  Later, a switch was made, and Tweetsie again proved his movie accompaniment prowess by naming “that 3rd Dark Knight movie” (Dark Knight Rises) as the source of the next few scores.

Based on the popping, cracking, and groans (by YHC and the pax), it seems we all needed this today.  Just as much, we (I) need the support from our (my) fellow pax, like we heard in our devotional today.   Thankful for you guys.


High Tide

Kevlar KISS

A pax dozen (13) met at Kevlar for Fun Friday. #MFGA  Since YHC was on Q, they knew it’d be low mileage and involve KBs.  Or…

Disclaimer – given 45 seconds prior to launch to save time

The Thang


Mosey 1 mile to the playground behind Matthews Elementary School.  (some gasps, grumbles, & cheers ensued) #crowdpleaser

Playground Circuit

  • 5 pullups
  • 10 merkins
  • 15 lunge walks
  • Repeato for ~12 minutes

Mosey to bleachers by baseball field

Bleacher Circuit

  • 20 old-school situps
  • 20 step-ups (total)
  • Repeato for ~10 minutes

Mosey back to campus, with an Indian (Native American) run during the middle 1/3, via a different route

Three Minutes of Mary

  • Pax choice:  heels to heaven (Horsehead); crunch jacks (TM) or something like that (Witch Dr); backscratcher (Bulldog); plank (High Tide)




  1. Driver needed for Mercury’s Minions BRR team.
  2. 3rd F at Panera Arboretum, today, 0630.

Take-out by Cotton Tail.


Despite frequent Skunkworks attendance over the years, YHC has only posted at Kevlar once, maybe, and felt a little unfamiliar with the AO.  Were there pull-up bars somewhere?  What areas of the campus are typically used?  In the end, it didn’t matter, as YHC went for the off-campus approach and used what he already knew.  A bonus for the pax was something different from the usual.

A jog to and from the playground behind Matthews Elementary would provide some needed mileage (~2 total) and allow some strength work.  At one time, a Murph workout was considered (the mile start and finish were covered), but then YHC thought he’d get bored with just pullups, merkins, & squats for 25 minutes.  So, instead, modifications were made to break up the work time into two circuits.  This turned out about right as some of the natives (pax) were getting restless near the end of the first circuit, just as time expired.  #goodcall

A jog in, a jog out, and a couple circuits in the middle is about as simple as it gets.  Good thing, as YHC forgot the #weinke (oh, here it is, right here on my computer where I left it yesterday), but it was simple enough to remember through the sleepy stupor.  In 5+ years, this may be the only time to arrive to Q without a physical #weinke in hand.  Felt a bit naked, to be honest (but thankfully wasn’t).

In planning the workout, YHC had messaged Orange Whip asking about various options, who then offered to provide a campus tour in the form of a prerun.  After the off-campus plan was made, it was converted to a standard prerun, except we came back too soon and had to depart for another 1/2 mile.

In other news:

  • YHC made the acquaintance of Christmas, in August (not July).  His recent trip to Italy & Greece sounded great.
  • During the pre-workout chatter, YHC provided BLC with a proper medical diagnosis (with a confirming 2nd opinion by Witch Doctor), now that he’s fully recovered from his recent malaise.  #5centsplease
  • YHC has posted with Horsehead two days in a row.  #notablebutnotsurewhy
  • Bulldog was spotted doing his own TGUs, cleverly disguised as stretches, during the preworkout period.
  • Pudding Pop might have become Blades of Glory II, if not for a propensity for expectoration.
  • Witch Dr is surrendering his BRR driving duties this year.  #sharethewealth  (Replacement applicants need not be medically certified but it is preferred.)
  • Orange Whip and YHC discussed some BRR logistics, as Minion podmates.  He’s gonna crush it.  (Thanks for the prerun.)
  • Geraldo and Dora were discovered in the parking lot behind Matthews Elementary with questionable looking backpacks.  Are two kids now missing their books and supplies for school?  Was there a lunchbox in there?  Something about a Spearhead “workout”, but we weren’t convinced.  (although BLC did get a twinkle in his eye, he didn’t switch horses mid-stream)

Thanks for the opportunity to Q and spend time exploring greater Matthews.  Always an honor to lead.




Meathead Multiplication Tables

10 pax, a mix of familiar and unfamiliar (to YHC) faces, posted for the promised TGU-free beatdown. 1/2 the pax (5, for the division challenged) felt the workout would be insufficient and chose to prerun (Hoover, Voodoo, YHC) or preruck (Dora, Geraldo).

Disclosure – mediocre but hopefully sufficient

The Thang


  • 200 two-hand swings + 55 merkins, grouped in 10 sets of:
    • 20 swings (performed as 10 IC)
    • 10 merkins, declining by 1 each round (10, 9, 8,…)

Leave your bells and recovery walk (#0.0) to the playground, dodging the fencing

Playground Math

  • Reps of 10-8-6-4-2
  • Pullups – 1x
  • Merkins – 2x
  • Squats – 3x
  • Repeato until time called (10 minutes)
  • (YHC got 40 pullups, 80 merkins, 120 squats – most others appeared similar)

Recovery walk back to bells in parking lot.  Call for water break.


  • 5 snatches (L) at the top of every minute
  • 5 snatches (R) at the bottom of every minute
  • Continue for 10 minutes ((5+5)x10=100)


  • 5 rows, 5 cleans, 5 presses, 5 squats – L
  • 5 rows, 5 cleans, 5 presses, 5 squats – R
  • 7 bulldogs (pullover + Louganis)




  1. Team Up ‘n Over needs a BRR runner
  2. RockZero needs Q’s
  3. Meathead has Q openings, twice the pay and time off as RockZero
  4. City Ruck, 8/24, 12 miles, minimal PT – see Dora or Geraldo for details
  5. Greekfest 5k on 8/25 – per Voodoo, it’s Charlotte’s flattest and a good PR opportunity

Takeout by Hoover

Muscular Moleskinne:

Well, that wasn’t too bad for a light-moderate workout.  At least, that’s what YHC had planned to deliver.  Something to keep the pax moving and the HR up.  #missionaccomplished on the movement & HR; not so sure about the light-moderate.  As always, bell selection plays a role in the level of difficulty.  (YHC used a 20kg and that seemed about right – moderately hard but doable – nice puddle of sweat)

200 swings, mixed with merkins, was a solid opener.  Challenging but a good warmup, with the merkin breathers.  Full disclosure, YHC had planned on longer breaks as the exhaustion built and the merkins decreased but forgot when the time came.  #cobains  Pax did a good job of modifying as needed, dropping reps here and there or switching bells.  Nice work.

The playground complex was quickly recognized by Geraldo as a variation of Cindy.  Righto.  Pax were encouraged to modify as needed, esp with pullups.  Again, well done.

Snatches were an aggressive call, but YHC felt the pax up to it.  Quick demo by Voodoo for the newer meatheads, and then we were off.  Again, good modifications by the pax, mixing in bells or swings as needed, and trying different bell sizes.  100 snatches.  Boom.

Thanks, as always for the opportunity to lead.  It’s an honor.

How’d I get gravel in my hair??

9 pax assembled for Gear Day at Death Valley, finding we had more stations (and kettlebells) than pax.  Could so few employ so much?

The Thang

  • T-1: quick tour/demo of the stations
  • T-0: basic disclaimer for this group of veterans

COP – aka brief warmup

  • SSH – 20 IC
  • Prying Squats – 3 IC
  • IW – 20 IC

Station Work:

The Sled is the timer station to rotate.  Pax rotate onto the sled in order, returning to their station rotation after the sled.

  1. Sled – filled with various kettlebells (which got a lot of paint scrubbed off, by the way), most of which were smaller bells in the 35# range, until we dropped in Icky’s 55#, which helped greatly.  Total weight = unknown, but likely more than Header and a bit less that Puddin’.
  2. Waiter Carry – 28kg
  3. Bottoms Up Press – 14kg
  4. Swings – 28kg – pax choice: two handed, one handed, or alternating
  5. One Arm Press – pax choice of 16 or 20kg
  6. Slosh Pipe – about 8 feet long, ~35#, slightly overfilled as it didn’t slosh enough.  #cobains
  7. Pullups – scratch that.  No place for pullups at DV.
  8. Merkins – #staple
  9. Farmer Carry – 2 x 32kg
  10. Goblet Squat – 36kg
  11. Lawnmower Rows – 24kg
  12. Snatches – 20kg
  13. Sandbag – 70# – pax choice on how to employ
  14. Jump Rope
  15. Cleans – 24kg


  • Situps – IC
  • Rosalita – IC

Fini.  Well, not really.  Collect all the station gear and consolidate at YHC’s Jeep.  #lowrider


No announcements.

Take-out by Tulip.

Buff Moleskine:

Thanks, Dollywood, for the invitation to Q today and the request for a Gear Day.  Those are always fun and provide variety to our usual mix.

Everyone got about 2 full circuits completed and 4 trips on the sled (at least that’s what YHC got and we stayed together pretty well), and a lot of work was put in.  Mumblechatter was pretty low, as we were both spread out some and focused on pushing metal when on and recovering when off.

We could have, perhaps, used a few more bells on some of the stations; however, that is kind of a pro/con.  Pro in that the pax would’ve had more options, but a Con in that the pax would’ve had more options.  Instead, pax creatively modified as needed or otherwise buckled down and got it done.  The sled being a good example: watching Header or Smokey drag it through the wet grass and dirt patch (which really put the brakes on your momentum) versus watching Puddin’ Pop pull it like his little red wagon, that was yellow and had no wheels.

Good times.

And, the backblast title comes from the fact that YHC found gravel in his hair when showering.  Where’d that come from?  Anywho…


Gear Preview Day

7 pax assembled at Ye Olde Providence Elementary School for the monthly gear day.  Usually, this means kettlebells, but today, it included a few non-bell implements.  Warning:  swole DOMS may occur.


The Thang:


  • SSH (not sure why these were called; just slipped out before YHC could stop them)
  • Low Slow Squats
  • IM

Enough of that.  Pick up the pax-supplied bells, and let’s mosey.

Well, look-ey here.  On the far side of the school, the basketball court is covered with bells, pipes, sleds…

Circuit Work:

  1. Sled – wheels & handles removed from a wheelbarrow, chained to a shoulder harness, and filled with kettlebells.
  2. Waiter Carry – 28kg bell
  3. Bottoms-up Press – various sizes 20-40#, #humbling
  4. Alternating Swing – 28 kg bell
  5. One-Arm Press – various sizes, 16-24kg
  6. Slosh Pipe – 4″ pipe, 8′ long, ~35# of water
  7. Farmer Carry – 2 x 32kg (2×70#)
  8. Pull-ups
  9. Goblet Squat – 36kg, 32kg
  10. Lawnmower – 24kg, 20kg
  11. Snatches – 24kg, 20kg
  12. Sandbag – 70#
  13. Jump Rope
  14. Cleans – double 24kg, single 24kg, 20kg
  15. Grass-burners – SkiBobs converted to GrassBobs

kg-lb conversion:

  • 16kg = 35lb
  • 20kg = 44lb
  • 24kg = 53lb
  • 28kg = 62lb
  • 32kg = 70lb
  • 36kg = 79lb

Sled is the timer.  (since there are more stations than pax, “next man up” rotates to sled to keep time and rotations for the pax.)  Optional, use grass-burner as timer.  Or both.  #masochists

Modify as needed as the pax rotate through the various stations.

Time.  Done.


Naked Moleskine:

Great effort by everyone today and some good #mumblechatter along the way as well, which is a big reason why we post here vs at the #fern.

YHC had been looking to do a gear day (i.e. more than kettlebells) for some time.  Constanza, who missed today due to an alarm clock fail, asked YHC to Q today, while Dollywood asked YHC to Q gear at Death Valley on 7/11.  Hmm…that’s just too convenient.  So, Ascent pax got a preview (and an extra 15 minutes) of the fun planned for Death Valley.

Thanks to Voodoo for arriving early to help YHC setup the circuit.  And, thanks to the pax for their flexibility as we tried out using a timer instead of the sled as timer and tried a couple of musical playlists.

All in all, iron was sharpened…and the paint was scrubbed off the bottom of the wheelbarrow.  #brokenin


Plan B – Smoke the Q

9 pax for a sweaty smoker (for the Q at least).  YHC had originally planned a quite different workout; however, upon returning from a DR Q and reviewing the Meathead backblast from last week, it was discovered there was too much similarity.  Can’t have the same ole, same ole each week, so a new #weinke was in order.  Here’s what Plan B looked like:

The Thang

Brief Disclaimer for the veteran pax (no FNGs)


  • Alternating swings – 10 IC
  • Imperial walker – 15 IC
  • Alternating swings – 10 IC
  • Merkins – 10 IC
  • Alternating swings – 10IC
  • Prying squats – 3 variations (#perpetualcrowdpleaser)
  • Alternating swings – 10 IC
  • Halos – 10 OYO (5 each direction)
  • Alternating swings – 10 IC

Partner Doubles – I

  • Partner up with like-sized bells
  • Ladder up 1 to 5
  • Double Cleans
  • Double Front Squats
  • P1 works; P2 recovers; then flapjack up the ladder
  • After reaching 5 reps, repeato

Waiter carry to playground via the long route – #activerecovery

Playground Ladder

  • Ladder up 1 to 5
  • Pullups
  • One-arm presses (L+R)
  • After reaching 5 reps, repeato
  • If you finish first &/or your name is Rachel, do another set.  #LarryBird

Suitcase carry back to parking lot via the direct route (extra credit for Voodoo’s waiter carry)

Partner Doubles II

  • Ladder up by two’s – 2 to 10
  • Double swings
  • Merkins (with minimal reps, ensure full range of motion)
  • P1 works; P2 recovers; flapjack up the ladder
  • After reaching 10, repeato
  • After second trip up the ladder, one more set of pax choice of reps


  • Reverse Plank (#inactiverecovery)




  1. The Area 51 shirt preorder ends at Midnight today!
    1. Neon reflective shirts –
    2. Traditional black shirts –
  2. Memorial Day Weekend convergence – Saturday, Rock Zero
  3. Memorial Day – Monday – South Park – workout + 5k + extra mile


Take-out by Young Love


Quivering Moleskinne:

Typing this at 1500 (3:00 pm), YHC is still weak from the workout.  Perhaps it was the pre-run, which went well, or maybe it was the heat/humidity, or maybe just an overly optimistic selection of bell size.  Whatever it was, it smoked YHC.  DOMS is expected…especially from the squats.

Plan A was a 30/30 for 30, but you all did something similar last week.  So, despite a solo heavy day Monday, Plan B was for moderate reps to allow for heavier weights, with the option to use lighter weights and focus on form & time under tension.  Either way, it’s your choice.

The musical accompaniment was awesome!  Actually, I have no idea, as I was too deep in the pain cave to really notice, other than during the active recovery portions when carrying the bells to and from the playground.  There were no comments, so either no one else noticed it either, or it was just meh – neither good nor bad but not worthy of mention.

Strong work all around, from what I could tell.

  • Hoover rucked it, per usual, replacing the body weight he has dropped with weight in a back pack.
  • Stone Cold brought the gun show, along with a shiny new truck, after too long an absence at Meathead.
  • Rachel, Tulip, & Young Love were on the farther side of the circle, so it was hard to keep an eye on them.  I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, as the only trouble they gave was that I had to keep giving Rachel extra work.  #idlehands
  • Blazing Saddles, also repping the guns, and Turkey Leg partnered and quietly went about business.
  • Voodoo sported double 24’s (53’s) for most of the workout – strong work – while still managing to offer pressing tips to TL and cueing YHC on squat posture in the later rounds.  Thanks, brother.

Thanks for posting today, suffering through it together, sharpening & encouraging one another, and for making this the best site to Q and post.  Aye!

The Process

13 pax posted in the humidity (including 3 of questionable cognitive ability based on their choice to pre-run), eager to pack 60 minutes of #weinke into 45 minutes of #downpainment.

No FNGs but a heart-felt Disclaimer was given, nonetheless.

The Process Thang


  • Mosey to bus lot
  • SSH – 15 IC
  • Merkins – 10 IC
  • IW – 15 IC
  • Mtn Climbers – 10 IC
  • Sister Mary Catherine – 10 IC – #crowdpleaser

Mosey to track

Stealth 1/2 Murph:

  • 5 pullups
  • 10 merkins
  • 15 squats
  • 2 sets + Jog a lap (1/6th mile)
  • Repeato 5x total
  • One more lap

Mosey to First Baptist “incline”


  • Squat jumps (or jump squats) at top
  • Plank jacks at bottom
  • Pax choice for early finishers

Parking Lot reps:

  • Lunge walk to 2nd light; LBJ (little baby jog) back
  • Backpedal (DB run) to 2nd light; LBJ back
  • Karaoke – L; LBJ back
  • Karaoke – R; LBJ back
  • Lunge walk; LBJ back (cut out due to time constraints)
  • Sprint; gather and mosey to launch lot


  • Flutter -15 IC

Time – Done



  1. Area 51 Gear Order – available thru May 24 only!
    1. Neon reflective shirts –
    2. Black shirts –
  2. Speed for Need at Patriot 5k – workout, 5k, extra mile – F32018 discount code
  3. Speed for Need – June 2nd for chariott pushers – Lake Norman area – Exit 54 is contact
  4. Gypsy post in VA Beach this weekend – ride down on Friday, post, and come back – contact Gypsy

Sweaty Moleskinne:

Wow.  Great group this morning with a lot of effort and great 2nd F.  YHC hadn’t been to Peak in, probably, two years (due to its conflict with Meathead), so it was great to be back.

For those of you whom posted at Ascent this weekend (Geraldo), the workout was pretty familiar – shortened the running by 1/2 mile and cut out some Mary to fit the time allotted.  Most of the pain was retained.

Smokey can run and was #LarryBirding most of the morning, despite his misplaced football allegiance.

Joker, Simba, Smokey, & YHC did have some fun football discussions of The Process, Nat’l Championships, etc.

Other observations from YHCs passage through the pax (from the front, the six, and seemingly everywhere in between):

  • Apparently in the dim light of the gloom, YHCs shoes match his Alabama football shirt quite well.  (I also have gloves that would likely match; however, you’re not yet ready for that much Crimson.  You have 106 days to prepare yourselves. AL v Louisville)
  • For reference, the 17 national championships were: 1925, 1926, 1930, 1934, 1941, 1961, 1964, 1965, 1973, 1978, 1979, 1992, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, & 2017.  #18in18
  • 1/2 Murph was deconstructed and snuck in on the pax.  The 1/6th mile track through things off a little, which is why the extra lap was thrown in, but 50 pullups, 100 merkins, & 150 squats were accomplished via the 2 sets + lap structure.
  • A little #mumblechatter was shared re too much running at a High Tide workout, countered with “but once he ran BRR, he’s a runner now”.  Not really a runner, but do run more than before.  1/2 a mind was given to scrapping the running and dragging out some kettlebells, but that’s for another parking lot…with equally smooth, cheesegrater-esque pavement.
  • In only their second week among the pax, Bernie & Madoff are putting in the work.  #tclaps
  • Thanks to Sensei & Tweetsie for accompanying YHC on the pre-run.  And pushing the pace.  That pre-exhausted me for the workout.
  • Speaking of running, today’s workout was 2.1 miles, down from Saturday’s 2.6 miles.  (These were full miles, not Hair Band miles.)  Your welcome.

A lot of fun today, guys.  Thanks for coming out and for the invitation to Q today.



11 assembled for their weekly limbering and musical trivia.

The Thang



  • Savasana
  • Bridge – double legs, then single leg
  • Cat; Cow; check your six
  • Makhtar N’Diayes
  • J Lo

Vigorous warm-up:

  • Mountain
  • Forward fold; 1/2 lift; forward fold
  • High plank; low plank; high plank (stealth merkins = smerkins)
  • Downward dog
  • Warriors rise – left leg forward
  • High plank; low plank; high plank
  • Downward dog
  • Warriors rise – right leg forward
  • High plank; low plank; high plank
  • Downward dog
  • Hop to top of your mat
  • 1/2 lift; forward fold
  • Rise to salutation
  • Repeato – doubling high/low plank reps

Chair & tree series

  • Chair
  • Mountain
  • Tree – right leg
  • Twisting chair – right
  • Tree – left leg
  • Twisting chair – left
  • Mountain

Balance Flow

  • Left leg first
  • Dancer
  • Eagle
  • Pyramid
  • Triangle
  • Half moon
  • Airplane (aka Warrior 3) with swing wing technology
  • Repeato on right

Lunge Series

  • Left leg first
  • Low lunge
  • Balancing low lunge
  • Crescent lunge
  • Prayer twist from lunge
  • Low lunge groin stretch
  • Runner’s lunge – toes down, then toes up
  • Toe & plantar stretch
  • Repeato on right


  • Mountain
  • Forward fold; 1/2 lift; forward fold
  • High plank; low plank; high plank
  • Downward dog
  • Pigeon on left
  • Repeato on right

Corpse pose

  • Devotional encore – Paul reminds us how to live and represent Christ in community



  1. Summer gear order – ends May 24
    1. Black shirts
    2. Neon reflective shirts
  2. Sparta has moved to Matthews Elementary, with co-COT with Peak 51
  3. Savage race – May 19

Naked moleskinne:

It was great to be back among the Gumby pax.  YHC has missed about 3 months and definitely needed the work.  Thanks for playing along and humoring my musical selection of movie and TV theme songs.

Enjoyed the pre-run with Lois, Tweetsie, & Grave Dancer.  Definitely got us warmed up for the stretching to follow.


Ask and you shall receive

It began innocently enough.  “hey, Costanza.  Who’s on Q tomorrow?”  “Could you Q?”  Doh!  After a couple of jumbo margaritas, uh, “sure”.  13 posted, including an FNG (Severance), thinking “this oughta be good”.

The Thang



  • Baby jog over to the bus lot
  • SSH – 20 IC
  • Merkins – 10 IC
  • IW – 20 IC
  • Mountain Climber – 10 IC
  • Jog to playground

1/2 Cindy

  • 5 pullups (or supine rows)
  • 10 merkins
  • 15 squats
  • Repeato for 10 minutes

Jog to Foxworth hill

Triple Nickel

  • 5 jump squats at the top
  • 5 heels-to-heaven at the bottom
  • 5 trips up and down the hill

Jog up Windyrush, right on Rea, stopping a the benches around the big oak tree

Tree Circuit

  • 20 step-ups (10/leg)
  • 20 incline merkins
  • 20 dips
  • Repeato 3x, dropping the last set to 10

Jog over to the field

Field work

  • Lunge-walk across the field, recovery jog back across the field
  • Backpedal across the field, recovery jog back across the field
  • Karaoke-R across the field, recovery jog back across the field
  • Karaoke-L across the field, recovery jog back across the field
  • Lunge-walk across the field, recovery jog back across the field
  • Karaoke-R across the field, recovery jog back across the field
  • Karaoke-L across the field, recovery jog back across the field
  • Sprint across the field, recovery jog back across the field

Jog to back wall of school, passing through the playground and grabbing one more set of pullups

  • People’s Chair – full on 90 degree leg bend – with 50 air presses

Jog back to parking lot


  • LBC
  • Dolly
  • Freddie Mercury – 1/2 speed
  • Flutter
  • Plank – Down Dog – Plank – Low plank – High plank – Low plank – High plank





Summer gear order is up, through May 24 only!  Get your orders in!

Sweaty Moleskinne:

Ask and you shall receive.  Asking Costanza whom was on Q today resulted in YHC being the answer.  But, it’s all good.  Nearly 5 years after co-founding Ascent with Strange Brew, it remains one of my favorite AO’s.  T-claps to Costanza for stepping up as Site Q and working to fill the Q schedule.  Pax, he’s relying on you to share the Q’ing load, so don’t be slow to volunteer.  It takes all of us – iron sharpens iron.  Aye.

Great group today – 13 strong!  Good mix of new & old faces, and serious sweat equity put in by all!  Yes, it is/was a “moderate” workout, but that doesn’t mean easy.  Just that you’re encouraged to push yourself as you can and modify where you need.  It doesn’t get easier – you get stronger.

Gotta run for 2.1’s soccer game, so I’ll leave it to you all to sound off with any call-outs from the workout.

Welcome, Severance!  Glad to have you among us.  Reach out with any questions.  And, thanks to Bertha for coming down from Lincoln to introduce and post with Severance.



5 pax showed no friggatriskaidekaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th) but perhaps that is the reason why we were only 5.  Where were the others?  Maybe it was fear of the kettlebells and getting so swole that your shirt sleeves burst, like Hairband’s.  Maybe they were delayed by an untimely FBI raid of their home, in a further expansion of Robert Mueller’s ever expanding Russia probe.  Maybe.  Regardless, 5 came to work, so we did.


The Thang


  • 20 two-hand swings
  • Merkins – 10 IC
  • 20 one-hand swings – L
  • IW – (“wait, aren’t we gonna do the other side [or do I have to go through life with one swole side and one less swole]?” “Yes”) – 10 IC
  • 20 one-hand swings – R (or, the other less-swole side)
  • LSS -13 IC
  • 20 one-hand swings – alternating
  • Prying squats – 3
  • 20 one-hand swings – alternating

After a tidy 100 swings to warm us up, things got real.

5-minute Snatch Test

  • Goal:  100 snatches with 24kg/53lb
  • Modify as needed – bell size & volume

Reverse plank (lie on your back) for 1 minute recovery.  “I thought we were gonna do something, but no, we really were just resting?”  “Yes”  (pro tip: a heavier bell or more snatches will further develop your need for rest)

2 by 2 ?

  • Starting rep based on bell size; increase reps by same number each round
  • 3 reps if bell in 30’s; 2 reps if bell in 40’s; 1 rep if bell in 50’s
  • 3 rounds of:
    • One-hand swing – L then R
    • Clean & Press – L then R
    • Snatch – L then R
    • Thruster (squat + press) – L then R
    • Lawnmower – L then R

Cook Drill

Active recovery with:  Waiter carry with non-dominant hand, then racked carry, then suitcase carry until end of parking lot.  Switch hands and return.

Kettlebell Flow Merry-go-round:

Begin with Left hand

  • One-hand swing
  • Snatch
  • Clean
  • Press
  • Squat
  • Swing switch to Right hand & Repeato

3 reps if bell in 30’s; 2 reps if bell in 40’s; 1 rep if bell in 50’s

  • After round 1, rotate to your left and repeato with appropriate rep scheme based on the bell size you found.
    • (note:  Glass Joe used a 40# on his first round)
  • Continue rotating & repeato for 2 more rounds.

Time – darn it


Announcements – none

Take out by Hairband

Swole Mole Skinne:

Well done, guys.  We put in some work this morning and were able to do so in a more informal way that is allowed when the pax is small.  (note: not a joke about Hairband’s stature; we’re discussing pax numbers; Glass Joe will make the jokes)

The Snatch Test is legit, whether the 5 minute version we did or the 10 minute SSST (Secret Service Snatch Test), which we did not do.

The Cook Drill is a good way to work in active recovery and get in some loaded carries, which Dan John highly advocates.  A heavy bell is required to provide the necessary stimulus, otherwise the distances get crazy long.  A few may have needed one size larger today.  Next time.

The two KB flows gave us a good overall mix of KB exercises, without too much of any one thing, and the reps were based on bell size to ensure everyone got enough volume.  As stated at the outset, the goal was to give you options and guidelines and then leave the selection up to you.

Hairband – thanks for the invitation to Q.

Glass Joe – good to see you again; it’s been quite a while.

Lamont & Crypto – nice to meet you both.

Crypto – since you’re newer to KBs (and for reference for other pax), here is a link to a good article on the swing.  At the bottom of the article are links to a similar discussion of the other exercises – snatch, clean, etc.